Unearthing Facts You Didn’t Know About Ivan Semwanga As Body Arrives In Uganda (PHOTOS)

The body of Ivan Semwanga finally arrived in Uganda on Sunday afternoon ahead of the burial on Tuesday. Ivan died last week while undergoing treatment at Steve Biko hospital in South Africa. 

On Friday 12th May, while in his master bedroom, Ivan suffered a stroke and was rescued by his maid who heard him shout asking for help and he was rushed to the hospital where he was operated on and remained in a comma for 12 days before he passed away.

Hundreds lined up along Kampala streets to welcome the body of Ivan back home and here are some of the photos.

Well, apart from that, here are the six facts or rather things people didn’t know about Ivan ‘Don’ Semwanga. Go through;

1. Legally married to Zari Hassan

He got married to the sexy Zari in a traditional Baganda wedding (Kwanjula ceremony) on December 24 2011. Their wedding was the talk of the town for days. Their union was the envy of the town and they were blessed with three sons namely; Pinto, Raphael and Quincy.

The pair separated in 2014 and Zari moved on with life and she got married to Tanzania’s sensational singer Diamond Platnumz who they have two children together. Ivan did not re-marry though reports indicate that he was set to marry another woman who is said to be heavily pregnant with his child but suddenly he passed away.


2. Best dad
Just like other loving and caring celebrity fathers, Ivan was a great father to his three sons. From taking them to exotic holidays, buying them some of the most expensive designer shoes and clothing to pampering them with gifts all the time and even giving them the best education. Ivan was indeed a great father.

Despite his tight schedule, Ivan always created time to be with his cubs and his death is a major blow to the younglings. Will they ever accept that he is no more?


3. Businessman
Ivan Semwanga was a smart-minded man. He left Uganda back in 1999 and settled in South Africa, where he went to campus and later started business after hustling for so long.

He owned the famous Brooklyn chain of colleges spread across South Africa. He was also a real estate manager and he owned several properties both at home (back in Uganda) and abroad.


4. Wealth

Ivan was living proof that indeed hard work pays. He owned expensive mansions in South Africa and Uganda. Apart from the palatial homes, Ivan owned a fleet of super expensive machines among them Lamborghini, Range rovers, Hummers and Audi. Ivan rocked some of the most expensive watches, designer shoes and clothes.


5. Lifestyle

Work hard party harder… that was Ivan Don’s slogan. From showering party revelers with money, bathing in bottles of champagne worth millions to flaunting stacks of cash on social media, the son of Matoke land left many wagging tongues.

Blankets and Wines Uganda and any other party in the country was not complete without Ivan’s presence. He hosted all the white parties at club Guvnor every December whenever he traveled to Uganda. He painted Kampala city white every December.

ivan-7 (1)

7. Cheerful giver
Ivan Don Semwanga was known for his charity works. He cared for the poor. Ivan used to give back to the society and did not discriminate. He always created time to dish out money to needy women and children both in Uganda and South Africa. The world has indeed lost a great person, a hero.


Is This A Pot Belly Or Baby Bump? Bahati’s Fans Suspect Diana Marua Is Pregnant

It has taken long for controversial gospel artiste Bahati to reveal that Diana Marua, a video vixen is his girlfriend.

The two started getting cosy late last year after weeks of releasing his Mapenzi wedding video, where he featured Marua as his bride. Diana who is head over heels in love with Mtoto Wa Mama has been linked with dating many celebrities.

What fans don’t understand is, how fast she is growing a belly. Personally, I think this could be thanks to the many pizzas and madondo she is being fed by Bahati. However, some fans think the lass might be pregnant for the Barua singer.

diana marua

Is It For The Haters? Bahati And His ‘Older’ Girlfriend Diana Marua Prove Their LOVE After Baby Drama

Recently, Marua was spotted in a long yet loose dera, one that is commonly worn by pregnant women. She and Bahati were having a good time in Zanzibar but what Diana did not know was that her alleged baby pump was visible.

Recently, Diana has been posting passport like pictures, while her videos show how her pot has increased over time.


Check out this video that shows Diana Marua’s flat stomach is no more;

Thank you beauty planet 😘😘

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Lillian Muli Finally Speaks About Her Painful Divorce

Lillian Nzisa Muli is one of the best and talented TV girls in the local media industry.

