Baby number two! Corazon Kwamboka delivers baby girl


Socialite Corazon Kwamboka has delivered a baby girl named Koko.

She made the announcement on her social media that ‘Zero hours of labor, 1hr 15 mins inside theatre, and 6 hours of lying on my back with drips and chills, unable to twist or turn, I am finally holding my little girl. Thank you for choosing us to be your parents koko. We can’t wait to show you the world and love you forever.’


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Ali Kiba excites Kenyans with playlist for Jamhuri weekend concert


Bongo singer Ali Kiba will be in Kenya for a concert on 11th December in Naivasha. The concert will be at Lake Naivasha Resort.

He told his fans that he has special songs from back in the day lined up and encouraged them to pick the ones they want to listen to.

He will be joined by Femi One, Nyashinski. Regular tickets are 2,000 bob.


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Move over Diana B! Mammito is the newest rapper in town


First of all, welcome back to our social media feed Mammito. Your skits were missed.

Mammito’s new video launching her ‘rap career’ will have you rolling on the floor laughing.

In perhaps what is taking a dig at Dina dive into the rap world, Mammito shared a video  showing her debut a hit song.

Her fans were so ticked they told her to lay off you know what.

😂😂😂😂😂Karibu nidhani Cardi B Amekuwa slim and black

Karibu nishindwe huyu ni nani😍😍❤️😂

Heheee tutafika mbinguni tumechoka jamani😂😂😂😂😂😂😂

Tumtag ama tujifanye hatuelewi,😂😂

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Monique Bett and husband Richard cover Parents Magazine


Tv girl Monique and her husband Richard are the new it couple on Parents magazine December issue.

The couple is dressed by actress Brenda Wairmu’s label 15

The happy couple gushed about their appearance on the popular magazine.

It’s exciting to be on the December issue of the #parentsmagazine with my queen @moniqueangelynbett . Love and parenthood is a beautiful road and I hope this inspires other parents in the journey of life and love.

They talk all things parenting, their shared passion for music and their multicultural beautiful love story. They also set the record straight on Buganda women stereotypes.

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A post shared by Richard Bett (@richbett)

She also wrote

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‘Love is beautiful’ Nyota Ndogo whispers to husband at the airport


Nyota Ndogo has shared delightful comments about love while welcoming her mzungu husband back to Kenya.

The man jetted in and an excited Nyota told fans that love is a beautiful thing and she will give it her 100 per cent.

‘Love is beautiful bwana ikitokea umeoenda give it 100 per cent. Welcome home my husband nimekumiss kinyama’


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Lmfao really! Tanasha Donna tells fan about her body count 


The question of whether Tanasha Donna is single or dating is something she has been inundated with.

In a Question and Answer segment on Instagram, Tanasha encouraged her fans to ask her anything.

And KOT love this opportunity to quiz their favorite celebrity. For Tanasha it was all about if she is single or dating. There have been rumors that she has been spotted severally with Nigerian singer Oma Lay, with blurry pictures of them in Sudan and Mombasa leaked online.

Neither has responded to the allegations.

So in the QnA, Tanasha was asked ‘Are you dating?’

She responded with a thinking face emoji. Hmmm, that doesn’t answer the question siz.

She was also asked about her body count replying ‘lmfao really?’

She was also asked how she would handle a man who doesn’t love her ‘How can you handle a situation like you love someone and he doesn’t love you back’

Tanasha said ‘I think when I was in my teens I went through this. However if that’s the case you MOVE & Keep MOVING baby. Never look back’

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Comedian Jemutai’s cryptic message about fake friends


MC, influencer, brand ambassador Jemutai is spitting some words of wisdom many of us need to act upon.

The comedian has been minding her business alot and keeping things private of late has benefitted her alot.

In a cryptic post, Jemutai wrote ‘When you stop telling your friends much about you..your enemies will stop knowing much about you..’

Do you agree?

Meanwhile check out Jemutai’s Tiktok page. She has some really wholesome content to uplift you.



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Amber Ray slams deadbeat ex ‘having no responsibilities is so sweet’



Socialite Amber rRay is back in Nairobi and spending her time they way only she knows how.

Sipping a drink, dancing and writing captions that leave us in stitches.

She wrote one hitting out at her ex baby daddy, the father to her son Gavin.

‘That feeling when it’s baby daddys turn to baby sit the baby, and you have the whole house to yourself no wonder most of them  are deadbeats..havin no responsibilities is so sweet’

She added in another naught caption ‘feeling naughty tonight’ and that ‘It feels good to be alive’

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He will remarry a a month after burying you – Maina Kageni 

On the Wednesday morning conversation December 8th, Maina referred back to Tuesdays topic on women waiting years for their husbands to return home. But this time he flipped the script, saying men would never.

