An Emotional Angelina Jolie Admits That Brad Pitt Is a Wonderful Father, Saying She’s Determined To Make Her Family Healthier

Angelina Jolie opened up about her split from Brad Pitt in a new interview, admitting that the actor is a ‘wonderful’ father to their six children.

The actress and director spoke with George Stephanopoulos on Good Morning America Tuesday morning to promote her new film ‘First They Killed My Father,’ and was asked by the anchor if she still believed the words she had used to describe her ex as a parent in an interview from years back.

‘Of course,’ said Jolie, who then added: ‘We will always be a family. Always.’

Jolie, 41, filed for divorce citing the ‘health’ of her family back in September after Pitt and oldest son Maddox were involved in some sort of skirmish on the family’s private plane.


The incident was later investigated by the Los Angeles County Department of Children and Family Services, who determined there was no reason to press any charges or keep Pitt from seeing his children.

Jolie also got emotional at one point when asked about the health of her family in the five months since she made the decision to file for divorce.

‘We are … we are focusing on the health of our family. And so we will be [healthier],’ said Jolie. ‘We will be stronger when we come out of this, because that’s what we’re determined to do. ‘

Jolie spent part of the interview speaking about her six children with Pitt, including son Maddox who was adopted from Cambodia, the country where she filmed her new movie.


The film, which Jolie directed, is about the 1.7million Cambodians who are believed to have been killed under the Khmer Rogue and Pol Pot, the leader of the country’s Communist party.

Some believe as many as 3million may have been killed under the dictatorship, which came to power in 1963 and committed mass genocide a decade later.

Close to a quarter of the population died, and as Jolie explained everyone in the country was affected as a result.

That is why she wanted to work with Maddox on the picture.
‘I don’t know much of my child’s birth parents but I believe they would have gone through this war,’ said Jolie.


‘I wanted to understand him and his culture in a deeper way and I wanted to bring this story to this country in their language.’

And Maddox was with her every step of the way she told Stephanopoulos.

‘I talked to Maddox about this film and about doing it, and it was him in the final hour who said he was ready, and that he wanted to understand more, and that he wanted to work on it, and he wanted me to make it,’ said Jolie.

‘Being with him on set and studying the history of this country with him and being with his people was extraordinary.’

She also added that her son Pax worked on the film as well doing the ‘still photography.’

Kenyan Men Outraged By Jackline Mwende’s Pregnancy and Cheating News, Demand Release Of Her Ex Husband (AUDIO)

Jackline Mwende shocked Kenyans when it was revealed that she was pregnant for another man, months after her ex-husband chopped off her hands in Masii town, Machakos.

This news rubbed a section of Kenyans the wrong way while others were genuinely happy for the 28-year-old, who confessed that she cheated and sired a child with another man to save her marriage.

Mwende was recently gifted with a two bedroomed house, and a fully stocked mini-mart to help her with income when she finally welcomes her child and a monthly stipend of Ksh.25,000.


Jackline Mwende’s estranged husband Stephen Ngila Nthenge was arrested days after the attack last year, and later released on a Sh200,000 bond for attempted murder. The case continues on February 27.

Jackline Mwende, Whose Hands Were Cut Off By Her Husband For Being Infertile, Is Now Pregnant

Maina Kageni sought to understand why people made such a big deal when Mwende came out to confess that she cheated on her ex-man to save her marriage, after blaming her for a childless marriage.

But while the discussion was going on, Maina noticed that so many fellas were demanding the release of Jackline Mwende’s ex-husband Stephen Ngila.


This truly angered some men who said that Mwende provoked Stephen by cheating on him just so she could prove she wasn’t the one with the issue and also for the urge of having her own child.

GHAI FAFA! Shock As Kenyan Woman Confesses To Siring Children Outside Marriage (AUDIO)

Maina Kageni decided to ask men a very simple question; “Men, why do you want Stephen Ngila to be released yet he committed a crime?”

