Man Catches His Wife Pants Down With Lover In Classroom, Gets His Leg Cut Off

A man attacked his ‘cheating’ wife after trailing her and the lover to a school compound in Awendo town. But the confrontation went terribly wrong.

Tom Nyakongo had long suspected that his wife had an extra-marital affair. He traced his wife, a casual worker at Sussana Academy, after she delayed coming home.

South Kombok chief Beatrice Awuor said Nyakongo “found his wife and her lover having sex at a classroom she is supposed to sweep. The enraged Nyakongo confronted the two lovers and accosted the man,” Awuor said, adding the woman encouraged her lover to “cut the stupid man following me”.

“The lover picked a panga  and cut Nyakongo in the leg, before escaping. The woman failed to raise the alarm,” Awuor said.

Nyakongo was rushed to Rapcom Hospital in Awendo and referred to Migori Referral Hospital and later to Tenwek Hospital, Bomet, where he died.

Angry villagers tried to lynch the woman, but police rescued her.

-The Star/ Manuel Odeny

‘I Feel Good Where I’m At,’ Sharon Mundia Confesses After Twitter Speculation About Her Marriage

In May 2015, popular blogger Sharon Mundia and Lonina Leteipan broke the Internet with their expensive engagement that entailed flying to Mt. Kenya where Lonina went on his knees to ask for her hand in marriage.

She said yes!

Their love story continued. And in November 2016, the two tied the knot in an all-white invites-only wedding that was held in Watamu.It was one of the most expensive weddings this town has ever seen, literally!

Word on the street now has it that the fairy tale is no more. Mundia has not been mentioning her husband in her Vlogs, as she previously would and fans have been asking where her bae is at.

The two were last seen sharing photos together in December even before their daughter Aria Nailantei Leteipan was born.

Since then, the husband has deleted his social media account and gone M.I.A. Mundi, on the other hand, has never talked about him, even on her recent Vlog on her childbirth experience. Sounds abnormal right? She didn’t even mention the other parent.

She has been sharing inspirational and heartbreak quotes on social media, her recent being one in which she talks about how good she feels where she is at.

“It took me the whole day to work up the courage to post this but you know what? I had a baby 5 months ago and for the first time in ages, I’m taking care of my body & mind and eating right. And I feel good about where I’m at. 💪🏾 So, here’s a picture of me in my pretty epic bathroom  about to hit the pool. 🏊🏾‍♀️”

Our very own Uncle Chim Tuna reached out to Sharon Mundia to give her a right of reply on whether it is true that she and her husband are no more: She blue ticked us and our calls went unanswered.


And yes, it’s only her and her loving daughter in the picture now:

“The past few days have been some of the most chilled, relaxing days I’ve had in months. I’ve taken afternoon naps on beach beds with my daughter, eaten to my fill (and beyond), slept in, taken afternoon dips in the pool and just all round enjoyed life.”She wrote

And she vows to make an unconditional relationship to herself

“Right now can you make an unconditional relationship with yourself, just at the height you are, the weight you are, with the intelligence that you have and your current burden of pain, can you enter into an unconditional relationship with that?” She quoted Pema Chodron

Before their wedding, they had canceled an earlier date they had set for this particular union, and Mpasho went further to get an exclusive of all the juice.

Meet Kenya’s Most Popular Media Personality Who Has Proven That Marriage Works

Citizen TV’s news journalist Patrick Igunza is a man who has worked heard to gain his badges.

Patrick did not always have it all.

Is this Kenya’s BEST DRESSED TV personality?

Patrick Igunza is a man of vision and he knew what he wanted in life, both career-wise and personally.

After high school he and his high school sweetheart could not bare to part ways and thus, she moved in with him.

“That is the best thing ever. She stuck by me. She just decided that she wouldn’t leave me. She schooled with me in high school,” Patrick Igunza told eDaily.

That is more than 11 years ago.

Patrick Igunza

Patrick who is now a father of three, posts photos of his family, proudly showing them off with the hashtag “FatherWarrior”.

“Marriage has taught me to a good father. A happy father and a rich father is he whose children run into his arms even when his hands are empty – presence of being there for your kids. Your kids must know that you are fighting to bring food on the table. That you are fighting for them, they should know that when dad is around. everything is okay – even if you know that nothing is okay,” Patrick said.

Patrick IgunzaAdding, “Marriage has taught me that it reaches a point when you stop Loving and you start caring. Marriage has taught me that sometimes in life you have to compromise. Yes. I am right, she is wrong: but then again for us to move forward. I’ll choose to be wrong and let her be right. Marriage has taught me that not every war is worth fighting, and marriage has taught me that marriage works.”

‘My Boyfriend Has Refused To Move Out Of His Parents’ Home,’ Narrates City Woman

Check out photos of the beautiful family.

Patrick Igunza

Patrick Igunza

Patrick Igunza

Patrick Igunza

Patrick Igunza

Patrick Igunza



Tedd Josiah shares emotional tribute at late wife’s burial

A sombre mood engulfed Ihururu village in Nyeri county as award-winning music producer Tedd Josiah’s wife Regina Katar was laid to rest.

