20 years jail term for a policeman who tried to kill his girlfriend and her son

A police officer who attempted to kill his girlfriend, son and house help by shooting at her house in Embakasi, has been sentenced to 20 years in jail.

Administrative Police officer David Otieno was accused of attempting to kill Christine Kimanzi, her son and house help on November 1, 2015, at Nyayo Estate in Embakasi, Nairobi county.

He was also found guilty of unlawful use of a firearm by a Makadara court.

How sad: I found out all my five kids were fathered by someone else


The court heard that the two were in a relationship before falling out. Kimanzi said she was not comfortable with the relationship before walking out.

Otieno is said to have got furious when Kimanzi blocked his communications with her.

The accused was not happy when she quit and went to her house in an attempt to kill her.

On that day, Kimanzi told court Otieno tried to reach her on phone severally in vain, forcing him to storm into her house at around 5pm but did not find her.

An outraged Otieno stormed out of the house, telling the woman’s son that his mother was a lucky person. Kimanzi’s son called the mother telling her something was wrong.

Exclusive: Daddy Owen opens up on how he bonds with his son


A prosecution witness told the court that at around midnight, Kimanzi arrived home and went straight to her bedroom.

But before she could rest in her bed, she heard gunshots through her bedroom window that shuttered the bathroom sink causing a huge smoke.

Kimanzi’s son who was shocked came running to check on his mother only to hear the accused warning him against getting into his mother’s bedroom.

They ran to a corridor to hide but Otieno who had mastered all the corners of the house followed them while shooting randomly and continuously with threats to kill her. Kimanzi’s son was shot in his finger that was later amputated.

The court heard that, as he escaped, Otieno stopped by the road and robbed a man off his car at gunpoint.

The Star

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Exclusive: Akothee finally reveals why she finds it hard to date

Akothee may appear as an iron lady to many but according to her there are things that pull her down or make her weak and that thing is love.

That may surprise many given she is considered bold and daring.

Speaking exclusively during an interview she said;

“Love is what puts me down.

Its very difficult for me to date it puts you down as a woman. Hakuna mtu strong kwa mapenzi men find it difficult to get to know me because I find it difficult to open up.

I have got so much going on in my life, five kids Akothee Safari’s.”

Exclusive: Maina Kageni finally reveals why he is not getting married


I have carried out 5 abortions, unknowingly killing my twins in the process

In conclusion she advices women to keep off unhealthy relationships

“Don’t stay in unhealthy relationships if you are not happy you are not happy PERIOD.”

Akothee also known as the self proclaimed President of single mothers has never been shy to publicize her kids to all who care to see.

According to her they are the reason for her existence and given a chance she could never change a thing.

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From losing his son in accident to fighting rumors he was HIV positive, here are things you didn’t know about Oliver Mtukudzi

Celebrated Zimbabwean artiste Oliver Mtukudzi breathed his last yesterday the 23rd Jan 2019 aged 66 due to a long battle with Diabetes.

He is celebrated world wide for his great music.

Here are things you did not know about the fallen hero;


1.He was born September 22, 1952 in Highfield, Harare

2.He sang in the nation’s dominant Shona language along with Ndebele and English. He also incorporated elements of different musical traditions, giving his music a distinctive style, known to fans as “Tuku Music”

3.He was the first born of seven children.

4.He is the father of five children and has two grandchildren, two of whom are also musicians.

Ghanian artiste Quata Budukusu narrates horrifying bee attack in South B

5.He lost his son in a road accident

His son Sam Mtukudzi, a successful musician in his own right, died in a car accident in March 2010.

6. In 2013, he released an album titled “Sarawoga”

Speaking in a past interview at the time he said;

“I did the Sarawoga because some of the songs were meant to be a collaboration with my son. It was therapy on my part.

I did not want to fill guilty by throwing the work we had planned away, I had to finish it off. I spent two years without doing anything It was difficult but it had to be done.

He was more of a friend than a son.”

Oliver Mtukudzi and his late son
Oliver Mtukudzi and his late son Sam Mtukudzi

7.He passed away at Avenues Clinic in Harare, Zimbabwe

8.He had 66 albums to his name,he was to release his 67th album before his death.

