I am wife number 5! Esma Platnumz says as she reveals she dated husband for 2 months

Diamond Platnumz’s sister Esma recently tied the knot. The wedding was a secretive affair only known to close family and friends.

The rumour doing the rounds has been that the socialite was married to a certain Tanzanian businessman as a 3rd wife a fact that hadn’t been substantiated yet.

Esma Platnumz with her new husband

The details of her marriage were confirmed recently by Esma. But thing is that she isn’t even the man’s 3rd wife but his 5th. Not only that, the mother of two got married after a quick two-month affair!

Ni kama Zari tu! Diamond Platnumz reveals surprising secret about his real dad

Thing is that in her posts the mother of 5 kind of contradicted herself on the matter as she claimed her man had only three wives but later disclosed she was the fifth apple of his eye.

“Thank you so much for this gift, my friend. I cried to you a lot of times while we were dating and you comforted me. Wife number five,” she wrote in one of her posts on social media.

Esma Platnumz with her new husband
Esma Platnumz with her new husband

While most of her fans were really happy for her, some questioned why she had had to get married as a 5th wife yet she had a lot going on for her, something that didn’t seem to bother her at all.

Esma isn’t the only sibling related to Diamond who has gotten married as someone’s “extra” wife. Diamond’s other sister Queen Darleen paved the way for Esma when she got married as a second wife back in December 2019.

Queen Darleen and husband Isihaka
Queen Darleen and husband Isihaka

The speed with which Esma moved on from her on and off again baby daddy Petit-man must noted. Rarely do women engage in such affairs with such speed the way Esma has done unless her new man is rolling in the green! The real Igwe!

Esma, Diamond Platnumz’s famous sister got married as a 5th wife! Let that sink in.

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Did she become a Christian while married to Ben Kitili? Amina Mude comes clean

The June bombshell as far as celebrity relationships go was the news that Ben Kitili and his wife Amina Munde had taken a break.

The pair who got married two years ago in a glitzy and beautiful ceremony where the image of bliss at a time when long-term relationships (especially celebrity) tend to suffer the brunt of rumour-mongering and hyperbole.

Ben Kitili with his wife Amina Mude and their kids
Ben Kitili with his wife Amina Mude and their kids

When the news emerged earlier this week, Amina confirmed that she and the KTN news presenter had separated and refused to reveal the reason why.

‘Fight for what you love’ Ben Kitili´s wife says about her religious critics

Ben himself has been silent about the whole affair and refused to respond to our numerous attempts to get a comment from him.

But I digress. Since the news broke out, theories have been adduced with one claiming that the two had split up because of the religious differences they had.

Ben Kitili with Amina Mude 4
Ben Kitili with Amina Mude

Ben is a Christian while Amina is a Muslim; a something she explained had been a source of contention for her parents before they finally accepted him. This fact is well-known.

While Amina might not want to address the reason why the couple split, she will not stand for falsities being posted about what religion she follows.

Amina Mude glowing
Amina Mude glowing

The curvy mother of two sent a clarification to an Instagram page called Mkamburi Chigogo. In it, she categorically stated that she had never converted to Christianity even during the course of her marriage.

While one might speculate as to the source of the split, I hope the two can get back together. They looked good together and have two beautiful children. It isn’t every day that we see a couple so different come together against all the naysayers.

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Man agrees to open relationship after girlfriend cheats multiple times

The explosive revelation by RnB singer August Alsina that he was ‘given permission’ by Will Smith to bed his wife Jada, has seen all sorts of reactions online and in Whatsapp discussion.

He said: “I actually sat down with Will (Smith) and had a conversation due to the transformation from their marriage to life partnership … he gave me his blessing.”

Jada Pinkett through her representative has denied the story.

Read the story below

Will Smith ‘gave his blessing’ for wife Jada to have affair with singer August Alsina

august alsin and jada
Jada Pinkett and August Alsina

The topic has been trending and in one reaction, a man confessed how he understands Will and Jada’s relationship because he too has been forced into it.