“Someone can come into your life and in the blink of an eye make everything better.
Why God chose to take you at this time i will never know. I needed an angel 😇 you were that angel.
Am broken beyond words,” Tedd Josiah shared the sad news on social media.


Tedd Josiah's wife Reginah

Regina passed away on September 30 from internal bleeding which was caused by a blood disorder in which there were few platelets in her blood (commonly known as Thrombocytopenia).


Tedd Josiah and Regina Katar were blessed with a beautiful baby girl, Jameela Wendo (three months-old now) and were planning to make their union official towards the end of this year but that was not bound to happen.

“We intended to be here officially in the coming two months. We agreed not to do anything publicly before informing our parents,” Tedd said leaving hundreds of mourners sobbing uncontrollably.

Josiah described his wife as a supernatural and dedicated mother to their daughter.

“Three hours to her death, Regina was breastfeeding our daughter. That is the kind of mother she was. She put herself last and other people first.”

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Truly Heartbreaking! Painful Details Of How Tedd Josiah’s Wife Lost Her Life Emerge

Regina, who was pursuing a diploma in Mass communication at Multimedia University, was known for her striking beauty and many confused her for former Tahidi High’s actress Sarah Hassan aka Tanya. The widower, who was besotted with his wife, narrated how she was dedicated and the kind of woman she was.

“Once in your life, you will find a life partner to have for such a brief time. It is a hard thing. I have never seen anyone more dedicated. She Loved our daughter, said Josiah.


He went ahead to call upon Kenyans to unite as one and set aside their differences.

“My daughter’s name Wendo means – love in the Gikuyu language and – special visitor among the Luo.”


“When you see Wendo in the streets and you ask her what tribe she is, she will have a story to tell you.”

After the burial, Tedd took to social media to reveal that burying his wife was one of the toughest moment in his life and he called upon men to love their wives just as Christ loves the church.

“I went to lay My Queen Reginah Katar to rest yesterday. This was the toughest trip I’ve ever made in my life.
As my princess, Jameela Wendo Josiah (Jay Jay), Reginah’s Mother, father, brothers, sisters, cousins, aunties, uncles, aunties, grandparents, friends and I mourn this great loss of a larger than life angel 😇 I say this to you all,
‘Men love your wives like Christ love the church that He gave his life up for it.’
My love knew nothing but love in its purest form because we built a house of love.
Rest my lovely Angel Rest”.

Here is the photo from Regina’s burial ceremony


Regina Katar
Caskest bearing the remains of Tedd Josiah’s wife Regina Katar

Politician Jackson Kibor disowns daughter after divorce drama from wife of 51 years

A daughter of veteran and controversial politician Jackson Kibor has demanded DNA tests to prove that he is her biological father.

Loise Kibor is a daughter to Kibors second wife Josephine Jepkoech who lost a divorce case with her husband on Friday.

Chief Magistrate Charles Obulutsa allowed Kibor to divorce Josephine on grounds of cruelty to him.

Kibor had told the court that he married Josephine in 1961 when she was already pregnant and she later gave birth to Loise whom he claims is not his daughter.

I don’t recognize her as my daughter and I will not give her anything as inheritance, said Kibor after Fridays ruling.

Kibor, also a renowned farmer, said he would only recognize seven other children she sired with Josephine but not Loise.

But Loise now says she is willing to go with Kibor for a DNA test to prove she is his daughter

I am ready that we go for DNA tests anywhere and publicly to prove that Kibor is my biological father, said Loise.

She said the test must be done in a public hospital with independent medics who cannot be influenced by the wealthy businessman.

Loice was an aspirant for Uasin Gishu county women representative seat on Jubilee party ticket.

She said it was wrong for Kibor to disown her yet she was her daughter.

I resemble my dad and he who took care of my education from primary, secondary all the way to university level. It’s shocking that he now disowns me after all the time we have been together, Loise who was speaking in Eldoret said.

On Friday, the court in Eldoret dissolved the marriage of Kibor after 51 years.

Obulutsa ordered that their marriage certificate be canceled following a successful divorce case filed by the 83-year-old politician cum businessman.

Obulutsa annulled the marriage on the grounds that Josephine had been proved to be cruel to her husband causing the marriage to be irretrievably broken.

Kibors petition for divorce is granted and the responded (Josephine) has 30 days to appeal, said Obulutsa.

Kibor had accused his wife of cruelty, desertion, interfering with his land at Kipkabus and the court agreed with Kibor on all grounds except desertion which his lawyers could not prove.

The behaviour of the respondent caused the petitioner (Kibor) mental torture and anguish. She was rude and disobedient to him and efforts to have them reconcile cannot work, the court said.

Loise Kibor in Eldoret on October 7th
Loise Kibor in Eldoret on October 7th

He said things had fallen apart in the marriage and there was no other option than to grant the divorce.

During the hearing, Josephine angrily wailed and shouted at Kibor in court and the magistrate said the behaviour was proof that she could do the same to him at home.

