‘It’s been 48 hours after Valentine’s and I haven’t seen my girlfriend of 2 years,’ cries heartbroken man

A young man is heartbroken after his girlfriend of two years left him on Valentine’s day for another man.

According to this man, his girlfriend ran away with a Yahoo boy and three days later, she hasn’t come back yet.

“It’s been 48hours after Valentine’s  and I haven’t seen my girlfriend. She left me in mainland and followed another man (a Yahoo boy) to another city. It pains me so much. Is it a crime to be honest with your girl that yo can’t afford the luxury now due to your future plan?

I work am not broke, but it seems these Yahoo boys won’t let us enjoy life with our girlfriends.  I will quit my job and join Yahoo boys. I am in pain. Its not fair for our two years old relationship. Will I ever recover? I’m hurt. I am in my house alone and my girlfriend is out there being pounded like fufu in a Yahoo boy arms.What can I do to forget about her? This is a girl I have invested so much on but it seems contentment is not in most girls’ dictionary. This is the worst Valentine week ever. I resorted to drinking alcohol hoping I will forget her but nothing has changed. Love indeed sucks.”

Check out the reactions from social media:

Dollinanga: Love doesn’t suck, loving the wrong one does. Sorry you’re hurting, you’ll get through it. Some of us have gone thru worst ,yet we survived. Don’t become a bad person cos of someone who doesn’t deserve you, you’ll find better. Just don’t give up on love

Justhorpe: She just show you her real colours. My dear move on with your life

Ohmonzuha: The best revenge is to be successful in what you are doing. Get up tap ur back and say… You’re strong, you will overcome, and you will succeed.

Jedd: bro God just saved you from future problems. You would have heard one day your wife left your baby and traveled to meet a Yahoo boy.

Ttvirtuous: 1) Sorry about the hurt, 2) NOT all girls are vain and materialistic, 3) Instead of quitting your job, why not develop yourself and get a better job then pray for the right woman. Don’t go from frying pan to fire all because you are hurt.

Nkasanwa: Don’t turn bad because of one girl who isn’t worth your love, a million and one decent girls out there to build beautiful life with.

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SO SAD: 25-year-old Bar Stabbed To Death By Lover In West Pokot

A 25 year-old bar attendant was stabbed to death in Makutano town, West Pokot by her lover after the two quarreled on Friday night.

Area OCPD Anthony Wanjuu said Becky Ekidor was stabbed on the left side of her abdomen before being dumped by the roadside.

“This was after she was chased away from her place of work by the man who was identified as Cock Barasa,” he said.

“The suspect was drinking at the bar when he all over a sudden turned against the woman. The patrons fled after the suspect removed a knife from his jacket pocket.”

He said Becky managed to escape but was pursued by the suspect who reportedly stabbed her outside the bar.

The body was taken to Kapenguria county hospital mortuary awaiting postmortem.

The OCPD urged all bar owners to be screening their customers before they gain entry into the premises.

“It seems like the suspect had planned to murder the lady because he was armed with a knife while in the bar,” Wanjuu said.


Awww! Bahati’s wife’s message to their newborn daughter is priceless!

Award-winning gospel singer Bahati became a parent for the second time on February 14.

Bahati and Diana Marua
Bahati and Diana Marua welcome their bundle of joy at Karen Hospital

His wife Diana Marua gave birth to a bouncing baby girl at the Karen Hospital in a delivery that was so high profile that the hospital’s CEO herself visited her to pass her congratulations.

No Wonder Bahati Is Blown Away! Diana Marua Proves She Can Be WIFE Material And Keep Her Man ‘Satisfied’

The power couple, who kept their pregnancy low key, left many by surprise after Bahati shared photos from their baby bump shoot online.

Bahati and Diana Marua
                                                   Bahati and Diana Marua
Well, the excited Diana, took to social media to pen a heartwarming message to her newborn daughter.

