‘Daddy Owen was my roommate when we had nothing,’ says Ringtone reveals old days

Self-proclaimed Chairman of the gospel industry Ringtone, killed the show at Daddy Owen’s album launch last night.

Away from throwing shade at other artistes, Ringtone took time to congratulate Owen for launching his sixth album.

While addressing the audience, Ringtone mentioned that they started music with Owen at the same period.

Narrating their humble beginnings, Ringtone revealed that he did not have a house in his early days in Nairobi.

They lived together with Daddy Owen and his big brother singer Rufftone.

“I used to live with Owen. We would sleep together on the same bed at Rufftone’s house. This one (Rufftone) used to feed us. I did not have a lot of clothes, I used to wait for a cloth he wore the previous day, and wear it. Rufftone used to meet me in town with a T-shirt he had won the previous day and give me.”

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Ringtone also rebuked Kenyan celebrities who have been cross-dressing and those who had decided to use their talent to mislead God’s people

“I rebuke the behavior of men wearing women’s clothes, starting from Bahati and that Mtumba guy. There is no way a man can wear women’s clothes. Mr. Seed should return my money, I contributed to him during his album, kidogo naona ameanza kutoa ngoma za dawa ya baridi ni wasichana. Mr Seed wewe ni mwizi, return my money.”

‘Don’t be afraid to love whoever you want to love,’ Boniface Mwangi on Juliani’s relationship

Activist Boniface Mwangi has currently been speaking about relationships and how couples should live.

In his recent posts on his social media Platforms, the father of three advised couples to normalize walking away or divorce if a relationship/marriage doesn’t work.

He has now given an example with ex-lovers Lilian Ng’ang’a and Juliani, saying people should ‘go where they are loved’.

“Life is short, don’t let religion or societal expectations make you stay in an unhappy relationship. Go where you’re loved. If you have loved once, you can love and be loved again.

Love is a choice. Love is beautiful. Don’t be afraid to love whoever you want to love,” Boniface Mwangi wrote on Instagram.

Zari responds to a fan who accused her of taking photos with people’s car

Juliani with Lilian Ng’ang’a


Boni further added;

“I’m here to offend those men who behave like their partners are personal assets. Assets are dead things, they have no feelings or emotions.

Partners have flesh and blood, they can move on and you can do nothing about it. Money doesn’t make a man, manners do. Pesa bila tabia ni sumu,” Bonny added. 

The activist is a huge supporter of Juliani and Lilian Ng’ang’a’s relationship.


Zari responds to a fan who accused her of taking photos with people’s car

Diamond’s ex-girlfriend Zari Hassan has responded to a fan who alleged that she posts with people’s car.

Zari who had posted a photo in an expensive car was quick to ask the fan to ask God to bless her.

“You like posting photos with people’s cars?”

Zari responded;

“Touch your heart and ask God to bless you too so you can stop seeing people’s lives in a bad way.”

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Zari leaning on her car
Zari leaning on her car

Earlier on, she announced news of her latest car purchase and a section of netizens were not convinced she can actually afford the luxurious life she portrays to have on social media.

Following the allegations, the mother of five took to her social media to give naysayers a piece of her mind.

“Just because other people’s lives doesn’t match or look like yours doesn’t mean they are bragging or live a fake life for that matter.  I photograph myself in my office because that is where I work. I can’t take a picture in the market selling tomatoes or in the hospital corridors pretending to be a doctor yet I’m not.

I take pictures in my house because it is where I live. I can’t take pride in living in fancy hotel pictures or in a house that looks less luxurious so that I can please people like you who live in such houses. This is my life. This is the lifestyle I have chosen for myself and my family. I can’t drive a bicycle to make you happy. No way, I’ll just be lying to myself.”

‘I couldn’t understand,’ Marya Prude on child loss journey

MaryaPrude says that since the loss of her baby girl, she still hadn’t been able to sleep on her right side.

Speaking in a recent interview with Switch TV for World Infant Loss Day, Marya said;

“Even today I still can’t sleep on my right side. Don’t forget that in hospital, you are told to sleep on your left side.”

She spoke about how her pregnancy journey had been so good only to lose her baby as a stillborn.

“I have a very deep relationship with God. I couldn’t understand how I could have gone through such an amazing pregnancy journey then he had taken my kid!”

‘I watched my husband knock on death’s door,’ King Kaka’s wife narrates

Marya then mentioned that while undergoing loss, people should consider that men also grieve the loss.

