Woman fakes own kidnap to break up with BROKE boyfriend


A woman in China feared boyfriend would ‘get clingy’ if she asked for a breakup.

According to reports, she saw how poor he was when they visited his hometown for Chinese New Year, and after disappearing, she sent messages to the man saying she had been killed.

The 37-year-old woman, surnamed Yu, had wanted to split up with the man after finding out that he was poor, but feared he would ‘get too clingy’ and refuse, Chinese media reported.

Pretending to be her ex-husband, Yu sent threatening messages to her boyfriend, saying she had been killed and her body had been thrown into a lake in Wuhan city, Hubei province.

The boyfriend called police and they eventually found her in a motel room, unhurt.

The 36-year-old boyfriend, surnamed Lin, alerted local police after receiving the messages, Wuhan Evening News reported on Tuesday.

Lin said his girlfriend disappeared from their dormitory at the Huangpi Jiahai Industrial Park where they worked on the night of February 21, shortly after the couple returned from Lin’s hometown in Yichang city for Chinese New Year.

Minutes later, Lin’s phone rang. It was his girlfriend telling him she had been kidnapped.

‘Come and save me, my ex-husband has kidnapped me, come quickly. I think I’m on the highway already,’ she cried, before the line went dead.



Why a man will date but not marry you – Burale

If you are doing this, stop it immediately according to the outspoken relationship expert who is digging in on dating and marriage mistakes.

Pastor Robert Burale is a very passionate man when it comes to relationships.

On his social media, he is very vocal as he advices youth on matters marriage and dating.

‘There were red flags he was cheating on me’ Burale’s ex wife opens up

In an exclusive interview with Classic 105, Burale sought to advice young girls

about s3x before marriage.

He said

no s3x before before marriage let me tell the ladies, the moment you allow yourself to sleep with a man before marriage your values goes from 100 to zero in one night.

so young girls don’t allow the man to use you let him enjoy the benefits on the wedding night 

Pastor Robert Burale

don’t get it twisted never go to the mans house on the first date never go to the mans house on the second date and never go to the mans house on the third date.

‘I look forward to marriage’confesses Pastor Robert Burale as he reminisces on his broken marriage 6 years ago

So when should one go to the mans house?

One should know the boundaries that you can respect that you can trust. first date you will lose respect. yes.. most ladies do that most men do that.. but that is the reason you date people, but you never end up marrying them.


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Dj Mo brushes off claims he had an affair

Popular decks master DJ Mo has for the first time responded to cheating allegations. Last year, rumours went viral that DJ Mo was cheating on his wife – gospel singer-cum-pastor Size 8 – and that they had parted ways.

‘My husband never cheated on me’ Size 8 finally addresses infidelity rumor

Well, in an exclusive interview with this Classic, DJ Mo rubbished the claims saying:


He also talked about losing their unborn child in December last year and said it was their lowest moments in life.


Advised young people who want to settle down to:

He also talked about losing their unborn child in December last year and said it was their lowest moments in life.



DJ Mo who was part of the invited guests at Daddy Owen’s Malaika Awards foundation, praised the Kapungala singer for impacting the society positively.


Malaika Awards was launched in 2012 by gospel bigwig Daddy own to celebrate people living with disabilities who have gone on to achieve feats that even the able-bodied haven’t.

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Iranian couple arrested for romantic marriage proposal


Most of us swoon, and cheer when we see a man get down on one knee in public to propose to the love of his life.

But for one couple in Iran, their romantic moment was ruined after they were arrested for a public display of affection.

What is considered the perfect moment went down at a shopping mall, in Tehran.

The footage, which captures the moment at which a young man places a ring on the finger of his girlfriend at a shopping mall in Arak, Tehran, Iran, was condemned by Iranian authorities as it contradicted the country’s Islamic doctrines.


The couple, who were later arrested by police for breaking the country’s laws on public decency, have since been released on bail.

During the viral clip, the unnamed man stands inside a ring of flower petals shaped like a heart as his girlfriend stares at him and gasps with excitement.

