I can’t leave my unhappy relationship – Side chick explains heartbreak


Women are choosing to stay in unhappy relationships even when they know they should leave.

A woman detailed how she has been with a man for sometime and it was like a match made in heaven until the relationship became lackluster, at least that’s how she feels about it.

Such a scenarios isn’t uncommon, but the question remains why do unhappy people stay even though they desperately want to leave?

The topic was explored by Maina and Kingangi on the Friday morning conversation, where neither could place their finger on it and asked listeners for their opinion.

They discussed how Samburu Senator Steve Lelengwe has been left six times by his wife, in a story published in the Nairobian November 27.

Maina said “The Senator recently married a second wife but his first wife has left him and comeback six times. And I need to know from you guys, ni nini? we need to discuss about men who are impossible to leave, what do they do to you ladies?

To which Mwalimu cheekily responded that the Senator is from a tribe highly acclaimed for their doshi.

couple pics
couple pics

” Ako na dawa ako na nguvu mama kafurahi” Mwalimu joked

So a side chick called and gave her experience not being able to leave her Kisii man.

“It’s so hard Maina. And it’s worse for those who are broke, we can’t seem to leave them, and I can’t explain why, I can;t leave my man. He is a Kisii and broke to death, and I can’t stand him anymore, but I can’t leave him, sijui ni kurogwa au ni nini. I don’t know if he has gone to a witchdoctor, and by the way he is married t someone else, I am his side chick and he is so broke he can’t even give me fare, he has never paid my rent, “

“He should attend those meetings of stingy men, he pays rent once in a while and I don’t think I am mad. I don’t see how I am mad, hawa watu wametuwekea madawa, sijui ni nini, uchawi yote ndani”

Dear Classic 105 fam, do you have a man you can’t leave yet he is no good? Tell us your experience.


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Top 4 Reasons women suddenly leave their partners

You’ve been dating or married for sometime and you thought everything was going fine. Then you come home to find she has suddenly disappeared, and she won’t pick your calls, text back or have any for of communication with you.

Why did she leave suddenly, yet everything seemed rosy? Here are four plain reasons why women just pack and leave
1. Your partner/spouse felt like you became more like a sibling than a partner, so there is no need to put effort in a relationship where a spouse is now like a sibling. is there?

2. Your partner/spouse felt ignored and unappreciated throughout the relationship.

3. Your partner/spouse met someone else who fills the gap her man is not able to.

4. Your partner/spouse doesn’t have anything in common with you anymore, so the lack of connection leads to her decision t pack and leave suddenly.black-couple-sad

Sometimes women have no idea how to voice what they need if they are in a relations that just isn’t working for them.

Other times they struggled silently for months or years, then get to the red line or what we all call our breaking point. Do men know women have a breaking point or they think they can push our buttons endlessly

Another reason is if she tried to talk about what she felt, but the man brushed it off and she continued, then it turned into a fight.

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I thank God that I had kids with her- Diamond Platnumz’s high praise for Zari

Singer Diamond Platnumz has been silent about his first meeting in two years with his first baby mama, Zari Hassan. The two met earlier this month in an event that had the Tanzanian country at a standstill as many watched what would happen with the former IT couple.

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A post shared by Raymond (@silva_tz)

The father of 4 opened up on the recent trip to the country with his Ugandan baby mama who has two of his kids and he had a lot of nice things to say about her.

During an interview with Wasafi TV, the musician said that felt privileged to have sired kids with Zari, whom he described as a very good and mature mother.

He added that it was a nice week of bonding with his Kids after two years of no see, following their 2018 public fallout.

“Miongoni mwa wazazi wenzangu ambao nawasifia kwa kujua kuishi kama wazazi ni Zari. Na namheshimu sana. Na pengine sijawahi kumwambia hivyo lakini yuko professional sana, na mwenyewe nafarijika na kumshukuru mweyezi Mungu kwa kuweza kuzaa naye… Ni mwanamke ambaye hata mimi mwenyewe namshukuru mungu kuzaa naye na nafarijika kuona watoto wangu wana mama kama yule” said Diamond Platnumz.

But they look so good together!! Can Zari and Diamond ever become a couple again?

Chibu Dangote went on to mirror Zari’s words that they have not rekindled their love but they are just co-parenting.

