From Jacque Maribe to Betty Kyallo: The troubled love lives of Kenyan screen queens

The T.V landscape has been littered with media beauty after media beauty who have amazed us with their charisma, charm, and chutzpah.

Lillian Muli
Lillian Muli

They have been wonderful captains of their industry drawing us in and making the news more appealing to watch. They make even listening to news about grand corruption more bearable.

Betty Kyallo

But while many of these female stars on our screens may be excelling in their chosen professions, their love lives tell a different story.

Grace Msalame. photo credit: Sowariana

In this article, we take a look at some of the troubled relationships that some of these Kenyan screen queens have had. They are:

Esther Arunga

Her troubles started/continued after she met one Quincy Timberlake. During this period the one-time soft-spoken and very pretty anchor joined the aptly named “Finger of God” church led by a certain brother Hellon.


The scandals that erupted after she joined the church are the stuff of legend. She sued her parents, she quit her job, she married the very shady Quincy and then they went to live in Australia.

Last we heard of the couple, they had a lost one of their children after Quincy threw the child on the wall trying to cure him (?).

Lillian Muli

Lillian was destined to live happily ever after when she married Moses Kanene in September 2009. The wedding was a dream, with the venue being the legendary golf course Windsor Golf and Country Club in Ridgeways.

Lilian Muli wedding
Lillian Muli wedding

But that and the son they got together would most likely be the highlight of their short marriage after she filed for divorce on January 7, 2016.

Lilian Muli

Her reasons for the divorce were shocking, to say the least. That Kanene was adulterous, violent and quick-tempered.

But Lillian is not one to brood over her misfortunes moving on to a new man, wealthy Shabana FC owner Jared Nevaton. In 2018, the couple was blessed with a baby boy called Liam.

As of 2020, subtle signs are that the two might not be in the best place relationship-wise considering the cryptic messages the Citizen TV has been posting lately.

Doreen Gatwiri

The very attractive yellow yellow former Kiswahili news presenter had one of the most scandalous break-ups in 2018.

Doreen Gatwiri
Doreen Gatwiri

But she had got what many slay queens in Kenya would call the ultimate catch? Super-wealthy and super attractive Mwingi Central MP Gideon Mulyungi. She even showed off his huge pink mansion when things between the two were going well.

Doreen-Gatwiri home
Doreen-Gatwiri. photo credit: file

But things fell apart in 2018 when she alleged on her social media pages that the MP was physically abusive towards her. The MP was subsequently arrested.

Doreen Gatwiri and Gideon Mulyungi
Doreen Gatwiri and Gideon Mulyungi

She added that she reported previous incidents to police and sought medical attention from hospitals away from home for fear he would follow her. The two are no longer together.

Betty Kyallo

She got married to colleague Dennis Okari in a much-publicized wedding in late 2015 at Marula Manor. The wedding capped a long and drawn out six-year affair.

Joho, Betty and Okari
Joho, Betty and Okari

But things were not to last in matrimonial bliss as a certain flashy governor also had a place in Betty’s heart. This and allegations that Dennis was also cheating made the marriage last less than one year!

Jacque Maribe

Before Jacque Maribe became entwined in as a suspect in the Monica Kimani murder, the journalist had a high-flying career that was only matched by her stories love life.

Jacque Maribe and Jowie
Jacque Maribe and Jowie in court

Jacque had already been linked with Dennis Itumbi and Eric Omondi who would turn out to be her baby-daddy. Her last love-link was with Jowie Irungu who is the prime suspect in the Monica Kimani murder case.

As of 2020, Jacque isn’t linked to any man after she broke up with Jowie.

Grace Msalame

Grace always has a smile on her face but one thing that she might look back on fondly is the break-down of her relationship with Paul Ndichu.

Grace Msalame
Grace Msalame

The relationship produced a set of twins but it still wasn’t enough to keep the two together.

Grace Msalame twins
Grace Msalame twins

Paul is now married to Maureen Momanyi.

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‘Healing needs to happen’ Jada Pinkett to publicly address affair claims

A day after denying August Alsina’s claims about an affair, Will Smith’s wife Jada is set to address those allegations in her popular Red Table Talk session on Facebook.

Will Smith ‘gave his blessing’ for wife Jada to have affair with singer August Alsina

Jada in a Tweet that has gone viral and attracted more comments about the affair, says she is bring herself tot he table about their relationship.

Jada says she want to heal from it and so she will publicly talk about it.


Jada and August have been trending online after the singer claimed that Will Smith gave his blessing for the affair.

It will be interesting to hear what she has to say, seeing that social media has branded her as taking advantage of a young man who was depressed.


