…this is why Diamond isn’t with you…Bridget Achieng on what she wanted to tell Tanasha

Bridget Achieng has been under the cosh the past two weeks after the death of a 17-year-old teen during the Naifest concert, a show that she organized.

Speaking last week after being accused of the murder of 17-year-old Shanty; Bridget held a candid interview on Jalang’o TV with Ngina – where she distanced herself from the rumours as she insists that the boy passed on while at the hospital.


But that wasn’t the biggest bombshell that she dropped during the interview-that she didn’t want Tanasha Donna in the line-up of the show but agreed to it as they both had a lot in common.

I spend 100k every month on his insurance – Bridget Achieng says about son (exclusive)

She also explained why one of the top-billed performers hadn’t taken the stage on that fateful day, saying that Tanasha had just changed her mind about performing at Naifest just a few days prior to the event: despite the two having had an agreement.

According to Bridget, their oral agreement was that Tanasha would perform at the show on the condition that Miss Achieng would pay her airfare to Nigeria while also introducing her to some of the big people she knows.

But things started to unravel a few days to the concert with Bridget claiming that Tanasha demanded for a down payment going against their original sentiment of helping each other as women.


This incident has so upset Bridget that she nearly threw shade at Tanasha using her failed relationship with baby daddy Diamond Platnumz.

‘It got so bad that I nearly told her, “Maybe this is why Diamond left you” but I didn’t. I respect Tanasha,’ Bridget told the interviewer.

Watch her speak about Tanasha below;

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It has been a blessing in disguise – Nameless about 2020 (exclusive)

Nameless like most artistes in Kenya has seen some tough times this Covid affected year of 2020. I spoke to the “Nasinzia” singer and he told me about the evolution he had had to go through this year.

He told me that like most Kenyans his income had been affected by the virus.

It has been rough because one of my main income streams was cut off without any plan. Obviously, I earn a lot from doing live shows and performances and that was one of my main revenue streams. It came without warning and that definitely affected me.

And that had forced him to get out of his safe space.

But also it has forced me to get out of my comfort zone. There are many other things that I am exploring among my interests that I can’t talk about now. It has definitely made me see things differently also and get out of my comfort zone.

Nameless reveals how he would like his 2 daughters to remember him (exclusive)

And what was out of his comfort zone?

There are things I wanted to do that I had been pushing but now I am forced to do them. That some things have been halted I have had to get into them. That has been a blessing in disguise. Also staying at home with my wife and kids has made us connect on higher levels. Like many people, I am looking at things very differently. 

And what has he been doing to improve himself?

“It has been a rough year. There has been a lot of learning and unlearning this year. I look at myself as a creative. I am looking at relationships differently. I have been moving from passion to purpose like thinking about what more to do? I have been doing a lot of introspection. Don’t forget that I am bang in the middle of life. It’s half-time for me. Not just be driven by my passion for music but what can I do that is more lasting and impactful. In short, my legacy.”

He finished off by saying, “I am finding out the reason I was placed on this world. In 2021, I will be sharing more, a different side of me.”

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Habits you should avoid when going to a club

When you gong to a club there are some habits that you should avoid to have a good time. They include;

Mixing drinks

Mixing drinks can really put your liver at risk. It can lead to vomiting as it may tamper with your digestion system. It is advisable to take such drinks in dilute form with either water or a soft drink.

Tips: 10 things to do to wake up early without struggling

Leaving your items unattended

You should be careful with your items especially your phone and cash. Not everyone goes to the club with good intentions. Other go with intentions of stealing from the drunk people, so more reason you should be careful.

Wearing high heels

If you love dancing, wear comfortable shoes. Six inch heels are cute to look at, but you won’t be able to dance.You could even fall and break your ankles if drunk.

Picha inayohusiana

Taking stranger’s drinks

Taking someone’s drink that you don’t know is way too dangerous folks. In this day and age of spiking drinks, you need to be careful about this bad habit girls.

Getting wasted taking too much alcohol

Medics constantly berate us with messages that consumption of alcohol is harmful to ones health. When in the club, it’s important to limit how much you drink, plus also know the limits because of your health and your security too. If you get too drunk chances are that you may black out and in the process people can take advantage of you.

