Octopizzo’s Life Is Pure Lanes! See What He Did This Time Round!

When he’s not dropping hit songs, Octopizzo is busy doing business outside the country. He’s just not your average Kenyan rapper.

The “So Alive” star took to Instagram to share a photo of himself hanging out with pilots of his flight from John F. Kennedy Airport. It was taken in the cockpit and from what it looks like, the pilots seem to be cool with it.

By the way, he has been termed as the hottest rapper in Kenya by The Star newspaper in Kenya.

The amazing thing that singer Octopizzo will do for his late parents

“Octopizzo is one of the hottest properties in music as he effortlessly fuses rap and style. Over the years, we have seen him transform his image, turning him into one of the most trendy rappers,” read the review.


“zile za Late night no Fights /Jetlife no flights🦅
PAST OUT NOW link on Bio #NewSound it’s Different! 😁 #sky #jetlife #travel #worldwide #smile #happiness #bestoftheday #acid #jazz #8 #King 🌿🤴🏾🌿

Are you an Octopizzo fan? Which is your favorite song by the rapper?

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‘Bahati Anazalisha Na Wewe Ni Ujinga Na Kutafta Mchumba,’ Fans Roast Willy Paul After “Secular Song” Drops

It’s like Willy Paul is drifting further and further from gospel. Remember when he sang “Sitolia” and got many people having feels? Well, those days are gone. These days, he’s all about scandals with girls and singing about girls.

From “Tempted” to “JigiJigi”, this dude seems to have lost it.

Move Over WCB! Willy Paul set to launch own record label

Well, that’s what the fans feel too. In a recent interview with Pulse, the singer revealed that he once wanted to sleep with both Huddah and Vera.

“From what I know now, Huddah and Vera are beautiful. I once used to have this urge for both of them but that is not the case anymore,” he said unapologetically.

From the comments on some of the Instagram posts promoting the release, it seems that fans are finally fed up. The song, dubbed “Malingo” is aimed at girls who have been rejecting him.


“Morning fam… imagine im standing infront of an atm machine and this chick that im looking at… bado analeta #MALINGO …. woi poor me!! Watch my new video.. link in my bio”

kimsey_sam We ishia ..bahati anazaa na weuwe apa ni ujinga na kutafta mchumba
iyanizzo_the_genius Aki we motherfucker mungu akusamehe nilijua utataja mungu 5 seconds hizi dakika zingine utaje wasichana msenge kabisa 😂😂😂
chuck_tailor254 Yoo kwani willy sina sura?! 😂 zigidi!!🔥🔥
peterbanzi Mdogo WANGU.. Atakakeye vumilia mbaka mwisho ndio atakayeokoka ..Bible inasema tutawatambua kwa matunda hakika Haya ndio matunda yako.. Hahahahaha umeshindwa kuwa barozi wa YESU kwa ajiri ya dunia tu!9ce bit aujaimba vibaya sana but je unamwakilisha nani …BWANA YESU akusaidie
khairaarshiraf Lol
ragzrago_mugo Am not hating lakini Ile hype umeweka kwa hii Ngoma on your IG is not worth it iko chini mbaya
asili100 Bro Unapotosha sana Injili Mungu akuokoe!!
njoshfrank73 Umechapa buda go back to you senses of gospel achaa upuzi wa kuiga
kennblessd And u claim your Gospel artist?? Jesu!!!
jeskata Gospel? Jesus come down
vickreagan Is this Gospel song really,,,,hee..
ipaliz Nipoa bt c gospel

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DRAMA! Kaymo Of “Thitima” Fame Accused Of Stealing From Upcoming Artiste

With the gospel industry exploding with an array of accusations, with the recent involving upcoming artiste Ben Libe has come out with a stunning claim. He says that Kaymo of “Thitima” fame conned him late last year.

It all happened when he approached the gospel star for a studio session, but he ended up getting nothing out of it. He had paid the artist on 27th of December but two months later, there has not been material out of it.


“It hurts me a lot that those artistes at the top use us instead of supporting us. I visited him at his studio and played him some of my sample songs. He liked one. Kaymo then said he would make the song even better and that’s when I paid him six thousand shillings through MPesa for the recording. However, since then he has been evading me. At first, he was saying that he is ever busy. I understand that artists are busy because they have shows but this does not add up,” he said painfully.

