Kikuyu benga musician John De’ Mathew dead after grisly road accident

John De’ Mathew is dead. The man whose real names are John Ng’ang’a and thrilled benga audiences in his heyday has passed on.

De’ Mathew died after being involved in a tragic road accident at Blue Post hotel along Thika superhighway on Sunday evening, August 18.

According to Thika Base Commander, Elenah Wamuyu, the musician’s car rammed into a lorry on his way from a fundraiser in support of a fellow musician.

Ikolomani Mp Bernard Shinali in road accident after sons burial

Gatanga Member of Parliament Nduati Ngugi said the musician died on the spot, after ramming a truck and his body was taken to Thika Nursing Home and later transferred to Kenyatta University mortuary.

He was heading home after attending a fundraiser for fellow musician Peter Kagia’s ailing child, a close family member said.

“A road accident has taken the life of the best musician of our time, John De’Mathhew,” Nairobi governor Mike Sonko posted on Facebook.

On his part, Gatundu South lawmaker Moses Kuria mourned him as “a friend, brother and comrade.” “John was not an artist. I have always referred to him as a modern Kikuyu prophet,” he divulged on Facebook.

De ‘Mathew is arguably the King of Kikuyu music following the death of John Kamaru, in 2018. Tributes have since been pouring in for the ‘Twambe turihe thiri’ hit-maker, with fans taking to social media to mourn him.

It is reported that he had 50 albums under his name. His songs were widely known for having hidden cultural, political and social messages, like “Mene mene Tekeli” which meant “the end is near.”

Until his demise, he was the chairperson of the newly-launched Tamco Sacco that aims to uplift the welfare of musicians. Photos of the accident scene are below;

The accident scene 2
The accident scene 2
The accident scene 1
The accident scene 1
The accident scene
The accident scene


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Huddah Monroe makes it to the September issue of Harpers Bazaar

Huddah Monroe aka the boss chick appears  to exist in perpetual motion.

She is doing it all and she isn’t slowing done just yet.

She is still young, with a bubbly attitude towards life.

Recently she was in the United States of America, for almost five months. Something that looked like the boss lady was on holiday but nope, she was securing the bag.

Being an international businesswoman, Huddah never stops oozing out with bright and sensible ideas to create a business empire.

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I'm a big believer that change is good.To me LA is like the world's greatest party,known for its Mediterranean climate, ethnic diversity, Hollywood, the entertainment industry, and it is the “misunderstood city”. . If you're lucky enough to travel anywhere , this is a place you have to go & make the most of it. Have fun, take advantage of the opportunities and meet as many people as you can. . Thank you Harpers Bazaar US Magazine for helping me share this experience on the SEPTEMBER ISSUE . I never in one day imagined I’d be in one of the Worlds biggest fashion magazine ….. CLICK LINK ON BIO to Check out Full story! 🍾🍾 . Magazine: @harpersbazaarus Writer: @kevinkwan Photographer: @dennisleupold Fashion Editor: @menamorado  Hair: @peter.savic Makeup: @valgherman Editor: @alisonssscohn . #AfricanSauce

A post shared by STAR GAL💥 🇰🇪 (@huddahthebosschick) on

In a recent Instagram post, she posted claiming how she is a big believer that change is good.

She wrote, “To me, LA is like the world’s greatest party, known for its Mediterranean climate, ethnic diversity, Hollywood, the entertainment industry, and it is the “misunderstood city”.

She continues to add, “If you’re lucky enough to travel anywhere, this is a place you have to go & make the most of it. Have fun, take advantage of the opportunities and meet as many people as you can.”


Check out Huddah Monroe cashing out in America

Clearly, she is never shy when any opportunity knocks at her door. She takes every opportunity by the horns and milks everything out of it.

The beautiful African sauce can’t hide her excitement any longer as she is on the September issue of Harpers Bazaar Us Magazine.

She continues by saying, “I never in one day imagined I’d be in one of the Worlds biggest fashion magazine ..”

As she appreciates the magazine for sharing her story just as she would have wanted them to do.

In the magazine issue, the personality claims that she is planning on opening a Huddah Cosmetic U.S flagship stocking her popular liquid lipsticks and eye-shadow palette for the independent dark skin tone girls as LA is like her second home.