Kibor also proved that they had not lived together for more than 14 years and he was thus denied her conjugal rights.

Kibor expressed joy at the decision by the court saying, At my age, I can die very fast if I am disturbed. But now that the court has removed her from my life I think I will even live longer, said Kibor.

Kibor said since she had lived with her for more than 51 years he would give her 10 acres of land and build a house for her in appreciation.

She will live on that land I will give her as my neighbour and even in case of death we do not need to recognize each other in any way other than people who knew each other or as neighbours, said Kibor. Josephine was represented by lawyer Amos Magut.

The politician said Josephine can choose to live with Loise but he will not recognize both of them.

Kibor said Josephine had been living on his 800 acres land but she put a caveat on it on false grounds that he intended to sell it.

The land was mine and she did not come with it when I married her, said Kibor. He said Josephine had gone ahead to sell more than 50 acres of the land yet the title was in his name.

I gave her 300 head of cattle and more than 100 goats, lorries and other assets all of which she sold out without my consent, Kibor said.

He was represented by lawyer Waziri Omollo in the case.

jackson kibor files for divorce

The court said Josephine had accepted that she gave out the land to two people.

Kibor also complained that she had deserted her and quite often travelled to Canada to live there wither her children.

As per Kalenjin tradition my wife is to supposed to get authority from me if she has to travel but she ignored me and went without my authority, said Kibor.

The politician also told the court that she married Josephine when she was pregnant and gave birth to a child from another man. They later got seven children with her and Kibor said he would only recognize the seven and give them land.

The court, however, ruled that the politician had not proved claims of desertion because she was polygamous and chose on his own to live with his younger wife Yunita.

I am happy that I will now enjoy my life without disturbance from herself, said Kibor. Kibor has three other wives one of whom is deceased.

Courtesy Mathews Ndanyi

Beaming pastor proudly shows off his 17 wives as they visit him in jail

A Zimbabwean pastor who is serving 40 years in jail for rape and possessing pornographic material, has caused a sensation after 17 of his 21 wives visited him in prison yesterday.

The man of the cloth was jailed in 2014, after being accused of rape by his female congregants, has also been accused of owing Sh7.6 million shillings to a furniture shop, a debt he has denied owing.

The man named Robert Metin Gumbura runs the Independent end time church in Zimbabwe.

The pastor has married 21 wives and together have 34 children, according to newsday in Zimbabwe.

The wives of incarcerated RTG Independent End Time Message Church founder Robert Martin Gumbura yesterday vowed to stand by their husband, dismissing the rape allegations leveled against him.

During the visit in prison, the beaming pastor declared, ‘I am still the man of the house’.

Asked why his wives have not left him, he proudly declared how he has taught them the ways of the bible, and moreover,’

“I taught them to understand that although they were many, they were one and I was their only husband”.

Check out some pictures of his slay queens:




Diamond Platnumz ONCE AGAIN addresses infidelity and multiple baby mama drama

He’s back.

It appears that Bongo singer Diamond platnumz’ ghosts continue to haunt him.

The ‘Halleluyia’ singer is once again addressing the countless side chick allegations made against him.

It is over! Zari dumps Diamond, deletes thousands of photos

Rumors that suggest he may have had an affair with several other women and impregnated them are doing rounds on the interwebs.


He is livid that so many women are coming up claiming he has had an affair with each.

Is he really a baby daddy as all these women claim?

Diamond Platnumz is now taking on the creeping around rumors with an angry post. He said,

Mara Diamond Kamla Huyu, mara sjui naskia anatembea na Huyu, Mara Ooh sjui inasemakana juzi alikuwa na Huyu…Yani kila Ukiamka limezuka jipya, Utazani yangu ina Sukari au Nakojoa dhahabu😏…..Hebu Niacheni kidogo, niko Busy nahangaika kuipeleka Bongo fleva yetu Duniani…. Sijamkaza yoyote, na Sina Mahusiano na Yoyote anaetajwa, na Siku pia Nikimaliza Mahusiano yangu na Alie South na nikawa na Mwengine na ikifikia kuliweka wazi ntaliweka wazi Mwenyewe, Maana hakuna kitachonizuia… ndio kwanza nna miaka 28, Sijaoa na Hata nikioa Naruhusiwa niwe na wake Wanne PERIOD!!!….

_aka_mylove…Ushasema BraZa🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣✋🏿

jabiri_juma…Acha ukae kimya

basefalis…Woyooooooooooo 😁😁😁😁🔥🔥🔥🔥🙌

[email protected] ….Am also wondering where are his parents in this issues they are all just observing doing nothing? They must call him to order…True say, He needs to be a Man

Questionable photos of Hamisa Mobetto and Diamond Platnumz’s brother-in-law emerge

kidwaka_archetype…Ungekuwa mwanasayansi ningekuita EISTEIN au NEWTON, ww ni THINK BIG

stephenchege…Waambie kaka mwanaume hajaandikiwa mwanamke mmoja…Wanawake ratio iko juu sana ikilinganishwa na ya kiume.