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I always felt that I was not good enough, I was intimidated – Betty Kyallo opens up

Betty Kyallo has had one of the most fascinating years of her life. After quitting her job at media company Mediamax, many didn’t expect her to come back to the limelight so quickly.

Not only did she re-launch her beauty parlor, “Flair By Betty” but she also went all out and bought a brand new Porsche, proving to the public that she was still thriving.

That indomitable spirit is one that she has honed over the years, one that she didn’t have when she was starting out in the media industry.

Why is Betty Kyallo posting more images revealing more skin this past year?

Betty recently revealed how hard it had been for her when she entered the media industry as an intern on KTN but it wasn’t as smooth as she would have wanted it to be, talking about the intimidation she felt;

Most times I always felt that I was not good enough especially the first years on TV. I was a colleague to people who were doing so great, Cynthia Nyamai, Beatrice Marshall and I always felt intimidated. Sometimes I would go on air and shrub, feel like I did not do my research enough. Many times I would go home and feel like I should have done better.


“It used to be really hard and many times I would question whether I should be in this career, but somehow it happened.”

Those experiences molded her into the person she became with bubbly personality admitting about her leaving K24;

“I feel like this break that I took after resigning was very important because it has really made me hustle hard! Most of us love employment, to get cushioned under a salary but when it is removed, then it becomes really really difficult to keep it going, to survive,” she admits.

She clarified that the TV screens are not her place for now, she needs change.

“We’re still thinking and weighing our options,” she left it that.

Have a listen;

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Sadness as former Tusker Project Fame star spotted looking unkempt (photos)

It seems that things have fallen apart for a former Tusker Project Fame star. The person in question is one David Major Ogola aka D Major who was spotted roaming the empty, cold streets of Nairobi, with nothing much to show of his fame.

Don’t forget that at around 2009 released his album A Love Story following his major win at TPF, then he later went back to school to complete his degree.

David Major Ogola aka D Major 6
David Major Ogola aka D Major

But after that he seemed to disappear and wondered what had happened as he wasn’t seen performing at different concerts or festivals.

Tusker Project fames Ian Mbugua reminisces ‘memorable monster’ show

But it seems that Kenyans have been able to get a hold of him with photos of the former heartthrob looking deserted and in an unkempt state, surfaced online, leading to debate among Kenyans as to what happened to him.

David Major Ogola aka D Major
David Major Ogola aka D Major

Sources further indicate that the artist is one individual who is occasionally spotted along Mirema drive, in Thika.

“The smart judge Ian should tell us what he thinks about his students. Why are they mostly drug addicts and zombies?” Kenyans ask.

“Ian Mbugua has really smart theories on how to contain COVID-19 and defeat BBI. Please show us one successful TPF contestant. Tell us bro,” blogger Robert Alai hit back at the judge.

David Major Ogola aka D Major
David Major Ogola aka D Major

His LinkedIn profile still reads, Director at Major Universe Ltd and at the time, doing audio post-production for Lions Den Season 3, which last aired in 2018.

The big question among Kenyans is what happened to him? The question remains; “Just what did not go right?” If indeed David has hit on tough times, he wouldn’t be the first TPF star to go through something that bad!

Ruth Matete, the former TPF winner also went through a difficult time after winning Ksh 5 million in 2012. Earlier this year, her husband died after sustaining fatal injuries from a gas explosion at their home.

Ruth Matete
Ruth Matete

Let’s hope that David’s story can end on a high after this.

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I was drunk! Shakila finally apologises to Victor Wanyama

Shakila has become the trending socialite. The woman blazed onto the scene when she claimed that she had slept with a plethora of male celebs during an Instagram Live with controversial blogger X-tian Dela.

Most of the men she mentioned were incensed with her claims with Kenyan international football star Victor Wanyama even saying that he was going to sue her.

The 19-year-old has finally apologised to Wanyama, claiming she was under the influence of alcohol when she mentioned the footballer.

In an apology video she posted on social media, Shakila said,

I would like to take this opportunity to apologise to victor wanyama and say sorry for the horrible things that I said about him. I’ve never met victor and neither has he paid me nor had sex with me. i was drunk at the time, foolish and excited being on x-tian’s live show. I apologise to his family and I’m sorry for any pain that I may have caused. I would like to take this opportunity to warn young people against the dangers of social media and the risk of being enticed into chasing fame.

