Comedian Mulamwah recounts days he could not afford a school trip to Nairobi

Comedian Mulamwah has asked his fans to allow him to enjoy the city.

Sharing details of his humble beginnings, Mulamwa revealed that while in primary school in Kitale, Mulamwah couldn’t afford to pay for a trip to Nairobi.

He said that at one point, he was left home after his schoolmates travelled to Nairobi for a trip.

“Nikiwa class 7 nilikosa pesa ya school tour atu walikuja Nairobi wakaniacha Kitale. Now, allow me to enjoy the city.”

Comedian Eddie Butita hired as Netflix’ kiswahili writer/director

Mulamwah posing in denim
Mulamwah posing in denim

Mulamwah is among the new generation of comedians who use social media to propel their craft.

He also has side hustles that add up to his income. The comedian revealed in an exclusive with that he is a farmer.

“I am also a farmer. I am currently growing wheat in Eldoret.

I don’t stay at one specific point, I go where there is work and money.”

The comedian has also helped in the employment sector as he has employed youths in his boda boda business at his rural hometown Kitale.

His journey from not being able to pay for his trip back to primary school to cresting employment is a boss move from Mulamwah.

He also worked at Kenyatta National Hospital as a nurse.

Check out photos from Vanessa Mdee and Rotimi’s baby shower

Actor Rotimi and his fiancée Vanessa Mdee are expecting their first child together.

The couple, who have been engaged for almost a year, revealed to People that they are having a little boy.

“We are super excited to welcome our son. As first-time parents, everything about this experience has been a brand-new challenge,” the pair said in a statement to the outlet. “We love it.”

The couple is in their last trimester and they recently held their baby shower with close friends and family.

The former “Power” star asked Vanessa to marry him in December last year.

“She said YES!” he captioned a post showing off her huge diamond rock. “You are my everything.

My angel. In 2015, I prayed that whoever my wife was going to be and wherever she was at the moment, I hoped she was happy, having a good day and receiving GOD’S abundance.”

Kate Actress praises Mumbi Maina for Martrix 4: Resurrection debut

Check out photos;

242004398_125953473115565_359617457533942015_n 242074115_4284639131656823_748837781119415724_n 242099287_273629784582197_8114779077280156648_n 242127188_575435503597854_3674742410853651357_n 242215800_863256147916719_2134230112487909888_n 242358988_113025114456337_1690425101766268781_n

So cute: Actress Wolper Stylish unveils her son’s face (photo)

Tanzanian actress Jacqueline Wolper has for the first time revealed the face and name of her son to the public.

Wolper together with her fiancé Rich Mitindo shared their son Pascal with the public after he was made the brand ambassador for an Apparel and Clothing shop (Kids) in Tanzania.

“Asante Mungu kwakila kitu. Thank u Boss wa p @sweetlorah kwa leo sina Ata Chakuandika sina sina sina ila Nasema Tuu jamani Namshukuru Mungu saana.

Lkn pia asanteni waandishi wote kwakukamilisha jambo la Mtoto wetu Pascal.” shared Wolper.

On the other hand, her baby daddy Rich Mitindo took to social media to congratulate his son on his first endorsement deal.

“Hongera sana mtoto wetu kipenzi. Leo tunajivunia sana wewe.

Tunataka na tunatumahi kuwa siku moja utafikia kilele cha mafanikio ukiwa mkubwa Nakupenda P @mitindojr.” 

I’m coming for everything they said I couldn’t have – Betty Bayo

Singer Vivianne on whether she has ditched secular music

Singer Vivianne for the first time opened up on rumours she has quit being a secular artist.

In an exclusive interview with Classic 105, the mother of one said she has never felt like there is a line between gospel and secular music.

While responding to queries by fans after she recently released a gospel jam dubbed ‘Nimechoka na Kugambo.’

“The song is an honest conversation with God.

By the time my team and I were working on it, we wanted a song that would speak to the hearts of people.