Ibrahimjsph…Mi napita tu dah kuna mambo mitaan

gracielajohari….Sasa hapa mtu akisema ako na 28years, na anaweza tafuta wengine , unajaribu kukasirisha zari, very good boy , umesau vile mulikutana amefanya ukapata mafanikio makubwa mkiwa na yeye . Ama umesahao , leo hii umepata pesa ndio unaongea hivi , pesa ni makaratasi baba , sijui wakulaumia hapa ni hamisa mobetto, ama zari , hamisa mobetto, yeye ndie hua anasema mambo yote yenye unafanya, juzi after kutoka ur birthday aneonyeshana ring , hiyo haina shida , kwa nini hamisa aliumwa after adriss kukuletea za wadi , kwa sababu yeye ni binadamu , zari akikasirika ni shida , ninani alisemaga zari hawezi ishi bila wewe , anaweza baba , so kua mpole hiyo sio kitu ya kupigania , umeachiwa ur mistress hamisa mobetto, so wacha kuongea kuhusu zari vibaya


arnold_tz…Sikupingi mzee wa shoo

stephenchege….And I think u should mind ur business poor dude.Diamond hata akizalisha wanawake mia ana uwezo wakuwashughulikia wewe una uwezo wakushughulikia wangapi?Jipe shughuli kachezeee ukunyapo.


pendoyasiniluziga…Umeshindwa kumeza pole. Umaarufu unaambatana na mengi. Songa mbele,yaache yapite. Piga kazi. 🦁😍😍😍

Singer Bahati and his lover engaged in heated argument

Is there trouble in paradise?

Bahati and lover Diana Marua might be having their ups and down, just like in any other relationship.

The two took to social media to show the world what they have been going through. Diana, who seemed to be pissed off by the controversial gospel singer indirectly, said the argument wasn’t over until he (Baha) understood where she was coming from.

“It doesn’t matter if you’re right or wrong. The argument isn’t over until you understaaandd where I’m coming from 😊”

Katambeeee!!!! Weezdom Narrates Why He Got Into A Fight With Bahati’s Artist Mr.Seed (Audio)

Like the man he is, the Mapenzi hitmaker has gone ahead to soothe the love of his life, telling her to hold on and everything will be alright.

“When I come home; Everything will be alright- Baby hold On; Everything will be Just Fine 🙏.”

From what Marua posted, it seems the two had a heated argument that got the lass sharing her feelings on social media.



They say ‘you should not separate people who’ve slept under the same blanket’ and the two might be patching things very soon.

And yes, their wedding is still on.

Painful Details Of How Tedd Josiah’s Wife Lost Her Life Emerge

Death leaves a void no one can fill. Local audio producer Tedd Josiah is mourning the death of his beautiful bubbly wife Regina Katar.

Tedd Josiah mourns wife who died after short illness

Regina, who had successfully completed a certificate in mass Communication at Multi MediaUniversity (MMU) and had re-enrolled for a Diploma course in the same field at the same institution but deferred on her second year, passed away on Saturday 30 September from internal bleeding which was caused by a blood disorder in which there were few platelets in her blood (commonly known as Thrombocytopenia).

In an interview with eDaily, Tedd Josiah narrated how his fiancée who he was set to marry early next year passed away.

“She died from a very rare condition, which occurs among few women across the world, but it is very rare to be detected among African women. Her blood platelet count fell below normal after childbirth. Regina’s platelets. a component of blood whose function is to stop bleeding by clumping and clotting blood vessel injuries. were so diluted, leading to a significantly reduced count. Sadly, all through she had an internal bleeding, which had not been detected, nor stopped, because of her low platelet count,” He said.

Thrombocytopenia is a condition characterized by abnormally low levels of thrombocytes, also known as platelets, in the blood.

A normal human platelet count ranges from 150,000 to 450,000 platelets per microliter of blood. These limits are determined by the 2.5th lower and upper percentile, so values outside this range do not necessarily indicate disease. One common definition of thrombocytopenia requiring emergency treatment is a platelet count below 50,000 per microliter.

Thrombocytopenia usually has no symptoms and is picked up on a routine full blood count (or complete blood count). Some individuals with thrombocytopenia may experience external bleeding such as nosebleeds, and/or bleeding gums. Some women may have heavier or longer periods or breakthrough bleeding. Bruising, particularly purpura in the forearms and petechiae in the feet, legs, and mucous membranes, may be caused by spontaneous bleeding under the skin.


“A new mother’s platelet count is supposed to be monitored regularly months after delivery. especially if she has issues with her platelet count. Hers was not checked. Sadly, we were made aware of her condition after she had passed on. Her death came as a shocker, given she only complained of a headache on Friday and early Saturday. When I rushed her to hospital Saturday. she passed away three hours later.”

Tedd Josiah also revealed that he had asked the mother of his daughter to go for a test last Friday and she promised him that she would go the following day but unfortunately, God had other plans.

