Morgan Heritage and Diamond Platnumz release their new jam ‘Africa Jamaica’: is it a Hit or a Miss?

Morgan Heritage and East Africa’s “Rolls Royce Musician” and Diamond Platnumz have made history again with their new jam ‘Africa Jamaica’.

This time, alongside Ghanaian BET award-winner and Dancehall King: Stonebwoy,

Morgan Heritage have released “Africa Jamaica”—the lead single off their upcoming album set for release in 2019.

Morgan Heritage flew all the way to Ghana, West Africa, to shoot the anticipated music video, directed by Jordan Hoechlin and Morgan Heritage, with Stonebwoy and Diamond. On their way to Ghana, Morgan Heritage also filmed some scenes in Cape Verde.

‘She strips every ounce of dignity out of me’ City man confesses being disrespected by his wife despite his senior position (Audio)


Last time Morgan Heritage and Diamond released their first collaboration it garnered more than 1 Million YouTube views in 24 hours. An official statement from Morgan Heritage touted the video as a “Must watch!” Adding, “Make sure you see what we have to offer the world!”

Comprising Mojo, Peetah and Gramps; Morgan Heritage is very optimistic that this mega African collaboration will resonate exceptionally well with their music fans in Africa as well as the Caribbean. While in the process also of uniting East and West Africa, they are scoring another historical feat by filming “Africa Jamaica” music video in Ghana.

In deed their mission to build a stronger African and Caribbean connect through music is coming together! Ghanaian music gem Stonebwoy and Sub-Saharan Africa’s biggest recording artist of the moment from Tanzania, Diamond Platnumz asserted this, as they shared promo teasers across Africa, in preparation of the big release day.

Diamond Platnumz
Diamond Platnumz

“Africa Jamaica” was first recorded a day after the 60th GRAMMY, where their last studio album Avrakedabra was nominated for Best Reggae Album, Awards earlier on this year.

The Iconic Reggae Super Group had paid a visit to their long-time friend and multi GRAMMY Award winning super producer Jerry Wonda at Platinum Recording Studio in New York. It is where the idea of the song and video to unite sounds from Africa and the Caribbean through powerful music and cultural

Heartbreaking words from Sharon Otieno before her murder

The burial of the slain Rongo University student Sharon Otieno is ongoing at their Magare village home in Homa Bay County.

Ms Otieno was killed about a month-and-a-half ago and her mutilated body found in a thicket in Oyugis.

Rongo MP Paul Abuor is among the politicians who have arrived for the ceremony.

‘Every time I view her body and see what her killers did, it angers me’ Sharon Oteno’s dad says ahead of burial today

A group of women rights activists from across the country have condemned the murder of the 26-year-old.

Mr Abuor called for an amendment of the Constitution to have murder suspects denied bail. “This will help victims get justice. The suspects should remain in custody until proven innocent,” said Mr Abuor.

In an earlier post she wrote

“At times mimi huchoka na human beings. It’s not right to ruin someone’s reputation for no apparent reason, aki you mean you really say **** about someone mpaka uone tu umemharibia. You will be judged someday because nothing bad goes unpunished, good morning guys.” 

True to her words those who killed her and her unborn baby will not go unpunished because  Psalms 140:12 states that

“I know that the Lord secures justice for the poor and upholds cause for the needy.”

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‘She strips every ounce of dignity out of me’ City man confesses being disrespected by his wife despite his senior position (Audio)

You have probably heard the phrase mwanamke ni tabia sura hata mbuzi anayo. This  applies mostly for Kenyan women who have been termed disrespectful.

Maina Kageni could not wrap his head around the fact that despite some men being respected in the whole country, having the president on speed dial, their wives belittle them to an extent of them getting stressed.

Here is what Classic 105’s fans had to say

“When growing up I kept hearing my mother refer to my dad as useless and not because she was mean but because he would dedicate himself to other so much and only give us leftovers.

Every time he came home he was always tired ,not even wanting to talk to my mother but with us there is no smile no emotion nothing.

But when talking to someone else you would see his excitement, he was always giggling, yet he had no interest in the family.”

‘I shared my fantasies with him and he did it just like I have always desired’ Woman brags about infidelity on live radio (Audio)

sad-black-woman (1)

She continues

“My mum has been fending for him since he retired 20 years ago,he does not even want to get involved in a business, I do not know what happened to Kenyan men .”

