Alabama youth throwing Covid-19 parties with first person infected getting payout!

It seems that it isn’t only in Kenya where the youth seem to be taking the Covid-19 pandemic seriously. In the state of Alabama in the USA, the youth there are making Kenyan youth seem like amateurs after recent news of how they are not only flouting social distancing rules but actively trying to get infected with the flu.

This news was first reported by CNN stating that young people in the state are throwing Covid-19 parties. In the parties, the young people compete to be the first to get the flu from an already infected person.

The first person to get the infection wins a payout with the parties being held in Tuscaloosa and the young people are urged to attend so others can intentionally contract the virus

“We thought that was kind of rumours at first. We did some research, not only do the doctors’ offices confirm it, but the state confirmed they also had the same information,” City Council member Sonya McKinstry told CNN. She said she heard about the trend from fire officials.

Uhuru shockingly discloses that one of his son’s broke Covid-19 curfew orders

The first person confirmed by a doctor to have coronavirus after the exposure wins the money made off the ticket sales, she said.

“This is not political. This is a public health issue. People are dying and there is no cure. We have to do whatever we can to save as many lives as possible, McKinstry said.

This story reminds me of the Kenyan “equivalent” where a bunch of youth stole their father’s ambulance so that they could attend a party. The ambulance would allow them to pass police checks after the new curfew rules were introduced.

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Victor Ber is a big problem! Chipukeezy and Zeddy speak about sad state of comedy industry

The comedy industry is at a place that will either break it or make it better for the future. The recent death of one of their own has unleashed a torrent of controversy as to what is causing the early and suspicious deaths in the industry.

One person who is at the center of the controversy is Victor Ber. Some in the industry have come out to place a lot of the money and depression issues facing comedians in the industry at his feet.

Victor Ber posing

Popular comedian Zeddy, who featured on Churchill Show and heavyweight Chipukeezy have weighed in with Victor coming out as the chief antagonist in the whole industry.

Zeddy exposed creative director Victor Ber and video director J Blessing for being heartless, blaming them for ‘killing’ talents.

“Victor Ber creative director wa churchill show “depression maker”. Kama ushaiwai enda auditions za Churchill show, hakika unajua huyu msee.huwa hearltess, roho chafu kuliko ya firaun (farao) yaani atakuthalilisha na maneno yake makali kuliko moto wa jehanam (hell) atafanya ujidharau maisha yako yote!

Zeddy with a huge smile

She went on to explain that Ber allegedly has so much power on who will perform on the show that most comedians are sure they are going to perform even mere hours to the show.

This despite the fact that they may have used money to commute to the show for 3 days; “Ngai hapa ndo unaonga msanii ameanza kupata stress coz umekam three days umetumia fare, ukabuy nguo ya kuchapa show ama ata ukakopa,unapata msanii amefanyiwa hivi like three months,” Zeddy wrote.

In her post, the comedian described his tyrannical ways that left most artistes fearing Ber. “Anaeza pata umeandikwa kwa program tayari umepakwa makeup na akutoe bila sababu, yaani ber hua ameweka wasanii na baridi utadhani tuko (netherlands)”

Victor Ber posing

Other comedians have also spoken of the frustration that they faced when dealing with Ber. Videos of comedians Chipukeezy and Njoro talking about how Ber frustrated them during past interviews have resurfaced.

Chipukeezy narrated how Ber discouraged him during an audition at Churchill Show. “Victor Ber, the reason why I mention victor is because I will never forget him. so I tell them, Churchill ameniambia I am the future and I need to audition. so they tell me to tell a joke….then after that Victor laughed and was like “kijana ukona talent ingine kama mbio kumbia, boxing….comedy wacha!”

Chipukeezy seating

Njoro also added the other that Ber laughed at his jokes while on stage but later shut him down after his performance. He told him he wasn’t meant for comedy and should go back home and continue with his studies.

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Did Kasee have a premonition of his death? One of his last interviews suggests as much

The Kenyan comedy industry has been in a fit with itself since the sudden death of comedian Kasee. The fraternity is at a crossroads considering this death continues a trend where a few other comedians have died in strange circumstances.

But aside from that, a video has emerged showing that the late comedian who was a father of two might have had a premonition of his impending fate.


The video is of an interview he did months before his death which occurred on Sunday, June 28, after he was found dead by the roadside.

During the interview, the late funnyman is heard saying an innocuous goodbye that nobody at the time thought much about.

Churchill mourns as popular ‘Churchill Raw’ comedian found dead

While bidding the film crew goodbye, the Kasee told his fans if they failed to find him, then they should know he’s in heaven or in Kinoo. “If you don’t find me, just know that I am in heaven or in Kinoo,” Kasee said while facing the camera.

