‘My Wife Has Been a Living Lie,’ Says Man Who Brutally Stabbed His Eight Months Pregnant Wife To Death

Residents of Gilgil are in shock after a man brutally murdered his wife who was eight months pregnant in unclear circumstances.

The man identified as Nderitu Ndung’u stabbed the wife eight times using a kitchen knife in Kikopey center accusing her of been a ‘lie’.

The 28-year-old suspect who was unshaken by the murder confessed to committing the act adding that he had done so after orders from unknown powers.

“My wife has been a living lie and today I decided to kill the lie so that we could leave a peaceful life,” he said his eyes wide open.

Confirming the incident, Gilgil OCPD Sarah Koki said that the suspect had been arrested and taken for a mental check-up.

Oh No! A Kenyan Man Commits Suicide After Quarrelling With Wife Over a Mobile Phone

She said that police were called in by neighbors who heard screams from the woman adding that by the time they arrived the woman was dead.

The suspect handed himself to the officers and will be charged with murder while the body has been taken to Gilgil sub-county hospital mortuary

Meanwhile, a middle-aged man was murdered in Longonot trading center along the Naivasha-Mai Mahiu road in what is suspected to a love-triangle incident.

The man was found lying dead in her lover’s house in the trading center with a rope next to the body as police moved in to investigate the matter.

According to a witness Abel Kimani, the man had been cohabiting with a middle aged woman for some time before the incident occurred.

Too Evil: Fear Grips Kibera Residents As Badly MUTILATED Bodies Found Stuffed In Sacks Near The Railway Line

“Unknown to him, the woman had another man and there was a quarrel when the two met before the body was found in the morning,” he said.

A police source ruled out suicide adding that the man was killed using a blunt object before the rope was placed on the neck.

“We suspect that the murderers after killing the man, tried to tamper with the scene and we are seeking the woman in connection with the incident,” said the source.









-Antony Gitonga

Janet Mbugua’s Hubby Eddie Ndichu Is His Wife’s Biggest Fan After This Special Shout-out

Former Citizen Tv presenter Janet Mbugua has achieved a major milestone after President Uhuru Kenyatta signed into law, legislation that will see girls in public schools get free sanitary wear.

The sexy media personality is running an NGO dubbed ‘Inua Dada’, that seeks to get support for under-priviledged girls. If you follow her on social media, you will read about her other girl-child initiatives.

Kenyans on social media praised the move saying this will ensure girls don’t skip school because of lack of pads during their monthly menses. Uganda re said to now be contemplating following this move.


Well, her hunk hubby was so excited for her noting how much of a role she has played in opening up discussions on girl-child issues. Eddie Ndichu took to social media to appreciate his wife Janet, with the most heart-warming message a husband can give his wife for her advocacy initiatives.


 ‘After 3 years of advocacy and lobbying I am only too proud of officialjanetmbugua inuadada now onto execution…’

There is no doubt the two are one of the hottest couples in showbiz and compliment each other. The two got married 2 ears ago and are proud parents of a cute son Ethan Huru.

Check out photos of the Ndichu’s that will make want to run to the aisle.

jan r


jan 3







Too Cuddly! Sharon Mundia’s Husband Unveils Their Daughter’s FACE To The World For The First Time (PHOTO)

Celebrated blogger Sharon Mundia aka This Is Ess and her banker husband, Lonina Leteipan welcomed a baby girl on June 6, which was the happiest moment in their lives.

The cute couple had been keeping their relationship off the public radar especially when Sharon revealed that she was expecting their first child together, and then when she was almost popping, they shared their pregnancy photo shoot.

HAPPY COUPLE! Top Blogger Sharon Mundia Finally Shows Off Her HUGE Baby Bump Months After Announcing Her Pregnancy

Lonina and Sharon Mundia exchanged vows at an elegant ceremony in Mombasa, which was attended by their family members, close friends and fellow celebs like; Janet Mbugua and hubby Eddie Ndichu, Edith Kimani, Patricia Kihoro and others.


