Differences between Okari’s wedding with Betty Kyallo and with Naomi

Dennis Okari is now officially married after saying ‘I Do’ to the love of his life Naomi Joy.

The two married in an intimate ceremony attended by close friends and relatives.

Okari proposed to Naomi weeks ago, leaving many ladies heartbroken given that they have a soft spot for him.

Here are notable differences between Okari’s proposal to Betty Kyallo and to his new wife Naomi.

Dennis Okari finally weds his fiancee Naomi Joy Photos)

1. The second proposal was top secret not to be publicised
Okari proposed to Joy Naomi in a surprise dinner where only family and very close friends were invited.

His first proposal to TV queen Betty Kyallo was carried out during a holiday in Mombasa.

According to sources,

“Dennis took her to Mombasa. They went to south coast’s Swahili Beach Hotel. He informed everyone about it and for two days tourists were just staring at Betty.

He proposed at the poolside as a Maasai moran accompanied by two white twin girls carried the plate of roses surrounding the ring. It was mind blowing,” said our source.


Later the media reports indicate that the couple did gush about their engagement.

“I will not deny nor confirm this story but I will let you know soon,” Betty told a section of the media..

Dennis on the other hand hinted the possibility of the wedding but declined to give more details.

“We are still planning and we will let you know as soon as all is ready,” he said.

2. The traditional wedding went swimmingly without any drama

Okari’s traditional wedding in ukambani – Joy Naomi’s parents home – is said to have gone smoothly. No hitches at all.

That was not the case with Betty’s ruracio.

“When we started preparations for the traditional wedding, the cracks started to show. A week and a half to the ceremony, certain things about me were said by my partner’s family, and my family found out. They weren’t happy,” Betty narrated to True Love.


 “I needed to find out what time their entourage would arrive. But he did not pick up my call. I tired calling him again after an hour and once again it went unanswered.”

betty kyallo

Betty’s parents tried to contact Okari which saw their calls go unanswered too.

“At 3pm, when we tried to call again, all their phones were off. By the time the sun was going down, it was obvious that I had been stood up on my traditional wedding.”


3. Parents love the new fiancée

Going by the attendance at the engagement dinner, both Okari and Joy Naomi’s family seem to get along.

Again, this was the missing ingredient in Betty’s love life with Okari.

Everybody in her family wanted her to break up with Okari after what he had put her through.

Three years down the line, pregnant Betty Kyallo would then go back to Okari as she talked to him behind her family’s back.


The two agreed that when their daughter turned one year, they would do a second traditional wedding even though Betty felt that she was not being protected by Okari when it came to his family’s side.

This time round, the traditional wedding was attended by only ten people. Betty explained,

“We then decided that when Ivanna turned one, we would have the wedding,The second traditional wedding leading up to this day was attended by only 10 people.

My mum and dad were the only ones present from my from of the family. But ultimately, it was not the marriage ceremony I had dreamed of.”

4. The bride-to-be is sure of her decision

Joy Naomi was sure of her answer to Okari when she said, “Yes!” and hugged him tightly as the room burst out in cheers and ululation. The engagement dinner saw Okari get vulnerable and ask Joy:

“The answer that I will get today will be etched in my memories for as long as I live.
I will love you with all the wisdom that God will give me and not just to love you but also to love Him as well and to serve His people.”

As for Betty, she had doubts from day one. She didn’t want the wedding nor the marriage but because of the “power couple” image they had created for the public, she agreed.

Betty said in a past interview:

“I felt it was still very premature and we had no story to tell. I was just learning the ropes and the idea of getting married was also just settling in.

So I wasn’t sure if our story would have depth you can imagine being engaged at 23, what do you know?

But when you are in love, you easily get influenced by what your partner thinks and feels. And so Dennis managed to convince me to take the opportunity.”

We wish the happy couple the best in their impending nuptials

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Jaguars’s baby mama excites Kenyans as she shows off her valentines gift

As women around the World received flowers, chocolates and dinner dates for valentines day, Jaguar’s baby mama Magda Ngima chose a different path.

