‘It’s been 2 years of pain,’ Diamond’s ex-manager Babu Tale eulogizes late wife

Diamond Platnumz’s ex-manager Babu Tale has paid tribute to his late wife on her second death anniversary.

Through his social Tale says the two years have been a mixture of pain and love.

2 years of love tears.

On a date like this (28/June 2022) I am marking two years without your presence Shammy.
My heart is filled with your memories which awaken my pains which I cannot change to be happy.
But my faith has been made stronger because God makes no mistakes.”

Babu Tale says he is keeping strong and continues to fight for what they believed in

“I pray that God continues resting your soul in a good place my wife, friend, and my life partner.

I am still strong and I continue to fight for what we stood for.
Everything is going on well by the grace of God.”

Babu Tale with his late wife, Shamsa Kombo and their kids
Babu Tale with his late wife, Shamsa Kombo and their kids

Speaking on their children and how they are surviving without their mum Tale penned

” Sister TT and the siblings are doing OK, I still have no lover.
I continue raising your kids very well and God has blessed them with love unmeasurable.
Continue resting in peace. Mama TT.
Your love has captured every part of my heart.”

Babu Tale is the current Member of Parliament for Morogoro, Tanzania.

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My late wife told me not to remarry – Diamond’s manager Babu Tale says

Babu Tale overwhelmed with inexplicable agony 52 days after wife’s death

Prominent politicians who have lost kids over the years

Losing a child is never easy, it is a loss one never gets over, but losing them at their prime is the biggest blow.

Politicians are often seen as strong people who aren’t moved by anything but losing their kids changed them.

Below are prominent politicians who have experienced firsthand the loss of their kids over the years.

Cecily Kariuki

Cabinet Secretary for Water, Sanitation, and Irrigation Cecily Kariuki lost her daughter Wendy in 2022.

Wendy Muthoni, popularly known as ‘Noni. was a second-year university student pursuing law at JKUAT Karen campus.

She died at the Nairobi Hospital.
The cause of her death was not made public.

The Late Wendy Kariuki, daughter to CS Cecily Kariuki

David Sankok

Memusi Sankok died from a single gunshot wound to the head on May 2, 2022, at his parents’ Ewaso Nyiro home in Narok South Sub-County.

He was aged 15.

David Sankok with his late son Memusi

Njeru Githae
Veteran politician, Njeru Githae is among politicians who have lost their kids. Brian Karanga Njeru died of an apparent suicide at their Runda home. He was aged 26. Brian was at the time a 4th-year student at the University of Nairobi.

the late Brian Karanga Njeru, son to Njeru Githae

Raila Odinga
Fidel Odinga, the first born son of Raila Odinga died in January 2015. Fidel was found dead after he returned home on a Saturday night after an evening out drinking with friends.
He died aged 41. The cause of his death has never been made public.

Fidel Odinga

Daniel Moi
Jonathan Moi, son of the late President Daniel Toroitich Arap Moi passed away in 2019.
He succumbed to Pancreatic Cancer. Jonathan died aged 65.

Jonathan Moi

To everyone who has lost a child, May God help you overcome your loss.

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Prominent politicians and celebs involved in gun drama

Why Njugush changed his mind about buying a posh German machine

Photos of murdered tweep Frank Obegi during happier times

Prominent politicians and celebs involved in gun drama

Cases of politicians and celebrities being involved in gun drama are not something new and it’s scary how these incidents changed people.

Sadly in some cases, the drama has ended up in the incapacitation of the victims.

Below are celebs involved in gun drama whether direct or indirectly

Burna Boy
Damini Ogulu, popularly known as Burna Boy, was on June 2022 arrested for attempted murder.

This was after his police escort shot two fun-seekers, Irebami Lawrence and Tolu, at Club Cubana in Lagos.

According to reports, the singer was in the VIP section with three women when he spotted another woman. The Grammy Award-winning artiste allegedly told Inspector Ibrahim to invite the woman to come to join him.

This gesture annoyed the lady’s husband, who was said to have lambasted Burna Boy, saying it was disrespectful for any man to make advances on a married woman.

After some minutes, Burna Boy was said to have made advances toward the woman again, a development that further infuriated her husband and his friends who had gathered at the club and the matter soon degenerated.

Burna Boy

Babu Owino
In 2018 Embakasi East Member of Parliament Babu Owino shot DJ Evolve (Felix Orinda) at B Club.
On January 27, 2020, the legislator was granted a cash bail of Ksh10 million in the attempted murder case, which he was asked to pay in four installments over four months.