The man going by the Twitter user @Mizile10, admitted how his girlfriends cheating ways forced him to agree to an open relationship because he didn’t want to lose her.

He wrote

I remember finding out about my ex-girl cheating, then I forgave her and she did it again. So I ended up deciding we should make it an open relationship because I didn’t want to leave her, & that way she won’t have to be dishonest with me. Maybe Will did the same

So to save his relationship rather than call it quits, the man suggested they enter into an open relationship as a win win situation.


How much is too much to take? Here are sharp reactions to his confession.

Has this man set the bar to low going by most responses?

How would your parents feel If they knew they raised a simp for a son?

You and the girl are mad

A lot of men do this… privately thou

That’s kind of pathetic though

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Husband swap? Fans ask if Diana Marua and Milly wa Jesus are swingers


Rules of engagement here people! You can thirst on anyone as long as your spouse (or the person being lusted over) is cool with it.

Something that doesn’t happen very often is married women jointly thirsting for one anothers husbands.

It’s very easy to find one celebrity or person thirsting for another. But to see two thirsty equally? That’s a potential relationship or hookup on our hands, folks. And with two people as stunning as Dian Marua and Milly wa Jesus, what’s not to love?

Over the last couple of days, Diana and Milly have outdone each other sharing pictures of the others husbands, and we gossipers are here for it.


Moshene is our business and we will give it to you.

Diana shared Kabi’s pictures on Instagram saying ‘How I crush on this man everyday 💕💕💕 @kabiwajesus, and he liked it commenting ‘haiya’, and then Milly uploaded a very cute selfie of Bahati and then said a few salacious words ‘You are a whole shhnnnaaack baaaabbbyyyy 😋MINE 😍 @BahatiKenya’.

It’s the usual strategic Instagram moves that the Bahati’s are famous for. What project do they have in store?


Their famous pals jumped in liking and commenting on the pictures. WHAT IS HAPPENING!?

Keep it going please.

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Dr Dre’s wife files for divorce after 24 years in marriage


Dr Dre’s wife Nicole has filed for divorce.

According to legal documents seen by multiple sources, Nicole wants to end the couple’s marriage citing ‘irreconcilable differences’ with the hip hop tycoon.

Dr Dre whose real name is Andre Young, is the founder and CEO of Aftermath Entertainment anf Beats electronics.

Several sources told TMZ that there is no prenuptial agreement and that she is also seeking spousal support.

The couple married in May 1996, the same year Dre left Death Row Records to start his own label, Aftermath Entertainment. They share two children, a son named Truice, 23, and a daughter named Truly, 19.

I didn’t love her – Tedd Josiah confesses about first marriage

According to Forbes, Dre’s worth is $800M  and the two married in May 1996.

A few weeks ago, Dr Dre was speaking about his 26 year marriage with his wife on Lil Wayne’s podcast. This has attracted the attention of fans who reacted to the divorce news below:

dr dre nad wife nicole
Dre’s money bout to skip a beat

She waited till his bag was correct for the prenup

Ben Kitili’s wife announces split from celebrity husband as she reveals ‘tough time’

Damn she finna steal that man’s bag

She probably tired of him being in the basement making beats all day, all year.

Beats didn’t have good enough noise cancellation. She got sick of that voice during lockdown Face with tears of joy

She got tired of being battered…plus more than likely cheated on too!?!…only so much you can take…

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5 reasons why you should marry in your 50’s


On the morning conversation with Mike Mondo and Mwalimu Kinga’ng’i, the topic was about why some famous Kenyans men like Charles Njonjo chose to get married later in life.

Sir Charles Njonjo married when he was 52, after lots of pressure from the late Mzee Jomo Kenyatta.

Sharing is Caring: Prominent Politicians who have two wives

At the time he revealed he couldn’t find a women he wanted to spend the rest of his life with.