Now will she apologise to Ringtone, who she also named?

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I am done playing straight characters-Prison Break star Wentworth Miller quits series

Prison Break star Wentworth Miller has officially quit the series. Yes. The actor whose role as the tattooed convict on the hit show became the talk of town when the show first aired in the mid-2000’s.

The actor, who played Michael Scofield in the hit Fox series, said he won’t be returning in any future revival of the series as he is done playing straight characters.

View this post on Instagram

So many messages of support and encouragement… Thank you. I’m taking it in. I only hope – thru my acting/writing, what I share online – that energy is returned in some way/shape/form… I didn’t anticipate my previous post going so far, so fast, and I feel motivated to offer a follow-up… Am I saying gay actors (gay men, specifically) should only play gay parts? No. I was speaking for myself. At this point in my life/career, it’s what feels interesting, inspiring, right. That said, do I want to see more gay parts played by gay actors? Yes. It makes a difference performance-wise (IMO), but also bec straight actors playing “gay” centers straightness. Doesn’t matter if they’re “acting” – I still know what I’m looking at. (Does this dynamic exist on a spectrum with porn genres like “gay-for-pay” and the prioritization/fetishization of straight/”masc” men over gay/”femme” men within the gay community? Conversations for another time.) PB was challenging, onscreen and off. Did anyone involved tell me, explicitly, to bury my gayness for the show’s sake? No. Had I already received enough messaging from Hollywood/the larger culture/the schools I went to/my family of origin such things go unspoken lest you risk punishment, losing rights/privileges? Yes. One of the ironies of the closet is I became my own jailer. “Prison Break” indeed. (I’ve said it before – the universe has a sense of humor.) I haven’t spent my career on “Pose” and “Looking.” Didn’t work out that way. What I’ve done is a lot of action-adventure, and that’s come with a diverse fanbase. Within that is a homophobic subgroup and their shit’s been washing up on my shore. They dig “Michael” but have a problem with me. It’s got that “Love the Sinner, Hate the Sin” energy. They’d prefer I keep quiet, dial it down. Don’t Remind Them. No. My gayness was largely erased (by me, for starters) in the first decades of my career. It is my want, now, to center it in a way that cannot be missed by myself or anyone else. – W.M. 🏳️‍🌈

A post shared by @ wentworthmiller on

In January, Michael Thorn – the president of Fox Entertainment – hinted that a new season was on the way following a successful return in 2017.

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#wentoworthmiller #prison #prisonbreak #love #michaelscofield

A post shared by @ wentworth_miller_michael.s on

He revealed this information on his Instagram page saying, “I’m out. Of PB. Officially. I just don’t want to play straight characters. Their stories have been told (and told).”

Adding that while the news might be “disappointing” he was still sorry for fans. But that didn’t detract from him adding, “If you’re hot and bothered [because] you fell in love with a fictional straight man played by a real gay one, that’s on you.”

His co-stars supported his decision with Dominic Purcell, who played Miller’s on-screen brother, Lincoln Burrows, writing, “It was fun mate. What a ride it was. Fully support and understand your reasoning. Glad you have made this decision for you health and your truth.”

Sarah Wayne Calies, the actress who played his on-screen wife, Sara Tancredi, said: “With gratitude for all the work we did together, & with deep love, I’m voicing my support for that choice.”

Prison Break is an American television serial drama created by Paul Scheuring for Fox.

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One tyre cost me 34k! Ringtone reveals amount he spent fixing his Range Rover (exclusive)

Ringtone is one of the most flamboyant musicians in Kenya. The man loves showing what the Lord has done for him. One of the ways he shows his glitzy side is in his cars.

The man has a penchant for buying expensive 4 wheel drive cars. His most recent whip is one of the latest Range Rover beasts available on the Kenyan market, one that got stuck in the mud on trip he made to Maasai Mara a few months ago.

He explained that the reason he had decided to take a trip with the beautiful machine to the Mara was that he had been struggling financially. “I am struggling cause I wasn’t able to hire a Land Cruiser to go to Maasai Mara and that’s why I had to use my Range Rover.”

