Think Your Job Sucks? Here Are Some Of The WORST Jobs Ever [PHOTOS]

So Sunday is winding down and there a probably more than a couple of people who are really not looking forward to Monday. Well, let’s all be grateful for the work we do, no matter how tiresome because it could probably be worse.

From cleaning sewers to tempting death, here are some of the most unpleasant if not dangerous jobs across the globe.

Mounting High-Voltage Cables in China

Odour Tester

Janitor at a Sperm Bank

Long Distance Sailor

Portable Toilet Cleaner

Manure Inspector

Sewer Cleaner

Animal Mastubator

Skyscraper Window Cleaner

Digger at Work

More Than a Million Women Worldwide Including Celebs Marched in Opposition to Donald Trump And It Was HUGE! [PHOTOS]

In a global exclamation of defiance and solidarity, more than 1 million people rallied at women’s marches in the nation’s capital and cities around the world Saturday to send President Donald Trump an emphatic message on his first full day in office that they won’t let his agenda go unchallenged.

“Welcome to your first day, we will not go away!” marchers in Washington chanted.

Many of the women came wearing pink, pointy-eared hats to mock the new president. Plenty of men joined in, too, contributing to surprising numbers. The Washington rally alone attracted over 500,000 people according to city officials — apparently more than Trump’s inauguration drew on Friday. It was easily one of the biggest demonstrations in the city’s history, and as night fell, not a single arrest was reported.

The international outpouring served to underscore the degree to which Trump has unsettled people in both hemispheres.

Madonna Thought About “Blowing Up The White House” After Donald Trump’s Presidential Victory

“We march today for the moral core of this nation, against which our new president is waging a war,” actress America Ferrera told the Washington crowd.

Around the world, women brandished signs with slogans such as “Women won’t back down” and “Less fear more love.” They decried Trump’s stand on such issues as abortion, health care, diversity and climate change. And they branded him a sexist, a bully, a bigot and more.

“We want a leader, not a creepy tweeter,” some marchers chanted in Washington.

It far surpassed the 60,000 people who protested the Vietnam War at Richard Nixon’s inauguration in 1973. Before Saturday, that was thought to be the largest such demonstration in inaugural history.

The marches were a magnet for A-list celebrities, unlike Trump’s inauguration, which had a deficit of top performers.

Alicia Keys sang “Girl on Fire” for the Washington crowd. Madonna gave a fiery, profanity-laced address to the gathering. Cher, also in the nation’s capital, said Trump’s ascendance has people “more frightened maybe than they’ve ever been.”




Ladies, Here Are The Telling Signs He’s NOT Busy, You’re Just Irrelevant To Him

Really wanna give someone the ultimate insult? Call them irrelevant. It’s pretty much the worst thing you could be.

Irrelevant is the worst thing you could be because you’re so insignificant, no one even bothered to think of a more precise insult. Simply put, you don’t matter.

Needless to say, nobody wants to be called irrelevant. Especially not by the guy you like. That being said, whether we admit it to ourselves or not, there are times when you are, in fact, irrelevant to the guy you’re so obsessed with.

In fact, I would go so far as to say the reason you’re so obsessed with him is because you’re irrelevant to him. The problem is that instead of just accepting the fact that we don’t matter to him, we try to make up excuses as to why this guy’s not giving us the time of day.

“He’s not talking to me because he’s mad at me!” No, you’re not relevant enough for him to bother with being mad at you.

Ladies Please Note; EVERY Single One Of These 10 Things Is Emotional Abuse

“He’s not talking to me because he’s busy!” No, you’re not relevant enough for him to prioritize you over literally anything else.

“He’s not talking to me because he’s dead!” No, he just doesn’t want to waste another breath in his waking life conversing with you.

I get that it can be a little confusing. Maybe he is mad at you. Maybe he is busy! Maybe he is dead!

