He made so many journos cry at work – Terryanne Chebet exposes bully

Workplace bullies are being exposed one at a time.

Former Citizen tv anchor Teryanne Chebet has taken to her Instagram to tell that a man at her former workplace bullied and made many cry.

While not naming names, Terryanne told

It was great but the bad times were bad, there was some really toxic people too, like one who perhaps every female TV journalist cringed to work with. He was the bully.com and sadly got away with everything. He made so many journos cry in the newsrooms!

Horrid memories, but, I’d probably work for a media house only if I owned it so I could make it a place where people loved to go to, every single day. ‘

Terryanne was filming a project when admitting this saying she would never return to being a full time anchor

Filming today made me miss my Anchor woman job! But would I do it again? Nope.

At least never full time again. It was great but the bad times were bad,’

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Our journey isn’t perfect but it’s ours – Risper Faith tells husband

Businesswoman and digital creator Risper Faith has a sweet message for her husband Brian.

In a loving note on Instagram, Risper told him ‘Our journey isn’t perfect. But it’s ours, and I’ll stick with you till the end…

I love you @brayo79′

Fans told Brian that he is lucky to have such a babe who gushes over him, adding Risper is mali safi.

In another loving note to him, Risper said ‘I’ll never finish falling in love with you’

Risper and Brian courtesy Instagram

The couple has a pretty interesting youtube channel you need to visit to see their lifestyle.

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School letter to parents about suspended daughter stealing mangoes goes viral

Matungulu Girls in Machakos is trending online. The school administration wrote a letter to suspended students parents asking them to refund stolen mangoes with 200 mangoes has been slammed by Kenyans online.

The letter instructing the parents how to return the mangoes elicited sharp reaction with many saying the school administration is taking things too far.

Matungulu Girls wanakaaa ni kama hawajui ni season ya maembe,,,sually,,,,sasa III ni punishment ya kupea mtu.. kweli?????

The girl has a share on that mango tree, assume you’re asking the girl,”what’s the name of your school”response…matungulu.
She saw them ripe, lazy and irresponsible teacher can’t see they are.

Student suspended from Matungulu Girls for stealing Mangoes. The Principal Mr Kariuki, orders that she returns with 200 pieces of mangoes and must clear all school fees first. What’s your thought on this?

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‘Your wife is not your relative’ KOT react to Chris Kirubi’s will

This chart published by the Standard has got many Kenyans talking about the distribution or lack of, of the late Chris Kirubi’s estate.

In his 1996 will, Kirubi bequeathed his son Robert Kirubi and daughter Mary-Anne Kirubi 80 per cent of the estate while gifting his second daughter Fiona Kirubi Sh4 million.

Kirubi did not leave out his four siblings, with each getting Sh500 million. Robert Kirubi and daughter Mary-Anne Kirubi amicably agreed to give Fiona 9.95 per cent of the estate, which they split equally from their shares.

What many noticed is the wife and side chick were left out.

Reactions include

Ghaii.. was your wife that bad Chris? Anyhoo continue resting in eternal peaceDove of peace

Ladies belong to other people Face with tears of joyFace with tears of joy

The master

Was there a wife in the first place? If you divorced several years back, how then does she become your wife for consideration in the will??

Chris Kirubi was a firm believer in the saying that goes ” My kids will always be my kids but the woman I marry may not necessarily always be my wife”

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Pregnant Jackie Matubia looking forward to a relaxing babymoon

Expectant mum Jackie Matubia is anticipating the arrival of her second born.

While reacting to pictures of Best friend Milly Chebby on holiday for her 35th birthday celebrations, Jackie told that she wants a babymoon soon.

Milly tagged Jackie on her video telling Jackie that ‘miss you babes’

Jackie responded ‘God you know how badly I want to be there #babymoon’

Jackie Matubia pregnant courtesy Muma Pix

Jackie has in the meantime told fans that she will be delivering her bundle of joy at Komarock modern healthcare. She was hanging out with Diana Marua where Jackie captioned a smiling picture ‘I can’t wait to share this journey with you guys together with @komarockmodern

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My faith in love has been shaken – Michelle Ntalami on dating again

Marini Natural CEO Michele Ntalami was faced with some really deep questions from her fans on a QnA on Friday.