Mike and Mwalimu debated the merits and disadvantages of marrying later in life, and also invited their listeners to submit views.

charles njonjo at tom mboya memeorial
Charles Njonjo

Here are five benefits of marrying in your 50’s:

You will only marry for love

Once you are in your late 40s or 50s, marriage union will only happen because of extreme love for each other. While most of us marry in pressure or for financial stability, kids or freedom early in our lives, people who marry late, do not have to succumb under any such pressure. All they need is pure companionship risen out of love. And that is the true essence of marriage which is why mostly second marriages are more successful.

‘Even when I was a chokora, Milly was there’ Terence Creative says

No insecurities

When you are younger, insecurities play out alot in your marriage. But as you age, these insecurities fade away. And once you enter in a relationship without any insecurities, it is way smoother.

No pressures in the relationship

There is no pressure to be anything other than yourself. The views and opinions of others matters little for instance the question of how soon you will get children will not arise.

No pretending
Since you are marrying later in life, there is no time for pretending about anything in life. A man or woman at this age only wants love, happiness and joy.

Trust God – DJ Mo tells Willis Raburu after wife suffered miscarriage (exclusive)

You have enjoyed your single life completely

Being single is important early in life, and doing all that can be accomplished. So when you hit your 50’s you are ready to settle down no matter what and focus on the relationship.

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14 reasons that men might not see you as wife material

Many women normally wonder if they have the qualities necessary for a man to put a ring on her finger. The terms Kenyans ascribe to this mythical woman who has the properties men seek to start a family with is called, ‘wife material’.

Some often wonder what those special qualities are. With the great help of my colleague Uncle Chim Tuna, we have come up with a list of things that make you unattractive as a wife material.

You are the true doctor of love! Maina tells Fred Obachi Machoka about wife

They are below;

-Because you’re wearing a weave.
-Because you don’t know how to cook.
-Because their greatness intimidates you.
-Because you have had more than 3 lovers.
-Because you drink and smoke as much as his father/sailor.
-Because the local bartender knows your name.
-Because you have a Fuliza debt.
-Because you still have a HELB debt.
-Because you want to hyphenate his name like this is a business merger.
-Because he does not have the password to your phone.
-Because you want the password to his phone.
-Because you don’t kneel to welcome him home like the paragons of wifelyness, Ugandan women.
-Because you nag more than Delilah.
-Because you are a feminist.

This list is controversial, as it should be. What else can you add to this exceptional list?

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Kenyan men confess the outrages reasons they refuse to date single a mum

Do Kenyan men avoid single Kenyan mum’s like the plaque? Yes they do, based on an online thread by men stating why they would avoid single mum’s at all cost.

The perspectives of avoiding single mums were shared on Classic 105, with many telling Maina Kageni that they unapologetically refuse to date single mum.

‘I am rich but my uterus remains my strength,’ Akothee celebrates her five children

The reasons behind their decision vary. Read a sample below:

  1. Single mums come with alot of drama:
    if her first man was unable to handle her coz she is conniving, manipulative, how will I handle her? argued one man
  2. Some men don’t want to share their partner with anyone else, even her kids: She comes with two children, then I pay their school fees and those buggers insist on calling me by my name and not dad? Never 
  3.  Some men view single moms as less than a quality catch:
    when you are looking for a new car you look at mileage, date of manufacture, you can’t start with two zero, gear box imeisha, the bolts are finished said one man 
  4.  Some men don’t want the responsibility of raising another person’s child:
    sometimes the husband or former might have even died, a demon woman that just sleeps wit men, they are called circubus, a woman whose job is to sleep with men and suck the life out of them, many of them have lost upto three husbands, and then they die, if you find a woman with two children ask where the man is and especially if you find out the man is dead, ask yourself why, you better know, if he died you need alot of spiritual intervention before moving with that women 


Dear Classic 105 fam, what do you think about these men’s reasons for choosing not to date single Kenyan mums?

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How to pamper your man in 20 easy ways


Girls how would you rate your relationship with your husband currently?

If things are thick, go through these 20 points and start making a change immediately.

1. Write a list of all the reasons you fell in love and married him. Read it to him, or leave it where he can find it.

2. Be affectionate at all time, with a hug, a wink, a spank on his backside, think out of the box girls. They will love it.