She shared a photo holding a bundle of cash with the caption below;

“This is now valentines, maua peleka huko, the kikuyu in me.”

Angels of Love: Check out Zubeida Kananu’s beautiful family (Photos)

Magda Ngima

The photo  elicited excitement with a majority of Kenyans asking for as share given that mwezi iko corner.

beckykemunto: Mama bless me with 5k I will appreciate

kanana_janet@magda_ngima Naomba Moja tu!

aliciaahawo: Maua ni ya nyuki 😹😹😹

papuchulo_nurdeen@magda_ngima : na sisi ambao hatupa wapenzi wala pesa tu coment wapi?

While some celebs were just indoors, others opted to surprise their better halves. Nameless surprised his wife Wahu with a beautiful package as he attended the men’s conference.

‘He used to call me whinny Wahu…. Becoz he thought I whined a lot (I didn’t😁😁 ) 
I used to call him moody Monski, because…Well mostly because he was just a moody dude! 😁😁
I love you babe. I have for the last 20 odd years. (Where did the time go!!) Thank you for the roses and chocolates! See you later on! Ama bado uko men’s conference? 😁😁😁 #trulymyrideordie.”

Tanasha Donna on the other hand received a surprise package from Diamond Platnumz while still at work and it got her emotional.

Below is a video

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Dennis Okari finally weds his fiancee Naomi Joy Photos)

Today Dennis Okari is walking his bride Naomi Joy down the aisle in an invite only wedding to the disappointment of many ladies.

Okari’s best Ken Mijungu man posted:

“Na suti tukavaa☺️”

Angels of Love: Check out Zubeida Kananu’s beautiful family (Photos)


Dennis Okari and Ken Mijungu

DJ Mo was under house arrest on Valentine’s Day (Screenshot)

Bonfire Adventures CEO Simon Kabu leaked the news by posting on his Instagram

He wrote:

“Attending my friend’s wedding. Join me in congratulating him. @dennisokari . #wedding.”

Okari’s fans reacted:

tkaruri: 😍😍congrats @dennisokari , wishing you joy and happiness in your marriage.

yvonne_kylan: @alaine_alaine14 toka hapa hata aitwe baba ivanna we don’t care 😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂 😂 😂 😂

peterndeleva: Congratulations Dennoh, tunakutambua. God bless you and yours big time🙏🙏🙏

umu_asya:Congratulations to the couple.

wairimu_musindi:I honestly love this guy..He deserves the best..Congratulations Dennis

anjleegadhvi:Congratulations dear @dennisokari 💖

Below is a video of the wedding


Below are photos from the wedding


‘I’m happy for him’ Betty Kyallo speaks out after Dennis Okari Moves on


Dennis Okari

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Congratulations! Katy Perry and Orlando Bloom are engaged

Katy Perry and Orlando Bloom are said to be ‘engaged’ following a three-year on-off romance.

Fan accounts were going wild on Friday after a Facebook account claiming to belong to Katy’s mother shared screenshots of the reported proposal from Valentine’s Day.

In the snaps, which were captioned: ‘look who got engaged last night’, Katy can be seen crying as she stands under a heart-shaped arch, while posing in the actor’s arms.

Another shot shows the pair looking emotional while standing on stage, as Orlando takes to the microphone.

Katy looks incredible wearing a pink Alessandra Rich dress as she cosies up to the handsome star who appears to have presented her with a pink vintage ring.

Her nails were painted pink to match the ring and she had diamantés stuck on one talon.

Clearly in the mood for Valentine’s, she wears giant heart-shaped earrings, with a sparkling heart belt around her waist.

Katy Perry

Spokespersons for Katy Perry and Orlando Bloom are yet to comment so it’s unclear if the engagement is genuine.

