Corazon Kwamboka responds to rumours that she is dating Maureen Waititu’s ex

Corazon Kwamboka has the highly sought after the mythical body called the “figure 8” that many African men go crazy for-a fact that she has capitalised well on financially.

She does this by being a brand influencer for many companies on her well-followed Instagram page which has 621 thousand followers the last time I checked.

Corazon Kwamboka wearing the gym-wear
Corazon Kwamboka wearing the gym-wear

But has her financial success been matched in her relationships? Not so much.

Since her last serious relationship with her Italian man, Corazon hasn’t been seen with a significant other but it seems that she might have gotten one if recent snaps with Frankie Kiarie are anything to go by.

Frankie Kiarie
Frankie Kiarie

Ms. Kwamboka uploaded a photo where Frankie was posing behind her, ogling at her blessed booty.

The act made it seem like they had gotten tired of keeping their affair a secret and slowly they were opening up to the world about them being a couple.

Corazon Kwamboka wearing the gym-wear
Corazon Kwamboka wearing the gym-wear

The snaps have been a source of gossip among many with some with the question of whether the two were an item being posed to her on a recent Instagram Q and A.

Miss Kwamboka responded to all the questions saying that they were just chilling, while with other questions she responded asking why or with emojis.

Corazon Kwamboka in denim (1)
Corazon Kwamboka in denim (1)

During the session, Corazon also responded to questions on whether she was in a relationship to which she responded saying that she was only living.Corazon screenshots about Frankie

Corazon screenshots about Frankie

The pair have been spotted together on several occasions, insinuating that they might be an item, Frankie having parted ways with his Baby Mama Maureen Waititu.

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Please stay away from us for now-Father to Covid-19 survivor Brenda Cherotich says

Covid-19 has wreaked havoc on the global market place but despite the pandemic’s disastrous reputation, there are many survivors.

One of those is Brenda Cherotich, the first case to be discovered in Kenya last month, prompting panic-buying among many Kenyans when it was announced.

The former beauty was kept in isolation for 23 days and made a full recovery from the virus.

Since her recovery, the government made sure they showcased her and another survivor Brian’s stories.

Brenda Cherotich with Brian Orinda
Brenda Cherotich with Brian Orinda

Since then Brenda has become sort of a mini-celebrity online but her new-found fame will have to stay away from her home front for now.


Her father, Peter Rono and his family is still cautious about Brenda and they wouldn’t like her to get re-infected.

He explained that the family is not ready to hold a welcoming party at their home in Keongo village in Ainamoi Constituency, because it would require Brenda to travel.

Davido reveals that his fiancée, Chioma has tested positive for covid-19

“We want to reunite with her and even throw a party to celebrate her healing. However, that will have to wait until it is completely safe for her to travel.

“We miss her and we would like to see her and embrace her. However, we don’t want to rush things. We want her to continue practicing social distancing until the dark cloud of Covid-19 clears from the country. We don’t want her to tempt fate twice,” he told reporters.

Brenda Cherotich the former beauty queen
Brenda Cherotich the former beauty queen

Mr. Rono is also worried about his other son who is currently in the United States but had tested negative for the deadly virus.

“When he heard his sister had been diagnosed with the disease, he took tests which turned out negative. What is worrying us now is the lockdown in some parts of the US and the spread of the disease in that country,” he stated.

The family also owes Brenda’s healing to God, saying that they prayed for her healing and are glad their prayer was answered.

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I have no regrets-Tanasha Donna says about failed relationship with Diamond

As most of you who follow the entertainment scene are well aware, Tanasha Donna recently disclosed some of her most intimate life experiences in a recent interview with True Love Magazine.

Tanasha reveals toxic effect her Mother-in-law, had on her relationship with Diamond

The highly anticipated seat-down with the magazine revealed a lot that many were particularly curious about her relationship breakdown with her baby daddy.

Diamond with Tanasha
Diamond with Tanasha

And that she did and in spades. We also learnt a lot about her struggles with her mother in law and how the relationship with the Tanzanian superstar broke down as she felt that the relationship started going off the road two months before she gave birth.

“Somewhere in August 2019 things started hitting rock bottom. I used to ask what changed. I think the public could see it,” she admitted.

Mama Diamond with Tanasha Donna
Mama Diamond with Tanasha Donna

And Tanasha learns quickly and said as much in the interview, telling True Love that she wouldn’t be sleeping with any man from now on if he hadn’t put a ring on it.

