Govi of Machachari gives details of why he loves older women

Malik Lemny aka Govi is a former Machachari actor who made headlines when he came out to say that he prefers dating older women than he is.

The actor has now given details of what exactly he meant.

“Yes, Uh, yes, as long as we have chemistry. In my own life, I have dated older ladies from back then.”


“Kenyan fans are interesting. Old means, someone or something that is overstayed. For me, I meant older. You could be a day older and that is what I meant,” he said.

“I am open to dating any woman but my preference is older, which women which could mean, one day older, two months  or even 50 years older.”

“Love is about two people. You cannot decide for anyone who to love. People have a mentality that I am still a kid they saw on Machachari and that they can dictate what I should do.”

He explained that the far he can go is four years older.

“I think that is the oldest that I have gone. That is my limit. Four years and below is my preference.”

Govi said he had been exposed to mature people when he was very young, something that contributed to his decision.

“If you grow up somewhere seeing older people behaving in a certain way, you might end up liking that and for my case,” he said.

“Being exposed to older people at a young age has made me want to date a woman older than me. Once in school, I pecked a classmate and she started crying, I was like why is she crying? It is normal.”

Check out the interview below;

Health CAS Mwangangi opens up on night of terror with ex-boyfriend

Health CAS Mercy Mwangangi has opened up about her experience in an abusive relationship.

Having been a member of a feminist group at the University, Mwangangi never thought she could ever be a victim of domestic violence.

The suspect was her university boyfriend.

She gave the account on Wednesday during the Gender-Based Violence Prevention and Response scientific conference at the Kenya School of Government in Nairobi.

On a night in 2015, a night she will never forget, her boyfriend went berserk.  Amid shock and fear, she had to act swiftly to be safe.

“That night at 3 am when we had the altercation, I remember thinking, okay so this has happened, whom should I call?’

“And interestingly the first person I called was my lawyer to see if there was a legal recourse,” she said. 

Though the former boyfriend never physically assaulted her, she said he was full of rage. Abuse doesn’t have to be physical assault but it can graduate to battering.

“He was beating walls around me. He was enraged and there was a lot of scuffling.

“I remember thinking I am an empowered 29-year-old woman. How could this happen to me?” 

Mwangangi said she was shocked at how she found herself in such an abusive relationship.

“I am privileged I am not from a poor background, and I have resources. I am educated.

I have my own home, an apartment, my car, and everything I needed to empower myself to be an independent female,” she said.

In conclusion, Mwangangi says people should stop assuming violence only happens to poor people.

“So it can happen to any of us be it male, be it female, young or old.”

In the past celebrities such as Idah Alisha, a former mother-in-law actress have shared about being abused by her ex-husband.

Usikymie founder Njeri Migwi is also a survivor of domestic violence.

Luckily for her, she survived to tell her story.

We have also lost talented Kenyans to violence among them Kenyan professional long-distance runner Agnes Tirop, and Damaris Muthee.

Celebrated Kalenjian artiste Diana Chelele was also murdered in a case of domestic violence.

Award-winning Nigerian artiste Osinachi allegedly died from injuries sustained during a beating by her husband.

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‘Never leave a man for cheating,’ Mwalimu King’angi advises

Kenyan men have blamed their wives and girlfriends for making them cheat.

According to a majority of men calling in Maina Kageni, they would not cheat if their wives were submissive and give them their conjugal rights.

The men justified themselves by saying they stray searching for the ‘love’ they are missing at home.

*Mike shared
“On behalf of Kenyan men, we do not cheat.
When we cheat we do so because of women, when you stop giving me what you used to give me while we were dating I will go look for it elsewhere.”

*Njoro says
“We do not cheat we go where we are welcomed more and accepted.
Mwalimu King’ang’i says women should be lenient with men who stray
‘Never leave a man because of cheating, it rains everywhere. Sometimes we get trapped.”

*Rose called in very furious.

” How can a man say they cheat because of women?
If the same energy you are using out there is the same energy you used in the house we would treat you right.
Men should evaluate themselves.
You cannot treat your side chicks well and then come expecting to be treated like a king.”

*Stella told men to stop bragging because women also cheat.
“Men should stop feeling like winners because we are also can cheat.
If you stop giving me when we were dating, I will go get it from elsewhere.”

