Check out how Terryanne Chebet spent her 40th birthday with friends

Terryanne Chebet is grateful as she turns 40 today a new year spent with her family and friends.

Her birthday parties are never done a simple birthday. For her, it’s an opportunity to escape the ups and downs of work and take a trip with her friends somewhere close. Last time she went out with the girls, Jacque Maribe, Shix Kapienga, Kirigo Ngarua, Monica Kiragu and her daughter.


Last time it was courtesy of Bonfire Adventures to the Mombasa and this time the squad is a completely different squad. New faces other than Kirigo.
The destination, Mukami house. A Luxury country home in Laikipia overlooking Mt Kenya.
Kirigo who is pretty excited her close friend has turned a year older penned  a sweet birthday wish that read,

“I remember watching you when you were at CNBC and I kept hoping and wishing we could be friends…and look at us here…😊😊😊 a friendship that has grown over 10 years…we have laughed,we have cried,we have fought,we have “cancelled” each other and we have prayed for each other. I am grateful that you chose me and stuck by us through the good and bad times… as you turn 40, you know my prayer for you.. 😊😊😊😊 happy birthday my love”

The ‘family’ of ladies who were present during her last years birthday have not sent their wishes on social media other than Shix who has taken it to her Instagram story with just ‘Happy Birthday ma’. Different from last year where she put up a long sweet post. This year, the ‘Golden Girls’ are silent and absent.

This year she will be marking her 40th year that came with blessings. Terryanne is the Brand ambassador of Molfix Diapers and the General Manager of Metropol Tv.

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We want to help Kenyan acts spread their wings – Morgan Heritage

Grammy-winning reggae group Morgan Heritage, revealed that their main objective is to promote Kenyan artists and give them a global appeal.

Speaking in an exclusive interview seen by, Peter and Mojo Morgan, who were representing the Morgan Heritage crew, revealed that they are working with Naiboi, Willy Paul among other artists in a bid to help them spread their wings.

We are just now discovering a lot of young talents here and the list is growing everyday because there’s so much talent here. They said.

They added,

We are definitely looking forward to becoming a part of the music industry here in Kenya to help give some of the artists global recognition that people like Diamond and Yemi Alade have.

People like Naiboi is known in Kenya but outside of Kenya I don’t know if many people know about him.

We have friends like Willy Paul who is known across borders and we want to get him into Europe and America because artists from Nigeria and Ghana are all over those people.

The two were speaking ahead of their much anticipated, Tomorrow’s leaders festival slated for 8th June at the Kasarani Stadium.

The festival’s main initiative is to raise funds for youth leadership programs across Africa and Jamaica with Benefactors including Save the Children, UNICEF, UNESCO, UNODC, OXFAM International, Shofco, JoyDivine several other Ngo’s.

The festival is about us coming together and helping the youth to realize their full potentials. We are supporting both local and international Ngo’s. 


Other superstars who will be gracing the event include, Juacali, Naiboi, Nyashinski, Wyre, Diamond Platnumz, Alaine, Chameleone, Yemi Alade among others.

Gates open at noon and the ticket breakdown is as follows: Regular : 1K VIP : 10K and VVIP 15K

5 More Reasons why you should eat Avocado today !

Forget fatty foods, avocado is here to give you healthy fat that is good for your body, mind and soul and we will tell you why!

Here are more reasons why you should eat avocado


1. Avocado Is Incredibly Nutritious

One of the reasons why this is the case is because to begin with, avocado contains more potassium than bananas.

They also act as a nutrient booster which boosts your body’s ability to absorb nutrients from other foods.




2.Avocados are good for your skin

However you want it, in a mask or food, however you use it , it is good for your skin leaving your skin looking youthful .

The same nutrients that protects your skin even from sun-burns  also protects your eyes


Drop those normal boring styles and rock your abuja braids like this


3.Avocados have fiber in them

A whole avocado fruit has around 10 grams of fiber which has very important healthy benefits for your body.

Dietary fiber is an important dietary component with many health benefits.

