Ladies, Taking Fish Oil During Pregnancy May Reduce a Child’s Risk Of Diabetes By Doing This

Taking fish oil during pregnancy may reduce a child’s risk of diabetes, new research suggests.

Giving overweight pregnant rats fresh fish oil improves their offspring’s response to insulin, a study found.

Previous research has demonstrated insulin sensitivity is protective against diabetes.

Dr Ben Albert from the University of Auckland, said: ‘This is exciting because it raises the question: if overweight women take fresh fish oil in pregnancy, will it lower the risk of their children later developing diabetes?’


Yet, researchers advise women eat more oily fish rather than taking fish oil as some supplements are of dubious quality.

Key Findings  

Researchers from the University of Auckland fed pregnant rats a high-fat or standard diet.

Half of the rats fed both types of diets were also given fresh fish oil.

Results revealed that among those fed the high-fat diet, fish oil improved the rats’ offsprings’ insulin sensitivity.

Previous research has demonstrated insulin sensitivity is protective against diabetes.

Dr Albert said: ‘This is exciting because it raises the question: if overweight women take fresh fish oil in pregnancy, will it lower the risk of their children later developing diabetes?’


‘Eat Oily Fish’ 

The researchers will conduct a study later this year to determine if fish oil has similar diabetes-protective effects in overweight pregnant women.

At this time, they do not recommend pregnant women take fish oil as previous research suggests such supplements can have detrimental effects if they are out of date.

When the researchers fed ‘off’ fish oil to pregnant rats, 30 percent of the pups died within two days – eight times the rate of the control group.

Study author Professor Wayne Cutfield said: ‘At this stage we do not recommend that pregnant women take fish oil for their babies’ health for two reasons.

‘First, our findings need confirmation in human studies. Second, you can’t know if the supplements you buy are fresh or not and we don’t yet know the safe level of oxidisation for fish oil in pregnancy.

‘Our advice would be, if you want more omega 3 fats, eat oily fish.’


Daily Mail


Shocking: UN Worker Arrested For Allegedly Strangling His Wife To Death During Her Birthday Getaway

A staff with the United Nations (UN) has been arrested by police in Gilgil in connection with the death of his wife one week ago.

The suspect was arrested a day to the burial of the wife after post-mortem reports indicated that the deceased was murdered and did not drown in a bath tub as alleged.

Trouble started last week when the couple checked in one of the posh hotels around Lake Elementaita to celebrate the wife’s birthday.

During the weekend retreat, the wife was found dead in the tub and police called in before the body was transferred to Lee Funeral home.

A Year For Each Stab! 20-Year-Old Student Who Killed His Colleague Over a Girl Jailed For 8 Years

According to Gilgil OCPD Serah Koki, the husband claimed that he had left the house for the main hotel but on coming back their room was locked from the inside.

“The hotel management used the spare key to access the room only to find the woman lying dead in the bath tub and police were called in,” she said.

Koki said that a post-mortem conducted on the body established that the man was lying as they were indications that she had been strangled to death.

“We have arrested the man following the postmortem report and he will be arraigned in court facing murder charges,” she said.








-Antony Gitonga

Pesa Otas! Check Out Governor William Kabogo’s Multi-Million Dollar, Luxurious Homestead That Proves He’s Very Moneyed

Kiambu Governor William Kabogo is no doubt one of the richest and flamboyant politicians in the country.

The politician was however defeated in Jubilee Party primaries a few weeks back and lost the seat to Kabete MP Ferdinand Waititu, but that did not deter him from pursuing the same position in this year’s general elections.

Alvin Kabogo

William Kabogo decided to exit Jubilee Party and made the decision to seek re-election as an independent candidate.

But away from all politics and his intense opinions, Governor William Kabogo is a family man, blessed with two sons, Alvin Kabogo and Andrew Kabogo and a beautiful wife Philomena, who has been by his side during his political ups and down.

Love On Top! William Kabogo Shows His ROMANTIC Side By Doing This Sweet Thing To His WIFE (PHOTOS)


When it comes to money, the family is no doubt very wealthy, and this has been attributed to his expensive and lavish way of life, more so, from the flamboyant and opulent lifestyle his last born son, Alvin, shows on social media.

“Report This Imposter” William Kabogo’s Son Alvin Warns His Fans Of a Facebook Impersonator Using His Personal Photos

The man has property worth millions, and two posh houses, one in Nairobi and the other in Nyali, Mombasa County.


Kabogo’s Nairobi residence is located near Windsor hotel, a luxurious house that can be confused with a 5 Star hotel.

