‘I’m Not Pregnant’ Nick Mutuma’s Ex Girlfriend Shouts

Tanasha Oketch alias Tanasha Donna who was rumoured to be Nick Mutuma’s ex has shut down rumours that she is heavily pregnant.

The model cum video vixen said this after a photo went viral with her wearing a black top that showed she might have been hidding a baby bump

“What YOU allow is what will continue. It all starts with YOU. 🙏 (and no I’m not pregnant 😂)”


Kenya’s Top Celebrity Break-ups

Tanasha is well known for her role as a video vixen in Ali Kiba’s song featuring Christian Bella dubbed Nagharamia.

She and Shuga’s star Mutuma were rumoured to have broken up weeks after being seen hanging together. In a past interview with Mpasho, Mutuma said that he was single and was not looking to get into a relationship anytime soon.

“NO. I Am Not Dating right Now, I feel Like I am in great creative space and i just wanna focus on my craft and on my family and just getting it right?”

When asked about his ideal woman, Nick said:

“I’m very picky when it comes to mamas…i love women that are independent…Me madem mmenichoma mpaka sitaki kuwaongelea”


Signs Of A Toxic Mother-In-Law

Marriage is a union between two people but in it there is always the family of both the bride and the groom.

There are in-laws who will make your life a living hell immediately you get married and go to live at your husband’s place.

Here are signs that you are have a toxic mother-in-law

1. She is always right.

She is always right, without exception. Which means that she’s never wrong. She’ll never admit being wrong, and she will never apologize for anything.  In her eyes, you (and possibly your spouse) are the only people to blame.

2. She is dismissive.

She will ignore you for the most part, conveying that you don’t matter to her. She will not listen to a word you say. She’ll ask you if you’re hungry, hear “no,” and still put food on your plate. She’ll also disregard any of your accomplishments as insignificant and unworthy of her attention. Only things that have value to her are important.

3.You will not have your space as a wife.

She will not respect your words, choices or personal space. She will come to your house uninvited and unannounced, expecting you to welcome her with open arms and be grateful for the honor of her visit. She will look with disgust at how filthy your place is, and how unmannered your kids are.

4. If you are staying at her house, she will tell you what to wear and what not to wear. If you were used to putting on clothes without anyone questioning you then you will have to persevere when your mother-in-law starts dictating what you should put on.

5. To establish her dominance and to prove that she was right about you, she will expect you to do things that please her.

That would include you wanting to spend time with her, appearing at every family event, learning her way of cooking, cleaning and just about everything else under the sun (because her way is clearly better), adopting her religion and culture, and last but not least, blessing her with grandchildren when she’s ready to be a grandma. If you fail to do any of that, you are indeed a rotten daughter-in-law, and she has a right to complain about you to anyone who will listen.

Wanaume mna udaku sana!!You spoilt the Ladies secret game

Men, you may be wondering why ladies are posting fruits as their status updates on Facebook but they are passing a strong message to you … 🙂

Some men spoilt the game and revealed to their fellow men what the fruits means and even telling their fellow men to check what their girlfriends posts so that they can know if they have side guys.

Some ladies are now in trouble because they thought men would not learn the game.

We have done our research and revealed the meaning for you.


Check out what your girlfriend posted on their facebook.. Usichochwe

After the message went viral here is also another one that was posted for the men,

Ladies check out if your men are posting this. Hahahaha.


Here Are East Africa’s Showbiz Power Couples (Photos)

Being in a relationship is hard, being a celebrity in a relationship is even harder. They are always in the spotlight regardless of what they do.

Due to being in the public eye, some have garnered haters and fans but despite all the things society says about them they stay together through thick and thin.

