#IfikieUhuru: Girl claims to be President Uhuru’s unknown daughter (photo)

#IfikieUhuru is trending on social media.

Why? it’s because a young girl, Tamara Risheel has disrupted the Internet after claiming to be President Uhuru’s daughter. the unknown daughter.

 Tamara Uhuru

She was spotted on the streets of Nairobi carrying a placard that read:

“Meet Tamara Risheel Unknown president Uhuru Kenaytta’s daughter. My big dream is to meet my daddy in person for the first time. I love my daddy.”

The hashtag Ifikie Uhuru was started as one Jarunda Jaluth Mambobiad shared a viral post:


We have reached out to Statehouse representatives for comment but they are yet to respond.

Kenyan women will fall in love with this new jam by TV presenter Mikka

Mike Irungu is an upcoming artist in Kenya who takes us back to the likes of Harry Kimani and Eric Wainaina with his soft passionate voice.

Mike, who goes by the stage name Mikka, is not only a talented singer but also a TV presenter on Y254 and a poet, he’s quite talented ain’t he?

In an interview with Classic 105Fm, his new single ‘Polepole‘ was dedicated to someone he was in love with but fortunately or unfortunately they aren’t together anymore.


“When I wrote it I had someone in mind, I was describing a chic and that’s why I said Malaika because I believe there is something unique and beautiful in every woman that makes them stand out and makse them look like an angel in one’s eyes and I was trying to make it relatable to everyone..”

His audio has a soft touch making it catchy and appealing to the audience.

The song bird gave us a glimpse of his new song ‘Niwe’ which is set to be released this month and he also added that it was dedicated to the same girl he sang previously about.


When it comes to inspiration and what he does best, Nyashinski and Tekno are the two big artist that he vibes with.

However, to all the single ladies stay woke as the hot talented artist is single and ready to mingle, you never know you maybe the next girl he sings to.

Here is his single ‘polepole’


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Wooishe!! Ali Kiba’s ex-girlfriend trolled on social media after musician weds Kenyan girl

Bongo sensation Ali Kiba has today married his fiancée Amina Khalef, at the Diamond Jubilee Hall, Mombasa. Reports indicate that Ali has been dating the woman since late 2016.

Ali Kiba decided to settle down with Amina Khalef, who is a Kenyan from Mombasa, after his breakup with beauty queen Jokate Mwegelo over “irreconcilable differences”.

When they were dating, word went around that Ali Kiba was cheating on her, something that convinced Jokate’s family that the singer is not the right man for her. No one knows what really led to their separation.


Congratulations: Ali Kiba weds in Mombasa

Well, in any big occasion like this one, hater or trolls are always everywhere trying to remind us of the past. That is exactly what has happened after Jokate Mwegelo, the ex- girlfriend to Kiba who took to her social media and wrote;




Check out reactions;

smaka_king: Nimesikitishwa sana nakitendo cha alikiba kuto kukuowa nilitengemeya angekuwowa wewe pole sana kalibu kwangu tufunge ndowq nasisi tumoneshe mambo ni ??????????????????

mercy2374: utapata mwanaume Bora tena wa hadhi yako achana Na hao mabwege wanao kusema vibaya wakunyumba yesu yupo pamoja nawe

talhazainabu :Dada acha waone kenya hapo hata kwa baiskel wanaenda we yako utaenda kuolewa korea tena kwa ndege achana nao hao kwani wa kwaza wao we yako mwez ujao korea kaskazin

king_oc91: Endelea kuigiza unapiga kazi akati xwako ndio anaenda kuvunja bikra leo

starhadasa: Ni mwanamke mwenye akili huna skendo za kijinga lwa kifupi unajielewa na @officialalikiba …sio mume Mungu anayemtaka kwako keep on moving ,Fanya kazi kwa bidiii,endelea kujiheshimu na usiache kumuomba Mungu ,Mume wako WA Heshima yupo ni suala tu LA Muda tu…I love u Jiji