3. Whisper sweet nothings to him. Call, text, whatsapp or send him a naughty DM him at work.


4. Be his ride or die. Drop whatever you are doing if he needs to talk to you about things he is having difficulty with. Sometimes he needs you to just listen, there are times he will ask for your opinion and there may be situations when he wants space. Do not be threatened when he needs time to be alone. Respond with compassion and understanding.

5. Do simple things for him often. Cook and serve his tea, make mandazi, polish his shoes or any small gesture that will make him feel loved and cared for.

6. Dress up for him, put some cute lipstick, or lipbalm if you’re not into beauty products. Dress up the part and flaunt your curves, he will notice and appreciate your effort.


7. Pay attention to his needs. Sometimes we ladies tend to put our kids first, forgetting our husbands need our attention too. Make a conscious effort to take care of your husband and the little things he needs. You might need to mend his shirt, shop for new socks or buy his favourite coffee.

8. Run him a warm bath after a long day at work and hours in traffic. This Nairobi dust can also be something else. Prepare his slippers at the door, rub his back, give him a gentle massage or better yet, share the tub with him.

9. Get up early to prepare his favourite breakfast. Learn to cook if you don’t know how to. It’s true the way to a man’s heart is through his stomach.

10. Tell his parents about how good a man your husband is. Praise them for raising him the way they did. This will not only please your husband, it will create a bond between you and his family.


11. Make time for date nights, to keep the romance alive. He will always look forward to such moments.

12. Have impromptu parties, get togethers for him, and especially with his friends, can you picture him being the envy of his friends?

13. Assign and celebrate a day each month to be hubby’s day. Tell him it’s his special day, and you and your kids will do everything for him. Show him he is worth celebrating.

14. Drop your kiherehere. Find ways to talk to your husband about your needs without making it sound like you are complaining. Do not make your husband feel inadequate with your grievances, criticism and fault finding.


15. Be the wife any husband will be proud of. Commit to learn new things, improve yourself and develop your own interests.

16. Is he balding, and the pot belly getting bigger? When he  gets insecure about his body and age, say kind words of encouragement and reassurance. Declare your devotion all over again. Remind him you married him warts and all, and will continue to love him for the rest of your life.

17. Pray with your husband especially when he is worried about something. He needs to know you are there for him.

18. Stay in bed with him when he is sick.

19. Find reasons to be together. Run errands with him, watch football with him (yes girls do it even if you don’t know what’s going on). He doesn’t really need you, but will appreciate the company.

 20. Brag about your husband to your friends, his and your family. Let everyone know how grateful you are about being married to a terrific guy. Let your husband know he is the world to you. Love him, adore him, and let him follow you to the ends of the earth!

Proud Papa: Jose Chameleon shares sweetest tribute to his five children in rare photo


Ugandan singer and aspiring politician Jose Chameleone is one lucky man. The singer recently marked 12 years in marriage to his wife, where he paid tribute to her, noting their struggles as a married couple.

It can’t be easy for Jose Chameleone and his wife to keep their family in one place considering their five children are quickly growing up.

Jose’s family lives in the USA and he travels back and forth to be with them as he lives in Uganda where he is campaigning for the upcoming elections.

However, the singer makes sure to document every journey his children go through individually. This time he has shared a picture of his entire brood to show us he is indeed a proud papa.

Jose Chameleone shared the heartwarming family moment with the grown up boys impressing his fans who commented how delighted they were at seeing the boys. The three boys and two girls looked happier than ever as they posed for the photo.


Jose wrote about his pride saying

Congrats my beautiful ones ❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️

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Rich Kirinyaga politician Wangui Ngirici’s birthday filled with Moët and cake



Rich female politician Wangui Ngirici is celebrating her birthday in style.

The Kirinyaga Woman rep revealed she is ‘adding one more year to her 40s’. She wrote

Today is officially my birthday. Added one more year to my 40s & I am so grateful to God for the priceless gift of life & good health .He has been so good to me .

