Our journey isn’t perfect but it’s ours – Risper Faith tells husband

Businesswoman and digital creator Risper Faith has a sweet message for her husband Brian.

In a loving note on Instagram, Risper told him ‘Our journey isn’t perfect. But it’s ours, and I’ll stick with you till the end…

I love you @brayo79′

Fans told Brian that he is lucky to have such a babe who gushes over him, adding Risper is mali safi.

In another loving note to him, Risper said ‘I’ll never finish falling in love with you’

Risper and Brian courtesy Instagram

The couple has a pretty interesting youtube channel you need to visit to see their lifestyle.

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Muthoni Drummer Queen unveils son’s face

Rapper Muthoni Drummer Queen has unveiled the face of her son, Manjano. Muthoni announced she was pregnant a few days ago in an Instagram message, responding to people who have been asking about her whereabouts.

“Q: Where you been MDQ?
A: Being preggerz!!
Between cooking a new life and avoiding Covid, I spent most of 2021 actively at home/away from humans sorry media guys, you see why I declined all your in person requests for promo of RIVER Our colleagues, inner circle & family have been so great in cheering us on and keeping our business, our business until we were ready to share. This 10month journey has been intensely beautiful 😍 ❤ my heart is so full it literally overflows with gratitude and joy.”

Muthoni Drummer Queen

While flaunting her new born, Muthoni shared a video with him and her lover.

“Our beautiful baby joined us earth side some days ago. We named him Manjano Ndonga Musosi.
Manjano💛 for golden glow of his soul’s energy.
Ndonga for my late father, his guardian spirit.
Musosi for Musa Omusi x Muthoni, the eternal collab that starts and ends at forever and a day. We are beyond words.”

From us is congratulations to the couple.

How men unknowingly give you permission to date other men

When a man refuses to attach a label to your relationship, does this mean a girl can still date other men while with him.

That’s the opinion of a dating coach on Tiktok @The Pedestal Wife Society who insists, women can date multiple men until he defines a relationship.

Here are things a man does that tells a girl she can still date other men;

  1. When a man tells you let’s just go with the flow, he refuses to define the relationship and inherently gives you permission to date other men.
  2. When a man tells you he can’t put a label to your relationship he gives you permission to date other men
  3. When he tries to convince yo that marriage is just a piece of paper that you don’t need, he is giving you permission to date someone else
  4. If he also tells you ‘I don’t know what we are’ your bae is giving you permission to hae another bae.
  5. When he tells you ‘girl you know how I feel about you’ when you ask him for affirmation, then he is giving you permission to be with someone else

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Have you dated a serial cheater confessions

The internet is describing just how much character development they have been taken through by serial cheaters.

On a viral Twitter thread, someone asked netizens to confess about the serial cheaters they have dated. And the responses will have you screaming.

Here are some confessions on the htread

I was a serial cheater. Had about 5 sides and my gf. She found out 5hat i was cheating but with only 1 girl. I begged for forgiveness. Broke up with all of them. We are now 7 years in a marriage and the last time i cheated was 8 years ago.

My name is Gugulethu right, he cheated with a girl named Gugulethu, he’d post “I love Gugu so much” on his status, I thought he was talking about me kanti no it’s the new girlfriend, ngelinye ilanga I went through his phone (WhatsApp) he saved our numbers…

She saved his number as daddyi used to run and give her cellphone whenever he calls

He saved us as the days of the week , I couldn’t see him on any other day cause I was saved as Sunday Woman standingshould I tag him for awareness

Yeses, my ex takes the cup. He used to date 2 of his exs while we’re still together…and he’d also have ama “hook ups” with people he meets at the groove. That guy ke Satan I’m telling you. Triple six

Been dating this girl for 16 months only to find out I was number 4, Guys I almost bought her a promise ring,Broken heartBroken heart that one was a hard core devil worshipper.

