Daily glass of orange juice cuts the risk of deadly stroke

Drinking a glass of orange juice each day may cut the risk of deadly strokes by almost a quarter, a major study suggests.

Volunteers who downed a juice a day saw their risk of a brain clot drop by 24 per cent, according to the decade-long trial.

Researchers in the Netherlands say it’s not just orange juice that has the benefit, other fruit juices also appear to cut the risk.

Fresh fruit juices have long been thought of as healthy. But consumers in recent years have been put off by warnings over their high sugar content.

As a result, UK sales have fallen steadily from a peak in 2011 of over one billion litres a year to just under 900m in 2017.

But the latest study suggests the health benefits in terms of stroke prevention could outweigh the risks from sugar content.

The European Prospective Investigation into Cancer and Nutrition is a major long-running study investigating the influence of diet on a wide range of illnesses.

Scientists at the Dutch National Institute for Public Health and the Environment, in Bilthoven, tracked nearly 35,000 men and women aged between 20 and 70 for almost 15 years.

They looked at how self-reported consumption of fruit juices compared with the numbers of strokes over that period.

Their results, published in the British Journal of Nutrition, showed four to eight glasses a week of orange or any other fruit juice cut stroke risk by almost a quarter.

Even a glass every other day had significant benefits – lowering risk by 20 per cent.

Rates of heart disease were also reduced in regular drinkers, who were 12 to 13 per cent less likely to suffer with damaged arteries.

Juice is thought to contain many of the naturally-occurring plant substances found in whole fruit that can protect blood vessels against disease.

Strokes kill around 200 people every day in the UK. Many more are left disabled and living in fear that a second or even third attack could kill them.

It’s estimated to cost the NHS £2.3billion a year to treat and look after those lucky enough to survive.

Around 85 per cent of victims are affected by ischaemic strokes, where a clot travels to the brain and shuts off its blood supply.

The rest are called haemorrhagic strokes, where a blood vessel bursts in the brain, causing potentially fatal bleeding.

Scientists behind the study said despite the obvious benefits of juice, they would still recommend eating whole fruit as well, as there are more studies confirming its benefits.

In a report on the findings they said: ‘We found a favorable association with pure fruit juice consumption.

‘But for now, consumption of whole fruit should be preferred because the evidence of the health benefits is more conclusive.’

-daily mail

Forever 18: Wahu celebrates her ’18th’ birthday alongside hubby – Photos

Nameless and Wahu have always been considered a power couple and as Wahu celebrates her birthday today it is easy to understand why the title.

Unlike many of us who spend their birthdays indoors, Nameless  treated Wahu to an early vacation

Taking to Instagram, Nameless showered his wife with praises adding they had been through so much together and all he hoped is that God helps her realize her dreams.

  I keep telling you guys, I am the official Wahu Photographer(video evidence provided above) na sijawai lipwaaaaa!! Isokey, bado nakupenda!!!

Anyway, March 22 is here.. Go shorty, it’s your Birthday, so Fam, help me wish this kaModel of mine a blessed birthday and an amazing year ahead.

May all your dreams and vision be realized with God’s guidance. Happy birthday Babe.. enyewe tumepitia mob pamoja… Wacha tujibambe 💯💯…

‘My husband ignored me for 8 months’ Evelyn Wanjiru painfully recalls

Nameless and wife Wahu
Nameless and wife Wahu

Wahu also took top Instagram to thank God for the far he has brought her and the blessing he has bestowed on her which include a supportive husband and two adorable kids.

Thank you Father for health, peace and joy. Thank you for setting me on my path of purpose. Thank you for my family…my beautiful children, my wonderful husband.

Thank you for my awesome friends who ride the tides of life with me. 
Thank you for all my fans and supporters who cheer me on.

nameless wahu

Surely…..I cannot tell it all. But on this day that I came into the world…I say thank you thank you thank you my Father from the bottom of my heart…..for everything.
Happy 18th birthday to me! 

