Birthday photos of Rayvanny’s baby mama leaves fans in awe

Fahima aka Fahyvanny is baby mama to bongo singer Rayvanny. She just turned a year older and has treated fans to absolutely gorgeous birthday photos on her social media.

Wishing her the best, Rayvanny, wrote

“More life , more blessings, HAPPY BIRTHDAY Mama Jaydan @fahyvanny Enjoy your Day 🌹🌹🌹🌹🌹”

Fahima is a fashionista and a CEO of her own fashion company. She came into the limelight thanks to her celebrity boyfriend.

‘From a salon business to ‘simu ya jamii,’ Jobs Rayvanny did before fame

Check out her awesome birthday photos;

‘I’ve been nervous to share the news,’ Corazon Kwamboka confirms Frankie is her baby daddy

Corazon Kwamboka and Frankie Just Gym it are expecting a baby. This will be Frankie’s third child but Kwamboka’s first born. Frankie was in a relationship with Maureen Waititu and months after their break up, he is expecting another child.

Kwamboka wrote on Instagram that she was very nervous to announce the news

“Thank you guys for all the positive messages, I’ve been nervous to share this news with the world since I learnt I was pregnant but I’m glad I did.

I realize many women have gone through the same struggles as I did and I want to help as many people as I can by sharing the steps I took. From how I discovered I had stage 4 endometriosis on both my ovaries till NOW.

For this reason I have revived my YouTube channel to talk about this and many more challenges I’ve faced in life and how I’ve overcome them. The name of my channel is ‘the corazon show’ go subscribe, and let’s get through our challenges as women together.”

Quarantine with bae! Corazon Kwamboka hangs out with Maureen Waititu’s ex, Frankie

Over the weekend, Maureen Waititu, told Kalondu Musyimi that she didn’t want to speak about Frankie and Kwamboka.

Mama Naseeb Junior! Tanasha Donna turns 25

Model cum singer Tanasha Donna has turned 25 years old. The mother of one shared a photo of herself holding ballons and wrote

“25 & blessed. Alhamdulillah for another year… 🙏🏽 🎂🎉🎁🎊 Manager @jamalgaddafiofficial had to pass by & wish his sis a HBD too!”

From the look of things, Tanasha threw a low key birthday party attended by loved ones and TV presenter Jamal Gaddafi who is now her manager.

Jamal wrote;

“Heri ya kuadhimisha siku yako ya Kuzaliwa. Nakuombea kwa Mungu ili akuzidishie maisha marefu, yenye baraka, upendo na matumaini daima….masha Allah Mungu aongeze kiasi cha tabasamu ulilo nalo akuepushe na husuda za wanadamu akupe hitaji la moyo wako 🙏🏽🙏🏽@tanashadonna Happy Birthday to my 🎈🎉😘🎁🎂 #TD @tanashadonna”

Tanasha finally explains why she walked out on Diamond so suddenly

Singer Nandy also wrote;


From us is happy birthday to Donna.

6 brilliant Kenyan actors who have made it to Hollywood!

These Kenyan actors and actresses are putting the 254 on the world map, and their achievements should inspire us all to pursue our interests.


Check out my list of Kenyans shinning in Hollywood.

1. Benjamin Ochieng’

Benjamin Ochieng’ is a big name in Hollywood who was featured in many Hollywood movies like X-Files, where he speaks Kiswahili. He has also appeared in the movie Tears of the Sun (2003), God’s Not Dead (2014) and Beautifully Broken (2017).



2. Mary Oyaya

Mary is a Kenyan born actress who has been featured in Star Wars. Her role as the Mirialan Jedi Master Luminara Unduli in the Sci-Fi series got many clapping for her outstanding performance.

She has been relentlessly pursuing her goal to become an international and worldwide actress.



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3. Lupita Nyong’o

Oscar winner Lupita gained popularity in 2013 after starring in the feature film historical drama 12 Years A Slave, where she played the role of Patsy

Lupita is also known for some of her roles in ‘Black Panther’ and her latest horror movie ‘US’.



The late Wambui Otieno’s husband weds again 8 years after her death


4. Eddie Gathegi

Eddie Gathegi, a Kenyan born citizen, is known for his big role in Twilight Saga where he acted as a vampire.  He has also been featured in roles in CSI Miami, Death Sentence and Blacklist.



Kenyan survives deadly street car race tragedy in Arusha – Police


5. Charles Gitonga Maina

Charles Gitonga Maina is a Kenyan-born actor best known for his co-starring role in The Air Up There. He acts as ‘Saleh’, a basketballer who leads his team to victory.

image-2019-04-23 (1)

6. Raymond Ofula

Raymond Ofula has been on screen for more than 3 decades. Some of the International films he had had roles in include Tomb Raider 2 which he has acted alongside famous Hollywood stars like Angelina Jolie.

