Discover Straight2Bank: What it means for your business as you work from home

Alternative banking is the in-thing for businesses right now as we experience uncertain times. All organisations are keen to manage this unforeseen disruption and to stay afloat, each is undertaking a set of unique measures. These include having employees work from home, migrating tasks online such as meetings, interviews, finance and accounts, operations et cetera.

However, when it comes to business banking, there are very few options in the market that provide fully integrated solutions for organizations to take advantage of online platforms.

The most comprehensive solution that exists in the market is Straight2Bank from Standard Chartered Bank. Unmistakably, this platform has now become a yardstick for other banks and the fact that it has become the most popular platform for businesses both large and small is evidence of its superiority.

What exactly is Straight2Bank?

The platform is a fully integrated online banking service for business transactions, hedging and information needs with a customisable suite of tools. It is carefully designed for all business transactional needs.

Straight2Bank facilitates comprehensive management, giving businesses easy access to key functions such as trade, payroll and foreign exchange transactions. Organisations can also set up custom access and control within the platform which includes employee access levels, customised payroll templates, personalized account alerts and more.

The platform also allows businesses to process their KRA payments online and in a simple way. Standard Chartered Bank is directly intergrated with KRA and this means all payments are processed realtime.

Bulk and mobile payments are facilitated in a simple manner. This involves using an excel sheet template to list all mobile numbers and amounts to be paid, uploading it to Straight2Bank and click “pay”. This function is secure in that the validation of these payments goes through the organisation’s internal approvals

For users needing help on the platform, there is a dedicated support team. They provide online support services to businesses you solve and problems they may face when using Straight2Bank.

Given the current government directives designed to facilitate businesses, all charges on Straight2Bank are now minimalised. This includes free RTGS transfers done online as well as payroll.

To learn more and get started, visit

Here’s how to manage your investments while social distancing

We’re living through history and staying safe is a major priority right now. The ongoing efforts to control the pandemic has made it necessary for most of us to work from home. This also means that our lifestyles have been disrupted and we only make moves when necessary. All in an effort to try and curtail the spread of the virus.

During such a pandemic and also with public health emergencies, impacts can be seen in both the local and national economies. We are all concerned about our investments but there are proactive steps you can take to protect yourself.

Banks and financial institutions are introducing ways that you can manage your money to not only help you weather these trying times, but strengthen your portfolio.

One of these introduced is the Standard Chartered digital mobile banking app which helps you make decisions on investments as well as control your finances. You can even open accounts on the app.

Through the app, you can buy and sell bonds and T-bills, view market trends and buy mutual funds. We are currently in a Bear market meaning that the stock market has fallen for a prolonged period of time. This leads to an increased sell-off of stocks reinforcing the downward direction of the market.

However, falling stock prices and depressed markets are good for the long-term value investor. With lowered stock prices, you can make periodic, fixed amount investments over time.

Choosing who or what to invest in comes with its own challenges, but Standard Chartered can help you with that. You can receive monthly portfolio statements which show the status of your investments which are professionally managed.

While we may be stuck at home, it does not mean that our bank accounts have to be too. Through the Standard Chartered mobile banking app, you can invest directly from your current account and enjoy the benefits of regular income.

 Get started

The SC Mobile app gives you the freedom and time to apply for new bank accounts from the comfort of your home, office or on the go. They’re helping you Bank anytime, anywhere with iPhone and Android mobile banking apps.

SCB Mobile Banking
SCB Mobile Banking

For the Mobile Banking Account Opening application, all that’s needed is you and your mobile. You’ll be asked for uploads of your Identity Documents that you can prepare before you start. Then with your mobile, simply capture, attach and even upload from your preferred cloud storage.

Open your account now –

Jose chameleone showcases his multi-million V8 beast

Legendary Jose chameleon has shared a photo of his new machine.

This comes months after the singer declared his intention to vie for the Kampala mayoral seat.

The Mercedes-AMG G 63 (G-class) is estimated to be Ksh 16,700,000

Check it out;


He Was A Cute Baby: This Is How Jose Chameleone Looked Like When He Was Young (Photo)

Ali Kiba finally reveals why he wrote threatening post to Diamond

Kings Music Records boss Alikiba has come out with another story concerning his Instagram tirade regarding Diamond that was the talk of blogs a few weeks back.

