Singer Vivianne Responds To Fan Who Said Her Secular Songs And Christianity Are A Disconnect

You’d expect Vivianne to be angry because a fan called her out for singing secular songs yet she claims to be saved, but that is far from it. In my personal opinion, there’s no single being on this planet who is eligible to judge others based on religion.

That’s why she did not come across as rude, but she took it to a whole new level.

@squat2018 “How does your faith relate to the music you produce though? Quite a disconnect.”

This was her response:


“I am defined too through who I am as a person all this on top of my gifting as an artiste. I am human first and more particularly God’s child working my way through life and singing love songs will never undermine this. Sending love and hugs your way :)”

Just recently, Vivianne was spotted in the studio with Nameless, and fans speculated that the two could be working on a hit song.

In an exclusive interview with Classic 105 online, she revealed some details about the same:

“You never know, that’s what I can say for now. We have a project that we’ve been talking about for awhile. We can’t confirm — say yes or no — until we have a solid product out,” she said.

Do you agree with Vivianne on all matters faith?

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Octopizzo Wishes His Beautiful Daughter A Happy Birthday

Rapper Octopizzo is known for being the person to keep his family’s identify locked out from the public eye. Not many know his wife’s name. But as of this morning, he had taken a bold step to post a pic of his beautiful daughter on Instagram. In the post, he wished her a birthday.

In the deep message, he said that no matter the distance between them, she will always be his ‘angel’. What a showcase of his lyrical prowess. He is such a caring dad:

Here is the post.


There is this girl who stole my heart & she calls me Daddy, No matter how old you are, no matter where you are you will always be my little angel. 🦋🦋❤️🎈HAPPY BIRTHDAY SWEETHEART 🎈❤️🦋🦋
#happybirthday #daughter #moments #love #neverforget #princess #family #queen#zara #soon #morelife 🌹👸🏻🌹

His fans chimed in with supporting comments and birthday wishes as well:

sheta254 Happy Birthday angel
stevohbrooks Happy Born Day young Angel Blow Trillions of Candles live long
katus_wakanesa Happy birthday to her 😍😍
sheta254 Happy Birthday angel
stevohbrooks Happy Born Day young Angel Blow Trillions of Candles live long
katus_wakanesa Happy birthday to her 😍😍
kaykay_ke Happy bday to her! Bless!
miko5420 Happy birth day pizzo angel..😘

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Pendo steps out in this gorgeous gown, fans beg Luwi for wedding

Reality star Pendo has shocked fans after stepping out in a gown that stirred fans’ speculations that she’s walking down the aisle. The mixed reactions hit her social media.

But that was a false alarm!

We can confirm that Pendo was having a bridal shoot with a popular fashion house in town. And no, Luwi and Pendo are not walking down the aisle.

Atleast not anytime soon.

pendo 3

But fans wouldn’t stop talking:

harriet_kerry said ‘Wow.. The gown is lit.. Can’t wait to see Luwi capello and the new catch’

Here are other fans’ comments:

rasaddi: Wedding bells are near

beijinyoiks_aka_samegal_is_bak: Wuuuuiii…Pendo ati afanye harusi na tusijue..nefa

rwausi: Nataka kuona bwana harusi…vindu vitwistikanga 😀😀😀

mercyshelmith: Haiya you mean you’ve wedded😆😆😆😆I hope sio na Luwi😅😅😅😅

Socialite Pendo’s Boyfriend Involved In A Horror Car Crash (PHOTO)

Here’s what she shared on IG:

Baby on board! Check out how comedian Njugush’s wife dresses her baby bump

In December 2016, comedian Njugush tied the knot with the love of his life Celestine Ndinda. A year later, she’s heavily pregnant with his first child.

The former Househelps Of Kawangware actor had kept their relationship away from the prying eyes of the media but is now flaunting her photos on social media.

njugush 3

Unlike other celebrity wives, Celestine has not hidden the pregnancy from fans and it seems the two are serving couple goals.