Aside from that he has also been Kenya films like Makutano junction and Mali.



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‘Till death,’ Terence Creative assures wife after relationship drama

On Mother’s day, Terence creative celebrated his wife Milly Chebby and his baby mama Njambi Waneta. Taking to his Instagram, he wrote;



Later, Mama Mwihaki cmae out to slam Terence for showing off on social media while accusing him of being an ‘on and off’ father

“He left us when we had nothing and he has been an on-and-off dad, but since he knows I am in a good position to raise my kids, that is why he wants to show the world he is a present father figure,” she said.

Waneta added that by Terence posting her photos, it could ruin her relationship, which she says she is enjoying.

“Let the kids and I have our peace and let each one of us concentrate on their own lives. As for me, I am seriously dating and I do not want anyone to come between me and my man,” she said.

“If he happens to appear with that nonsense of posting my photos and showering me with love, he is giving my man questions marks of whether we are still in good terms.”

After the drama, Terence has come out again to only celebrate his wife Milly assuring her that they would stay together till death

‘If I could turn back the hands of time, I would still want to be your soul mate. Mungu atulindi hadi kiama #PamojaHadiKiama❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️’

‘Even when I was a chokora, Milly was there’ Terence Creative says

‘From a salon business to ‘simu ya jamii,’ Jobs Rayvanny did before fame

Before fame and money, most celebrities have struggled to make it to the top. It’s no different with Tanzanian singer Rayvanny who recently revealed his property was stolen while trying to make ends meet

I loved to do business even before I started singing. I worked in the phone kiosks and they stole what was mine,

Adding that;

I ventured into a salon business and started other businesses. So when you see me in the music industry also know that I have other things that I do on the side but music is in my blood.

Rayvanny is currently one of the most sought after singers in East Africa with a BET award.

Willy Paul ends beef with Rayvanny

EXCLUSIVE: WCB’s Mbosso presents ‘Haijakaa Sawa’

WCB signed artiste Mbosso has a new song out dubbed ‘Haijakaa Sawa’. The singer says he wrote the emotional love song intentionally for this season to encourage people.

In an exclusive interview with reporter Kalondu Musyimi he said

‘The song is about a typical African family. Not all African families but most of them where you have to go to work and sometimes come back angry but then you might fight with your partner and later on patch things. It’s a life that involves getting or not getting, it’s a situation that comes and one must hope that it will pass, that’s the meaning of this song.’

The ‘Tamu’ hitmaker says he has counted losses after his show in France was cancelled due to the pandemc

‘I had a couple of shows in France and they were all cancelled. I was supposed to get a lot of money. The corona pandemic has affected everyone.Things are now at a standstill’

Mbosso who is well known for his numerous hits says he is set to gift his fans with a surprise

‘Please expect something good from me. I have good news. Anytime from now, I’ll be announcing something to my fans cause I have a gift for them. I feel like I have just started my year afresh’

‘Why I left Yamoto Band’, Mbosso reveals

He reminisces a time when he was supposed to perform in Malindi, which unfortunately never happened

‘Last year, I had a show in Malindi but the organizers failed to met their end of the deal. At the airport, they told my manager that they would pay the rest of the amount at the hotel. When we go there, they said they’d pay after the soundcheck. After that, they said they don’t have the money. When we informed the management in Dar Es Salaam but they refused. I was ready for the show but the management refused and the organizers weren’t anywhere to be seen. To say the truth, I was hurt that I disappointed my fans in some way. I apologized and I thank God that they understood me.’

He and Kenyan boy-band Sauti Sol were supposed to do a collabo ‘ Yes, We were supposed to do something together but both our schedules were tight and I still want to do a collabo with Sauti Sol cause I know they are my brothers and I know they’ll agree so fans should not think that there are differences between us, maybe the time is not yet’

He went on to thank Kenyans for their undying support for him

‘I thank Kenyans for supporting me and even when I come for shows, you welcome me with love. I’m happy and I pray that you continue to support me. I love Kenyan people’

Mbosso joined WCB in 2018 after exiting the boy band ‘Ya Moto Band’

‘I’ve been through hell,’ Tanasha Donna reminisces relationship with Diamond

Tanasha Donna says she has been through hell and back. She wrote a cryptic message on social media days after she exposed Diamond Platnumz, her baby daddy for not providing child support for their son Naseeb Junior.


