Former mother-in-law actress Oliver gets engaged to her new bae

Former Mother-in-law actress Idah Alisha known to many as Oliver for her witty and mischievous character is a woman in love after her first divorce .

Going by her recent Instagram photos the talented actress is engaged to a mysterious hunk who she isn’t afraid to flaunt to all those who might care to see.

My children don’t even know I am famous says Kim Kardashian


The laid back Alisha was previously married here in Kenya before parting with her husband ,but she seems to have fbeen struck by cupids arrow for a second time.

Here are the photos of the couple and what might be her engagement ring.



‘If you love me I’ll love you, if you stray it can never be real again’ Otile tells bae Vera Sidika



In one of her posts Alisha  hints that she is  trying all her best to be the best wife she can be,She wrote

“My “ADAM” … As I work hard to be your proverbs 31 woman, I want you to know that I completely appreciate the man you are in my life! You are perfect and I couldn’t have it any other way! You are a blessing! MY blessing! 💕 #MCM #BestFriend”

We wish the couple all the best .

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‘My eight girlfriends were impregnated by other men ‘hurting city man cries

Love hurts even the strongest of men but a man has been left in shock after all the eight women he dated ended up being impregnated by other men.

Heartbreaking as it may seem the man took to a newspaper columnist to ask for advice and  find out if there is anything wrong with him.

‘Davido begged me to perform in his Tanzania show’ Diamond Platnumz admits

According to The Nairobian the man wrote

“Since I started dating, I have met eight girls who told me they loved me only to end up being made pregnant by other men.

I find another one but still things do not work – same story. Another guy makes her pregnant. What is wrong with me?”

The columnist who doesn’t mince around with his words gives the man in question a feed back and here is what he has to say

“You are not satisfying your women sexually. One woman fleeing your bed is understandable. But eight? Iko shida!

Try to last longer than 30 seconds and if pain persists, see mganga kutoka Pemba!”

Ours was love at first sight ‘confesses woman who married her half brother

Sonya Parker once said

“Love isn’t complicated they love you or they don’t or they want to be with you or they don’t its that simple.”

The man in question might be forcing things to work between him and his women or he might just be a man who is just finding his way.

Whatever the case he should take a break and create a new strategy or else he will be feeding the cow while someone else milks it.

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‘I slept with my principal and my teacher too after he caught us’confesses city girl

Cheating in relationships is on the rampant and some Kenyans never seem to learn form their mistakes no matter how hard they are cheated on.

Just recently, a new wave of Instagram stories showcasing the best of Nairobi’s cheaters’ chronicles was debuted by user @sammroi.

This inspired the likes of Xtian Dela to ask their followers about their most random moments with “quickies” or cheating on their spouses.

They took advantage of the anonymity and laid out everything stark naked. One lady talked about how she once slept with her high school principal. When a teacher discovered it, she silenced him by sleeping with him too.


A dude confessed how he ended up sleeping with his best friend’s girlfriend when she came to his place to ‘ask for advice’ when her relationship with her man was on the

Check out this amazingly beautiful throw back photos of Kim Kardashian

Here are some of the biggest lessons I’ve gathered from these confessions:

1. Nobody is safe

Do not console yourself by saying, “I’ve never seen any signs of my girlfriend or boyfriend cheating; I am safe.” Like G-Eazy says in “No Limit”, it’s not safe. Personally, I’ve gotten complaints from my friends who have discovered their long term partners – even those of up to 6 years – have been cheating on them. As far as I am concerned, no amount of money or loyalty can prevent you from being cheated on. Once you realize this, you will be on the safer side; far from perpetual heartbreaks.

2. Cheating is done for thrill

If they can do it on the balcony, in a van or inside an office, that is not love making. It is essentially f*cking. It only makes sense that this is done for pure enjoyment; not for mutual connection. If you don’t agree with me, feel free to tweet me @harunmomanyi and I can explain further until you get it right.