The incident left Evolve hospitalized before being taken home for specialized treatment.
In 2021 DJ Evolve made an application seeking to withdraw the matter, saying he had reconciled and wanted to focus on his recovery.

Senior principal magistrate Benard Ochoi said Owino and Evolve were friends before the incident and have maintained that friendship even after the shooting.

Babu Owino in red
Babu Owino in red

Tom Mboya
Tom Mboya shot Ranalo Foods proprietor William Osewe over a debt he owed the proprietor.
He was shot the first time leading to him falling.

Mboya shot Osewe again with a bullet hitting his arm, another hitting his spine, while another missed him by a whisker.

Osewe was left with pelvic injuries that made him wear adult diapers and he couldn’t walk.

Mboya was found guilty of attempted murder by the Milimani Law Courts on October 6 and was sentenced to 23 years in jail.

Tom Mboya sentenced for shooting Osewe

Chris Obure and Robert Bodo

Robert Bodo was in 2020 arrested over the murder of Kevin Omwenga in Kilimani Estate, Nairobi.
Bodo was arrested and a mini Ceska firearm was recovered with 13 rounds of ammunition.

It is suspected that this is what was used in the fatal shooting at Galana Suites apartment. Robert is the personal bodyguard of Chris Obure an alleged car dealer.

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New details on the gun used by Sankok’s son emerges

‘My baby daddy only sent Ksh 200 as child support,’ woman tells Mike Mondo

We all know men can sometimes get jealous especially if their baby mama moves on and is doing better than them.

Only a few men would love their women to progress.

During the Morning Conversation in Classic 105, callers shared with Mike Mondo their experiences with baby daddy drama.
Most say the men call at weird hours once they realize they have moved on.

“There is this guy who is always telling me I am not doing enough for his son.

He told me to send snacks money because the kid is closing school.
He just sent 200. I refunded the money and even added more.
Let them not give us pressure.”

*Kim says his baby mama should not move on with someone else as this will confuse the child.

“I cannot allow my child to be introduced to ‘daddy wa mkate’ every other time.
The child will get confused.
Men are all the same so the man he is going to will still dump her.
If she does not want me she should stay without a man entirely.”
Ken Shared
*Carol says she was dumped while 4 months p[regnant only for the man to emerge after she got married
“I got pregnant while on campus and the bay daddy dumped me while 4 months old.
He never participated in raising the kid.
Recently I got married to another man and he found out about it. He has been calling me at odd hours. He sometimes calls me at 4:00 am to ask how his child is doing.”

*Prudence says her baby daddy does not support their child but he stalks her and the men she is dating.

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Izareeh’s husband Bob Mureithi reveals their pregnancy was unplanned

Why Njugush changed his mind about buying a posh German machine

Terence Creative’s baby mama off the market after church proposal

Izareeh’s husband Bob Mureithi reveals their pregnancy was unplanned

Bob Mureithi, husband to ex-Tahidi high actress Izareeh has opened up on how it feels to raise boys.

He however says if he was to get a baby girl, he would spoil her rotten.

Speaking during an interview with Wakavinye on Njugush’s Youtube channel Bob says he was very excited when he learned they were expectant.
“She was very moody because we were not planning for it (pregnancy).
She gave me the kit and I slept because I thought she was joking.
She asked ‘Unajua ni nini hiyo nimekupatia?’ I put on the lights and saw two lines.
That was the instant I realized that a big change was about to happen in my life. But she was very mad.
I slept smiling.”

Bob added, “We did not plan for the baby so we had to make changes by ‘force’ in our home, financially, etc.
There was a challenge of what would happen if we got a son yet Njoki had another son.
I had to see a therapist to guide me on how to look at this situation.
I wanted to understand how to relate with both kids.”

Izareeh and her husband Bob Mureithi

Bob says he loves taking care of the kids adding that not many people know he is not the father of Izaree’s firstborn son.

“I am a father of two one is turning 9 and the second born is turning five in December.

My first born son is ‘adopted (born from Izareeh’s first marriage).

I enjoy being a father of boys.”

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How Fidel Odinga’s 40 million property will be distributed among his family

Why Njugush changed his mind about buying a posh German machine

5 reality checks hitting Kenyans after a fun filled Vasha weekend (List)

Why Njugush changed his mind about buying a posh German machine

Content creator Wakavinye has revealed how the birth of their son Tugi stopped Njugush from buying himself a car.

The birth of their son made Njugush change his priorities.