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Ghanian artiste Quata Budukusu narrates horrifying bee attack in South B

Ghanaian hip hop artiste Quata Budukusu has narrated how he was attacked by bees in South B, an experience that he wishes no one else goes through.

Speaking about it on Classic 105 he said;

“We came back from the States last week and so we have been indoors for a while. I decided to step out to take a walk around South B. All of a sudden a swam of bees came out of nowhere.

They were on my face, my back and they stung me like crazy.

I have never run so hard in my life like I did on that day. The funny thing is that there was a baby and her mum passing by but I could not help them.”

Exclusive: Maina Kageni finally reveals why he is not getting married

Quata Budukusu
Quata Budukusu

He added;

“At the end of the day I just wanted to sit down and enjoy a cold Tusker to calm the pain but a call came and the person on the other end convinced me to go see a doctor.

According to him,

“Kenyan bees are crazy and I might have ended up dead. That was my worst experience, but all the same I think Kenyan bees like me.

I think I should actually do a song about Kenyan bees.”

‘I have a 6 bedroom house but I’d rather sleep in a club drinking, My wife is a real Al Qaeda’ City man cries

Below is his narration of that traumatizing event;

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Exclusive: Maina Kageni finally reveals why he is not getting married

Maina Kageni has revealed that he is not getting married any time soon. He stated during the morning show on Classic 105 to co-host Mwalimu King’ang’i.

According to King’ang’i, Maina does not understand the predicament and struggles married men go through and the only way to get to experience this is by getting hitched.

Maina is however not falling for this trap. He says;

“From what you keep telling me do you think I will get married? I see the hell you are all going through. One of this days we should actually discuss what is the real importance of marriage.”

She never showed up on our wedding day only to resurface carrying another man’s baby

Maina Kageni

This will come as a surprise to Maina Kageni’s fans because frankly speaking majority of them have been dying to know all the juicy details of his love life.

A wise man once said,

“Stop waiting for love and start living. There are many stories your life is meant to tell.Finding love is just one chapter.”

The above point goes to prove that Maina does not have to get married for the chapters in his life history to be complete. He is OK for now but we are still keeping tabs on him.

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‘I have a 6 bedroom house but I’d rather sleep in a club drinking, My wife is a real Al Qaeda’ City man cries

During the morning conversation on Classic 105 men opened up on why they get so intimidated by their wives despite the high positions they hold.

Maina Kageni could not wrap his head around the fact that some women are so intimidating such that their men would rather sleep in clubs or in the office.

Exclusive: Daddy Owen opens up on how he bonds with his son


One man confessed that despite him building his wife a six bedroom house and getting her 2 house helps she is still not contented.

“Maina my wife is a real Al Qaeda. I cannot dare go to my house before 2.am. I am only in this marriage because of the kids.

Huyu mwanamke kila siku ni kelele. As long as she keeps up with this behavior I will keep having mistresses comfortably and if the mistress asks me to make her my wife I ditch her and get another.

How sad: I found out all my five kids were fathered by someone else


I have built this woman a 6 bedroom house employed two house helps for her but the house is still a disaster.

With the weekend around the corner I go home around 3.am.I would rather be in the clubs drinking with my fellow men than go home.”

Another says;

“There are women who just find fault in a man no matter what you do. So why should I go home to be interrogated after a long day. I would rather stay in the club.”


Another adds;

“Such things only happen in the city. You cannot hear of such in the village. Its a painful lesson.

Maina you should marry  independent women like Sheila Mwanyigha, Caroline Mutoko or even Ciiku of busted then you will understand the struggles men go through.”

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Exclusive: Daddy Owen opens up on how he bonds with his son

Daddy Owen is a trend setter when it comes to creating good music, but not much is known about his relationship and his fatherhood roles.

Speaking exclusively to the Star Owen shared what fatherhood means to him and some of the things he does to bond with his kids.

She never showed up on our wedding day only to resurface carrying another man’s baby


He says

“Fatherhood is ok,everyday I learn something new from the kids,You know being a parent helps one understand better the struggles our parents went through when we were young.

