HOW HEART-WARMING! Check Out Diamond Platnumz And Zari’s Sweet Moments With Son Prince Nillan

Bongo star Naseeb Abdul Juma popularly known as Diamond Platnumz is one lucky man, and not just because of his successful music career, but also for having landed one of the most beautiful women in Africa.

Diamond is currently married to Ugandan-native and former socialite Zarinah Hassan and the two are blessed with two children, the first born, a daughter by the name Tiffah Dangote and a son, Prince Nillan.

The lovely couple welcomed their second child Prince Nillan back in September, and recently celebrated his 40 days in Tanzania, a classy and elegant event filled with pomp and colour.


Zari got pregnant with her second child before Tiffah even turned a year old, something that caused a misunderstanding with her main man Chiba Dangote, who felt that it was too early to get another kid, but later on, the two reconciled and have been blissful since then.

Diamond Platnumz’s Wife Oozes Elegance And Class During Their Son’s 40 Day Celebration (Photos)

Though she still looks so young and stunning, Zari is actually a mother of five children in total, with the other three kids from her former husband, Ivan Semwanga.

The lovely couple has been able to keep their love going despite the glaring attention of the public and scrutiny, and even when Diamond Platnumz was accused of cheating, she stood by her man.


Zari and Diamond Platnumz recently unveiled their son’s face at his 40 days celebration and the newborn is a spitting image of his father.

Diamond Platnumz Summoned By Tanzanian Police After Committing This Devious Offence

Since they already revealed the cute boy to the world, they have began sharing more heart-warming photos of the little one and I can’t help but marvel at how cute he looks.

Check out Diamond and Zari as they spend quality time with their cuddly son below.

Me and my lil man @princenillan doing nyt shiftz😍

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Aki Yaooo! 5 Times Maina Kageni Made Kenyan Men Die Of Jealousy (PHOTOS)

Celebrated radio presenter Maina Kageni  has set the bar really high in his career in radio which is what keeps listeners tuned in and entertained.

The Classic 105 radio host has been in the Kenyan media industry for more than a decade and is still going strong years down the line.

How he maintains his youthful looks is a secret he needs to tell us.


The renowned radio king is loved by many and in a recent study, it was revealed that he’s among the list of the most popular radio presenters in Kenya.

TBT! Maina Kageni Is Almost Unrecognizable In This Old Photo

The Manchester United diehard fun recently hosted the Grammy award-winning all-girl group, Sisters With Voices popularly known as SWV and boy band Blackstreet in Kenya for their mega pre-Valentines show at KICC last weekend.


American R&B Group SWV Reveal To Maina Kageni How Plastic Surgery Has Enhanced Their Looks (EXCLUSIVE AUDIO)

Maina Kageni who was the main host of the event, had full access to the R&B superstars, which means he was interacting with them one on one and from the photos we have, the lady singers loved him and really enjoyed his company.

When Maina Kageni shared a photo with SWV surrounding and cuddling him, after their exclusive interview on Classic 105, male fans responded with envy after the attention the radio presenter was getting from the bevy of beauties.

The Proposal Of The Year! How Maina Kageni Made It Happen (PHOTOS)

Other than the studio, Maina Kageni also got to spend quality time with SWV later on and their chemistry made him the envy of every Kenyan man who wished to get the close and flirty with the beautiful and stunning American singers.

Check out these 5 photos that made Kenyan men die of jealous.









Ladies, Check Out These 8 Bra Hacks That Will Change Your Life (Photos)

Bras are a really important essential in any woman’s wardrobe. But sometimes they can be an annoying and embarrassing if not worn properly.

Most times you have a killer outfit and since you have to wear a bra underneath, it tends to be challenging with the kind of outfit you want to wear if it’s exposed.

Well, check out these bra hacks. They might come in handy one day;

1.Use a paper clip to turn a bra into a racerback, or to hide straps that keep poking out from sleeveless tops.


2. You can also buy clips if you’re not so into the DIY version.

3. Sew a little tab into a tank to keep bra straps in place.


4. Sew the front half of a cheap strapless bra into a backless dress.


5. Keep a strapless bra from falling down by securing it with a convertible strap.

6. Convert your bra so it sits lower for low-backed garments.


7. Strap cushions can keep bras from cutting painfully into your shoulders.

8. A maxi pad will guard against poking wires.

Nigerian Actress Tonto Dikeh Accuses Her Husband Of Domestic Violence

Tonto Dikeh is still spilling the tea on her failed marriage to Oladunni Churchill.