The multi-million dollar mansion has a beautiful scenery, with a private swimming pool and a manicured lawn, a breathtaking environment that anyone can ask for.

The Kiambu house has an amazing interior decor and touch, as seen from various photos that Alvin has shared on his social media. Have a look at the palatial home below.






‘Ni Ndugu Tu,’ Diamond Platnumz’s Sister And Singer Queen Darleen Denys Ever DATING His Frenemy Alikiba

We all know that two of the biggest Bongo artistes Ali kiba and Diamond Platnumz don’t see eye to eye for years now, and it all has to do with music.

The two singers were once the best of friends, especially when Diamond was new in the industry, Alikiba was one of his mentors and idols in terms of music, and at some point, they worked on a song together, but it didn’t go so well.


Ali kiba, real name, Ali Saleh Kiba once accused Diamond Platnumz of stealing his musical ideas and then releasing the song they had worked on together without crediting him.

Have They Kissed And Made Up? Diamond Platnumz Ends Beef With Long Time Archenemy Alikiba By Doing This

Well, a few years back, Diamond Platnumz half sister, Queen Darleen, who is now signed to his Wasafi Classic, and Alikiba were some of the top singers from Tanzania, and were also very good friends and even did a song together dubbed Wajua.

At some point, the two were rumored to be dating, rumours Queen Darleen has come to vehemently deny. But the two never had issues until Diamond rose to fame, and that’s when things went South.

With the supremacy battle, Darleen decided to take her brother’s side and even has several songs under Diamond’s music label, WCB.

Is It Payback? Alikiba’s Brother, AbduKiba, Could Be Joining His Frenemy Diamond Platnumz’s Camp Soon


In a recent interview with EATV, she decided to clear the air on claims that she once had a thing with Alikiba, but insisting that they are still friends;

Sio kweli, Alikiba hajawai kuwa bwana wangu. Alikiba ni ndugu yangu na tuna heshimiana sana zaidi ya sana. Unajua mimi watu mpaka leo hawajui mwanaume wangu nani, kwa hiyo hata wewe naweza nikazunguka nawe wiki mbili halafu watasema ni wewe.

Alikiba ni ndugu kabisa, ni mshikaji wangu na ndivyo ilivyokuwa tunazunguka naye sana. Ikumbuke kipindi kile nilikuwa nazunguka na Ali tayari nilikuwa mjamzito kwa hiyo kwa mantiki hiyo basi yule mtoto angekuwa wa Alikiba.

Nimeambiwa na watu wengi bwana angu hadi Dully Skyes wakati ni ndugu. Kipindi hata Nasibu (Diamond) anatoka tukawa tunazunguka naye kumsapoti, watu walisema tena bwanangu.Tukikutana tunaongea tunapiga stori, ila kila mtu kwa mitandaoni nakuwa ana biashara yake.




Rich And Unhappy? Avril’s Ex Fiance Muga Flaunts Stacks Of Dollars With This Cryptic Message

Stunning Kenya singer Avril is single and not searching at the moment, but once upon a time, she was engaged to a wealthy South African businessman by the name Leslie Mugadza aka Muga.

The former couple broke up after a 3-year engagement, news that Avril confirmed back in July 2016 after swirling rumors they were not walking down the aisle, and persistent denial by the lovebirds to officially confirm the breakup.

avril-muga-10 (1)

The rumours started when Muga shared a photo with former BBA winner Dilish Matthews on Valentines Day, a day that was special to the couple since it’s was the month they marked their engagement anniversary.

Avril Is Fake! Tanzanian Artiste Throws Shade At The Sexy Songstress

A few months later, after Avril real name, Judith Nyambura, lost her father, the relationship hit rock bottom, with Avril walking out of the relationship.


The sassy hitmaker would later come to reveal that she had broken off the engagement with the wealthy businessman, citing too much pressure, misunderstanding and the fact that she was still mourning her dad.

How Sad! Kenyan Singer Avril’s Father Passes On

On the other hand, Muga decided to keep mum on the issue and moved on with his life after breaking up with the stunning singer, and Avril seems to have moved on and has been focusing on her music.


The lavish real estate developer has been posting a lot of photos and videos showing off his multi-million dollar mansion in South Africa, and cars and this time around, he flaunted stacks of dollar bills, and there’s no doubt, dude is balling.

He shared the pic with a cryptic message, which I think was meant for his haters; “When the hate don’t work they tell lies.”

muga-2 (1)

Who could he be talking about? Check out the photo below as Muga brags about his wealth.





Motherhood Joys! Pierra Makena Celebrates Her Daughter’s First BIRTHDAY With The Sweetest Words

Top female deejay Pierra Makena is a happy woman.

