2Face Idibia Reveals The Moment He Decided To Marry His Wife

R&B star, 2Face Idibia made some disclosure concerning how he finally ended up with his wife, Annie Macaulay.

The singer, in an interview with Soundcity News, revealed that it only took some inner soul searching to realize that his lady was the one for him.

This was after multiple relationships with quite a number of women. But all this stopped as soon as he encountered a moment of realization.


Explaining how he managed to pull off a reconciliation with his true love, he said:

Every reason. I was just deceiving myself that…you know as man dey do sometimes. He go see wetin actually dey down but he go feel say make I see whether…you know all that kind nonsense behaviour. But at one point in time, I was like look I’m not going to let this girl go.

I just started realizing that this is who I want to be with. This is actually who I want to spend the rest of my life with.

This is the person that actually does it for me. So there is no need to deceive myself anymore. I come beg, them come gree.”


The MTV Europe Music Awards winner currently has seven children from four different women including Macaulay.

Despite this, the songster has managed to maintain a loving relationship with his babymamas.

Not a bad way to live for a music vet who is a master of spreading his seeds.

Betty Kyallo Addresses Her Haters In This Cryptic Message

Betty Kyallo is a talented and pretty woman. Talk of beauty and brains!

The KTN presenter has been making headlines ever since she got married to her baby daddy Denis Okari in October 2015, a marriage that didn’t last for six months. Betty then became the topic of discussion on various social platforms but that has not deterred her from doing her best. Working hard and taking care of her cute daughter Ivanna who recently turned three years old.

The sassy TV girl is giving her counterparts a run for their money and recently, Betty opened a posh hair spa in Kilimani that Kenyans stop thinking about. Sources have it that her business is doing great just like that of other celebrities the likes of Wahu Kagwi and Kalekye Mumo who own the same kind of business.

Well, rumors have been making rounds that Betty Kyallo was dumped by her alleged tycoon sponsor and kicked out of her posh house in one of the city’s suburbs but she has come out to reply to them, haters spreading the rumors.

“Haters keep paying attention???????????? I like it that way. Peace✌????.”

Betty Kyallo posted this message on Instagram accompanied by this photo

Betty Kyallo


This womans letter to her future husband is the most amazing thing you will read today

An instagram user Dana Chanel wrote a letter to her future husband, two years ago, and is sharing it now to inspire others.

She wrote;

‘I wrote this two years ago on IG, wow God is so faithful…. SPEAK AND PRAY WHAT YOU DESIRE!!! “Dear Future Husband,
I can’t wait til we make the decision to honor, respect, love and fight for each other for the rest of our lives. Women are so quick to ask and demand what they need from a man but let me take a second to tell you how I was created to serve you. I may not have seen an example of a woman led by God to be a good wife, but I’m breaking this generational curse. I’m determined to show you what it means to go before God and unite in a partnership. I promise not to just love you, but respect you when I don’t even like you’.

‘I promise to push you mentally and emotionally into the man God intended you to be, so I know your capable of leading us, where I’d been afraid to go alone. I will be understanding and listen when the enemy tries to take a front row seat to what he thinks he can destroy. I will pray for you like your mother told you no woman would. Our family will be our first ministry and I will dedicate my life to making sure you never go a day without being reassured by not my words but my presence that you have a partner in life. I will be strong for you when you are weak, I will put a smile on your face when you’ve lost hope. I will make you laugh when you don’t find me funny’.

‘I can’t wait to make love to you and repay you for putting my purity before your temptation. Most importantly I will be there. I will continuously ask God to give me the eyes to see you the way he does, past our mistakes so we can get through anything that comes our way. I refuse to stop fighting. I will bring your first child into the world for us to continue our legacy. I will be the woman you want your daughter to look up to. I will inspire you when I get on the stage to minister the gospel. Baby I could go on forever, there’s nothing more I want than to make you feel special, like the King you are, to submit to you. Every time you look at me I want you to witness and be proud of your reflection. The sacrifice will be worth a lifetime. I’m praying over our union now… I’ll meet you at the altar..”