On Father’s Day, Lonina took time to appreciate the mother of his child by showering praises to his stunning wife, and thanking her for making him the happiest man in the world;

First came love…… Then came marriage….. Then came the little one in a baby carriage! Having been a father for only a short time I’m not sure how to celebrate this day. So allow me to instead celebrate the person that made this possible. I can honestly say she is the champion that not only brought my daughter into the world but also is to me the greatest mother ever. My beautiful wife @this_is_ess
It wasn’t an easy audition but I’m glad you picked me to be your homie, husband and baby daddy. I love you to forever. And even after.

Sharon Mundia made her first public appearance recently when she joined her close pals for a girls night out.

Sharon Mundia And Tycoon Hubby Welcome Their First Child


Now, the moment everyone has been waiting for is finally here. I’m sure you have been wondering how the newborn looks, but now, you don’t have to anticipate anymore.

Lonina decided to share the first ever photo of their cute daughter, revealing her adorable face to the world;

This is me holding the whole world in my hands. #NewLOML #LivingProofThatGodLovesMe #MyBabyMamaAndIMakeGoodBabies #ShesMoreThanJustPrettyFeet #KingOfHashtags #KingToMyPrincess #ThatMakesMyWifeAQueen #TheHairline #TheForehead #AndTheDoctorSayShesMyDaughter #HerCutenessIsFromHerSuperMama #MyWonderWoman #LastHashtagForThisPost

Here the black and white photos of Sharon Mundia’s cuddly newborn daughter. Who does she take after?




Machachari’s Hot Actress Sophia Reveals She Welcomed Baby Number TWO. Check Out Her Cute BABY BUMP Before She Delivered

Gorgeous Machacahri actress Sophia has revealed that she was blessed with a second baby, something she has kept a secret for a while now.

The celebrated TV girl, real name, Sharon Mutuku is no doubt a beauty to behold and is known for her role on the Citizen TV drama series, where she plays the role of a naive but caring house help for a rich family.

But away from all the cameras and spotlight, Sophia is a family woman, married to the love of her life and together they are blessed with a beautiful baby girl, and recently, she welcomed her second child.


The stunning actress hinted that she might be planning or expecting a second child back in February 2017, after sharing a photo where she was shopping for a baby stroller, with this caption; “I’m that mum, #baby number 2.

How Charming! Sexy Machachari Actress, Sophia, Flaunts Her Husband And Child In Adorable Photos

Sophia was very public with her first child and when she gave birth in August 2014, she revealed that Baby Ivanna was born through C-Section after she experienced 22 hours of agonizing labor pain.

But this time round, she decided to keep things on the low, from the prying eyes of the public and media, but in a recent post, she gave her fans a glimpse of her then baby bump.


Sophia then revealed that she had already welcomed her second child, by the name Zamie, but is yet to unveil the face to the world. After looking up the name, I found out that it’s a girls name, which means that she welcomed another girl.

Almost Unrecognisable! Mama Baha Of Machachari Shows Off Her Beautiful And Elegant Side In These 11 Hot PHOTOS

The stunning actress shared a lovely throwback photoshoot of her pregnancy, as she revealed that she’s will introduce her newborn to her fans soon;

Who said we have to wait for Thursday to throw it back. #when I was pregnant with baby number two..My angel will be meeting you all very soon

Check out the stunning photo below. How cute is that baby bump?







Family Drama! Nollywood Actress Tonto Dikeh Accuses Her Mother-In-Law Of WITCHCRAFT (Screenshots)

Drama seems to be following Nollywood actress Tonto Dikeh wherever she goes, and this time, the issue surrounds the mother of her ex-husband, where she’s accusing her of witchcraft.

In a leaked chat between Tonto Dikeh and her mother-in-law, the actress who revealed she paid for her own bride price said she has watched Churchill touch his mother inappropriately.

In the chat, an obviously angry Tonto Dikeh says, “I have watched you bring in dirty charms and fetish item into my home. I have watched your son touch you inappropriately. I have witnessed darkness with you all and I just wonder what kind of woman you are.


Leave me alone Mama Kunle, leave me alone I beg of you. Am done with your family, all I need is my safety and that of my child.”

This comes after Lara Olubo an OAP who is also a niece of Olakunle Churchill’s mother released a message between Tonto and her mother-in-law.

Meanwhile, Churchill’s first wife Bimbo commented on Lara’s post saying that her ex-husband family are all liars. “Smh, this people will never stop lying or even change from their evil ways… soon I know your can of worms will be open Kunle and you mom..Wicked family filled with evil thoughts and evil plans. Someday people will know the real you kunle,just can’t wait for that day to come.”