“…Mimi na yeye hatuna mahusiano ya kimapenzi, tuna mahusiano ya kulea watoto. Na watoto nilikuwa sijawaona takribani miaka miwili, lakini tulimaliza matatizo yetu, akaja na watoto hapa akakaa almost wiki Nzima, Tukakaa naye vizuri na tulikuwa tunalea watoto. Yeye sasa hivi ana mahusiano yake … na mimi niko single kwa hiyo watu wa mtandao wakiongea huwezi kuwakatalia” added Platnumz.

The kind words between the two shows how far they have come since their public break-up in 2018 with the missives(especially from Zari) coming at machine gun clip.


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Trouble in paradise? Diana Marua deletes Bahati’s photos and unfollows him

Diana Marua has sparked a lot of social media speculation this past week after she deleted Bahatis photos on her Instagram page.

Not only that, but she also changed her bio! For the keen social media observer, most relationship issues are first seen on most people’s social media pages-By the regularity of how much couples post photos of themselves together or the deletion of a partner’s pictures from the other partner’s page.

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A post shared by Miss Dee (@diana_marua)

These two are big indicators of what might be going on behind closed doors. And Diana added the final dagger by also unfollowing her musician husband.

A scroll through Bahati’s Instagram page shows that the artiste himself hasn’t felt the urge to delete his wife’s photos, signaling that he might be in the doghouse with his wife.

While this might seem worrisome to many, I think this is all a celebrity stunt that the couple has dreamed up in order to drive traffic and interest to their social media pages and also generate content for their reality show.

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A post shared by BAHATI (@bahatikenya)

It all feels scripted. Why would I say that?

Just a few weeks back the couple were celebrating their 5th wedding anniversary with Bahati going all out even buying for his wife a brand new Mercedes Benz SUV.

Not only that, the singer took his wife to Zanzibar with the couple looking like they were still in the puppy-love stage of their relationship and couldn’t take their hands off each other.

“Happy to submit to you” Did Diana Marua just divulge the secret to her happy marriage

So this sudden change in Diana is a bit to SUDDEN(for lack of a better word) for me. But I could be wrong. Maybe the Bahati’s are having issues and Diana’s salvos are just the beginning of the end for the celebrity couple.

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A post shared by BAHATI (@bahatikenya)

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Esma Platnumz celebrates her 2 baby daddies as she snubs her husband Msizwa

Diamond Platnumz’s eldest sister’s relationships are a mess and this year proves it. Esma who got married a few months ago is already having issues with her husband, even going as far as to say that she was now single a few weeks ago.

The mother of two who had been hospitalised last week has decided to add more fuel to the fire that she and her husband Misizwa had gone their separate ways.

The reason I say that is her recent posts where she celebrated her two baby daddies while ignoring the man who had put a ring on it.

Esma who had for a long time kept her first baby daddy a secret shared a picture of him and her together with their baby girl Tahiya.

Using her IG page, Esma went on to share a couple of photos taken during the party to which she captioned. “Asante sana Baba @tahiyaplatnumz kwa mtoto Mzuri mstaraab km babaake pia nakushukuru kwa kuniuguza wewe na familia yako kipindi niko hosptal hoi damu sina”

To Petitman who is her second baby daddy and very well-known on social media, she wrote, “Ila pia nitakuwa mchoyo wa fadhila pia kumshukuru pia Baba @baby_taraj_wakuache nae ulikuwa ktk kitengo cha kuleta Chips kuku kwa wauguzi usiku pia na kujitolea damu Mungu ni Mwema nimepona NawaThamini leo mpk kesho NAWAPENDA PIA ❤ Nilikuwa najiona km NIHAN KEMAL NA EMIR 😊”

The common thread in her messages was her celebrating how much they had been there for her while she was admitted in hospital.

This brings up the question? Where is the love for the man who married her a few months ago? This despite the fact that Msizwa said that Esma was still married to him. Methinks that the man who lives in South Africa might have to take a long hard look in the mirror.

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Do you agree with Eric Wainaina’s decision to let his wife decide the fate of his illegitimate son (poll results)

Eric Wainaina recently revealed the behind the scenes details of what happened when he had an affair outside his marriage that led to the birth of a baby boy.

The musician revealed what his mother had advised him after he had an illegitimate child with Valerie Kimani. The “Daima Kenya” singer said his mother had told him to let his wife, Sheba take the lead in that situation.

“When that whole issue was a wound, my mother told me, ‘You have to let Sheba lead in this situation.’ she is an amazing human who is just and she has stood by me.”

This led me to ask the Classic105 viewers on what they thought of his decision to let his wife decide the fate of his relationship with his own son.