Being a father also makes one understand things they could not understand before.

I ALWAYS   drop my son to school every morning ,this is despite the fact that the school offers an option where one can pay for transport when paying school fees.

From being camera shy, to being the last born: Here are things you didn’t know about Uhuru Kenyatta’s younger brother Muhoho

Technology has taken over,instead of them spending all their time in the house playing video games we take long drives

That’s one way for us to bond and know whats going on in his life its very important to me ,on weekends we also take long  drives alone.”

Daddy Owen and his wife Farida Wambui
Daddy Owen and his wife Farida Wambui

Larry M Gibson man once said that

“Everyday you are teaching your children what it means to be a father.You are laying a foundation for the next generation.Your sons will learn how to be husbands and fathers just by observing the way you fulfill these roles.”

Going by the above statement Daddy Owen is unknowingly setting a foundation for his sons,In a world where morals have been thrown out of the window he is standing by what he believes in.

DJ Exclusive shares experience at massage parlor that men need to read about

In an earlier interview the musician who welcomed his second born in July 2018 narrated how he almost lost his son after the umbilical cord went round his neck.

Daddy Owen and his wife Faridah
Daddy Owen and his wife Faridah

Speaking about it he says

“Just before booking the hospital for delivery. The doctor told us to go for a scan because my wife said she was in pain, yaani kama labour pain, yet her due date was not near.

We went for the scan and the results [showed] that the cord was around the baby’s neck… Thank God my late dad told me that pregnancy matters need to be planned [for] in advance, so I was ready financially. Farida was forced to go through emergency delivery five weeks before her due date.”

The doctor said for a very long time he has had such cases, and those kids ended up dying. I was so stressed about losing my son. I decided to ask the doctor what the reason could be, and he said there is no documented reason.”

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How sad: I found out all my five kids were fathered by someone else

A Kenyan man found himself in a dilemma after he found out that ‘his’ five kids were not actually his!

Speaking on a local radio station, the distraught man narrated how he was left with egg on his face, when his mother in-law broke the bitter news to him.

It all happened when the two love birds got into a fight and his wife packed his belongings and went back home. At this point, her mother could no longer keep a secret and decided to let the cat out of the bag.

She never showed up on our wedding day only to resurface carrying another man’s baby


Out of curiosity, the shocked man opted for a DNA test of his five kids only for the results to turn negative.

From being camera shy, to being the last born: Here are things you didn’t know about Uhuru Kenyatta’s younger brother Muhoho

He had no option but to end the relationship. He re-married and now has two ‘legit’ kids with his new wife.

Read his narration below.

“My wife got five kids out of wedlock without my knowledge,all along I thought they were mine.

The last time we had an argument she packed her bags and went to her mother’s home the mother then called me and told me none of the kids were mine.


When we went for DNA the results all turned out negative,that none of the kids belonged to me. 

We have lived together for the last ten years I finally decided to get married to someone else and so far we have two kids and both of them are mine according to DNA results we carried out.”



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‘I apologize to those who feel I derailed their music career’ DJ Pinye

DJ Pinye turns an year older and among the many things he is grateful for is the impact he has created to those around him especially in the music scene.

He is among the pioneer DJ’s in Kenya and frankly speaking he has nurtured lots of people even though he does not blow his own trumpet about this.

Taking to his social media he wrote

“On my bdays, I usually reflect on alot of things about my life. Today, am thinking about my impact. My impact on other people’s lives specifically those in the music industry. One thing is clear, I am aware of my influence. I apologise to those who feel I played a part in derailing their music career. But I am not apologetic for the values and standards I uphold for our music industry. #itsmybirthday#foreveryoung #playgoodmusic

DJ PInye
Dj Pinye and Creme De La Creme

His fans took to wish him a beautiful day as he celebrates his birthday and below are theirmessages

officialjanetmbugua:Great caption…but how do you look 30 🤨

2benzy:Happy birthday @djpinyecontinue to do good. Young and strong. Miaka ni hesabu tuu..

wanguiwaiyaki:Happy birthday my birthday mate

pkanini_:Happy birthday 🎊🎂🎁 darling. I wish you Gods favor

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Breaking News: Music legend Oliver Mtukudzi is dead

Legendary jazz musician Oliver Mtukudzi’s  is dead,His death was on Wednesday 23rd Jan ,2018  confirmed to TshisaLIVE leaving many in shock.

