Girlfriend attacks boyfriend with hot water following a love dispute

A middle-aged man from Kang’oo village in Gatundu North Sub County is recovering from grave burns after his girlfriend poured hot water on his chest following a love dispute.

Peter Waithaka is said to have engaged in a domestic row with Leah Nyambara on 10th March 2017 at Kang’oo shopping centre leading to the attack.

‘Nyambara came as I was taking my beer at a local bar and started shouting at me; I asked her to leave me alone and as I took more beer with my friends, she went to her house, boiled water and using a thermos she carried the hot water to where we were. She splashed the water on my chest unexpectedly. She is suspecting that I have another girlfriend and that prompted the row,’ narrated Waithaka.

Speaking while grimacing in pain outside his house in Kang’oo on Sunday, Waithaka said he immediately fell unconscious and was rushed to Igegania level four for urgent medical attention where he was admitted for three days before he was discharged. He revealed that the condition of his wounds had since improved following quick and effective medication.

He said that the said girlfriend has since gone into hiding after being confronted by fuming locals who wanted to lynch her. ‘The young lady is a no go zone. She is ever in fights with us but the Waithaka incident was extreme. We are warning her to continue hiding because we will not allow her to reside in our peaceful village,’ said John Mwangi,’ a resident.

The ailing man reported the matter to Mwea police officers who according to him are yet to apprehend Nyambara.

Waithaka now wants action taken against Nyambara who owns a green grocery shop before she does more harm to him. He also wants the hospital bill to be paid by Nyambara.

Nyambara joins a list of women involved in domestic abuse against their husbands, with wives resorting to using hot water to burn their men, with the recent one happening in Nyeri County.

Why your relationship issues are your business

You need to stop making social media your album of relationship issues especially when it’s a non issue. The kind of women who post their mpango wa kando on social media, well that’s a bit immature and unnecessary. The one who calls the mpango wa kando and tells them to leave their husband that’s also not your assignment, the one who goes to his office to cause drama, that’s also very timely and embarrassing and finally the one who burns down their car or paints it with insults or even kill them, it’s not a solution. Women all these is a lot of work that you need to stop doing. It doesn’t matter how serious it is but there’s always a way of handling issues.

Why you shouldn’t post on social media

Because most people don’t really care. It’s just like any other story to them. Very few people will turn up at your door step to embrace and comfort you. You are going to be the talk of town and yes people are really going to participate with their contributions to more than 100 comments. More energy is needed to read them especially when looking for all the negative ones that will make you feel better. More pain as other people will think you are the problem and others will even do a photoshop of your photo and mpango wa kando and comment how she looks better than you. You will lose your friends’ and most of all your husband’s respect. We completely understand that you are hurt, but don’t stoop too low to post photos and abusive words on face book.

Stop calling your competitor

Most women totally do this and it makes them buy credit that’s enough to mark their territories by abusing the other woman terribly. Well you sound ridiculous when you are talking and trust me mwk is going to report you to hubby and he might deny the allegations, warn you against calling her or even strengthen their relationship as now that you know, he’ll think so am free and there is really nothing to hide. So don’t call that other woman especially when alone, you’d rather call while he is there, put it on loud speaker and ask him to talk rather than snoop and get hurt.H ave you ever noticed how much energy you use to abuse her and how you even get angrier than you were before you spoke to her because she won’t answer your burning questions while others are so arrogant that they tell you how that is equally their husband. So just save yourself the energy and stop playing detective.

You show up at his and her office and cause drama

You do know this will cost you fare and the worst part is you will be very embarrassed and he might lose his job. On the other hand you might end up fighting with this lady and it will as well cost you your respect. So don’t just show up.Wait for him at home.The commotion you cause in the office won’t put either of them in a position to answer you. If you really respect yourself don’t show up in his office or her office with your karate gloves on, because I’m sure if you watched yourself in a video after that, you would wonder which devil made me do that. Wait for him at home and deal with your house issues at home. The office is not your house where you air your dirty linen for people to know. Remember wise women handle their matrimonial problems in a wise manner.