Meet East Africa’s Showbiz Power Couples:

1. Diamond Platnumz and Zari Hassan

Zarinah Hassan, is a Ugandan artiste, reality Tv star and an entrepreneur who grew  up in Jinja, Uganda. She has a Diploma in Cosmetology and has won the diva award of the year 2009 in the Diaspora. Currently she is based in South Africa and married to the famously known Bongo Flava artiste Diamond Platnumz who is known for his hit songs such as Nomber One and Nataka Kulewa. This is a couple that many admire and they are blessed with two kids.

diamond with zari

2. Chameleone and Daniella Mayanja

Jose Chameleone, born Joseph Mayanja, is a Ugandan afrobeat and reggae musician. Chameleone sings in Luganda, English and Swahili. Several of his songs have become hit songs, including Basiima Ogenze, Shida Za Dunia, Nekolera Maali and Badilisha. He is married to socialite Daniella Atim, a daughter of a local religious figure.


3. Bebe Cool and Zuena Kirema

Bebe Cool is a pioneer of modern contemporary Ugandan music and an influential presence in the East Africa reggae game with more than 200 songs. He has won several awards and other local and foreign honors. He is married to model, TV presenter and former Miss Uganda contestant Zuena Kirema.


4. Marek Fuchs and Annabel Onyango

Marek Fuchs is the entertainment managing director of Kenyan Hearttrobs Sauti Sol and has worked and toured with the group all over Africa, Europe and the United States. He is married to  Annabel Onyango who is a fashion stylist and a blogger under the brand Dressupnation. With a Bachlor’s Degree in Environment and Resource Studies and a Masters in English, her unexpected career  in fashion began as a fashion editor for True Love and Drum East Africa magazine.  She’s now a freelancer for television shows, commercial advertisements, music entertainers such as award winning East African super band Sauti Sol among other jobs.


5. Nameless and Wahu

David Mathenge better known by his name Nameless is a Kenyan pop artist signed to the Ogopa DJ’s record label. He is commonly known for his hit songs such as Butterfly and Salary. Nameless is married to fellow musician Wahu whose real name is Rosemary Wahu Kagwi also a singer, song writer, former fashion model, actress and an entrepreneur. Her songs include Sweet love, Niangalie and Still a Liar.

nameless wahu

6. Chris and Kate Kirwa

Chris Kirwa is a popular event organizer and a media personality. This lovely couple is always celebrated for their unending love and support for each other. Chirs Kirwa and his wife Christine are inseparable despite being married for years. They are mentors for many celebrity couples and most of them look up to them for marriage advice and guidance.


7. Dj Mo and Size 8.

Sammy Muraya commonly known as Dj Mo is a Kenyan gospel Dj and currently hosts the show on NTV Crossover 101. He is married to musician Size 8 whose real name is Linet Masiro Munyali. She is a singer, song writer and actress who switched from secular music to Gospel music known for her hit song Mateke.



The late Chris Musando’s son leaves many in tears after he cries out in emotional moment captured on camera

The late IEBC ICT manager Chris Msando will be buried at his final resting place today at Lifunga Kobiero village, Ugenya, Siaya county.

Chris Musando

Msando, who was killed by unknown people and his body later dumped in a thicket alongside that of his female companion Carol Ngumbu, was eulogized by many as a hardworking, kind, generous, caring, loving and a patriotic Kenyan yesterday during a requiem mass at the Consolata Shrine, Westlands, Nairobi.



Raila Oding,a who has also joined Kenyans in demanding to know who killed Msando, recently visited the late’s family in Nyayo Estate to comfort them.

During his visit at some point, Alvin Mitch, Msando a standard two pupil, walked up to Raila, greeted him and posed a question to him

“Who killed my father and why?” asked Alvin

Everyone in the room went silent after this emotional statement from the young boy, and it was clear no one had an answer to his question.

“Whoever did it, God is watching you.”

The opposition leader in the photo was seen craddling the boy, and sought to reassure him that his father’s killers would be found and justice will be served.

“We are trying our best to find your father’s killers and I promise you that we shall. Your father was a great person,” said Raila.

Adding that;

“It’s heartbreaking and unbearable pain to this young family. It is a Kenyan tragedy. No one has a right to tear at the fabric of life which another man has painfully woven for himself and his children. Msando’s death has degraded our nation.”

Here is the video





Psquare’s Paul Okoye and his wife share adorable pictures of their newborn twins and reveal why they’re grateful for double blessings

When she delivered she shared this story of her journey to pregnancy and childbirth, and won the hearts of many fans with her honesty.