“He has done exceedingly abundantly all that I asked or thought of. You have no idea how much we prayed for you @HeavenBahati 😊 I’m looking at the heavens and I’m amazed by Gods gift to us. You are Blessed my angel @HeavenBahati 🙏🏼❤️”

Diana Marua
Bahati seems to be busy with baby daddy duties and he shared a video babysitting and captioned;

“Yesterday Night Baby Sitting Duties & Bonding😍 with my New Love at 3am; I Was So Sleepy but #HEAVEN hatambui, 😐 Tonight am back at it because I just found my Real #TENoverTEN ❤❤❤ #HEAVENBAHATI”

Here’s the Instagram post

The Mama hit maker has also praised his wife for giving him a baby in his new song TenOverTen.
Bahati and Diana Marua pregnant
Bahati and Diana Marua pregnant

“Bae, You’re Cooler dan d’em,
My Girl You’re badder dan d’em-
Hakuna Mwingine Kama Weh,
Sifa Zote Mi Nampa Yahweh!!!,” an extract from the song.

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Video Of Sleepy Bahati Rocking Baby Heaven To Sleep Will Warm Your Heart

On Valentine’s day Kenyans woke up to news that gospel artiste, Bahati and his partner, Diana Marua welcomed a beautiful bouncing baby girl, Heaven Bahati.

The news brought to an end months of speculations on whether the celebrity couple were expecting a baby, after it was also reported last year that Diana was expecting her first child with the singer.

Blessings: Bahati and Diana Marua Blessed With A Baby Girl (Photos)

Bahati took to social media to share the news with a beautiful caption that read, “GLORY TO JESUS!!! This Morning this Girl @Diana_Marua has given me the greatest gift of Life #BouncingBabyGirl 3.24kgs ❤ Help Us Welcome @HEAVENBAHATI.”

Heaven Bahti is not the only kid Bahati has as he is also blessed with another angel, Mueni Bahati.

Days later, Bahati can’t get enough of baby Heaven as he has since been pictured holding and cuddling her. Daddy Goals yeah?

Speaking of daddy goals, the singer posted a video of himself baby sitting and bonding with baby Heaven, at around 3 in the morning.

Bahati posted,

Yesterday Night Baby Sitting Duties & Bonding😍 with my New Love at 3am; I Was So Sleepy but #HEAVEN hatambui, 😐Tonight am back at it because I just found my Real #TENoverTEN#HEAVENBAHATI

Check out the video below.


Njambi Koikai hospitalized but out of danger ahead of endometriosis surgery in USA

Good news to Njambi Koikai’s fans! Njambi, who is suffering from endometriosis is short of sh1.4 million shillings to travel abroad for treatment and she’s hopeful that well wishers will help her achieve her financial goal. She revealed this during an interview yesterday morning at Kameme FM.

“So we are still fundraising and haven’t hit the target yet. Was told I have one more procedure to be done at the hospital here to drain the water, excess air and blood in my lungs at the moment before travelling next week to the States. This will be done tomorrow and I’ll be in hospital for a few days cos iI can’t travel with a collapsed lung.

1.4m to go
PaybillNumber is 490681
Account Name is Jahmby Koikai Fund,: she wrote on Instagram yesterday.

Njambi Koikai Left Shedding Tears After This Woman Claimed That She’s Conning Kenyans

Njambi koikai, who’s supposed to travel to USA next week, was hospitalised and today underwent the procedure of draining water, excess air and blood from her lungs, has taken to social media to reveal that it was successful thanking God for the miracle.

“Heeeeyyyy fam. God is to be praised at all times. The persistent cough is gone, tube inserted. Water and blood draining. Dr. Muhinga is the best cardio-thoracic surgeon in Kenya. He did this procedure in 20 minutes and normally with other doctors it takes a while. As usual i was scared and he was so easy with me. He’s a father figure and got jokes too.So next week, Atlanta tunasija,” she rote in part.

“I also need to add some kilos. Thank you fam for the love, support and prayers.
Not by might. Not by power. But your spirit oh Lord.
Watch how this testimony is loading. 
It feels good not to cough endlessly. This procedure wasn’t traumatic as all the last ones. I aced all the needles without screaming. Me, I’m in awe about what God can do if we only have the faith of a mustard seed. Just that.”

Njambi Koikai’s followers are happy and wishing her all the best in next week’s main surgery.