Domestic violence and killing each other

Falling in love is a big deal for all of us but falling in control with your love is also a very big deal.We hear of so many stories of people killing each other and even causing so much harm to each other in the name of love. Well, we understand you invested your everything in that relationship and this fellow just decided to cheat on you and you are definitely very mad at that time and can end up doing something very stupid. So you need to relax and take a breather before you end up doing something that will make you spend the rest of your life in jail or in court cases. The number of people who kill each other for love in our society rises each day and the main reason is because most of them don’t want to control their anger and understand that no man is perfect. You can give a relationship your best shot but you should also learn to expect anything. When you put your heart into it also use your mind to reason with your heart. It’s time people stop killing each other for love and that can only happen when you don’t expect too much and make this person a small god.

Healing and Change

There are relationships that have survived cheating and lessons have been learnt. Some people get so heart broken they develop trust issues in the next relationship. It has been claimed that some people are natural born cheaters and is the reason why they never get satisfied with one partner. For others, it may be because their needs are not being met by their spouses. Others cheat to test the waters and be popular whereas others it’s all about the company they keep.



Dear Kenyan Women Take Lessons, Here is How Ugandan Women Treat Their Men

There is certainly a lot of buzz going around about how Ugandan women treat their men. Well most of it has to do with culture while the rest depends on how the man treats his woman.

Women will only put in their all if they are treated right and this is a trait most women look for in a relationship and while the roles we play are defined by gender, Ugandan women will always try to fulfill their roles as expected by society.


HOW HEART-WARMING! Check Out Diamond Platnumz And Zari’s Sweet Moments With Son Prince Nillan

Some often refer to Ugandan women as the perfect wife material because of the common practices Ugandan women do that have got men mesmerized.

Some of these practices include preparing meals for her husband, welcoming him home from work, taking his coat and bags from him when he gets home, inquiring how his day was out of genuine interest and the most amusing practice of all which is kneeling down when greeting or serving their men.

Nairobi Woman Turns Down Mpango wa Kando’s Exotic Holiday, Still Loves Jobless Husband

Yes, it is true that a Ugandan woman will kneel down when greeting and serving elders as it is perceived as a sign of respect in the Ugandan culture. It is not meant to be disrespectful or demeaning to the woman but rather shows that she is both well cultured and well mannered.

In most cases a woman will Kneel down to the elders she meets and her relatives including those of her spouse however this may not be the case if the person she is greeting is a complete stranger.

Ugandan Women


5 things you didn’t know about political reporter Oliver Mathenge

He is a household name thanks to his breaking political news stories. If you don’t know him, then let me catch you up to speed.
Oliver Mathenge is a political news reporter-cum-analyst-cum-commentator. He currently works for the Star Newspaper, where his hard-hitting articles generate public debate.
Some of you might view him as somewhat controversial Kenyan, and this is evidenced on comments from the stories, or opinions he posts on his social media. Bottom line is he is a big wig on social media.
But there is more to him, than politics. Here are some little known facts about Oliver Mathenge, you can thank me later.
1. He is a foodie: Oliver loves to cook. Mwanaume ni effort and part of his lifestyle involves food.

oliverfood    oliverfood1 oliverfood2    oliverfoodie

2. He’s a selfie addict. He is popularly referred to as Baba selfie
oliverselfie2     oliverselfie3     oliverselfieofice
3. Inspirational quotes; His quotes can be found on social media under the hashtag #OliverSays. Have you seen them?
oliverquote4     oliverquote    oliverquote1
4. He always heaps praises on his wife. He is one of the few celebrities who are not ashamed to show off his wife and let the world know, she is his.
oliverwife     oliverwife1      oliverwife3
5. He is part of the happy socks battalion and joins the exclusive list of the likes of  Larry Madowo. Kindly notice his shoe game.
oliversocks     oliversocks1      oliversocks3

Mary J Blige, is that you girl? See how amazing she’s looking post divorce

Singer Mary J Blige is about to get us all ladies to the gym, if her latest photo is anything to go by. She truly is a woman serving up some goals, and here’s why.