The couple shared a photo of themselves yesterday and hawk eyed Kenyans did not fail to notice how comfortably Nameless has cupped Wahu’s bum.

Nameless and Wahu

Many were quick to state that as much as the couple is taking time off work they were  most probably looking for baby no 3.

It may or may not be true that is not for us to decide..

Here are some photos of their photos during the vacation.

image-2019-03-22 (2)

image-2019-03-22 (1) (1)


From Classic 105 we wish Wahu a happy birthday .

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Sugary drinks fuel cancer by speeding up tumors growth

Sugar could be fuelling cancer by speeding up the growth of tumours in the body, according to a new study.

Scientists at Weill Cornell Medicine in New York, found that mice consuming high-fructose corn syrup, used in biscuits, ice cream and energy drinks, saw intestinal tumours grow faster.

The amount was said to be the equivalent of people drinking about 12 ounces of a sugary drink a day.

Dr Lewis Cantley, a co-author of the study from Weill Cornell Medicine, said: ‘This observation in animal models might explain why increased consumption of sweet drinks and other foods with high sugar content over the past 30 years is correlating with an increase in colorectal cancers in 25 to 50-year-olds in the United States.’

An understanding of how sugar feeds cancer may also lead to a new approach to treatment, the study’s scientists suggested.

However, some experts have warned that the mechanism had been demonstrated in mice genetically engineered to be prone to cancer, and may not translate into humans.

Michael Skilton from the University of Sydney, who was not involved in the study, told The Times that he was impressed by the research but warned that the findings could not readily be applied to humans.

He said: ‘Irrespective of whether these sweeteners are having a direct effect on tumour development and growth, people wising to reduce their likelihood of developing cancer should limit their intake.’

Lead author Dr. Marcus D. Goncalves said: ‘We were not able to show that giving high-fructose corn syrup causes new tumours because these mice develop tumours even on normal diets free of added sugar.

‘But when you give them this additional sugar, the tumours grow much bigger,’ he added.

The study was published March 22 in the print issue of Science.

– Daily Mail

Kenyan woman commits suicide, leaves note on Facebook – photos

A Kenyan woman by the name Millicent Kithinji has left many in shock after committing suicide days after writing what seemed like a suicide note.

Taking to social media she wrote a note dedicated to her daughter.

My love ….wads are hard to form a perfect clause to express the love I have for you.i have fought the battle but seems like am being defeated ..

I only pray that God may give you guidance, love and comfort.mom still loves you and will always love you.kindly do forgive me.

In a different post she had shared a photo with a caption that had a deeper message but many did not read into it.

The last letter Tony Ngare’s daughter wrote before he died in the Ethiopian Airline plane crash will break your heart


Photos of lawyer Nyakundi who accidentally shot dead his 29-year-old son

Her friends have taken to social media to mourn her but do you think that their remorse and regret comes too late?

Don’t get me wrong Millicent shared posts that hinted that she was going through a tough time and people just let it slide and now she is no more.

One of her friend going by the name Kasungwa Musyoks says she tried all she could but Millicent’s family shut her up just because she is not ‘family’.

Sisters in love..but in the wrong hands of heartless, inhuman,insensitive men..
As ur elder siz, I did my best but the only mistake I made was telling you to just hold on a little bit..to be strong, perhaps I could have let u go..
We talked a lot this week..lastly being Jana morning n u told me you were strong especially for Makena..

‘My daughter told me she was scared’ Nakuru man who lost five family members in Ethiopia’s plane crash recalls

Millicent Kithinji
The late Millicent Kithinji

Av always told you that I have fought even physically to be where I am today..n u promised the same..but why did you lose it???..why did you get defeated???
You know I intervened but I was shut off ARROGANTLY that I also am a stranger in the family and I should keep off..
They pushed u to this..they will NEVER EVER have peace..
You went too soon..too young dea

But I know u r in peace now..
Rest well..

The next time a friend hints that he is going through a rough patch please be the shoulder he/she needs. Hii maisha ni ngumu kwa kila mtu.

