Size 8 shares distressing video of herself in hospital after giving birth

Size 8 gave birth last week. The singer and her husband DJ Mo, have kept the information revealed about the birth to a minimum. But yesterday, the mother of two released a video on her Instagram page that showed that she was still trying to recover at Rfh healthcare facilities.

Size 8 with DJ Mo
Size 8 with DJ Mo

In the video, one can see that the singer is still in a frail state with tubes sticking out of her body. The caption for her post read;

In the middle of the storm dont give in to the evil spirit of intimidation whose main aim is to remove you from a place of confidence and trust in the Lord to a place of anxiety and fear so as to be able to hinder your intimacy with God cloud your judgement, vision and clarity!!!!! That storm you see is a nice way God is preparing you for greater levels maturing you ,remember James chapter 1. In the storm Never look at God in a bad light focus on him and never loose your confidence in Him!!! ARISE WOMAN AND MAN OF GOD KEEP WALKING NEVER STAY SILENT KEEP PREACHING!!!!!!

The video is below;

The post elicited a lot of concern from many of her fans and followers with many encouraging Mama Wambo and praying for her to get well soon.

The singer smiling
Size 8 smiling in a past photo

Some of the comments are below;

kalekyemumo Preaching for you all dear … this far God has brought you He is not about to leave you ❤️

kate_actress Praying with and for you mama wambo 🙏🏿❤️❤️ @size8reborn

deekingsky God will see you through this dear @size8reborn it is well 🙏🙏🙏

mucomakevin Mungu wetu ni mkubwa kuliko majaribu haya

gladys.wanjohi.50 Quick recovery God is in control

milly_dave You will be well in Jesus Name

its_missmeddy All the best mama Wambo

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I nearly hit them! Jeff Koinange gives scary story after day out with son

Jeff Koinange is one of the most dynamic entertainers in Kenya. The man whose voice took him to the rarified air of working for CNN has been a fixture on a our screens these past few years.

Uhuru Kenyatta and Jeff Koinange meet their high school teacher after 35 years!

Yesterday, the man hosted the Sunday Live bulletin on Citizen TV and delivered a candid anecdote about an experience that he had had this weekend.

Jeff had gone to Chaka Ranch with his son for a day out but the drama came about when he encountered a couple of kids on the road.

Jeff Koinange at Chaka Ranch
Jeff Koinange at Chaka Ranch

In a sideline banter with co-host, Victoria Rubadiri, the anchor explained that the children appeared abruptly and were following a leader.

‘We just drove back from Chaka Ranch, my goodness. I was driving as well as I could but you know at some point, kids cross the road. And you know, when there is a bunch of kids and one crosses (the road), then the rest follow absolutely.’

Jeff Koinange at Chaka Ranch
Jeff Koinange at Chaka Ranch

But fortunately, Jeff was able to deal with the scare and stopped just a hairbreadth away from the kids with no one getting injured.

Koinange, together with his son Jamal Mbiyu Koinange, were leaving Chaka Ranch where they had spent a family weekend out.

Jeff Koinange before the roadtrip
Jeff Koinange before the roadtrip

Koinange’s narration of his startling moment on the road was prompted by a news report in the bulletin where the National Transport and Safety Authority (NTSA) was warning motorists to observe all traffic rules in the festive season.

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Pregnant ama kunona?Images of curvy Cate Waruguru raise eyebrows

Laikipia Woman Representative Cate Waruguru shocked some this past weekend when images of her seemed to suggest that she might be pregnant.

The politician had attended a presidential meeting that was led by President Uhuru Kenyatta in Sagana alongside other Mt Kenya leaders.

In the photos seen by, cate is seen dressed in a blue and white dress and contrary to her usual high heeled footwear, she was wearing sneakers probably for comfort.

Cate Waruguru
Cate Waruguru.courtesy/urbannews254

Waruguru is already a mother of two and is happily in a polygamous marriage as a second wife. A few weeks back she drew criticism after remarks she made directed at Kirinyaga governor Anne Waiguru.

Outrage as Laikipia woman rep Catherine Waruguru urges single mum’s to sire children with married men

She had said that Waiguru should focus on conceiving since she was newly married. Waruguru stated;

‘Kuna mwanamke mwengine hapa sijui ameolewa juzi. Hata tumbo ya kwanza haijatupatia mtoto lakini wakati huu anafikiria ile kitu kubwa atazaa ni kutuzalia BBI. (There is a woman who got married just the other day and the first thing she thinks of doing is embracing the Building Bridges Initiative(BBI) instead of focusing on getting a child).’

Waiguru walking with Ruto
Waiguru walking with Ruto

Further, Cate told the governor that she did not represent the Jubilee party just because she had been elected in Kirinyaga county.