Xtian Dela is a broke man, we are not on the same level – Ringtone declares (exclusive)

He also explained the reasons his car had gotten stuck although it was a proper 4 by 4. “The reason I got stuck in the mud was that I delayed meaning I went late at night. But before I embarked on the trip, it had rained and I got stuck at a place they had placed new soil for levelling the road.”

And had getting stuck spoilt his car in any way?  Yes, it did, the singer said that the overall cost of fixing the car had been significant, with him having to buy new parts to fix the damage.

Number 1, the back diff’s sensors got spoilt and got faults. The tyres also got spoilt. In fact, hadn’t we suffered two punctures in the car we wouldn’t have gotten stuck in the mud. The reason for the punctures was that the tyres are low profile which are used for normal city roads.

And what was the cost of the repairs?

One tyre was 34k and I had to change all four. I also spoilt the cameras at the bottom of the car. The overall cost went above 200k but the reason I will not say the true amount is because Kenyans will say that I am boasting.

But alls well that ends well as the singer said that the car is working perfectly-he even drove it to Dar-Es-Salaam last week.

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Foto Moto was shot in one of my houses – Bridget Achieng reveals successful hustles (exclusive)

Bridget Achieng made her name on the infamous but popular show, Nairobi Diaries. She has since become a reputable member of Kenyan society with the loud and proud lady showing a new side of herself since she was blessed with a baby boy nearly two years ago.

Since then, she has grown in leaps and bounds with one of the most fascinating aspects of her being her business nous. Just last year, Bridget launched the highly successful Nairobifest, a concert which will be running again this weekend.

I recently interviewed the opinionated light-skinned lady on how her 2020 had been. She answered that she was doing OK since she had multiple businesses that were supporting her.

“I know that it has been a rollercoaster for most people but for me I am just thanking God that I had 5 businesses going and I was able to survive. I have 0ver 50 workers in the various businesses that I am running. For Naifest, this is the second edition and we have sold over 6k tickets!” she enthused.

She went on to add, “One of my businesses is in operating furnished apartments. When things weren’t working out on my events business, at least I was able to survive. With this Corona many men were tired of staying with their wives and stayed at the apartments that I rent.”

Bridget Achieng checks herself into hospital after exhaustion

She did so well during the pandemic that she was fully booked during the period. “I was fully booked during corona. In fact, the popular song, Foto Moto was filmed at one of my houses. Every time I furnish a new house I call a celeb to come and film there.”

View this post on Instagram

Happy MASHUJAA day Dial a ticket *229*89# @mticketsofficial Tickets are on sale, #mashujaaday #twendenaifest

A post shared by Lucy Achieng Okoth (@bridgetachieng) on

She finished by explaining why she had had to diversify in such a way. “This celeb life doesn’t pay and so a person has to be very smart with their businesses. Right now I am focusing on my son and my businesses.”

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“I’m not the government! I am not funded by the government” Churchill tells comedians

The past few years have seen the deaths of many comedians in the entertainment industry. To say that the industry is at crisis point is an understatement and the recent death of rising light Othuol Othuol has brought the issue back to the fore.

The Godfather of Kenyan comedy, Daniel Churchill Ndambuki has been under attack the past few years for his perceived lack of help for the struggling comedians.

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Celebrating Safaricom @ 20 #TwendeTukiuke

A post shared by Daniel “Churchill” Ndambuki (@mwalimchurchill) on

But it seems that Mr. Ndambuki has had it with being criticised for the plight many comics face and came out with a tough lecture during Othuol Othuol’s funeral.

“…the reason you see why when anything bad happens they say Churchill comedian its because it is the only platform that they get to be seen on. Listen, I’m not the government! I am not funded by the government,” he said.

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Where’s the plot? @jalangoo @wyredalovechild @mainawakageni

A post shared by Daniel “Churchill” Ndambuki (@mwalimchurchill) on

He added that his show was just a medium to give comedians a platform to build their brands because they aren’t employed on the show as many think. He encouraged them to diversify and not just depend on the show.

“This is just a small dream of a young man who decided to give millions of talented young men and women a chance to be on stage and realise their dreams,” he explained.

‘Churchill visited Othuol two days before death,’ Zeddy confirms

He went ahead to warn them to stop calling fans family.

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Nani anamiss life before COVID?

A post shared by Daniel “Churchill” Ndambuki (@mwalimchurchill) on


“Stop waking up and telling them what you are eating, what you are dressing in, and know that you have a life and your family is your mum, your sibling and relatives.”