‘I’ve been listening to men saying how the woman who waits for her man is an angel and the women of today don’t have patience, now there is a lady I met yesterday and told me her brother’s wife passed on and that within a month he had remarried. Within a month of burying her he had married again. A month, he got another woman sleeping in your bed, why don’t Kenyan men have a sense of honor? how can you move on so quickly after her death? Ebu explain that to me’

Mwalimu Kingangi defended mens actions blaming it on relatives ‘Ni family, family wana kupush, family from both sides because even the bible says it’s not good for a man to live alone’

Kingangi didn’t convince Maina after adding ‘blame it on the family, the push is too much blame it on the family, relatives they push they bring another woman, they force you. You need to also address the relatives who push men they bring women to replace’

Maina brushed him off warning women ‘even honoring your memory he can’t, he will bring another woman to your bed using your bedsheets’

Maina added ‘most men replace a dead wife immediately kwani she was just a sheet? You know even if your family is pushing you, you don’t even have utu in yourself to honor a woman who devoted herself to you? how do you move on after a month. She is not even cold in the grave and you have another woman in her house? hata kama ni familia inakupressure hauna utu?

Maina said a special prayer for woman before opening up the discussion to the audience ‘aki Kenyan women may God bless you may God give you the strength to deal with the men, if that is how they are’




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Risper Faith exposes event planner who failed to pay her

Risper Faith is taking pride in her achievements in life and having the last laugh at people at scoffers in her younger days.

In a case of what goes around comes around, Risper has revealed that someone did not honor a business deal for 3k.

Now the same person has reached out to her to host the event and she has charged them multiple times.

Risper added ‘sitaki ujinga’

‘This is me 10 years ago, was called to host an event for 3k,and ended up not being paid…right now the same event is happening and I just charged them 200k staki ujinga’



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Nick Cannon’s 5 month old son dies from Brain Cancer

Nick Cannon has announced the passing of his 5 month old son, Zen from a brain tumor.

Cannon and Alyssa Scott welcomed Zen back in June, making him Cannon’s seventh child.

The 41-year-old star announced Tuesday on The Nick Cannon Show that his youngest son, died of brain cancer and a subsequent tumor.

“Over the weekend I lost my youngest son to a condition called hydrocephalus that is pretty much a malignant, midline brain tumor — brain cancer,”

Hydrocephalus “is the buildup of fluid in the cavities (ventricles) deep within the brain. The excess fluid increases the size of the ventricles and puts pressure on the brain.”

“I always noticed he had a cough and so I wanted to check it out,” he said. “He had this interesting breathing and by the time he was two months I noticed he had this nice sized head too — a Cannon head. We didn’t think anything of it. But I wanted to take him to the doctor for his sinus and breathing. We thought it would be routine.”

We send our deepest condolences to Nick and his family during this time.

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Nyota Ndogo warns her mubaba husband about makasiriko 



Coast based singer Nyota Ndogo has landed in Nairobi for her performance in the forthcoming Jamhuri Day celebration.

Nyota thanked God and the Government for including her in the list.

Her mzungu husband, whom she refereed to a mbaba – old man- will also be flying in, and she has sent him a warning, asifure.

Nyota is among artiste included in the Jamhuri day celebrations, and her performance may include dancing with a crew of men. She does have a legion of adoring male fans right?

She warned him ahead of time that she may or may not gyrate with other men, and that it’s only work.

Nyota hilariously told her mubaba ‘

‘Wewe mbaba nakuomba ujue mimi ni Mwanamuziki. Hivi unaingia kesho na utanikuta nipo bize na tumenyanganyikana na waume”mambo ya kufurafura ukiona wanaume uwache umesikia? Hivi nimekumiss lakini ujue mkeo yupo kazi na sio nyota ndogo jikoni but nyota ndogo wa muziki.’


She has corrected her fqans who think she is too tough, adding that ‘it’s a joke’.

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Tanzanians would’ve said he’s fake rich! Diamond tells haters on P Diddy house


American rapper, singer, producer, and entrepreneur P Diddy’s Beverley Hills mansion is on sale for 14.5million dollars.

The three-level home boasts five bedrooms and six bathrooms, plus incredible views of Los Angeles. It also includes a movie theater which can seat 35 people, a wine room, a beauty studio, a massage room, and a sauna.

Diamond Platnumz has reacted to the story, taking shots at haters.

He responded under the article on Wasafi tv Instagram that ‘Angekua anauza mbongo angeambiwa kafulia’

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A post shared by Wasafi TV (@wasafitv)

Diamond has been under fire from his countrymen who think that he fakes his riches.