Another says

“I am a director at a real estate company, I am well respected and people even come telling me that they wish they had a marriage like mine, if only they knew.

I decided I will not pay school transport for my kids because I want to spend more time with my kids because when I get home I have to keep quiet because anything I say is used against me later

If  I was given a chance to get married I would not marry this lady, she was a queen when she started dating but she changed so much .”


‘Deep down, I know I am totally and completely innocent over the allegations leveled against me’ Jowie states in his affidavit

He adds

“I looked forward to the day we would love a life together, when you hear people talking about women with sponsors there are times I wish someone can just katia her so that we can share the stress.

Whenever she tells me that anapitia kwa ofisi I make sure that I get something to do outside the office just so that she finds me absent.

I wish you knew whom I am so that you can understand what I mean, this lady peels you like an onion,sometimes I just go to the bathroom and look at the mirror I don’t see anything, she takes everything out of you.”

Listen more on the audio below

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‘I regret cheating on my girlfriend’, Ben Pol opens up

Tanzanian superstar Ben Pol was in our studios today with Maina and King’ang’i, where he opened up about a time he cheated on his girlfriend.
The singer, who has teamed up with Harmonize for “Why,” a bongo flava love song, says the song is from a personal experience he had.
” The song Why is from a personal experience that I don’t want to lie about. There was a time I was in a relationship with a girl who was so good to me but I was cheating on her and even taking her for granted.
It got to a time she was tired and left me. I decided now that I was single to move around with different girls. I was tired with that and decided to settle with one.
Karma followed me, she also cheated on me like I did to my previous girl. That is when I asked myself, but Why did I have to do that? and now the song.”
Ben Pol told Classic 105
How was it working with Harmonize?
“Harmonize has been my friend and when I wrote the song, I sent it to him to listen, he was happy and asked to do a verse then we shot the video and now we have it.”
Listen to the collabo below:

Ben Pol who has found a home in Kenya also said he may be completely settling in Kenya.
Kenya is home and I am thinking of moving here. There is a lot of love from you guys. I have come for different things like a charity event at Makadara children’s home where I will giving back to the society as I mingle with my fans.”
Ben said
Listen to the whole conversation;

‘He kept on tossing and turning’ Could this be the reason PwC manager Stephen Mumbo jumped off 17th floor meeting his death?

Stephen Mumbo was fthe manager at an international audit and accounting firm who jumped to his death from the 17th floor.

It has emerged that the man was the brightest student while attending St Paul’s Mukuea secondary school back in 1996.

According to the Nairobian, accidents or death at PwC is covered by insurance. Payouts oscillate between Sh20 million to Sh25 million for ‘ordinary’ staff and nose north to Sh50 million for partners and senior staff. But suicide is not covered.


Assistant manager at PwC commits suicide throws himself from 17 the floor
Assistant manager at PwC commits suicide throws himself from 17 the floor

That fateful Friday, October 12 when Mumbo jumped to his death, he had kissed his wife and daughter goodbye and left his house at around 5:40 am.

It was the last time they were to see him alive. The couple had adopted the daughter three months ago.

So, why did Stephen Mumbo jump 17 floors to his death? After all, at St Paul’s Amukura, all boys knew he would be a success story: As fellow students chased girls, the boy who never missed church, chased whoever had library keys.

Local celebrities who have openly talked about having family members living with disabilities

Mumbo, a trained civil engineer, later rose to assistant manager, executory and forensic investigations at PwC – one of Kenya’s leading professional services firms in audit, advisory and tax services.

PwC is by all standards a successful career landing: It has global tentacles, and those in management are considered high-net-worth individuals by the Kenya Revenue Authority.

Several of Mumbo’s colleagues said that

“You will be paid to go money and earn a lot in bonuses, but you will work crazy hours, if you are handling a project, it’s not unusual to work 18 hours a day,” explains an accountant at PwC,

Adding that “it is kawaida come to the office at 6 am and find people who had been there for two hours.”

Mumbo’s suicide has sparked a debate whether working long ‘pressure cooker’ hours can threaten mental health.

Police officer Joash Ombati recovers 400k stolen from a man in broad daylight in a daring attack in Westlands

On the day he leapt to his death, Mumbo, had left office at 1:30 am and returned by 6:30 am the following day.