Silvianjoki: Amen 🙏🏿 so glad to hear this great news

Beevee_kenya: I love you jahmby! We gon do this. God has sent His spirit, you’ll be fine and weightful again and healthier than you ever imagined. Always keeping you in my prayers. @jahmbykoikai ♥♥

Bettymuteikyallo: Jahmby keep going. You are brave, strong and a fighter. It was a pleasure having you on the show. You continue to touch hearts with your journey. Power to you @jahmbykoikai

Wasexxy: By His stripes you are healed beautiful one

Shikomuriithi: #endowarrior💛 Get well soon!

Wanguwinnie: Amen you’re in my prayers Jambie total healing in Jesus name.

Alex_mwakideu: Amen. Amen. Amen. Waiting eagerly for the testimony!!! Strong 💪

Mercyanne: Hey @jahmbykoikai. , you so encourage even those out there suffering from different illnesses, Indeed God is the Healer. And he works in His miraculous ways, keep on fighting girl and passing this encouragement to so many of us who are scared and full of fears that illness is the end of everything. May you have quick recovery in Jesus name.

Kottard: You will conquer it all in Jesus mighty name @jahmbykoikai

Wambuirosslyn: Just that.the mustard seed kind of faith….to God be the Glory…. Get to Atlanta to cement and seal the climax of this testimony that has been a hope and encourager to me a many others.

Florenceobote: Amen darling yuo are already healed..and  I honestly admire ur strength darling….u r always in my prayers thank God the cough is gone now..love love

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Parents Open Up On Top 10 Things They Wish They Knew Before Having Children

You can read all the books you like before having your first baby, but within a few weeks, you’ll realise that the information within was just the tip of the parental iceberg.

Until you have a sleepless newborn, a six year old refusing to eat anything but pizza, or a teenager who needs more sleep than a hibernating hamster, you haven’t understood tiredness, frustration or extreme happiness and pride.

Here is our round-up of the top ten things every parent wishes they had known – in advance!

You may never have a night’s sleep again. Ever

Most babies refuse to sleep more than a few hours without issuing noisy demands. Toddlers also prefer being awake to being asleep, and after that stage is passed, children like to stay awake reading with a torch til way too late.

You aren’t the only person to influence your kids

Much as you nurture and love them, and show it every day, kids are individuals, and you cannot control their emotions or how others affect them.

You will never be alone again

Whether you’re trying to have a bath with a toddler peering over the edge, or waiting for your 15 year old to ask for a lift home from a party, they are always with you. In some ways this is glorious. In others….well, let’s just say that if you’re offered a spa break, take it.

They learn at their own speed

You cannot force children to walk, talk or – later – read and write. Everything happens at their own pace.

You have to remember impossible amounts of information

When you are in charge of one or more small people, you’re expected to remember all sorts of stuff, from doctor’s appointments to homework, vaccinations and their friends’ birthdays.  Add in chronic sleep deprivation, and it’s almost inevitable you will forget things, whether it’s the timings of events, to collect old shoe boxes for school projects, or even whole sentences.

They aren’t your new best friends

If you’re looking for company, join a book club. You can have fun with them, but you’re there to help them become decent adults and keep them on the straight and narrow.

Kids always need feeding

It’s not just the producing of three meals a day, it’s working out how many they need, and whether there’s a good mix of protein, carbohydrates, fat, and fruit and veg (and the odd treat!).

You’ll know the school holidays are over because you can go to the loo without flushing it first.

Children are chaotic and messy. If you leave a room looking tidy, the superpower of anyone aged from eight months to 18 years is the ability to trash it within five minutes.

Children can be – whisper it – a bit boring

You think that being in an office is tedious? None of your colleagues make you play Snakes and Ladders fifty times in a row.


REVEALED: President Trump had affair with Playboy Playmate three months after Melania gave birth

A Playboy Playmate who claims that she had a year-long affair with President Donald Trump is sharing new details about how the real estate scion used his money and power to get her in bed and then ensure her silence.

Karen McDougal tells The New Yorker that she and President Trump met back in 2006 at a party that was hosted by Hugh Hefner at the Playboy Mansion.

President Trump took an immediate liking to McDougal she later wrote in her journal, noting that one of the magazine’s mrketing executives joked: ‘Wow, he was all over you – I think you could be his next wife.’