She owes nobody an explanation of what she does with her private part and her private time.
Will is equally not innocent.

You just feel let down by your idea of who you thought they were.

Hopefully, you are own up to the things that happened with August!

But bet she will be making a bag off of this. Everyone will be watching this table talk

Sis we understand. Just accept it. You live life on your own terms, that’s a real boss. We respect you for living unapologetically. So what you had 2Pac as a soulmate, Will as a life partner and August as a young muse. I wish I was that unapologetic with my life.

Ma’am we good Face with tears of joy Rolling on the floor laughing…. that is your personal business. But if you are going to do this, be honest! Otherwise just leave it alone.

Date and time honey bc we will alllllllll be attending !!!

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Is Maureen Waititu’s ex the father? Corazon Kwamboka heavily pregnant (photo)

Even despite the nonsense that is the Covid-19 pandemic life is still moving on swimmingly. Just ask Corazon Kwamboka. The curvy socialite and lawyer dropped the July surprise no one was expecting when she announced that she was pregnant.

She dropped this news to her giddy fans in a long Instagram message while also showing off her bulging belly. In it, the curvaceous socialite explained how the pregnancy had been a surprise for her considering that she had suffered the debilitating disease, endometriosis.

Corazon Kwamboka pregnant
Corazon Kwamboka pregnant

She then went further to speak poetry about the baby’s father whom she didn’t name in her post but it was illuminating in that she mentions him having other kids. Her captivating caption is below:

If someone told me January last year that I’d be feeling you kick deep in my belly at the sound of your father’s voice, I’d most definitely think they were deranged! Endometriosis had crippled my dreams of birthing a child. But here we are. A pleasant and welcomed surprise. I can’t wait to meet you. Hold you and teach you EVERYTHING I know.

To the baby’s father; I couldn’t have chosen a better person to do this with. I see the good in you and how you raise your own and I know my child will be loved ETERNALLY.

Corazon Kwamboka wearing the gym-wear
Corazon Kwamboka wearing the gym-wear

The congratulation messages she received from her fans and followers were unanimous. Some of those comments are below:

willisraburu Awwwwwwwwww this is amazing, congratulations

mariamobil Omg yess bae im so happy for u ❤️❤️

andrew_oo Now which guy is this who reached there before me 🙄

deejaytanlit Sasa Tunangoja Vera atoe Jam

lady_kaygee_ Finally 😍😍😍 Congratulations wifey!  You look so beautiful ♥️

her.92 I did notice u were gaining weight. Now I understand. I’m happy for u

Who is the baby’s father? Could it be the last man that she was romantically linked with? I am talking about Maureen Waititu’s ex-husband Frankie Kiarie.

Maureen-Waititu with Frankie Kiarie in the past
Maureen-Waititu with Frankie Kiarie in the past

The two have been seen canoodling for the better part of the year and have never confirmed or denied that they were an item. But their photos and videoes together tell a thousand words.

Frankie Kiarie with Corazon Kwamboka
Frankie Kiarie with Corazon Kwamboka

All I can say is good for you Corazon! The blessing of the womb is one to cherish. Enjoy it!

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I am wife number 5! Esma Platnumz says as she reveals she dated husband for 2 months

Diamond Platnumz’s sister Esma recently tied the knot. The wedding was a secretive affair only known to close family and friends.

The rumour doing the rounds has been that the socialite was married to a certain Tanzanian businessman as a 3rd wife a fact that hadn’t been substantiated yet.

Esma Platnumz with her new husband

The details of her marriage were confirmed recently by Esma. But thing is that she isn’t even the man’s 3rd wife but his 5th. Not only that, the mother of two got married after a quick two-month affair!

Ni kama Zari tu! Diamond Platnumz reveals surprising secret about his real dad

Thing is that in her posts the mother of 5 kind of contradicted herself on the matter as she claimed her man had only three wives but later disclosed she was the fifth apple of his eye.

“Thank you so much for this gift, my friend. I cried to you a lot of times while we were dating and you comforted me. Wife number five,” she wrote in one of her posts on social media.

Esma Platnumz with her new husband
Esma Platnumz with her new husband

While most of her fans were really happy for her, some questioned why she had had to get married as a 5th wife yet she had a lot going on for her, something that didn’t seem to bother her at all.

Esma isn’t the only sibling related to Diamond who has gotten married as someone’s “extra” wife. Diamond’s other sister Queen Darleen paved the way for Esma when she got married as a second wife back in December 2019.