The interviewer then inquired whether Kasee would be o.k if Jesus summoned him to heaven? The comedian said that the call wouldn’t bother him and even joked about the manner he would accept it with, “C’mon if its Jesus, I’ll just perform a somersault (accept his call),” he said amidst laughter.

View this post on Instagram

One of Kasee's last interviews.. 😭

A post shared by Urban News (@urbannews254) on

The interview has made some speculate about whether the young man might have suspected that his end was nigh. Kasee was found in his hometown of Kinoo after a drinking spree with friends.

The cause of death is still yet unknown although an autopsy was conducted on the body before Kasee’s burial. His last words remind a bit of late American rapper Tupac Shakur who also revealed many times in his music that he knew his time on earth was coming to an end.

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My friend refused to house me! SInger Alvan Gatitu locked out of his home over rent arrears

The sad video most people have been talking about this week. Who? That of former Tusker Project Fame singer Alvan Gatitu.

Alvin released a candid and up-close video of how he had been locked out of his over rent arrears due to Covid-19 pandemic. The singer explained that he even had to sleep out in the cold in a watchman’s booth.

“So covid-19 imeaffect watu wengi in various ways kuna wenye wamekuwa wagonjwa and those ones who their livelihoods have been affected. I’m here to attest to the second part where your live hood has been affected. The reason why I’m on the street right now recording at 5.30 in the morning is because I just woke up. I slept in a guard’s booth hapa Riara kwa sababu nilifungiwa nyumba,” he said.

Alvan Love

The singer said that he hadn’t been able to pay rent the last few months and that this past weekend, he went home to find his house and gate locked from the inside.

The singer resorted to calling the owners of the property but they didn’t pick up his calls meaning he had to find a place to spend the night because it was already 6.30 pm.

“My land lady and landlord waliamua wako na shida zao na mimi nikaenda zangu so mimi nililala nje. Please note that as this was happening nilikuwa nimekatiwa maji na stima for one and a half weeks. Just trying to make ends meet zimekataa because livelihood ya watu wengi imekuwa affected and business wasn’t working,” he said.

Alvan Love

If you thought that was bad, then Alvan had the shock of his life when he found out that two of his closest friends couldn’t host him.

The worst betrayal was when a certain female friend who had informed him that she would help, changed her mind, leaving him stranded at the gate

“I came as soon as I got to her gate, akaambia guards wasikubali niingie and when I explained to the guards what was going on they gave me a place to sleep. A karoom where they put their shoes and uniforms,” he narrated.

Alvan Love
Alvan Love

In the video, he goes ahead to encourage people going through various challenges not to give up because such things happen. Watch the video below:

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Netizens rattled after Pastor asks for Sh100million to travel to hell to fight coronavirus

Paseka Motsoeneng more popularly known as Prophet Mboro, is a South African televangelist of Incredible Happenings Ministries. He is always trending for the wrong reasons.

Back in 2018, he charged his followers to view photos he took in heaven.

At the time a South African news site quoted a church spokesperson on 30 March during a church service, alleging that the controversial pastor visited heaven and took pictures.

Those eager to see photographic proof were asked to pay up to Sh30,000. And yes the gullible ones paid the money as a ‘donation’.

How dare you!? Kenyans up in arms as Anita Nderu hosts gay men on her cooking show

pastor mboro

He was also alleged to have asked people to not wear underwear. He made his congregants takeoff their underwear and wave them in the air during a church service.

Long story short, there is now an incredible and unbelievable claim that he wants to be paid $100,000 to travel to hell to get ‘rid of’ coronavirus.

I would marry Redsan! Victoria Kimani says about famous Kenyan musician

Netizens have responded to the news, slamming him for his beliefs. 2020 needs to wrap up.

Pastor Mboro…anyway…now that we know the fare to hell …how much is the fare to heaven?

South Africa Flag of South Africa we don’t have a pastor called Mboro

Also give Pastor Mboro what he wants please Sneezing faceWoozy face

“I am ready to save mankind, ” Pastor Mboro said, “I have seen a vision of how the Coronavirus demon looks like and I will defeat it,”. He has offered to embark on the dangerous journey and save mankind only for a sum of $100,000. Who is willing to pay for this trip?


there’s hustling and then there’s pastor mboro

Pastor Mboro is wildingFace with tears of joy

“Give me $100,000 (N38,000,000) to travel to hell to fight covid-19 demon”, South African pastor, Mboro begs followers. Rolling on the floor laughing

Children, please stop smoking weed. It’s not good for your brain.

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Zari Hassan reveals reason she and “King Bae” aren’t together anymore

Zari Hassan has zillions of fans online. Her fans follow her life and lifestyle like religious zealots but I guess that is what celebrity culture has become by and large.