His third wife Melania was back in New York with the couple’s three-month old Barron at the time, and shortly after the party McDougal was invited to have dinner with President Trump in his private bungalow at the Beverly Hills Hotel.

That encounter was also detailed in her journal, with McDougal writing that it culminated with the pair’s first sexual encounter.

When they were done, Trump offered to give McDougal money.

‘He offered me money,’ wrote McDougal in her journal.

‘I looked at him (+ felt sad) + said, “No thanks – I’m not ‘that girl.” I slept w/you because I like you – NOT for money’”- He told me “you are special.”‘

McDougal, who was the Playmate of the Month for December 1997 and later Playmate of the Year for 1998, said she was drawn to Trump’s personality above all else.

‘I was so nervous! I was into his intelligence + charm. Such a polite man,’ she wrote in her journal.

McDougal began to see Trump whenever he was in Los Angeles, which at the time was quite often due to his work on The Apprentice.

It would always be at the same bungalow and President Trump would always have the same meal said McDougal, who was also quite impressed by the fact that he never drank alcohol.

The affair soon moved out of the bungalow and into the real world however, with McDougal claiming she met Trump’s children, got a private tour of his New York City residence and began flying around the country so the two could be together.

The affair would ultimately last 10 months, and it would be 10 years after it ended that McDougal found herself silenced after signing a $150,000 deal with media company AMI, which is owned by President Trump’s close friend David Pecker.

What a strong woman! Zari put up with alot while married to Diamond Platnumz

Barely three days after Zari dumped Diamond Platnumz, their followers are yet to come to terms with the fact that the two are no longer an item. Some are still speculating that this is a publicity stunt and the once upon a time power couple will be back together.

Well, we’ve compiled a list of 7 times Diamond Platnumz embarrassed Zari when they were still together and here are the things Zari endured before their marriage hit rock bottom.

  1. Disrespect

Diamond Platnumz never respected Zari at all.

Diamond Platnumz and Hamisa Mobetto


2. Speaking broken English

Zari aka the boss lady is a classy woman who speaks fluent English, as do her children. But Zari had no option but to endure the embarrassment caused by Diamond Platnumz, who on several occasions murdered the queen’s language.

Here is Diamond Platnumz’ excuse after a video of him cozying up to Wema Sepetu was leaked

3. Travelling alone

The two parents were staying in different cities and most of the times, Diamond Platnumz would transverse the globe without Zari. Unlike many power couples who attend events and official functions together, the Tanzanian crooner would always travel alone whether on official duty or not, leaving behind his wife to take care of their children. Have you seen a Head of State travel alone without their wife?

Diamond Platnumz
Diamond Platnumz. photo credit: Instagram/Diamond Platnumz

4. Cheating

A year after marrying, Diamond Platnumz made headlines for all the controversial reasons. He started cheating on Zari with several women including his dancers and city socialites, the likes of Tunda and Hamisa. Women would come forward and reveal that they’re in a relationship with the singer.

5. Bedding another woman in their matrimonial bed

In October 2016 after releasing his hit song Salome which features Hamisa as one of the vixens, Diamond Platnumz bedded the socialite in their matrimonial home while Zari was in South Africa. This forced the mother of five to travel to Tanzania where she found earrings left behind by Hamisa maybe to prove to her that she was indeed sharing her husband with someone else.

Diamond Platnumz’ side chick Hamisa Mobetto reminisces their lost love in passionate message

6. Dancing suggestively with female fans

Dancing is part of performance but at times, Diamond Platnumz went extremely far and during his music tours, he was pictured dancing suggestively with women on stage.

7. Getting a child out of wedlock

Diamond Platnumz sired a child with socialite Hamisa Mobeto while he was still married to Zari. His second-born Prince Nillan and Hamisa’s son are pretty close in age ( two years old).

Haiya! Diamond Platnumz is not the owner of Wasafi Records, Manager reveals

8. Lying in public

He lied on national TV that he wasn’t the father of Haimsa’s child until the socialite shared nude photos of them in bed together.