The tirade was a warning to Diamond to stop using his name to popularise the Wasafi Festival. King Kiba stated that if he (Diamond) wanted him to expose the bad things he was doing to him, no one would show up at his Wasafi Festival event.

Ali Kiba
Ali Kiba

The post elicited a lot of reactions from media with Kiba being silent about it. But after the Wasafi Fest would attract such heavy hitters like Wizkid and Tiwa Savage, Ali took a more conciliatory tone saying that his account had been hacked.

Diamond or Ali Kiba: Wema Sepetu reveals whose music she prefers

Do you still think that the truthful musician has kept to that story? Nope, the man spoke to Times FM and clarified that he was forced to write the post warning Diamond after he started receiving calls from the media.

Diamond Platnumz
Diamond Platnumz

He went on to say that the post was to address the matter once and for all and to stop the calls from journalists. He also went ahead to say that he would never perform at Wasafi Festival and it’s something that Diamond’s team is aware of, and they only made the announcement for clout.

‘Kilichofanya ni post nitoe taarifa ni kwa sababu waandishi wa habari walikuwa all over wanapiga masimu. So kile kitendo ili niweze kustopisha wengine nikaona nipost ili wasione kama waandishi wa habari nimewakosea heshima sipokei simu zao ama nawadharau. I had to do that,’ said Kiba.

Ali Kiba on stage
Ali Kiba on stage

He reiterated that it wasn’t good for Diamond to keep associating him with his shows and they should instead, respect him.

‘Heshima kila mtu tunaamua tu kuwekeana heshima kwa sababu sipendi kumzungumzia mtu kwa mabaya wala ningependa kumzungumzia mtu kwa mazuri. Vile vile sidhani kama ilikuwa sawa katika kila event zao wanihusishe. Mimi siko tayari na wanajua kabisa I cannot do it na I’ve told them before nikamwambia fanya wewe, mimi nitakuja kufanya ya kwangu. Walikuwa wanatafuta namna gani waweze kubeba ile attention,’ Ali said.

Ali Kiba in yellow
Mr. Kiba

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Akothee spends man’s salary in Dubai restaurant-Kenyans go crazy

Akothee has come a long way from the time she could not properly feed herself and her kids. The mother of 5 who struggled as a young mother to take care of basic needs when her daughters were young, is now living the life after making some excellent strategic decisions.

The singer has been blessed with houses in different parts of Kenya, a fledgeling tour business and is a brand ambassador for the Weston Hotel.

Akothee in Dubai
Akothee in Dubai

To say that she is doing well is an understatement for the woman who has called herself Kenya’s richest musician. She recently showed that her boasts aren’t all that empty and even decided to reveal to fans the amount she had spent on a meal while in Dubai.

Akothee in white
Akothee in white

The cost? The self-proclaimed president of single mothers revealed that she spent around AED 1590 on food which is equivalent to Ksh 44,000.

Akothee's bill
Akothee’s bill

Akothee went on to caption the photo saying;

How much is this in Kenyan shillings plz🙆‍♂️ that meat was looking like a kidney of a cockroach🙆‍♂️ Wish I went to a Nigerian restaurant. I guess this is more than Ksh 20,000 😭😭😭 Dubai kwaheri, I have no problem with the price the problem is that I didn’t get full

10 Photos Of Akothee’s Palatial Mansion That Will Make You Wonder What You Are Doing With Your Life

The post elicited some hate from some of her followers with the sentiment being that she was showing off-which she was. But do you think she cares?

Some of the comments are below;

douloriarama Ungepost food yenyewe ndio tujue ni ukweli, mjaka na sifa huezi muamini😂😂😂

kaviti_michael Hio ni mshahara ya mtu ya mwezi full umekula mtura nayo

pablo_official67 Akothee hiyo ni school fees ya mtu ya mwaka boarding school

Akothee with Charles
Akothee with Charles

Food for thought; Hate only comes from beneath.

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Sacked Mwanaisha Chidzuga makes stunning comeback with new show

Mwanaisha Chidzuga left K24 late last month after the mass of retrenchments that rocked the Uhuruto-owned station, with a cloud surrounding when we would next see Danson Mungatana’s wife on-screen again?

On day she quits K24, Mwanaisha Chidzuga posts first-ever image of Mungatana

Wonder no more as the captivating and engaging screen queen has landed a show that is close to her heart. She revealed this great news in 2 Instagram posts that she made celebrating her 37th birthday yesterday.