”Cheers To Many More My Love’ Comedian Njugush And Wife Celebrate Their One Year Anniversary

Check out how she slays with that baby bump:

Exclusive: Classic 105 Radio Presenter Mike Mondo Shares His Journey From Being A Nurse To Becoming A Radio Presenter (Video)

Hunky Classic 105 presenter Mike Mondo has been hosting the drive show on the station for a while now. The sultry lad drives women crazy with his voice and is sitting in for Maina Kageni who is currently on holiday.

Well, we unearthed a few unknown facts about the lad who is making our mornings beautiful and fun.

Mike Mondo to begin with is a dad, to the cutest girl you’ve ever seen. The adoring dad always showers his daughter with praise and is fond of showing her off.

He narrated how it is fitting in Maina’s morning show as compared to the evening show. He said that the evening show is lighter than the morning show because the audience in the evening show are more forgiving than the morning audience adding that it is one of the challenging shows he has ever done.

What is more surprising about Mike Mondo is that he did nursing as a profession before becoming a presenter.

Well he took us through his journey of being a nurse.

“I went to nursing school in 2002 and graduated in 2006 and have worked in a Tuberculosis campaign. I have done nursing in whole from practicing how to deliver children, post theatre patient and I managed to do about 69 deliveries, 11 breach deliveries , I have also assisted in caeserian section and I have done normal deliveries. I have worked in Kenyatta Hospital in Kitengela, Kilifi hospital and even Pumwani hospital.”

He also narrated to us how he ended up in Radio,

“Radio was a fluke for me and I currently feel so much for the nurses because their pay is so little and that is why I quit nursing. I came back to Nairobi and decided to start something.

I was having some food in Nairobi and the waitress went to look for change. Then I saw a Queue leading to the front and decided to ask what it was all about and someone told me that they were doing auditions for radio and because I was looking for one I joined the line. 

I did my part and they told me to give them my contacts and after a while they called me and I did the voice test, after that they asked me to suggest the amount of salary I would want to be given and after I mentioned I was given a contract and they offered me the job.

I was doing an evening show at Hot 96 and I was filling in for a big name. There was so much hate and I felt like quiting because of so much negativity from the social media people telling me to quit and I gave in to the hate and decided to quit so I went to the boss and told him that I could not continue but he told me no, you have to do this show. He introduced me to a person who was so patient with me and sat with me everyday during the show.

Everything I  know about radio I did not learn in school, I learnt everything about radio at the working place and I think its because I had very patient employers when I started working and therefore I learnt step by step.”

Watch the whole interview;

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‘My wife of 2 years left me claiming that she can not continue being my sponsor,’ confess a Kenyan Man

Well, classic 105 is a home for everyone and therefore everyone feels at home and are allowed to speak their minds, especially during the morning conversations with Maina and King’ang’i. The show basically deals with relationships and dramas that happens at marriage lives.

Since the beginning of this year, Classic Overdrive host Mike Mondo is sitting in for Maina Kageni who is currently on his holiday.

Today, Mike has shared a story of a gentleman who sent him a message in his DM explaining to him what has been happening to him and is currently disappointed in life.

Check out what the message was about;

