Kim Kardashian says she was lonely while married to Kanye West

Kanye West’s estranged wife, Kim Kardashian, has opened up on her failed marriage with Kanye West.

Speaking on the last episode of ‘Keeping Up With the Kardashians’, Kim expressed feeling lonely during her marriage.

The reality TV star said at the time, she never thought she was lonely during their relationship.

“I never thought I was lonely. I just thought that was fine. I can just have my kids,” she said adding that she would go to everyone for advise.

“I used to go to everyone for all the answers and all the problems. It’s draining.”

Mike Sonko’s last born daughter Sandra calls out body-shamers

kim kardashian family christmas card
Kim revealed that she resolved to instead work on herself.

In the days leading up to their divorce, Kim and Kanye lived in different states, an aspect she admitted took a toll on their relationship.

“I realised like no, I don’t want a husband that lives in a completely different state,” the mother of four said.

Kim said she was looking for someone with whom they have more in common.

“I want someone that we have the same shows in common. I want someone that wants to work out with me,” she said.

The Hollywood couple got married in 2014 and have two daughters, North and Chicago; and two sons, Saint and Psalm.

Their separation marks Kardashian’s third divorce, following her relationships with basketball player Kris Humphries and music producer Damon Thomas.

Comedian Kansiime’s mum laid to rest in a joyous burial ceremony

Ugandan comedian Anne Kansiime’s mother  was finally laid to rest.

Taking to social media, the mother of one shared with her fans that the funeral service was more of a celebration.

Kansiime said that her mother was her hero and a blessing to anyone who got to interact with her.

The comedian further expressed gratitude to her friends who stood by her during her mourning times.

“It was a joyful send off of my hero.
A vigorous expression of the life she lived and the gift she was for all the people that had the blessing of encountering her.

Thank you soooo much for all the condolence messages i received from u all my ninjas, friends and suspects.
I felt all the love and support dispite these covid restrictions.

There’s no doubt i will see u again mama. Sometimes, #StrengthIsAChoice indeed.”

Harmonize ex-girlfriend Kajala announces she is starting a reality show


While announcing the death of her mother a week ago, Kansiime said she is not questioning God’s will but rather accepting it despite the struggle to understand it.

“God’s ways are indeed not our ways! My mother has gone to be with the Lord this morning.”


Harmonize ex-girlfriend Kajala announces she is starting a reality show

Bongo Movie Actress and Harmonize’s ex Frida Kajala  has announced she is starting a reality show.

The reality show ‘Mom & daughter “like twins” will feature her daughter Paula Kajala.

They shared their news via their social media pages

“Mom & daughter “like twins” lifestyle reality show coming soon on your tv. Cast: @kajalafrida @therealpaulahkajala….Golden bond #back2back,” read Frida’s post on Instagram.

Kajala and her daughter shot into the limelight in their relationships with singers, Harmonize and Rayvanny.

Frida dated Harmonize for a period of three months.

Gay activist Makena Njeri speaks on why she left cushy BBC job

Paula became a topic of discussion after Rayvanny shared a video of them on February 14, with the singer landing in trouble soon after.

Paula’s mother, Frida, accused the star of spoiling her daughter by getting her drunk.

The act resulted in a police case that saw Rayvanny and Hamisa Mobetto, plus the Kajala’s being questioned by police.

Harmonize and Frida Kajala
Harmonize and Frida Kajala

Check out their post regarding to the upcoming reality show;

Mejja’s hit song ‘Tabia Za Wakenya’ taken down from YouTube

Gengetone artiste Mejja is disappointed after his recent hit song ‘Tabia Za Wakenya’ was taken down after accumulating more than two million views on  YouTube.

According to Mejja, the song was allegedly pulled down after a copyright claim on the video by upcoming artist Bouja Bwuoy.

In a post on his Instagram, the “Siskii” hitmaker said he was going to deal with the artist who caused his video to be taken down.