Kaymo of “Thitima” fame

“He never picks my calls and he even seems to have blocked me since my calls are not going through. I would like to call out these big artistes who are so full of themselves and keep on taking advantage of us upcoming ones. I even wonder if he really does gospel music for legitimate reasons because honestly, he should not have done this to me,” Ben added.

DJ Mo Roasts Upcoming Artiste Who Accused Him Of Bribe Extortion With Screenshots

When I reached out to Kaymo, the artiste said this is all a lie.

“I sent Ben the instrumental. After that, he was not satisfied with it. He said that it does not sound good. So I told him to visit me at the studio we re-do it and he did not come,” he defended himself.

Ben on the other hand insists that he indeed sent him cash and has not gotten his project yet.

classic 232s

“In fact, as of today, he personally called me and told me things that do not make sense. I just want him to refund me since he is not able to honor his words. A big artiste like him cannot lack 6k. He is only beginning to respond because he is aware that word is now out there that he conned me. You know, many people have ways of earning money, perhaps this is the way he gets his. I personally do not have beef with anyone, I just want my money back,” the singer said.

These accusations come at a time when Kenyan entertainer DJ Mo is being accused of asking for bribe in order to play music for upcoming musicians. He has since downplayed the same, saying it’s people who are jealous of his success and want to bring him down.

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Is Vanessa Mdee Gaining Weight? Look At These Sexy Pics!

Vanessa Mdee seems to be making good use of the money she has been earning from her latest album, “Money Mondays”, which was launched here in Nairobi. The “Niroge” singer posted a snap on her Instagram that showed her looking thicker than usual.

The singer has in the past maintained a petite frame, but as time goes by she seems to be following Rihanna’s footsteps. The latter has added weight for a better last year, sparking online conversation about this.

Triple Threat: Vanessa Mdee And Her Sisters Nancy Hebron And Mimi Mars Team Up To Release A Gospel Song (Video)

Vanessa was originally an on air personality and worked with MTV Base for quite some time. In an interview with Pulse Nigeria in 2016, she said that becoming a musician was not really a shift of gears.

“It was never a crossover for me, it was just an extension of what I always did,” Vanessa said. “I have always made music, I have always been in the studio, and I have always written, and I have always been waiting for the right moment.”

Well, she has gone on to shine her way to the top, being nominated for the MTV MAMAs, Nigeria Entertainment Awards, Tanzania People’s Choice Awards and many more.


The recent photos show her rocking fitting jeans and her thick thighs popping. Judge for yourself…is she gaining or she is just normal?

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Kwani ni Mad Max? KANU era billionaire has pimped his car with spikes to ward off attackers.

Even billionaires suffer. The appropriate phrase for this can be summed up in the saying, the rich also cry. This is something most of us “average” people will never experience. Repeating the oft-asked question which would you rather. Rich and miserable or poor and joyous? is that even a good question? Meh!

A KANU era politician is having heaps of misery, especially in his waning years. Jackson Kibor a billionaire, stunned Eldoret residents after he mounted deadly spikes on his private vehicle. Kibor made the move as a measure to ward off invaders of his vast land.

Jackson Kibor
Jackson Kibor.Photo credit: the star

According to a report by the Standard on Saturday, December 30, the 83-year-old tycoon mounted four 30 centimeter spikes to the grill at the front of his vehicle with the intention of plowing down anyone caught trespassing on his land.

Jackson Kibor car
Jackson Kibor.Photo credit: the standard


Jackson Kibor said:

“The spikes will be used to scare away those who have been causing me sleepless nights. Right now I am old and I cannot run after them. This is a cautionary measure because my firearm was taken away by police ( after an altercation involving his sons), These will be the perfect weapons to take on my tormentors plow my fields in the dark. This is their medicine. I will only drive my car to the shamba and not on the highway as many people want to think.”

This deadly move spurned police into action as Eldoret West OCPD Samuell Mutunga dispatched police to go and dismantle Kibor’s spikes. Uasin Gishu’s County Commissioner Abdi Hassan also said Kibor’s move was not allowed and that such modifications to a car required permission from the National Transport and Safety Authority. He said:

“If his firearm was taken, he should have sought our guidance and protection. We are here for everyone and putting metal bars on his car is not ideal.”

The deadly spikes resemble those from a Hollywood mega-hit released a few years back. Take a look at the car below:

Mad Max car
Mad Max car. photo credit: steam

What do you think?

