7 mistakes you are making when cooking pasta


It may appear simple to cook, but the end results always leaves you disappointed and ready to shed a tear, when you see how mashy it has turned out.

Here are some reasons the interwebs blames for your poor pasta:
1. Your pot is too small

Do you use a small sufuria to cook pasta?

It turns out that if you add pasta to the little water in the small sufuria, you lower the water temperature. This forces it to now take longer to boil again, meanwhile your pasta is lying in the cold water and getting mushy and clumpy.

The Perfect Cook’s Checklist: How many can you do?

When you use a smaller sufuria, the pasta has less water to cook in. This results in a higher amount of starch in the pot, which will cause your pasta to come out sticky after you drain the water. To be safe, always go for a big pot, even if you’re only cooking a small amount of pasta.

2. You leave out the salt

You’re slimy pasta (yuck) is this way because you didn’t put salt like the instructions told you.

If you read the back of your box of pasta, it will tell you to boil the pasta in salted water. How many of us think that it’s just wrong for pasta to cook with salt? What salt does is roughen up the pasta so it doesn’t come out disgustingly slimy.

3. You forget to stir

Once your water is boiling, be sure to stir your pasta in, as opposed to just dumping it and waiting until it’s cooked, so it doesn’t all sink to the bottom of the pot, or they will stick to the bottom of the pot, where they start sticking together, resulting in mushy pasta. No thank you!

How to make spaghetti in tomato sauce


4. You pour out the cooking water

Once your pasta is cooked, hang on to a cup or so of the cooking water.

This water is now starchy and full of pasta flavor, and it just might come in handy. It’s important to keep the water to add later when you add sauce especially when it appears it needs some ‘thufu’  to take clumpy and dry sauce to a new level.

The water helps loosen up the sauce so it can coat every noodle, while the starch in the water helps it cling to the pasta better.

The 8 foods to ditch to lose your tummy this year

5. You rinse the pasta

Cooking pasta is one of the easiest ways to throw together a delicious, home-cooked meal, so don’t add any extra steps.

Rinsing strips your pasta of some of that starchiness that will cling to the sauce.

There’s no need to rinse your pasta with water once it’s cooked. Simply drain it and add your sauce.

6. You make way too much

Most of us have large families and cook an entire box of pasta right?

Judging how much dry pasta to cook is tricky especially in an African family setting. Trouble is, heating up leftover pasta usually results in a sticky, gummy mess. When it comes to pasta, fresh is best, to avoid wastage.

7. You leave your pasta waiting too long before serving

Pasta needs to be served as soon as it’s cooked. Never make it wait in the serving dish.

While your pasta cooks, make sure to have a sieve ready in the sink so you can drain it as soon as it’s cooked. Once it’s drained, place your pasta in a warmed bowl and toss with warm sauce.

Are there other tips you use to make your pasta worth eating? Share by dropping comments below.


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Fun Fact: The metal drawer under your cooker is for keeping food warm


Slaps forehead, calls mum. Really?

All along I have been ignoring that metal drawer, thinking it’s a nuisance.

But according to one twitter user, we have all been using it the wrong way.


In a twitter reveal, it turns out many people have been using it for the wrong purpose. While most have assumed all along it’s a storage unit, Twitter user StepMom Marie left us stunned, saying it’s meant to keep food warm.



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My husband eats in a hotel to avoid buying food at home


While many husbands look forward to a family dinner, that is not the case with one Kenyan man who avoids his wife and children at all costs, after work.

His wife says this is a dilemma she is facing, and is contemplating deserting her marriage.

Dear Wives: How to cope with an unemployed husband

Her husband according to her account, has a very selfish reason for not joining his family for dinner.

Young couple eating food and smiling — Image by © Kevin RL Hanson/DK Stock/Corbis

The sad wife shared her secret family shame saying

my hubby doesn’t buy food, he doesn’t pay fees then the other day he told he was was robbed business money that I should loan him cash, how can i give him money? He eats in a hotel so he doesn’t have to buy food at home, then he expects me to support his business expenses, these men are something else. I’m  just 25 years and I’ve given up on men

Man explains why Kalenjin men don’t hug or live with wives


She added

I have been with him for four years we started dating in college, then I got pregnant, ikabidi we get married. I’m still with him, I’m planning my exit, we live at his parents plot and the worst thing  is he is educated and I am planning to leave him.



