Zari’s brother-in-law George Ssemwanga found dead in a hotel room in South Africa

George Ssemwanga Pinto brother to the late Ivan Ssemwanga  (ex husband to Zari Hassan) was found dead under mysterious circumstances in South Africa.

Known to many as Sir Pinto, Ivan’s brother was found dead on Tuesday,14th August in a hotel room in Pretoria, South Africa where he was staying.

The late George Ssemwanga(circled) and his late brother Ivan Ssemwanga

Ivan’s late brother was a well-known businessman in Uganda, as the proprietor of Sir Pinto Distributors Ltd, a distributor of food, beverages and related products.

UG Mirror reports that Ivan’s cousin Edwin Lutaaya is admitted in hospital in critical condition

The cause of the deceased’s death has not been immediately established. Ivan died at the age of 40 leaving behind three kids with his wife Zari Hassan known to many as the boss lady.

The late Ivan Ssemwanga ,husband to Zari Hassan

The rich gang leader passed away on 25 May 2017, while undergoing treatment at the Steve Biko Academic Hospital in South Africa.

Just like George Ivan was also a business person with vast businesses around South Africa where he and Zari were based before their breakup and sadly before his death..

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Women flying high: Check out some of East Africa’s top rated FEMALE pilots

African female pilots are flying high around the world.

And evens social media has taken note of their greatness. A picture of a South Sudanese pilot is trending and everyone is praising her.


female pilot cockpit2


Here is a list of female of East Africa’s pilots who are breaking the glass ceiling:

1. Amel Ajongo

Just recently, Amel Ajongo became South Sudan’s second female pilot at 20-years-old.

Furthermore, she was the only woman in her class even after it had started with 8 women in a class of 11.

She has also encouraged other women not to limit themselves and to work hard to achieve their set goals.

Ajongo joins the ranks of the first female pilot of South Sudan, Captain Aluel Bol, who made history in 2011.

female pilot1

2. Captain Aluel Bol

Aluel Bol Aluenge was celebrated as South Sudan’s first female pilot in 2011.

Even more, she has risen to position of Captain at major American airline company Delta Air Lines after previously working with Ethiopian Airlines and Fly Dubai.

female pilot aluel bol2

3. Irene Koki Mutungi

Irene Koki Mutungi, commonly known as Koki Mutungi,  was the first female on the African continent to become certified as a Captain of the Boeing 787 Dreamliner aircraft.

She flies for Kenya Airways.

female pilot koki

In 1995, she was hired by Kenya Airways, as their first female pilot. In  2004, she became the first African woman to qualify to captain a commercial aircraft, when she qualified to command the Boeing 737.

Likewise, she’s qualified to command the Boeing 767.

Kenya Airways then promoted her to Captain of the B787, making her the first African female Boeing 787 Captain in the world.

female pilot koki2

4. Elizabeth Marami

Elizabeth Marami made history by becoming the Kenya’s first marine pilot after she completed an intensive training at the prestigious marine training college in Alexandria, Egypt.

female pilot

She is often the only female on board for sometimes 18 months at a time;

And mutual respect and being a team player keeps her and the team in good standing as in like in most professional settings.

She started an initiative for women in the maritime industry called ‘Against The Tide’.

female pilot cockpit1

5. Esther Mbabazi

Esther Mbabazi is a professional commercial airline pilot in Rwanda.

She is the first female in Rwanda to become certified as a commercial airline pilot.

Also, she flies for RwandAir-Rwanda’s national airline.

female pilot esther mbabazi

U.A.E’s first female pilot

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Kenyan celebrities you did not know were related despite being in the limelight

There are some little known facts about your favorite celebrity that you may not know, for instance their siblings who are also famous int heir own right.

1. Joey Muthengi and David Muthengi

This two were definitely born for the screens. The brother and sister duo are not only TV presenters, but are also talented artistes with David going by the stage name Holy Dave.

Joey can rap but prefers not to do it professionally and concentrate on other things

joey muthengi and holy dave


2. Victoria Kimani and Bamboo

Victoria who is among the most celebrated female artistes locally and internationally. She is sister to Bamboo who used to entertain us back in the day.

victoria kimani and brother, bamboo

3. Bonnie and Antoneo Soul

The two are brothers  and both are artistes, the only difference is the genre of music they do and the fact that Antoneo Soul is a solo artiste and Bonnie is a member of P-Unit.