Some questions included enquiry of her faith, pain, feminity.

To cap off the question, Michelle captioned a butterfly emoji ‘I am…physically, mentally and emotionally ready to enter a new phase in my life. I am ready to grow and uplevel.’

One fan asked ‘No question. I just love how you express your femininity in a censual way’ Michell responded ‘Awww shucks..top tier compliment. Be comfortable in your own mind, body and soul. I firmly believe in showing up tot he world as all of you and not parts. Also if you are hurt, HEAL, Unless provoked be warm and soft in your aura. No matter how good you think you’ve got it, or how much of a bad b*** you think you are hate negativity, jealousy and bitterness is the enemy of femininity’

Anoterh person asked ‘Why is your gorgeous self still single? I know that’s a personal question, sorry’

Michele told the person not to apologize ‘Healing…My faith in love especially in htis city has been shaken quite a bity.I dont want ot commit to anything serious for now until I’m healed happy and whole again. Right now all my love energy and focus is on ME’

Another question was about beign atteracted to women ‘So you are not attracted to ? I’m sad You’re my biggest crush’

Michele added ‘Haha sadly no I’m not physically attracted to to feminine women feminine men or feminity in general. Why? Because I’m extremely feminine myself! So masculine men not necessarily bodywise, but in character) or masculine energy does it for me . Opposites attract liek poles repe4l. Sorry love, But for what its worth. I’ve checked you out and you are cute!!’

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Tiktoker Khaby Lame signs multi year deal with Hugo Boss

Khaby Lame was unemployed in 2020, became the 2nd most followed TikTok account in 2021 and is now the face of Hugo Boss.

From a Factory worker in Italy in 2020 to being a face of the Hugo Boss rebrand in 2022, Tiktokerr Khaby Lame is making boss moves.

Khaby Lame is the new face of luxury brand Hugo Boss rebrand campaign.

Hugo also also announced according to tan article published in the Hollywood Reporter that it has entered a multiyear partnership with Lame, after landing him for a runway debut during Milan Fashion Week. The ambassadorship will also include a co-designed capsule collection.

Dubbed #BeYourOwnBoss and featuring BOSS’s Spring/Summer 2022 collection, the campaign (shot by Mikael Jansson) stars famous faces Kendall Jenner, Hailey Bieber and Joan Smalls, South Korean sensation Lee Min-ho, rapper Future, international TikTok star Khaby Lame, British boxer Anthony Joshua, Italian tennis pro Matteo Berrettini, and German runner Alica Schmidt.

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‘Unfair to expect love from others…’ Juliani

Rapper Juliani has sent a cryptic message on social media about love. The rapper has been dating former Machakos county first lady Lillian Ng’ang’a.

In a recent Insta-story, the rapper wrote;

“Unfair to expect love from others, yet you are not sure if they have enough for themselves!”

In an interview with Saturday Nation, the rapper hinted that Ng’ang’a made the first moved;

“Beyond that i had never talked to her. I had no agenda with her and i never went out to have her. “She sent me a message on my birthday and we started having random conversations. I think she was attracted to my philosophy and she wanted to find out more.”


In another interview with the same publication, Lillian said she found the alst piece of herself;

I like to call myself a thinker but when I met Juliani it was like I found the last piece of a jigsaw puzzle. His value and mine were aligned. Just the way he looks at life, what he values, what is important to him are the same things that are important to me and that is very rare,” said Lillian.

Otile Brown announces break up with Nabbi

Otile Brown has announced that he and Nabbi are not together anymore. Brown revealed this on his social media saying that the last time they were together, they were figuring things out.

The two were spotted together late December at a popular hotel after he went to receive her from the airport.

In an insta-stroy, Brown announced.

“Nabbi and I are not together anymore…. The last time we were together was to try and figure out the way forward but we decided to go our separate ways.”

Adding that he would still care for her,

“Unfortunately She’s an amazing person and for that I will always respect her, care for her and be cool with each other. Wishing her nothing but the best moving forward! Bless.”

Otile Brown with Nabayet in the past
Otile Brown with Nabayet in the past

The two met in the DM when Nabbi was living in Australia. They later caught up when Otile Brown went to perform there.

The two started dating soon after Otile broke up with Vera Sidika over irreconcilable differences.