“When she was in town (Nairobi) on Friday. I asked her to go do a blood test, to which she responded that she would go for the tests on Saturday – the following day. All through she looked normal, and was not feeling any pain. It is extremely sad we lost her in such a manner.”

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‘When We Found Each Other We Built Back The Broken Pieces…’ Tedd Josiah Mourns The Death Of His Wife (Photos)

Regina Katar has been described by many as a cheerful, multi-talented and kind-hearted woman.

“She was the most warm-hearted person earth. You could be going through a problem and she is going through a problem at the same time, but she would choose to put hers aside and deal with yours. That is who she was.

When we met, we clicked instantly. We were both in a very bad situation then. She was my guardian angel, even in life, she was my guardian angel. Regina brought me back to life; and she brought me life as well. Her death has taken away my strength.

We had planned to get a baby. and after getting the baby, we were going to break the news about our relationship. After that, we were to go ahead with our wedding plans. A lot of people did not even know that we were dating. because we kept our love life under wraps. We were planning to do our traditional wedding in November, 2017 and a church wedding would have followed early 2018. I met Regina end of 2016.

We said we did not want people involved in our lives – not family, not friends -because Regina’s pregnancy was a very complicated one, right through to the end: and she needed a lot of rest, with minimal interference; and no stress. We thus chose to make it as private as possible,” Tedd Josiah told eDaily.

Their relationship was private and rarely did the public notice.

“I have so many pictures of her that people have not seen. We had planned that when the baby turns 6 months old, she (Regina) would embark on doing her music, do a photo-shoot for her clothing line

She had just started her clothing line, and I had designed a logo for her. Actually, this week. she was supposed to go do her shopping. given she had decided that her business would deal with tailor-made attire only.”

Victor Nzioka, a close friend of the late was also shocked by her death and he described Regina as a beautiful soul

“Regina was a beautiful lady, who minded her own business. She had a big heart. When she walked into a room or a hall, people especially men, would turn to look at her. Many said she looked like ex-Tahidi High actress Sarah Hassan, popularly known as Tanya,” said Nzioka.

Regina was also a musician and just like any other young person, she had ambitions

“Besides her beauty, she was multi-talented. She was a singer, a model, a designer and an entrepreneur. Just to show you how good she was, on August 18, when she was hosted on NTV’s The Trend, her performance and interview received a lot of positive feedback online,” added Nzioka.

Regina had already landed a lucrative job and she was very excited and went ahead to share the good news with her followers.

 “She had big dreams. Two days to her death, she had taken to her Instagram page to reveal that she had gotten a modeling job besides opening her fashion line. Regina was a phenomenon.” said Nzioka.

Tedd Josiah and his family are calling upon Kenyans to support them so that they can give Regina a befitting send of. Funeral arrangements are currently underway and family and friends met on Tuesday at the Garden Square for a fundraising.

“Dear Family and friends of Reginah Katar
Thank you for all the outpouring of love and support you are giving us at this time. We ask for you to put Regina’s Mother & immediate family in your prayers at this extremely painful time.

As her love, her life partner, her friend, her confidant I ask for your prayers for our small family of little miss Jay Jay and myself as we go through this very trying moment,” read a post on Tedd Josiah’s Instagram.

Regina will be laid to rest on Saturday, 7 October in Nyeri County.


RIP Regina!

Zari And Her Children Unfollow Diamond Platnumz On Instagram

Nothing makes one more attentive than gossip. Well, for those who are diehard followers of the Chibu’s, vuteni stools, as hot tea is going to be served.

2017 has been a bad year for Zari Hassan. She lost her ex-husband, mother and her current baby daddy, Diamond Platnumz cheated on her with a Tanzanian socialite, Hamisa Mobeto. Not so long ago, Diamond Platnumz publicly admitted that he was the father of Hamisa’s son and apologized to his wife claiming that it was the devil that led him into temptation.

In an interview with CloudsFM, the Eneka  hit singer has revealed that he had a thing with the socialite-cum-model, which he claimed lasted barely a year (2009-2010)



Sema Kufunguka! ‘Try And Fix Your Mess And Stop Telling Lies,’ Zari Calls Out Diamond Platnumz For Cheating On Her

Zari, who had earlier on confirmed that she had had enough of her husband’s behaviour, set the record straight saying she is not the type of woman who would fight over a d*** claiming that there are many ‘bananas’ and “NUNUs” out here.


Diamond Platnumz flew to South Africa late last month for Zari’s birthday, where they (power couple) dined with their family members and close friends but from the photos, the mother of five was not happy at all. Her body language spoke volumes.

Could she be over the Utanipenda singer?

The drama between Zari and Diamond Platnumz does not seem like it will end any time soon, and she has unfollowed him on Instagram yet he still follows her.

Have a look at the people Zari is following on social media



Zari Hassan
Here’s the list of people Zari Hassan is following on social media



Zari Hassan

Zari has also deleted photos of Diamond Platnumz from her official Instagram account.

If you thought that was enough, the Ugandan city businesswoman went ahead to delete Diamond Platnumz’ and her name (the parents’ names) from Princess Latiffah and Prince Nillan’s Instagram accounts.