In an interview with Paper Magazine just days ago, Katy said: ‘I’m very pragmatic and logistical and I am less fantastical about things… I mean, I was married when I was 25…

‘I’m 34. It was almost 10 years ago. I was like, ‘One person for the rest of my life,’ and I’m not so sure that that idea is for me. I’m just such a different person than I was.’

On her ill-fated marriage to Russell Brand she told W Magazine: ‘I really loved it. It was a new, fun, exciting journey.

‘I like how I am now, and I think all things happen for a reason.’

Katy and Orlando made their first red carpet appearance since reuniting in September 2018.

They broke up in March 2017, issuing a joint statement saying they were ‘taking respectful, loving space at this time.’

The couple couldn’t stay apart for long though and were spotted back together on holiday in Japan in December that year.

They told the world they were officially back on in February 2018.

More to follow…


Bahati’s daughter Heaven celebrates her first birthday (Photos)

Gospel artiste Bahati and his wife Diana Marua celebrated their daughter’s first birthday yesterday as the world marked Valentines day.

Taking to instagram to celebrate her daughters birthday, Diana Marua wrote

“A day Like this last year… 14.02.2018 my life became whole 👼 Heav, my wishes for you are like the stars in the sky… My prayers are endless, May your life always be a living testimony and the most important thing is that May you always learn to Embrace Tiny Little Miracles. Happy 1st Birthday My Love @HeavenBahati 😍❤”


Side hustles earning your favorite celebrities millions (List)

Bahati also wrote the caption below to celebrate his daughters birthday.

“You’re Simply LOVE ❤️ .You were born on Valentines DAY.”

Here are more birthday wishes from her fans to baby Heaven.

gracewainaina1984: Happy birthday baby heaven 🎂🎊🎉❤️🎈🥳

wanyamamercy408: Happy birthday Lil princess💞

mercyafandietende: Happy birthday baby Heaven,you are an angel.May God bless you together with your parents as they continue looking after you.God has a good purpose for your life.

sempeyos: May God cover u from all evil,n may he give your mum a good heart,n take away the evil heart.Happy b day beautiful.

vee_mapesa: pretty in pink princess ..Happy birthday valentine queen

ms.jay_zhane: Happy birthday adorable baby Heaven, may you overcome each and every milestone and may the God Lord always watch over you lil angel

‘Worry not I am dying’ Willy Paul recalls last words of his dancer Valerie

Below are photos of Baby Heaven as she turned one.

Heaven Bahati







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Angels of Love: Check out Zubeida Kananu’s beautiful family (Photos)

TV queen Zubeida Kananu is an ecstatic mum after her son turned one yesterday  as the world celebrated Valentines Day.

Kananu, who has been married for almost ten years, is a mother of two, and going by her constant photos it is obvious she is enjoying every minute of her motherhood journey.

“This is what I call a special #TBT…on a day like this, 1yr ago, our son was born…I call him Gods angel of Love…he has brought us so much love, peace, joy, happiness and blessings.

May God’s blessings, protection and peace be upon you always my darling…You are our twinkling star…May your light always shine bright in all the earth.

May you live to be a God fearing man and may you spread love in your generation and those to come…Happy blessed birthday sweetheart ❤️❤️❤️”

‘Worry not I am dying’ Willy Paul recalls last words of his dancer Valerie

Zubeida Kananu Koome

Zari sends Diamond final message a year after dumping him

Kananu also has a 7 year old daughter whom she adores.

“My princess is all grown up now…she turns seven today…My precious gift, my love…she has such a big heart, loving and so kind, I’m proud to be her mum…May God continue to watch over you my darling, May he protect you from the evil eye…I love you with every drop of my blood…Happy blessed birthday, May you live to see and celebrate many more happy years 🎉❤️️❤️️🎉🎉🎉”

Zubeida Kananu's daughter

Below are more photos of Zubeida and her kids.

image-2019-02-15 (6) (1)

image-2019-02-15 (7) (1)

image-2019-02-15 (5) (1)


Zubeida Koome family

image-2019-02-15 (9) (1)


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Extremely sassy! Hacks to help you survive a whole day in heels

Now I’m sure you probably wonder how some women survive all day with heels on, right? And you also wanna wear yours for a whole day, but it hurts so bad. Don’t worry, we have you sorted.

