‘I pray you live longer to see what you put me through’ Huddah pens to jealousy ‘friends’

Socialite cum business woman Huddah Monroe is a woman who is always under public scrutiny and it is understandable why she has haters.

She is daring and does not mind going that extra step to achieve her dreams but with  haters full of jealousy round her here is her message for them.

‘I love BIG things, let me have it all’ Huddah Monroe shouts

“Jealousy and Envy is a disease . Old friends always have this shit on them …. I pray you live longer . So you can roam around the world and Suffer immensely from what you’ve put me and other women through .

What a jealous woman would do to another is out of this world . They can skin you alive . WOMEN , be careful who you call friend.”


She goes on to add

“To those who take joy in seeing other people fail or suffer, I feel for you. Whatever is happening in your life to hold so much anger and hate, I pray that it passes and good things come to you.Nelson Madela once said, We were not born with hate in our hearts, it’s something learnt over time.

‘I once dated a broke man for his good performance in bed’ Huddah admits


But if we can learn to hate then we can be taught to love for love is far easier and more natural to the human heart. God Bless.”

She concludes with this quote and declaration on herself,

“It’s not Over, until God says it’s over Cheers .” to Good health . Prosperity. Abundance . And Wealth all the days of my life , my fans lives and my enemies lives . Be bless .”

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Sharon Mundia to host her own life style show on NTV dubbed Living With Ess

Sharon Mundia is a respected fashion blogger in the Kenyan industry but she has decided to spread her wings by venturing into TV.
End of this month the beautiful blogger is expected to host her own show dubbed  Living With Ess.She took to her Instagram to announce the exciting news in the post below

“Can’t believe I’m about to say this but… Starting 30th of July, I’ll be hosting a morning Lifestyle show on @ntvkenya called Living With Ess!!! There is no emoji, no picture and no words that can bring to life the excitement I have for this next step in my life and career! It all still feels so surreal and my arms are bruised from all the times I’ve had to pinch myself these past few weeks! 😭

image-2018-07-22(1)(1)God, I see you working your magic. Thank you. 🙏🏾 And thank you @ntvkenya for believing in me! And of course thank YOU for choosing to be part of this journey – whether you joined 6 years ago when I started blogging or 6 days ago.❤️ Hope you’ll tune in to the show! Save the date. 30th July. 8AM sharp. Monday to Friday. Aaaaaahhhhh! My heart is so full it could burst. 🙏🏾✨#LivingWithEss”

Here are congratulatory messages from her fans

theektapatelCongratulations Esi! Hard work really does pay off 🔥🔥

zuri.learns.swahiliCongrats @this_is_ess , we’ve been watching you for a while. We are fans all the way from Maryland USA 🤗🤗

mercy_waithira💛💛💛💛chroniclesoftejCongratulations 🎉💕

vicky_prettaFrom glory to glory😍😍😍😍

Pierra Makena celebrates daughter as she turns 2 and nanny as she turns 22 with this sweet message

moniqueshabbyCongratulations mama
mercy_kibiraCongratulations!Well deserved 😍
msadoncanCongratulations Sharon
jeyd254yeeeeaaay!! congratulation Sharon!!!
i_am_kilelYou have a beautiful soul, you’re charming both inside and outside,go Sharon @this_is_ess
kemiobareAwww congratulations @this_is_ess super proud of you

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‘My married neighbour has proposed to me and promised to divorce his wife for me’do i believe him?

Men are cunning and malicious at times especially when it comes to matters of the  heart while women are more accepting.

Women easily fall in love and even when there are red flags it becomes for them to notice them given that they are already blinded by love.

There are common lies that married men tell single women when they want to get between the sheets and while some do not fall for such tricks some are not so lucky.


A city woman has found herself in a dilemma after falling for the sweet lies of her married neighbor who has proposed and promised to leave his wife for her.

I will still have another child when I am ready to’ Akothee shouts

The problem is she does not know if to believe him or not

She wrote

“I’m in love with a married man. He used to be a neighbor at where we used to live,but then he was a bachelor with his now wife as his girlfriend. When I crossed paths with him I never had intentions of having an affair with him but one evening he called pleading to See Me. So I went, he was not looking cheerful and all, so I asked what happened.He began to weep that his wife is the marriage hell for him.