This comes after Lara Olubo an OAP who is also a niece of Olakunle Churchill’s mother released a message between Tonto and her mother-in-law.

All these comes after Tonto on Friday, June 16, 2017, dressed as a man to celebrate father’s day at her son’s school.

Her estranged husband Olakunle Churchill also responded to her attire saying people shouldn’t play victims to circumstances they created.

Tonto Dike With Husband Olakunle Churchill

Check out the screenshots of the conversation Tonto Dikeh had with her mother-in-law, courtesy of Pulse Ng.






Pulse Ng


Is Your Man A Fisi? Ladies Here Are The Top 6 Signs That You May Be Dating One

Seems like as years go by, new breed of men and women always pops up to either replace the existing ones or rather to outsmart them. I prefer calling the whole re branding process, metamorphosis.

I mean as much as it is a sin and a taboo, sex before marriage became a norm till we started encouraging safe sex. It all shifted to infidelity in relationships to older men and women preying on the youngings.

The youngings learnt and perfected the trade, and, in came team mafisi and mafisilets who are the current breed, which is controlling the ‘game’. Funny thing being a fisi in the society is regarded way cooler than being single. I mean, who wouldn’t fancy a cheeky guy or chic who dribbles past few lovers and still manage to keep them all happy?

Let’s talk about Team Mafisi shall we?

This article is inspired by a Facebook user (Shiliz Nganga) who decided to take the bull by it’s horns and warn her fellow sisters on how to spot a fisi from a far. Should I say, hiding, camouflaged by a bush?

Anyway, the pretty lass highlighted a total of six simple but effective characteristics these fisis have and well honestly, I concur with her.

From their timings on when to, or, not check up on you, to how he keeps a clean record to avoid being busted by his other twendi fae chics.

Check out her list below.

1.You only see the guy once every few weeks for a few hours or less.
2.He never calls and when you call he never picks. He’s a text only kind of person (players way of communication)
3.He hides his last seen on WhatsApp and some fisis go to an extreme of removing the blue tick option ndio msijue kama alisoma text zenyu (his victims)
4. His trucallers availability option is off.
5. He changes plans last minute after keeping you waiting, sometimes for hours.
6.His phone is always on silent and upside down on the table mkiwa pamoja

Do you think there’s more to add onto the list?

Love Wins! Check Out This Sweet And LOVING PHOTOS Of Gospel Singer Evelyn Wanjiru And Her Boo

Celebrated gospel singer Evelyn Wanjiru is known for her inspiring and touching praise songs and her down to earth nature.

The Tunakuabudu hitmaker was appointed as the official music ambassador for Mau Forest back in 2010 and under this appointment, Wanjiru began the Mazingira Bora Afya Bora campaign for the promotion of good health and a healthy environment.

She has several nominations and awards under her name, with the most notable one being her second album, Mungu Mkuu, which won the 2015 Groove Awards Album of the Year.

But away from all the work and music, the gorgeous singer is a loving wife to one Bwenieve-Agundabweni Akweyu who is a producer and the founder of Bwenieve Records.


The two exchanged vows back on April 7, 2012, at Buruburu Baptist Church, where her father-in-law, Rev. Kenneth Akweyu, serves as a senior pastor.

Drama Free! Top 10 Kenyan Gospel Artistes Who Have Managed To Keep Scandals Away

It looks like the family is a staunch Christian family, which explains their God fearing personalities and amazing lives dedicated to worshipping and spreading the word of God through music.

The lovebirds celebrated their 5th wedding anniversary recently, and the couple could not help but send each other loving messages on this special day.


Evelyn shared a photo collage of their best times together, including their wedding day, and a caption where she praised her husband and music producer, revealing hat he’s the best thing that ever happened to her;

Indeed it is 1827 days, 157,852,800 seconds, 2,630,880 minutes, 43,848 hours, 261 weeks, 5 years since that time we exchanged vows, am glad to celebrate with you our 5th wedding anniversary my producer of music and children swit love you are the best gift God gave me @agundabweni, Happy anniversary to us.Dear God cover our marriage

I have to say this couple is an envy to many who would like to find life partners. How about I compile a few photos of the amazing couple below. Aren’t they just lovely?