As for Millicent may her soul rest in perfect peace.

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President Uhuru Kenyatta’s social media accounts deactivated

President Uhuru Kenyatta’s social media accounts have all been temporarily deactivated, according to Nzioka Waitawho, the Chief Of Staff in the office of The President.

Taking to twitter Nzioka stated that the move was temporary.

On account of unauthorized access to the official social media handles of H.E the President of the Republic of Kenya, Uhuru Kenyatta.

All official social media handles for the President have been temporarily suspended to allow for the necessary remedial measures to be undertaken.

Photos of lawyer Nyakundi who accidentally shot dead his 29-year-old son

President Uhuru Kenyatta is the most followed Kenyan with a following of 3.41 million followers.

Below are some of the reactions from Kenyans after the announcement.

@kimaru14 Deactivate and delete the whole government, wacha tujigovern from youtube kama

ken tyrop @kentirop86 Replying to Uoga,mshow arudi mbio tumtroll mbaya
Karuhi. @wajane1 58Replying to Hehehe feeling the heat… Atafute watu wa kutisha lakini sio wakenya…
@gkimega:Replying to  We all know its because of that tweet which quotes him saying that not even close political allies will be spared in the war on corruption. Sorry bro, but we can’t unsee.
 Replying to You don’t suspend unauthorized access to public funds lakini mnasuspend account twitter,,,see your priorities

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Adorable photos of Kathy Kiuna’s grand kids that will make you go Aawww

Reverend Kathy Kiuna and her popular husband Bishop Allan Kiuna are proud grandparents and they are never shy to flaunt their grand kids.

The kiuna’s have two daughters Stephanie and Vanessa Kiuna.

Their first daughter Vanessa Kovac welcomed her first child  in September 2016.

Vanessa and her South African lover, Robert Kovac walked down the aisle in a beautiful and colorful wedding ceremony back in December 2015.

‘My husband ignored me for 8 months’ Evelyn Wanjiru painfully recalls

kathy kiuna

Yeeeeeeey. what a mighty god we serve, angels bow before him, heaven and earth adore him. He has done it again. blessed us with a second grandchild baby Amanda.

David was so blessed until he asked God “is this your usual way of dealing with man.” I can understand him now coz god has blessed us yafu yafu,” Kathy wrote in instagram

Check out kids of your favorite Kenyan celebrities -Photos

In 2017 Kiuna’s daughter Stephanie also welcomed her first baby, Nia Gizelle Kiuna.

Below are photos of Kiuna’s adorable grand kids Nia and Mandy


Kiuna’s daughter and grand daughter.
Baby Nia (In yellow) and baby Mandy

A woman who cannot cook is a scam – Shouts Kenyan men

Kathy KIuna’s son with his niece Nia


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A woman who cannot cook is a scam – Shouts Kenyan men

During yesterday’s morning conversation on Classic 105 a female caller warned Kenyan men to stay away from the kitchen adding that it’s a woman’s job.

According to the woman if your wife asks you to cook for her once be sure that she will ask again and before long the cooking role will be shifted to you.

Once a woman asks you to cook for her, be very careful because the next time she might even ask you to clean the house.

She will even ask you ‘Babe can you please cook for me today like the way you did last time?’ and before long you will be the woman of the house.

My advise to men is stay away from the kitchen .

Murder most foul: Campus students killed mysteriously – List

a man preparing a meal

Well the debate was extended to today and men opened up on why they prefer when their wives cook for them as opposed to house helps doing the same.

A woman who cannot cook is a fraud and a man who pays dowry for such a woman has been robbed. Says one caller

‘My husband ignored me for 8 months’ Evelyn Wanjiru painfully recalls



Another adds

When I was getting married my grandma advised me that I have to know how to cook if I want to have a happy husband.

She then went on to explain that a man has two stomachs one for food and one for s#x.

It is good for a woman to know how to cook and how to be entertain a man in the bedroom.However it doe not mean that just because a woman knows how to cook she will make a good wife.