I was really touched and I was comforting him,next thing we kissed and made love. That was how we started dating. Fast forward to last weekend when we hung out to my greatest shock he proposed to me saying if I accept to marry him he’ll give me anything I want in this life(comfort and luxury) and that he’ll file for divorce immediately if I agree to marry him. I rejected it saying I needed to think about it. Please what do y’all suggest I do.”

‘You were so perfect’ Juliana Kanyamozi pens as he mourns her late son Keron

Here is the response she got on how to solve her dilemma

prettyzara6Run for your life,don’t make another woman cry always.your divine husband Wil come soon
oyin_sweetberryLies men tell… That guy is a scammer. And you’re the Scameee 😂😂. And you’re also an unserious person. You’ve always desire that man and he scammed you to get down with you. It’s not a mistake, you wanted it and you had it. Why’s the marriage a living hell? Was he not in courtship before marriage? What are his reasons for wanting to get divorced? Let him bring divorce certificate first and let a lawyer confirm…. But be ready to be served same divorce papers too in future if care is not taken.

Sleep with no panties to make your husbands ‘happy’ Makueni MP advices

_23perriWhat do you need to think about? Firstly you slept with a married man not only that you fell in love with him!! Karma is real.for your own good cut all ties with him and have some self respect!
ada_mma1Let him go and sort himself out with his wife first before entering another marriage with u or anybody. Tell him to do this.
just_call_me_becca_Lol so u believe he gon file for that divorce??😭🤣🤣🤣🤣…don’t play urself…tell him if he serious he should do it before u agree…or better still leave him alone!!! Don’t use ur hand to bring trouble for urself…then years from now we will see u bk on BOM complaining bout him🙄🙄🙄ND how u sacrificed yen yen yen

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Pierra Makena celebrates daughter as she turns 2 and nanny as she turns 22 with this sweet message

It is not every day that bosses take time to thank their nannies cum house managers for the great work they do but Pierra Makena does.

Well female spin master Pierra Makena is one of their few who are not shy to show off their house managers .

She took to her Instgram to celebrate both her daughter and as she turned two and her house manager as she turned 22.

The sweet messages have left our hearts melting especially after Pierra gushed on her daughter stating how much her daughter has made her love.

She wrote

“Happy BIRTHDAY my Angel.
You have given me the best time of my life..you have made me a real career woman…you have made me love too much and trust in God more.


I had such an amazing day today ..couldn’t even get time to be on social media…its my babys 2nd birthday and OMG!!! I just cant hide the emotions of how fast they grow…Happy birthday my love…i love you tooo much..but God loves you even more…. may he always guide you and bless you forever….HAPPY BIRTHDAY RICCA!!!!”

She also took  the chance to thank her house manager for standing by her and taking care of her baby like she was her own.

She wrote

“Happy birthday to Riccas Manager..I prayed for a good one and the lord brought her to me. Sheila God bless you for what you are to my family..for taking care of my baby like she is yours…


God bless you and may you be very sucessful and all your dreams come true. Glad you share a birthday with my baby…we are celebrating 2 and 22. My Nanny be hot. NO I AM NOT TAGGING HER!!!!!!!!”

Here are birthday wishes from Pierra’s fans

kathymachariaHappy birthday baby
risperloiririHappy birthday princess
di.ana8410I love you girl💋💋💋
kagiri.jHappy birthday ricca
grace_kagemaHappy birthday Princess .May you grow to be adorable sweet angel
dianahronohHappy 2nd birthday princess 😍😍
h3therapperHappy birthday to her. She’s growing so fast. Wish her blessings.
aumaotienoHappy birthday miss Pokot. May God always watch over you princess
stellaforever89Happy birthday baby girl… May you grow up to be a wonderful girl just like your mummy….😘😘😘, I have no gift for you but just showers of blessings😇😇

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‘You were so perfect’ Juliana Kanyamozi pens as he mourns her late son Keron

Four years after losing her only son Keron due to a severe asthmatic attack at Aga Khan hospital Nairobi Juliana Kanyamozi is still in mourning.