DJ Pierra Makena welcomed her daughter Ricca Pokot on the 20th of July 2016, after revealing that she was expecting her first child despite never admitting being in a serious relationship.

‘I’m A SUPER MUM,’ DJ Pierra Makena Shares New ADORABLE Photos With Her SWEET Daughter


After giving birth, Pierra has embraced motherhood and despite being a first-time mother in this amazing phase of life, she has remained steadfast and a doting mother to her cuddly baby girl.

Pierra Makena has however not revealed who the father of the toddler is, but months before giving birth, she confessed that she had parted ways with her baby daddy after she found out that he was engaged, but are cordial and co-parenting with no issues.

Is Gospel Singer Bahati Pierra Makena’s Baby Daddy? The Popular DJ Speaks Out

The father to the young one is said to be a wealthy businessman and well known public figure, who’s now married to another woman, but that has not slowed down the beautiful disc jockey.



Pierra is celebrating her daughter’s first birthday and as the little angel turns one year old, the singer can’t help and gush about it. She shared a cute photo of baby Ricca with this sweet caption;

Quietly help me wish my little Angel a happy birthday. … Ricca turns 1. I am such a happy mother you have no idea.

Before that, Pierra had shared photos when the baby was born, with this loving post about her experience;

24hrs of labour. ..last year at this time in was going through sooooooo much pain wah!!!!! I got induced and the pain got worse. ….and Minutes later I pushed a bouncing baby girl. ..the pain was gone… God is great! !!!!! And now. a year later I can’t express how happy and excited I am to celebrate her 1st birthday. .. just the other day uh?

She went on to reveal the joy of being a mum; “1 year later and I have a beautiful healthy baby girl. ….. I wanna cry I wanna jump I wanna scream but most of all I wanna hold my baby and pray!”




Police Recover The Missing Head Of a Caucasian Torso Following a Murder Incident In Nairobi

Police have recovered a head of a torso that had been missing following a murder incident in Nairobi.

The head was found abandoned on the roadside in Muthaiga area last night by pedestrians.

It was wrapped in a paper and abandoned on Muthaiga Drift and it is not clear who dropped it there.

The torso had been recovered in Buruburu area along Heshima Road earlier in the day.

The torso was found stuffed in a sack and abandoned on the roadside and police said the body seemed to be a Caucasian man and it was decomposing when it was discovered yesterday morning.

Youth In Crime: Six MINORS Arraigned In Court After Being Suspected To Be Members Of Gaza Gang In Murang’a

Police say they are yet to identify the man who seemed to have slaughtered by a hacksaw. The body parts are being preserved at the City Mortuary as investigations go on.

In other news, police are looking for a gang that dug and stole power cables in Langata area, affecting supply to a number of homes.

The gang stole the copper cables lying along the flight path after they realized there was a day long power blackout in the area. Police say they are looking for the gang.

-Cyrus Okwema

RIP! Zari Hassan’s Mother Is Dead

Diamond Platnumz’s wife Zari Hassan’s mother is no more.

Zari’s mother passed away while undergoing treatment at Nakasero Hospital in Kampala Uganda.

Mrs. Halima Hassan was hospitalized last month after she suffered a heart attack and after spending a few days in hospital, she returned home. But again she was re-admitted at Nakasero where she died.


zari and her siblings spent the better part of last week camping at the hospital hoping that there loved one would return back home but that was not bound to happen.

The mother of five took to social media to share the sad news with her followers and she wrote;

It’s with deep sorrow that my family and I announce the death of our lovely mother who passed on this morning. May her soul rest in peace, May Allah forgive you your sins and grant you Jana.
You will forever be loved our Old Sun, us as your kids were given the best from God as our mother. We appreciate all you did for us. We will forever cherish you Mama.
Sleep well😢


Zari’s fans too are mourning the passing on of her mother and here are some of their messages of condolences to the family;

Ed Kay: Oh nooooooo. Sorry dear Zarinah Tlale May the loving Allah rest her soul in peace. My utmost heartfelt condolences to the bereaved family and may God be with you in this trying moment. How much can a person take?

Mugalu Bridget: We dont forget those who die but we teach ourselves how to live with the paon so it doesnt hurt much may Allah strengthen you and yo entire family. R.I.P

Carol Makena: Aki Zari i personally feel you,you’ve gone through alot, and i know God doesn’t tempt you with anything that you can’t afford, may He give you strength and peace of mind at this trying moment.May my sincere condolences reach friends n family.Am so sorry zari

Jacinta Kasule: 2017 claimed your loved ones be strong dear ,loosing a mother is something which causes pain forever, condolences to your family, RIP dear mom

Chantal Loulou D: Oh, my God I have nothing to say now! Stay strong Zarinah Tlale. It’s a very tough time , but nothing does surprise God . The father of your sons and now your beloved mom ! This world is unfair. Rest in Eternal Peace mama Zari.