The poll results are in and the vote was very cl0se. Most Kenyans felt that Eric had indeed made the right decision to let his wife lead.

Eric Wainaina screenshot
Eric Wainaina screenshot

Some comments from Kenyans are below:

Eric the years you missing are important your son will hate you for the rest of his life. Co-parenting is best option. Your wife should love the child he is innocent.

The child did not write a letter asking to be born. Raise the child Eric, you’re a grown up, it already happened just move forward and raise your seed. No child is unwanted….watu wanalilia watoto and ya’ll are busy here like “decide his fate” seriously?????

That’s simping

Stop SIMPING Eric!!!

Choices have consequences,

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Why do ladies still go back to toxic men? Maina Kageni asks Kenyans

The morning conversation today focused on women who are unable to leave certain types of men. Maina Kageni was concerned that despite these types of men being toxic to these women they still went back to them.

‘This morning we’re talking about these men wenye “hawawachiki”. What is it about them?’ he asked.

Some of the comments from Kenyans are below:

Ukiachwa achika tu. Lakini ukiniona achiki,baasi kuna kalutu hapo…Nisiseme sana naeza haribu.

Especially mkiwa na watoto separation has no chance

It’s all about bed game.

The power of bedminton

They are good in bed,,wanapiga hii kitu kama ngoma

The secret is the services 

Maina listen to me some of them its not about money, wengine hujiuliza nawacha huyu niende wapi and maybe ulitoa huyo bibi muranga, that gender wont leave you, you cheat, you get caught and there she is ready to forgive you.

Tumejipanga with alot of caring

It’s due to the fact that they are logical.

They are responsible.

It’s about soul ties.

Spiritual ties. People don’t date individuals or souls, but spiritual self.

Cause their lives have touched the garments of their hearts.

Maina it’s called love and more so the kind of game these men play in bedroom matters maybe appeasing to the same ladies. What makes a relationship love and affection.

It’s because of love and they are responsible.

That I can’t tell,,, yenye Mimi nimepitia and am still there pressing on

The break up make up se3! That sh*t is real

Tuko na vitu za maana zakuongelea wewe,not all the time is about se3.

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God When? Kanye gifts Chris Brown Sh13million car for his 20 year career


Kanye Wests’ gift to Chris Brown has got fans talking and wondering just how awesome their friendship is and what we don’t know about it.

Kanye has gifted Chris Brown a Sh13million Yeezy truck to honor his twenty years in the game. Chris was grateful and penned his heartfelt message with the vehicle in front of his house.


The vehicle, a SHERP ATV was delivered to Chris California home by Kanye’s manager Bu Thiam, on November 24, and in it were some goodies like his shoes. And why not?

Kanye also included a letter to Chris, reading, “Congratulations to Chris Brown, 20 years in the game. You have overcome many hurdles and obstacles, you deserve the recognition for all the hard work you have put in.”


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Huddah narrates being conned of millions by major Kenyan brands


20202 has been a big year for Huddah. To sort out her finances during covid, she opened an OnlyFans account and has been charging big boys big money to see her, if you know you know.

She also sells perfume and other face care and beauty products to survive and one thing we have not seen her do like other celebrities is endorse products. And she has a legit  reason why.

Michelle Ntalami reacts to Makena Njeri being cyberbullied over LGBTQ

Huddah Monroe has fallen victim to countless Kenyan companies that have reneged on their agreement to pay after working with her. She has supposedly been conned by many Kenyan brands and advised Kenyans to always demand 80 percent upfront and more so from big companies adding that “that way at least you have lost something small”

In a post on her Instagram stories, Huddah who is living in Dubai indicated that is why she doesn’t like working with Kenyans companies owing to their dishonesty.huddah beign conned(1)

Oh Really? Tanasha blasts Bridget Achieng amidst flopped press briefing

Oh and she does have good news for her Kenyan fans. She is considering leaving Dubai but it all depends on us, if we ask her to, so hop onto her gram and tell her to come back home. We would love running into you Boss lady.

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Comedian Flaqo shares a glimpse of his cute lookalike brother


Comedian Flaqo indulged a fan who begged to see a picture of his brother and oh boy do they resemble each other.

The comedian in a Q&A with fans, was asked alot about the different roles he plays in his comedy skits.

For Instance I’m obsessed with mama Otis and someone asked him if that is his real mother. Like huh?