“But I will never give in but I am done being the humble guy, I will deal with this one! I am so frustrated. According to YouTube rules, it doesn’t matter if I am right, I have to wait for two weeks before my video is uploaded. You can slow me down but I am not giving in, God above everything,” Mejja said.

Sol Generation issue statement concerning signee Nviiri on Elodie Zone accusations

Mejja had also been accused by another upcoming artist called Revina of stealing the same song from him.

Another of his song #NaitwaMejja was pulled down from YouTube hours after its release.

He confirmed the song was pulled down from YouTube because it was reported for sampling and the person who reported him refused to come to an understanding with him

Mike Sonko’s last born daughter Sandra calls out body-shamers

Sandra Mbuvi, the last born daughter of former Nairobi Governor Mike Sonko has called out body shamers.

In a post on her Instagram page, Sandra addressed the issue saying she is tired of getting body-shamed.

She added that although she is not perfect she is beautiful in her plus size.

“Yes I have stretch marks, yes my thighs touch, yes my tummy jiggles, and yes I’m beautiful, judging a person does not define who they are it defines who you are, be proud of who you are and not ashamed of how someone else sees you, no more body shaming! 

Big or small, short or tall none of us are beautiful if we tear others down to build ourselves.. I’m tired of getting body-shamed,” she wrote. 

‘I am starting to get used to the heartbreak,’ Nyota Ndogo says

sandra mbuvi

Her mother, Primrose Mbuvi encouraged her on the comment sections. She wrote;

“You’re awesomely beautiful my Babe😍🥰💋Nakupenda”

Akothee’s daughter Rue Baby recently called out trolls who make mean comments on her for being skinny.

Check out more comments from her fans;

justtubby; As long you are out there tryna chase papers babygirl no one should judge you🥺You are just perfect just the way you are❤️.
baby2.51; You don’t have to change a thing the world should change its heart you are perfect 🙌❤️❤️.
oliviabernie; 😍let no one tell u otherwise u pretty with a perfect body aii don’t change for nobody,ignore the negativity

“Do you really know who Heaven’s father is?!” DK Kwenye Beat to Bahati in diss-track

DK Kwenye Beat is a new and improved man the last two years. The gospel musician has been on a self-improvement journey ever since his embarrassing scandal in 2019.

Not only has the gospel singer been losing weight at a rapid clip, but he has also been working on his craft as seen in his recent response to Bahati’s new diss-track.

View this post on Instagram

A post shared by BAHATI (@bahatikenya)

And he isn’t playing around, taking some savage shots at “Mtoto was Diana” using Bahati’s own words against him.

In Bahati’s song, he dissed a couple of artists, including Khaligraph Jones, DK Kwenye Beat, Guardian Angel, among others. In the song titled ‘Fikra Za Bahati’, the singer dissed DK Kwenye Beat saying;

”Dk Kwenye Beat- Unaokoka unahubiri, na ulifanya mimba iwe siri.”

The song which I believe is a gem (and his first good song since “Wanani”) got the desired response from most Kenyans leaving them divided in the middle.

The song which was released 3 days ago had already amassed an impressive 482K views on YouTube, while DK’s song stands at 210K views.

In Dk’s diss back called “Wachana na sisi Bahati”, the gospel singer touches on a rumoured story that has been doing the rounds since 2019 that his daughter Heaven might not be his.

And as if that wasn’t enough, he thinks that a DNA test should be done to make it clear. Unajichocha, unajua buda ya Heav ni nani aye?” he says in the 16th second of the song.

Check out the song below, which is oddly on Bahati’s own YouTube channel:

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Jimal Rohosafi finally responds to wives brutal war with each other

Somali businessman Jimal Rohosafi has been under the kosh the past few months after announcing that he had married a second wife in socialite Amber Ray.

The pressure on the wealthy businnessman came to a head this week when his two wives started taking shots at each other on social media, so much so that many have begged him to get involved.

Days ago Amber Ray took to her social media to allege that Jamal’s first wife Amira had deserted their kids years ago to go abroad.