“For men it’s different they also go through loss and they also hurt emotionally. I can remember when I had lost my daughter. People would come to the hospital to comfort me but didn’t ask him (Willis) how he was. Even though he was also hurting. Even men go through postpartum.”

Boniface Mwangi advises couples in troubled relationships to walk away

Media personality and Activist Boniface Mwangi says that he will always advocate for divorce and separation once love dies in a relationship.

The father of three advised couples and people in love to normalize walking away when they don’t feel safe in their relationships.

Boniface Mwangi’s thoughts come at a time when record-breaking runner Agnes Tirop was allegedly killed by her husband.

“I support divorce and separation any day, everyday. If someone doesn’t feel safe in their marital home, they should leave. If s/he is violent once, they will do it again.

If “god” hates divorce, he can marry that abusive partner but the abused/mistreated spouse should leave,” he wrote.

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He added that the vows of ‘till death do us apart’ have made many people stay in abusive marriages.

“The vows of ’till death do us apart’ have made many people stay in abusive marriages. A couple of friends of ours made a vow to do life together until they can’t do it anymore.

Don’t let society pressure you to stay in an unhappy relationship. Leave. Prioritize your happiness, not vows. Even if you don’t fall in love again, you will be alive and safe. Don’t be a statistic of abusive marriages.”

Boniface argued that Athlete Agnes Tirop would still be alive today if society hadn’t forced her to reconcile with her abusive and jealous husband.

“Kids brought up in abusive marriages grow up with wounds. So even staying for the children doesn’t help them. Athlete Tirop would be alive today if society hadn’t forced her to reconcile with her abusive and jealous husband. 

If you have ever left a relationship because of an abusive partner, it could be emotional or physical, please share in the comments and give someone the courage to walk away.”


Gospel singer Gloria Muliro weds her new bae, a pastor

Gospel singer Gloria Muliro is officially off the market after walking down the aisle with her fiancé Evans Sabwani last weekend.

The wedding was attended by a few close friends in the industry and family at a private ceremony in Eldoret, Uasin Gishu County.

The singer first introduced her man to the public on February 14, 2021, at a time the world was celebrating Valentine’s Day. She got engaged at the same period.

Evans is an American citizen, a pastor, an engineer and a graphics artist.

The ‘Narudisha’ hit singer shared a photo of her new man, pampering him with love.

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Gloria Muliro smiling

“Happy Valentine’s day to my best friend, the most important man in my life, my heart’s safe place, my reason for celebrating this day. I love you, Ev.”

“I am in love with a wonderful man of God and what you could have heard is not a rumour. We have kept this a private affair but I can talk about it now because I have the go-ahead from my soon-to-be husband.

“After confirming that we will have a lifelong journey together, we informed our families who gave us their blessings and we have already done the traditional marriage ceremony,” she said.

The singer walked out of her troubled marriage with Pastor Eric Omba, six years ago.

They had married in a colourful wedding ceremony in 2009.

‘I would force my last smile to my wife,’ King Kaka gives details on his ailment

Rapper King Kaka has shared details on the ailment that left him hospitalized for over three months.

Through his social media, the father of three said it all started with his admission to a local hospital.

Sharing a picture of himself while in the hospital, where he appeared weak and emaciated, Kaka said that doctors performed a surgical procedure on him to get a sample of his bone Marrow.

“That’s me, still can’t believe it. 2days after I was admitted and they had just finished drilling on my hip bone for a bone marrow sample.

I was in between worlds fighting to see my family once more. I would force my last smile when Nana & Moms visited but the truth is the nights got darker and I would be back in the ring with life.

It’s a feeling and place you can’t put in words nights when the devil threw in a few suggestions but the light got stronger for me to listen,” he said.

Teacher Wanjiku celebrates her daughter Zuri as she turns a year older

King Kaka says he has not fully recovered, but thanks God, his family and doctors who took care of him.

“Not yet out of the woods but I’ve just realized that waking up is a Blessing , are you able to eat? that’s a blessing. You have a support system?

That’s a blessing. Very thankful to Dr. Adil, Dr. Stanley & Dr. Aggrey .Very thankful to the amazing nurses Wanjiku, Vio, Chacha, Peter and the rest.

Moms Asante , Nana you are a gem, Deno, Kenny, and my close friends. My bros and everyone who came to visit. All the fans who don’t know me personally but said a prayer,” said.

Kaka has a new song narrating his ailment journey featuring Nviiri the Storyteller.