I give that introduction to preface my critique for some of the things she claims to have done/or is doing. What do I mean? For a long time in 2019, the Ugandan socialite claimed that she was dating a mysterious man called King Bae.

Zari with the mysterious King Bae
Zari with the mysterious King Bae

Thing is, the public never got to see the face of this wealthy individual who had won the heart of the mother of 5. And that wasn’t all, Zarinah went to the extent of claiming that she and King Bae had gotten married in a lavish ceremony.

Just like old friends! Zari and Mama Diamond make fun of Tiffah in pleasant exchange

Funny thing is that we never got any photos of the auspicious occasion which goes against her character of showing off every facet of her life to her eager and attentive fans.

Despite all the evidence that King Bae was a figment of an over-imaginative mind, the Ugandan socialite is still sticking to the script-months later.

Zari Hassan in white
Zari Hassan in white

During a live video session, explained that she had split from him because he tried too hard to keep up appearances. According to her, she was single and flirting because her partner rented houses and cars and lied that he owned them.

“He rented expensive cars, expensive houses but time eventually ran out and he could not keep up that kind of lifestyle anymore because it is not who he was,” she explained.

Zari Hassan posing

She went on to say that she had been mingling with different guys but intimacy and dating have been thrown out of the table for now.

But thank God many of her followers are starting to wake up and questioned her story as it contradicted her earlier version 0f events.

Zari and King bae at the new mansion
The socialite with King Bae

They asked for receipts from the light-skin socialite with some asking her to produce papers and proof of ownership to show that King Bae had bought her a house as she once claimed on social media.

Methinks this web of stories that involve King Bae should come to an end. I am not going to call Zari a liar on this issue but the facts to tell me something about it ain’t right.

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Kenyan impresses KRA after figuring out difficult ‘mazimatics’ log in query


Did you successfully file your 2019 tax returns by the set deadline 30th June?

Many did, except for someone who shares a screenshot of how difficult it was to log in to file returns.

A Kenyan tagged KRA with hours to go to the deadline telling them how ‘they got jokes’.  Why?

Because he had a difficult time filing out log in details onto the itax portal (see picture above)

As the infamous deadline drew closer, the Kenyan shared how his filing experience was on the Itax Portal. One of the steps required filing out a code to access the account.

Top music producer Tim Rimbui reveals that he and wife of many years have separated



So to help a brother out, a Twitter user Den Den Mushi responded saying he had figured out how to work out the math query.
Say no More

kra pin 2

KRa responded through its official Twitter account saying
Kumbe kuna watu wa mazmatic? ^JM

KOT shared their amusement at the math problem:

You do all this math to file a NIL return

Hii napeleka photomath na mambo kwisha

Kenyans support Ken Mijungu following his shocking sacking from NTV

Makau F. Muli..
Really, KRA cannot be serious.

Jeshi ya nil returns security question ni addition ya numbers between 0-9

What a deviation formula used by the KRA

That system can make you feel paranoid about your intelligence

All this for zero returns.. Face with tears of joy Face with tears of joy

Maureen Waititu’s ex Frankie and Corazon slammed after pregnancy announcement

Mnapea mtu hesabu ngumu design hii then you expect me to go ahead and file my returns, how? You’ve every reason to waive subsequent penalties

Kama hii ndo ingekuanga security stamp, KRA wangekua washanichota all my assets including my fridge

After hii yote ulitakaje Sasa? Pouting facePouting face Mi hutanisumbua aki,. Lock account baas

How did you find the tax filing process?

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A list of celebrities who have faced the terrible act of cyber-bullying in Kenya

Cyber-bullying, as described by Wikipedia, is a form of bullying or harassment using electronic means. Cyber-bullying and cyber-harassment are also known as online bullying. It has become increasingly common, especially among teenagers, as the digital sphere has expanded and technology has advanced.

With the growth and penetration of social media especially in Kenya, this phenomenon has also caught on with a recent report indicating that Kenyans are among the worst of cyber-bullies in Africa.

Some of the people in this country that have faced the worst of it is the stars and celebrities who grace our screens. And that makes sense as they are well-followed online and are instantly recognisable.

Below is a list of celebs who have faced cyber-bullying in Kenya and the things they have gone through.

Pierra Makena

Pierra faced attacks on her person about her weight a couple of years ago after she gave birth to her daughter, Rica Pokot. Pierra spoke about the abuse and explained to the masses that a woman’s body goes through a lot of transformation after childbearing and it only takes a courageous woman to accept the changes.

Pierra Makena with her daughter Ricca Pokot
Pierra Makena with her daughter Ricca Pokot

Lynda Nyangweso
On May 2013, Lynda Nyangweso, found herself facing bullies after a photo of her was posted on Twitter. That was enough for some users to attack over her weight.