Speaking on her YouTube channel Celestine says Njugush changed after realizing he was gonna be a dad.

Njugush was going to buy a very expensive German Turdo machine, when he saw Tugi everything changed.

His priorities changed. “

 Njugush and his wife Celestine Ndinda revealed their second baby bump during their show TTT held two months ago.

Ndinda was looking so beautiful rocking a well-fitting red dress while accompanied by her husband Njugusha and son Tugi.

A few years ago the couple had been assumed to have been pregnant by a section of their fans something they dispelled.

In their YouTube series dubbed Cele’s pregnancy, the couple opened up on their previous experience saying they were broke when they had their first child, Tugi.

The pregnancy occurred during their honeymoon.

 “I had given myself one year before getting my first child. We were not working and had just started doing online comedy and it had not been picked. So we got married in 2016 December and in January we were just trying various things to get money. In June God opened a way for us and we got our first deal with Bountiful Safaris.”

Cele added,

“We went to Mombasa and as usual I had expected to get my periods then so I carried everything I needed like pads and such stuff.

We had a really nice time in Mombasa and I was the manager. We signed a really good deal and we were more than ecstatic.”

Celestine went on to explain that she was disappointed when she found out she was pregnant considering they had just been married for 4 months.

“I had to test so I asked Njugush to take me to a chemist to get the pregnancy kits and I’m telling you that was the longest wait.

Now we were thinking, our partnership with Bountiful is just beginning, and like all of you know we enjoyed it more than we even enjoyed our honeymoon and now we are pregnant. When I found out guys I cried so much, I cried the whole night.”

Joining his wife in the discussion Njugush explained that after finding out they were pregnant they began praying to God for a miracle and He did.

“I am very grateful for the hardship we went through because it helped us in so many ways. It transformed our spiritual lives which I feel was a building block to who we are now,” he said.

Congratulations to the couple.

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Mike Mondo’s friend in tears after lady friend ‘eats’ 20K fare during WRC Safari Rally Championship in Vasha

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Terence Creative’s baby mama off the market after church proposal

Eunice Waneta, baby mama to comedian Terence Creative is off the market after saying yes to her bae Felix Onduru.

The proposal took place at ‘Freedom Embassy Church.’

Speaking to Mpasho. Co.ke Waneat says she is excited about the new phase she is beginning.

Waneta told Mpasho.co.ke that the engagement came as a surprise after a church service at their church ‘Freedom Embassy Kenya’.

“This is a beginning of a new journey which I am proud of. I have known Felix since 2019 December. I met him on Facebook after responding to a ‘Hi Message.’ This is God’s work as I have met other men before him but this is the one God kept for me,” she said.

Waneta and Terence Creative have two daughters together.

In a past interview, she had revealed that she met Terence at Muly’s Children’s home.

The two had been taken in 

‘My dad died in 1998. My mum was a single mum hence I had to step up and help.

That meant we were never in one place we would move from one aunt’s place to another, My mum was in Nairobi.

later I went back to live with my mum, while there my uncle who is a pastor called me to go see him at the church.

That is when I found out that Mulley’s children’s home wanted people to go for technical training.

My name was already on the list so they just took a photo of me and 2 weeks later I joined the home.”

Njambi added:

‘The home had two sections, I was in a girls-only home while Terence was in a mixed home, so we would sometimes go to mingle with them.

I met Terrence when I was 14. I stayed in the children’s home for 5 years.

I never like letting people close to me but he was persistent. Pus the other girls in the home would constantly urge me to speak to him and stop putting on a serious face.”

Njambi and Terencemaintained their friendship until they both left the home. In 2007 when the country was going through post-election chaos Njambi found out she was expectant with their first child.

Felix is an aspiring MCA aspirant Pumwani Ward

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Photos of murdered tweep Frank Obegi during happier times

How Fidel Odinga’s 40 million property will be distributed among his family

5 reality checks hitting Kenyans after a fun filled Vasha weekend (List)

Photos of murdered tweep Frank Obegi during happier times

Popular blogger and influencer Frank Obegi will on Tuesday 28th be laid to rest at his rural home in Bogwendo Village.

Obegi was among the four mutilated bodies discovered in Kijabe Forest on Monday, June 20, 2022.

Obegi who was born on 06/09/1996 was the second born child to Evans Mose (Bowendo) and Beatrice Nyanchama. He was a brother to Leytone Teya and Gilger Nyang’ate.

Obegi started his education at Lutheran Academy in the year 2001 and Later joined Dorcas Sigara memorial academy where he sat his KCPE exam in the year 2009.