We gathered a few hacks that are very helpful.

1. Comfortable heels

When shopping for heels, try them on and walk around the stall and analyse them. If you want high shoes that you could stand all day in, stilettos are good but chunky heels are better.

chunky heels

2. Go for shoe shopping later in the day

Now incase you didn’t know, our feet swell throughout the day, so shoe shopping should be done later after your days activities. This will enable you have more comfort even when your feet swell compared to doing shopping in the morning when your feel are not swollen. This means when they swell the shoes will be a little bit tight and uncomfortable.

swollen legs heels

3. Tape your third and fourth toes

These toes have nerves that make them feel pressured and taping them together is just the right solution to the pressure. Try it. This method can only work for closed shoes and not peep toes.

tape heels

4. Minimize the movement

Don’t move around alot to avoid getting blisters on your feet. Blisters are caused by intense friction and they are very painful. The pain is what makes ladies look like they are struggling to walk, so to avoid that, minimize your movement.


5. Have taxi money

Now incase you don’t have your own vehicle, but you want to have your shoes on all day, have some money set aside for a taxi, because you won’t enjoy walking home in your heels darling.

6. Carry some flat shoes

Have some spare flats to wear when you are done wearing your heels or after the activities of your day. This will help you feel relaxed.

heels flats



Exclusive: I don’t want to rush my marriage to Vanessa Mdee – Juma Jux

Tanzanian artiste Juma Jux has released a brand new jam ‘In case You Don’t know’ in collaboration with Kenya’s finest, Nyashinski and it’s already trending.

The song which was released 2 days ago is already at number 4 on You Tube with its views standing at 365,790.

Speaking exclusively on Classic 105, Juma Jux says that he chose Nyashinski because he is talented.

“Nyashinski is very talented and I have always wanted to do a song with him that is why I decided that if I was to ever do a collabo here it would be with him. 


I am currently working on ‘Love Album’ I have more than 42 songs but I have to select only 20 songs for that particular album.

‘Worry not I am dying’ Willy Paul recalls last words of his dancer Valerie


I am having trouble choosing what songs should go into that album. I always find myself replacing the ones already in there.

I want it to have love songs in all the different versions.”

Side hustles earning your favorite celebrities millions (List)


On why he always sings about love, Jux says

“Most of the songs come from my heart because I am in a relationship. If you buy my album everything about love is in it whether you were dumped, whether you in love my album has you covered.”

Juma Jux with his girlfriend Vanessa Mdee
Juma Jux with his girlfriend Vanessa Mdee

On whether she is planning to wed Vanessa Mdee

“We are doing good as a couple, on when we are getting married I can’t give a definite answer for now because we are still planning.

Marriage is a very big decision. I want to be a good husband so I do not want to rush the whole thing.”


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While you were busy at the men’s conference Kevo wa gym ‘sorted’ us

Yesterday, Kenyan men used the excuse that they were attending a men’s conference to run away from their women on Valentines day.

According to the men, the conference was a platform for them to educate themselves and what better way to learn them than on valentines?.

Side hustles earning your favorite celebrities millions (List)

Valentines day

I feel so bad when people write ugly things about my hubby and I -Celina

Well the women have come out stating that they did not miss their men at all given that they had someone to sort them out.

Speaking to Maina Kageni one caller says

“King’angi you (Men) can go for a month we don’t care  you can even go a whole year or two and we won’t be shaken.

The mistake you did yesterday is that you left behind Bryo wa cyber, Tony wa gym and Kevo wa movie.

Wako a phone call away so we were sorted, they treated us while you guys were busy in the men’s conference.”

gym couple 2

Mwalimu King’ang’i who is a supporter of the conference couldn’t believe his ears.