Another fan asked him – can we please see you brother? Flaqo while in a car shared a sneak peek at his brother who was seated behind him in the vehicle. The two resemble each other, and we were blown away. They have the same locs and share the same skin tone, plus the smile is just the same.

Here is a picture of his brother who by the way is his biggest fan. How do I know this? Because Flaqo cheekily responded about the brothers role in the comedy skits.

He said

“Ye kazi yake ni kukula mkate na soda”


flaqo 3(1)
Flaqo and his brother

Other questions that he opened up about is why he isn’t releasing as many skits as he used to and he replied that

“I slowed down so I plan better I intentionally stopped doing hits back to back but ntaresume once am ready, it’s great to plan than to be all over the place”

Does this mean he is going through burn out that creatives tend to experience in their jobs?

He said that

“season ya mad hits itarudi tu Also I’m working on OTHENTIKS series plus the long overdue animated series which is maaaaad, balancing all these as a single character is a huge flex”

Does he get tired of doing all these roles by himself?

He wrote that

flaqo 2(1)
Flaqo Q&A November 27

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Don’t ever use my name again!-Eric Omondi says as beef with Ezekiel Mutua escalates

Eric Omondi and Ezekiel Mutua are having a slight beef at the moment. Say what!? The comedian and the KFCB boss are at each other’s necks at the moment.

How did it start? The kerfuffle started after Ezekiel criticised Eric for what he termed as inappropriate content.

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A post shared by Eric Omondi (@ericomondi)

He asked Eric to put a disclaimer on some of the videos he has been sharing on social media, as well as put some respect on his name if he want to be addressed as the President of Comedy in Africa.

“People are doing all manner of staff, including some people like Eric Omondi, Unashangaa huyu ni mwendawazimu gani, kuna heshima gani unajionesha kwa video kwa njai ambayo haifai na wewe ni mtu mzima. Na unasema ati wewe ni King of Comedy Afrika. Sasa King of comedy, si ujiheshimu basi, king of comedy si uwe na heshima kwa Watoto na hizo vitu ufanye then you put a disclaimer ni za watu wazima” said Ezekiel Mutua.

Looking at what the science says about Eric Omondi’s impressive muscle gains

But Eric didn’t take the criticism lightly and responded immediately in kind telling Ezekiel to stop using his name for publicity stunts.

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A post shared by Eric Omondi (@ericomondi)

He added that he has never seen him support the entertainment industry yet he is always quick to criticize.
“DR. Ezekiel Mutua. This is your last warning. This is not the way to address the PRESIDENT of an entire Continent. Stop using my name for these cheap PUBLICITY stunts😡😡😡…I have never understood exactly what you do for a living. You have not helped the Entertainment Industry in any way.”


“So you flew all the way to Mombasa to do this Press conference, hiyo pesa ungenipatia niongeze nazo Cameras Kwa Studio zangu so that we shoot more videos for young talented Kenyans. Please Visit Eric Omondi Studios and see what we are about to do to help young and upcoming TALENTS. Don’t ever address me or use my name again. You don’t know my story!!! You don’t understand my process!!!” wrote Eric Omondi.

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A post shared by Eric Omondi (@ericomondi)

But while many times Eric’s posts get overwhelming support from his fans, many of them actually agreed with Ezekiel on his take.

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I lost 5 close friends to Covid-19!-Sheila Mwanyigha sadly narrates (exclusive)

Sheila Mwanyigha is one of the most recognisable female entertainers in Kenya. She has seen and done it all having worked in TV, radio and now as a brand influencer.

This week I spoke to the curvaceous celeb who was open about the year that she had had, explaining that it had been a rollercoaster kind of year, telling me;

It’s being a roller-coaster ride. It has had extreme highs and extreme lows. I have gotten opportunities but I have also faced huge disappointments.


“The highs were unexpected opportunities for things I was pursuing that opened up for me and I can’t tell people about it because of the crazy lows this year has seen. I can’t elucidate on what my highs were as we are told to grind in silence.”

She narrated that Covid-19 had really wrecked havoc on people she knew, losing close friends along the way.

“The lows I experienced was finding out that people I knew had died and the craziest thing is I found out that they had died after they had been buried, due to the Covid-19 situation. You don’t even know how to start grieving.”

Sheila then went into detail about the people she had lost telling me that she had lost 5 people in total.

“Among the people I lost, two were my close friends and two were my mentors. We were so close but I considered them family. I have lost 5 close people to Covid-19.”

And that’s why the chocolate beauty had decided to focus a lot of her time speaking about Covid-19.