Paul Okoye, of the singing duo PSquare has recently welcomed baby twins, and his wife Anita has opened up about her struggle to motherhood.

This is what she shared since welcoming her baby twins.

I am so thankful for all the warm messages, prayers and gifts I have received since the arrival of our babies. God bless everyone of you for celebrating with us.
Thanks to God Almighty for blessing us far more than we deserve, for replacing and restoring all that we had lost… Thank you to my family and friends for the constant prayers and positivity throughout my pregnancy.
I am especially thankful to my Labour Squad without whom I have no idea what I would have done!
They made sure I didn’t have any worries, the best they could… threw me an amazing baby shower and stayed with me throughout my Labour and delivery!!

My Labour Squad made everything seem so blissful and positive… my Labour Squad consists of these outstanding individuals who dropped everything to be there for me during my pregnancy and at the birth of the twins: My mom, My Auntie Buchi, Chinonso @veras_baby01 , Ro @myroniee, Theresa @tmamah , my 16-year old lil sis Uche @uchay___ , Andre’s nanny Ms.Helen, My Auntie Ephormaah , Cousin Chaz @chazgrey & Tasha @ms.bucks . I don’t know how I can ever express the level of gratitude I feel… God bless you all so much!! Thank you!!!! To my MVP Chinonso, who left everything including her own 3 kids to be there for me… I have no idea how I can ever repay you!!! She literally helped us in choosing the best doctor and hospital and held my leg and coached me during the natural birth process of the twins…God bless you and your family!!! Thanks to theresa for documenting the entire process and editing the videos, I cannot stop laughing and tearing up and appreciating God!
More videos to come!!! Thank you all so much again!
Love Anita!!!

After giving birth she went quiet, perhaps embracing her new mummy role considering that handling twins is time-consuming. She has now come out to share the cutest photo of the twins, sending fans into a frenzy.




B L E S S E D!On June 23rd 2016, I reposted a story that touched my heart. “Don’t lose faith when you see others receive answers to their prayers. Don’t be envious of others testimony…don’t despair…say to yourself ‘My time is coming, and when it hits the surface, people shall yield in admiration.” At the time of that repost, I had been close to losing faith…I had experienced despair.
Today I am in awe of Gods goodness.
Paul and I are so grateful for the newest members of our family, Nadia and Nathan Okoye (#Nsquare). Our beautiful little prince and princess. Andre is such an amazing big brother. We are indeed blessed!
Whenever it storms, a rainbow is on it’s way
fizzglam..Awwww they are so cute. Congratulations dear
maryjane_fabulousmj..Congrats ma’am
posh_starr..Congratulations dearie …may God protect them and give us our own testimonies …God bless your household
4realjoyce..Oh my God. Am so happy for you. Congratulations.
jasminemuzik..God bless them always. Congrats dear
priscauzodinma..Wow! Beautiful Cutiez, Queen and Kings(#Nsquare), May God bless and preserve them for you @anitaokoye and rudeboypsquare IJN.
dianatabe..Wow, so adorable😍

Kenyan Man Whose Wife Died During Childbirth Pens Yet Another Heartbreaking Message

Dan Sonko is a lonely man. The father of two who lost his wife during child birth is yet to come to terms with the loss of his better half Druscillah Sonko.

He always writes emotional messages reminiscing the moments they spent together. Well, Dan has once again shared a very touching message about his wife.

The power couple were to celebrate their 5th anniversary in a few days time but unluckily, Druscillah went to be with the Lord.

Here is Dan Sonko’s moving letter to his wife. Go through it:


It’s Sunday…..I had told myself that I was going to keep these messages in my heart.
Today was impossible. Last night was long.
You should have been here….then God

In 18 days, we would have been celebrating 5yrs since we took our vows. A milestone of sorts….then God

Your boys are doing well my love, we really are. We could have been better….then God

I wish you could see their smiles. I wish you could see them growing. I wish you could see them winning. You were supposed to….then God

I keep your memories alive. I keep our promises. I protect and defend ours. I push on babes. It would have been a smoother journey….then God

He brought us together and He took you home. Rest well my love.