Diamonds lavish lifestyle always manages to catch the attention of the interwebs as showing off is his regular.

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Honor your parents with a dance on your wedding – Muthoni Mukiri advises


Yotuber Muthoni wa Mukiri is reminiscing her beautiful wedding to Isaac held back in November.

Her nuptials excited her so much she has been sharing recaps of the day.

Her highlight according to a sweet not on her Instagram included a father daughter dance.

‘I just came across these pics..Father and daughter dance / mom and son dance…
This was one of my best moments..
My father’s dancing skills are top. 👏👏He entertained everyone.
My husband(am still getting used to calling him my husband 😊🙊) and his mom made me so emotional… ☺
For anyone getting married please don’t deny your parents this dance….They will talk about it forever.’

Mr and Mrs Njoroge tied the note in a beautiful ceremony surrounded by family and friends.




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A mama’s boy! Zari reveals son Prince Nillan adores her


Zari is reminiscing her son Prince Nillan’s journey, a day after he turned 6 years.

The mother of five celebrated him saying ‘They grow so fast’ after a photo of him on his 4th birthday in 2019.

Zari shared a selection of pictures of Nillan since 2019 recalling how fast he has grown comparing his 4th and 5th birthday to date.

Zari revealed Nillan adores her adding ‘always a mamas boy See how he looks at his queen’.

She wished him well adding that ‘Always gonna have your back’


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Good luck Nzisa! Miss East Africa 2021 pageant set for December 24


Kenyan beauty Nzisa Matulu from Kitu county will be facing off with East Africa contestants from 16 nations in the forthcoming competition in Tanzania.

The event is set to go down on December 24.

Here are details of the event if you can make it. Also don’t forget to support our girl.

Wasafi and Rena Media have come together to hold the event.

Mbosso will be performing.

Tukutane Mlimani City Tarehe 24 DISEMBA Tukishuhudia Warembo wakichuana Vikali Kupata Taji la Kuwa Malkia wa Afrika Mashariki

VIP – 100,000 TSH
V.V.I.P – 200,000 TSH

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One day you’ll kiss your bride infront of all her exes – Gabu preaches


Earth is hard, but he is hitting the nail on the head.

Aspiring politician Gabu has some pretty amazing relationship advise that we think you need to hear.

The Co-founder punitwagenge, and kompaktrecordz, dished his opinion in a hearty post. He wrote

One day you’ll kiss your bride Infront of all her exes, four besties who hit it, the one night stand guy who only bought her a cider, an old dude who she’ll introduce as her uncle, her office boyfriend. They will all eat your food recklessly like they did your wife. But who am I to judge?

His caption amused many who agreed that it’s 100 per cent the truth, referencing Kanairo and character development.

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A post shared by Gabu (@gabu_bugubugu)


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Sio chai ungojee ichemke! Wives told about waiting for husbands


The moving story of a wife who has been waiting 22 years for her husband to return from abroad elicited mixed reaction.

I have been faithfully waiting for my husband to return for 22 years

While men praised her for being an exemplary wife, female listeners told her that the only man she should wait to return is Jesus Christ, and that men are not like tea we should wait for until it boils.

@MJUKUUwaMATUNDA wrote of her disgust
that lady is Lying, Aseme tu Amechoka Na Relationship , anangojea Yesu Sio Mtu Aaaii! 22yrs Unangoja Tu, for Sure Me I can’t, Alafu who told her Jamaa Wake Hana Mtu Uko!?

Maina spoke about this asking women what they are going through.

‘So we need to discuss this lady who called in yesterday Monday December 7th, and tell me if it’s not absolute madness. She revealed she has been waiting 22 years and is hopeful one day he will come, back for her. Nie ma uuwwiii,’

Co host Mwalimu Kikingangi praised the wife saying ‘Ni kumtegema bwana. Why is it that when people do the right thing it is madness to you?’

Maina defended his opinion saying ‘the bugger only came back when his mother died. Does this woman still have a husband? Maina wondered opening up discussion to the audience.

A woman called in saying

 ‘huyo lady ako ingle na hajui kama 22 years ni kama mzae alianza familia ingine, sielewi, atarudi atapatana na heartbreak ingine, juu huyo mzee akirudi ata introduce familia yakke ingine, pole kwake.’

Another woman said just as much

‘it’s mere nonsense. I had such an experience,  my guy went to UK for 6 years so he came back na mzungu after waiting for 6 good years for him. And then the mother in law anadanganya the plane imechelewa, but the cousins told me that alikuja na mzungu na mamake alikuwa ana jua and that they had to hide me. The mzungu called me and told me to keep off, i cried for to months’

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