The Nollywood actress claims she suffered domestic and verbal abuse from her estranged husband.

She said, “It’s very simple having a husband who cheats on a roll and uses you for a punching bag and suffering gross verbal abuse.

Sun up to sun down in my home. I look pretty because I’m serving a living God who never sleeps.


This comes after Tonto disclosed her union to Oladunni Churchill was all a sham full of lies, deceit and above all cheating.

According to her,  she contacted sexually transmitted diseases several times in the past and decided to walk away after it became too much.

It doesn’t end there, she goes on to say all the cars and jewellery she flashes on social media weren’t bought for her by Mr X.


She wrote, “I posted stuffs my ex-husband bought for me doesn’t make it true. I used my platform to lie, to make him the man he is today.

Nobody knows how many STDs I have treated or pain I know in marriage. If laughter is all they have then the karma that bites me awaits them all.”

All this comes after fans and friends have admonished the mum of one to go back to her husband.

Has footballer Dennis Oliech seen Avril lately?

Last year the rumor mill about town was that the handsome footballer and the sexy singer were an item, after pictures of them went viral on social media. The pair were apparently seen holding hands while hanging out in Kisumu sometime in August 2016, leading to rumors they were an item.

The sultry singer, was quoted on KISSFM saying she and Dennis have been friends for a long time, and it was coincidental that they were both in Kisumu at the same time. She further told Kiss FM that there are no sparks flying between them.

Well, it wouldn’t be such a bad thing for them to hook up considering she had broken off her engagement to her monied South African fiancé, right?

So anyway back to the issue at hand. Avril has been posting some rather alluring photos on her social media, sending team mafisi dying for her.

Has Dennis seen the photos? Here is proof that Avril is looking so sexy, no man can resist her;

Avril 1





Gospel Singer Mercy Masika Shows Off Her Lovely Family In This Cute Photo

Mercy Masika is a celebrated Kenyan gospel artiste. She has served in the gospel ministry for over ten years and is still at it.

Her songs have been played countless times in East Africa.

mercy masika

Last year was definitely her year after her song ‘Mwema’ was the country’s anthem. The same song won her awards.

Street boy who impressed Mercy Masika with a cover of her hit song ‘Mwema’ joins school

Apart from being an amazing artiste, Mercy is a wife and a mother. She has shared photos of her family on social media before, but this latest photo is all sorts of beautiful. Her kids are all grown up and her daughter has got the looks of her mother.

She captioned the photo, “My family is a circle of strength, founded on faith, joined in love, kept by God, together.

Check out the photo below;

Mercy Masika

He Was A Cute Baby: This Is How Jose Chameleone Looked Like When He Was Young (Photo)

Jose Chameleone is among the most celebrated male artistes East Africa. He has made a name for himself in the music industry, not only regionally but internationally too.

His music has been embraced by all age groups and his concerts are never a let down. With such a successful career, one is bound to ask themselves how he does it. But only he can answer that question.

Apart from being a musician, Chameleone is a husband and a dad. He never shies away from sharing photos of his family on social media, and I must say he has a beautiful family.


Many celebrities tend to hide their past once they become famous. They rarely share photos of themselves when they were young. But the ‘Valu Valu’ hitmaker is not about that life.

Happy Day! Jose Chameleone Finally Treats His Biggest Fan, Maina Kageni, To a Night Out (Video)

He shared a photo of a young  Joseph on social and he was quite a cutie pie.

He captioned the photo as, “Joseph at 4 months!! Thank you Mama 🌹 #Legend <<<<>>>>You gave birth to a great one!!!! ⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️ May god bless the sons of my generation >> Lugogo | May | Cricket Oval | Hitaftahit.

Check out the photo below;


PHOTOS: TheScoreKE was live at Choices, Baricho Road

Popular sports presenters Carol Radul,Roy Karuhize and Githinji Kieni today took their show to Choices, along Baricho road.

The trio host the #ScoreKE, the most listened to sports how in the country. If you missed out, here are photos of what went down, this Saturday February 25th.

thescoreke8 thescoreke6 thescoreke4 thescoreke2 thescoreke1 thescoreke  thescoreke5  thescoreke7

Y’all Play Too Much: Check Out These Hilarious Tweets On The Prayer Partner Trend

Bahati has been making headlines for weeks now, and NO, it’s not because of a new song or anything like that; although he has a new song ft Mr Seed dubbed Kumbe Kumbe.


