Maina Kageni shares thoughts on marriage and if he’s a baby daddy

Classic 105’s Maina Kageni has never thought to ask this question until now.

Is marriage becoming irrelevant? Is it necessary anymore?

We are always hearing horror stories, and so is it worth it anymore?

Mwalimu Kingang’i says lazima uingie ‘ndani ndani’. He says there is no otherwise.

95 per cent of those married wish they weren’t, a confident Maina Kageni shouted at Kingang’i, while declaring his stand on marriage.

According to Maina, couples never have anything in common anymore especially when children leave home and the husband and wife are left alone.

Maina declared, ‘ you will be miserable for the rest of your life, sitaki’, adding this is the most miserable thing he has ever had of in his life.


If you’re married, can you honestly say it’s worth it?

‘I can hire strippers to perform for me everyday instead of getting married. What better way to die than in their arms?’ Hahaha, he finishes by laughing it off.

Mwalimu and Clasic 105 fan Captain Kale asked him what he will do about having children, and he sort of hinted at something, saying ‘what makes you think I already don’t have?

Kwani I have to be married to get children?

Listen to the audio;


‘Our First Year Was Quite Challenging’, Gospel Bigwig Anto Ndiema Pours His Heart Out

KTN’s Tukuza gospel show presenter Anthony Ndiema, yesterday celebrated the Lord’s goodness in his life and for giving him a life partner as he marks 7 years in marriage with his wife Nenoh Ndiema.

Antony Ndiema is a celebrated media personality who’s known for his humility and passion for his job. Through this he has been able to scoop several accolades as a presenter of the year which I must give credit to the family behind him.
Well yesterday the power couple marked seven years since the two walked down the aisle.
Antony took it to his instagram page to celebrate his marriage with a picture of them which he captioned;


“It’s been 7 years; 7 years of God’s faithfulness and consistent growth in marriage. Our first year was quite challenging, trying to settle down but things kept getting better. Cant wait to celebrate the silver and golden jubilee with you @nenohndiema by God’s grace. Happy Anniversary


Fans were equally elated;


juddie_ontitah… Happy anniversary to you my friend and happy holidays.Blessings

chepchumbacherus …Happy Anniversary my people, May God keep and bless you. ALWAYS❤

latifah_kienja …Happy Anniversary!!

clemmo254.. Salute…happy anniversary my boss….baraka na wepesi Wa Maisha ndo nawatakia..

zkananu ..Congratulations 🎉 happy anniversary to you, may God continue to strengthen your marriage…to many more happy and blessed years 🎉

patonyking_make_up …Happy Anniversary Big Bro

deejaysanch ..Congratulations On Your Anniversary @antondiema

teddthedj ..Happy Anniversary

aliciaahawo ..All glory n honor goes back to him!!!Happy anniversary

nikita_kering 👏🏽👏🏽👏🏽congratulations

mrndilima …Happy anniversary watu wangu… More grace, favor and anointing

Check out their photos;

Read the hilarious comments shared after Kenyans noticed DJ Mo’s wardrobe malfunction

Dear celebrities, before you step out, make sure you take another look at yourself in the mirror. You are role models or rather trendsetters and when it comes to fashion, please always be on top of things or else, you’ll be left embarrassed and humiliated after stepping out in public.

Well, gospel singer Size 8 recently shared a photo posing with her husband, DJ Mo and she posed a question to her fans asking them whether her bae was tall or short.

DJ Mo and Size 8

“This my husband is tall waaaaaaa ama ni mimi mfupi 🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣 @djmokenya #mcm.”

Little did she know that DJ Mo had a wardrobe malfunction. Kenyans on social media went ahead to attack the power couple with some claiming that DJ Mo should resist wearing cheap things and upgrade his wardrobe. Others even begged Size 8 to go back to the house and ‘cool down’ the msolokombo because ‘it was misbehaving in public.’


Here are some of the nasty comments

Jose Maish: DJ Moh ndio atapiga parapanda siku ya mwisho

Grace Wambui: Sasa unapost pic ya hubby kama amefura apo kwa zip tuone nini?ama ni urefu ya nini unasema?

Ade’llah Myak: Si wako chonjo!! Itabidi umerudi ndani ukasort that your tall husband.