He defended himself by stating that Bryo and Kevo being left behind was because of a communication error adding that they are being sought by police.

Answering the female caller Mwalimu King’ang’i says

“You are a  key witness and they are currently being rounded up so that they can be arrested. If they are arrested today let them know they will be taken to court on Monday.

Just know that there was a problem in oversight and we shall release a press conference immediately, the men are however being sought by Noordin Haji.”

Ali Kiba and Diamond in mourning after losing their mutual friend

Another caller admits to be a movie guy adding that he had a field day on valentines day with women throwing themselves at him.

“Maina mimi ni Kevo wa movie, nilimiss memo ya men’s conference so mimi niliachwa tu mtaa.

Yesterday’s valentines day was like a buffet unakohoa unaulizwa yes please, how may I help you, Jana was crazy tulikula tukanona.

black couple flirt

Ukishindwa kula unabeba unaenda nayo nyumbani wasituletee.

Maina from six in the morning my phone was blowing with calls all over acha hawa wanaume waende conference, mimi ndio nilibaki nikiwa chairman.”

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Side hustles earning your favorite celebrities millions (List)

Some of our favorite celebrities are known to have multiple jobs that have earned them millions.

Here is a list of women with several hustles to inspire you on your journey to becoming a boss!

  1. Evaline Momanyi

Evaline Momanyi Mwaura, the wife of Paul Ndichu, who is TV personality Grace Msalame’s baby daddy, has an unbelievable, yet inspiring tale of how she rose to become the formidable, successful woman  she is today.

The mother of one started out as a cyber attendant where she earned about Sh70 a day an amount that would only cover her transport costs.

Zari sends Diamond final message a year after dumping him

Evaline Momanyi


She has managed to rise through the ranks and was this week appointed a member of the Africa Advisory of Board for Save the Children UK.

The organisation promotes children’s rights, provides relief and helps support children in developing countries under Save the Children Fund. Momanyi also works for mobile telcom giant Safaricom.

2. Grace Msalame

Grace  Msalame, a TV personality is another woman who has risen through the ranks, She started her TV career as a presenter of the youth show Straight Up before moving on to host the Art Scene.

She tried her hand at news as a radio presenter and was also a content acquisition manager for Shine TV.

Grace Msalame
Grace Msalame

The mother of two also earns money from being a brand ambassador for Vivo active wear. She also has her hands on the digital space as a content creator.

She recently started hosting a show dubbed ‘Unscripted With Grace’ which airs on NTV.

It’s been a long journey getting here! Msalame major TV comeback.

3. Caroline Mutoko

Known as the queen of radio during her time as a presenter, Caroline has her hands in many money-making jars.

Apart from holding a senior position at Radio Africa Group, she is also a digital content creator, speaker and marketer.

Caroline Mutoko
Caroline Mutoko.


4. Betty Kyalo

Betty Kyalo started her career as an intern at KTN and grew to be among the top presenters at the station with a famous weekend show – the Friday Briefing.

Apart from her day job, she partnered with a friend – Susan Kaitany – but the partnership as well as the friendship did not last long.

She went on to open her own salon directly opposite Kaitany’s called Flair by Betty.

Flair CEO Betty Kyalo 

5. Akothee

Apart from being a performing artiste Akothee manages ‘Akothee Safaris’ which has created a mark for itself in the tour and travel field.


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Going strong! Travis Scott surprises Kylie Jenner for Valentines

Thursday will be her second Valentine’s Day with beau Travis Scott.

And with still another day to go, Kylie Jenner has already been gifted with love.

Travis Scott

Taking to Instagram Stories, the 21-year-old showcased the rapper’s Valentine’s Day tunnel of love he had created for his girl.  

The tunnel was filled with various archways of both pink and red roses styled in the shape of hearts.

The walkway featured a mirrored floor and was met with a variety of burning candles along the way.