The Iranian woman, who is stood next to red and white balloons laid out on the ground, then says ‘yes’ to the marriage proposal as her ecstatic boyfriend slips the ring onto her finger.

The happy couple then embrace each other as excited spectators cheer and clap at their romantic union.

However soon after the video was posted online and went viral, the couple were taken in by the police for breaking Iran’s strict Islamic code.

Arak deputy police chief Mostafa Norouzi later told the Shahrvand daily that the  young couple’s ‘offense is very clear and there is no need for explanation’.

He added that it was unacceptable for the couple ‘to do whatever is common in other places of the world and disregard mores, culture and religion’.


‘Don’t shun him’ Bahati to Kenyans over DK Kwenye Beat rape scandal

Musician DK Kwenye Beat’s rape scandal had been addressed in a new song collabo with Bahati.

The song ‘Sorry’ is an attempt to apologize according to Bahati who disclosed that he is ‘good’ with DK Kwenye Beat’s apology.

Bahati revealed his thoughts on Thursday night on Kiss FM.

Bahati reveals that DK Kwenye Beat is apologetic about the scandal and is confident the singer will do multiple things to say ‘sorry’.

I know alikuwa wrong ama atapeana statement I believe so very soon, but kukiwa na shida, when a brother is in trouble hiyo ndio time anatuneed zaidi you understand,

and there are times when someone haezi jitokeza aanzishe hiyo conversation you understand and I thought bro God has blessed me with the fans toka sababu huyu msee anategemea music hiyo ndio anakulia, analipa rent, anafanya nini, anafeed familia

so a mistake haimfanyi akuwe atolewe kwa society and uhh aliongea vitu deep pale ndani and I believe me kusema sorry mi sifeel vibaya

I’m like kama hiyo ndo the first sorry alafu aweze sema the second I’m good.

Bahati also wrote on his Instagram

Let He that is without sin among Us, let him be the first to cast a stone.

Listen to the song below:

How to pamper your husband in 12 easy ways


If you were to be honest with yourself, how would you rate your relationship on a scale of one to ten?

We were having a conversation between men and women about this topic in the office and someone shared this tweet that the fellas said was the realest sh*t for men.

how to treat a man tweet(1)(1)

Here are simple things all girls can do to keep the fire burning, as published on pairedlife.com.

1. You can never be too busy to whisper sweet nothings to him. A text a day or better yet a call to check up on him will prove how crazy you are abut him.

2. We all have reasons why we fell in love with and eventually married bae. Put this down in writing and share the list with him. Let him fall in love with you all over again by reading this list to him.

3.  When you were dating, you considered yourselves bestfriends. Be THAT BEST FRIEND you were. Remember how you would drop at a heartbeat whatever you were doing to be with him? Yup, that’s what I’m talking about.

He needs you to be there to listen, Ladies also have a problem with men needing space. Don’t catch a feeling if he wants to be left alone. Be compassionate.

4. Remember back when you made an effort to dress up for him? Be pretty for him. Flaunt your femininity. Dress in clothes he wants you to wear at home. Who knows where this will lead?

5. Pay attention to his needs. Most of us women are guilty of putting our children’s needs first, completely forgetting our husbands. So when this happens what is he supposed to do? Make a conscious effort to take care of your husband and the little things he needs.

6. On weekends when we all have time, wake up earlier and make him that special breakfast. On weekends we are not in a rush to beat traffic. It’s true the way to a man’s heart is through his stomach.

7.  Tell his parents about how good a man your husband is. Praise them for raising him the way they did. This will not only please your husband, it will create a bond between you and his family.

8. Make time for date nights. It is important to keep the romance alive. If this is not possible, find time at home to be alone. Listen to a romantic song together, or just be with each other and be lovers again, when the kids are asleep.

9. ABSOLUTELY STOP whining. Find ways to talk to your husband about your needs without making it sound like you are complaining. Do not make your husband feel inadequate with your grievances, criticism and fault finding.