All about Classic FM’s acoustic brunch

This Sunday 30th Jan, the Classic FM acoustic brunch is going down at the Nairobi Autograph Collection at the Sankara hotel.

Acoustic Brunch is bespoke experience that takes you on a journey through music, showcasing musical artists usually playing acoustic instruments.

Speaking about the upcoming event, Radio Africa’s Kendi Kamotho said;

“The Sankara Hotel has curated a special culinary journey inspired by Jack Daniel’s infusions. Jack Daniels, will have a collection of their brands with, classic signature cocktails from Gentleman Jack and Single Barrel.”

There will be performances from Elvis who, Edward Parseen band with Deejay Erosh.

You don’t want to miss this one, bring your friends, bring your family, come and make 2022 count!” Added Kamotho

“So, see you on Sunday the 30th of January at the Sankara Nairobi Autograph Collection Hotel.”

The Acoustic brunch is proudly brought to you by Classic FM and Radio Africa Events

Make Your Reservations at 0703 028 000

Muthoni Drummer Queen unveils son’s face

Rapper Muthoni Drummer Queen has unveiled the face of her son, Manjano. Muthoni announced she was pregnant a few days ago in an Instagram message, responding to people who have been asking about her whereabouts.

“Q: Where you been MDQ?
A: Being preggerz!!
Between cooking a new life and avoiding Covid, I spent most of 2021 actively at home/away from humans sorry media guys, you see why I declined all your in person requests for promo of RIVER Our colleagues, inner circle & family have been so great in cheering us on and keeping our business, our business until we were ready to share. This 10month journey has been intensely beautiful 😍 ❤ my heart is so full it literally overflows with gratitude and joy.”

Muthoni Drummer Queen

While flaunting her new born, Muthoni shared a video with him and her lover.

“Our beautiful baby joined us earth side some days ago. We named him Manjano Ndonga Musosi.
Manjano💛 for golden glow of his soul’s energy.
Ndonga for my late father, his guardian spirit.
Musosi for Musa Omusi x Muthoni, the eternal collab that starts and ends at forever and a day. We are beyond words.”

From us is congratulations to the couple.

Artists gather to fund raise for Akuku Danger’s hospital bill

Different artists in the entertainment industry gathered on Thursday evening at the Kenya National Theatre to fund raise for comedian Akuku Danger.

Akuku has been hospitalized at the Nairobi West for weeks after his lung collapsed, and has since accumulated a bill amounting to millions.

Sandra Dacha and Akuku Danger

The comedian’s friend Sandra Dacha revealed that he is well but can only be discharged if a bill of Ksh 2 million is paid.

Dacha thanked fans for helping settle Ksh 2 million that was also needed for the comedian to be treated. Speaking to this writer, the actresss said,

‘We have a target of 2 million without it he cannot leave the hospital. I urge people to help get the remaining 2 million so that he does not get an infection.He is  now healed and we thank God for that.

The fans did such a fantastic job, they have so far contributed 2 million. I did not see such generosity when Othuol Othuol needed help.

The fans have been such a blessing.’

The pay bill number to the fundraiser is 891300.

Jacky Maribe responds to new boyfriend rumors ‘confuse the enemies’

Media personality Jacky Marieb has coem out to rubbish claims she is now dating a new man.

This follows several pictures of her locking lip with a new man over the weekend clubbing in Nyeri.

The man was immediately identified as Ben Kariuki on his Facebook page where he has shared photos of them.

Responding to it, Jacky reacted ‘character development day is here…so here for it…when they think they know, the don’t know. somebody’s proverb.

She also added ‘confuse the enemies at all costs’

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RIP! Ugandan comedian Anne Kansiime’s father passes on

Ugandan comedian Anne Kansiime is grieving the death of her father.

Kufanana nayo! Anne Kansiime shares beautiful photos of her parents

This comes six months after the untimely death of her mother in June 2021.

Her father was a retired banker.

Back in June, Kansiime took to her Instagram to announce her mums death.

The 35-year-old wrote, “God’s ways are indeed not our ways. My mother has gone to be with the Lord this morning.”


Frinds and fans have sent their condolences message.

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How men unknowingly give you permission to date other men

When a man refuses to attach a label to your relationship, does this mean a girl can still date other men while with him.