“One day I will tell the full story but as of now I have summarized it in a song. I know we have different struggles, I hope that this song revamps the little hope and light left in you. You have a destiny and God has a plan for you.” 


Teacher Wanjiku celebrates her daughter Zuri as she turns a year older

Comedian Teacher Wanjiku is celebrating her second born daughter who is turning a year older today.

The mother of two shared a throwback photo grid of her while she was pregnant with her daughter Zuri and her recent photo.

She reminisced of the journey six years later, then wished her a happy birthday;

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“6 years ago today I gave birth to a beautiful baby girl who weighed 3.3kgs now she weighs more🤣🤣.

Zuri has brought so much happiness to our family, it’s her birthday today! Happy birthday my munchkin💗💖💖💖 Mama forever Loves you.”

The comedian is married to Churchill Show creative director Victor Ber.

The two tied the knot in 2014 in an intimate ceremony attended by close friends and relatives.

The social media sensation has two daughters.

Actor Njoro reveals why he doesn’t posts his wife on social media

Actor Ken Gichoya alias Njoro has revealed the reason he does not post his wife on social media.
Speaking to ‘Kamuhunjia show, Njoro said his wife does not like being in the public eye.
“Yes, I am a family man but I have chosen to respect what my family wants.

I don’t post my wife on social media since she does not like it.”
Njoro said he is a father of three children and his daughter is also shy from social media.
“I don’t share a lot about my family so it doesn’t affect my job, coz some of them don’t like the publicity, my wife doesn’t like it and my daughter.

My son maybe but he is still naive, at some point, it is good to keep them away.

My business is entertainment but I have other businesses here and there.”

Esther Musila responds to a fan who called her ‘Guardian Angel’s mum’

Njoro’s daughter completed her Kenya Certificate of Secondary Education(KCSE) exams successfully last year.
Taking to his page, the actor shared a photo of himself standing next to Natalie in school uniform followed by a short but exciting caption.
”Years have moved so fast. My second-born, my daughter, my mum Natalie Waithera has finally finished her KCSE.
Tell her congratulations,” Njoro captioned.

‘Every woman needs a man,’ says Singer Akothee

Singer Akothee is slowly resigning from being the president of all single mothers.

Akothee who is currently dating her former manager Nelly Oaks says that she has been cautioned by other single mothers to keep her love life private.

The mother of five has been parading her love life on social media and it seems some of her followers are not happy.

She has apologized saying for making others feel bad but has asked women to look for a man in their lives.

Check out her post;

“Single mothers have asked me to keep my love life of social media until we all get someone, okay, I have heard you but how will I know you all are ready?. I am sorry for making you feel bad, but remember, every woman needs a man to keep her commonsense in check, God was not stupid to ask Noah to build an ark that could accommodate 2,2,2
Wewe ni nani kupigana na mwili.”

Singer Diamond’s children with Zari ignores him on his birthday


Akothee said for her, she felt lonely during the pandemic lockdown and decided to get herself a man.

“”Somethings can’t be replaced, if this relationship doesn’t work, keep trying until you get it right. Mambo yenu ya I don’t need A MAN !iliisha na korona CORONA HUMBLED MOST OF US.
Tell me when you all have someone. From today I will only post My engagement, My Wedding, My Baby bump.
Am I fare?

‘I don’t know if I will ever try pregnancy again,’ says Marya Prude

Marya Prude is remembering her pregnancy days.

In a recent photo on her Instastories, she shared that she had an amazing pregnancy journey but she is not sure if she will ever try pregnancy again.

“I don’t know if I will ever try pregnancy again but this one was amazing.”

Marya was married to media personality Willis Raburu.

In a recent interview with Word Is, Marya revealed she had lost a pregnancy and a baby during her marriage.

“My baby died in the womb after a few complications,” Marya said.

“I was in the 39th week of pregnancy and so I was in labour for about 14 hours. I gave birth normally after pushing three times but the baby came out dead.”

King of my heart! Milly Wa Jesus showers husband on his birthday

Maryaprude Raburu stroking her hair
Maryaprude in a contemplative pose

This was after they lost the first pregnancy through a miscarriage at nine weeks.

She said it was an anembryonic pregnancy, a form of a failed early pregnancy where a gestational sac develops but the embryo does not form.

Marya said, “Nobody told me before that there is a possibility of losing a child after carrying the pregnancy for nine months. I just knew about miscarriages. So getting pregnant with that in mind, I didn’t know it was a possibility.”