Mwanaisha Chidzuga
Mwanaisha Chidzuga

She wrote;

The big 36 was amazing #blessingafterblessingand now I know that 37 will be greater..My Lord Almighty Has already shown me my trailer just waiting for the movie that is my life blessings and destiny to Premier 17.11.2019. Inshallah .#Newbeginnings#gutsywoman#NewGoals..#Dada2DadaUncensored. My past full of lessons not mistakes..My future so bright and my present living and giving back.

Mwanaisha Chidzuga
Mwanaisha Chidzuga

She added in the other post;

Boom! To the ladies who are Gutsy ,Fearless, Achievers, Leading women ,Ordinary people doing extra ordinary things..The Passionate one..The one who inspires and motivates the one who believes in love or just given up on love. Je jasiri au mjasiriamali? Wewe ni #Dada2DadaUncensored Lets talk,Lets empower and inspire, Lets mentor and motivate, Lets smile and share a tear then pick ourself up and thrive .Iam You Mwanamke Kujiamini dada, Do we really need fixing or do we need to fix someone? The truth yes but can you handle the truth?..Join the honest conversation as we tell it as it is @Dada2DadaUncensored.#Happy37th ..And yes something is cooking 🥘 ….. 

Mwanaisha Chidzuga
Mwanaisha Chidzuga

Her many fans and followers were quick to celebrate the presenter’s move and said as much. It should be noted that she still hasn’t revealed the station that her show will run on.

Considering the sad rumours coming from the retrenched Mediamax employees, Mwanaisha has really turned her ignominious end at K24 something with this wonderful news.

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“Most Innovative Service” awarded to Safaricom and Huawei at AfricaCom 2019

Cape Town, South Africa, Nov. 14, 2019Safaricom and Huawei have jointly received the prestigious Most Innovative Service “the Business of Tomorrow” award at AfricaCom 2019 in Cape Town.

The award recognizes the two companies for offering the new revolutionary Mobile Money Overdraft service, known as “Fuliza”. The service enables users with insufficient funds in their M-PESA accounts to borrow money to complete their M-PESA transactions. The service was officially launched in January 2019 and has been gaining popularity in Kenya where Safaricom has over 23.6 million M-PESA users. Kenyans transacted over KES 6.2 Billion (USD 62M) in

Fuliza’s first month after its launch.

Michael Joseph, CEO, Safaricom saidM-PESA continues to play a leading role in deepening financial inclusion in the country. Fuliza enriches our mobile financial services portfolio further fulfilling our promise to always provide our customers with relevant products and services that meet them at their point of need. We are glad to partner with Huawei in bringing this commitment to life.”

Michael Joseph speaking
Michael Joseph speaking in a file interview

Fuliza is empowered by the Huawei Mobile Money Finance Overdraft Platform which allows design, development and deployment of innovate finance products. This platform was created to enable credit overdraft facilities in multiple payment scenarios in a highly secure and stable way.

Over the years, Huawei has been working with Safaricom in improving its mobile financial services and developing new products, especially for loans and savings which can bring many benefits to individuals but also to SMEs to help grow their businesses.

David Chen, Director of Marketing & Solution Sales for Huawei Southern Africa Region said: “Financial services requires security and stability. These two elements are in the DNA of all Huawei’s ICT solutions. We have focused on building a world-class application programming interface (API) to enable the local ICT ecosystem to tap into M-PESA to serve the needs of our client for business success and nurture the digital economy from a macro perspective.”


AfricaCom is Africa’s biggest telecoms and technology event which takes place annually in Cape Town, South Africa. This year, during this 3-day event Huawei showcased its end-to-end 5G ability, facilitating the industry’s digital transformation through innovative tools, platforms and solutions and explored new opportunities that are emerging for the industry from these new technologies.

‘I ran Safaricom from a hospital bed’ – Michael Joseph reveals battle with cancer

Listed on the Nairobi Securities Exchange and with annual revenues in excess of KES 200 Billion, Safaricom invested KES 38 billion in infrastructure this year, providing over 93% of Kenya’s population with 4G and 3G coverage and providing 2G coverage to 96% of Kenyans. Safaricom has harnessed its proprietary fibre infrastructure to build a dedicated enterprise business, which provides managed I.T. services to clients in the East African region.

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Maina and Kingangi weigh in on Kibra by election

Maina and King’ang’i today morning joined many Kenyans in sending congratulatory messages to the winner of the Kibra by election.