Another caller adds that not only should women know how to cook but they should cook healthy and super foods for their men.

This includes foods such as managu, mrenda among others.


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Creamy and finger licking Chicken curry recipe you should try this weekend

The weekend is here and many of you might be wondering what meal to prepare for your kids and spouses as a way of spoiling them.

Worry not as we have a simple chicken curry recipe for you to try.


  •  spring onions
  • 3 garlic cloves
  •  vegetable oil
  •  chopped tomatoes
  • 2 tbsp curry powder
  • 1 tsp ground ginger
  •  boneless skinless chicken thigh, cut into 2.5cm/1in pieces
  •  A tub of natural yogurt.
  • salt and pepper

Step by step recipe on how to make tasty and crunchy fish fingers


  1. Thinly slice the spring onions, reserving a handful of the sliced green parts for garnish. Peel and chop the garlic.

    Heat the oil in a large saucepan over a medium heat and cook the spring onions and garlic for a few minutes. Add the tomatoes, curry powder and ground ginger and cook for 3-4 minutes.

    If the pan gets dry add a splash of water and make sure the spices don’t burn.

  2. Add the chicken and cook for 5 minutes. Make sure all the chicken is coated and is beginning to brown on the sides.

  3. Add some water(depends on the serving) and bring to the boil. Reduce to a medium to low heat and cook for 10-15 minutes, or until the chicken is cooked through with no sign of pink juices in the middle of the pieces.

  4. Take the curry off the heat, stir in the yogurt then season with salt and pepper.  Garnish with a drizzle of yogurt.

    Can be served rice or an accompaniment of your choice.


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Murder most foul: Campus students killed mysteriously – List

The mysterious deaths of campus students has been on the rise.

Some have died due to knife stabs, others were shot dead and other deaths remain unknown.

Below are some of the students who have died mysteriously in the past.

1. Tim Sydney

Tim Sydney Aomba was allegedly stabbed to death as he was heading to his house after leaving a meet up at Nairobi Central Business District. The student body Denver Cockey at JKUAT said he was stabbed near the heart by thugs who probably wanted to steal from him.


Why P Unit’s Gabu doesn’t want Kenyans to donate to Turkana drought victims fund

2. Maureen Wambui

Maureen was a Kenyatta University student who was allegedly run over by a prisons officer. Her body was dumped three kilometers from the accident scene. She was praise by her family for being a jovial girl. At the time, Maureen was expecting a baby.



3. Susan Njoki

She was run over by an unknown vehicle in Ruiru, Kiambu County, on December 30, 2018 prior to  boarding a matatu to Ruiru, where she had gone to look for a house.

She was a former Multi Media University who also worked as a product promotion agent.


Confirmed: Weed raises psychosis risk five-fold, study reveals

4. Evans Njoroge ( kidero)

Evans was a former students leader at Meru University. He was shot dead by police in cold blood.

Evans Student

5. Samuel Ragira

Samuel who was a former University of Nairobi Student leader recently lost his life at club 36 market.

He died fighting for students welfare.

uon students

6. Faith Libendi 

Libendi’s lifeless body was found in her apartment by her boyfriend who had gone to check on her.

According to the boyfriend, he realized something must be wrong after numerous calls to Faith went unanswered.

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5 times Julie Gichuru has shown us how to rock a Kitenge

Apart from being such a successful media personality, Julie Gichuru’s sense of fashion is also top notch.

She has always represented the African culture in her dressing and it has not gone unnoticed. These are the five times Mrs Gichuru has stepped out looking as delectable as a piece of candy:

Julie 1

A true lover of the African culture she is. The combination of the black dress with Ankara detail on the shoulders is definitely accentuating her beauty.

Julie 2 (1) (1) (1) (1)

Simple and classy. This look perfectly compliments her skin tone.


Confirmed: Weed raises psychosis risk five-fold, study reveals

Also quite simple but stylish. She is an entrepreneur and a host in different forums. Such Ankara dresses make her stand out whenever she makes an appearance.