Queen Darleen and husband Isihaka
Queen Darleen and husband Isihaka

The speed with which Esma moved on from her on and off again baby daddy Petit-man must noted. Rarely do women engage in such affairs with such speed the way Esma has done unless her new man is rolling in the green! The real Igwe!

Esma, Diamond Platnumz’s famous sister got married as a 5th wife! Let that sink in.

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Just like old friends! Zari and Mama Diamond make fun of Tiffah in pleasant exchange

As Mama Diamond goes so does her son, Chibu or vice-versa. Recent events occurring between Zari and Sandrah(Diamond’s over-protective mother) have me wondering whether East Africa’s most desired f***boy will link up with the mother of his two kids.

Zari and Mama Dangote as she calls herself on her Instagram page have been on glorious terms the past few months-rekindling memories of the times the two shared when Diamond and Zarinah were a young couple.

Zari Hassan and Mama Dangote and her husband in the past

This week the two added a memento for celebrity watchers when they shared what could best be described as a cute mother-daughter moment. The source of their joy was Tiffah-Diamond’s only daughter.

Zari and Hamisa celebrate Diamond on Father’s Day as Tanasha gives him the silent treatment

It started after Diamond’s mum posted a screengrab of Tiffah, on her Instagram page after ending a video chat with her.  Zari then responded by saying that the little princess was agitating for the Covid-19 lockdown to be lifted so she could visit her father in Tanzania.

Zari with her daughter Tiffah
Zari with her daughter Tiffah

But Mama Dangote laughed off Tiffah’s wishes saying that she would love to stay Covid-19 free as recently declared by President John Magufuli. “What is disturbing Tiffah is just jealousy, are police officers the one’s to blame for corona?” she said amidst laughter.

View this post on Instagram

Zari and Mama Dangote are best buds.. 😍

A post shared by Urban News (@urbannews254) on

This exchange shows how far Zarinah has come in her relationship with Diamond and his kin. For close to two years the two didn’t see eye to eye and things got so bad, Miss Hassan would constantly attack the father of her two kids on social media.

Diamond with Zarinah and Tiffah
Diamond with Zarinah and Tiffah

But it seems that those dark days are behind us with the lovely exchange above being proof. There are on such good terms that Zari even came out to blame women who have their kids growing up without their fathers!

Her change of tune didn’t end there as she even praised the rambunctious singer for realising the mistakes he has made in the past, noting that he had now started helping out with his kids.

Zarinah, Diamond, Mama Diamond, Nillan and Tiffah in the past
The couple with their tow kids, Nillan and Tiffah in the past

Could the two get back together? I don’t think so but stranger things have happened…

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Did she become a Christian while married to Ben Kitili? Amina Mude comes clean

The June bombshell as far as celebrity relationships go was the news that Ben Kitili and his wife Amina Munde had taken a break.

The pair who got married two years ago in a glitzy and beautiful ceremony where the image of bliss at a time when long-term relationships (especially celebrity) tend to suffer the brunt of rumour-mongering and hyperbole.

Ben Kitili with his wife Amina Mude and their kids
Ben Kitili with his wife Amina Mude and their kids

When the news emerged earlier this week, Amina confirmed that she and the KTN news presenter had separated and refused to reveal the reason why.

‘Fight for what you love’ Ben Kitili´s wife says about her religious critics

Ben himself has been silent about the whole affair and refused to respond to our numerous attempts to get a comment from him.

But I digress. Since the news broke out, theories have been adduced with one claiming that the two had split up because of the religious differences they had.

Ben Kitili with Amina Mude 4
Ben Kitili with Amina Mude

Ben is a Christian while Amina is a Muslim; a something she explained had been a source of contention for her parents before they finally accepted him. This fact is well-known.

While Amina might not want to address the reason why the couple split, she will not stand for falsities being posted about what religion she follows.

Amina Mude glowing
Amina Mude glowing

The curvy mother of two sent a clarification to an Instagram page called Mkamburi Chigogo. In it, she categorically stated that she had never converted to Christianity even during the course of her marriage.

While one might speculate as to the source of the split, I hope the two can get back together. They looked good together and have two beautiful children. It isn’t every day that we see a couple so different come together against all the naysayers.

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I would marry Redsan! Victoria Kimani says about famous Kenyan musician

AFRIMMA award-winning singer, Victoria Kimani has not been in the news a lot especially during this Covid-19 affected period-something that is quite understandable as the period has made many people and businesses go into limbo.

The singer who changes hairstyles as much as her outfits, has in the past described her dating life as terrible. She had said that a man that she had dated in the past had pathologically cheated on her so much so that she started doubting whether the concept of true love even existed. This was the biggest reason she decided to remain single.