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I don’t have a flat tummy and I don’t care! Avril proclaims

Avril Nyambura has started making her Instagram page the place to visit, the last couple of months. The mother of one who hasn’t really been that relevant musically for the past few years (yes, I said it!) is now trending on social media for her interesting posts.

The singer in a wedding dress
The singer in a wedding dress

Miss Nyambura recently spoke about how much she loved her body. Her message on her Instagram page detailed how she was happy with her post-pregnancy body.

‘I gave birth naturally I did not have an operation,’ Singer Avril reveals

The female singer was all about self-love and body positivity in her post, all ideals I agree with. Her post is below;

One year and a few months postpartum and I don’t have a flat tummy. Honestly don’t care if I do get one. #SuckInForTheGram?? 😆😆 .. I work out to clear my head, get my energy up to conquer so much more. Side note, funny how a pair of shoes can change your entire mood 😁 .. 🍷 perhaps? Every day is a celebration 💃 .. trying out these babies from 

The singer rocking black boots
The singer rocking black boots

Her fans all supported her stance and encouraged her with many telling her that she owed no one a flat tummy. Some of their comments are below;

karenizle Heaps don’t lie.. Flat tummy achia millipede
strongerthanthor You look good. Just drop the attitude and pride then you get the bod you want.
tabitha.njenga I always tell myself I have flat tummy only that “l” is silent …I always take it as a gift from my little one
viki.princess My mon said eat, breastfeed, repeat. You owe nobody a flat tummy, but you owe your baby a healthy life 😂
celineodhiambo Uko tu fine mama♥️
that_guy_moha You look so good either way❤️…and we miss you on Tiktok😁

The singer looking good in pink
The singer looking good in pink

It is interesting to note that her commentary on flat tummies comes so soon after Tanasha Donna showed off her flat board tummy last week. Don’t forget Miss Donna gave birth earlier this month.

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Why you shouldn’t bite a newborns nails to keep them short


Have you ever asked yourself how to trim your baby’s nails without nipping the fingers or toes?

Don’t be tempted to bite your baby’s nails to keep them shorter.

That’s simply because germs from your mouth could get into any tiny cuts on your baby’s fingers, possibly causing an infection.

Plus you also won’t be able to see what you’re doing, and you’ll find your baby’s fingernail is tiny compared to your teeth.

Video of woman’s eyelashes on a windy boat ride goes viral

gabrielle union baby 1

To keep them nice and short, try these tips instead

Press the finger pad away from the nail and keep a firm hold on their hand. Try not to trim too low as the tip of your baby’s finger may bleed, which can lead to infection.

Newborn babies’ toenails are so soft they tend to curl over the end of the toe, which means it’s hard to tell which bit of the nail growth is still attached to the quick, so go slowly.

What if I cut their skin?

If you accidentally nip the skin, don’t worry. Gently hold a piece of clean, damp cotton wool on the cut, apply a little pressure and the bleeding will soon stop. Don’t use a plaster though, as if it comes away your baby may choke on it.

 7 benefits of hugging your spouse everyday

New borns tend to have soft, flexible nails that grow quite fast, sharp and dangerous to them. This means they can easily scratch themselves and even claw their faces, so you’ll need to learn how to keep your baby’s nails clean and short.


It’s not easy trying to hold a cross, wriggly baby while you delicately trim their teeny, weeny nails, but if you take care and use the right products it can be done.

The good news is, when your baby’s very small you can gently peel the ends off with your fingers. But then as your baby grows, you’ll need to start using special baby nail clippers; tiny, round-ended safety scissors or a fine emery board. Some parents also like using emery boards to smooth rough edges after cutting.

Get help with trimming nails

Trimming your baby’s nails is a whole lot easier when you’ve got another adult holding your wriggly baby still and distracting them. You might also want to pick a time when your baby is calm or distracted – for example when they’re feeding or even sleeping.

7 common questions about sensitive skin

How often do I need to cut them?

Fingernails grow particularly fast so you’ll need to cut them more than once a week. Toenails though grow more slowly, so a couple of times a month is fine.


Dear classic 105 fam, do you use any other tips to deal with a newborns nails? Drop your comments below.

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5 things to avoid if you have sensitive skin


Does your skin get easily irritated?

You may not even know you have sensitive skin until you have a bad reaction to a cosmetic product, like soap, moisturizer, or makeup.