Its said that death leaves a heartache no one can heal and memories no one can still thus ts understandable why four years on Juliana is still in mourning.

She took to her Instagram to commemorate her son on a sad but beautiful post reminiscing on all the beautiful things the two did together.

“Today my angel has made four years in heaven. And it never gets any easier. I remember your silly jokes, your sense of humor, your charm, your ability to make friends of all ages and somehow engage all of them with such ease. You were just so perfect. I miss your hugs and the foot massages 😢. You always told me I’m “THE BEST MUM EVER”, I don’t know what I did to deserve this compliment , I jus know I did the thing that I loved the most in the world, be your mother.

God surely blessed me when he gave me you. On this day I can’t help but think about other parents who’ve just lost a child. Death may be apart of us yes, but the heartache of the loss of a child is immeasurable . May God continue to strengthen us all. RIP Keron Raphael Kabugo Atwooki 💔💔💔💔.”

Her fans took the chance to mourn with her and here are some of their messages

main_kyana❤your Angel watches over you.He surely missesyou,but you know what,your happiness surely makes him more happy #stay strong love🙏
kalleyveronaContinue resting with the Angels Keron n my the holy spirit shine upon yo soul forever
aa_kollectionRest in peace Keron. May God be your comforter @julianakanyomozi
barbiebeliberMy name mate keron atwooki rest in peace you little brother
dennydorctrinaSo sad, rip
phyllmakokhaRest-in-Peace Keron. Juliana it is well Mummy
icerachealRest in peace my love 💞
shakiranabukenya💔💔keep RIP keron
liam_ivyKeep resting in peace Keron
love.joe.5203So sorry dia,we are always with you.
nasikesummayaIt’s really painful. May the almighty continue strengthening u Jk as uve always been strong from the day u lost yo angel
kk_francesMay his soul continue resting in peace and may God bless you
nyambura_emilyMay God strengthen you to bear this .
jamilatwalibIn my prayers sweetheart

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‘I will still have another child when I am ready to’ Akothee shouts

Akothee the self proclaimed President of single mothers has come out asking women to learn to love and accept themselves.

This advice is mostly aimed at women who think that after child delivery all your dreams have to be put on hold or die altogether.

She wrote

“Let all women have the freedom of living their lives after having children and several disappointments in relationships! We can’t stay virgins after being devirgined! We can’t accept out past to keep on haunting us simply because we have had children with irresponsible men !/father’s You yes I will still have another child when I am ready to and don’t care if the father will stay or leave ! The baby is mine ! It’s ours when he/she is doing better and no bills to be paid anymore! Men are cunning WAKE UP it’s our time.”

Akothee herself is a mother of five and that has not stopped her from achieving her dreams given that she is a musician and a business woman managing Akothee Safaris.

Oh my ovaries fans gush over Nick Mutuma’s daughter after posting this cute photo of his daughter

Here are some of the responses

quincymokiWow good message to us single mothers, salute
min_quincyWell said
vickyseqI love u😍😍😍
malesidoreenWow good message soon uanzishe seminar za single mum wenye wako Mtandao tuko motivated na ww wenye hawako they can get thru seminar @akotheekenya unasaidia mioyo ya wengi sana the time I started following you was hrt broken mbaya sana but now am strong woman u mould me mammy mob love 💪💪💪❤❤❤❤❤❤❤

glamourachiengMy role model love u more u always inspire me when I fill disappointed

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Prince Charles gifts 11 week old Prince Louis with with gold embroidered shoes

Prince Charles marked the birth of his third grandchild, Prince Louis, by flogging a pair of gold embroidered baby shoes on his Highgrove website.