Police officer escapes narrowly from an angry mob baying for his blood for sleeping with a married woman in Kitui

4. Eric Omondi and Fred Omondi

The two comedians are brothers and despite the two of them being in the limelight not everyone knows they are related.

eric and fred omondi

5. Dj Kim Nikckdee and Ruffest DJ Moh

You have probably listened to mixes from Nick Dee but what you might not know is that he also has a sibling who is also a DJ himself.

Nick Dee is brother to spin master Ruffest DJ Moh.


Female artistes who rocked in the 90’s and still do two decades later: Who is your favourite?

6. Madtraxx and DJ Stylez.

The two brothers are a force to reckon with, with Dj Stylez having been in the industry for more than 15 years. Madtraxx is a member of Kansoul whose other members are Kora and Mejja.

madtraxx and dj stylez

7. Size 8 and DJ 7

Size 8 reborn is known to many but her sister DJ 8 has managed to keep a low profile and not many know that the two are actually related.

size 8 and DJ 7

8. Mercy Masika and Chris Masika

Not many people know that the ‘Mwema ‘ hit maker has a brother and one who is following in her foot steps through music.


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Wife to Kiambu governor Ferdinard Waititu arrested over illegal construction of land in Nairobi

Kiambu Governor Ferdinand Waititu’s wife Susan Wangare is among 15 people who have been arrested over illegal construction of buildings in Nairobi.

This comes at a time where the Nairobi County government in collaboration with National Environment Management Authority’s (NEMA) is reclaiming land  built on riparian land.Governor Waititus wife in the docks after her arrest

Meet the beautiful family left behind by gospel artiste Peter Kaberere four years after his death

According to The Star others who were also apprehended on Wednesday alongside Kiambu’s first lady were the owners of the Jamii Bora building and Delta Hotel.

A multi-agency team has been demolishing multi-billion shillings property on the reserves but there have been complaints by some members of the public.

WhatsApp Image 2018-08-15 at 2.12.42 PM
Governor Ferdinand Waititu’s wife Susan Wangare

Waititu earlier said that instead of the destruction, property owners should be forced to “divert rivers”. He also said Nema and Nairobi county should look for alternative to the demolition.

Nairobi County governor has warned him to keep off matters affecting Nairobi County.

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Fellas take note: Citizen TV’s Joey Muthengi has a thing for older men


Citizen Tv presenter Joey Muthegi is not feeling young men.

Speaking during yesterday’s topic on the issue of older men dating younger women on the station’s morning show, Joey revealed that she prefers older men because they know what they want in life compared to young ones.

Joey Muthengi, who co-hosts the show with Willis Raburu and Roy Karuhize, explained the main reason why young women prefer older men than their agemates. She said:


The sister to born-again gospel singer Holy Dave went ahead to tell what many young men out here wouldn’t want to hear. She said she would go for an older man because he’s already established himself. She said


Joey Muthegi also revealed that she was not for the parable of hustling together and building an empire.


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Do you know what the chemicals in acrylic and gel polish are doing to your nails?

You could be allergic to gel polish or acrylics and not even know it.

Turns out the chemicals used in acrylic and gel nails are causing an allergy epidemic, according to Charity British Association of Dermatologists (BAD).

gel nails

About 2.4% of women are allergic to chemicals, known as methacrylates.

BAD warns they are found in such nail enhancements, which can cause their nails to loosen or their skin to develop a severe, itchy rash.

Even more, such can spread to wherever the nails comes into contact with, which may include a person’s eyelids, face and even their genitals.

gel nails2

In extreme cases, hand swelling and breathing difficulties could also occur.

Previous research suggests 93% of reactions to methacrylates occur in females.

gel nails1

Reactions are worse when people use at-home kits.
gel nails8
BAD adds even professionally applied acrylic and gel nails can cause reactions if technicians are poorly trained.
gel nails7
Methacrylates are not routinely included in allergy patch tests and therefore the number of people who react to such chemicals is thought to be vastly underestimated.