She is known for her mastery of the queen’s language and good communication skills, Lillian is also a fashion enthusiast and her fashion speaks volume.


The hardworking mother of one is a strong woman. Despite all the hatred from the online community, Lillian Muli has never been deterred her from doing her best and she is living like a queen while her critics struggle to make ends meet.

The sexy TV siren recently celebrated her 35th birthday and damn! She looks gorgeous. Nothing close to her age. Well, Lillian who divorced her husband a while back is a happy woman and is busy taking care of her son.

2. Lillian Muli
2. Lillian Muli

Anyway, the face of Citizen TV as many refer to her has been of late sharing much about relationships which many speculate that it’s based on her last relationship; painful divorce.

“I never said I wanted a ‘happy’ life but an interesting one. From separation and loss, I have learnt a lot. I have become strong and resilient, as is the case of almost every human being exposed to life and to the world. We don’t even know how strong we are until we are forced to bring that hidden strength forward.”

Lillian Muli’s sentiments were echoed by her followers and here is what some of them had to say;

YoungP: That’s learning to be happy all by yourself, self-pity that’s growth dear..You are strong than you think or partake yourself..

Glad: It is important to love yourself enough to walk away no self-pity you have grown the fact that you are able to handle hard stuff like that but remember God above is always watching over you pretty one

Mwende: That’s when you learn walking away is not a weakness but strength that makes you know what not to entertain in your life.

Emma: That’s what life is all about….being strong to overcome all odds. You are doing just a fine gal.

SAD! Class Six Student Defiled By Gang Members Dressed In Police Uniform In Bungoma

The rate at which gang members are torturing residents in Kenya is very alarming.

A class six pupil was defiled repeatedly in a Friday night attack by a gang dressed in police uniform in Khachonge village, Bungoma county.

Five other people have been hospitalized in critical condition with serious deep cuts. Among them is a shopkeeper who received a deep cut on his head as he resisted gang members.

Police have launched a manhunt for the twelve men said to have been armed with a pistol and other crude weapons including pangas, an axe and rungus.

The gang broke into homes and shops and stole cash and other valuables, including phones.

Residents accused police of failing to respond to the attack in good time.
A resident who sought anonymity said insecurity has escalated in the area over the past four months following the release of criminal gang members from prison some time last year.

“We are appealing to the county commissioner Joshua Chepchieng to have his officers carry out regular patrols especially at night as the election date nears because we feel very unsafe,” he said.

Police asked those with information on the gang members to share it with them and assured that it would be treated confidentially.

Unyama Gani Huu! Heartless Woman Badly Beats Up, Then Hangs Her 4 Year-Old Daughter In Nyandarua

How can a mother hang her own child?

Police have arrested a woman who beat up and hanged her four-year-old daughter in Gikingi location, Nyandarua county.

Cecilia Wangeci, who is at Oljoro Orok police station, killed her daughter on Saturday morning.

Wangeci is said to have woken a neighbor called Damba, telling her she was going to the chief’s office to report the incident.

Damba inquired about the child and Wangeci told her to go and look in the house.

Concerned, Damba rushed to Wangeci’s house calling the girl’s name but received no response. She found the girl had been hanged from the roof and alerted neighbors who called the police.

‘I Loved Her With My Whole Heart But She Made Me DO IT,’ Boda Boda Man KILLS Girlfriend Then Self In A Love Triangle

Swift action by police and the area chief Mary Njoroge prevented residents from lynching Wangeci.

Njoroge said the child appeared to have been badly beaten before being hanged from the roof of their bedroom.

“What pains us so much is how she got the courage to put a rope around her child’s neck even after beating her,” she said.

The girl’s body was moved to the mortuary, while Wangeci is expected in court on Monday. Neighbors said Wangeci had beaten the child on Friday evening and also woke up to beat her on Saturday.

Crazy World! Kenyan Man DUMPS Wife-To-Be At a Guest Room Because She Didn’t Allow Him To Bed Her Without Protection

While no reason was established for the incident, neighbors said Wangeci often beat the girl.

Wangeci lived with her sister and her three children, but they were away during the incident.

They also have a brother who appeared to be unconcerned by the incident. Neighbors said the brother is a drug addict.

RIP Tony: Grace Msalame Mourns Her Late Legendary Father In The Most MOVING Way

On May 28, 2010, veteran broadcaster-cum-comedian Tony Msalame passed away after collapsing at his Shekki FM studios at his home in Nyali in Mombasa.