Adding that she did not want her husband to marry Amber Ray as a second wife for reasons best known to her.

In a past interview with Masswe Japanni, Amira said she only found out about Amber Ray being her co-wife via social media.

This contradicted information shared by Jamal during an interview with Bonga na Jalas where he said he had sat his first wife down and explained he was marrying a second wife.

According to Jamal, this did not go well as his wife who went mute on him for days going into weeks.

Despite all this Jamal has been quiet and only took to his social media to send a cryptic message on how everything that happens in life is supposed to be a lesson.

This has however left more questions than answers as it is Amber Ray who controls her husband’s social media accounts.

A section of Kenyans have asked Jamal to put his house in order.

Put your house in order. Very soon your children will log into social media and meet your stories all over. All these happenings will subject them to pain:

Sasa wewe kuenda kudiscuss bibi yako na side chick aaaaiiii bro hata kama ni ujinga yako imeenda mpaka Havard University nkt.

Take me as wife number 3 and see vile watu watatulia😂😂😂😂I’ll dilute the heat😂

 The battles are disgusting and only you can settle this all ….mind the kids the internet never forget…..😢.

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“Before the surgery, I would be driving and fall asleep by the roadside” Ghost Mulee narrates

Harambee Stars coach, Ghost Mulee has opened up on how he was discovered to have a life-threatening health issue while travelling to India to donate a kidney for his brother.

The Harambee Stars coach travelled to India to have the life-saving surgery not knowing he was the one in need of surgery.

Speaking during an interview with Bonga na Jalas, he shared,

“I had wanted to go to India to have whole body tests and make sure my body was in good health. So I had a whole body test and everything was OK. But when I went to have an ENT test, they told me they had seen a problem, they decided to do a sleep study on Saturday so that I would come back home on Sunday.

When the results came back the doctor told me to thank God that I was alive.

The doctor told me I had severe obstructive sleep apnea and I was to do a robotic surgery which would cost 600k.

“I wonder if my missing brother joined Al Shabaab” Jacob Ghost Mulee says

I contacted my insurance and they said they do not cover such ailments.”

Ghost then decided to go through with the surgery as he was already in India, a country famed for its affordable health care.

“There were no beds, there was no oxygen but my doctor found a way to do the surgery. Everything went well.

I was brought a piece of ‘meat’ that was removed from my throat.” Ghost says the surgery has changed his life forever.

“Before the surgery, I would be driving and fall asleep by the roadside. I would tell my wife I slept outside but she would never believe it. I would get allergies when I entered a dusty room.”

Adding, “The sleep study also found that while in my sleep I could not breathe for one and a half minute as my oxygen levels had gotten to 73%, I could have gotten a stroke. I was weighing 87 but my doctor told me I have to maintain a weight of 75-80 kgs for the rest of my life.”

He said that he now sleeps like a baby.

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“He is from a royal family” Miss Morgan discloses on “deadbeat” baby daddy

Actress Angel Nyawira Waruinge famously known as Miss Morgan on the famous show, Tahidi High, says she has been raising her daughter on her own after the father absconded his parental duties.

She explained that her baby daddy said he wouldn’t take care of a child who was not living in his house. “I am a single mother na sina bwana physical. Itakuwa aje nikiwa so selfish niache huyu mtoto peke yake? That is not the kind of family set-up I was brought up in,” she said in a recent radio interview.

“Achana na baby daddy. Sitamwongelea vibaya but he is not there and he is not in the picture. I avoid talking ill about him since his blood runs in the blood of my daughter,” said the YouTuber.

And what about the man’s identity? Miss Morgan said, “No, but he comes from a royal family.” She also added that she had tried all legal avenues to have the baby daddy take responsibility but her efforts were futile.

“I tried to follow the law but it got to a point where I gave up and said I was not going to force him to be in his daughter’s life. I went to court and he asked for DNA. Can you imagine? Ikakuja 99.9 per cent of him. It’s okay but acha imkule,” she said.