Lynda Nyangweso
Lynda Nyangweso

Linda, however, did not allow the bullies to get to her down and responded with a classy comeback, “omg woke up this morning to realize people have discovered my secret: I’M FAT.”

Carol Odero

Carol who is one of Kenya’s most respected fashion watchers came under fire from Kenyans after criticising Meghan Markle’s dress and make up saying it came short of her expectations.

Carol Odero
Carol Odero

Kenyans called her out telling her that her makeup and code of dressing is what needed an upgrade. They even suggested that she might be hiding something underneath her makeup.


Before she gave birth, the gospel singer had been attacked and trolled online for her lack of bearing a child. Her response was always fierce reminding her haters that it is not good to judge someone since you do not know what they are going through.

Kambua smiling

Also Kambua was attacked for marrying a man that some considered too old for her.

Nyota Ndogo

Nyota came under the kosh after her images from her wedding came to light, with some Kenyans attacking her for poor-makeup.

The singer posing
Nyota Ndogo looking good

Nyota responded by saying that her photographer had used poor lighting for the function.

Adelle Onyango

In October 2014, Adelle had a horrible interaction with a Facebook user who compared the presenter to a monkey. The bully posted a photoshopped meme with an insulting comparison of a monkey next to Adelle.

Adelle Onyango
Adelle Onyango

Adelle responded by saying, “I don’t describe to your definition of beauty or perfection. How sad must your life be to go around pointing out at what people have to change about themselves? I pray that you get over whatever insecurities your life is drenched in and seek life, not perfection. I like my teeth just fine.”

Dk Kwenye Beat

The gospel musician who is above average in terms of size has always been a target with critics attacking him for his weight.

DK Kwenye Beat
DK Kwenye Beat

Meme’s and jokes were also made to get the message to him.

In April 2015, the singer was attacked after she posted an image of herself without any make-up that revealed a lot of acne on her face.

The singer posing
The singer posing

Some Kenyans proceeded to call her ugly also creating memes with insults about her acne and pimples to troll her. Later on after she was made the Oriflame brand ambassador(a beauty company), Avril addressed her haters saying,

“They laughed at me about 4 months ago. Ridiculed me to a point I didn’t even understand what for. Made memes and called me ugly. But guess what, my acne scars are slowly fading away! My forehead doesn’t have even one pimple yet that was the heaviest affected bit on my face. No condition is permanent. Always remember that. Thank you, Oriflame for helping me understands my skin. Give me another 4 months and my skin will be completely healed.”

Jimmy Gait

Jimmy Gait has spoken severally about the bullying he has experienced over the years, with the gospel musician even admitting that he had even gotten depressed.

Jimmy Gait
Jimmy Gait

During one of this times, he was attacked after releasing a mash up of ‘Hello’ by Adelle, which left many Kenyans with more questions than answers.

The bullying caused him to cry on air during a live Tv interview on The Trend.

Khaligraph Jones

The real O.G as he calls himself has been accused with the unsubstantiated claim that he bleached his skin. The completely unfounded claims have been denied severally by the musician who says that the bullying doesn’t affect him as he doesn’t care.

Khaligraph Jones showing his physique
Khaligraph Jones showing his physique

Kobi Kihara

Her ordeal started in August 2018 after Kenyans noted that she might have been plagiarising content.

Kobi, who was in the United States at the time to pursue a design course, was mocked after an observant Kenyan noted that a photo of a plate of salad she had claimed to have prepared was actually from getting from the internet.

Kobi Kihara
Kobi Kihara

What ensued was a viral #KobiKiharaChallenge and #KobiWithAnEye, which she had used when sharing photos on Instagram.

While her situation might have been self-induced, the reaction she suffered was unprecedented. The cyberbullying Kobi endured was so much she ended up deactivating all her social media accounts.

Janet Mbugua

In October 2015 the former Citizen TV anchor Janet Mbugua was attacked by some who felt that she wasn’t supposed to be on air with her baby bump.

Janet Mbugua
Janet Mbugua

But Janet isn’t a shrinking violet and responded by telling her trolls, “People like you are a shame to society. I’m proud of my pregnancy as are many other women. Your ignorance is wanting”.


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I have lost my dad & job in two weeks! Fired NTV reporter narrates

The recent retrenchments in the media industry have become so common that most Kenyans might have become jaded at hearing the news-the same way the daily news about Covid-19 is being treated.

While I understand the reason why, I believe that this terrible example of a horrible economy shouldn’t become part and parcel of life for everyday Kenyans. People are suffering! But I digress.

This article is about a fellow colleague in the industry who is going through the wringer at the moment. Award-winning Journalist Sharon Barang’a recently disclosed that not only was she fired by her employer NTV Kenya but that she had also lost her dad in the span of two weeks.