Lomuria Konyen: I cant imagine how painful this is.
We thank God for the strength in you and the entire family. May her soul Rest In Peace

Harriet Kalyesubula: Ohh no, Zari you have surely gone through so much this year be strong and God will see you through. May her soul rest in internal peace.

Sari Sar: Oh No mukazi watu so sorry to hear this sad news ,this year has been the worst for you dear, but will put you in our prayers. R.I.P

Emily Agasa: noooo zarina!!!lazima kuna mchawi mahali!!!losing two important people in your life for a span of two months is more than in peace mama!!

Wahome Jennifer: Take heart zari loosing two loved ones in a span of 2mnths is unbearable… May God be your comfort during this trying time… May your mum rest in eternal peace.

Patience S’lee Ncube: Ohhhh so sorry Zari 2017 had not been your best year but we put it in God’s hands ….we say Goodnight Mummy sleep well..😘😘Condolences hun …..hugs

Angel Jean Namutebi: Bambi Zari. Its been such a difficult year 😢😢. I pray to God to give you strength. May Mama rest in peace. Let the children be your strength in all this.

Namanya Omunyakigezi: This is too much for a person to take. The good Lord that has called her has a plan and will surely stand in the gap. Go well mama Zari

Onyango Julius: Inalilahi wahinalileh Rahuu’un, rest in peace dear mum Zari n may the bereaved family stand strong during this trying and hard moment

Lydia Mulins: So sorry for your loss, my deepest condolences to you zari and your entire family. What a trying moment for you but the storm will calm eventually, our prayers are with you’ll. Kitalo nnyo daala mukama abagumye. RIP jajja wa baana.

Usher pays out Sh103Million to woman he allegedly infected with herpes

Usher reportedly paid a former lover $1.1 million to settle a lawsuit after claiming she contracted herpes from the singer.

Court documents, first published by Radar Online, show that the 38-year-old ‘U Got It Bad’ singer, whose real name is Usher Raymond IV, was diagnosed with the incurable condition between 2009-2010,

An affidavit from the complainant states that the singer nonetheless engaged in unprotected intercourse without first disclosing the affliction.

World famous pop star Usher reportedly shelled out $1.1 million dollars with woman who claims the performer gave her herpes

According to California state law, where Usher resides, it is illegal to knowingly or recklessly transmit an sexually transmitted disease (STD).

The performer later denied being a carrier of the non-lethal condition, despite ‘greenish discharge’ from his penis, court documents say.

‘Believing Raymond’s statements that (the discharge) had been nothing and cleared up, (she) continued her relationship,’ the legal docs stated.

The plaintiff was later diagnosed with herpes, complete with vaginal sores, fevers and chills, she alleged in papers.

Usher pictured along side his ex-wife, Tameka Foster, who divorced the singer in 2009-2010. There is no suggestion she has the virus 

Usher married Grace Miguel (pictured) in 2015, more than five years after he allegedly contracted the herpes virus. She is not believed to be woman in the lawsuit and is not believed to have the virus 

Usher married Grace Miguel (pictured) in 2015, more than five years after he allegedly contracted the herpes virus. She is not believed to be woman in the lawsuit and is not believed to have the virus

Usher has yet to make a public statement on the matter.

Between 2011 and 2012, the Grammy award wining artist paid for medical bills on behalf of the plaintiff totaling $2,754.40, around the same time the ‘Confessions’ singer had his doctor inform the woman that he was indeed a carrier of the disease, court documents show.

Usher was first allegedly ‘exposed to herpes’ virus in 2009 or 2010, the legal documents show,  around the time when finalized his divorce to Tameka Foster after she accused him of cheating.

Foster is not believed to have contracted the virus.

Between 2011 and 2012, the Grammy award wining artist paid for medical bills on behalf of the plaintiff totaling $2,754.40, court documents suggest. He is pictured in June 2017 

In a deceleration, the woman said she ‘feels that her health and body have been ruined ‘and she ‘has suffered severe emotional distress and has been extremely depressed … knowing there is no cure.’

The singer has been married to his current wife Grace Miguel since 2015. There is no suggestion she has contracted the virus.

Experts say that one out of every six people between the ages of 14 to 49 carry the herpes virus, which can be transmitted through oral, anal or vaginal intercourse.

The virus can also be transmitted even when an individual does not have any visible signs.