So, check out this list of surefire signs he’s not mad or busy or dead (or any other lame excuse you managed to come up with)… you’re just irrelevant to him

  • Your friends are sick of hearing about him, but his friends don’t even know who you are
  • None of his family members know who you are (that is if he even has a family because he’s never mentioned them).
  • He straight-up doesn’t respond to some of your texts.
  • You’ve never hooked up sober.
  • If you have hooked up sober, it was in the morning after a drunk hookup

Kenyan Women Share Their Hilarious Stories Buying The Morning After Pill

  • You guys have never shared a meal together.
  • If you have shared a meal together, it was either late-night pizza or hungover morning meals.
  • He Snapchats you more than he texts you.
  • You’ve never been on a real date with him.
  • If you have been on a date, it was one time. And it never happened again.
  • You’ve never spoken on the phone unless it was 4 am, and you needed him to buzz you up to his place.
  • He never wants to cuddle with you.
  • He chooses even the dumbest plans over you.
  • His friends (the same ones who don’t know who you are) always come before you.
  • You’ve told him a million personal things about you, and he can barely remember any of it.
  • He’s told you he’s “not looking for anything serious.”
  • He told you he was too busy to hang out, then posted a Snapchat story of himself alone on the couch.
  • Part of you is afraid that if you stopped putting in the effort, your relationship would completely fizzle out.

STOP WASTING YOUR TIME. You are cool, and fun and smart, and even though this guy can’t seem to appreciate that, I guarantee there’s someone out there who will.

Quite The SMOKER! Check Out These Rare Images Of Barack Obama [PHOTOS]

Following on Trump’s inauguration, we decided to grace you with some throw-backs of one of the most loved Presidents in US History, Barack Obama. Check out some rare pics below;

A young Barack Obama smoking. In 2006 the President stated. “I inhaled frequently, That was the point.” (Huffington post)

Once again, we see young Barack smoking and looking a little too happy…


Young Barack must have also frequently exhaled as pictured here.

Teenage Barack photographed hanging out and smoking, again…

Moving Out Of The White House Can’t Be Easy, But Obamas’ New House Will Do (PICS)

This time we see a Barack looking a bit older and very stressed smoking a cigarette to calm down.

For all those who wondered what Obama looked like as a baby.

Obama Mania! The moment where the lady gets utterly shocked by the ex-President’s spontaneous behavior.

This awesome golf victory pose!

A historical photo taken before the time he took his role as part of the government

These somewhat controversial photos of Barack Obama in traditional Muslim Attire were said to have been taken at his half-brother Malik’s wedding.

Obama in Kenya with a cousin (unknown name) his brother Abo aka Samson and brother Ben.

Meeting privately with the Dalai Lama at the White House.

A close up picture taken when he was destroying his fried chicken wings for dinner.

Young Obama at the beach with his Grandfather On His Mother’s Side.

Young man, Barack Obama hanging out in Central Park.
Obama sitting outside his families hut smoking a cigar in 1987.
A young Barack sharing a happy moment with his mother on the left and sister on the right
Obama with his basketball team.


5 Surprising Things The U.S. President CANNOT Do

With the inauguration of President Trump dominating headlines across the world, many have expressed various opinions and views on the consequences of his tenure.

However, there are a few things he simply cannot do and we decided to mention just 5.

Keep reading…

They Aren’t Allowed To Drive

Some people may try and lead you to believe that the fate of our world rests on who becomes President. The power of the Presidency is not unlimited. In fact, despite being in a very powerful position, the President’s abilities are surprisingly limited. Here are 5 things the President of the US can’t actually do.

Cannot Use An iPhone

During an appearance on Jimmy Kimmel in 2015, President Obama explained that he still uses a blackberry because the President is not allowed to use any phone that contains a recording device.

READ; Meet DONALD TRUMP OTIENO! – Kisumu Couple Named Their Son After Trump

Make Gay Marriage Illegal Again

In June 2015, The Supreme Court ruled that gay marriage is a constitutional right. In order for that to change, there would need to be a challenge in lower courts brought up to the Supreme Court once again to make another ruling with different members.

Declare War

The power to declare war actually rests solely with Congress. It is not shared with The President, though the sitting President must sign the official Declaration of War.

Legalize Or Criminalize Any Controversial Medical Procedure Including Abortion

Choices for allowing or banning things like abortion and medically assisted suicide rests with the individual States, not the Oval Office.

Heads Up; This Is The RIGHT Way to Get Rid of Earwax

Earwax is one of those bodily fluids that’s usually out of sight and out of mind—that is, until you put an ear-bud into those ears and, well, you know, sometimes it‘s not pretty. But if you’re self-conscious about the gunk in there, the last thing you should be doing is popping cotton in them, says Doctor Ana Kim. Here, all the dirty details on earwax—and the right way to get rid of it.

