Do you expect a Kenyan woman who drinks like an alcoholic to be submissive? Man tells Maina

The morning conversation today focused on submission. Maina Kageni used the example of new Tanzanian leader Samia Suluhu.

He asked, “Gentlemen, is your woman in a position of power? Has she achieved economic power? We want to know how she treats you despite her status. Tanzania President Samia Suluhu reveals that she still kneels and submits before her husband.”

The comments came hard and fast with most men saying that Kenyan women were a different breed who couldn’t follow the great example of how other East African women treat their men.

Read the comments below:

Do you expect mtu anakunywa Gin mzima pekee yake na halewi akuheshimu? I’m currently dating Ugandan lady na hata at times anakaa macho nisiumwe na mosquitoes

First of all, calm down and take a shot. Kenyans drink, it’s a Kenyan thing my friend. It’s like u haven’t heard. Also no woman in power is gonna submit to a man who calls her kubaf. Enda Uganda btw and take these mosquitoes with u.

It doesn’t matter whether a woman has power or money, she will still submit if the husband deserves that submission! Kenyan men ni guteee🤣😜

She just gets good treatment from her man,he deserves it,I salute him. How can’t I submit to such a man😜

No woman should change or start dramas because she is more superior in terms of money or power. Humbleness is key and thats what Samia suluhu is doing. Humbleness.

Humility should be directed to the men. Do u know how hard it is for most men to love a woman who is more powerful than him? It bruises their ego.

Respect is earned not bought. How I treat him when am powerful depends on how he was treating me when I had nothing.and yes,i can only kneel to God not man.we need to communicate well with each other and respect each other.

I guess, she is generally a good person. However kneeling down is not necessarily an expression of humility. It maybe for a duty… and anyway some of us, our socialization cant take the kneeling act genuine!

It’s not hard to meet that successful woman with a heart of gold,but the problem with us men is we start thinking of overtaking them sheepishly,and finally when they discover,we stammer the explanation and the relationship fades away…..

I guess only in TZ. Hawa wetu aki… Haiweskaaaaaani!!!!! Though there those who won’t kneel for you, but they will influence your growth too. But hao ni rare species….

Wonderful women in the world..We would like to have such kind of women but sometimes it’s totally impossible.I encourage Kenyan ladies to be of such kind.

Kenyan Women are all wannabes, they grow up looking up to Superstars and this women empowerment instead of empowering, has given them balls and bargaining rights over men. Which is not the ideal situation.

power and family are two separate things ni kaa mbingu na inchi, so a wife must accord his husband maximum respect regardless the position she holds in society, suluhu is a perfect role model wife

We demand as the men’s conference sub commmitteethat,that lady is called back immediately aongee tena na tena.Kayamba sosa kabisa!!!

That’s why she’s now holding a huge position.Being Submissive.

I wish I’ll also be lucky one day to have such a woman in my life.

Wangu ni MCA nami ni mpiga kura na ananiheshimu sana.

Despite being the head of state damn!

Men are humble when they are broke.

Why are you comparing day and night? Hawa wetu ata promotion huko job pembe zinamea sijui tulikosea wapi

Listening to you could make one think that we do not have happy families with their own dynamics in this country! Now you know there are, despite your opinion.

Wanawake wa kenya wana kiburi sana….the moment amepata pesa,kwisha

Sometyms u like comparing our Kenyans JEZEBELS with our neighbors who are like Maria Magdalene during Jesus Era.

The lady who’s just called is exactly like my dear wife. She does not hide anything from me. These are the real wives. There is a difference between a woman and a wife.

Sijaoa, but I guess this does not exist in Kenya.

Oooh that woman is just awesome.

Aki that must be my aunt I’ve never heard someone else like that.

Feminists will start yapping.

Kenyan women are just a different species compared to other women within East African countries. The lady you disconnected might be from outside Kenya, just domiciled here.