“Don’t dare think that just because Jubilee gave you the first term as a governor in the County, that you are now Wangu wa Makeri (a Kikuyu tribal chief during the British Colonial period),” she stated.

Cate Waruguru
Cate Waruguru.courtesy/urbannews254


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On 2nd anniversary, Kate Actress shares rarely seen wedding photos

Kate Actress and Phil Karanja are a couple that embody love and devotion to each other for those who believe in love. The two who have been married for 2 years are currently expecting their first kid together and decided to celebrate the anniversary on their respective Instagram pages.

Kate Actress with Phil Karanja
Kate Actress with Phil Karanja

They also shared rarely seen images of the wedding day, which showed a couple smitten with each other.

Kate Actress with Phil Karanja on their wedding day
Kate Actress with Phil Karanja on their wedding day

Phil’s message read;

2 down, forever to go. @kate_actress vitu kwa ground Ni amazing, thank you for making us a beautiful home. I freaking love you.

Kate Actress with Phil Karanja on their wedding day
Kate Actress with Phil Karanja on their wedding day

Kate wrote;

This is what ‘ NOT GIVING UP ON EACH OTHER ‘ looks like . I am really thankful that we got to be friends first , you got to see and know the real me , and you still chose me with all my flaws , my strengths, and my madness 😂! Thank you for being an amazing patner , my closest friend , my sanity , my safe haven 😭🙏🏿… HAPPY ANNIVERSARY DADDY K squared ❤️❤️❤️

Kate Actress with Phil Karanja on their wedding day
Kate Actress with Phil Karanja on their wedding day

After the inevitable avalanche of congratulatory messages that came from her fans and followers, Kate decided to advise some of her followers warning that that marriage wasn’t easy and it was hard work.

‘I want a push present’ Kate Actress tells hubby Phil 

She wrote;

Thank you all for the beautiful messages and wishes . Ours is a very normal relationship, I keep saying couple goals ‘manyoya’ 🤦🏽‍♀️ because Marriage is work and it’s a journey . Treasure and nourish yours , don’t envy others especially here on social media , sis , yours Could be way too better and awesome ! The only difference is , most of our lives and careers are in the public eye otherwise ndoa ni ile ile 😊 highs and lows .But it feels super amazing to have someone to go through life with , it’s a blessing from God actually . That been said , may God Bless you and yours peeps ASANTENI 🙏🏿❤️

Kate Actress posing
Kate Actress posing

It must be said that Phil married a woman who already had a son from a previous, showing that the lengths and breadths he was willing to go to have Kate as his wife.

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Junior Nyong’o wears dress during surprise engagement party (photos)

Junior Nyong’o shocked many when he announced his engagement this week to Wanja Mohoro. The son to Kisumu governor Anyang Nyong’o got engaged on Saturday, 16 Nov 2019 in a colourful event that was witnessed by close friends and relatives.

Junior Nyong'o
Junior Nyong’o

The pair had been dating for some time and have collaborated in several musical projects before taking their relationship to the next level. Mohoro is an Afro-Indie Soul Artist and an art enthusiast.

Junior Nyong'o engagement
Junior Nyong’o engagement

The man did it in the most controversial way possible; his choice of clothes reflected his loud and proud attitude he had adopted the past few years.

His engagement party
Junior Nyong’o engagement party
Junior Nyong'o engagement party 1
Junior Nyong’o engagement party

The younger brother of Lupita decided to wear a dress to the event, stealing the show with his blue and white floral skirt. This isn’t the first time that the fashion-forward Junior has rocked a dress.

In November 2018, the artsy thespian had the internets in a rage when he wore a red dress to a public.

The thespian posing in the dress
Junior Nyong’o

If you thought the backlash he received for the dress would make him quit that style, you were in for a surprise. The man wore yet another dress and this year that showed that the man lives his life as he feels, haters be damned.

The thespian posing in the dress
Junior Nyong’o

What do you think of his style at his engagement party? Pass or fail?

Sacked Mwanaisha Chidzuga makes stunning comeback with new show

Mwanaisha Chidzuga left K24 late last month after the mass of retrenchments that rocked the Uhuruto-owned station, with a cloud surrounding when we would next see Danson Mungatana’s wife on-screen again?

On day she quits K24, Mwanaisha Chidzuga posts first-ever image of Mungatana

Wonder no more as the captivating and engaging screen queen has landed a show that is close to her heart. She revealed this great news in 2 Instagram posts that she made celebrating her 37th birthday yesterday.