“I have gone through a lot for a woman my age. Relationships have given me a dark mindset so for my next relationship, I have decided I am not fornicating until he puts a ring on it. I am working on rebuilding relationships. I am the kind of person who shuts out people I love,’ she explained.

Diamond-and-Tanasha together

She added,

“A lot of young women out there may be caught up in toxic relationships and they don’t know and don’t want to leave. I want to speak to them. My mom wasn’t a perfect mom, no one is. But she taught me not to let money and material things replace my dignity as a woman. so many young girls out here are looking for sponsors or rich men. I am not going to say I was never tempted but easy things never last,’ she said.

Tanasha Donna posing

Miss Donna also added that she had had two serious relationships in the past that had taught her a lot,

“I have been in two serious relationships in my life and I learnt something from these relationships. Never have regrets regardless. I would never say ‘oh I regret this’.

Everything happens for a reason and it’s always a lesson at the end of the day. One thing I have learnt is to never go into a relationship with expectations. they always lead to disappointment.”

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Tanasha reveals toxic effect her Mother-in-law, had on her relationship with Diamond

It seems that Tanasha Donna shares the same concern her Baby Daddy’s exes Wema Sepetu, Zari Hassan and Hamisa Mobetto had before her-That her mother in law, Sanura is too involved in her son’s affairs.

In an up-close interview Miss Donna did with True Love magazine; we finally got a chance to understand who Mama Dangote was to Tanasha and how her relationship with Diamond Platnumz affected them.

Diamond-and-Tanasha together

Well, it turns out that Mama Dangote fits the stereotype of the bad mother-in-law! According to Tanasha, her relationship with her son’s father couldn’t work because mama Dangote was too involved!

After 3 months of dating he wanted to marry me! Tanasha reveals about Diamond

According to Tanasha, at first she tried being the humble daughter in law by letting the lady walk all over her! This was because she never wanted to pull any stunts that would be dubbed disrespectful. But clearly that didn’t work out for her.

Esma Platnumz with Diamond and Tanasha and their mother
Esma Platnumz with Diamond and Tanasha and their mother

As for Diamond Platnumz, he never saw any need of asking his mum to respect his lover at any given time. From the interview, one can infer that Diamond didn’t stand up for his wife even when his mother-in-law was allegedly cruel to her.

However, this is not the first time this is being said about Mama Chibu. Zari talked about this same issue about 2 years ago – however, fans felt that she was being bitter after her break-up with Diamond.

Tanasha Donna in red
Tanasha Donna in red

Whatever the case, the common denominator in Diamond’s relationship failures isn’t his mom-It’s him! A man has to be the rock to his woman and even sometimes from his mother. A tightrope it seems Diamond doesn’t/can’t walk.

Watch the interview below:

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Quarantine has humbled me and got me begging for cassava! – Huddah

Huddah Monroe might be offering people advice on how to keenly follow the curfew guidelines put in place by the government.

Does that mean she is enjoying the restrictions that have been put on her and her fellow Kenyans? Nope!

‘Its quarantine not lungula vacation,’ Huddah advices on social distancing

In fact, the socialite has a few recommendations for how the government can manipulate the hours to suit her.

In a series of posts on her socials, the Huddah Cosmetics owner acknowledged that social distancing and isolation has humbled her.

In fact, the famous sex symbol has been humbled to a point of having to beg for ‘horizontal refreshments’.

“I break up. 2 hours later I’m bored and I want him back! Quarantine got me begging for D. They say Humble Yourselves! Quarantine has surely humbled me!” wrote Monroe, adding: “I feel a caged animal or an inmate.”

The light-skin beauty also added that the 10-hour curfew imposed in Kenya, suggesting it should be in effect during the day because she is as nocturnal as a lady of the night.

“This 8 pm to 6 am curfew is dead a**. I am more active at night! I wanna dress up and go disturb people. Can they change the curfew to 8 am to 6 pm?” she posed.

Huddah Monroe in white
The socialite in white

The outspoken Instagram personality spoke about covid-19’s impact on marriages.  “I see why husbands have fallen in love with their wives. And breaking up with their sides. Humble Yourself coz there’s nowhere else to go.” Huddah posted.

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After 3 months of dating he wanted to marry me! Tanasha reveals about Diamond

Tanasha Donna has been the buzzword in entertainment circles after her public and dramatic break-up with Tanzanian singer Diamond Platnumz.

The singer recently spoke to True Love about the relationship and many other things and revealed a lot about herself.  In the interview, she said that things went so fast with Diamond wanting to marry her 3 months after they had started dating.