10. When he makes a mistake or gets insecure about losing his hair, say kind words of encouragement and reassurance. Declare your devotion all over again. Remind him you married him (your wedding vows will come in handy here).

11.  Pray with your husband especially when he is worried about something. He needs to know you are there for him.

12. Find reasons to be together. Run errands with him. Take him to the carwash, or to see the latest gadgets. He doesn’t really need you, but will appreciate the company.


Newest Dad in Town: Ali Kiba welcomes fourth child

Bongo singer Ali Kiba is the latest dad in town.

The singer in a cryptic message on social media revealed he is a new dad, while his wife shared pictures of the newborn.

Ali Kiba and his wife Kenyan wife Amina have welcomed a baby boy.

She wrote expressing her joy

My baby boy


Early last year in an interview the singer said they were expecting a child early 2019.

“We are expecting a baby early next year, God-willing,” Ali Kiba told Massawe on Monday on Radio Jambo.

“Katika dini yetu, we believe it is a blessing to get married and after a few months to get a baby. This will be my fourth child now.”

Kiba tied the knot with Amina Khalef, 23, after dating secretly for close to two years.

Congratulations to the couple.


10 signals women send when they find a man attractive


Learn these subconscious body language cues and you might come closer to finding out whether the woman of your dreams is in love with you, too…

Relationship expert Tracy Cox spoke to Dailymail.

1. She flashes her eyebrows at you 

When we first see someone we’re attracted to, our eyebrows rise and fall in a small, rapid movement. If they fancy us back, they raise their eyebrows in return.

We’re not consciously aware of doing this rather bizarre Groucho Marx type gesture, but it’s supposedly the most instantly recognised non-verbal sign of friendly greeting in the world.

It helps us to attract friends and lovers because it makes us look more attractive by pulling the eyes open and allowing more light to reflect on the surface of eyes.

2. She is fidgeting with her clothes

If she’s adjusting her clothing or smoothing it (particularly over your hips), she’s preening – making sure she looks your best.

Another dead giveaway: looking down to see how many buttons she’s got undone (and emerging from the loo with a couple more open).

3. She’s flashing her wrists

It means she’s s3xually interested if she holds her wrist so it’s turned to face you.

Wrists are definite erogenous zones probably because back in the days when women wore neck to knee clothing, the wrist and ankles were the only flesh ever exposed in public.

4. Her hands keep moving into your space

We use our hands to signal interest by moving them closer to the object of our desire.

If she moves her hands across the invisible line that divides the table in two or into your personal space, she’s hinting she’s looking for more than just a friend.

5. She’s sitting with one leg tucked underneath her, so the inside of her thigh is exposed

If her head and body also point towards you, you should consider himself wanted.

She’s revealing quite an intimate part of her body: one you’d normally only see during sex.

6. She’s crossed her legs

The leg-cross (twining one leg around so her foot crosses behind her calf and also the ankle) is a potent, yet polite, sexual signal.Why?

Well for a start, it makes her legs look good because it presses the flesh to give the appearance of high muscle tone.

Which sends another subliminal message: our bodies show increased muscle tone when ready for sex as nerves and excitement make us tense and primed for performance.

7. She keeps on crossing and uncrossing them ever-so-s-l-o-w-l-y

The more a woman crosses and uncrosses her legs in front of a guy, the more interested she is in him.

She’s either subconsciously or deliberately trying to draw your attention to her legs and genital area.

8. She’s kicking one leg up and down, while crossed, or dangling a shoe from her toes

Either are strong, deliberate and obvious signs of sexual attraction.

Women will often cross their legs towards their object of desire and begin to slowly and seductively kick their foot up and down in a thrusting motion.

(If you need me to tell you why imitating thrusting is sexy, you seriously do need to get out more).

If she’s really, really keen, she’ll follow this up by slipping her foot in and out of her shoe (the old in-out-in-out thing again) or dangle the shoe from the tip of her toes (I’m undressing myself already/Wouldn’t you like these shoes off and under your bed?)