Mutha ward MCA in trouble after impregnating a 19 year old girl in Kitui

3. Never let your man or woman have a BFF

When a lady tells me that she has a guy BFF, I usually guffaw and let it slide for I know one thing…in most cases, it is never genuine. No one…I repeat no one can befriend a very attractive member of the opposite sex and the most they do is just chill. You’ll be lying to yourself. Personally, I once had a hot BFF and establishing a boundary was not easy. This being said, never buy that from your man or woman.

4. Cheaters will never care about their health

Most of the stories that @sammroi posted showed that cheaters blatantly avoid using condoms and their justification is, sex is sweeter without protection. However, they have forgotten that HIV/AIDS hapana tambua light skin or big asses. It does not matter how beautiful you are, if you become reckless, you’ll end up being infected and totally disorienting your life.

5. Marriage is not a barrier to cheating

In one of the IG stories, a lady confessed that a local radio presenter had been in her DMs for so long. When she decided to meet him, the wife was not at home. They had sex in his matrimonial bed. This is not something new; if exchange vows and walk down the aisle, that does not mean that you are ‘cheat proof.’ Humans will always be humans and when emotions are involved, one thing often leads to another.

Game of Thrones’ Kit Harington and Rose Leslie will tie the knot in a matter of hours.

6. Being in a relationship has never been harder

It has never been easy, but it has just gotten harder being in a relationship in Nairobi. Many reactions to the cheating confessions showed that most Nairobians are not keen in getting into commitments. They are now super skeptic, fearing the possibility of being cheated on. Considering the fact that having sex with random people for thrill is rampant, nobody believes in true love anymore.

Coupled with the fact that money precedes love, relationships working out are a total fallacy. If you manage to stay in one, it is either because the sex is too good or a lot of money is involved.

7. Even men are being “chips fungwad”

There is a lady who opened up about her cheating escapades. She said that she has a comprehensive list of men she is targeting. The men have been sleeping with her, thinking that they have “scored”, kumbe they were being trapped by her advances. She was proud of her achievements by the way — sleeping with over 15 men is no joke, at least to her.

So the next time a lady is quick to tall for your advances, think twice bro!

Harun momanyi

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Lamu County’s Chief of Staff Mohamed Galgalo is in hot soup for allegedly marrying a minor

Lamu County’s Chief of Staff Mohamed Galgalo is in hot soup for allegedly marrying a minor who he spotted when giving out relief food.
According to The Standard the lady is said to have dropped out of school in class six and was spotted by Galgalo when she was lining up to receive relief food when floods messed parts of the county last month.
The county official has strongly denied that her lover is a minor,he went on to ask

 “Is it wrong to marry a 19-year-old girl? The younger brother is 16-years-old; does it mean that she is the same age as the bother?”

The man, in his late 50s, offered to serve her the food, escorted her back home and even roamed around her village for five days.The mother desperate to get out of her poverty decided to secretly marry off the girl to Galgalo
black couple flirt
Trying to justify her actions the mother says that in the Orma tradition, any girl who is more than 12 years is eligible for marriage whether in school or not.
She adds

“I did not see any need to keep holding the girl in the village when there is a suitable person to marry her. I married her off for Sh80,000,” said the mother.

Mutha ward MCA in trouble after impregnating a 19 year old girl in Kitui

This only comes days after Mutha MCA in kitui was reported for impregnating a 19 year old who had gone in his house to work as a house help.

The MCA decided to prey on the innocent girl after an agreement with the  girls mother that he would pay her college fee.

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Vivianne cancels hyped Kitengela show after suffering serious allergic reaction

Female artiste Vivianne is recuperating after suffering a strong allergic reaction which has left her all swollen making her cancel her show in Kitengela.

In an earlier post she had excitedly posted about the event which was to take place at Club 411.She wrote

“This Friday the 22nd of June, I’m gonna be performing @club411kitengela .Don’t Miss Out coz you’ll be left out! It’s gon’ be lit!❤❤
Repost for all my fans to see😘”


But the show did not happen after the damsel got sick which made her cancel her show leaving most of her fans disappointed.