Later he joined Cardinal Otunga High school from 2010 to 2014 where he did her KCSE exam.

He enrolled at Multimedia University for a degree in ICT where he was yet to graduate.

According to his family, the late Obegi enjoyed good health throughout his life until 20th June 2022 when he was found dead in the Kijabe forest.

The body was confirmed at the Nairobi city mortuary and later transferred to Kinara hospital (Bwomboga Hospital).

Obegi was murdered alongside his friends.

Also murdered was Joseph Njau Ng’endo, a politician who recently sought the Jubilee Party ticket for Member of the County Assembly (MCA) in Njiru Ward.

Njau’s name was thrown into the limelight in February 2019, after he was arrested in Westlands by officers from the Directorate of Criminal Investigations (DCI) in connection with heroin trafficking.

According to the DCI, he was found in possession of five kilograms of heroin worth Ksh15 million during a multi-agency raid shortly after arriving in the country from Uganda.

According to the investigating officers, the drug consignment had been concealed in pawpaw plants. They further flagged his suspicious trips to Uganda where he was believed to have met with Nigerian drug traffickers.
Below are photos of Obegi from his younger days

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13 things you did not know about Maxine Wahome, the 2022 WRC Safari Rally winner

Target achieved! Emotional Sandra Dacha thanks Kenyans for supporting Akuku Danger

‘I am not single!’ Lilian Muli shouts

Nice & Lovely launches limited edition body lotion to keep a girl in school

Kenya’s Number one body lotion, Nice & Lovely, has launched a limited-edition lotion that is aimed at promoting girl child education in the country, in partnership with Sky Girls Kenya.

The new Nice & Lovely sky limited-edition lotion targets high school teenage girls
during their back-to-school. The lotion has been co-created with Sky Girls Kenya to
change the experiences of school going girls aged between 13-17 years with an aim to
bring out their confidence and individuality while remaining true to themselves.

“When a young girl looks good, she feels good and this brings out the best in her,
boosting her confidence. At an affordable price, Nice & Lovely, Kenya NO1 body lotion,
brags of great quality which helps our consumers enhance their natural beauty.” said
L’Oréal Managing Director Serge Sacre.

The lotion spun off from Kenya’s iconic beauty brand, Nice & Lovely will be available in
200ml and 400ml packs.

“We continue coming up with innovative yet affordable products that are relevant to the
market, bolstered by our research and innovation lab based in Nairobi,” the MD said.
The beauty and cosmetics company has been consistently making improvements on
Nice & Lovely skin and hair products since it acquired the brand in 2013.

This new campaign dubbed ‘She’s counting on you’ seeks to create a safe space for teenage girls to
be confident in their various spaces due to the backup of their community. Be it for
school, self-awareness or hobbies. Nice & Lovely comes in as a partner to support her
specifically through school fees.

“With this limited-edition Lotion, at Nice &Lovely, we commit to donate Ksh 5 for every
lotion bought to help a sister stay in school,” said Sacre. The campaign kicks off in June 2022.

“We work to inspire young girls to stay true to their values, and what they care about,
helping them resist peer pressure. Our aim is to increase girls’ confidence, self-reflection, decision-making, and refusal skills so that they can make positive choices that are true to themselves,” concluded Svetlana Polikarpova, Director & Co-Founder of Tandem Agency in charge of Sky Girls Kenya during the ceremony held in Nairobi on

How Fidel Odinga’s 40 million property will be distributed among his family

Seven years after the untimely death of Raila Odinga’s son Fidel his family has finally solved a property battle with his widow Lwam Bekele.

The Odinga family landed a major victory after they were allowed to control the estate of Fidel Odinga (deceased).

This brings an end to a three-year legal battle pitting Fidel’s mother-Ida Odinga against her daughter-in-law, Lwam Getachew Bekele.

In a consent signed by Sagana Biriq and company and Rachier and Amollo advocate for Lwam and Idah respectively.

 Raila Odinga Junior has been appointed as the administrator of Fidel’s estate. He will share this role with Lwam.

Initially, administration rights issued in January 2019 bore the names of Lwam and her brother Fahm Getachew Bekele.

Fahm’s name has now been substituted with that of Junior.

“The grant of administration issued on January 9, 2019, be amended to reflect Lwam and Junior as the administrators of the estate,” read part of the consent.

Idah wanted the court to revoke administration letters granted to Lwam and her brother Fahm and instead be allowed to control Fidel’s estate.