Jubilees Mariga lost to ODM’s Okoth, in a hotly contested by election.

Kenyans in awe after Mariga concedes Kibra race to Imran

The duo also spoke about the embarrassing scene where Boni Khalwale was photographed picking up stones while in a confrontation with voters from Kibra.

Boni Khalwale
Boni Khalwale

Maina and King’ang’i were appalled and said as much. ‘Should I get a stone for you? Tit for tat. A whole doctor! A whole senator!’ King’ang’i said.

They concluded the early morning talk by praising the mature way in which Mariga had handled his defeat to Imran. Mr. Kageni said that despite the fact that Mariga was leading at some point in the voting he was still mature enough to concede when he realised he couldn’t win.


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R Jay’s company projected to make over Sh20b in 2020

Everyone remembers Ray J when they think about his infamous intimate tape with Kim Kardashian, forgetting that the man had an ‘admirable’ music career with some notable hits.

I want 7 more kids with Kim Kardashian – Father of 4, Kanye West says

But people might want to take note of the R and B singer. He has been making money moves! The man is expected to secure a hefty bag in 2020 thanks to his bike-sharing company ScootEbike.

RayJ with the bikes
The singer with the bikes
Back in January 2019, LOOPShare, a micro-mobility and ride-sharing company focused on sustainable urban transportation, announced that it entered into an Asset Purchase Agreement with Raytroniks Corporation to acquire the ‘Scoot-E’ brand.
Ray J ended up walking away with about $34 million (Sh.3.4 billion)  and over 18 million common shares in LOOPShare.
The singer is making that money
Ray J doing well financially

ScootEbike/Loopshare scooters will hit the market in early 2020 offering to provide users with the ability to use advanced telematics and digital dashboard services unlike any other bike-sharing company in the world.

The singer at a board meeting
Ray J at a board meeting

This can potentially be a billion-dollar company in 2 years if it all goes as planned. Upon closing of the Raytroniks transaction (the “Transaction”) LOOP received several benefits including: Acquisition of a recognized brand in the electric transportation industry, increased visibility in the global micro-mobility and ride-sharing industry with access to expertise and vision of a successful tech-entrepreneur such as Ray J.

Ray J doing well financially 1

LOOP has the potential to surpass the success of scooter-share company Bird, which stunned the transportation industry by achieving a billion-dollar valuation faster than any company in history.

Ray J posing
Ray J posing

Could it be possible that Ray J will be the first R&B singer to reach 1 billion dollars in revenue?  Only time will tell. But 200 million is a great start!

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Michael Joseph reveals reason company chose Peter Ndegwa

Safaricom CEO Michael Joseph who has been with the company since its inception has given the reason the board decided to hire Peter Ndegwa as the man to take over from the late Bob Collymore.

Speaking during an interview with Citizen TV’s Yvonne Okwara, Mr. Joseph played down the selection to enforced pressures from vested parties.

Peter Ndegwa
Peter Ndegwa

‘There always was pressure that we should have a Kenyan. Why not a Kenyan. Some asked why we should have a Kenyan while others asked why not pick the best person for the job,’ he said.

‘I wouldn’t say the board gave in to demands. Personally, it’s the right thing to do. After 19 years, a Kenyan should be running Safaricom. The appointment is just a natural progression more than anything else,’ he added.

Michael Joseph broke down in tears reading poem for Bob Collymore

However, the legendary CEO admitted to pockets of pressure in the extended succession process which dates back nearly 12 months. The replacement process kicked off months before the death of Bob Collymore on July 1st.


Peter Ndegwa, a Kenyan with an illustrious multinational exposure emerged as seemingly the middle-ground choice in appeasing the interests of all concerned parties including those of Vodacom which has historically dictated leadership at the firm.
Mr. Ndegwa will have the immediate task of pushing Safaricom back in-line to respond to consumer dissatisfaction as mirrored in the most recent public uproar on opaque service delivery.

Michael Joseph speaking in a panel
Michael Joseph speaking in a panel

Michael Joseph even admitted to this saying, ‘Because we have been so successful, we have tended to not listen to our customers as we become big, fat and happy. To some extent we have moved away from our customers and lost touch,’ Mr. Joseph said.

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Uhuru Kenyatta’s watch costs twice as much as a 2019 Range Rover!

Uhuru Kenyatta is not only the 4th president of Kenya. He is also the son of extreme wealth being the son of Kenya’s first president, Jomo Kenyatta.