“He never slept that night. He kept on tossing and turning,” says a close family member, adding that he wasn’t the type to say no. He was always very well groomed, but always tired.”

Mumbo had experienced work-related burnouts thrice in two years. On October 25, 2016, he had a breakdown in the office and walked and stayed away for a month.

In mid last year, another employee recalls Mumbo falling asleep in the middle of a presentation with a client. “He was totally burned out, but he was instructed to sleep for 45 minutes in another boardroom and then resume his presentation.

Deadlines have to be met and bonuses have to be earned. If you can’t handle the pressure, quit,” explains a colleague at PwC where Mumbo was one of only three employees who had clocked more than 13 years.

“He would rather be late with a client’s report than bring in a report which had a comma in the wrong place. As an accountant, he wasn’t just careful with figures, but with grammar too. He was a perfectionist,” says another workmate.

When reached for comment, George Weru, a director and Mumbo’s immediate boss quipped “No, no, no, I would not wish to say anything about this issue. The boss, Mr Ngahu, issued a press statement …”

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Local celebrities who have openly talked about having family members living with disabilities

Disability is frowned upon in the African setting but these celebrities have broken the stigmatization by talking about it in public.

Hard as it may be, they have opened about having disabled children or siblings some even parents, narrating how the journey has been.

1-Anne Ngugi

Media personality Anne Ngugi has a daughter who is battling hydrocephalus. Speaking about it she says

“She understands she is different from other kids. When we go out to mentor people, she is able to express herself very well. As a mother, my dream is to see her stand strong on her own, even when I am not there, and never allow anyone to point fingers at her, telling her she is different. Raising a child with special needs has not been easy for Anne, but she does not complain about it.”

Anne Ngugi with her daughter and Lulu Hassan
Anne Ngugi with her daughter and Lulu Hassan

Police officer Joash Ombati recovers 400k stolen from a man in broad daylight in a daring attack in Westlands

She adds that

“Sometimes you go to places with her and that is when I feel the weight that she is different from others but for her, Angel has developed a thick skin and, therefore, she copes. I have always accepted because I know there is always a reason.

You have to accept the fact that your child is special and start looking for solutions, as well as try so hard to love that child because no one will love your child more than you.”

2-Yvonne Okwara

Yvonne recently lost her brother who was deafblind almost all his life. In a previous interview she opened up about it saying that

“In the 60s, while expectant, my mother contracted German Measles. It has no symptoms. By the time she was giving birth to her first born son, there were complications. Mental retardation, and deafblindness started to set in.

 She tried everything, no door was unknocked, multiple surgeries, consultations. She talked to every doctor in the country. All of them, including, the professors, told her they had travelled far and wide and had NEVER seen anyone like my brother.

That he would not live beyond his 5th birthday. Or his 10th. Nor his 12th. Albert Okwara is still here! 50 years later! What a journey it has been.”


Adding that

“Friends have fallen along the way, those that could make the choice did so and exited our lives. Called it a curse. To the entire community! I won’t name names but he knows himself!

The world of disability is a lonely one! The road has been lined with tears, pain, dashed hopes. But it has also had wonderful lessons that have made me who I am today! Let me explain, Albert is deafblind. He does not see, speak or hear.”

3. Emmy Kosgei

Female artiste Emmy Kosgei is another Kenyan celebrity who has openly talked about having a family member battling disability.

Emmy’s dad is bound to a wheel chair after his limbs were affected by polio years ago.In an earlier post the artiste expressed her amazement at the fact that her mum over looked her dad’s disability .

She says that

“My mum is my inspiration, I have grown to see my mum achieve much having brought us up having been married to my dad who is physically challenged.

I am still amazed at how she was able to overlook my dad’s physical disabilities , and marry him  even with the pressure from the society and his family on what she had seen in such a man.”

Adding that

“She  married him and she has stood by him even as he studied at the university, we were also in school but she has been there through it all”

Deep details of Jacque Maribe’s life in the cell

4. Henry Wanyoike

He is known for his love for athletics, having ran in so many races but it has not been easy for him.

Speaking about the day he lost his sight, Henry recollects how in March 1995 while he was having breakfast numbness struck him.

One day in March 1995, Henry was having breakfast when a piece of ugali he was holding suddenly fell off his left hand, followed by crippling numbness on the same hand.

“I was confused and could only manage a stammer. I was scared.”