Eric Omondi parades his title deeds of his new Karen mansion home

Comedian Eric Omondi gave Kenyans a tour of what he says is his nine-bedroomed mansion.

A number of Kenyans later accused him of stage managing the unveiling of his new house for popularity.

Well, this did not go well with the self-proclaimed President of comedy.

In an explainer on his Instagram, Omondi dismissed the doubters, terming them as haters.

He went on and displayed evidence that he actually owned the house.

In a video, Omondi paraded the title deed in his name that was stamped on September 7, 2021.

“It is about time, Kenyans understood that comedy can pay, that music can pay, that football can pay and we need to start cultivating a culture that believes in the fruits of our work…ukilima utavuna!,” he said.

Yes the house is a multi-bedroom house and yes it can be used as Air BnB for now, and yes I bought it and own it. I can’t rent it out but I can lease it out. I am rarely around anyway. Sh75,000 per day but this offer stands until October 19 when I officially move in.

In an earlier interview, he hinted that politician Jimi Wanjigi had helped him acquire the property.

King of my heart! Milly Wa Jesus showers husband on his birthday

Eric said that he had moved into the house three days ago.

King of my heart! Milly Wa Jesus showers husband on his birthday

Content creator and YouTuber Milly wa Jesus is celebrating her husband’s birthday today.
The mother of one professed her love to her husband Kabi Wa Jesus and how he makes her feel.
She referred to Kabi as the king of her heart and thanked God for giving her such a caring husband.
“Happy birthday to the king of my heart. I am one lucky woman to be doing life with you. I speak nothing but more grace and favour as you accomplish your God-given purpose in this new year.
Kabi WaJesus with Milly
Kabi WaJesus with Milly
She added;
“Thank you for being a blessing to me and many. For never giving up on the faith and fixing your eyes on the price always. I love you so much, and words can never be enough to express how I feel about you.”
The couple also celebrated their son’s second birthday this week.

Loise Kim advises men to vacate their mother’s houses after hitting 25 years

Gospel singer Loise Kim has advised young men to be independent after they are 25 years.

The single mother of two said men at 25 years should vacate their parent’s homes and look for wives and start building their lives.

She said it is the dream of all parents to see their children grow from one level to another.

Her statement left her fans divided as some supported her, saying that would lead to more responsible men.

“Young men, when you hit 25, you should not be living in your mother’s houses waiting for food to be ready. Be responsible, look for a wife and start your life. All parents are happy to see their children grow from one level to another.”

Socialite Corazon Kwamboka has never slept with her son on her bed

Loise Kim
Loise Kim

Check out comments from her fans;

Boniface Njoroge; Life is very unfair, we prepare these kids with education all their lives, but what we want them to do 1st after finishing school is getting married. with zero experience in relationships and marriage. Watajijulia wenyewe. I’m thinking of myself after school, what I wanted was just a ka lady with long hair like that one of “the bold and the beautiful” we go holding hands.

Tito Tiria: The problem with our gospel ambassadors is lack of a definite stand. The other day you were telling us God’s time is the best (and not sure whether he checks age to give Grace for a particular activity) & Ecclesiastes 3-1, today you are telling us to check our age and align to society and cultural ideologies in making decisions.We are only following you, so you tell us what the Bible says. We can get the other knowledge from the world in abundance. Please avoid these uninformed society-pressured posts.
John Maloba:  We guide and advice them. Those who rebel end up seeing the real face of the term STRUGGLE, but we still wish them well but kuna wale sumbua tu. Unawaachia dunia. As for marriage, you do it when you are ready. A family needs steady finances and lots of maturity.
Kevine Okene: Thats how u look at it but other people you see don’t have the same story maybe ni situation and it’s deep thank God Mungu amekupa kazi so you think people who luck its because they don’t work hard .take every grace with humility.


Socialite Corazon Kwamboka has never slept with her son on her bed

Socialite Corazon Kwamboka says she has never slept on the same bed with her one-year-old son Taiyari.

In a recent social media convos with her fans, Kwamboka said she likes having her space while sleeping.

She added that she is a heavy sleeper and she was scared she would roll over and lay on her son.

She said;

“The reason I did not hire a sleep coach is because Tai Tai has never had a huge problem sleeping. From day one he has always slept in his crib.

I am a very heavy sleeper and I like to have space when I am sleeping so I was scared of having him in bed because I thought I might roll over and lay on him,” she said. 