Julie 4

As a person who is always in the public lime light, she knows that she needs to always look sharp and she does not disappoint. This dress is perfect for any occasion.

Julie 5

In the above photo,Julie was advertising for clothline that was launching in Kenya, but i have to say, its the perfect kinda kitenge outfit that will leave jaws dropping.

‘My husband ignored me for 8 months’ Evelyn Wanjiru painfully recalls

Gospel artiste Evelyn Wanjiru and her husband Agunda Bweni serve up couple goals but their marriage is one of love, patience and understanding.

Agunda is a music producer, Evelyn, on the other hand, is a musician, music director a fashion designer and a mentor.

The couple who will celebrate their 7th wedding anniversary on April 7th opened up on how they met in a segment dubbed #LoveAtFirstSight which airs on a local TV station.

‘My first salary was Ksh 10,000’ Raila Junior talks about his 1st hustle

Evelyn Wanjiru and her husband

Agunda says that he first fell in love with her voice

I had just been transferred to Nakuru for a job and so I decided to look for a church where I would be worshiping.

I tried the first,second at it is at the third church that I found her leading praise and worship. I instantly loved her voice.

When I looked at her I noticed she was lovable,so I said to myself that she would be my wife.I also decided not to approach her on the first day.

I took 8 months to do my research because ,I did not even know whether she was married or not.

I did not want to waste her time nor get into a relationship I would end up breaking.

Mike Sonko finally sends relief food to those affected by drought(Photos)

Evelyn Wanjiru

Evelyn, on the other hand, says that for her it was love at first sight.

I saw this young man coming in and I wondered who this cute man was.My heart was going very fast and  I could not even sing.

Every time I was given a chance to sing I would sing ‘Yesu Nakupenda’ by Rose Muhando as a love dedication to him so that he could at least notice me.

I would get out of the alter and sing karibu na yeye.That was my way of telling this guy vile nlikua namfeel.

Nilikua nimechapa that’s why he is saying he first loved my voice before teaching his heart to love me.

She adds 

There is a time the pastor said ‘turn to your neighbour and tell them God loves them’ .Believe you me my husband did not even turn.

I died a  million times inside but he later asked me for a date and my world came to a stand still.

Agunda goes on to add that Evelyn told him to wait for her for four years.

I told her that I wanted to marry her on the first date but she told me she was not ready for marriage.

She told me that I had to wait for four years and that is exactly what I did,by the time the four years elapsed we did not even notice.

We were deeply in love.

Evelyn is known for songs such as Mungu Mkuu, Tunakuabudu and Tulia which she has sung with Vicky Kitonga.

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‘My first salary was Ksh 10,000’ Raila Junior talks about his 1st hustle

Raila Junior recently opened up about the struggles he goes through in business due to his surname adding that it does not bother him anymore.

Contrary to what many believe, Junior is a serious businessman who owns a production house and he doesn’t name drop.

I am a businessman who manages his own business. I run a media production house and we mainly deal with the production of TV commercials.

Raila-odinga-junior with his dad and wife
Raila-odinga-junior with his dad and wife

‘We tried bearing a child without success for 5 years’ says Raila Junior

He went on to say that having the Odinga surname has not made things easy for him given that his clients place too many expectations on him.

I cannot say business is easy because when people give me business they have expectations.


Going by my surname the expectations placed on me are much higher compared to expectations placed on other people doing the same job.

Junior, who is a film producer, said people do not give him a job because he is the son of a well-known politician or comes from a famous family, but because of his professionalism and work ethic.

He also confessed that his first salary as an accountant was Ksh 10,000 and to him, that was a lot of cash.

My first job was working as an accountant for an aviation company. The job entailed bookkeeping, handling petty cash and just ensuring that things were running smoothly.

 For that, I was paid Ksh 10,000. That to me was a lot of cash back in the day.

‘Acoustic neuroma, a non cancerous tumor paralyzed my face ‘- Raila Junior

On whether he feels the pressure for being Raila Odinga’s son, Junior, says he is past that ‘stage’.