Kylie and travis

While Kylie walked down the long path in the middle of her home, sultry music played.

As the makeup mogul reached the end of the walkway of love, she was greeted with a LED lit heart on a stand.

And it’s no surprise Travis has already gone all out for his baby mama and lady love.

Kylie took to social media last February 14 to share a video of her entire home including the staircase filled with fresh red roses and candles.

‘hell of a way to end the night,’ she captioned the clip.

While promoting her latest Valentine’s Day makeup collection last month, the youngest Jenner sister revealed what she wanted on the special day.

‘Jewelry, obviously,’ she said when asked if she wanted the fashionable accessory or a teddy bear.

Kylie later added that she would definitely rather receive diamonds than pearls.

The beauty and the Astroworld star celebrated their first Valentine’s Day last February, just two weeks after welcoming their first born, daughter, Stormi Webster, into the world.

Kylie and Travis first started seeing each other at Coachella 2017, and fell pregnant just weeks after.


‘I’m happy for him’ Betty Kyallo speaks out after Dennis Okari Moves on

Finally, Betty Kyallo has spoken after her ex husband, Dennis Okari proposed to his new bae. Yes! he has moved on and he even wants to marry his new lady while on the other hand, the TV siren is all laid back and just taking care of her baby girl.

betty kyallo

Betty asked her fans and followers to ask her questions and one asked’

“Do you feel bad that Dennis moved on? how do you manage the pain?

She calmly responded saying,

“no pain whatsoever, happy for him. Wish him the best.And to everyone else who’s gone or going through the same thing, you’re human, life happens, move on and fine your happiness. I’m happier.”



Betty Kyallo{A}

In the past, Betty has hinted that Dennis Okari is a deadbeat father and that she has been raising their daughter alone.

Another fan asked how she manages to co parent with her ex husband and she responded by clearing the air that she is a single parent.

Betty Kyallo


She has gone ahead to explain she is happier and that she is fine. We all know Betty Kyallo for her positive vibes and ever bubbly personality. She has also explained that what matters most in her life right now is her daughter and her business that is doing well.

betty kyallo baby

Dennis recently engaged his current bae in a private occasion. This is a clear indication that he is over Betty and is ready to settle down again and Betty Kyallo is satisfied with her life currently.



Kenya 7s Dennis Ombachi’s tasty pancakes for Valentines

He is known as one of Kenyan sportsmen who love to cook.

His recipes, that he shares, leave us salivating, and now for Valentines he has set his sights on delicious pancakes.

He wrote the good news on  his website wemenshouldcook saying;

How about these ‘Fluffy pancakes ‘for your loved ones this valentine’s.These pancakes are surprisingly easy and simple to make with ingredients that can be sourced at home with ease

Some of his secrets to fluffy pancakes include;



He also suggests you mix your wet ingredients into the dry ingredients and mix briefly, then fold in the flour into the milk mixture.


The butter should be melted but not hot.

Another secret he let us in on include making sure you sift your floor.

Other sportsmen who love to cook includes fellow teammate Kenya 7’s Injera, Asego among others,

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The pride on William Ruto’s face as son Nick graduates will make your day


DP William Ruto’s son has joined the league of learned fellows.

Nick Ruto was among thousands of Kenyans who graduated from Law School and awarded by Chief Justice David Maraga.

DP wrote a heartfelt message to his son saying

Hearty congratulations Nick Ruto for being admitted to the Bar. As you begin a career in the legal profession, may you stand true to your calling as a defender of justice, human rights and an avid campaigner for equality and truth.

Here are family photos the DP shared on his son’s big day

DP William Ruto and son Nick
Rachel Ruto and Nick
DP William Ruto and his wife Rachel and children
A hug from aproud dad

Anger as autopsy results of Dandora activist Caroline Mwatha delayed





Mwatha’s body was found at City Mortuary in Nairobi on Tuesday evening after she went missing on Wednesday last week.

protest over Caroline Mwahtha autopsy results delay

The founding member of the Dandora Community Social Justice Centre had been documenting cases of forced disappearances and police extrajudicial killings.