Charles marked the birth of his third grandchild, Prince Louis, by flogging a pair of gold embroidered baby shoes

Described as a ‘classic keepsake memento — created especially to celebrate this historic day’, they will set you back £11.95 plus a whopping £5.95 P&P. And they’re not even made by his future subjects, but ‘handcrafted by skilled master embroiderers in India’

Prince Charles

This comes weeks after Prince Harry also gifted Prince Louis with a book worth £8,000 (Ksh1,076,798) ,the book is a 1926 first edition version of the A.A. Milne book – of which 30,000 were printed in the first run, The Sun reports.

1926 first edition version of the A.A. Milne book

He is understood to have made the purchase from rare book seller Peter Harrington in Kensington, London although he had initially considered buying Lewis Carroll’s Through the Looking Glass(below) priced at £24,000(Ksh 3,230,394) but decided Winnie the Pooh would be more suitable.

Prince Louis was recently christened in a private ceremony by the Archbishop of Canterbury, the Most Reverend Justin Welby, in the Chapel Royal at St James’s Palace.

Here are photos of the christening


My wife cheated on me with my kid brother do i fight for her or do i let go?




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Bless others if you are blessed Akothee advices as she gives donations to Wich Kodingo ECD

Akothee may be a lover for drama and controversy but that does not erase the fact that she has a helping heart and helps those in need at every given point.
This was made evident after she reached out to kids from Wich Kodingo ECD which is a school built to help facilitate education for the less fortunate.
Despite being a busy woman Akothee went out of her way to create time for these little ones.

” Wich Kodingo ECD is a school built by a friend of mine living in Swizerland Beatrice Scheneli to help and facilitate education for the less fortunate! I have a personal touch with this community of Nyalenda ! Let’s all give back to the community! You can provide labour is also part of giving back! See you tonight


A book and a pencil is less than 200 ksh ! Have you ever thought of even taking care of your neighbours child if she going in a mission ? Forget about taking out her cloths from the line when the rain is coming! Bless people if you are blessed ! It doesn’t have to be big !🙏🏾🙏🏾🙏🏾🙏🏾🙏🏾”


This act touched some of her fans and here are their comments complimenting Akothee for her good work.

kozayo2004May our Living God continue to bless you lepresidente, you have a heart of gold, I’m humbled of how you are giving back to the community including several women groups in Migori county and fees you are paying for orphans and not forgetting the houses you built for widows. You are simply amazing. Lots of love mama, for sure you are a man in a dress

daudis.mnalilaMwenyezimungu akubariki sana akotheekenya


Kenyans in mourning with Oliech after losing his mother to cancer

Talented footballer Dennis Oliech has lost his mother after she lost a long battle to cancer ,she passed away at her Riara home.

In an interview with the Standard, Dennis Oliech’s elder brother and manager Nickson Onywanda confirmed the passing on of the cancer survivor .

He added that his mothers body had been taken to Umash Funeral Home.

Kenyans from all walks of life have come out to condole with Oliech and his family  during this hard time given that his mother was well known .

Among those who sent messages of condolence include Uhuru Kenyatta ,William Ruto,Raila Odinga ,Esther Passaris among others.

 Below are their messages

Uhuru Kenyatta: I am deeply saddened by the news of the passing on of Mama Oliech this evening. My heartfelt condolences to the family, relatives and friends of Mama Mary Auma, and indeed all Kenyans. May our Lord bless and comfort all of you during this time of grief. #RIPMamaOliech

Raila Odinga: My deepest condolences to Dennis Oliech, the entire Oliech family and the soccer fraternity following the passing on of Mama Oliech after a long illness. We stand with the family in prayer at this time of grief. May her soul forever rest in eternal peace.

esthermpassarisMy deepest condolences to Dennis and the entire Oliech Family on the demise of their mother, Mary Auma. Not only did Mama Oliech nurture a star footballer but she also grew her business into a household name through sheer determination. May she rest in peace. #RIPMamaOliech



William Ruto: A sad loss following the passing on of Mama Mary Auma, mother of Dennis Oliech, a leading Kenyan footballer. She nurtured a great son, who opened the gates of professional football to budding players and proved that focus, commitment, diligence, effort are ingredients of success.