The Kenyan media fraternity was saddened by the death of the legendary media personality, and his daughter, Grace Msalame knows too well the heartache of losing a father and friend.

Grace Msalame today, May 28, remembers the day her father went to be with the Lord, as she marks 7 years anniversary for the fallen radio presenter who entertained Kenyans with his Sheki Legi radio show on Metro FM.


Others knew him from his Tushauriane TV series of the 1980s, on KBC, which has gone into history as one of the most popular productions to ever hit the Kenyan TV screens.

Grace Msalame has gone ahead to celebrate her father with beautiful black and white photos from back in the day, and in one, he can be seen doing what he did best in the studio.

The former TV host shared the warm photos with a simple caption that read: 7 years On… Papa. Miss him…”


Mr Msalame was also famous for a programme called Ongeza Maarifa at Voice of Kenya days in the early 1980s.

He’s also remembered for his radio quiz show Zum Zum kipindi cha kuongeza maarifa on KBC that he co-hosted with Tido Mhando. In 1996, Mr Msalame joined Metro FM where he is famed for his Shekki Leggi (shake your leg) show at weekends.

In 2004, he moved to Mombasa and opened his own radio station, Sheki FM. The name originated from his Shekki Leggi show.



Fans took to social media to remember the radio presenter as they also send condolence messages to the mother of two Grace Msalame. Check out some of the tributes below.
wajewarthur Miss him

zeddieloky Classic

cissabi a real legend, I remember our good old days at O&M

proviolinist Legend lives on

the_legendary_cris SNS (Saturday Night Show) always loved the show

richiekisulani Was my favourite. ….

frank_furo Sheki leggi….big time memories. #LegendLivesOn

kiriu_whittaker He was a great man, left behind a beautiful legacy…live on#tonymsalame

wagurah His Legacy lives on ! He’s in a better place.

ohhilary still rem the first time he picked my call for a request……Respect to him beyond from earth…..soar high big fella……we miss’ ya.

okocaroline Rhumba nostalgia…….i miss him too. R.I.P Tony Msalame




Is It For The Haters? Bahati And His ‘Older’ Girlfriend Diana Marua Prove Their LOVE After Baby Drama

Bahati has been in the headlines for the wrong reasons in the last couples of days after he revealed his daughter on social media, after keeping her a secret for 2 years.

Most of his fans were not happy for the move while others congratulated him for unveiling her and being a good father. But a big percentage of his fans attacked him for sharing photos of the little girl, Mueni, without appreciating or thanking her mother but instead, giving all the credit to his now girlfriend Diana Marua.


Things blew up when his video vixen girlfriend shared a photo on Instagram while holding his daughter, and that’s when friends to Bahati’s baby mama and relatives came out to bash her, telling her that it’s “disrespectful” and “insensitive”.

According to the family, Diana did not ask for consent from the mother of the child when she posted the picture, actually, none of them, including Bahati did.

Not ‘MTOTO’ Wa Mama After All! 5 Reasons Why Bahati Took 2 Years To UNVEIL His Daughter To The Public

The mother of the child Yvette Obura recently revealed that Bahati was not there for her when she gave birth, and during that time, he cheated on her. She also added that they started dating with the singer way before the fame and money.


But now, Bahati and Diana Marua seem to be going on about their business like nothing happened. They just came back to Nairobi from Zanzibar, where they were shooting a video for a new song, which may include Yamoto Band singer Aslay.

GOING SECULAR? Is Bahati Working On a Collaboration With Former Yamoto Band Singer Aslay? (PHOTO EVIDENCE)

The love birds have now shared cute photos together as if proving to haters that they are still much together and confirming that they know they were meant for each other.

Bahati was the first one to share the pic as they cuddle up with a caption that read; “God’s Approval is my Greatest Peace 🕊” then Diana Marua shared the same photo appreciating her man; “Una tabia za kupendeza roho 😍 #Grateful.”





Sorry Tiffah! Here’s Why Diamond Platnumz Will NEVER Allow His DAUGHTER To Be a Singer

Celebrated Bongo star Naseeb Abdul Juma aka Diamond Platnumz recently spoke about whether he would want his children to follow his footsteps in the musical career, and his answer was very interesting.