Read more: dailymail.

Shock As a 10 Year-Old Girl Is Mauled To Death By a Lion In Front Of Her Aunt In Zimbabwe

A ten-year-old girl has been mauled to death by a lion in front of her aunt in Zimbabwe.

Mitchell Mucheni had gone behind a hut for a week at 7 pm on Saturday when the beast pounced on her.

Her aunt Mawonei Muchacha watched helplessly as her niece was dragged 300m by the lion in a brutal attack.

The girl had told her aunt she needed to go to the toilet, so while she nipped around the back of the hut, Ms Muchacha, 34, waited at the front.

Having been waiting several minutes, she got worried about her niece and walked around the building to see what was taking so long.


It was only then she saw Michell Mucheni being pulled along by the beast who had her in its mouth.

Assistant Inspector Kudakwashe Dehwa told the Chronicle: ‘We have received reports of a sudden death.

‘A lion killed a 10-year-old girl from Chiredzi.

‘The girl had gone behind their house during the night to relieve herself when she met her fate.

‘She was allegedly attacked and her body dragged for 300m before the lion disappeared.’

Game park rangers and the horrified relative teamed up and used torches to find the girl.

Her body was found in the bush, some 300m away from the house.

Daily Mail

Kenyans React To Directive To Use Google Cordinates For Biwott’s Burial

Kenyans find humour even in the worst situations and this time it was no different after it was declared those attending Biwott’s burial will have to use Google coordinates.

‘Total Man’ died last week and since then, rumour has been going round that he would be buried in a gold coated coffin (below) something that turned out to be false


According to the program, that was shared after the requiem mass that took place at the AIC Milimani Church, the final burial ceremony will take place at Maria Soti Girls Center in Kaptarakwa town in Elgeyo Marakwet with the burial following thereafter.

After the funeral programme was shared at the requiem mass that was held yesterday, those who wish to attend the funeral of the late politician will have to Google the coordinates to find it.


A first in Kenya where most invitation cards, funeral programmes and other invites use real maps for directions, the wealthy family of the former KANU strongman have opted for location coordinates which elicited all manner of reactions from KOT.

Going by the requirements Kenyans with analogue phones commonly known as kabambe, may either have to skip or borrow smartphones to enter the coordinates to the burial venue.

Stalkers are burning calories finding Biwott’s burial details. See your life now. — Toni West (@tonniwest)

Going to Biwott’s funeral? Don’t ask directions, they just changed the game. Just enter Google coordinates given& you’re home.No kabambe ppl  (@KinyanBoy)

I doubt the google coordinates to Biwott’s burial site.U will c him buried there but @ night they will re-bury him where we will never know.Collateral Beauty (@AngKavi)

N 00 30 03.32 E 035 30 53.08 is indicated to be fed in Google map to get to Biwott’s Burial home.Worry not,have already done it,,traceable. (@JohnBosco_Juma)

Susan Onyango:Its better to say private funeral,by the time you drive will find the funeral finished or you might drive and reach an unnamed road..RIP

Muga Fanuel:Dont worry drive to Eldoret ask the neighbours ,no need for Google maps.

Before his death Biwott, was known for his secretive life and even in death his family is still keeping it that way. The late politician will be laid to rest tomorrow.

Magnificent! Cute Couple Share Breathtaking PHOTOS Of Their 22nd Wedding Anniversary That Will Make You Believe In True Love

Nowadays, it’s very hard to find marriages that are long lasting, in fact, most people prefer to stay single and probably just have children because they feel that marriage has lost its meaning and value.

It’s not surprising to hear that a couple has broken up less than a year after a grand wedding ceremony, like in the case of TV anchor Betty Kyallo and her ex-husband, Dennis Okari, who separated just six months into their marriage.

Marriage Goals! Rapper Jua Cali Flaunts His Beautiful And Curvy Wife (PHOTOS)

But for some, marriage and finding a life partner is their greatest joy, and even in the Kenyan entertainment scene, and media, we have couples who have managed to beat the odds and come out strong in their happy marriages, like; Wahu and Nameless and Julie Gichuru and hubby Anthony.


Now, a Nigerian couple has shared beautiful and breathtaking pictures from their marriage-anniversary photo shoot. The lovebirds celebrated 22 years of marriage on the 15th of July, with their three kids.

The man by the name Rotimi Akinlesi shared the photos with a long, deep message where he talked about how they met with the wife, and showering her with praise;


Saturday, 15th July, 1995, Buky and I walked up to the altar at St Paul’s African Church, Ilupeju, Lagos, to say ‘I do’. 22 years down the line, we both can boldly say, we serve a GOOD GOD!

