How long have you been with your man and why hasn’t he married you yet asks Maina


On the morning conversation on Classic 105, it was all about how ‘Ladies mumechomewa picha’ by Manu Chandaria.

Mzee formalized his mariage last week after 64 years of being together. They went to the AG’s office, signed a piece of paper and spent 9k and went back home.

Mwalimu questioned why Kenyan women are always in a hurry to marry men.

 hii haraka ni ya nini many Kenyan ladies want to marry so quickly. They take men mbio why the hurry why do they rush us so fast, where is the hurry?

Maina wasn’t convinced with this argument demanding to know how long women should take before asking for commitment.

if you don’t make your man commit, what do they do?

What are you doing with a man for seven years and he is not marrying you, how!! shouted maina

Do you know the kind of life that Manu Chandaria has given that woman? She has lived like a queen for those 64 years!

No no no they started from the bottom argued Mwalimu

Maina opened up debate to listeners on air and those online to contribute.

Ladies how long have you been with a man? A woman should never move into a woman’s house before marriage, you can build chemistry out there.

Ladies why have you been with a man for so long without getting married?

What are you doing in a mans house for five years giving him babies, aieee!!

How long have you been with your man and why hasn’t he married you yet?

A man called in with some deep thoughts

Why are you helping people who can’t help themselves, they bring themselves to us, and then they sit there like a tick. Kenyan women are gold diggers, they stick like ticks they don’t want to move out, they mark their territory and so they can’t be helped. We won’t marry them.

Another man said

I call it the emancipation of the boy child, finally we have a trick as a boy. I don’t have to marry her until I’m 100, I don’t have to sign papers, I am in a long term relationship about six years, and I don’t intend to marry her, let’s build a future together first, there is no hurry

Maina was astounded by his confession and advised his unidentified woman,

‘If your that’s your man, woman you are living a wasted life, sweetheart your are not a wife you are a maid with no options, six years and he has not married you ,what is he waiting for jesus christ to comeback?

If it’s been two years and he’s not talking of a future together, he is wasting your time, If he doesn’t even give you an engagement ring he is wasting your time, if he is living with you and doesn’t marry you he is wasting your time

Male caller

kitu ya kujiuliza ni moja tuu what was the objective of being with this woman? If it was children why waste money marrying her, we don’t just do things with no objectives in mind, like me let me not cheat you, you will never find me in a car written just married. I have better things to do with my money, the definition of money is go to her parents and that story ends there si they know me? This stupidity of marriage is useless, concentrate on life, she is here hearing em and I am not shaken, she is standing here listening to me

Another man’

there is no Kenyan woman who will stand with you from the bottom up,

Another man

I don’t think it makes sense to have a wedding if we are living together already, I am not married at 35 I’m not dating and if that time comes I don’t think it will happen immediately it will come after two or three kids

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‘Be ready for anything with him’ Zari warns Tanasha about Diamond

Zari had a wide-ranging interview this past week when she spoke to Millardayo, the popular Tanzanian blogger. The socialite and mother of 5 had a lot to say.

Zari posing
Zari posing

One of the most interesting tidbits concerned Diamond and his current bae Tanasha Donna. Zari had some choice words for the heavily pregnant Miss Oketch concerning the man whose baby she was having.

Diamond touching Tanasha's belly
Diamond touching Tanasha’s belly

She told the blog;

I have no problem with her being pregnant for him because we’re no longer together and he’s amazing. He had to move on and he can sire as many times as he can.

Why did Zarina feel the need to advise Miss Donna during an Instagram session in the recent past? She told Millardayo;

I didn’t say it in bad faith. My comment meant that just in case of anything, she must be ready to take care of her child because we can all see. If you look at his (Diamond’s) cycle and the other womxxen it’s the same thing. I didn’t see anything new.

Tanasha Donna, Diamond and Maina Kageni
Tanasha Donna, Diamond and Maina Kageni

She added;

You must understand people change I can’t rule him out as a bad person. maybe he learnt his lesson. We should give him the benefit of doubt. He can be a good guy. I don’t have a problem with diamond, let him fix his relationship with his kids.

Zari posing in red
Zari posing in red

Zari also revealed that she had no idea about who Tanasha was until recently, saying that she only found out about her after people started tagging her in photos on Instagram.