Prince Nillan

Here is how the new Instagram profiles of Zari and Diamond Platnumz’ kids look like



Prince Nillan

Zari is a strong woman and she is concentrating on taking care of her children and running her late ex-husband’s business. She recently came out to respond to her fans following her husband’s infidelity and she said;


To put the last nail on the coffin, Zari took to Snapchat to reveal that she was not going to recognise Diamond Platnumz on social media anymore.

Zari Hassan

Read how this Kenyan woman went from rags to riches thanks to her mzungu lover

African women and men have of late been hooking up with white men and women. We have seen many succeed in their marriages while others suffer especially after being taken abroad, but that has not deterred Africans from testing the sweet waters from other parts of the world.

From Akothee to Nyota Ndogo, these women are living large thanks to their white baby daddies.

Well, a Kenyan woman who is married to a mzungu, recently took to social media to share her story of how she met her better half leaving many with hopes that one day, God will bless them with one as well.

The woman revealed that she was once struggling to work at a popular restaurant in Westlands when her current lover and another man walked in one day. She was interested in the older mzungu (her hubby). She went ahead to explain what happened from there and the rest is history.


The lucky woman is currently in New York City living a life many can only dream of. Here is her story

“OK. Before you judge me, consider the fact that I now live in New York City. One of the most expensive cities in the world.

It all started when two men entered the already frenzied restaurant where I used to work in Westlands. One was delightfully young with a full head of hair and striking stature. The second occupant was considerably older and definitely not as cute. But as luck would have it I ended up catching the eye of the latter, and that was how I became his willing mistress.

But as luck would have it I ended up catching the eye of the latter, and that was how I became his willing mistress. He was everything I never imagined I would be committed to; older, married, and conceited. I was fascinated by the fact that he was crazy about me. He clearly didn’t have much respect for people of colour. Continue reading “Read how this Kenyan woman went from rags to riches thanks to her mzungu lover”

This Will Kill Zari, I Swear! Is Namibian Star Dilish Mathews Pregnant For Diamond?

Namibian star and 2013 Big Brother winner Dilish Mathew is pregnant. This will be another celebrity kid as many have speculated that Tanzanian star Diamond Platnumz is responsible.

Before Diamond was on the radio admitting that he impregnated a video vixen, he and Dilish were spotted having fun together in Zanzibar.

And yes, she is the woman rumoured to have broken Avril’s relationship with South African boyfriend.

News came in after paparazzi caught the two at the same luxury hotel but they were keen not to share photos of themselves together. The two however posted a similar photo that fueled the rumours.

When Diamond’s photographer shared a photo of his boss swimming at the beach, Zari responded with a middle finger…Is this prove that she might have known that her hubby was with someone else?

Hours later, the Namibian socialite wannabe was seen singing to Diamond’s love song titled Love You Die.

Dillish Mathews

Now, she just posted a photo of her baby bump and captioned:

“A baby or a burger?”

Diamond And Zari Are Back Together Even After He Admitted Cheating On Her Live On Radio (Photo Evidence)

However when asked about this Namibian girl, Diamond denied even meeting up with her:

“Habari za kukutana na Dillish Zanzibar sio za kweli, mimi nilikuwa Zanzibar kwa kazi zangu binafsi na nilikaa siku mbili nikarudi Dar pekee yangu. Sijaonana na huyu dada na wala sikuwa nae. Huo ni uzushi na ndio maana nilikuwa kimya kwenye hili.”

Dillish Mathews

It will be remembered that he had denied that Hamisa’s pregnancy was his and told her to tell people who the father was…On live radio!

But later admitted that he indeed cheated.

Zari Stole Diamond From Me, He Never Even Took Care Of His Kids We Got Together – Burundi Beauty Queen Cries

Lillian Muli Forced To Answer The Number Of Husbands She Has On Live Tv

Budalangi Member of parliament Rafael Wanjala is in the move to ensure that everybody who is in parliament gets medical cover for their other wives and children.


Rafael who calls himself a polygamist was invited for an interview on Citizen TV hosted by the media personality Lillian Muli.

The main aim was to discuss why the legislators are asking for more pay particularly for their additional families.


The member of parliament claims that the current MPs are poorly remunerated compared to those in the previous Houses.

Things got juicy when Lillian Muli asked the Mheshimiwa how many wives he has and twisted the question back to the interviewer putting Lillian in a tight spot because she had to answer how many husbands she has and she quickly responded that she has one husband.


Rafael refused to tell the public how many wives he has saying that he will only reveal them when they accept to cover their girlfriends and other children.


The answer that Lilian gave has left many wondering whether she got re-married after divorcing her husband Moses Njuguna Kanene in 2016.

She is a mother of one Joshua who was born in 2010. The couple married in September 2009 in a highly publicized wedding at the Windsor Golf and Country Club.