Victoria Kimani posing
Victoria Kimani posing

Now you know why the 34-year-old who has had a multicultural upbringing rarely if ever gets linked to any man romantically. It is by personal decision.

Valentine’s Day became an anniversary for that horrible day – Victoria Kimani

In a recent interview on radio, the singer spoke about her dating life and shocked many of her fans when she disclosed that she had last gone for a date in September 2019, 11 months ago.

“(My dating life has been) Horrible! I don’t know why I’m talking crap as if I’m dating. I’m not dating anybody, nobody. The last time I went on a date was in September 2019. I’m okay.”

One of the most interesting tidbits in her interview was on her partner choice when she played the game, “Kill, Smash, Marry.

The musician said that she would choose to have s*x with Wizkid but marry Redsan. Her reason was very simple. One should always settle down with someone from home.

“Kill AKA, smash Wizkid, marry Redsan. Homegrown! You’ve gotta marry from home, like people from home, you know.”

Redsan with Joho

Unknown to many, Victoria Kimani’s dad is a pastor here in Kenya, while her mom is the one who inspired her multi-coloured, multi-floral fashion taste.

“As far as fashion is concerned, I get all these ideas from my mom. I won’t say she likes everything that I wear. We weren’t rich, my mom just knew how to put things together.”

Victoria Kimani posing

For those who aren’t aware, the “China Love” singer has a famous brother in veteran rapper Bamboo. Talk about a family that produces stars.

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How dare you!? Kenyans up in arms as Anita Nderu hosts gay men on her cooking show

Anita Nderu rarely if ever finds herself in any controversy. The woman has a squeaky-clean reputation that she jealously guards.

Anita Nderu smiling

But in a world that is dominated by social media use, no one is normally safe. One minute you are a hero to the mob, the next you have become food for the lions in Caesars Coliseum, with that same mob cheering at your gory demise.

And nearly every celebrity, try as they might have been a victim of the mobs via cyber-bullying or overly harsh criticism that borders on the sociopathic.

Anita is in that zone right now trending on many social media platforms as some have attacked her following an episode of her cooking show that she recently posted.

Anita Nderu with over-sized glasses
Anita Nderu with over-sized glasses

What can really happen on an innocent and harmless cooking show? A lot! This according to some who watched the show and were thoroughly unhappy with the guests Anita featured. Some of those highly critical comments are below:

The critics were unhappy that she had hosted gay men on her cooking show with her fans using various social media platforms to air their utmost displeasure.

atmahibrahim1 No wonder Covid 19 is after us.
newtonk267 Umelipwa na nani usaport hii ujinga it’s not our tradition and will never be
gracie_successful The way I respect u what ar u doing with gay guys
abel_chomber Bullshit crap crap crap 🚮🚮🚮🚮🚮
jame.st4 Just wrong
evans.damji Delete
esthershero Woi this post made me so tired… Sigh

The criticism even prompted the former Trend presenter to come out to defend herself responding to an Instagram fan identified as @whoisqueen. Whois queen who said she supported LGBTQ rights was against the stereotypical misrepresentation of the gay community as being hypers*xual.

Women are each others enemies! Anita Nderu’s powerful message on Women’s Day

Anita responded by saying that her show wasn’t scripted and that the people on it behaved in a free manner that was true to themselves.

“I respect your opinion. I simply asked my friends to come on my web show and be themselves. What any of us have chosen to do on the show is how each of us is. Nothing about my show is scripted. What you see from the guests, food to outcome is what actually genuinely took place❤️,” responded Nderu.

Anita Nderu smiling
Anita Nderu smiling

She, later on, posted her public response on her Instagram page reaffirming her earlier support of the LGBTQ movement saying that she wouldn’t be bullied into silence by anyone.;

“Also, I will never be bullied into silence. As human beings, we have the right to refuse to be defined by what other people think rather we must define ourselves. As people, we should celebrate our differences, encourage authenticity & wonder at the diversity of humanity. We all have a right to love and be loved however & whenever. #Propride #ProLGBTQ”

Anita Nderu

While I might not agree with people’s worldviews, one thing I believe is that someone has the right to post whatever they want on their own social media profile. Of course, it should be within some parameters of common sense and decency.

But common sense is also debatable in today’s hyper-sensitive world but what do I know?


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Man agrees to open relationship after girlfriend cheats multiple times

The explosive revelation by RnB singer August Alsina that he was ‘given permission’ by Will Smith to bed his wife Jada, has seen all sorts of reactions online and in Whatsapp discussion.

He said: “I actually sat down with Will (Smith) and had a conversation due to the transformation from their marriage to life partnership … he gave me his blessing.”