When you see my channel and the way I have decided to focus on Covid it’s because of the toll it has had on me. I have seen this sh!t firsthand. And two of those people had no underlying conditions in fact they were fitter than me. 

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What about a son? Nameless comes clean on having more kids with Wahu (exclusive)

Nameless and Wahu are a celebrity couple that exemplifies the beauty of marriage having been ONE for the last 15 years. The two who met in 1998 have never looked back since they committed to each other and have been blessed with two beautiful baby girls-Nyakio and Tumiso.

In a recent interview that I had with the singer, the conversation of kids came up and I asked whether he wanted a third child?

He said that he himself had closed the chapter but that his wonderful wife was still not sure about what she wanted.

For me, I have closed that chapter. Before corona, I thought I hadn’t but now I have thought about life and I think I am done. I have two beautiful girls. There is a time I wanted a boy but I am very happy with my girls, I have nephews who are like my sons, meaning I am good and I don’t have to have another. I have reached that point.

This I how I would like Wahu to remember me in the end – Nameless speaks (exclusive)

‘But for Wahu, she isn’t on the same page as me. There are days she wakes up…She sees a kid somewhere and she starts having cravings, I start asking, “Sasa hizi ni gani tena, si jana tulikuwa tumesema tufunge hizi vitu?”,’ he says as he laughs sheepishly.

View this post on Instagram

A post shared by Wahu (@wahukagwi)

He concluded by saying, “We are working on aligning our visions on this issue.”


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But they look so good together!! Can Zari and Diamond ever become a couple again?

Diamond Platnumz and Zari Hassan trended earlier this month after their highly-publicised meet-up after two away from each other.

After their nasty break-up in 2018, the former couple goals had not been on talking terms for over a year with Zari accusing Diamond of being a deadbeat dad to Nylan and Tiffah.

That was all but forgotten with the ex-couple looking so good in each other’s presence that many of their fans asked them to get back together, a sentiment that Zarinah was quick to shut down, telling reporters;

“There is a whole lot of things happening on social media lakini for me I just brought the kids because their father wants to see them na hakuweza kukuja kwa sababu I think he got lots of things lined-up for him. He really wanted to see the kids. It’s been two years. We’re co-parenting and even if he got somebody, I can still come because it’s home for the kids regardless of what happened between us. A lot of people are saying we gotten back (but) no I’m just here for the kids.”

Poll results are in-Kenyans vote on whether Diamond and Zari should get back together

The interesting thing about her statement is that Zari’s point of view concerning her relationship with Chibu is pragmatic and must I say, wise.

I believe that she realises that the ship of their once budding relationship sailed the moment Diamond got another baby mama in Tanasha Donna.

Her leaving him in February of 2018 was supposed to get Diamond to at least get his act together but it seems that it had the opposite effect.

Instead of seeing what he had lost in Zarinah, Diamond went for a younger and more beautiful woman. Not only that, but he also impregnated Tanasha just a few months after meeting her.

View this post on Instagram

A post shared by @zarinahnation

I think Zarinah also understands that the problems she faced with Diamond before she dumped him would also be present were they to get together again-Diamond might have improved as a father but has he become a better husband?

I don’t think so and that I think will always be the sticking point for a smart, mature woman like the Ugandan socialite.

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Maina speaks about social media ills after Uhuru claimed he was cyber-bullied

Uhuru Kenyatta admitted yesterday that he had quit Twitter because of mean words on social media, something that Maina Kageni decided to speak about today.

He topic centred on cyber-bullying. “Guys, have you been abused on social media?” he asked. “You can never control what people think and say. Don’t let it hold you hostage!” he added.

Most Kenyans agreed that social media was a rough place where thick skin is needed for one to survive. Some of the comments are below;

Very true. Develop a thick skin and never let them comments bring you down.

You guys you’ll kill me one day  “Corona haitambui matako mkubwa!” I surrender, let me sleep.

Hii inaitwa social media.Ni mbaya.

It’s normal and huo Ndio utamu wa social media

I agree bullied on social hii ndio utamu.

Mimi sijawai tusiwa bado,,,lakini nimetusiana vibaya sana

Sasa comment kwa twitter inafanya mtu mzima akasirike na mwenye anakwambia ivo ata humjui

Mimi ni stivo simple bwoy alipost picha nika reply aki ilibidi aniblock ju venye nilikuwa nimempasha .