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Matunda ni pesa! Man transforms wasteland into wonderful orchard for rare fruits.

Wira nii Wira. This phrasing is normally placed on the back of many trucks that collect feces. It is a Kikuyu saying that means, “work is work.” Don’t begrudge a man the hard work of his hands. Even if it may be a job without the prestige and beauty that defines an “excellent” career.

The farmer in this next story proves that this idiom is true because he has been able to turn what was once poor farming land into a goldmine. His expertise in fruit farming and sound knowledge in various fruits’ nutritional values has earned him the tag “Mwangi wa strawberries”, which has pushed up his sales.

The man in question is called Jason Mwangi and he deals in rare fruits. Mwangi grows different types of fruits and herbs, including the rare ones that locals consider wild or exotic at his farm in Mukithi village, a few kilometres from Baricho town in Kirinyaga County.

Jason Mwangi and his fruits
Jason Mwangi and his fruits. photo credit: standardmedia

The different types of fruits in his orchard include pomegranate, tree tomatoes, mangoes, berries (strawberry, cape gooseberries, mulberry, raspberry and Indian gooseberries), avocados, banana, pawpaw, guavas, cherry tomatoes, passion (sweet yellow and red), oranges.

He also grows herbs such as mint, rosemary, sage, basil, lemongrass in addition to sugarcane and yams. Mwangi is a full-time farmer.

His half-acre farm stands on a steep slope that people in the past considered a barren land. He was, however, able to transform it. He said:

“I gradually transformed the former wasteland into what it is today. I began by clearing the trees and bushes, then dug benches to check soil erosion.”

He then planted the fruits which are supplied by two sources of water. He added:

“I cut the lower branches, leaving the top ones to bear fruits. This allows the penetration of sun to the ground. Between one fruit tree to the other, I plant medium height fruits such as tree tomatoes. Finally, I have planted low height crops such herbs, pepper and vine fruits near the ground.”

Mwangi sells directly to consumers at the prevailing market price. The farmer has no trouble selling the rare fruits as he has loyal customers who are driven by the quality of his produce. He says that he can’t even meet the overwhelming demand from his loyal customers.

Many of his rare fruits are wild in nature and so don’t need fertilizers or chemicals to be sprayed on them. He finished:

“I pick one kind of fruit at a time so that they ripen at different times, thus shielding me from wide price fluctuations during gluts.”

Enterprising people are still making money in this country. This farmer is one of them.

Quotes courtesy of Standard Media

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More blessings! Janet Mbugua’s husband Eddie Ndichu gets plum job at Opera as MD

There is a saying that the rich keep on getting richer and this story encapsulates that sentiment very well. As you well know Janet Mbugua is a former T.V host who was at the top of her game when she left the industry. There were rumours that while she was at Citizen, her salary might have been close to the 600,000-800,000 shilling mark! That is not cheap change by any stretch of the imagination, even in this “wonderful” Kenyan economy that we have.

Janet Mbugua
Janet Mbugua. photo credit: file

But it seems that even after leaving our screens to focus on her organization Inua Dada and other projects, her family is still going to be swimming in the mulla. Why? Well, of course, her husband, Eddie Ndichu. The man in her life is doing very well for himself. In an announcement this week, Opera, an Internet browser company, appointed Eddie Ndichu to drive its diversification into financial services in Africa.

Eddie Ndichu
Eddie Ndichu. photo credit: Classic105

In a statement, Opera said it had hired Mr. Ndichu as the managing director and vice-president for Fintech in Africa. In this position, he will be charged with formulating the company’s strategy in the electronic payments business.

The statement said:

“The role includes the development of micro-lending, remittances, payments and transaction capabilities using new-to-the-world technologies including mobile and the Internet.”

Mr. Ndichu joins Opera barely a month after the company launched OPay, a web-based payment service, in Kenya. OPay integrates into a user’s browser and allows them to pay utility and phone bills. It represents a new strategy for the Norwegian Opera whose traditional core business is the mobile web browser.

The appointment of the former KCB Group executive is also a sign that Opera has firmed up plans to open up a regional office in Kenya. Opera says it will invest Sh10.3 billion ($100 million) in the continent over the next two years. How much do you expect will go into salaries.? I am trying to guess and all I see is zeros. Many, many zeros!

Janet Mbugua and Eddie Ndichu
Janet Mbugua and Eddie Ndichu. photo credit: kiss100

Congrats Janet and your hubby Ndichu!

