Actress Awinja says she went back to her cheating boyfriend

Actress Jacky Vike alias Awinja of Papa Shirandula says she went back to her cheating boyfriend.

Speaking in a recent episode on Wicked Edition Awinja said she got into a relationship while still very young.

That is immediately after she completed high school.

Her boyfriend had saved his side chic’s contact as “Mom” but little did she know that her man was dating another girl without her knowledge.

“I don’t know about now, but before i have been cheated on and I went back. I was still young. I used to suspect him, but because I had no proof, I couldn’t ask him,” she said.

“One time, we had gone for a shoot alongside his friends. Then his phone rang, I saw ‘Mum’. He started saying he missed her, his chapos.”

After the phone conversation, Awinja says friends started making fun of her boyfriend. They knew it was his Mpango wa Kando and not his mum.

“There is no enemy to your relationship than your boyfriend’s ally. They know all the secrets.”

Gospel singer Emmy Kosgei’s hubby turns 63 years today

Jacky Vike aka Awinja

She later sneaked into his phone, something she said she regrets doing.

“The worst mistake you can do is to peep into his phone. I went through it and found romantic messages, that’s when I knew he had saved a girl as his mum. They had been even talking at night,” she shared.

After Awinja left, her boyfriend tried to make amends with her and surprisingly enough she took him back despite vowing never to get back with him.

She revealed that she regrets the decision of taking him back citing that she was young at the time.

She added that she has outgrown and if the same happens now, she would walk out and move on.


Gospel singer Emmy Kosgei’s hubby turns 63 years today

Gospel singer Emmy Kosgei and her pastor husband Anselm Madubuko are aging gracefully.

The couple which is so much in love is envied by many especially on social media.

She shared a photo of her husband and revealed that her husband has clocked 63 years today.

She then asked her fans to help her celebrate her husband’s birthday.

‘Help me celebrate my himself❤ the thiefer of me ❤ a man who I love and respect so much…the apostle general! A man with a golden heart ❤ a lover of JESUS ❤❤❤ @amadubuko #happybirthday darling…I join the heavens to celebrate you! Many many more years of ease,grace and impact!”

Diamond Platnumz dancing with his kids in ex Zari’s house

Emmy Kosgei with herhubby

Emmy also celebrated her birthday this week.

The tycoon husband doesn’t shy away to spoil her with most expensive things around such as Cars, Handbags and watches as he wish.

He also treats her to a memorable birthdays every years since they tied knot in a Lavish white wedding.

During her birthday this year, he was on the forefront in making sure she began the day with a big smile by treating her to a bouquet of flowers and gifts.

In her instagram account she posted a short video receiving the flowers from him and she captioned;

“♥️♥️🔥 from himself♥️” and flaunted a beautiful cake and flowers.

In the video she couldn’t hide a slow but sure blushing while camera men were taking pictures of her.

In another clip she flaunted a beautiful cake with some crying emojis hinting she couldn’t hide her tears of Joy for wonderful gift.

Singer Harmonize says he does not want any of his ex-girlfriends back

Singer Harmonize has made it clear that he is not looking for love, after his apology to ex-wife Sarah Michelotti and birthday message to ex-girlfriend Frida Kajala raised eyebrows.

The father of one said that he just wants to make peace with his ex-wife.

He added that his message should not be misinterpreted that she wants her back.

“Sihitaji Mahusiano mapya wala ya Zamani, I just made things clear and to appreciate the woman who was there for me Tukapitia mengi kuachana sio Vita…Single forever,” wrote Harmonize.

‘Roho ifanye kazi yake!’ Amber Ray not ready to love again

Sarah Michelotti
Sarah Michelotti

Harmonize also wished his ex-girlfriend Frida Kajala a happy Birthday upon turning a year older.

“Happy Birthday K…. Nakutakia Maisha marefu na Yenye Mafanikio Na Furaha tele.



The two Kajala and Harmonize ended their relationship three month after announcing that they were an item.

‘It’s a great union in heaven,’ Comedian Terence’ grandma passes on

Comedian Terence Creative is in mourning after his favorite grandmother passed on.

In many occasions, Terence has mentioned that he was raised by his grandmum.

Together with his wife, Milly Chebby, they were putting up a house for their grandmum which she has unfortunately not had a chance to live it.