‘It’s Possible to Change’ – Bishop Allan Kiuna Shares His Weight Loss Journey

Weight loss has become the in thing over the last one year, with celebrities and public figures hitting the gym and starting off on a food program to help them get back to shape. Bishop Allan Kiuna of The Jubilee Christian Church and his wife Kathy Kiuna are a power couple but even though they are an inspiration to many, Allan believes in living a healthy life.


The couple have in the past been criticized for alienating average worshipers in their church. They are categorized as one of the most wealthy preachers in the country.

Bishop Allan lost a lot of kgs since the beginning of his journey which he says was a bit hard for him. He took to social media and wrote an encouraging message to those who might feel like giving up.


OUR LOVE IS STILL STRONG! Bishop Allan Kiuna And Reverend Kathy Take Intimate Selfie To Show They Are Still In Love

“In January 2015 I started a journey to get in shape. I was 126kgs and I needed to do something about it. It’s not been easy journey but my mind was made up. Every thing that you will ever accomplish will be a function of a DECISION. MAKE A CHOICE to change and the journey has began. Then get someone who has done what you want to accomplish and learn from them. Mentorship and expert help is sometimes needed to help chart out a practical route to the venue of success. Finally be determined and dedicated to your goal. Motivation is highly overrated. Just get into action every day and DO WHAT NEEDS TO BE DONE!! Don’t wait to FEEL anything before you get into ACTION. JUST DO IT!! If you are tired of starting over, THEN DONT QUIT!!!!! It’s possible to CHANGE.”

In the post, he says he felt he needed to do something about his weight and says those in the journey shouldn’t give up. These are truly inspiring words coming from a person who has gone through the journey.

Here are some of the photos of Bishop Allan that will make you hit the gym:







Is Your Marriage Heading For DIVORCE? HUSBANDS Reveal The Moment They Decided To END Their Marriage In Heart-Breaking CONFESSIONS

Any married couple will tell you that arguments can occur even in the happiest of households, but how do you distinguish a minor tiff from to a relationship breaker?

In a series of heartbreaking confessions, married men have revealed the moment they realized their marriage was headed for divorce.

One curious Redditor started the thread asking: ‘Divorced Men of Reddit: what moment with your former wife made me think “Yup, I’m asking this girl to divorce me.”?

Signing divorce papers

It wasn’t long before divorcees came forward with their stories amassing more than 11,000 comments.

As is expected affairs were an obvious catalyst for the end of a marriage, with many men finding out of their wife’s infidelity in the most heartbreaking ways.




Money also proved to be the cause for many relationships ending with several divorcees revealing their exes had duped them for cash.


While many of the stories came from men who had instantly filed for divorce several revealed that they had attempted to work through their issues with marriage counselors to no avail.



For those who were parents, their children played a huge factor in their marriage, and a concern for their offspring was often listed as a cause for divorce.




Many confessions came from men admitted their reasons for their split was not as clear-cut, revealing that they had simply grown apart over the years.




Abuse also came up as a reason why the marriage failed whether that was verbal or physical on the wife’s part.



Marriage Goals! Rapper Jua Cali Flaunts His Beautiful And Curvy Wife (PHOTOS)

Veteran Kenyan rapper Jua Cali is known for his amazing Genge and Hip-Hop songs from back in the day. But one thing we have noticed is that over the years, he’s managed to keep his private life under wraps.

I can vividly remember a skinny version of himself, dressed up in baggy jeans and t-shirts, with his signature black Du-rag or cornrows in his music videos back in his hey days and he hasn’t aged a bit.

Jua Cali, real name, Paul Julius Nunda, has proved that hard work and determination does indeed pay off.


But away from all the work and hustle, Jua Cali is also a family man, married to a beautiful lady, Lilly Asigo and they are blessed with two adorable kids; Evans and Doreen.

The Eastlands born artiste recently sent tongues wagging when he shared a breathtaking photo with his wife and for many who had not seen the lovely lady before, this was a spectacle to behold.

Nameless Couldn’t Resist! Singer Wahu Was Still Very Sexy Back In The Day (Photo)

Jua Cali was attending a recent event, where his wife donned an elegant white dress, showing off her curves and stunning looks, with a warm smile while staring a the camera.