Zari Hassan, Diamond Platnumz’ baby mama once asked Tanasha Donna to prepare herself to raise her child alone.


Recently, she revealed that the reason Diamond Platnumz didn’t appear at her EP Launch was because he wanted to be paid.

‘I do not regret it’ Tanasha Donna changed religion because of her love for Diamond

After their break up, Tanasha blocked Diamond to ‘ease the pain of heartbreak’.




Tanasha Donna is currently promoting her song ‘Sawa’

‘I never blocked Tanasha,’ says Mbosso

Tanzanian singer Mbosso has rubbished claims that he blocked Tanasha. Unlike rumours, the ‘Hodari’ hitmaker told in an exclusive interview that he never did.

Tanasha was said to have blocked Diamond Platnumz and his crew including Mbosso.

Mbosso says he didn’t follow up to know whether he was blocked by her on social media or she just unfollowed

‘I have never blocked Tanasha. I never understood whether she blocked me or unfollowed me. I have never understood why. I didn’t really follow on to know what the situation was. I have never been in an argument with her. I also don’t know her issues with the father of her kids. I only did a song with her and I thank God that the project went well’

‘I could not sleep…’, WCB’s Mbosso narrates how he cried after fans insulted him

Mbosso and Tanasha hadworked on a project dubbed  ‘La Vie’ which has over nine million followers

List of Celebs who have slapped their names on headphones

Ever since Dr. Dre released his Beats in 2008, it’s been the fashion for celebrities to slap their names on a pair of headphones.

  • Beats By Dre

  • Tim McGraw On-Ear Head-Phones

  • Skullcandy Roc Nation Aviator [Jay-Z]

  • Sony X [Simon Cowell]

Image result for simon cowell headphones

  • Sol Republic Deadmau5 Headphones

Why Huddah Monroe may stop giving us major travel goals for a GOOD REASON

  • House of Marley Liberate [Rohan Marley]

  • Sync By 50 [50 Cent]

  • Pace [Timmy Tdat]

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‘Woman, take courage,’ Ali Kiba’s wife Amina Khalef advices

Lately, Ali Kiba’s Kenyan wife Amina Khalef has been showering fans with encouragement on her social media pages.

She stepped out in a black elegant dress as she asked women to take courage.

‘The best protection any woman can have is courage😊,’ she posted

During Eid, she shared a photo of herself and son Keyaan Ali as she wished patience and kindness to everyone who was celebrating

‘May you be blessed with kindness, patience and love. Eid Mubarak to all❤️’

Before that Amina had been posting cryptic messages. This is after a Tanzanian radio presenter Diva The Bause revealed that she had been dating Ali Kiba even when he was married to his Kenyan wife.

She posted pall-bearers carrying a coffin once Ali Kiba and a Tanzanian presenter started trending over their affair.

In another post, she shared a book about turning trials into triumphs.

‘It’s their right…’ Diamond responds to Hamisa Mobetto and Ali Kiba’s chemistry

Broke slay queens to fake lifestyles: Things Coronavirus will expose

Coronavirus is here and it’s exposing a lot that we have not been paying attention to.

Here are a few of the things:

1. Broke slay queens

We all have to accept it, slay queens are merely broke girls trying to live a life way above them. With the recent limited movement and the 7pm-5am curfew, slay queens are feeling the pinch.

The luxury lifestyle they enjoyed has been put to a halt.

They are languishing with over kept weaves, rent arrears and all they have to do is wallow in frustrations. If they die, peace be with them.

2. Fake lifestyles

People out here are faking everything. From purchasing things beyond their means and spending unnecessarily.

Trying to please friends who don’t care anything. People will go back to their dungeons which they have been avoiding all along.

Depression will be real than ever before. People were busy partying and have to put up with their empty houses.

7 Agonizing things about dating a man shorter than you

3. Lazy wives

So guys married women because they were good in lungula. They depended on eat outs and order in. Right now men are having to put up with mashakura.

Women who can’t peel potatoes nor boil milk. They can only shape their nails and post on Insta stories. You got married to Insta wives and the quarantine is bringing the hell out of you.

4. Broken homes

Money is good but it’s becoming a necessary evil. People were busy looking for it at the expense of their families.

In these times of the pandemic, it’s becoming evident how homes are dead places. The love is out of the window and people live together as a bunch of zombies.

Children spend most of their time in the bedrooms chatting, surfing the internet and catching up with the latest movies.

‘I texted Zari after she dissed me’ Diamond Platnumz

Zari Hassan dissed Diamond Platnumz over the weekend after he revealed that he was going to help 500 people to pay rent during this pandemic. Zari’s concern was that the singer didn’t contribute to the basic needs of his kids before helping out the public.