Sharon Barang'a
Sharon Barang’a

The journalist shared the sad news on her Twitter page writing, “I have lost my dad & job in one month…it is well. I am hanging in there. Thank you all for the calls, msgs & prayers,” reads Sharon Barang’a’s tweet.

Kenyans support Ken Mijungu following his shocking sacking from NTV

Many Kenyans commiserated with her plight and tried to lift her spirits. Some of the comments are below:

Yvonne Okwara-Matole God’s grace to you..

Lindah Oguttu May God give you grace Sharon, and set out a new path for you.

Eugene Anangwe Pole sana for the loss. Praying for more strength and God’s intervention 🙏🏽

Sharon like her former retrenched colleague Ken Mijungu was highly in the industry having won the ICFJ’s Early Childhood Development Reporting Contest in 2016.

Sharon Barang'a
Sharon Barang’a

Sadly for Sharon this wave of lay-offs has happened at a time when the global economic forecast remains gloomy due to the Covid-19 pandemic that has caused many businesses to shut down or cull employees.

NTV, the Aga Khan owned media station retrenched at least 8 top journalists. Those fired include; Ken Mijungu, Brenda Wanga, Debarl Inea, Sharon Baranga, Shaban Ulaya, Harith Salim, Lillian, Silas Apollo among others.

Reports indicate that 175 employees have been shown the door as NMG blamed the measure on the ongoing global economic crisis.

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Ruth Matete can now bury late husband after 3 months stay in the morgue

I don’t think there is any celeb in Kenya who’s had a tougher 2020 than Ruth Matete. Scratch that…Maybe Willis Raburu’s wife Maryaprude might have. But that’s another story.

Ruth lost her husband a few months ago after he died from the injuries he sustained in a gas explosion. If the former Tusker Project Fame winner thought that was bad, the resulting investigation and treatment by the Nigerian government added more salt to her injury.

Ruth Matete and her husband John
Ruth Matete and her late husband John

The investigations focused on whether her story about her husband Beloved John Apewajoye’s death added up. Detectives from the Directorate of Criminal Investigation questioned the singer twice over Apewajoye’s death.

The Nigerian government on the other hand stopped her from burying their National without their approval-something they have been doing for the past 3 months.

Ms. Matete was barred from burying her husband by the Nigerian embassy, on grounds that they wanted to ascertain the actual cause of his death before he was laid to rest.

Ruth Matete's ex-husband
Ruth Matete’s late husband

The stand-off between the embassy and Matete’s family is what made the body of Pastor Apewajoye stay at KNH Mortuary for almost three months now.

And the worst part about this was that she was pregnant with her late husband’s baby after getting married in late 2019. But there is some light at the end of the tunnel for Rachel. She has been allowed to finally send off her late husband.

Very insensitive! Some Nigerians mock Ruth Matete after husband’s death

This information was revealed by Radio Citizen Presenter Jerida Andayi, who appealed to the public to help Matete give the late Pastor Beloved John a good sendoff.

“Finally! My lookalike and little siz Ruth Matete can now bury her husband . God is good . Kindly support her to give Pastor Beloved John a good sendoff through paybill 891300 Account number 39659 . Thank you for your thoughts and prayers. It’s been tough. God has shown Himself” reads Jeridah Andayi’s post.

Jeridah Andayi with Rachel Matete
Jeridah Andayi with Ruth Matete

The Chief government Pathologist Johansen Oduor ad already revealed that Matete’s husband Pastor Beloved John died due to multiple organ failure after suffering 60 percent burns.

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Our firstborn would have died! Njugush and wife relate scary pregnancy journey

Blessed Njugush and his wife Celestine “Wakavinye” Ndinda have a YouTube channel that they have been promoting wildly with exciting content this year.

It seems that the couple wants to dominate the media landscape not just in comedy but also as a pair that can be followed as far as celebrity lifestyle goes.

Njugush with Celestine aka Wakavinye
Njugush with Celestine aka Wakavinye

Just like Bahati and his wife or Kabi WaJesus and his wife, Ngugush and his wife have made a push to get their YouTube channel off the ground and into the ether.

The two recently revealed that they were pregnant with their second child. The news was met with glowing praise with many happy for the couple that is still proof of the merits and beauty of marriage.

And where else would they share glorious details about their pregnancy? Their YouTube page of course. This week the two spoke about the complications that came with their first pregnancy.

Njugush with Celestine Ndunda aka Wakavinye and their baby boy
Njugush with Celestine Ndunda aka Wakavinye and their baby boy

One of the most interesting things that resulted from the complications that they faced was that it was an inspiration for their son’s name.

According to the duo, it was always Ndinda’s wish to deliver her baby through normal delivery but that was not meant to be the case.