“Great night out @uhurugardens with my rib,” wrote Jua Cali alongside the adorable picture.

Fans could not help but compliment the lovebirds who looked very happy together;

justbladeapparel Hapo freshy
hfaisal26 Safsanaa. ..nafurahi kumuona mama yetuu @juacaligenge
jamiejemo safi sana
jose_rosetee_kenya Eeeeeeh …
johnasudi Harusi iko lini mtu wangu?
mzitoh_tha_stranger Hapo safsana Baba yao!
nmnetmedia Keep on rockin!

Check out their amazing photos below.






‘I’ve Had Three ABORTIONS With A MARRIED Man I’ve Dated For 3 Years And I Still Love Him’ Confesses a Kenyan Clande (AUDIO)

Ladies, would you agree to be a mistress and date a married man for 3 years, yet you know very well that he will never settle down with you or be your husband?

Maina Kageni recently asked women if they could handle the truth if men decided to tell them all the dirty secrets and lies that they hide, and it turned out that some women would actually handle it while others would walk away if they knew the truth.

Interestingly, some women came out to tell Maina Kageni that they have more dirt than their husbands, with one particular one even confessing that she had an affair with the husband’s close friend for three months after finding out that he was cheating on her.

Ghai! Kenyan Woman Reveals She Had An AFFAIR With Her Husband’s BEST FRIEND To Revenge His Infidelity (AUDIO)

Marriages are not easy, more so when a woman finds out that her man has another woman or mistress, which seems to be a norm now.

But what happens when the woman in question is the side dish or ‘clande’?


During Maina Kageni’s breakfast show, a particular woman called in, confessing that she has been a mistress for 3 years, and even confessing that she has aborted the man’s pregnancies. Yes, not one, but three.

According to the anonymous caller, she’s not with the married man for money but love, adding that she makes money with him, which is ‘their’ cash because they have a company together.

In fact, the woman goes ahead to say that everything the man’s wife has is because of her, including the car that she drives. The ‘clande’ feels that she has a better place in the man’s life more than the wife. What madness is this!

How about you listen to the full story in the short audio below.


Blessed Family! Meet Willis Raburu’s Young Looking Father-In-Law (PHOTO)

Willis Raburu and his beautiful wife Mary Ngami Raburu exchanged vows at a colorful invite-only wedding on May 5, becoming one.

Their secret wedding surprised many, since Raburu had not revealed if he was dating after breaking up with popular journalist Sally Mbilu about a year ago, after reports of infidelity emerged, calling off their engagement and both moving on.

SORRY LADS! 5 Reasons Why Every Man Is Envious Of Willis Raburu’s Gorgeous New Wife Mary Ngami

But now, there’s no doubt that Willis Raburu is the happiest man after making Mary Ngami his official wife, and not only is she extremely beautiful, but also very down to earth and a God fearing woman.


After their grand wedding, the lovebirds have been flaunting their love on social media, and recently, Willis Raburu was the centre of envy after sharing a cute photo with the love of his life, with a caption that read; “My #WCW #MySoulTatoo #QueenRaburu #MorKich my wife I thank God for you I am truly blessed.”

Sadly, not everyone was happy for the lovely couple, with some of them accusing the elegant lass of being with Raburu for his money, while others attacked the Citizen TV presenter for marrying a woman not from his tribe.

willis raburu and wife marya

At the end of the day, you can’t make everyone happy and at some point and Mary Ngami made it clear that she is happy;


Willis Raburu’s wife recently introduced her father to the world, during Father’s Day celebrations.

Good Genes! Willis Raburu’s Wife Mary Ngami Was The Cutest BABY When She Was a Toddler (PHOTO)

In the photo, the young looking man poses with his other daughter, as Mary captioned it with this; “It’s amazing how my sister and my dad look alike, I am so jealous in my defense my character and his are the same. Happy Fathers Day to my daddy.”

So, here is Willis Raburu’s youthful father-in-law.



‘He Has Never Been a Dead Beat Dad ‘ Grace Msalame Sets The Record Straight

Renowned media personality Grace Msalame set the record straight regarding her baby daddy being a dead beat dad saying he has been there since day one. She said one needs to grow up especially if kids are involved.