Errr!! She kept telling me about evening prayers at church, the woman would even wake me up in the middle of the night and ask that we pray. So I believed these evening prayers story kanti wajola. I found out and confronted her, guess what? She blamed me for her cheating Man

I cloned his WhatsApp and yhoo☹ I’m sure we were like 8 sister girlfriends with one being a sugar mommy he was still shelling other girls. Kaes he used to send us the same messages i left him and i never looked back.

Dear classic 105 fam, what has been your experience. Drop your comments below.

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Normalize fast text replies, don’t let it marinate for 2 days – Woman demands

This topic gets alot of peoples blood boiling, simply because we expect others to live on our time.

A conversation about late texters on Twitter has led to a floodgate of comments that nobody likes to be kept waiting on text.

Why are we feeling entitled to pother peoples time and energy?

Here’s one reason I may not text back immediately – Sometimes I’m not in the right mindset to reply back properly to what was said.

Here’s what you should do for a late texter – Normalize calling instead of texting if you need an immediate response from someone.

If I’m busy, tired, or just don’t feel like replying because I don’t think it’s urgent, I’m not gonna reply until I’m ready.

Another reason someone may not text back immediately is – If they are busy, tired, or just don’t feel like replying because they don’t think it’s urgent, They are not going to reply until ready.


Indeed. And if you have something to say to me that requires immediate response, CALL me. Don’t TEXT me. If you don’t have the courage to use your voice instead of your fingers, what good are you at showing affection?


Nah cause people do not have to be constantly accessible. Technology got y’all thinking you should have access to everyone all the time and that’s just not realistic or healthy. If someone don’t wanna reply to your message for a week, that’s they’re right.


Because you’re not supposed to feel entitled to ppl’s time just because they have a communication device on them. If someone can’t chat, they don’t owe you a reason. Maybe you should try getting a hobby that keeps you busy for hours instead of waiting on busy ppl to text you back
If I’m busy, tired, or just don’t feel like replying because I don’t think it’s urgent, I’m not gonna reply until I’m ready.

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I would be a mum of 6, but I had 4 miscarriages’ Pinky Ghelani

Media Personality was the guest on Sundays episode of Churchill show My Journey edition January 22nd.

‘This weekend I sit down with him on his show on @ntvkenya and we discuss so much but more than anything the Agnes Tirop Conference, women empowering women amongst a few more passion points.’

Pinky opened up about her family life, describing to Churchill how she had difficult pregnancies that sadly resulted in 4 miscarriages.

She gushed about how her daughter has the same personality as her and her son too. ‘They are growing up so fast. They are wise I learn from them. I would be a mum of six, I had four miscarriages. It was very heartbreaking because the loss of a child in any stage of life is a loss and I had to grieve.’

She also added that while she would want more children, there is the issue of age.

She told Churchill that she is done ‘I’m gonna be 46 in February so I don’t think I want any more babies, it’s a good idea but I can have children other ways’

Pinky also spoke about the Gender work she is so motivated about adding ‘I’m focused on empowering women and girls’ plus the projects she is looking forward to in 2022.

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Robert Alai lambasts couples who call each other ‘babes’

Couples who call each other pet names like babes are insincerely expressing their affection to each other.

This is according to blogger Robert Alai who took to his Twitter account to share his thoughts.

He wrote ‘

‘Who brought up this idea that couples call each other “babes”?

It’s the most insincere way of showing love and affection.

Kila mtu na jina lake even when some are called Athagra. Just make it sexy like “Thagi” and use it.’

I find it calling my wife babe so fake, when we are together I call her with her name and when am with friends I call her with any of our kids name normally the first born, when am talking about her among my friends I call her Madam….

Eeh kama ni nyokabi, just call her Nyoka and kiss her forehead

Mimi siwezi itwa by my name kazini na niitwe hivo nyumbani. I prefer ‘babe’ though.

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Woman serving her man food draws sharp reaction from Kenyans

Photos of a woman catering to her man have elected sharp reaction as to whether what she is doing is slavery.

The pictures on Mike Sonko’s Twitter feed, attracted the wrath of women who condemned such behavior while men got excited.