When I was 18-25 years old there was pressure because I had not fully understood my self as a man, but now I do.

At 39, I now know who I am. I know what I can do and what I cannot do. I don’t feel pressure anymore.

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Confirmed: Weed raises psychosis risk five-fold, study reveals

Powerful skunk/ cannabis/ weed flooding the streets of Britain increases the risk of psychosis five-fold, a major study reveals.

The problem is so widespread that nearly a third of psychosis cases in London are caused by the drug, researchers found.

They warned that 94 per cent of all cannabis available on the streets of the capital is now in the form of skunk.

It is cultivated to have super-high levels of the psychoactive ingredient THC, making it up to ten times more powerful than the ‘weed’ and ‘hashish’ common 20 to 30 years ago.

Researchers from King’s College London studied 2,100 people in 11 cities in Europe and South America in the biggest study of its kind.

They found that the link with psychotic disorders such as schizophrenia and paranoid delusion was strongest in London and Amsterdam – the two cities where high-potency cannabis is most commonly available.

Voices for the legalisation of cannabis have been growing in recent months, buoyed by the Government’s decision to permit limited use for medical treatment. The researchers warned against following the lead of Canada and the American states of Colorado and California, where legalisation has seen the potency increase.

And they said that even medicinal cannabis oil – available in the UK for a very limited number of people – should come with a warning of psychosis as a possible side effect.

Professor Sir Robin Murray, one of the researchers, said: ‘If you are going to legalise unless you want to pay for a lot more psychiatric beds and a lot more psychiatrists then you need to devise a system in a way that will not increase the consumption and will not increase the potency. Because that is what has happened in the US states where there has been legalisation for recreational use.

‘The critical question is whether medicinal use remains medicinal. The problem in California and Canada was that medicinal use became a synonym for recreational use.

‘You could go on the internet and tell a doctor, “I have headaches, I have back pain, I feel better if I have cannabis”. The main reason they legalised it was to try to control the amount of so-called medicinal use there, hoping that there would be a decrease in the use.’ There was not a risk of that in the UK ‘at present’ because cannabis oil is strictly controlled.

The research, published in the Lancet Psychiatry journal, found that skunk – with a THC level of more than 10 per cent – increased the odds of psychosis 4.8-fold in a person who smoked every day compared with someone who never used the drug. Using it more than once a week was less dangerous, but still increased the risk 1.6-fold.

Low-strength cannabis – with a THC level below 10 per cent – increased the odds of psychosis 2.2-fold if used daily and 1.4-fold if used more than once a week.

Study leader Dr Marta Di Forti said the effect of skunk on mental health is so high that in cities where it is widely available it has a huge impact on numbers diagnosed with psychotic disorders.

If skunk was taken off the streets of London, new cases of psychosis would drop 30 per cent, from 46 to 32 cases per 100,000 people, she said.

This was second only to Amsterdam, which would see a 50 per cent fall. In Cambridge, the only other British city to take part in the study, 8 per cent of psychosis cases were attributed to strong cannabis.

Dr Di Forti said even low-THC cannabis oil, used for epilepsy and MS, should come with a warning of possible mental health effects. The research comes after a Lancet study said cannabis is responsible for 60,000 cases of depression in young people in Britain.

Psychosis is a much rarer condition than depression, so the numbers affected will be far smaller, but the consequences are generally far more serious.

Voices are growing in Britain for cannabis to be legalised. Former deputy prime minister Sir Nick Clegg says making mild forms legally available would stop people using skunk.

Even the Royal College of Psychiatrists is reviewing its position to consider the view that decriminalisation would give the government power to regulate its strength and generate taxes.

-Daily Mail

From cleaner to accountant: Victor Sakwa’s motivating story

In an era where greed, corruption and selfishness have become the norm, Victor Sakwa’s story stands out as a glimmer of hope, especially to the youth.

Most people think that you have to bribe, sleep around or be connected to get a job.