She argued the grant issued to Lwam was done erroneously and that it unjustifiably locked out other interested parties from the estate of the deceased.

She accused Lwam of sidelining the twins Fidel had sired with another woman, Phoebe Akinyi.

“The proposed administrators cannot be entrusted alone to faithfully administer Fidel’s estate,” she said when the matter was still active in court.

Ida argued that Lwam deliberately failed to “include and provide or otherwise show the intention of providing for the said minors hence a red flag on her intentions.”

Fidel died in January 2015. He had no will. He left behind his legally married wife Lwam and one child. Fidel’s mother then came out claiming his son had twins with another woman. And that the twins are legally his dependents.

But Lwam, through her advocates, termed her mother-in-law’s assertions a concoction of facts given that the said twins were born six months after Fidel’s death. Lwam however maintained she did not have a problem accepting the minors as beneficiaries of her husband’s estate if it is proved they are his children.

But Akinyi, according to her lawyer John Swaka, chose to withdraw from the matter following the media publicity in the case.

Fidel Odinga with his wife Lwam and their son in a past photo

The estimated value of Fidel’s estate stands at Sh40 million. 

His mother and sister Winnie had listed 10 properties and some bank accounts they said belonged to him.

The properties include 

Fidel’s home is at Tipuana Park, house number six in Karen.

Three parcels of land; two in Kisumu and one in Kajiado.

250 shares each in both Axum Investments Limited and Ambesa Investments Limited.

Going by the consent signed on February 16, 2022, Fidel’s home situated on Bogani Road, Karen was given to Lwam. So was one of the lands in Kisumu and another in Kajiado.

The other parcel of land in Kisumu was given to Lwam to hold in trust for Fidel’s son.

The same will also apply to a Nissan Sunny and a KBS Range Rover.

 250 shares each in Asum and Ambesa Investments limited.

Monies held in two accounts at gulf African bank, Diamond trust bank, standard chartered (Kenyatta Avenue branch), CFC Stanbic bank (Chiromo branch) African banking corporation (industrial area branch) and Gulf African bank, (Upper hill branch). 

They will all be held in trust by Lwam for the minor. 

Fidel was found dead on January 4, 2015, after a night out with friends. He was 41. 

He was found unresponsive in the morning inside a spare bedroom at their Karen home.

He and Lwam had been sleeping in separate rooms and that morning she walked in to speak to her husband but did not respond prompting her to call for help from Karen hospital and his parents.

It was not until around 6 pm that his body was moved to the mortuary. 

Postmortem results were never made public, fuelling speculation on what might have caused the death of Raila’s firstborn son. 

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5 reality checks hitting Kenyans after a fun filled Vasha weekend (List)

Mike Mondo’s friend in tears after lady friend ‘eats’ 20K fare during WRC Safari Rally Championship in Vasha

5 reality checks hitting Kenyans after a fun filled Vasha weekend (List)

Kenyans are back in Nairobi after a fun-filled weekend in Naivasha where the WRC Safari Rally Championship was going on.

Below are reality checks Nairobians will be dealing with after the Vasha weekend.

Unwanted pregnancies
With Kenyans thronging Naivasha, that means there might have been a shortage of emergency contraceptives.
Some women might also have forgotten to take the pills thanks to the spirit of fornication.

Pending bills
Tumia pesa ikuzoee is a mantra most people live by. But that does not mean your landlord won’t be waiting for you.

Money lending apps are waiting for you to pay up the loans to fund your weekend escapade.

In case you did not hear, there was a condom shortage in Naivasha during the WRC Championship.
That means some people might have decided to have sexual interactions without protection.
As we all know is that Nairobi is one big bedroom and some people will be busy nursing sexually transmitted diseases.

Broken relationships
It will only hit some people who are single once they come back to Nairobi.
This is because some people had ‘escaped’ to Naivasha with their side chicks and Wababas.

Empty wallets
Being in Naivasha meant kupiga sherehe.
That means most people wil be surviving on zero balance waiting for the end month to get here.
Unless wewe ni bazu.

Maxine Wahome emerged as the only female winner after clocking 5.20.21 hours to lead the WRC3 Category

She was being navigated by Murage Waigwa.

Speaking about the win Maxine shared

“I am very excited about finishing the rally which is among the toughest in the world. I am grateful to my team for supporting me through the preparations and the rally itself.

I am also grateful to my sponsors for giving me the privilege of being the only female driver who competed and finished at this year’s WRC Safari Rally. I hope more women will compete next year and we can make history,” said Maxine Wahome.