I Love You….I Do and Always Will.”

Dan Sonko

Sonko’s followers were touched by his message and they joined hands to pray and console him. Check out some of the comments:

Morine: She is proud of who you have become, a strong father in the world, bless you Dan

Thisker: Even though God may not explain Himself. He will Always reveal Himself

Natasha: Just do something for Dan dear Lord..too much to bear.sending hugs n love your way❤

Maggy: God makes things happen with reason bt take heart man….I like you spirit

Liz: May the Lord give you strength and comfort that surpasses human understanding

Cynthia: I don’t know you but this has touched my heart the God  above will to continue blessing you

Queen: Soo emotional..May you find peace

Veronicah: Its so sad but take heart nd take good care of your beautiful kids..God has a reason

Brenda: It will be well. You can keep these diarized and some day, when you are ready you can author a book which will help other people deal with a loss like this. Praying for you to have strength.


Diamond Platnumz’ Alleged Side Chick Confirms That He Is The Father Of Her Newborn

Tanzanian socialite-cum-model Hamisa Mobeto, alleged to be Diamond Platnumz’ side chick, recently gave birth to a boy leaving many speculating who the baby daddy is.

Hamisa Mobetto

Many have been speculating that  Majizzo, the father to her first child is the one who fathered her second born while others think that Diamond Platnumz is Hamisa Mobetto’s  baby daddy after a rumour surfaced that Zari busted them.

In September 2016, Hamisa is said to have crossed all the protocols that pertain to staying away from committed men/married men and spent a night in Zari’s matrimonial bed with Diamond, while his wife was away in South Africa.

Diamond Platnumz and Zari Hassan

The mother of five went back to Tanzania and to prove rumors that Hamisa and her husband indeed had a fling, she took to social media to expose the two and even blasted Hamisa who had left behind her earrings.

Well, Hamisa’s new born baby already has an Instagram account which is run by her and his username is Abdul Naseeb_Tz, which is Diamond Platnumz’ official name. Just like the Utanipenda hit maker’s son with Zari, Hamisa’s child is also called Prince Dully Dee.

Hamisa Mobetto

This has ignited mixed reactions among social media users and just the other day, a man came out claiming that he sired the baby boy with the Tanzania model.

AQ: Zari thinks marrying Diamond will stop him from cheating ☹️☹️news flash, there is more baby mama yet to come

Omari: Lord I beg you teach zari a lesson shut her mouth let this child be a Naseeb for real🙏🏾🙏🏾 humble her in Jesus name.

Val: Sometimes private love is the best all these public displays of affection is not real love. When they were in Mombasa they were overcompensating by trying so hard to prove to the world how much they live each other and showing off while deep down they were just trying to cover up or hide this new baby.

LadyG: I’m finished! Thank you Hamisa for slaying us and burying us. Petty levels on overdrive!

Tasha: What’s the use of someone claiming you on public and disrespecting you in the low no loyalty some of y’all need to chill .. cause who gives a shit about a damn title. That so called Zari whatever she’s getting is the taste of her own medicine 😂 what goes around comes back around that’s what we call karma and that karma ain’t finished with her yet I promise you😘😂

Sophy: The thing is the more you dislike zari and praise Hhamisa it makes her think she is some hero and that it’s ok to be an unclaimed baby mom. Besides diamond is always throwing jabs at Hamisa every chance he gets 😂😂

Khid: Lol, He’s still got space for two more women, isn’t he a Muslim and both women are Muslims

Millicent: And she still posting her photo with Diamond, it makes her look so desperate, actions speak more launder than words. If she can’t see this game which going around I feel for her.

Who is telling the truth?

Diamond and Zari are yet to address the issue.

Keep it here for more update on this story.

I’m In Love With This Man I Stalk On Facebook. How Do I Tell Him? Confesses City Woman

Do you currently stalk or have you ever followed your crush online, spying on their feed just to know what they are upto? I know alot of us do, but won’t confess.