People are broken, there are heightened cases of suicide, brokenness, loneliness, broken families

All those are because people are empty and ill-informed as they are feeding on the wrong sources.

There is a lot of hurt going on.”

Hilarious tweets about the talking stage that’ll make you say yup, that’s me

Explaining if she has quit secular industry, Vivianne explained;

“I have never felt like there is a line between gospel and secular, I feel we just impose pressure on people.

It’s like it’s illegal for someone who sings love songs to sing for God and vice versa.

It does not make sense because people feel like they are held in a ‘jail’ and most people (gospel) have broken away from that ‘jail’.

Most of these artists are imperfect and very young. I have come of age where I can express a genuine love for God.

So I am neither a secular nor a gospel artist.”

Check out her new jam ‘Nimechoka na  Kugambo’ below;

Rapper Juliani opens up on how he co-parents with actress Brenda Wairimu

Singer Juliani has opened up about his relationship with his ex-girlfriend Brenda Wairimu.

The two former lovebirds have a six-year-old baby girl called Amore Njeri.

Speaking to the Standard Group’s editor Charles Otieno on the latest developments in his music career, relationship, and plans, Juliani reminisced on their breakup.

“I was left for a year nilichafua, I was disoriented.

But I have now realized who I am. My relationship with God changed. I thought I had a relationship with God but I didn’t.

I saw her for who she is. She is an amazing person, she is super supportive and if that breakup never happened I couldn’t see her the way I see her now.

Love never changes it only transcends.”

PSquare’s Rude Boy reunites with his kids amid divorce rumours



Juliani also hailed Brenda for always supporting him and being supportive in co-parenting their daughter Njeri.

He says even when he is not in a position to support her, Brenda stands in for him and has never denied him access to their child.


Baby bump season: Celebrities who are expecting in 2021

Lots of celebrities are announcing their pregnancies, especially in this season while some have welcomed their babies amidst the raging pandemic.

As the year comes to end, celebrities have been flooding our timelines with their baby bumps photoshoots, welcoming their bundles of joy as well as top-of-the-notch gender reveal parties. recently reported that Ngina Kenyatta, the only daughter to President Uhuru Kenyatta gave birth at a City hospital yesterday.
Check out the list of Kenyan celebrities who are expecting in 2021;
 Frankie and Corazon
The two while on a trip to Zanzibar announced that they are expecting baby number two.
The bundle of joy will be the couple’s second child together as Frankie is already a father of three as he shares two kids with Maureen Waititu.
Frankie Kiarie with Corazon Kwamboka
Frankie Kiarie with Corazon Kwamboka
Socialite Vera Sidika and Brown Mauzo
The socialite and Mauzo surprised fans when they announced that they were married as their fans knew Vera all too well.
The biggest shock of it all was when they announced that she was pregnant. The VS Spa owner had previously stated that she would love to have a child sometime in the future.
They also did a gender reveal early in the year and the two are expecting a girl.
Brown Mauzo holding Vera Sidika (1)
Brown Mauzo holding Vera Sidika (1)
Blogger Xtian Dela and Fatma Banj
The content creator introduced his girlfriend to his fans during club covid in 2020 and in 2021 they announced that they were expecting their first child via social media.
The two did a pregnancy shoot and Fatma was seven months pregnant when they announced it to their fans.
 Mulamwah and Carol Sonnie
The comedian and his long-time girlfriend Carol announced their pregnancy via their Instagram pages.
They did the announcement in April when she was 17 weeks. The mother-to-be was very excited about the pregnancy.
“It has been a journey full of fear and a lot of ups and downs but I thank God for this far… kufika tu hapa it’s a miracle tu ☺️. We are at 17/42 weeks. May He see us through to the end 🤰🏻💕,” she wrote
This is the couple’s second pregnancy as the first one was miscarried.
Size 8 and Dj Moh
The power couple shared the news with their unsuspecting fans on their Youtube channel.
The singer has shared her struggles with her other pregnancies and has been prayerful on her third pregnancy journey.
“Ohh Father Lord let me be careful enough to remember your goodness thanking you this day for taking care of my little baby in my tummy…… Am trusting you Lord to finish this race for me… I am grateful for the protective shield you have put around this baby!!!” She wrote
The Murraya’s are blessed with two lovely children.
size 8 reborn (1)
Karen Nyamu and Samidoh
Politician Karen Nyamu is expecting her second child with Mugiithi singer Samido.
Speaking to Jeff Kuria TV, Karen said the news of the pregnancy came as a shock to her. She was stressed for two months after the test turned positive.