Conditions that cause sensitive skin are rarely serious. You can usually keep your symptoms under control with a few simple changes to your skin care routine.

Here are some things that cause a skin flare up:

Essential Oils

This is one ingredient that can cause a very bad reaction if used by someone with sensitive skin.

Cosmetologiss agree that even natural or organic ingredients can lead to irritation. Such oils are full of allergens.


This is a foaming agent found in shampoos, creams, soaps to cleaning products. Foaming agents in general can be quite tough, as they can upset the protective layer of oils on the skin.

Petro and synthetic emolients

They are derived from petroleum, chemicals such as liquid paraffin and mineral oil that irritate the skin by creating an oily layer on the skin to prevent moisture from escaping, leading to blocked pores and a build up of bacteria.

Perfume/ Fragrant agents

che chavez perfume

While it may be tempting to buy a perfume off the shelf due to its pocket friendliness, this may be a bad idea for anyone with sensitive skin.

Many skincare products contain fragrance to mask less-pleasant scents that some ingredients have, but even if an added fragrance is natural, it can anger sensitive skin

Harsh exfoliants

If you have skin that’s easily irritated, using an exfoliator that is too abrasive can cause your skin to be immediately inflamed. Although you shouldn’t avoid exfoliating completely — it’s vital to removing dead skin cells and getting that glow — opting for gentler versions is essential in avoiding in any skin flare-ups.

handwash 2

If your condition is really bad, always consult a dermatologist who will advise you how to tackle your skins worst enemy.

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7 common questions about sensitive skin


Many of us can attest to our family and friends saying their skin is irritant and easily irritated.

Here are all the questions that you have but probably don’t ask about your skin condition.

woman skin

1. What is sensitive skin?

Many people say they have sensitive skin because skin care products, or household products that contact their skin, cause stinging, burning, redness, or tightness.

Or they say they have it because even though they have no visible effects after contact with a product, it always makes their skin feel uncomfortable.


2. How do I know if I have sensitive skin?

Have a dermatologist check your skin. That’s the best way to find out if you have sensitive skin or whether something else is causing your skin condition.

Smooth skin
Smooth skin

3. What causes sensitive skin reactions?

Causes of sensitive skin reactions include:

Skin disorders or allergic skin reactions such as eczema, rosacea, or allergic contact dermatitis

Overly dry or injured skin that can no longer protect nerve endings, leading to skin reactions

Excessive exposure to skin-damaging environmental factors such as sun and wind or excessive heat or cold

Genetic factors, age, gender, and race differences in skin sensitivity are less well-defined but still may play a role in causing skin reactions.

4. Are there medical tests for sensitive skin?

Patch testing may identify signs of allergies that are causing or contributing to sensitive skin. Otherwise, it’s difficult for doctors to test for sensitive skin because so many factors can cause it.


5. Should men be concerned about sensitive skin?

Yes. The look of healthy skin is just as important for men as it is for women.

Black woman putting on face lotion
Black woman putting on face lotion

6. What types of cosmetics are less irritating to sensitive skin?

If you have sensitive skin, the American Academy of Dermatology recommends the following:

Use cosmetics with a few preservatives and minimal risk of skin irritation.
Throw out old cosmetics; they can spoil or become contaminated.

healthy skin
7. With an unfamiliar skin care product, how should I test for a sensitive skin reaction?

Before putting a new product on your skin, do the following:

For several days, apply a small amount behind an ear and leave it on overnight.

If your skin does not become irritated, follow the same procedure, this time applying the product on an area alongside an eye.

If you still don’t see irritation, the product should be safe for you to apply on any area of your face.

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#Nobraday: Girls take it off in support of breast cancer awareness

Yes, this really is a thing and for a good cause.

Women are today encouraging each other to take a self breast exam in support of the hashtag #nobraday.

No Bra Day was initially observed on July 9, 2011, but within three years it had moved to October 13, the month of National Breast Cancer Awareness Month.

#NoBraDay is for:

•Breast Cancer Awareness

•Importance of breast-examination

•Encourage women to partake in breast cancer screening.

no bra day

A report by the National Cancer Institute of Kenya paints a gloomy picture of the ability and preparedness of hospitals across the country to prevent and manage cancer.

NCI Chief Executive Officer Andrew Karagu  in August said 20 per cent of the health facilities have enough services to control breast cancer while 22 per cent of public hospitals are equipped to handle cervical cancer.