9. She’s touching her neck, mouth and lips a lot

It’s called autoerotic touching: touching yourself where you’d like someone to touch you.

As well as sending a powerful subliminal message (get your fingers over here!), it feels good! When we’re sexually aroused the blood pumps ferociously through the body, making nerve endings tingle and our skin much more sensitive to touch.

An even sexier version: she’s touching her mouth while looking at yours!

10. Whatever you do, she does

Nothing bonds people more instantly or effectively than mirroring someone’s behaviour.

We do it subconsciously when we like someone because we like people who are like us.

If someone’s doing what we’re doing, we feel they’re not only on the same level as us but also in the same mood we are.


The 12 things YOU’RE doing that’s scaring men away

Ever started dating a man only for him to seemingly completely disappear from the face of the earth?

According to relationship experts, Laura Yates and Genevieve Zawada, it could well be down to 12 simple – but rectifiable – mistakes you’re making.

From texting too much to not having other interests, the dating gurus share the things you could be doing to scare men off.

Not having friends .Men are attracted to women who have an active social life. Having friends indicates that you have people in your life who want to spend time with you. That is alluring to a prospective partner. It also shows that friends are important to you and that the man isn’t the centre of your world. So therefore, he has to put more effort in to get to spend time with you. It also gives you so much more to talk about when you do spend time together as a couple. If women ditch their friends to spend all their time with a man, that can be a real turn off.

Being irrationally jealous… This shows buried insecurities and diminishes attraction rapidly. Men are attracted to women who have a sense of inner confidence and are generally, secure in themselves. If you show signs of jealousy (such as freaking out if he wants a boys’ night out), men pick up on this incredibly quickly so it’s wise to look at why that is and deal with any jealousy issues before you get into something too serious.

Texting too much .Men typically have a different perspective on texts. They use them for logistics and aren’t as big on texting as women. If you’re constantly texting a man, it conveys a sense of neediness and that you have a lot of time on your hands. To start with especially, keep texts relatively short, fun and flirty and avoid sending too many.

Not having any outside interestsMen are attracted to interesting women with passions, hobbies and things to talk about. You can only have these things if you engage in activities and interests outside of the relationship. As tempting as it is to want to spend all your time with a new man in your life, it’s so important that you keep doing all the things that you love because it makes you a far more interesting and enticing person to be with. It will also make you happier because you’ll feel like your life is more well-rounded.

If you’re constantly texting a man, it conveys a sense of neediness and that you have a lot of time on your hands

Baby talk… It’s not cute or endearing. It comes across as needy and immature so refrain from it!

Being possessive …Allow a man to also be free to keep doing all the things he loves. As soon as a man feels like he’s being restricted from other things in his life that he enjoys, it will put pressure on the relationship and it probably won’t be long before he starts to lose interest and want out. A couple thrive most when they allow one another to have a life outside of the relationship.

Talk badly of other women ...This also conveys insecurity. If you’re bringing down something about other women, it can give men the impression that you’re hard work and lack confidence in yourself. It’s fine to have opinions, but when it’s outrightly criticising or bitching about another woman for no constructive reason, that’s not an attractive quality to have.

Being a drama queen .…Creating drama for no real reason can suggest that you’re high maintenance. There’s a balance between reacting accordingly to something and blowing it way out of proportion. Being around someone creates or attracts drama can be really hard work and this is particularly off-putting for men!

Pushing for too much commitment too soon Whilst it’s good to know where a relationship is going, it’s also wise to let it evolve naturally and not put pressure on a man to commit. If you show signs of that, he will likely run a mile. If he likes you and values you that much, he will want to commit as opposed to being forced. You always have the option to walk away if it isn’t going where you want it to.

OversharingPart of building connection is being about to trust your partner with the more private things about you and that’s important, but you should avoid getting into all of this too soon. The relationship should begin on a level that is two people getting to know each other on a more fun and light hearted level, not baring one another’s souls, which can become very intense too quickly.