It can regulate appetite, feed the friendly bacteria in the gut and reduce the risk of many diseases .




4.Avocados help in weight loss

Avocado can also help in your weight loss journey.

Avocado gives one a full tummy for  a couple of hours that may limit how many times you may need food after that.

This will reduce the amount of times you would want to eat in between your schedules helping in your weight loss journey.


5.Avocados taste good, Enough said!

Avocados taste good with just about everything!

Serve it with toasted bread, in salad, in guacamole or just anything, It will still add flavor to the meal.

Reason why avocados are a whole balanced diet with some extra touch.


56464460_287242912190164_3645339167975758368_n (1)




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Woman claims she cured her period pain by rubbing menstrual blood on her skin

A 26-year-old woman has claimed how she relieved her severe period pain by rubbing menstrual blood on her face during a ritual meditation.

Yazmina Jade Adler, from Melbourne, said she was suffering from excruciating cramps but was advised by doctors to ‘go on the pill’.

She said she stumbled across the unusual remedy when she met a shamanic womb woman who encouraged her to ‘connect’ to her blood.

Appearing on SBS’s show Medicine or Myth?, which premiers on Monday night, Yazmina claimed she noticed instantly her cramps were gone when she started meditating in a sacred space about a year ago.

The 26-year-old woman claimed she noticed instantly her cramps haven't returned since meditating in a sacred space for nearly a year

‘I’ve been using this remedy now for about 10 months to a year and my cramping has gone,’ she told a panel of medical experts, led by renowned Australian neurosurgeon Dr Charlie Teo, who squirmed when Yazmina showed them a small jar of her blood.

‘Every month, I create a ritual medication space, and I use the blood in a way to connect either through putting it on my hand or anointing it on my third eye.

‘By doing this, it has relieved the discomfort.’

Yazmina – who collects her own blood through a menstrual cup for her ceremony – said she would normally place one hand on her heart, and the other on her womb.


‘My insecure hubby pinned me down and shaved my hair,’ Cries woman

A city woman has narrated how she was left with egg on her face, by her insecure husband who could not stand men admiring her beauty.

Speaking on one of the popular local station, Rosemary opened up on how she came home fresh from the salon and was lured into the house only to be pinned down and was clean shaved.

According to her, her hubby could not stand her new stunning looks and the imminent attention she would receive from other men.

She says her cries fell on his deaf ears and when neighbors came to her rescue, the man chased them away saying that he was showing love to his wife.

She was forced to walk away from the marriage leaving behind a 9-month-old toddler.

Read her narration below.

Aki nilienda town nimebadilika kidogo eti nimekuja na ka style kangu nimerembeka, niliwekwa chini nikawekwa makasi nikanyolewa na picha ikachomeka.

Hakuna kitu inauma mtu kama kunyoa mtu nywele hiyo ni uchawi! Mimi sikujua nia yake kwani alinikaribisha vizuri na baadaye akafunga mlango na kuniweka chini.

Sasa akiniyoa huku nikipiga nduru, majirani wakija anawaambia kuwa hayo ni mapenzi yake na bibi yake, hapo nikaondoka na kumuachia mtoto wa miezi tisa.

Nilimrudia mtoto wangu na akakataa akidai kuwa eti mtoto mluhya haishi nje na hapo nikakubali kauli yake lakini mimi husaidia kumlea.

Woman left dejected after police refused to arrest man who raped her

A man who made a written ‘confession’ to raping a woman in her sleep will not be prosecuted after the Crown Prosecution Service dropped the case.

Bonny Turner, 41, waived her legal right to anonymity to highlight how she believes rape has been decriminalised by prosecutors.

Miss Turner was allegedly attacked by a man she knew in a London hotel in 2016.

A man who made a written ‘confession’ to raping a woman in her sleep will not be prosecuted after the Crown Prosecution Service dropped the case. Bonny Turner, 41, waived her legal right to anonymity to highlight how she believes rape has been decriminalised by prosecutors

He left Britain after the incident, but in a written exchange on the Facebook Messenger app she says he ‘confessed’ to raping her.