Ommy Dimpoz father savagely attacks Diamond Platnumz father during interview

She informed her fans of the news through her instagram ,She wrote

“My Kitengela people, I hope you will forgive me for not showing up tonight. I fell sick on my way. My allergies blew over. I am however optimistic I will get better as I am already on my antihistamines. I hope to come perform next week.”

Here are a few photos of Vivian as she recuperates





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Diamond Platnumz bodyguard Mwarabu Fighter left with split tongue and forehead after accident

Diamond Platnumz’ bodyguard Mwarabu Fighter is in hospital after being involved in a motorbike accident which left him with a torn tongue.

According to Mwarabu, he and the rider collided head-on with another motorbike, and he was rushed to hospital by a good Samaritan.

“No woman should borrow hubby money to buy underwear’ says Kiraitu

Diamond Platnumz bodyguard Mwarabu Fighter
Diamond Platnumz bodyguard Mwarabu Fighter

The accident which left him with a broken fore head and a split tongue occurred at Mbezi Beach Africana.

Wasafi TV reported

“Alikuwa amepanda Pikipiki yeye pamoja na Dereva na Walikuwa wanaOvertake Gari Kubwa kisha walipofika Katikati wakakutana na Pikipiki inatokea upande wa pili na wakagongana Uso kwa Uso,”


Mutha ward MCA in trouble after impregnating a 19 year old girl in Kitui

According to Wasafi TV Diamond Platnumz’ bodyguard was seriously injured and in an interview with the media from a hospital bed he said:

“Nimeumia sana. Nimepasuka kwenye paja la uso. Nimeshonwa nyuzi kumi na nne. Na mdomoni katikati, ulimi umekatika ndio maana nina maumivu sana. ya mdomo.


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If screenshots were bullets AKOTHEE would be 6 feet under Akothee jokes

Weeks after being trolled for her dressing singer Akothee is at it again during her recent show in Milan which she has been excited about all month.

While performing at a show in Milan dubbed #Milanwhite party Akothee dressed in what many might find in-appropriate,but she seemed not to care what people might say.


Having been trolled before she probably knew people would take screen shots of her performance and here is what she had to say followed with a photo that left us imagining what she was thinking when choosing her wadrobe

“I feel my ovaries paining, did the Zoomers overzoomed today 🙄😂😂😂 asking for screenshoters if screenshots were bullets AKOTHEE would be 6 feet andaaaaaaaaaaa 😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂 @iam_megan_jaymes”






‘If I sat down in a corner sympathizing with myself, I would still be broke’ Akothee gives her 2 cents after Zari revealed success is not sexually transmitted

Just recently Akothee was defended by Benga artiste Dan Aceda after a crazy  trolling for her dressing in Wembley .

He wrote

“So a person went and put herself on a stage in Wembley (the real one).At one of the biggest African music concerts there is right now. That person was only the second Kenyan (as far as I know) to play on that stage and the only one this year. It’s a person who has built herself. She has collabos with the two top Male artistes in AFRICA. The only artiste of this generation that can say that right now. Those two videos have approximately 10M views. On that night she was sharing the stage with some of Africa’s biggest names.”

“Usually when somebody doesn’t like something they just ignore it. But Michael Okwiri and other distinguished well educated guys like him, went out of their way to find the least flattering picture to share and to ridicule somebody else’s achievement.

Benga musician Dan Aceda defends Akothee after being trolled for her outfit choice

They could have ignored it if they didn’t like it. But no. Find the worst picture post that and share everywhere. Do the best you can to delete somebody’s win. Even though there’s no way that win would have diminished you.

This is the type of malicious uncultured shit that education and good manners is supposed to delete from us.

If you were a part of that stupidity SHAME ON YOU! …. BE BETTER TOMORROW!

Thank you Akothee for reminding us that we can always reach for the stars!


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Mutha ward MCA in trouble after impregnating a 19 year old girl in Kitui

Antony Johna a first term Wiper MCA for Mutha Ward in Kitui South is in trouble after preying and impregnating a 19 year old Jennifer Mueni .