Why Ear-Buds Are The Enemy
Here’s the deal: Earwax is a combination of cerumen, which is produced by your body’s sebaceous glands to keep the skin in your ear moist, and dead skin cells, which your ear canal sheds just like the skin on the rest of your body, says Kim. And though it might not seem like it, your ears are designed to clean themselves by pushing the ear wax out of the canal on its own.

So when you jam an earbud into your ear canal, that disrupts your skin’s natural shedding process—and can actually cause your ears to make more wax. Plus, over time, you could push the wax back in your ear canal and create a blockage that needs to be removed by your doctor, says Kim.

ALSO; Liquor-free month! So what does dry January REALLY do to your body?

With that in mind, it’s important to also not use any other DIY earwax-removal methods you might have come up with. Besides interrupting your ears’ natural skin-shedding process and potentially clogging up your ears over time, poking around in there with sharp objects could result in a punctured eardrum.

Your New Earwax Removal Go-Tos
With all of that out of the way, it’s good to know that there is actually something you can do to help clear out built up earwax. Kim says to put a drop or two of hydrogen peroxide in your ear about 10 minutes before jumping in the shower. The peroxide will liquefy the goo and help it rinse out as you go through your normal shower routine, says Kim. Doing this once a month should help keep things open. Sometimes, having dry skin in your ear canals can cause extra wax buildup, says Kim. If you think this could be the case, put a drop of mineral oil in your ears daily to help moisturize them, says Kim. “It’s like putting lotion on your skin,” she says.

However, if you have had a hole in your eardrum or have had any ear surgeries in the past, then skip these options, says Kim. Instead, just use a washcloth to clean your outer ear canal (or the part of your ear you can see).

When You Should See a Doc Instead
If you’re one of the people who just naturally produces a lot of wax, you can visit an ear nose and throat doctor every six months to a year and have him or her remove it for you using special tools.

Liquor-free month! So what does dry January REALLY do to your body?

Are you one of the smug thousands who gave up alcohol for January then downed a glass of wine or beer as the clock struck midnight on January 31?

Until this year, I’d always pooh-poohed the idea on the grounds that it’s the sort of thing problem drinkers do to convince themselves they don’t really have a problem.

And because one dry month can’t possibly undo all the ills of the past 11. Can it?

Yet a booze-free January has never been so popular.Dry January is an official event, promoted by Alcohol Concern, where people publicly sign up to the challenge and raise money for the charity.

Critics say the concept could mislead people into thinking a few weeks of abstinence can make up for a year of excess.

Professor Charles Bamforth, of the University of California, Davis, was widely quoted last weekend as saying: “Many people don’t realise that drinking in moderation has significant health benefits.

Related image

“You are seriously mistaken if you think having a month without drinking will protect you from the effects of excessive drinking for the rest of the year. The best advice is to drink moderately throughout the year.”

However, Alcohol Concern says the aim of Dry January isn’t to turn people teetotal but to get them thinking about drinking and to encourage them to drink less generally.

Emily Robinson, director of campaigns at Alcohol Concern, explains: “Many of us think the way we drink isn’t a problem, but having a few beers after work or a few glasses of wine at home too often can take you over safe limits and store up problems for the future.”

Image result for friends drinking at a bar

Excess alcohol raises the risk of heart disease, stroke, liver disease, depression, dementia and cancer of the mouth, throat, stomach, liver and breast. And it’s full of calories.

after an alcohol-free month, participants had lost an average of 3lb and had reduced blood glucose levels by 16% and cholesterol by 5%.

High blood glucose is a risk factor for diabetes while high cholesterol raises risk of heart disease and stroke.

In the meantime, Dry January Ambassador Dr Amber Appleton cites the most commonly reported benefits of an alcohol-free month as: “Better sleep and ability to concentrate, more energy, a more stable mood, weight loss, improved digestion, better immunity and better skin.”





Oh my! This is what men ALWAYS notice about you during sex

First off, the things we don’t notice: if your nails are chipping, your elbows are dry, or you have an ingrown hair somewhere along your bikini line. These are details that generally sail right past us. We’re more inclined to notice the big-picture behaviors that give us clues about whether we have serious chemistry. Are the sparks flying? Are we turning you on? Are you genuinely excited to be naked right now? These questions are important to men, and here’s what we look for to find answers;

Your Initiative

If we’re doing all the work and you’re just sort of hanging out to see what’s going to happen next, we’re going to think you’re not all that interested. So show a little excitement, eh? Take the lead in unbuckling or unclasping something. Roll us over, and get on top. Help us make this moment awesome.