The businesswoman shared birthday pictures cutting cake and sipping n Moet with her bae.

wangui ngirici 6

In another set of birthday pics, the beautiful woman rep shows off her style. The birthday shoot pictures have received raving reviews from her fans who have branded her stunning.

wangui ngirici 1

She wears a black turtleneck and skinny jeans paired with knee high boots to effortlessly ramp up her look.

wangui ngirici 5

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Maureen Waititu shows off completely renovated home to get rid of exes vibe

Maureen Waititu has really worked hard to get over her ex, Frankie Just GymIt and the pain that came with the breakup.

From her recent project, we can say she has finally found peace and has created a space for her to move on with her boys (sons).

The past week she has been working on changing a lot in her house. Renovations have been taking place in her house from room to room. Including the bathroom, a sign that she just wants to start on a clean slate.

Maureen Waititu has been very open and honest about her healing process from a relationship she thought would be forever after.

In as much as she has faced a lot of backlash from a few followers, she has been constant and in that space, she urged those who do not like what she posts to unfollow or even block her. This was a message to those who feed a lot of negative vibes in her comment section after every post.

In as much she has moved on, we applaud that she still gives Frankie time to be with his children. We have seen a few videos and pictures of them spending quality time on his social media page.

‘I prayed for a man that would love me unconditionally’ Maureen Waititu opens up

Here are a few pictures of her beautifully renovated house:



You can watch the tour of the house below:


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DJ Gee Gee and wife open up about silent treatment and their imperfect marriage

Marriage is not a bed of roses and Citizen TV Bambika host DJ GeeGee has confirmed so. The father of one through his YouTube channel said no marriage is perfect and sharing his experience, he said,


The media personality married his wife Jasmine in 2014 but four years later, they didn’t have a child yet. Jasmine narrated how on the night of their fourth anniversary they had the worst argument ever.





The couple welcomed their first child a few months and on May 10 during Mother’s day, the disc jockey revealed that he was with his wife in the delivery room. In appreciation post to his wife, he wrote.


They named their son Uriah, which means God is light in Hebrew.

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Saumu Mbuvi reveals date set for wedding to baby daddy Senator Loitiptip

While Nairobi governor Mike Sonko’s political career might not be in bloom at the moment, his personal life is one experiencing blessings at the moment.

Sonko with his daughter Saumu
Sonko with his daughter Saumu

That is seen in the life of his oldest daughter, Saumu Mbuvi who gave birth to a beautiful baby earlier this year. While that is already great news for the Sonko, the news that his daughter will be marrying the baby daddy, Lamu senator Anwar Loitiptip, will surely make him brim with glee.

Saumu Mbuvi portrait

This morning, Saumu revealed the great news that she had finally set a wedding date.

She revealed this in one of her Instagram videos where she was taking a ride with the politician.

Saumu Mbuvi reflects on why previous relationships failed

This news will come as great news for her family and friends as the socialite has been unlucky in love in the past, not being able to lock down a man.

Saumu Mbuvi with her new man
Saumu Mbuvi with Anwar

Her first public relationship was with Ben Gatu who is the baby daddy of her first child ended badly with the governor’s daughter claiming that he had been an abusive man.

Saumu with her first baby daddy, Gatu
Saumu with her first baby daddy, Gatu in the past

She said that after having enough drama, she chose to walk out for the sake of her sanity!

She then moved on to a tall club promoter with that relationship looking like the one that would finally take her off the market but that wasn’t to be.

Saumu Mbuvi with her ex
Saumu Mbuvi with her most recent ex

After that failed relationship, Saumu quickly moved on to the senator who seems to be the man who will make an honest woman of her.


The couple so far has a daughter together but rumour has it that Mr Anwar treats Saumu‘s firstborn daughter like his own flesh and blood!

Saumu Mbuvi with her daughter
Saumu Mbuvi with her daughter

Anyway, congratulations to the couple as they await on their special day to draw closer!

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Sauti Sol’s Bien explains reason he has never released wedding photos

Bien Aime Baraza, the lanky singer from Sauti Sol got married earlier this year to his long-time bae Chiki Kuruka.