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Lulu Hassan and her husband gyrate to dancehall tune (video)

Lulu Hassan and Abdallah Rashid have one of those relationships that are written about in romantic comedies; the ones many women swoon about ( real men never swoon!) when they think of their dream relationship.

The two, who co-anchor together on Citizen T.V during the weekend, have added more reasons this past week as to why so many admire their relationship.

Lulu Hassan with Abdallah Rashid
Lulu Hassan with Abdallah Rashid

The couple were spotted fooling around before their show began and it was a sight to behold.  Lulu, who was clad in a form-fitting red dress, showed off her silky smooth dance moves to the excitement of her husband Rashid who was also moving about to a popular dancehall song.

Lulu Hassan posing
Lulu Hassan posing

She captioned the video which she posted on Instagram with the following;

All work and no play….
Warming up for next sato 

Check out the video below;

Many of her followers were amazed at her dancing skills and commented as such. Some of their comments are below;

terryannechebet Awww!!! 🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥
talliaoyando I am ready. And please mniambie dress code pia 😍😍😍🔥🔥🔥
rocker__kelsey 🙌nice👏
ali_kubo 😂😂😂 Boss lady hapo hutoshi mboga
diafuadear ❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️
rosette_hannah_ngendo Awesome !!!Goals
chumbyn I love you guys
jessicarndege 🤣🤣 loulou unaona Aibu 😅😅
j_j926 nice moves 👌 truly attended men’s conference 😀😀😀

Many companies normally have a policy in place where they don’t allow spouses to work together in the same department. Their reasoning is that they don’t want any personal problems spilling over into the workplace.

Lulu Hassan with her husband Rashid Abdallah
Lulu Hassan with her husband Rashid Abdallah

Clearly, Citizen T.V has its own way of doing things or they just trust Lulu and Rashid that much! One can’t fault them as the reactions from viewers has been excellent.

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Zari says Diamond has not seen his kids for 9 months!

Zari was recently interviewed by Millard Ayo. The Ugandan socialite revealed a lot about her life, love, kids and business interests.

But as you most likely know, what most people care about when Zarina speaks is her complicated relationship with her ex Diamond. In the interview, she dished out some ‘tea’ about Diamond and his relationship with his 2 kids.

Diamond-Platnum's-family in the past
Diamond-Platnum’s-family in the past

In a fresh twist, she trashed Diamond’s claims that he finally got to interact with his children after being “blocked” from seeing them.

In the interview with Millardayo, Zari vehemently denied claims that Diamond had reached out to their kids Tiffah and Nillan. According to Zari, in fact, Diamond has been out of touch for the past nine months, with no form of communication between them and the children.

I haven’t talked to Naseeb in nine months. He hasn’t seen nor spoken to his kids in nine months so for him to come out to say he recently reached out to them is a lie. I know it’s been a while since we broke up so I need to say this for clarity. This is where the confusion is.

Zari with the children she shares with Diamond
Zari with the children she shares with Diamond

So who is telling the truth? This situation does not make sense. On Sunday, July 14, Diamond shared a cute photo of his children in what looked like a Facetime chat, with Zari saying that he took a quick screenshot of his kids but that he didn’t speak to them.

Diamond-Platnumz's with his kids in the past
Diamond-Platnumz’s with his kids in the past

Diamond’s ex disclosed what irked her the most was the fact that Diamond allegedly made a fool of her. She said;

For Naseeb it was plain disrespect. I am a powerful woman I have an image to maintain. The respect was not there. Not only that so many times I asked him about the things I was hearing from the blogs and he denied everything.

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Diamond Platnumz puts to rest rumors why he hasn’t proposed (YET)

Diamond Platnumz and Tanasha Donna revealed that they are expecting a baby boy. This will be Diamond’s fourth child. He has two kids with ex-lover Zari Hassan and one with model Hamisa Mobetto.

In an interview with Tanzanian media at the backstage of Wasafi Festival, Diamond first spoke about why he didn’t propose to Tanasha;

I knelt down and kissed the bump and stood, people thought I had proposed but no. Everything has its plans, Tanzanians like to predict things and I don’t like to be predictable. I didn’t want my engagement to be done in a place like that.