A woman doesn’t need to kneel, u can only kneel to God. Yes it’s good to be submissive

Now you understand y Niko 45 yes na sijaoa coz the remaining Ladies wants to screw us from bhind.

And men stop being happy that women can cater for u…u should b the providers u simps, no wonder its hard for these people to respect you.

Maina si ungekua tu mwanamke one time.

Wangu MCA na ananiheshimu tu.

Ile variant tuko nazo hii Kenya, acha tu.

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‘At some point I felt like my daughter hated me,’ Terryanne Chebet narrates

Former news anchor Terryanne Chebet has expressed how tough it is bringing up a daughter who is a teenager.

Speaking in a radio Interview, the mother of two says that at some point, she felt like her daughter did not love her.

She was around 11 years or 12 years. Terryanne said that she was even forced to involve her baby daddy in raising her.

‘When my daughter turned 11 years, I used to feel like she hates me. she was completely different.

I realised that I needed her dad more in her life than ever before. That is exactly what I did.

Singer Vivianne considers doing gospel music after introspection

Terryanne Chebet with her two kids
Terryanne Chebet with her two kids

Terryanne added that she made her daughter comfortable with her dad’s family.

She is turning 15 years this year and they are currently on good terms and very free with each other

I think the more people you have in life, godmother, aunts. girls need as many influencers around them as a teenager. that is what exactly I did by involving his family side to feel she is in a family so she knows that if she lets me down, she lets everyone down. Talking to her as much as possible and now she is very comfortable with me. She is turning 15 years and it is not easy, as the mother you have to keep talking to her. She should make her comfortable to talk to you.

Listen As People Confess To Maina Kageni That They Miss Their Exes

After veteran Uasin Gishu politician Jackson Kibor signed a divorce from his second wife of 51 years after he accused her of deserting their home and mistreating him, the court finally granted him the divorce.

Today at on the morning conversation with Maina Kageni, the discussion was based on that story.

Maina talked of how the wife in an exclusive interview say he can not move on with his life without Kibor despite their divorce.

She said that she still loves his husband, but Kibor doesn’t want her any more.

Maina Kageni paused a question  today and asked why some people do not want to move on after divorcing their spouses?

Mwalimu, said that there has to be a u-turn and you can’t ignore them because you once shared a problem or another and even lived in the same room.

Most male caller who called in said that they miss their exes and given a chance, the would go back to them.

One even said that he loves his ex more than his current wife,


lListen to the whole conversation below;


Twin Manenos! List of 6 Kenyans who would pass for twins any day

It is easy to mistake people for twins due to the striking resemblance they portray not only on their appearance but also their dressing

On different occasions we meet people on the streets whom we actually mistake for being siblings due to their striking resemblance but what we may not know is that some of them are not even related and may not know each other.

It is said that the apple does not fall far from the tree, we check out some people who might be mistaken for twins even though they are not

  1. Victor Wanyama and Mac Donald Mariga

This football players leave many wondering if they are twins, which they are not ,at times it gets hard differentiating between who is Mariga and who is Wanyama .

The Marigas
The Marigas

2. Betty Kyalo and Mercy Kyallo

KTN presenter set the internet on fire when photos of her identical sister appeared on the social media platforms with many thinking the two are twins.

They possess the same beautiful smile and beautiful faces.


Posh palace entrepreneur with her sister Mercy
Posh palace entrepreneur Betty Kyalo with her sister Mercy

3. Wacu and Wanja

Volley ball players Wacu and Wanja look like identical twins rocking almost similar hair styles with both rocking nose rings and both being players,t hey have at several occasions clarified that they are not twins as people mistake them for.



4. Jane Mukami and Wahu

Jane Mukami who runs a fitness group 21 Days of change has on many occasions been confused as Wahu’s sister given the fact that they both rock short hair and have very identical facial features ,they could actually pass for twins any day.