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Lenga usaliti yao! Khalwale urges Uhuru to ignore betting companies blackmail!

Boni Khalwale has been agreeing more and more with what the Jubilee government has been doing, if you take his recent comments. One even wonders if they are living in a parallel universe? How can the former Kakamega senator be so enthusiastic about the new government’s measures, when he nary agreed with them when he was still a legislator. Wonders never cease is all we can say.

Boni Khalwale
Boni Khalwale. photo credit: the star

But this story is not about the man’s allegiances but what he is co-signing to. The government instituted a 35% tax on betting companies, that the companies say would make both sponsoring sports teams and making a profit difficult. So in a quick rejoinder to the courts upholding the government’s decree, the betting firm, Sportpesa immediately cancelled all sponsorship deals with teams within the country.

SportPesa Logo
SportPesa Logo. photo credit:bettingsites

The Bulgarian-owned company has, however, issued a notice to appeal against the High Court’s judgment, saying that the increased tax rate is in breach of Article 201 of the Constitution which demands the public finance system promotes an equitable society where the tax burden shall be shared fairly.

Boni Khalwale
Boni Khalwale. photo credit: nairobiwire

But the bullfighter as he is affectionately referred to by some has come out to defend the government’s actions. He said what Sportpesa was doing was tantamount to blackmail and that Uhuru Kenyatta should not be taken hostage. He made his point in a couple of tweets. He wrote:

He reaffirmed his position later in another tweet writing:

Whatever your opinion on betting and betting companies, this is a delicate matter that should be dealt with sensitively. I believe that there is a middle ground that can be reached if a compromise was to be had.

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Things fall apart! Nakumatt Nanyuki evicted from premises

Nakumatt has had a nightmare last couple of years with a myriad of problems. From their stores lacking stocks to non-payment of suppliers and staff to also not paying rental fees. Things have got so bad that late last year it was confirmed that Tuskys were helping Nakumatt restock their shelves. But things are still not well as can be gleaned from this latest news.

Nakumatt’s woes deepened Tuesday as the retailer was thrown out of its branch at Nanyuki Mall over non-payment of rent. In a dramatic scene, its goods were thrown out of the building as the landlord is said to be paving way for a new supermarket.

Nakumatt store
Nakumatt store. photo credit: business daily

Some of the goods were stolen by locals before police officers arrived and fired in the air to scare away looters. A police officer at the scene said they had not been notified of the impending eviction despite the proprietor of the building having obtained a court order to evict the client over rent arrears amounting to tens of millions of shillings.

The goods, which were scattered outside the compound, were carted off to a store two kilometres away.

It was not immediately clear whether they would be auctioned. Nakumatt had closed its doors in Nanyuki in November last year with a notice pinned at the supermarket’s entrance indicating that the closure was temporary. For what was once the biggest and most prestigious supermarket retailer, this is really sad. As Kenyans, let’s hope that this situation may be solved and Nakumatt regains its place as a Kenyan institution.

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Nick Mutuma’s Miami Vacation Is Pure Goals [Photos]

While most of you were anxious to go upcountry for the Christmas season, Kenyan media personality Nick Mutuma chose to do something different.

The MTV Shuga actor has been in Miami over the past weeks, sharing photos of his stay with his fans who are marveling at the grandiose exposition on Instagram.

Nick, who has been on blogs for all the wrong reasons lately seems to be unwinding from a busy year that has seen him travel to South Africa for the launch of the latest season of Shuga as well as exploring other ventures.

He also recently landed a scholarship to study Acting and Film at UCLA, so most of his time is being spent in Los Angeles.

Here are the pics I am talking about!

“Gifted myself with a brand new attitude 🎁 I’ve seen miracles this year and felt his grace. Next year we’re moving mountains 🙏🏿 Thank you for the support this far 🙏🏿🙏🏿”

nick mutuma 224

nick mutuma 242

nick mutuma 2

nick mutuma

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Human Beings Are Very Selfish! Akothee Tells Her Fans

Singer Akothee is living the life she has always dreamt of as a young child growing up in the village and going through tough times to become who she has become now.

The Yuko Moyoni hitmaker is known for her flamboyant lifestyle that makes many people think she is just bragging and showing off whatever she has achieved in life.

Being a mother of five, Akothee has always protected her children and always give them the support they need as a mother and it has always been a job well done for her being a single mother.