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Popular singer Lady Maureen, collapses on stage, sinks into depression after failed album launch

Queen of Ohangla music, Lady Maureen is counting losses after a failed album launch last Saturday. Lady Maureen, who is known for hits such as Kogalo, Wangni Wabiro, Raila Jogi Jokuoge, Raila Jakom and Safari ya Canaan had invested a lot to launch her album at Egesa East Villa in Umoja 1 estate hoping that she would make some profit, but this was not to be.

Lady Maureen

Lady Maureen collapsed on stage following the failed launch and was rushed to Nairobi Women’s hospital where she was treated and discharged on Valentine’s day.

 lady maureen

Many had attended the launch to support Lady Maureen and musicians including Igwe Prezda Bandasson, Musa Jakadalla,  Abenny Jachiga gave curtain-raising performances. But things turned out for the worse when Lady Maureen, who had spent close to a million shillings, took to stage to focus on the main business of the day. There was a blackout as soon as she took the microphone to address her fans. Amusingly, all other areas of the club remained well lit leaving revelers with more questions than answers.

“I have forgiven anybody who may have been involved in ruining my event. However, this does not mean that I am down and out,” Lady Maureen told Metropolitan. 

Lady Maureen

The blackout went on for an hour and rowdy youths started hurling insults at the club managers and throwing bottles on stage forcing VIPs among them opposition leaders to run for their dear lives.

Th club’s technician, who also doubles up as a manager Mr. Man Solo, managed to restore electricity but 30 minutes later, there was another blackout angering revellers.
Some started demanding a refund.

“I don’t know what happened, or rather who would want to see my efforts go down the drain going by the unexpected turn of events,” she said.

She added that:

“What happened at Egesa is not normal. The fact that the blackout kept happening within the club premises while the surrounding area and other clubs had lights on is strange.”

When called for a comment, Man Solo said that such incidences can happen anywhere and to anyone, refuting claims that it was sabotage.

“We regret what happened on the musician’s big day. But for critics to allude that it was sabotage is unfortunate. It is a ploy to tarnish the name of the club and the management in general,’ he said.


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‘I am tired of my boyfriend!’ cries woman after dating for two years

A 24-year woman has confessed that she’s no longer interested in her boyfriend after dating for close to two years.

The woman claims that her 28-year-old boyfriend is clueless and has no plans for the future.”

“I can’t believe I am doing this..but this seems like a last resort for me…l am so tired of my present relationship. I have been dating this guy for close to 2 years.

When I met him…He was completely clueless about what he wants out of life. He just doesn’t fit me looking at him now. He is as clueless as when we met. The annoying part is I respect him so much. He cannot boldly say He has given me ANYTHING since we started dating. I have spent stipend on him countless times.

I have my flaws which he overlooks. I am just tired of him getting angry over little things, and bringing out past offense when there is another offense. I really don’t think I can handle this again. I am totally fed up. What should I do?

Reactions include:

mz_lemons: Do what makes you happy..

damz: He’s still young please leave him alone! Women mature faster than men

cheeryblozzomstore: If you are tired leave.

peters_mith: Walk away now.

da_veid: Isn’t love supposed to forgive and forget….or how does love work again?

single_parents_in_africa: If you are not careful, you’ll join him. Dump him now if you want to stay sane.

hrh_nma: Then you break up and move on… Why do people complain about everything? Bounce if you can’t take the heat …

_thatgirl_tasha: Since he’s clueless walk out of his life a guy might not hv cash but he has plans.

Gilgil MP dumps hubby says, women are not your punching bags

Men!! Men!! Men!! How many times will you see your wives, girlfriends and lovers as punching bags, sex slaves and providers?

They say men are more emotional than women, the only difference is that they rarely show their weak side. But my question is, if they are more emotional, why do they hurt women so badly and act heartless and insensitive?

Gilgil MP Martha Wangari who has been married for five years is a victim of an emotional and physical abusive marriage and divorces husband who is accused of domestic violence, lack support, infidelity, death threats.

“I loved this man, and I have given this relationship my all but the physical violence has gotten to a point I know I will be killed. And it was better for me to walk out of the relationship than die and leave my children,” she told the Nairobian.

Shabana FC boss reacts savagely to questions that he is Lillian Muli’s baby daddy

She has been providing for her children and for the husband and all the husband did was track her phone, car, emails, sell her vehicles, have an affair with her secretary and beat her in public.