However, even though he admitted in writing to having ‘made a huge mistake’, the CPS refused to bring charges.

Miss Turner, a counselling trainer, told The Independent newspaper that the refusal of the CPS to act meant rape victims’ chances of winning justice were bleak.

She added: ‘He confessed what he had done. In my view rape has become decriminalised.

‘If a confession isn’t enough to even get to court, there’s no hope for anyone else.

‘I was naive to believe that a voluntarily written admission of rape amounts to prosecutable evidence in the eyes of the UK’s so-called justice system.’

In the exchange on Messenger, Miss Turner told the man she was ‘fast asleep’ when he allegedly forced herself on her.

Miss Turner was allegedly attacked by a man she knew in a London hotel in 2016. In a written exchange on the Facebook Messenger app she says he ‘confessed’ to raping her. Above: Miss Turner wrote on Twitter: 'This is about one of my many #MeToo experiences and my struggle to get justice in the broken UK justice system. DO NOT KEEP THIS SECRET'

She says the man replied: ‘I know. I made a huge mistake and have been thinking about how wrong I was since then. Please forgive me.’

He then claimed he ‘noticed too late’ that she was asleep and is said to have replied: ‘That is why I stopped, but I should not have even tried from the beginning. I am so deeply sorry.’

Following this exchange, Miss Turner reported the incident to the police.

She said she was questioned a few days later for five hours at a London police station, and was asked for her mobile phone as well as access to personal information on her phone and her social media accounts.

Miss Turner said she was not told what was taken from her mobile, but later found that police had demanded information from a former employer about a grievance process.

She believes the fact that a complaint she made about workplace bullying was not upheld could have been used to discredit her.

Miss Turner’s case comes after widespread concern this month over plans to require rape and domestic violence victims to give their phones to police or face their cases being dropped.

The man was not interviewed until more than a year after the incident, when British police arranged to have him questioned in his own country.

But nearly two years after her report, she was told no further action would be taken.

When Miss Turner used the CPS Victim’s Right to Review, prosecutors refused to reopen her case.


‘I hold my wife highly for being the best mum,’ – Juacali

Kenya’s superstar, Paul Julius Nunda, popularly known as Juacali has for the first time opened up on his marriage and how it has changed his life.

The legendary kiasi hit maker is married to the beautiful, Lilly Asigo and the couple is blessed with three kids.

According to the Genge rapper, he holds his wife, Lily, highly for her sacrifices in dealing with his career, love and being the best mum in the world to their children.

Speaking in an exclusive interview with Kalondu Musyimi, Juacali says he always does everything to appreciate his wife, for blessing him with a beautiful and healthy family.

My wife has really humbled me, she bore me beautiful and healthy children. Said Juacali.
He added,
That is one thing that makes me view life differently because she chose to live with me forever. She could have chosen to do other things but instead chose to be with me, and the best things I can do is show appreciation.
Speaking about that one lesson he has since learned in marriage, Juacali reiterated on learning the importance of not keeping secrets from his spouse.
One thing I have learnt is to not keep secrets because they will eventually blow up and will bring about many issues. I have learnt to be truthful in everything I do to avoid issues in future.
Does Juacali has a password on his phone and does his wife know it?
Yes she does but funniest thing is I have never seen her touch my phone.
What are the habits he would not want to see in his son?

I would not like to see my son grow to be a liar, do drugs or be a ‘wind’. In this context I mean he needs to be his own man.

Blessings Galore: Check out photos of Njugush’s new machine

Celestine Ndinda, wife to comedian Njugush took to her insta stories on social media to share a sneak peak of their new car.

The new car which seemed to be a Prado left KOT amazed at his success, as he drove the car in Mombasa. He is seriously making money moves.

This is good news as the couple who have bagged many endorsements seem to be doing well in life and also in their careers.

Check out the couples new mega ride.

image-2019-05-24 (5) (1)

Scooping many endorsements including Safaricom, Njugush is proof that talent pays only if you put effort into it.