Terence paid tribute in a long post to celebrate his late grandmother.

Terence wrote;

Some texts are hard to type, but let me do this.

I thank God for the time He gave us with my grandma, today I took the last selfie with her and hugged her for the last time, I can’t believe we won’t be seeing each other again, I had so much plans for her but God had better and best plans for her. We used to gossip together and have fun, she was funnier than I am.”

He added;

“She had a nickname ‘secret’ because people trusted her with their secrets and she would tell them “sitasema, ni sekereti” but woooiii alikuwa ananiambia zote na tunacheka pamoja.

My brothers and I used to call her “grandee” a nickname derived from the word grandma.

She was great and played a big role in our life, there is much I can say about her, but let me keep some as a secret as she would say.”

He continued;

I just want to thank God she did meet her great grandchildren and blessed them and always spoke blessings upon all of us. Long live grandee. It is a great union in heaven I guess.

It is sad you didn’t make to see the house I am building for you it hurts so much ,the plans I had were great but God had better plans for you, I’ll miss you mum, my grandma say hi to mum and uncle John

I love you.”

Milly Chebby also paid her tribute.

She wrote;

Socialite Amber Ray confirms breaking up with Jamal Marlow

Socialite Amber Ray has confirmed that she has broken up with businessman Jamal Marlow.

In a question and answer session on her Instagram Stories, Amber said she is single.

One fan asked Amber Ray if she is broken by the split, she responded;

“Like I said, I live for now, and life is all about creating memories.”

Amer Ray and Jamal’s first wife have been fighting since she was married as a second wife on social media.

“Actually I was fighting for me, ata sahii mtu akinikanyaga napita na yeye.”

Betty Kyallo among top 200 influential African women on Twitter

Amber and Jimal Rohosafi
Amber and Jimal Rohosafi

On returning the vehicle that belonged to the businessman Jamal, Amber said;

“Huko nishatoka, what I have in my life now is 100% mine.”

After social media peeps making Jamal Marlow a headline several times, the businessman made a decision to leave social media saying he wanted to take a break.

”I want to be private for a while. I will be off social media and that is why I have decided to deactivate all my social media accounts.”

Asked if it is because of the pressure that comes from fans who follow the drama that has been going on since he got married to Amber Ray, Jamal said;

”Actually it is what people might think but my reason is to basically concentrate on my business.”

Nameless responds to fan claiming he fought his wife Wahu in a shopping mall

Nameless has responded to a fan who claimed to have seen him fight with his wife in a shopping mall.

The father of two was responding to trolls who camped at his wife’s bikini photo on Facebook.

Trolls later started sharing details of an episode of their reality show where Wahu talked about how he made fun of her coz she had a ‘Kisogo’.

Well, Nameless wrote;

”Gai… Hiyo story ya Kisogo imekuwa body shaming tena …. Akiyao!! Weh… na vile naipenda…
anyway..keep watching Feeling and get ready for the feeling dance challenge starting next week.

A fan identified as Purity Naomi commented;

”We all know you used to fight kwa malls, I witnessed this but u used to makeup, wacha hizo ujinga.”

Nameless quickly admitted that his marriage is not perfect.

He wrote;

”Haiya. We even fight in the car and the house.. We just fight respectfully and makeup purposefully to keep growing and moving on regardless…”

Jane Ngoiri’s celebrates her son Amir as he turns five years

Wahu Kagwi and Nameless together

Another fan suggested that they should keep their life private.

”When your life was private, there was none of this, but because now you are in the limelight all the time expect more than this. I am not saying it is bad, but I liked you guys on the private side. Hii side ya public matope ni Mungu, expect more noise.”

Nameless revealed that they need to be seen more often as they are working on an album.

”We are releasing an album we must be seen. A bit more than before. It was expected and we fully understand human beings will have strong opinions. Ni life.”


Jane Ngoiri’s celebrates her son Amir as he turns five years

Former news anchor Jane Ngoiri has celebrated her son’s fifth birthday in a lovely post on social media.

The former NTV personality celebrated her son Amir for allowing her to be called a mother.