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Why are some of you females so rude and petty? Bahati’s baby mama Yvette Obura asks

There are some who believe that every well-known personality should be living a certain type of way-all glitz and glamour.

That pressure on these popular personalities forces some of them to try keeping up with the Joneses and sometimes with devastating effects.

But one celeb who will not be bullied into living this type of a life is Bahati’s baby mama Yvette Obura. She recently hit back at those criticizing her for not living a life they perceive she should live.

Bahati’s baby mama Yvette Obura speaks on her relationship with his wife Diana Marua

 She said that she was tired of hypocrites who attacked her on her Instagram page and yet still had no qualms coming to her Dm’s for her help in promoting their businesses.

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@bahatikenya baby mama and their pretty little baby.

A post shared by Urban News (@urbannews254) on

This message was conveyed on her Instagram page where she said that she was living her own life on her own terms.

“Some of you think, just because I do not have something, it’s maybe because I cannot afford it – maybe I cannot but also I think people around me can. My mum can, if I do not have something and I want it, my mum can get it for me. Stop being petty and rude to people,” she said.


“Some of you females, not all but some. Why do you feel the need of doing that? You cannot follow people and be rude to them half the time. Why should you bother? Just block me. I am not a celebrity, I am leaving my life, just respect that.” Watch the video below:

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A post shared by Urban News (@urbannews254) on

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Maina please pay my Fuliza bill! Cheeky Kenyan woman pleads

Today morning, Maina Kageni spoke about the recent statistic that Kenyans had borrowed 245 billion in one year from the Fuliza loan app.

“Sh. 245 billion borrowed by Kenyans from Fuliza in one year. What are the reasons we borrow? Are we that broke?” the host asked.

Maina and King’ang’i were both in shock at the crazy amount that Kenyans had borrowed with King’ang’i opining, “You are talking about Fuliza and there are many others like Tala and Branch. Last year was 29 billion. This year was 245 billion. 21 million Kenyans got Fuliza. Safaricom approves 6 transactions every 6 seconds.”

I own more than 200 pairs of underwear – Maina Kageni declares

The two hosts agreed that the product was a great one but that it wasn’t been used in the smartest of ways by some Kenyans.

One hilarious Kenyan woman even asked Maina to help her offset her Fuliza bill so she could get out of the loan app trap.

I have borrowed during Covid-19 and I have a friend who has been using Fuliza for me. He helped me join and I am using it now to keep up with my needs. I am extremely broke at the moment. I want to opt-out of it forever. Maina please Fuliza for me, so I can opt-out.

Most Kenyans agreed that they liked the product but that they were slaves to it at the moment considering the economic realities that were present in the economy.

Some of those comments are below:

It has helped many Kenyans. 

We are borrowing so much that people can even borrow life.

Our disease called ignorance is causing us all these issues.

It’s not because we love doing so, it’s because we are in trouble. If I need to fix my hair or buy things in the market. And I even have a problem with Safaricom. They have given me a very low limit.

Some people are even doing Fuliza for Auntie wa Koinange.

I can’t leave without Fuliza.

Fuliza is the best thing if you are disciplined.

Our president was in France last week doing Fuliza. We are a borrowing nation.

The whole country is broke. Our purchasing power is very low.

We even borrow to buy bundles.

I see something nice, I always Fuliza to buy it.

I believe they are lying. I think the amount is a lot more because of Covid-19 problems.

I have been broke the past few months due to Covid-19. I have not been able to help myself and those guys of Fuliza keep on disturbing me.

You are lucky if you have never fulizad. I had to Fuliza with my two lines to buy some clothes. Fuliza is a really big help. 

Fuliza is a great product and we should just pay back.

It’s not that we are broke. We just borrow to top up.

Fuliza is a great product. It help’s with my business.

These games of Safaricom you can’t beat them. They learnt from a Kikuyu landlord who makes sure you spend all his money on his properties. I have kopad so many things from Safaricom. We borrow because the facility is there.

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Ati what! Maina Kageni reveals huuuuuge starting salary he received

Maina Kageni is one of the most well-paid of media personalities in the country. The silky and smooth-voiced radio presenter has come a long way since his time driving lorries in England in the ’90s.