‘Kids need both their father and mother and need to be in a happy environment’.

Grace added she was surprised that people have the time to talk and come to conclusions yet they don’t see what happens behind closed doors.

Aaww! Check Out Grace Msalame’s Children Looking ADORABLE At Their Father’s Wedding (PHOTO)

She clarified that she has never been married to her ex and that she got pregnant out of wed lock after her dad passed on.


‘Children are a reward from God and I felt blessed and in double portions’

She said it was necessary for her to change the narrative of bitterness, hate, dead beat and she felt she had to take the stand.

Grace Msalame Unveils Her Never Before Seen TATTOO. You Won’t Believe Where It’s Located (PHOTO)

Her wishing her baby daddy Paul and Evaline a happy life on their marriage elicited mixed reactions and she even let the twins be flower girls at their father’s wedding.

Judging from the photos both families are happy.





Proud Family Man! MP Aspirant Babu Owino Gushes Over His Adorable DAUGHTER And Stunning WIFE (PHOTOS)

It looks like controversial University Of Nairobi (UON) student leader Babu Owino is not all about his flamboyant lifestyle and showing off stacks of money on social media.

Babu Owino real name, Paul Ongili Owino is known for his lavish life and when it comes to SONU elections in the top institution, he goes to great lengths to the point where he gives out money to students in the university.

Back in April 2016, he was declared the winner yet again in what was considered a hotly contested election which resulted in street protests, but now, Babu Owino is eyeing a top political seat.


The popular SONU leader revealed his interest in the Embakasi East MP seat and has been on full throttle on his campaigns, making sure that he woos voters in the area to vote for him during the August general elections.

Well, it looks like, despite his scandals and controversy, there’s actually a motivation behind his spirited campaigns and leadership. Back in August 2016, the MP aspirant revealed what many people didn’t know about him.

Apparently, Babu Owino, 28, is a father!

babu-daughter (1)

Yes, you read right. The lad is a father to an adorable baby girl and their uncanny resemblance is truly amazing.

Though he rarely shows off his daughter and beautiful wife, Babu was proud to share a photo of the cute baby girl during his recent campaign in Mihango ward.

“With my beautiful daughter campaigning in Mihang’o ward” he captioned the sweet photo.

Babu was also accompanied by the mother of the child and it looks like this is one happy family. “Church service with my family at Utawala SDA church”, he captioned another loving photo with the wife and daughter.

Check out their loving photos below.







Ghai! Kenyan Woman Reveals She Had An AFFAIR With Her Husband’s BEST FRIEND To Revenge His Infidelity (AUDIO)

Ladies, would you handle it if your man was truthful about everything he does or about everyone he meets?

A lot of ladies have come out to complain about their husband’s secrets and infidelity, claiming that they want to be recognized, and that it’s better to know the truth rather than being in the dark in the relationship.

TIT FOR TAT! Cheating Husband Writes a Confession Letter To The Wife, But Her Response Is Just Priceless!

“So, if he tells you that he has two children out of wedlock, or he has bought another woman a piece of land or opened for a mistress a salon, is it worth knowing? If he traveled and said that he was sleeping at a hotel, but he confesses that he was actually at another woman’s house, would you survive that honesty?” 

This was the big question from Maina Kageni, who wanted to get views from women during his breakfast show recently after a lady called in saying that it hurts when one finds out secrets about the husband.


A lot of ladies called in and texted, giving their different opinions on whether they would like to know if their men stayed and whether their husbands have ever revealed to them if they had extramarital affairs.

But things took a different turn when a lady called in to say that it’s the men who can’t handle the truth from women, confessing that she has a lot of secrets her man doesn’t know, including the fact that she cheated on him with his close friend.

Forbidden Fruits! Woman Catches CHEATING Husband ‘STUCK’ To Her SISTER With Help From a Witch Doctor

According to the anonymous lady, her man cheated on her and she happened to know, so she had an affair with one of his closest friend for three months, and he never knew it, just to get back at him.

The lady was daring enough to say that she can even cheat with his brother if he ever tries to be unfaithful again. This is madness. Listen to the details of the whole revelation in the audio below.


Shameful! Kenyan Married Man DECLINES Romantic Advances Of a ‘Thirsty’ Lady Who Tries To Seduce Him (PHOTO)

In a world where cheating has become a ‘norm’, it’s easy to think that every man is a cheat and a womanizer.