It doesn’t hurt how the lass is photogenic, but what’s remarkable is her rise to fame, a girl from the slums of Nairobi. She continues by saying how she loves dressing up and looking good.

You may mistake her for going to an “award show.”

Her beauty is unmatched.

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Maina Kageni speaks to Nameless and King Kaka about MCSK controversy

Maina Kageni interviewed Nameless and King Kaka about the issue of MCSK paying Kenyan musicians peanuts for all the work that they do.

He spoke to the host and revealed that he used the 2.5K he received to pay for a jet ski.

He also revealed that the situation was very frustrating for him noting that,

The solution is at the board level and that level of leadership is very important. I feel the leadership is lacking. People are refusing to work together. We need to be real as artistes and be honest. We need technocrats and only 3 musicians on the board. So that we get people who have the business savvy to get control of the situation. 

Wahu in the arms of her husband, Nameless
Wahu in the arms of her husband, Nameless

Maina asked if it was fair that established musicians were being paid the same amount as artistes no one knew about.

He replied,

We are supposed to be paid for the rotation but things aren’t like that. They are many artistes who will not be earning if they were paid just for the play that their music receives.

He’s A Cancer Survivor: The man Maina Kageni admires the most (EXCLUSIVE)

Nameless finished off by saying that he did not see the terrible situation changing anytime soon. Maina also spoke with the musician mirroring Nameless’ sentiment.

He told Maina,

We are been taken for a ride. Writing music is not easy and shooting music videos is very expensive. I feel that they are not transparent. There is no way that these guys only collected Ksh 37 million.

King Kaka
King Kaka

Maina interviewed Nameless and King Kaka about the issue of MCSK paying Kenyan musicians peanuts for all the work that they do.

King Kaka added that he was disappointed that the organisation’s administrative costs were estimated at between 60-70 % of what they collected!

He said the solution could come after they seat down with MCSK. Adding that, they could even disband the current MCSK and start another one of their own.

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Ways to achieve the results you want without nagging

Nagging is something that most men(and women?) in long-term relationships will aver has happened to them. The experience is also recorded in the Bible; where it is said that Delilah nagged Samson to death!

To death!

The guy was so tired of her incessant nagging that he decided to give her the secret to his great and reputed strength, something that would be the undoing of the great Jewish hero.

Closer to home there are unconfirmed rumours that Otile and Nabayet ‘s relationship ended after she nagged him.

We were unsuccessful in our attempts to reach him for comment.

Otile Brown together with Nabayet
Otile Brown together with Nabayet

What is nagging? According to the great Wikipedia, it is the repetitious behaviour in the form of pestering, hectoring, or otherwise continuously urging an individual to complete previously discussed requests or act on advice.

Ways in which someone can avoid nagging;

-No dissing from the sidelines when your partner does something in fashion that you don’t like.

-Don’t insist that a task be done on your schedule. If possible, show why something needs to be done by a certain time.

5 Reasons why relationships are failing in this millennial era

-Remind your partner that it’s better to decline a task than to break a promise.

-Have clear assignments.

-If you need to voice a reminder, limit yourself to one word. Instead of barking out a whole phrase just remind with one word.

-Assign chores based on personal priorities.

-Do the chore that bothers you yourself.

-Could you pay for the tasks to be done affordably by someone else?

-Remind yourself that generally, nagging doesn’t work.

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Excitement as Jose Chameleone carries last-born daughter on his back (photo)

Jose Chameleone is one veteran Ugandan musicians that has consistently churned out hit song after hit song. The man whose real names are Joseph Mayanja is also known to be a great family man and a loving husband.

Chameleon wedding day
Chameleon’s wedding day 11 years ago

He was recently spotted carrying his last-born daughter on his back while on the streets of Minnesota. The thing that caught many people’s eyes was the way he did it; not in front with his hands but on his back as has been captured poetically many times by African women.

Chameleone with his lastborn daughter on his back
Chameleone with his lastborn daughter on his back

His tongue-in-cheek caption read;

It’s you to instill the values you expect out of your children. When they are born they are empty as a new flash drive, it’s you to load the data.