A Dr David Orton from BAD said:

‘It is really important that people know they can develop allergies from artificial nails.’

gel nails5

Ladies, Here’s Why You Should Go Slow On That GEL POLISH And Manicure, It Could Put You In Danger

In an audit of 13 UK and Irish dermatology clinics in 2017, 4,931 patients were tested for methacrylate allergies, of which up to 2.4%suffered a reaction.

Of those who reacted;

60% developed their allergy through ‘recreational exposure’ while having the nail enhancements fitted.

33% of the cases, allergies occurred in nail technicians while working.

gel nails9

Remainder of cases, took place due to methacrylate exposure where the chemicals are also used, according to Daily Mail.

On the other hand, BAD analysed 742 people visiting dermatology clinics.

Results suggest that 19% of people experience side effects from acrylic nails applied in salons while 165 suffer adverse events from gel polish nails.

gel nails6

Complications include; nail damage and allergic dermatitis, such as itching and swelling of the eyelids, cheeks and neck.

Are you one of those ladies who are almost addicted to gel polish or acrylic nails?

Trendy or Tacky? Why women paint one fingernail a different color

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Erectile dysfunction and other diseases affecting men in their 40’s and 50’s and how to treat them

The rise of lifestyle diseases is alarming, affecting men in their 40’s and 50’s.

More and more men are indulging in fast food leaving them fighting diseases such as obesity which in term affect their overall performance.

Here are the most common diseases men in their 40’s and 50’s are fighting in the bedroom and how to treat them.


1. Low libido

Low libido is when sexual desire is diminished or absent.

And the sad thing is that it is not only affecting men in their 50’s but also those in their late 20’s and early 30’s as well.

‘My violent ex-boyfriend strangled me and called my mother to listen to my cry for help before throwing me over the balcony’ City woman narrates

2.  Erectile dysfunction

Erectile dysfunction (ED) is the inability to acquire or maintain a satisfactory erection and the prevalence of erectile dysfunction varies according to the patient’s age

The main factors that increase the risk of suffering from erectile dysfunction include Obesity, Smoking, Diabetes, High blood pressure and High cholesterol.

There are different causes for erectile dysfunction and such include Spinal cord or back injury, Multiple Sclerosis, Dementia, Stroke among many other causes.



Fast and Furious actor Tyrese Gibson going through financial challenges and can’t afford to maintain his lifestyle

3. Premature ejaculation

This refers to a condition where a man ejaculates sooner that their partners would expect even with minimal penetration.

4. Disordered orgasm

Disordered orgasm is the inability to reach an orgasm after adequate stimulation. Orgasm is still a phenomenon that is poorly understood.

The disease which is not well known is mainly caused by Psychiatric disorder, Diabetic neuropathy Multiple sclerosis,  Complications from genital surgery, Pelvic trauma and Drugs (alpha-blockers, antidepressants).


Well worry no more since having any of the above diseases is not a life sentence, it is something that can be managed by a lifestyle over haul.

Little and long term life style changes can help treat or improve these sexual diseases, working out regularly, Clean eating, limiting alcohol consumption, and quitting smoking, if you are a smoker.

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Update: Stevie Wonder leads celebrities in visiting Aretha Franklin amid ‘gravely ill’ reports

Ailing Aretha Franklin is reportedly in hospice care at her home in Detroit.


She was recently visited by Stevie Wonder, ex Glynn Turman and American civil rights activist Baptist minister, Reverend Jesse Jackson.

stevie wonder

glynn turman

rev jesse jacksonStevie Wonder is a longtime friend and collaborator of Aretha.

stevie and aretha4

stevie and aretha2

stevie wonder and aretha franklin

Aretha,76, and ex Glynn Turman were together from 1978 to 1984.

aretha and ex

Monday,  her nephew,Tim Franklin, revealed along with the hospice care,

‘Family is there with her’ and also added that she’s at home.

Furthermore, Tim told People:

‘I saw her a week ago Friday and we talked for about 45 minutes to an hour.’

‘My brother was there on Saturday and she was alert, talking, laughing, joking.’

aretha franklin

Another source revealed to TMZ, Aretha had been battling cancer but didn’t say which kind.