She wrote;

“Exactly five years ago, my life completely changed. God gifted me with the world’s greatest title, mummy. I thank God for the amazing journey it has been. My heartbeat turns five today. May the Almighty God bless you always, may you grow to be a God-fearing boy. I love you.”

KICC CEO Nana Gecaga marks 22 years of sobriety

Check out birthday messages from her fans;

mary_wanjeri; Happy 5th remembrance day of his birthday. May he celebrate many more to come.

pauline_kungu; Best title ever I agree. Happy birthday to the young one. Showers of blessings on him.

mutanyi susan; Happiest birthday son God blessings upon your life.

realmwanga; A happiest birthday to the young man. Wishing him every blessing in everything !!!

Esther Musila was scared to tell her children that she was engaged to Guardian Angel

Guardian Angel’s fiancee Esther Musila says she wasn’t sure how her children would receive the news of her engagement.

Guardian Angel proposed to her on her 51 birthday last month.

Speaking in a recent interview, the mother of three said;

“The thing that really scared me is I didn’t want the news to get to social media and my kids don’t know because what would have been their reaction? That I got engaged and didn’t tell them. So, I called my daughter and I told her to guess what? The first thing that came to her mind she thought I was pregnant then I said no and she screamed ‘Mum you engaged, I’m so happy for you. I was on speakerphone and my youngest son was posed then said mum I’m so happy for you.”

Diamond urges Tanzanians to support their artistes rather than creating beefs

Guardian Angel proposing to Esther Musila
Guardian Angel proposing to Esther Musila

Musila went on to add that the reactions from her children following the engagement, created one of the best memories in her life.

“In my mind, I was thinking what if they had another reaction; it would have killed him (Guardian Angel) and me too. That was the best moment in my life,” Musila added.

The two have been dating since last year.

Pastor Ng’ang’a reveals why Nigerian pastor TB Joshua refused to pray for him

Neno evangelist Apostle James Nganga says trolls and negative media reports pushed him to visit the famous Nigerian pastor the late TB Joshua.
Speaking in one of his summons, the controversial pastor while paying his tribute to the late pastor said TB Joshua refused to pray for him.

“I went to TB Joshua’s church in Nigeria when I had too many troubles in my life.
I said to myself, let me go to a man of God to get some of these demons exorcised from me. When I went, he gave me his presidential suite, very big.
He told his people, ‘Take this prophet there.’ “

“I went to see TB Joshua on Monday, I narrated how my ministry is going on well but the newspapers, TV, radio and social media are killing me.
TB Joshua told me, ‘Apostle that is nothing to you, you are a man of God, he has given you the power to conquer. All you have to do is keep praying and don’t stop.”

‘Men should not be your ATM machine,’ Akothee tells her daughter

Nganga went on to say that TB Joshua did not pray for him at all or even lay hands on his head as he did to his other congregants who travel far and wide to come to be prayed for.

“He told me ‘Apostle I cannot pray for you, you are god’s man and you should pray for yourself.”
TB Joshua passed away last week on Sunday minutes after delivering a sermon at his church.
Burial arrangements are still ongoing.

Young and beautiful! Meet singer Wahu’s lookalike mother

Singer Wahu has introduced her beautiful mum to her social media fans.

Taking to her Instagram, the mother of two said she is spending her weekend with the strongest woman who raised her.

“Niko ocha spending some quality time with the strong beautiful woman who raised me 🥰🥰☺️. God bless all moms for their giving and loving nature.
Enjoy your Sato!”

Fans reacted to Wahu’s visible gap on her front teeth.

In one comment, Wahu revealed that her daughter Nyakio who is named after her mum has a gap similar on her teeth after .

“My baby who’s named after her (Nyakio) has the very same gap ☺️”.

Comedian Kansiime’s mum laid to rest in a joyous burial ceremony

Check out the photo of Wahu’s mum;

Wahu with her mum

Kim Kardashian says she was lonely while married to Kanye West

Kanye West’s estranged wife, Kim Kardashian, has opened up on her failed marriage with Kanye West.

Speaking on the last episode of ‘Keeping Up With the Kardashians’, Kim expressed feeling lonely during her marriage.

The reality TV star said at the time, she never thought she was lonely during their relationship.

“I never thought I was lonely. I just thought that was fine. I can just have my kids,” she said adding that she would go to everyone for advise.