Singer Vivianne explains the challenges female artists go through

Vivianne is one of the veteran female artiste in the Kenyan industry.

Despite the male dominated space, Vivianne has made herself a name. She is one of the best musician so far. Her latest hit is ‘NimechokaNaKugambo’.

In a recent interview with Classic 105, the mother of one spoke about her experiences as a female secular musician in Kenya and the crazy expectations that come with it.

She explained;

 “More like personal struggles, self-rejection, identity crises. As a female artist the package comes in, the shorter the short, the tighter the boots, the smaller the crop-top.

Date the right person. Date someone who will connect you. Meet so and so.

It has a lot to do with seeking externally and waiting for people to validate you so that you fit in. And it doesn’t work.”

Luo’s how do you live filanga free without stress Maina asks


She also complained that people in the industry try to romantically hook up the female artists with top dogs in the political scene;

“Even the person advising you doesn’t know what they are supposed to be doing. Generally, I have really passed through so much.

Like people try to pimp you out to politicians because you are pretty. All kinds of absurdities. Those are lies.”

She urged young girls to be confident in their own abilities and be their genuine selves;

“Whoever you are supposed to be, however, you are supposed to be.

You will still shine because the gift is still the gift.

It’s just sad that when you don’t know who you are, the world will give you a false sense of identity that can kill you, cause you’re trying to keep up and you’re not being the real you.

You’re trying to become someone who you think people will accept and love.”

Comedian Eddie Butita hired as Netflix’ kiswahili writer/director


Talk about boss moves.

Netflix has set it’s sights on Comedian Eddie Butita who is set to make major moves in the world of entertainment.

The CEO PM Africa wrote the exciting news on Instagram “NETFLIX POST ALERT

I have always wanted to be on Netflix, this year God made it a reality.

I was reached out to be the first Netflix Swahili Comedy Writer and Director.

For the past few Months I wrote and directed the Swahili Version of Upshaws created by Wanda Sykes, it was a great experience. The early mornings and late nights together with a team of talented professionals from Hiventy Africa, We succesfullly brought the script to life and its now streaming on Netflix.

If Eddie Butita Wrote and Directed for Netflix It means that African Comics have a great chance in the global market and we are ready for the world.

You can now Watch Upshaws on Netflix in swahili it is the first ever Swahili comedy show on Netflix. History has been made”


Netflix aims to reach more than 2.6million African viewers byt he end of 2021.

The global streamer started rolling out original content from Africa in 2020. Among its agreements with key talent, it signed one with Nigerian producer Mo Abudua and struck a development deal with John Boyega’s U.K.-based UpperRoom Productions with a focus on non-English language films from West and East Africa.

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Kate Actress praises Mumbi Maina for Martrix 4: Resurrection debut

Kate Actress is a perfect example of what it means to be a real queen.

She is always using her fam for good, to uplift others.

Kate in a sweet caption on Instagram congratulated fellow actress Mumbi Maina who will be making her debut on the yet to be released Matrix Resurrection.

Kate wrote “I can’t speak to you right now ,my girl is on #MATRIXresurrections 🙌🙌🙌… Congratulations @mumbi_maina for continuously raising the bar for us . You have done us proud 🇰🇪 . Ladies and gentlemen HER”



 Mumbi has most notably acted as Zakia in Netflix’s sci-fi drama Sense 8.