Check out the conversation:

Here are some reactions from viewers:

this man is talking reality no man can withstand with one woman😉😉
I asked my boss to pay for my other b****es he nearly killed me!
if u can feed them let every man marry more than one wife
Why should the taxpayer bear the burden of these men’s choices?! Aki nimechoka…

Man denies knocking off wife’s 3 teeth

A man has been charged with assaulting his wife and knocking off three teeth.

According to prosecution reports, Lydia Namunyu complained that her husband Wycliffe Odhiambo often beat her and had earlier knocked off two teeth then promised to refill them when she threatened to report the assault.

In July, Namunyu said she fled to her parents’ home when she was pregnant because she feared losing her baby if Odhiambo beat her.

On July 11 at Huruma slums, Nairobi, Odhiambo came and asked her why she had run away from their home. He beat her and knocked off a third tooth. Good Samaritans rushed her to hospital.

Odhiambo denied the charges and was released on Sh20,000 bail. The case will be heard on December 20.

Courtesy Carolyne Kubwa

Diamond And Zari Are Back Together Even After He Admitted Cheating On Her Live On Radio (Photo Evidence)

You are siting there and wondering if you could take back a cheating partner. For Zari Hassan, that is water under a bridge. Gone. Poof. Like magic.

The Ugandan socialite and business woman seems to have forgiven Diamond Platnumz for his indiscretions.

Zari Stole Diamond From Me, He Never Even Took Care Of His Kids We Got Together – Burundi Beauty Queen Cries

Diamond went live on radio and said he cheated on Zari with his video vixen Hamisa Mobetto and as a result the two have a love child together.

He even vowed to crawl back to South Africa and beg Zari for forgiveness.

On Saturday, he was in South Africa to celebrate Zari’s birthday.

Diamond pened a moving ode for his love.


Sooooo, Diamond has basically pointed out who is the main chic and who is the side dish. Pssst, Hamisa, please take note.

Diamond Platnumz Tells Off Those Who Thought His Shine Would Fade After Confessing His Infidelity

Zari Hassan’s son Lil Q also wished the mum a happy birthda, “🎁🎂🎊🎉🎈 it’s your day mummy dearest. Happy birthday to the best mother in the whole wide world. You have taught me a lot of things. Surely No one can ever take your place 💕💕❤️😘😍 you are the best thing in my life. I love you mummy. Thank you for all you do for us. You have a heart of Gold 😜😜 May you live to blow 100000000000000000000000 candles 🎂 I love you very very very much 🙏”

Videos have emerged of Zari’s impromptu birthday in South Africa. I say impromptu because she was dressed like someone who was just chilling at home and then people came with drinks and food and thus a party happened.

On her birthday, Zari posted a deep message about her “trials” on her social media.

It’s usually said 3am is the best time to pray and am usually up to give thanks and praise…. Regardless of the trials one goes through in life, giving thanks and still appreciating what’s left is a MUST. And am here today to thank God for my life, my kids, my family, my friends, my work and you my fans. Tonight was about thanking God for another year as many haven’t made it this far. Thank you God for my life and happy birthday to me. #Blessed #Grateful’

She added, “Thank you God, is all I can say!👏.”

Check out the video, where Diamond attempts to distract Zari but she ignores him.

Chics took to social media to comment about Zari forgiving Diamond…
jevarist: Jamani zari sie tulikua hatuli kwa ajili yenu hata fiesta sijaenda jamni,Leo nimefurahi kuwaona pamoja lakini tunajua diamond kakukosea sana tena sana lakini hembu yaishe iludishe furaha yako ya mombasa japo ni vigumu kuku bali sie tunapenda muwe hivyohivyo na I think diamond hatoludia tena coz mtampa nafasi kinuka chupi mkipendana ile ya mombasa, hata instr atahama kabisaaaaa maana hana jipya kazi kusuka twende kilioni na mashosti wameyaludia hayo mawig yao mpaka basi sijui ajiri ya kufulia omo,,mpendane mpaka sie Tuone wivu basiiiiii…

pee153: This is what we call keeping your circle small…less bullshit… innit miss zee? Enjoy your circle..enjoy every moment of your life 😍😍😍😍😘😘😘

arina_bish: Ok Diamond lied to Zari, whats itching u? Shes moved on. Have u asked them if they are married or not? For your information Diamond has been there for Zari’s children since conception & was present when they were born. Diamond proudly declares publicly his love for Zari. The other hes embarrassed & ashamed people to know he was with her, he insulted, denied even rejected her child in public. Shes now shunned by the the very people who plotted against Zari. U are so hurt desperately want to compare the two becoz u see Zari not bothered, that’s what set her apart from bitter people who never want to move on. Becoz u feel the humiliation it doesnt mean Zari feels the same, she has shown the ability to move on graciously and for that we commend her. Anyone who has been in Zari’s situation normally moves on even Maria Shriver ex-wife of Arnold Schwarzenegger moved on. So u move on too. Has the president and prime minister of Greece told u that Greece is going to vanish off the face of the earth? Greece will be there today, tomorrow even next year, if Diamond and Zari want to go there they will go whenever they want. Must they consult u for all this? Who are u? And you sound as if u are about to announce u have also been impregnated by Diamond! Why don’t u take your medication & sleep now u have spewed bile. It will do u good.