‘I Snatched Her Man Because She Refused To Serve Me Food In Her Wedding’ Woman Confesses

An instagram comment by a woman on why she ended up with a friends husband has left many upset.

Here’s what the user going by the name break_makeup;

‘I waited patiently to get the man before i could come public and brag about it.i am sharing this story to warn married ladies. My best friend invited me for a wedding I did not know the couple I just followed my friend because I was broke and hungry, I was so broke that day that I could not afford a bottle of coke. So I joined her for the wedding unfortunately for her the food was just passing me by and my friend was busy forming because she met this guy . I was so hungry each time the food passed by, I swallowed saliva, until they finished sharing food. I went to the people sharing and they gave me a bottle of water to drink apologizing the food was finished. after the wedding my friend went to greet the bride so I followed her, after greeting the bride I went back to tell her that I was not served instead of her to sympathize with me, she said pls pls pls I have my husband to think of now,  am a married woman . I was now wondering what connected food with am a married woman I felt so bitter that I vowed right in the alter in the present of God and the hunger in my stomach to steal her man. that was how I followed up, I got his number from his elder brother because I lied he was my university mate I lost his contact. I started my job and am now pregnant for him. he promised to leave his wife if i give him a boy, hopefully it will be a boy.You all should pray for me’.


Reactions from the social media post, condemning the woman;

‘They Give Us Free Biscuits’, Kenyan Girl Confesses Why She Loves Makangas

Is it true that every Kenyan girl between the age of 13 and 30 who has ever used a matatu has had a crush on a makanga? This formed the bulk of the conversation on classic 105 this morning with presenter Maina Kageni. Two women called in and revealed how they eloped from home at the age of 14 to marry makanga’s, prompting others to also confess what they have been through.

We also got confessions on social media, about the reasons why Kenyan girls fall in love with touts. A female caller shocked Maina Kageni when she confessed to him that she had dated a makanga after several free rides and biscuits as gifts.

No judging here’.  Read through and see reasons why Kenyan girls are likely to end up with a makanga and not you fellas!

Maina these girls loves makangas coz they don’t pay fare, wanabebwa free & they buy them chips za 30bob

They use cheap things lyk chips &soda to woo them, sleep wit them young girls need 2 wake up

Condas knows how to sweet talk ladies & ladies normally fell 4 what they hear.







Congratulations: Coast-based Singer Sudi Boy Is The Latest Dad In Town

Mombasa based singer Sudi boy is the latest dad in town.

The singer who was secretly dating someone has posted a photo of his bundle joy, expressing his joy at being a day.

Last year August we revealed to you that he had found love again after losing his wife in 2015. And while he did not want to reveal too many details of his new love interest, Kenyans were happy for him to have moved on from such a sad time in his life.

Courtesy Instagram

Sudi Boy was left behind with one child after his late wife died following a short illness. He later met and started dating a girl named Cashater, whom he flaunted once on his social media. Meet her below.

sudi boy hot new bae
Courtesy @hotsecretz/Word Is

The singer is known for his love songs that drive fans crazy and this latest news will certainly leave many feeling warm and fuzzy.

He posted an emotional message about his new-born with a short and sweet post, that read;

Welcome to the world #LIAM


Congratulations to the newest dad in town.




Papa Shirandula’s Awinja Proves That Being Pregnant Is The Easiest Thing On Earth (PHOTOS)

Having a baby for the fist time is always a great joy; an unexplainable source of happiness to married ccouples especially women. Many are always filled with excitement about carrying a child inside their womb for nine months, a task that can also be quite challenging.

To some, pregnancy comes with mood swings, cravings and others even get sick during the pregnancy period with vomiting and swollen legs being the most common problems (70%). Well, celebrated Papa Shirandula actress and radio host Jacky Vike alias Awinja alias Nyamwalo is among the few lucky women who haven’t experienced pregnancy problems.