That is not always the case as today Victor is a thriving accountant at Palbina Travel through his hard work, prayers and the generosity of a stranger earned him an opportunity.

Photos of lawyer Nyakundi who accidentally shot dead his 29-year-old son

Victor Sakwa

The village boy from Kakamega County found himself in an impossible situation when he was kicked out of his home due to a family dispute.

Just a few months before he was scheduled to join form four, he was forced to fend for himself in the unforgiving slums of Dandora.

Sometimes the people you expect to help you can really disappoint you.

I always thought that those close to me would support me and help me grow, but my true salvation came from a complete stranger.

Alone, desperate and out of options he reached out to a classmate who after convincing their parents who took him in, but with a family to fend for and pilling bills, the welcome soon became a burden.

Why P Unit’s Gabu doesn’t want Kenyans to donate to Turkana drought victims fund

After staying there for while his host sought a children’s home where Victor could seek refuge. They took him to Villar Tech children’s home where he stayed till he sat his form four exams. He said:

One day a team from Palbina Travel came to visit us and though we really appreciated the food and love they realized it was not enough.

So they gave me a job as a cleaner and offered to pay for my education.

I didn’t have bus fare or official clothes when I started working there, they had to give me an advance in my first month.

They didn’t ask me for anything or look at my tribe, religion or political convictions they just gave me an opportunity.

An aerial view of Palbina Travel hotel
An aerial view of Palbina Travel hotel

Currently taking CPA section 6 the ambitious accountant hopes to be a Chief Finance Officer (CFO) one day.

He dreams of a Kenya where hard-working youth are given an opportunity to thrive, but with all the corruption we see in our headlines only time will tell whether his dream will ever come true.

We had gone to Villa Tech Children’s Home Dandora on a routine visit to just donate food stuffs and assist. But when I was there I  realized that there were kids there that had finished school but they didn’t have any opportunities.

It just hit me that feeding them for a day would only take them so far. Without an opportunity to go to college or get good jobs these kids are stuck in a circle of poverty.

Palbina Travel Limited Mubeen C.Rana says that Victor was picked because he was the best performing student at the children’s home.

We just wanted to encourage the others that hard work pays. It’s not rocket science.

I just wish more organization could reach out to the vulnerable youth and see how they can give them a lasting solution.

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‘Men keep off the kitchen, otherwise mtakaliwa chapo!’ shouts woman

Today’s morning conversation on Classic 105 was based on why Kenyan men do not listen to their wive’s advise, only to end up in trouble.

It is not a secret that a majority of men have ended up in bad debts after failing to listen to advice from their women with some men wondering, ‘Huyu mwanamke anaeza niambia nini?’.

Mike Mondo (sitting in for Maina Kageni) and Mwalimu King’ang’i gave their fans a chance to contribute. One listener had this to say:

Men are like kids, I was married and I used to advice my husband on what to do but he never listened.

Some of his friends only loved him because he used to buy them drinks and he would end up penniless, but whenever I advised him to stay away from them he turned a deaf ear to me.

Mike, imagine I used to pay rent and everything else in that house because he used to spend all of his cash on alcohol.

We parted in 2015 and the house we used to live in amekwama hapo tu.

The day he I decided to leave him he was left begging.

‘I am jobless and don’t have the guts to tell my wife’ cries city man(Audio)


Man drinking

A female caller added:

Mike, we are currently in a very big financial mess because I tried advising my husband and he refused to listen to me.

Another caller explained that her man would rather do something the wrong way, just to prove he did not need the opinion of a woman.

Shocking as it may sound, another female caller advised men to stay away from the kitchen otherwise watakaliwa chapo:

Once a woman asks you to cook for her, be very careful because the next time she might even ask you to clean the house.

She will even ask you ‘Babe can you please cook for me today like the way you did last time?’ and before long you will be the woman of the house.

My advise to men is stay away from the kitchen .

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Step by step recipe on how to make tasty and crunchy fish fingers

We all love a good plate of food, however, many people are afraid of getting their hands dirty trying new recipes for fear of them backfiring.