“He started dating my secretary behind my back and had a baby with her. Her child and my child were born four months apart. If i asked him such a disrespectful thing as sleeping with and impregnating my secretary, he would turn abusive.” she told the Nairobian.

Her story is a wake up call to all women going through the same situation and it teaches that one can preserve pain for long but not forever.

It is high time women understand that they don’t have to be in such relationships and let go of men that treat them like trash and see them as worthless beings. If Zari Hassan and Martha Wangari can do it, so can you.


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Gay Dad Given 18 Months After Being Diagnosed With Throat Cancer

One of Britain’s first gay fathers has been given just 18 months to live after being diagnosed with throat cancer, his daughter has revealed.

Tony Drewitt-Barlow, from Essex, made history in 2000 by becoming the first same-sex surrogate parent in Britain along with his partner Barrie.

But he is now facing a slim chance of survival after aggressive throat cancer from more than a decade ago returned.

The fatal diagnosis has been revealed by his 18-year-old daughter Saffron – who has been described as the ‘ultimate daddy’s girl’ after the couple lavished her with gifts and a £5,000-per-month allowance.

The disease is said to have reappeared despite several rounds of chemotherapy – with the ‘whole side of his face gone’.

Women Prefer Gay Porn To ‘Female-Friendly’ Straight Porn, Says Survey

Tony is now waiting to have an operation in Florida, where the millionaire couple live with their five children for half the year.

Doctors fear that sepsis could set in but he is on antibiotics in a bid to keep the risk of infection down.

Saffron told the Sun: ‘They’ve given him 18 months to live if he doesn’t have the operation. If he has the op, there’s a 50/50 chance he’ll live.

‘We’re all devastated. My Daddy (Barrie) never shows emotions but he is completely beside himself.

Night runners president protests the massive killing of animals they use for their activities

The night runners “president” has protested against the “massive” hunting of animals they use for their activities.

Jack Songo from Ndhiwa constituency, Homa Bay county, has accused the Kenya Wildlife Service and the Kenya Forest Service officers of being asleep on the job.

He said wild animals at Ruma National Park are diminishing fast.

Songo said they have tried to reach out to the KWS so they can work together to protect the animals, but they have not reached an agreement.

He said they are keeping a few animals, such as hyenas, in caves.

National Night Runners Association president Jack Songo :HABIL ONYANGO1
National Night Runners Association president Jack Songo :HABIL ONYANGO1

‘Fans are begging me not to sell my kidney,’ whispers broke news anchor, Swaleh Mdoe

Asked how he feeds the hyenas, Songo said, “I’m not in a position to reveal that. If you want to know much about a place have a visit to the the place,” Songi said.

But yesterday Homa Bay Deputy KWS warden Grace Wendot said people who are allowed to keep wildlife are licenced by the KWS after they apply for permits.

The KWS then assesses their farms and are only issued with permits to keep wild animals if they meet all the requirements.

“We have not received any communication or request from Songo. Anyone found with wild animals without a permit will be prosecuted,” she said.

Songo on Tuesday said the number of hyenas, baboons, some species of monkeys, snakes and other reptiles have drastically reduced due to illegal hunting.

“I feel exited while competing with wild animals at night. My duty is to ensure animals such as hyenas are fed and safe in the forest,” he said.

Songo is the National Right Runners president, which has more than one million registered members across the country.

Songo said the KWS officers has allowed hunters to invade the park and kill the animals they use in their “calling”.

He also accused the KFS officials of allowing residents to cut trees and clear bushes, which the animals shelter in.

Songioo said hunters should be stopped since they are a major threat to their activities.

Lillian Muli shows you how to dress your baby bump

National Night Runners Association president Jack Songo :HABIL ONYANGO1
National Night Runners Association president Jack Songo :HABIL ONYANGO1
“We want both the national and the county governments to guard the animals we use in our activities. Hunting in this region has become too much,” he said.

Songioo said hunters kill any animal they come across, even those they do not eat like snakes.

In addition, their natural habitats are disrupted when residents clear bushes.

He said something needs to be done urgently to stop this practice.

Songo urged village elders, chiefs, the KWS and the KFS to protect forests and wildlife.