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“Confession time” Flaqo says abut being in the worst shape of his life


Back in2020, comedian Flaqo411 was not releasing content online and in a revealing confession told that it was because he had gained weight.

He admitted he piled on the kilos from 72 to 86. “Confession time:🤣🤣 So that one month of zero content in 2020,its coz i had actually grown badly over my normal weight,(from 72 to 86)and looked very different on camera,wakanichekelea kwa DMs…Heh”

He disappeared and decided to work on an intense workout

In the confession, Flaqo shares a now and then picture to demonstrate his story and fans can’t believe it is him.

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Luo’s how do you live filanga free without stress Maina asks

A mental health survey by ethnicity, states that Kikuyus are on top of the list of Kenyans with the most stress.

The list by the Bureau of statistics shows Kisii’s are second followed by Kalenjins in 3rd place.

Maina and Kingangi debated this on the Friday morning conversation September 17.

Mwalimu said it is understandable about Kisii’s because musician Embarabara has put them in the limelight “embarabara amewafikisha huko na bado hajatoa wimbo ingine”

Maina read the figures out again “1 in every 4 kikuyus is stressed. Ni nini mbaya? They are followed by Kisii’s  and third place is Kalenjins”

Mwalimu pointed out about Kalenjins saying “hiyo ni ya Ruto”

4th place is Luhyias and next the kamba. And then they are followed by the Meru then the Masai and then we head out to the Mijikenda.

Maina was so tickled and pointed out that the Luo’s are the least stressed in the survey.

He wanted to know what their trick was asking “the least stressed group in Kenya are the Luo. Let me ask a question how are you doing it?”

Mwalimu reminded him that “they are already there bana they can see canan” he joked

A man actually agreed with this and called to say that ” as long as baba is ok we are ok”

The question Maina asked was “Luos how do you do it? live filanga free without stress? maina asked. How do you just go with the flow? me I just love that. maybe we can learn something from you.

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Khaligraph Jones, Harmonize set for Afronation concert in Las Vegas


The biggest Afro beats even is set to go down from September 23 in Las Vegas.

Harmonize who is already in the country will perform live with the likes of Davido and Wizkid.

The impressive performance line-up boasts some of the continent’s hottest music stars including Yemi Alade, Afro B, Harmonize, Patoranking, Tekno, Khaligraph Jones, King Promise, Rema, Sho Madjozi, and Teni.

Some of the events include pool parties, with Africana attire. There will also be an All White Party and Night Swim at the Beach at Mandalay Bay, a 90s Hip Hop and R&B Pool Party.


Dear Kenyans in the US, will you be there with your squad.

Chrissy Teigen has fat removed from her cheeks in cosmetic surgery

Chrisy Teigen had a cosmetic procedure done and she is talking about it on Instagram.

The 35 year old wife of singer John LKegend said

 “I like it. Yeah, I did it, what? No shame in my game,”

Teigen has been on a sobriety journey over the last 50 days and celebrated overcoming her habit.

In a video posted on Instagram, the wife of singer John Legend, showed off the results from a fat removal surgery that she had done on her face.

“I did that Dr. Diamond buccal fat removal thing here,” Teigen, 35, said. And since I quit drinking, I’m really seeing the results, and I like it. Yeah, I did it, what?”

The fat removal procedure was not the first time the cookbook author had a similar operation done.

“Maybe nine years ago, [I had] my armpit sucked out which was one of the best things I’ve done. It’s a big secret, but I don’t care. It added two inches to my arms. It made me feel better in strapless dresses, and I felt more confident,” Teigen said to Allure in May 2017.

“Everything else is fake, but my cheeks are real. Women are like, ‘Those fake-ass cheeks,’ and I’m like, ‘No! This is my real face.’ I’m very open with all that other s–t.”