Hello Mike,

I hope this finds you well. I write this and I’ll be glad if you can take your time to help secure a job, even through your morning show on classic 105.
I have been jobless since 2016 (2 years to be precise), after resigning from my high flying job with an international company. I was based in Jo’burg, http://S.Africa and later Gaborone, Botswana. I came home, settled with my long-term fiancé and started a business. Unfortunately the business went under with all my savings within six month. My relationship with my fiancé, now my wife, started going south with constant fights over everything. She’s the only breadwinner as she works for a prominent parastatal in Kenya. We had discussed on how she could help me secure a job in the same organization that she works for because she is well connected and the only barrier was that some 200k is needed to do that.
Unfortunately I don’t have the money. I’m down. It’s been difficult to get back to my old buddies, given I lost touch with them when I lived abroad for close to 3 years, with the general assumption that those who works abroad have lots of money to go broke. Now the twist is that my wife’s girlfriend offered to lend me the money. So I shared the same with my wife, with which she Okayed. Meanwhile my wife knows that her friend had a crush on me since our days in campus, and it was surprising that she agreed to her generous offer to lend the money. Because the friend works in Nairobi, we set up a meeting in Nairobi alongside the same period I’d attend an interview so I traveled to Nairobi. After the interview, I met the lady in one of the city’s hotels. To cut the story short, the lady had an unspoken condition that I had to sleep with her in order to lend me the money. She was drunk after several glasses of wine. I turned down the offer, shared the story with my wife, albeit selectively not to make her go mad at her friend. To my dismay, my wife turned against me, and sent me a whatsapp message after we had verbal altercation over the same that left me dismayed. I can’t figure out the puzzle. See attached. My wife of two years calls herself a sponsor to me, simply because I occasionally ask for money to help me move from one place to another in search of a job. The last time I cried like the moment I read her message was in 2011 when I lost my mom to cancer. I’m in the verge of losing my marriage, which I have come to terms with. My only headache is my 1.5-year-old daughter with whom I have a very strong bond with. Now all I request you bro is to help me get my dignity back by securing a job, be it a sales/marketing job I’d gladly take and work up my ways.

I am a graduate of environmental science but at this moment I can’t afford to be selective. NB: Kindly hide my identity to protect my wife/family in case you share my story

Thanks in advance

Check out the screen shots too.



Check Out How Gospel Singer Joyce Omondi Is Glowing In 2018

Gospel singer Joyce Omondi is having a beautiful January unlike some of us who are broke. After an epic vacation in the wild with her hubby in December, Joyce says that she is refreshed, rejuvenated and ready to tackle 2018. She definitely looks good!

Here’s Proof That Waihiga Mwaura Chose The Best Wife, Joyce Omondi

This should be an inspiration for you not to worry about the year ahead.

Three days ago, she inspired her fans to be self – disciplined this year. Here’s the quote she put up:

joyce om

Note to self: “Self-discipline is self-caring.” Here’s to being the best versions of ourselves in 2018! 🥂

As for 2018, this is the post she put up:


Rejuvenated, reinspired, refreshed, recharged, READY!!!! #ReJoyce

Are you ready for Jan?

Nameless Reveals His Biggest Lesson From 2017

As the year kicks off, many of us have loads of resolutions and major life plans. However, not many of us are taking into account that we need to stick to the so called resolutions till the end of the year.

By February, some shift to Valentine’s Day and other lit events in Nairobi.

For Nameless, this is not only a time of reflection but also a period to stick to the lessons that he learnt in 2017. The lessons are not just the regular ones, they are life lessons that changed his way of living.

‘Oh Why?’ – Nameless Is Not Happy With His Wife After She Did This

The “Inspire” singer took to Instagram to share his story with his fans, and it is truly touching. He put up a photo of himself and his wife Wahu in Dubai.

This is the message:

nameless ke

2017 was an interesting year… i learnt so much about myself and life. I learnt what matters and what I shouldnt stress about… i learnt that , on the real, every day you wake up alive is a gift from God… I avoid negative energy and stay postive and fearless! I learnt that alot of people love me and I love and appreciate them back!! #2018issaBlessedyear #saladpoolnimzitoJoh! #mwanaumenikubebawifebilakusita #newmusicdroppingkesho #DubaiwasFun #Godlovesme #feelsgoodtobeback


This Is The Powerful Relationship Message From Janet Mbugua That Everyone Is Sharing On Facebook

There are those Facebook posts that make us laugh and there are those that slide deep into our hearts.

The latter is the kind of post that Janet Mbugua put up back on December 30th 2017. A lot of guys on my Facebook timeline have already shared it.