The Way Your Body Moves

If you’re stiff, it puts a chill on the moment. We wonder if there’s a problem or if you’re feeling self-conscious. But if you’re revved up and sensual, that turns us on. We want to feel your body writhe against us. We want your chest to press against ours, to feel your thigh slide up between ours. The more you engage your entire body in the moment, the more we feel like you’re excited to be with us.

Your Eyes

Are you looking deeply into ours? Are you checking out our freshly naked bodies? Both options are good. What makes us uncomfortable is if you’re looking down (are you having doubts?), checking out your own body (feeling self-conscious?), or gazing off to the wall or ceiling (just bored?). So make sure your eyes aren’t telling us something you don’t want them to. Let us know you’re pumped to be here with us.

Your Breath

No, I’m not talking about whether it stinks (although—let’s hope it doesn’t!). I’m talking about how it sounds. Is it heavier than usual? Similarly, is your voice deeper? These clues tell us whether you’re genuinely aroused. You don’t need to play it up by panting like you just ran a 5 km or trying to mimic the deeper notes on an organ. But if you’re getting into it, let it show. Let us feel your breath against our neck, whisper something sexy into our ear, let us know you can’t wait for what’s about to happen. Our arousal feeds off of yours, so don’t be afraid to be visibly turned on.

If You’re Freshly Waxed or Wearing Expensive Lingerie

Hey—no judgment if you’re not. But the prep work implies that you were thinking about sex, and we’re all for that. After all, so were we. Glad we’re on the same page here!

Revealed: The foods you should eat for every mood

If you’re feeling down in the dumps or lacking concentration, what you put in your mouth could completely turn things around.

Indeed, according to Rachel Kelly and nutritional therapist Alice Mackintosh, authors of The Happy Kitchen: Good Food Mood, there’s a food to eat for every single mood.

Mackerel for a good mood

Related image

Oily fish such as mackerel is fantastic for the brain because it is rich in all-important omega 3 fatty acids. These are vital for the brain (which is made up of 60 per cent fats) to help keep it communicating properly, as well as supporting the production of our neurotransmitters which govern everything from emotion, memory and concentration.

These fats also help to reduce inflammation, which some research is showing may be present to a greater extent in some people with depression.

Eggs yolks for concentration

Image result for Eggs yolks

Many people choose to discard egg yolks with the worry that they contain too much fat, but actually they are a rich source of goodness for the brain. In particular, they contain choline, which helps to form a protective sheath over some of our nerves, helping the brain to communicate more quickly.

Sweet potato to relieve anxiety

Image result for Sweet potato

We love sweet potatoes, not only because they taste great and are good for skin, but also because they deliver calming nutrients magnesium and B6.

These are great if you feel stressed, tense or anxious.

Mushrooms for a sunny outlook

Image result for cooked Mushrooms

Many of us feel better when we are exposed to sunlight, and this is because it helps us to produce vitamin D which seems to be important for supporting mood, as well as helping to harmonise hormones and boost immunity.

Natural sugar-free yoghurt when ‘worried sick’

Image result for yoghurt

We are leaning more and more about the links between the digestive system and the brain, so much so that our stomachs are now being referred to as our second brain. No wonder we literally feel sick to our stomach when we are anxious or stressed.


Fat patients less likely to die after heart operations than those of healthy weight

Fat patients are less likely to die after heart surgery, a study suggests.

The research throws NHS rationing – where obese patients have been told to slim down before operations – into doubt.

Experts analysed data for the number of people who died in hospital following heart surgery, according to their weight.

The results showed that people who were a healthy weight were almost twice as likely to die as those who were obese or overweight, while those who were underweight had the highest risk of death.

The study, published in the journal Circulation, included 401,227 adults who had undergone heart surgery between 2002 and 2013.

Overall, 11,511 patients died. Some 4.4% people of a normal weight died, compared to just 2.8% who were overweight and 2.7% who were obese. Meanwhile, 8.5% people who were underweight died.

Overweight boy

The University of Leicester researchers took into account factors that could influence the results, such as people’s age or whether they had other health conditions.

But the study still found that being fat – including suffering complications of obesity such as high blood pressure, diabetes and artery disease – seemed to offer protection,

The researchers also reviewed data from 557,720 further patients included in studies across Europe, the United States and Asia, and found similar results.

The research was funded by the British Heart Foundation (BHF).

Prof Gavin Murphy, BHF professor of cardiac surgery at the University of Leicester, said: “Obesity is a reason often given for not offering patients surgery.