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From bano to chobo ua: A list of games we played as children

In case you were born past 2000, hold up, you sure don’t know what I’m about to talk about. We from the nineties played real games. Games that tested one’s patience, resilience and critical thinking.

Here’s how to kill your Monday blues

I’m seated reminiscing about those gone moments and here some of the games we played back in the 90’s:

1. Chobo Ua

This has to be the roughest game among boys back in the days. Millennials, let me break it down to you. Chobo is where a ball passes between your legs. For chobo ua it was all about dribbling the ball and trying to pass it between your other friend’s legs.

chobo ua(1)

Everyone played independent and woe unto you if the ball passed between your legs. Other boys chased you kicking you hard as you run towards the agreed point. Sometimes the touch point was a girl or a teacher. This made it easier for the one being chased. To be honest, how would you run towards a teacher and touch him or her so that the other boys can leave you alone?

5 really annoying things makanga’s get away with

2. Bano

Bano is what you woke kids call marble. This had to be the game that had too much adrenaline while playing. You had to drill a small hole in the ground and basically everyone tried to have the bano into the hole. While hitting the marble, you put your thumb on the ground and used the middle finger to release the bano. You had to aim your opponent bano and try to push it into the hole.


3. Cattie

This was a girl’s game and for the sissies. Basically it involved two girls standing on opposite sides and the other girls being in the between them. They would throw the ball to each other as they tried to hit one of the girls and after being hit, you had no option but quit. This went on and on until only one girl was left in the middle and the other two had to do their best and have the ball hit her.

4. Brikicho

Brikicho is what we call hide and seek. This game involved hiding and having someone else look for you. It went something like this, “Brikicho banture, brikicho banture. Nikuje? Apana Nikuje? Apana.”

hide and seek(1)

When everybody was ready they would respond by saying “eeh” The tricky part was outrunning the lead controller of the game when they found you in your hiding spot. You had to run fast and tap at the place they were spotted while singing the brikicho tune to avoid loosing and having to lead the tune yourself.

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Listen Up Ladies! This Is How Hormones Could Be Ruining Your Figure

Do you have a body bugbear — an area with which you’re never happy, no matter how toned you are otherwise? Well, experts say there may be a scientific reason behind it — be it a muffin top, chunky ankles, or bingo wings. For research shows excess weight may gather in certain areas, regardless of how much you diet or exercise, as a result of hormone imbalances.

‘Our metabolism is complex. There are lots of reasons people are different shapes, but hormones are key,’ explains Saffron Whitehead, a professor of physiology at St George’s Hospital in London.

The most valuable body parts in Hollywood

‘Lifestyle, diet and genetics play a part,’ adds Max Tomlinson, a nutritionist and the author of Target Your Fat Spots. ‘The good news is, there’s lots you can do to redress the balance by changing hormone levels.’ Here, experts reveal the surprising causes of carrying a bit extra — and how to lose it.



Our bodies evolved to react to danger by producing the stress hormone cortisol, to trigger the release of energy for the ‘fight or flight’ response. ‘We are constantly under stress,’ says Dr Marilyn Glenville, a nutritionist specialising in women’s health. ‘Our excess cortisol sparks the release of energy in the form of fat and glucose. ‘This is redeposited as fat round your middle, near the liver. We think this is so it can quickly change back into energy if needed.’


‘Reduce stress — for example, with meditation or by listening to relaxing music,’ says Dr Glenville. ‘Eat little and often to keep blood sugar levels stable, as fluctuations can trigger cortisol release.’ Eat foods with a low glycemic load, such as apples, wholegrain bread or cashews, which slowly release energy. And avoid running for 45 minutes or more — this can, in fact,trigger cortisol production.

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A list of sneaky ways girls save their clande’s phone number

Technology has helped many people conceal their cheating ways.

Do you find unusual names and numbers in her mobile phone address book?

Instead of the name, does she have abbreviations or codes?