The Salome hitmaker is in Nairobi for a mega performance and before the big day, he got to sit down with Larry Madowo for an interview on The Trend, where he talked about his family, lifestyle, and his children.

During the show, Diamond Platnumz also talked about the death of Zari’s baby daddy and ex-husband, Ivan Semwanga, who passed away after heart-related complications.


He revealed that he could not cancel the show, but revealed that he was going to fly to Uganda for Ivan’s burial after the show.

It’s been a tough week for our family and especially Zari but then I thought it would not be good to cancel my shows in Nairobi because this is something we had planned for a long time. But then, from here I will be headed to Uganda to pay my last respects to Ivan.

Away from that, Diamond also talked about his children and Zari revealing how they have changed his perspective on life, making him more focused and working harder.

Wacha! Diamond Platnumz Confesses That He Was a ‘FISI’ Before He Met Hot Wife Zari, As He Reveals What He Loves About Her

When asked if he would want his children to pursue music in the future, he revealed that he would allow only his son, Prince Nilan to become an artiste, but not his daughter.

According to him, when a girl is exposed to such kind of limelight in music, she tends to get a lot of suitors because of the fame and beauty which means a lot of men will be on her case, something he would not be comfortable with at all.

Watamla sana. Mwanamke kama mwanamke, kweli anakuwa anatongozwa na watu tofauti tofauti. Lakini unapokuwa sasa ni msanii, watu wanakujua wanakuwa wengi, kwa hivyo kutongozwa kunakuwa kwingi, sasa da! Wataniuwa kwa pressure.




Lack Of Sleep Causes Your Brain To EAT ITSELF To Clean Up Worn-out Cells, Study Reveals

Your brain starts to eat itself if it hasn’t had enough sleep, according to a new study.

Researchers studied lab mice, and found that ‘clean-up’ cells were more active in their brains when they were sleep-deprived.

The cells, known as astrocytes, act like mini Hoovers in the brain, sweeping up cells as the brain’s connections become weak and break apart.

‘We show for the first time that portions of synapses are literally eaten by astrocytes because of sleep loss,’ lead author Michele Bellesi told New Scientist.

According to the research team at Italy’s Marche Polytechnic University, the seemingly alarming process is actually a positive thing.


‘They [our synpases] are like old pieces of furniture,’ Bellesi said. ‘And so [they] probably need more attention and cleaning.’

But he added that sleep-deprived brains showed ominous signs of activity that leads to Alzheimer’s.

In sleep-deprived mice, brain cells called microglials were more active.

‘We already know that sustained microglial activation has been observed in Alzheimer’s and other forms of neurodegeneration,’ Michele said.

The news comes on the heels of research that showed having too little sleep could put people at risk from heart disease.


The study found that having less than six hours sleep a night was associated with a higher risk of death in people with metabolic syndrome – a combination of diabetes, high blood pressure and obesity.

Researchers said the effect was particularly strong in those with elevated blood pressure or poor glucose metabolism.

People with a common cluster of risk factors for heart disease and diabetes were around twice as likely to die of heart disease or stroke as people without the same set of risk factors if they failed to get more than six hours of sleep, according to the study published in the Journal of the American Heart Association.

For those who got more sleep, the risk of death was more modest.

Daily Mail

Did She Say YES? Singer And KBC Presenter Mr. Tee Proposes To Long Time Girlfriend

Mr.Tee is without doubt one of the gospel singers who have survived the industry without controversies. Tee, who hosts the Angaza gospel show on KBC has found love.

It is still surprising how he managed to keep a low profile of his love life. Tee, who once hit the music charts with the track, Dunia Kanisani has finally unveiled the love of his life and the woman who makes him go bonkers.

From his photos, it is evident that the singer is head over heels and he went down on both knees to propose to his long time girlfriend, in what seemed to be a church arrangement.

The TV host further called her his ‘future wife’, he is confident that the two will have a happily ever after.

mr t

With a lot of excitement he went on to write;

“When you found me all I had was faith, my life was shattered and I had given up on love. I went down on both knees on the altar because I stand strong when am on my knees, I stand tall when am down on both knees, am a product of the altar and my life is a product of the altar. On this altar you said yes to my proposal. The greatest witness I wanted to witness was Jesus. Thank my prophet, my co worker and my wife to be. Thanks for saying yes. May the lord lead us because perfect are His ways.
I love you.”

Lets just wish Mr.Tee all the best as we wait for the wedding bells!