Even more, Aretha denied reports that she was battling pancreatic cancer in 2011.

Queen of Soul Aretha Franklin reportedly in ‘gravely ill’ condition

However, all 3 of Aretha’s siblings died from cancer.

Carolyn, her sister, died in April 1988 from breast cancer.

Cecil, her brother, who was also her manager, died from lung cancer in December 1989.

Also, eldest sister Erma passed from throat cancer in September 2002.

aretha franklin

aretha franklin

aretha franklin

Monday night Beyonce and Jay Z dedicated their concert to the Queen of Soul as their On The Run II tour stopped in her hometown of Detroit.

beyonce and jay z

Beyonce took to the stage and told the crowd

‘This show is dedicated to Aretha Franklin,’ and adding;

‘We love you and thank you for all the beautiful music.’

DJ Khaled also joined in when he took to the stage, asking his fans to ‘send some love to Aretha Franklin’ before playing her hit ‘Respect’.

dj khaled

Little Girl Owns Aretha Franklin’s R.E.S.P.E.C.T During School Performance (Video)

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Police officer escapes narrowly from an angry mob baying for his blood for sleeping with a married woman in Kitui

Members of the public armed with petrol were dispersed after storming Syungulia AP camp in Kitui Central ready to torch it.

The agitated mob was ready to torch the station on grounds that a police officer from that camp had an extra -marital affair with a married woman from that area.

Police were deployed to disperse a riotous mob on Tuesday when the woman’s husband got wind of the 11am incident, he rushed to the AP camp and found the policeman’s house locked from outside.

The man locked the house with another padlock as the locals cheered him on. A contingent of armed police officers led by the Kitui Central AP commander Nicholas Mutua arrived and dispersed the crowd.

"The mob regrouped and barricaded the Kitui -Thika road. They lit bonfires, disrupting traffic on the route." /MUSEMBI NZENGU

According to The Star the mob regrouped and barricaded the Kitui -Thika road. They lit bonfires, disrupting traffic on the route. Governor Charity Ngilu visited the scene and demanded that the AP officer is transferred from the camp.

“Police officers are supposed to provide security to the locals but not snatch their wives.”

Mutua said the officer has since been moved to another station.

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International celebrities in their 50’s and rocking their fit and toned bodies confidently

It is hard to find women in their 50’s who have managed to keep their bodies in shape, but some are going the extra mile to do that.

Here are celebrity women in their 50’s who would give young women a run for their money.

She is a true definition of ageing gracefully, with her good looks and well- toned body she would effortlessly give Kenyan women a run for their money.
Hard as it is to believe Madonna is actually 60.

Ellen DeGeneres

We were all excited on learning she toured Kenya with her girlfriend early this year. The 60-year-old tv star still looks good

She has been married to her girlfriend Portia de Rossi since 2008.

Janet Jackson

Janet has maintained a fit body throughout the year, not even being a mother has changed her body. Her fitness can be attributed to being a performer since her childhood. One must be fit on stage, don’t you agree?

She is aged 52.


Fast and Furious actor Tyrese Gibson going through financial challenges and can’t afford to maintain his lifestyle

Angela Bassett, 59

Bassett has wowed many with her acting prowess on the screens, and almost six decades later she still makes men turn wherever she passes.

The 59-year-old has portrayed many real-life characters, including Rosa Parks, Tina Turner, Coretta Scott King — even Michelle Obama on an episode of The Simpsons.

She’s been married to actor Courtney B. Vance since 1997. 


Kathy Griffin
The 58-year- old has a body to die for,no unwanted fat rolls, a flat tummy that can rock literally everything and a petite body that can make you sign up for gym membership ASAP.




You have probably hear the jam ‘Smooth Operator’ but you might not know that the artiste behind that is  Sade, who is 59-years-old.

The  British singer was born in Ibadan, Nigeria and she is among the few women in their 50’s  who are comfortably rocking their banging bodies.

Michelle Obama

The list would be incomplete without mentioning former US first lady Mitchelle Obama, because even at 54 she still got it.

Halle Berry

Don’t we all love the ‘Cat Woman’? Halle Berry recently turned 52 and her killer body is something that most of us are envious about. She is a true motivation to women around the world.