Fitness coach Jane Mukami and gospel artiste Wahu
Fitness coach Jane Mukami and gospel artiste Wahu

5. Humphrey Khayange and Collins Injera (brothers)

These two rugby enthusiasts and players would pass for twins anywhere were it not for the fact that they have some little difference in their physical appearance, where Humphrey is taller than Collins .

Humphrey Khayange and brother Collins Injera
Humphrey Khayange and brother Collins Injera

6. Vesha and Rue Okello (Akothee’s daughters)

Daughters to the self proclaimed mother to single ladies Akothee, these two sisters would pass for twins any day, given the fact that they look alike and are almost the same height and body size.

Singer Akothee's daughters Vesha and Rue
Singer Akothee’s daughters Vesha and Rue



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‘Go well mama,’ gospel singer Ben Githae’s mum laid to rest today

Gospel singer Ben Githae is burying his mum Felistus Nyakairi today in Murang’a county.

Githae’s mum died this week on Tuesday.

Announcing on his Facebook page, the veteran gospel singer wrote;

 ‘Sad day for me, I have lost my lovely mum, Dear Lord of all seasons, I pray for comfort all the times.

The burial celebration is showing live on the veteran singer’s Facebook page.

‘It’s today we lay our dear mum to rest at our home in Gatundu South Karinga ini village.

‘I dated toxic men in my 20s’ – Corazon Kwamboka opens up

Ben Githae’s mum


Congratulations: Akorino model cum actress Carey Priscilla Pregnant (Photos)

Akorino model cum actress Carey Beauty is expecting a baby.

The beauty queen who is also a makeup artist unveiled baby bump photos on her Instagram page announcing to her fans that she is pregnant.

She captioned the photos;

A Gift Sent From Heaven 🤍🕊

Carey has worked with several celebrities. She’s also a model and actress on Inooro TV.

She’s one of the top and highly rated makeup artists in Kenya and a fashion enthusiast.

Among the first people who were congratulating her was singer Nadia Mukami who wrote;

‘My Bestie, my love and my hardworking Make Up artist! Seen you move from make up artist wa kukuja na nduthi to owning your own place! If I was asked to describe Carey, I would say a hardworker and someone who stays on their lane and that’s what we have in common!
Congratulations babe💕 @carey_priscilla
Auntie Mukami loves our little bundle of joy 💕 We gonna spoil that baby😁💕💕

Samidoh asks God “to never allow him to be a slave of his mistakes”

Check out the baby bump photos;


167178489_194376215562281_5598969887402520575_n 167628510_925222288230651_6612918588125774768_n

‘He wasn’t sure how to hold me,’ Wahu speaks of a day her dad met Nameless in her room

Singer Wahu has shared a throwback photo that her late dad took of her with her husband Nameless.

The mother of two says the two were in college then and Nameless had visited her in her room when her dad showed up.

The two were new lovers and had only dated for few months. Her dad saw a camera and requested to take a photo of them.

Wahu narrates how Nameless was left confused as he did not know how to hold her while taking the photo.

He ended up holding her neck.

Wahu and Nameless have been married for more than ten years and blessed with two girls.

‘I dated toxic men in my 20s’ – Corazon Kwamboka opens up

Check out her post;

Nameless and Wahu wedding
The couple’s wedding day

her caption.


This photo always puts a smile on my face 😄😄. It was taken by my dad when he’d come to visit me in my campo room. Then my boyfriend, who I’d been dating for less than a year.

Comes to visit me. Heh! Alitense!!! 😂😂😂😂. He wanted to remove his headgear to show respect but angetoa mbuyu angeona his budding dreadlocks 😂😂😂😂😂 and the way when their small they look sijui how 😂😂😂😂.


My ol man, may he rest in peace, knew that the young man was nervous…he saw a camera on my desk and asked “can I take a pic of you guys”? My boyfriend wasn’t sure how to hold me…. 😂😂😂😂 And the way I’d placed myself there so that he can hold my waist 😂😂😂😂😂. But aliona afadhali ashike shingo 😂😂😂😂.
Heh! Moral of the story, take lots of pictures as you move along life… Zitakufurahisha one day!