Marriage magic! From Uhuru to Raila, politicians married for over 25 years

The Kenyatta family is probably the wealthiest family in Kenya, a claim that they neither will confirm nor deny. But the lives they live tell a story of a family that sh!ts and eats money! Hehehe!

President Uhuru Kenyatta on his wedding day-
President Uhuru Kenyatta on his wedding day-

Our president was recently spotted donning a 2016 A.Lange and Sohne datograph perpetual tourbillon. The description of the watch according to the their website says;

This model was introduced in 2016. The dial is crafted from solid silver and graced with solid-gold appliques and hour markers. The hands are made of rhodiumed gold and blued steel. The hour and minute hands, as well as the hour markers at 3, 6, 9, and 12 o’clock, are luminous.


The recommended retail price is 298.000 € – That is Sh. 34,516,609! The 2019 Range Rover’s base price sits right around $89,000 (Sh.9,239,090.00), making it one of the most expensive luxury large SUVs. Things are even more pronounced at the high end of the lineup, where the SVAutobiography Dynamic trim sports a starting price of about $177,000 (Sh.18,374,370).


This isn’t the first time that our humble president has been spotted wearing such an expensive time-piece. While just one of Uhuru’s watch costs as much as buying a plot developing it, most Kenyans can only afford to look at the timepieces through internet images.

One of Uhuru's watches
One of Uhuru’s watches
Uhuru has been spotted wearing the Sh.3.8 million Audemars Piguet Royal Oak’s and also a Patek Philippe Aquanaut Collection watch which costs Sh3.3 million.
One of Uhuru's watches
One of Uhuru’s watches
And not to mention the many Rolex watches that grace the president’s hands. Clearly, our Head-of-State has an affinity for watches. Not just any watch…expensive watches!

Who was she!? Sportpesa CEO reveals his very ‘first love’

SpoSportpesa CEO Captain Ronald Karauri is a man whose life I envy. No lies. The Sportpesa CEO might have had a tough year with his company falling foul of some government regulations this year but his life is still attractive.

What’s better than this TBT of Sportpesa CEO Ronald Karauri?

The man who is known to have lavish tastes is well-known but even a man like him still has some first loves, things that might not cost an arm and leg (I am talking about a billionaires perspective. Like I know!) that still draws nostalgia from him.

Ronald Karauri at the Grand Canyon
Ronald Karauri at the Grand Canyon

On Thursday, being a Throwback Thursday TBT, Karauri went back in time to his very first love, a Mitsubishi Lancer Evo VII.

‘My first love ❤️ #TBT.’

Sportpesa CEO, Ronald Karauri car
Ronald Karauri first love

The businessman captioned an image of the silver beast, registration number KAW 777U.

One of Karauri’s expensive hobbies is, of course, driving and buying high-end cars. He is also rumored to own his dream car (in 2018), a Bentley Continental GT Speed, a Rolls-Royce and others. Karauri’s lavish parking lot now houses a BMW 3 series and a Mercedes Maybach S600. Even former Classic105 host agreed with him writing, EVo 7!!!my favorite car to date.

Ronald Karauri at the Grand Canyon
Ronald Karauri at the Grand Canyon

An Evolution VII was used on the film 2 Fast 2 Furious as the car driven by Paul Walker’s character. He drove a yellow Evolution 7 which was lightly modified performance-wise but heavily modified when it came to the aesthetics.

Paul Walker walking to the EvoVII
Paul Walker walking to the EvoVII

However, one of the producers claimed that they used a 2002 Mitsubishi Lancer O.Z. Rally edition instead of an Evo as the car used for production and stunt scenes

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Mkenya halisi! Eliud Kipchoge flies using KQ despite shade from Zari

Eliud Kipchoge is the man of the moment, a man who can do no wrong after his heroic and historic run this past weekend where he run a marathon distance in under two hours.

Since his record-breaking fete last Saturday, Kipchoge has been on the international media circuit being the toast of the town, with bigwigs like CNN hosting him.

The marathoner smiling as he crosses the line
Eliud smiling as he crosses the line

But he finally is back in Kenya! His mode of transport back into the country will most likely irk Zari Hassan who complained bitterly about Kenya Airways yesterday.