Janet Mbugua dispels rumors her salary was Sh800,000

In the message, she tells her fellow women that being pretty is not enough to keep a man. Check it out:

Here’s the post:

Janet Mbugua

“Here’s the truth, ladies. Being pretty doesn’t keep a man. Being honest doesn’t keep a man. Being loyal doesn’t keep a man. Treating a man good doesn’t keep a man. Being there for a man doesn’t keep a man. Caring about a man doesn’t keep a man. Making an effort doesn’t keep a man. Paying attention to a man doesn’t keep a man. Spending time with a man doesn’t keep a man. You could have the best intentions, you could have the most sincere feelings, and you could be a good woman and you still wouldn’t be able to keep a man because the only way to keep a man is if that man wants to be kept by you. You can’t force a man to be with you. You can’t beg a man to stay with you. You can’t love a man into loving you. With a man, you could tell he wants to be kept when the relationship gets hard and he does everything to fight for you because a man only fights for a girl he wants to belong to so if he isn’t fighting for you when things get hard, then that means he doesn’t want to be kept by you anymore. The moral of this? Don’t hold on to a man who doesn’t want to be kept by you. No, you’re not giving up on him. It’s him who gave up on you, and it’s you who shouldn’t waste any more of your time than you already have. Know when it’s time to let go, know when it’s time to walk away, and know when it’s time for him to be unkept..”

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Diamond Platnumz Reveals He Wants Daughter Tiffah Dangote To Manage His Businesses

Diamond Platnumz is one man who is always full of surprises. One would think he really loves the attention he creates and everyone talking about him.

His baby mama Hamisa even confessed that she wouldn’t want to get married to him because his life is a total mess. Even though he’s full of drama from here to Timbuktu, he’s among the richest artistes in Tanzanian music industry.


One thing about Diamond is that he’s very hardworking and if he sees an opportunity to create something, he goes all in with it. Last year he launched his very own cologne, and his fans sure do love it. As if that’s not enough, he launched his own foodstuff, peanuts, which he revealed that they are also available here in Kenya as well.

With all these businesses and some that we might not know about, it’s logical that his sons will inherit his wealth, but that’s not the case.

diamond and tiffah

In an interview with K24 Alfajiri, Diamond revealed that he would want his daughter Tiffah Dangote to inherit his businesses. African culture, boys inherit wealth from their fathers but Diamond is doing it all different, considering he has two sons already.

What I wish my daughter to do when she grows up is to manage all my businesses,” he confessed.

He also went ahead to state that he wouldn’t want his daughter to venture into music.

I never wish my daughter Tiffah to join the music industry.”

Well, Simba amesema and we all know Diamond is one guy who will always slap us with surprises every now and then.

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Willis Raburu And His Wife Have The Time Of Their Lives Abroad (Photos)

Willis Raburu is one of the most celebrated news presenters in the country and we have witnessed him grow in the industry over the years.

Youngsters love him because he understands them and he get down just like them, hence his very popular show, 10 over 10 that he hosts alongside Joey Muthengi.


Well, Willis and his beautiful wife took time off their busy schedules to have a family time away from the noisy Nairobi. They took a trip to Florida where they’ve been having a pretty good time together.

From the photos he posted on social media, one can tell how much he loves his wife as he constantly showers her with praise and all the love he can give, but isn’t that what couples do?

Anyway, check out photos from their beautiful getaway;







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Nick Mutuma Finally Explains What His Tweet Meant After He Was Blasted By His Followers

Twitter is not for the faint hearted and if you try Kenyans on twitter, you’ll be digging your own grave as they never spare anyone.
Nick Mutuma has found himself in a really weird situation after he tweeted that he unfollows anyone who is over 25 and doesn’t know how to save.
nick hoodie

He tweeted, “I unfollow anyone over 25 and talking about ‘Njanuary’. By now you should know how to save Bruh…”

Well this was not taken lightely by some of his followers, as they went ahead to blast him for making such remarks.

Here are some of the responses from his followers;


Well, Nick took his time to clear the air about the tweet that received so much attention. He explained that he was throwing shade at his friend whom he watched party all through December.

That tweet was subtle shade for one of my mates who I’d watched partying hard through out December only to complain about a tough financial situation in Jan. It wasn’t a shot at anyone and I honestly didn’t think it would go South this quick. Sorry if it rubbed you the wrong way,” he explained.

