Huddah Monroe makes it to the September issue of Harpers Bazaar

Huddah Monroe aka the boss chick appears  to exist in perpetual motion.

She is doing it all and she isn’t slowing done just yet.

She is still young, with a bubbly attitude towards life.

Recently she was in the United States of America, for almost five months. Something that looked like the boss lady was on holiday but nope, she was securing the bag.

Being an international businesswoman, Huddah never stops oozing out with bright and sensible ideas to create a business empire.

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I'm a big believer that change is good.To me LA is like the world's greatest party,known for its Mediterranean climate, ethnic diversity, Hollywood, the entertainment industry, and it is the “misunderstood city”. . If you're lucky enough to travel anywhere , this is a place you have to go & make the most of it. Have fun, take advantage of the opportunities and meet as many people as you can. . Thank you Harpers Bazaar US Magazine for helping me share this experience on the SEPTEMBER ISSUE . I never in one day imagined I’d be in one of the Worlds biggest fashion magazine ….. CLICK LINK ON BIO to Check out Full story! 🍾🍾 . Magazine: @harpersbazaarus Writer: @kevinkwan Photographer: @dennisleupold Fashion Editor: @menamorado  Hair: @peter.savic Makeup: @valgherman Editor: @alisonssscohn . #AfricanSauce

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In a recent Instagram post, she posted claiming how she is a big believer that change is good.

She wrote, “To me, LA is like the world’s greatest party, known for its Mediterranean climate, ethnic diversity, Hollywood, the entertainment industry, and it is the “misunderstood city”.

She continues to add, “If you’re lucky enough to travel anywhere, this is a place you have to go & make the most of it. Have fun, take advantage of the opportunities and meet as many people as you can.”


Check out Huddah Monroe cashing out in America

Clearly, she is never shy when any opportunity knocks at her door. She takes every opportunity by the horns and milks everything out of it.

The beautiful African sauce can’t hide her excitement any longer as she is on the September issue of Harpers Bazaar Us Magazine.

She continues by saying, “I never in one day imagined I’d be in one of the Worlds biggest fashion magazine ..”

As she appreciates the magazine for sharing her story just as she would have wanted them to do.

In the magazine issue, the personality claims that she is planning on opening a Huddah Cosmetic U.S flagship stocking her popular liquid lipsticks and eye-shadow palette for the independent dark skin tone girls as LA is like her second home.

It doesn’t hurt how the lass is photogenic, but what’s remarkable is her rise to fame, a girl from the slums of Nairobi. She continues by saying how she loves dressing up and looking good.

You may mistake her for going to an “award show.”

Her beauty is unmatched.

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Low calorie diet can reverse type 2 diabetes for at least two years

A diet of soups and shakes can reverse type 2 diabetes in the long term, scientists revealed yesterday.

More than a third of patients put on the daily regime of just 850 calories were free of the illness after two years. By then they were eating normal portions after an initial three to five months on the extreme diet.

The first stage of the research had shown that 46 per cent of the patients were in remission after one year. But the latest results show that three quarters of these people – 36 per cent of the total – were still free of diabetes another year on.

It is the best evidence yet that the condition can be conquered by weight loss. The NHS is planning to trial the fat-free soup and shakes regime with 5,000 participants before considering a national roll-out.

‘Type 2 diabetes is not a life sentence,’ said Roy Taylor, the Newcastle University professor who co-led the study.

‘We now know how and why people can return to normal despite developing this serious threat to health and happiness.’

The diabetes epidemic has hit record levels, with nearly five million Britons, and one in ten over-40s, thought to have it. Around 90 per cent have type 2, which is linked to poor diet and lack of exercise. It can lead to strokes, liver failure and blindness.

It was once thought to be incurable, but the trial involving almost 300 people at 49 GP surgeries in Tyneside and Scotland has shown the opposite.

Half were put on a liquid diet of four shakes and soups a day, a total of 825 to 853 calories depending on the flavours they chose. Some of the patients had been eating closer to 3,000 calories a day – compared with the recommended 2,000 for women and 2,500 for men.

The dramatic cut in calories, and associated weight loss, is believed to have led to the study’s remarkable results.

Almost half of those on the liquid diet were in remission from type 2 diabetes a year in. Another year on, 53 of the 68 in remission still had blood sugar levels below 6.5 per cent – meaning they were no longer considered to have diabetes.

The group managing to stay diabetes-free had lost 10.4kg (1st 9lb) on average each. Those who relapsed had kept off only 3.7kg (8lb).

Although slimming down was crucial, the experts said tHe broke our engagement after I refused to be penetrated from behindhere was no perfect amount to lose. They suggested there was ‘personal threshold’ in the level of stored fat that affected the production of insulin, a crucial hormone that controls blood sugar levels.

Some patients reversed their diabetes after losing less than 5kg (11lb). Those who put it all back on were guaranteed to get the illness again.

The researchers offered monthly appointments with a nurse or dietician and an ‘escape plan’ to study participants, where they could go back on to soups and shakes for a short time to lose weight again. Those who did not manage to reverse their illness were still less likely to need medication and had lower average blood sugar levels, as well as better quality of life.

Dr Elizabeth Robertson, research chief at Diabetes UK, said: ‘These results further challenge the perception that type 2 diabetes needs to be a lifelong condition for everyone diagnosed with it.’

The Diabetes Remission Clinical Trial was led by Newcastle University and the University of Glasgow. Professor Mike Lean, head of human nutrition at the University of Glasgow, who co-led the study, said: ‘People with type 2 diabetes and healthcare professionals have told us their top research priority is “can the condition be reversed or cured”.