‘I want to remarry you love’ Jose Chameleone declares to wife on 10th marriage anniversary

The image was met with excitement from many of his Instagram followers who were amazed that he was confiednt enough to carry the child on his back. Some of the comments are below;

leilakayondo Best pic so far. Last month to this month 😍❤️
chimoga254 Well said brother 🇺🇬🇺🇬💪🏿💪🏿🔥🔥
kennethsargent Now that’s the kinda shit y’all should be posting. That’s what I call real man! But some dumb asses think that taking care of children is woman only.

Chameleone in black and white
The artiste posing

The star has a history of going all out for the four kids that he and wife Daniella Atim Mayanja have been blessed with. Closer to home, Kivutha Kibwana the Makueni Governor posted a photo on his Facebook timeline on Saturday, June 16, 2018, carrying a young girl on his back.


Kibwana who had in the past moved hearts of many Kenyans with rare acts of humility for a man of his stature said it was all in the celebration of the Day of the African Child marked every June 16.

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Khaligraph jokingly reveals dark thoughts about ‘Juju’

Khaligraph Jones got Kenyans all up in their feelings about MCSK on Wednesday after learning he earned peanuts for music royalties.

On IG, he lamented in a hard hitting message.

The Mazishi hit maker even went further to give authorization for his music to be pirated.

Proud Daddy: Khaligraph Jones resembles daughter in new photos

 Like that wasn’t enough, Wednesday evening the OG took to his Instagram once again claiming that he was on his way to Nigeria to seek “Juju Power,” that’s powerful than any other and by the time he returns MCSK ought to pay the over 13,000 Kenyan artists. He claims that the OG must be respected at all means.

Despite the mediocre, Papa Jones has claimed to still represent Kenya internationally regardless and to continue pushing boundaries nevertheless. He adds that some of the sacrifices he makes are for the greater good.

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Waiguru speaks about why William Ruto didn’t attend her wedding

Anne Waiguru got married last month to Nairobi lawyer, Kamotho Waiganjo. The wedding for the Kirinyaga Governor was attended by the who’s who in the country’s establishment including the President and former Prime Minister.

Uhuru Kenyatta with Raila Odinga, Waiguru and Kamotho
Uhuru Kenyatta with Raila Odinga, Waiguru and Kamotho

One notable absence was Deputy President William Ruto who skipped her wedding. Ruto’s social media pages revealed that he was in Tharaka Nithi County where he was commissioning various projects. Speaking in an interview with Tony Gachoka on KTN’s Pointblank, Waiguru was coy, saying,

Attendance of the wedding was voluntary and the absence of Ruto should not be misinterpreted to mean a souring of the relationship between us.

Waiguru and William Ruto walking

She also disclosed that other top leaders had attended the wedding because political formations were happening, ‘In politics, formations happen. Those who showed up at the wedding were there either to confirm their membership to emerging political formations or friendship.’

Waiguru shaking hands with Raila

Waiguru also surprised with the statement that she was open to forming an alliance with ODM leader. She added that the Mt. Kenya would fully support Raila but she clarified that that did not mean that she had ditched DP Ruto.

Being a member of the Jubilee Party, we have to separate matters concerning the party from those of the handshake. President Kenyatta is the party leader and Ruto is the deputy party leader. When the time comes, we will make a decision on the direction the party will take. Ultimately, Kenyans will determine who will run the country. It is not an individual’s decision.

Kirinyaga Governor Anne Waiguru
Kirinyaga Governor Anne Waiguru

Anne Waiguru has grown from strength to strength politically since serving as the first Cabinet Secretary in the Ministry of Devolution and Planning, from 15 May 2013 until 21 November 2015.

‘You can call me minji minji’ Waiguru says after name controversy

She then contested for the Kirinyaga governorship in 2017 where she won a hotly contested election against Narc Kenya leader Martha Karua.

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MCA Tricky reveals what he wants in potential wife (Exclusive)

MCA Tricky can be a tricky man to interview (Forgive me, I had to use that pan) as he is very careful with the words he uses and can give out some vague answers especially on topics he doesn’t want to go deep into.

I recently spoke to the comic whose real names are Paul Kimani Njoroge and has made some big strides in the last couple of years. He spoke about his ambitions not only in his career but also in his personal life.