Alot of relationships have been established on social media, and others have been destroyed by it. But this hasn’t deterred one city woman from proudly declaring that she has been eyeing someone on Facebook.

A lady took to social media to narrate  how she is confused about what to do after crushing on a guy on Facebook.

She has been crushing on him for sometime now, about five months and has been stalking him on Instagram and Facebook.

She says she has about 20 screenshots of him on her phone after checking out his profile, but she does not know how to go about it. She wonders if she should tell the guy or not.

Her confession is that she had sent him a “hi” message before but he did not reply and that left her feeling very bad and she is confused not knowing whether the guy will feel like she is a gold digger or maybe that’s how she goes crushing on different guys online.

“I have never felt this way before. I don’t even understand it”. She said

Here is her message:


Dear Classic 105 fam, what would you advice her to do?

Kenyan woman leaves Maina Kageni exclaiming in NAIJA after revealing the HUGE LOAN she took for her husband (AUDIO)

For a minute there Maina Kageni forgot to say Aki Yaooo!! What am I talking about? Read on, this will surely leave you tickled.

Whenever you hear Maina exclaim you can be sure it’s something that has left him astounded and unable to totally believe it.

So this morning a heated debate arose after a man called in to point out to Kenyan women that they should not ask men for money, but rather wait until they are given. He argued that men know when to give it, and don’t need the pressure from women to part with cash.

Guys and girls, do you agree with this fella?

So this female caller disclosed that sadly some Kenyan women are paying off huge loans after they borrowed the money from banks to give to their broke men.

This woman confessed how a ten million shillings loan has left one of her pals in disarray, because her husband deserted her as soon as she handed over the loan to him. She is now left paying it off.

Maina was left exclaiming Jesus is lawd!!

Listen to the audio to hear exactly what I mean.


TILL WE MEET AGAIN! Burial Photos Of Carol Ngumbu, The Woman Killed Alongside IEBC ICT Manager Musando Surface

The late Carol Ngumbu was finally laid to rest at her parents home in Gachie, Kiambu County.

The 21-year-old who was killed alongside IEBC ICT manager Chris Musando late last month and their bodies dumped in a forest in Kikuyu area.

Carol, who had just finished her studies at Kenya Medical Training College (KMTC) Karen branch and was due to graduate in December, was by all accounts a fun loving lady who knew about all the interesting parties and knew some of the local celebrities among them Mzazi Willy M Tuva and Tanzanian crooner Rayvanny.

The family is yet to come to terms with the loss of their loved one and they only allowed a few relatives and friends to attend Carol’s burial ceremony.

Carol’s father told Nation that his daughter’s death has left them with more questions than answers and the government is yet to brief them on the status of the investigations.

“I’m a jua kali man, I struggled and took my child to school, I’ve done my duty and buried her,’ he said.

Adding that;

“We don’t know what’s going on. We are in the dark. We were only caught in situations that are above us, we did not know she could get involved with people like that.”

Well, mourners were not allowed to take photos and here is the only one that has so far been shared online

Musando is yet to be buried.

Done and Dusted? Prezzo Introduces His New Bae After Getting Rid Of Michelle Yola’s Tattoo

Prezzo was in the headlines all of last week and with good reason; his life’s our entertainment. And trust that is entertaining enough to keep me constantly checking in on him.

From people writing articles feigning concern for him in weekly value ads in the Standard newspaper to accusations from his ex that he is constantly harassing her to verbal assaults from Colonel Mustafa, Prezzo is just that guy.

And this time round, I want to focus on his new catch whom he introduced rather coyly perhaps to counter Michelle Yola’s assertions that he is constantly blowing up her phone trying to get back with him.

And the crazy thing about it is even with all the drama surrounding el Prezidente, he still manages to find lasses willing to risk it all and date him.

Anyway, here she is:

City Man Wows Many after Disclosing His Wife Doesn’t Let Him Take Care Of The Family’s Monthly Bills

Gone are the days when women used to stay at home and wait for their husbands to cater for the needs of their family. Women nowadays are taking up the role of the head of the family. They hustle hard for their children and even for their husbands.