Read Eliud Kipchoge’s sweet message to his wonderful wife

The mother of 5 derided the airline for the suffering she has endured using them. She wrote;

‘So disappointed in Kenya Airlines. I’ve been loyal, but you always do me wrong. The other times I’ve ignored, but not today. All my perfumes i received as gifts from my friends in Dubai just disappeared. What am i supposed to wear for my meeting?” wondered Zari. Let’s not ignore the fact that your flights are always delayed and no explanations is (SIC) given to passengers, still I ignored. I’ve never been on a KQ flight that is on time. Shame on you. @officialkenyaairways you have my return date better make sure someone finds me in the lounge and return what belongs to me. I didn’t travel for free, you set me back $2440, now i want what’s mine back Periodt! And we will end this relationship in peace,” she lamented.

The socialite with blonde hair
Zari with blonde hair

But Kipchoge is a proud patriot and used our esteemed and much-maligned airline to come back home! Kenya Airways should thank him as his actions might help the airline staunch the bad publicity the popular Ugandan unleashed yesterday.

Eliud Kipchoge
Eliud Kipchoge on the start line

Check out more of the pictures below;

The marathoner on the plane
The marathoner on the plane
Eliud Kipchoge on the plane
The marathoner on the plane

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Zari says that even Chris Brown can’t pay her to be a video vixen!

Zari Hassan is one of the most influential people on Instagram in sub-Saharan Africa. The socialite-cum-entrepreneur became a big presence when she had a relationship with Diamond Platnumz, the big East African musician.

She has also been able to leverage that fame with multiple brand endorsements. One thing that many have expected her to showcase her gargantuan talents is in acting.

Apparently, the mother of five has been approached numerously by producers to feature in films but the offers were not attractive to her.

Miss Hassan posing
Zari Hassan

During an interview with Millard Ayo, the single mum claimed none of the companies or individuals who approached her offered a deal that was worth her time and attention.

‘I can act, I am a very multi-talented person. I have been approached many times by guys from Nigeria but it was not worth me leaving my family,” she said.

Zari’s the most difficult! Diamond’s photographer says about women singer has dated

She also explained that the toll of leaving her family to go and shoot wasn’t something appealing unless the money offered was worth it.

Huddah chilling with Zari
Huddah chilling with Zari

When asked whether she would ever consider appearing on music videos, the caramel-skinned beauty said she is too expensive for any musician to afford. She claimed that even Chris Brown couldn’t be able to get her to appear on his music video.

“I cannot be a video vixen, it is now below me. I mean, how much would they pay me to appear on their music videos?” Zari asked. Before the fame and money, the Zarina had tried her hand in music where she wasn’t successful.

The socialite with blonde hair
Zari with blonde hair

Zarina even had her own reality show before moving to South Africa to open her chain of stores.

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‘I used to work the graveyard shift’ Citizens Koinange reveals the worst job he had

He is one of the most versatile talents that the country has produced over the years. The man has a CV that would put most high earners in the entertainment industry to shame.

The man who started off reading news on KTN the then-premier television station in Kenya was able to parlay his talents into a lucrative stint on CNN that ended in ignominy.

Jeff Koinange with George Weah
Jeff Koinange with George Weah

But he has bounced back admirably and is now one of the most recognisable and valued entertainers in the Kenyan media industry.

Jeff Koinange sadly reveals last words Bob Collymore ever told him

He recently revealed that he didn’t have it easy at the beginning with one of the first jobs he did was working at an American fast-food company, Mcdonald’s saying that it was the worst job he ever did. He recently related his experience saying,

I worked at Mcdonalds, it is like an American fish and chips shop. It was the night shift. It was the graveyard shift. It’s late at night, 2-3 a.m. in the morning, where you wear headphones and people are driving through and they pick up stuff coming in to buy.

Jeff Koinange smiling
Jeff smiling

The Citizen T.V anchor narrated that he would see the clients through surveillance cameras and take their orders. The man got his big break while working as a flight attendant as a very young man.

Bob Collymore with Jeff Koinange 2
Bob Collymore with Jeff Koinange

He once explained how on the first day on the job, he impressed many with his voice on the aircraft so much that his seniors told advised him to use it for a different purpose.

‘I got a job with Pan Am Air (Pan American World Airways), I used to work as a flight attendant and when I was on the aircraft, most of you have heard (the announcer). I was 20 years old, they (then) said, “Listen, kid, go to school. One day you are going to get a lot of money with that voice.” That was it.’

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Jacque Maribe earns plum new deal after quitting Citizen TV

Jacque Maribe has been away from our television screens from the month of July when she resigned from Citizen T.V.