‘I love you always’ – Mike Sonko tells daughter as she celebrates her birthday

Mike Sonko’s lastborn daughter Sandra Mbuvi turned a year older today.

To celebrate her big day, Sandra took to social media to wish herself a happy birthday.

In an Instagram post, Sandra said unique people celebrate their birthdays on April 2 date.

”Birthday kisses, birthday wishes on this day are only for bad girls. Happy birthday to mee ❤️#April2nd,” she wrote on Instagram.

I took the Covid-19 vaccine and my wife isn’t speaking to me now-Man complains to Maina


Her dad, former Nairobi governor Mike Sonko wrote;

‘To my loving daughter Sandra. With each birthday that passes, you amaze me more and more. You have turned out to be such an intelligent, fun, and caring person who has so much going on for them in life. I’m excited to see what the future holds for you. Happy birthday, my darling daughter, I love you always ❤.’

Sandra’s mum shared a photo of her daughter rocking her lovely gown followed by sweet words to celebrate her.

”On this day a very special Princess was born, who is equally beautiful inside and out, @thickyy_sandra May you have all the joy your heart can hold, all the smiles a day can bring and all the blessings a life can unfold! May you get the world’s best in everything my Sweet Baby Girl. May God never stop showering you with His blessings. Happiest Birthday Swiry,” Primrose wrote. 


‘New beginnings and new levels,’ Size 8 to celebrate eight years in salvation

Gospel singer Size 8 is celebrating eight years since she quit the secular world.

Sharing a throwback photo, the mother of two said she hoping to mark new beginnings and new levels in life.

Check out her post;

‘Jesus Christ saved me 8 years ago!! What a mighty God we serve!!! This picture was 7 years ago I had visited KCA university here is the dean of students then.
This April is about to celebrate 8 years in my journey of doing Gods work thru Jesus Christ HALLELUJAH!! 8 the number of new BEGINNINGS!!! New Beginning, New LEVELS, New dimensions!
I cant wait to see what the Lord has in store for me the journey has been amazing but also full of lessons to learn and mountains to conquer a period of intense preparation, intense pruning and now excitement all over me!!’

‘I will still join politics,’ Harmonize says after his mentor President Magufuli dies

Size 8
Size 8

She added;
‘In your journey of salvation remember this there are times and seasons for everything so be patient don’t be in a rush to gain anything and always endure all things as Christ our saviour endured even unto death!!!
In humility of heart serve God don’t be under pressure coz of the hype of life And in due time God himself shall lift you and even the mosquito will know you are favoured of the Lord!!’

Kenyan musicians that should reunite and release a song

Si kwa ubaya but Kenyan music back in the 90’s and early 2000 was killing it.

The beats, lyrics, the artist who sang and did collaborations together used to give it their all when they sang and performed on stage.

If I had a time machine, I would go back in time and ask those musicians to come back and show these Millennials how it is really done when it comes to making music.

Remember the dance styles, mosquito, chinesee, kangaru, sting, kuku dance, slide, helicopter that went viral with every song?

Well I know most of us also miss the music pairs that sang together.

Here is a list of some musicians that produced great hits and should maybe think of reuniting.

  1. Nonini featuring Sylvia. Manzi Wa Nairobi

2. Juacali featuring Sanaipei. Kwaheri

3. Prezzo featuring Nazizi. Let’s get down

4. Kleptomaniax. Twendelee

5. Lenny, Mr Googs and Vinnie Banton. Githurai

6. Amani featuring Nyashinski. Bad boy

7. Marya featuring Mustapha. Hey Baby

8.7. Nameless, Juacali, Nyash, Pam, Karma. Tatizo

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Ladies, here’s why you should take Huddah’s advise with a pinch of salt

Huddah Monroe is arguably the most popular socialite in Kenya. Some might argue that Vera Sidika has her beat on this one but who cares really, the two have carved a niche in the Kenyan entertainment industry and have done well for themselves.