 “….but you don’t know what your kids eat, or how they sleep, if fees and medical insurance is paid. You will never please the world when your own are not happy and taken care of. You’re selling a lie. Some people have become clowns to some of us.”

Diamond in an interview with Wasafi FM revealed that after the post, he texted Zari for the first time after their break up

“I saw what she said. Normally we speak through our lawyers but yesterday, I had to text her. I told her that she is the mother of my kids and very special because she gave birth to my first children. I told her that her respect to me is very important and that she should avoid online fights because it doesn’t paint a good picture.”

Diamond said that the two spoke in a civil manner and have patched things in terms of co-parenting. Previously, they had been speaking through lawyers

“We had never spoken, so yesterday we really spoke for the first time. She told me that she wasn’t punishing me through kids but there might have been miscommunication between our lawyers. I thank that after corona we might straighten things when it comes to raising our kids.”

Zari and Diamond Platnumz have two kids, Princess Tiffah and Prince Nillan.

You don’t know what your kids eat, how they sleep! Zari calls out baby daddy Diamond

‘I wanted to marry Tanasha 100%’ Diamond finally speaks on break up

Diamond Platnumz has given his side of the story on why he broke up with Kenyan singer Tanasha Donna. Platnumz says that there was a lot of misunderstanding between himself and Tanasha in planning for their future.

He told Wasafi FM that;

“To be honest Tanasha and I are not together. There were things that were out of our ability so we decided to give each other space. We agreed as civilized people and it is not about me being caught cheating. That has never happened.”

He added that in the relationship with Tanasha, he was very settled and had set his mind on her

“That was one of the relationships that I was very calm. When I met Tanasha and started a relationship with her, I left behind a lot of immaturity. We sat down as a family and spoke about the future and we didn’t agree cause everyone wanted what they wanted, so there was a misunderstanding. If God has planned, we can go back together”

He went on to say that he wanted to marry Tanasha and was not a joke neither was it a stunt

“I wanted to marry Tanasha a hundred percent, one million percent. But maybe God has a plan, there are things why we didn’t get to the same page.”

The singer also confirmed that Tanasha had changed her religion to Islam

“We were in Kigoma when she became a Muslim and I told Ricardo Momo (a manger at WCB) that if he pushes her to do it, I’ll pay him. He didn’t force her but he taught her. When she came to me to tell me that she wanted to change I told her to go and think about it and come tell me so she told me that she was sure.”

Her new name is Aisha! Tanasha Donna confirms conversion to Islam

Speaking to True Love a few weeks ago, Tanasha said that he left Diamond because there was infidelity and his family was always having a say in their relationships.

The two had announced that they would get married on February 14th 2019, the exact date that Zari dumped Diamond Platnumz but in 2018. They later postponed it to late last year but didn’t happen.

Early this year, Tanasha a called it quits with the singer.

Mugithi singer Samidoh hunted for job while naked

Samuel Muchoki aka Samidoh has urged Kenyans to follow the regulations laid down by the government as the only way we shall overcome this pandemic.

Samidoh, also an AP officer since 2013, said in an exclusive interview that he is currently enjoying his duties.

“Police work entails so much, but I like it since where I work, I don’t deal with people directly, so that has saved me,” he said.

“I can never leave my military work because I looked for that job while naked.”

 Samidoh joined the service in 2013 and went through 15 months of training, graduating in 2014.

His first operation was in Eastleigh, Nairobi, after which he was posted to Mpeketoni in Lamu county.

It was during his posting to Daadab in Northern Kenya that his vocals reawakened his talent and he gave music a try.

 “I was off duty in October 2016 when I composed the first song that brought me to the limelight. I never knew it would become an instant hit until I heard it being requested and played on the mainstream media repeatedly,” he said. 

The song was titled ‘Ndiri mutwe mwega’, which translates to ‘I don’t have a straight mind.’ Samidoh says it was inspired by the anger he had and decided to express it on paper, only for it to sound musical.

 “Ninety per cent of the song is a true story, while the rest is art,” he adds. 

Kikuyu Benga artist Kamande Wa Kioi speaks out after road crash

He said the greatest challenge in music is how to deal with people.

“Sometimes I feel like people expect so much from celebrities.”

Regarding how corona pandemic has affected his music, Samidoh said he had to postpone many events that were ahead of him.

 “I would simply term this pandemic as a total grounding because there are zero events. Artistes earn from social gatherings, which are no more,” he said.

“I had a calendar booked up to September, but all these events will be suspended and my Europe tour postponed.”

Samidoh will have a live performance on his social media platforms on May 2.