Mwanaisha Chidzuga
Mwanaisha Chidzuga

She wrote;

The big 36 was amazing #blessingafterblessingand now I know that 37 will be greater..My Lord Almighty Has already shown me my trailer just waiting for the movie that is my life blessings and destiny to Premier 17.11.2019. Inshallah .#Newbeginnings#gutsywoman#NewGoals..#Dada2DadaUncensored. My past full of lessons not mistakes..My future so bright and my present living and giving back.

Mwanaisha Chidzuga
Mwanaisha Chidzuga

She added in the other post;

Boom! To the ladies who are Gutsy ,Fearless, Achievers, Leading women ,Ordinary people doing extra ordinary things..The Passionate one..The one who inspires and motivates the one who believes in love or just given up on love. Je jasiri au mjasiriamali? Wewe ni #Dada2DadaUncensored Lets talk,Lets empower and inspire, Lets mentor and motivate, Lets smile and share a tear then pick ourself up and thrive .Iam You Mwanamke Kujiamini dada, Do we really need fixing or do we need to fix someone? The truth yes but can you handle the truth?..Join the honest conversation as we tell it as it is @Dada2DadaUncensored.#Happy37th ..And yes something is cooking 🥘 ….. 

Mwanaisha Chidzuga
Mwanaisha Chidzuga

Her many fans and followers were quick to celebrate the presenter’s move and said as much. It should be noted that she still hasn’t revealed the station that her show will run on.

Considering the sad rumours coming from the retrenched Mediamax employees, Mwanaisha has really turned her ignominious end at K24 something with this wonderful news.

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10 Photos Of Akothee’s Palatial Mansion That Will Make You Wonder What You Are Doing With Your Life

Madam Boss is not just a mere street moniker.

She lives the lifestyle.

She is the baus and a baus owns a castle where everyone calls her “madam”.

Akothee is always extra when she decides to do anything.

She goes all the way.

She showed off her mansion in Rongo which she has dubbed Rongospar and says it is her retirement home.

Akothee defended her wealth saying, “I can courageously walk into my parents compound and park my big car infront of their house without any guilt, I can slay and travel business class knowing my parents are sleeping in a cool place, I might seem mad to you, but just know this idiot is too sharp and focused in life, loosers will say am proving a point, cowards will say am a ritualists, unlucky ladies will say money from sponsors, never mistake knowledge for wisdom, am too wise to live a fake life, this is me, take me or live me.”

The Baby Daddy star continued, “You are allowed to be proud of your accomplishments and admire your efforts, if you feel am bragging then just wait, I haven’t offended you yet, there is nothing to brag about here. I haven’t arrived in my comfort zone , when I will land there! Then you will know😂😂 that I have surely arrived, the rate at which I will brag😂😂😂😂 even God knows! Thats why its taking too long to reach there 😂😂😂😂, Even Amerka will know that maskini amepata 😂😂😂😂 nitawasumbua mpaka panadol ziishe kwa duka 😂😂😂😂.”

Moving on…check out Akothee’s palatial mansion in Rongo.

This is how thugs are drugging people! It happened to me twice – city woman narrates her ordeal

A city woman has narrated how she almost fell prey to the dangerous gangs that drug people and rob them.

Read and be amazed at how narrowly she escaped both attempts.

“I’d like to share my story with u so that as u walk around Nairobi u may be extra careful especially ladies. Twice now I have almost been a victim of being drugged & robbed but in both cases God helped me thru.

Confessions of a Kenyan cult member. They use Instagram, TV shows and road accidents to win souls

I boarded this matatu ya Ngong route at Nakumatt junction heading to town. All was well. At Kenyatta hospital, just as the bus was leaving after kushukisha watu, these very decently dressed guys came rushing & hoping onto the bus. They looked very smart about 5 or 6 of them. I was seated like 2 seats back from the door. Some of them moved to the back & sat while some remained at the door even though there were many empty seats. Just before community, one guy stood up & called out to those standing by the door & started complaining of how uncomfortable the back seat was.

One of those at the door responded & began moving towards the back. He was holding some small bag with him which he kept on kugongesha on every seat he passed. Shortly after him passing where I was & passing the bag very close to my face, I began to feel sick & sleepy. Mind u I was so much ok minutes ago. Something inside me alerted me that something was wrong. I decided b4 it gets terrible, I must get out of the bus. We were almost at Serena. The guys were now talking to each other, those at the back complaining to those at the door. The bus was all quiet only them talking. I tried to move but my head was sooo heavy. Just then, the guys at the door started moving to join their partners at the back maybe to discuss something. The moment they passed my seat I got divine energy, stood up & made it to the door just as we got to GPO.

While waiting for the bus to stop, some of the guys quickly began moving towards me. Many people were already sleeping in the bus by now. I don’t know what happened or how but I got out b4 they got to me. I had to sit down at those benches outside GPO to wait for my head to cool down which was now feeling much worse.

