Pascal Tokodi and Grace Ekirapa celebrate wedding anniversary in never-before-seen photo

Pascal Tokodi and his wife Grace Ekirapa know how to keep a secret. The two would have thrived spectacularly during the cold war era where couples made a name for themselves spying for their mother countries while risking life and limb were they to be caught.

I use that introduction to write about the shocker that most Kenyans had when the couple disclosed that they had gotten married.

That revelation occurred a few months ago. At the time I thought that it was a publicity stunt to promote Pascal’s new song but through the months the two have shown that they were indeed married.

But here’s the thing, Pascal and Ekirapa actually got married much earlier than we were led to believe. Yep, you read that right!

Pascal and Grace marked one year in marriage on Saturday, March 7. The couple had a party in their backyard and welcomed their friends and family to help them feast and make merry.

“Never!” Defiant Pascal Tokodi on whether he would change what he said to Uhuru (Exclusive)

The happy couple had a huge placard with their names written on it and covered it with heavenly balloons. Pascal and his wife Grace were every bit excited and thanked God for a year filled with happiness and peace.

Grace also marked the occasion with an Instagram post of her own. Her caption read, “4.3.21😍😍😍 ONE down, 99 more to go❤️❤️❤️ @pascaltokodi 🥂 to Forever.”

What fascinates me about this story is that Pascal and his wife were able to keep the fact that they were married away from the media spotlight many months after they exchanged vows.

Not only that, the couple were so secretive that most people didn’t even know that they were dating! Not even one photo of the two was seen of them together when they were courting.

That’s what you call keeping your business away from streets. Many up-and-coming celebs should take notes from this “spy” couple.

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Even when I’m 60 years I will still call myself single – Married man tells Mondo

Today morning Mike Mondo spoke about a topic that affects Kenyans especially with the huge culture of sponsors and slay queens we have.

Mike asked married men why they lie about their marital status? “Guys, why do you lie about your martial status? You even go to the extent of removing your wedding ring!”

One man had an interesting opinion saying that his lie was the opposite. He would lie that he was married as he felt it helped him with women. “I’m single but I lie to women that I’m married. It’s the easiest way kuwaeka box. Tell them you’re single and you’ll die single.”

Some other comments from Kenyans are below:

Because polygamy is the default settings of every man.

Men who do this kind of vice are mischievous and cheeky..

I once had a married guy say that ‘bibi yangu ni bibi tu tukiwa kwa nyumba’. They’ll never say the truth.
“Kenyan men are always single. Unakuta mtu ako 40 na bado anasema ako single.” 

Not even Kenyan men, just say Kalenjin men, those lads won’t admit to have married. Wanataka kula wote, hata ako na mabibi kumi, eei acha tu.

I met another dude who was like, “marriage is not a prove of love, nimemueka tu kwa nyumba lakini simpendi”…
They will never admit…Marriage is a scam…

Yes, wacha tukae single tutafute pesa

Mimi hata nkifika 60 years bado nko single bora nipatane na kitu mzuri njiani…

Mike mimi siwezi sema. Hata hiyo Pete sivaangi. A man will always be a man.

I don’t understand how a woman would stay with a man n not know that he’s married!! That woman is lying, she ignored the signals! Personally I’ll look at your face and notice immediately even without that ring! A man can’t lie for long.

But hata asipokwambia utajua tu your insticts never lie. These are my only intentions.

That’s what they forget. Huyo mwenye anasema she stayed with him for 4yrs bila kujua, believe you me alijua it’s only that she didn’t want to accept it. Instincts za madame hukua on another level.

Yeah she lived in betrayal. But I have a frnd from campis who dated a guy that worked kwa county she never knew he was married he used to travel anasema ni job trips had two phones ya kucommunicate na real wife was always hidden. He spoiled her with money.

It is not that men play games, majority of ladies love dating married men because of Money. In fact, ladies are the ones looking for married men.

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I called my lovers wife to tell her I want to get married to her husband

Classics Maina Kageni was left astounded after a side chick confessed to him that her married lover allowed her to call his wife and tell her they want to get married.

This all happened during a morning conversation on Friday where Maina asked single girls why they go for married men, yet he is wasting their time.

This particular woman called in and said she wasted 11 years of her life dating her married lover because she assumed he would marry her. He didn’t and left her to return to his wife.