Wamuyu Gachigo: Can You Go back in the house and milk that Cock dry.

Purity Mumbua: Welcome to Kenya where women will complain ooh hio ni toothpick ooh nkikohoa kanachomoka….ooh cjui ilieda ikarudi sasaaa mlikua mnataka dj avae skirt ndo tusijue pia yy ni dume??? Acha nitoke mbio…

Juliana Olayo: Ambia DJ Mo akavae boxers expensive….. Hii ya muthurwa ina onyesha msolokobo. 😂😂😂😂😂😂😂

Daizzy Kolman: DJ Mo Amebeba akabebea hadi Jirani🤔🤔waaah una kazi ngumu Namba nane. Najua haukosangi Nduru😃

Irungu Christine: I remember our science teacher told us the pointer is always pointing at the eater I salute my teacher coz I see it applies everywhere

Ivan: No wonder your hubby anaitwa Mo’……. It definitely means more, go back inside and give him Mo” (more)

Harriet JC: Yes your husband d*k looks stretched and horny ndo maana iko tall I advise you to just go back in the bedroom n give it to him I mean sipoto before team slaying queens deals with it .thank me later mama Wambo

Shah Hulk Wekuh: DJ Mo just has a good d**k.. The trouser is just a little bit tight and nothing is wrong… Nawapenda.

Jeff Cy: My role model has always been Nameless and Wahu,you will never find them regularly posting their private stuff in social media. Hii yenu hata kama ni uceleb,matokea mnayaona sasa

Spaky Spakz: Wololoh, macho yangu inaona your husband is tall everywhere

Ann Grace Chege: Vindu vitall ,vindu vikubwa….but you always brag with your hubby,you are not the first to get married… Nameless na wahu wako tu na hawasumbui kama calm your tirries sister

Teibut Kipz: Dj mo have a d**k more than 8cm givng to size 8 more than 8 times a day,calculate then number of times size 8 recves a dig per week? (8 mrks)
Babake AJ I totally understand the struggle to conceal an erection in public. Don’t judge them, struggle is real for us.

Geoggys: Infact he has a “long future” ahead…

Shazray: DJ Mo atleast it is pointing in the right direction😂😂😂

Nyamai: jamaa ana erect mchana akikushika kwani ukumpea usiku

Geoffreyokwemba: Hubby mtree iko chonjo kabsa

Veey: Burungo iko chonjo

Mueny Eunik: After all these comments am sure you will learn to keep your life private, because everything is tall from all the comments

Buruburu woman who stabbed boyfriend 22 times in love triangle has a case to answer

A woman accused of stabbing her boyfriend to death in Nairobi’s Buru Buru estate has a case to answer, the High Court ruled yesterday.

Ruth Kamande, 22, is on trial for stabbing Farid Mohammed, 24, 22 times with a kitchen knife.

Trial judge Jessie Lessit said the prosecution has proved the charge beyond reasonable doubt.

WOW! The Lass Who Stabbed Her Boyfriend 22 Times In Buru Buru Is Crowned Miss Langata Prisons 2016

Kamade, the Miss Lang’ata Prison beauty pageant 2016 winner, has denied murdering her boyfriend on September 20, 2015 in Buru Buru estate, Nairobi county.

She is expected to give her defence evidence on January 31 next year.

During the last hearing of the case, witnesses told the court Kamande feigned abdomen injuries.

Prosecution witness Hezron Otieno, a police officer attached at Buru Buru police station, told the court Kamande stabbed herself to cover up the murder.

“She claimed she had been stabbed by the deceased,” the witness said.

The officer said Mohammed may not have attacked Kamande after all.

“It is her who eyewitnesses saw holding the blood-stained kitchen knife. She also refused to open the door when a landlord told her to do so, and only opened later when police ordered her to surrender,” Otieno said.

ruth kamande stabbed boyfriend
Miss Langata Prison 2016 Ruth Kamande poses for a photograph as female inmates prepare for the annual beauty pagent

Another witness, the landlord Ndwiga Gatumo, said he reacted to the initial commotion but found the door locked from inside.

Gatumo said it was around 8.45am, as he was preparing to go to church when he heard a male voice crying out for help in Kiswahili, saying, “Nisaidie, nasaidie amenidunga (Help! Help! She has stabbed me).”