Yes and sometimes I clap back

Maina, whether you are good or bad people will talk. And they feel like they are entitled to your life and decisions that you make. When you make it, people think that you owe them everything hence insulting you on social media

And I don’t care I return matusi pia

Kuna wa kujibu na kuna wa kuwachana nao based on their content IQ.

Maina Kenyans it’s normal abusive language is a way of passing massage that should not something that bother anyone you should be used to it matusi ni mdomo

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I suffered a miscarriage in July – Meghan Markle sadly reveals

Meghan Markle, has revealed she had a miscarriage in July, writing in an article of feeling “an almost unbearable grief”.

“I knew, as I clutched my firstborn child, that I was losing my second,” Meghan said in a piece for the New York Times.

Meghan_Markle_3441 (1)
Meghan_Markle_3441 (1)

Meghan and Prince Harry, the Duke of Sussex, had their first child, Archie, on 6 May 2019.

Meghan wrote that “loss and pain have plagued every one of us in 2020”.

Prince Harry and Meghan Markle’s son given Ghanaian name

She said in a morning in July this year, she felt a “sharp cramp” and hours later, from a hospital bed, watched “my husband’s heartbreak as he tried to hold the shattered pieces of mine”.

Meghan, 39, shared her experience to urge people to “commit to asking others, ‘are you OK?'” over the Thanksgiving holiday in the US.

The two moved to California to live away from the media spotlight, after stepping back as senior royals in January.

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This I how I would like Wahu to remember me in the end – Nameless speaks (exclusive)

I recently spoke to lanky musician Nameless. The veteran singer was open and candid as he delivered well-thought-out answers.

One question that I asked him was how would want his wife, Wahu Kagwi to remember him at the end of his life. His answer was that she would remember him as an ideal life partner.

“I would want Wahu to say, “This was the person who was my ideal life partner.” We were just talking about it.”

View this post on Instagram

A post shared by Wahu (@wahukagwi)


What defines a marriage? What is a life partner?  For me now I redefine it as having a life partner you go through life with and not an overly romanticised version of marriages. That is what makes modern marriages struggle.

Nameless reveals the biggest thing he has learnt about Wahu this year (exclusive)

The man also mentioned how else he would like his wife to remember him by, saying,

“She helped me find my strength and we merged together. She gave me good vibes and helped me achieve my best potential. We came far from our campus days, we had our struggles then find ourselves.”

View this post on Instagram

A post shared by Wahu (@wahukagwi)

Finishing off by stating his own desire for himself, “I was the best life partner she could have had.”


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I would rather sleep than read your comments! Uhuru tells cyber bullies


President Uhuru spoke out about online bullying while launching signature collection exercise for the BBI at KICC.

Uhuru clapped back at bullies saying he dumped social media because of mean comments from KOT.

“Mimi nilitoka Twitter kwa sababu huko ni matusi tu…afadhali nipige story na mama, nilale, niamke nifanye kazi”

He said


uhur walkign kicc(1)
Uhuru at KICC BBI/Courtesy PSCU

But one Kenyan wanted to know how he can possibly live without seeing the memes created about him. “How do you live without the memes?” this person said to Uhuru about avoiding Twitter cyber bullying

And for expressing these thoughts about Kenyans being nasty online, KOT once again came for him, making fun of him.

sema ulipigwa facts ukalemewa ama ulikuwa unadhani huku tunafanya shoe licking ndio tuseme opinions zetu ka hao majamaa wako state house

you people bullied our president akatoka twitter


Pia kuwa mwanasiasa ni kuomba matusi,toka kwa siasa pia ! Dissolve government and go pigs stories na mama


Hutatulazimisha kwa kitu hatutaki tulikucgagua kwa ile katiba, mpaka ukakalia kiti mwaka wa nnane sasa huu. Mbona hukugeuza before uingie?

enyewe hizi streets hazina huruma,,, hadi mlimtoa Kamwana huku.

Saa anaishi aje bila memes

Morio hupendi ukweli wewe

Huku we don’t lick people. Utapigwa Facts useme ni matusi

huku huwa Kosovo mse. I luv this app

Kwa hizi streets tunaambianaga ukweli bazu

uhur and raila kicc bbi signing(2)
Uhuru and Raila at KICC/Courtesy PSCU

Uku akuna matusi ni kuambiana ukweli…..ukweli huuma!!!!#RejectBBI

Enyewe niheri upige stoori na mama badala ya tweep

Halafu kama matusi za Twitter zinamtisha, mwambie aingie Kilimani aone moto

kwa streets unapewa ukweli tupu

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