The heavily pregnant lass who is due soon, makes pregnancy look easy. Awinja has been attending different events without facing any problems. Awinja also has no problem when it comes to dressing and she wears anything comfortable, unlike many pregnant women who have to ditch their sexy clothes for oversized maternity dresses.

Well, below are photos which prove that Awinja is the sexiest pregnant mother and pregnancy is easy
















Splitsville! Jose Chameleone Forced To Address Divorce Rumors

He was set to celebrate his 10th wedding anniversary to the love of his life, but this may not happen if news from the 256 is to be believed.

Several reports appear to suggest that Ugandan singer Jose Chameleone’s wife Daniella has allegedly filed for divorce from her hubby.

The 38 -year-old Tubonge hitmaker, last year sent her the sweetest message that left many fans excited to see his romantic side.

The award winning singer took to Facebook in early June to express his feelings for hitting the milestone.

“It feels like just yesterday we were standing at the alter and that’s one of the best decisions I ever made in life- Finding a perfect Friend in you. Thank you for being my Daniella, Everything and a great Mother to our children. I love you more and more every other day. Happy 8th Wedding anniversary My Darling Wife(sic),” he wrote.

Jose has previously been forced to address rumors about his marriage in 2015, about the state of their union.

And yesterday he took to social media, to clear the air 3 TIMES over divorce rumors stating with a forceful’ No Divorce’ comment. He even changed his profile picture to that of his family to emphasize his comment. Here is his statement;

What God put together, No man shall put apart!!
We are not Angels so no one is perfect.
It’s not the times a man falls that matter,
It’s his strength to stand again.

Love you so much Daniella,
Regardless of what is spreading around we stuck together so they should know.

There shall be NO DIVORCE as reported.



The couple have four children; Abba Marcus, Alfa Joseph, Alba Shyne and Amma Mayanja.

See fan reaction after he stated he was still married.

now at peace.I wish you all the best in your marriage. Stay strong. And Jo, why not composing a love song for her,sure do it

Stay away from “THEY” they don’t wanna see you with Daniella!


5 Differences Between Uhuru Kenyatta’s Daughter-in-law And Your Annoying Girlfriends

So the other day I wrote an article about the first daughter-in-law Fiona Achola Ngobi Jomo and I was attacked left right and center especially on Twitter for referring to Achola as the future first lady.

Well, the I did not mean any harm. But what will happen if one-day Achola becomes the first lady? Will you withdraw your comments or you will crucify me again?

Anyway, Achola is a simple woman despite all the wealth. But some of you have been hating on her because she is too classy to be your girlfriend.
Anyway, here are the differences between Achola and your girlfriend.

1. Her dress code is very simple
They say simplicity is the ultimate sophistication and I agree with that. She is never on top of trendy fashion as some struggling lasses who dress ‘perfectly’ to please people.
Fashion never fades and Acholah/ understands that well.


2. Team natural

While your girlfriends are busy exchanging weaves every week, Achola is a natural woman. She prefers a simple life. She braids her hair. She has a unique hairstyle, mohawk which is easy to maintain. Achola also doesn’t apply make up or if she does, she applies very little, unlike your girlfriends who apply layers of heavy foundation that leave them looking like dead people who have just resurrected.

Fiona Achola Kenyatta
3. Doesn’t walk around with chokers

Nairobi girls will be the end of us. Most of them jump on trendy fashion without even knowing what to wear, where and when. We have seen many walk around with chokers that leave them looking like confused puppies.

4. Fake nails

Most of the so-called ‘classy’ city girls are so fake. From hair to toe, some of them walk around with fake bums just to leave Team Mafisi turning their heads. They will flock beauty parlors so as to have artificial nails fixed and later flaunt on Instagram videos and Snapchat.

Fake Nails

5. She is not on social media

You are married to makanga/tout yet you give us sleepless nights. What about if you were married to a rich kid? Unlike your girlfriends who flood our timelines with hundreds of photos and videos from a road trip to Machakos or a retreat to Rongai, Achola is very mature and we haven’t seen her exhibit such bad peculiar behaviors. Achola hatusumbui Instagram with captions such as; ‘woke up like this, slaying, lipstick on fleek, penda wewe sana Jomo/Nina (in-law) etc.