‘We can now say, with respect to reversal, that yes it can. Now we must focus on helping people maintain their weight loss and stay in remission for life.’

Weight loss surgery, such as gastric bypasses, has been found to put type 2 diabetes into remission in 30 to 60 percent of cases. But few patients want such drastic surgery.

The study is in the Lancet Diabetes & Endocrinology.

-Daily Mail

Biologist reveals the 11 natural nutrients for perfect skin

Many of us will not think twice about splashing out on expensive products to beat blemishes and aging and make skin glow.

But according to Mandi Nyambi, a US beauty expert, with a background in stem cell biology and nutrition, knowing what you eat and its effects on your skin can save you incalculable worry and money.

In her new book, Fresh Face, released today Mandi gives an extensive account of what to eat and what not to eat depending on your skin type.

On top of avoiding sugar drinking plenty of water and focus on eating the right kind of fats, she’s revealed the 11 essential nutrients that could save you a fortune on expensive products and treatments.

What it does: Eating food that are rich in vitamin A is great to protect the longevity of your skin, as well as to quicken your skin’s ability to repair itself. On top of its beneficial effects on the skin, its consumption is also important for vision, the immune system and reproduction.

Where to find it: Fish, eggs, beef and dairy are all filled with it, as well as spinach, carrots and sweet potato. VITAMIN B12

What it does: Also known as cobalamin, Vitamin B12 is present in the metabolism of every cell of our body, and plays a role in how we absorb protein. It’s important for our nervous system and the production of red cells in bone marrow.

When it comes to the skin, B12 helps preserve its elasticity.

How cutting out sugar can give you healthier skin

Where to find it: Meats, poultry, eggs, shellfish and dairy all contain Vitamin B12.

What it does: Being one of the most famous vitamin there is, vitamin C needs no introduction. A very well-known antioxidant, it is also plays an important role in the production of collagen.

Collagen is a major component of our skin, but over time, its production decreases, which causes wrinkles to appear. Taking collagen supplements or eating foods that are rich in Vitamin C can help prevent the appearance of crows feet.

Where to find it: Fruits, especially oranges, strawberries and blueberries are rich in Vitamin C, as well as vegetables lie spinach, bell peppers, tomatoes and Brussels sprouts.


What it does: Also well-known, Vitamin D helps regulate the amount of calcium and phosphate present in the body.

The vitamin can also help fight infections.

Lack of Vitamin D can result in muscle and bone pain, as well as acne. Eating foods rich in this particular vitamin will keep pimples and blackheads at bay.

Where to find it: Fortified foods, such as milk, cereals and orange juice can help avoid vitamin D deficiency. And a bowl of sunshine will do the trick too.

What it does: Try to see Vitamin E as your skin’s personal knight in shining armour. Its role is literally to keep your eyes and skin healthy.

This nutrient offers a number of skin care benefits. Not only does it help preserve your skin’s longevity, it’s also full of antioxidants and helps prevent the formation of scars.

Where to find it: Almond, sunflower seeds and vegetale oils contain vitamin E, as well as salmon, avocado and trout.


What it does: Perhaps a less appreciated vitamin than C or D, vitamin K present a lot of benefits when it comes to preserving your skin.

Use turmeric soap, aloe vera…Kambua reveals secret for her glowing skin

K helps with blood clotting, which means it plays an important role in how our wounds heals. Therefore it helps to reduce scarring, dark circles and spider veins.
Dark circles are caused by sleep deprivation. The skin becomes paler, and the patches of dark skin and blood vessels underneath start to show.

Just like it treats bruises, vitamin K is proven to help dark circle become less apparent. For that reason, it should be your new best friend after a short night.

It can also help with spider veins.

Where to find it: Thankfully, a varied range of foods contain this little helper: kale, for instance, is rich in Vitamin K, as well as dairy products and fruits like blueberries. It’s also contained in liver, although it might not be everybody’s cup of tea.


What it does: Studies have found that zinc deficiency could lead to acne, so you might want to make that this nutrient makes an appearance in your diet.

Where to find it: Turn to meat, shellfish, dairy and wheat germ to get your zinc intake. If you have a vegan diet, you can also take zinc supplements.

OMEGA 3, 6, 9

Omega 3, 6 and 9 are three types of fatty acid that play a crucial role in the well-being of our cells. Each type of Omega has different health benefits. Mandi states they help with skin elasticity, skin barrier repair and with the retention of moisture.

The body cannot produce Omega 3 acids itself, which means they have to be ingested by humans. They’re considered ‘essential fats’ and the World Heath organization recommends that we eat two portions of fatty fish per week in order to get a balance Omega 3 intake.

Omega 3 can help with a number of things, but as far as the skin is concerned, it is particularly good for inflammation.

The body doesn’t produce Omega 6 either, and they also are considered essential fats that need to be part of our diet.

The body produce Omega 9, which means it’s not necessary to have some in our diet. Where to find it: Various types of seeds, such as flax seeds, pumpkin seeds and chia seeds contains omega 3, 6 and 9, as well as vegetable oils, pistachios and walnuts.

You can also find some in fatty fish such as salmon and avocado.


What it does: Lactobacillus is a type of bacteria, but the good kind. According to Mandi it helps with repairing the skin barrier and fight inflammation all over the body.

Where to find it: Fermented food such as yogurts and kimchi contain all the lactobacillus you need.


What it does: Turmeric is a plant of the ginger family helps balance body energy and boost the immune system.

It is not a nutrient itself, but packs vitamin C, calcium, fiber, iron, niacin, potassium, zinc and others.