Listen to the short audio below as Kenyan men defend the man who chopped off Mwende’s hands.




TREAT HER LIKE A LADY! Akothee Urges Kenyan Men To Stop Treating Their Women Like Pieces Of Rugs

Kenya’s wealthiest singer Akothee is known for her flamboyant lifestyle, which she’s never shy to show off on social media.

The celebrated singer is a single mother of five children, and even after revealing that she was engaged and set to wed her Swiss boyfriend, the big day didn’t happen.

Akothee has 5 kids, three girls who are from the same man, and two sons, both of whom are from another mzungu she used to date years back.

Artiste Akothee, Speaks On The Challenges Of Dating As A Single Mother

In 2016, Akothee, real name, Esther Akoth would have become a mother of 7 kids, after revealing that she was expecting twins with her Swiss fiancé, but sadly, she lost her unborn babies after collapsing at a Geneva train station.


Akothee is also enterprising, with a number of side hustles to bring in the money.

The singer is said to be very comfortable with being a single mum and has been able to fend for her kids over the years, with her baby daddies supporting her and visiting the family. Basically, she’s an independent woman who doesn’t believe in men who harass women.

Artiste Akothee Pays Tribute To Her Twins After Tragic Loss

In regards to the news that Jackline Mwende – whose hands were chopped off by ex-husband – is pregnant, Akothee decided to give her take, on the revelation that she cheated on her husband to save the marriage.


The sassy singer has shared a post, urging men to treat their women well, appreciate them and not use them as rugs lest they find someone who will treat them better. According to Akothee, if a woman finds another man who treats her like a queen, that doesn’t mean she cheated.

In fact, she sees nothing wrong when a woman leaves a man who’s harassing her to be with a better man;

You treat your wife like a piece of rug, someone meets her & treat her like a queen , they start seeing each other & you call that cheating ? my friend, you are an enemy of progress! love your wife , appreciate her , give her a listening ear , support her , take her out, hata kwa canteen for a soda , before someone else’s show her the new drink in town Mr Champagne, WOMEN APPRECIATE SMALL THINGS , I love you pals good night





GHAI FAFA! Shock As Kenyan Woman Confesses To Siring Children Outside Marriage (AUDIO)

Yesterday Tuesday February 21st we broke the story of Jackline Mwende being pregnant, months after her hands were cut off by her estranged husband for supposedly being infertile. The news caught many Kenyans by surprise.

The Machakos-native revealed that she was expecting her first child, 7 months after he ex-husband, Stephen Ngila Nthenge, carried out the atrocious act on her for failing to conceive ever since their wedding.

Below is a group of women including members from a German NGO who offered her a two-bedroomed house and a mini-mart in Kathama village, Machakos County.


Mwende apparently conceived the day before the attack, revealing that she cheated on her husband to save the marriage and also because of her deep rooted desire to have children.

Jackline Mwende, Whose Hands Were Cut Off By Her Husband For Being Infertile, Is Now Pregnant

This is the part that shocked Maina Kageni, whose morning conversation dwelt on this topic asking, “How many other men are being helped in their marriage because they cannot conceive together?”

Female callers really opened up to Maina.


The callers revealed that those who have extra-marital affairs keep this information a closely guarded secret, and it’s only in a few cases, like Mwende, where the husband finds out.

Ladies, How Many Of You Have Cheated To Save Your Marriage?

In a twist of events, a married woman called in and confessed that her husband in not the biological father of all her children and he has no idea that she sired outside the marriage.

If you don’t believe me, listen to the shocking revelation below.





51-year-old woman marries teenager in Migori

There was shock and disbelief after residents learned that a 51-year-old woman was living with a 17-year-old teen as man and wife.

The boy’s brother is said to have been searching for his sibling, whom he thought died in a road accident while riding his bodaboda, only to discover that the teen was living with the old woman.

Area residents angered by the incident beat  the woman thoroughly- Kichapo cha mbwa –  before police intervened. She’s being held at the Migori police station as police seek more information.