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‘My violent ex-boyfriend strangled me and called my mother to listen to my cry for help before throwing me over the balcony’ City woman narrates

The latest case of an Eldoret man Naftali Lusuli beating his pregnant wife has elicited an online debate on how long one should stay in an abusive marriage.

The woman, who was identified as Valerie Masibo suffered serious face and body injuries, admitted that this is the fifth time that the man she claims to love has beaten her despite being together for only five months.

During the Morning show on Classic 105, Maina Kageni gave his fans a chance to contribute to the debate on what ‘abusive partners tell their spouses to make them stick in abusive marriages or relationships.


‘He should be beaten to a pulp’ Flashy lawyer Don Kipkors comments after Eldoret man disfigured pregnant wife over Ksh500

One female caller shocked many after narrating how an ex boyfriend once strangled her and threw her off the balcony,

“I had this guy and he was very abusive ,one day he broke into my house strangled me into unconsciousness and threw me over the balcony and despite the fact that it was only first floor it was a bit high up.

My neighbours came to my rescue and took me to the hospital ,my parents came we went to the police, and before this he had abused me several times and used to blame it on him being high on alcohol so i used to forgive him.

As a woman you just forgive and forget,he also steal things such as electronics from my house and sell them despite being from a very wealthy background.”

Man who viciously beat up his pregnant wife in Eldoret to be arraigned in court

She goes on to narrate all the mean things the man put her through

“It reached a point where he started stealing money from my ATM,prior to the strangling incident he had stolen our gas cylinder.

He came into the house through the balcony at 5am and that’s when he started strangling me and despite my efforts to fight back i couldn’t because he was well built and he was also drunk.”


How to recognize a potentially physically abusive partner

Well if you think that is the worst part then you are wrong as the man called the ladies parents while still strangling her,

“He called my mum while strangling me and told my mum that my cry for help would be the last thing she would here from me.

He threw my phone into the aquarium so that i don’t ask for help, he then threw me over the balcony and when i gained consciousness i was in a hospital bed.My moment of reckoning came after a police officer told me that if i don’t leave that guy i might end up dead.”

Despite the trauma she found it hard to send him to jail, but she is glad that she finally moved on.

She concludes

“We agreed between the two families that he would go for rehab to avoid going to jail,deep in my heart i did not want him to go to jail since i still loved him.

Even after rehab it was not easy letting go as he would call and text saying how much he loved me despite me telling him that i don’t want to see himIt is very dangerous and i regret it,It was the hardest time of my life.”

Listen more on the audio below

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Fast and Furious actor Tyrese Gibson going through financial challenges and can’t afford to maintain his lifestyle

Tyrese Gibson’s much documented money problems appear to have gotten worse after his financial records proved that he is struggling financially.

The model turned actor responded to his ex-wife Norma Gibson’s request for him to pay for her divorce attorney.

According to his financial records obtained by TMZ, not only can’t he afford to pay for her legal fees, he also can’t afford to keep up his lifestyle.

Tyrese and his ex-wife Norma Gibson’s

Those records show The Fast & Furious star spends about $114,000 a month on bills that includes: his mortgage, utilities, child care and groceries. Add another $10,000 a month in child support payments to his estranged wife and that brings the monthly total to $124,000.

Currently he brings in about $51,000 a month, which translates to a $73,000 a month deficit.

Things have reportedly gotten so bad the 39-year old’s savings account has withered down from $800,000 in cash to $130,000 over the last nine months.

Tyrese has cast blame on his ex for his recent money problems — maintaining that the bad press that he got after she accused him of domestic violence last year made it difficult for him to land more movie rolls.


The former couple have been engaged in a bitter custody battle over their 11-year old daughter Shayla. At one point, Norma requested a restraining order against Tyrese, who she claimed allegedly beat their daughter. A judge ultimately denied the request, claiming there wasn’t an ongoing pattern of harassment against Norma or their daughter.

The former couple currently have shared custody, but Tyrese wants Shayla to live with him at his Atlanta mansion rather than remain with her mother in Los Angeles.