One crucial difference between the two socialites is that Huddah is one person who will share relationship advise with reckless abandon without ever showing the men that she is dating.

Vera meanwhile doesn’t mind showing off the men that she is dating and will do so with reckless abandon. Only thing is that she isn’t the agony auntie that Huddah has molded herself as.

Huddah has gotten so good at it that her statements on Instagram make headlines online, with many Kenyans amazed at her frank opinions.

But while her view-points about relationships normally get the gallery talking (and wonderful engagement even for us bloggers) they shouldn’t be taken as the gospel truth.

“We ain’t texting and wasting each others time” Huddah’s 2021 message

Some of the things that Huddah has said in the past are below:

“If you are a woman, stop borrowing 24-7. Go sell that p***y. Save the money and start selling groceries. Nothing in life is f*****g free. Everyone works hard for their sh*t,” wrote Huddah on her Insta stories.

Or, Alhudah admitted that she would never ever break up with a man she was dating simply because he cheated (such a smart woman!). She added that the only men she wouldn’t deal with were stingy men.

Earlier in 2020, she also disclosed that she would abort the child of a broke man! Her reason? Doing so would be because she would be bringing an idiot into this world knowingly. She wondered why ladies got pregnant for such men.

And there are many more that I can’t name or be bothered to remember right now. Why do I bring that up? Because many Kenyans (especially young impressionable ladies) see Huddah as a role model whose outlook and advice should be taken as sacrosanct, something I believe is foolhardy.

And while I believe her takes are always exciting, I don’t think they are always the right advice. If you want relationship advice would you go to the famous socialite (just a step up from being a slay queen) or to someone who is actually in a successful relationship? Hmmm… Tough question, I know.

I believe that pretty light-skinned socialite revels in giving her controversial advice(whether it works for her audience or not) not to help but to create buzz and fuzz for her and the products she is promoting at that time.

But what do I know? Maybe Huddah is Dr. Phil…

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‘Happy birthday in heaven,’ DJ Soxxy’s wife celebrates late mum

Ciiku wa Soxxy, wife to gospel disc jockey, DJ Soxxy, has penned an emotional post celebrating her late mum’s birthday.

In a post on her Instagram, the mother of two took her time to remember the good old times with her late mum.

She shared a post which read;

‘Heaven holds my mother, on her special day today. Lord I ask this of you, that you give her the most beautiful, scented flowers and tell her they’re from me.

Tell her memories of her previous bdays warm my heart, our spa date at Naivasha, Cape Town trip, Msa trip.. Forever in my heart. Please tell her I miss her and not a day passes without me thinking of her.
Happy Birthday in heaven mummy!

Christina Shusho pays tribute to President Magufuli in new hit ‘Tutakukumbuka Daima’

Dj Soxxy

In a past post, Ciiku shared throwback photos of when her family took her mom to Cape Town, South Africa to celebrate her 67th birthday.

She revealed that they had planned to take her to Bangkok for her big 70 but God had other plans.

She wrote;

“Whisked mum to Cape Town to celebrate her 67th birthday, we had a blast and just for her to see another world out there.

For her 70th we had planned to do Bangkok.. But Corona snatched that opportunity from us.”

She went ahead to advise her fans to always take advantage of the current moment because tomorrow is not assured.

Don’t wait for tomorrow, because you don’t know if tomorrow will come,” wrote Ciku.

‘Most are fake and can’t help you,’ Govi on why he does not hang out with Kenyan celebrities

Former Machachari actor Malik Lemuel alias Govi says the reason he does not hang out with Kenyan celebrity is that most of them are fake.

Taking to his Instagram, the former actor wrote;

‘Many of you have asked me why I don’t roll or share friendship with our Kenyan celebrities; Answer is simple, most of them are fake, weird and they can’t help you even when they are in a position to. Baass. I hope that clears the air now.