Adding that;

I just wanted it to be my mother and lover’s birthday for them to just enjoy. That event will happen. That wasn’t the right day from the way I want to propose to my girlfriend. So many people have done it like that and now it’s outdated.


He says the baby show is underway and fans should wait for the another big event;

By the way, there is a baby shower that will be done soon. There are a lot of events happening too.

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Ali Kiba’s wife is SO OVER those annoying divorce rumors


Rumors about a split between Ali Kiba and his wife Amina have been swirling for the last week or so, and his Kenyan wife has reached peak frustration with the speculation.

She put to bed any questions regarding her marriage very matter-of-factly saying

Sura na baraka zake ndoa ya haki Allah shahid tumapendana na kulea mtoto wetu she wrote, revealing how she copes with the narrative about her marriage .MANENO YAO YAMEGONGA MWAMBA 👌👌 Sisi twapendana daima 💯😘💕🌷
I love All💕😍 Penzi lingali hai sanaaa bby @officialalikiba ❤❤ na My son 👉👉👇👇 @officialkeyaan @officialkeyaan

Blessed Njugush kicked out of his home by wife Celestine



However it’s business as usual on Ali Kiba’s pages, where he has not shared a picture of his wife.

Kiba is now sporting a new hair do. He has bleached his hair a dirty blonde, and seems to be loving it.


He has even grown a goatee, and it’s giving all sorts of new vibes.


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Billionaire Manu Chandaria finally weds after 64 years of marriage

Manu Chandaria, 90, on Friday solemnised his marriage to his wife, Aruna Chandaria, 85, at the attorney general’s Sheria House offices in Nairobi.

To show how frugal the billionaire is, a Civil Marriage by notice costs Sh3,900 while a Civil Marriage by Special License costs Sh 9,700.

Late Tanzanian billionaire Reginald Mengi’s mega-mansion

The interesting thing about the couple is that they have been together for the past 64 years! According to newspaper reports, the two got married at an informal wedding that only took two and a half hours at Visa Oshwal centre in Mombasa in 1955.

Manu Chandaria speaking to Uhuru Kenyatta
Manu Chandaria speaking to Uhuru Kenyatta

In a past interview, Manu revealed that the secret to marriage is simple, “’Aruna is 85 and I am 90 but she has the last word.’

Aruna was born in Thika while Manu was born in Nairobi, but both families moved to India during World War II.

By 1955, they had convinced both families to allow them to marry each other and Manu, who was 26, then married Aruna, who was only 21.

Manu Chandaria speaking
Manu Chandaria speaking

Aruna made the decision to be a housewife and build a home, where she developed her hobbies that included tapestry, cooking, gardening and growing orchids while Chandaria took care of business.

In the civil ceremony today Manu is seen dressed in a black suit and a tie marching Aruna’s golden-orange Sari.

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Tips: Consider these 10 alternative discipline strategies for your child

What’s the best way to discipline your child?

Is it according to age, the act committed? Is it a thorough whooping?

This is something that many are struggling with today.

Tokeo la picha la best ways of punishing your kids

Some of the best ways include;

Reward good behavior

When you punish something wrong, always remember to reward them once they do something good. This will actually motivate them to be improving on a daily basis to be rewarded.


At times as a parent you can be upset in such a way that you utter hurting words to the child. Silence is at times necessary to avoid such incidents like the child running away from home or hating on you. Talk to them when your temper is controlled.

Is your partner still obsessed with their ex Maina Kageni asks

Have a conversation with the child

Spend most of the time with the child. This will actually help you to know your child better and learn their weaknesses. Talking to them can actually be the best way of them to change their bad behaviors.

Create rules and boundaries

Always have rules and boundaries for them such that if they cross them, they are aware of the consequences.

Deny them some freedom

At times you can give a child much freedom which becomes their excuse to mess up some more. The best way to deal with this is either to limit it or deny them the freedom completely.

Nairobi woman kills husband, two children over domestic squabble

Send away

Sending to visit grandma always works. Once you send them there, they will behave much better the next time to avoid being sent back their. This is because they will miss a lot of luxury especially if they live at the city.