“With this study, we show that, for cardiac patients at least, being obese should not be a reason to turn patients away from surgery.

“These results also raise questions as to whether there may be attributes of obesity that directly protect patients.

“Understanding these processes may open the door to new prevention strategies or treatments.”





Beauty Practices You Must Avoid During Pregnancy

As a first-time mom, the sheer information overload about pregnancy can sometimes make you overlook things that are otherwise routine; like your make-up regime for instance. And, while your concerns about the safety of make-up might not seem particularly valid, they aren’t baseless either.

There are many reasons why doctors advise pregnant women to avoid dying their hair or applying make-up. But we are here to brush aside your worries. So, read on for more:

Applying Hair Dye During Pregnancy

There is a biological logic why doctors ask you not to dye your hair when you are pregnant. When you expose your scalp to the range of chemicals in the hair dye, you are exposing your pores to these chemicals. And, while this may seem harmless, the chemicals are slowly, but surely, making their way into the bloodstream, and possibly even into the placenta.

Caring For Your Skin

Your skin too has pores, and any topical application will percolate through the deeper layers and make way into your bloodstream. Let alone a moisturizer or a facial cream that you apply and leave; a face wash that happens to be on your face for few seconds is absorbed by your body.

Oral Retinoids

Usually used as anti-wrinkles and anti-aging factors, these contain high doses of Vitamin A that can hinder your baby’s development.

Acne Relief

Now, this can be frustrating since your pregnancy might be the cause of your acne. You’ll want to avoid BHA, Differin, Beta hydroxy acid, Tretinoin and all Retinoids that are to be left on your face, like masks and gels. Instead, try using more natural options, which contain benign options like glycolic acid.


These are awesome for increasing the blood flow and volume. Wax isn’t absorbed by the skin. However, you must be wary of any irritation that you might have as your pregnant body might be going through several changes. For hair-removal creams, avoid Barium Sulfide powder or Calcium Thioglycolate.

Divorcées confess exactly what ruined their marriages

When two people promise to spend a lifetime together on their wedding day, they expect those vows to last forever. But even after swearing to be there through the good and the bad, sometimes the bad is enough for one person to serve the other with a stack of divorce papers.

But what does it really mean to have “irreconcilable differences“? From extramarital affairs to personality clashes, this is what ultimately caused these people to throw in the towel on marriage;


“About six years into my marriage, I found out my husband was cheating on me when I walked in on him with one of our neighbors. We had been married for a good chunk of time, but I had no choice but to file for divorce that same week. It wasn’t something I could forgive and forget. It was painful to say goodbye and start life over, but sometimes that’s just how life and love is. You think you know someone and that you’ll stay with them no matter what, but that’s not realistic. People break your heart no matter how many times they promise they won’t.” —Trisha A., 32

Image result for dept

“The only thing we ever talked about toward the end of our marriage was how we didn’t have enough money for anything we wanted. We were renting an apartment and wanted to buy a house, but we couldn’t afford to because we had stacks of credit card debt and student loans to pay off. It became a nightmare because every conversation and fight was about making more or saving more money. We drove ourselves into misery and just both decided this wasn’t the life we wanted to live. We decided to go our separate ways after two years of marriage and two years of dating.” —Carla H., 29

Image result for black career woman

“My job was super demanding. I was promoted to the role of VP of marketing for a tech start-up I worked at for three years. I was working 70 hours a week, minimum, plus weekends. My husband didn’t like this at all. Mainly because he would come home from work before me and have to make his own dinner and do his own laundry. I was anything but a housewife. He should have known that when he married me. I think he did. He just thought eventually I’d give up my career. But I kept getting promoted and loving what I was doing. In the end, he asked me to pick my job or him. We got a divorce. We were only married for a year-and-a-half, so it wasn’t that hard to split up.” —Jana L., 35

Image result for black babies


“One thing I wish I did before I even said yes to getting married to this person was talk about serious topics like having kids and how we would raise these kids, meaning what values and religious beliefs we’d instill in them. About a year into the marriage, I mentioned that I wanted to start trying to have kids. He looked at me with utter shock. It turned out he didn’t want kids, ever. He swears he mentioned that to me when we were dating. I think he did once, but super casually. I thought he didn’t really mean it or he would change his mind. But he refused. I admit that I messed up by not having this conversation with him beforehand so that I knew he was so against having kids. Having kids was something I wanted enough that it made me realize I need to get out of this marriage.” —Mary J., 28