The father of one who has worked closely with his wife Celestine are definitely enjoying the fruits of their labor.

Drop those normal boring styles and rock your abuja braids like this

image-2019-05-24 (8) (1)


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Drop those normal boring styles and rock your abuja braids like this


Who said you have to always have the usual braids?

Just looking through the gram, you will find lots of inspiring new ways to rock your abuja braids, and look just as glowing.

I have put together a list and pictures of your favorite celeb showing us how to be trendy and cute.


1. Amina Abdi

TV presenter Amina In Braided hair, tied up in a bun
TV presenter Amina Corn rows done in style

Ali KIba’s first born son is the spitting image of him (Photos)

2. Kambua

Kambua in long protective cornrow hair


Gospel Musician in Bun protective corn row hair

3. Anita Nderu

TV presenter Anita Nderu in long twist braids
TV presenter Anita in protective cornrows with a hint of sauce

5 ways to effectively help you deal with anxiety

4. Amani Gospel

Gospel Musician Amani in curly long box braids

The longer you stay in campus, the healthier you are – Scientists

5. Tracy Wanjiru

TV presenter Tracy looking flawless in almost blonde cornrows with a touch of drop down braids

6. Grace Ekirapa

TV host Grace Ekirapa with an up do classy corn row
TV presenter Grace Ekirapa with side corn rows

7. Diana Marua

Diana Marua corn rows Up do hair in a bun

5 Reasons why salsa dancing is good for you




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Smokers of light cigarettes suffer same fate as those who use traditional ones

Smokers of ‘light’ or menthol cigarettes are just as likely to die from lung cancer as those who use the traditional ones, researchers claim.

Scientists have warned there is no safe cigarette, despite people believing low-tar options may be a healthier choice.

Researchers at the Medical University of South Carolina analysed health records of 14,000 smokers, aged between 55 and 74.

All the volunteers had smoked for at least 30 ‘pack years’ – the number of packs per day multiplied by years smoked.

Academics calculated the effect of smoking habits on lung cancer incidence and mortality, as well as deaths from all causes, although it is not clear what other causes were studied.

No difference was found in lung cancer incidence or deaths, or all-cause mortality between regular cigarette smokers and light or ultralight smokers.
Lead author Dr Nina Thomas said: ‘There’s still this idea that light or ultralight might be better for you, and it’s not.

‘All cigarettes are bad. They all increase the risk for lung cancer and the risk of dying from lung cancer.’

However, the results did show smokers of light cigarettes – sold by brands such as Marlboro – had a lower dependence on tobacco.

But they were less likely to kick the habit than regular cigarette smokers, according to the data from The National Lung Screening Trial in the US.Light or ultralight cigarettes, which started being developed in the 1960s, are advertised as having less tobacco, nicotine, tar, and a milder flavour. Menthol cigarettes are flavoured with menthol.

And Dr Thomas added there was also ‘no difference’ in any of the outcomes when comparing menthol smokers to adults keen on normal cigarettes.

But smokers of unfiltered cigarettes were 40 per cent more likely to develop lung cancer, and almost twice as likely to die from it.

They’re also 30 per cent more likely to die of any cause and are more dependent, when compared with filtered cigarette smokers.

Filtered cigarettes – with the filter at the top – were introduced in the 1950s as a solution to the growing concern over cigarette safety.

Before this, all cigarettes were sold ‘unfiltered’, which you can still make today with rolling tobacco.

Dr Thomas said there have been several alterations to cigarettes in the past 70 years in response to public concern about health risks.

‘Despite these changes, smoking remains associated with 90 per cent of lung cancer, the leading cause of cancer related mortality,’ she said.

Smoking rates have fallen over the past 50 years but around 40million Americans still smoke, according the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention.

The number of smokers in the UK has also decreased over the past few decades, to a record low of just 14.9 per cent, according to the NHS.

Of those who do smoke, 60.8 per cent intend to quit, according to the Office for National Statistics.