Ariririririri harusi tunayo.

Willis Raburu’s Wife Has This To Say To Critics Who Think She’s Not Good Enough For Him

After word went round that Citizen TV news anchor Willis Raburu had tied the knot, some people began questioning the woman he has chosen to settle down with.

While some of Raburu’s fans, especially the female ones, thought she is not just good for him others were puzzled that he had picked a lady who hails from the Kikuyu community.


All this while, Mary Ngami, the woman who tied the knot with Raburu on May 5, has been quiet and it was not until recently that she commented on the issue.

SORRY LADS! 5 Reasons Why Every Man Is Envious Of Willis Raburu’s Gorgeous New Wife Mary Ngami

Taking to Facebook, Mary told off people who had caught feelings because she had found the one, adding that anyone who wants to be happy should talk to God.




No INFORMAL Relationships! Cohabiting Couples In Burundi ORDERED To WED By The End Of 2017

Cohabiting couples in Burundi have until the end of the year to get married or face legal consequences.

The government order comes after President Pierre Nkurunziza launched a campaign “to moralise society”.

A government spokesman said a crackdown on informal relationships was needed to combat a population explosion.

He said too many schoolgirls were getting pregnant and men were taking advantage of women by cohabiting with several simultaneously.

Burundi has been in crisis since 2015 when Mr Nkurunziza, a born-again Christian, announced he would run for a controversial third term.

Whiter Wedding

‘We want order’

Interior ministry spokesman Terence Ntahiraja told AFP news agency that church and state-sanctioned weddings were the solution to the country’s population explosion – and a patriotic duty.

“We want Burundians to understand that everyone is responsible for his life, we want order in this country,” he said.

“All this is done within the framework of the patriotic training programme,” he said, referring to an initiative launched by President Nkurunziza.

It is not clear exactly what sanctions those not tying the knot will face.

However, one farmer quoted by AFP said local officials had already threatened him and his partner with a fine and said any child born out of wedlock would not qualify for free education or medical treatment.

The farmer, named only as Pierre, said he had not married because he could not afford the bride price demanded by his partner’s family.

Hundreds of people have since died since Mr Nkurunziza launched a bid for a third term. But the country had been relatively calm in recent months.










Beware! SUGAR Is Fuelling Various Forms Of CANCER Scientists Admit. Find Out How

A sugar-rich diet may be fuelling various forms of cancer, as new research confirms a long-suspected belief.

Previous studies have suggested that tumours thrive off sugar, using it as energy to mutate and spread across the body.

Now scientists have shown one type of cancer – which can be found in the lungs, head, and neck, oesophagus, and cervix – has more of a sweet tooth than others.

Squamous cell carcinoma (SqCC) was more dependent on sugar to grow, the University of Texas at Dallas experts found.

This form of the disease used higher levels of a protein that carries glucose to cells to enable them to multiply, they discovered.


Lead author Dr Jung-whan Kim said: ‘It has been suspected that many cancer cells are heavily dependent on sugar as their energy supply.

‘But it turns out that one specific type – squamous cell carcinoma – is remarkably more dependent.

‘This type of cancer clearly consumes a lot of sugar. One of our next steps is to look at why this is the case.’

Writing in the journal Nature Communications, he warned the findings were worrying because ‘as a culture, we are very addicted to sugar’.

He added: ‘Excessive sugar consumption is not only a problem that can lead to complications like diabetes, but also, based on our studies and others, the evidence is mounting that some cancers are also highly dependent on sugar.


‘We’d like to know from a scientific standpoint whether we might be able to affect cancer progression with dietary changes.’

Health officials across the world have stood firm on their stance towards sugar in recent years, despite growing evidence showing it to potentially fuel tumour growth.

Instead, they highlight the fact that all cells, not just cancerous ones, require energy, which is found in the form of glucose, to survive.

Without a sufficient supply of the sugar, each cell in the body would struggle to perform their duties.

various types of sugar

Cancer Research UK make clear that cancerous cells aren’t just dependent on sugar for their growth, as they rely on amino acids and fats also.

The new findings came after researchers looked into the differences between two major subtypes of non-small cell lung cancer – adenocarcinoma (ADC) and SqCC.

About one-quarter of all lung cancers are SqCC, which has been difficult to treat with targeted therapies.