“I rushed out of my room and proceeded to where the man was screaming for help and peeped through the window. I recognised the voice as that of my tenant,” he said.

“I managed to break the window but could not reach the key. I could still see the girl holding the knife from where I was.”

Witness Joseph Otieno, a police officer who responded to a distress call, said he found Farid already dead.

In earlier testimonies, the trial court heard that Kamande had fits of rage a day before she stabbed her boyfriend.

It also heard that she was probably reacting to old high school love letters she found in her boyfriend’s possession.

Alphonse Mungahu

‘Drunk’ AP lorry driver caused Baringo killer road accident

A drunk AP lorry driver caused the fatal road accident that saw 23 people dead along Marigat-Loruk road, authorities have revealed.

Baringo North Deputy County Commissioner John Tanui said the AP lorry driver was spotted taking alcohol with his colleagues in a Marigat town bar before taking off on Saturday.

Tanui while was addressing the public while gracing Jamhuri Day Celebrations in Kabartonjo town on Tuesday, blamed the rampant road accidents in Kenya during this festive season to drunk and careless driving.

The wreckage AP lorry killed 14 people on the spot while nine among 18 casualties succumbed at Baringo referral Hospital-Kabarnet.

Among those who died on the spot were 10 women, 3 male adults and one child below ten years, Tanui said.

Reportedly, the driver lost control while evading a goat crossing the road at Moinonin hotspot, 2kilomters from Loruk centre in Baringo North.

“The driver of the lorry was so drunk that he could visualize one goat as many, so driving off the road to spare killing the goats but sadly ended up killing people” said Tanui.

He said People in Kenya always fear saying the truth, “while our people continue losing their lives in the hands of drunken and careless drivers” he said

The Sub-county administrator said they have got reliable information that the driver of the killer lorry was drunk before causing the deadly accident.

He also linked drunkenness to the accident that caused premature dead of the Kalenjin Musician Weldon Cheruiyot of the popular Kennedy International along Nakuru-Eldoret High way last Saturday.

The deceased artist perished alongside his six other colleagues in the grisly accident that saw their probox vehicle turned wreckage.

“Although I am also mourning the demise of my young brother from Bomet County where I come from, but I still don’t compromise drunk and careless driving” said Tanui adding that they were so drunk during the incident, “I am sure they could not even feel their dead coming” he said.

Tanui however urged drivers to be careful while driving especially this festive season, “those arrested driving carelessly shall be dealt with harshly by the law” Said Tanui.


No Kenyan woman is single by choice, according to these men

Is there a reason why most Kenyan women are single?

A quick spotcheck in entertainment spots and one will see countless number of women hanging out in groups with no man in sight. While some are married, others are single and proudly proclaim it’s by choice.

This formed the subject of discussion on Classic 105 with Maina and Kingang’i.

If you find a woman who is single, she is not so by choice and there must be something wrong with her, according to many male listeners who called in to contribute to the Maina and Kingangi morning conversation.

Most men proudly declared that single women ran out of options after dating so many men, who they felt didn’t fit .They had chances with men earlier on in life, but blew it because they wanted what they thought were better men.

Mwalimu said women who are single had choices earlier in life but let them go. A few confessed how they are so lonely they have to entertain Ben 10’s.

Is it a choice that women make to be single or are they forced into it?


Listen to the discussion in the audio below.


”I’ve Got A Girlfriend, I’ll Get In Trouble, Forget About It,’ Rapist Begs Victim

A student actor raped a 19-year-old woman then threatened to kill himself if she told anyone, a court heard yesterday.

Jack Green, 19, who was studying at a leading drama school, allegedly forced himself on the tearful undergraduate after a drunken night out during freshers’ week.

When she texted him later to say she had said no ‘a million times’ he threatened to kill himself rather than go to jail, the jury was told.

Green’s messages said: “If you say anything I’ll kill myself. Just forget about it, it’s done, it”s in the past, leave it. I’d go to jail, I’d rather die. I’m going to jump.”

Manchester Crown Court was told Green had started his course at the Arden School of Theatre, Manchester, in the days before the alleged attack in September last year. Ex-students at the drama school include EastEnders actress Zoe Lucker, plus Coronation Street stars Tracy Shaw and Cherylee Houston.