When you want your Instagram followers to believe that you're actually living that lifestyle.
When you want your Instagram followers to believe that you’re actually living that lifestyle.

6. Accepted a traditional Kikuyu wedding

If she was another lady, she would have asked for a million dollar wedding then leave you barely six months after marriage.

Jomo and Achola Wedding Gatundu

So stop hating! Achola is a simple woman just like our female leaders; Uhuru Kenyatta, Janet Museveni among others.

Confession: Singer Tiwa Savage’s husband begs for a second chance after their bitter divorce

Nigerian musician Tiwa Savage and her ex husband Tunji ‘Tee Billz’ Ballogun, have been the talk of town in their country for a while now.

The couple had an envious wedding in Dubai, but that was short lived as one year later, her husband went on a rant accusing her of infidelity and attempting to kill him.


These accusation only served to enrage her, as Tiwa also disclosed in a TV interview that she had been pretending to be happy in the marriage, and she accused him of being abusive, a drug addict and an irresponsible father.


That now seems to be in the past if the latest story from her husband is to be believed.

Tee Billz as he is popularly refereed to has addressed the issue of their break-up saying;

‘“If I have the chance of doing my marriage over again, l will put God first and not have an elaborate wedding.”

“It’s the 21st century and as men, most of us want to live like we are the lords of the marriage. You’re a partner. It’s about our weaknesses, we’re here to help each other,”

Many of their fans wish they can be able to put their troubles behind them and work things out for the sake of their son Jamil.




Here is King Kaka’s birthday wish to his daughter that will make you wish he was your dad

King Kaka’s birthday wish to his daughter will blow your mind.

She turned three years old and the music sensation is as excited about her born day as his loyal fans are.

The father of two daughters has never hidden the fact that he has two girls born from different mothers. This was after he also publicly disclosed that he had two baby mama’s and how he deals with the challenges that come with it. That family comes first.

Well his cute daughter Gweth from his girlfriend Nana turned three years old and he penned down this sweet message for her. Have a look at the beautiful Nana and their daughter Gweth, before reading the message.

king kaka gweth and nana

“Time flies soooo fast, just the other day you were born and today you are turning 3. I’ve seen you crawl , walk , talk and seeing your growth daily gives me joy. You are teaching me values everyday Ni vile tu haujui, I promise to love you infinity. I pray that all your life wishes come true, and I will be here to make sure they do. Thanks to nana for always making sure you get the best and Christine for spending most times with Geezy and loving her. Happy Birthday Gweth , ebu grow haraka so that you change the world.”

He captioned accompanied with this absolutely adorable photo below;

king kaka and daughter

Jal Chebby Bytok Happy birthday baby… Yu growing so fast may God always guide you…. Make daddy proud… #kingkaka yu got a princess

Moryn Victoria wow!! king she is really a gweth to you and she is also the source of UA happiness… love her too and may the Almighty God protect her…love u too king n happy born day to your daughter..

Brandon Quim Msafi Gweth…HBD na grow smart totoooh.Reflect ur baba na be happy,philanthropia na all will be nyc 4 you na don 4get kuthnk wazae+God for bringing you to this earthly