The man is said to have preyed on the girl after she came to live with his family as a house help after sitting her KCPE exam in 2016.

According to The Nairobian, Mueni’s mother reported the matter of the MCA ducking on summons to her home and evading his responsibilities.

An earlier agreement between the mother and MCA Antony Johna was that instead of him paying her a salary he would help pay for her college fees where she was planning to start a hair dressing course.

Kanze Dena steps out looking sharp for her first day at work as deputy spokes person


On Mueni’s mother asking  if he had taken her daughter to school the cunning man would tell the desperate woman to be patient which finally ended in her daughter being pregnant.

Mueni recalled that, “At one time I came from taking his children to school and served him tea. He declined the tea and took my hand and herded me to his bedroom. He threatened to kick me out if I told his wife.When I asked about going back to school, he told me to relax.” 

Mueni told her mother that he had fallen pregnant, “and mentioned the MCA as the man responsible. I immediately ordered her to return home,” said the mother who summoned   the MCA and when he refused to turn up, she reported the matter at Mutomo Police Station in May this year.


“No woman should borrow hubby money to buy underwear’ says Kiraitu

Early this month, the MCA brought wazees to negotiate over the matter to her home where he accepted responsibility and promised to take pay her fees and take care of the baby through a verbal agreement but the mother wanted the MCA to append his signature to his agreement at the police station.

Contacted by The Nairobian the MCA texted,

“kindly do as u deem fit. I’m not aware of this, carry on as instructed.”

When asked whether he knew the girl or met her mother he replied, “nonsense” before issuing a string of legal threats.

Mutomo DCIO Lawrence Wahome Muchoki acknowledged that the girl’s mother reported the matter in May but refused to divulge more on the progress of the case saying

“unajua hii maneno ni ngumu bwana, siwezi ongea sana kwa simu. Si ukuje huku tuonane face to face?” 

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My children don’t even know I am famous says Kim Kardashian

 Kim Kardashian is a woman living life on the first lane exposed to the limelight but she recently confessed that her children don’t even know she is famous.

During a candid interview with ITV’s  Kim Kardashian insisted she’s done documenting her crazy life through selfies, instead she’s keen to ‘live real life.’

Speaking to entertainment reporter Sam Rubin at her recent makeup launch, Kim also admitted her three children North, Saint and Chicago have no idea why she’s famous.

kim kardashian1

Kim, looking gorgeous in a nude bardot dress, revealed she’s a homebody at heart, despite the glam life she and her family document on their hit reality show Keeping Up With the Kardashians.

She said

“It’s pretty intense but at home I’m not known. My kids have no clue what’s going on, I spend most of my time at home.For me and family we talk about how crazy our life has been over the past decade and we’re still grateful and we’re still appreciative, and we’re still exactly the same.”

Kim Kardashian Is A New Mom, And Here Could Be Her Daughter’s Name!

Kim explained that she’s had a shift in priorities recently, wanting to show a more low-key side to their life, but she adds, she can’t help her fiery side coming out when she’s around her sisters Kourtney and Khloe.

‘I think if anything we try to tone it down for cameras and we don’t want to look crazy, and I just couldn’t control myself this season,’ she said of KUWTK. ‘There’s so many reasons as to why [Kourtney] was driving me crazy.’

Kim Kardashian with hubby Kanye West
Kim Kardashian with hubby Kanye West

Sam told This Morning hosts Eamonn Holmes and Ruth Langsford that he tried to get a selfie with the social-media loving star after the interview but Kim turned him down, explaining:

“I don’t take selfies anymore I don’t really like them. I just it’s not all about sitting there taking selfies, I just like to live there in real life, I don’t mind pictures but I’m just not on my phone like I used to be.”

Kim’s change of heart when it comes to sharing her glam life comes after she was robbed at gunpoint in Paris in October 2016.

‘Kanye does not pay attention to you’: Wendy Williams blasts Kim Kardashian for latest naked Instagram pics

The 37-year-old reality star returned to the French city on Thursday for the first time with Kanye for the Louis Vuitton Menswear spring/summer 2019 Paris Fashion Week show, explaining that she took precautions to feel extra safe.