Nick Mewndwa: On my own behalf and that of the entire football fraternity, I would like to express our heartfelt condolences to the family and friends of Dennis ‘the Menace’ Oliech, following the untimely passing on of Mama Mary Auma.

Mike Sonko: My deepest condolences to the entire family of Dennis Oliech on the passing of Mama Oliech. May the soul of your mother be at peace with our Heavenly Father. May God give you the peace that you seek.

‘There are so many things I wish I had said and done’ Zari mourns her mother

djshiti_trhkRest in Peace #Mama Oliech.You have fulfilled your mission on earth that GOD designated you to.Your loss is irreplaceable but we believe it not gone…you are just resting in Peace…We loved and still will love you.#[email protected] poleni sana Brooo…

jalangooRest in Peace Mama….and to my brother @oliechdennis and my sister @elsielynda May God grant your Family strength in this moment…

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Jay Z and Beyonce enjoy vacation amidst claims of pregnancy after Paris performance

Beyonce recently set fan’s tongues wagging that she is expecting her fourth child with husband Jay-Z, due to her outfit during their On The Run II tour.

And Beyoncé and Jay Z took a break amid the speculation and relaxed on a luxurious yacht off the Amalfi Coast in Italy, with their eldest Blue Ivy, 6, on Friday.

The couple have been wowing crowds with their world tour, causing fans to praise the songstress for continuing to perform if she is pregnant.

Love: Meanwhile, Jay Z lay next to her in a canary yellow T-shirt and turquoise swimming trunks, keeping his hair of his face with a funky bandanna

They are currently enjoying a breather from their tour, before starting the American leg next week, which they will continue until October.

Beyoncé and her beau relaxed in style on the stunning boat, taking time to lounge on the sun deck and document their trip with some snaps.

However their daughter managed to keep them busy as she offered a beach ball, no doubt to play some games aboard the vessel.

Cute: Blue Ivy seemed at ease with the family's company as she chatted away 

The If I Were A Boy hitmaker shaded her face from the rays in a floppy straw hat, which she teamed with colourful cover-up and a pair of thigh-skimming denim shorts.

The couple seemed in good spirits on the outing, amid claims they are expecting their fourth child together – rumours that were only accelerated when Beyonce took to the stage in Paris on Sunday clad in a skintight bodysuit.


She looked sensational as she wowed fans with another energetic performance, yet fans were convinced that she is expecting her fourth child with husband Jay-Z.

The most nominated woman in Grammy Award history gave birth to twins Rumi and Sir in June last year, and is also mother to daughter Blue Ivy, six.


Giving it her all for her performance in Paris, the Love On Top hitmaker dazzled in a figure-hugging white bodysuit that she teamed with denim hot pants and a colourful sequinned jacket.

Sharing clips of her performance on Twitter, fans weren’t bothered by the performance, however, but discussing whether or not she is pregnant again

They posted:

‘so when beyoncé gonna tell us she pregnant. i’m waiting …’; ‘Naw Beyoncé is really pregnant again omg. That’s so beautiful but damn sis MORE?’

‘Why would Beyoncé get pregnant when she’s on tour and already planning the next tour I can’t with y’all let her enjoy the European delicacies’; ‘Beyonce is pregnant’; ”Beyoncé’s pregnant again??!?!?!?!;’ ‘Beyoncé is pregnant again LMFAOOOOOOO’; ‘Beyoncé pregnant again?’

While already parents to Blue, six, and their one-year-old twins, the Beyhive has been quick to note that Beyoncé and Jay Z have quite an affinity for the number four.

Beyonce was born on September 4 while Jay Z (real name Shawn Carter) has a birthday on December 4. The couple were married on April 4, 2008.

Beyonce with hey hubby Jay Z and daughter

Both performers have albums related to the number; Beyoncé released 4 in 2011 while Jay Z’s 4:44 was finished in 2017.

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Oh my ovaries fans gush over Nick Mutuma’s daughter after posting this cute photo of his daughter

Recently Nick Mutuma sadly  narrated how he feel like a stranger to her daughter for the fact that she can’t seem to recognize him.

Dua is Mutuma’s daughter with his beautiful ex Bridget Shighadi and it is clear on why the cute little girl can’t seem to recognize daddy.