Hii ni ujinga a wife is supposed to be a helper not the other way around

Hii sio heshima, ni ujinga na utumwa

kama bibi hajacomplain sioni shida hapoFace with tears of joy

This is slavery only evident in Uganda and Mehiko

Waliisha… Gone are the days. Equality

Waaaaah izi ziko kenya ni vinyangarika……hawa madem walibebwa na Enouch akipaa mbinguni

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21 women have proposed to me – Eligible bachelor Mike Mondo says

Eligible bachelor Mike Mondo recently told that this is the year he is manifesting getting married. And that confession has landed him several marriage proposals.

Mike admitted that 21 women have proposed to him in his DM’s, saying he is shocked at just how bold Kenyan women have become.

‘What happened to men being the ones chasing? My God I have 16 women on Instagram and the others on Facebook and Twitter proposing to me. They have even described where they work and they are ready and willing to be my wife’

“Two weeks ago I said that I am finally going to get a wife this year and I want to cut out partying and minimize on sherehe. Right now there’s a total of 21 women who have proposed to me and some telling me they are ready to have kids with me”

Men called in and warned him the girls are only interested because he work ls for Classic 105 and has a heavy pocket. They told him that should anything happen and he doesn’t have a job, he would be dropped like a hot potato.

Cos you’re working on classic 105 fm uko na pesa
Kuwa musoto you won’t get a woman
They’re looking for money

another one said “Unajua wewe Mike unafanya kazi Classic na ukona pesa. So hao wanawake wanatafuta pesa tu.”

Mike Mondo returned that allegation, asking women to respond to the caution being expressed by men.

Mike though insisted that this year he is taking ‘someones daughter to his mother, and can’t wait.

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Former Baywatch Tv series actress Pamela Anderson divorces fifth husband

The Baywatch star has filed for divorce from her fifth husband, bodyguard Dan Hayhurst.

The two tied the knot more than a year ago, a source close to the couple says and have been living in Canada since they married on Christmas Eve 2020.

“Pamela loves as authentically as she lives,” says the source, who described the brief marriage as a “pandemic whirlwind” that died down.

Her other husbands were

– Hollywood mogul Jon Peters whome she wed in January 2020, only to call it quits 12 days later. Pamela was also married to Mötley Crüe drummer Tommy Lee — with whom she shares sons Brandon, 23, and Dylan, 22.

Anderson also was previously married to Kid Rock and Rick Salomon.

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Why Meghan Fox is not able to remove MGK’s engagement ring from finger

Machine Gun Kelly says the ring he engaged Meghan Fox with has thorns, which will make Fox feel pain if she removes it.

In an interview with Vogue, MGK said;

Of the ring itself is a thoroughbred Colombian emerald, with no treatment. It was just carved into the teardrop, straight out of the mine. And the diamond was directly from Stephen. The concept is that the ring can come apart to make two rings.”

“When it’s together, it’s held in place by a magnet. So you see how it snaps together? And then it forms an obscure heart. And you see this right here? The bands are actually thorns. So if she tries to take it off, it hurts…”

“Love is pain!” He said

MGK said he released the footage of the engagement to control the narrative.

As opposed to someone just catching a weird cell phone picture of a ring on our hand and being like, whoa! But yeah, I didn’t expect it. I just recorded it on my cell phone. And it wasn’t like we had photographers or anything. It was just like me setting my phone against a cup.”

In his engagement post, Kelly described the meaning of the place he made the engagement to the meaning of the ring leaving out information about the thorn.

…In this life and every life’ beneath the same branches we fell in love under, i brought her back to ask her to marry me. i know tradition is one ring, but i designed it with Stephen Webster to be two: the emerald (her birth stone) and the diamond (my birth stone) set on two magnetic bands of thorns that draw together as two halves of the same soul forming the obscure heart that is our love.”

Comedian YY talks newborn and losing previous child

Comedian YY has welcomed a baby girl with the mother of his child Marya. The comedian took to Instagram to praise Marya as the mother to the daughter of a King.