Where to find it: Unlike the other items on that list, Turmeric is not contained in food, as it is a plant. You can buy turmeric in almost every supermarket.


This mouthful is a medicinal plant and is classified as an ‘adaptogen,’ meaning it can help with stress.

It therefore reduces the production of cortisol and its effects on the skin.

Cortisol, which is commonly known as the stress hormone, is produced naturally by our body, especially when we wake up in the morning. When we are stressed, we produce extra amounts of cortisol.

This extra cortisol makes our skin prone to acne and wrinkle, which is why plants like Ashwagandha can be a good ally.

Where to find it: You won’t find the plant in your everyday supermarket, however, a quick look online will get you what you need.

Daily Mail

Watch video of Ali Hassan Joho and Paris Hilton cuddling

Ali Hassan Joho is having the time of his life as the governor of Mombasa. But hasn’t he been the governor of the coastal county since 2013?

He has, but this month of August will be quite memorable for him. The governor has been in the USA since last month and has been posting images of his trip there.

Ali Hassan Joho
The sultan looking great L.A

One of the highlights for him will definitely be meeting socialite and reality T.V star Paris Hilton while in L.A. His latest video captures him together with American socialite Paris Hilton.

Photos of stylish Joho in Beverly Hills causing the ladies to go gaga!

In the video, Paris is dressed in a purple print thigh-length dress with sunglasses while the governor is in a yellow print shirt and black jeans.

Ali Hassan Joho with Paris Hilton
Ali Hassan Joho with Paris Hilton

The two can be seen smiling and generally having a good time on the video. The model seems to have dazzled Joho and his entourage, including Tanzanian singer Ommy Dimpoz. Watch the video below;

Mombasa County Director of Communication and Public Relations, Richard Chacha, said the Governor travelled to America to attend to a number of official meetings;

The Governor travelled to Washington DC to attend business meetings with different investors that would see partnerships being formed. He is set to be back anytime this week. The pictures seen are just him having a few days off from work. He is entitled to 30 off days which he has never utilised since coming into office.

In 2016 while he was in Dubai he met up with rap star Fat Joe. He was also a major player in Chris Brown’s rumoured Sh90 million concert in Mombasa that happened back in October 2016.

Ali Hassan Joho
Ali Hassan Joho looking stylish

Fun fact for those who don’t know; Kim Kardashian worked for her friend Paris Hilton as her stylist and assistant. She can be seen on The Simple Life, Hilton’s reality show with Nicole Richie, performing menial tasks.

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Uhuru reveals that he has Jamaican relatives on state visit

Uhuru Kenyatta has been in the Caribean island of Jamaica. What has the most hardworking, enterprising and dedicated president in Africa been doing in the country where many people get irie?

Well, Mr. Kenyatta was on an official 3-day state visit to the birthplace of reggae and its most famous export Bob Marley. Apart from the formal and boring business that happens on a state visit, Uhuru had some stunning revelation to make.

Uhuru in Jamaica
Uhuru in Jamaica

The fourth president declared that he had relatives that came from the island, saying;

My wife’s brother’s mother is from Jamaica. We affirm the Jamaican diaspora is everywhere and the prime minister was wondering whether we have some in Kenya. In deed I can confirm given the fact my wife’s brother’s mother comes from Jamaica and she lives in Kenya.

Many Kenyans wondered why the president hadn’t referred to the relative as his mother-in-law since the said person was his wife’s brother’s mother.

Uhuru in Jamaica
Uhuru in Jamaica

True to netizens insight, it appears the president had a slip of the tongue as we have discovered that the mother to the wife of Uhuru’s brother, Muhoho Kenyatta, is the link between the Kenyatta’s family and Jamaica.

Mama Norma Florienta Kanja who died on Wednesday, August 16, 2018, was mother-in-law to President Kenyatta’s younger brother, Muhoho.

Uhuru reveals that he has Jamaican relatives‘You have married a hardworking woman,’ Uhuru Kenyatta praises Anne Waiguru on wedding day

Norma was the wife of the late Jimmy Kanja. According to obituaryKenya, Norma, 83, was the daughter of the late Rupert and the late Loretta Forbes.

Loretta was the sister of Valerie Afflick, the late Doreen Nesbitt, and the late Carlton Forbes of Kingston, Jamaica. Uhuru said last year in her tribute;

As we have all heard, she was a wonderful human being and we can testify to that fact. Mama Norma Kanja lived her life well and has left an enduring legacy which should be emulated.

Uhuru in Jamaica
Uhuru in Jamaica

President Uhuru Kenyatta and his host Jamaican prime minister Andrew Holness held bilateral talks on Monday, August 5, purposely to deepen ties and economic partnership. During a press briefing attended by delegations from the two governments,

It was also disclosed during the state visit that the two nations were planning to introduce direct flights from Nairobi to Kingston as part of the journey towards a vibrant economic partnership.

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Former President Robert Mugabe in hospital in Singapore since April

Former Zimbabwean president Robert Mugabe remains hospitalized in Singapore where he has been receiving medical care for four months, his successor President Emmerson Mnangagwa said on Monday.

Image result for mugabe

Mnangagwa said in a statement that the 95-year-old Mugabe has been receiving medical care for an undisclosed condition, and is responding well to treatment.

“Mugabe remains detained at a hospital in Singapore where he is receiving medical attention. Unlike in the past when the former president would require just about a month for this, his physicians this time around determined that he be kept for much longer, from early April this year when he left for his routine check-up,” a statement from Mnangagwa said.

Mnangagwa, announced in November last year that Mugabe was  unable to walk because of ill-health and old age, claimed he had sent a team, including chief secretary to cabinet Misheck Sibanda, to Singapore last week to check on the former ruler.