MCA Tricky posing on a car
MCA Tricky posing on a car

On his career, the man is a bit more direct and said that his ambition over the next 5 years is that he wanted his name to have grown into 5 viable brands. Is the artiste looking forward to getting married anytime soon? He said it can happen even next year if conditions are right.

MCA Tricky
MCA Tricky

The comedians view on money and wealth is one that is very fascinating. He told me that everyone gets broke and that it is based on one’s mentality, saying that the moment he feels like he isn’t broke anymore is when he will not feel the need to hustle anymore.

‘He tries to be like Michael Jackson!’ MCA Tricky compliments Diamond (Exclusive)

One thing that most might not know about the comedian is that he might be saved. One easy way of knowing that was that his callback ringtone is gospel in nature and when I asked him about it, he said that the question shouldn’t be asked as it is quite obvious.

MCA Tricky in front of a crowd
MCA Tricky in front of an audience

What does he look for in a woman? ‘I want a woman who will give men a wonderful generation, meaning that she has character and can match with me to produce wonderful kids.’ MCA said.

What is his most positive attribute when dating? He said that his biggest quality was that he brings seriousness to his relationships. MCA Tricky also said that he had never been dumped by any woman in his life.

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‘Every time I want to quit…’ Churchill Ndambuki shockingly tells fans

Daniel ‘Churchill’ Ndambuki is arguably the biggest comedian on this Kenyan shores; what with his popular Churchill Show that has been a mainstay for many enjoy having their ribs tickled.

The show started in 2007 when it premiered on NTV and was recorded live at Carnivore Hotel and since then has spawned many copycats but none as good as it. It has gone through many transformations and iterations, shifting the live shows from Nairobi to different parts of the country.

Churchill Ndambuki
Churchill smiling

The comic revealed some interesting tidbits during his latest show in West Pokot over the weekend. He told many shocked fans that he had contemplated quitting the show.

He said that the show was no longer about him but discovering talent, saying,

‘This is why we do Churchill Show. It’s because of people like Alphone and the sister. It’s no longer about me. Every time I want to quit, because I’ve been doing this for so long, I’m reminded that there’s one extra talent out there.’

Churchill Ndambuki
Churchill Ndambuki

He was referring to a pair of siblings who had just performed and impressed him. Some of the major comedy acts that made it big after performing on Churchill Show include Eric Omondi, Teacher Wanjiku, Chipukeezy, MCA Tricky, MC Jessy, as well as Professor Hammo.

‘I was married’ Eric Omondi says about his relationship with ex, Chantal(exclusive)

Churchill was born on 30th October 1977 and grew up in Kitui before moving to Nairobi in 1990. With a new style and clean funniness. His own star begun sparkling splendidly when he showed up in Redykyulass, an interesting TV comic drama that was a satire of government personalities and spoke about Kenyan issues.
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Anjlee Gadhvi’s cancer story gets her 5-Year-old daughter teary-eyed

Anjlee Gadhvi is one of the most popular Kenyan anchors. The woman has been battling cancer the past few years, something that she has been very open about.

The K24 news anchor recently released a video that clawed at the heartstrings as she tried to make her five-year-old daughter understand why she has to leave Kenya to go to India.

Anjlee with her daughter
Anjlee with her daughter in the past

Anjlee tries to make her daughter repeat why she has to go for treatment with her daughter tearfully saying, ‘Because you have to get in a machine that has to check if you’re alright or not. They embrace as Anjlee responds, ‘I’m going to miss you.’

But her daughter isn’t done yet. She advices her mother to seek treatment at the Aga Khan University Hospital in Nairobi, suggestions that Anjlee has to lovingly shut down, saying,

Aga Khan has those machines but my doctor is in India and he knows how to check my chest better, so far I’m doing better, I don’t need oxygen all the time, I don’t need to nebulize all the time. Aga Khan hospital does not have those machines that can treat your momma. The doctors in India know more about momma’s chest and they are going to help your momma be better and stronger.