After few minutes I felt okay enough to walk. Unfortunately when I checked into my bag, my wallet was already gone. I don’t know how or when but I had used it while paying the conductor at around Coptic hospital. I don’t know what happened to the other passengers but i hope & pray that they got off okay.

She also narrated the second time she was drugged.

As I was leaving work, a demon in me mentioned I go straight to Kencom (from KICC) then down towards Kenya cinema instead of using my usual route to railways on harambee ave. Mimi huyo, I went to kencom & turned at KCB main entrance. While I was slightly past where buses to Karen park, a guy came from behind & held my freely swinging hand tightly. As I tried to angrily pull & check who it is, he released my hand then said ‘oh I thot ni mtu mwingine najua’.

Pretending to be on a call, he quickly walked away. Just almost immediately another guy came directly facing towards me. We almost collided. Very closely he said ‘sista unakaa poa’ then he walked away.

It was all so quick about 30 seconds. Then immediately I got really weak & drowsy. Clicking into my mind what cud be happening, all I said was ‘God help me’ & He surely did.
In my drowsiness, I saw an open M-pesa shop & staggering thru, I managed to get in just b4 my knees collapsed. I nearly fell down at the entrance. The M-pesa ladies were very nice & they let me stay there until I felt ok to walk. Thank God it wasn’t busy with customers.
The moment I turned & looked towards the entrance, I saw this guy staring at me but once he realised am looking at him, he quickly ran off. After some time, I told the ladies I felt ok to walk. I decide to use the behind street just incase the guys are somewhere waiting. As I got to the corner, pap, I met with the guy that had held my hand. On seeing me, he was almost hit by a car akipotea.

I believe its God that helped me out in both situations. It cud hv gotten worse.
I believe in the power of prayers. Pray every morning b4 leaving your house & every night when u get back home safely. Be careful all & watch out. From now, no more leaving my hands to freely move in town. They’ll either be in the pocket or in the handbag. People around have become so evil. Lets be vigilant.

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‘My Wife Is Always Inciting Me To Fight Other Men Especially Club Bouncers,’ Angry Man Reveals

Some women are just crazy. They will do anything just to hurt their better halves especially if they are the silent killer types.

They will incite fights and run to their husbands for help or leave them to fight on their behalf but why?

Well, a Kenyan man is not happy with his wife. According to this well-mannered man, his wife always incites him to fight other men especially club bouncers, waiters, and even matatu conductors/matatus who are known to be fierce beings on earth.

He is tired of his wife’s behaviour and he needs your help.

“My wife has this stupid habit of picking unnecessary fights with other men when she is with me. She insults waiters, bouncers, matatu passengers and on one occasion, a policeman. Last week, she showed two makangas the middle finger and told them they could do nothing to her because she was with her husband (me). Two weeks earlier, she dragged me into a pub fight, which ended with me being beaten like a thief. I went home with a swollen nose and torn trousers. How do I stop this nonsense?”

My brother, if she incites a fight with a man please take her handbag and leave. Do not interrupt what God has planned..:-)

Here is the screenshot

My Short Husband Climbs On A Stool To Slap Me. Nimechoka Na Yeye Sasa!

A city woman is frustrated.

She says she married her short hubby out of pity and now the man has resorted to climbing on furniture to be able to adequately slap her across the face.

She took to Instagram to tell her story. It is hilarious.

“I felt marrying a short man will at least give me peace of mind , I married this man because I knew I was doing him a favour and I was far above his level. He worshipped the ground I walk on and adores me, but as soon as we got married, he started hitting me, sometimes he will climb a stool and jump to slap me, sometimes he will ask me to bend let him zip my dress and he will just slap me. The man is too insecure. I am just here to beg ladies never to marry a short man. I am just targeting him, the day I will sit on him and beat him up, he won’t believe I am a woman. Short men are the saddest. I hate my husband, I hate the fact that I married him.”

Here are the equally hilarious reactions.

iamcute_dimplez: Lmao…You don’t have any idea how frustrating it is to be short but we can’t blame ourselves. Blame it on fate😢😢😢😢 I’d suggest you face him squarely, its high time you stood up for yourself.

chiemezugorom: First of all, not all short men are sadists. Unfortunately, you married someone wicked. Height is not the problem here. Just beat him up. But stop with the generalization.

chukwunwenbor: Sorry to say this, short people easily feel intimidated, and secured. Pls talk with your husband, God’s grace ma

emperor.jizzy: Same as short women. In fact if you see any short woman just run they are the most dangerous species ever

glow_wriee: 😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂 this is so funny that my chest hurts!