“let me tell you Maina. I’ve been with this guy 11 years, a married man and my thought was maybe he will leave his wife for me, because he kept saying he is tired he is not comfortable with his marriage and I was ok and that I was good. So I thought this guy was serious and I was ready for that. Unfortunatley he didn’t leave he, so let me tell ladies they just cheat us hawa watu ni waongo”crying woman

The married man went back to his wife leaving her humiliated.

“So after 11 years of wasting my life , he went back to his wife, nilijipoteza kabsa. I got a child with him and he doesn’t recognize the child. It is so painful, he doesn’t take care of the child, he gives me  nothing and when I tell him I want another man he tells me he will kill me so I’m like, I’m insecure. Halalfu sasa miaka imesonga, now I’m 34. So I was with him since I was 23 na niliona niko na life na yeye”crying woman

“One day he allowed me to call his wife to tell her about us, to see whether this guy was serious and he was there when I was calling his wife, and he told em he didn’t have a problem with me calling his wife, and I told her I want to settle with her husband, and then she told me according to yeye mimi si wa kwanza ata ako na wengine so I go on, maina let me tell you these guys they are so good when it comes to pamper us lakini hauna promise ya marriage”

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Rayvanny apologizes to Harmonizes girlfriend for getting her teen daughter drunk


On 15th February, Rayvanny and  Hamisa Mobetto were accused by Harmonize’s new girlfriend Kajala Masanja of allegedly getting her student daughter Paula drunk and recording her.

In a video clip that was shared on social media, Rayvanny was seen kissing 18-year-old Paula.

Rayvanny, however, deleted the video shortly afterwards.

In a lengthy post, Kajala said that on February 9, she allowed Hamisa to take her schoolgoing daughter for lunch but she took her to Rayvanny’s house, where they allegedly got her drunk and then recorded her.

She asked relevant authorities to take action.

Hamisa hit back saying she took Paula for lunch then dropped her off at her mother’s gym.

“Even if Hamisa Mobetto is the ugly place where you dump your garbage it has to stop. Kajala on the 9th your child asked me to take her for lunch. I told her I had to talk to you first, and I called you and you saw that it was alright.

“Don’t you see you’re lying publicly without fear? The day I went with Paula, did she have the same hair in the videos? I beg to be blamed for accepting the request to take your child for lunch and not otherwise,” she posted.

“I am a mother, a business person, stakeholder and ambassador for various companies. I have built my brand for a long time, so I would like to be respected and not tarnished by false accusations like these. I am also a parent and a child to my mother just like you,” she added.

She threatened Kajala with legal action over the allegations.

All through this Rayvanny kept quiet and on March 4th he responded on Instagram saying he is sorry for his actions.

He wrote “ Nichukue nafasi hii kumuomba radhi dada angu @kajalafrida na kuwaomba radhi wazazi na yoyote ambaye nilimkwaza kwa kupost video ambayo inawezekana imetafsiriwa vibaya …kwasababu sisi ni binadamu na kamwe hatuwezi kukamilika”


My husband cheated on me with my sister and friend but I won’t leave him


After three years in a marriage, a wife discovered that her husband had been cheating with her sister and worse impregnated the girl twice.

The wife told her real life story during the Thursday morning conversation on Classic 105, where Maina asked wives how they deal with the embarrassment in public or at family gatherings. He asked

“So I want to know, you walk into any gathering and everyone knows your husband is like. How do you maintain your dignity? How do you keep your chin up> You walk into the office and everyone knows about your husband but you have to be professional. How do you do it?”

The woman described her humiliation in her story below

“My husband cheated with  my sister. Apparently she aborted two of his pregnancies, but for the second one she didn’t have the money so she asked one of my aunts and they all knew. Everyone knew what was going on behind my back, but I had no idea and I was living with her since she was six after our parents separation. My sister has been living with me in my house, my family knew, my in laws knew about everything and no one could tell me what was going on”


“So you can imagine when I found out all this happened we had a disagreement and I moved out to live with my friend, but eventually moved back again to my marital home. While I was away from my marital home my husband went hitting on the friend who was hosting me, the person I  went to to comfort me. I used to go to family gatherings and people were looking at me with sympathy, and I’m here with my friend she had sent me screenshots of their moments, after I returned to my marital home. You can imagine you visit public places you hear people discuss you that you are so pretty and they are wondering what he was looking for  out there. I am still with him, and I know he will cheat again but at some point in marriage you invest too much, ok this is my second marriage and in the first I didn’t invest like this so I can’t afford to leave him juu ya ujinga yake, and it there’s no angel out there it happens in all marriages.”