The American singer separated from her husband Kendu Isaacs last year, in a shock move. The two former love-birds were embroiled in a bitter an emotional divorce after a 12-year marriage.

Mary J Blige revealed later that saying ‘I’m hanging in there’.

She continued;

“The breaking point was when I kept asking over and over and over again for respect and to be respected,” Blige, 45, said in an interview with ABCNews.

She posted a photo looking all body goals over the weekend, with the caption below;

“Ladies go hard and stay focused. When people give up on you DON’T give up on yourself and DON’T lose yourself. We are TOO necessary and there is NO strength on earth like ours!
#LoveYourself #StrengthOfAWoman #NWHM



The nine-time grammy award winner seems to have put that behind her. See fouramazing post divorce pictures of the singer, what about her abs?

mary j blige 2

mary j blige 1


mary j 1



Damn Mary, we didn’t know you had it like that mama.



VERY POWERFUL! Here Is Christina Shusho’s Advice For Women Who Don’t Value Themselves

Christian Shusho is one of the most popular and loved gospel artistes in East Africa, not just because of her moving songs and impeccable voice, but also for her humble and God-fearing personality.

The Tanzania native has some of the biggest hits in the gospel world and massive collaborations with other gospel artistes, like; Thamani Ya Wokovu Wako, Napokea Kwako, Mtetezi Wangu, Unikumbuke and her collabo with Ringtone, Tenda Wema.

The best part about her musical career is that she doesn’t restrict herself to project her home country only and you will see her often in Kenya, working with other gospel acts and ministering in various churches

Shusho is also admired for her moral values and Christian beliefs that help her lead a good life of a born-again woman and gospel artiste.

The celebrated singer is also a huge supporter of women and girl’s campaigns and in a recent interview with TBC1, Shusho talked about how women should believe in themselves so that they can stand out and be respected in the community.


According to her, women face a lot of issues and difficulties and it takes a lot of patience for anyone to face them, but as a woman, she can preserve for the sake of her family.

She then urged women to raise their standards so that they can earn the respect they really deserve. She then added that being submissive doesn’t mean one should be mistreated in the society or by men.

Shusho also added that for a woman to be given the respect she deserves, she needs to start by respecting herself first;

Mama ni mtu mzuri sana, mama ajitambue na awe tayari kwa nafasi atakayokuwa nayo na aifanye kwa uaminifu,aibu ndogondogo hizi lazima tuwe tunaziondoa kwa upande wa wanawake tufute.






UNCONDITIONAL LOVE: Top 8 Kenyan Celebrity Couples Who Make Marriage Seem Blissful And Merry (PHOTOS)

We are witnessing what could be the largest number of celebrity breakups affecting our favorites couples in the entertainement industry, however we must point out that there are those marriages that have stood the test of time.

The most recent celebrity breakup  is between comedian Dr Ofweneke and his fiancee, Nicah real name, Victoria Wanja after he confessed that they had broken up and were no longer together.

The female gospel singer then came out to reveal that they actually separated back in September 2016 when he walked out of the matrimonial home after beating her mercilessly, leaving her behind with two children, one from a previous relationship.


But that’s just one of the sad stories of relationships that don’t las. But that does not necessarily rule out the fact there are Kenyan celebrities who are managing just fine in their marriages and living the almost happily ever after life.

MARRIAGE IS TOUGH! Here Are 3 Things We’ve Learned From Dr Ofweneke’s Break Up With His Baby Mama Nicah

Here are some Kenyan celebrity couples that make marriage look so blissful and dazzling.

1. Wahu And Nameless
They have made it to the top of my list and I’m sure you all love them too. Wahu Kagwi and Nameless real name David Mathenge have been together for 11 years, and yes, they’re still going strong. They have been blessed with two daughters, Tumiso and Nyakio Mathenge and recently, Nameless revealed that he now wants a son.