“I am greatly pleased to inform the nation that the former president continues to make steady progress towards eventual recovery and that his condition is remarkably stable for his age,” Mnangagwa said.

The team that visited Mugabe reported that he was “responding well to treatment” and that “because of the good progress he is making (comrade) Mugabe could be released fairly soon.”

Zimbabwe’s public health services have practically collapsed and those who can afford, seek treatment in South Africa or further abroad.

Mugabe, during his time in power, sought almost all his medical care in Singapore.

Mnangagwa took over in November 2017 with the backing of the military, ending Mugabe’s 37-year rule. He went on to be elected in disputed elections in July last year.

He has vowed to revive Zimbabwe’s ailing economy by attracting much needed foreign direct investment but months after his election, the ghost of the country’s past economic woes have returned to haunt it, including shortages of bread and fuel and power cuts lasting up to 18 hours.

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Heavy periods? An undiagnosed disorder may be to blame

Looking back, all the warning signs were there for Ann-Marie Roy: decades of heavy periods and significant bleeding after giving birth, even though she’d had a Caesarean section.

Yet it was only when her elderly father was diagnosed with a bleeding disorder last year that Ann-Marie, 54, a college lecturer from Kilmarnock, Ayrshire, discovered she, too, had Von Willebrand disease — an incurable, genetic disorder that prevents the blood clotting properly, and can cause heavy periods.

‘Suddenly, the past 40 years of my life made sense,’ says Ann-Marie, who is married to Stuart, a labourer, and has two children, Kayla, 19, and Dean, 17.‘As soon as I started my periods at the age of 13, they were heavy, but I always felt I was being a prima donna for complaining about them.

‘I went on the Pill at the age of 16, and the problems largely went away until I came off it aged 34 to have my children.’ The Pill contains the hormone progesterone, which inhibits the growth of the lining of the womb, reducing bleeding during menstruation.

‘However, after I had Kayla by Caesarean, I bled heavily which was very scary.

‘I didn’t go back on the Pill after having the children, as I was told by my GP I was too old to take it, and that’s when my periods became really heavy, and steadily got worse.

‘I was bleeding for three out of four weeks a month, wearing the heaviest flow tampon and pad which I would soak through after 45 minutes and it was extremely painful.

2 women hospitalised after using vacuum hose to end periods early

‘It dominated my life and I always had to make sure there was a loo nearby before I would agree to go anywhere.’
Over the next ten years, Ann-Marie went to her GP regularly and was put on ibuprofen for the pain and tranexamic acid (which helps reduce bleeding by slowing the breakdown of clots), although they didn’t make a huge difference and caused horrible gastric side-effects.

‘A bleeding disorder was never mentioned,’ she says. ‘By then I was in my 40s, and so it was put down to hormone changes and the menopause.’Almost 32,000 people in the UK have a diagnosed bleeding disorder, and just over half are women. Yet hundreds of thousands more women have undiagnosed bleeding disorders because both patients and doctors are not aware of the symptom, says the charity The Haemophilia Society.

The disorders are caused by a defect in one of the body’s 13 clotting factors — proteins in the blood that control bleeding.

While life-threatening bleeding disorders such as severe haemophilia, which mainly affects men, are generally diagnosed at birth, mild Von Willebrand disease and haemophilia can go undetected for years as they typically cause few day- to-day symptoms. In mild cases, bleeding eventually stops as patients still have low levels of clotting factor.Yet they can increase the risk of excessive bleeding during surgery, dental extraction, injury and childbirth, and cause tiredness and anaemia (a lack of iron in the blood) — and heavy periods. These affect 880,000 women in England and can be a sign of a bleeding disorder. Others include easy bruising, bleeding that lasts longer than expected after cuts, frequent nose bleeds and fatigue.

While the National Institute for Health and Care Excellence (NICE) describes heavy periods as bleeding that interferes with a patient’s quality of life, the NHS defines it as losing 80ml of blood or more in a period — equivalent to five or six tablespoons — and/or periods that last longer than seven days.

It might mean women have to change their sanitary products every hour or two, pass blood clots larger than a 10p coin, bleed through clothing or bedding or need to use two types of sanitary product at the same time, for example tampons with pads.

‘We know that 10 per cent of women will go to their GP about heavy periods, and almost a third of them will have some kind of bleeding disorder,’ says Liz Carroll, chief executive of The Haemophilia Society.

‘Yet only 2 per cent of these women will ever get tested and many take years to be diagnosed, leaving thousands to suffer the knock-on implications in silence.
‘Many women just put up with heavy periods and only realise they have a bleeding disorder when they have a baby, surgery or experience some kind of trauma and have an unexpected bleed that is difficult to control.

‘We need to get women talking about this issue so that more are in a position to benefit from effective treatments.’

However, many women with heavy periods don’t realise there’s actually a problem, says Professor Rezan Abdul-Kadir, a consultant obstetrician and gynaecologist at the Royal Free Hospital, London, who has a special interest in bleeding disorders.

‘Heavy periods are all they have ever known and may be normal in their family, so they don’t think there’s anything wrong,’ she says.

‘Many are embarrassed to go to their doctor and even if they do, few GPs refer them for tests to see if they have a bleeding disorder.’

Of course, not everyone with heavy periods has a clotting disorder — other causes include fibroids (non-cancerous growths in or around the womb), endometriosis (where tissue that lines the womb is found outside it) or pelvic inflammatory disease, an infection of the reproductive organs.