Nick Mutuma with his ex Bridget Shighadi

Here is his previous post

“Its been almost 4 months since I last saw Dua, and how I imagined our reunion was very different from the reality. I thought she’d see me, and think ‘hey you’re that guy from the delivery room’ and we would both smile and hug it out…


But I picked her up , and we had a little stare down which was followed by a complete breakdown…by her. I was/ am a stranger to her 😕 BUT we’re getting to know each other again. We’ll figure this out together. S/o all the dads out there hustling hard for their kids. Let’s not forget to be present.”

Well it seems that his ex is doing a good job bringing up the little girl and here is her latest photo .

He  posted this beautiful photo with the caption and fans couldn’t help but compliment the girl.

“My little Eskimo is 5 months old today ❤️ God is good🙏🏿 #daddysgirl”


sand_drahWhy so beautiful😩😍😍😍😍😍
shilljshillOh my ovaries❤❤❤….She is beyond adorbs!
misskithinjiShe is too beautiful 😍😍 It was expected tho 😀kisses to the angel xoxo
kate_actressOmg 😍😍😍😍😍 hapo @bridgetshighadi alisaidia aki , waaah such a cutie congrats @nickmutuma
sharon_oojaOmggggg ❤️😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍 im in love 😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍 omg @nickmutuma i want her😩😩😍
wlatnahcAdorable!!! @nickmutuma our munchkins are agemates! She’s such a gem.
nancyg_thegoldenbutterflyWow ..I had no idea,, she is cute!!
senayaaureliaShe is so cute,God is good
qharohAwww too cute for this unforgiving world

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You looking like a snack and I’m horngry fan on dry spell tells Betty Kyallo

Betty Kyallo knows too well that there is nothing as beautiful as a confident woman and how best to portray this but by dressing up no matter the occasion.

Well she is a woman of both worlds being the fact that she is officially employed and she is also employed that means that she is allowed to wear casually when she is off the screens.

On a few occasions she has dressed in ways that have left team mafisi in thirst with many dying to have  a piece of her but all that will have to wait since she already has enough on her plate.

She caught her fans unaware after posting the sexy photo below with the following caption

“Miss officer serving you a life sentence of good vibes only.”


Her fans cant let all the beauty go unnoticed and here are some comments complimenting Betty for the beautiful woman she is

mbithi79No words to this amazing elegant lady.
mwangi.maureen.7So hot
ngetichkiplangatkelvinNakupenda sanah ladyB 😙
joabmokobo36Hopefully even garden of Eden ilikuwa beautiful hivo

‘I thought my baby daddy would always be there’ Pierra sadly narrates

krimz__You looking like a snack and I’m horngry 😜
[email protected] kindly, you need to take your wife back.be a man and come for her.she needs your love.
vyonnemwendeThe Queen herself hope one day to reach where u are, being a journalist is wat I admire most working hard to achieve that
mercykyalloWhat a beautiful creature you are

jamesnduati72Spare my life …am dumbfounded viewing of ua beauty
qahmerHeeeeee màà…..
hamisisamwel1994May I know your worth please. Application loading. #

Here are some more photos of the curvaceous presenter who leaves men drooling





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Researchers find, young adults are drinking themselves to death

A finding shows young adults are drinking themselves to death by causing irreversible damage to their livers.

Researchers say that deaths due to cirrhosis – or damage that leads to scarring of the liver or liver failure – increased.

The team, from the University of Michigan Medicine, were shocked to find that the biggest increase was among 25-to-34-year-olds.


Silhouette of man drinking alcohol, close up

Rising 10% every year – an overall 240 percent increase.

Cirrhosis is a chronic liver disease that can involve the loss of liver cells or permanent scarring of the organ.


When healthy liver tissue is lost and replaced with scar tissue, it can block blood flow to the liver.

Alcohol is not the only way that cirrhosis occurs. Infection from hepatitis B or C can also cause the disease.