Buky and I met for the first time in 1979 as form one students at Mayflower School, Ikenne, Ogun State. We stayed in the same class all through secondary school(except in form four ) and we never knew we will be husband and wife. It wasn’t until we became undergraduates (I at Unilorin and she at Ogun State University now OOU) that ‘the thing’ started. Today, we appreciate God for making it all happen. 22 years after we took the decision to live together forever, God made sure we are not alone. He gave us three biological children that are wonderful, talented, selfless and God-loving. The first is Beautiful, Saved and Slaying, the second is Bold as a Lion and the last born is Highly Favoured.

Today, I want to publicly thank and appreciate my beautiful, pleasant, ever-supportive, ever loving and ever-caring wife for being my wife. She is beautiful in and out. Blessed with great wisdom and greatly committed to God.

The father of three then goes on to reveal the lovey dovey names he calls her, and why he truly appreciates her in his life;

IYAWO MI, as I fondly call her. I have called her sweetheart, honey, dear etc. but I have finally settled for IYAWO MI because, in that are all of those other names.

Thank you Buky for all the things you do. My adviser, my supporter, my partner, my prayer partner, my ‘similale’ …lolllllzzz, my friend, my mum (you know my mum had to hand me over to you…lolllzz….She passed unto glory on your birthday). Thanks for always being the family ‘prayer engine room’. Thanks for knowing what to do when we just must do something! Praise, Love, Favour and I call you blessed.

I pray that the good Lord will keep us, keep our home and our children. We will live to celebrate many more years of marriage together.

I pray the Lord grants us more opportunities to reach out to more less-privileged children and families . He helps us more and more to put smiles on the faces of children and families who are ‘left out’ and are ‘behind’. That we will be able to share the light of Christ with many.

God is good! In our 22 years of marriage, I can conveniently say, truly NA GOD!

Check out their amazing photos below as they celebrated their big day with their daughter and two sons.


Horror As Boy Dies During a Parade After He Was Run Over By a Float’s Back Tires On His 7th Birthday

An Oregon boy has died after falling off a parade float in front of his horrified mother on his seventh birthday.

Dylan Thomas was riding on the float on Saturday as part of the Miner’s Jubilee Parade in Baker City.

Police said he fell off and was run over by the rear wheels of the trailer he had been riding on.

The little boy, who was on the float with his 10-year-old sister, had just rode passed his mother Megan Thomas when the tragedy unfolded.


He was rushed via ambulance to St Alphonsus Medical Center where he later died.

‘He was such a loving, energetic little boy who loved life and would do anything to make anyone smile,’ Mrs Thomas told Oregon Live.

‘He loved hunting with his dad and anything outdoors.


‘He could put a smile on anyone’s face, even a stranger.’

Police said Dylan’s death appears to have been an accident by authorities are still investigating.

Authorities said chaplains and mental health workers were available to counsel those who witnessed or were otherwise affected by the death.

A GoFundMe page has been set up to help the Thomas family with funeral expenses.


Daily Mail

Masaibu! Diamond Platnumz’s Alleged Baby Mama And Bongo Singer Wallowing Away In Alcohol And Tobacco Addiction

She goes by the name Hawa, and you might probably remember her from Diamond Platnumz’s video Nitarejea, where he featured her back in 2013 before he became a superstar.

The talented Bongo singer by the name Hawa has come out to reveal that she has been battling alcohol and tobacco addiction for almost 2 years now after being dumped by her man.

Hawa is also the alleged baby mama to Chibu Dangote, after she recently revealed that she sired the kid with the artiste back then, a daughter who is all grown now.

hawa (1)

As per the reports from Bongo land, the lady confessed that she had a child with Diamond Platnumz, but she tried to reach him with no avail and neither has he acknowledged her.

According to the video, even Diamond’s mother visited the lady in question when she gave birth knowing that the child belonged to her son.

‘It Is Not My Pregnancy’ – Diamond Platnumz Shuts Down Rumors About Alleged SIDEPIECE

Away from that, Hawa has come out to ask for help because of her alcohol addiction which has affected her health and career, blaming it on stress after she was dumped by ex-husband.

Apparently, Hawa was married back in 2015 but just 4 months after their grand wedding, her husband left her for good after saying he was traveling for work and would come back, something that never happened.

Since leaving me behind, I have never seen him! My husband’s absence made depression creep up, pushing me into consuming more and more alcohol; smoking more tobacco sticks, I was waiting for him to return. I had no money to buy expensive alcohol. I, therefore, resorted to cheap liquor.