Where was I again? Oh yes. So after Bahati released his track Mapenzi, everyone wondered who was the beautiful lady in his video was. Well, it’s Diana Marua. I really don’t know what she does but she has now become famous all of a sudden.

Bahati has been seen a number of times cozying up to Diana and when asked, he gave a really funny response that has got everyone laughing. He claimed that she is his ‘Prayer Partner’.

EXCLUSIVE: This Is Why Controversial Gospel Singer Bahati Was Broke Even After Hit Track

Now this word has a clear meaning; the real meaning is someone whom you pray or read the scripture together. But many people don’t think that is what Bahati meant when he said Diana is his prayer partner.


Well, social media has gone crazy especially twitter making the prayer partner word a trend. Everyone is now showing off their prayer partners and I must say, this trend is the most hilarious trend I’ve come across. Who am I kidding, lol.

In case your weekend has started on a wrong note, let me do the honor of making it better for you. Check out some hilarious tweets on the whole prayer partner trend;




Here’s why Kilimani mums will have to update their vocabulary

So if you’re not in the know, the latest lingo in Kenya is ‘prayer partner’.

If you’re wondering what I’m talking about, this is a term being used to describe your new girlfriend or boyfriend.

The term was coined by gospel singer Bahati, and thereafter picked up by his nemesis gospel singer Willy Paul.

Bahati first posted this photo below, accompanied by the word of the week. So all you mums out there, forget about ‘domestic husband’ and now use ‘prayer partner’ instead. Thank me later for updating your lingo.

This is the instagram post from Bahati that started it all. The word ‘prayer partner’ is also trending on social media.

bahatikenyaAfter Prayers 😆😆😆… #prayerpatners


bahati 2

To drive rumors further Bahati also posted another photo with his prayer partner, who I must add is very sexy, that spurred Willy Paul to follow suit.

bahatikenyaThis’s is the Year of seeking God – Who’s Complaining about me having a “PRAYER PARTNER???


Here is Willy Pauls first prayer partner;

willy pozee 1

Several days later Willy Paul, posted a photo of his official ‘prayer partner’.

willy pozee


The two prefer light skin girls, and have been referring to them as their prayer partners.

So, ‘prayer partner’ is the latest word that should be adopted by Kilimani mums out there.


Here are the top 5 things you didn’t know about bongo singer Ali Kiba

Forget his everlasting beef with long time rival Diamond Platnumz, Ali Kiba is revealing secrets his fans never knew about him. The Chekecha Cheketua who is currently in South Africa for a project with queen of Afro-pop music Yvonne Chaka Chaka has unleashed his other self to the public.

Just in case you didn’t know much about him, here we go;

ali kiba


 A Good Cook

Talking to a South African based radio station, Ali Kiba revealed that he is a good cook and of course you know how girls feel when a man like Ali can bring you breakfast in bed.

 Footballer And Golfer

Just when he started music, Ali Kiba was in love with football. He recently revealed that he has found his new love and that is golfing. He must be a good sportsman and of course thats what he does apart from music.

ali k

He Can Rap

He has never rapped in any of his songs but he admitted that apart from his vocal capabilities, the Aje hit maker can deliver punch lines. He surely has to do a hiphop song to prove that fact, right?

kiba Diaries

The multi-award winning artiste leaked the news that he is about to make a reality show that will feature his personal life, like the “Keeping up with the Karadashians” kind of thing. He is set to debut that project later this year. Let’s hope it will be low on drama.

ali kiba 0

 A Model And Dancer

His masculine body can tell how much he is into the gym but Ali preferred to keep the fact that he once modeled to himself, but now we all know we can halla at him for at least a photo. Nevertheless, the Mwana hit maker made headlines over his dance moves in his Lupela hit song. This guy got moves!

ali kiba 1






10 funny reactions from Kenyans about matatus using ‘panya’ routes

Hii ni ukweli mtupu ama ni porojo?

It’s Saturday and that means our roads will be ‘parking lots’ as Kenyans accurately describe traffic jam in Nairobi. If you’re using a matatu, that means the driver will most likely overlap, and use ‘panya’ routes to try and beat the jam.

What’s worse for passengers is if the driver uses a ‘panya’ route that may mean you miss getting off at your preferred stage. Frustrating isn’t it?