FOR LOVE OR MONEY? Kenyan ‘Clande’ Reveals She’s In Love With a Married Man, People React (Audio)

When Maina Kageni talked about cougars on the prowl, it emerged that most of the young men who hook up with older women do it for money and not for love or commitment.

This prompted the breakfast show host to talk about the other woman, better known as ‘clandes’ and if for them it’s also about the money or there is love involved despite them dating married men.

As we all know, there’s been a growing trend of older men dating young women, popularly called ‘clandes’ or simply as mistresses.

Kenyan Men Reveal Shocking Details Of How They Have Commanding Wives/Mistresses

According to Maina Kageni, this relationships or affairs never last for long, and most times, if not all times, the man ends up leaving the clande for another one, or just go back to his wife.


Maina Kageni’s concern and big question this time was, how do these mistresses ensure their financial security when the man leaves, because they will eventually leave at some point.

According to him, mistresses should invest and milk their ‘sponsors’ enough so that when he walks out the door, she’s financially secure, since it’s just about the money.

Man’s Plea For His Mistress And Wife To Get Along Goes Viral

The celebrated radio host also advised women, not to give their hearts to married men because it will never work as these men will end up going back to their wives at the end of it all.

During the discussion, a very interesting thing happened.


A mistress called in, revealing that it’s not always about the money when a woman dates a married man, confessing that she’s a clande and is very much in love with her ‘benefactor’, and trust me, she wasn’t ashamed.

Of course, this got reactions from other people – including Maina himself – who are against mistresses and women who date married men, and the worst part, falling in love with them, calling them delusional.

Listen to the shocking revelation below as the woman also receives criticism from married people.










NOT A WALK IN THE PARK! Habida Confesses That It’s Hard Balancing Marriage, Kids And Musical Career (Video)

Habida is known for her heart-warming love song Sunshine featuring Kenya’s veteran singer Nameless, which was one of the biggest songs back in 2012.

The gorgeous and sassy singer and songwriter had taken a music hiatus after she moved with her husband, Daniel Ebo, to South Africa back in 2016 with their daughter.

Habida Moloney would, later on, reveal that she was expecting their second child with the love of her life and in November 2016, she in welcomed her second child – a bouncing baby boy.

Habida (1)

The celebrated singer recently dropped a new song Sweet Love which is a warm poem to her family, her country Kenya and the entire music industry, featuring renowned Ghanian singer J Town.

Habida revealed that she had written the song when she was home sick, back in South Africa, and missing all the little things that make Kenya unique like our Swahili food and culture.

I Have Been Raped Before, Singer Habida Confesses

The sassy singer revealed that she had missed foods like mahamri and pilau, because for her, Kenya is her home, where her heart and roots reside. She also said that there are plans underway to set up a music studio in Nairobi.


But one thing that I couldn’t help fathom is how the stunning artiste balances being a wife, a mother and maintaining her musical career, especially now that her son is only a few months old.We recently sat down with the soft-spoken singer who is currently on a media tour to promote her new track.

While at it, she revealed how she’s coping with the hustle and still managing to be a good mother and loving wife.

One thing I was very curious to know, is how her life has changed after she got married – it’s been 6 years – and then came the babies, more so now that she wants to get back on her feet musically.


Well, Habida did not hesitate to tell us that it’s not easy and that there are times she just wants her time alone, from the children and hubby, just to get some peace of mind and breath.

Watch the short video below as Habida reveals the challenges of being a mother and if she misses being single;



Aren’t They Dazzling? Check Out 10 Of Kenya’s Sexiest & SINGLE Celebrity Mothers

In the Kenyan entertainment and media industry, we have celebrities of all caliber, from single to married, to the talkative ones and even others who like keeping their private lives under wraps. Many times, we are quite interested in the ones who are single, especially single celebrity mothers.