How The Monthly Misery Of HEAVY Periods Can Be TREATED If Your Doctor Spots It Early Enough

Mild or moderate bleeding disorders are often treated with a combination of drugs typically used for heavy periods, for example, the Pill together with haemostatic drugs (which help stop bleeding), says Professor Abdul-Kadir.Being aware you have even a mild bleeding disorder is vital when having surgery. Patients can take medication such as desmopressin before the operation to help their blood clot and prevent excessive bleeding, which would otherwise hinder wound healing.

To help patients and GPs identify the signs of a bleeding disorder, The Haemophilia Society has come up with a nine-point check list of common symptoms (see box) as part of its Talking Red awareness campaign.

Ann-Marie believes she could have been diagnosed earlier as she had more than two symptoms.

‘All the evidence was there but bleeding disorders were just not on the radar,’ she says.

‘If I’d had a Von Willebrand diagnosis earlier, the births of my two children would have been managed better and would have been safer, and I wouldn’t have had the ordeal and misery of very heavy periods for the past 15 years.

‘Ironically, by the time I was diagnosed, I had gone through the menopause and my periods had stopped, which was a huge relief, so I am not actually taking any medication.

‘I bruise quite easily, but I don’t get nosebleeds, and I wear a bracelet which says I have Von Willebrand just in case of an emergency.’

Ann-Marie is calling for greater awareness of bleeding disorders, to prevent other women from going through the same ordeal.

‘If a woman is coming back time and time again with the same symptoms, and it is affecting her quality of life, GPs should test them for a bleeding disorder and women should ask for the test,’ she says.

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Is Bahati joining Diamond’s WCB? The artist tells all

Bahati has had a tough year when it comes to running his own studio.

The gospel singer started EMB records a couple of years ago with a lot of fanfare but the label has not done as well as he would have expected.

Earlier this year, the artiste lost a lot of big talents with the likes of David Wonder, Weezdom and Mr. Seed leaving under less than glorious terms. Many then wondered whether the label would still exist after the exits.

Bahati wearing headphones
Bahati wearing headphones


He has lately been going a lot to visit Diamond down south. The Tanzanian artiste owns WCB records and some wondered whether he was going to get signed into the label.

Drama never ends: Bahati calls police on Mr Seed’s fiance Nimo

Bahati spoke on an interview on radio recently and explained the reasons for his visits. He said that he gets ideas and mentorship from Diamond. He said in the interview;

Mimi kuenda Wasafi of course is for the business relationship and you know with no doubt, Wasafi is one of the most successful record labels in Africa na kuwa rafiki na mtu kama Diamond you learn a lot and nikitoka hapa niende Tanzania, I just go chill and I listen.

Pengine ananiambia hii ndio mistake alimake, usifanye hivi, fanya hivi ananiadvice kuhusu tomorrow, about the music industry, about running a record label and that’s why I made so many changes.

Bahati and Diamond posing
Bahati and Diamond posing

The father of 3 adds that he listens a lot to artists who preceeded him, and Diamond is among them.

Bahati wearing headphones
Bahati wearing headphones

I for one laud Bahati as he looks to expand his repertoire. He should follow the model that Willy Paul has used to gain more and more recognition. But the question is will he still be doing gospel music as he goes international?

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Go back to your hell-hole! Larry Madowo told by American man

Larry Madowo travelled to the United States of America this past weekend where he is set to begin his fellowship with the Columbia University’s School of Journalism.

But his stay there might have started on a rocky patch. What happened exactly? The BBC Africa business editor attracted the wrath of Americans after he tweeted about the two mass shootings that happened over the weekend.

Larry Madowo in Newyork
Larry Madowo in Newyork

Larry had written on his Twitter page that he went to sleep with news of the El- Passo, Texas shooting that left 20 people dead and woke up to the news of the Dayton, Ohio shooting that cost 6 people their lives. He tweeted;

I went to sleep on news of a mass shooting in El Paso. I woke up to the news of a mass shooting in Dayton. This is only my first weekend living in these United States.

Larry Madowo in front of the cameras
Larry Madowo in front of the cameras

Many Americans were unhappy with his viewpoint and told him that he should go back if he felt unsafe in America. He posted one of the responses he received from one American. It is below;

Many Kenyans were united in support of his message and wholeheartedly agreed. Some pointed out that if the shooting had taken place in Kenya that the American embassy would have quickly issued out a travel advisory.

Larry Madowo
Larry Madowo with his colleagues

Recently, the New York Times was embroiled in controversy after it posted images of dead Kenyans after the horrendous Dusit terror attack that happened earlier in the year.

‘A delayed salon appointment saved my life from the Dusit attack ‘ – Mercy Masika

The hypocrisy was seen as clear as day and night in that American news organisations never post bloody images of their dead but have no such qualms when it comes to brown bodies.


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Saudi Arabia lifts travel ban: Allows women to travel independently

Saudi Arabian women can now obtain passports, work and travel freely without securing permission from their male relatives.

Image result for Saudi Arabia women

The new rule announced on Friday 2nd August 2019 allows women over the age of 21 to apply for a passport without authorization, putting them on an equal footing to men.

Women are also being given the right to register births, marriage or divorce. The rule also covers employment regulations that expand work opportunities for women. Under the said rule, all citizens have the right to work without facing any discrimination based on gender, disability or age.

The new regulation which now gives women over the age of 21 an equal footing with men is one of the new moves taken by the kingdom’s De Facto ruler, Crown Prince Mohammed bin Salman, to elude its image as one of the world’s most restrictive areas for women.

Saudi Arabia’s new rule followed countless high profile attempts by Saudi women to escape from the kingdom to other countries seeking asylum, citing gender inequality.