gift_ngailo: Kila kitu hupangwa na Mungu so maneno hayasaidii na lawama hazijengi Mungu kapanga alkiba amuoe amina so kikubwa ni kuwaombea wawe na maisha ya furaha amani na upendo kisicho ridhiki usile ukitupilie mbali jokate nakupenda na na nilipenda uolewe na alikiba but ndo hivyo haijawa na najua ulimpenda sana kiba but nakuombea utampata wako

isaacedward5515: Hahahahahahaha usijali ndo maisha by the way kuna uchumba na ndoa kwahy neno ndoa ni neno ambalo huwa linatafsiliwa kwa upana wake kwahy usijali mama kidoti

daiada4: Hivi kwani kuvunjika mahusiano ni kitu cha ajabu! Mbona mmemuandama dada wa watu as if yeye ndo wa kwanza kuachana na mtu. Walishaachana so kila mtu ana haki ya kuendelea na maisha yake, tofauti ni kwamba kiba ameanza, na hata bidada naye siku yake itafika. Tuache kushabikia vitu visivyo na tija.








TBT! Check out some top 90’s shows that killed it back then

Shows have definitely changed since the 90’s era and most of them are quite irrelevant and lack interest.

Most of us rarely even watch TV anymore, after news everyone is one their phones or doing other businesses.

I remember back then when I was a kid I couldn’t wait to get home, do my homework so I could watch my favorite shows one by one and if I missed any I would cry all night.

Kids back then would watch soap operas and actually cry when Alejandro could die or kiss his girlfriend.

My childhood was definitely better than these 21st century kids even though technology is the new trend.

Let me remind you of some local and international shows that made you glued all evening in your seat.







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Maina Kageni reveals who he would marry between Huddah and Vera Sidika (Audio)

We all know Maina Kageni is a foodie, who also enjoys eating alongside his dabo dabo. So it’s expected that he would want a woman who can cook right? Wrong!!!

Wanatosha mboga, according to his the Classic 105 presenter.

Well, today during the morning conversation Maina raised this topic of why men cannot marry women who do not know how to cook.

Julie Gichuru yesterday posted that her father thought she would never get married because she never knew how to cook.

She wrote on her instagram page;

“My father was reading the newspaper but stopped to contribute to a debate I was having with my mother.

He interjected firmly, “But Julie, you must learn how to cook!” He was perturbed but I could tell it came from a place of love. So here’s the low down. I was a teenager & I had pointedly refused to learn how to cook.

As the only daughter in the family it was obvious & apparently a source of social embarrassment. Indeed, in an African – Asian home this was unheard of, girls should know their place & the kitchen was part of that. But I was adamant, I was disinterested in the art of cooking..

Well, the discussion was lit and had mixed reactions from the listeners.

Mwalimu King’ang’i’s view was that he cannot marry a woman who can’t cook adding that she should not be just a cook but a good cook, Si ‘kupika mashakura’.

Maina responded by reminding him that a man can eat out or better yet hire a chef. After all who will marry these girls studying catering?

It was during this time that Kingangi said, ‘Taftieni Maina Kageni bibi Mluhya specifically, Unajua shida yako ukianza kufikiria bibi unafikiria Vera na Huddah.”

Then Maina said, “Me it’s either Huddah or Vera,

He added that he has eaten out for more than 10 years and doesn’t know the price of a packet of unga.

Listen to the whole conversation below;




Kenyan gay couple set to get married

Two Kenyans from the LGBT community are set to walk down the aisle. While it is not known in what country they will say ‘I Do’, Kenya won’t be it, as it is illegal.

KOT have reacted strongly to this news of Brian Waititu and Eric Kamande, two Kenyan gay lovers, who it is claimed will wed.


Their engagement pictures were trending on social media showing the moment when Waititu went down on one knee and proposed to his boyfriend Eric who was so happy and surprised and said yes to his lover.

Ndegwa wa Njoroge went on social media to congratulate the two who are in the process to finish their wedding preparations.


“Join me in congratulating Brian Waititu on his engagement to Ericious Romand (Eric Kamande), this is a very brave and commendable move as the two finalize their wedding preparations. #TeamRainbow #ProudlyDifferent.”