gorgeous_somi: My God, 😂😂I think next time he tries to climb up anything just move to where his hands will not reach, and stop allowing him to zip your dress. Since these are his tricks. BUT WHY ARE SHORT PEOPLE LIKE THAT??

mercy_ogbe: It’s not about being short or small, a violent person is a violent person whether tall or small, big or short. Dear poster instead of hating your husband u could start praying for him that God would give him a change of heart. Or walk away if u can’t bear it
damsville Lol.

monsior_hope: You married for the wrong reasons so may slaps continue to fall on you until one side of your face will be coke, the other side will be fanta.

adorablemindset: One thing I’ve noticed about short guys is that they are hot tempered,insulting,and have low self esteem issues. So they try to always make a statement even when no one is looking at them.they think they can make up with their mouth what they don’t have in height. If only they’d not put up this over-confident attitude,it’s a great turn off for ladies.

joyneenwokocha: 😂😂😂😂Short men and their wahala. Madam, please endure

nwosutony1: I think poster is the also a wicked lady. You married a short man cause you wanted a man to worship you and kiss your feet. You were definitely oppressing the poor man and might have unknowingly shown him that you married him out of pity. Now baba is trying to show you that he is the man you complaining. If you feel you can beat him, good luck, but if he ends up pounding you while you try teach him the lesson, good luck too
fauzychicWhen next he tries to slap u, as he takes a leap, shift so that he’ll land on d floor den make sure your koboko (horse whip) is ready… FLOG shege and shegu our of his short body and sister, thank me later. Its well hun 😘

osazlee: Lmao, madam pls make sure to do a selfie when u are beating him. Infact a video, lmao…..shortman syndrome

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Photos Of Former KTN TV Host, Tero Mdee Viciously Chasing Out Demons From Congregants Emerge

Tero Mdee is no longer a slay queen.

She is an apostle who goes by the name Nancy Hebron.

Tero was known for her sense of style and class when she was the KTN TV host on their hype TV show St8-UP.

Now, those days are behind her, she is the wife of Prophet Hebron, the guy who predicted that the Kenyan elections would wind up in a re-run.

Tero’s sense of style has changed, she now covers her hair with head wraps.


Nancy Hebron is now an Apostle and she is carrying out her job like a solder. She is kicking, punching and cursing out demands from her congregants.

Photos of her work has gone viral.













DJ Kaytrixx Clashes With Joe Muchiri Over His Chauvinistic Post About Tero Mdee Marrying A Pastor









The top 15 pet names that smooth Luo men use to confuse slay queens

Luo men are liquid kryptonite to a woman’s willpower to refuse them.

Just take a look at all the male celebrities from the Lakeside and show me one who is single and miserable?

You won’t find any because their charm oozes with ease and the scent of it disables any woman’s defences.

Akinyi Is The Most Beautiful, While Awino Is Polite But Gets Pregnant Very Fast… Here Is A List Of Luo Names And What they Signify

One city woman mused on Facebook.


Microblogger Magunga JaKaruoth responded to her using an arsenal of all the sweet pet names one can use on a beauty.

I also got some smooth Luo men to add on to the list.

Grab a notebook and take notes. Here are the top pet names to throw at your bae to leave them defenseless to your charms.

  1. A gal toto.
  2. Wang’e lando (Macho yako ni mrembo na ni ya brown, nyako).
  3. Duonde mit ka niang’ (You are like my throuat that is enjoying sweet sugarcane juice going down it.)
  4. The only female in my Whatsapp.
  5. Lie to me.
  6. Nyar jomoko (Daughter of a rich and powerful man).
  7. You make me beat myself dusla nono (for nothing).
  8. Beat your knees next to me wago ne Obong’o Nyakalaga mos kwom paro mang’eny misesanda go nyaka nene nyere (We thank God for the many thoughts about you that I gladly agonise over.
  9. Duonde mit ka niang’ (Sauti tamu kama miwa).
  10. My sweet paying tender.
  11. Mami
  12. Jaber
  13. Princesssss
  14. Rangi ya million, Yawa!
  15. The sole nominee of my heart

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Ngeos! Lupita Nyongo’s Kitenge fashion is all the inspiration we need today

Lupita Nyong’o is a fashion icon. We know it. The world knows it.

And they have no option but to accept that Lupita sets trends. The Oscar award wining star has shed light on the beautiful African Kitenge dresses.

Check out how Lupita rocked these Kitenge designs. Call your fundi and tell him or her to take notes.





Lupita Nyong'o

                                                                                                                            Lupita photographed by Vogue in Kisumu County. Photos by Mario Testino

                                                                                                                                Lupita photographed by Vogue in Kisumu County. Photos by Mario Testino







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I Was Tested By My Fiancée And I Ended Up Giving Her A Sizzling Hot Slap

I tell you people have struggles out here.