Green was arrested when the woman, who cannot be named for legal reasons, returned to her own accommodation and confided in a friend.

She told the jury: “It was a terrifying experience. I was scared. I was in a state of shock. He was forceful. I did tell him to stop but it was hard to speak when he had bitten my lip. He gripped my neck at one stage. I couldn’t do anything. I didn’t want to have sexual intercourse with him but he didn’t stop.”

The court heard that, on the night of the attack, Green and the woman were among a group who had drunk vodka before going to the Fifth Avenue nightclub in Manchester.

“I was tipsy and Jack was drunk as well,” she said. “We danced together as a group. Jack told me he had seen a girl on the same course and told me he thought she was really good looking. I said, ‘You already have a girlfriend,’ but he was persistently trying to get off with her, and I was saying stop because she didn’t want to. He kissed me and I pushed him away after about a second.”

The group went back to Green’s room for food, but the pair were left alone and he locked the door.

The woman told police: “I was about six out of ten in terms of how drunk I was and he might have been a little bit more drunk. I said, ‘Get off me, stop,’ and was pushing him on the chest but he just said ‘shh’ and carried on. I was crying and I had my hand over his mouth because I didn’t want to kiss him. I was saying ‘no’ but it didn’t have any impact. I was properly crying. I didn’t say much, I didn’t know what to do.”

The court heard friends banged at the door and Green quickly got dressed and claimed the girl was upset because another man had ‘hit on’ her.

But in her statement she added: “I said, ‘Stop lying.’ He was saying, ‘I’ve got a girlfriend I’ll get in trouble forget about it’.”

Medics found a graze to her lower lip and an injury to an intimate area. Philip Dobson, prosecuting, said the texts Green sent to her afterwards were crucial.

He told the jury: “The complainant repeatedly pointed out that she didn’t want to do it and was saying, No. His response is very telling. If she had consented to the intercourse or he genuinely believed she had consented, you would expect him to reply, indignantly, contradicting her.”

The court heard Green, who denies rape, appeared to have a panic attack when officers came to his flat to arrest him.

Green, of Abertillery in South Wales, claimed he and the woman kissed in the nightclub before going to his room and starting to have sex before she said ‘no’ and he stopped. The trial continues.

© Daily Mail

Hii Kufanana Sio Ya Kawaida! This Beauty Looks Exactly Like Anne Waiguru (Photos)

Everyone has a doppelganger somewhere on this earth.

This phenomenal cannot be explained, however everyone always seeks to find their look-a-like in their lifetime.

Well, we spotted a Nairobian who looks just like Governor of Kirinyaga County Anne Waiguru.

She was attending the Laugh Festival event hosted at the KICC on Monday.

So, do they look alike or nah?

waiguru look alike

Anne Waiguru
waiguru look alike

Photos by Ezekiel Aminga

DJ Kalonje Narrates About How He Almost Lost His Life After Studio Was Attacked By Goons

Kenya’s finest DJ Kalonje is not a happy man after his studio was demolished. He revealed this news on social media with photos of a demolished building.

He went ahead to reveal his studio was demolished and that they were not given a notice to vacate their premises and were shocked when goons, armed with pangas and heavy wrenches, shoved his dad severally and went ahead to steal his machines, DJ decks, Play Stations and studio equipment.

He said, “Well… this is what has remained of the studio. Without notice we were asked to remove our property under extremely harassing and threatening circumstances. Accompanied by goons armed with pangas and heavy wrenches…shoving my dad severally destroying our property looting my machines Dj Decks, PlayStations studio equipments and stock…Kenya ina wenyewe kweli. Justice ni ya Wenye pesa??”

He did not reveal if anyone was injured in the process, but all his hardwork was dropped to the ground.

Read some of the comments by his fans;

frapenya_prince: 😭😭😭😭,,,am sorry bro take it easy God knows why that happened.

cunuwambu: Very sad and unfair. It is a system for the rich and the poor are damned. And when there is nothing for the poor to eat, they shall eat the rich. Take heart @deejaykalonje. Mungu bado ako na wewe!

wisipent: Pole sana bro.. take heart I hope your old man is alright.

topchefmelitos: Take heart man God can not put u in a fire u can’t handle !! The tougher the situation the bigger the blessing !!! 😖😖😖😖pole kalonje !! Najua ur next studio will be more beautiful & let’s ashame the devil.

brickdj: Easy bro.I can’t believe this place is down.I remember this the first place I learned basic deejaying skills.With God you will get new dj players.