The announcement that they had gotten married caught many Kenyans by surprise as the couple and their friends had kept details of the ceremony under wraps like a nuclear secret.

Bien with Chiki and Amina Mohammed
Bien with Chiki and Amina Mohammed on the day he proposed

Since then some of his followers have been clamouring for a release of the photos showing the couple exchanging vows but none have been forthcoming.

“Sometimes I am insecure about what I bring to the marriage” Sauti Sol’s Bien reveals

The singer explained the reason why this week when he spoke to Radio Jambo’s Massawe Jappani. He told her that most of his followers and fans will not be able to connect or understand how important his wedding day was to him and his partner and that’s why he opted not to share photos.

“Hizo picha sijaziweka wazi kwa sababu, Harusi yangu first of all haikuwa harusi ya Kawaida. Nilienda kwa AG, na after kwenda kwa AG nilifanya tu lunch ndogo nikainvite tu marafiki zangu wa karibu tukala lunch. Hiyo vibe ambayo ilikuwa hapo ile siku, ilikuwa the happiest day of my life, sijapata kufeel hiyo kitu siku nyingine, pahali pengine popote. Na nikipiga picha niwekee mtandaoni, mtu ambaye anaangalia hiyo picha haelewi circumstances, haelewi contexts ya kwa nini watu wamevaa vile wamevaa. Haelewi mbona hii harusi haina Bibi harusi mwenye amevaa nguo sijui inakaa aje. Haelewi mbona Bien hajavaa suti” said Bien Aime Baraza.

Bien with Chiki
Bien with Chiki

He added that “Sitaki kupatia watu wajinga nafasi ya kupeana maoni yao kuhusu Harusi yangu. Kwa hivyo nikajiwekea hiyo siku, ndo nisijiharibie hiyo siku na comments za watu. Staki ufala, mimi vitu zangu ni vitu zangu na nilienjoy sana hiyo siku. Nikiweka huku njee watu waanze kuweka comments zao, mimi hukuwa mtu ambaye na-catch feelings haraka sana. Nitajipata natukanana na watu huko. Watu wako na vitu mingi kwa vichwa zao vile mimi nafaa kuishi maisha Yangu, but hii ni yangu na mimi ndo nitadictate. Wasahau hiyo mamabo hakuna picha wataona”

Bien and Chiki
Bien and Chiki

Bien and Chiki got married at the Attorney General’s office and later held a private ceremony with only close friends and family in attendance. No phones were allowed into the venue.


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Rumoured parents Lola Hannigan and Uhuru’s nephew Jomo Gecaga captured together(video)

Jomo Gecaga and Lola Hannigan have always kept their relationship under wraps. The two have been rumoured to be a pair for a couple of years and after Lola gave birth a few months ago, the speculation was rife that the kid was for Jomo.

Jomo Gecaga with Eliud Kipchoge
Jomo Gecaga with Eliud Kipchoge

The two haven’t confirmed that rumour but a recent Instagram video might add fuel to that fire that they are/were an item.

The two were spotted on an Instagram live video that was being streamed by KICC CEO, Nana Gecaga. In the video, one can see the former KTN teen show host all cuddly with Jomo, showing that the two had a very friendly relationship.

View this post on Instagram

Lola and Jomo at home. Cc edgar obare

A post shared by Urban News (@urbannews254) on

The two sang along to Biggie’s monster hit, “Juicy” with Jomo showcasing his impressive rap skills as he did a karaoke of the late rapper’s song.

Wako kadha! List of the some of the most famous side-chicks in East Africa

Lola could be heard calling Jomo, “Babe”-a term of endearment between most Kenyan couples. She also wrapped her arms around him showing how close the two were.

Lola Hannigan while pregnant
Lola Hannigan while pregnant

He tried to keep it cool but each time Lola called out to him, the president’s nephew couldn’t hide his glee. This video will amplify the allegations that Jomo left his former flame, Anne Kiguta for Lola in 2017.

At the time, Jomo and Anne had had two kids together.

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10 Weird things every couples does whenever together

Couples tend to do certain things that they actually cannot do when they are around other people.