At the nearby Thogoto Mission Hospital, doctors could not find anything wrong with Henry. Doctors at the Kenyatta National Hospital later discovered that Henry had suffered a stroke.
That was the beginning of his ordeal. One day, Henry woke up to his mother’s loud shouts. She was wondering why he had overslept, forgetting to milk the cows. Henry remembers:

“We argued with mum. I tried to tell her it was still dark while she insisted that the sun was up. I reached for the light switch but couldn’t see anything and concluded there was a power blackout. Mum thought I was just being lazy.”

Soon, his mother realized that her son was not putting on a show and they went back to Thogoto Hospital.

Several tests revealed that he had lost his sight and that nothing could be done to reverse the condition. At 21, Henry had become blind.

“I got into a depression,” says Henry.

5 .DJ Pinye
In Daddy Owen’s music video ‘Mbona’ in collabo with Denno, Pinye talks about having a brother who is epileptic.
The next time you want to give up just think about what the people above and a million others go through everyday, and be encouraged.



‘Deep down, I know I am totally and completely innocent over the allegations leveled against me’ Jowie states in his affidavit

Joseph ‘Jowie’ Irungu has agreed to surrender his passport and report to the police as often as required as conditions for bail.

Irungu and Citizen TV journalist Jacque Maribe are to appear in court next Wednesday for their bail hearing.

The two have pleaded not guilty to the charge of murdering Monica Kimani. In his affidavit, Irungu said the prosecution has not provided compelling reasons to deny him freedom through bond.

‘All the flights details have been taken’ Did did someone try to cover up Monicah’s movement to allow room for her murder?

He said that

“As a sign of goodwill, I am ready and willing to be reporting to my investigating officers … as the court may direct, to prove my assertion that I am serious to have this case finalised without any issue,”

Jacque Maribe and Jowie
Jacque Maribe and Jowie

He also said he has cooperated with investigators since he was arrested on September 25. Irungu also put forward his wounded shoulder that he allegedly shot himself on as he tried to commit suicide as one of the planks to his request for bail.

“I have a wound on my left shoulder that has not been properly attended to by medical doctors and I have only been on painkillers which have not been of any good use to me as I am in constant pain,”

Irungu said. He also said the police have failed to aid him to get medical assistance as directed by the court last week.

“I honestly and sincerely promise to abide by all conditionalities that may be set to enable me get proper medication for my wound and attend to the heading of this case slated for while on bond,” Irungu said.

 My family will find a suitable person to be my surety by placing his security for my release.”

Joseph Irungu alias Jowie Joe
Joseph Irungu alias Jowie Joe

‘Every time I view her body and see what her killers did, it angers me’ Sharon Oteno’s dad says ahead of burial today

In the six-page affidavit, Irungu said his lawyers have advised him that he should not interfere with witnesses, a condition he said he will adhere to.

He concludes saying that

“In any event, I do not know any of the said witnesses, let alone any intentions of talking to them. Deep down, I know I am totally and completely innocent over the allegations levelled against me.”

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Police officer Joash Ombati recovers 400k stolen from a man in broad daylight in a daring attack in Westlands

A police officer identified as Joash Ombati has won the hearts of many after coming to the rescue of a man who had been robbed in broad daylight.

The incident which happened in Westlands on Wednesday around 1:40pm attracted the attention of the officer after he saw a man being thrown out of a moving Toyota shouting “wezi wezi” (Thieves! Thieves!)

Ombati said he was patrolling behind Villa Rosa Kempinsky and was standing by the roadside waiting to cross over to a hotel for lunch when the incident occurred.

‘When I am influenced before I hear a case I get upset ‘ admits Judge James Wakiaga as he warns the media to keep off speculating on Jacque Maribe’s case

Ombati said he saw commotion 20m from where he was standing.

“I saw a gentleman with a black bag being thrown out of a vehicle as it sped towards me,”

Officer Joash Ombati
Officer Joash Ombati

Rafiki wa kufa kupona! Photo of Moses Kuria in court during Jacque Maribe’s mention over murder case

Ombati cocked his gun and asked the driver to stop, but he refused.

“There was a taxi where I was standing. The driver told me the men are thieves and we needed to chase them. I entered the taxi and we followed them,”

Ombati said as they trailed the two men, he shot at the white Toyota and its tyres were deflated.The vehicle went through Museum Road and followed the Parklands police station route.