“Things started happening really fast. I wasn’t in love yet. I liked his energy and his vibe but I was in love. Then all of a sudden he wanted to marry me. This was after three months of dating. then a date was set for February,’ Tanasha added that she still wanted to take her time to get to know the Tanzanian first.

Diamond with Tanasha
Diamond with Tanasha

The beauty also revealed the extents to which Diamond had gone to sweep her off her feet, even speaking to her NRG bosses to let her travel with him and was convinced he was the prince charming. “It did feel like genuine love. I hope my feelings were not wrong.”

It’s never easy to deal with a break-up-Tanasha finally confirms split from Diamond

By March 2019 Tanasha was so much in love with Diamond who treated her like a queen. Booking her flight to Tanzania every weekend to spend with him and his family. But before she knew it, she was pregnant with his baby.

Diamond and Tanasha holding Naseeb Junior
Diamond and Tanasha holding Naseeb Junior

“I was in shock. I was not ready to be a mom. I know I wasn’t being responsible because I wasn’t on any birth control. It did cross my mind that I could if I wanted to, get rid of the pregnancy but I could not go through with it.”

The singer added that the reason their pregnancy was revealed only two months before she gave birth was that she eidted her photos to hide her growing womb.

Tanasha Donna in red
Tanasha Donna in red

“I would edit the photos to hide my pregnancy. I was going through so much with the media. and was realising that this comes with it. I had to come to terms with life in the limelight.

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Broken up? Harmonize and wife unfollow each other after cheating allegations emerge

Things between Tanzanian singer Rajab Abdul Kahali aka Harmonize and his Italian wife Sarah Michelotti seem to be going awry as the two have unfollowed each other on Instagram, shortly after cheating allegations surfaced online.

A quick check on their Instagram pages revealed this with even a search from either of the two accounts could not bring up the name of the other, an indication that one has blocked the other.


This comes soon after reports surfaced online that Harmonize was cheating on his wife with Tanzanian socialite Nicole Joyce Berry, whom she recently featured in his Bedroom song video as a vixen.

It seems to me that Harmonize got more than musical guidance from his mentor Diamond Platnumz than meets the eye as his relationships are starting to mirror Chibu’s.

Harmonize and Diamond
Harmonize and Diamond together in the past

An update by Sarah on her insta-story said that, “She’s broken because she believed. He’s ok because he lied.”

In a video that has been highly circulated by Tanzanian gossip sites where a raging woman said to be Sarah is heard shouting insults from outside a residence said to be that of Nicole Berry.

Harmonize with Nicole Berry
Harmonize with Nicole Berry

The sites further claim that Harmonize has been staying with the socialite the past one week at her place and it’s what prompted Sarah to storm the place.

‘We fought alot because of my pride’ Harmonizes ex shares

Nicole Berry has also sent out a post quoting a bible verse, saying that no one can buy a man’s love and every woman should be their man’s peace, or the man will find happiness elsewhere, a post that has been highly interpreted as throwing shade to Harmonize’s wife Sarah.

Nicole Berry
Nicole Berry

A few days ago, Harmonize confessed that Nicole Berry was lucky because he is married. Otherwise, she would have seen another side of him.

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Broke slay queens to fake lifestyles: Things Coronavirus will expose

Coronavirus is here and it’s exposing a lot that we have not been paying attention to.

Here are a few of the things:

1. Broke slay queens

We all have to accept it, slay queens are merely broke girls trying to live a life way above them. With the recent limited movement and the 7pm-5am curfew, slay queens are feeling the pinch.

The luxury lifestyle they enjoyed has been put to a halt.

They are languishing with over kept weaves, rent arrears and all they have to do is wallow in frustrations. If they die, peace be with them.

2. Fake lifestyles

People out here are faking everything. From purchasing things beyond their means and spending unnecessarily.

Trying to please friends who don’t care anything. People will go back to their dungeons which they have been avoiding all along.

Depression will be real than ever before. People were busy partying and have to put up with their empty houses.

7 Agonizing things about dating a man shorter than you

3. Lazy wives

So guys married women because they were good in lungula. They depended on eat outs and order in. Right now men are having to put up with mashakura.

Women who can’t peel potatoes nor boil milk. They can only shape their nails and post on Insta stories. You got married to Insta wives and the quarantine is bringing the hell out of you.

4. Broken homes

Money is good but it’s becoming a necessary evil. People were busy looking for it at the expense of their families.

In these times of the pandemic, it’s becoming evident how homes are dead places. The love is out of the window and people live together as a bunch of zombies.