That’s the opinion of a dating coach on Tiktok @The Pedestal Wife Society who insists, women can date multiple men until he defines a relationship.

Here are things a man does that tells a girl she can still date other men;

  1. When a man tells you let’s just go with the flow, he refuses to define the relationship and inherently gives you permission to date other men.
  2. When a man tells you he can’t put a label to your relationship he gives you permission to date other men
  3. When he tries to convince yo that marriage is just a piece of paper that you don’t need, he is giving you permission to date someone else
  4. If he also tells you ‘I don’t know what we are’ your bae is giving you permission to hae another bae.
  5. When he tells you ‘girl you know how I feel about you’ when you ask him for affirmation, then he is giving you permission to be with someone else

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A list of the worst things a woman has done on the first date

The dating field is a murky one for alot of single people, and worse when you have to plan dates.

A question was posed to netizens about their worst first date with a woman, and below are responses.

Told me that she was a virgin, but if that was a problem we could “work something out” twitter.com/thatdakari/sta…

she sent me the snap that was meant for her friends Neutral face

I went on a date with a girl once and she bought a urn with her dad ashes in it. She told me her dad went with her on every date she ever went on and that he still does.

While driving us to dinner, my phone (on vibrate) went off in my pocket. I look at the text and it is from my date sent to me accidentally saying ‘oh my God he’s so ugly’. I pull over to the gas station, hand her $2 to run in and get some lottery tickets and I drove the F off.

Worst date that made it to the end? Went to the movies with this girl, she lived close by. We stopped at her place and I offered her a foot rub. She took off her boots and the aroma of deviled eggs, vinegar, and just plain foot just saturated the air. Nauseated face

I planned an entire date out and when I relayed the plan to shorty, she responded to my text message with the thumbs up text message reaction. That was the last that she heard from me.

I probably had this one coming, but.. I made plans with this chick to meet up at the movies, we met and everything and hung out for a while and even made plans for the upcoming valentines day, and at the start of the movie she went to the restroom and never came back.

Met this women, we talked and it was dope for weeks, FaceTime all the time all that good shit.

For our first official date, i bought tickets to this museum/exhibit in nyc she really wanted to go too, flowers and sent her a Uber cause it’s far for her.

She stood me up Smiling face with tear

went to a rooftop bar she told the bartender no Vodka(didn’t know why) she agreed hr later bartender reveal she had given her vodka she tried to give a homeless woman to come stay at my house once in the uber she told driver she wasn’t getting out took his glasses. We’re on kid 3

I had to hold her back from fighting a waitress that “flirted” with me. Then she killed any ego boost I would’ve gotten by letting me know I wasn’t that cute – she just didn’t like people trying her. Then we get back on the road and she hands me the tip I had left for the girl

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Michael Jackson fat shamed sister Janet calling her ‘pig’ frequently

US Singer Janet Jackson was body shamed by her late brother Michael Jackson.

Janet has said her brother Michael Jackson teased her about her weight gain and called her names.

The singer spoke about her relationship with her late older brother, as well as her personal battles with weight fluctuation in a new two-part documentary series, Janet Jackson.

“There were times when Mike used to tease me and call me names. ‘Pig, horse, slaughter hog, cow,” Jackson, 55, shares.

“He would laugh about it and I’d laugh too, but then there was some­where down inside that it would hurt.

“When you have somebody say you’re too heavy, it affects you.”

The actress and pop star — who grew up in the spotlight as the youngest member of the Jackson family — added, “I’m an emotional eater, so when I get stressed or something is really bothering me, it comforts me.”

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Terryanne Chebet excites fans after teasing new mystery man

New year new man?

Media personalty Terryanne Chebet has shared a cozy picture with a man, that has many of her fans saying she is bringing in February , the month of love, in style.

Terryanne on her Instagram posted the above photo captioning it ‘Te amo’

Other excited fans told her ‘love wins’ and to warn that ‘KOT DCI will investigate

Terryanne Chebet at the Sands Nomad, Diani

TC 😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍🙌🙌🙌🙌
39m2 likesReply

Awww!!!!! Yes to love!❤️❤️

😍❤️ Eish. February is that you ❤️

Kimeche ache kityo tumto

😍 amazing..you deserve happiness tete

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