Here is a list of those quirky and weird things you do with your bae behind closed doors.

Sharing food

When they are together they can feed their partner for all they care. It shows how much you care and love your wife or husband. This may not be the case when they are at a friend’s place or even in public but its more comfortable when they are on their own

Sharing and smelling clothes

They normally do this especially if they don’t wear the same clothing sizes. They can hence make fun on how each looks on the other partner’s attire. They can go to the extent of smelling the dirty clothes of their partner and make fun of the sweat smell.

Showering together

To other couples it can be a normal routine while to others it can be once in a while as a romance sign. All the same they cannot do it when anyone is around but themselves.

Kenyan cross-dresser Robettah spent millions on skin lightening

Grooming each other

Your partner has to look nice and well presented all the time. This can be wiping some food remains off their face, teeth, hair or any sort of dirt.

Sharing toothbrushes

This can be unhealthy as other people see it but it is not the same case with your partner. When they become married for instance they become one hence can share anything that belongs to their partner. They may at times share them knowingly or unknowingly especially if the brushes resemble.

Hanging out naked

Spending time with your partner while half dressed or naked is not a bad idea. As a couple, they will find it comfortable and actually more romantic. It may seem disrespectful or embarrassing if someone finds them unexpectedly and thus why they do this in their own privacy.

Freaky! Spider Web Season is an actual thing in this country


This the best place to be especially after a long tiresome day. It makes one feel relaxed under their partner’s arms and warmth. Cuddling actually can help one to get the best of mind and act as a stress reliever.

6117-07999883 © Masterfile Royalty-Free Model Release: Yes Property Release: Yes Couple sleeping in bed in the morning

Funny dance moves

This is a form of entertainment to kill boredom especially when they are free. This really strengthens the relationship as they share happy moments together. These dances can be either genuine or maybe they may be imitating someone who dances in those particular moves.

Backbiting other couples

This happens in basically all relationships. At the time they can talk about other couples either in a nice way or bad way depending on how they relate with them.

Ladies: Here are styles that can hide that broken hairline


Every marriage or relationship has challenges and fighting is one of them. This can be as a result of disagreement on a certain issue or in times of making decisions. Fighting can also be a sign of love especially when they are having fun or playing around the house.


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Betty Kyallo comes clean on her relationship with her ‘Somali Guy’

Betty Kyallo has been making boss moves ever since she announced that her time at K24 had come to an end. The bubbly and personable mother of one has not only launched her hugely successful YouTube channel but has also relocated her salon this past week. And drumrolls please, she also bought an expensive Sh. 7 million Porsche Cayenne!

Betty Kyallo
Betty Kyallo

But despite making those great strides in her career and finances, her fans and followers are still interested in her love life, something Lillian Muli might empathise with Betty on.

Betty Kyallo leaks details of daughters date with Dennis Okari

This past week, Betty opened up on the whereabouts of her ‘Somali Guy’ boyfriend after months of him missing in action. She was been interviewed by a popular comedian called Felix Odiwuor, where she explained that the relationship did not work out between her and the boyfriend who many called the ‘Somali Guy’.

“Talking about enjoying, who is enjoying… Who is your boyfriend you are too beautiful to be single,” asked Felix?

Betty Kyallo smiling
Betty Kyallo smiling

Betty Kyallo said, “It didn’t work out. The thing is, things don’t work out sometimes with people and its okay, it’s fine. I don’t know why we have so much stigma about relationships and how you should act and you should last forever. Sometimes things work out, sometimes things hit a rock and its okay, mnaachana kwa uzuri.”

Ms Kyallo explained that she was staying single and is loving it, and that she has taken a one year break from being in any relationship, because she feels ready to settle down.

Betty Kyallo smiling

“No one is enjoying it. I’m so single right now and I love it. I used to be that girl mwenye natoka hii naingia ingine yaani zinainterchange. So, right now I’ve actually decided you know what B, kwanza jipende. So I have decided I want to give myself at least one year before I enter into something. Because I think I’m ready to settle down,” she said.

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