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Dear Smoker, This Is Why You Look Older And Less Attractive Than Your Agemates

Smokers may defy health warnings by telling themselves their habit makes them look cool.

But the latest evidence shows that smokers are less attractive to the opposite sex.

Telltale wrinkles from puffing on a cigarette may be to blame for people judging non-smokers to be better-looking.

A study asked more than 500 people to pick the most attractive twin where one of the two smoked and the other did not.

Men found female non-smokers the most attractive in two-thirds of cases, while women chose non-smoking men as the most attractive 68 per cent of the time.

Professor Ian Penton-Voak from Bristol University, co-author of the study, said: “People hypothesise that smoking causes damage to the skin and appearance, but this is a really neat way at looking at it because these twins are genetically identical so we can control for genetic factors involved in ageing? We could use these sort of findings as a basis for future interventions to stop people smoking.”

Smoking can speed up ageing after only a decade. Nicotine causes narrowing of the blood vessels in the outermost layers of the skin, while the chemicals in tobacco smoke damage collagen and elastin, fibres which give the skin its elasticity. The wrinkles this causes are added to by facial expressions made when smoking, such as pursing the lips when inhaling.

The researchers asked participants to pick the smoker and non-smoker from 23 sets of twins. After finding smokers were easily identified, they created prototype pictures to make sure the twins facial expressions or poses could not alter the results.

Using these images, tweaked by a computer to standardise how smokers and non-smokers looked, they asked which were more attractive. Men and women both found the opposite sex more attractive when they did not smoke.

But women also judged other females who did not smoke as more beautiful in 70 per cent of cases, while men thought non-smokers of their own sex were better looking 72 per cent of the time.

The researchers said: “Our results provide evidence that smoking may negatively impact facial appearance, and that facial appearance may provide information about smoking status.”

They say the “social stigma” of looking worse could encourage people to quit, using applications illustrating the changes in facial appearance likely if they age as a smoker and a non-smoker.

A survey of smokers in 2014 found vanity was more important to them than their health. The latest study is published in the journal Royal Society Open Science.

© Daily Mail

All That Glitters Is Surely Not Gold! Refugee Gets Arrested For Stealing Money To be An Instagram Slay Queen (Photos)

A Congolese asylum seeker claimed Ksh 2.44m in bogus benefits to fund her transformation into a social media fashion icon.
Tania Amisi, 27, defrauded 22 councils in a six-year crime spree using fake names and addresses.

The mother of three used the cash to rent a plush flat as she squandered the money on luxury holidays, designer clothes and a £25,000 handbag collection.

Tania Amisi

She showed off the spoils by posing for glamorous photoshoots, which she posted on Facebook, Instagram and other sites.
Admirers showered her with compliments on her good taste and enviable lifestyle.

Yesterday, Amisi was jailed for four years after being extradited from Paris, where she fled after pleading guilty to fraud in 2015.

She will give birth to a fourth child behind bars after a judge was told she was addicted to crime and its proceeds.
The single mother came to the UK from the Congo as an asylum seeker when she was just 12, Southwark Crown Court heard. Her family claimed her father had been assassinated and she was granted indefinite leave to remain and settled in London.

Tania AmisiBut she spent six years tricking councils into paying her housing and other benefits, submitting 37 claims. She used the names Tania Abidi, Becca Amisi and Tania Alicia with seven different credit cards linked to the four aliases and two Congolese passports.

Investigators put her under surveillance after she tried to cash several counterfeit cheques.

When they raided her Chelsea Harbour home they found her huge fashion collection and full length pictures of her in designer dresses. She had binged on goods at Prada, Chanel, Louis Vuitton, Hermes and Yves Saint Laurent.
At the bottom of her wardrobe were Givenchy and Dolce & Gabbana handbags.

Amisi also set up a false fashion company called Le Chateau Dior and used a fake name Tania Westwood to claim handouts from the Royal Borough of Kensington and Chelsea.

She blew some of the cash on holidays to the Congo, Ivory Coast, America, Egypt, Morocco, and Turkey.