There are around 46,700 new lung cancer cases in the UK every year, and in 2018 an estimated 234,000 new cases of lung cancer were diagnosed in the US.

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5 Reasons why salsa dancing is good for you

Are you a fitness enthusiast or just want to learn that simple routine that will make you love a good work out? Well salsa is the thing you need to try.

There are so many reasons why people stay faithful to a certain sport, routines, or habit.

Salsa dancing has so many benefits including both health and physical benefits.


Here are reasons who salsa dancing could be what you are looking for.

1. Keeps your body fit

Everyone has a unique way on how to keep their body fit. Well, you might need to rethink on how to include salsa.

Salsa has so many areas of fitness. For instance, it can help you reduce excess body weight and also toning of your body muscle.

Those who learn this exciting dance also notice an improvement in their balance, body awareness, memory, and coordination. Dancing requires you to be moving your feet in one motion, while your arms, hands, and head are doing something different.


2. Keeps your body looking younger

Keeping your body fit has it advantages including making you look younger. It also benefits your whole body including keeping fit, benefitis your lungs and also your heart.

It is said that dancers performing  in one dance competition could amount to those cyclists and swimmers covering more than 400 meters.

3. Improves your emotional health

Dance elevates your moods giving that different feel when you put your heart out to dance.

This may help reduce stress or even sins of depression making change the mood to the rhythm of music.

It helps improve ht relationship between the mind and the body making you feel more relaxed and at peace.

4. Improves your self esteem

Salsa dancing helps you build on your confidence through interactions that you make with members of the opposite s3x and also everyone in the dancing hall.

Salsa dancing may also bring much attention to you while dancing. This at times could be a little intimidating.

However, this may also be one of the ways you could build up on your esteem by bringing out the best in you on that dance floor.

58950169_2272316156317870_7011223827102081936_n (1)

5. Fun is guaranteed

Salsa is no doubt fun.

It does not matter if you are a pro’ or not, shine with those simple moves that you know and you are guaranteed a fun adventure.

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Photo of the day: Ferdinand Waititu’s mansion

Ethics and Anti-Corruption Commission detectives on Thursday morning raided the city homes of Kiambu Governor Ferdinand Waititu.

Waititu mansion
Police in Waititu’s mansion

The Governor’s homes in Runda, Garden Estate were searched for documents in the dawn raid as the EACC stepped up their graft probe over audit queries in Kiambu county.

Waititu mansion
Waititu mansion

In the raid, beautiful houses showing the governor’s house were revealed.

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Kenyans react after Larry Madowo eats a mouse

TV personality Larry Madowo shared a video sampling a special delicacy and netizens have a lot to say about it.

In the video, the BBC journalist is seen eating the meat, while noting how delicious it was – like he was eating chicken.

I ate a mouse 🐁 for the first time and it was, well, amazing! Mice (not rats!) are a delicacy among the Chewa of central Malawi.

I will eat anything and I had to try these.


He continued to say

They’re eaten whole with the skin and everything.

Tastes just like chicken 😉 

#wanderlust #goeverywhere#eateverything

Many communities around the world are known to eat these animals.

For instance in India, one of the marginalized communities eat rats/mice.

Rats/Mice are also on the menu among the Mijikenda in Kenya’s coastal region, while Nigeria and Vietnam they are a common and profitable source of income and protein for people.

Fans also went to his social media and the comments are hilarious
nyaribari_ ..umeamua kuharibia kuku jina

the_oracle_z.. They eat those in Kenya too haha

e.mumo.. We’ve eaten those kwa mtura unknowingly But ogopa ebola..

techzote ..Nimepata business idea….ile panya mtakula hii Nairobi wacha tu

r_nyale ..That is very popular within the Mijikenda tribes in Kenya. Yes, it tastes like chicken

monique_mwas_james ..Am not boarding 🥶🥶🥶🥶🤮🤮🤮

The longer you stay in campus, the healthier you are – Scientists

People who attend university are less likely to suffer a heart attack or stroke because they are healthier, a study suggests.

Scientists found for every 3.6 additional years spent in education, people had a BMI that was one mark lower.