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‘I am not single!’ Lilian Muli shouts

Harmonize proposes to lover Frida Kajala

7 Tips On How To Please A Kenyan Lady With Less Than 200 Bob

Mike Mondo’s friend in tears after lady friend ‘eats’ 20K fare during WRC Safari Rally Championship in Vasha

Mike Mondo’s friend Edu is still in pain after a lady ate his Ksh 20,000 fare during the just concluded WRC Safari Rally Championship.

According to Mike, Edu sent the cash after realizing he was the only one among his boys who had no female company.
“Edu realized he has the only one who had company so he decided to call his lady friend to come over to Vasha.
The lady said she would only come if he sent the cash so that she was confident she could cater for herself.”

Like the gentleman, he is Edu sent the cash only to end up lonely and 20K poorer.
“The lady did not show up, she said she developed a stomach bug.
Until Sunday evening Edu was still calling the lady in question.”

*Carol defended the lady saying she felt bad for being treated as a Plan B.

“That lady ate the fare because Edu went to Naivasha without her and only remembered the lady exists after lacking an option.
You eat that fare so that next time the guy won’t think of treating you like a plan B.”

Kimutai says she has been a victim severally
“I learned a lesson the hard way, suppose she hears there is another woman in your house she will come like a bullet. Do not beg if she wants to come she will come.”

Mike says as a lady you should refund a man’s fare if they are sure they won’t come.

Below are some more reactions

@MwangangiNelly: Mimi sijawahi kula fare ya mtoto wa mtu But sai mtu akirisk naikula proper.

@BazilNgisa: Mike hii story ya kukula fare haijaanza juzi. Unakumbuka Freshley Mwamburi akilia juu ya Stella?

@PKimatia: only fools, failures and simps do send fare to women in 2022 kama anakutaka atakuja na fare yake ama kutumia punda.

@OjwangChristine: That lady knew that she’d be used for the weekend so she got smart. Edu could have just taken her with him to Vasha otherwise he deserved it, sorry to say.

@Brienne_Tarthe: Can’t afford the fare, we postpone the meetup and I look for other options. The meeting ought to benefit both of us, so we both be willing to incur some expense – not a one-way transaction.

This is how I end scams in my relationships!

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Top 5 People Who Are Most Likely To Spill Your Secrets!

5 reasons why ladies should avoid dating a staunch football fan

Harmonize proposes to lover Frida Kajala

Top 5 People Who Are Most Likely To Spill Your Secrets!

It is obvious that as a noun, secret simply means something that is kept or meant to be kept unknown or unseen by others. But what if you are one of those who love sharing their secrets even the darkest of them all to their best friends, family members or even friends who in return share it with their other friends?

Hakuna siri ya watu wawili is a popular swahili proverb which means; You can never call it a secret if it involves or rather known by more than one person.

Come to think of it have you ever sat and pondered about who is more likely to spill your secrets out there?

Below is a list of some of these people and please note, you’re the one who freely takes the information to them!

  1. Uber Drivers/ Taxi drivers

Picture this; You had a night full of fun where YOLO (You only Live Once) was the guiding motto through the night. Heavy binge drinking and wild dancing was part of the night out menu. It’s around 4 in the morning, it’s home time and your bestfriend dials an uber or a taxi driver. On your way home the two of you start gossiping about that handsome guy at the bar or that naive boyfriend who has no idea you have multiple flings.

Guess who’s silently and innocently swallowing the dirty secrets, the driver!

  2. Bar tenders

I know you know how this works. Pull out that huge ‘Sina taabu’ stool once you check into your favorite ka local and order for your favorite poison. Once you done draining a few rounds you realize that the bartender is the only ‘ drinking buddy’ you’ve got and what happens next? “Hey Jaymo I have seen that lady here before does she come here more often? Does she always show up alone? what do you know about her?” You initiate such interview-like conversations. Before you realize, you’ve already opened up to him about your marital problems, how your female boss is hitting on you. Bam!

    3. Caretakers

The caretakers are generally the most coolest people in the apartments. They serve as a link between you and your landlord and at times your next door neighbours if not your nosy children. They probably know everything about you and your wife, what time her wealthy boyfriend drops her and the new chic who always awaits your husband outside the gate every morning. He didn’t sign up for any of that but he can’t help but notice, so build a good relationship with your caretaker and have everyday scoops of how things are around you. Same as your Watchman who comes in as our number 4 guy.