This has made a lot of women think every man is a player and that no man can say no to a woman, especially if it’s a lady who has made the first move on the lad.

Gone are the days when ladies would wait for a man to approach them or make the first move.

FOR LOVE OR MONEY? Kenyan ‘Clande’ Reveals She’s In Love With a Married Man, People React (Audio)

Nowadays, some girls have become very bold that when they see a man they like or are attracted to and he doesn’t approach them, they take it upon themselves to seduce the man.

But it looks like there are still nice and faithful men out there who don’t throw themselves at women who start flirting with them if a recent Whatsapp screenshot is anything to go by.

black couple flirt

The chat was leaked online, where a single lady by the name Esther approached a married man, asking him out for dinner but the man did not jump on the opportunity as some married men would.

The lady was left embarrassed after the man declined to go on a date with her, making it clear that he’s taken and busy by saying that he takes his wife out for dinner after picking his kids from school.

Would You Accept A Valentine’s Day Present From A Married Man? Kenyans Respond (AUDIO)

She doesn’t give up there and asks the man for the second time, and this time round, she invites him to her house, and that’s when she gets a rude shock.

“Listen Mercy, I’m a married man. I love my wife and kids so much, I would never think of hurting them,” reiterates the man, and from the text, you can tell that he was super annoyed.

Check out the screenshots from the conversation below. Ladies, there’s still hope for good and caring men, who would never do anything to hurt their wives.





French Husband Ties Wife To Railway Line Before Both Are Run Over By A Train On Her BIRTHDAY

A French man, Guillaume Grémy so desperate to get back with his wife killed her by tying both her wrists so that she could be run over by a train in France.

The man resorted to this after failing to get back with his wife whom they had been separated with for sometime. According to the police the lady identified  as Émilie Hallouin had both her wrists tied strongly to the rail track with strong polythene tape while her husbands body was found scattered along several hundred yards of track.

A TVG Train

The French TGV train was going so fast that it took more than two miles to stop after hitting Hallouin and Gremy. According to  L’Echo Republicain ,Gr`emy had been on  sick leave from his job as a mechanic. He had separated from his wife three years ago and he was desperate for a reunion which his wife was not interested in.

Émilie Hallouin and Guillaume Grémy
The killing of his wife was the act of a man who it has emerged had been suffering from serious and long-term depression.

Hallouin, a secretary, died on her 34th birthday.

The Couple With Their 15 Month Old Baby
The Couple With Their 15 Month Old Baby

The  children were believed to be at their grandparents’ house at the time of the murder-suicide mission planned by their dad.Police said they found a car parked near the scene of the tragedy, which allowed them to quickly identify the victims.

Remi Coutin, the Chartres prosecutor, said that Grémy is believed to have used wire cutters cut through a fence leading to the train tracks ahead of the incident.


Sexy! Meet The Woman Who Has Stolen The Heart Of The Late Saitoti’s Son (PHOTOS)

Zachary Saitoti, the son of the late Internal Security Minister George Saitoti is taken. The soft-spoken and humble lad is in love with Elizabeth Mweru Gachini a.k.a DJ Elektra.

Zachary Saitoti

Well, for those who doesn’t know DJ Elektra, she is one of the famous female deejays who changed the Kenyan entertainment industry.

She started her career at the Code Red DJs owned by DJ Stylez before venturing into her current business ‘Liquor mobile bar’. Her business which mostly serves alcohol at social events country is doing well and so is her lover’s.

Zachary is a photographer and the CEO of Zachary’s Shift Eye Gallery. Well, the power couple has managed to keep their lives tightly under wraps and according to sources, the two lovebirds tied the knot but details about their wedding are still scanty.

As they say, whoever finds a wife, finds a good thing. Here are photos of Zachary’s better half.

Zachary Saitoti's girlfriend

Zachary Saitoti's girlfriend

Zachary Saitoti's girlfriend


Zachary Saitoti's girlfriend


Zachary Saitoti's girlfriend

Zachary Saitoti's girlfriend


Zachary Saitoti's girlfriend

Zachary Saitoti's girlfriend

Zachary Saitoti's girlfriend

Zachary Saitoti's girlfriend