In a different post he wrote;

‘Friends who can’t help you when you need them=cancelled.

If you practice this, trust me you won’t have to worry.’

‘Challenges in life made me to almost take poison,’ Diamond Platnumz reveals

Govi of Machachari
Govi of Machachari

Speaking during a past interview, Malik said one of the biggest mistakes he made in life was to turn down other opportunities in favour of the Citizen TV show.

“I thought that by staying in Machachari I would make it big. I would get calls from Belgium, South Africa and even the UK, but I would decline. I regret that,”

Politician Jokate Mwegelo pays tribute to President Magufuli on her birthday

Tanzania media personality turned politician Jokate Mwegelo turned a year old yesterday.

To celebrate her day, she said she took time to reflect on the leadership of the late Tanzanian president Pombe Magufuli.

She added that despite him having a heart problem, he still lead the people of Tanzania.

She is a first-time administrator appointed by President John Pombe Magufuli in 2018 to serve in the district located southwest of Dar es Salaam.

Check out her post;

‘Jana Tar 20.03 ilikuwa ni kumbukumbu ya siku yangu ya kuzaliwa, lakini imekuja wakati ambao Taifa tuko kwenye majonzi makubwa ya kuondokewa na Jemedari wetu Rais wa Awamu ya Tano, Dkt. John Pombe Joseph Magufuli. Hivyo, nilitumia muda kutafakari maisha na kifo cha Rais wetu mpendwa. Hakika maisha na uhai ni upepo tu. Lakini isitukatishe tamaa kufanya mema kadri ya Mungu atakavyotujalia ili tuweze kuacha alama.

‘I only deal with authentic designer item,’ Vera Sidika shows off her 150k handbag


She added;

Magufuli uliongoza taifa letu kwa kujitoa licha ya maradhi ya moyo ya muda mrefu, ukaweka uhai wako rehani kwa ujasiri, uthubutu, ubunifu na upendo mkubwa wa dhati kwa wananchi na taifa letu Tukufu la Tanzania.

Kama sehemu ya vijana uliotuamini kwenye serikali yako, tutaendelea kuenzi yako yote mema kwa ajili ya Taifa letu mama la Tanzania kwa vizazi vya sasa na vijavyo.

Nitoe pole kwa Mama yangu Janet Magufuli, familia yote na Watanzania wote. 🇹🇿

Bwana Alitoa, Bwana Alitwaa, Jina La Bwana Lihimidiwe. Amina.

Christina Shusho pays tribute to President Magufuli in new hit ‘Tutakukumbuka Daima’

Tanzanian gospel singer Christina Shusho has released a song ‘Tutakukumbuka Daima’ praising the late President John Pombe Magufuli.

Shusho pays her tribute to the late president Pombe Magufuli by sharing the song with her fans via her social media pages, and the majority were excited about the new song.

”Tuta kukumbuka daima. My new song now on my YouTube channel. Rest in peace John Pombe Magufuli,” she posted on Facebook.

Former Tahidi High actor Omosh show off progress of the three-bedroom house

Christina Shusho
Christina Shusho

Various artistes within East Africa have also joined hands in making hits to pay tribute to the late president.

Bahati also released a tribute song dubbed #SafiriSalama, praising Magufuli for the good things he did while in power as the President of Tanzania.

“This isoOne of the Hardest Studio Sessions I have Done!!! At Some point I thought I was a Tanzanian 😭😭😭 R.I.P JOHN MAGUFULI Premiers in a Few Minutes

“Mbona Umeondoka Mapema??? Na Haukusema!!! 😭😭😭 Nani ataitwa Mlezi Wa Wasanii Na Simba @diamondplatnumz Amsifie??? 😭😭😭 #BAHATI MAGUFULI SAFIRI SALAMA VIDEO Now” 

Others include; Rayvanny, Harmonize and Diamond with other Tanzanian artistes.