Life examples

Give them life examples of people who have mad it in life and those that have failed. If you child for example steals something, give the examples of people who did it and the consequences they faced.

Giving advice

You should always ensure that you have a close relationship with your child. Never be a source of stress to them whenever you are with them. This will make them confide in you at anything hence it will be easier for you to know which area to give them advice on.

Children who use smartphones for long are likely to develop ADHD – Study

Ban them from what they like

Most of the kids love watching animations and cartoons especially at the younger age. Ban them from watching their best channels for some time till their behavior changes.

Guidance and counselling

At times yelling and canning is not the solution as the child may not change. At times it may be something that deals with their minds and emotions. You can take them for guidance and counselling so that they may share their problems.

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Do Kenyan men understand the meaning of being given a second chance asks Maina Kageni

Yesterday in some peoples eyes, a miracle happened and that was Esther Arunga who was staring down at 25 years in prison for admitting to lying to police.

People reckon she has been through enough, and needed a second chance.

Maina Kageni reacted to her 10 month sentence saying

That’s what you call a second chance and I want to ask a question coz Kenyans take so much for granted. Do Kenyans understand the meaning of a second chance. Do men understand the meaning of being given a second chance?

He contnued pointing out second chances are important

The biggest culptirts are men. You mess up and she keeps forgiving you and taking you back and you just don’t get it.

Ladies have you ever given a man a second, third and fourth chance and he just doesn’t get it. Do we understand the value of a second chances, do we understand the value of forgiveness.

Do men get it? This is the weekend you will disappear this weekend and reappear on Monday with the same excuse.

Why don’t men get the idea of a second chance guys?

What’s your story?


@ItsMainaKageni You keep calling a man when you’re newly wed but as time goes by these men harden us,second chances don’t exist any more cause they take your love for granted!That’s why women are giving up cause u can’t be lied on forever!



Replying to @kipskiplagat @Classic105Kenya and @ItsMainaKageni

Sometimes you just have to lie coz that’s what they want to hear. Lie when its necessary not always. Dont tell her everything also. 🙊🙊🤭🤭 #MainaAndKingangiv


The saying, “Fool me once, shame on you; fool me twice, shame on me” has always stood true in my mind, especially when it comes to relationships.

@itsmainakageni @classic105kenya #mainaandkingangi

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Miracle! Zari allegedly gets married to King Bae

Zari Hassan has apparently gotten married to her anonymous beau called Michael aka King Bae. Yes, this according to several blogs and fans that say that the couple walked down the aisle in a lowkey wedding ceremony, which was attended by family and close friends.

Zari Hassan

Last month, Zari revealed on Instagram live that her wedding would take place on Nelson Mandela day, which was yesterday.

Zari with Zodwa
Zari with Zodwa

Zari’s close friends took to social media to congratulate her with BFF Zodwa Mkandla sharing a video of Zari flaunting her ring.

Another fan of the socialite wrote saying;

Today…….we are the champions! We win…..🙌🙌🙌🙌🙌🙌🙌 I am not mad at original ape aka Mange anymore….you know why? She is a loser…..she has to talk about zari to bring people to her page so that they can see her adverts….she is using Zari’s name to bring people to her page….’

Read part of the harsh message.

Zari married
The alleged ring

Zari herself wrote a message on her Instagram page saying;

God is not done with me…. I’ll be a testimony one day. I’ll be in history books too. 

While Zari’s fans might be ululating over her ‘marriage’ news, I think this smirks of desperation from the mother of 5; Diamond has moved on and to a much younger and more attractive woman and I believe that hurts Zarina’s sensibilities.

Diamond touching Tanasha's belly
Diamond touching Tanasha’s belly

If there was indeed a wedding I believe that we would have seen pictures upon pictures by the Ugandan socialite because that is who she is. Where are those pictures?

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Here’s something you didn’t know about your husband disappearing on weekends

Tonight is the final of AFCON 2019, and he will disappear.

If your mans phone is switched off every weekend, here’s what you need to know, according to Maina Kageni.

‘Ni njama’ he shouted to girls.

What prompted this revelation that may prove embarrassing to Kenyan husbands?

He is fed up of women giving their men second, third, and even fourth chances when they make mistakes.