Maina who loves easy and heartily recently spoke to Churchill Ndambuki and revealed something that many rich celebs in Kenya rarely speak about-how much they get paid.

Mr. Kageni explained that his first salary at Radio Africa owned Kiss100 FM was a cool KSh 380,000. The Classic105 FM presenter got candid revealing details about his life that most weren’t aware of.

“I’m the embassy myself” Why Maina Kageni prefers not to get into marriage

Maina started in the industry after he applied for a voice-over job which suddenly led to his role as a radio presenter, with the enigmatic personality starting at Capital FM before moving on to Nation FM which was starting out.

Things would change for the better when Radio Africa CEO Patrick Quarcoo called him up to offer him a job in his company.

“He asked me how much are you being paid, I told him the guys were paying me KSh 180k. I was being paid KSh 60,000. He then told me he was going to start me off at KSh 380,000. You know you pretended not to look desperate, so I told him to give me time to think,” he added.

Mr. Kageni said that he was jubilant about the offer but walked out of the restaurant with pause but ran to Nation and told them the great news. He was given their blessing and went on to become a star at Kiss100.

But the radio star still wasn’t content as he felt many people attributed his success to working for an already established brand in Kiss 100.

So he decided to challenge himself and move to Classic105 where he has grown it into the behemoth it is today with Kenya’s most popular voice noting that he would do it again if given the chance.

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19-year-old comedian Elsa Majimbo nominated for E! People’s Choice Awards

Fast-rising Kenyan Comedian Elsa Majimbo is moving on up. The dark-skinned beauty has been nominated for the 2020 America’s E! People’s Choice Awards in the African Social Star Category.

The competition will be fierce for the 19-year-old with the likes of Sho Madjozi, Karl Kugelmann, Dimma Umeh, Wian, Lydia Forson, Thuso Mbedu and Zozi Tunzi up for the prestigious award.

Elsa herself revealed the news saying; “I am so excited and shocked to announce that I have been nominated E! Peoples Choice Awards in the category of African Social Star. While I don’t know how I got here so quickly, what I do know is I wouldn’t have gotten here without all of your support. So please continue to show me your support by voting for me with up to 25 votes a day, link in my bio!!!!”.

‘I can never tell people I’m broke or depressed’ Nasra the comedian

Her announcement has prompted numerous Kenyans to come out in support of Elsa and congratulatory messages flowed in quickly under the hashtag#EslaMajimbo.

Voting is open from October 1st to October 23 and you can vote 25 times per category, per day, per method (voting site, Twitter or Xfinity).

View this post on Instagram

Clear skin and blue skies

A post shared by Elsa Majimbo (@majimb.o) on

The People’s Choice Awards is an American awards show, recognizing people in entertainment, voted online by the general public and fans. The show has been held annually since 1975.

Elsa became a star during the Covid-19 pandemic with her viral videos that were filmed in her bedroom while under lockdown in Nairobi. In the hilarious videos, she updates followers on her search for a boyfriend and warns her future child that they will never be given a car (“You have legs. Two in fact.”).

In a previous interview with the Guardian, Elsa revealed that the persona in her comedic videos is not an alter-ego, but her true self.

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My brother took these photos…

A post shared by Elsa Majimbo (@majimb.o) on

And this nomination shows that people like what they see. Please vote for her here.

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The reason Kim Kardashian still hasn’t divorced Kanye West (opinion)

Kanye West has been the most famous thing in Hollywood headlines the past 4 months that isn’t related to Covid-19. His antics are well-known and are numerous. For a quick reminder, check out the article below:

List of the most egregious things Kanye West has said and done-Part 2

The father of 4 was diagnosed with bipolar disorder a few years and while that might be a mitigating factor in how erratic his behaviour can be, there are still some like his wife who believes he should allow for more medical attention from his doctors, something that the rapper has been averse to do.

And let’s not forget that Kim has been the most affected as she has been the recipient of a lot of his shenanigans during his many Twitter tirades.

Things got so bad that there were rumours swirling in the media that Kim was contemplating divorce the rapper and producer.

But that all seems to have changed as Kanye was seen making amends with her by publicly apologising to his wife and then visiting a hospital for diagnosis and was found to be o.k.