Tania AmisiOfficials found she had put in applications for a further £65,000 in benefits which were never paid out. In interview she claimed she was supporting her lifestyle by working in a betting shop.

But after pleading guilty to some of her crimes she cut off her electronic tag, booked herself on to the Eurostar and went on the run in France and Belgium.

Her bank statements revealed she spent several nights at luxury hotels while bragging about her travels on Facebook.

In March she even featured in a BBC documentary called Britain on the Fiddle.

Four months later she was arrested in the French capital after being convicted of a further 17 fraud offences in her absence.

Tania AmisiAmit Karia, prosecuting, said: “Two addresses in Chelsea Harbour were raided and £25,000 worth of designer handbags were found at the properties. From this large sum of money stolen from this benefit fraud, she did live a lavish lifestyle and squandered that large quantity of money.”

Jailing her, Judge Michael Grieve said:

“The methods used to commit these frauds involved careful planning and an even increasing degree of complexity, involving false names and forged bank documents.The nature of this offending was fraudulent from the outset and committed to fund your lavish and extremely comfortable lifestyle. This was not a case of a person in dire financial straits submitting to temptation and making fraudulent claims to get by. You committed these offences to fund your very affluent lifestyle on holidays, restaurants and designer handbags and clothes. You had a flat in Chelsea paid for by your fraudulent activities and your son had all the material benefits he could want. Once discovered you could not face up to the consequences and you fled to mainland Europe until you were brought back.There’s very little evidence you have shown any remorse before you went to ground in Paris.”

© Daily Mail

Pedophiles Have Found A New Way To Express Their Vile Fantasies: Through Twitter

Twitter was in the dock yesterday for allowing self-confessed pedophiles to peddle their vile fantasies online.

Hundreds of men use the social media platform to discuss their sexual preference for children, openly discussing which ages they lust after most.

In some cases, they claimed that their age of attraction was as young as five, the Sun reported.

Many of the pedophiles use Disney characters and other cartoon images in their profiles, potentially boosting their appeal to youngsters.

However, Twitter has refused to do anything about them because the men claim they do not act on their impulses.
The men call themselves non-offending, anti-contact MAPs (minor-attracted person).

Many of them claim having a sexual preference for children is no different to being gay or bisexual, and astonishingly paint themselves as a persecuted minority. Alarmingly they share stories about their contact with youngsters.

One middle-aged man calling himself Robert West said: “I have volunteered to help out with activities for children at an event. I will be helping to keep several children entertained. I helped out last year. It should be fun!”

The social media giant has refused to do anything about the worrying posts.

A spokesman said yesterday the men had neither acted illegally nor broken Twitter’s rules. “As we make clear in our Twitter rules and policies, we have zero tolerance for child sexual exploitation on Twitter,” said the spokesman.

“This specific set of issues is one we were recently made aware of, and have discussed with law enforcement. While it appears none of this activity is illegal, nor in breach of our policies – and absolutely no content is being shared – we are always reviewing our policies to ensure we are one step ahead of bad actors on our platforms.”

Politicians and charities lambasted Twitter and called for urgent action.

The Prime Minister’s spokesman said: “All companies should have a zero tolerance approach to content that promotes or facilitates the sexual abuse of a child, even if the content is not directed at them. There are laws which cover this, and we would expect companies to enforce this and respond to reports of disturbing content.”



© Daily Mail

Miracles Are Real! Baby Born With heart Outside Body Is Saved. Here Are The Full Details

Doctors said her chances of survival were next to zero.

But baby Vanellope Hope who was born with her heart outside her body has defied eight-in-a-million odds and is three weeks old today.

It took a team of 50 doctors, midwives and nurses to safely deliver her in an operation that is rarely successful.

And yesterday her joyful parents, who dismissed early advice to terminate the pregnancy, showed off the miracle daughter they never thought they would have.

Vanellope is recovering from three extraordinary operations to move her heart inside her body. Her condition, ectopia cordis, was discovered during a scan at nine weeks into pregnancy. Her mother Naomi Findlay, 31, recalled: I burst into tears. The condition came with so many problems.

Her partner Dean Wilkins, 43, said: We were told our best bet was to terminate  and my whole world just fell to bits.