“When your family doesn’t gel well, nothing will. My parents didn’t like him or his parents. His parents liked me, but not my parents. Our backgrounds were completely different: My family is from Africa and his is from Texas. Because our family fought so much, it made us fight. Their differences became our differences, and it just wasn’t working out anymore.” —Jocelyn K., 27

Revenge is best served cold; this man learnt his lesson when he cheated on his scorned wife enough times

Hell hath no fury like a woman scorned. Until every man learns that, the rate of male mortality can only increase. While you’re busy thinking you’re hurting your wife beyond measure, be careful, watch your back because every woman has a plan and a come-back. The lady below gave her husband not a taste, but doses of his own medicine when she decided to get revenge for all the years she’s endured his cheating. Read on;

Related image


“I cheated on my husband and am the happiest woman in the world. Ever since I got married to this animal I call my husband,he has constantly disrespected our marital vows and rub shit on my face. He does not just sleep around but I don’t know if he gives them my number to call me and mock me. I get lots of calls from different small girls insulting me and calling me names. Still my husband will have the guts to come home and throw my legs open, give me lots of infections and give me money to treat my self. 

I endured this for 4 years and decided to leave the marriage but I promised to cheat on him before I do. So I targeted his elder brother slept with him, targeted one of his elder sisters son who just clocked 18 years, slept with him and lastly I slept with his boss in the office which I have decided to be his mistress since marriage is just child’s play. When I was done I told him all about it, packed my things and left him but I was very lucky he did not kill me that night because he was mad and breaking things in the house. I heard he fought his elder brother and broke his head lol. I also heard he wants to kill himself, lol. That was how I left him. Am currently with his boss now and my life is better. His boss wants me to be his baby mama, so I need you all to advise me. Should I have a baby for his boss or just keep it straight and just sex? Don’t even tell me about karma cause I was innocent when other gals destroyed mine.”

Did you miss our morning conversation? This lady allowed her man to have a side chick to satisfy his urge to cheat

This morning’s conversation with Maina Kageni and Mwalimu King’ang’i left tongues wagging when a woman called in and said that she urged her serial cheater of a husband to have a side chick known to both of them, since he must cheat, instead of doing it with many women.

Image result for black couple talking

These are some of the reactions on social media from the conversation;

Dayol Juju Mwas; “Hmm….tricky but my answer simply is no…l hate sharing my things…and so do many people…if a man goes ahead and cheats on her girl that simply means he is lacking something in her…girls give everything to these guys…but they still are jerks:*”

Everlyn Mirembe; “Its okey, i hate it when i hear my man is going out with “ladies” not a lady so its better i know there is one out there so if he is not in the house i knw he is with that one Not those “Ones”

Grace Wambui; “Am shocked. That is a woman who doesn’t truly know her worth. To me,cheating is a deal breaker.period.”

Everlyn Mirembe; “If he wants to go ahead n marry let him marry even if thy r 10, no problem than going out with every female he meets.”

Mary Chege; “No way when God was creating the earth he created one man & one woman not one man with two women so I can not allow that if I know he has one is better I be the one to leave them.”

Henry Mungai; “What makes that man to go.”



Guys, could this be the least harsh and probably sweetest way to get your girl to lose weight?

Some men can be so harsh when telling their girlfriends to lose weight. Treating her to good food and smothering her then later blantly telling her she’s fat isn’t the way to go. Remember, aside from her gorgeous body, you loved her for her awesome personality and that hasn’t changed. The gentleman below felt that the only way to get his stubborn girlfriend exercising is making it romantic through dancing, while cooking all her meals in a healthy way to get the results he wanted without her knowledge. He took to social media to pour his guilt. Frankly, I like this guy;

Image result for black man at the gym

“My girlfriend and I have been dating for over a year plus and she stays over sometimes. I’m one who likes to gym and keep fit. So she sees this as a nice thing, and to be honest, I think it turns her on to see my body and all of that, coz wen am back from the gym and I shower, she begins to act very sweet and the rest is usually censored. The only problem is that she wud never join me when I ask her to, even when I tell her she can just do it for the benefits. Don’t get me wrong, I like my lady’s body, but what do I do when she’s constantly eating unhealthy?