Kim Kardashian enjoying a selfie moment
Kim Kardashian enjoying a selfie moment

A source told E! News: ‘Kim was happy to go to Paris. She has missed it and felt like it was the right time to go. She felt comfortable because she had Kanye by her side the entire time.

Daily Mail

Ommy Dimpoz father savagely attacks Diamond Platnumz father during interview

Not so long ago, Diamond Platnumz released a song that seemed to troll Ali Kiba and his best friend Ommy Dimpoz.

In his lyrics, he said he should not be compared to the Cinderella guy who in this case was Ali Kiba. He went on to tell both the singer and his friends that he (Diamond) already gave them a bed to sleep on.

According to Maina Kageni, this is why Diamond Platinumz can’t keep women in his life

Ali KIba,Diamond Platnumz and Ommy Dimpoz
Ali Kiba,Diamond Platnumz and Ommy Dimpoz



Ommy Dimpoz responded by posting a photo of himself and Diamond’s mother just
to mock him.

During a recent interview with Rasasi Ommy Dimpoz’ father called out Diamond Platnumz’ father for openly criticizing his son (Diamond ) in public.

According to Ommy’s father, Diamond’s dad should stop embarrassing or rather critizing his son during an interview with Rasasi.

“Unajua mimi ni mzazi wa tofauti sana, siwezi kumlalamikia au kumsemea mabaya mwanangu kwenye vyombo vya habari kama anavyofanya baba Diamond, ninachofanya huwa namuombea mwanangu awe na maisha mazuri maana nikimuombea mabaya anaweza kupoteza dira ya maisha yake nitakuwa nimefaidika na nini. Nilimuona baba Diamond akizungumza kwenye kipindi kimoja cha runinga akimlaumu mwanaye huyo na kumlalamikia kwamba hamsaidii nikamshangaa sana kwa kweli maana siyo tabia nzuri,” Ommy Dimpoz’s father said.

Ommy Dimpoz father  urged Diamond’s father to borrow a leaf from him and support his son whether they’re in good terms or not.

“Namshauri baba Diamond awe anamuombea mwanaye mafanikio, aungane naye wawe kitu kimoja, afurahie mafanikio yake ipo siku Mungu atamrudisha kwake amsaidie na siyo kumzungumzia maneno ya kumlaani na kumlalamikia kila siku.

Aige mfano wangu maana mimi huwa simlazimishi mtoto anisaidie bali huwa napambana na hali yangu kwa kufanya kazi kwa bidii na ninampenda sana mwanangu Dimpoz na siwezi kumlaani au kumlaumu maana jina nililompa la Omary ni la baba yangu inakuwaje sasa nimlaani ni sawa na kumlaani baba yangu,” he added.

When reached for a comment, Diamond Platnumz’ father told off Ommy’s father.

“Sitaki shobo, huyo baba Dimpoz simfahamu kama hana la kuongea anyamaze, amzungumzie mwanaye hata kama niliongea kuhusu Diamond si mtoto wangu yeye inamuhusu nini? Kuhusu huyo Diamond sihitaji kuzungumza chochote kuhusu yeye wala watoto wangu maana hawana faida yoyote kwangu kwa sasa,” said Diamond’s father.”

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Diamond Platnumz survives after being involved in an accident on his way out of a show

Tanzania’s best artiste Diamond Platnumz has all reasons to be grateful after he survived an accident he got into as he was coming from a show.

In a video posted on his instagram page the  artistes car bumps into something and everything goes dark.

Diamond Platnumz is among artiste who have survived  accidents just recently Kenyan artiste Papa Dennis survived an accident which left his car completely damaged.

Mutha ward MCA in trouble after impregnating a 19 year old girl in Kitui

He wrote a thanks giving message thanking God for saving him,he wrote


This is a sad day for Diamond Platnumz as his body guard Mwarabu Fighter is also recuperating in a Tanzanian hospital after being involved in a motorbike accident .