Read comments after news broke of the impending marriage

Antony: Perversity at its best, this generation needs God’s grace and mercy

Mutua: wako na watoto wangapi?

Caroline: Total madness

Nduta: Ma caitani,when the wife gives birth, lemie know I come n witness this marriage, devil at work,

Hellen: For real this world is coming to an end. Christ is soon coming back it is real

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Meet KWS Ranger Philip Wesa whose winning hearts after carrying a disabled girl on his back

No act of kindness, no matter how small, is ever wasted.
Going out of your way to put a smile on someones face who needs it more than anything else is just a blessing.
Students from Joyland special school in Kisumu had gone for a school trip at Aberdare National park but one student was left on the school bus because her condition made it impossible for her to walk.
Philip Wesa a KWS Ranger went out of his way to carry a disable student Deborah Nyaboke on his back in order for her to enjoy her trip at Aberdare.
By the show of the pictures the student had a blast and couldn’t stop smiling and the ranger seemed happy to see he had kept a smile on her face.
On social media a young man felt that what the Ranger had done was just but a pure act and shared his story.

“KWS Ranger Philip Wesa is one a service man amongst many. He sacrificed to carry a disabled Deborah Nyaboke on his back in a hilly Aberdare National park in effort to make her view the chania Falls. Nyaboke a Form two pupil at Joyland special school in Kisumu had been left in the vehicle by her teachers and attendants as they ascended the Aberdare since she couldn’t climb on her own and only left to receive the information from her colleagues. Mr. Wesa ..touched, .decided to go back to the vehicle, clutched his gun then hoisted the poor Deborah on his back. Yes, she joined her colleagues at the park and her dream was realized. This act of sacrifice and heart is rare.Congratulations Warden Philip Wesa for this great show of humility. Ladies and Gentlemen, Humanity is service……Share until it. He deserves recognition!!”



It is evident that in this cruel world their are still good people with good intentions and just like American comedian and TV personality Ellen DeGeneres once said,

“We need more kindness, more compassion, more joy, more laughter. I definitely want to contribute to that.”


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See how Janet Mbugua and family are enjoying their vacation (photos)

You think everyone is done with Easter holiday like you are? No, Janet Mbugua and her family are currently in Watamu for a holiday vacation and she is surely enjoying her time. The mother of one and her hubby Eddie Ndichu are expecting their second child.

Janet talked about the holiday trip on her social media and well, the couple has started showering us with the beautiful photos of themselves at the coast.

Check out the photos;

Thighs For Days: Janet Mbugua Shows Off Her Sexy And Gorgeous Legs In Rare PHOTOS













Identity of the little girl called Baby Praise praying passionately revealed

Kenyans love a story that will take them away from the daily monotony of politics and poor governance. A classic feel-good story. The next story is an oddity in that many Kenyans were fascinated by the pictures of a very young girl praying with gusto and zest.

Photos of the little girl kneeling and praying at a public event left Facebook users inquiring about the identity of the child. The child belongs to Pastor Israel Ezekiel New Song Worship Church’s.

Baby Praise

The photos were taken on Sunday when the three-year-old was attending a worship experience at Railways Club. Photographer Chris Wanga, popularly known as #PastorwaPicha, shared the photos on his Facebook page.

Baby Praise

Baby Praise’s father Pastor Israel told Nairobi News that the young girl has always enjoyed prayer time. He said:

“Her birth was mysterious and became a revelation that led to us naming her Praise. She had the umbilical code around her neck and despite us having prayed for the mother to have a normal delivery, the doctor recommended a Cesarean Section. It was after she was born that we saw the umbilical code around her neck and interpreted it as an attempt by the devil to silence her. Because God had given us victory we decided to call her Praise.”

Baby Praise

That is not all. She also prays for congregants when they come to the altar. Her father continued:

“She usually comes to the alter when people come to be prayed for and stretches her hands towards them while praying. When you try to remove her from the altar she gets very angry and says that she needs to pray for people.”