Image result for Saudi Arabia women

While the news excited countless women and people in Saudi and other parts of the world, it also dealt with the Kingdom’s guardianship system which has long been criticized by human right’s bodies as a heavy blow.

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Some of the reactions on twitter;

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One year of obesity slashes women’s lifelong chances of surviving cancer

Being overweight for just a year dramatically reduces women’s lifelong chances of surviving cancer, a major study has revealed.

For every 12 months spent obese or overweight as an adult, the risk of dying after a breast or bowel cancer diagnosis in later life rises by up to four per cent.

The link between excess weight and the disease developing in the first place is well established, but the new study is the first to show how having a BMI higher than 25 can also slash survival rates. The World Cancer Research Fund tracked the weight of 47,000 women between the age of 20 and 50. Of these 1,500 went on to develop breast or bowel cancer after the menopause.
The Swedish researchers found that each year of being overweight cut a woman’s chances of surviving bowel cancer by four per cent and breast cancer by three per cent.

Bishop Allan Kiuna reveals tough fight he had with cancer

They said time spent being overweight is ‘the obesity-equivalent of years of cigarette smoking’.

Study author Dr Isabelle Soerjomataram, of the International Agency for Research on Cancer, said:

‘While previous studies have shown an association between being overweight and developing cancer, very little is known about how it impacts your chances of surviving cancer.

‘Our research shows that effective prevention of overweight and obesity must start at an early age.’

Overweight people are more likely to have insulin resistance, chronic inflammation and DNA damage – all linked with the onset of the disease.

Excess body fat sends out signals telling cells to divide more often and causes damage to build up.

War On Cancer: List of prominent Kenyans who’ve died of Cancer

Julia Frater, of Cancer Research UK, said:

‘This study reinforces the idea that keeping and maintaining a healthy weight throughout one’s life can lower the risk of death from it and other diseases.

‘It’s worth highlighting that the length of time someone was overweight for made a big difference towards surviving their cancer.’

Researchers in the US have made a breakthrough in the fight against ovarian and breast cancer by identifying a protein called CD24 which tumour cells use as a ‘don’t eat me’ signal to stop the body’s immune system attacking them. If the signal can be blocked then immune cells might be able to attack tumours.

Daily Mail

Jeff Koinange delivers heartfelt wish to Liberian president, George Weah

Jeff Koinange was in Liberia last week visiting and interviewed president George Weah while he was there. The JKL host made his biggest wish to the former celebrated African footballer?

He told George;

I wish they make a movie on you one day. Some people don’t know you even won the Ballon D ‘or” Jeff Koinange wished amid being surprised.

Jeff Koinange with George Weah
Jeff Koinange with George Weah

President Weah was magnanimous and readily agreed. He said;

I am a record-breaker. I was a high scorer in the Champions League. I did not go to Europe to be a ‘superstar’. I went there to play football and every day I worked hard because the game required that I perform.

Jeff Koinange interviewing George Weah
Jeff interviewing George Weah

Mr. Weah also spoke about his former coach Arsene Wenger and said;

Arsène adopted me as a son. He would check up on me. Sometimes I got upset but I later saw he wanted the best for me. I have a responsibility to teach those who work with me the things I have learnt from others in my journey. Three things that I learnt on the pitch are team work, hard work and respect.

Jeff Koinange with George Weah
Jeff with Mr. Weah

Weah who ascended to Presidency in Liberia on January 22, 2018, informed Jeff that he was a symbol of peace across Liberia and worked towards erasing the past memories of the former war-torn country.

Jeff Koinange interviewing George Weah 2
Jeff hugging Mr. George Weah


Weah, who played for other top clubs such as Manchester City, AC Milan and Paris Saint Germain and Chelsea, revealed that he never dreamt of being a president. He, however, revealed that it is one thing he does with passion.

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People who eat vitamin A-rich veggies have lower risk of skin cancer

Eating plenty of carrots, broccoli and sweet potatoes may help prevent skin cancer, a new study suggests.

All of these vegetables – alongside other vegetables, certain animal parts and some fruits and legumes – are rich in vitamin A, a key nutrient to keeping skin healthy.

Not only will eating lots of these foods help to ensure that your body continually produces new skin cells, they may also guard against the cancer-causing effects of UV light, according to a new Brown University study.

It’s the first vitamin A study to follow subjects for more than 20 years and find that high intake of the nutrient is lined to a 17 percent lower skin cancer risk, the researches say – but they warn that just taking supplements won’t do the trick.

Vitamin D supplements may help stave off diabetes

More the 19 million skin cells cover your entire body.

But each day you shed between 30,000 to 40,000 of them, meaning the body constantly hard at work producing new skin cells to replace the ones we lose.

Vitamin A plays a vital role in this process of not only making but maintaining skin cells, activating cells called fibroblasts that keep skin firm and healthy.

The precursor to vitamin A, called beta carotene is a potent antioxidant, which helps to clean up free radicals, roaming compounds that encourage the development of cancer cells.

Its involvement in healthy skin is clear, but little research has looked at the preventative effects of vitamin A (also called retinol) for skin cancer, which affects between seven and 11 percent of fair-skinned people.
If someone is at higher risk for skin cancer due to high sun exposure or a family history, upping vitamin A intake might offer a relatively easy lifestyle change to counteract those risks.

So researchers at Brown University studied a data set of 123,570 US men and women whose diets, habits and health outcomes were documented for more than 26 years.

Encouragingly, the scientists found that nearly everyone got sufficient amounts of dietary vitamin A, meeting and exceeding the US’s recommended intake of 3,000 IU for men and 2,331 for women.