Daily Mail

The Men Most Likely To CHEAT: Here Are The 12 SIGNS That Could Mean a Partner Is Unfaithful

No-one can predict whether your partner is going to betray you by cheating.

But, thanks to research, we now know there are certain factors that predispose people to being unfaithful.

Some of these are within your partner’s control – like whether they have a history of infidelity.

Others aren’t – their parents had affairs, they’re good looking or they happen to work in finance (the most adulterous profession of all).

This list will make you paranoid if your partner ticks all the boxes but it still doesn’t mean they will definitely cheat. As with any relationship advice, trust your instincts as you answer each of the questions below.


But if your partner does score highly, be aware they are more vulnerable to temptation than most.

Keep both your heart and your eyes open.

1. Were they with someone else when you met?

‘Mate poaching’ – stealing someone else’s partner – is incredibly common in the US (and UK).

Three separate studies set out to find out if luring someone away from another results in a healthy, long-term relationship with the person they left to be with.

The answer, in a nutshell, is no.

Poached partners tend to be in more dysfunctional relationships, make less reliable mates and are less satisfied and committed than people who were single and available when you met. They’re more likely to cheat and have more narcissistic traits.

2. How often are you having sex?

Most people assume if they’re still having lots of sex with their partner, it means they’re not getting it elsewhere. Wrong.

While low or no sex does make it more likely for your partner to cheat, men particularly often become hyperactive sexually when they start having an affair.

It’s change that you should be on the alert for: if your partner suddenly wants a lot more sex with you for no apparent reason, chances are their sex drive has been awakened by someone else.

3. Have they stopped watching porn?

A survey by Illicit Encounters, the website for married people looking for an affair, found half of the 1,400 men they polled stopped watching porn completely while they were having affairs.

Other research has found people who watch porn and masturbate are less likely to cheat than those who don’t.

4. Did either of their parents have an affair?

You would think that a child who’d witnessed a parent having an affair and being found out would make them less likely to cheat.

The reality is sometimes the opposite.

Watching the devastation affairs cause prompts our protective subconscious to ask: ‘Who would you rather be? The one who cheated or the one who’s devastated by it?’

It’s not a conscious choice but it does happen: the child grows into an adult who abhors cheating but finds themselves doing it. Parental affairs might be common but their effect is still long-reaching.

5. Have they cheated before?

The ‘once a cheat, always a cheat’ belief does have truth to it.

But the crucial question to ask if your partner has a history of cheating is why they did it.

A true serial cheater has no moral compass and will often see nothing wrong with being unfaithful.

Other people cheat in relationships they aren’t committed to or aren’t happy in, others have affairs in retribution for a partner who cheated.

Find out the circumstances behind why they did what they did. Then ask yourself: ‘Is our relationship different than the rest’ or ‘Are they in a very different place now than they were then’?

6. How good looking are they?

A Harvard University study (US) revealed a definite correlation between attractiveness and divorce, leading researchers to conclude that being good looking was ‘a relationship liability’.

A relationship with someone attractive is definitely more vulnerable to threats than one with someone who isn’t so appealing, especially if you’re going through a rough patch.

Interestingly, how good-looking your partner thinks they are is almost as important as how attractive they actually are. The more attractive we feel, the more likely we are to find infidelity appealing.


7. How much opportunity do they have to meet people and get away with cheating?

If your partner’s straight and works in a same sex office with little interaction with new people, they have low temptation and opportunity to play away.

The partner who works for a large company and has a job that involves constantly meeting new people has more temptation than others.

If they also travel for work, there are more opportunities to sleep with other people and not be found out.

8. How much daily contact do you have with your partner?

How many times a day do you check in on each other and how do you make that contact?

If you’re texting a few times throughout the day, with at least one or two phone calls as well, it’s harder for a partner to get away with cheating.

Having to explain why they’re out of contact when they usually are is difficult and the simple act of receiving a text or ignoring a call from you presses all their guilt buttons.

The better you know your partner’s routine and whereabouts, the less likely they are to think they could get away with cheating.

9. How close are you?

A disturbing fact is the majority of reputable studies have found the majority of people who commit adultery are happy in their lives and relationships.

A Rutgers University study found 56 per cent of men and 34 per cent of women who had affairs were happy with their partners.

So knowing your partner is happy doesn’t mean they won’t cheat but if you’re in a very close relationship, you’re much more likely to instinctively know something is wrong.