I recently came across this health and weight loss tea. I am actually not a big on any weight loss tea coz i believe that the right way is to exercise and cut down fatty foods. I agreed to use this tea because it helps achieve my beliefs.
I did my research and found that this brand seemed sincere. So, since my babe now almost lives with me, and naturally eats with me, I just add this tea (with edible content) into almost everything I cook for her. I make her tea with it, put it in our noodles and other meals that I prepare. When she asks why the food is green, I lie that it’s a special recipe and because she loves me, she doesn’t bother.

Image result for black couple doing zumba in the house

For exercise, I make sure that we dance anytime she’s around because she loves dancing. She thinks its romantic that I dance with her every now and then but she doesn’t know that I am just getting her to exercise. She’s been losing some pounds and says she feels lighter for some reason she does not know. She used to have hormonal imbalance and problems with menstruation but all that is gone now. She says she sleeps better and is more active and energetic.
Please help me so I can know how best to tell my lady that my secret tea is the reason for all her recent joy without hurting her feelings.”

Jealous dad-of-eight knifed wife in heart after seeing her talking to another man

A jealous husband who stabbed his wife death because she spoke to another man has been jailed for life.

Robert Bance, 53, knifed Victoria Bance in the heart with a ceremonial Commando dagger following a night out.

He then called police and told them: ” I have just killed my wife .”

Police and paramedics found Mrs Bance had suffered 23 knife wounds, including 14 deep stab wounds to the chest – any of which could have been fatal, the Plymouth Herald reported.

Father-of-eight Bance later told officers they had rowed after she had told him to leave their Leigham home, Plymouth Crown Court heard.

The former plumber added: “She went for me and that is when I went for the knife on the side.”

Bance called the police to admit the murder, but minutes earlier when she was still alive he had fobbed off call handlers saying nothing was wrong.

Police mug shot of Robert Bance

Jailing him for life with a minimum tariff of 15 years, Judge Paul Darlow told Bance: “This was a merciless and prolonged attack and the terror and pain she must have experienced in those minutes does not bear thinking about. This was a murder committed in a cold and deliberate rage.”

He said the phone call from the 999 operator had given Bance the chance to take stock – but he lied about what was happening and killed his wife.

Judge Darlow said that the evening had “turned sour” when Bance had seen his wife talking to another man in a Barbican pub.

Victim Victoria Bance, 37, from Plymouth, Devon, who was stabbed to death by her husband Robert Bance

He had stormed off, leaving her to get home with no phone and no money.

Bance will serve at least 15 years before he can even be consider for parole, which is not automatic.

Bance’s barrister, Nicolas Gerasimidis, said Bance had killed a “woman he loved”.

Bance, wearing a black polo shirt, spoke only to plead guilty to murder on October 9 last year during a hearing which lasted an hour.




5 Simple Ways On How to Bond with Your Unborn Baby

During your pregnancy, you look forward to experiencing the bliss of motherhood. You can get started with your bonding session with your baby as you anxiously await his/her arrival.

Here are five simple ways to bond with unborn baby.

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Talk to Your Baby

It may feel a bit weird chatting with your baby bump, but it will work wonders. Research proves that once your baby crosses 23 weeks, he can hear sounds from within and outside your womb. Speaking to your baby during this stage can help him/her get familiar with your voice and ensure his/her natural attachment towards you. He/she may also pay more attention to your voice after birth.

Massage Your Bump

Massaging your belly during pregnancy, particularly during the first three months helps strengthen the bond between you and your baby. You may use a moisturizer or a light oil to massage your tummy, which can be soothing for both you and your baby. It will also possibly help you relax and be more positive about your pregnancy.

Practice Pregnancy Yoga

You may enroll in a yoga class after the first 14 weeks of your pregnancy. Pregnancy yoga can help your body get ready for childbirth. You can learn many different postures and breathing techniques that may be of help during your labor. What’s more, antenatal yoga, a type of yoga practiced during pregnancy, helps relax your mind and body and experience oneness with your little one.

Keep A Scan Handy

You may need to undergo scans during your pregnancy to keep track of your baby’s health and development. A good way to strengthen your bond with your unborn is to have a copy of your scan report somewhere where you can see it often. The sight of that tiny life which is slowly growing inside you will cheer you up and stimulate a good connection between you both.

Take A Long Bath

Having a nice, warm bath is a good way to get your attention off other things and devote some quality time for you and your baby. If you are into the second trimester of pregnancy, you may note a squirming or kicking sensation in your tummy during this ‘alone’ time which you may have failed to notice otherwise