Mtukudzi’s record label Gallo Records confirmed the news but said there were no other details available.

The musician’s family is set to release a statement later this afternoon.

An outpouring of tributes has already flooded social media.

Heroes forever:Five men in Riverside attack died protecting a woman


During an interview with TshisaLIVE a year ago, Mtukudzi spoke about his excitement of releasing his 67th album.

He said the most significant thing about his upcoming album, Hanya’Ga (Concern) was the message.

“My 67th album is meant to share a message of introspecting and I’m hoping people learn a thing or two from it. It’s an album I wrote last year after I realised that the world keeps getting tangled up in ‘unnecessary’ problems.

“All because we are focused on competing and being better than the next person. In so doing we keep stepping on each other’s toes but that is not how God created us. God meant for us to compliment each other, that’s why he didn’t duplicate talent,” he said at the time.

Among his most celebrated songs include Todii,Neria among others.

Source:Times Live

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She never showed up on our wedding day only to resurface carrying another man’s baby

A city man was left heartbroken after his woman disappeared on their wedding day, only to resurface and inform him she was pregnant for another man.

According to her, she was not ready to blackmail her hubby to take care of another man’s kid, hence the disappearing act.


He says

“It was in the second year of our relationship that we decided to get married. We started putting plans together and buying the stuff couples usually buy when they want to spend their lives together. It wasn’t so long then I lost my job.

Searching for a new job became more important to me than our preparations for marriage. I must admit, my joblessness sometimes made me undecisive but I was so sure we were going to get married immediately I got a job.

She understood me. She tried to help in many ways she could. At some point she told me; “I have some money, let’s use that to get married but promise me you’ll pay back immediately you get back on your feet again.”

How I unknowingly became my pastor’s mpango wa kando


I didn’t like the idea because I wasn’t so sure when I was going to get back on my feet again. So I told her, “We are not going anywhere and we are not getting too old eigther. Let’s wait and be sure of the future before we take the next step.”

It wasn’t easy but very soon I got a new job. It wasn’t paying so well but it was better than nothing. I worked hard and with her help, we started putting things together again to ensure we got married very soon.”

I have carried out 5 abortions, unknowingly killing my twins in the process

He goes on to narrate that despite things being tough, he eventually got a job and things started falling into place.

Two weeks before the traditional wedding, she got sick and that is when things went from bad to worse.


“Two weeks before the traditional wedding, she fell sick. She was visiting the hospital very often and mostly got withdrawn. At some point, I wasn’t sure she could go through with the marriage and even asked for it to be postponed but she said everything would be alright. 

A day before the wedding, I couldn’t see her. I was busy running around and putting things in order to receive our guests the next day. I called to see her in the evening but something came up so we couldn’t meet.

But we spoke at length later that night to be sure both of us were ready. I told her; “I can’t wait to finally say ‘I do’ to you.” She only giggled and said something I’ve forgotten.”


From being camera shy, to being the last born: Here are things you didn’t know about Uhuru Kenyatta’s younger brother Muhoho

He goes on to narrate

“Family and friends had gathered to witness the marriage ceremony but something was missing. The girl’s mother was not there. Later, the father got up to go and fetch her and he too took forever to return. I could sense in my spirit that something was wrong but couldn’t lay hands on what was.

The father returned after close to an hour. He called my parents and head of the family aside. For close to fifteen minutes they were in closed discussion. I could see strains of anger, confusion and sadness on the faces of my family. My mom turned to look at me. I was getting anxious. My dad walked out and signalled me to follow him.

He said, “The woman has changed her mind. She said she’s no more interested in the marriage because of some issues they can’t explain now.”



As a man he was expected to keep his head high and that he did, but frankly his heart was breaking into a million pieces.