Revealed: What the colour of your urine says about your health

Early symptoms include poor appetite, fatigue and feeling weak. As the condition worsens, symptoms can include fever, vomiting, bruising and bleeding easily, and jaundice or yellowing of the skin.

They found that between 1999 and 2016, the number of annual deaths from cirrhosis increased by 65%.

Man drinking beer on a night out

Both Dr Tapper and Dr Parikh-the researchers,according to Mail Online, say;

Deaths due to alcohol-related disease can be prevented on multiple fronts.

Strategies include raising the minimum prices for alcohol as well as certain taxes to hopefully dissuade binge drinking.

As well as medical interventions such as medications that reduce alcohol cravings.

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Casto is Patricks father let GOD be my defender Muna Love clears the air

Early last moth Tanzanian actress cum business woman lost her son Patrick who had been brought to Nairobi for treatment due to an ailment on his leg.

The boy was laid to rest in a colourful ceremony  but sad ceremony attended by people from all walks of life,according to Muna due to Patricks health the doctor warned her against flying by plane forcing me to use a bus instead.

She adds that the doctor even refused to sign documents to allow her son travel by flight given that her sons brain was ‘asleep’ but his body was fully okay.


Muna Love’s son Patrick laid to rest in emotional ceremony -photos

Since then controversy has been surrounding Muna on who the father of her baby is between radio presenter Castor Dickson and Peter Zacharia .

Speaking to Tanzanian media, however, a close friend to Muna revealed that Casto refused to take up responsibility asking the actress to get rid of the child when she met and married Peter Zacharia.

Left:Castor Dickson Right: Peter Zacharia

Heartbreaking words by Tanzanian actress Muna before her son’s death

During a recent interview with Wasafi TV Muna has set the record straight by clarifying that Casto is Patrick’s biological father despite the fact that he wanted her to terminate the pregnancy.

She said

“I am saved and i love God and i will still continue believing in him and standing in Truth that Casto is Patrick’s father,i have nothing else to talk about i will let God be my judge.”

Below is the video of her interview

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I want to get married but i am addicted to s#x how do i overcome this?

While there are so many addictions to deal with it is never easy to deal with a partner who is ‘addict’ to cheating regardless of whom he is cheating with.

It is easier to deal with a sexually dysfunctional partner rather than deal with a partner addicted to cheating for fear of picking up diseases.

A man is caught between a rock and a hard place for the fact that he wants to marry his girlfriend but he is in fear to commit because he is addicted to sex.He wrote

 “I’m a 29 years old, doc working in Abuja, I have a lady I’m dating currently, we’ve dated for 10month and I admire and like her a lot. If I want to get married now she’s the one I will propose to. But the issues is I’ve cheated on her too many times. I know I’ve slept with more than 23 ladies in the space of the time we’ve been dating. And I don’t know how to stop.”


I’ve tried but anytime a pretty lady walk past me I can’t resist her. I must sleep with her before I can rest. Its just the couple of days I began to realise the seriousness of my problem. My major fear now is i don’t want be a cheating husband. I feel terrible and sad Each time I see what this married women go through with their husband, it breaks my heart. I need your guidance and I’ve also being praying.”

Check out how graceful Catherine Kasavuli has aged years after retirement

Here are some of the comments he received as feedback

mmaswitgalU can only tell u self ,its time to stop this ungodly act,no advice will make u change if u are not ready to change
trish_clothingsUre suffering from sex obsession
tessy4108It is an established fact that all male doctors are fuckin promiscuous 😕😕😕😕
nawzie U can rest witbout sleeping wt them….u just have it in your head that you can’t, dts the reason for you problem!
okemenaitemeMy dear i like the post and i am glad that you asked for help. Only God can save you from this,its an evil spirit. Pray and fast for 3days,tell God to deliver you from this evil spirit and watch God do his miracle. Thanks
___melahnieYou should put it into prayers….. ND also learn to control your self
chinale_Don’t marry until you take care of your spiritual issues oh
black_cleanserUr sick doc……..ur even making me angry seff….mtscheeeew
aguda01Just discipline yourself. We all Get that temptation. But it takes a disciplined fellow to withdraw or not to execute that intent.. Then fast 3times a week and commit to God. Tell your lady about it. You shouldn’t hide anything from your partner.