A picture depicting the long routes some matatu drivers has been doing rounds on social media. So below are some of the funniest reactions from commuters describing the agony of being in a matatu using ‘panya’ routes.

Kang’ethe Wa Kamau Naked truth…. unatoka 44 unapitisha babadogo unapata njia imefungwa na Chinese mwenye anatengeneza outering road unapata huko ndiyo jam imeshika zaidi.

Peter Mwangi Hawa ni jogoo road unafika city stadium unapelekwa mpaka gikomba yote kutokea retail market

Martin Murithi Kwanza Wa 44,unapelekwa by pass,kiambu,only kutokea rosters eti ni kuhepa jam!

Adam Mikaeel Taalam LOL. That’s me too. I hate being stuck in traffic (I’ll rather be hauling ass no matter the time or distance).

 Antony Peter That’s how panya routes look lyk…a panya route has many hide & seek….

Ann Mbogo Hehe halafu ni 12 pm from umo to tao 80 Bob juu kuna jam kuzungushwa gikomba mzima

Lilian Waithira Ronga unapitishwa kibira only to join jam ya mbagathi

Davis Wangodi ile kitu muhimu ni mimi kama passeger naona gari inasongea …..

Mary Gitau Maina By the time unatokea jam iliisha the other side 45 min ago

Meet Alikiba’s Extremely Gorgeous Female Manager (PHOTOS)

Most people know Alikiba for his amazing talent and breath-taking voice, but they have no idea who is the force behind all his successful musical career.

Even though he is a public figure, Ali Kiba’s manager maintains her life in the most private manner possible.

The beautiful lady, who is identified as Seven Mosha, has been behind Ali Kiba’s musical success for the longest time now.

Who would have thought that Ali had such a hot and sexy manager? Well, just like her, Ali too prefers to keep his life off the public radar.

Have They Kissed And Made Up? Diamond Platnumz Ends Beef With Long Time Archenemy Alikiba By Doing This


The Bongo star, who is now ruling the airwaves with the remix to the song Aje featuring M.I, has recently revealed that he is doing a music project with South Africa’s legendary songbird Yvonne Chaka Chaka.

MAGICAL! Bongo Star Alikiba And Music Legend Yvonne Chaka About To Shake Africa With New Project

In his works, it is evident that Seven does a lot of work especially with the kind of pressure that comes with Ali Kiba’s fame. So, is she also responsible for the canceled interviews too?

Ali Kiba’s manager truly takes her work seriously, and her hard work and efficiency show through him.


Just so you know, she multi-tasks as she is also a manager to another Bongo heavyweight artist, Lady Jay Dee, who has been in the game for the longest time now.

Seven also handles Baraka The Prince and other artist identified as Navaa and Flyfill. Check out more photos of Alikiba’s elegant manager.

alikibas-manager-4ali kiba manager5ali kiba manager




alikibas-manager-1ali kiba4
ali kiba 3ali kiba manager 2

What is Ragga Artiste Redsan Up To With This Stunning Kenyan Singer? (PHOTOS)

Veteran Kenyan ragga and reggae artiste Redsan has been in the music industry for more than a decade and it looks like age is not going to stop him.

The celebrated rapper has over the years proved to the best at his game, dropping hit after hit, earning him popularity and respect across Africa, becoming a household name in Kenya.

Redsan, real name Swabri Mohammed is known for some of the best reggae and ragga hits in Africa, having worked with big names like Jose Chameleone and celebrated Jamaican artiste Demarco in Badder Than Most remix.


Other songs under his name include; Mikono Juu, Chicken, Unbreakable, Umalaika, Leo Ni Leo, Touch, Yule Pale, Step On It, Julie, and his recent single Shoulder Back, which has received massive airplay since last year.

Redsan likes to keep his private life under wraps and very few know about his family, but now, he could be exposing a lot after he was spotted with sassy Kenyan singer Vivian.

Vivian is currently making waves with her 2016 smash hit Charm, featuring Uganda’s music legend Jose Chameleone, and is currently one of the most played songs in local music stations and playlists.

In a series of photos I received, Redsan and Vivian are seeing cozying up at an undisclosed location, where she shows off her curvy body in bikini wear.

From a source, the two are allegedly in thComoros Islands, but it’s not clear whether they are romantically involved or whether they are working on new music.