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Celebrity Dj Pierra Makena shocks Kenyans after revealing her age

Pierra Makena is one of the few Kenyan female Dj’s who is well-known and has a following.  The curvy Dj has been secretive about her age, making sure that suspicion and speculation is all there is when it comes to what her age is. But not anymore.

It’s rare to find a celebrity who can tell their real age, especially on this continent. From footballers to socialites, most of them never age and are always sweet 18, 20 0r 24. Bodacious DJ Pierra Makena has revealed her age and Kenyans are shocked.

Pierra Makena

The former Tahidi High actor and mother of one just clocked 37 years old. Yes! Pierra Makena is 37 but wait, she doesn’t look like her real age.

“About to rock this 37!!!!!👸😋 Happy bornday indeed
#BEYOU,” read the heavily endowed DJ’s message.

 Well, Celina, a fellow actor also wished Pierra Makena a happy birthday and also had a message to body shamers.
Celina Kamau
Celina Kamau’s message to Pierra Makena on her birthday and body shammers


Check out comments from  Makena’s followers

Matamumusic: 37 looks good on you mama… Happy Happy birthday to you, God will enlarge your boundaries

Pierra Makena

Naoomyk: What!! I didn’t even you are 30 yet. Happy birthday

Markasqui: 37? You look A-MAZING!

Verizon: 37 never looked this gorgeous wow.Happy birthday mama Ricca

Njerinjoroge: Happy happy birthday Ma Pokot!!Blessings😘😘😘age gracefully.💞💞

Anita: Hunny you don’t look a day older than 21. April babies do rock. Have a blast and live to see many more mummy

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‘God works miracles’, Size 8 talks about marriage journey with husband DJ Mo

Gospel artiste size 8 has not stopped showering her husband DJ Mo with love.

The two, who have been grabbing headlines for the longest time in the showbiz industry, are never afraid of displaying their affection for each other.

Well, Size 8 has opened up her marriage journey to the DJ husband and has revealed how people advised her not to get married to an ordinary DJ.


check out her post;

“When i started this marriage journey with my husband many people told me how can a star like me just get married to an ordinary deejay. Some made jokes that other ladies are gettings cars as gift from their husband but i got a mix tape. Well this guy who was called an ordinary deejay is doing exploits now in Christ Jesus. This is to show you God can use anyone and raise anyone Just have faith and trust God. And I know God is not yet finished with him he is about to do even more thru him. To every deejay out there God is able to do exceedingly abundantly above your imagination. And to everyone else don’t let any body discourage you coz of where you are right now tomorrow you might be a great legend.


Check out reactions from fans;

anzayajustus Thank God for such a flash back. Today’s situations can’t dictate your tomorrow,and our tomorrow is bigger than our today.be blessed my friend @size8reborn

davidchelal Well said mama wamboi,I don’t expect such sentiment from u,matured & favoured

jessemaombi Amen….never judge a book by its cover…..God uses those that are looked down on to magnify HIMSELF @size8reborn

annitakinyua well said Amen to that….may God shower your family with more blessings @size8reborn

flow9144 Well spoken …..God bless ua family always……””what God can Do No Man can do””*






5 Reasons You Should Try Songa By Safaricom Music Streaming App

When it comes to innovation, Safaricom is an A-lister. The telecoms company is a giant in retail, events and all things entertainment. Just recently, it launched its music streaming app, Songa by Safaricom.

The app is available to download by dialling *812# on Smartphone, or just directly from the Google Play Store. There are many reasons why you need to try this app, but here are a few that will make you see how badly you are missing out on the biggest thing in music right now.

1. The app was proudly made and launched in Kenya

Nyashinski at the Songa by Safaricom launch back in February / Photo By Douglas Okiddy

What can make you even more impressed than a sexy, super cool and colorful music app that was developed by Kenyans, just for you? You read that right. The app, which is now everyone’s favorite was made in Kenya. It is of international standards but still has that Kenyan vibe to it; once you download it, you’ll see what I mean. If Nyashinski, one of Kenya’s best artistes of all time can endorse the app, that means that it has the best to offer!