A city man has confessed about how he was tested by his fiance to a point where he slapped her a gudu one.

Anyhow, the man wrote, “Last month I hit my fiancée (slap) Before you come for me let me explain. First of all I was so remorseful, my 32 years on this planet I have never been in a fight, I don’t hit women, I have sisters, my father didn’t hit my mum and I was taught not too. My girl has been picking fights, stepping on my nerves, it started in June, the 18th I remember cause she picked a fight with me for no reason, cursed me out, said mean things…

I took it as monthly mood swings but it didn’t stop so last week she did the most, the thing I hate most in this world.. after doing it I got upset demanded an apology, she gave me one of those “ehen oya sorry” but not actually sorry, walked passed me, bumped into me I said nothing and some hours later she repeated the same thing, that was when I lost it and hit her in the middle of another argument.

Immediately it happened I knelt down started begging and I have been begging ever since. I can’t even call her friends or family to beg cause I am so ashamed of myself.. so last week I finally convinced her to come over and with her best friend just to ease her a bit. To ensure her of her security even though I know it will never happen again. I just wanted us to talk….. I have never been made so angry, people say I am too gentle and nice so it got me thinking maybe I am not ready for marriage and I need to work on some things because we will have many more arguments I shouldn’t restore to hitting her , as I was explaining these to her while apologizing saying I need to be a better man and we should put the wedding on hold, my GF who had been vexing since with her friend just changed face.

She finally said she had been doing those things intentionally because I am too nice so she wanted to see the worst I can do basically her friends put the idea in her head, so she has been looking for my trouble all this while… I am still in shock.
now I am thinking differently;

1) Why would I want to be with a woman who can bring out that side of me?

2) is she desperate to get married ? Cause she was apologizing saying not to postpone the wedding. Why would u want to marry a man who is capable of hitting you? She is 27, together for 2 plus years.”

Here are some reactions from netizens.

mora_11: For about 4months sure? And it’s all a test 😫 if u aren’t certain anymore or want to ease of things, put things on hold and work things out. Her friends are bad news, if they are going to be advising her while married, u are in for it 😄. Remember “a broken wedding is better than a broken marriage” well what do I know 🙈 bye 👋

Cindynwokebirinwa: So she can’t make a decision herself except what her friends tell her to? Why try someone to know what he or she will do? Now she knows, she can settle down. Oga……do what’s best for you. If you wanna marry her, then do. If you still wanna put the marriage on hold to get yourself together, still good. This shouldn’t really be a big issue since you say you ain’t the violent type. But she should learn to do take decisions herself cos some friends can mislead

amb_brown: Pls don’t beg, the fact that a man should not hit a woman shouldn’t make her stupid… How will a woman be getting her man angry and don’t expect reactions… Stop begging..

yvonneajudua: My brother, you shouldn’t be with a person that will bring out the bad side in you.

odenjiji: It’s a lie. It wasn’t a test. It was a systematic approach to forever subdue you into submission. I’m not an advocate for violence, but you reacted foolishly by kneeling to beg. Still, she didn’t see that as an opportunity to reveal the “temper-unearthing-strategy” she’d been applying on you…not until you decided to pause the wedding preparations. She clearly didn’t expect that move, and impulsively made those comments. What makes this worse is that she’s blaming others for her actions. Wait a little longer before resuming any wedding talk. Be more observant.

omonyajudith: U don’t have to test someone to know what they’re cable of…Why in the name of the holy spirit would u Want to deliberately provoke anyone? OK, now he has hit her and I can assure u, he would not hesitate to hold bk if she omits again because she has unleashed the beast.

sherifoluwaseyi: Uhmmm but the truth is the testing worked on you.. She just wanted to know your anger limit… Even you would have never imagined that you can hit a lady.. That doesn’t make her bad or desperate… Cus when you eventually get married.. It won’t be testing again oo nd things far worse than that will occur you just have to play maturity as a man.. I think she did you a favor.. So sir.. Pls don’t hate the player.. Hate the game.. Good luck…

chidi_francisca: You are so lucky to have someone that loves you. She wanted to know the extent you can take rubbish, no one wants to marry a man that can’t protect her. She just wants to know you more. Don’t stop the marriage dear, everyone develops cold feet before wedding and you are having cold feet. Don’t let it control your actions. Have a happy married life.

__mhizqueen: When u are too cool and nice people use u……i use to be nice and cool before…..but now dont try me.

What do you think. Is it okay to test someone to those limits? And is it okay to condone violence in relationships to prove that he loves you?