Vivian has also been linked to wealthy Kenyan singer and businessman, Jaguar, whom she collaborated with on her first song Dream, that propelled her to the limelight back in 2014.

Well, check out the photos below as Redsan and Vivian enjoy each others company, as we follow up on what they are really upto? Is it a love affair or just work and play?

Be the judge.







WHERE ARE THEY NOW? 6 Former TV Queens We Would Love To See Back On Our Local Screens (PHOTOS)

The Kenyan media fraternity has over the years grown to become one of the  most influential in East Africa.

But you have to agree with me that what makes a good media house or showbiz company is not just a name or content, but also the personalities and the faces gracing our screens.

Everyone would want to tune into a TV station to look at a beautiful news anchor or TV host, basically, one who’s appealing to the eye.

BEAUTY ON ANOTHER LEVEL! Top 13 Most Photogenic Female Celebrities In Kenya (PHOTOS)

Some of the most reputable and gorgeous female media personalities in Kenya at the moment include; Lilian Muli, Janet Mbugua, Sophia Wanuna, Betty Kyallo, Lulu Hassan, Victoria Rubadiri just to mention a few.


But before all these new anchors came to the limelight, there were other personalities, who were dearly loved but are nowhere to be seen now.

KEEPING IT SEXY! 7 Kenyan Celebrity Bachelorettes Above 30 Who Still Look Stunning And Attractive

How about we list down some of these former female TV queens, whom I’m sure people miss dearly and wouldn’t mind having the back on our screens.

1. Tero Mdee
Namtero Mdee a.k.a Tero Mdee was one of the first TV hosts for a popular entertainment show, Straight Up, and no doubt, one of the most stunning and classy media personalities back then. She got married to a pastor after moving back to her home country Tanzania. She’s sister to renowned Bongo singer Vanessa Mdee.


2. Esther Arunga
Her warm smile and breathtaking beauty made her a favourite of many during her TV days on KTN. Sadly, she quit and got married,eventually making her way into the political scene after being swayed by one Quincy Timberlake. She later moved to Australia with him and gave birth to two kids, but sadly, one son passed away.


3. Catherine Kasavuli
Every woman wants to age gracefully like this renowned media personality, who worked until her retirement dayto without looking a day older. Kasavuli was known for her mellow and magnificent voice and stellar presentation skills that saw her become the top female personality in the TV industry.


4. Beatrice Marshall
She was one of the faces that resonated well with the Kenyan media scene during her news anchoring days at KTN, giving it an edge over the rest with a very admirable profile and approach to news and features. Beatrice Marshall is still a prominent news anchor and last I checked she was hosting political shows at CCTV.


5. Sophie Ikenye
Looking at her was a breath of fresh air and there’s no doubt that Sophie Ikenye was one of the most budding TV personalities in Kenya. When Sophie walked into the studio, one found it hard to look away and had one of the most impeccable voices on TV. The lovely Sophie Ikenye is currently working at BBC, London.


6. Winnie Mukami
You probably remember her from her signature Bob haircut, which was a big deal back in the day. Winnie Mukami was a news anchor at NTV & KBC but she’s currently working at a PR firm, Winners Frontiers International as a director after being retrenched from NTV. Mukami always exuded courage and confidence during her live broadcasts and was an ever smiling presenter.




Sexy Volleyball Star Janet Wanja Celebrates Turning a Year Older, Here Are Ten Of Her Beautiful Photos

She has helped the national womens team carry the Kenyan flag high putting our country on the world map.

Today February 24th, we celebrate volleyball star Janet Wanja as she marks another milestone in her life. The gorgeous sportswoman turns 33 years today, and here’s why she’s a national treasure.

The Malkia strikers player was part of the Kenyan team that won gold in the Grand Prix finals in the match against Peru in Canberra. Janet Wanja was voted the best setter at the African Volleyball championships when Kenya women’s volleyball team won the African Volleyball championships.

The Malkia Strikers also represented Africa at the FIVB world cup held in Japan.

Have a look at ten of her most gorgeous photos, beautiful isn’t she?

14705884_1243601312326804_1494529983917077339_n 15202525_1849560825279313_1901883109809885899_n 13308511_1138807516139518_4152937332414673829_o 13227440_1132182103468726_5787401394689781306_o wanja 1 wanja 2  13177644_10209571615507530_8074034095358969371_n wanja 5 wanja 3 jannet1 jannet2






Harusi Tunayo, Hatuna: Intimate Details About Sarah Hassan’s Wedding (Audio)

Sarah Hassan is one lucky girl as she is soon to be someone’s wife. Last year seems to have been a pretty good year for. I can think of a couple of things that would make amazing.