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Triple Threat: Vanessa Mdee And Her Sisters Nancy Hebron And Mimi Mars Team Up To Release A Gospel Song (Video)

Nancy Hebron, popularly know as Tero Mdee, was among the most celebrated media personalities in the country years ago. She then went missing from the public scene for a really long time, but then it was revealed that she moved back to Tanzania and got married to a pastor.

Many people were left with questions, considering her media career was growing at a fast pace. Well, from the look of things she’s doing great and has joined the music industry.

tero mdee

Last year she released her first gospel song, ‘Taa Ya Miguu Yangu’, which was actually well received by the public and already has over 25k views on YouTube.

Well, Nancy has decided to do something different and included her two sisters Vanessa Mdee and Mimi Mars and together they have released a new gospel song, ‘Beautiful Jesus’. This has come as a shock to many considering Vanessa and Mimi are secular artistes but that hasn’t stopped them from supporting their sister.

vanessa and sisters

Nancy took to social media to share how they came about working together on the new song.

She wrote, “Tuliingia studio kwa lengo moja tu….kuimba! Lakini ikawa zaidi, tuliimba, tulicheka, tulicheza. Mimi ndo niliingia booth wa kwanza nikaimba ubeti wangu nikijua nimefunika 😂😂…..kisha akaingia @mimi_mvrs11 dah dogo alinitoa jasho, moyoni nawaza hayo sijasubutu kusema kwa sauti anisikie…..😅❤ Akatoka Pota @mimi_mvrs11 akaingia caterpillar Somali @vanessamdee. Hiyo caterpillar ikapita akatufunika wote tukalala chini flat!! Kwa kifupi session yetu ilienda hivyo 😀😁.”

Watch the music video below;

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Idris Sultan Throws Major Shade At Wolper For The Number Of Men She’s Dated

Idris Sultan is one funny guy and if you follow him on social media, you’ll bear me witness. He’s a comedian who’s bound to make countless jokes, some of which people don’t take lightly.

The comedian has on many occassions taken to social media to share memes and funny stuff just to make his fans happy. Some of them laugh their hearts out but some think he goes over board with the jokes.


Well, Idris took to social media to make a joke about the number of men Harmonize’s ex Wolper Stylish allegedly had in 2017. He went ahead to compare the men she’s dated to the number of songs Alikiba has released, stating that they are way more than the star’s songs.

He said, “Idadi ya wapenzi wa Wolper mwaka huu ni kubwa kuliko nyimbo alizotoa Kiba.”


His fans did not hold back as they gave their sentiments on his post

Read them below;

sheby2208: Ww kijana umelogwa 😂😂😂😂

eva_forever0: Idris unakuaga na kauchokozi frani Ivi cha sili sili mtu mpk akugundue afanye kazi apo umechokoza mtu mbili dabali

josephinaamani: 😂😂😂😂 kumbe unahesabu, subiri kichambo chako utahama insta leo

mhelamwana: We inakuhusu nini kama si umbeya wa mtoto wa kiume

elias9052: ni kweli ila na ww idad za pcha zako za uchi ulizopost znazid nyimbo za balaka daplince

isaac_mwasalemba: Bac mwaka huu Itazid Nyimbo za aslay

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Stunner: Grace Msalame Looks Stunning After Cutting Her Hair To This Beautiful Hairstyle

It is written in the Bible that hair is the glory of a woman and we have all embraced our different hair and we love every bit of it.

Most ladies are always afraid of cutting their hair short because they think that it will take a while for it to grow back, forgetting that hair does grow back and quite fast.

grace 3

Well, Grace Msalame is not afraid to make little changes with her hair now and again. She has rocked the most beautiful weaves, wigs and braids and she’s stunned in them all.

Last year, she decided to make a few changes and cut her hair. Many were surprised as others wept because her hair was pretty long. But that’s the problem with many people. We are afraid of change and hence prefer to just stay in the same position because you are afraid that the change will not be what you wanted or thought about.