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My wife cheated on me with my kid brother do i fight for her or do i let go?

Betrayal not only breaks your heart but also  darkens your soul,you can never forget the pain its like a fog that lingers in the depths of your mind forever.

Its like  a person shredding your heart into pieces as you helplessly  watch it but it is even more painful when the person betraying you is someone you share blood ties with.

A man is in turmoil after his wife left him only to ditch him for his brother leaving behind their daughter.He wrote

“My wife just left me for my younger brother and I am helpless with our daughter.We have been married for 3 years before I discovered she was sleeping with my kid brother, I tried to talk to her but she said she is in love with him.I invited my parents but they did not help much .Should I fight or let go . This is a boy I saw all through school .”

‘I thought my baby daddy would always be there’ Pierra sadly narrates

Here are the responses he got

damandzYou don’t fight all battles .. Sometimes you walk away from some to have a greater and glorious victory….let her go..
chidera884Bro let go and just chill let karma do it’s work
yem_ogunsHmm… Let them be and see how God fights your battle.
pearlcutsLet her go and see how things will turn out for them
ola323_kazeemPoster let her go and take care of ur daughter karma will catch up
adei_xShe found love with your younger brother,,,let go, you were only used to connect them…pls be strong

Wema Sepetu sentence to jail for a year after being found guilty for drug possession

ms_flora_0Nope don’t waste your time fighting for her…he’ll soon leave her for a fresher girl and hopefully by then you’ll find someone better then she’ll be the one doing the fighting😁
jane_iwinosaFight for ur woman and d mother of ur children, don’t allow ur children to b affected by her decision, because dis will cause a lot of disaster in d family if u let go. Ur children might not b able to take another woman as there mother. U might not find a good woman whom will love ur children as her. So fight and don’t give up. The bible said wat God have joined together let no man put asunder not even ur kidbro.
dickmatized…dont worry their karma will hit them sooner than you think…
yenejidleave them for karma

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Sleep with no panties to make your husbands ‘happy’ Makueni MP advices

Makueni County MP, Rose Museo, has urged Kamba women to sleep without panties to reduce defilement cases in the region, and ensure that their men are ‘happy.’

Shocking as it may sound especially coming from a woman and a mother Museo claims that women who go to bed fully clothed deny their husbands conjugal rights, making them unhappy at work. She wants ‘national reconciliation’ to start in bed.

 She said

“Part of the anger experienced among many Kenyans starts at the family level. When a man leaves the house unhappy, he cannot serve his country well,”


The outspoken Woman Rep has threatened to publicly undress adults caught in defilement cases,adding that

“we will not sit and watch as the future of our young girls is being destroyed. Whenever the government delays to take action against such culprits, I will mobilise fellow women to publicly humiliate the suspects buy undressing them in an open market to see how big his manhood is.”

The MP (below0 cautioned women against neglecting their husbands because women are the unifying factor in the family urging women to treat them well so that they remain ‘happy’


“Be brave and treat your husbands well so that they leave their house for work happy men. That way, they will serve the nation well,”

Museo, who is among 14 nominees of the Building Bridges Committee that was set-up after the Raila-Uhuru handshake, disclosed that the journey to building bridges in the country will only be effective if it starts at the family level.Concluding on the issue she said

“When there’s peace in Kenyan marriages, the society and country will be peaceful,”

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New Music Alert: Elani set to release first single off new Elani album ‘Colours Of Love’

In a recent video post on social media, Elani, Kenyan pop group, announced that they are set to release their first single off their new album.

The new album is entitled ‘Colours Of Love’.

The album is set to be released on August 8th this year.


In the past few days, Elani has created a hashtag ‘#COL’ for the fans to keep up with the updates about their latest album.

Days of the year 7/20:Celebration of International Chess Day


This group that we love so much has been quiet for a while-not releasing new music.

But this will be a great treat for the fans who will be literally counting down the days to finally get a taste of some more of their tremendous music.


Which is your favourite Elani song?

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