As Ombati trailed the Toyota, he kept firing in the air to alert the officers at the station.

“I did not have time to get into the station to ask for back up. When the vehicle reached Mpaka Road, it hit a huge rock and stopped.

I shot at the window and the occupants of the vehicle surrendered.”

The suspects who were arrested by Joash

He ordered the men to lie down on the ground as a crowd began gathering,as he did this he adds that someone else tried running away with the cash

“A boda boda rider opened the front door and took the stolen money, but I went after him and recovered it.”

I’m happy because I helped a Kenyan…This is a blessing to me. Whenever I do such deeds I feel very satisfied. What if the thieves stole from this man?”

Narrating the ordeal to the Star, Ombati said being a great policeman to the people is one of his prayer points.

“If I could have ignored the thieves, then it means that I’m being paid to do zero work? In that case, I should just leave my work and go home and look after cows.”

Ombati, 34, said his wife Judith Kerubo was shocked when she learnt of the ordeal.

“I have a wife and two girls. My wife was shocked yesterday but now she is fine… they depend on me for everything. What if these people killed me? My family could have despaired.

My wife is a housewife and they look up to me, so I have to stay safe at all times.”

Ombati who hails from Kikuyu town said he explained to the wife the circumstances that led to the chase and she was able to regain composure.

“I keep praying that God keeps me safe for my family,”

Ombati’s firstborn is in Standard Two at Kikuyu Primary School and the other one has not yet started school.

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‘Every time I view her body and see what her killers did, it angers me’ Sharon Oteno’s dad says ahead of burial today

It has been about one and a half months since 26-year-old Sharon Otieno was abducted and her lifeless body found in a thicket in Oyugis.

On Thursday 18th October, 2018, her body was taken home in a brown coffin. On seeing this her mother Melida Auma fainted after being overwhelmed by emotions.

Not even the ones who had braced themselves to comfort her managed to catch her in time. She jumped several times, yelling, her body shaking in sorrow before collapsing.

‘Udaku iko kwa damu’ Women open up on why they cannot keep a secret

Mourners viewing the body of the late Sharon Otieno
Mourners viewing the body of the late Sharon Otieno

For more than an hour, relatives tried to make her regain consciousness.

Not even the heavy rain that pounded the area could keep away the mourners away. To them, nothing mattered than mourning their daughter.

Mr Douglas Otieno, Ms Otieno’s father, was composed and walked around his compound quietly. He preferred to be left alone and only shook his head when the Nation team approached him.

Here are the reasons why Jacque Maribe and Jowie might be denied bail

The Rongo University student’s body arrived at their Magare home at 4pm. Friends, relatives and other mourners had travelled for over 50 kilometres to Med25 International-Kenya Hospital Mortuary in Mbita constituency to pick the body.

The body was transferred from Rachuonyo Level Four Hospital in Oyugis over security concerns about a month ago.

At the mortuary he said that

“This is heavy for us. We will bury our daughter, but nothing will make us forget this pain. Every time I view her body and see what her killers did, it angers me. They were merciless,”

He added that words cannot express the family’s agony, no wailing can heal their hearts and no amount of tears can describe their loss.

Sharon Otieno's mum

Deep details of Jacque Maribe’s life in the cell

In accordance with Luo traditions, Ms Otieno’s body was brought home for an overnight stay and will be buried at her grandfather’s homestead, next to the grave where her foetus was buried.

Mr Otieno had earlier said the decision to finally prepare for the burial was informed by the belief that their daughter will get justice.

The body of Sharon Otieno arrives at their homestead
The body of Sharon Otieno arrives at their homestead

He adds that

“We have seen suspects connected to her murder arraigned in court. We are happy with the investigations so far and believe her killers will pay for their crimes,”

The family had vowed not to bury Ms Otieno until her killers are brought to book. Her seven-month old foetus was buried three weeks ago.

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Why e-cigarette flavors are so dangerous

Flavored e-cigarettes could cause disease by triggering inflammation, according to new research.

Additives that make them taste like fruit, sweets, soft drinks or even desserts change their chemistry – making them potentially more harmful.

It could make teenagers, in particular, more prone to irritation, allergies and asthma as their lungs are still developing, scientists warn.