 5. Hairdressers

The salon is probably one of the best places to collect some dirt regarding your best friend’s relationship or maybe that fat foreign sponsor whom you’ve been blessing with photos of your bare butt.

Guess who freely enjoys all the dirt? Your wife’s hairdresser! She happily takes her time twisting and playing with your braids till she squeezes every tiny detail off you and your best friend’s chests and by the time you leave your 2-hour ‘therapy session’ she’s set for an executive producing role for another epic reality show.

Corazon Kwamboka: Vera Sidika blocked me 6 years ago!

Socialite Corazon Kwamboka has revealed that her fellow socialite, Vera Sidika blocked her on Instagram, six years ago.

According to the lawyer, Vera and her met around the same time she blocked her but the two never quite had that much of an interaction.

This, she revealed to Mungai Eve who wanted to know her thoughts on people who insinuated that she celebrated her child’s half-birthday soon after Vera did the same for her daughter.

Kwamboka said, “I saw a few comments like that and it is crazy stupid like it is really really stupid and dumb. First of all I don’t check her (Vera) page because for some reason I am blocked I don’t know why we’ve never interacted.”

Kwamboka says she knew she was blocked from many years ago but that doesn’t bother her because the two have never interacted that much despite meeting many years back.

“Secondly, Vera’s child is way older than mine sijui amezaliwa 2 or 3 months before mine. So I don’t know how kitu alifanya three months ago na mtoto wangu who just turned six months can compare.

Thirdly if people don’thave means to celebrate their babies when they turn six months, that is up to them,” she said.

The mother of two says those hating on what she does for her child are just people bitter with their lives and are projecting on to her, and believes Vera has no issue.

But what makes co-parenting easier for her and Frankie?

“One lesson that I have learned is you have to communicate and you have to  know that everything is not about you two adults, it is about the kids. First you have to forgive because only then will you be able to relax, let your guard down and be able to communicate because this person you broke up with will be in your life for at least 18 years.”

Kwamboka revealed that the breakup took a toll on her because she was left all alone, confused with two kids who could feel her energies.

She says she is now stable mentally and has two nannies and the fact that her brother is around, she is getting enough help.

All about Range Rover Vogue, the high end car DJ Mo is planning to buy

Samuel Muraya alias DJ MO has expressed his desire to buy a Range Rover Vogue after completing the Mjengo project. The gospel DJ and his wife are currently building their maisonette.

DJ MO who currently owns a white Range Rover Sports says he wants to upgrade. In 2022, The Land Rover Range Rover Vogue 2020 prices range from $163,500 (Ksh 19,235,775.00) for the basic trim level SUV Range Rover Vogue SDV6 SWB (202KW).

While it cost around $250,250 (Ksh29441912) for the top-of-the-range SUV Range Rover Vogue SDV8 SE SWB (250KW) .

What is the difference between a Vogue and a sports Range rover?

Both seat five people in two rows, but the Range Rover Sport is considered a midsized SUV, while the Evoque is a subcompact crossover.

Looking at their exterior dimensions, this makes the Sport SUV about five inches taller than the Evoque, around 20 inches long, and it has a wheelbase approximately 10 inches wider.

The price range for the Range Rover Vogue varies based on the trim level you choose.

The Vogues has three models namely the 2019,2020 and 2021 models.

The Range Rover Vogue comes in different colors among them

  • Fuji White
  •  Narvik Black
  •  Santorini Black
  •  Yulong White
  •  Indus Silver
  •  Rossello Red
  •  Byron Blue
  •  Eiger Grey
  •  Portofino Blue
  •  Aruba
  •  Carpathian Grey
  •  Silicon Silver
  •  Borealis Black
  •  Bosphorus Grey
  •  British Racing Green
  •  Ligurian Black
  •  Desire
  •  Ethereal
  •  Flux
  •  Verbier Silver
  •  Windward Grey
  •  Mescalito Black
  •  Rio Gold
  •  Scafell Grey
  •  Madagascar Orange
  •  Balmoral Blue
  •  Velocity
  •  Meribel White
  •  Valloire White
  •  Spectral Blue
  •  Spectral British Racing Green
  •  Spectral Racing Red

The Land Rover Range Rover Vogue is available with five seats. The Vogue is available with Perforated Windsor leather seats.

The Vogue SE variant is available with Perforated Semi-Aniline leather seat upholstery.

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Lies you shouldn’t fall prey to this WRC Vasha weekend (List)

The weekend is here and as expected all roads are leading to Naivasha thanks to the WRC Safari Rally Championship.