Children spend most of their time in the bedrooms chatting, surfing the internet and catching up with the latest movies.

‘I hope we meet again,’ Beauty queen cries for late billionaire hubby Reginald Mengi

Jacqueline Mengi is the wife to late Tanzanian billionaire Reginald Mengi who died last year after a heart attack in Dubai while they were on a vacation.

Jacqueline who was Miss Tanzania 2000 shared a photo of their wedding and described how she misses him.

“I hope we meet again and get a chance to love each other as we did in this life. Forever in my heart❤️” she wrote

After the death of Mengi, Jacqueline was taken to court by Mengi’s younger brother.

In a past interview with MillardAyo, Jacqueline revealed that her brother in law, Benjamin, was the one who instructed the watchman against letting her access the family graveyard, hence being denied access to see hubby’s grave.

“I went with my kids to lay flowers on my husband’s grave. The guard stopped me and said that he had been instructed by benjamin not to let me in, unless he gives me permission.”

I was hurt because my kids heard about it and they started crying.

She went on to say that her billionaire husband was buried where he didn’t like.

“Even when my husband died, we had misunderstandings on where to bury him. He had said that he should be buried in his property but his younger brother, Benjamin and his old kids (with ex-wife) refused.”

There case is in court about a disagreement of Mengi’s last will.

Prove that Jacqueline Mengi is pure hair goals

‘Its quarantine not lungula vacation,’ Huddah advices on social distancing

Huddah Monroe has reacted to the reported condom shortage.

Well, The world’s biggest condom maker Malaysia-based Karex Bhd warned consumers that the global supply may run out in two months, igniting mixed reactions on social media.

Some Kenyans weren’t happy with the news and Huddah took to social media to advice on self-quarantine.

She wrote;

“You’ve been told to self quarantine, not sex vacation”


While people are quarantining many have opted to create games,challenges, go live on social media but Huddah said in a post that she would rather make a sex tape than be on tiktok.

“On God! Here she cum – a Hudz Short film” She wrote

Huddah explains why she sent her mum a photo of her vajayjay

Gorgeous! Photos of Nick Mutuma and Bridget Shighadi’s all grown daughter

Two years ago, Bridget Shighadi and Nick Mutuma were blessed with a baby girl.

The celebrity baby has now been serving all kinds of gorgeousness and we must admit she is adorable.

Her parents share her photos once in a while but unlike most celebrity kids, she is yet to get an account.

In one of the posts, her mother, Shighadi described what an angel she has been blessed with

“The best thing that ever happened to me was my Dua, my everyday prayer. God sent me an angel on earth and today we celebrate her 2nd birthday.. Please stop growing so fast 😩. I love you my forever best friend ❤️”

In a recent photo, Nick Mutuma shared a photo and captioned,

“Lil Mama”

Whether she will follow her parent’s footsteps in the film industry or not, is something we will have to wait and see.

Last year, Mutuma launched his film ‘You Again’ starring Tanzania’s Mimi Mars. Shighadi on the other hand is making moves on Citizen TV’s drama series Maria.

The story behind Nick Mutuma’s nightmare – ‘When your dream job becomes your worst nightmare’

Now meet the adorable baby;

‘Staying at home and reproducing,’ Size 8, DJ Mo talk quarantine babies

Celebrity couple DJ Mo and Size 8 are giving their two cents on couples who plan to make babies during this time when people are adviced to self quarantine.

In her ‘Committee of wives’ video, Size 8 has urged couples to use contraceptives.

She said;

“Please remember to use your family planning.”

DJ Mo on the other hand explained how many kids are likely to be born in December which is 9 months from now.

DJ Mo wrote;

Woi hakukaliki nyumbani juu ya quarantine and also president kupeana curfew 😂😂😂🤷‍♂️. Itaisha tu 😂 wanaume tu vumilie …..

Guys have been joking But let’s talk about effects za kukaa home na kuproduce watoto- so 9 months from now 😝 Dec na January itakuwa fire 🔥 ….
****najua kila mtoto anakuja na sahani yake but let’s be wise and not forget family planning Ndio next year Life isitukimbishe sana au Vipi.

Mo and Size 8 are blessed with two lovely kids.

I was afraid to sleep, I thought I might not wake up – Size 8 narrates

‘Mnapenda ngono,’ Diamond’s sister Queen Darleen tells WCB men

Queen Darleen, sister to Diamond Platnumz has released a song called Bachela which she features fellow WCB signed artiste Lava Lava.