That’s when her alcohol intake got worse, and then she started drinking hard liquor and smoking cigarettes a lot.

In the interview, Hawa pleaded for help from fellow artistes and well-wishers, so that she can be treated and go back to her musical career and get her mind straight.

Throughout the stages of depression that I have gone through, I have lost some acumen in music. But I hope after treatment, I would reclaim my position in the music industry.


Hawa also confessed that she had told her husband about her drinking and he didn’t have a problem with it, adding that she stopped doing music after she agreed on it with her hubby.

I have been doing my music, it’s in the studio but I didn’t have money to release it. All I ask for is help so that I can heal and not lose my dreams so that I can change my life. I have not tried drugs or bhang, it’s just cigarettes and alcohol.

When asked about her child, she revealed she has a daughter, and even showed her off, admitting that she got her way before she was married to the exiled husband, but didn’t reveal who the father was.


Drama! Is Diamond Platnumz’s Mother Attacking Zari With This Cryptic Message About Their Daughter Princess Tiffah?

Former celebrated singer Ray C was also addicted to drugs which affected her career and rendered her bankrupt until she was saved by former Tanzanian President Jakaya Kikwete.

Check out the video below and get all the juicy details about Hawa and her alcohol addiction below.

Wacha Movie Iendelee! Vera Sidika Savagely Attacks Her Nigerian Ex Boyfriend For Giving Out False Information About Her (PHOTOS)

It looks like Vera Sidika’s woes with her Nigerian ex-boyfriend, Yommy Johns, are not over, as the two are still going after each other’s necks.

This time around, the bootylicious socialite is accusing the former lover of trying to use her name for fame, after she was tipped off that he was trying to get an interview with a Kenyan journalist, to give dirt about her.


Vera Sidika has been globe trotting in the last couple of weeks, after she exposed the violent Nigerian man, accusing him of beating her up, claims he vehemently denied.

‘I Was NOT In Lagos With My Ex Boyfriend’ Vera Sidika Rubbishes Claims That She Hooked Up With VIOLENT Nigerian Ex (PHOTO)

This came about after Nude photos of Vera were leaked online and from her side of the story, Yommy was the only one who was in possession of the pictures, allegations he still denied, saying that he never had her nudes.

Well, a few weeks on, and the two are back at their drama. Recently, Yommy was spotted with another Kenyan socialite by the name Bridget Achieng, while she was in Dubai for her birthday.


The Nairobi Diaries cast however made it clear that there’s nothing going on between them, after fans came out to attack her for sleeping with Vera’s ex.

Now, Vera has come to take shots and insult her ex-boyfriend after she found out that he tried to give a scoop about her to a Kenyan media personality but her friends informed her in advance.

We all know you want fame so bad you gotta dig it out by all means possible. Carry on! Don’t worry 1 day you’ll have your own name instead of walking in someone else’s shadow, carry on, continue lying.


Vera was so pissed off and went on to blast the flamboyant man; “I swear I’m just at the mall laughing so hard at all these lies and media is my friend, they will definitely call me and tell me coz I’m their Kenyan sister. Fame desperation in s real. I’m out here living lavish, catching flights, not feelings.”

‘He Insisted I Should Abort The Baby’ Vera Sidika Emotionally Narrates How HEARTLESS Ex-Nigerian Boyfriend Was (SCREENSHOTS)

Check out the screenshots below as Vera goes in on her ex Nigerian boo.






Shock As Bridegroom Dies Of Food Poisoning 2 Months To His Wedding

A young lady who was set to get married this year, has been left mourning after the groom was found dead in his house in a case of alleged food poisoning.

With only a month to go, everything was set. Blue and gold had unanimously been settled on as the theme colours for the wedding between George Makosala and Diana Akinyi.

Invitation cards had already been sent out in readiness for the September 16 wedding day. The couples  families and friends were all looking forward to a great day, which the couple would have been joined to become one, but that will never happen.

A blue and gold themed wedding decor

According to the Standard, the bride to be Diana Akinyi, was in South Africa where she works as a finance manager but  had to come back due to the sudden death of her fiancee. Mr Makosala was found dead in his house along Mbagathi Road in Nairobi.

His friends, who he had joined for a trade expo at the Kenyatta International Convention Centre (KICC) in Nairobi on Wednesday, said he was upbeat ahead of the wedding.

He had just returned from meeting Diana in South Africa.

The couple during happier times

According to his friends It appears that his problem began at KICC, where it is said that he started complaining that his stomach felt “funny” after eating samosas.

On Thursday, however, he seemed fine and even went to do what he loved — sing in the choir — at Don Bosco Church in Upper Hill.