The finding adds to increasing evidence that flavors like bubblegum, orange, creme brulee and mango smoothie may trigger serious health problems – including tumors.

Senior author Professor Sven-Eric Jordt said the sweet, fruity flavorings react with vaping liquid, or e-juice.

These create different compounds that increase the risk of irritation and inflammation when inhaled.

Prof Jordt, a cancer biologist at Duke University, Durham, North Carolina, explained: ‘These individual ingredients are combining to form more complex chemicals that are not disclosed to the user.

‘When inhaled, these compounds will persist in the body for some time, activating irritant pathways.


‘Over time, this mild irritation could cause an inflammatory response.’

A study earlier this year found some flavors, particularly citrus and floral based ones, produce free radicals – toxins associated with cancer.

Last month the US Food and Drug Administration (FDA) described teen vaping as ‘an epidemic’ and said flavored e-cigs could be banned, before launching a raid on the Juul headquarters – the biggest raid in the agency’s 100-year history.

Now Dr Jordt and colleagues have found when flavorings like vanilla, cherry, citrus and cinnamon mingled with the e-cig solvents polypropylene glycol and glycerol, they turned into acetals.


Lab experiments showed these chemicals created from mixing flavors into e-liquids fired receptors that cause lung irritation.

These are the same molecules that maintain irritation and inflammation in people with asthma – or those who have inhaled smoke or fumes, reports Nicotine & Tobacco Research.

Now Dr Jordt and colleagues have found when flavorings like vanilla, cherry, citrus and cinnamon mingled with the e-cig solvents polypropylene glycol and glycerol, they turned into acetals.

Lab experiments showed these chemicals created from mixing flavors into e-liquids fired receptors that cause lung irritation.

These are the same molecules that maintain irritation and inflammation in people with asthma – or those who have inhaled smoke or fumes, reports Nicotine & Tobacco Research.

Daily Mail

Boyband Westlife getting back together after more than six year hiatus

Irish crooners Westlife are getting the band back together after more than six years apart and they’ve roped in Ed Sheeran to ensure chart success.

Westlife have roped in Ed Sheeran to help them beat rivals Take That in the charts as they reveal five-year comeback plan

Having had all that time away, they want to do everything in their power to make sure their comeback is a success and have come up with a five-year plan.

Pastor feeds congregants dog meat to ‘cure’ them of HIV (Photos)

The Westlife boys; Shane Filan, Mark Feehily, Kian Egan and Nicky Byrne – have revealed their plan to beat their boyband rivals Take That when they unveil their new music.

Shane Filan told The Sun: ‘It’s a bit like sport – you look at your rivals, and we looked at Take That, who came back with Shine, Greatest Day, Rule The World, Patience.’

‘It was unbelievable, and we have to see that as a benchmark – but obviously getting Ed on board gives us the best chance of that.’

Nicky Byrne added that having Ed on board has ‘finally made me cool’ to his kids.

ed sheerann
Ed Sheeran

The Westlife reunion will be going ahead without former member Brian McFadden, who left in 2004.

Shane previously said the group had ‘genuinely missed each other and missed the buzz of performing on stage together to all our fans.’

Manager Louis Walsh teased the band’s comeback last year, telling RSVP Live magazine that a reunion for the Flying Without Wings singers was definitely on the cards.

‘A Westlife reunion is definitely going to happen – but I have no idea when,’ the music manager said at the time.

He added: ‘I’m still really good friends with all of the lads. I think the reunion will be great, but it’s up to them to decide when they will do it.’

The group were propelled into the limelight in 1998 but the boy band disbanded in 2012, with their 20th anniversary being celebrated this year.

westlife the tour
Westlife, the Twenty tour will be kicking off in May 2019!

Westlife were one of the UK’s biggest boybands, first breaking onto the scene in 1999 with Swear It Again, leading to 13 UK Number One singles and ten Top Ten UK albums.

Fans were distraught when the group decided to split in 2011, embarking on a farewell tour to celebrate their 14 years in the music business.

Classic countdown

Some of their best known songs include Flying Without Wings, World Of Our Own, You Raise Me Up and Fool Again.

Fans who are lucky enough to get tickets to the comeback gig can expect all the classic hits, as well as their signature move of standing up for key changes.

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‘She will tell her story at one point’ Dennis Itumbi speaks

State House operative Dennis Itumbi, a close friend of Jacque Maribe’s, has spoken out about the Citizen TV news anchor’s life in prison for the last two weeks.