10. How well do you know their friends?

Eighty-five per cent of cheating is with a co-worker, with friends and neighbours not too far behind.

It’s also true people are less likely to have an affair with a work colleague if they’ve met their partners: it’s very easy to pretend someone’s single if you’ve never seen evidence to the contrary.

The more of your partner’s friends and colleagues you know, the more visible your relationship is to other people who may fancy them.

It’s also more likely you’ll pick up on any telling body language between the two of them or directed their way. If you’re well liked, friends will also step in to talk your partner out of any plans to misbehave if they’re tempted.

11. How much do they drink?

Studies show men who drink no more than the recommended weekly total are 82 per cent less likely to commit adultery than heavy drinkers.

Women are also far more likely to cheat when drunk – for all the obvious reasons.

Excessive drinking makes us lose judgment, relaxes inhibitions and creates the infamous ‘beer goggles’, making us fancy people we wouldn’t be interested in sober.

If your partner drinks heavily with his or her friends or workmates without you around, this is a flashing red light.

12. Does cheating fit with their moral code?

I’m not for a minute suggesting nice people don’t cheat – they do.

But if your partner gets upset when they see or hear about other friends cheating, it’s a good sign.

There might be circumstances when they’re tempted but it’s a lot less likely to happen if they find the concept of infidelity distasteful.


Daily Mail


Did You Know? DRUG-TAKING And Binge-Drinking Teenagers Five Times Likely To Commit SUICIDE In Their 20s

Teenagers who frequently binge-drink are more likely to commit suicide in their 20s, alarming new research shows.

Those admitted to hospital with alcohol-related injuries face a five-fold increased risk of killing themselves, it suggests.

The findings also applied to those who required medical treatment from taking drugs, being involved in violence and self-harm.

Professor David Cottrell, from the University of Leeds, who was involved in the research, warned that the NHS must do more to help these teenagers.

He said: “Clinicians have not fully appreciated the risks facing children and young people who arrive in hospital emergency departments having suffered an adversity-related injury.

“It is well established that children who self-harm are at an increased risk of suicide. But the research points to that fact that the risk extends to a much broader group.

Group of young people making toast at party

“Children and young people who suffered injuries through drink or drugs or violence also faced an increased risk of suicide or premature death through alcohol and drug behaviours.”

Sarah Brennan, chief executive of Young Minds, said: “This groundbreaking research demonstrates some of the interconnections between self-harm, substance misuse and violent injury – and the tragic consequences that these experiences may have.

“It is essential that we don’t think of young people simply in terms of a list of ‘issues’, and that we understand how distress can be expressed in different ways at different times.”

For the study published in The Lancet, the researchers, who teamed up with University College London, looked at anonymous data on more than a million youngsters over 15 years.

All participants were aged between 10 and 19 and had been admitted to various A&E departments across the UK.


Those whose injuries were due to ‘adversity’ – the result of drug or alcohol abuse, violence of self-harm – were twice as likely to die within the next decade.

This was compared to people who were injured in bog-standard injuries.

Young people in this adversity group were also found to be five times more likely to kill themselves in the forthcoming 10 years.

The exact suicide risk was found to be 7.2 per 1,000 for boys. However, for girls it was much lower at 2.5 for the same amount.

In comparison, the rate was 1.2 and 0.4 respectively for those who weren’t in the adversity group, The Sun reports.

The findings reflect the widely known fact that men are almost four times more likely to commit suicide than women.

Two thirds of all recorded deaths were attributable to suicide, drug or alcohol abuse, or homicide, the study showed.




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Wacha! Diamond Platnumz Confesses That He Was a ‘FISI’ Before He Met Hot Wife Zari, As He Reveals What He Loves About Her

Bongo Star Diamond Platnumz is in Kenya for a mega performance on Sunday, May 28 in Nairobi.

This comes days after it was revealed that his wife’s ex-husband and baby daddy Ivan Semwanga had passed on after a sudden heart attack and stroke, leaving behind three sons.

RIP IVAN: Lilian Muli, Wema Sepetu And Other Celebrities Send Heart-Warming Condolence Messages To Zari After Her Ex Husband’s Sudden Death

Zari has been by Ivan’s side during the illness period and Diamond Platnumz has been supporting her all the way and encouraging her, and despite the trying moment, he didn’t cancel the Kenyan show.