‘My baby daddy asked for a DNA,’ Miss Morgan speaks about raising her daughter

The actress also noted that her daughter wouldn’t lack a father figure as her relatives are available. “I have a brother, a dad and so a man figure doesn’t have to be a dad. Those are enough people who can stand with my daughter and I can struggle with my daughter. Ntamfikisha mahali atafika.”

Miss Morgan enthused that her daughter Imani is her biggest inspiration in making her quit alcohol and work on herself when she was battling depression

“She is the most amazing daughter in the whole world. She is Imani and she is my inspiration. I know I cannot afford to shame this girl coz it’s not fair. I have an amazing family and my mum is very supportive. This has always picked me up,” she said.

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Jimal Rohosafi’s 1st wife Amira threatens to sue Amber Ray

Jimal Rohosafi’s handling of his two wives so far has been terrible to say the least. And who am I to say that? Just an ordinary bystander, who is troubled by the war going on between his two wives.

The war of words between the two has reached the pinnacle this week with Amber Ray firing so many salvos at Amira that have painted her in a different light.


According to Amber, she has every right to remain as a second wife since Jimal chose her over his other side chicks; but problem is that Amira (first wife) does not want to share her man with Amber. Apparently, Amira is open to having any other lady as her husband’s second wife; but just not Amber.

The socialite said that she is tired of being the bigger person and came out with all sorts of unfounded claims about Amira.

“She keeps threatening Jamal with divorce!” Amber Ray claims about 1st wife Amira

In one of her Instastories, Amber claimed that Ms. Amira had abandoned their two kids, while travelling to Dubai to eat life with a big spoon, a claim that Amira was quick to deny.

The mother of one also claimed that Amira was also acting all innocent on social media but behind the scenes was causing drama for her husband by threatening to poison herself and her boys.

But Amira has had enough of Amber’s unfounded allegations and asked her to give tangible evidence to her stories; if not, she is ready to take legal actions for defamation. In a now-deleted post Amira wrote, “You realize I am not Amber. Please let her answer I am also eager to see otherwise, I’ll file for deformation.”

And Jimal the wealthy businessman is still not commenting on the whole fiasco still. Man of the house indeed.

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“Why do Kenyan women trust you more than their pastors?” King’ang’i asks Maina

Maina Kageni’s contention today was that a woman’s obligation is supposed to be to her children and her mother. He then asked Kenyans whether they agreed with his claim.

Mwalimu King’ang’i was very frustrated with Maina asking the host with the sultry voice why he never supported men? “Why do you Kenyan women trust you more than their pastors? You need to support Kenyan men for once.”

Below are responses from Kenyans who commented on the topic:

I speak the truth and women should not tolerate some things.

1.If I want spiritual advice I’ll look for a pastor or sheikh
2.If I want financial advice I’ll look for economist
3.If I want legal advice I’ll look for lawyer
4.If I want marriage advice the last person to look for is a bachelor.
Ni hayo tu kwa leo.

No Maina a woman should be in a position to put together even their husbands apo ndo unapata wasee wanahama boma cause they feel neglected.

Yes, that’s the way it’s supposed to be. 👌👌👌

It has always been this way. Men only have two roles, sperm contribution and as a workhorse. No woman loves a man, they love what he can provide. It’s time men realised this.

Maina, tutakufinya…You are making life for us hard out here.

He earns good cash…and still hajaoa…n they follow his tips…quite confusing.

We men tunajua ladies wanataka wewe Maina😆😆but sisi ndio tuko. Endelea kuwaharibu vichwa hapo ndani na sisi huku nje tunawagonga vichwa tu wanarudi wakikulilia and the cycle continues😆.

I don’t get advice on how to run my family from media, Bible yatosha.

The bible is worse. You’re getting information written by your enemy.

Men have Amerix.

These women should know that you cannot marry all of them. They should know that you would never marry any of them.

Most of such women are either single or in unstable relationships.

Mwalimu ambia Maina zile shida tunapitianga kwa ndoa ni mingi. We do everything for these women but shida nikusikiza Maina.