When it comes to female celebrities, there are those who are happily married with or without kids and those who are single and don’t show a sign of settling down anytime soon. There are some who were married and are now separated from their husbands, and then we have the single mothers.

TIMELESS LOVE! These Delightful Photos Of Size 8’s Beautiful Family Will Warm Your Heart

So, how about we focus on some of the most beautiful single celebrity mothers in Kenya, as we also celebrate them for the work well done.

Being a single mother is not a walk in the park, whether the father of your kid/s is still around and you’re co-parenting, or whether he disappeared the day he heard that you’re pregnant.

As we list some of the most elegant celebrity single mothers in Kenya, we also applaud them for their good work, and the sleepless nights while bringing up their children.

KEEPING IT SEXY! 7 Kenyan Celebrity Bachelorettes Above 30 Who Still Look Stunning And Attractive

Here is a list of the sexiest and most gorgeous single mothers in Kenya, who have managed to stay gracious even after giving birth.

1. Grace Msalame
This stunning media personality is a mother of two adorable twins who are now 5 years old. Grace Msalame is a proud single mom, who co-parents with her baby daddy, Paul Ndichu. Her ex is twin brother to Janet Mbugua’s husband.


2. Pierra Makena
She is Kenya’s top deejay who has worked her way through the entertainment industry over the years. The bootylicious entertainer is a first-time mother after giving birth back in July 2016, to a cute little girl, though she’s yet to show off her face. Pierra revealed in an interview last year that she is happy to raise her daughter alone since things she found out that she was pregnant after breaking up with the father of the kid.


3. Lilian Muli
The top news anchor is no doubt elegant even after giving birth to her only child back in 2010. The sassy media personality was once married to Moses Kanene but she divorced him after claims of cheating and physical abuse. She has since moved and looks more stunning than ever.

Controversial Journalist Lilian Muli Officially Divorces Her Husband Of Seven Years


4. Victoria Rubadiri
She is not only beautiful but also very friendly and down to earth, and to add icing to the cake, she’s a mother to a pretty daughter. The NTV news anchor has managed to keep her private life off the public eye over the years, but what we are sure of, she is still a very gorgeous mother.


5. Silvia Njoki
She’s one of Kenya’s top fashionistas and bloggers and she has made a name for herself in the fashion world. The ravishing queen of style is a mother to a cute, little girl, Lily, who occasionally features in her mother’s videos and photo sessions. Silvia Nkoji has maintained her sexy figure over the years and is aging like fine wine.


6. Sage
She’s one of the most talented singers in Kenya, and has a child with celebrated rapper King Kaka. Sadly, things didn’t work out since the guy apparently wanted to be with another woman. The mellow-voiced artiste has managed to keep her sexy on even after giving birth and hasn’t let being a single mom affect how she looks.


7. Kanze Dena
The Citizen TV news anchor is a beautiful soul who keeps her private life off the public radar, and has a way of appeasing viewers on TV. Kanze Dena revealed a few years back that she’s a proud single mother to a cute 10-year-old boy, though no one would have guessed. The TV presenter knows how to dress her body, using minimal makeup and keeping it natural.

Beauty And Brains! News Anchor Kanze Dena Gives Women Tips On How To Love Their Men


8. Brenda Wairimu
Her relationship with Kenyan rapper Juliani has been a bit complicated and the two are no longer seen together, neither do they post anything about each other on social media. The two are blessed with a cute little girl and Brenda has embraced motherhood since she gave birth. The model cum actress still looks like an 18 year and oozes charm all the time.


9. Terryanne Chebet
The former Citizen TV business news anchor is a doting mother to an adorable daughter who has taken after her looks. Chebet, however, kept the child off the limelight for the better part of her early life, deciding to keep things private. Terryanne co-parents with the father of the child, who is said to be a prominent Kenyan director and producer.