During a recent interview on The Trend with Larry Madowo, Chibu Dangote revealed a lot of things about his private life, including how being a father and a husband has changed him, positively.

Diamond Platnumz, real name Naseeb Abdul Juma and Zarinah Hassan have been blessed with two adorable kids, Princess Tiffah and Prince Nillan.

The Number One hitmaker said that being a father has made him more focused and responsible;

Kuwa baba imenifanya niwe makini zaidi, imenifanya ni fanye kazi kwa juhudi na niwe nazingatia. Imenifanya nitulie sababu nina watoto na wananitegemea. Pengine ndio imenipa akili ya kuwa na record label na vitu tofauti tofauti, kwa hivyo namshukuru mzazi mwenzangu na Mwenyezi Mungu kwa kunipa watoto, na nawapenda sana.

Speaking of Zari, Diamond revealed that he was a man of many women aka ‘FISI’ before he met Zari, because he was still taking the time to find the woman he would spend the rest of his life with.


Larry Madowo openly asked him; “Kabla uoe ulikuwa fisi pia wewe.” (Before you got married, where you a ladies man?)

Diamond Platnumz confessed that he had a lot of women, but that was before he settled with Zari;

Unjaua ukiwa kama mwanaume lijali na especially kwenye position kama yangu, lazima uta…lazima. So, nilikuwa katika kutafutatafuta until nikampata Zari, now nimetulia.

He went on to praise and appreciate his wife Zari, saying that she helps him manage his finances;

Nachompendea Zari ni mwanamke anayejua kubalance budget, ni mwanamke anayejua kuna leo kuna kesho. Ananisaidia kucontrol kidogo ninachokipata na ndio maana nakuwa nampenda.”

The renowned singer has been linked to Wema Sepetu, Hamisa Mobetto and Wolper, all if which are celebrities in Bongo land.

Diamond Platnumz’ Ex Clears Air On Having An Affair (SCREENSHOTS)


‘I Loved Her With My Whole Heart But She Made Me DO IT,’ Boda Boda Man KILLS Girlfriend Then Self In A Love Triangle

Why are lovers killing each other of late nowadays? Why is the hate more prevalent than the love?

In a shocking incident at Kisii University, a second-year student was brutally murdered by her boyfriend at the hostels in Kisii town following an argument.

According to the police, the killing of the 20-year-old young girl, Vena Swanya, was provoked by a love triangle gone wrong.


It’s alleged that the boy by the name, Samson Obwocha, 23, killed the girlfriend by strangling her, in the heartbreaking incident that happened on Thursday, May 25.

Kisii police boss Francis confirmed the incident, revealing that the male student would later fatally hung himself using a rope he tied on the rafter.

Investigations have so far been launched.

According to the deputy president of the University, Francis Kerongo, the man was a boda boda operator in the town and had left behind a suicide note before taking his own life.


In the letter, he revealed that he had killed the second year Bachelor Of Eduction student because she had betrayed him.

“Mum, dad, brothers and sisters, I killed her and myself because I loved her with the whole of my heart, but she made me do it. Am sorry BYE BYE. MUM, I LOVE YOU.” read the suicide note.

The bodies of the two lovers were taken to Kisii Teaching and Referral Hospital morgue.


The DP, Kerongo, urged landlords to ensure that there is enough security to the occupants, who are mostly college and university students.

“It is a sad day for Kisii University students because our colleagues lost her life in circumstances that we don’t understand. I urge the youth to always resolve relationship disputes amicably, instead of resorting to violence,” said the deputy president.



Inhuman! 47 Year Old Man Arrested For Defiling a Family Friend’s 9 Year-Old Girl

A 47-year-old man was arrested on Thursday for defiling a nine-year-old girl in Kiminini sub-county in Kitale.

Area chief Mildred Chesoli said they arrested John Muthee following a tip-off from neighbors.

“The man has been a friend of the family and he used to support the child, which made him take advantage to defile the minor,” she said.

The child’s father, Justus Wekesa said the girl has been staying with the grandmother since he lost his wife.

He said the man had been his close friend and he was unaware of the occurrence.

Wekesa said he has gone to work, while the grandmother had gone to the market when the incident happened.

Chesoli asked the resident to be careful with those who interact with their children.

“I also warn community members against settling such disputed at home as it encourages the vice and puts children’s lives at risk,” she added.


-The Star