Many of his friends were also in church at the time. Little did they know they were seeing him for the last time.

Branice Mayienga captured it all in her Facebook post: “George Makosala… my fren… we sat together on Wednesday at the Kenya Trade Show at KICC and laughed and later had lunch only to hear you are gone… a case of food poisoning… I am so so angry… Rest in peace,” she wrote.

The late Makosala enjoying a selfie moment with his friends
The late Makosala enjoying a selfie moment with his friends

His fiancee said: “We talked about the wedding plans and finalizing other issues. We even had premarital classes and counselling here.”

The two had dated for two years and were planning to move to South Africa after the wedding.

No one knows the exact time 42-year-old Makosala died. But his family and neighbours tell of what must have been painful final moments.

It appeared as if he was in severe pain before his death, if the tears found on his face were anything to go by.


Sweet Love!! Check Out The Hottest Interracial Couples In Kenya

Matters of the heart are a complicated thing. We all have different tastes when it comes to choosing a partner. While some might love it dark, others enjoy it light.

Interracial relationships and marriages are no longer frowned upon unlike there before when it felt like dating a white man or woman was a death sentence.

Some of our local celebrities have found love outside their race and even gone ahead to get married and have kids, proving to haters that Roho Hukula Inachotaka.

Check out the hottest interracial couples:

1.Eric Wainaina

Eric Wainaina known for his song ‘Kitu Kidogo’, is married to Sheba Hirst, and together they have two daughters, Seben and Neo.


2.Jeff Koinange

The celebrated media personality who captures ladies attention with his deep voice, is married to Shaila Koinange and together they have an adorable son Jamal Mbiyu Koinange.


3.DJ Moz

Born David Mathenge but known by many as DJ Moz, is a perfect example of a perfect marriage. He is married to Deborah Kimanthi.

The two have been married for almost 9 years and together they have three adorable kids. They are a proof that marriage should not be based on a person’s skin colour. After all nowdays watu wanatoa tint.


4.Wendy Kimani

The beautiful and talented songstress Wendy found love in Denmark, where she currently lives with her husband Marvin Onderwater and son.

The two tied the knot in 2014 and even though she relocated to Denmark she is still loved by Kenyans for her singing prowess.


5.Eric Omondi

Eric Omondi is a house hold name for his talent when it comes to making us laugh. He is dating an Italian, Chantal, with whom he is not afraid to flaunt.

The two seem like the perfect couple and they have been dating for almost two years now. Its time they tied the knot.


6.Annabel Onyango

Celebrated fashionista Annabel Onyango is married to Marek who is Sauti Sol’s Manager. They recently became parents after official getting married in an invite only wedding in 2015.


Urembo Wa Kweli! Kanze Dena Has To Be The Prettiest News Anchor Without Makeup (PHOTOS)

Kanze Dena is no doubt a jack of all trades.

The beauty is not only Citizen TV’s Swahili news anchor but is also a news director, a role model, a mother and one of the most celebrated and hard working journalists in the media industry.

Sema Kutoka Mbali! This Photo Of Kanze Dena BEFORE The FAME Will Leave You In Awe

She hosts the weekend bulletin with co host, Lulu Hassan, and their team work is just incredible, attracting a massive viewership from Kenyans.


Kellen Beatrice Kanze Dena is the proud mother of an 11-year-old son, Amani, and has been steadfast through it all, despite being a single mother.

Love Of a Mother! Kanze Dena Dedicates a Heart-warming Birthday Message To Her All-Grown Cute Son

However, this was not her first child. Kanze Dena once revealed that she had a daughter, Natasha, some years back, but sadly, she passed away at only 3 months, a scar that has healed with time.

The stunning news anchor has been through a lot of pain, as it happened that in 2007, her dear mother passed away but God brought a blessing in her life, by giving her a bouncing baby boy, Amani, the same year.


Well, Kanze Dena is doing well and has been an inspiration to many ladies, not forgetting her God fearing nature. She recently shared a cute photo with her son, after a fun sports day at their school, and her look without makeup is just impeccable.

Ndio sisi hao na medal yetu ya the near future tunaweza kuwa kasarani under 18 champonships!! Had mad fun making noise with fellow mothers..thank God there was evidence of our hecking..(ata kama blue house tulifanyiwa kifumba macho! .🙈🙈) Shout out to all parents!! Uzazi jamani si mchezo.

It’s very hard for Kenyan celebrities to show off their natural faces without makeup and the few ones who do, well, some of them are not as beautiful, but Kanze Dena has proved that her beauty comes naturally.

Check out the photos below with Kanze looking ravishing with no makeup on.