Anjlee Gadhvi with her man
Anjlee Gadhvi with her man

Gadhvi was diagnosed with liver cancer in 2013, but went public about it in 2015, after funds raised by family and friends got drained. After she appealed for public help, Kenyans donated over Ksh6 million in hours. Various journalists took to their timelines commending Anjlee for her bold move, in the process sharing uplifting messages.

Get well soon: K24 news anchor Anjlee Gadhvi narrates ordeal after 7 weeks of radiotherapy

Former BBC Africa Business Editor, Larry Madowo, applauded her action telling her, ‘You’re so brave for sharing this, and for having the courage to battle publicly. I know you’re incredibly strong and will beat cancer. All the best.’

Larry Madowo in New-York
Larry Madowo in New-York

This year alone the country has lost prominent leaders like Bob Collymore, Ken Okoth and Joyce Laboso to cancer, something that the government has ‘started’ taking more seriously.

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Diana Marua reveals first cute photo of her son, Majesty

Diana Marua is now a proud mother of a baby boy. The mother of two gave birth today with the news being released by her husband, Bahati on his Instagram page.

Bahati and Diana Marua at he baby shower
Bahati and Diana Marua at the baby shower. The couple have now had a baby boy

The two-time mom herself has now also revealed an image of the baby on her Instagram page. The image reveals the little ones cute hands and a side of his face.

A file photo of a pregnant Diana
A file photo of a pregnant Diana

Her caption read;

They call me Mama Morgan, Mama Heaven and Today, My King has been Born 💃 Wednesday 14. 08. 2019 at @RFH_healthcare at exactly 1:04pm MAJESTY BAHATI @majestybahati 👑 weighing 3.5kgs 😍 GLORY TO GOD 🙏 WELCOME @MajestyBahati @Majestybahati @majestybahati

The one-day-old baby already has close to 5000 thousand followers and is already the RFH Hospital brand ambassador!

Diana Marua and Milly wa Jesus
Diana Marua and Milly wa Jesus

God bless the family!

More information to follow

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Do you agree that 1 in 3 Kenyan women go on dates just for FREE FOOD?-Poll

Today’s morning conversation referenced a study that claimed that 1 in 3 women go on dates just to get free food. The studies results amazed Maina. He was shocked that this type of thing could be happening in this our country.

This has occasioned us to ask the question, ‘Do you agree with the results that 1 in 3 Kenyan women go for dates in porder to get free food?’

Vote in either of the polls below;

On Facebook;

On Twitter;


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His name is Majesty! Bahati and Diana Marua welcome second baby

Bahati and his wife Diana Marua are the proud parents of a new baby son. The couple who already had a baby girl called Heaven Bahati who was born last year, welcomed their son whose name is Baby Majesty.

Bahati,Baby Heaven and Diana Marua
Bahati,Baby Heaven and Diana Marua

The couple broadcasted the news on Bahati’s Instagram page. His caption read;

GLORY TO JESUS 🙏 At Exactly 1:04 pm @majestybahati Has Been Born #MAJESTY 👑 .

The video of the delivery room is below;

Their fans were quick to congratulate them. Some of their messages are below;

size8reborn Congratulations


cigar_babe Mtoi ashapata job already na mimi nazurura hii Kenya..Want to be born in celebrities womb next round dear lord😂😂😂
gabu_bugubugu Congratulations my small brother

queen_chirstine_ Congratulations bahati 😍

sarahkabu Ooh am joining him to cry… birth is a miracle… a gift straight from heaven… God has entrusted you to take care of him and guide him fulfil his purpose in this world… all the best.

This is likely to be the first celebrity born as Bahati’s close friend Diamond Platnumz and his bae Tanasha Donna are expecting a baby anytime soon. Also Millie wa Jesus and Kabi wa Jesus also have a baby boy on the way.

Bahati Diana Marua and Wa Jesus family at their combined baby showers.jpg
Bahati Diana Marua and Wa Jesus family at their combined baby showers.jpg

The couple has also opened a page for their baby son. Majesty’s Instagram page already has close to 2000 followers. This mirrors the same procedure they followed for their daughter Heaven last year. The couple immediately created an Instagram page for her and it now has 173 thousand followers! That is more than provocateur Ringtone has!