10. Caroline Mutoko
The former radio queen and public figure is a mother to daughter Theodora Nduku, whom she adopted back in 2011 when she was only 8 months old. The renowned media personality has an uncanny resemblance to the adorable little girl, who she calls the love of her life. Caroline Mutoko is not married and has never introduced her fans to any man in her life.


From Grass To Grace: This Is The Humble Story Of The 100 Bob Wedding Groom

Many have talked about the 100 bob wedding couple. Their simplistic life and pure love for each other has touched everyone who has come across their life story. Well, here is a background story on the 100 bob groom, Wilson Mutura Wanjohi.

Wilson was employed as a fruit seller at Kasarani. Note: He did not own the fruit stand, he was an employee. That did not stop him from loving his job and executing it to the best of his abilities.

According to social media activist Ndungu Nyoro, Wilson was passionate about everything he did from his job to serving the church as a choir member.


The couple had a grand do-over wedding on Valentine’s day surrounded by friends and family. Check out the photos in the link below.

From 100 Bob Wedding To Sh 3.5M Ceremony, Check Out These Heartwarming Pics

Wilson is still stunned at how his life has changed. He doesn’t have to go back to his job as a fruit vendor but rather, he can become a supplier of fruits and fresh produce to his former boss. They got a 1 million bob wedding present that will cater for that.

Posting a photo of his days as fruit vendor beside the photos of his honeymoon, Wilson wrote on his Facebook page,


Wilson Mutura

TIMELESS LOVE! These Delightful Photos Of Size 8’s Beautiful Family Will Warm Your Heart

Top gospel artiste Linet Muyali, aka Size 8, is one of the most popular female celebrities in Kenya, and even after crossing over from the secular world to the gospel side, she still made it to the top.

Size 8 is married to Kenya’s top gospel deejay, DJ Mo, real name, Sammy Muraya, but their relationship was actually a secret when they started out before the female singer even gave her life to Christ.

The two love birds would, later on, get married at a secret wedding in the presence of their family and close friends at a private ceremony on September 2013.


About a year later, the Mateke hitmaker revealed that she was expecting a child with the love of her life and in November 2015, she gave birth to their first child, daughter Ladasha Belle, despite a few pregnancy complications.

This was one of the happiest moments for the couple, but as they celebrated welcoming a soul to the world, Size 8’s mother, Esther Munyali, passed on after a long battle with kidney complications.

Size 8 Pens Down A Beautiful Message To Her Late Mother

Through it all, DJ Mo was by his wife’s side and supported his family through the tough times, while also celebrating happy moments together. The renowned DJ recently turned a year older and his lovely wife did not forget to give him a splendid surprise on the big day.

Birthday Boy! Size 8 Celebrates Hubby’s Birthday With The Sweetest Message

Well, the family recently spent quality time together during Valentine’s Day as they took time off their busy schedule to enjoy some family time and while at it, they decided to share pics from a recent photo shoot.


In the pictures, Size 8 and DJ Mo cuddle their lovely daughter as they rock matching outfits, looking very ravishing and happy. I bet this proves that the lovebirds are doing very well in their marriage.

Check out the heart-warming photos below.








KEEPING IT SEXY! 7 Kenyan Celebrity Bachelorettes Above 30 Who Still Look Stunning And Attractive

Valentine’s Day is a special day for lovers all over the world, but not everyone has a partner or lover to share the day with, thus, for them it’s just another normal day.

In Kenya, most married celebrities or those who are dating will find something special to do for their better halves like going out for dinner, buying flowers, or just making the time out to go for a romantic holiday.

But not all Kenyan celebrities are in relationships or married, so the possibility of them celebrating Valentines is pretty slim, and maybe if they do, they would do it with close friends and family.

NOT COOL! Ladies, Don’t Do These 5 Annoying Things Just To Get a Man To Treat You On Valentine’s Day

For women, being single can be disadvantageous when everyone else is celebrating love with their better halves, but that will only affect you, if you make it a big deal, after all, love should be celebrated every day.