Jada Pinkett through her representative has denied the story.

Read the story below

Will Smith ‘gave his blessing’ for wife Jada to have affair with singer August Alsina

august alsin and jada
Jada Pinkett and August Alsina

The topic has been trending and in one reaction, a man confessed how he understands Will and Jada’s relationship because he too has been forced into it.

The man going by the Twitter user @Mizile10, admitted how his girlfriends cheating ways forced him to agree to an open relationship because he didn’t want to lose her.

He wrote

I remember finding out about my ex-girl cheating, then I forgave her and she did it again. So I ended up deciding we should make it an open relationship because I didn’t want to leave her, & that way she won’t have to be dishonest with me. Maybe Will did the same

So to save his relationship rather than call it quits, the man suggested they enter into an open relationship as a win win situation.


How much is too much to take? Here are sharp reactions to his confession.

Has this man set the bar to low going by most responses?

How would your parents feel If they knew they raised a simp for a son?

You and the girl are mad

A lot of men do this… privately thou

That’s kind of pathetic though

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24 things people say to justify making mistakes/ bad decisions


Has a friend, family member ever raised an eyebrow at some SHADY move you are about to make?

Plus when you are about to make a bad decision, what’s the most likely statement you will make? Did I hear something close to ‘ Sh*t happens’?

Yup, that one.

Did she really date Arrow Bwoy?! Nadia Mukami comes clean

Sometimes deep down, we’re aware that the choice we’re about to make isn’t the best decision. Yet, rather than stop it, we come up with the flimsiest statements to justify what we’re about to do.

Talk about digging your hole deeper. Here are 24 phrases we use to justify our mistakes

1. “Welp, might as well”

This is an all time favorite of some of my friends who end up saying  “F**k it”

2. If I die,I die.

Ni kama Zari tu! Diamond Platnumz reveals surprising secret about his real dad

3. “Oh well, it is what it issss”
4. “Oh well, at least I’m not murdering anyone”
5. “I’m here for a good time not a long time”
6. What’s the worst that could
7. “if you don’t do it, someone else will get it done”

Ni mrembo! Rapper Prezzo shows off beautiful 60-year-old mother (photo)

8. Well sh*t… let’s go
9. Yolo
10. My time is now not tomorrow
11. I was born one day, I’ll die another Face with tears of joy
12. Life is for the living
13 If I die, I die
14. What doesn’t kill you makes you stronger
15. Who wants to live forever? and
What’s the worst that could happen?
16. “god please forgive me for this” 
17. “I mean, why not?”
18. “We’re all gonna die anyways”
19. “It is what it is”

“There’s only one way to find out”
20. I’ll get paid again.
21. “You only get one life”

“If it’s meant to be.. “

“God, Protect me”
22. “I’m allowed to make stupid decisions!

The excuse here is that one doesn’t have to be perfect.”
23. ‘So what?’

this really works
24. “who gone say sum? nobody”

The argument here is that “its my life” or worse that “if it goes down south that’s fine too”


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List of female university students that died in tragic fashion

The death of the Multimedia University student Diana Mumbi a few years ago added to a list of other students who have lost their lives mysteriously and under suspicious circumstances.

Diana like so many ladies in university face temptations that can be a vice or a blessing. With the many older and more accomplished men pursuing them.

At this age of their lives when cash is hard to come by and the desire for the Hollywood lifestyle is high, many young and impressionable females get swayed either into hanging out with friends they shouldn’t or get into relationships they would do better to avoid.

This list is a sad reminder that many murders in this country are still open, meaning they have not been solved as of yet and the way things look, they might never be solved. It’s sad that some of the families of the girls on this list might never get the closure of seeing justice served.

Here goes:

Careen Chepchumba

The girlfriend of former TV anchor and host Louis Otieno was found dead in her apartment at Kilimani’s Santonia Court in February 2012. A postmortem showed she was strangled. The former TV presenter said he met the woman the previous year when he moved into the building.

Careen Chepchumba
Careen Chepchumba

Ms. Chepchumba was found dead in her apartment at Kilimani’s Santonia Court a day after she indicated to her parents that she wanted to ditch former TV news anchor Louis Otieno.

This case is interesting because both Louise and  Careen’s  father blame each other for Careen’s death. Up to this day, the case is still unsolved of the former Kenya Power employees death.

Mercy Keino (Nairobi University)

This former University of Nairobi student was found dead along Waiyaki way after being the victim of a hit and run. The university student was attending a party at Wasini Luxury Homes that was also attended by former Kiambu governor William Kabogo.