“I was at a friend’s house when Cele’s doctor called to say that I was needed in the hospital. I was in labour so badly and since the baby was tired, his heartbeat started to drop. I needed to go to CS,” said the Ndinda.

‘We were not ready to be parents’, Njugush and wife Celestine narrates how stressful it was to learn they were pregnant

She explained that the doctors hadn’t noticed that their son was not coming out because he had tied himself with the cord around his neck. “When they were doing the scan, the head appeared to be okay. They did not see the cord around his neck. The doctor discovered the cord during CS,” narrated Celestine.

Celestine Ndunda aka Wakavinye pregnant

The couple added that had they not had the CS they would most likely have lost the child. Their parents stood with them and spent time praying for the birth of their son in the hospital.

“When I woke up, the doctor said we were very lucky. I was very happy. I could have even called Tugi a miracle. It would have been a very painful story if we lost him. Tugi would have been called Jayden but since he went through a lot, his name is a Kikuyu word meaning grace,” said Njugush wife.

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Top music producer Tim Rimbui reveals that he and wife of many years have separated

The more we “evolve” as a species the more it seems that the institution of marriage is becoming harder to muster. The past year has seen numerous celebrity marriages break apart at the seams from Citizen TV anchor Willis Raburu to KTN anchor Ben Kitili, the landscape is littered with so many failed relationships.

Marya Prude with Willis Raburu in the past
Marya Prude with Willis Raburu in the past

The latest case file in this sad theme is that of legendary producer, Tim Rimbui. Tim recently confirmed the sad news that he had ended his marriage with the love of his life Wandiri Mugambi.

The artiste confirmed this information on his Twitter page where he revealed the sad news, adding that no one should seek him out on the same.  “It is out. do not call me,” he tweeted.

Dr Dre’s wife files for divorce after 24 years in marriage

Tim keeps his private life behind a veil and as such we still don’t know when then he and his wife split. The couple had been together from 2008 when they tied the knot.

Wandiri married Tim, a record producer, sound engineer and songwriter, and they both co-own Ennovator Music, a recording studio and production company located on Nairobi.

Tim Rimbui
Tim Rimbui

For those of you who aren’t aware, Tim is the younger brother of great Kenyan pianist Aaron Rimbui. Tim was inspired early in his life to pursue music as a career after watching Five Alive – a Kenyan a cappella group that graced the Kenyan music scene in the early 1990s.

He studied music in high school – Nairobi School and later at St. Mary’s School, Nairobi. He also received music training in theory and recording from Wisseloord Studios and The Rock Academy in the Netherlands.


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Wait What? Kanye West announces presidential bid on Twitter



Days after congratulating wife Kim Kardashian for entering the billionaire league, Kanye West has made an announcement that has elicited mixed reaction.

Kanye West is running for the US presidential elections in November this year.

He made the announcement via his Twitter account.


“We must now realize the promise of America by trusting God, unifying our vision and building our future. I am running for president of the United States!” he wrote.

Kanye added that there will be speculation why he is entering this late into the field saying that

“y’all might be thinking right now, i wonder did he smoke something before he came out here? and the answer is: yes, I rolled up a little something. I knocked the edge off”

Kanye West has been hinting at his bid for the last five years and it will be interesting t see what happens.

The American rapper, songwriter, and entrepreneur, is known for being an avid fan of President Donald J. Trump.

Thie rapper was also a few months ago called a bully by an ex bodyguard who said he will sue Kanye and claims he was accused of breaking a confidentiality agreement after he spoke out about his time with West on a Hollywood Raw podcast earlier this year.




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Blessed Njugush and wife Celestine announce second pregnancy

Blessed Njugush is one of the most conscientious of comedians that we have in Kenya. The man rarely is ever in controvserys and is a good testament for the industry that is currently dealing with a mud-slinging among some of its heavyweights.

One of the reasons I think he is able to keep his feet firmly on the ground is the people he has surrounded himself with-principally his ride or die, his wife Celestine “Wakavinye” Ndinda.

Njugush with Celestine Ndunda aka Wakavinye throwback
Njugush with Celestine Ndunda aka Wakavinye throwback

The pair have made great memories for fans over the years and have constantly shown the love for each other all through their marriage and even courtship.

Their young son gets to experience this love firsthand and shows what a great nuclear family can do for a child’s well-being.

‘It was awkward, thank God I was decent,’ Njugush wife Celestine narrates meeting in-laws

But it seems that the couple might be adding another to their brood. This was disclosed by Njugush and  Wakavinye on their respective social media pages. The news was met with overwhelming joy from their fans who congratulated the couple.

Njugush with Celestine Ndunda aka Wakavinye and their baby boy

The pair have come far from a time in 2017 when they didn’t want to get a baby because they felt that they weren’t stable enough as none of them was working.