Findlay added: All the way through it, it was, the chances of survival are next to none, the only option is to terminate, we can offer counselling, and things like that.

In the end, I just said that termination is not an option for me. If [death] was to happen naturally, then so be it.

The parents were warned their baby might have chromosomal abnormalities and damage to her heart and circulation.
But hope began to return when Dr Frances Bu Lock, consultant paediatric cardiologist at Glenfield Hospital in Leicester, conducted further scans at 13 and 16 weeks and discovered that apart from her heart being in the wrong place Vanellope appeared essentially normal.

The couple, from Nottingham, paid for a special blood test to check for chromosomal problems. Mr Wilkins said: When the results of that test came back as low risk of any abnormalities, we jumped up and down in the living room and cried. At that point we decided to fight to give our daughter the best chance of surviving.

Doctors began drawing up a hugely complex plan to help Vanellope survive, conducting ultrasound and MRI scans.
Dr Bu Lock said: We came together as a team of fetal medicine doctors, obstetricians, anaesthetists, cardiac and abdominal surgeons and cardiologists to review all of the available information and discuss how best to plan for a delivery, surgery and subsequent care.

They decided that delivery by caesarian section would be the safest, to reduce risk of infection or squashing the heart during birth. On November 22, 35 weeks into pregnancy, Miss Findlay was wheeled into a cardiac theatre and at 9.50am, baby Vanellope was born. Vanellope’s body was immediately wrapped in a sterile plastic bag to keep her organs moist and free of infection.

Her head was kept outside the bag, with a woolly hat to keep warm, and she was given a breathing tube. Lines into her umbilical cord fed her fluids and medication to stop her moving.

Around 50 minutes after birth, Vanellope was stable enough for surgical teams to begin moving her heart into her chest.

Surgeons carefully stretched apart a two pence-sized hole in chest and covered her heart with a protective membrane. Over the next nine days, Vanellope lay on her back in intensive care as the heart gradually sank into the hole. The temporary membrane was then replaced with a permanent one.

Finally, surgeons made cuts in her skin from her armpits down to her hips so they could stretch her chest skin to cover the hole and stitch it up.

As her organs fight for space inside her chest, Vanellope is still attached to a ventilation machine – but her chances of long-term survival are improving by the day.

Dr Bu Lock said no records exist as to how many times the operation had been done before but that it was one of the first to have taken place in Britain.

She said: It is certainly the first in recent years. In the past this condition was not usually picked up before birth, so this procedure was attempted but the vast majority died. It is likely that there have been survivors but they are very, very few and far between.

Mr Wilkins, who has two other children from a previous relationship, and Miss Findlay, who has a six-year-old son, said Vanellope was named after a character in the Disney film Wreck It Ralph.

Miss Findlay said: Vanellope in the film is so stubborn and she turns into a princess at the end so it was so fitting.

She added: I genuinely didn’t think my baby would survive, but the staff at Glenfield have been amazing… I can’t put in words how grateful I am for everything they have done.

© Daily Mail

Mungu Wangu! I Lost My Entire Student Loan To Gambling, Cries City Boy

We have heard many fairy tales of winners who won huge sums of money thanks to gambling.

But in this case, a city boy lost his student loan to gambling bets that did no pay off.

Ryan Archer’s love of gambling spiralled into a dangerous habit when he was just 16.

Now 21 he is still trying to clear his debts, having used his student loan and credit card to fund his addiction.

Five years ago Archer, who is studying business at Bangor University, bought Counter-Strike, a video game that allows players to exchange real money for the chance to obtain a modified weapon, known as a skin.

He says he has spent 1,272 hours on the multi-player game, which spiralled into using online betting sites. By the time he arrived at university, Archer would only eat once a week to save money for gambling.

Archer, who had to retake a year of his course, still hasn’t been able to pay back all of money he borrowed and his family do not know.

He said: It was really dumb and I regret it as I have lost it all.

-Daily Mail

EXCLUSIVE: Comedian Njugush talks about life after TV Stardom

Timothy Kimani who is popularly known to many as Njugush in the comedy industry, has become everyone’s favorite due to his signature rib cracking jokes.

The one thing we all agree on is that he’s got jokes. Funny jokes.