So if you see dad call a bit too often, there’s a problem. She is using that name to cover up all those flirty messages and calls.


Reasons why wives stay with their husbands despite cheating allegations

Below are some of the ways she will save her side dish just to play safe in the relationship;

  • Some ladies have accepted that they save their “men” with ladies name as a cover-up.
  • Either just use a single letter just to avoid any arousing questions from either their spouses or boyfriends.

cheating wife


  • Initials are the go-to most if not all women in this stage of life. I can agree with you that women are very smart beings and they can really play with any man’s psychology.
  • With the internet and dating apps present, some women have opened up to finding a side guy through tinder and saving them as “TN” with those initials to hide the person’s identity.
  • Last, but not least most are saved by where they live. This is a safe way because finding the person would be a bit difficult and challenging.

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 A list of the real names of Kenyan male Dj’s that will delight you


Their club monikers/stage names are known countrywide, but do you really know their real names as they appear on government documents.

Allow us to give a rundown of your favorite male Dj’s real name, and see if you will remember past tomorrow.

dj bash on the tunr table

Here are some names that will leave you in shock:

  1. DJ Mo – Sammy Muraya
  2. DJ Joe Mfalme – Joseph Mwenda Munoru
  3. DJ Creme De La Creme – George Njuguna
  4. Kriss Darling – Chris Odhiambo
  5. DJ Kalonje – George Waweru
  6. DJ Kaytrixx – Kabochi Gakau
  7. DJ Hypnotiq – Eric Mwendwa
  8. DVJ Mobi – Brian Mondoh
  9.  DJ Nruff – Rodney Afande
  10.  DJ Krowbar – Fredrick Karumba
  11. DJ Protégé – Yoram Mwangi
  12.  DJ Soxxy – Jackson Kamau
  13.  DJ Moz – Moses Mathenge
  14. DJ Mr.T – George Mutuiri
  15. DJ Wesley – Wesley Yegon
  16. DJ Adrian – Adrian Washika
  17.  DJ Burn – Edgar
  18. DJ Namosky – Richard Amolo
  19. DJ Hassan – Hassan Ali
  20. DJ Mista Dru – Andrew Siro
  21.  Mista Prime – Steve Kintu

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A list of things spouses would change about their partner

Wives want to change four things about their husbands… but husbands would change SIX things about their wives!

A survey of married couples found that mood swings were the thing wives would most like to change in a partner.

A survey of married couples gave a revealing insight into the daily gripes couples share with each other, including men being less grumpy and wives being more affectionate

A survey of married couples gave a revealing insight into the daily gripes couples share with each other, including men being less grumpy and wives being more affectionate

However, it seems men have a longer list of demands. Given the chance, husbands would change an average of six things about their partners, while women would only change four, the poll reveals.

For women, 35 per cent would make their partner less grumpy, while 30 per cent want them to be better listeners. Putting an end to bad habits is on the wish list for a quarter of wives – and the same number would like their husbands to become more appreciative.

For men, the top request for almost one in four was for their spouse to be more affectionate, while 22 per cent wished their other half was happier. One in five wanted their wives to be more adventurous in the bedroom. Overall, while the majority were happy in their marriage 13 per cent said they were unsure if they had ended up with the right person.

‘It appears that men would be less grumpy if they were given more affection and more adventurous sex, while women would be happier if men listened more and stopped their bad habits.

‘Regardless of the difference in complaints from both genders, the old relationship rules still apply – to try to listen to each other, to meet in the middle, and to show each other kindness, patience and respect.’

The survey of 1,500 couples by polling firm Ginger Research found that men wanted their wives to ‘dress sexier’, stop watching ‘bad TV programmes’, be more into sport and forget obsessing about their weight.

Women, however, wished their spouses would drink less, help more with chores, get rid of their beer belly and put the loo seat down. They also wanted to change their husband’s height, facial hair – and table manners.

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