Tyrese with his daughter Shayla
Tyrese with his daughter Shayla

Last year, the LA native tied the knot with New Jersey-born Samantha Lee and they announced in April that they are expecting a baby together. The baby girl is due in September.

Tyrese has been a part of a number of blockbuster films that includes: roles in five of the Fast & Furious action movies beginning in 2003, Annapolis (2005), Transformers (2007), Death Race (2008), Transformers: Revenge of the Fallen (2009), Transformers: Dark of the Moon (2011) and Ride Along 2 (2016).

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See Eric Omondi meet Seth Meyers on the ‘Late Night with Seth Meyers’

Seems like Eric Omondi got to meet American comedian, political commentator, actor, and television host Seth Meyers.

And guess what? He got to do a bit of stand up comedy.

He took his Instagram and posted what went down. Here it is:

Eric Omondi tells men not invest big in chicks when they are not sure about the relationship

Seth Meyers hosts ‘Late Night with Seth Meyers’ that airs on NBC.

He is known for his signature monologue and sharp newsy segments like ‘A Closer Look’.

eric omondi2

Meyers hilariously breaks down the day’s biggest stories and takes the current political circus head-on.

eric omondi

He interviews Hollywood’s most beloved A-list guests.

seth meyers1

eric omondi3

seth meyers

And it’s not just celebs, he also features political figures and other interesting newsmakers.

#IfikieAkothee: Eric Omondi kills it with this funny video imitating Akothee

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Female artistes who rocked in the 90’s and still do two decades later: Who is your favourite?

If you were born in the 90’s you probably had a book where you stuck lyric cutlets by celebrated artistes such as Beyonce who were a hit back then.

Despite male artistes dominating the entertainment industry locally and internationally, some female artistes have broken that barrier to claim a spot for themselves.

This female artistes have created a brand, commanding millions of followers world wide something that most Kenyan female artistes have not been able to achieve.

Family appeals for help to trace missing Capital FM photojournalist Francis Mbatha

Here are the top 7 female artistes who made our high school days memorable and have remained relevant almost two decades later.

1. J.Lo

Her biggest hit was ‘ Love don’t cost a thing’ which was and still gets people tapping their feet.


2.  Rihanna

Rihanna captivated the hearts of many with her tunes such as ‘Take a bow’ and years later she is still making it big with songs such as ‘Rude boy’ and ‘We have found love’.


Celebrities open up on how they coped with the death of their loved ones

3. Beyonce

The mother of three has remained a force to reckon with ,her music prowess captivated many not only in the 90’s but also in 2018.Her biggest hits especially in Kenya were ‘Single Ladies’ ‘If i were a boy’ and ‘Irreplaceable’


4.  Shakira

You probably know the song ‘Hips don’t lie’ this song was a hit to an extent of being sang during the 2014 World Cup.

That among many other songs have seen Shakira confidently convince the world to bring their best feet forward and dance to her tunes after all music is like food to the soul.


Meet the beautiful family left behind by gospel artiste Peter Kaberere four years after his death

5. Keri Hilson

The artiste who was recently in Kenya for a concert at KICC dubbed the Terminal Weekend Music Concert has a soft in the hearts of many Kenyans.

She is famous for songs such as ‘Super Human’ ‘Knock You Down’ and ‘ Lose Control.


6. Alicia Keys

She is a favourite to many for her slow melodious tunes wit some of her songs being used as dedications by people in relationships to their better halves.

She is famous for songs such as ‘Boo’ in collaboration with Usher,’Girl on fire’ and ‘No one’

Alicia Keys
Alicia Keys

So among the six artistes ,who used to make your boring Sunday afternoon in school worthwhile?Drop your answers in the comment section .

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‘My husband begged me not to fire our house help despite her bad behaviour, Should I be worried?

Men are daring when it comes to matters between the sheets, thus it is no longer shocking to find the man of the house laying the house help.

Hard as it may be to believe, some men have had relationships with their house helps/House managers for years, to an extent of fathering kids with them without the knowledge of their wives.

A city woman has been left in a dilemma on whether her man is in a relationship or not after an incident in which her husband begged for her not to fire the house help, despite her treating him badly.