2. Size 8 And DJ Mo
Gospel bigwigs Linet Munyali and her husband Sammy Muraya aka DJ Mo are one of the most loved couples in the Kenyan music industry and we all know why. They are both down to earth and seem to be genuinely in love. They are blessed with a cute daughter Ladasha Belle who turned a year old in Nov.


3. Julie Gichuru and Anthony Gichuru
The popular media personality and her wealthy husband have been married for 16 years now and have 4 children together- 3 boys and one girl. Julie Gichuru always celebrates her marriage, showing off her man on social media despite several rumors that she was not happy in the marriage.


4. Reverend Kathy Kiuna and Bishop Allan Kiuna
They are the most popular and celebrated church leaders in Kenya and when it comes to having a stable marriage, they indeed have an admirable one. The wealthy couple has three children, two girls, and one boy. Their first born daughter Vanessa Kovac walked down the aisle in 2015 and was later blessed with a cuddly daughter, making them first-time grandparents.


5. Bob Collymore and Wambui Kamiru
This couple is one of the most lovable in Kenya, not just because of their simple yet classy wedding but for their genuine love and affection for each other. The Safaricom CEO and the awesome artist met in the line of work and were both married before, with children from their previous partners.


6. Ababu Namwamba and Priscilla
This politician has been flaunted his wife on social media for the longest time, making those who are single turn green with envy, taking her on lavish trips and holidays. They are always proclaiming love for each other on the internet.


7. Chris Kirwa and Christine
This lovely couple is always celebrated for their unending love and support for each other, Chirs Kirwa and his wife Christine are inseparable despite being married for years. They are mentors for many celebrity couples and most of them look up to them for marriage advice and guidance.


8. Emmy Kosgei and Apostle Madubuko
Emmy Kosgei and her Nigerian husband have stood the taste of time despite being a couple of years apart. The two held a lavish white wedding and a traditional one in Kenya and another one in Nigeria. Though many thought that Emmy was after Madubuko’s money, she’s proved that love works.



“Should Women Get Half Of The Family Wealth After a Divorce?” Maina Kageni Asks (AUDIO)

There is a proposed amendment to the Constitution seeking to scrap a law that says wives are entitled to half of a man’s wealth if and when they divorce.

This would mean that in the case of a divorce a woman would not receive 50% of the family property as it is at the moment, having in mind that she is the one who will leave with the kids and be responsible for them.

Quite a shocker isn’t it?

This formed the basis of Classic 105 conversation this morning with Maina Kageni and Mwalimu Kingang’i, who sought to know the views of listeners. Image Number: 78630827

Maina Kageni sought views from married couples asking them if they are in favor of this proposed amendment.

For some reason, most Kenyan men who called in said that they would want the bill to be passed because women don’t deserve all that money or property, coming out as selfish.

On the other hand, most women expressed disappointment at how the men don’t respect them to the point of not wanting to give half of the wealth in unfortunate case of a divorce.

Listen to the audio below as Kenyan men and women go head to head in regards to this proposed amendment.




MARRIAGE IS TOUGH! Here Are 3 Things We’ve Learned From Dr Ofweneke’s Break Up With His Baby Mama Nicah

There’s nothing sad like seeing a lovely couple going through a nasty break up.

Celebrated comedian Dr Ofweneke real name, Sande Bush, has been the talk of the week after he revealed that he had separated with his fiancée and baby mama Nicah after speculation arose on their relationship.

LOVE GONE SOUR! Top Comedian Dr Ofweneke Officially Confirms That He’s Separated From Singer Wife

Dr Ofweneke and his gospel singer wife Nicah The Queen had dated for years, and most fans were actually waiting for a wedding this year after the popular MC went down on one knee back in June 2016.

The estranged couple was blessed with one child, though Nicah has another child from a previous relationship, who Ofweneke gladly took in and accepted as his own and things were just fine until he started beating her, according to Nicah.


In a recent social media revelation, Nicah, born, Victoria Wanja exposed Ofweneke as a wife batterer, confessing that they actually separated back in September 2016 after he beat her up and left their matrimonial home.