“Stronger than a Moissanite…I would have played you a song but you holding my guitar in your hand…I can’t tell you enough how much I honour your selflessness…Thank you for pushing…I want you to choose a destination you would love to visit..na isikuwe nje ya Nairobi please ni January.”

In a video where he is holding his newborn, YY said the journey was hard;

“God promoted me to be a father the other day. It’s been a journey. A lot of you just see baby bump photos and think it was easy. It was very difficult. We came to RFH and met a team of professionals who were able to push the labour period by 3 weeks.”

Before then, he disclosed that he had lost another baby prior to this one, saying,

“It isn’t my first time in a labour ward. I lost my first baby to a stillbirth but all happens for a reason. Maybe God re-incarnated that girl I lost for this one.”

The couple has been dating on the low key.

Diamond set to marry? Reveals step-father

Diamond Platnumz recently set the record straight saying that he is dating. He showcased a pair of shoes that his lover had bought him from abroad.

He has been rumoured to be dating fellow singer Zuchu. The two are yet to confirm nor deny the claims but in a recent comment on social media, Zuchu referred to Diamond as a brother and not a lover.

When asked whether she saw Diamond’s post where he wrote ‘I Miss You’ Zuchu responded,

“Niliona kakangu alipost kibao chetu kipya mimi na msanii mwenzangu @rayvanny kiitwacho “i miss you.” (I saw the post where my brother posted our new song with Rayvvanny dubbed ‘I miss you’)

Diamond’s brother Romy Jones has now shared a video of the singer saying that he is lonely. He also asked whether they are still together.

“MDOGO WANGU KIPENZI AKIWA ZAKE MPWEKE NCHINI NAIJERIA. SIJUI ATALETEWA LINI TENA MABUTI NA MPENZI WAKE AU SIJUI WAMESHAFARAKANA” (My younger brother is lonely in Nigeria. I don’t know when he’s going to be given another pair of shoes. I don’t even know whether they are together or have already split.)

Diamond Platnumz
Diamond Platnumz

Diamond’s step father repsonded to Rommy Jons saying that he and the new lover are okay and are set to get married.

“BADO WAPO VIZURI INSHAALLAH HADI NDOA/” (They are still together, Inshallah, till marriage.”

Diamond has in the past promised to get married when he was dating Zari Hassan. He made the same promise while dating Tanasha Donna.

‘I prayed about the baby,’ Karen Nyamu

Politician Karen Nyamu is set to welcome her third child in February. Nyamu who is vying for a Nairobi senatorial seat has been seeing campaigning while eight months pregnant.

In an interview with Mpasho, Nyamu said she prayed for the baby.

“I prayed about the baby when I got pregnant since I knew I would be in the race, I am grateful to God.”

She has had a smooth pregnancy.

I have not had any issue with the pregnancy and the baby is safe. Even the things that seem impossible before men, through prayers, they turn out very positive.”

Karen Nyamu
Karen Nyamu

So how will she balance motherhood and politics?

Maternity leave does not have to be a three months period. with my son, I traveled even after one week and he was okay. All I need is planning which is already done. I have a very strong team behind me.”

My daughter is not dating Diamond Platnumz – Zuchu’s mother says

Zuchu’s mother Khadija Kopa has come out to deny rumors that her daughter is dating singer Diamond Platnumz.

And now the latest rumors is that she is pregnant for him.

“I’m single; I have been single really for quite a while. Been single for about a year.” Zuchu opened up about the claims in 2021.

“Most connections that you hurry into don’t wind up well. I’m sitting tight for the ideal opportunity and I will date yet concerning now, I’m not intrigued.”

Zuchu’s mother has now waded into the speculation saying her daughter assured her the two are not together and that she respects Diamond as her brother. Furthermore Khadiaj added that Diamond see’s her as his mother even before Zuchu was signed to the label WCB .

Interesting thing is Diamond recently wrote on his Instagram that ‘I miss you’ and his brother Romy Jons tagged Zuchu making fun of her. ‘uliona jana msanii kizazi kipya nasib aliandika I miss you kwenye kurasa yako wa Instagram’ Zuchu chided him ‘niliona kakangu alipost kibao chetu kipya mimina msanii mwenzangu rayvanny kiitwacho ‘i miss you”

Khadija asked Zuchu that rumors online have been building and needs to answer the question if indeed they are getting married.