80% of these women don’t respect their husbands. Almost shed tears after I saw some news somewhere of a man who later realised he only sired one out of his 4 children. Just imagine! If your woman respects and loves you, you’re very lucky!

Kwani mnafikiri Maina akioa atafanywa nini?

All men are born free…. Until the day they decide to marry.

Maina anatuambiaga ukweli…

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Photos of Esther Musila & her beautiful 3 kids surface online

Esther Musila has been the best thing since sliced bread for most of the past two months, after the surprise engagement that her popular gospel singer threw for her.

Esther, who is nearly 20 years older than Guardian Angel, has been blessed with 3 children, whom she is very proud of and refers to as the 3G’s.

Esther Musila with her 3 kids
Esther Musila with her 3 kids

She might not post many images of her and her kids but that doesn’t mean her photos with them haven’t been seen and archived by enterprising Kenyans.

Guardian Angel’s fiancée’s 3 kids (two boys and one girl) namely; Gilda Naibei, Jama and Kim. They are said to be 29-year-old, 26-year-old and 23- year-old.

Reason Kenyans are upset Guardian Angel is dating a woman 20 years his senior

On May 25th while celebrating her Birthday, Musila expressed gratitude towards her three children for their overwhelming love and support.

“To my children, the 3G’s thank you for your love and support. To you my TRUE family and friends, I thank you for your genuine love. May the Almighty continue to guide and protect me All the days of My LIFE.”

Esther Musila with her 3 kids
Esther Musila with her 3 kids

Information about their dad is scanty but that shouldn’t detract from a great story anyway. A few days ago, Gilda hosted Guardian Angel and her mother on her show dubbed the proposal show, after their engagement.

“This is one show that is very close to my heart because it is my moms proposal. We had an amazing time listening to their love story. They are a wonderful couple. Truly love wins” Gilda Naibei.

Esther Musila with her 3 kids

Ms. Musila is a banker for the past 18 years and has been working with the United Nations as an International Civil Servant.


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Jimal’s 1st wife Amira responds to accusation she threatened to poison her own kids

Jimal Rohosafi is one of the wealthiest men in Kenya but while he might be at the top of his game in business, that doesn’t translate into his personal affairs.

And why would I say that? The way he has handled his two wives so far. His first wife Amira, and her co-wife Amber Ray have been at each other’s necks the past week with each going hard at the other.

Amber has really upped the ante this week accusing Amira of all sorts of things. One of the crazy allegations she wrote was that Amira had not only threatened to get a divorce from her husband but it was implied that she would kill herself and her two sons.

“And please last warning kwa wale mnaniambia niwachane na hii maneno. Nita wa block, you guys don’t know the nonsense I take everyday hapa kwa ground. Being forced to be the bigger person juu mtu anashinda akisema atakunywa sumu na apee watoto pia then anakuja kuwahubiria online 🚮🚮”

“She keeps threatening Jamal with divorce!” Amber Ray claims about 1st wife Amira

But because Jimal has refused to settle his two wives, Amira has had to come out to defend herself. She responded by saying,

“My babies, mum could never hurt you let alone ashame you ❤️. My supportive followers, all those DMs that have encouraged someone & those always showing me love, ati nawaacha niende wapi?”


“Ndio tu tumejuana we have so much wins to come and things to share ata recipe bado tujamaliza. Haya maisha ni matamu msichochwe dah! There is so much to live for.”

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Gay activist Makena Njeri speaks on why she left cushy BBC job

Former BBC journalist Makena Njeri has revealed the reason she left BBC. Makena worked at BBC for three years before she publicly announced that she had quit.

Through her social media platforms, Makena said the media house had built her as a journalist and challenged her to think differently as she talked to her global audience.

While at BBC, Makena said she achieved great excellence while engaging the audience in different platforms.

“This beautiful journey made me achieve great excellence doing stories that constantly hit the millions when it came to audience engagement on different platforms. I worked on a program BBC What’s New that inspires the youth in Africa to reach for the stars and everything is possible through the stories we told.