In the song, Lava Lava explains that he is young and wants to enjoy life and not get into relationships.

Darleen on the other hand talks about how beautiful it is in marriage.

Last year, she got married as a second wife in a private wedding.

‘I am glowing,my husband owns the both of us,’ reads part of the lyrics

Lava Lava responds,

“On Instagram you are being trolled that you took someone else husband because of money and you agreed to be a second wife…I’d rather be a bachelor.”

In this song, Lava Lava notes that he doesn’t want what happened to Tanasha and Diamond to happen to me

“Ask Dangote (Diamond Platnumz), he argued with Tanasha and she unfollowed all of us.” 

Queen Darleen went on to spill the beans of how she views men at WCB.

“Wasafi wote, inaonekana mnapenda ngono”

(It looks like every WCB member loves sex)


Queen Darleen has been telling fans that her brother Diamond is a single man after parting ways with Tanasha Donna and even asked Wema Sepetu, Diamond’s ex to get with him.

She told Wema on Instagram that;

“Weeeeeeuweweee bana mtoto umcmama kama moja @wemasepetu 😜🤔 iv unajua kaka uko #bachela na unavo damshiii🤤 miiii cmoooo”

‘do you know that my brother is a bachelor and the way you look beautiful?’

Diamond Platnumz’ sister Queen Darleen weds in surprise ceremony


How Coronavirus is bringing out people’s character

The world is in a lockdown over the Coronavirus pandemic. It’s easy to realize people’s different characters judging by the way they are handling the situation. Here are the characters depicted by different Kenyans:

1. Paranoid

These are Kenyans who have heightened fear of contracting the virus. They are taking extreme measures which are absurd. From avoiding buying bread to locking doors to avoid anyone in the house here are a few. As much as the virus is deadly, some people are taking absurd measures to keep it at bay.

2. Don’t care

Kenya have hard enough of hardships that most of them careless about the Coronavirus. It’s evident in the way CS for Health, Mutahi Kagwe keeps pleading with them to observe hygiene and social distancing. Majority of the poor Kenyans are not bothered with the virus and can be heard wondering why they should keep washing their hands as if they are expected to eat.

Don’t Wear Pajamas: Tips for working at home during coronavirus pandemic

3. Ignorance

Ignorance is worse than a don’t care attitude. There are a few characters who have no idea of how adverse Coronavirus is. They are unbothered with this menace. They hold on to God’s protection and take no precaution to protect themselves from the virus. They are the same people that are breaking every government’s directive aimed at controlling the pandemic.

4. Informative

These are the Kenyans that are pre-medics. They have every detail of what Coronavirus entails. They have read their books well. They are deep researchers. The government could use them to educate the public about the disease.

RIP! Jazz Artiste, Wallace Roney Is Dead

Wallace Roney, a Jazz virtuoso trumpeter has died at the age of 59 from coronavirus. The legendary Jazz trumpeter died on Tuesday in New Jersey, at St. Joseph’s University Medical Center.

His PR personell Lydia Liebman, announced the sad news

“I am saddened to confirm that the iconic trumpeter and jazz legend Wallace Roney passed away due to complications of COVID-19 this morning just before noon,”
“Working with Wallace was and will remain one of the greatest privileges of my life,” his publicist said. “It was an honor to represent him and to be part of his musical world. I cannot even begin to express how much I will miss him and his music.”
He is mostly rdescribed by fans as Miles Davis’ true protege and will also be remembered for his Grammys win in 1994 for the album “A Tribute To Miles.

Tears of joy as Diamond Platnumz’s manager Sallam, heals from the coronavirus

Sallam, Diamond Platnumz’s manager is out of danger after testing negative for coronavirus two times.

Sallam who also doubles up as managers to rapper AY and The Navy Kenzo announced on 19, March, 2020 that he had tested positive for this virus.

This was right after coming from Diamond Platnumz Europe tour which was later cancelled.

He posted;

Since then, Sallam had been put under quarantine at the Temeke Isolation Centre.

He has not been released yet from the centre after testing negative.