Today we share with you this easy fish fingers recipe which you can try any day of the week.


  • Fish fillet cut into small strips.
  • Lemon.
  • Garlic.
  • Ginger.
  • Eggs.
  • Bread Crumbs.
  • Rice Flour.
  • Black pepper powder.
  • Salt.

A plate of fish fingers ,fries and a some tartar source

Roast steak with hasselback potatoes recipe


1. Place your fish fillet strips in a bowl and squeeze some lemon over it.

2. Add black pepper powder and a pinch of salt over the fish fillet strips and mix thoroughly but gently to avoid breakage.

3. In a separate bowl break your eggs, add some rice flour, garlic, ginger, and mix thoroughly.

4. Take the wet mixture you have just completed mixing above and mix it with the fish fillet strips and finally pass in the breadcrumbs.

5. Refrigerate it for 20 minutes or place it in a cool dry place.

6.Lastly, place some oil in a pan heat it under moderate heat and gently place the strips. Let them cook until they are golden brown.

Fish fillet can be served with either chips, rice, a green salad or a plate of roast potatoes. It can be drizzled with homemade chili sauce.

Feel free to make yourself a glass of fresh lemonade.

What’s your favorite fish fillet accompaniment? Share your answer on the comment section.

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Mike Sonko finally sends relief food to those affected by drought(Photos)

Nairobi governor Mike Sonko has once again won the heart of many Kenyans after sending tonnes of food donations to those affected by hunger in Turkana.

His gesture comes only days after Deputy President William Ruto, Cabinet Secretaries Eugene Wamalwa (Devolution) and Simon Chelugui (Water) refuted claims that Kenyans have died of hunger.

Media personality Willis Raburu and Kenyan artiste Gabu advised Kenyans not to contribute a dime to paybill numbers created to help drought victims.

hunger strike


Why P Unit’s Gabu doesn’t want Kenyans to donate to Turkana drought victims fund

Willis Raburu posed

My question is why are we here again? We there in 2017 ,2018 and why in 2019.

We are still in a situation where people are still asking whether debating on deaths as if they are just numbers.

It is no longer breaking news that there is gonna be a drought. I am telling you there will be a drought in 2020 so are we gonna start contributing again?

Let us not be enablers, lets not enable the government, counties to be lazy and not to work.

Mike Sonko

He added:

If we continue to become silent and fall into contribution and just tweeting and then nothing happens we are gonna be here again.

So I want you guys to think really hard about this country.

Below are photos of Sonko’s donations to those affected by hunger:

image-2019-03-20 (17) (1)

image-2019-03-20 (16) (1)

image-2019-03-20 (14) (1)

‘I am jobless and don’t have the guts to tell my wife’ cries city man(Audio)

Kenyan men spoke to Classic 105 and gave the reasons as to why they do not confide in their women. A majority said they preferred to die with their problems.

Most argued that women do not know how to keep secrets, while the women defended themselves by stating that those accusations were baseless.

The first caller was a guy and here is what he had to say.

Mike, I have a lot of problems. Its a secret but I cannot share it with my wife because once you share something with your woman she will start looking down on you.

She is also going to spread it around but the worst is that she will be disrespectful hata chakula hautakua unapewa.

‘They think I woke up and made money but I’m an A student ‘ Says Karauri


Right now I have no job and my wife does not know. I have to leave the house very early and pretend that I am going to my former job.

Photos of lawyer Nyakundi who accidentally shot dead his 29-year-old son

Another female caller added:

I would rather have my husband shut up because as women we tend to panic a lot .

In my case my husband cannot tell me his salary will be late maybe because he took a loan because I will start panicking and ask myself if he has no money what am I supposed to do?.

He is the pillar so if he is is in trouble I panic. I will start wondering who will feed the kids and if they will still be able to go to school.

I would rather stay in the dark.

Another caller added:

If a woman is understanding she will understand no matter the situation. But if she is a watermelon she will not understand no matter how hard you try to explain it to her.

Listen more on the audio below

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