Nicah recently revealed that she’s stranded now that she’s a single mother of two with no source of income as Ofweneke provided financial support, which was one of the reasons she persevered the domestic violence.nicah-beating

But through all this drama, I’m sure we have learned one or two things from this break up. Here are 3 big lessons we can gather from the saga.

1. Independence Works
I won’t even sugar coat this, every woman should get a job should the relationship not work out, which ensures she’s financially stable. In this instance, Nicah depended fianncially on her man as her music career wasn’t doing well, and now she’s left to fend for herself. Ladies, even if your man supports you, have something on the side you can hold on to incase of any unforeseen events.

WHEN LOVE TURNS TO HATE! 5 Of The Biggest And Nastiest Break Ups In The Kenyan GOSPEL Industry

2. A Violent Marriage Never Works
Nicah accused her ex-boyfriend of beating her up and even shared a photo of her bruised face and what’s worse is this wasn’t the first time she had been beaten. If a man or woman hits his partner, most of the time the victim will end up walking away from the marriage but before that happens, the situation is always nasty. If your lover beats you up, just walk away the first time, because it’s likely to get worse.

“He Infected Me With STDs” Nigerian Actress Tonto Dikeh Reveals Why She Stayed With Her Abusive And Cheating Husband (VIDEO)

3. Cheating Has Become The Biggest Factor In Break Ups
If you do research on most broken marriages or relationships, it’s about unfaithfulness. In this case, Nicah was accused of cheating while other sources reveal that it was Ofweneke who cheated first, but none of them will talk about that part. It’s the same thing that happened to Saumu Mbuvi who revealed that she had left her baby daddy for cheating with another politician’s daughter.

MOVING ON! After Dumping Her Wealthy Cheating Boyfriend, Saumu Mbuvi Shares Heart-Warming Family Photos


“He Infected Me With STDs” Nigerian Actress Tonto Dikeh Reveals Why She Stayed With Her Abusive And Cheating Husband (VIDEO)

Celebrated Nollywood actress Tonto Dikeh has come out to reveal the agony she has been going through in her marriage with estranged husband Olakunle Churchill.

The stunning actress was married to Churchill and they were blessed with a son but things have not been as rosy as everyone thought.

HEARTBREAKING! Kenyan Woman Reveals The Agony Of a Cheating And Emotionally Abusive Husband (AUDIO)

In an emotional video, Tonto Dikeh opens up on her abusive marriage and how she had to withstand her husband’s beating, cheating, and even infecting her with STDs.


In the video, which is reminiscent of Tiwa Savage’s infamous interview about a year ago, Tonto also shows evidence of domestic violence with pictures from her phone that show her bruises, while crying out in pain.

The celebrated actress also revealed that she once had to seek refuge at the Nigerian Embassy in Ghana while naked after he mercilessly beat her up and that she has the photo evidence but cannot release it because she didn’t have any clothes on.

Tonto Dikeh has since moved out of her matrimonial home with her son, and chose to accept the interview so that she can help women who are going through domestic violence and to help her ex-husband to become a better man.


The 31-year-old film star said she left movies before she gave birth to find God and that she’s still a born-again Christian and would come get back to acting soon.

Tonto also talked about her immense and undying love for her son who keeps her going strong even in the darkest moments of her life. This comes as a shock since most of her fans thought she was happily married.

Check out the emotional video below as the Nigerian star tells it all;

Check out the full video HERE where she bares it all.



“Don’t Be Dumb To Get Pregnant For Him” Bitter Kenyan Woman Warns Her Husbands Clandes In Epic Rant

Woe unto you if you date a married man!

It’s either you are the real wife or you don’t exist. Nowadays, many young women have resorted to dating married men (sponsors) who take care of their needs.

But a Kenyan woman by the name Mary Bwire is a bitter woman.

She is tired of these mistresses also known as clandes or mpango was kandos. She has given these women who prey on other people’s husbands’ a piece of her mind.

The protective or rather insecure woman has advised women not to get pregnant for these men because they have families already.