Bungoma man kills wife after she refused to hand over Sh150 chama loan

A somber mood has engulfed residents of Kabukara village in Sirisia constituency Bungoma county after three members of one family died as a result of one hundred and fifty shillings.
According to neighbors and residents, the middle aged man killed his wife in cold blood on Wednesday after she refused to give him one hundred shillings.
It’s alleged that the wife refused to give him the money, which she intended to use to buy medicine for his sick grandmother.
A neighbor Rose Simiyu told journalists that the woman had been loaned the cash by her fellow women in their local women’s self group before the husband began to demand for the money.
”The wife completely refused to give him the money saying that he will only go and buy alcohol with it,” she said.
The two exchanged in a quarrel, before the man who is said to have been drunk at the time of the incident snatched her the money, then  beat her up before stabbing her several times on the breasts and stomach.
The woman died on the spot. Irate neighbors stormed the homestead and stoned the man to death. His brother who tried to come with a panga to rescue his brother was also beaten to death by the mob.
Police have taken the three bodies to the Bungoma referral hospital morgue.
Chair of Maendeleo ya wanawake in Sirisia sub county Bilha Nakhungu condemned the incident and asked men to respect their wives.
”We want our men to have respect to their wives and stop these incidents we have seen here and settle disputes in an amicable way,” she said.
Sirisia MP John Waluke who visited the homestead condemned the incident. The MP blamed excessive consumption of alcohol among the youths and married men for rampant deaths and marriage breakages in the area.
”This is very sad incident since most of my electorates whom I expected to vote for me in the coming polls have died a lot because of these cheap sachet liquor that comes from neighboring town in Uganda”.
He asked the Bungoma County Commissioner Joshua Chepchieng to crack the whip on the rampant use of illicit alcohol in the area.
The legislature said that most of the alcohol brought through the border from Uganda is being sold everywhere in houses and is used by politicians to also cause havoc in rallies and funerals.
The politician said that its very sad to loose three members of one family because of a family dispute that could have been resolved peacefully.

How to manage your finances as a couple

I know there couples who never tell each other how much they earn and there homes where it’s believed that the man should pay all the bills as the woman’s salary is hers and so people do whatever they want with their monies and that house is full of serious financial drama.Well the truth is whether you like it or not you can’t run away from some financial facts that you need to address as a couple.

1. Start Talking About Finances

You two need to talk about your finances.Tell your partner how much you make then share the roles and responsibilities in the house according to ones’ capability.The wife may be earning more than the husband but this doesn’t mean that you can’t pay house rent,or some bills that you feel should be left to the man, simply help where you can after all you are a couple and that money you both make belongs to neither one of you but instead both of you. So talk about it so that you can plan on a house you can afford and as well live within your means.Talking about it also helps in avoiding unnecessary fights where you think he or she earns what they actually don’t earn and feel they are not being helpful.

2. Write Down Goals

For your plan to work, you need to have financial goals. Are you planning to buy a home, shambaa, pay fees for your kids for one year or more, save money for a holiday and so on. Just write them down as it’s easier to plan when you write the strategy down. It also challenges you to monitor if you are on track as well as if you are spending well or not.So once you’ve talked about it and feel you share a lot of dreams then note them down so that as time goes by you can realize what is going as planned and what isn’t.

3. Discuss Bank Accounts

I know that only 10% of couples agree to share bank accounts and it takes a lot of trust before they agree to do it and are sure they are ready for all the consequences that come along with it.What is interesting is that you’ll find that this same people find it easier to share an account with Chama people and a Sacco than they do with their husband or wife. How can you not trust the person you have kids with, sleep in the same bed with and still wake up alive as well as live in the same house with.This is just proof of how your marriage can easily be broken because of finances. I know money really matters in some relationships but so does trust if you are truly one body. Either way if sharing a bank account doesn’t work for both of you then always update each other about your individual accounts and learn how to earn trust from each other.

4. Build an Emergency Fund

Do you have some money saved in case of an emergency? Make sure that at least every month you set a side a certain amount into a separate emergency fund account.This saves you a lot of borrowing, taking loans, harambees and getting into debts in case of an emergency. It may be as little as a thousand bob each per month but it will take you a long way just saving that 2000 shillings. Emergency funds must also be used on emergencies only. Restrict and train yourselves not to touch that money and make sure you define what an emergency is before you start saving it so that you don’t spend it on what isn’t an emergency.

5. Design a Budget

Designing a budget is key in everything. If you did a wedding, am sure you totally understand what I mean. A budget prevents you from impulse buying what you don’t really need.Which means it helps you save a lot for retirement and you don’t have to depend on your kids 100%. For example, if you can have a budget for food, toiletry, transport, weekend outings, this keeps your spending on track.When you have a budget, it trains and disciplines you on how to spend within your means. So always come up with a budget for everything in your home then also track it. Are you buying and spending according to your budget and if you are not, what are the loopholes causing your over expenditure and how can you prevent spending more and ending up broke from time to time.