He said deforestation has led to human-wildlife conflicts. He gave an example of the recent invasion by monkeys to farms and homes in Nyarongi village in Migori.

“I do not see anything wrong with the monkeys invading farms. This is because residents have cleared vegetation and they have nothing to feed on in the forest,” Songo said.

Songo dismissed rumours that he received threats from Homa Bay leaders and elders to stop the night running.

Songo, who is married and is a father of two, said he is the only one from his family who is involved in the activity.

– The Star/ Habil Onyango

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Former TV host Kendi Ashitiva describes her hubby, ‘He had nothing to his name, I mean nothing…’

Former Tukuza show host Kendi Ashitiva has revealed that she did what most current Nairobi girls wouldn’t do. She married her hubby when he “had nothing to his name.”

In a long post labeled “My Valentine’s Story,” the beauty said that she met her hubby in the streets of Nairobi and was literally wowed by how kind he was to people. This made her fall in love with him, not for his looks, but for his golden heart.

This is her beautiful story:

“My Valentine’s Story!

So this is us back in 2010 with the love of my life, way before fancy smart phones,good lighting and filters came. I had just married this young brilliant village bred lawyer that I met on the streets of Nairobi. He had nothing to his name and I mean nothing but a big vision and a heart of gold!

While other people noticed how broke my sweetheart was, all I saw during our dating days was how kind he was to complete strangers! I was blown away by how watchmen, security guards, cab guys, waiters and newspapers vendors on the streets would warmly say hi to him and he to them. Some just knew him as Wakili, but they were among the friends he made in the city! They came from different backgrounds, colours and religions but would never miss an opportunity to say hi to us and introduce themselves to me every time we passed even sometimes chat a little as I waited on the side. I almost teared😢 when I saw some of them at our wedding, they brought us gifts with the little they had and since we had nothing we were more than happy to receive the cups and glasses!

kendi ashitiva

“My Husband Is Not a SPONSOR” Stunning Actress Liz Njagah Cries Out After This Happened

To this day when I pass those same streets they still ask me, habari ya wakili? Aki Msalimie sana! Some can barely pronounce his name because Ashitiva is too much for us from the mountain😂😂. I married him not only because of what he said to me but because of what other people, strangers with nothing to gain said about him! His reputation with the “lowly” of society blew my socks off, and I said to myself this man I can trust with the rest of my life! You see 2nd Corinthians 13:2 says in the witness of 2 or 3 people the matter was established….and for me the matter was established at only 24 years of age. Friends you can tell alot about a person by how they treat the “lowly” of society and by how they treat their enemies! Why because one day you may be one or both and trust me life does happen!

Thankfully alot has changed in the last few years, but one thing remains, he still treats people with incredible kindness and regard. GOD MUST LOVE THIS MAN ….kendi 2

So for those who are dating or seeking life partners, look WELL my dears, men look out for a gentle and a quiet spirit that Paul talks about in the bible and ladies look for a man with a tender and teachable heart that is moved by the pain of others! For some things my dear friends, money CAN NEVER BUY!

And that is my Valentine story!

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See How Kaz Lucas Showered Us With Ample Cleavage This Week

Former Tusker Project Fame star Kaz Lucas served more than what fans expected this week. Yep, she may have been doing a lot of pole dancing lately but this one was on a whole new level.

Kaz has always been a confident person. She never shies aways from showcasing what she has, be it musically or sexiness.

In an interview with SDE two years ago, Kaz says that there’s a powerhouse inside her that powers her confidence.

“There’s the little girl inside me (young Kaz) that believes I am good and talented and confident. And though I have over the years drowned her voice out, I can somewhat see her shadow in the distance as she tries to convince me of the magical powers I once possessed. I want to do art for the love of art. So with all its mistakes, this is my attempt to curb my fear of singing,” she said.

For the Black Panther premiere, she rocked an African print dress and tribal accessories. On her head, she rocked a beret, perhaps showcasing her allegiance to the movie. Above all, there was massive cleavage for all to see.

This is what I am talking about:

karen lucaz 1

Do you love her outfit?

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So SAD! Actress Jennifer Aniston Divorces For The Second Time

Jennifer Aniston and Justin Theroux have split after just two and a half years of marriage.