Mercy Keino
Mercy Keino

Investigations ensued with claims that Mr. Kabogo had slapped Mercy before she left on that fateful day. An inquest that concluded last year absolved Mr. Kabogo of any wrongdoing. The matter as to who may have killed Mercy is still up in the air.

Carol Ngumbu (Kenya Medical Training College)

This is the woman who was found dead together with IEBC ICT Manager Chris Msando. She was just 21, from Gachie, Kiambu County, and had just completed her studies at the Karen campus of Kenya Medical Training College. She was found along with the former ICT manager of the IEBC dead, with strangulation being the cause fo death.

Carol Ngumbu
Carol Ngumbu

The case is still unsolved with many saying she was a victim of collateral damage as she was with the ICT manager when the killers struck.

Edinald Nyainda Atieno (Kenyatta University)

This lady is probably the least well-known of the ladies on this list because she was not associated with any high-profile personalities. Atieno was stabbed 10 times in the neck and chest by Maxwell Ochieng a former soldier in Kahawa Wendani.

Edinald Nyainda Atieno
Edinald Nyainda Atieno

Edinald died of excessive bleeding following the stabbing. She was allegedly killed by the 36-year-old ex-naval officer Maxwell Ochieng after she terminated their relationship.

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Will Jacque Maribe be back on our TV screens soon? Political journalist speaks

Jacque Maribe has been through the wringer as far as experiences have gone. That roller-coaster started in late 2018 when the high-flying journalist became entangled as a murder suspect.

The coming months after that were full off-court appearances and a stint in remand prison that was in stack construct to the hobnobbing she had been doing with high and mighty politicians in the recent past. Then in mid-2019 Miss Maribe announced that she would be leaving her job at Citizen TV.

Jacque Maribe smiling
Jacque Maribe smiling

Some would have surmised that her end had come-That the mighty had fallen. But don’t count her out yet. Like the proverbial phoenix that rises from the ashes Miss Maribe still has hopes, very big hopes.

Eric Omondi reminisces about meeting and going on first date with Jacque Maribe

She recently spoke to her fans on her Instagram page during an Instalive Q and A session with Mista Dru. In it, she addressed her future considering she hadn’t been in front of our television screens for nearly one year.

Jacque Maribe
Jacque Maribe

On the question of whether she would be willing to go back to mainstream media to reclaim her spot as a political journalist, Maribe said,

“Actually yeah. I really would. I gave myself a year and I think I’m good now. I have given my son enough attention to spend enough time with my family. I’m ready now.”

Jacque Maribe with her son, Zahari
Jacque Maribe with her son, Zahari

Maribe added that getting back on screen used to take a lot of energy from her but that she was ready for the challenge, “Is a lot for me. It takes a lot from me.”

Although it took a lot on her she said that the constant scrutiny she is put under by netizens is something she has grown used to. She takes the criticism as it comes and moves on and has grown a thick skin as a result.

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Ni kama Zari tu! Diamond Platnumz reveals surprising secret about his real dad

For many years, Diamond Platnumz has been compared to Biblical character Abraham. The reason is simple; The man has kids from different baby mamas whose nationalities are spread evenly across East Africa. Just like Abraham.

But it seems that his ties with the legendary Father of the Jews doesn’t end there. For those of you who are unaware, Abraham was originally from Ur in Mesopotamia which would be present-day Iraq before God told him to move to Canaan which would become present-day Israel according to biblical records.

Abdul Juma with Diamond Platnumz
Abdul Juma with Diamond Platnumz

Apparently Diamond himself is also a man of international blood! The Tanzania singer recently revealed that he was of Ugandan origin.

The singer confirmed this in a new post where he shared a video of some Ugandan kids dancing to his latest hit!

Fed up Diamond finally issues statement to female fans claiming to be his side-pieces

In the caption, Diamond Platnumz went on to reveal that his dad is actually a Ugandan who found his way to Tanzania. How is that possible? The “Baba Lao” singer we are just finding about it now?

Diamond Platnumz shirtless
Diamond Platnumz shirtless

Sometimes it is good for a star to keep some things for himself methinks. The singer’s pride didn’t end there as he also mentioned how his two children with Ugandan socialite, Zari Hassan were also of Ugandan origin.” 🇺🇬UGANDA 🇺🇬 You know my dad is from there and my two kids are from there right….?”

Zari, Diamond with their two kids in the past
Zari, Diamond with their two kids in the past

While the singer might sound proud about the fact that he has some Ugandan heritage, his relationship with his father is another topic.