And not to feel sweet while with the so-called sponsors as they will always go back home to their families no matter what.

The married lady took to social media to rant and warn mistresses to stay away from her man and respect her family.

Well, here is her message;












Courtesy; Caren Nyota


Why we are at an 80% divorce rate in Kenya

Have you recently attended wedding festivities, only for an announcement to be made after a few months that the couple has called it quits?

What’s worse is the large sums of money spent by families to join in holy matrimony the love-birds. It also doesn’t help that we constantly hear of celebrity marriages ending, putting into question the institution of marriage.

Money and Infidelity Top Reasons For Divorce In Kenya

According to recent statistics, divorce rates in Kenya are as high as 80 per cent. Infidelity and money issues rank highest as the reasons why marriages are falling apart in Kenya.

Here are some of the things you need to try doing before you wed;

1. Going for counseling

Most couples don’t go for counseling as much as they go for wedding gown and venue shopping when they’re preparing for the big day.Well most people will say counseling is normal stuff, but is it really? Neither is going for an HIV test normal stuff. So the same way you go for that test, you need to test that courtship before you get married. Go for counseling classes even for a whole year or six months, you need to be sure that you are truly ready to go down this road than you are sure about walking down that aisle.

Girls, do you sometimes look at your husband and regret marrying him?

2. Courtship

Boy meets girl, falls in love and after six months, he gets down on one knee and propose,s. The answer most often than not is a resounding ‘YES’. but do most girls says yes without thinking about what they are getting themselves into? Next step is introduction to the respective families and before we know it the wedding bells are ringing and before the wedding photos are out we are going to the lawyers for divorce papers. Courtship means taking time to understand that this lady or guy is from a different background and it’s not about the good and tasty times, but it’s if you are still going to stand by them when things get tough. Court for long enough and don’t just be excited about posting engagement rings and changing the status on your social media.

Ladies, How Many Of You Have Cheated To Save Your Marriage?

3. Fast and furious

We are living in a generation where if things don’t move fast people get very furious.Patience is important I must say.You don’t need to earn the married status that fast unless you are ready. Have you noticed that gowns are getting better as the days go by, so don’t be in a hurry to put it on if you can’t really put up with him or her.You have to wait for 9 months for a baby to fully be ready for the world, that should be the case, no one gets pregnant today and delivers tomorrow. Unfortunately that is where we mostly go wrong. I know of people who’ve coated for seven years and they’re still loving each other and have no kids.

4. What are you getting yourself into

Marriage isn’t what we watch in the movies, I bet we still don’t understand that up to date and that’s why the divorce rate is still too high. Most of the time separation is very common in our society. It’s not all about the fact that he has a well paying job, you have a good physique rather it’s about when there’s no money and she doesn’t look that good, will I still love him or her. Fighting is going to be there but let it not get to domestic violence which is very common in our society.You need to know what you are getting yourself into.

5. Be prepared

It’s going to be a tough and very long journey where you’ll not love coming back home every day. You’ll remember the texts that use to say, I wish we were living together right now and change them to, how did I even start living with you or I can’t wait to walk down the aisle and exchange vows to who even opened by words to say I do to you. It is going to come along with all that but as long as you say I was prepared and we are going through this together because during courtship and counseling, I wasn’t fast and furious and I knew what I was getting myself into.


‘Rest In Eternal Peace Mama,’ Emmy Kosgei Mourns The Sudden Death Of Her Mother

Gospel songbird Emmy Kosgei and her husband Apostle Anselm Madubuko are in mourning following the sudden passing of a close family member.

In an Instagram post on Tuesday, the “Taai” singer revealed that her husband’s mother had died without revealing what exactly caused her death.

This is what she posted:

Rest in eternal peace mamma” 😢😢

A post shared by Emmy M. Kosgei (@emmykosgei) on

A certain Nigerian blog claims that Anselm’s mother who was known to many as Ndi Phyline was a nonagenarian (yaani, she was in her 90s) at the time of her passing.

Since she broke the news, her fans have been sending in their condolence messages to the family saying they will stand with them in prayer during this tough times. May her soul rest in perfect peace!