A postmortem exercise on Caroline Mwatha’s body has been pushed to Monday.

The procedure had been scheduled for Thursday at the City Mortuary.

Family members and human rights activists said they gathered at morgue early on Wednesday only to be told the autopsy will not take place as earlier planned.

“We are disappointed by the news coming in from the DCI that the government is not ready to proceed with the autopsy today until Monday,” Haki Africa executive director Hussein Khalid said.

A protest along Ngong road was held. See what the explanation was below;

Earlier today, HAKI Africa officials joined other human rights defenders in a street protest to demand for the autopsy of the late Caroline Mwatha who was found at the Nairobi city mortuary following her disappearance 7 days ago

human rights defenders block ngong road

Glam Squad! How to get ready for your date this Valentine’s

You want to look the part on Valentine’s Day, right? Well, we have all the tips to make you look glamorous.

1. Outfit

valentines dress

You can be sure that a red classy dress will bring out your beauty and will be suitable for a night time dinner date. Definitely go get a red dress.White and black can also work for valentines day but give it a touch of red and Sharon Mwangi is definitely giving us that valentines vibe.

2. Jewellery 

valentines jewelry

Jewelry would go well with a dress that shows your shoulders. Go all out with jewelry.A head piece and natural hair always go together, there’s no doubt.Try it!

3. Do your nails

valentines nails

A nude colour on your nails will definitely do your outfit some justice. Slightly long nails are also very sexy and would fit the mood of the date.

4. Hair up do

 valentines up do

Theres no time that an up do looks bad. Its elegant and simple. It brings out your pretty face and allows your make up yo pop and enhances your facial beauty.

5. Shoes

valentines shoe

Stilettos are a good choice but also go for a comfortable shoe, something that you can walk with without looking like a drunk chicken.

Read more;

Five make up and hair styles that are perfect for valentines day

Ali Kiba and Diamond in mourning after losing their mutual friend

Tanzanian artiste Ali Kiba is in mourning after losing his friend Tanzanian rapper Golden Jacob Mbunda alias Godzilla yesterday.

According to Global Publishers, Godzilla suddenly passed away on Tuesday night at their home in Dar es Salaam.

The deceased’s  sister Joyce Mbunda said that prior to his demise, the rapper complained of stomach pains, high blood pressure and diabetes.

Khaligraph was being funded by older women while we were dating – Cashy


Born on January 5, 1988 in Morogoro, Godzilla thrilled fans with hit tracks such as “Milele” alongside Alikiba and “First Class” featuring Mwasiti.

His remains have been taken to the Lugalo Military Hospital in Dar es Salaam,Taking to Instagram Ali KIba wrote

“R.I.P ZILLA🙏🙏🙏”

Kiba also shared the video below as a way of commemorating his friend.

View this post on Instagram

#KINGKBA X #KINGZILLA #ripkingzilla

A post shared by ALI KIBA🔵 (@officialalikibaa_) on

‘I sleep with with my father- in -law and we even have a son’ Brags woman

Diamond Platnumz also took to his instagram to mourn Godzilla in the caption below



Ali Kiba’s fans joined him in mourning his friend and below are some of their condolence messages.

kidoti2489:Dunia tunapita daima tutakukumba king zilla mbele yako nyuma yetu

imakocho:Mbele yako nyuma yetu kaka R. I. P

adalbertandrea:Pumzika kwa amani kingzilla

msafiriomi:Daah, mnyamwez umeondoka mapema sana

emwambuzi:Mungu naomba umpokee kiumbe wako

mkushi002:Sote njia yetu moja r.I.p zilla👏👏😮😮😮

mwantumumkweso:Inauma aiseeh tulimpenda san zilla ila mung kampenda zaidi

mtambofrancis:Daaaaaaah so [email protected] Rip king zilla

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