There are different reasons why people cheat and these include;

  1. Adventure

Some women cheat just for adventure, they want to feel if the other man will satisfy their sexual fantasies.

2. Lust

Believe you me, even women are lustful and it’s not something to be proud about.
Women sometimes cheat because they want to experience the thrill, like men they also want to hit and run.

3. You definitely like different qualities in both of them

The two of them are so different, but both have qualities that spark your interest.

One of them may have the best sense of humour; the other may be incredibly witty and smart.
One may have the best butt; the other may have an impressive beard. (Hey, aesthetics matter to girls, too).

When you’re seeing two guys at the same time, they’re rarely similar. That’s what makes the situation attractive: They’re great in opposite ways.

4. You like both men so much, but you can’t bring yourself to pick just one.

This makes you want to cry.

At the same time, you’re so incredibly happy to have two people who make you feel so good. Your shame is palpable, but your indecision will always outweigh any guilt.

5. The fear of missing out (FOMO)

That ever-dreaded plague, the thing that keeps you wrapped up in both relationships: FOMO.

You keep up the charade as long as you possibly can, hoping that the world will decide for you. You’re terrified of missing out.
You don’t want to choose wrong and end up with nothing.

You don’t want to look back on this time in your life and think, “Wow, I really messed up when I was so close to finding love.”

6. Boredom

The saying ‘An idle mind is the devil’s workshop’ applies in this case, when a woman is bored she might be tempted to stray and sample that guy who has been hitting on her since college.

7. Loneliness

We all know that most women crave love and attention, let no one lie they don’t so when as a man you ignore your responsibilities your woman may be tempted to stray.

8. Revenge

It’s said that what a man can do a woman can do better and some women have taken the statement literally.

Some women opt to cheat as a way of revenge if they catch their men cheating.

9. Shetani (It’s the devil)

We always blame the devil so why not blame him when we cheat?

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Sonko asks woman demanding 450k child support to give him the child

Former Nairobi governor Mike Sonko has denied claims that he has a 15-year-old he has neglected. The politician said in a series of tweets that the women accusing him should bring him the child.

“ATI SONKO IN TROUBLE AS WOMAN TAKES HIM TO COURT OVER CHILD UPKEEP. Trouble gani sasa? Just like Jesus said “let children come to me…” read a tweet.

He went on to accuse the woman of using kids to blackmail men.

“Am kindly asking the lady alleging that she has my 15 years old kid to bring the kid to me.”

He went on to brag about helping needy kids;

“My family keeps on growing bigger day in day out, I feel happy and blessed adopting orphans,street families and neglected kids in my home. Hiyo part ya kutoanishwa pesa alafu anaenda kudunda 24/7 ndio hatutaelewana ata kidogo na sitoi hata bob.”

Sonko asked women who are not able to raise their kids to bring them to him.

“Hata mtoto awe si wangu amlete tu kwangu ata saii nitamlea vizuri. Na pia madem wengine mkifeel hamuezi cope up na kulea watoi msiwadhulumu kivyovote, waleteni kwangu nitawalea. It’s hard but fun being Mike Sonko.

Sonko was responding to a woman who took him to court over child upkeep.

“The applicant and the respondent are the biological parents of the minor. The defendant has refused and or neglected to provide for the minor with adequate and or basic necessities such as education, good health food, clothing, shelter, entertainment and medication,” read in part court papers dated May 12th

The woman wants monthly upkeep of Ksh 448,450 which includes food and shopping, rent, security, medical cover, school debit card among others.

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Harmonize wanted to see if I was still stupid-Kajala

Fridah Kajala Masanja is an ex-girlfriend to Harmonize. The singer has been begging her relentlessly to take him back but his plea has landed on deaf ears.

The Tanzanian singer even went as far as to put up a billboard written ‘Lovers’ to beg Kajala for forgiveness. But it seems Kajala has been throwing shade at the singer.

In a recent post, she hinted that Harmonize is back to see whether she’s still stupid.

“Sometimes people come back into your life just to check if you are still stupid.”

In another post, she warned people about getting attached.

“Don’t get attached remember what happened last time…..”

She also asked fans to know their worth, control their emotions and never settle.

“Don’t be someone’s ‘sometimes’ …Don’t let nobody play with you, even if you love them…”

Harmonize broke up with Kajalla after being accused of seducing Kajala’s 19-year-old daughter Paula. 