2. It has over 2.5 million songs!

The app has a huge library of song to choose from. That’s a whole lot of tracks! Can you even get bored while you have the app? I highly doubt! Personally, I have tried listening to 500 songs in a day and I couldn’t finish them. Given that one song is 3-5 minutes long, you can’t run out of options with Songa by Safaricom. Whether its Afrobeats, Bongo, Kapuka, Rock, Hip Hop, Pop, Kwaito…everything you need, you can get it on the app! What are you waiting for? Download it NOW!

3. You can pay as low as 25 bob to enjoy!

songa by safaricom

I do not know of any other app that allows you to enjoy music for as low as 25 shillings a day. I am talking of a really, really good app that has over 2.5 million songs, that allows you to stream music offline and has an immense freedom of choice when it comes to the selection of songs. With Songa, you can do that! Download the app to see the exciting payment options it has.

4. Celebrities love the app!

If you don’t believe me, just search the hash tag #SongaBySafaricom on Twitter, Facebook or Instagram and see for yourself. They have tried it, and they simply love it!

This is because of its intuitive, stylish design and the great range of music it offers. Above all, why not support a Kenyan product? Why not be proud of an app that is making it possible for you to listen to music, anywhere, anytime at a very pocket friendly price?

5. All the biggest artistes in Africa have their music on the app!

I cannot even finish the list of big artistes who have their music on the app. Do you love Dela, Diamond Platnumz, Bahati, Mercy Masika, Sauti Sol and other hit makers? Song by Safaricom is home to their great content! Just download the app and access their music. Did I mention that there is a 14-day FREE trial of the app? Just dial *812# and get it!


Police In Naivasha Seize Bhang Worth Millions From Akorino Leader’s Farm

Police in Naivasha have seized bhang worth millions of shillings from the farm of a cleric following a major crackdown on drug peddlers in the area.

The religious leader who has since gone into hiding is believed to be the mastermind behind selling and distributing bhang in the lake side town.

This came as the provincial administration conducted a raid into the clergy’s home where they found hundreds of rolls of the narcotic near Banda estate in the area.

The raid that was led by Naivasha assistant county commissioner Richard Aguoka and involved all the chiefs in the area helped unearth a syndicate supplying drugs in the town.

The clergy from the Akorino sect had been started growing the bhang for some months before security officers acting on a tip off moved in.

Addressing the press after the raid, Aguoka termed the move as a major boost against the war on drug abuse in the area.

Aguoka said the raid helped find bhang worth Sh500,000 ready for market and plantations worth millions of shillings when harvested.

“This is a major win on what we have been fighting here and I want to warn those involved in this illegal trade that their days are numbered,” he said.

He added that during the raid, the suspect managed to escape using a boat noting that police will not rest until he is apprehended.

“We are informed that he is a clergy of the Akorino faith and it seems he has been conducting this trade for many years given the discovery we have found today,” he said.

Aguoka said the operation will continue even in other estates to ensure the town was free from drugs that threaten to wipe a generation.

“All the chiefs will continue with this operation and will now move from house to house looking for drugs as we continue with the fight against drugs abuse in this town,” he said.

-Anthony Gitonga

Throwback photos of prominent female celebrities in Kenya

Watu wametoka mbali. Money and fame can make you a whole different person in just a second.

Have you ever looked back at your old photos and you wondered who that was? or what was I wearing and just laugh at yourself?

It’s hilarious that some celebrities cannot even be recognized because their then and now pictures look totally different, but we cannot blame them because everyday we make a step forward to better ourselves.

Father Goals! Mejja shares adorable moments with his cute daughter

Check out these throw back photos of some of the prominent females in our country.



Rachel Ruto with her husband Deputy President William Ruto wakitoka Bible study


The bosschick Huddah Monroe

sanapei tb

Musician Sanaipei Tande pale miguu tupu

gichuru tbt

Media personality Julie Gichuru


Musician Fena Gitu transformation


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Kenyan musicians that should reunite and release a song

Si kwa ubaya but Kenyan music back in the 90’s and early 2000 was killing it.