Michelle Ntalami reacts to Makena Njeri being cyberbullied over LGBTQ

We got nominated for the Emmys in 2019 such a great milestone for me as a journalist on the team.”

“Every beautiful story has a beginning and a powerful ending. This has been my journey working at the Beeb for the last three years! I have been built as a journalist in a way I never imagined. Challenged to think different and talk to a global audience in every story I reported on.”

Speaking during an interview with Massawe Japanni on Radio Jambo, Makena said she had done all she needed to do at the international media house.

“It was my dream to work at BBC and eventually I got the opportunity. After three years, I realised I had done everything that I needed to do. There was nothing else I was doing differently in the media. There was no growth. I always do something that makes me grow.

She said there is no bad blood between her and her former employers.

“My relationship with the company is still good and I might go back. It depends.”

Makena is currently running her organisation ‘BeingBold’.

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I was depressed for months and kept crying in silence-Willy Paul on becoming secular artist

Musician Wilson Abubakar Radido alias Willy Paul has finally come clean on why he left gospel music-yes, despite refusing to officially confirm that he had become a secular artiste the last few years.

So skipping over that official announcement, Willy has revealed that he left the genre over what he termed as too much hatred in the gospel world.

“Some of you ask me why I left the Gospel of our Lord Jesus Christ. And even call me names because I no longer praise Jesus in my songs… according to them I’m so evil and everything bad. Those are the same people that fought me nikiwa upande wa Yesu 😆

Reasons as to why I left. Hate from my fellow artists and DJs, luck of airplay ( claiming my content wasn’t Godly back then ) ubaguzi na mapendeleo.. I was the top artist but these evil people couldn’t see that. Or they just chose to ignore the reality!”

He admitted that he was tired of the hypocrisy in the Gospel industry and wanted to be real with himself and not lie to God.

The Saldido CEO explained that the frustrations drove him into depression and at some point he couldn’t even pay his bills.

“This people broke my heart! They hurt me so bad, I was depressed 4 months I kept crying in silence every single day and night. It got to a point where I couldn’t take it anymore.. I had no money to pay my bills and even help out pale nyumbani. Can you imagine I had the biggest songs na hawa watu wakanichorea hivo tu. I’m not perfect but what I went through as a gospel artist, no servant of God should go through!!”

He added,

“Since I loved music and had bigger hopes with my career I chose the other side which is where I am today, n that’s what has kept me alive and stable. I was tired of the hypocrisy in the so-called Gospel industry. Plus I just wanted 2b real with myself and not lie to God! God cannot be fooled so I took a chill pill na sai niko hapa.”

“Same same people that didn’t want me there were the first to reach out !! Ata kwa hii post kuna wale wenye roho mbaya ya mavi wanajipanga kuangusha stupid comments.. No amount of hate can pin me to the ground. Kama mpaka leo sijawai enda chini juu ya chuki then I don’t think I ever will,” he finished off.

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Elodie Zone retracts scary abuse claims against musician Nviiri

A few days ago, Vlogger Elodie Zone came out detailing how Sol Generation’s Nviiri the Storyteller abused her physically and emotionally.

The revelations were explosive. Elodie wrote on her social media, “There are videos online of him slamming me against a table and leaving me and my baby cousins at a club past curfew. Cross check with my ‘life is good’ highlight. The first vid.”

Elodie says she had been told to stop speaking up on social media.

“I’ve hidden bruises from my past two relationships. I’ve felt stupid and have been undermined. Inc kept quiet. I’ve been told to stop speaking up on social media cause I’ll look like I’m ‘acting out.’ I’ve been told that depression means you overact.. etc… all are total nonsense. I want men and women in my position to raise their voices! We may be small but our voices cannot be silenced.”

The closest person to me left me in a position I could have died-Elodie Zone narrates

Today morning, Elodie came out to set the record straight.

“Nviiri and I came to coast with our friends to unwind, relax and make peace with each other.”