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“I’m not eyeing your husband” Single woman blasts married women tenants

A South African woman has had enough of married women constantly being suspicious that she is after their husbands.

Taking to Twitter, the single woman castigated married woman tenants saying “Dear married women living in complexes, my being single and living in the same complex as you in no way means I am eyeing your husband. Stop giving m dirty looks”

Her statement drew lots of reaction from her followers who also said they suffer the same experience.

One differed and said maybe its the husbands who trigger the insecurities in their wives thus the enrgy is transferred to any single woman.

Girls be honest, are you attracted to another womans husband where you live and have you considered shooting your shot?

Pssst, we won’t say anything *insert wink*

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Dear Kept man, here are tips for successfully dating a rich woman

We are in a new era where younger men are dating older women and some do it for her money, and what they can gain.

So fellas if you are her toy boy, here is a list of rules you should follow to make sure you successfully date her.

1. When she laughs, laugh harder

Self explanatory.laugh(1)

2. Be romantic

She lives in a world where people are fake to her, so she is looking for true emotions. Here’s where your charm should come in.  Make her emotions come alive and things will fall in place. Trust me, chicks dig this.

3. Be sexy and attentive

Be attentive to her emotional clues. Some women have a hard time telling a man just what she needs emotionally, so as a kept man, your attention to her clues is key. Make her feel special.

4. Don’t try to keep up with her spending habits
Avoid talking about always being broke, it’s a turn off, secondly foot some bills especially if its not too much, she will appreciate it and will repay in double.arguea-about-money

5. Don’t be too obsessed with the income gap

Although it will always be that she earns a gazillion more shillings than you, fellas use your charm on her and show her its not money that counts. Show her you are a caring, funny, kind and interesting man in spite of the matter. a real woman won’t make you spend money you don’t have and she will understand your financial situation

6. Be a gentleman
A little chivalry never hurt. This is where you bring out your manners, opening doors for her, calling her frequently during the day to check if she;s fine, get her car fixed because she doesn’t have time, and make yourself useful around her house.

7. Show her you are a motivated man
Showing your woman you are working towards making your life better will make her happy. A woman like to see a man who is working toward a goal.couples-music-min

8. Show her how creative you can be
Dates don’t always have to be about having money. Cook for her and trust me fellas she will love the effort. We have always heard that its the effort that counts. In case you are stuck, refer to Nameless who said he takes Wahu on cheap dates because it’s the effort.

9. If all else fails, win over her friends

Why? they will convince her you are a great guy who deserves a second chance .Make them your allies and you will score major points.


Dear Classic 105 fam, do you think you could try these tips and let us know how it went?

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My husband would rather sleep on the couch to avoid me

If your partner decides to sleep on the sofa as opposed to sharing a bed, is it a red flag for your relationship.

The Classic 105 morning conversation with Maina Kageni centered around the topic of men sleeping on the sofas.

Maina was astounded and said this is why he will never get married “it is incredible what you go through”

Women confessed their heartbreaking experiences with husbands who prefer the sitting room to their marital bed. Here are some confessions below.

The first women said “Let me tell you Maina, I am currently single, but before that let me tell you, he used to sleep on the sofa mtu analala kwa kiti kila kitu na makosa haionekani, sometimes they just have their won stress, it;s nto somethign I have done to him. Wako tuu na kisirani yake, akufukuzaye hakuambii toka, huyu jamaa ako tuu na vitu zake, mine was sleeping on the sofa coz he was cheating. He woudl coem to our marital bed once in a long while, and we would use our own blankets with our backs facign each other. So I eventually told him it’s better he sleep in the sitting room. He slept there almost two months, but we didn’t quarrel. Imagine for two months, I stopped washing his clothes, kwani I’m his maid, if he can sleep on the sofa then there’s no difference let him wash his clothes”
couple annoyed
Another angry wife said “Sometimes, it’s not the woman it’s the man who has his own stress and takes such decisions to sleep on the sofa. My husband slept on the sofa for a whole year and I never asked him”