Well, a city husband has taken many by surprise after he revealed that his wife is the one who foots the bills. This is so unlike many women who always confess that they cannot share a dime with their husbands, insisting men are the head of the family and should take care of all the bills.

According to this husband, his wife is from a wealthy family and she never allows him to use his salary. She foots all the bills. So she has requested him to quit his job and stay at home to take care of their children. But he is confused on whether to follow his wife’s advice or not.

“My wife is from a very rich family. I knew what I went through before I could marry her, because they felt I was a gold digger. I just earn 150k and I have been managing it with my family.

My father-in-law just gave my wife a good paying job with 820k every month, that is her monthly income apart from allowances. He said he is more comfortable with his daughter’s financial security in case anything happens to him tomorrow.

Life has been good to us, my wife does not even allow me to touch my salary, she even adds to it. Now we have been changing baby sitters because of one funny behaviour or the other. My love for kids is out of this world. So my wife suggested I quit my job and stay home with our kids since my salary is practically doing nothing.

She also said she will be dividing her salary into 2, every month she gives me 400k to do my manly things, or if I am not comfortable we run a joint account. It sounds nice but I need to be sure I am not making a terrible mistake I will regret in the long run. I need your opinion. What do you all think about this idea.”

Check out the reactions

Biola: Don’t leave your job

Lazarus: Don’t even try it, where is your pride as a man? Even if its a 2 naira job pls stick to it, else you will start washing pant, you sound like a lazy man to even consider it

Juli: No matter how small ur income is…… Is better den depending on your wife cos she won’t respect you… don’t leave your job

Dan: Bros that job is your power, don’t even compromise by quitting your job just because your wife earns way more, and makes you feel its a reasonable thing to do under the circumstance, you are the man, you call the shots. Her dad didn’t give you that job, she didn’t give you the job, that’s your only power, don’t lose it.

Aime: Don’t… It’s a trap… She’ll treat you like shut later on when she’s tired… Just manage while you look for a better job somewhere else

Okila: U’ll be less of a man, no matter how small your income is,u are doing something. ….don’t do it, u’ll actually turn to that gold digger

Loly: Dear husband, you had better not quit your job cause of woman&love for money,stay focus&glued with your job like never before

Duni: Bros, do not quit your job for whatever excuse, be the man of the house and please, be in charge too.

Neil: I must commend your wife for her kind suggestion but I will advise to keep joy job or else you will lose your self-esteem. It means you will be at the mercy of your wife when she refuses to provide.

Renee: Please don’t quit your job. Your the man of the house no matter how little you earn.

Phoenix: Quitting your job will be the biggest mistake you will ever make in your life…. Women can never handle a man’s responsibility and still respect the man in a long run…. my brother be wise keep your job, work hard God will bless you with what you are doing.

Sylvia: You need to be a man uncle, have your financial freedom and stop depending your wife

Comedian Njugush reveals why he is obsessed with his wife

Fellas! Do you like thin or ‘thick’ curvy women? As Kenyans like to put it, chaguo ni lako.

But what exactly does it mean when a woman is referred to as ‘thick’? According to online blogs, the term means a woman who is not thin, or fat, but has curves in all the right places.

Just recently American singer Beyonce and Rihanna have trended on social media with fans describing their look as ‘thick’ eliciting all manner of responses.

He Is Hurting: Comedian Njugush Writes A Touching Letter To Avril

Comedian Njugush loves ‘thick’ women and the funny man says his wife is one of them.Here is his funny, but really cute message about his wife. Shout out to all men out there who can take care of thick 😉😉tunafaa tupewe kaplot maguta maguta huko Thicker.
Tupewe Size 8 plus. Juu it’s a privilege hawa hawaingizwi box, ni Big Square 😉we put our lives on the line here guys.

Here’s the photo of Njugush’s wife and all that good ‘ol thickness:


#Chilobae: Kenyan man confesses he snooped on his wife and found she had searched for Ezra Chiloba (AUDIO)

Dear upset Kenyan men, Ezra Chiloba is bae and there’s nothing you can do about it. This is according to the declaration made by mafisilets on Classic 105 this morning.