Zuchu assured her mother there was no such thing.

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Jackie Matubia excites fans with picture of baby daddy at dinner date

Milly Chebbys birthday dinner Monday Janaury 17th was a special time for actress Jackie Matubia to somewhat unveil her baby daddy to the world.

Jackie told that she and her date were hanging out with Milly for her 35th birthday.

Jackie captioned a video ‘Date night Monday’. Milly thanked Jackie for the friendship adding ‘God you know how much I desired intentional friendship. Thank you Jackie Matubia and bae and your bae. My heart is full.I pray to be that good friend to you.Happy to me’

Jackie Matubia

Milly was hounded by fans that she should instead share his picture because Jackie had refused. Milly responded sharign screenshots of complaints ‘sasa picha ya mtu wa Jackieni kitu ya kuficha watu januarysharry saa Chebby unafanya tukose chai kwani shuarry’

Milly laughed ‘You guys will finish me. Jckie Matubia unaweka watu’

Jackie shared the funny messages adding ‘kueni wa pole chai nitawapa mimi mweneywe very soon’

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Old Tweet by Kanye’s ex warning about humiliation from Kardashians resurfaces

Do you listen to the ‘mtaachana tu’ haters about entering a new relationship?

Amber Rose who was Kanye Wests ex wrote a tweet possibly predicting that his relationship with Kim Kardashian won’t last. she wrote that viable prediction 7 years ago when they parted ways.

The tweet has nw been revived this past weekend after Kanye told th einternet that he wasn’t inviteed to his dAughter Chicago’s 4th birthday party.

Later on we see Kanye at the party and he tells in a video that it was courtesy of Travis Scotts intervention.

Back in 2015, Amber Rose wrote ‘@kanyewest I’ll leave that up to the Kartrashians to humiliate u when they’re done with u.’

Some men think “wife material” is a lady who loves broke men

Dear classic 105 fam, what is your perfect description of a wife material.

A discussion on a viral Twitter thread declaring that ‘The problem with men is they think wife material is a lady who loves broke guys’ has gone viral, with many saying the view is highly skewed. Do you agree?

Truth be told, if men had a choice, yu would have 2 women, wife material who has overall say in all the family affairs then 2nd wife wekuenda naye party weekend.

You need to change the cohort of men you hang out with. Have you tried an introspection?
Besides, it’s rational for women to prefer men who earn their income as opposed to those who just have money.

Sometimes it takes a lady with courage and vision to alighn ‘broke’ man vision and together make prosperous couple. Marriage is teamwork not find ready ‘rich’ oppirtunism.

Wife material is a lady that loves and accept me the way I am right now and is ready to build a better future with me. My opinion

Nope a wife material is a lady that knows her self worth so rest.

These men don’t even love themselves when they are broke

Certainly for some, minds are not the same. In fact, It’s one of the qualities of wife material we as man mean patience to correct that not what you think as women

No! It’s a personal choice who to date. If you date a broke guy becoz you love him that’s good as well if you date a rich guy because of love.

Where does the element of being broke become a factor in love? I thought love covers…even a multitude of sins. Love anchors on faith. If one has faith in her choice nothing hinders!!!

Wife material is a woman who puts God first, understanding, caring, smart, humble, supports her man in everything.

It’s not that but every man loves a humble wife nomatter what else she needs along as she is submissive then that’s wife material. In your being submissive u notice your relationship will have less arguments and more love and respect. U wouldn’t want the person u love to strive

Before we say anything a good wife comes from the Lord, He who finds a wife, find a good things, having a good wife it’s favor from the Lord. About being broke it is not permanent so you can work it out. Noone will be broke forever.

Lol most of the good guys are broke and most of the bad guys are rich. As a result, ladies think wife material are supposed to love broke guys, yet in essence its about the goodness of these broke guys.

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