‘I am so mad at him’ friend speaks at burial of massacred Thome family

Girls, if you have ever been called by a cop on Sunday to go ‘pick up’ your manz, who was ‘arrested’, then hubby is up to no good.

Ladies have you ever given a man a second third, fourth chance and he just doesn’t get it. Do we understand the value of a second chance do we understand the value of forgiveness.

Do men get it? This is the weekend he will disappear and reappear on Sunday/Monday with the same excuse.

This is the secret men use: they’ve got someone at a police station, coz they will switch off their phone and that cop will call you on Sunday to tell you come for your man and you will go and he will come out with one shoe, that’s what a lot of men do.

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‘I am so mad at him’ friend speaks at burial of massacred Thome family

The man and two children brutally murdered by the wife in Thome 5 estate before committing suicide were Thursday buried in an emotional ceremony.

They were all laid to rest on Thursday at Lang’ata Cemetery, Nairobi.

Relatives of Joyce Wanjiru, the woman who killed her husband David Gitau and two children before committing suicide in Marurui, Thome Estate, the day after the incident admitted she had anger issues.

Nairobi woman kills husband, two children over domestic squabble

They described how she was irritable and battered her man, who out of embarrassment could not speak up.

It is believed that Gitau, a casual labourer, was attacked while asleep, as the body was found lying on the bed, witnesses and police said.

The woman then strangled to death their two children aged 14 and three years before hanging herself with a rope in the house.

‘I had prepared him his favorite dish – chapatis’ Tony Ngare’s widow mourns

TROUBLED SOULS: Sonko Rescue Team helps in laying to rest the family of a 32-year-old woman who killed her husband and their two children before committing suicide. Buried at Langata Cemetery on July 18. Image: FAITH MUTEGI

The bodies of the four were discovered in the afternoon after labourers who used to buy food from the woman at a construction site raised queries over her whereabouts.

‘Naftali bought an axe and knife and had it sharpened’ Sources reveal

Police said the couple had recurrent domestic disputes, adding that Gitau had several times reported about being beaten by the wife.

During the burial, Gitau’s best friend spoke up saying

“You would never notice if Gitau had problems or not. I am so mad at him, even if he’s dead. He didn’t speak to me. I didn’t know he had problems. We wouldn’t be where we are right now if he did.

Kariuki said his “heart is very broken as we started our friendship back when we were children. Our parents are friends. I used to pass by his workplace quite often and discuss things then go back to our businesses,” Kariuki said at the burial.

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Is your partner still obsessed with their ex Maina Kageni asks


Is your man fixated on his ex girlfriend?

Ladies, if your man is in a situation like this, how do you handle it?

This stems from the confession one woman made on Classic 105, about being with her high school crush who is currently married:

‘My married side chick and I plan our off days together’ boasts Thika man

I have had one he was my childhood friends and I knew I was the one until I went to his house and found his current wife. It broke my heart so much I cried so much, and all along I thought I was the one. I had asked him to wait for me. He told me he couldn’t wait. I have all along thought I was his only girl, and it broke my heart so much. Trust me, we have kept in touch with him ever since. His wife knows and she calls me to fuss, but he is with me, whenever I’m heartbroken I will call him, if he has issues with his wife he calls me, if I’m broke he gives me money, if I want to call him when he is at home I use a private number.

A shocked Maina shouted:

What do you mean there is nothing his wife can do about it. Ladies, how do you deal with a situation like this, you know she is there an there is nothing you can do? How do you deal when you know he has this friend whom he relies on and there is nothing you can do, how does it work?

‘I got married while in love with my ex’ – City mum confesses

It just doesn’t seem normal to me said Maina who asked listeners to chip in to the conversation.

Read the crazy marriage confessions below:

A man called saying

My brother Maina unaishi kama hauko kwa hii dunia. I’m married, my wife left me and she doesn’t talk. I even sent wazees but she doesn’t talk. Now I have this new girl who loves me and then my wife comes back knocking saying she wants me back, so Maina it has to be this way, and that’s the plain truth. You see this other woman she has accepted that I’m married, my wife has even tried talking to her. So Maina even if it’s you, what would you do. It’s been a year and three months with the other one, and I see her everyday. She lives near my house with my wife. Even my wife passes her everyday to see what’s up. I think she’s accepted her fate.