Speaking on their YouTube channel in the past, Njugush said they had to endure a lot as he pushed to make a name for himself in the industry.

They soon discovered they were pregnant which came as a complete surprise. Celestine revealed that she cried the whole night after she discovered that she was pregnant. Njugush also explained how bad the situation was for them at that moment;

“I was telling God, liwe liwalo. We even sold our TV. We used to cook ugali made of flour and potatoes. I was crying because I was so worried what we would give our baby.”

Celestine Ndunda aka Wakavinye pregnant

They explained that they even missed clinics as they did not have money for some tests that were required.

“As a man, I told God to come through. I used to sleep for the whole day. No food and her cravings were for food that was from outside,” Njugush said.

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Kenyans support Ken Mijungu following his shocking sacking from NTV

This past week is already one big surprise -Corazon Kwamboka was pregnant. But it seems that the month of July is bursting at the seams to keep on shocking us.

Yesterday, news dropped that Ken Miujngu had been sacked by NTV. The bombshell was unexpected as the news anchor has been a mainstay at the channel for many a year.

Ken Mijungu in the office

But it seems that that wasn’t enough as he was made redundant by the Aga Khan-owned station.

The 34-year-old broke the news via his social media accounts that he was among the many casualties of the latest media ax.

“The ax fell at NTV newsroom and I was on its way. Seven years in those corridors summed up in a two page letter of termination. We live to fight another day. Thanks to God, he remains the greatest, thank you NTV Kenya for the opportunity and thank you for always staying tuned,” he confirmed.

The news came as surprise especially considering that the man’s caliber as a winner of the prestigious CNN African Journalist Awards Special Commendation.

Ken Mijungu in the office

The redundancy also saw several senior editors and managers began on June 2, as part of cost-cutting as the Aga Khan-owned media house shifted gear to digital transformation.

“Further, this new reality (COVID-19) necessitates the reengineering of Nation Media Group to accelerate its digital transformation. This will include focusing on resourcing people in new areas critical for the Group. Regrettably, this will result in a reduction of our workforce,”,” the company’s CEO said.

‘No negative energy’ Betty Kyallo shades haters after Dennis Okari, Ken Mijungu drama

While the media industry has suffered serious job losses the past year, many so more into Ken’s termination than just simple math. Some of those comments are below:

matie_mumo Umefukuzwa kazi ama ni siasa tu naskia

_wasonga_ The future is bright bro🙌

linah_wanjiru All the best to the next one

agnesmwitib Another way will open for you relax

madowo_paul You did well

anjeremercy I wish you well in your next step @kenmijungu you did well 👏

wangechi.muriuki On to the next, keep winning!

mukaminkonge Better opportunity underway Ken…. It is well, may God be with you on your next move

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Mercy Kyallo explains why she missed Betty’s salon relaunch and her relationship with Okari

Betty Kyallo’s younger sister, Mercy Kyallo might be much less popular than her but that doesn’t mean that her movements aren’t closely monitored.

Mercy, who not only closely resembles her older sister, also has a stubborn and fierce personality to her that compliments Betty’s calm and bubbly demeanor.

Mercy Kyallo seating with Betty Kyallo
Mercy and Betty together

The two are as thick as thieves and know intimate details about each other that I think would make some blush. But that isn’t the point of all my blathering.

What is? Why wasn’t the Yallo Leather CEO at her niece Ivanna’s birthday or the re-launch of Betty’s star-studded salon launch? That is something that keen observers noted and wondered whether the sisters were beefing?

Don’t go chasing marriage! Mercy Kyallo tells trolls hounding her

During a recent interview with Massawe Jappani, Mercy came clean saying that support was given in various ways that the public might not be privy to

I was not able to come. But at the same time, support is given and support is shown in so many different ways especially in the family dynamic. I know our lives are very public and there is so much that goes on away from the public eye and people never know.

Betty Kyallo and Mercy Kyallo
Betty Kyallo and Mercy in the past

As regards the massive war between her and Dennis Okari and his friend Ken Mijungu, Mercy said that it had been some time since she talked to him but clarifying that everything has since settled.

“Well, I haven’t spoken to him in such a long time. But there is no bad blood. I’m happy to see him in our lives and the life of his child and it is obviously so encouraging and beautiful.”

Dennis Okari with Betty Kyallo and Ivanna
Dennis Okari with Betty Kyallo and Ivanna

Wrapping it up, the entrepreneur was quick to affirm that despite the rough times a family might face, they will always find common ground and move on.

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Maureen Waititu’s ex Frankie and Corazon slammed after pregnancy announcement

Maureen Waititu is one of the most beautiful mothers out there. The social media influencer still looks stunning after getting two kids with her ex-husband Frankie Kiarie.