Her love for farming and hard work is what brings food on her table in her palatial home, Mombasa County.

She has always been seen going to farm and it is an encouragement and inspiration to other musicians who think that going to farm is just a waste of time and getting oneself dirty.


She took to social media to show off her new project of making nurseries. In the photo, you can see her getting her hands dirty to show that she doesn’t leave all the work to her workers.

The Baby Daddy singer is one person who many look up to because she does not fake her lifestyle and always says things as they are.

Captioning a photo, Akothee said:


“I only make financial moves, everyday is a learning lesson, every experience is a learning process , good or bad, don’t allow people use you for their own interests , not every offer is meant for you, human beings are very selfish, let me organise my life (new nursery establishment )”

Check out some few comments:

Faith: Where did you get the trays from?

Fl0wer: Akotheee please share your food plan… Body Goals!!

Eunice: You are a teacher



Kibandaski Of All Places! Check Out Where DJ Mo Took Size 8 For Breakfast (Video)

The Murayas are a happy family. They were blessed with their bundle of joy, Ladasha Belle, who has made the family even happier. She checked into the Muraya household in 2015.

Both of them are Christians and its natural for their daughter to embrace Christianity while still a child and previously she was seen sharing a stage with her mother on the show she airs called Pambio Live.

A video has emerged of showing how DJ Mo who hosts TV show Cross Over 101 took his wife for breakfast at a very general public place which is not their standards anyway and they both seemed to enjoy themselves.

DJ Mo stated that they were going for a church meeting and his wife took a long time applying makeup and apparently they both had no breakfast. Since Size 8 was hungry, they had to look for a place to eat and the only place DJ Mo saw was a ‘kibanda’ or a kiosk where they ordered tea and chapo.


Check out the video below:

Here are comments from fans:


Charoh: Mo u r full of udigital if u had to take such a great woman to’mtaro ya sewage’ size 8 ur very humble ..kama ni mm l would have failed the test walai ..kwanza ya vyombo

Rehinnas: Kibandaski. …. now that is Romance

Njeri: Uko ni githurai kwa 15k AMA….size8 ucjali uko Na Jaguar XE

Nancy: Hiyo ni so romantic

Ann: Good thing ulikula tu vizuri bila maringo.cheers to that

Collins: Kwa mama mwangi corner hotel

Rufina: Hapo ndipo kudos lovebirds

Faith: Do for others what you want to be done unto theee

Djeuphorique: Halo uliweza bro iyo kibanda ulikua dopeeeeee


Lillian Muli Forced To Answer The Number Of Husbands She Has On Live Tv

Budalangi Member of parliament Rafael Wanjala is in the move to ensure that everybody who is in parliament gets medical cover for their other wives and children.


Rafael who calls himself a polygamist was invited for an interview on Citizen TV hosted by the media personality Lillian Muli.

The main aim was to discuss why the legislators are asking for more pay particularly for their additional families.


The member of parliament claims that the current MPs are poorly remunerated compared to those in the previous Houses.

Things got juicy when Lillian Muli asked the Mheshimiwa how many wives he has and twisted the question back to the interviewer putting Lillian in a tight spot because she had to answer how many husbands she has and she quickly responded that she has one husband.


Rafael refused to tell the public how many wives he has saying that he will only reveal them when they accept to cover their girlfriends and other children.


The answer that Lilian gave has left many wondering whether she got re-married after divorcing her husband Moses Njuguna Kanene in 2016.

She is a mother of one Joshua who was born in 2010. The couple married in September 2009 in a highly publicized wedding at the Windsor Golf and Country Club.


Check out the conversation:

Here are some reactions from viewers:

this man is talking reality no man can withstand with one woman😉😉
I asked my boss to pay for my other b****es he nearly killed me!
if u can feed them let every man marry more than one wife
Why should the taxpayer bear the burden of these men’s choices?! Aki nimechoka…

Akothee Writes A Touchy Open Letter To Her Beautiful Daughters

Akothee is one female artist many should emulate. She has her way of spoiling and treating her children now and then and even frees her time to spend with her children.


Being a mother of five, the Baby Daddy hit maker loves and has always protected her children with her own life and makes sure that they get whatever they want.


Her flamboyant lifestyle would leave you with a message that her kids do not lack anything because mummy works hard to ensure they get all the best.


It is a dream of every woman to see their children prosper and once in a while advice them properly about life issues and how they should go about it.