The bouncer escaped with injuries including a split tongue and a broken forehead.Diamond has recently been involved in Wasafi Festival which aims at promoting his Wasafi records

Diamond is known for his singing prowess including collaborations with international artistes such as  Omarion and Neyo  who are celebrated internationally for their high quality music.

Here is the video

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‘Davido begged me to perform in his Tanzania show’ Diamond Platnumz admits

Nigerian singer Davido performed in Dar es Salaam last Saturday before he flew to Nairobi for the exclusive pool party at Kilimani’s B-Club.

According to The Star, Davido pulled a surprise on his fans during his show in Tanzania when he invited Diamond Platnumz on stage to perform together during Tanzania’s 30 Billion Concert in Dar.

Diamond was not slated to perform at the concert but the two singers performed their collaborative hit single ‘Number One’ remix to the delight of fans.

Diamond Platnumz’ mother badly shades Hamisa Mobetto


Speculation has since risen that Diamond’s surprise performance at Davido’s concert had been planned and that he was paid to perform.

Addressing a press conference on Tuesday, Diamond said Davido begged him to perform at his show.He said

“Davido texted me on instagram and asked me if i will be in Tanzania on the 16th of this month,on confirming that i would be there he asked me to go perform in his show.

“I delayed replying the message because I wanted to ask my manager first about it. My manager, Babu Tale, told me its ok because he is not managing me to be  trouble to people but rather to be  friend with them.”

Zari responds to fans claims that she’s back with Diamond Platnumz

He goes on to add

 “I told Davido not to inform anyone about it.I confirmed my availability on that same day at 2pm that I was going for his show. Davido begged me to actually go for his show.

“I am happy that everything went smooth, but i left immediately we finished our song because i felt i sang another song i might end up spoiling his show.”

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Shock in South Africa as man poisons son and commits suicide in alleged murder suicide

A nine-year-old boy died after being ‘poisoned’ on a South African holiday and was found next to his father’s dead body in a suspected murder-suicide.

According to Daily Mail an inquest carried out showed that Noah Smith, of Burham, Kent, went on holiday with his father Vuyo Tame in January, but was found dead in a hotel room in Johannesburg on January 8.

Zari Hassan appointed judge and guest speaker for Miss Uganda 2018 beauty pagent

Mr Tame, believed to be 47, was also found dead in the room and officials say he took his own life.

A coroner said Noah’s death was ‘extremely suspicious’ and that he believed Mr Tame was ‘involved’ in his son’s death, he told the inquest at Maidstone last week.

Noah died from poisoning, after large amounts of ‘over-the-counter’ drugs used to treat allergies, insomnia and nausea, were found in his system, the inquest heard.

Ciru Muriuki hits back at fan who accused her of skin bleaching

His family are now trying to come to terms with his death as an investigation is underway to establish what happened on the holiday.

Noah’s mother, Vicky Smith told the Kent Messenger that her son was ‘fun-loving, caring, bright and beautiful’.

She said: ‘He was clearly designated for great achievements in life, making his death so much more tragic and so hard for me to bare.

‘Noah was in black belt training at Kung-Fu and was a seconder in his Cub Scout pack.’

She added: ‘All my family and me feel his loss so very deeply and we have been truly devastated by his death.’

Coroner Ian Wade, speaking at the opening of the inquest last week, said that Noah’s death was ‘unnatural’ and that a full inquest was needed.

He said: ‘Noah was nine years old and was taken to South Africa by his father for the the purposes of a holiday.

‘The circumstances in which he died, in the same room as his father, are extremely suspicious.

KTN presenter reminisces on her pregnancy days with cute photos

‘An investigation was not carried out in any great depth in South Africa due to the apparent circumstances of his father appearing to have taken his own life.

‘I have suspicions he was involved in the sad and tragic death of Noah,’ the Kent Messenger newspaper reported on Thursday.

Mr Wade added: ‘The death of a nine-year-old in these circumstances is truly dreadful.’