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Madam, nitumie fare nikuje! 20 top lies your househelp tells you…

We have all heard tales of nannies and househelps lie to their employers. They do this in the most innocent of ways by pulling on your heartstrings. By the time you find out you have been foxed, it is too late. You have sent them fare and they have moved on to another employer.

Since this is 2018, I’m hoping the lies will be different. But incase they are not, here are some of the best and top excuses and lies by the house help.

They will give you an insight into deciphering your househelp’s mood. If she is still going to work for you or nah!

  1. Mtoto wangu ni mgonjwa.
  2. My grandmother is dying we have been asked to go. Urgently.
  3. Naenda kuvote.
  4. Naenda fellowship.
  5. Nitumie fare, madam. Pesa yangu iliisha yote.
  6. Fare imepanda, madam.
  7. Hakuna magari leo, madam. Nitakuja Kesho.
  8. Mama yangu anasema uniongeze pesa.
  9. Chali yangu anataka kunioa.
  10. Huku kwetu gari hupita mara moja kwa siku.
  11. Gari iliharibikia kwa njia, hata sijui tuko wapi hapa. Na simu haina charge.
  12. Nimepata job ingine, siwezi kuja.
  13. Kwetu sio safe kutravel saa hii, aki, madam, nitakuja kesho.
  14. Tuko na dowry event, wageni watakua wengi lazima nikae. Nitakuja kesho.
  15. Nilikua tao nikaibiwa. A good samaritan anilipeleka kwake hapo ndio niko saa hii. Nitumie fare.
  16. Naenda kurenew ID yangu. Nitarudi kesho.
  17. My uncle needs me to help. Nitaenda, nirudi.
  18. Madam, kusema ukweli tuu, siskii vizuri. Nitakuja next week.
  19. Niko admited hapa kwa clinic. Nitarudi nikiskia vizuri. Unaweza nitumia fare?
  20. Niko kwa njia nakuja. Three days later they have never arrived.

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Jaber very pretty! Here Is A List Of Luo Names And What they Signify

Luo women are the most expressive beings I know. They say it as they see it.

If you don’t believe me, then you need to meet Akothee a.k.a Madam Boss herself.

Meanwhile, another beautiful jaber from the lakeside called out Nick Odhiambo for saying Luo girls are black like charcoal.

Social Media pundits have come up with a list of female names from the Luo community and what they mean.

AWINO – They are polite and quiet but get pregnant very fast ….nyuol ka oyieyo.
AKINYI – most are beautiful.
APONDI – They talk a lot!
AUMA – They act like they know it all.
ADHIAMBO- Very intelligent.
AMOLLO – They are players.
ADONGO – They are drama queens.
ANYANGO – Cheeky and funny.
ATIENO- They are caring – WIFE MATERIAL.
AJUANG’ – They are very holy and close to God.
APIYO – They love sex a lot.
AOKO – Very choosy and secretive.
AWITI – They love being pampered and coaxed.
ACHIENG’ – No nonsense and don’t entertain bullshit!
AWUOR – Very clean.
AMONDI – They have a big heart and very patient
AKOTH – They know how to LOVE & her love to a man is always sincere

Do you agree with this analysis?

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Wigs are bae! Youtuber Nancie Mwai shows you how to rock them

Men frown on wig-wearing women. But Nancie Mwai has changed that narrative by rocking wigs in a stylish and classy manner.

The style blogger and YouTuber Nancie Mwai is one lady who doesn’t play when it comes to fashion. She goes all in and she sure does deliver.

Having blogged for years now, Nancie has mastered the art of matching her outfits with the right makeup and if she’s not feeling her hair, them wigs come in handy.

nancie mwai 22But one thing we admire the most is how good she is with wigs; she knows which wigs work with her face structure and it’s only fair to say she’s always winning on that sector.

A while back, women were degraded for wearing wigs/ weaves with many stating that they are insecure about their natural hair. But we are in a different era, where a huge chunk of women in this country own wigs.

Meet Gospel singer Eunice Njeri’s stunning sister-in-law (Photos)

They always come in handy when you have a bad hair and Nancie has inspired many women to rock their wigs and look fabulous while at it.

Without further ado, here are the times Nancie Mwai has rocked her wigs effortlessly;

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How parents are pimping their kids to wazungus at the Coast

When her father started building a new house in their homestead in Kilifi, Esha* (not her real name) did not know she was the “commodity” to be exchanged for the house.

Her father had placed his dowry demand even before Esha met her “husband to be”.

Her wide smile slowly turns to a sad face filled with bitterness, as she recalls how her enforced marriage to a 65-year-old Westerner shuttered her dreams of salvaging her family from poverty.

She was just 14 years old when her father introduced her to a white man. The white man would visit Esha’s home, where she lived with her father and grandmother.