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Are they done? Otile Brown’s Ethiopian bae posts cryptic message

Otile Brown looked like he had found his happier ever after this year after flossing his new Ethiopian bae, Nabayet. The couple would spend time together and most times showed off the images on their social media pages.

But there are hints that all might not be well in their home. The woman who brought back a smile on Otile’s face after his terrible and cautionary break-up might not be with the man anymore.

Nabayet posing

The reason for this worry was something that she posted recently on her social media page. The singer posted the image of a black rose. In literature, it can signify a new stage in life that sometimes requires the “death” of the old stage. It can also represent “rebirth or the beginning of something new.”

Nabayet’s post

Black roses, because some manipulation might be involved in getting it to a particular shade, can also mean obsession. Be aware, though, that giving someone a black rose generally indicates the end of the relationship.

Zari Hassan and Lilian Muli have in the past posted images of black roses on their social media pages. Zari famously dumped Diamond when she posted the image, while Lillian at the time was going through unique times in her relationship with baby daddy, Jared Nevaton.

Lillian Muli admits she’s still with tycoon Jared Nevaton after sharing photo of black rose

Otile last posted an image of Nabayet on June 13th over 2 months back while Nabayet herself posted an image of the singer on June 16th.

Otile Brown with Nabayet cutting a cake
Otile Brown with Nabayet cutting a cake

The comments to Nabayet’s post are very illuminating with some saying that she had posted a message on her page that alluded to heartbreak. A message her followers said that she quickly deleted.

The two have had a long-distance relationship that many wondered whether it would last? It seems that maybe the trope that these types of relationships are very hard to maintain is true and that our very own Otile might be in that same boat.

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He used to give us small amounts – Wendy Waeni’s mother says about manager

Wendy Waeni was all over the news last week after her famous interview on JKL live. The famous gymnast shocked many viewers when she claimed that her ex-manager, Joe Mwangi wasn’t doing right by her and her mother.

Wendy had claimed that she hadn’t received money for performances she had done from her manager. She also alleged that he had also taken possession of her social media accounts refusing to relinquish them.

Wendy Waeni and other guests on JKL
Wendy Waeni and other guests on JKL

Magdaline Syombua was with Wendy Waeni in the Radio Jambo studio on Monday and explained that she used to receive small amounts of money from her daughter’s ex-manager, Joe Mwangi.

Wendy Waeni’s mother allegedly threatened after Jeff Koinange interview

Syombua said Mwangi used to go with Waeni to events and even meet up with politicians who would give them tokens such as money. She told host Massawe Jappani;

I am very proud of my daughter and happy about it, but I am disappointed she never used to get what she duly deserved. Some time back, they used to go out together for events, they would even meet up with honourables who would give them money. So he used to give me small amounts, like KSh 20,000, then he would keep the lion’s share.

Wendy Waeni's mother
Wendy Waeni’s mother

Wendy’s mother claimed that Joe would get angry whenever she would ask her about the rest of the money. Her admission somewhat contradicts Wendy’s claim that she never received a cent from Mwangi despite having travelled the world for several shows.

Her sentiments were echoed by her mum who said the ex-manager took all the money Waeni used to make during her shows. But Joe in a quick and tough rejoinder while being interviewed on Chipukeezy’s show on Ebru T.V denied the claims, saying that he only travelled out of the country once with Wendy.

And that was to Rwanda where he claims he received only Ksh. 100k from the mother.

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NTV anchor Doreen Majala buys expensive Mercedes Benz

Doreen Majala is one of the most hardworking women on television and is showing it with the fruits of her labour. The NTV Swahili news anchor is one woman who shows you what grit and dedication can do for someone.

Doreen, who already has an impressive car collection, owning a Range Rover is now the proud owner of a sleek new Mercedes Benz.

‘Keep my name off childishness’ – Doreen Majala tells Ringtone

The anchor shared her news on her Instagram stories. She showed the sleek new ride that has an estimated price of KSh 3 million.

Doreen Majala
Doreen Majala’s new car.Courtesy/Urbannews254

It seems like the Mercedes might be a gift to herself celebrated turning a year older on July 12. As far as her life is concerned, Doreen has been known to live large with no apologies after the year she had in 2018.