Pathologists are currently waiting for medical reports from South African officials before a full inquest can take place.

A spokesman for the Foreign Office said: ‘Our staff are supporting the family of a British child following his death in South Africa in January.’

Daily Mail

An excited Ugandan artiste Maurice Kirya becomes a first time dad

Ugandan artiste Maurice Kirya is the latest dad in town after welcoming his bundle of joy Sienna Kirya on June 13, 2018.

Maurice Kirya is known for his songs such as ‘The blue dress’ and ‘Never been loved’ although he also sings in Luganda which is very rare for artistes nowadays.

Avril shows off her baby for the first time

Before the come along, Maurice could not hide his desire to meet her, posting a photo of the mum to be with the below caption.

“So in love with these two!! Can’t wait, can’t wait!!! “


Eventually the beautiful princess is here and the excited father took to his instagram to show his love and gratitude to his wife Lisa. He wrote

“Thank you for giving me the best gift ever, sleepless nights have never been so beautiful, love you both. #newborn #Sienna”

Lisa who was smitten by the sweet message the hubby had written her, replied back with an even more sweeter message that has left us assured that the two are in love.

She wrote

“Thank you @mauricekirya for your endless love and caring! Seeing how much you love our little girl makes me fall in love with you even more 💕 Happy first Father’s Day! Xoxo Sienna and Lisa 😘”

New Zealand Prime Minister Jacinda Ardern gives birth to baby girl.


Here are photos of the beautiful princess



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Betty Kyallo celebrates her beautiful daughter Ivanna as she turns four

KTN presenter Betty Kyallo is a proud mum as her beautiful daughter Ivanna turns four, a journey she can’t help but celebrate.

Ivanna is born to Kyallo’s ex husband Dennis Okari and she is the apple of her mother’s eyes given that she is the only daughter. Her birthday comes a day after music producer Tedd Josiah celebrated his daughter’s birthday as she turned one.


Love Hurts! See What Betty Kyalo Had To Say When She Heard Dennis Okari Has A New Bae

Tedd is a role model as he is a widower who has brought up a beautiful young girl up months after her mum passed away.

Betty Kyalo with her daughter
Ivanna with her mum Betty Kyalo

Dennis Okari and Betty Kyallo were among the best power couple in town and their break up left many in shock as it was unexpected.

Since the breakup Dennis, has kept off the limelight while Betty moved on with her life venturing deep into the business world.

Betty has flourished with her business Flair by Betty which offers hair services to high end clientèle.

Betty Kyallo’s daughter is as beautiful as the mum, after all it is said that the apple does not fall far from the tree. As she turns four, here are a few photos to celebrate this beautiful princess.


Betty Kyalo's daughter
Ivanna Kyalo

Is Betty Kyalo hinting at new lover with her new post?


KTN presenter Betty Kyalo and her daughter Ivanna

Betty Kyalo gives us weekend tips as she spends Madaraka weekend zip lining



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‘Nakupenda tu my backup husband’ Noti flow declares to CMB Prezzo

Noti flow is known not only for her rapping skills but for her controversy in the entertainment industry in regards to her friendships and relationships.

At some point she blasted Prezzo after claiming that he made her lose a lot of cash estimated at Ksh 100,000 after failing to appear for the video shoot of her  song ‘Tupendane.’

Noti Flow reveals Colonel Mustafa has a cucu girlfriend

But in a recent post the damsel proclaimed her undying love and appreciation to the musician. She wrote the message below with a photo of her and Prezzo hanging out;

“I just realized wen am with my real ones we do not often take pics . We’re so caught up with real shit we forget to take em, cuz pics is least of importance . So bitches better spare me with the blah blah..old pic.. blaah.. it’s my IG , to start there 😎

@prezzo254 nakupenda bure 😆 Even wen am mad at yo ass u still ring me and u won’t hang up till am giggling 😳 I done a lotta dumb shit but you forgive me so quick like nothing’s happened 😭 You’ve got a golden heart 💛 Nakupenda tu my backup husband 😁❤ #lepresident”

‘Bi****s Should Keep Off My Man’ – Noti Flow Warns Ladies Thirsting Over Her Man

Noti is not shy when it comes to defending the self proclaimed president. In November 2017 she got into a tussle over Prezzo with Tanzanian beauty Amber Lulu warning her to keep off from her man .