Maina Kageni was asking girls why they were online searching for the hunky CEO, and swooning over Ezra Chiloba.

The now famous CEO has been trending from last week, and thirsty Kenya women can’t help but express how his good looks have blown them away. Trust Kenyan men not to be too pleased with this development.

What made girls notice him was his good looks and the way he was pronouncing ‘Form Tharry Fo Bee’. Girls could not get enough of him, and took to  the internet to enquire if he was married among other queries.

As always opinion is divided, if he is really as handsome, with men taking offense at the way women are openly thirsting for him.

A married man called in and told Maina Kageni how he had found out his wife also searched details of Chilobae. He also revealed what he will do following this discovery.

Listen to the audio, as Kenyan men also take on Maina for supporting women.



Gospel Singer’s Ex-Wife Now Heavily Pregnant For Another Man (PHOTOS)

Gospel singer Hey Z Da Brand separated late last year with his wife Mercy Njoki, who is a former Tahidi High actress.The two had dated for six years.

From what this writer has found out is that Njoki, who acted as ‘Melody’ has moved on with one man identified as Bobb and might be heavily pregnant for the man.

But hey, is this the man behind her break up with the gospel singer?

Well, sometime back when we revealed that the two were no longer an item, we reached out to Hey Z who revealed that his wife was cheating on him with her boss who happens to be the man in question.

Hey Z emotionally narrated:

“She cheated on me with her boss and I asked that guy are you f*cking my wife or not? he said no.”

And yes…Njoki has finally acknowledged that Bobb is the love of her life, according to her recent social media post:

“When i met Bobb i was not looking for love, i had lost faith in this thing called “Love”. That word became Greek to me! I went through so much bullsh*t that made me numb. I just gave up hope. But he held my hand and walked with me…And am grateful to have made the best decision in life.

This is where i want to be for the rest of my life… Happiness is not expensive! You just have to associate yourself with the right energy… I am the happiest and the most relaxed person right now. This is a brand new Njoki… Love is a beautiful thing after all.”

Mercy Njoki And Bobb

Here are photos of Njoki that suggest she might be getting a new born very soon:




Proud man shows off his heavily pregnant WIVES And The Internet Isn’t Happy (Photo)

Dunia ina mambo kweli.

A photo of a man and his two heavily pregnant wives has surfaced, making many social media users question what is going on in the minds of the two women.

The unnamed man seems to be at a photoshoot with his wives, and they do look pretty stunning..the baby bumps I mean..

While many husbands chose to hide their mpango wa kando’s, this man has decided to embrace them, and his look in the photoshoot tell us so.

Check out the photo below, and how the internet reacted harshly.



doseofsoulthey …look like they not feeling it 💀
mylifeilivein..My friend had that. They gave birth in between a week to the babys and now the guy is married to someonw else
[email protected]…… i though that was hum when i first look! Ressemblance is crazy
[email protected] wtf 😂😂😂
[email protected]… a problèm
[email protected]_cue 😂😂😂guettons life
my_girls_mama…Un believable!
memzahbee…And they not pulling each others hair .
[email protected]… do the woman in histoire left lookshappy
krishashanie.pow….Classic case of women who haven’t discovered their worth or have lost their worth.
[email protected] 😂😂😂😂😂
[email protected] 💯💯💯
[email protected]…. huh?
gogofullofjoy…You know who I’m thinking of right now? @andefikir
[email protected]…. the girl un left do she looks happy for U?! Its not her Idea for sûre!
dmbanzilaWtf!! ….This is the sh*t I can’t entertain in my life @giovannaalles

Oops! Pastors wife reveals her affair with married church member

 The prank happened on the Star FM show ‘Call Box’ hosted by Davis Mugadza aka Diva Dollar.

Diva Dollar called her to congratulate her about winning an all expenses paid trip to Dubai sponsored by an oil marketer.

when asked who she would like to take on the trip, the woman said she would be taking a man named Steve and when asked her relationship to this man she said’ he is the love of my life’.

However she quickly retracted her statement after it was revealed she was on radio and it was all a prank.

Here below is the audio of the call courtesy. harare