A third said “Let me tell you it happens Maina, mine was sleeping for six moths alilala kwa kiti na nikajua after six months. He didn’t tell em why after six months. I would bring mine, tunalala na yeye ako sitting room, we had fought, one day he came and found socks weren’t washed he started a fight, then after that I thought it was over after reconciling, but he would come home only talking to his children then he would sleep in the sitting room, six months ikaenda nikajua kwani mimi ni ngombe, I would bring in and upt to today he doesn’t know,”

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“Would you invest in your man?” Maina’s question sets Kenyans on edge

Maina Kageni’s morning conversation went viral today as the man brought up a deeply divisive topic, talking about Kenyan women investing in their men.

“Apparently, women of nowadays don’t invest in their men,” he added.

King’ang’i himself had this to say, “You have to invest in your man. Hiyo pesa ya chama si umpatie afungue biashara.”

The comments came hard and fast with very many diverse opinions that I can’t even summarise cleanly. Read them below:

Maina I see potential in my husband but I don’t see us going far because I earn 600k and he earns 100k, so I need someone who is in the same level as me.”

Letting a woman invest in you is a big mistake. You are handing over the ‘instruments of power’. You will be a puppet in your own family.

The fear that women have is brought about by their peers and the older female gender who always spill the negativity of their past relationship or marriages. Women will always look at the negative cause they can’t forget the bad but the good its easy for them to forget.

Ata wao watupige support,, they should remember that you are everyday’s breadwinner, whether you have money or not.

Most women believe that their money is only for them therefore they can’t invest in their men.

It’s hard for Kenyan women to invest in their men. This because nowadays a lady earning more than her man doesn’t trust him.

Ni Urimu.

The other gender – people who listened to a snake and brought this all sufferings in the world need not to support us. Ile kukutangaza watakutangaza village ata kuku haitakua na heshima having sex in front of you.

Your statement is contradictory. You don’t see any potential in him. Kuna siku utapoteza na wewe uchekwe

This woman is just nuts, coz that’s not love she has it’s like she’s there for money only.

Ladies need to be careful because hawa watu wanaweza kugeuka.

Absolutely true these men are chameleons!!Vigeugeu!

So because you gave him money and invited he can’t breath? If you help someone don’t be thinking he or she will do the same learn to continue doing what you used to do

It all depends on the trust in one another.

Sometimes it’s risky investing in men. My husband lost his job so I bought him a car ndio afanye biashara ya kuuza vitu nayo. Three months later he started treating me badly and I know he is making money. When I ask him for money, anasema hana pesa.

Don’t judge all men, not all the same, but it will depends mnapelekana na yeye aje na wapi . So your own marriage is all about both of you and not to other people out there.

I’ve heard that lady and she’s just speaking with anger and hatred. Before she got married to the man, how much did the guy spend on her? Those white candle 🕯 dinner amesahau how it costed him? Wakubali kulipa madeni later in life.

This is very scary! It’s very risky investing in these men!! Most of them are very ungrateful!!!

As it’s always been said, a man is most humble when broke.

Like I just said she will remind you till you die did you hear the last caller.

Investing in someone foolishly could be a waste at times, modern day relationships are so unpredictable, u wed today, the next day u find urself in a divorce court, it’ll better writing an agreement so that ur able 2 get back ur resources kukiharibika.

If only you treated us well right from the beginning,we would treat you like kings and even trust you with our ATM cards, but you treated us like crap from the word go. Don’t blame us.

Nowadays ladies please don’t cheat yourself ati treating them well utanyonywa mpaka ubaki.

Hiyo upus siwezi fanya…

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Corazon trolled after Kenyans find out she liked photo of Maureen and Frankie as a couple

Kenyans will not seem to let the Corazon Kwamboka, Frankie Kiarie and Maureen Waititu triumvirate rest. Why would I say that?

The recent hullabaloo has developed after inquisitive Kenyans noted (after carefully going through Frankie’s Instagram page) that Corazon was following Frankie on social media when he was still with the mother of his two kids. Way back in 2019!

Corazon liking Frankie and Maureen Waititu's picture
Corazon liking Frankie and Maureen Waititu’s picture

Not only that, what took the cake for some was that Corazon would actually like photos of the couple in intimate poses while they were still together.