DRAMA! Gospel Musician Nicah Allegedly ASSAULTED By Her Husband Dr Ofweneke (PHOTOS)

They say the truth always has a way of coming out. After trying to sweep things under the carpet for some time now, comedian Sande Bush better known as Dr. Ofweneke has been exposed as a batterer.

Sometime in January, a little bird told us that things were not rosy between him and his wife Veronicah Wanja alias Nicah The Queen. Apparently, the funny man and Nicah who is a gospel musician had stopped living together, there were also claims of domestic violence.

When Mpasho reached out to him for a comment in regard to the story, Dr. Ofweneke threatened to go to court adding that he had “a team of lawyers on stand by.”

That was then! Things were quiet for a while but anyone who follows either of the two on social media could not help but notice that they had stopped posting each others’ photos and gushing over one another, as was their ‘tradition’ a few months ago.

Yesterday, Nicah shocked her fans after posting a photo that showed her looking a little bit roughed up. The caption seemed to imply that she was beaten up by her husband.

The “Ushuhuda” singer also said that she is a “single mum of two and trusted that God will watch over her and the children.”

This is what she posted.


Later on, Nicah dragged a gentleman who goes by the name Michael Jerry into their mess. She accused him of being behind their woes saying he would come to their home and help Dr. Ofweneke pack telling him that he “can get any woman because he’s a celebrity.”

But that’s not all she said about him. Nicah also said that she had met up her husband at a local supermarket because she was really trying to make things work but Michael let her get rained on after driving off with the car and she was with her children mind you.


“I Am Not Diana Marua’s Husband” Married Man Accused Of Having An Affair With Bahati’s New Girlfriend Speaks Up

Kenyan gospel artiste Bahati is one of the youngest and most successful musicians in the local entertainment industry, but in the last couple of months, he’s been the talk of the town, and for his music.

Bahati, real name, Kevin Kioko recently revealed the woman in his life, a Kenyan model and video vixen by the name Diana Marua, who featured as the main cast in his 2016 song Mapenzi.

Since he unveiled the stunning lady to the world, the two have been flaunting on social media showing off their love, with Bahati only referring to her as his “prayer partner”.


But it looks like their relationship is affecting other couples after a recent post emerged on Kilimani Mums and Dads.

According to one Facebook user by the name Kisii Bin Kisii, Diana Marua was previously married with children, after a photo of Bahati’s girlfriend emerged, with a handsome unknown man and two kids.

Sizzling Romance! This Is How Bahati And His Beautiful Girlfriend Diana Marua Met

In the photo, Diana Marua is seeing embracing the hunk and the two children, all smiles. When the Facebook user shared the picture, the caption is what got the said man angry, since he’s a married man.

Now, the man goes by the name Joe Mwaura. He got wind of the said picture which greatly upset him. He has since denied being Diana Marua’s ex-husband, further revealing that he’s happily married to an elegant wife.


He took to facebook to share the photo with a long caption elaborating that the picture was taken back in 2015 during a Nivea behind the scenes campaign shoot. He categorically denied he was ever involved romantically with Diana Marua in any way.

He then went on to threaten the person who had put up the post, demanding it be pulled down immediately or he would sue. Check out the post below.

Hi all,
Details regarding a certain post in the group “Kilimani Mums and Dads Nairobi Uncensored (Original)” comparing two pictures that seem to insinuate that Gospel musician Bahati is dating my alleged ex wife Diana Marua Dee have come to my attention.

Please note the following:
1. The picture of me and the alleged wife and kids was a behind the scenes shoot during a Nivea Campaign in year 2015 and under NO circumstances does it reflect my current situation.
2. The lady and children in the picture were part of the cast for the Nivea campaign.
3. I have a wife (My Prayer Partner) whose picture is clear in my profile and we are very happy together.
The post is in bad taste and may warrant a lawsuit from Diana, Bahati himself, the kids family and/or myself, if not pulled down with immediate effect.
Please note that my post serves as a legal warning.
Lastly, thank you to all those friends who have notified me about this post.
Have a nice day.