Calling the shots …Little Miss Bossy is not a good look when it comes to dating either, remember they have survived this long without you micro-managing them so continue to let them carry on the way they are happy with. If you feel you need to change them from day one then you are probably with the wrong man!

Expecting the man to pay for everything.. If this has not been agreed beforehand and even expecting him to get you home can scare a man off and think he’s wanted for money only. Always offer to pay even if he says no, at least you have offered.


How to spot a lie in a text message


To help identify some of the most common red flags of an untruthful text, Australian dating expert Louanne Ward has listed the nine top clues to look out for.

‘Spotting a liar is a lot easier when you are face to face because you can pick up their body language cues,’ she said.

‘One of the best tools you have is your gut feeling and intuition but whenever you are looking for a lie in a text message add these all together and see how many times they appear.’


‘These are answers like “I am not quite sure”, “it was probably”, “it might have been”, “maybe” and “some time around”,’ Louanne said.

‘If you asked someone “How is your day, do you want to catch up?” someone who is lying might say something like “I have a busy day ahead, not sure what time I will finish up I will probably just have an early night”.’ 


‘People do this because it’s very hard to tell one lie on top of another lie,’ Louanne said.

‘By creating a diversion they are moving away from the lie they have just told.’


‘You can see when somebody is replying, you can see the bubbles, so if you see if somebody is taking a long time it might be that they are distracted half way through but it could be that they are telling you a lie,’ Louanne said.


‘These are things like I “my”, “we” and “our”. They remove them because they don’t want to personalise the message too much,’ Louanne said.


‘If they do that and don’t answer the question, when they message next time that question will usually be avoided,’ Louanne said.


‘A liar might say something like “I’m not sure what time I am finishing up. My last client is a real talker but much rather be spending my day with you as you always make me happy”,’ Louanne said.

‘Don’t jump to conclusions but if it seems vague be wary.’


‘They do this to throw you off track,’ Louanne said.

‘A lie will sound something like this: “Tony and I decided to go for dinner and we were quite hungry so we found this place that had a $15 parmigiana. The parmigiana was good but they were really busy and it took a long time”.’


‘It is quite similar to the previous point but this time the answer is more relevant to the question asked,’ Louanne said.

‘When somebody over exaggerates and it’s a very short question that you ask and they are telling a really long story sometimes it is to cover up a lie.’


‘Qualifying statements include “if you must know”, “to be honest with you”, “it was actually” and “all I am saying is”,’ Louanne said.

‘When somebody has to qualify their words that’s something to look out for.’


Kevo Wa DVD: HALF of women have a man to fall back on


Do you have a fall-back partner in case your relationship turns sour?

Half of all women have a fall-back partner on call should their current relationship turn sour, it has emerged.

A substantial percentage have kept another man in mind in case they end up single.

And married women are more likely have a Plan B in the background than those who are just in a relationship.

The back-up is likely to be an old friend who has always had feelings for the woman in question.

But other candidates are an ex-boyfriend or ex-husband, a colleague – or someone who they have met at the gym.

The survey of 1,000 women also found Plan B is also likely to be someone whom she has known for around seven years, who will be ‘ready and waiting’ because of ‘unfinished business’.

Furthermore, around one in ten women said their Plan B had already confessed his undying love, while one in five said they were confident he would ‘drop everything’ for her, if she asked him to.

Slightly more than four in ten said they had got to know the man whilst they were with their partner, while a similar percentage said he was ‘on the scene’ long before.

One in five said they were confident he would ‘drop everything’ for her, if she asked him to.

Around one in four women who have a back-up plan have feelings as strong for him as they do for their other half.

Incredibly, 12 per cent went as far as to admit their feelings were ‘stronger’ for Plan B, and close to seven in ten admitted they are currently in contact with him.

But despite the secrecy involved in having a close friend or ex to turn to, around half of the women who took part in the poll said their other half was aware of the ‘third party’.

Of those, one in five said they were able to joke about it, but one in three said their man was ‘uncomfortable’ discussing him.