The beats, lyrics, the artist who sang and did collaborations together used to give it their all when they sang and performed on stage.

If I had a time machine, I would go back in time and ask those musicians to come back and show these Millennials how it is really done when it comes to making music.

Remember the dance styles, mosquito, chinesee, kangaru, sting, kuku dance, slide, helicopter that went viral with every song?

Well I know most of us also miss the music pairs that sang together.

Here is a list of some musicians that produced great hits and should maybe think of reuniting.

  1. Nonini featuring Sylvia. Manzi Wa Nairobi

2. Juacali featuring Sanaipei. Kwaheri

3. Prezzo featuring Nazizi. Let’s get down

4. Kleptomaniax. Twendelee

5. Lenny, Mr Googs and Vinnie Banton. Githurai

6. Amani featuring Nyashinski. Bad boy

7. Marya featuring Mustapha. Hey Baby

8.7. Nameless, Juacali, Nyash, Pam, Karma. Tatizo

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Nimetoka mbali sana! Betty Bayo buys a car for the daughter

Betty Bayo loves her children very much. The gospel singer was once married to controversial pastor Kanyari.

The two co parent in raising their children together.

In a recent interview highlighted by Mpasho.co.ke, Betty said she is too beautiful to be single and thus, she is dating.

“Yes I am. And I am happy. If it works out or not, I will still be happy. I will still be Betty. I am wiser now. I do not cling to relationships. It is only that I am too beautiful to be single.”

Cross Over 101 presenter Grace Ekirapa in tears as she reveals she survived on milk and mandazi

Yummy mummy Betty Bayo

There is nothing like a mother’s love. Betty Bayo lavishes her two children with soooo much love.

She wrote, “When i look back kuria nyumite haria ndi (where I have come from and where I’m at now) all the challenges ups and down and how God has been faithful kwanza hii mwaka Wacha mungu aitwe MUNGU.”

Night runners president protests the massive killing of animals they use for their activities

Betty Bayo is experiencing and enjoying God’s favour and blessings. She recently bought her first born child, a daughter named Sky, a car.
Sky Bayo
Betty’s daughter Sky Bayo

Sky said, “Hey, this is my brother, this is my car. [My brother] likes screaming a lot.

She also fired a warning shot at her mum.

“Please don’t ever, ever, ever take pictures when we are going to church.”

Check out the sweet ride in the video below…

Uyu niamakia ati arenda istagram acc follow her on @Skybayo1

A post shared by Betty Bayo (@bayobetty) on

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Police probe gang rape of mentally handicapped woman at Mosoriot in Nandi

Police in Nandi are investigating an incident in which a mentally handicapped woman was gang raped and seriously injured at Mosoriot market.

She was found unconscious and bleeding in a trench by the roadside near the market and police say she may have been attacked for long hours.

Judith Tanui from the association which defends the rights of mentally handicapped persons says attacks on such women have increased in the region.

-Mathews Ndanyi

Pole Sana: Citizen TV News Anchor Kanze Dena Is Grieving The Death Of Her Loving Dad

Popular Citizen TV news anchor, Kanze Dena is grieving the death of her loving father, Mr. Stephens Kitao.

The beautiful and talented media personality took to social media to break the sad news.

She posted, Ni mnyonge moyo Wangu,…..
Baba yangu tenda kwangu… ……Upendavyo…. Harry Stephens Kitao your legacy lives on…. #thatseasonagain

28429244_193145101286963_3713336137511600128_n 28429336_149104639241804_5063679468896256000_n

The news sparked loads of reactions from her fans who poured their messages of love and comfort as they mourn with the presenter and her family.

Below are some of the comments.

Peish: Poleni sana mungu awafariji.

Chuna Hubi: Pole fi kalam kulu de amri ta rabana❤

Liz: it is well my sister. May the Lords comfort surround us and fill our hearts with peace. Rest in peace uncle Harry Stephens.

Clifford: My Sincere Condolences…ndo njia tena…take heart mpango wa Mungu hauna [email protected]_dena