They also found the same amount of time – similar to that needed to gain a university degree – also lowered blood pressure.

Being overweight can lead to high blood pressure or diabetes, both of which are known to raise the risk of heart attacks and strokes.

image-2019-05-23 (2)

The new study was led by Imperial College London, University of Bristol, University of Cambridge and University of Oxford.

The academics wanted to discover exactly why spending more time in education – an extra 3.6 years – can lower the risk of heart disease.

They found better weight, smoking habits and blood pressure account for almost half the ‘protection’ for those in higher education.

The other half remains a mystery, but scientists predict it could be because those who are less educated aren’t seeing their doctor as much as they should, and therefore are less likely to take part in healthcare initiatives to stop smoking, for example.

Researchers used data from more than 200,000 people to compare the number of years spent in education with several factors.

They included body mass index (BMI), blood pressure, how much they have smoked, and events such as a heart attacks or stroke.

The research team also searched through genetic data from more than one million people.

image-2019-05-23 (4) (1)

They focused on points in the DNA called a single nucleotide polymorphism (SNP), which have been linked to the amount of time someone spends in education.

The team, led by Alice Carter from Bristol University, compared this with genetic markers for BMI, blood pressure and smoking.

The results, published in the BMJ, show that 40 per cent of the reason people in education are protected from a heart attack or stroke can be attributed to low BMI, low blood pressure and lower likelihood of smoking.

Individually, BMI contributes to 18 per cent, blood pressure 27 per cent, and smoking status 34 per cent. The combined number is lower because the effects ‘overlap’.

Dr Dipender Gill, co-author, said: ‘We now need to investigate what other reasons may link education and lower cardiovascular disease risk.’

One possibility is that people who spend more time in education tend see their doctor sooner with any health complaints, Dr Gill said.

They may also have access to private health care.

5 ways to effectively help you deal with anxiety

The study did not consider exercise, diet, or other health profiles as they were too closely related to BMI.

An estimated 17.3million people died from CVD globally in 2008, accounting for 30 per cent of all deaths, acording to the World Health Organization.

Charities warn that 42,000 people die prematurely – under the age of 75 – from CVD every year.

Death rates from coronary heart disease are the highest in areas of greatest deprivation.

-Daily mail

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Keto diet – Why celebs like Yummy Mummy and Halle Berry use it

The keto diet has been gaining a lot of prominence in the last couple of years. The reason for this might be its stunning results for many of its adherents.

Many celebs like Kenya’s Yummy Mummy and international celebs like Kourtney Kardashian, Lebron James, Halle Berry and Kim Kardashian swear by it.


Is the diet just a fad or does it work? Let us take a look:

What is the keto diet?

The ketogenic diet (or keto diet, for short) is a low-carbohydrate and high-fat (avocado, olive oil, nuts, cheese, cream, butter) diet that offers many health benefits;

– Numerous studies have shown that this type of diet can help you lose weight and improve your health.

– Research shows that the diet is superior to the often recommended low-fat diet.

– Studies also show that it may have benefits against diabetes, cancer, epilepsy and Alzheimer’s disease.

How does one start the keto diet for the beginner?

The diet shares a lot of similarities with other low-carb diets. The method is simple; One drastically reduces their carbohydrate intake and replaces it with fat.

This results in your body going into a state called, ketosis, thus making your body incredibly efficient at burning fat for energy. Fat in the liver is then turned into ketones, which can supply energy for the brain.

The diet also helps in reducing the amount of blood sugar and insulin levels in the body which can be beneficial for one’s health.

Types of Keto diet

There are 4 types that are commonly used. They are;

The standard ketogenic diet, which details that one should take a very low-carb (5%), moderate-protein (20%) and high-fat (75%) diet. The second one is the Cyclical ketogenic diet, which involves periods of higher-carb eating, such as 2 high-carb days and 5 ketogenic days.