“I used to go to everyone for all the answers and all the problems. It’s draining.”

Mike Sonko’s last born daughter Sandra calls out body-shamers

kim kardashian family christmas card
Kim revealed that she resolved to instead work on herself.

In the days leading up to their divorce, Kim and Kanye lived in different states, an aspect she admitted took a toll on their relationship.

“I realised like no, I don’t want a husband that lives in a completely different state,” the mother of four said.

Kim said she was looking for someone with whom they have more in common.

“I want someone that we have the same shows in common. I want someone that wants to work out with me,” she said.

The Hollywood couple got married in 2014 and have two daughters, North and Chicago; and two sons, Saint and Psalm.

Their separation marks Kardashian’s third divorce, following her relationships with basketball player Kris Humphries and music producer Damon Thomas.

Comedian Kansiime’s mum laid to rest in a joyous burial ceremony

Ugandan comedian Anne Kansiime’s mother  was finally laid to rest.

Taking to social media, the mother of one shared with her fans that the funeral service was more of a celebration.

Kansiime said that her mother was her hero and a blessing to anyone who got to interact with her.

The comedian further expressed gratitude to her friends who stood by her during her mourning times.

“It was a joyful send off of my hero.
A vigorous expression of the life she lived and the gift she was for all the people that had the blessing of encountering her.

Thank you soooo much for all the condolence messages i received from u all my ninjas, friends and suspects.
I felt all the love and support dispite these covid restrictions.

There’s no doubt i will see u again mama. Sometimes, #StrengthIsAChoice indeed.”

Harmonize ex-girlfriend Kajala announces she is starting a reality show


While announcing the death of her mother a week ago, Kansiime said she is not questioning God’s will but rather accepting it despite the struggle to understand it.

“God’s ways are indeed not our ways! My mother has gone to be with the Lord this morning.”


Mike Sonko’s last born daughter Sandra calls out body-shamers

Sandra Mbuvi, the last born daughter of former Nairobi Governor Mike Sonko has called out body shamers.

In a post on her Instagram page, Sandra addressed the issue saying she is tired of getting body-shamed.

She added that although she is not perfect she is beautiful in her plus size.

“Yes I have stretch marks, yes my thighs touch, yes my tummy jiggles, and yes I’m beautiful, judging a person does not define who they are it defines who you are, be proud of who you are and not ashamed of how someone else sees you, no more body shaming! 

Big or small, short or tall none of us are beautiful if we tear others down to build ourselves.. I’m tired of getting body-shamed,” she wrote. 

‘I am starting to get used to the heartbreak,’ Nyota Ndogo says

sandra mbuvi

Her mother, Primrose Mbuvi encouraged her on the comment sections. She wrote;

“You’re awesomely beautiful my Babe😍🥰💋Nakupenda”

Akothee’s daughter Rue Baby recently called out trolls who make mean comments on her for being skinny.

Check out more comments from her fans;

justtubby; As long you are out there tryna chase papers babygirl no one should judge you🥺You are just perfect just the way you are❤️.
baby2.51; You don’t have to change a thing the world should change its heart you are perfect 🙌❤️❤️.
oliviabernie; 😍let no one tell u otherwise u pretty with a perfect body aii don’t change for nobody,ignore the negativity

Bae, sponsor or fossil! How to identify the kind of man you are dating

As a man, you sometimes ask yourself whether you are bae, sponsor or a fossil.

According to women, these three categories are different and here is how.

‘Bae is a man who is aged 25, when you are past 25 but below 35 your are referred to as a potential given that you can make a good husband in the future.

According to women men above the age of 35-45 are called sponsors, this is because most of the time these men are married but have a woman on the side.’

Kenyan female celebrities with an amazing shoe-game (Photos)

If you are a  man above 45 you might be wondering what category you might fall in.

‘Men who are aged 45-65 are known as ancestors so do not get angry the next time a woman calls you that.’

In conclusion,

‘If you are a man who is aged 65-100 and dating a young woman then you should know that you are a fossil.’

Crazy as it may sound men in all the above categories have no trouble finding love, in fact, the older you become the easier it becomes for you to find love.

Especially when you are financially capable after all which woman would get horny for a man whose wallets are dry?