The move was met with shock and consternation as many wondered what could have happened to occasion such a move?

She still hasn’t spoken about her decision with some rumours which I cannot state here alluding to something…I told you I cannot say what I have heard!

Jacque Maribe and Dennis Itumbi together
Jacque Maribe and Dennis Itumbi together

So what has she been doing lately?

Apart from appearing here and there on her pals’ social media pages, the former T.V anchor has been riding low nary making a stir online.

Happy Birthday my friend-Itumbi says as he attends birthday with bestie Maribe

But that was until this week when we learnt that she had earned a new gig.


She has now officially resurfaced and she is going to be leveraging her talent to earn some extra coin and that is what I like seeing: people hustling and making money.

Jacque hosted a karaoke event at 1824 on 1st October:


The radio queen’s life took a turn for the worse late last year when she was implicated in the murder of Monica Kimani along with her then-fiance Jowie Irungu.

Jowie Irungu proposing to Jacque Maribe
Jowie Irungu proposing to Jacque Maribe

She is still out on bail as her case is yet to be determined by a court of law.

All I will say is that her finding something to do while away from the glare of the camera is good to see. As they say, an idle mind is the devil’s workshop.

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Save my job! Painful hashtag showing how much Kenyans are suffering

The country is experiencing one of the worst periods economically.

The reasons are myriad and most of them stem from one source, poor government policies.

I will not even say a lot about how terrible they are, as I will start vacillating.

Relax…Geoffrey…Relax…But many Kenyans are unhappy with the direction the country is headed on with many businesses that employ hundreds/thousands closing shop.

Sportpesa pulls out of Kenyan market frustrated with government actions

Kenyans have even started two hashtags concerning the issue.

The two are #Savemyjob, #Ilostmyjob.

Some of the best comments are below;

Shikoh Kihika: Keenly following the #ILostMyJob #SaveMyJob, my big question is, are the youth of this nation tired enough to go out in the streets? Are we ready to take back our land.. 80% of a population with 55%unemployed is not just a normal number it’s disheartening!!

I will leave you with the poem below German Lutheran pastor Martin Niemöller (1892–1984);

First they came for the Communists
And I did not speak out
Because I was not a Communist

Then they came for the Socialists
And I did not speak out
Because I was not a Socialist

Then they came for the trade unionists
And I did not speak out
Because I was not a trade unionist

Then they came for the Jews
And I did not speak out
Because I was not a Jew

Then they came for me
And there was no one left
To speak out for me


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Sportpesa pulls out of Kenyan market frustrated with government actions

Kenya’s largest sports gaming firm, SportPesa, has announced a move to halt its operations in Kenya.

The firm said it would resume operations when Kenya puts in place “adequate taxation and non-hostile regulatory environment.”

The announcement just comes hours after the second-largest firm, Betin, announced that it was declaring its staff redundant.

The move comes after the government’s decision to impose a 20 per cent tax on all betting stakes, a move that the firms have cited as damaging on both their customers and treasury.

“Sportpesa is disappointed with the decision by the Kenyan legislature to impose a 20% excise tax on all betting stakes. The tax is based on a fundamental misunderstanding by the Rotich led treasury of how revenue generation works in the bookmaker industry,” read the statement in part.

List of betting companies with renewed licenses in Kenya

It added; “Until such time that adequate taxation and non-hostile regulatory environment is returned, the SportPesa brand will halt operations in Kenya.”

The firm said compounded by the currently in-effect 20 per cent Withholding Tax on Winnings, the economic incentive to place bets will be completely removed as the taxes will deprive consumers of their total winnings.

“This will have severe consequences for licensed betting companies, which dutifully pay their taxes and ultimately will lead to a decline in government tax revenue to near zero and will halt all investments in sports in Kenya,” the firm said.

Betin, which operates as Gamcode Limited, told staff on Friday that the firm had been left with no option but to let them go.

“This has been occasioned by the fact that we have not been operational since July 2019 a fact we are all aware of. Management has had several extensive meeting with relevant government entities regarding the company’s license renewal without much success,” the memo dated September 27 stated.

The two firms were among a number of betting firms whose licenses were revoked by the government over a taxation row that found its way to the corridors of justice.

It is not clear how many staff members are affected by the move by Betin but it is expected to affect about 2,500 including those at Betin Shops scattered in various locations.

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