Well one, she got engaged to one Martin Dale. He’s quite a cutie pie if you ask me. Girls always dream of that time when someone special will put a ring on it. Sarah’s prince charming liked it so much he put a ring.

Two, she moved to US with her fiance where they stay together as he also works there. Since she left the country, she has constantly shared photos of her new life and what it’s all about.

Sarah Hassan

Three, she joined a film school, New York Film Academy, where she was focusing on TV and film production since she is a renowned actress back home. She even graduated top of her class. Talk of beauty and brains.

This past Saturday, her close friends and family held a high end bridal shower for her which was attended by her fellow colleagues, cousins and close friends.

Love On Top! Sarah Hassan Openly Displays Love For Her Fiance (PHOTOS)

Since that’s all over now, why not jump straight to the day y’all been waiting for. Sarah if finally about to say I do to the man of her dreams.


Our close source has revealed some details about the wedding. Even though the venue was not mentioned, the wedding will be held at a posh garden in Nairobi this weekend.

If you’re thinking of gate crashing, my friend you better think again as the wedding is an invite only ceremony. It will be attended by the celebs, former colleagues, close friends and family.

So that you don’t shine on her parade, no guest will be allowed to use their phones during the ceremony.

I got in touch with Sarah to get some information in regards to her wedding.

Listen to the audio below to get here what she had to say;

The Rich And Famous! Top 10 Kenyan Celebrities And Public Figures With The Most Flamboyant Houses

When you see these houses, you will realize that Kenya is not a poor country.

And yes, it is true that fame comes with money. I’m not talking about deadbeat celebrities who get caught up with petty areas over refusing to pay rent in their posh houses, I’m talking about celebrities and personalities who own their own homes.

I will let their flashy houses tell the story. Check out top celebrity houses in Kenya;

1. Akothee

Call her madam boss or the Benefactor hit maker. She is indeed filthy rich and even with fans speculating where she got all that wealth, it is true that Akothee owns most of the posh houses in Kenya. She has several houses after building another house in Nairobi from Mombasa where she used to live. But do I say!

akothee house1(1)

2.Mike Sonko

Let alone his Mua Hills mansion that left many jaws dropping over the flamboyant mansion. Mike Sonko’s house in Mombasa is one that even some of his fellow politicians cannot afford. He is stinking rich and his house shows how wealthy this politician is.


3.Allan And Kathy Kiuna

They are probably the most wealthiest pastors in Kenya. The two who run the Jubilee Christian Church have one of the most flashy houses in the country. The couple have received condemnation for living a flashy life. But that doesn’t faze them. Check out their not-so-humble abode.


4.Vera Sidika

Never mind her big derriere that gets her all the attention and did I mention her bleaching or as she likes to call it, skin lightening. Man, Vera loves the limelight and the limelight loves her. From her days of being a video vixen in the music video, You Guy, she has re-invented her brand. With the re-invention comes the money that has seen her invest in a posh house, in a leafy suburb.


5.Mwai Kibaki

Kenya’s former president Mwai Kibaki owns a Ksh 500 million. That is what was spent to build the house. Whoever said more money more problems has not enjoyed the idyllic and calming view from this grandiose piece of real estate. The thing is, he refused to occupy the house once it was complete.


6.Anne Waiguru

She needs no introduction! The former devolution CS lives in Kihigo estate, Kitsuru and is one female politician that we surely can say lives a luxurious life.

waiguru M

7.William Ruto

Deputy president has had a rags to riches history, from living in a mud house in the village to getting a presidential house worth Ksh 450 million. The deputy President has two residences in Karen and Eldoret.

ruto M

8.Raphael Tuju

His rich neighbors around his Karen mansion cannot stop talking about how expensive and luxurious his mansion is. The former minister for Information and communication cum minister for tourism and wildlife has embrace life in the best way possible.

tuju M

9.Raila Odinga

Less has been told of his personal life but the Former Prime Minister is living large with a house in Karen, another in Bondo not to forget his posh mansion in Mombasa.


10.Aden Duale

Being a majority leader, he need not tell you he has a flamboyant house, right? Check out his house;