Her mother left years ago to work in the Gulf, never to be heard from again.

“I had just been sent home from school over a fee balance and my father said he does not have any money. Two months later, I was still at home,” she said.

Esha narrated how her father informed her that the mzungu friend he had been bringing to their home for weeks was to be her husband.

“Even before I could completely absorb what was going on, we got married in accordance to Islamic rites,” she said.

An open letter to my rapist John, wherever you may be I hope you read this

Amid tears, Esha said: “Yule mzungu alinivunja ubikra. Ilikuwa uchungu na nilipokuwa napiga nduru aniwache aliniambia amenilipia kwa babangu, kwa hivyo hakuna mahali ningeweza kuenda ama kufanya.”

Which loosely translates to: “That man broke my virginity. It was too painful and when I screamed for him to let me go, he said he had paid for me so there was nothing I could do.”

As if that was not cruel enough, the “husband” would go on to sodomise her, as well as use her for other unnatural sex acts.

“I do not understand why my own father gave me away to an old man. If he did not have money to take me to school, he should have told me so,” Esha said.


Luckily for Esha, she was later rescued by a child rights activist, and is currently doing designing and garment making. She said cases of young girls being turned to sex objects are common in Kilifi, and especially Mtwapa, Malindi and Kikambala.

Her rescue was prompted by her grandmother, whom she had been telling of her misery as her father turned a blind eye to it.

“I was lucky to have escaped the wrath after months of torture. But I know of friends who were married and taken to Europe and are now sex slaves there,” she said.

Esha’s ordeal begs the question: How many girls fall prey to sex pests roaming the streets of Mtwapa?

Last week, a German and Ukrainian were charged with stripping a girl they met on a dating site before taking photos and videos of her.

The German, Zerbin Waldemar, and Ukrainian, Wectabe Shestavets, were accused of unlawfully compelling a girl (YM) by forcibly undressing her before taking nude photos and videos of her.

The duo denied the charges and were released on Sh100,000 bond. According to the police report, the girl met Waldemar on Tinder, where they exchanged contacts and planned for a date at their Kenya Medical Association apartment in Mtwapa.

After a fun-filled day with Waldemar at the swimming area, and later meeting Wectabe and having some drinks and eating with them, the two foreigners declined to let her go without sex.

“When I wanted to leave, the two whites told me I could not go without giving them sex, yet I had eaten their food and drunk their alcohol,” she said.

That’s when they resorted to taking her photos and videos in the nude. Some of the videos from their phones show explicit videos of different women.

Later that week, Turkish investor Osman Elsek was charged with nine counts, including promoting child prostitution and defilement between February and October last year.

He was also accused of compelling two girls (RB and BW), both aged 15, to massage his private parts against their will. The businessman was also accused of touching the girls inappropriately.

Osman was also accused of promoting child prostitution by taking advantage of the influence he had on the three girls to defile them.

Details of what transpired before Mary Kamangara was killed

The Turk faced two additional counts on a fourth girl (JAO). He allegedly unlawfully compelled the girl, 17, to massage his privates and further indecently touched her.

Osman was further accused of using his influence on the girl to procure her for the indecent acts. The investor denied all the charges and was released on Sh5 million bond.

According to reports, birth certificates belonging to the girls were recovered from Osman’s house. However, the police were unravelling how the certificates contained Osman as their surnames, and if due process was followed in adopting the girls.


Grace Odembo of Okoa Sasa, an organisation that rescues and rehabilitates girls encroached in child prostitution, said girls are trafficked from Uganda, Tanzania, Rwanda and the DRC for the “business”. Those from Ethiopia and Somalia are the main attraction in strip clubs in Mtwapa.

“Sex tourism is currently affecting both girls and boys. Most white men now prefer boys to girls,” she said.

The children’s rights protector said some families have failed their children by “selling” them to tourists in exchange for money and other goodies.

The hunger to get rich has also led girls to “hawk” themselves to white men, who have pitched tent in Mtwapa, which has also been described as Sodom and Gomorrah.

The societal decay has allowed older women who have worked as commercial sex workers to introduce their young daughters into the business without being questioned by anyone.

“As older sex workers lose their market value, they introduce their daughters, some even 10 years old, to sleep with their elderly clients. Who will protect these child if their guardians are this cruel?” Odembo said.

Foreigners also use pimps, who bring them girls and boys for their sexual exploitation. These children are lured from their families with promises of money in return.

Social media also contributes to the wide spread of the crime, and as long as the Internet exists, children will remain vulnerable.

Thousands of women married to whites testify to how they met the spouses on dating sites. This can, however, go south if the man’s aim is to sexually abuse the woman.

-The Star

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