Another man also revealed his tricky relationship:

Hii mambo yote ni ya ukweli. We all have that lady we confide in. I am yet to be married, but I have messed a few opportunities because of such friendships, becauae this friend meets the woman I want to marry but there is always tension, so I listen to this friend more than I listen to the love of my life. Let me tell you and it is not fake a lot of men have this type of woman in their life. I almost got married twice and I broke it off on the advice of this woman. This other woman is married with kids, he confessed.

‘My married side chick and I plan our off days together’ boasts Thika man

Whats is your story. Do you still keep in touch with that one who lit your whole world despite being married?

Drop your comments below. Also read more here

‘My married bae blue ticks me after I sort her out’ – Man confesses


Your chest collapses, your head spins and knees crumble.

This is the response we have all had when messaging bae.

Back when whatsapp introduced a feature known as blue ticks, the world celebrated.

However this feature has come to haunt many men.

Men in their quest to freak out asking Why didn’t she reply me? Am I not important? Doesn’t she want to be friends anymore?

‘My married side chick and I plan our off days together’ boasts Thika man

This fate befell on man who recounted on Classic 105, how his married girl blue ticks him often.

He told Maina, who sympathized with him

There is this lady who used to be my ex and everytime she has issues with her husband she wants me, but when they are on good terms nakula block. But when on bad terms she even calls me telling me she thinks about me, she only reaches out to me when her relationship is rocky, as an ex they only does so when times are rough, otherwise utakula block.

If you’re a dude looking for answers to blue ticking a user on Quora has answers. Read below the reasons:

– She realized you don’t know what you want with her. You are not stating exactly what your agenda with her is. Leaving her guessing is much tougher for her so she opts out instead.

‘I got married while in love with my ex’ – City mum confesses

– You said or asked something that she doesn’t want to respond to, or has no idea how to respond to. Yeah, yeah, I know you’ll ask why she can’t just tell you she doesn’t know what to reply with. But these girls are hard to understand. Even I have no answer for that.

– She learnt something about you that turned her off. No explanation here.

– You did something wrong, did not apologize and are not intending to because you have absolutely no idea what it was that you did.

– You’re just being melodramatic and expecting that the girl will be first to initiate conversation. She may have blue ticked you, but she’s probably missing you and wishing you’d text her. The blue tick might make her feel guilty of texting first. Or maybe she’s just playing a little hard to get. So you got to up your game.

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Reasons why you should avoid online dating

How dangerous is online dating? Countless people have shared horrific experiences about what they thought was meeting a compatible date online, and the risks involved.


But it’s not always gloom. There are those who hit it off very well with potential online dates, and we are happy for them.
online dating

Here are other reasons why it is dangerous to do online dating. Read through and decide if it’s for you:


It is easier for people to hing their real identity online because you never know them. One can pretend to be what they are not in terms of their gender and their physical appearance. They can send you photos which are not theirs. This can be a great disappointment when you know the truth especially if you had fallen for them.

Kenyan celebs who have remarried/dating after death of spouses – List

Hidden characters and behaviors

People tend to bring out their best behaviour online. At times they can send you googled messages that drive you crazy yet they are playing with your mind. One can be of best behavior to win your heart, then later reveal their dark past when you are hooked.


You have to learn that not everyone has good intentions with you. They may be psychopaths looking for victims to kill. You should avoid exchanging your photos and details with strangers because they may use them against you.

Diamond’s mother and her younger lover prove that they are legally married


Mutual connection

When you are in a relationship, the connection should be mutual. This helps in strengthening your bond and building your relationship. This happens when you spend most of your time together and get to know each other more.


When you are in a relationship with a person you have never met, the expectations of the person are ever high. You always expect them to be better or just as you see them online. When you meet and find the comparison differs then rejection comes in. You either reject them or you get rejected.

Tokeo la picha la rejection

‘Love deeply’ – Terryanne Chebet reveals biggest lessons she has learnt this year


You are likely going to be heartbroken when the person changes their character and behavior. People get tired of pretending and pleasing you as they were doing online and reveal their shocking true colors,

Read more:

The best romantic names to call your girlfriend

Names can be given based on physical appearance, likes and characters of someone.