Which category are you at and maisha hio floor inakupeleka aje?

Read more

‘I am starting to get used to the heartbreak,’ Nyota Ndogo says

Singer Nyota Ndogo seems to have given up on her lover who dumped her for allegedly lying to him that she is pregnant on April Fools day.

In a recent post, the ‘Watu na Viatu hitmaker said she is starting to get used to the heartbreak.

“I think I’m starting to get used to the heartbreak. What I mean is that I have begun accepting the harsh reality, but I am not exactly sure things are going right for me,” she wrote.

Mzee Abdul says he was hurt when Diamond rejected him as his dad

Nyota Ndogo with her husband
Nyota Ndogo with her husband

Nyota Ndogo has been sharing information of how heartbroken she has since been left and only hoped he could read on social media and probably forgive her.

Nyota said her husband has since blocked her on all social media platforms.

“Please come back to me. It is not even money I am after but your love. I used to act like I don’t care because I can feed myself, sleep well, and can pay my bills, but the one thing I sure miss is your love,” she wrote in a previous post.

Stivo Simple Boy says he is dating and set to hold his wedding soon

Singer Stephen Otieno alias Stivo Simple Boy is dating and plans to hold a wedding are underway.
The Kibra-based singer is known for his educative hit songs like Mihadarati that brought him to the limelight.
Speaking to Churchill ‘Journey series’ edition, Simple Boy say said he is dating a Kibra based lady.

“I met her on the road and approached her. I told her ‘nimekuzimia na tena nimekudata’ (I have fallen in love with you). We exchanged numbers.”

Maina Kageni set to give away Ksh100,000 on Madaraka Day

stivo simple boy
He said he is in love with Fridah and hopes to tie the knot with her soon. He revealed that he took time to learn his lady before taking things to the next stage.
“Siwezi penda mtu mara moja mpaka nijue tabia zake. I met her brother because her parents’ live upcountry and I told him I was interested in his sister. He told me its okay as long as nisikuwe umbwa mwitu, leo niko na huyu kesho niko na ule.”

He added;
“Harusi tutapanga wacha tuone vile hii Coronvirus ikipungua. Hata wewe unaweza kuja kwa harusi.”

Maina Kageni set to give away Ksh100,000 on Madaraka Day

Classic 105 presenter Maina Kageni will be giving away Ksh100,000 to 10 lucky Kenyans this Madaraka day.

Maina will engage fans on a quiz: “What do you know about Kenya?” to celebrate Kenya’s independence day,

To participate in the quiz, listeners are required to make an early reservation by registering for free on

The quiz will be played at noon on Madaraka day, but listeners need to register in advance and join the quiz online 10 minutes before midday.

Kenyans will be tested on their General knowledge about Kenya.

Through your phone, you will be asked to answer questions on what you know about Kenya.

It will involve 10 multiple questions, and once you get one question right, you are advanced to the next stage.

The 10 persons who will answer the 10th question accurately will automatically get a share of the Kes 100,000 up for grabs.

You can get your family and friends to help you tackle the questions given by Maina Kageni.

All who wish to participate in the game are required to register before June 1 midday, and log on to at 11:50 AM.

‘If we never had a child, I am not your ex,’ Akothee says

Singer Akothee says she only recognises her three baby daddies as her exes.

Akothee, single mother of five said the rest of the men she has been with are for experience.

She mentioned that she is in good terms with them all Baba Vesha, Baba Oyoo and Baba Ojwang.

If we never had a child, don’t count me as your Ex I am not your Ex I am your Experience We had an Experience STOP. I have only 3 Exes in my life, Baba Vesha, Baba Oyoo, Baba Ojwang 🤣🤣🤣 we talk we laugh and it’s not breaking news . None of Them want me back. I also want something new and fresh 🤣🤣 🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣 we are the ones on the photo before 🤔🤔🤔🤔🤔🤔🤔🤔🤔🤔🤔🤔

Msalimie Jared mukimuona 💃💃💃
@veshashaillan I can’t wait to dance on your wedding day 🤣🤣🤣

‘I woke up missing you,’ Nyce Wanjeri emotionally remembers her late mum

Akothee weds Jared

Akothee has in the past also revealed that she had a formalized wedding at Awendo SDA Church with her first baby daddy.