‘Our baby didn’t make it,’ Size 8 and DJ Mo mourns their unborn child

Corazon Kwamboka carrying her baby son, Taiyari
Corazon Kwamboka carrying her baby son, Taiyari

Corazon who is currently expecting her second child with fitness trainer Frankie said she is now training her son to sleep by his own.

“I am very gentle with Tai. But on the first night we tried the sleep training, Frankie came home early and I remember Tai cried and I almost cried too.

I wanted to go back and hold him but Frankie told me no, because we were doing this, so I timed myself for three minutes, went and checked on him, we did this four times and the fifth time, he just cried and fell asleep, it took them 15 minutes to put him to sleep,” Corazon said.

After how long did you stop sleeping with your baby?

‘You are in my thoughts,’ Maina Kageni comforts Auntie Jemimah after losing her newborn baby

Classic 105 presenter Maina Kageni has sent a condolence message to comedian  Auntie Jemimah who lost her newborn baby three days ago.

Sending his condolence message, the breakfast presenter described Jemimah as one of the strongest vernacular entertainers he knows.

He then asked God to encourage her during this difficult time.

“Aki this woman, #auntjemima… You are one of the strongest vernacular entertainers that I know. May God bless you and encourage you!!!!! You’re in my thoughts and prayers during this difficult time. Pole sana.”

Jemimah had announced that she gave birth on September 29, but her baby arrived sleeping.

Jemimah also said her baby came earlier than expected.

To mourn her daughter, the celebrated comedian announced that she is taking a break from social media.

“On 29:9:21 My girl arrived at 34 weeks, sleeping. I held her in my arms and said goodbye. I am broken, oh so broken that there was nothing I could do to bring her back to life.

Therefore will be taking a sabbatical to mourn my Nduta the best way I know how and for as long as it takes.

Thank you for the love and support Auntie will be back,” Jemimah shared. 

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Media personality Janet Mbugua second born son turns three

Media personality Janet Mbugua’s secondborn son, Mali Ndichu just turned three year older.

The mother of two shared a post celebrating her sons.

She wrote;

(Belated bday post)

Happy birthday to our wonderful little human, Mali.

May God bless you on your birthday and every day after. May you be comforted by His presence in your life, and always follow His guiding light. Amen 🙏🏾

Big brother Huru ran in to this frame and insisted on holding his hand and said, “that’s what brothers are for”.

So I’ll be right back, I’ve gone to ball my eyes out.”

Singer Akothee celebrates mzungu baby daddy on his birthday

Janet’s husband Ndichu went on his Instagram Stories to share a message celebration alongside a cute photo.
Ndichu shared a selfie of him and his young son and joked about his son ‘popping bottles’, just like the one in his mouth as they marked his big day.
He noted that it was Mali’s third birthday weekend and quipped about him not using his pinky finger to hold his bottle like a real English man.
“Popping bottles! Birthday Weekend! Happy third birthday Mali Money! Watch the little finger(laughs),” he said.

Known for her passion in all matters women, Janet’s women foundation Inua Dada took a win for Africa.

Janet shared that she was excited to announce that Inua Dada Foundation was honoured to be the recipient of a global award from the World Association for Sexual Health.

“This was at the recently concluded 25th congress of the World Association for Sexual Health, funded by Hivos.”

Mother of slain Kianjokoma brothers says she makes sons’ beds every day

Kianjokoma mum Catherine Wawira whose sons Benson Njiru, 22, and Emmanuel Mutura, 19, allegedly died at the hands of police officers is still struggling to come to terms with her pain and loss.
Speaking to TV47, the distraught mother, narrated the struggle of living without her two sons.
She said she still feels connected to her children and so every morning, she walks into their room and makes their bed, a practice she plans to do for the rest of her life.
“I am their mother and when I wake up, I always go to their bedrooms and make their beds, though they are not here with me,” she said on the verge of breaking down.

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A heartbroken Wawira added that she has lost interest in people, and she rarely leaves her house because she feels embarrassed.
“It has been a month and I cannot even go to the market because I am feeling ashamed. Right now if I say I will give birth to another child, I won’t have Ben or Emannuel, so I won’t give birth anymore, we just leave everything in God’s hands,” she said.

The family was mourning again following the death of their grandmother who died from the trauma that arose after losing her two grandchildren.

Close family members said that she succumbed to depression from high blood pressure resulting from the mystery death of her grandsons.