“I felt my heart was going to explode in my chest. I was confused. I was embarrassed and wished I could disappear. I didn’t want to break down in full glare of our guests. I gathered some strength and left the scene. I don’t know what happened next or what was said to the guests, they started walking out in groups and talking loudly to one another

It was like a movie or dream that didn’t make sense. Her phone was off and her parents wouldn’t tell me where she was. I held my phone all night hoping she might call to tell me something. No call. No sign of her”

Then came the bombshell

“The next day she came to see me with her father and the father broke the news to me; “We are sorry for what happened yesterday.

The embarrassment was huge on both of us but nothing happens without a reason. Our daughter here is pregnant and the news is, you are not the one responsible.”Said her dad

I have come to terms with it now though it almost crushed me, he finished.




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‘We all have mother’s, we were not picked from a shamba’ Women to men who have refused to detach from their mothers

The debate on whether men in their 30’s and 40’s should still live with their mothers has been rife, putting men and their wives at logger heads.

During yesterday’s Morning conversation on Classic 105, a majority of men made it clear that they cannot even fathom the thought of keeping away from their mothers.


Perfectly Imperfect: Check out Kiuna’s daughters and their kids (photos)

Here is what fans had to say on men who REFUSE to detach from their mothers

“Tell these ladies we are not compromising our love for them we just have set the majority of the love for our mothers. Just like as for our wives they have to earn the love.”

Another adds

“I love quoting the bible and clearly states that ‘A man shall leave his mother’ so hii tabia ya men wanting to stay with their mothers ni za watu wa Nairobi.

In the rural setting, young boys detach themselves from their mothers at a very young age by building a small house away from the mum.

I don’t know where this is coming from, hizi ni tabia za vijana wa Nairobi hii mambo ya cerelac and weetabix ndo inaleta all these things.”

Young man dating an old woman

I have carried out 5 abortions, unknowingly killing my twins in the process

An agitated female fan called in, blasting men for thinking that they don’t have parents as well.

“Why do men feel like their mothers are perfect? No mother is perfect and don’t even forget even those wives have mothers as well. Or do you think the wives were harvested in a shamba like you would  harvest maize?

Men keep bragging about how their mothers cleaned them, breastfed them and did a whole list of things for them, it makes me wonder did they expect their fathers to breastfeed them?

A woman was ordained by God for this purpose so give us a break already.”



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Perfectly Imperfect: Check out Kiuna’s daughters and their kids (photos)

Kathy Kiuna is among Kenyans who have recently earned the name ‘grandma and grandpa’ after their daughters gifted them adorable grand kids.

The classy pastor, who is married to pastor Allan Kiuna, cannot get enough of the fact that not only did they get grand kids but also extra sons as well.

In one of her previous posts, Kathy pens of her excitement of the double blessings

” Just came across this photo and thought😳WHO KNEW?? Surely what God does no man can do. That Jeremy @dj.jayq now has some white brothers who are absolutely amazing. I no longer have one son but three. This God is too good ooooo. The only issue is that for the last two years I’ve been dating a grandfather 👴 😂😂. When we have our endless stories in the middle of the night we always laugh and ask each other “guks and shosh you mean you still have energy”.

Lanes! Vera Sidika reveals she is a landlady in Nyali (Evidence)

Alan Kiuna

That’s become our joy, The grandkids are a whole other story. I’m glad though that he’s a grandpa with swag. These sons thou, do very daring things like kite surfing 🏄‍♀️ in the daring deep seas and I’m praying that grandpa’s swag doesn’t take him that direction😳.

I need his bones intact. These kids are in their 20s they can’t break nothing 😂😂. I will soon tell you how grandpa plays with his grandkids .

What😳😳when I call them Nia’s first question before saying hi is “WHERE’S GUKA” You will know why . Have a great weekend full of laughter.”

In another post, Pastor Allan shared a photo of him and his girls with the following caption.

“Guks with Daughters and grand daughters. Too beautiful to behold. The blessing of the Lord makes rich and adds no sorrow with it . Guks preached a storm today. We simply had church.”