The decision to go their separate ways ‘was mutual and lovingly made at the end of last year’, according to a statement released on Thursday through Jennifer’s publicist.

The 49-year-old Friends star became engaged to the Leftovers actor, 46, in August 2012, and they married in a surprise ceremony at their LA home on August 5, 2015.

The couple’s statement says they would have handled their separation privately, but they wanted to counter tabloid speculation and ‘convey the truth directly.’

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They say they intend to maintain love and respect for each other.

Jennifer and Justin were last pictured together during a New Year’s getaway trip in Cabo San Lucas, Mexico.

It definitely seems as if the power couple have spent plenty of time apart as the Mulholland Drive actor has been often spotted by himself in New York City which is away from their home in Los Angeles.

Meanwhile Jennifer celebrated her 49th birthday just days ago and Justin was noticeably absent in the photos shared on social media from the festivities in Malibu, California.

The Friends star was joined by gal pals Courteney Cox, Andrea Bendewald, Leigh Kilton-Smith and Kristin Hahn on Sunday.

The previous night Jennifer was spotted sharing friendly hugs and kisses with Pharrell Williams outside of Ellen DeGeneres’ star-studded 60th birthday party in LA.

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‘I was so nervous and tense,’ Mr Seed talks about his proposal

Love is in the air. Gospel singer Mr Seed proposed to long-term girlfriend Nimo Gachuiri at a Valentine’s dinner organised by Bountiful Safaris for gospel artistes and their significant others.

“Before proposing, I sought the counsel of my friends who are already married. DJ Mo was one of them, and even on the day before I went on one knee, he showed me what to do. This is a big step I have made, and with God, everything is possible.”

The celebrity-studded dinner was graced by the who is who in the gospel entertainment circles, but the highlight of the night was the surprise proposal by Mr Seed. In attendance were Size 8, DJ Mo, comedian Njugush, Abel Mutua, Guardian Angel and Betty Kyallo.

“The dinner was at Azure Resort in Westlands, I planned the proposal on the day. I was so nervous and tense, my stomach had butterflies. She was so surprised. Alilia,” Mr Seed said.

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Mr Seed, who is currently dominating the airwaves with the hit song “Oyoyo”, went on one knee after a romantic dinner with Gachuiri and asked, “Will you marry me?” She said, “Yes!”

The emotional Gachuiri broke down in tears as the singer serenaded her with lyrics from “Oyoyo”.

“We have not yet set the date for the wedding, but when I do, you will know,” Mr Seed said. “She is so happy right now, her parents are also so happy.”

The event took place the same day fellow gospel singer Bahati welcomed his child Heaven Bahati with Diana Marua. From Word Is, we wish the couple all the best in their impending

Check out some of the photos

Mr Seed proposal

Mr Seed proposal

Mr Seed proposal

Kagwe Mungai is super excited about the new Songa by safaricom app

Safaricom on Monday launched a new music streaming service called ‘Songa’, which offers customers music at a fee and artistes a marketing platform.

In an interview with, Kagwe Mungai gave his two cents about the new music app in town Songa, stating that if one can easily access his music, then it’s definitely a good idea.

“The easier the access the better. At the end of the day, you want as many people to hear your music as possible. If there are people working hard to make that possible, then I think it’s a good thing.”

Customers can download the music app by simply dialing *812#.


‘I used to sleep at the bar counter,’ Jimwat talks about his addiction

Meanwhile, Taurus Musik is proud to present the latest single from the Kenyan lover boy Kagwe featuring Nigerian sensational songtress Niniola titled ‘Till The End’.

Kagwe Mungai is best known for his great jams like Creeper, African Lady, Give It To Me featuring King Kaka, Nyumbani featuring Alicios among others. He is also known for producing hit songs like Kama Kawaida, Sauti Sol’s Nishike, Biggest Fan and Doctor amongst others.

Niniola is a Nigerian based songstress who is well known for her powerful vocals and her hit songs like Maradona and Sicker.

The song is a lovely infusion of west and east African love brought out in the very passionate lyrics. It speaks about undying love in a relationship and the willingness to be together till the end.

The video was shot by West Africa’s renowned director Stanz Visuals.

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