Doreen is proof that a bad break-up isn’t the end. Miss Majala famously dominated the headlines last year after her nasty separation from Mwingi Central MP Gideon Mulyungi.

Doreen Majala
Doreen Majala with her ex, Gideon Mulyungi

Doreen claimed that the MP had physically abused her and as a reult she had to ran away from the home she shared with him. She explained in terrifying social media posts that she was scared of her ex but it seems that she is now having a happy ending.

Doreen Majala
Miss Majala

Doreen joins the club of Kenyan celebs who own expensive Mercedes-Benz C-Class like Jaguar, Daddy Owen, and Otile Brown.

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‘It gives me panic attacks’ Women talk of their horrible experience with P2

Two Kenyan women have shared their experience with the morning after pill commonly known as P2 among them being unwanted pregnancies and painful abdomens.

Three years ago, Erica* (not her real name) missed her period but dismissed it as an after-effect of p2.

She had been engaging in unprotected sex with her boyfriend of about a year, and she would take the pills thereafter.

“I would take them three or four times a week because we rarely used protection. I was completely sure they would keep me from getting pregnant,”

I have carried out 5 abortions, unknowingly killing my twins in the process

He was her first sexual partner, and conversations with her friends suggested the pills were the safest way to prevent pregnancy.

“When I talked to my friends about it, they told me their boyfriends bought the pills for them and it always worked. So I was sure about it.

She started to suspect she was pregnant after experiencing fatigue and nausea.  A pregnancy test came back positive.

“I started getting scared that my sister would realise I was pregnant so I had to get rid of the pregnancy,” she said.

Despite taking the pills again, Erica fell pregnant and aborted for the second time.
Women's eNews
Women’s eNews

Ellen* took P2 for the first time seven years ago, when she also lost her virginity and has been taking them ever since..

“I took all of them together because I was afraid if I took one pill and skipped the other for 12 hours, it would fail.

Once I take them, I feel a pinch in my abdomen and it gives me a lot of anxiety and panic attacks because I don’t want to get pregnant. I’m not ready.”

The pills have never backfired on her.

“I take them once or twice a year. The rest of the time I use condoms or withdrawal,” she said.

Ellen says she is not convinced taking the pills 12 hours apart will work, so prefers to take the dose at once.

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‘He became very hostile,’ Pascal Tokodi on being conned by a house agent

Pascal Tokodi has revealed how a house agent conned him of his hard earned money after he got an agent online who claimed to be in Karen.

“The guy told me there was a house ready but it had already been booked, although the person had not moved in for one week. So I asked how much more I could pay to get the house,” he said.

Although he had not met the agent, Tokodi sent the cash as he felt the “agent” was “very nice”.

“The agent told me to go to Karen and someone would pick me up,” he recalled.

‘I am not gay, I am as straight as a man can be,’ Shaniqwa clears the air

Upon reaching there, he called the “agent”, who changed the story, saying the guy who had booked the house earlier sent more cash to get it.

“Since I wanted the house, I said I would send more. He tells me the wife is coming to pick me. I call him again and the wife picks and asks who I was.

I introduced myself and hang up and tried to reverse the money but they had withdrawn the cash.

I decided to call him again but I soon found out that it was a person from Umoja. He became hostile towards me afterward.” 

Pascal Tokodi
Pascal Tokodi

Exclusive: I don’t sleep with my female fans – Confesses MCA Tricky

It is at that point it dawned on Tokodi that he had been conned of his cash.

“I hope the money helped him. Experience is the best thing and I learnt my lesson,” he said.

Having a conversation about the deeply entrenched con culture in Nairobi is long overdue, and the more we continue to stay silent, the more the conmen and women are winning. So, it’s time to speak out.”

The highly anticipated new web series, Janjaruka (Wisen Up), will launch at Pawa 254 and online on Wednesday. It is produced by Flick 7 Pictures.

Janjaruka is an entertaining series but with a serious message: Should we accept that conmanship is a part of life in Nairobi and, bigger than that, why do those paid to protect us often take advantage of us when we seek their help?

“Our aim with Janjaruka is to begin a conversation about being conned in Nairobi. And to ask the question, is there anything we can do about it?” Flick 7 director Aggie Nyagari told Word Is .

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