This has now caused some Kenyans to surmise that the voluptuous Corazon was always a member of  “kamati ya roho chafu” or the “mtaachana” crew who fill up comment sections preying and praying for people to split up.

“If he can’t lift you, he doesn’t deserve you!” Is Corazon Kwamboka right?

While I can see their point of view due to the interesting coincidence, I will have to disagree with them. This is simply life being life.

Sometimes people will innocently and innocuously like a photo, not out of spite or malice but a genuine appreciation of what they see.

Not only that, the phrase “All’s fair in love and war” applies in this situation for me. Corazon and Frankie have in past interviews revealed that they started seriously dating after their respective relationships fell apart in 2019.

The beauty also denied being the reason why the fitness trainer’s marriage with Waititu failed. According to the duo, they kept the relationship private since they did not want the backlash and judgment they were getting from people.

My question is? Why would a person deny themselves potential happiness just because of the optics? Yes, that last sounds bad but the truth is that Corazon was able to snag a highly desirable man shortly after his relationship failed, which most honest women would have done if they had the chance to.

It wasn’t her fault that Frankie and Maureen’s relationship failed and it would have been foolish of her to turn down the opportunity to get such a high-value man-Especially a man whose page she used to like and follow before. My point is; Strike while the iron is hot and she did!

But what do I know?

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People are googling words used by Kim Kardashian as reasons for divorce

People are amused at Kim Kardashian citing banality and avarice as reason for divorce.

First of all, we had to google what that means.

Banality means lacking new or interesting qualities or simply unoriginal.
Avarice means extreme greed for wealth or material gain.

While Kanye West was sharing that he thought his presidential ambitions cost him his marriage, a reason Kim may have ended the marriage is because of something called “conspicuous consumption, avarice, and banality” 

 A source told several publications about the current mental state of Kanye West: “He is anxious and very sad. He knows that the marriage is over, and there’s nothing that can be done right now. He also knows what he is losing in Kim.”

Whats more interestign is that accordign to sources Kim Kardashian West will reportedly be documenting her $2.1 billion divorce from Kanye West on a new tv series

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She took a back seat for the sake of the family! Rufftone praises wife (Exclusive)

Rufftone is one musician who will be remembered by all sundry in Kenya as a man who pushed the gospel industry forward in leaps and bounds.

The man who is married and has 2 kids with his wife has served his industry without causing controversy while still being respected, something many in the industry can learn from him.

Unlike what the public knows and likes about him, I asked the artiste in a recent interview how he would like his wife and kids to remember him when all is said and done?

He replied,

“I was born in this generation to impact people to the cross and to encourage my peers to get born again. That is why I was born. The Bible says, ‘David served well in his generation’. Even me I want to serve well in my generation by speaking about the cross of Christ without fear or favour.”

He added,

“I have a new song-a collabo with my wife which we are releasing this month of February. It’s called Usiniache. My wife and I have been out of the scene for a couple of years, particularly my wife. One of the last songs I did was Mungu Baba and now it’s been 7 years.”

Rufftone with his wife
Rufftone with his wife

And he didn’t stop there yet. The man went on to praise his lovely wife saying, “I am championing my wife. You know she’s been so good. She took a back seat for the sake of the family. Now it’s time for her to resurface.”

Listen to the audio of the musician speaking about the above below:


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Watch this space! Comedian Paul Kimani reveals that he will be proposing this year (exclusive)

Comedian Paul Kimani has been a success in the entertainment scene with Kenyans embracing his act as MCA Tricky wholeheartedly.

The man had a very successful 2020, that he touched on in his interview with me but one thing that I noted was that he had stopped posting anything related to a romantic relationship in his life.

What was going on in that area of his life?

“In that area of relationships I pulled a leg back, so I can look. I am getting old you know. I am starting to think like an older more mature man. I don’t want to have the games of girlfriend and boyfriend. I want to try something perfect, let me say that.”

MCA Tricky with Reina
MCA Tricky with Reina

And what had happened to the lady he had been linked with in the past, who was called Reina?

“I cannot call her my ex because, and the reason for that is that saying she is an ex means you kosanad vibaya. Reina is still my friend. We are not together anymore.”