NO ROMANCE WITHOUT FINANCE? Kenyan Men Reveal How Their Wives Are More Into Money Than Love (Audio)

A day ago, men listeners called in to justify why they don’t talk to their women or have deep conversations with them, because they don’t have time for that, taking into consideration that they are the breadwinners.

This prompted Maina Kageni to ask Kenyan men why they think love and money are inseparable:

“What makes you think that all a woman wants is money and not your time and love? And why do Kenyan men think that love is all about the money and can never separate the two?”

According to Maina Kageni, most of these women met their men when they didn’t have money and were broke and rugged and still loved and supported them, so why does it change years down the line when the money comes?


The celebrated radio host emphasized on the need of men giving their wives attention and holding deep conversations with them at least once in a while, insisting that it’s not always about the money for Kenyan women.

However, this is something most Kenyan men totally disagree with, saying that Kenyan ladies are all about the money and that there can never be any romance without finance in any relationship or marriage.

The men called in, ranting about how their wives can’t stand them without money or how it’s hard to find a woman who will love you without money, with others saying that money and love are like twins for women.

Listen to the short audio below as Kenyan women complain about how their women prioritize money to love.



EXQUISITE! Check Out These Behind The Scenes Videos And Photos Of Sarah Hassan’s Glorious Wedding Affair

Sarah Hassan, popularly known as Tanya, recently walked down the aisle with the love of her life, Martin Ndale on Saturday 25th at a colourful ceremony at the serene Karura forest.

The beautiful wedding affair saw Sarah Hassan’s close friends and family come together to celebrate the renowned actress and media personality, with very familiar faces from the entertainment industry gracing the occasion too.

Sarah Hassan and her now husband have been living in the United States since they moved there back in 2016 a few months after her lavish engagement, leaving behind a thriving career to pursue further her studies at the prestigious New York Film Academy.


The stunning TV personality donned a flawless, strapless white gown that made her look like a princess, accentuating her curves and showcasing her beauty with a classy, silver head jewelry.

Actress Sarah Hassan Is Engaged

There’s no doubt that the former Tahidi High actress looked astonishing and magnificent and though she has kept her honeymoon plans secret the same way she was silent about the wedding details, she is the happiest girl after marrying the love of her life.

As you know, there’s a lot involved on the wedding day, the most crucial thing being photography/video because every bride and groom wants every moment captured.


Sarah Hassan’s official photographer recently shared a few videos and photos of behind the scenes from the wedding after she dressed up and I have to say, she was one of the most beautiful and glamourous brides I’ve ever seen.

Check out the photos and videos below courtesy Ben Kiruthi




OH NO! Married Men Express Their Disappointment After Poll Reveals That Women Trust Pastors More Than Their Husbands (AUDIO)

Looks like married life is not as easy as couples make it look from the outside.

So, a new online poll suggests that women trust their pastors more than they trust their husbands, and that’s not all.

Other than the women trusting their pastors more, the poll also suggested that men rank number four in this hierarchy of trust, with women trusting their pastors first, then their children, their male supervisors at work and then their husbands.

This came as a shock to Maina Kageni, who posed the question to caller on why women don’t have trust in their husbands at all, is it the man’s fault or is it the women who just want to seek attention outside?


One of the reasons people get married is because they have love and trust for each other, so what happens when you can’t trust the person who should be the love of your life or when you find out that your wife can’t trust you?

You would think that for a married woman, the only other person she would trust other than her parents, would be her better half since he is the one she decided to spend the rest of her life with.

When Maina Kageni revealed the results of this online poll, Kenyan men did not take it lightly, with most of them ranting about how their wives are ungrateful and show them, love, thus they end up cheating on them.

sad-black-woman (1)

But it was not just the men who were angered by this poll, there’s a certain female caller who defended the men, telling the women that even pastors are men and can also turn against them later on since they are also human beings.

Listen to the short audio below as married men candidly open up to Maina Kageni.