Allan Kuna with his daughters and grand daughters

Well here are photos of the Kiuna’s beautifully family





image-2019-01-22(7)(1) image-2019-01-22(5)(1)



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Lanes! Vera Sidika reveals she is a landlady in Nyali (Evidence)

Ever wondered how Vera Sidika manages to finance her posh lifestyle and keep her business running yet she is not employed like most of us?

She takes vacations, buys wigs worth your whole months rent and while most of us are busy borrowing loans on Tala, Fuliza and Mshwari, Vera is busy spending her cash.

‘I’ve been married for 18 years and my mother-in-law does not know where we live’ Brags city woman



Well we at Classic 105 have finally unearthed that Vera is a Landlady in Nyali. The conversation was leaked after one of her fans, who is also a tenant, told her that she saw her title deed.

Here is how the conversation goes

Fan: Vera I know you have a house in Nyali but you never show us lol. I’m a landlady so I got an agent and one time I was at the office I had hio title deed ya Vera sidika Nyali… I was like damn Vera you go girl anyway I never even told anyone but kudos if it was you
Vera Sidika: Hmmmm …but who told you
Fan: I was at an office
Vera: I only post such for motivational purposes. I make silent moves. Land, apartments, houses, businesses are my kinda thing. I got tired of cars.


Young Soul: Here’s why women go nuts over business tycoon Kibor (list)

Here are screenshots of the entire conversation

WhatsApp Image 2019-01-21 at 21.21.46

WhatsApp Image 2019-01-21 at 21.21.47

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Girl on fire: Check out Anne Kiguta’s versatile fashion sense – photos

Media Personality Anne Kiguta has been silent and not as active on social media but that has not stopped her fans from keeping tabs on her.

The mother of three (a teen and twins) has left many wondering where she disappeared to. Well, she is still around just keeping a low profile.

Anne has been hosting shows on radio but going by her post she is now going to be gracing or screens once again.

Seems like her being away from the screens has made her even more beautiful and her fashion sense more evolved and her are photos to prove the same.

‘I want some action not empty words’ MC Jessy tells bae


A wise man once said

“Elegance is not standing out but being remembered.”

Family and friends throng CITAM for the funeral service of 6 brave men killed in the Riverside attack (Photos)

arandiddy: Sweetie one😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍

sampaulnjenga: The sweetest girl

phellahgesare: Lovely hun

babyshoespalace: 🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥

lilmuli: Beautiful

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‘I’ve been married for 18 years and my mother-in-law does not know where we live’ Brags city woman

During Yesterdays morning conversation on Classic 105, a male caller left women fuming after strongly stating that their mother’s come FIRST.

According to him, nothing can come between the two of them, and going by the responses a majority of men seem to agree with him.

Love from the grave: Story of mom who died leaving behind an 8-month-old


He says

“My case is different I am 35 and I live with my siblings, 3 sisters, my wife, kids and my mum.

  I can’t live in a good place and my mother is struggling.

To me my mum is everything. She comes first even when it comes to cooking her food is cooked first then ours follow.


Young Soul: Here’s why women go nuts over business tycoon Kibor (list)

That statement elicited a heated debate and here is what the fans had to say on why men bring their mothers to live with their wives.

Another says

“My problem is being close to my mum,she is my mum. I can’t stay a day without speaking to my mum, that is why she has to stay with us.”

Another adds

“I have no problem if he treasures his mother. We all treasure ours. Love her unconditional yes, but don’t disrespect your wife in the process. I cannot live with my mother in law in the same house”


Another male caller adds

“I live with 3 sisters, my wife, my mother and my kids and my wife is very Ok with that because my mother has not wronged her.”

Style on fleek: Politicians kids whose fashion sense is top notch (photos)

An agitated female caller blasted the men living with their mom’s, saying that they need to change their way of thinking

“That man has a mental disorder. Hio ni ujinga. I have been married for the last 14 years, yet my mother in law does not know where we live.

Whenever she gets sick we go to her place take care of her and come back home. How does one even go to live with his son?


Those men who are speaking have not even gone through the traditional rites of giving out goats. My mother in law respects our space. She says that she has her own house so she lets us be.”

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