Male designers and fashion consultants putting Kenya on the world map

She wrote
“My house help fought my husband this morning when we were on the dinning table and my husband asked her to get butter, she ignored him, he called her name and she ignored until I called her , asked her to get butter from the kitchen, it took her a long time so I asked my husband to go check what is keeping her , the next I was hearing was a struggle, I ran into the kitchen and saw her fighting my husband while he was just busy holding her down without slapping the living day light out of her . I pounced on her and gave her the beating of her life .


I asked to pack her things and leave my house but my husband kept begging on her behalf. Saying she might be depressed and going through a lot . I insisted but my husband kept begging . He said even if we will drive her not now, we should give a little time .I am worried , Could my husband be sleeping with my house help ? The guts the girl hard to fight him and he did nothing, even yes my husband is a perfect gentleman who will never raise his hands on any woman but this one is getting me worried .Do I need to be worried about this ?”

How to recognize a potentially physically abusive partner

Here are some of the comments in response in regard to the woman’s question on whether she should be worried about her hubby and the house help.
ngozioko:  Find out tonight. He will definitely go to her room to sort things out. Pretend to be sleeping and watch the movie in yr house unfold. Truth be told, they are sleeping together whether consensual or otherwise. Be careful before she poisons you.

bimsah:Eewooo!!! Your husband is obviously getting down with your house help ooo. Hmm… Reason why he begged for her to stay.

_queen_bee01:Y  our husband is definitely cheating

laurywonders:Street takeover…you may soon be the one sent packing…hope she’s not pregnant by the way

okechukwu.peter.50951: Woman your husband is having an affair with that lady,take it or leave better apply wisdom to this issue before you lose your man to a commoner.

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Kevin Hart and Eniko Parrish celebrate their 2-year anniversay

Top American comedian Kevin Hart and wife Eniko Parrish are celebrating their two year wedding anniversary.

kevin hart and eniko

The couple celebrated their anniversary on Monday while on a family vacation in the Bahamas.

kevin hart and eniko

kevin hart

Kevin Hart took to his social media to share a black and white photo from their nuptials along with a sweet caption.

kevin hart and eniko

And captioned:

‘ What’s understood doesn’t need to be said….You get me & I get you….I’m glad we GOT each other!!!! Love u to the moon & back. Happy anniversary Eniko Hart #Harts’

Even more, he added a video post from their wedding ceremony.

Happy Anniversary @enikohart #Harts

A post shared by Kevin Hart (@kevinhart4real) on

Eniko also took to her account and did the same.

She posted the same video her hubby did and captioned;

‘Happy Anniversary my love! ‘
‘It’s only been 2 yrs so far and it already feels like a lifetime with you. Cheers to another year of love, light, & laughter as the HARTS!’

The jolly couple tied the knot on 13 August 2016 and share a child together, 8-month-old son Kenzo.

kevin hart

Meanwhile, Kevin Hart has two children with ex-wife Torrei – son Hendrix, 10, and daughter Heaven, 13.



Kevin Hart calls out his ex for labelling wife Eniko a homewrecker after admitting wrong doing in new interview

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Meet the beautiful family left behind by gospel artiste Peter Kaberere four years after his death

It’s four years since the gospel fraternity lost one of its own Peter Kaberere, who died after being electrocuted at his car wash.

His death came as a shock and many years on his music is still celebrated. He left behind a widow Njeri Kaberere and two kids.

Tanzanian artiste AY is finally a dad after welcoming a baby boy in Dallas, Texas
The late Kaberere

Despite being a public figure, his wife has managed to stay away from the limelight taking care of their kids now that she is playing both roles of mum and dad.

Before his untimely death, Njeri Kaberere was heavily pregnant with their second born and sadly the dad never got the chance to meet her as she was born after his burial.

Kaberere was celebrated for hits such as Kiburi, Mwanake with Benachi,Mitego among other uplifting songs.

Here are photos of the beautiful kids the late Kaberere left behind

‘I thought my man was perfect that he couldn’t cheat only to learn he cheated even before our wedding’ woman confesses (AUDIO)

The Kaberere’s
Ula and Njoki
Njeri Kabere enjoying a photo moment with her son Ula
Kaberere’s son Ula
Njeri’s daughter Njoki Kaberere

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