Nearly 4,000 of the study participants developed squamous cell carcinoma, a form of skin cancer.

But the more vitamin A they consumed in their day-to-day diets, the less at-risk for skin cancer the men and women were.

The same guard was not provided by taking oral vitamin A supplements however, suggesting that eating and digesting the nutrient in food is somehow important to reaping its benefits.

Study finds Vitamin D might ease asthma

Topical creme forms of vitamin A, called retinoids fare sometimes prescribed to treat acne and help slow down aging by encouraging the production of new skin cells.

So a small previous trial tested whether the topical could help prevent skin cancer in veterans at high risk for the disease.
But that too had no significant effect on who got skin cancer and who didn’t.

Plus, synthetic retinoids have unpleasant side effects, like drying out the skin, making it red and irritated and more sensitive to sunlight.

The authors of the new study, published in JAMA Dermatology, suggest that boosting vitamin A intake in the diet might offer a better, more harmless way to combat skin cancer risks.

They note, however, that even when it’s consumed in part of the regular diet, too much vitamin A may be linked to greater risks for osteoporosis and hip fracture, major concerns for older people, who are also more likely to get skin cancer.

For everyone else, though, eating lots of carrots, sweet potatoes, sweet red peppers, spinach and black-eyed peas as well as beef and cod liver, might fight cancerous mutations in the skin.

Daily Mail

Watch Jamie Foxx utter the popular sheng words ‘Wamlambez and Wamnyonyez’

Jamie Foxx might not be clued into the intricacies of Kenyan culture but thanks to some enterprising and proud Kenyans, he now is.

The famous Oscar-winning actor and rapper was given a quick education by Mama Foli, a designer and owner of the fashion house, Foligallery.

Jamie Foxx
Jamie Foxx

She had jetted out to the US and linked up with the Hollywood star. As the two were hanging out, Foli decided to slide the wamlambez phrase into their interesting conversation. She told Jamie,

“When I say Wamlambez, you say Wamnyonyez,” Foli instructed her attentive student. And immediately, Jamie started echoing the instructions he was given and let out a huge Wamnyonyez as he smiled.

Jamie Foxx
Jamie Foxx

To top it all, the actor shared how he had learnt a few more Swahili words and referred to Kenyan ladies as Warembo Wa Kenya. Check out the video below;

Some of the comments to the video are below;

Josphat Thaara Woooooooow ,,,even international celebs now recognize
Aunty Tam Tam 😋 Yet, I’m being fought. Lol. Ni sawa tuuuu! God knows my heart.
Josphat Thaara Leave them alone @iamjamiefoxx doesn’t recognize their work,,,continue supporting sailors as long as it’s ur passion.

A List Of Single Celebrity Dads You Didn’t Know

Who would have thought that the phrase which comes from the Sailors, song, ‘Wamnyonyez’ would become so big even abroad?

The song with its catchy phrases like Wamlambez and Wamnyonyez has become the go-to phrase this year just like Ethic with Lamba Lolo last year.

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Men with high testosterone are more likely to CHEAT – Experts

Men with high testosterone are much more likely to cheat on their partners, a study shows.

Researchers found increased rates of infidelity among men with the highest levels of the hormone.

Those with lower levels were less inclined to have a fling, according to the team at Zurich University in Switzerland.The findings support previous research suggesting the hormone can affect a man’s ability to remain faithful to his partner.

Researchers say the results are significant as hormone replacement therapy is becoming increasingly popular.Doctors dish the treatment out for flagging libido and even depression.

5 Ways to tell if your spouse is cheating on you

Testosterone – produced in the testes – is often referred to as the ‘male’ hormone. However, women do also produce it in much smaller amounts.

The hormone is responsible for men’s deeper voices, hairy chests, libido and muscle mass.
Higher levels in men have previously been linked with risk-taking behaviour, as well as increased attraction to the opposite sex.

The scientists surveyed 224 healthy middle-aged men who had been in steady relationships for 20 years or more.

They quizzed them on the frequency of their unfaithful behaviour and took saliva samples to measure testosterone levels.

More than a third of the men confessed to cheating on their partners at least once and the majority of these had higher-than-average testosterone levels.

Researchers said they found a ‘robust’ relationship between the hormone and men’s infidelity.

‘Never leave your man whether he is cheating or not’ Shouts Captain Kale

It may also explain why men are so much more likely to cheat than women, the team wrote in the journal Biological Psychiatry.
In a report on the findings, they said: ‘Higher levels of testosterone are related to mating-behaviour, se3ual desire and infidelity.

‘Men have, on average, six times as much testosterone than women and show considerably higher rates of unfaithful behaviour.

‘They tend to seek more frequent sexual encounters due to the evolutionary reproductive benefits of having multiple partners.

‘But research also suggests men with high testosterone levels are perceived as more attractive by women in terms of short-term partners.’

They added: ‘Higher testosterone levels are a potential risk factor for unfaithful behaviour.

‘This is especially important considering testosterone supplementation in men has received substantial attention for treating sexual dysfunction or depression.’

Daily Mail

Kylie Jenner finally unfollows ex-BFF Jordyn Woods

Keeping Up with the Kardashians star Kylie Jenner unfollowed her ex-roommate and BFF Jordyn Woods on Instagram two days after she canoodled another ex-boyfriend of her half-sister Khloé Kardashian.

A quick glimpse at the 21-year-old Lip Kit mogul’s Instagram account revealed she no longer follows the 21-year-old SECNDNTURE owner, whom she met in eighth grade.

Jordyn Woods
Jordyn Woods

By contrast, Jordyn still follows Kylie, her babydaddy Travis Scott, her big sister Kendall, and her company Kylie Cosmetics.