“When I made my post it was fueled by tension and an afternoon of a few too many drinks. Neither one of us thought it would be blown out of proportion the way it has been. Blogging sites and bloggers have also begun to spread misinformation and this is affecting our careers and family lives.”

“We are both moving forward with full respect and peace and plan on continuing the year focused on our work lives only. Kindly be considerate of the situation and do not send hate to him or myself.”

Elodie Zone with Nviiri

“I’m sorry if this has painted us to be something we aren’t. Good content, clothing and music will continue coming from us and our teams.”

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Sol Generation issue statement concerning signee Nviiri on Elodie Zone accusations

Sauti Sol have issued a statement regarding to their signee on ‘Sol Generation’ record label Nviiri the story Teller.

Nviiri was allegedly accused by his girlfriend Elodie of being abusive leading to their breakup.

This was revealed through her Insta stories, with Elodie consistently highlighting issues involving her mental health and breaking up with Nviiri.

Taking to Instagram stories, Elodie said,

“Physical, mental, verbal and emotional abuse towards women is unacceptable. I want to make it clear that I am not dating Nviiri. We just met in Coast but the reason I left him is the same reason that has come up as we are ‘respectful friends’.”

Two days later, Elodie Zone retracted her claims and said her post was fuelled by tension and an afternoon of a few drinks.

“Nviiri and I came to coast with our friends to unwind, relax and make peace with each other. Neither one of us thought it would be blown out of proportion the way it has been.”

Nviiri finally responds after Elodie Zone accused him of abusing her

In a recorded phone interview with a certain radio station, Nviiri said they have not broken up and that they are still dating and posting each other on Instagram.

“Don’t let small fights alarm you. Usifanye niweke picha yangu na yake saa hii niwakasirishe.”

Elodie Zone with Nviiri

Well, Sol Generation through an official statement on their social media platforms said they do not tolerate any form of mental, physical and emotional abuse.

“Over the past 48 hours,we have been working frantically to understand these events. The sensitivity of this matter should not be understated ans such we have been treating this matter with the utmost privacy and humanity.

As his label, we have been actively created an environment to enhance Nviiri’s mental wareness as part of our D.O.P.E culture. The same will continue in future. The journey of mental wellness is a marathon not a sprint.

Thus said, as both parties arrive back into the city, we will have a life and mental wellness sessions waiting for them with a specialist in the field.”

Check out the whole document below;

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“If it comes a time when I will need to introduce my wife, I will” Gay activist Makena Njeri

Makena Njeri has addressed rumours that she is dating Marini Naturals CEO Mitchelle Ntalami. She describes Mitchelle as one of her close friends and promises to introduce her partner when the right time comes.

“It is a very big mistake to say that Mitchelle Ntalami is my wife. My relationship with Mitchelle is that we are very good friends, when you go to my Instagram you will find I have posted very many people.

“I live my life very openly. If it comes a time when I will need to introduce my wife publicly, I will,” she said.

In an interview with Radio Jambo’s Massawe Jappani, Makena dismissed reports that she has a wife.

“Let’s focus on Bold Network Africa. There is nothing like a wife right now, as long as you are in my inner circle, I appreciate my friends a lot.”

“I am gay, I am unique and this is my truth” Makena Njeri finally comes out

On leaving BBC, Makena said the time had come since she had exhausted her potential there.

“Like any other journalism student, I really wanted to work at BBC. When I got the opportunity, I worked for 3 years. After that, I told myself there is nothing different I can do on BBC.

In my heart, I felt I have reached the end. I can go back there, they are good employers.”
Makena also said she has dated a man but the relationship did not work since it did not conform to her true identity.

“Yes, I have. I keep on saying I don’t really like talking about it a lot because it was a very private relationship. Even when you speak to people from the community, the journey of your understanding and living your truth can either be a very easy journey or a painful one,” said Makena.

How did you feel about dating a man? Massawe asked,

“Like living a lie. The problem with living a lie is that you end up hurting people in the process.”

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