He and his mother have in the past explained that Mzee Abdul left them in poverty while he moved on with another woman. Although things are better now between father and son, one wonders what could have been had the singer had a more stable upbringing?

Diamond with his mother in a file photo
Diamond with his mother in a file photo

Would he be the philanderer he is now? Would he be the big star he is now? One can only wonder?

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Did she really date Arrow Bwoy?! Nadia Mukami comes clean

For a while there we have been made to think that Nadia Mukami and Arrow Bwoy had a thing going in the past. That thing, of course, would be a relationship.

That rumour percolated for a while with even Nadia chiming in claiming that she and the singer had a relationship. Since then Arrow himself has only addressed the issue once.

Nadia Mukami smiling

During that interview, Arrow refused to confirm or deny the rumour only insisting that she should focus on her music as she had a great career ahead of her.

But it seems that the whole thing was a figment of our collective imaginations. This week Nadia came out to claim that she had never been in a relationship with the “Jango Love” singer.

Nadia Mukami with Arrow Bwoy 1
Nadia Mukami with Arrow Bwoy

During an interview with Bonga na Jalas the singer explained that not only was she single but that she had never been in a relationship with him in the first place. “I am single and working on my business. Arrow Bwoy and I never dated, ” she said.

She explained that the reason she had not dealt with the rumour in the first place was that she and her team wanted to use the publicity to promote a certain song. “What happened was that a blogger wrote the story and we just decided to run with it. We used it to push our music.”

Nadia Mukami smiling
Nadia Mukami smiling

One thing that bothered new Kiss presenter Jalang’o was that she was still single despite being a catch? “I feel like my early twenties should be my building years. A relationship right now can be a distraction. When you’re in the music industry sometimes people want to date you for the wrong reasons.”

He moved on in 2 days! Nadia Mukami says after breakup with Arrow Bwoy

To back up her thesis, the “Radio Love” singer went further saying that she had once been in a date where a man had asked her to pay for his lunch bill-Even in these times of feminism and equality, that wasn’t something she was pleased with.

“It’s hard to find a good guy, people assume I am rich. There is a day we went out on a date and when it was time to pay, the guy gave me the bill and I had to pay.”

Nadia Mukami posing
Nadia Mukami posing

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Ni mrembo! Rapper Prezzo shows off beautiful 60-year-old mother (photo)

Prezzo is one of the most fascinating of the celebrities that we have in Kenya. The man has lived a life that could (and should) be turned into a miniseries or movie.

The highs and lows that Jackson Makini has gone through are not only shocking to read but they are also mind-blowing: Like his near-death escape at the hands of some gangstas who nearly blew his head off to his stint with the infamous vigilante’ group Mungiki.

Prezzo chilling
Prezzo chilling

Or the fact that he couldn’t leave his house for more than one year because he was suffering from depression. If it is an out of this world experience? Prezzo has most likely gone through it.

I was depressed and couldn’t leave the house for a whole year – Prezzo

These incidents might paint a picture of a man whose wanderlust and fame came at a big price but they just touch on the surface of a more complex individual who has more layers than an onion.

Prezzo chilling in white

One thing that all the incidents in his life show us that the rapper is as resilient/awe-inspiring as Chinese Bamboo and has come back from all of them stronger and better.

The trials have not broken him but made him stronger. Why the long intro? That was all to surmise the cause of his awesome resilience. Behind every awesome son lies a mother who didn’t give up on him ( I am proof)

The woman who has guided him since his father passed away when he was still in a young boy. This week he celebrated probably the most influential person in his life with a short, succinct message on her 60th birthday with a touching and loving message. It read; “Happy 60th birthday Malaika Mama God bless you abundantly. Love u always 💕”

Prezzo's mother
Prezzo’s mother

From us here at Classic105, happy birthday mama Makini!

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Full-bodied Silprosa leaves little to the imagination as she poses in sultry photos

The body positivity movement is one that has become more mainstream over the years and seems it will get more wind under it as a side-effect of the Black Lives Matter movement.

While some may have their opinions about its merits and demerits, there are some like Auntie Boss star Sandra Dacha aka Silprosa who has embraced the movement fully.

Sandra Dacha aka Silprosa

The full-figured actress decided to flaunt her figure unapologetically to her over 130k Instagram followers.  Silprosa gave ger fans a lesson on how to love their bodies while using scintillating photos she took on her 30th birthday.

Former Auntie boss actress Nyce Wanjeri speaks out on marriage

The month of June has been one of fearless expression for Siprosa as she showcased different outfits with the one major tie-in being her big curvy body and thunder thighs, that she showed off proudly.