Well, the Yuko Moyoni singer has won my heart as a young girl who always gets some time to talk to my mother about issues concerning life and encouraging me to work hard.

Akothee daughers

Akothee has decided to share the love of her daughters in the most unique way by penning down an open letter to her beautiful daughters encouraging them to work hard and asking them never to force love on someone who doesn’t love them. She further went on to tell them that she had enough for them and when they have children, they should take them to their grandmother because she has enough money to take care of them.


Here is the letter to her daughters:

“Msikwamilie waume wanangu, Mimi mama yenu nimetengeza zitakazo tutosha pamoja na vitukuu vyangu , musilazimishe ndoa wala mapenzi, nileteeni hao watoto wenu nitalea , ila tuu , naomba mtie bidii kwenye elimu. Hakuna la hekima Kama nidhamu, Hakuna litakalo kutoa kamasi Kama ugonjwa WA mapenzi Kama haiko haikooo, No one has plans for you, better have plans for yourselves transl. (speak in English so our neighbours can misunderstand)😂😂 language barrier is aweapon too _madamboss”

Check out some reactions from fans:

Liz: Wrong advice mum.Don’t encourage them to go the wrong way.Let them keep the right morals and God’s will to take its course in their lives.Kwa wale mnatazama sura,hayo ni maumbile na usije fikiri wewe u bora zaidi ya wale,huenda unavyoropokwa hata sura uliyonayo haipendezi.

Aaron: My woman crush everyday. Realist .hardworking mama with no apologies to make

Salim: Nice.. bt usiunipee mmoja aki wako cute

Kibu: Wasia wa mama kwa wanawe….

Lianna: Mmmmh! Mna sura ngumu wote half mtu unae shinfandana nae unatakiwa uwe kijakaz wake!

Barbara: GOOD STUFF!!! Wanaume si hewa ati ukikaa bila utakosa pumsi! 👏👏👏👏👏

Who Knew? Boniface Mwangi has some pretty solid advice about spending your last coin on your wedding

Boniface Mwangi is one personality who does not fear telling the truth or fighting for justice on behalf of Kenyans. His bid for the Starehe Constituency seat as an MP failed, but that hasn’t dampened his spirit.


He is a photographer, an activist and the brand ambassador for Team courage. He is also a husband and father to three gorgeous children. He is never afraid to show off his family and heap praises on them, unlike his counterparts who hide their loved ones.


Bonnie as he is popularly referred to, has always let his feelings known through his social media pages sometimes winning the praises of KOT, while at times others have hit out at him. What’s not to love about this hunk?

Well, perhaps because of his outspoken nature, one Kenyan has come out to seek Bonnie’s help. The individual wanted Bonnie to ‘changa’ for his upcoming nuptials.

He took to his twitter to advice young people not to start their marriage in debt. Read the request below and Bonnie’s response that is likely to resonate with alot of Kenyans who have had to start life broke because all their money was spent on a lavish wedding.



Here is what Bonny tweeted:

‘Don’t waste too much money on an expensive wedding unless you can fund it. Spend cash on your honeymoon and the new house you’re moving to. As a married man, my advice to all young people don’t borrow or shame yourself to do an expensive wedding. Don’t start your marriage in debt. If you can’t afford an expensive wedding, don’t beg. Go to the attorney general office, have a small ceremony. It will cost you 10k maximum.”


Read Diamond Platnumz’ Message To Hamisa Mobetto About Their Son

News just in is that Diamond Platnumz has confirmed that in deed he is the father to Hamisa Mobetto’s son. Speaking to Clouds FM, the Eneka hit maker had a lot of questions to answer with so many people watching the interview live just to hear what he had to say about the issue that has been making news all over social media for the past few weeks.


His message to the mother of his child is to take care of the child and concentrate about his future and should not keep posting photos ranting about him to make people view him as the bad guy.


After confirming the news, he was asked about his thoughts about Hamisa now that the issue has been cleared and here is what he had to say, “Siwezi kumchukia Hamisa, ila namshauri muda huu aangalie future ya mtoto, kwani kuposti picha mitandaoni haitamsaidia.”


Diamond apologized to his wife and asked her to forgive him for whatever that has happened and confirmed that he can never leave Zari Hassan, who is the mother of his two children, Tiffah and Nillan.