6. Have Weekly Money Meetings

Finally have a weekly money meeting and track how your expenditure is.This means you shouldn’t throw receipts, delete M-pesa transactions as well as keep ATM withdrawal receipts. Be ready to build each other financially as well as think of a family business that can bring in more money apart from the offices you are employed it.Trust me if you can keep track, be open and learn from other sources how to plan your finances as a couple, you’ll not be living over your means and you’ll hardly be broke or in debt.

The late gospel singer Kaberere’s daughter is all grown up as the family marks his third death anniversay

Five days ago, the widow to the late gospel singer Kaberere paid a glowing tribute to her husband who passed away three years ago.

Njeri Kaberere moved many to tears with her heartfelt message, on April 6th recalling the darkest moment in her life.

At the time of his death, Njeri was pregnant waiting to deliver their second born child. The child, a daughter was born, a few hours after his burial in Langata.

Back in 2014, the announcement of his death shook many of his fans, friends and family.

The ‘Mwanake’ hitmaker left behind a son and beautiful wife, Njeri Kahura Kaberere, better known as Njesh Wa Qabbz, who was pregnant at that time. She gave birth  to a cute baby girl, named Halia, hours after his burial.

Three years down the line, Kaberere’s daughter is all grown up. See her cute photo below.

njesh daughter

She wrote this loving message to her cute daughter, who is now all grown up;

Three years ago hours after we laid her dad to rest, this sweet little gal came to this world and i named her baby Halia which means “In rememberance of” She is such a joy to behold..Ula and i are proud of her.I bless God for taking care of this lovely gal..She’s so special..loves to sing and pray💃🙏. .God be praised for this miracle baby..i cannot wait to see what you have in store for her..👌You’re the giver of good gifts!Blessed be your Name!


  • laurakirangiJust beautiful and as precious as can be ❤️
  • tishmutisyaWow, beautiful blessing.In everything we give thanks.Happy born day princess,.I speak blessings that adds no sorrows to your new age.I decree that you and your generation shall never lack. Wherever you go,you’ll find favour.You will shine princess coz you are a seed on greatness.A planting of distinction.Enjoy little one😍
  • giselephannyAww she truly is a miracle baby. #Kabz lives on
  • carolkamanjaHappy happiest birthday to baby Halia 🎈🎊🎈🎊🎊. God bless her.
  • wambui._.winyHappy birthday baby Halia.. .wishing you many many more to come
  • patience_nyambuHappy birthday baby Halia….she’s so adorable😍😍


  • prophetesmonicahHappy birthday sweet Angel
  • raymond_ofulaHappy birthday to your little angel.
  • dharma_joHappy birthday to your little angel. Hugs to her
  • saintpkenyaHappy birthday sweetie…
  • nanette_gatwiriShe is adorable happy birthday 🎂 to you Njoki
  • wambojazShe is too pretty…. Happy birthday to Halia !!!!
  • ahadilizzMy very beautiful birthday mate…. Happy Birthday Halia….. You’re a 💎 gem…. With long life may Jehovah satisfy you. May you grow in beauty, stature and wisdom….. May nations open their doors for you. May the blessed call you blessed…..n yes may you also always be a remembrance of God’s favor and blessings over you and your family. Much much love baby girl. Many more. 🎊🎈🎈🎊🎉🎁🎊🎂🎈💝🎊🎊🎉



Popular Comedian Blocks Nairobi’s Kimathi Street To Propose To Girlfriend (PHOTOS)

A popular comedian has become the talk of the town after causing massive traffic snarl up along Kimathi Street on Sunday, April 9 to propose to his girlfriend.

Terrence Mwangi, who cut his teeth Churchill Show, has raised the bar for single men after going out of his way to propose to his longtime girlfriend Millicent Chebii.