Before Kajala, Harmonize was married to an Italian woman, Sarah Michelotti.

In a past interview, Sarah said she split with the singer over his alleged infidelity. It is not yet clear if the two officially divorced as they have kept quiet over the issue since then.

He later dated Australian woman Briana but split as the singer could not handle long distance relationships.

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Why do women stay in toxic marriages? Concerned Maina asks

Today morning, Classic 105 presenters Maina Kageni and Mwalimu King’ang’i were discussing why people stay in toxic marriages.

Maina asked ladies why they would stay after regretting marrying the man they had married?

“You’ve realized you made a mistake, what is keeping you there?” he asked.

King’ang’i was quick to say that marriage is a contract;

“Have you ever heard about something called a contract. It’s for life that’s why you say for better for worse, why do you think its called pingu za maisha? You should’ve given your lawyers the document before you sign, you are legally bound, its a very powerful document.”

So, how do you fix it?” Asked Maina saying that he has never understood why people stay for kids in the name of raising them in a complete family.

King’ang’i added that it is not easy to leave as there are so many people and factors involved.

One listener said marriage is not a bed of roses while another one tweeted ‘As long as I am not being beaten, I will stay and find my own happiness.”

Another listener said, “Choices have consequences.”

King’ang’i asked Maina why he keeps telling ladies to leave “And go where? Is there a place you have created for them?”

Another listerner narrated how she had been in a toxic marriage for ten years, ‘I was married for ten years. I enjoyed the married for only six years, the other four he would beat me and chase me away at night. My sister’s heart enlarged and she died because of love stress, I said I will not die. He remarried and after two years he started looking for me. It has been ten years and I am happy.”

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My hubby regrets marrying me cause I gave birth to a disabled kid-Maina told

Kenyan women have told Maina Kageni they regret marrying their partners because of the constant madharau they are going through.

This was based on a video of a woman in Kitui ditching her wedding at the last minute.

Maina Kageni was curious to find out what would make one ditch their wedding and why some others went on with the plans when they had doubts from the word go.

A caller identified as Rose says her husband said he regrets marrying her after she bore him a disabled child.

“I did not regret my husband but he told me he regrets marrying me.
This is because I gave birth to a disabled child. He has told me of his regret not once nor twice.”

Rose says that her husband no longer supports her and their two kids

“He was very much sober when telling me those things. He doesn’t even care how the child survives.
He does not support our 2 kids.”

*Jane says she has to live with a man who openly disrespects her

“People are suffering out here. Imagine living where you are not wanted? The guys notice you have become big and they go for someone else. There is a time I wanted to give up and I told him I wanted out. To my surprise, he wanted the same thing. We had been married for 14 years.”


“I told him even if I was going he would be the one to be left with the kids. We stayed for a week and he told me to give him a week to let him think.
If you feel tired of the arguments and the behavior let him know,” she advised.

*Mwanaisha says she is happily married and wouldn’t change anything
“I do not regret marrying him, we have been married for many years. We have gone through storms but we are still together, marriage works. He also does not regret it. We agreed to grow old together even though our marriage is not perfect.

Sad woman

*Rose says that she is only in the marriage because of the kids, given a chance she would leave and never look back.

“I do regret marrying my husband. Some things you never know, if you knew
If time could be turned back I would never get married to this person. He doesn’t know, you just walk around knowing you made a mistake. I am basically in jail because of the kids. They don’t understand what I am going through.

Do you regret marrying your partner?

How to make your partner forget their ex the Anerlisa Muigai way

Anerlisa Muigai is giving tips on how to help your partner completely forget about their ex. The businesswoman has admitted that she bins everything that is from her man’s previous relationship.

Taking to social media, Muigai wrote;

“If you want your partner to completely forget their exes, is by first removing and replacing anything they ever left in that house. Your partner will even respect you more because they will see you have the same power of replacement.”

She continued;

“I am that person who can’t even stand seeing even a handkerchief bought by an ex laying around lol. #Trashed #JustSaying,” She concluded with the hast tag petty

Recently, Anerlisa revealed that she and her boyfriend Melvin are almost celebrating their first anniversary.

“Can’t believe I am almost one year with you, 20th June.”

Anerlisa was married to Tanzanian singer Ben Pol. Rumours of their divorce came into the limelight a few months into their marriage.