She wrote

“You are talking about that bi*** calling herself Amber Rose. Who even calls herself Amber Rose when we all know that there can only be one Amber Rose. The truth is that Prezzo was not in Tanzania to see her but to record collabos with the likes of Fid Q and other hip hop guys.

Noti Flow and Amber Lulu
Noti Flow and Amber Lulu

Besides, I know b****s keep on chasing him the way nig*** chase me and so I wouldn’t be shocked if she hits back and claims he was with her. Thing is, girls…bi****s should keep off my man as they know where his heart is,” said Noti Flow.”

Prezzo is said to have dated Amber but things went down south after the damsel admitted to having aborted the musician’s baby.

She admitted to it during an interview with Clouds FM. She claimed that it was a bad decision and she is feeling bad about it.

Noti flow is said to have been dating Nairobi D cast Colonel Mustapha but the two parted after Noti claimed that he was going out with a cougar something she could not stomach.

‘I aborted Prezzo’s child ‘ Amber Lulu confesses during an interview


Maybe with the latest sweet message written to him, Prezzo might reconsider dating Noti Flow.

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Avril shows off her baby for the first time

About a year ago songstress come actress Avril(Judith Nyambura Mwangi), had posted pictures of her baby bump months after she had broken up with her fiance of three years.

avrl bump

Finally we get the first look at her baby after she posted an adorable photo last night on her Instagram with the caption saying;

“All worth it .. goodnight “

Friends goals! After doing a song together, Ommy Dimpoz opens ups about Avril’s baby


In which afterwards she also posted on motherhood;

avril mother

Here are more photos of Avril with her baby bump.


avrl bump

Horrified city woman narrates inhumane treatment by her mother-in-law

A city woman shocked Maina Kageni after opening up about losing her 10 year marriage after continued interference by the father-in-law.

During a morning show on Classic 105 a caller left the host Maina Kageni in shock after confessing about her predicament. She said

“I lost my my 10 year old marriage just because of too much interference by relatives, his dad even quit his job to come take care of my husband’s property. The next thing I know he is a signatory to his properties he even started interfering with my relationship with his son.”

Nyota Ndogo opens up on her struggles finding a house help job back in the day

Maina Kageni who was still shocked by what the caller had opened up about goes ahead to ask her where the husband was when she was going through all this trouble. She said

“He is just quiet about it he just does everything his dad says, we have grown from zero to living in Karen , but I lost all that, his father would even appear before a magistrate as our divorce was going on .”

Maina Kageni
Maina Kageni

‘I pay all bills yet my husband is capable. I am tired’ cries city woman

Another Classic 105 fan tweeted and said

“If I was that lady I would just pack my bags and leave. He can as well marry his sisters, I can’t stand staying with my in-laws. I need my peace of mind and my freedom if they can’t leave I will leave.”

Just when Maina thought he had heard enough heartbreaking stories from women, another female caller said how her in-laws moved into her home 2 months after marriage.

“I divorced because of my in-laws. Two months after marriage my in-laws moved in and I couldn’t even breath in my own house just because my husband was working outside the country.

I had to wait for them to eat before I even feed my kids,they would only eat only after my in-laws ate and it was not a matter of discussion. She was very abusive and for the four months my husband was away.”

On being asked whether she informed her husband of what was going on she adds;

“I used to and even the kids did but the shock of the matter is he had been brain washed by the mum such that immediately he came back he threw us out.

My kids would even be sent home due to lack of school fees just so that my mother-in-law could ask for money. He has moved on and although he also divorced the second wife due to the mothers interference also.

He does not even support my kids because I have to pass through the mother-in-law so that she can ask his son to send upkeep money

Listen more on the audio below

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