Sandra Dacha aka Silprosa

Showing that being body-shamed can only happen when the victims accepts the attacks instead of ignoring them as Silprosa impressively did with her critics.

However, most of her fans were quick to congratulate her with many expressing their delight at the chutzpah she was expressing with the numerous photo-shoots.

Sandra Dacha aka Silprosa

Silprosa reminds me of American rapper Lizzo who has become the focal point of the current body positivity movement happening in America.

Lizzo posing

Lizzo posing
Lizzo posing

Lizzo just like Silprosa has made society confront their definitions of what beauty is supposed to be, advancing a conversation that has been taking place since obesity became one of the biggest killers worldwide.

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Will Smith ‘gave his blessing’ for wife Jada to have affair with singer August Alsina


For the longest time, there has been speculation surrounding the nature of Will Smith and Jada Pinketts’ marriage.

Rumor has been that they are in an open relationship, which neither has addressed.

An now in an interview, we are learning there may be some truth to it. RnB singer August Alsina has confessed that Will Smith gave permission for him to bed wife Jada.

Alsina has opened up on the alleged affair in an interview with The Breakfast Club’s Angela Yee.

He said: “I actually sat down with Will (Smith) and had a conversation due to the transformation from their marriage to life partnership … he gave me his blessing.”

Alsina, 27, was introduced to Pinkett Smith, 48, in 2015 by her son Jaden. He said the two became very close, even holidaying with the Smith family in Hawaii in 2016 and attending the 2017 BET Awards together.

He claims he fell in love with Pinkett Smith.

“I totally gave myself to that relationship for years of my life, and I truly and really, really deeply love and have a ton of love for her. I devoted myself to it, I gave my full self to it – so much so to the point that I can die right now and be OK with knowing that I truly gave myself to somebody,” he said.

“And I really loved a person, I experienced that and I know what that feels like – and some people never get that in this lifetime. I know that I am completely blessed and this conversation is difficult because it is so much, that it would be hard for people to understand but, once it starts to affect me and my livelihood, I have to speak up about my truth.”

Alsina even went on to describe Pinkett Smith as “God’s divinity” on her 47th birthday. It is not clear when their alleged affair ended.

The interview is for Alsina’s new YouTube documentary StateofEMERGEncy: The Rise of August Alsina to promote his new album The Product III:stateofEMERGEncy.

During the interview, Yee questioned, “Is it disappointing that she (Pinkett Smith) never addressed it to you, because like you said, you lost out on opportunities?”

“I really can’t even get into the thought of that because I am only responsible for myself, right,” Alsina replied. “And I am only responsible for, you know, what I do. When I am repressing and suppressing things and it starts to affect me, I have to address it. I just always stay solid because I never want to be the person to start confusion.”


Here are some reactions from Kenyans on the hotly debated topic:

Hio idea ya open relationship inakuanga labda tu one sided. Inabidi umekubali juu hutaki kuachwa. Lmao
Mostly its a woman who wants an open relationship
Especially kama one partner ni rich anga influential haha
mwenye hataki kuachwa hukuwa desperate alafu na esteem iko below sea level.
Open rlshp huanza kua itchy when one partner gets more lays than the other..anga unahanya sana kuniliko

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Mother slammed for disgusting photo to celebrate sons birthday


A Ghanaian actress named Rosemond Alade Brown aka Akuapem Poloo is celebrating her son’s birthday in an unusual way that has attracted condemnation.

Akuapem Poloo shared a photo nvked with her son in an Instagram picture.

Her son was turning 7 years.

She shared why she was in her birthday suit to celebrate her son’s big day saying it’s because she gave birth to him with no clothes on.

I lost 4 front teeth at age 13 and I was called mapengo – Huddah narrates

Akuapem Poloo took to her IG page and posted,

“Son today reminds me of the very day I gave birth to you with no stress and with no regret…..30th June 2013 exactly 4:46am Sunday Haha I still remember this date paa because it’s really meant a lot to me, I only felt the 30 minutes pain when you were turning to come out🙉🙉🙉 you were soo good to me. I gave birth with no complication, no cut no disability Haha I love you son. You see how you looking at me🤔 always remember that I love you👩‍❤️‍👨 I’m naked in front of you because this is how naked I was giving birth to you, so in case you find me naked lying somewhere don’t pass by me but rather see me as your mom who brought you to life.

Here is her son, but this is not the picture that has gone viral. I chose to share a decent photo of the young man.


I will absolutely not share that disgusting picture, but if you are curious head over to her Instagram account to see it.

She later laughed off the picture saying

‘I can see I’m trending’, adding that ‘So I can’t take pictures with my son in peace ?’