That wasn’t all as the two were recently spotted at his Wyoming ranch having a heart to heart trying to work things out. Despite his apology, reports indicate that his wife wants him to seek professional help that can deal with his issue once and for all.

Kanye’s psychological issues first came into the public domain when he was hospitalised in 2016 with hallucinations and paranoia.


Hollywood marriages have a higher than normal failure rate among the American populace. Most celebs in America are either on their 2nd or 3rd marriages and it is something that has become par for the course and isn’t frowned upon anymore.

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Today in Wyoming…

A post shared by Kanye West (@kanyewestt_official) on

The things Kim has gone through the past few years with her man would respond in either of 3 ways;

-Stay with him and ask him to get treatment

-Have her break down.

-Move on and divorce her husband.

Kim Kardashian has chosen the first and has been resolute even if there have been cracks about her contemplating moving on from her fashion designer husband.

And why is she still with him? My theory? Money. Kanye is still an appreciating asset. His deal with Adidas for Yeezus has already made him a dollar billionaire and will keep him in the cheddar for the foreseeable future.

California where the couple have stayed for most of their marriage is a no-fault divorce state. If Kim were to ever divorce him, she would at least take half of his fortune. The man is worth at least 1.3 billion dollars at the moment while she is worth at least 900 million dollars.

Even if she doesn’t need his money, why would a smart woman like Kim leave a potential gravy train like Kanye while his worth hasn’t even reached its zenith? Some even value his Yeezy brand at 3 billion dollars with the rapper himself touting it at the 5 billion mark.

Either way, the brand will keep on growing as there is a hunger for it, with the rapper even signing a 10-year deal in 2020 with clothes store, Gap.

While my reasoning might be cynical, prior celeb relationships have shown me that most marriages are kept together, not because of the love but the convenience. Once Kanye’s is done, he most likely will be done with Kim. But what do I know?


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Why Nyashinski’s confession that he was a truck driver while in the USA makes sense

Rapper Nyashinski disclosed that he quit music to be a truck driver back in the mid-2000s. This was when he was at the top of his game with music group, Kleptomanix.

The rapper did it at a time when his whole family relocated to the United States of America. The rapper revealed this information on the first Episode of Nyashinski Talks, saying that the experience was tough and most of the time he was on the road for long hours, with only few minutes to interact with people.

“…Nilikuwa nishaachana na ngoma…2006 mpaka 2016 (10 years). Nilienda Steto na nilikuwa naendesha Lorry…nilikuwa naendesha Lorry nikitry ku-survive. Hiyo experience ilikuwa noma na nili-learn nayo vitu mob.

Before nitoke hapa nilikuwa a star…tulikuwa maceleb and we were doing what we Love. So you come from being a star… getting a bit of favours here and there to a place where no one knows you, hakuna special treatment, Lazima uwork, kama huwork haukuli na labda si kazi unapenda necessarily,” said Nyashinski.

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Ranger Man juu ya Polaris. #bigboyshit

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The Mungu Pekee maker added that, “Saa zile na drive truck uko solo na ni long distance. In 24 hours you will interact with another Human for 10 or 15 minutes on the maximum… from being surrounded with people to being solo. But I have always wanted kuishi life normal, time hata nikienda Mall hata msee hanijui, those are the good side about it.”

Nyashinki’s experience while tough doesn’t address one major fact about track drivers in the states. The career is one that hasn’t been heavily affected by the overseas outsourcing of jobs by many Americans.

The career has many prospects and it’s only competition is the railway network and the long hours of loneliness Nyashinksi described in his experience.

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Don't ask why, ask why not. 🚁

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The average national salary according to indeed.com for a truck driver $61626 (Sh6,686,858) while the American national average according to a report in CNBC is $56,516 (6,132,387).

The career isn’t as bad as some might think and is easily accessible for people who have gotten green cards, as they only need;

You’ll need a heavy vehicle driving license, and many companies will also want you to have a commercial driver’s license (CDL), which you can obtain from the Department of Motor Vehicles (DMV).

With the truck driver shortage in America, Nyashinski becoming a truck driver makes sense as many Kenyans(without competitive educational backgrounds) who go to the country end up doing menial jobs just to survive. He himself admitted as much in a previous interview with the Standard saying,

“I called up my father and told him about it. That I needed about 5000 dollars for the course. Dad was shocked, to say the least. “You want to drive trucks? After refusing to go back to university?” But he relented and he went looking for the money because he didn’t have it. We aren’t very rich, but he finally managed to get the money and I enrolled for the driving course for three months.”