Speaking exclusively to Mpasho, an elated Millicent said one of her friends tricked her into believing that they were just running some errands before cops pulled them over.


Before that, Terrence had also asked her if she can accompany him for the first church service after convincing her that he had a meeting with his boss in the afternoon.

The funny man left immediately after the service but Millicent had to stay behind because she’s an usher at the church – House Of Grace.

However, her friends namely Claris and Shiko insisted that they have to leave before 1:30 pm and they did.


After leaving church, another friend of hers who goes by the name Gertrude, who works at K24, insisted that she wanted to buy her lunch.

Later, Gertrude informed her that she had a few errands to run in town, claiming that she wanted to deposit some money at the bank. She agreed to accompany her.

All this while her friend whom she fondly refers to as Getty was speaking to Terrence in Kamba – a language that Millicent does not understand. As such, she did not know what they were really up to.


While they were driving around, some police officers stopped them around Nation Center and asked them to get out of the car.

Her friend who was driving the car told the men in blue that she does not have a driving license, they also didn’t have safety belts on.

While they were still talking to the men in blue, FBI – the dance group – and some of her friends appeared from nowhere with 20 placards which were written “will you marry me?”


When she turned around, she found Terrence on one knee with a ring on his finger asking her to marry him and she said YES!

The couple will now hold their traditional engagement ceremony in a few weeks’ time with their wedding slated for September this year.


He’s Just Getting Started: This Is The Gift Sarah Hassan’s Husband Has Spoilt Her With

Sarah Hassan is clearly living the life most of us only but dream about. She got married to her long time love, Martin in a colorful wedding at Karura Forest recently.

he long awaited nuptials was the talk of town, as the former Tahidi High actress had been dating him for a while.


Her friends, family and former colleagues were in attendance to witness their union after being engaged for sometime, about four years.

Sarah had kept her wedding hash hash and many people did not know the details leading to speculation about the venue and what day it was to be held.


But her friends threw her a breathtaking bridal shower at a top notch restaurant in Nairobi. One way or another, the photos found themselves in the interwebs.

She loves to give details of the little things her husband does for her even way back when they were still dating. As they always say, the little things one does for their sweetheart, always matter the most.

sarah's phone

Well, her husband has decided to spoil her real good with a brand new phone. She took to social media to share with her followers writing, My amazing hubby just got me the special edition red iphone 7!!! Super excited because it looks awesome and it’s my very first IPhone- I’ve always been a Samsung girl.❤❤❤”

People are praising Janet Jackson for divorcing her billionaire husband just three months after having his baby

American singer Janet Jackson has called it quits with her Qatari billionaire husband.

This news comes three months after she had delivered her baby. Reports have it that the ‘that’s the way love goes’ musician will stand to gain $500,00,000 as part of their prenup agreement. The agreement stated that she should remain married to him for five years after which on divorcing him, she would be given half a million dollars.

The singer is now walking away after marking her fifth marriage anniversary.


CONGRATULATIONS! Kenrazy And Wife Susuun Welcome Baby Number Two

First of all, congratulations are in order!

Rappers Kenrazy and wife Sosuun have welcomed their second girl. The two who have been dating for the longest time and have now have been blessed with a baby girl whom they have called Freneth Highness Aketch. What has shocked many of their fans is the fact that Sosuun has kept her pregnancy private that she never posted her baby bump.

These Female Celebrities Might Have Gotten Married If ONLY They STACK With ONE Man

For the last 9 months as she was still pregnant, Sosuun released hits like Toroka, Amani and the famous Kufunikwa which topped the charts in the Kenyan music industry. From all the videos she made, it was clear that Sosuun was so careful not to show her baby bump.


sosuun 1

Is Singer Vivian’s Marriage Going To Work After Being Linked With These 5 Male Celebrities?

Her husband Kenrazy went ahead to break the news;

It has been 9months and we thank God for the gift He has given us. During the 9months of pregnancy @Sosuun continued to release smash hits one after another.”


It seems their family is growing, after they have now given their first born Keniana a baby sister. Well, lets wish the couple and the new born all the best.