faizoldizzo: You look good but I just don’t like it how in a video diamond is forcing himself to look sorry n in love with u…tena mbona umekonda ivo..seems stress mob.

hassani9416: @zarithebosslady can’t believe your ass keep going back to someone who disrespect alot of time, you’re such foolish fool for letting him play you like a Puppet #fishbrain

munamattaka: Enjoy your day zari, kufanya kosa sikosa, kosa kuripiti kosa, msamehe, muendelee, hakuna alie mkamilifu katika dunia hii, vuta subra

mokogoti: In a world where humanity seem cold and selfish,women like Zari gives us hope and inspirations .YOLO Zari. Enjoy your life to the fullest, allow no room for detrimental. People can talk rubbish trying to knock you down, but let those fall on deaf ears.You beautiful personality with beautiful kids and plus beautiful kids to match with..Focus on your business, family-friendly and your good networks of connections…..

Here are photos from the birthday party in South Africa

Chinese court launches ‘divorce exam’ which couples must fail to end marriage

A court in China has set up a divorce examination to ensure that couples who wish to divorce are absolutely ready to end their marriage.

The husband and the wife must fail the test together for their divorce application to be granted.

Questions in the examination range from their spouse’s favourite food to their in-laws’ birthdays.

A couple in their 30s, who were among the first to take the exam, have reportedly had their divorce application rejected by the court in Yibin, Sichuan, Province, because they performed “too well” in the exam.

The couple were reported to be a mother of two and her husband and they applied for a divorce on September 14, according to People’s Daily Online.

Marriage & Divorce

The husband and wife scored an incredible 80 and 86 points respectively. Therefore, they were not allowed to dissolve their marriage.

According to the court, both members must score less than 60 per cent to divorce.

The exam was suggested by Magistrate Wang Shiyu at the Sichuan Yibin People’s Court.

The paper is divided into three parts, which include ‘fill in the blanks’, ‘short question’ and ‘statements’. The full score is 100.

Questions are set to cover basic information such as family members’ birthdays, anniversary dates and food preferences.


It starts with simple questions such as ‘When is your partner’s parents’ birthday?’ and ‘What is your partner’s favourite food?’

It then continues on to in-depth questions, which require longer answers.

One of the questions asks: ‘What responsibility did you take up in this family? What did you do good and what did you do bad?’

Another one asks: ‘What is marriage and family to you?’

Magistrate Wang told the reporter that the examination was aimed to identify the problem and differences between the couple.

Commenting on the couple whose divorce application was rejected, magistrate Wang said: “It seems the husband is addicted to gambling and rude to his spouse. He also shows a lack of responsibility to the family.”


But the magistrate believed the couple was still in love based on the high marks they had achieved.

He also added that the woman appeared to be calmer than before after taking the exam.

Candidates who achieve scores above 60 would be considered as being responsible to the family; and those achieved below 60 indicated the marriage is at the verge of breaking up.

However, Magistrate Wang did not state how to standardize the marking scheme.

Courtesy Dailymail

Widow forced to drink water used to bath husbands corpse speaks out on horror incident

A woman who was forced to drink water used to wash her late husbands corpse is speaking out against the harsh treatment from her relatives.

The widow, who lives in Nigeria, was accused by her relatives of killing her late husband, among other evil deeds,

To prove her innocence, the widow back in May 2017, was forced to disclose the assets her late husbands left behind by relatives fighting to inherit his property.

the widow has now sought the intervention of local police.

The woman, Stella Ogheneovo, claims that relatives have been harassing her since news of her husbands death broke. She has told police that a male relative has been sending thugs to terrorize her and their five children in hopes of intimidating her.

She further alleged that the thugs beat her, inflicting injuries on her.

One day she was called by a group of relatives, who forced her to drink the water used to wash the late’s corpse to prove her innocence in his untimely death.

She was admitted to hospital with severe stomach pains after the incident. She further claims his legs were amputated before he was buried.

Sadly her older son witnessed the time when individuals cut his legs and buried the body without those parts.

She has also contracted the services of a lawyer, who wants legal action taken against the family members seeking to take over the mans property

Swaziland’s King Mswati unveils his 14th bride

Social media is awash with photos of a beautiful girl that Swaziland’s King Mswati III has unveiled as his 14th wife.

The 19-year-old girl, is a virgin and was picked out in an elaborate ceremony.

Zambian President Edgar Lungu attended what is called the Reed Dance ceremony, where he joined the Swazi King, all decked out in royal leopard skin, to see tens of thousands of Reed Dance maidens.

zambian president with king mswati

The ceremony held on September 4th, was a sight as thousands of young girls danced semi naked in front of a male delegation, hoping to be selected.

The girls are usually instructed to show up singing and dancing without make-up or hairweaves,

The eight day ceremony closes when he selects the next wife.

Here she is;

king mswati the third has unveiled his latest bride