Maribe is being held at Langata Women’s Prison amid the murder trial of Monicah Kimani, 28.

The Digital Innovations and Diaspora Communications Secretary has shown solidarity by visiting her in detention.

“She will tell her story at one point,” Itumbi told Word Is in a phone interview.

Dennis Itumbi and Jacque Maribe
Dennis Itumbi and Jacque Maribe

He said he is sure justice will prevail for them all.

“Jacque has been strong, confident and even happy because the truth will prevail, no matter how much lies you put in,” Itumbi said.

“I have met her family and we have been together in all this because whether guilty or not, they will remain to be our friends.”

At Langata Women’s Prison, Jacque has been receiving a throng of visitors, including media personalities and politicians, but none of them have been allowed to access to her with their phone.

Jacque Maribe
Jacque Maribe


A source who visited Jacque told Word is: “She is wearing prison uniform, slippers and is only allowed to have three or four visitors per session.”

The source added that “she can choose to see you or not. The prison warders normally write the names of the people who have shown up to see her on a piece of paper, and she okays the list of those who will be allowed to access her”.

Itumbi said the prison has been receiving Jacque’s visitors every day from 8am to 12pm. Others also check in from 2pm to 3.30pm. Also on weekends from 9am to 4:30pm.

Earlier on, Jacque was detained in Gigiri and, according to her lawyer, Katwa Kigen, it was not a bed of fresh smelling rose petals.

Jacque Maribe at Milimani Court
Jacque Maribe at Milimani Court

In his application to court, Jacque’s lawyer pleaded for reasonable access to Jacque.

“Since her incarceration, it has been very hard to access her. And when access has been given to counsel, your honour, it has been made available in a public space, which makes it very difficult for the confidential conversation between a client and her advocate to be conducted,” Kigen told the court.

Yesterday, Itumbi wrote an emotional letter to Jacque’s son, asking the young boy to always remember that despite what is happening, his mother loves him and that she has friends who stood by her.

Explaining the letter, Itumbi said, “At one time, her kid will look at what was happening to her mum and not only see that but also appreciate the fact that she had a strong support system.”

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David Beckham admits his marriage to Victoria is ‘complicated’ at times

David Beckham has admitted his relationship with wife Victoria is ‘always hard work’.

In a preview for his upcoming interview on Australian TV show The Sunday Project, the former soccer player said things become ‘little more complicated’ when two people have been married for a long time.

‘When you’ve been married for the amount of time that we have, it’s always hard work,’ David said in the teaser trailer. ‘It becomes a little more complicated’. 

00000000david n v

It comes weeks after David’s absence from a Vogue magazine cover shoot featuring his family sparked rumours of trouble in paradise.

The cover image, which showed Victoria with the couple’s four children – Brooklyn, Romeo, Cruz and Harper – seemingly presented her as a single mother.

Back in June, unsubstantiated rumours circulated on social media that David and Victoria were heading for a divorce.

00000000david vic

But the power couple were quick to dismiss the reports, with a spokesperson branding the speculation a ‘crock of s**t’.

After tying the knot in Ireland in 1999, David and Victoria have spent years defending the state of their relationship and denying claims they are on the brink of divorce.


The couple, who began dating in early 1997, share four children – Brooklyn, 19, Romeo, 16, Cruz, 13, and seven year-old Harper.

The David Beckham interview is the latest in a string of high-profile exclusives for veteran journalist Lisa Wilkinson, who joined The Sunday Project at the start of the year.

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Nyota Ndogo advices women to be careful with the bras they buy

Everyone is out here hustling their hearts out to make ends meet, but some are after causing harm to people.

Most times we buy things because we need them and can’t stay without them. Thinking that you have bought something legit, you find out that it can actually harm you.


Nyota Ndogo has shared with her fans how she found her bra had some weird substance inside it. She narrated that she felt an itch on her her right boob and didn’t know what could be the problem. But her colleague adviced her to check her bras because some usually have a paper with acid in the bra.

Upon checking, she found some white substance wrapped in a colourless paper.

Nyota Nyota

She urged her followers to be careful and to share the information with other people so as to be careful.