Jenner’s social media slight came the day after video of Woods provocatively dancing in front of Houston Rockets point guard James Harden inside Texas hotspot Belle Station was leaked to TMZ.

Jordyn Woods
Jordyn Woods

The 29-year-old NBA star previously dated 35-year-old Khloé from July 2015 to February 2016 following her divorce from retired NBA star Lamar Odom.

Tristan and Khloe in the past
Tristan and Khloe in the past

It’s the second man Jordyn has shared with Kardashian after kissing her baby daddy Tristan Thompson during a drunken February 19 afterparty at his house.

Kylie Jenners summer body fuels plastic surgery accusations

The incident prompted the Revenge Body host to split with the 27-year-old Cleveland Cavaliers center – with whom she shares 17-month-old daughter True – after two other cheating scandals.
‘Jordyn and James have been hanging out regularly for months,’ a source told TMZ.

‘Kylie has become tired of Jordyn allegedly lying about the Tristan situation and now trying to spin the James situation.

Kylie Jenner and Travis Scott
Kylie Jenner and Travis Scott

‘Woods allegedly lied to Kylie when she and James first got together, telling Kylie that Khloe was totally cool with it. But Khloé had no idea James and Jordyn were hanging out.’

Daily Mail

Why you should be watching new Amazon show, ‘The Boys’

‘The Boys’ is a new series that premiered on Amazon Prime. The show is an American superhero black comedy web television series based on the comic book of the same name by Garth Ennis and Darick Robertson.

The concept of the show is that the world the superheroes live in is one where they have become commonplace. As a result, they are syndicated, monetized, and marketed by the Vought company.

The Boys poster
The Boys poster

Unfortunately, money and privilege corrupts, and they give in to their darker impulses. A clandestine group of normal-human vigilantes then arises to counter the corrupt ‘supes’.

The series has received a largely positive rating. On Rotten Tomatoes, the series holds an approval rating of 76% based on 49 reviews, with an average rating of 7.47/10.

The Boys cast
The Boys cast

The website’s critical consensus reads, ‘Though viewer’s mileage may vary, The Boys’ violent delights and willingness to engage in heavy, relevant themes are sure to please those looking for a new group of antiheroes to root for.’

On Metacritic, it has a weighted average score of 73 out of 100, based on 16 critics, indicating ‘generally favorable reviews’.

What critics are saying about ‘John Wick: Chapter 3 – Parabellum’

Christopher Lawrence of the Las Vegas Review-Journal wrote: ‘Irreverent, deliciously cynical, The Boys follows the greed and corruption behind the superhero industrial complex.’

The Boys poster
The Boys poster

Matthew Gilbert of Boston Globe wrote: ‘The cast is fine, particularly Shue, who is icily effective; Quaid, whose neurotic but brave fumblings are endearing; and Urban, who is Hughie’s gonzo guide.’

Kristy Puchko at IGN gives the first episode a score of 7.2/10 and appreciates how the story comes from the comics but with clever changes.

The Boys cast on set
The Boys cast on set

Puchko praises the cast, particularly ‘Moriarty brings a nuance to her performance that refuses to let Starlight feel like a two-dimensional damsel. She’s not naïve. She’s hopeful. And she’s a fighter. The Boys makes all of that clear in short order.’

What are you waiting for? Get the series and binge watch it this weekend if you can.

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Zari Hassan blasted for bullying Miss Uganda host

Zari Hassan had a bad weekend image-wise.

The mother of 5 arguably tarnished part of the cult of personality that she has carefully curated over the years when she appeared to be in a bullish mood at the Miss Uganda beauty pageant.

Diamond Platnumz’ ex-lover left people divided after she was spotted causing a fuss on stage during the high-end event where she was chosen as a judge.

Zari at the Miss Uganda event
Zari at the Miss Uganda event

The drama started after Zarinah started picking on gorgeous host Fabiola Anitah.  One might speculate that Zari’s issue with Fabiola started after the host referred to her as Mama and that appeared to have crossed the 38-year-old single mum.

Anitah Fabiola
Anitah Fabiola

Fabiola, the host, asked Zari to open the envelope containing the name of the winner. But instead, Zari seized the moment to create a little scene by demanding that Fabiola opens the envelope for her.

Why I believe Zari Hassan didn’t get married (opinion)

This is how part of their conversation went:

Fabiola: We have our top three right here in this envelope… Mama are you going to do us the honours.

Zari: Girl, you were supposed to do the admin work here (she hands Fabiola the white envelope)… get it out.

Fabiola: No! Enough.

Anitah Fabiola
Anitah Fabiola

Zarinah continuously hit her nemesis with the envelope as the crowd watched in awe and booed for minutes on end. Then, an official stepped forward and snatched the mic from Fabiola.

Why I believe Zari Hassan didn’t get married (opinion)

Zarinah then went ahead to brush off the moment with a cheeky smile and proceeded to announce the winner. But not before she reprimanded Fabiola. Zarinah later explained her actions, saying it was her way of testing how the show host would react.

Zari at the event
Zarina at the event

This whole affair divided media watchers with some saying that Zarinah was just joking in order to inject some comic relief to the show.

Others, however, didn’t see the humour in her act and said that her behaviour could have been the reason that Diamond left her. Some of the comments are below;

Umaisha Nmzalendo Fabiola is so humble and calm Zari tried embarrassing her but she stayed calm and acted mature
Joan Maaso Lukwago I’m so very disappointed with Zari. For once prove to be nice even when u not. Disrespecting your co-host was a shame.

Check out the video below;

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