One in four admitted their current partner had met their Plan B, while one in five admitted he was a friend of the man in her life.

The good news for the nation’s men is that one in three women said they ‘doubted’ anything would ever happen with the man in the background.

Around half had a ‘never say never’ approach, while trouble may lie ahead for one in six who said they were ‘seriously considering’ rekindling their romance with the man in the shadows.


9 things you need to do after he proposes


Sauti Sol Biens girlfriend Chiki certainly had an eventful night after the singer got down on one knee and proposed to her.

So girls, now that he has popped the question, and you whole heartedly accepted Hooray!

Here’s what you need to do next:

!. Call your mum first, then call all your relatives. They can finally stop asking you ‘utaoa lini’?

2. DaydreamALOT. Think lovingly about the proposal and all the other stuff you want to do for your big day.

3. Celebrate the moment. You and bae can go on a night out, and just sip to the marriage proposal, just the two of you. Make sure your plans for the romantic night include telling him sweet nothings.

4. Agree on a budget for your nuptials. This also includes asking your respective parents how much should be allocated for the wedding.

5. Get your rings sized. If you are going for some expensive rings, don’t forget to insure them. These Nairobi streets are cruel.

6. Set a date, even if you have to move things around. That way you will be closer to your dream wedding.

7. Get a wedding planner or if you are not a fan of this, immediately plan who will be in your wedding committee.

8. Sit down and agree on how many guests you want. Although sometimes this is difficult as some guests are notorious and turn up with five other uninvited people.

9. If you have been dreaming of a marriage proposal now is the time to set aside some coin for the day. You also need to chip in, don’t wait for your dude and parents to do everything for you.

So girls, you are now set with these nine things. Congratulations on the proposal.


See the heartwarming moment Sauti Sol’s Bien proposes to girlfriend

We have all been waiting for this moment.

Sauti Sol’s Bien has proposed to the love of his life Chiki, and photo’s of the moment have gone viral.

Bien shocked Chiki in what appears to be a well planned moment. In photos on social media, Chiki can be seen exclaiming as Bien goes down on one.

Their fans are happy for the surprise marriage proposal as she covers her mouth in shock.

Chiki told her fans about the moment saying;

I was not expecting this at all! Hiring out a cinema, all my family and friends involved. Thank you, thank you, thank you
Easiest yes I’ve ever said. To my homie, my nigha, my best friend and shit my FIANCÉ, I love you.

Bien kisses Chiki


‘Nathan lives a good life’ Maina Kageni brags about son

Classic 105’s Maina Kageni dropped a bombshell on his Instagram, sharing a picture of a cute boy, he referred to as his son.

He wrote:

Twinning with Nathan.. Took him for his first haircut… Keep smiling…. #JoysOfLife…

Maina confessed to thsi writer that he has been keeping him a secret because he didn’t feel the need to share publicly.

The boy is two years old.

‘Kwani you guys like moshene how?’ he posed. Prodded a little further, a beaming Maina opened up saying he is the best father ever.

maina kageni poses with white shirt
Maina Kageni in studio

‘Nathan lives a very good life, surrounded by love, he added.

And who is the baby mama, seeing as he has never talked about that?

‘No comment’ he insisted, but I wouldn’t let it pass.’

He admitted a few details saying; ‘That’s my family. You know I don’t belong to you people like the Royal family. You don’t have to know about her.’ He finished.

Fans were surprised and commented;
getinsane_with_nickworkouts..Thitima ghai ghai Maina ako na mtoi…🤣🤣🤣

Haha, slay queens should learn now…. This boy has been danganyaing you all these years, ladies learn 😂😂😂

shiko.shaniz..Sasa tutaambia watu nini??

julianamuriera..Congrats Mr.Maina, respect you for that.

allan_mmoja…na ukafanya beshte yangu ashinde single juu Ata Maina hajaoa.



What you can learn from a short failed marriage


Everyone is talking about Betty Kyallo following the surprise wedding by her ex Dennis Okari.