This is my bra
Tangu juzi naskia titi langu la right lawasha my colleague akaniambia i check my bras properly zingine huwa zinatiwa karatasi iko na acid. So leo i wanted to wear this bra ile wasiwasi nikaishika nikaiskia na huo mtelezo so nimeikata that is what i find.
Please share with your lady friends.”


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‘Living with one breast changed my life’ Breast cancer survivor Jacintah Njeri narrates

It’s October and as we mark Cancer Awareness, one Kenyan woman is sharing her story.

Jacinta on her instagram page, gives her testimony

I was only 20 years old when I discovered I had a tumor. It was more of a hardening on the top of the breast. It seemed higher and more firm than the rest of the skin, but like many young women I think I believed I was invisible. So I pushed it to the back of my mind.”

39011800_232104007480614_5853712739918151680_nPhoto: Martin_Kwame

Usipake mate tena! Scientists find a way of creating self lubricating condoms which become slippery on contact

I could not help but think, why me? We had no history of the disease in our family.
When I was getting ready to have that surgery done, all I could think was how much I wanted that breast off.

‘It was the part of me that was carrying the disease and I just wanted it gone.’

‘When I saw myself after the mastectomy for the first time, it was very odd. I was all bandaged up, so it took a few days, but when that came off and I saw my new body for the first time, it felt weird to see such a massive gap. I was emotional, I think because there is that attachment you have with your breasts and the link they have with being a woman, and it was difficult having that taken away from me so suddenly.’

Vera Sidika proves that she cannot leave Otile brown even after he exposed her

‘The only way have managed to deal with it is by taking each day at a time, rather than focusing on the longer term or worrying about what’s going to come in the future.’



Other breast cancer survivors went on to share their journey.

1. Beautiful. As a fellow survivor. I so appreciate you for this. I was 26 at diagnosis. You being 20… it’s so heartbreaking. You are so strong for sharing. I know what it takes to do this. Keep pushing sister

2. Beautiful inspiring … I too was diagnosed a year and a half with breast cancer stage 1 and I opted a bilateral mastectomy…i am now on my reconstruction process . thank you for sharing your Story… #breastcancersurvior #kickcancersass #warrior #strongwomen 💟💗🌸


3. Thank God for the gift of life, for he owns our body n he can never give us much than we can carry, am a victim of cancer mine was stage 3, it’s a sad story to lose a part of your body but when there life there is always hope.


        4. Cancer sucks, and as a 2x lymphoma survivor I came out of it with a new perspective on life, and don’t sweat the small stuff anymore.


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Baringo teacher arraigned in court for poisoning a water reservoir

A teacher was arraigned in Baringo to answer to charges of vandalism and poisoning a water reservoir.

Michael Kandie, deputy headteacher Sumeyon primary school in Baringo North, denied the charges before Kabarnet resident magistrate Neloryn Idagwa.

He was accused of disconnecting pipes and spraying some dangerous poison at the Kapkirwok water project, which is near the school, last Thursday.

Besides poisoning the water, the suspect is said to have inscribed ‘Sumu Kali Sana’ – very dangerous poison, on the walls of the reservoir.

It is alleged that the suspect committed the criminal act after being denied water. Locals reported he was seeking to divert the water to his home.

Kandie told the court that the accusations against him are driven by malice. He was released on Sh50, 000 bond or Sh5,000 bail.

A sample of the water was taken to government chemists for analysis. The case will be mentioned on October 31.

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Popular Papa Shirandula actor lands a mega endorsement deal

Papa Shirandula actor and comedian Kenneth Gichoya, aka Njoro, is now the face of a popular beer brand.

The actor is passionate about his craft that when in 2008 he won a green card to go to the United States, he turned it down.


Njoro has bagged many awards for his rib-cracking comedy shows, including the Best Performance-Comedy Award at the 2010 Kalasha Awards.

Indeed, he has become a most sought-after comedian and a household name to many Kenyans.

Njoro was unveiled as the face of Senator Keg on Monday at a glamour and glitz event held at KBL. Present was KBL sales director Andrew Kilonzo.


The actor, who will work as brand ambassador for three months, will work closely with the KBL Senator Keg team to improve on the brand’s image and sales.

His role will be to support the KBL product on the new promotion, which aims to reward loyal Senator consumers with 150 motorbikes in 10 weeks.

Njoro has made a name for himself over the last 10 years through the hilarious Citizen TV Thursday evening comedy drama.

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