When someone is dear to you, you will always have unique special ways of calling them. This makes them feel more loved and treasured to your heart and actually strengthen your love.

Some of these names include;


Honey is associated with sweetness and other sweet things such as flowers. This can be given to someone who loves honey and is sweet of character.


When someone has a clean heart this is the best name to call her. Someone who has a heart of helping others and never hurts anyone not even a fly.


This name fits someone who is just like your mother. A caring and loving person with all the mother qualities in them.

See the day Anne Waiguru’s hubby saved a Kenyan man’s shaky marriage

Hot stuff

This is for someone who is so hot that you can’t help but hold them in public.

Rose flower

This is basically a flower and can fit someone who loves flowers especially the roses or someone very beautiful.


This is the most popular and commonest name used in naming them. It can be modified into different ways depending on the person’s likes.

Let your wife hen-peck you – Bahati’s advice to men for a happy marriage


This refers to a sweet or yummy stuff. If they love sweets or are adorable of nature then they deserve the name.


If someone is a wife material then this is the best name for them. Someone who is always on toes and engaged in all the house chores


This name is for the coolest persons ever. Someone that does not love to offend people and cause chaos.

These are some of the ways to know your man loves you


This can be given to the classy lady that loves and adore everything about them especially their looks.

Read more:

‘My married side chick and I plan our off days together’ boasts Thika man


Love is messy and complicated.

Love is full of heartbreak, and it’s dramatic and unfulfilling.

Why do I say this?

This is the plight of a single man dating a married woman.

He confessedbragged about his love affair with her on air during a Classic 105 morning conversation.

He can’t seem to let go of his ‘woman’ who treats him so well, according to his vivid description of their affair.


The man shocked Maina Kageni about how he is ‘eating’ a married woman, and ripping benefits from their relationship.

I take my off day together with my side chick. She is married with two kids, and she is paying my rent for sh25,000 in Thika.

By the way I am waiting for her, I am preparing breakfast. We will be in olympics until the evening, then she goes back home to her husband. 

Is he a slave to his heart?

He responded, ‘That’s how it is’ concluding the story.

Is there that one person from your past that you just can’t let go of? Tell us your experience by dropping comments below this story.

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Ladies, Is it true there is always that one guy you will never get over Maina asks

It is highly likely your girl still holds a torch for her ex.

Maina Kageni on the morning show tackled this topic saying

I was being told yesterday that every woman has that one guy who still has access to your girl. If he calls she drops what she is doing.

I don’t know how one person can have so much control over your life. That person who disappeared from your life and then they returned.

This was based on the personal account of one woman who confessed her secret to Maina on air.

She said

I m divorced because of my ex boyfriend. I was married to another man then my ex got back into my life. Actually I got into marriage still loving my ex, and to date I still love him. He is married and once in a while he comes over for some good time.


Maina Kageni seemed to be enjoying this topic that he posed another question

Every woman has that guy who for life is gonna enjoy access to all areas.

Who is that man in your life and doesn’t it mess up your life?

There is something they get from that guy that they don’t get from you. She will never get over no matter what happens.


A woman also called in contributing her personal story to the debate

Aki my boyfriend does. I can’t get over him, we broke up five years ago and he went and got married, I am not married and anytime he calls me, I tremble when he calls me I stop what I’m doing, aki I go crazy over him, I go crazy thinking over him if he wants me he gets me, I will do anything for him even if he does me wrong.

Does that make sense to you Maina Kageni enquired.

Eve men were not spared this experience like this man who describes the humiliation by his wife

This happened to me a month ago. My wife agreed with her ex (a cop) that they meet in Eldoret on Wednesday. So my wife told me she will be going to a party with friends and will come home late. I told her it’s okay,  so she went, they met and came back early in the morning. Then I got suspicious and is saw how they met and forwarded messages to my phone. Later I waited for her to leave job then I showed her the phone. She walked out Maina, then a friend told me pole, we we are done she left me and the children

He continued his sad story

Maina you see these thing of giving freedom to women that is how marriages go bad it was a shock to me…we have three kids even the parents after hearing they were unable to talk, they can’t even talk to me.

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