In Kenya, we have several female celebrities who are single and very content with their relationship status. It gets even better when they are above 30 and still looks hot and elegant.

So, I decided to make a list of some Kenyan female celebrities who have been able to stay gracious and stunning even after hitting the big 30, and are very comfortable to be bachelorettes.

1. Sheila Mwanyigha
She is one of the most celebrated media personalities in Kenya, having been in the industry for more than a decade. Even after leaving mainstream media, the sassy lady is still going strong and even started her own YouTube channel. The singer, TV host, and former radio host has never been married and has no children, and in a recent interview, she revealed that relationships are hard.


2. Cynthia Nyamai
The former KTN news anchor quit the Kenyan media industry to focus on her own career, starting her own PR firm and so far, it has taken her to great places. Though she’s now single, the beautiful businesswoman was once married to David Makuyu, but went through a bitter divorce after she accused him infidelity and violence. Nyamai has moved on but has never introduced another man since then.


4. Terryanne Chebet
She used to work at Citizen TV until she was laid off a while back, and is currently focusing on her cosmetics business. Terryanne is a single mother, with one gorgeous daughter, who will turn 11 years sometime in April this year. The beautiful media personality is not married but was once in a relationship with her baby daddy and she continues to look lovely.


5. Caroline Mutoko
Former radio queen and one of the most celebrated media personalities in Kenya, Caroline Mutoko is an iron lady who is not only outstanding but also very witty. The incredible public figure has never introduced an official man in her life but is a proud mother of the cutest baby girl, Theodora Nduku, who she adopted back in 2011. Caroline Mutoko has a youthful look and you would never guess her age.

Caroline Mutoko



6. Grace Msalame
The media personality is known for her curvy body that always turns heads, and even after giving birth to twins, she has maintained her sexy figure. Grace Msalame was dating her baby daddy, twin brother to Janet Mbugua’s husband – but things didn’t work out, though hey still co-parent.


7. Kobi Kihara
Another very fashionable and lovable media personality who has been on our screens for a while, Kobi is not just appealing but also a very bubbly and smart, fun-filled person. She is yet to reveal the man in her life but as far as we are concerned, she’s still in the singles club, representing bachelorettes across Kenya I do have to say, she looks exquisite for a 35-year-old.

kobi kihara2

8. Lilian Muli
She was married to Moses Kanene at a white wedding back in 2009, but sadly, they divorced in 2016 and now she’s back to the singles club and seems to be loving it. Lilian Muli is a mother of one and still looks like a 20 something-year-old yet she’s in her mid-thirties and still strutting her stuff.



Eunice Njeri Talks About Her Valentine’s Day Plans (AUDIO)

Eunice Njeri is one of the most popular praise and worship gospel artists in the land. Don’t take my word for it, just check out how many views her songs get on Youtube and the number of times her songs are requested on gospel shows.

Word went round recently that she had opted to call it quits on her marriage and hadn’t even bothered to sign her marriage certificate. She didn’t just divorce Izzo Raps, she annulled their marriage -she literally refreshed everything like it had never happened!

Eunice Njeri Announces Separation From ‘Husband’ Just Few Months After Tying The Knot

Understandingly, she has been dodging the media ever since she broke news of the annulment on her social media profiles. She was a smart enough to control the narrative then refused to say more than she was willing to.

‘Why I Am Alone This Valentine’s Day,’ Gospel Star Mbuvi Explains

Our questions were thus left hanging…

Her silence has been pervasive until today. I called her up and asked after her plans for Valentines and when she heard it was Uncle Chim Tuna calling, she acquiesced and gave a short statement:

Girls, Do You Sometimes Look At Your Husband And Regret Marrying Him? Asks Maina Kageni (AUDIO)

Emmy Kosgei Makes Sweet Admission About Her Marriage To Apostle Anselm

It is Valentine’s day and people are showing the colour of their heart. And it bleeds love -nothing but love. However, Emmy Kosgei has made an interesting revelation about her relationship with Apostle Anselm Madubuko.