Watch Shusho’s tribute song;

Former Tahidi High actor Omosh show off progress of the three-bedroom house

Former Tahidi High Actor Joseph Kinuthia alias Omosh has shared a video, capturing the progress of the three-bedroom house he is being built by Sung Timber on a piece of land he was given by Zero Hero Properties after going public with his struggles a few weeks ago.

In the video Omosh said;

“Watu wangu hii itakuwa seating room yangu. Nitakuwa nakaa hapa nikiwatch Cartoon kwa TV Yangu nikicheza na remote. Hii itakuwa Maisha poa sana.”

In an interview with Hiram Maina on YouTube, Omosh narrated his tribulations, leaving Kenyans moved to tears.

“After I left Tahidi High, I have been surviving through friends and neighbours. I have nothing to do,” he said, bursting into tears. Have you ever been in that situation where you are walking while crying? That is what I go through. Most of the times I leave the house well dressed but going nowhere.”

I miss you papa! Marini CEO Michelle Ntalami pays tribute to her late dad

He added that he finds himself crying, wondering how he will feed his children in the evening.

Omosh is married to two wives and has five children. In a past interview with Radio Jambo, Omosh said things got worse after Covid-19 hit as he used to get gigs from schools.

“I even contemplated committing suicide last year but a few friends came through and talked to me.”
His outcry got Sung Timber’s attention under the leadership of their CEO and founder Kathy Andrew who promised to cater for the construction cost of the whole house.

Check out the video;

I miss you papa! Marini CEO Michelle Ntalami pays tribute to her late dad

Marini CEO’s Michelle Ntalami has paid tribute to her late dad Edward Ntalami who died in November 2014 after a long battle with cancer at the age of 67.

Michelle founded Marini Naturals in 2015 in honour of her father who’d passed on exactly a year earlier.

In a tribute message, the CEO shared throwback photos of her with her dad and captioned;

‘There are two kinds of men in a woman’s life: the man of their dreams, and the man responsible for their dreams. ⁣⁣
This is the man responsible for my dreams. The one who taught me to fiercely chase after my passions in life. To believe in me and never settle for mediocrity. To strive for excellence in everything I do. To be a woman of substance and always hold myself to a high standard.’

“I have never slept with anyone in the industry” Zuchu clarifies

Michelle Ntalami in blue

She added;
‘To be respected, and to know that respect is earned never given. To be the Boss and CEO not just of my company, but of my life. To forever carry on the Ntalami name and legacy. 💫 ⁣⁣
⁣Happy 74th Birthday my Papa! I miss you and love you more than words could ever say, but the woman I’m becoming says it all. ♥️’



‘I only deal with authentic designer item,’ Vera Sidika shows off her 150k handbag

Socialite and business woman Vera Sidika has responded to fans who have been speculating that she buys fake designer items.

A while ago, Vera was on a trip to the UK where she picked a few items and one of those she claimed to have purchased is a designer bag at a whooping Sh 520,000. Hope you remember about it.

The socialite who has a taste for the finest things money can buy also spoilt herself with another designer handbag.

Yesterday, she shared a photo of herself with the Louis Vuitton handbag and one fan asked where she could get such a bag.

Vera did not take it lightly, she was forced to show receipt of the prices to clarify to her fans that it was a legit brand.

MarilynWanjiru wrote;

‘I really like your bag, where can I get please.’

Vera responed’

‘I bought it from Louis Vuitton stores in Beverly hills.’


‘Lakini by the way, someone sees me with LV bag and still asks me where i it from. Girl, the LV stores ofcourse where else do you think I got it from. if you need specifics. LV stores on rodeo drive, Beverly Hills California. Also needs receipts check next post.’

Tedd Josiah explains why he will not remarry after the death of his wife

Check out the screenshots of her 150,000 Louis Vuitton’s bag;

v2 v3 v4 v5 v6 v7