He was asked to confirm the number of kids he has and he said he has three namely, Princess Tiffah, Prince Nillan and Daylen respectively.

Here are reactions from fans:

Zaynes: Moto choma Moto !! SASA zari anatupa makombora Snapchat na huyu ako bize kumkana hamisa! Awe mpole cz hivi karibuni atakosa wote 👁️👁️👁️

Dennis: Ulipanga msimtangaze kwan huyo mtt amekuwa maindi kwamba yakae ndani tu

Petty: Kioo gani hicho cha jamii, ushamba huo wala haujakuonesha kuwa mwanaume au mjanja

Cathy: Hongera kwani chuki haijengi zaidi ni kujitesa mheshimu mkeo zari

Jolly: Hivi pale mnaposemaga mara paaaaaap hiiiiiiiiii ….ile hiiii iii ni mtu anacheka au analia

Mtoto_lito: Nimekupenda bure we kaka lea wanao hao malaya wanakuyumbisha.

Wachana Na Wakanai! Meet Captain Kale Who Has A Lot To Say About Women Who Call Maina Kageni To Air Their Grievances

Most men have complained to Maina Kageni about him not always talking on issues concerning men and rather prefers talking about what women go through in the hands of their men and their marriages in general which is not true, because he always tries to balance the issues.

We were used to a caller by the name Wakanai, who always called to abuse women who aired their grievances to Maina Kageni on Classic 105. His hate for women was too much and this left many women hating him as well.

Meet Captain Kale, who has now followed the trend. Most of his calls are always based on harassing women and even abusing them.

In one of the morning conversations aired about a week or so ago, a lady called to say how her husband owed her 4.2 million shillings and she was waiting for him to pay her back before she left him and this issue did not go well with Captain Kale.

This is what he had to say, “Women are just in these marriages because of money and even if they get hurt by anyone that comes from Karen or Runda, they will stick around just because of money kama kupe. I wonder when this women will start living their own lives and start providing for their children without their men’s support. Where did the rain start beating them? A man cannot take you if he does not love you.”

In another conversation, he said its better to tell someone that you have fallen out of love than cheating on her. He described women as dogs who can ‘chochea’ you to believe something. “Women should draw the line and change themselves”

Captain was so annoyed with a woman who called Maina to tell him how she has been helping his man for twenty years because he didn’t have a job. He thanked the woman for helping the man but disagreed with the lady for letting the public know that she has been helping this man with their upkeep.”How many men help their wives and they keep it a secret? A woman should help his man. We are their kings and very few in this world. Our children are all ours and not mine alone so she should chip in. A man should be assisted in the house.”

Captain concluded saying, “Women suffer from verbal diarrhea. Mdomo ya mwanamke haiwezi fungika, inakuwanga open tu. There are no men like Kenyan men. They are just using lots of English words for nothing.”

Why Kenyan Women Do Not Date Broke Men

Women love being classy and being provided for whether they are working or not. The women of nowadays can never inspire to be housewives because they want to feel their own sweat and their hard earned money from the work they do.

Here are reasons why Kenyan women would never date broke men:

  1. No woman wants a looser.

It is  every woman’s dream to get whatever she wants from her man. She has to be proud of you and even introduce you to her colleagues, but when you have nothing to offer her, the woman will surely leave you and go get a man who knows what he’s doing.

2. Women want men to pay their bills.

The expectation of a woman is that she gets a man who will pay her bills like paying for her hairdo, paying for the drinks when they go out and a man who will surprise her with gifts. When a woman sees what you do for her, she will also spare her money to treat you once in a while but if you cannot pay her bills then you will never have her.

3. Inheritance.

When you pass away, your money will be hers and your children and that’s why they go for rich men since they know they will be left with something when you are no more. If you are broke, this is something that you will not be able to give your woman making her leave you for someone much better that you.

4. Women want to be identified with class.

Have you ever wondered what women discuss when they go out? Well, you will be shocked to learn that they always discuss about their men and other topics and if you are not rich, then you will feel left out because they are always identified with class on how they carry themselves and the people they associate with.

5. Kenyan women want men who can provide for them.

A man can provide for a woman with so many things including a shoulder to lean on when all is not well. The Bible says that men are the providers because they are the head of the family and it is their responsibility to provide for their women whatever they want as long as the things they want can be provided.

Well, if you are a broke man then you must prepare to work hard in order to keep your woman from eyeing someone else who can provide for all her needs.