This will be a time most people will be spending away from their partners, so be prepared for the lies.

Am going on a business trip
If your partner tells you this and your gut tells you he is lying, just know he is.
Most of the men whether single or married will be cooling their bodies in Naivasha with their side chicks or girlfriends.
That is not to mean that there will be no people travelling for business, some will be.

Hakuna network
This is the weekend your babe will be unreachable.
Who is to blame? network connectivity. Some will switch off their phones until the weekend is over.

Naenda shagz
This line will mostly be used by slaying queens who do not want to hang out with their regular bae because he is broke.
They would rather be in Vasha with a loaded mbaba than be in Kanairo dying of pneumonia thanks to the cold weather.

My mum is hospitalized
No one loves it when their parent is ailing but some people use this excuse way too much.
So if your bae suddenly tells you that her/his mum has been hospitalized jua umechezwa.

I need some space
If your partner tells you they need some space just know they will be in Vasha enjoying the embrace of another man.

Award-winning Jamaican reggae star Tarrus Riley will be performing during the championship this weekend.

Tarrus landed in the country yesterday promising Kenyans a great time at the Koroga Festival where he is set to perform at.

“Kenya remains dear to my heart and career. My first visit to Africa was to Kenya and from then till now I’ve grown such love for the people of Kenya and I thank the organizers for deeming me fit to be the first non-African act to headline this festival,” he said.

Last year, President Uhuru Kenyatta announced that Kenya would host the WRC Safari Rally every year until 2026.

This year’s Koroga will take place at The Gardens on Moi South Lake Road in Naivasha, Nakuru county.

The festival titled the ‘The WRC Koroga Festival’, will be the first-ever recreational village, where rally fans can be engaged, fed and entertained for four days during the WRC Safari Rally Kenya.

Koroga Festival is making a comeback after a two-year hiatus due to the ongoing Covid-19 pandemic coinciding with the 2022 World Rally Championship (WRC).

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Nadia Mukami – I’m not in a rush to lose weight

Nadia Mukami has revealed the reason she stopped doing intensive workouts is because of her CS scar.

According to her, the wound is yet to heal hence she is taking things easy.

Speaking during an interview with Mungai Eve, the new mum shared, “I had started going to the gym but my wound started hurting so I paused. Yet you hear people say I have added weight. I am not putting pressure on myself.
There is no need for me to pressure only for me to go back through surgery.”

Adding, “I am exclusively breastfeeding. Other people’s opinions are none of my business. People need to understand that I have a life.”

Would she ever go through surgery?
“I can never say no, I never judge because people go through body transformations/surgeries for different reasons.”

Nadia Mukami with Arrow Boy at a past date

What keeps her glued?

“I am working on my album in my home studio but in the meantime, I want to take care of my child.
My partner understands everything including the showbiz.
So getting people who understand and support you is important.
My mum offers to help when I am not around.
I want to have a family, I want three kids so I am just beginning. I am family-oriented.”

Nadia welcomed her son Haseeb in March 2022.

The delivery came just months after Arrow Bwoy proposed to Nadia.

He proposed on Saturday night March 12th surrounded by friends and family.

In videos trending online, Arrow Bwoy was seen getting down on one knee before removing a ring as Nadia stretched out her hand to accept it.

The crowd gets excited and cheers them on at the Junction Mall rooftop.

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From a Vitz to a Ranger Rover here are 6 cars owned by DJ MO and Size 8

Gospel DJ Samuel Muraya alias DJ Muraya has opened up on his love for cars saying he has so far owned 7 cars.

Speaking Celeb Ride segment with 2Mbili the father of two revealed he bought his current Range rover for 7.9 million.

“I bought it for 7.9 Million, I bought the car in the UK where it was customized.
I am planning on getting a Range Rover Vogue after we finish our building project.
I love cars.”


“I love the car because it is a 4*4 and it can go anywhere.
It’s a range rover sport I have hard it for 4 years. You have to service it often.
To maintain it is not so expensive but when you refuse to fund service it once it develops a problem you will cough up the cash.
If you do not have discipline with range rover itakumaliza.”

What he does not love about the car?
“It uses a lot of money because you cannot use counterfeit products on it.”

What other cars has he ever owned?

  1. Honda Airwave
  2. Van- system Unit
  3. Celica
  4. Jaguar
  5. Vitz
  6. Range Rover

Other celebrities who own Range Rovers include Sarah Kabu, Khaligraph Jones, Ringtone, Zari Hassan, KRG The Don and Eric Omondi.

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