Emmy Kosgei doesn’t shy away from showing off her love for the man of God who is almost twice her age.

Fans have been waiting for the award-winning megastar known for hits like Taai and Taunet Nelel to announce the eventual addition to the family.

Here’s How Emmy Kosgei Inspires Us To Celebrate Our BFF’s This Weekend

Emmy Kosgei’s Valentine’s message dripped of nothing but love.

“I love this man.. he is the best thing that happened to me! I’m blessed with a loving and prayerful man, I’m blessed that I didn’t miss my divine moment.. Anselm Madubuko you mean the world to me! I’m wiser, deeper in things of God, you’ve made me a better person! You’ve shown me love and care.. I feel so special????????????????????… Nkem!” she wrote.

She also revealed that marriages are hard work, especially after Eunice Njeri’s lasted 24-hours.


‘Why I Am Alone This Valentine’s Day,’ Gospel Star Mbuvi Explains

Valentine’s Day is a day for all those love birds who make the single people cringe. Thus it is probably the worst time to be alone as you watch everyone else couple up, but for renown gospel artiste, Mbuvi, he really has no choice.

It seems Mbuvi will be spending his Valentine’s all alone. The star was linked to the gorgeous Kambua before she was stolen away from the life of singlehood by, Pastor Jackson Mathu.

Drama Free! Top 10 Kenyan Gospel Artistes Who Have Managed To Keep Scandals Away

So, is the Kwata Kawire singer single and available? Has he found someone to warm his bed? Why is he spending Valentine’s all alone?

Mbuvi explained,


Being a celeb comes with its own issues, while regular people flaunt their bae’s with no second thought celebs have to think twice.

Exposing your significant other to the drama of publicity and constant attention from fans can cause serious issues in the relationship.

Though some celebs choose to go public with their relationships, Mbuvi has chosen to keep private things private.

He says:


Do You Remember Taking Your Date To These Places Back In The Day?

V Day Alert!!! Here Are The Top 5 Clichés You Should Avoid This Valentine’s Day

It is not easy to please a woman, that I know. Now that Valentine’s day is here, there the things we are used to doing and but have been overused to the point that their meaning is now long lost.

Well, it’s time to up your game! The days are gone when love birds used to chill and have a cool time at Uhuru park and Jeevanjee gardens. Just when you thought people have embraced the new generation’s way of doing things, there are those that still hold dear the old fashion way of spending Valentine’s.

Do Not Buy Plastic Flowers

There are everywhere in town and might look attractive to you, but hey men! Ladies want live and fresh flowers with a beautiful scent. Yes, I agree that plastic flowers will last a lifetime and might remind her of you but that is so cliche as everyone is buying them. Well, some ladies may also consider not receiving any type of flower because to them, all that hype is a cliche.


Do Not Be Desperate

Ladies, if your man is a gentleman, he will treat you well,  like the lady you are. Sending too many messages to your man questioning his plans for Val’s is a No No. You might even spoil the surprise! Anyway, if he doesn’t concern himself with you, its time you found another option!

Do You Remember Taking Your Date To These Places Back In The Day?

Forget Poems

These cliche poems with meaningless lies are so not for Valentine’s unless you want to lose her to a more mature man. On this one, I would beg you never do it even if it’s on Christmas or your anniversary, it is one thing that pisses women off.

Replace  The Colour Red

In the 90’s, the town would be painted red with ladies matching the gift shops with their clothes. Today I looked at Nairobi’s streets and saw how 2017 has changed this generation. Although there are those who still go the old fashioned way, I’m guessing black is the new red!


No Blind Dates

Valentine’s is meant to be a day for lovers who have stayed together and let love grow, not a day for some one night stand strangers. Just when you thought that dinners were the most romantic thing ever, numerous ladies have come out citing that they now prefer outdoor activities than the typical dinner.

In the meantime, have a nice Valentine’s day, and remember love should be celebrated every day!