The third one is called the Targeted ketogenic diet, which allows a person to add carbohydrates while working out. The last variation is called the high-protein ketogenic diet which is similar to a standard ketogenic diet, but includes more protein. The ratio is often 60% fat, 35% protein, and 5% carbs.

Another advantage of this diet is that it is so filling that you can lose weight without counting calories or tracking your food intake.

Now you know. Could you try it?

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Ali KIba’s first born son is the spitting image of him (Photos)

Ali Kiba’s son Junior is a complete replica of him and recent photos of the son on his gram are here to prove exactly that.

His first born Prince Sameer Kiba popularly known as Kiba Junior is the talk of town after a striking resemblance of the boy proved how alike he looked to his father.

Junior Kiba is the first born of Ali Kiba and his first baby mama.

Bongo star Ali Kiba however is a musician who has dominated the music industry for years since the days when one of hit songs “Cinderella” was a hit.

The musician is a veteran singer who is not only a good performer and song writer, he has proved over the years that he is also a family man.

Check out these photos of Ali Kiba’s son whose a replica of him!


Khaligraph Jones speaks about when his wife is giving birth (exclusive)


Teacher Wanjiku’s transformation deserves a standing ovation



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‘We created the best of moments together’ – Chanty to Eric Omondi


Eric Omondi and his long time girlfriend Miss Chanty have been serving us relationship goals for the longest time. But things took a turn on Tuesday May 22nd, when he announced on social media that they had broken up.

While many fans didn’t want to believe it as he has pulled many publicity stunts before, it may be a reality we have to face.

Miss Chanty has finally addressed the issue with Eric Omondi after the comedian took to his social media to share a break up message.

Have they broken up? Eric Omondi sends Chantal cryptic message

Well Miss Chanty responded to the post saying

Hello guys, I hope this finds you well i have been silent for a while…Eric and i have had long discussions for the past one month. As you all know my family lives in italy and its been really challenging for both of us.

I love eric and i will always love him and we are okay; we created the best of moments together, we shared our dreams and visions but most importantly we shared our lives. And i will always cherish every single moment. 



As i write this post i want to ask God to always protect you and your dreams until our paths meet again.

I hate goodbyes so it’s not a goodbye its more like a see you later.
I will always be here for you ANYTIME, ANYDAY



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5 ways to effectively help you deal with anxiety

Being troubled or worried about certain things in life is a normal life process. We are often troubled about things in life such as finances, work and family.

This is not forgetting every other situation or process that may cause your life any discomfort. Having to worry about these things is what gives your life purpose.

What becomes a worrying issue is when these worries become excessive and uncontrollable for long and extended duration of time.

When this happens, one is  often said to be having anxiety and when they are in excess it is termed as having anxiety attacks.

Here are some of the ways you can deal with anxiety when it attacks.

1. Get enough sleep

This is very important , when someone has anxiety she or he deserves enough rest so that they can get enough rest.

This relaxes the mind and they can stop the mind from over-thinking and anxiety.

image-2019-05-22 (2) (1)

2. Know that you cannot control everything

At times it is good to just relax and just breath. Find perspective in every situation that triggers the anxiety. Is it really that bad?

When dealing with anxiety, it is important to know that you cannot control everything and that it is just alright to just sit back and relax.

image-2019-05-22 (3) (1)

3. Find out what triggers your anxiety

When you have anxiety problems, it is important to understand your mindset and know what causes the anxiety.

Is it work related, home issues, family, friends, it is  important to know what factor triggers your anxiety

When you understand that, then you can find ways on how to deal and control it.

image-2019-05-22 (4) (1)

4. Find someone who you can talk to

This may be very helpful to someone who suffers from anxiety. Have someone who you can talk to and also share how you are feeling.

This makes it easier to understand and also helps with what you are feeling and dealing with.

It is also important to see a psychologist to get that professional help.

image-2019-05-22 (6) (1)

5. Think about something that eases your nerves

You could think about something that eases your nerves. For instance, you could have a count down of numbers from 1-10 to ease your nerves.

This deviates your mind from something that may have caused the anxiety in the first place.

image-2019-05-22 (7) (1)

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