The two split up in 2019, something that she took very badly even having to see a psychotherapist. It got so bad that she was diagnosed with depression and had to be prescribed drugs for it.

Maureen Waititu in yellow

Since then the chocolate-skinned beauty has made a wonderful recovery becoming the image of bliss after their public split. But it seems that recent events might threaten that peace.

Maureen Waititu shows off completely renovated home to get rid of exes vibe

What am I talking about? Curvy socialite Corazon Kwamboka announced this week that she was pregnant. While she didn’t name the father of the kid, good money is on Maureen’s ex Frankie being the dad.

Frankie Kiarie with Corazon Kwamboka
Frankie Kiarie with Corazon Kwamboka

Her pregnancy post had plenty of clues sprinkled in to point at that Frankie might be the father. It should be stated that both Frankie and Corazon have not commented on who the father might be but that doesn’t seem to have stopped Kenyans from inferring a lot from Maureen’s most recent Instagram post.

In it, Maureen posted a quote about journeys in life. Her caption read; “When you think you are at the end of something, try to remember that point might be the beginning of another journey.”

Maureen Waititu on her bed
Maureen Waititu on her bed

But many of her fans saw into the message and many tried to encourage her with the obvious villain in the story being Frankie.

Some of the comments are below:

sharlene.brown.12 Imagine leaving such a beauty for a slayqueen… Some men are a throw

sharlene.brown.12 @gichanaemily yaani there’s no comparison kabisaa…Nikama kuruka mavi unaangukia mharo….sijui wanaume utaka nini

@sharlene.brown.12 I know, right? Such a decent sweet soul. ❤ As for the socialite, karma does not forget an address… it will end in premium tears.

gracey_kimani  Aki am really praying that the slay queen is not pregnant with Mo’s baby daddy..

Maureen Waititu with her two sons
Maureen Waititu with her two sons

gracey_kimani Expect narcissists to do anything to prove a point. Anyway, let’s not discuss those two clowns here. Sending her love and hugs! ❤❤❤

sharlene.brown.12  unfortunately she is. Nairobi slayqueens know very well that you’re married and will still do anything to date your man, break your marriage, and rush to get pregnant. That guy belongs to the streets!

While I understand loyalty to a person I don’t get the bile. Hadn’t they both broken up and hadn’t they both moved on? What’s the noise for? Aren’t people allowed to move on after they divorce/break-up?

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This world will always be quicker to rip apart a good thing, than to applaud it – Michelle Ntalami

Michelle Ntalami celebrated her 36th birthday last month. The Marini CEO who encapsulates beauty and brains had a lovely time with her close friends as she ushered in a new year.

While she might have been focused on that romantic milestone, other Kenyans were more curious about the nature of her relationship with close friend Makena Njeri.

Michelle Ntalami with Makena and Patel
Michelle Ntalami with Makena and Patel

The issue came to the fore after Makena posted a series of messages to Michelle that not only raised temperatures but also eyebrows.

Michelle Ntalami sets record straight days after fueling lesbianism rumors with Makena Njeri

The messages by Makena were numerous with the common theme among them being the love she had for her friend Michelle, something that caught many Kenyans off guard prompting claims that the pair had more going on than met the eye.

Makena Njeri with Michelle Ntalami

But it seems that the speculation has reached a point that has made Miss Ntalami have to speak on the affair. In a long post on her Instagram page, Michelle insisted that her friendship with Makena and Patel was based on those people who rode with her the strongest and not the people who had known her the longest.

Adding that Miss Patel and Makena had come at a time in her life when she was lost and confused,

“I don’t ride with who I’ve known the longest. I ride with who rides with me the strongest!
@makenanjeri @niyati.patel10 ⁣⁣⁣Bless the Universe the day I met both of you. Both at a time where I was so lost and confused, and had my serious doubts about friendship. You walked with me and healed with me. But you have proven that your love for me remains on top no matter what.”
Michelle Ntalami with Makena and Patel
Michelle Ntalami with Makena and Patel
She then went on to address the rumours swirling around the nature of the friendship saying that it was no one’s business.
“It doesn’t matter what anyone says or thinks about us, that will never be our business. This world will always be quicker to rip apart a good thing, than to applaud it. What matters is the bond we share between us, and the commitment to holding each other’s hands through the storms of life.⁣”
Michelle Ntalami in yellow
Michelle Ntalami in yellow
The end of her message asserted that she would be loyal to her friends and that their friendships would never end because of something she had done.
You both know I am loyal like a dog, when I choose to go hard for someone it’ll hardly ever end because of me! So I hope y’all are ready for the ride of a lifetime with me! 🐶😉 ⁣I love you both, and thank you for Queening me and giving me the best Birthday ever! 

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