Njugush is married to Calestine Ndinda who is heavily pregnant and expecting their first child any time soon.

He gained popularity after starring in the TV hit series Real Housewives Of Kawangware, before moving on to other hustles.

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Speaking to Classic FM website via phone, he explained to us how he is trying to remain relevant to his fans despite the fact that they do not see him on TV.

Njugush said his disappearance from TV did not cripple his art form. he still made short videos and posted them on various social media to remain relevant.

“It is a matter of being out there and being relevant to people especially your fans and with that the clients will always look for you to advertise for them. Currently, I’m the ambassador for a washing powder. What I am currently working on is I am writing for a TV show called Hullabaloo Estate as well as I am working for my upcoming  show which I am also writing for”.  Njugush added.

Asked whether fans compare his comedy to DJ Shitty’s, who has also gained fans thanks to his antics on The real Housewives Of Kawangware, Njugush said:

“Yes. You know I left and he came right after, so people will always say such, especially because when I left watu walijam ati nimemea pembe but unajua siku ya kitu ikifika imefika. We are very good friends with him.”

Asked why he always makes fun of Nyashinski’s music releases in his comedy skethes online.

Njugush said, “Nyashinski is a very good friend of mine and we talk and that is why mi hupenda kumchokoza chokoza.”

He also addressed some of the challenges they face in their entertainment industry.

“The major problem with us as the entertainers, is getting the license to do our production anywhere in this country. If I was the CS for Sports, Culture and Art, I would try to reduce that [bottleneck]. Ukiangalia watu ka kina Diamond huenda kushoot Nigeria coz huko vitu zimeangaliwa vizuri”.

Listen to the whole interview below:

These are the approved dowry rates for Kenyan women according to KOT

One never knows exactly what they will wake up to when they log onto social media. Kenyans are known to make all manner of topics trend online and sometimes it’s funny but other times, the topic may rub someone the wrong way.

Well KOT are at it this time round with a debate, and a hotly contested one about dowry.

Someone has shared a letter addressed to Kenyan dude’s detailing how much they should pay for dowry. Have you seen it. If not, check it out below.

Well, it purpots to outline how much Kenyan men should pay for their chicks, depending on her character. This is where it gets savage. From sheesha smoking girls, to those who can’t cook, here is how much you should expect to pay if you intend to walk down the aisle anytime soon.

Also check out the reactions of KOT, as they comment on the topic, and completely drag members of the opposite sex.

approved dowry rates for ladies




Thedarling’s Kris …Threat to the boy child is not about dowry but older men who have nothing to mentor… Ladies don’t wish a dowry of millions be offered for you by a rich idiot who knows that with money they can but you like a house or car not aware of the sanctity of marriage.

Hope Favor …I think character should be the main agenda..Can be in University and a an E gal surpasses you when it comes to maturity and good character…

Alì Bomayë …Slay queen – handshake only Like a drug deal

Bianca Jovial ..Nyakundi should stick to his lane

Musyoka Mary …At the end of it…all will give birth the same way 😣😉 feeling irritated

Naenda hivi narud

Annet Gathoni …Do you know that dowry is fixed by the elders… Hizi story za sijui boy child mtaacha…

Still Reagan …For a std 8 dropout, a handshake is enough

Fearless Man Marries 3 Women At Once In Intimate Wedding Ceremony (PHOTOS)

Being a second or a third wife is acceptable in the modern society, now that there’s scarcity of men.

Well, photos of a Nigerian man, who got married to three women at once in a colourful wedding ceremony in Okpaka town in Delta state, Nigeria have caused a stir on social media.

In their wedding photos that have gone viral, the bridegroom and the brides are dressed in matching African attire outfits.

According to a Facebook user, identifiend as Jeke Godwin Ejiroghene, who shared photos from the wedding, revealed that the man claimed that he would have married six women on the same day but 3 are proving stubborn.

“This young man got married to three women today at Okpaka town in Udu local government area of Delta State. This same man is yet to pay the other three left. According to the man, he said he would have paid for the other three today as well but they are stubborn, but he promised paying others soonest,” he wrote.

Check out the photos from the wedding;


Man marries three women at once in a colourful wedding ceremony


Man marries three women at once in a colourful wedding ceremony


Man marries three women at once in a colourful wedding ceremony

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