And has the comedian who is often linked to Akothee’s daughter begun seriously looking for a woman to become his wife? Yes, he has, telling me that he has been dating someone for some time. “It is already there and it has been there for some time.”

Rue Baby with MCA Tricky
Rue Baby with MCA Tricky

When can expect good news like an engagement announcement? “This year will not end. Next time we speak, it will be very clear.”

So will it be a proposal or walking down the aisle? “It will be a proposal, something that will let people know how serious I am. I will make it official everywhere,” he finished.

Listen to the audio of the comedian speaking about the above interview with this writer below:

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Nikujipanga! Women tell how they ran away from notorious husbands

A conversation on Classic 105 arising from a question by Mwalimu Kingangi to women about how they secretly ran away from marital homes revealed alot.

Mwalimu wanted to know how women are able to pull off packing their bags and household items, and take off without a trace.

“How do you disappear in Nairobi? Where do you go? How do you manage to cover your tracks mpaka hujulikani kabisa? And it’s not that you have left Nairobi, you are here just that hauonekani! It’s a talent only Kenyan women have. You know men watapatikana, go to their workpoplace or just give them one or two weeks you will find them. How do you move mpaka curtain mtu haoni, how do you plan, do you know kuhama Nairobi ni ngumu sana, how do you plan so meticulously, and your friends cant tell me where you are, and I never see you? Mwalimu askedcouple annoyed
Guys have you ever looked for a lady but cant find her, yet you know she is in Nairobi? Maina also asked women to tell

“They leave ki snipper, hata watchman hajui, how do you do it? Mwalimu askd yet again.

Several women narrated their experiences which shed light on their sneaky ways. Dear men, chunga.

The first woman told that ” I was married and he used to torture me, and I would tell him that one day one time utanikosa, but he didn’t listen, you know I got married immediately after form four. I got a child and I was so small, he tesad me then I torokad with my child when he was in class five. I left silently, packed my bags and no one asked me where I was going. I educated my son and he is now in  form four, I even took him ot the ceremony for male right of passage. I built a house on my own,. The funny thing is my husband keeps askign me where I am he comes for me, but I never tell him, we even meet on the streets but I won’t tell him where I live, we talk alot on the phone, but I won’t let him see our son. he has never seen his son who is 18 now, hajawahi muona. Let em tell you Maina, I remember I used to tell him to stop torturing me and that I will leave him, but he ignored me, nilingangana na mtoto saa hii ako form four, so let me tell you maina”woman kicked out for overstaying

A second women told that

“You want to tell me that a person who can leave their persosn house, can’t leave her husband also? How do you wonder how they can leave you? Mungu amenilea ndio nikafika maturity you think I can’t leave you, alafu when you didn’t want me now you want to know where I am going, what for? why do you want to know? surely Maina some questions don’t even make sense. the question is why are you looking for me yet when I was there you didn’t want me? even watchies know where we go, they just don’t tell you, who do you think opens the gate for me? ehh why are you looking for us and it’s so easy for a woman to start again, very easy”

I mean even our own Tanasha Donna packed and left when Diamond was away in the USA for a concert. She returned to Kenya and revealed her reasons in an interview with a local magazine.

Dear Classic 105 fam, does it now make sense that a wife can be planning to leave you all along and you will never have a clue?

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Aging like fine wine! Meet Daddy Owen and Rufftone’s beautiful mother

Daddy Owen is one man who most likely didn’t want to face Valentine’s this year. The man had the bad luck of having his marriage come crashing down in the most horrific way in 2020.

View this post on Instagram

A post shared by Daddy Owen (@daddyowen)

It was alleged that his wife, Farida Wambui had left him for a tycoon, claims that have still not been substantiated. The whole affair was a culmination of a tough period for the singer with the “Vanity” singer saying that he had even gotten depression.

No marriage is worth your life! My message to Daddy Owen (Opinion)

In a recent interview, Owen noted the truth was eventually going to come out and he did not want Farida to be blamed for their split.

Owen said when wrangles increased, he started worrying and before he knew it – he was deep in sorrow after she left.  But it seems like the singer is taking positive steps to get out of his miasma.

View this post on Instagram

A post shared by Daddy Owen (@daddyowen)

This Valentine weekend the man celebrated the day with his mother and their family. From the pictures that he shared on social media, one could see how happy and at peace he looked.