Ben Pol was reported to be the one who filed for a divorce and in an interview, he admitted that;

At the moment, because it is true I was the one that filed for divorce, I think when it comes to divorce matters, it entails a lot, and because of that it is still ongoing. But the status is that according to the Tanzanian law, we are still bound, but emotionally I bet none of us wants to be with each other,” he said.

‘Till death do us part just parked and left,’ Akothee

Singer Akothee has revealed that her boyfriend just broke up with her before he parked and left. The singer has been in a relationship with her former manager Nelly Oaks.

Taking to Instagram stories, the mother of five said ameachwa.

“Nimeachwa imagine. I am single again. Don’t take this relationship thing personally.”

In another post, she described how he reacted to their misunderstanding.

Do you remember when I told you I am taken? Well till death do us part just parked and left! I’m single again guys… the road to relationship is always under construction.”


Akothee is a self-proclaimed president of single mothers.

On his social media, Nelly Oaks has not responded to the break up but shared a photo which he captioned

“I know what I want and I’m going to get it.”

Meet Karen Nyamu’s newborn

Politician Karen Nyamu has unveiled the face of her newborn. The politician took to social media engaging with fans while holding her newborn.

She revealed her daughter’s name to be Wairimu.

She later took to social media to write “Most men don’t know how to deal with a woman who’s not impressed by money.”

Namu’s second born child is fathered by Mugithi singer Samidoh. It is not yet revealed if the singer is also the father of the politician’s third child.

In a recent political rally, the politician was seeing wearing a bracelet written ‘Samidoh.’ To her fans, this was proof enough that the two are in good terms despite online rumours that they split.

Kanze Dena celebrates son on 16th birthday

Kanze Dena is celebrating her first born’s 16th birthday. She has descriibed his as the son of her youth and her peace Champion.

The former Citizen TV news anchor shared a photo of a young Nathaniel Amani and wrote;

Your love for sports is unmatched..and with each sport you have picked you have worked hard to be the top of the pack..

MY SON .. Son of my youth…. I will always keep cheering as I always have at each competition as you dribble through life and swim through life’s waters. As I have always told you THE COACH of this game called life will constantly watch over you..


The Statehouse spokesperson and Head of President’s Strategic Communication Unit (PSCU) is a mother of two. She welcomed her second child with her husband Nick Mararo.

The couple tied the knot three years ago at an invite-only ceremony at Ol Pejeta Conservancy in Laikipia County.

Fellow celebrities have also congratulated her son on his birthday.

Kate Actress: Happy birthday son ,good job Mami

Monica Kiragu: Happy birthday Amani and well done mama Amani

Evelyn Wanjiru: Happiest birthday Amani….

Christina Shusho: Tumekuza, Tumelea..Mungu ampe mwanangu maisha marefu.

From us is happy birthday.

Will Smith and Jada focusing on ‘deep healing’

Will Smith and his wife Jada Pinkett are now focusing on deep healing after Will slapped comedian Chris Rock at the Oscars.

Jada’s Red Table Show has returned for the fifth season and while announcing its return, it was accompanied by a Facebook message that read

“Considering all that has happened in the last few weeks, the Smith family has been focusing on deep healing. Some of the discoveries around our healing will be shared at the table when the time calls.”

“Until then, the table will continue offering itself to powerful, inspiring and healing testimonies like that of our incredibly impressive first guest. Thanks for joining us, Jada.”

The slap led to Smith being banned from the Oscars for ten years. In a statement, the Academy President David Rubin and CEO Dawn Hudson said

“The Board has decided, for a period of 10 years from April 8, 2022, Mr. Smith shall not be permitted to attend any Academy events or programs, in person or virtually, including but not limited to the Academy Awards,”

“The 94th Oscars were meant to be a celebration of the many individuals in our community who did incredible work this past year; however, those moments were overshadowed by the unacceptable and harmful behavior we saw Mr. Smith exhibit on stage. During our telecast, we did not adequately address the situation in the room”

“For this, we are sorry. This was an opportunity for us to set an example for our guests, viewers and our Academy family around the world, and we fell short — unprepared for the unprecedented.”

The actor had also announced his resignation from the academy.

Even though the public wasn’t informed of when they will speak about the controversy, it is evident that the smith family does not shy away from difficult conversations.

In 2020, the public got to know of her entanglement with August Alsina.