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Wahu speaks about her beauty secrets and her political aspirations (exclusive)

Wahu Kagwi is one of the most beautiful women in Kenya at any age. And what is more impressive is that she has maintained her looks even after been blessed with two daughters with her husband David Mathenge aka Nameless.

How has she been able to keep herself looking so youthful throughout the years? What has been her secret? The “Sweet Love” singer humbly said that even though people might feel that her skin is goals for them that she still doesn’t feel that her skin is that great.

“I don’t think I have great skin. As we speak, I am getting my make-up done.”

Adding, “I put on a bit of foundation. I honestly don’t have even skin. I would be lying if I told you that I do. It’s not the break-out type of skin but it’s not as perfect as I would like it to be.”

And what does she do to keep her skin looking camera-ready? “I use pregnancy masks and I also hydrate and I do a lot of veggies and exercise. I do put on a bit of foundation,” reiterated Wahu.

Wahu reveals the books that have inspired her successful 15-year marriage (exclusive)

The singer has been in the music industry for many years and has ascended the rungs of success along the way. Does the singer have other aspirations, political maybe? I put the question to the singer who was cagey at first telling me that she didn’t want to comment.

But after some cajoling, she went on to say that the thought had crossed her mind.

“I don’t think I would run in 2022. The thought has crossed my mind once or twice but not in the near future.”

And why didn’t she want to run in 2022?

She replied, “I am not saying that there is anything holding me back. It’s just that I have not decided. It’s just something that I look at and say, I am passionate about ABCD…Considering it doesn’t mean I am going for it.”


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I will take my kid back to school if they allow him to wear slippers – Parent tells Maina

Maina Kageni and Mwalimu King’ang’i had an interesting discussion today about a report that the government is mulling whether to open schools in October.

The rumours are that Education CS George Magoha is considering opening schools on October 3rd. The news has shocked many who were thinking about a prospective January opening.

Maina asked parents what they would do if Magoha indeed issued the order? “What if Magoha says that schools open on October 3rd. What will parents do?”

King’ang’i himself was aghast at the idea and said as much. “Do you know if they say that schools should be closed, there are some serious requirements needed for the kids. They come up with a list. You will see kids being asked to come with masks, sanitisers…Also means new uniforms.

No one has the school fees. Parents have no idea what to do. Taking a child to school is a lot of money. Those that will stay at home will be many. Have you ever prepared a child to go to school? It is tough financially, psychologically. It drains you. ”

All the parents who called in were unanimous in their agreements that the decision to call back students in October wasn’t wise. Many insisted that a January start was the smart move.

One parent in particular cracked up Maina telling him, “I am ready to take my kids to school provided they allow him to wear slippers, home clothes, give him food, pay his school fees and give him a sanitiser.”

Some of those comments are below;

Parents were told schools are re-opening in January. If the government can pay for all costs then parents can re-consider that option. But let them open the bars first so that we can discuss that option while having a beer.

Why schools first before everything else? Parents aren’t even prepared financially. Education isn’t going anywhere.

Most parents made plans for next year. Most kids will not make it for this October date.

Let the ministers start with their own kids to test this pandemic.

If some parents can’t afford a meal, where will they get money to pay for fees?

Surely they can’t wake up and decide to open schools. They are confusing us.

This message goes to all the politicians who have been mentioned eating public resources. Those people should take that money to the Ministry of Education and pay school fees for Kenyans-Wakanai.

I have a friend who has a group of school. That man is very stressed. My child asked me if we are going to school on October 3rd? I asked him “oolisikia wapi? Atarudi January.

They should first open the economy before they open schools.

For the first time in history, parents don’t want children to go to school.

I am a teacher. These people shouldn’t open anytime soon until January.

The government has gotten it’s priorities wrong. Are schools ready for re-opening?

What are they going to school to do? Will they do exams? Which part of the syllabus will they follow?

There is nothing the kids are going to school to do. They will be wasting time and school fees.

Does King’ang’i remember that some teachers are suffering? If parents can’t pay the fees, they should take them to day school and public schools.

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