The Vanity hitmaker showered his mother with love to celebrate the day quoting 1 Corinthians 13.4 which states, “Love is patient, love is kind. It does not envy, it does not boast, it is not proud.5 It is not rude, it is not self-seeking, it is not easily angered, it keeps no record of wrongs.6 Love does not delight in evil but rejoices with the truth.7 It always protects, always trusts, always hopes, always perseveres”

View this post on Instagram

A post shared by Daddy Owen (@daddyowen)

He later added another picture with other members of his family with his caption reading, “Mama na watoto yake.. imagine ths is half of the family.. 4 others wako Nairobi! Our parents walitulea wote vipoa weh! Lakini tuko wengi🤣🤣🤣 The #Mwatias. 2 of my beautiful sisters and our last born.”

View this post on Instagram

A post shared by Daddy Owen (@daddyowen)

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Poll results – Kenyans reveal if they will watch Eric Omondi’s “Wife Material” sn 2

Kenyans have voted on a poll we at Classic105 put out in the field. The topic of the poll concerned whether Kenyans would be watching the second season of Eric Omondi’s popular show, Wife Material?

The question came to us after singer Avril Nyambura had claimed that Eric is always repeating his comedy, something a majority of Kenyans seemed to agree with.

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That prompted us to explore the thought, with the second season of Wife Material offering such a perfect opportunity to gauge Kenyan’s and their taste. Why? It would show whether Kenyans were buying into the new and improved second season that Eric has been promising or was it same ol’ same ol’?

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Kenyans have voted and in a landslide majority, 78% of the Classic105 poll voters said that they wouldn’t be watching the second season!

Yep, you read that right! Check out the screengrab of the results below:

Eric Omondi poll results screenshot
Eric Omondi poll results screenshot

Some comments from two interested Kenyans are below:

That show is full of po**ographic material.akwede huko.

This is nonsense. Does Eric has nothing to do nowadays?? I think he should go back to the drawing board. I never supported that thing from the word go.

What do you think of the results and will you be watching the second season yourself?

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Kate Actresses’ answer about husbands reaction to onscreen romance

There are some actors and actresses whose on screen chemistry is so good, one is left wondering, is there something more to it?It’s so unbelievably good that whenever both of them on screen you believe in their love.

From start to finish their connection is so genuine.

And this is one of the questions Kate Actress was asked by a fan in a Q&A recently. Someone wanted to know whether the live chemistry has ever been a problem in her relationship.

If you recall, the chemistry on the silver screen between Brad Pitt and Angelina Jolie resulted in a real marriage, and Brad divorcing Jenifer Aniston after accusations of cheating.

kate actor(1)

So this was probably this fan was wondering, and Kate did well to dissuade their fear.

She answered in the screenshot above.

Dear Classic 105 fam, which actors and actresses made you believe in their love because they carried their roles to perfection?

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“My mum gave televangelist Benny Hinn sh500,000” Maina Kageni says

What is the obsession Kenyan women have with pastors?

A confused Maina brought up this topic for a second day in a row because of all the incredible confessions made on air during the morning topic.

Mwalimu cheekily answered Maina that ‘ndio Baraka ziingie ndani ndani ndani!’

*if you know, you know*

Maina also revealed that his own mother Wangui has also fallen victim to this behaviour.

He told Mwalimu who wasn’t surprised about it that

“My mum gave half a million shillings to pastor Benny Hinn when he came to Kenya. Ngai Sh500k”

His comments provoked one city woman to disclose that she has bought her pastor a tv, given them office space and regularly buys them clothes from Dubai.

A shocked Maina exclaimed that

“What is it with ladies love being chief financiers of their pastors?”

Mwalimu chimed in saying in kiswahili that ” my wife Mwongeli is like that even when the pastor calls she tells me to keep quiet, ati ni kama vumbi ya Kitengela unaambiwa wewe ngoja ipite”praying woman

World renowned televangelist Benny Hinn toured Africa several years ago, and Kenya was one of stops where he ministered to thousands at Uhuru Park.

At the time he was popular for his healing miracles and at his crusades it’s alleged that he cured attendees of Aids, cancer, blindness and deafness.

Have a blessed day dear Classic 105 fam.