Will Smith refused to exit the Oscars- says the academy

The organizing body of The Oscars has stated that Will Smith refused to leave the Oscars when he slapped Chris Rock.

“Mr Smith was asked to leave the ceremony and refused, we also recognize we could have handled the situation differently.” The academy said in a statement

“Initiated disciplinary proceedings against Mr Smith for violations of the Academy’s Standards of Conduct”.

Rock made a joke at Jada Pinkett’s bald head referring to the film, GI Jane. Initially, Smith was seeing laughing and clapping but later went to the stage and slapped Rock after his wife was seeing rolling her eyes.

In a statement Smith described his behavior as unacceptable and inexcusable.

A screengrab from the Oscars

“I would like to publicly apologize to you, Chris. I was out of line and I was wrong.”

While in Boston recently, Rock said he is still processing the whole incident.

“I’m still processing what happened, so at some point I’ll talk about that. It’ll be serious. It’ll be funny, but right now I’m going to tell some jokes.”

This is what Jovial cannot forgive

Singer Jovial cannot forgive a man who mistreats women. The singer said this after posting a screenshot of a fan talking about how her baby daddy refused to take care of a pregnancy. Another man came and took care of it. Years later, her baby daddy came back and was asking for advice.

Jovial said she can never forgive a man who abandoned her when she was pregnant and never for once bothered to check up on her.

The Kenyan artist advices the lady not to leave her current loving and caring man for the man who abandoned her and left when she was pregnant.

“I had to steal this won’t go deeper but it sucks!…siwezi kusamehe mwanaume anaetekeleza mwanamke akiwa mja mzito! Mimba ni kama ugonjwa, Mungu wangu asikwambie mtu! (I cannot forgive a man who abandons a lady when pregnant! Pregnancy is like sickness) you need all the love… thank God if your process was smooth! 5 years basi heri angekua anakujulia mara moja moja

Jovial is a mother of one and has kept her relationship life private.

By Ivy Chilloh.

Karen Nyamu nominates Samidoh as Men’s conference chairman

Mzee Jackson Kibor died on Wednesday night. The businessman was known as the chairman of the men’s conference.

Nairobi Senatorial seat hopeful, Karen Nyamu paid her tribute to the family of Mzee Kibor as she wondered who was going to replace him.

Her condolence message wrote,

“Men’s conference chairman Mr Jackson Kibor is no more. I have received the news of his passing with great sadness. He is a man we all loved for his humor and interesting personal life.”

He went on to poke his baby daddy Samidoh.

“Go well General wa boy child. Rest In Peace. Sasa mnaona hio nafasi mzae amewacha vacant tupatie nani? Sijatata Samidoh.”

Samidoh who is in his early 30’s has five known children and according to those who commented on Karen’s post, he qualifies to be the ‘Men Kenya Seed Company’.

‘I have no child,’ Eric Omondi

Eric Omondi has declared in an interview with Wasafi that he has no child and no wife. The public knows that he fathers a son with Jacque Maribe.

In the interview, he said;

I tried to get a wife from my show ‘Wife Material’ but I failed. I am turning 40 years old, sina mtu, sina mtoto, sina bibi,” he said. 

Last year, Omondi and Maribe were beefing over their son when Omondi alleged that he is not the father.

This was after Jacque had embarrassed him by calling him a ‘deadbeat’ during a live interview with YouTuber, Mungai Eve.

Eric then retaliated by posting a much-maligned message on his Instagram page where he explained his doubts about whether Zahari was really his son.

Eric Omondi looking great
Eric Omondi posing

In the post, Eric defended himself alleging that he had asked Jacque for a paternity test several times, something he said that she hadn’t complied with.

He said that the reason he asked for a DNA test was that the two had only ever engaged in a one-night stand, so he had his doubts about whether the boy was really his.

They later met and announced that they had come into an understanding of raising their son but it seems they are now back to the same mess.

Why Kenyan women refuse to inherit husbands’ names

The morning conversation saw Mike Mondo and King’ang’i speak about how women are slowly not adding their husband’s name into their name once they get married.

Mike Mondo thought its not important to have a man’s name while King’ang’i thought otherwise;

“I don’t think it’s important. Ladies, is it important to take a man’s name after you get married?” Asked Mike

Listeners had mixed reactions as some said that they would only inherit a man’s name if he was rich.

Check out reactions to the morning conversation;