Rotimi unveils secret details about relationship with Vanessa Mdee

Singer Vanessa Mdee is head over heels in love with Hollywood actor Rotimi.

The two were first spotted together in public at a Miami beach where Vee Money and the ‘Power’ actor were baecationing together.

Well, Rotimi has for the first time spoken about their relationship.

He revealed these details in his YouTube Channel while responding to a fan who asked “Dating expectations in relationships”.

He said;

“You have to be in the right mindset to date. Alot of people settle because they are afraid of being alone. Do not settle. 

Go into it knowing you are ready and you’ve accomplished what you’ve done on your own. 

Men and women get into a relationship because they don’t wanna be alone. I think that its unhealthy, for me, I’ve lived. I’ve done alot. Good and bad.

When you meet someone you love, its effortless and fly and it doesn’t come around often.”

Adding that;

“You will identify it, when you make sacrifices that better both of you. I think that you are ready. When you find someone that adds value to your life, its important to hold onto, if you are ready.”

Before they met at a party in the U.S, the two had been seeing other people. Mdee had just broken up with bongo artiste Juma Jux whom she had dated for years.

Vanessa Mdee and bae Rotimi in Tanzania for the first time

Jux then introduced his mzungu girlfriend from Thailand.

Vanessa on the other hand has been living with Rotimi in the U.S

8 ways smoking can negatively affect your health

Smoking can occur in two ways which are passive and active. Passive involves taking smoke from the environment while active involves direct inhaling of smoke to your body. However smoke has negative impact to your body especially the lungs.

Picha inayohusiana


Other effects include;

Lung cancer

Smoke is the greatest threat to the lungs. This is because it infects the oxygenated air leading to breathing problems.

Smokers of light cigarettes suffer same fate as those who use traditional ones


This negatively affects men ability to perform in bed, while it can cause cervical cancer for women.

Blood clotting 

Smoke can cause blood clotting as it invades the blood vessels. This lowers the rate at which blood circulation occurs in the body.

Kamba gospel singer denies introducing Rose Muhando to drugs

Blood cancer

Smoke contains some bacterial substances that once they invade the blood, it becomes infected. People who smoke a lot are likely to get leukemia compared to those who don’t smoke.

Dental infection

Most smokers normally have brown or yellow teeth. It can also lead to other tooth related diseases like tooth aches, dental inflammation and tamper with fresh breath.

Tokeo la picha la brown teeth

Severe coughs

Cigarettes contain too much nicotine and many other harmful chemicals. This tampers with the respiratory system causing constant coughs.

REVEALED: Creative ways students use to smuggle drugs into schools


Smoking can lead to low appetite as it affects the loss of sense of taste. This hence makes ones body to become weak due to lack of food. Once the body is not well fed, the immunity lowers making it difficult in fighting diseases.


Smoking while you’re pregnant can cause serious problems, too. Your baby could be born too early, have a birth defect, or die from sudden infant death syndrome (SIDS).

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Things your fingernails try to alert you about your health

Do you know that your nails tell alot about your overall health?


Tokeo la picha la thick nails

Clubbed nails

If your finger nails have pores and swollen, it shows that they are clubbed. It can be a sign of liver illness or lung illness.

Dry nails

When the nails are dry, chances are that they may also be so brittle. These can be normal to you but if you seek medical attention, you will find out that you either have hormonal imbalance or some bacterial infection.

Tip: What to wear to watch Jah Cure performing at the Umoja Festival tonight


This is a sign of you having lupus, iron deficiency or inflammatory arthritis.

Pitted nails

Having pitted nails means that that your nails seem to be having dips or small pores on them. This shows that you may be suffering from a connective tissue dysfunction  or zinc deficiency.

Tokeo la picha la pitted nail

‘ I don’t mind having tons of kids’ Jamaican singer Jah Cure 

Concave nails

These can be signs of some iron deficiency that you may be having or a sign of coronary heart illness.

Thick nails

It is normal for one to have thick nails, but at times it can be due to health issue. It at times can be that your fingers have a fungal infection or you blood circulation has issues and your blood is clotting a lot.

Kenya’s hottest female pastor Lucy Natasha is searching for a bae

Discolored nails

Your fingernails can have colors that are wholesome like pink with white moons close to the bottom. When they show some blueish color, it is an implication that your body has low oxygen ranges. It can also be a sign of a bacterial infections or it maybe that you have a coronary heart infection.

Tokeo la picha la discoloured nail

Cut up nails

At times you can blame the nail polish especially for ladies. This can be a sign of malnutrition or even signs of you being infected by a protein deficiency.

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