The two were in a  short marriage that ended in divorce and claims of infidelity among other issues.

She has however revealed she is ok, and happy he has moved on to someone else.

Counsellor and s3x therapist Julia Cole says that it’s more likely for victims of short, failed marriages to be able to make a clean break and move on.

Short marriages can teach these important lessons:

1. Acceptance of your own limitations, and the ability to question how you make judgements

‘Often, the decision to enter into these marriages is made in the ‘hot’ stage when the relationship is based on excitement and lust. This is a bad time to decide on a long-term commitment, yet many people who’ve been in a short-lived marriage do exactly that,’ says Julia. The lesson learned from rushing too hastily into a relationship is rarely forgotten.

2. Improved communication skills

In the early stages of a relationship, we’re wearing our rose-tinted specs. We put off talking about important issues, believing instead that love will find a way. ‘But those who’ve been through a starter marriage have learned the value of being able to talk in an honest way right from the beginning,’ says Julia. ‘They know it’s not enough to expect to live on love.’

3. Higher self-esteem

‘The whole business of going through a break-up and surviving it intact makes you feel great about yourself,’ says Julia. ‘You may never have thought you could handle being alone again, or finding somewhere new to live all on your own. Having done it, you have discovered something very important: that you can live in the world in a way you haven’t before.’

Courtesy Dailymail


5 things to do if your single on Valentine’s day


If feelings of loneliness creep up on you feeling as if no one loves you, here’s some things you can do to survive the day.

1. Have a movie marathon featuring your celebrity crush.
Netflix has so many movies they are showing for this day.

Sorry ladies, this is why your man is mteja on Valentines day

2. Go on a shopping spree,as right now there;s so many offers for things such as perfume, and all those items you may have been eyeing.

3. Laugh it up
It’s never that serious people. Laughter boosts your mood, reduces stress, and makes you feel better.

4. There’s a new term on social media and it’s called galentines. Have a singles get together and exchange gifts. Just like when we have gift exchanges on Christmas at work, this can also work.

5. Finally, if it upsets you to see lovers on this day, log off. You won’t be missing out on much.

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Sorry ladies, this is why your man is mteja on Valentines day


If your man’s phone is off today, please know that he is off to Zanzibar for a conference.

A poster detailing activities men will have on February 14th, has gone viral, with many men saying they don’t have time for Valentines day.

This is the poster

mens conference on valentines day
Mens seminar

KOT have opinions about it. Read below:

Mbũrũ Kamau :Those one hour opening prayers, will definitely reach the heavens!!!!

Apacha Isaac: On February 14th
If she insists she must eat Pizza or Chocolate on Valentine day, politely ask her to read Numbers 9:11 aloud. The scripture is very specific on the foods to be eaten on 14th February.*
Num 9:11 ‘In the second month on the fourteenth day in the evening they shall keep it; they shall eat it with unleavened bread and bitter herbs’_
You get it? Right! For that day, the law of Moses shall prevail.

Bonface Simiyu: I will be attending

Kalingi Mshote :Why have you excluded his Excellency C.Nyakundi C in C of the boyshaod battalion,he should speak on how to say No she she asks for money

Mils Nava: Kuhepa Valentine’s day

Edwin Khaemba: Opening prayers yawa 12 good hours

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The 10 commandments for a real man, Bishop tells Maina Kageni

It’s Valentines day and lots of women are waiting for their men to buy them gifts and spoil them rotten.

On Classic 105, a listener called in and told men not to fall for the trap set by women. He announced that there are ten commandments that only real men follow.

Here are the 10 commandments. Do you agree this is what you must do to be a total man? Mwalimu Kingang’i says he is just speaking the truth.

!. You must drink alcohol

2. You must have debts

3. You must have concubines

4. You must have a son

5. You must have 40 years

6. You must be married

7. You must have children

8. You must have concubines (not a mpango wa kando, it’s a woman your wife knows and appreciates)

9. Provide protect and please (PPP)

10. You must have debts – The more debts you have the more manly you are