He took to social media to thank those who supported him;

Nimshukuru Allah 🙏🏽 na pia niwashukuru wote mlionitumia msg, comments, DM na dua zenu. Bila kuwasahau Temeke Isolation Centre kwa kuwa bega na bega pamoja na mie bila kunichoka pale nilipokuwa nimezidiwa, na shukurani zangu zingine ziende kwa Madaktari bingwa kujua maendeleo yangu mara kwa mara na pia Serikali yangu na viongozi wake husika Wizara na Mkoa walikuwa hawana ubaguzi kutujulia hali na kutupa moyo na kutupa mahitaji tutakayo. Naomba niwape taarifa ndugu yenu, kijana wenu nimechukuliwa vipimo mara mbili na nimekutwa NEGATIVE na kwa sasa nipo huru. Ila naomba tuendelee kujikinga na kufata ushauri wa viongozi wetu na kuacha maelekezo ya utashi yasiyokuwa na uhakika. ALLAH IS GREAT 🙏🏽🙏🏽🙏🏽

(I thank God, I thank also those who sent me messages,DMs and your prayers. My thanks to Temeke Isolation Centre and the doctors and the government.

I am negative.

I urge you to continue being cautious.)

In Europe Sallam was accompanied by Diamond Platnumz, his dancers,producer and camera crew who have all been put under quarantine.

‘Corona is real,’ says Diamond, talks manager being quarantined

Why the act of sending naughty photos is on the rise

Most probably 7 out of 10 readers of this post have sent a nude or semi-nude at a point in their life.

It’s the new culture amongst people of all ages. Over the past few years nudes and sex tapes of favourite actors, musicians and public administrators have leaked and done rounds over the internet.

Some were photo shopped as the victims claimed.

Technology has played a major role in the rise of this act.

It’s of essence we look into why this act is gaining popularity among the populace:

1. Sexual empowerment

With the rise of feminism and women taking pride in their bodies sending nude comes as a form of sexual empowerment. University of Arizona researcher, Morgan Johnstonbaugh, in his experiment concluded that for most women, sexting and sending nude was empowering to women because they can create a space where they feel safe expressing their sexuality and exploring their body. Desire is what drives most women to send nudes. It emerges in response to rather than in anticipation of sex.

2. Spices up relationships

With most relationships being short lived, extra activities must be put into practice to keep the fire burning and sending nudes happens to be one of them. Nudes adds flavour in times of sexting as the pictures are tantalizing and creates a sense of anticipation where sex is expected in the near future. With women generally wanting to feel desired, the act of sending nudes is majorly an issue played with them. The response given by most men- wanting to get freaky with them- is what creates the dire need for women to send the nudes.

‘I tricked my saved wife with a new IG account only for her to send me nudes’ Shocked city man narrates

3. Self esteem

With nudes been sent from a point of positivity, at times the reverse can happen. With majority of the youth suffering from self-esteem, sending nudes acts as a feel good feeling. With the recipient thirsting over the nudes, the sender feels good about themselves as someone somewhere desires their bodies. With nudity been one of the highest levels of intimacy, acts of sending nudes acts as a way of boosting self-esteem. With heterosexual women sending nudes to satisfy requests and prevent them from losing interest bisexuals and lesbians send them to feel empowered and gain confidence. Women bodies are commodified in the dating market in ways that men’s bodies aren’t.

4. Peer pressure

This has to be one of the most common reasons why most people send nudes. Everyone’s sending nudes, so why can’t I. It’s becoming okay for people to take pics of their body naked and send them to the waiting recipient. One of the unexpected reason for sending nudes had to be most women trying to prove a point when men turned angry if they withheld sending them at first. In return most women found themselves victims of this selfish act.


Rotimi unveils secret details about relationship with Vanessa Mdee

Singer Vanessa Mdee is head over heels in love with Hollywood actor Rotimi.

The two were first spotted together in public at a Miami beach where Vee Money and the ‘Power’ actor were baecationing together.

Well, Rotimi has for the first time spoken about their relationship.

He revealed these details in his YouTube Channel while responding to a fan who asked “Dating expectations in relationships”.

He said;

“You have to be in the right mindset to date. Alot of people settle because they are afraid of being alone. Do not settle. 

Go into it knowing you are ready and you’ve accomplished what you’ve done on your own. 

Men and women get into a relationship because they don’t wanna be alone. I think that its unhealthy, for me, I’ve lived. I’ve done alot. Good and bad.

When you meet someone you love, its effortless and fly and it doesn’t come around often.”

Adding that;

“You will identify it, when you make sacrifices that better both of you. I think that you are ready. When you find someone that adds value to your life, its important to hold onto, if you are ready.”

Before they met at a party in the U.S, the two had been seeing other people. Mdee had just broken up with bongo artiste Juma Jux whom she had dated for years.

Vanessa Mdee and bae Rotimi in Tanzania for the first time

Jux then introduced his mzungu girlfriend from Thailand.

Vanessa on the other hand has been living with Rotimi in the U.S