Grace 2

Grace took the courage and decided to cut her hair, to have a different feeling and my oh my, isn’t she beautiful in short hair.

Well, even with short hair you can experiment different styles and that’s what the media personality has done.

grace 4

She took to social media to share photos of her new hairstyle, explaining why she opted for that specific style.

She wrote, “I know my hair is my crowing glory but as I grow older shorter hair is just easier to manage😫I knew I wanted to start off the year with a different look so I found @lindamariah254 & she gave me my locs & a cut too😉hair grows back so let’s take another break😁😊you’re a Star Linda😘.”

Check out photos of her new hairstyles;

grace 1

grace 2

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Kwani ni Mad Max? KANU era billionaire has pimped his car with spikes to ward off attackers.

Even billionaires suffer. The appropriate phrase for this can be summed up in the saying, the rich also cry. This is something most of us “average” people will never experience. Repeating the oft-asked question which would you rather. Rich and miserable or poor and joyous? is that even a good question? Meh!

A KANU era politician is having heaps of misery, especially in his waning years. Jackson Kibor a billionaire, stunned Eldoret residents after he mounted deadly spikes on his private vehicle. Kibor made the move as a measure to ward off invaders of his vast land.

Jackson Kibor
Jackson Kibor.Photo credit: the star

According to a report by the Standard on Saturday, December 30, the 83-year-old tycoon mounted four 30 centimeter spikes to the grill at the front of his vehicle with the intention of plowing down anyone caught trespassing on his land.

Jackson Kibor car
Jackson Kibor.Photo credit: the standard


Jackson Kibor said:

“The spikes will be used to scare away those who have been causing me sleepless nights. Right now I am old and I cannot run after them. This is a cautionary measure because my firearm was taken away by police ( after an altercation involving his sons), These will be the perfect weapons to take on my tormentors plow my fields in the dark. This is their medicine. I will only drive my car to the shamba and not on the highway as many people want to think.”

This deadly move spurned police into action as Eldoret West OCPD Samuell Mutunga dispatched police to go and dismantle Kibor’s spikes. Uasin Gishu’s County Commissioner Abdi Hassan also said Kibor’s move was not allowed and that such modifications to a car required permission from the National Transport and Safety Authority. He said:

“If his firearm was taken, he should have sought our guidance and protection. We are here for everyone and putting metal bars on his car is not ideal.”

The deadly spikes resemble those from a Hollywood mega-hit released a few years back. Take a look at the car below:

Mad Max car
Mad Max car. photo credit: steam

What do you think?

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Kumbe mbao ndio patient! Ambulance driver sacked for ferrying timber!

Ambulances are hated and loved alike. Loved by those who are using them when sh** hits the fan. People like me dislike them because you can never tell if all the hollering and overlapping is legit. Is there really a patient in the vehicle or is it a convenient way for the ambulance driver to escape traffic. You can never tell with them, but as law-abiding citizens, you move over unless you are a miraa driver. Had to put that one in there. Hehehe! Don’t you know miraa is more valuable than a human life? Don’t you?


This next story proves that my creeping suspicions were not unfounded, but not in the way I had thought. Isiolo Governor Mohamed Kuti has yielded to the public outcry and sacked a driver of an ambulance that was intercepted ferrying timber. A picture of men loading timber in one of the country’s ambulance surfaced online early this week and caused an uproar among locals and Kenyans.

Dr. Kuti said he and the County Health Department learnt about the matter from social media platforms, adding that he has received complaints that the driver of the ambulance has been demanding a bribe from patients seeking emergency services. The Governor said:

“This is misuse of public property. I have heard several cases from residents complaining that the driver of the ambulance was demanding some money to attend to emergency cases.”

Governor Kuti, is also the Council of Governors (COG) Health Committee Chairman. He said that his administration would come up with measures for the transport industry. He would also identify an officer who will supervise all the county vehicles and streamline the sector. He also warned county drivers they would be sacked if found misusing public property. The driver was a casual employee.

I still believe a lot more fishiness is happening with ambulances, but I have no proof. Meh!

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