From 100 Bob Wedding To Sh 3.5M Ceremony, Check Out These Heartwarming Pics

Today’s wedding is a far cry from this couple’s 100 bob wedding officiated back on January 30th, 2017. Wilson Wanjohi and Anne Muhonja is the proud couple who have been blessed with a Sh 3.5 million bob wedding. Now they look like a million dollar couple.

Beside the Sh 3.5 million do-over wedding, Wilson and Anne also got other presents like an-all-expense paid honeymoon in Diani.

Pesa Otas! 100 Bob Wedding Couple Can Now Own Millions

The five-day trip saw the couple soak up the sun at a 4-star hotel at the coast.

Another well-wisher blessed them with an even better present that will help then eke out a living and be productive members of society.

From 100 Bob Wedding To 4-Star Hotel! Humble Couple Fly Off To Beach Side Honeymoon After Social Media Blows Up


Here are photos from the lavish wedding…








Happy Valentine’s everyone!

“Why Would You Deny Someone a Managerial Position Just Because They Are Not Married?” Maina Kageni Asks

Has it ever crossed your mind that being single can make you miss a chance for being hired for a top managerial job or post?

Well, this is what Maina Kageni found out over the weekend while hanging out with a couple of executives and businessmen, who vividly revealed that a being a bachelor or single lady can cost you a good job.

According to them, there was a certain man who was qualified and well suited for a particular job, but the only thing that disqualified him from being taken up for the position was the fact that he was not married.

Famous Kenyan Women Who Have Made It Big After Leaving Their Lucrative Jobs

Maina Kageni could not understand how someone’s marital status has anything to with his or her professional qualifications or work ethics, or how a person cannot be trusted with leadership or managerial duties just because they don’t have a better half.

sad-man (1)

The big question was; “Is it true that if you are not married you cannot be elected in high positions or management jobs?”

The conversation received a lot of reactions from listeners, with some finding it hard absurd that someone can be denied a top job just because of their marital status, while other agreed with the fact that to be a leader, you have to be married.

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As for Mwalimu Kingang’i, he was among those who agreed that a man or woman ought to be married so as to show that they are capable of handling a company or employees, because to him, being single makes one less responsible.

Listen to the audio below as men and women give their take on whether a bachelor or single woman should be denied managerial positions just because of the relationship status.







She’s Glowing! 5 Photos Of Gloria Muliro That Prove She’s Doing Better After Dumping Estranged Husband

Gloria Muliro made headlines back in 2015 when she came out to reveal that she was separating from her husband, Eric Omba, after claims of abuse, misuse of her cash and infidelity.

The celebrated singer walked out of the marriage because she couldn’t fake happiness anymore. Even as much as she had tried to make amend and make it work, the controversial pastor only made things worse in the 5 years they were together.

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Pastor Eric Omba and Gloria Muliro exchanged wedding vows back 2009 at a colorful ceremony. Things, however,  didn’t turn out to be so blissful, with Gloria Muliro revealing that her ex-husband mismanaged her career, as well as making claims to property that was not his.

Gloria-with-pastor-Omba (1)

At some point, Eric Omba did not want to let go of his beautiful wife and even hoped to win her back, but sadly,  Muliro had moved on and decided to turn over a new leaf.

But years on, Gloria Muliro has proved to be stronger and has been focusing on her music and rumour has it that she found a man worthy of her attention. She is currently dating him but has chosen to keep the relationship away from the public radar.

Sorry Pastor Omba, Gloria Muliro Has Moved On

On the other hand, her ex-husband has also found himself a younger woman, and they already have a daughter together. Mark you, they have not walked down the aisle, meaning he’s gotten a child out of wedlock…


But one thing I have noticed, Gloria Muliro looks stunning and is glowing even after walking out of the painful marriage. There is no doubt that she’s now stress-free and is doing better than ever.

These elegant photos below prove that Muliro is happier and now has peace of mind;