Despite the fact that most hospitals are able to control cervical cancer and screening done at no charge, NCI report indicates that a paltry 11 per cent of the national women’s population has ever been screened. The report did not however identify specific hospitals capable of managing the five most prevalent types of cancer.


Breast cancer symptoms include change in skin texture on the breast, retraction of nipple, discharge from nipple, a typical fullness, and lumps.

Here are some words of encouragement and caution about October 13, No Bra Day:
13th october not a day to expose your paraphanelias online but seek knowledge and awareness about breastcancer #NoBraDay #NoBraDay
Quote Tweet
#NoBraDay is for cancer awareness. Stop sending nude pictures to your bestie.
Twitter definitely not happy with my pictures today 😔
#NoBraDay is an awareness for breast cancer survivors. You might not be comfortable with the size, shape, firmness of your breasts but challenge yourself in support today
Do well to say a word of prayer for women battling Breast Cancer,

The fight is not easy…. #NoBraDay
Free them boobs and stay healthy,don’t forget to check your breast for lumps and other irregularities #NoBraDay
Good mid-morning people, today being #NoBraDay , here are some of the reasons we celebrate this day.

•Breast Cancer Awareness
•Importance of breast-examination
•Encourage women to partake in breast cancer screening.

Have a happy #NoBraDay
#NoBraDay Educate yourself and someone else about Breast Cancer and how to avoid it.

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Weekend Meal Prep: How to cook Pilau for your family

Pilau is one of the most popular dishes in Kenyan homes.

Many people fail at making pilau the Swahili way, with many such dishes called ‘Pilau Njeri’, meaning ‘fake pilau’ because of the way it’s prepared.

It is a coastal dish served with kachumbari. It can be cooked with beef, chicken, mutton, soya etc.

In Kenya, a wedding without pilau on the menu is a no no. It’s a staple food for all, whether you looking to make it over the weekend for your children or family its an easy meal prep and it will take you very minimal time to prepare it to be consumed even the following day.

Image result for something to know about pilau

Simple steps of making pilau:


I kg Rice
1 kg meat
1/2 kg onions
1/2 kg tomatoes sliced or blended
1/2 Kg potatoes peeled and quartered
1 bulb Garlic
1 piece fresh Ginger
2 teaspoons cummin seeds
6-8 peppercorns
6 cloves
2-4 cinnamon sticks
4 cardamom pods
125 ml cooking oil

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 Steps of cooking,

Pound the garlic and ginger together. Wash rice and keep it ready.

 Fry onions in the oil until soft add the garlic and ginger and go on frying until you get a smooth mixture.  Make sure the garlic and ginger are cooked and their flavours absorbed  by the onions.

Now add meat which is cut into big pieces and mix together.

Then add the tomato puree  stirring all the time. Let it cook a moderate  heat for a few minutes, then add the spice.

Put in the washed rice with water. Do not add too much water until you see the rice absorbing it. Remember for every 2 cups of rice, you add twice the cup of water.

Add potatoes towards the end of the cooking.

Simmer the rice until it’s ready. Cover and reduce the heat let it cook for 10 -15 minutes to separate the grains.

Serve pilau with kachumbari and fried red chilly and a banana.

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So what if I’m 140kgs? Miss plus size model Diana Mwende asks

Many of you might not know about the Miss Plus Size competition but some of the competitors have interesting stories to tell. Diana Mwende, a competitor of the Miss Kenya Plus World 2019 was recently interviewed by Radio Jambo’s Massawe Jappani.

Mwende came to the limelight after she took part in the Miss Curvy Kenya, a competition that allows plus-size women to showcase their beauty.

The pluz size model
Diana Mwende smiling

The woman explained sadly how her body size affected her to a point where she lost her esteem due to society’s expectations for the female body.

‘You are gaining weight!’ Anerlisa shuts down body-shamer with class

Speaking to Massawe Diana cried as she narrated how she was bullied and lost job opportunities because of her body size. “It has not been easy being plus-size. I lost job opportunities because of my body size,” said Mwende.

The Miss Plus Size model
Diana crying as she speaks to Massawe

The beauty queen went on to talk of how mean comments forced her to seek refuge at home and at one point she could not leave the house. “When I recall all the bullying I experienced because of my size, it breaks me, I can’t believe once I never used to leave the house,” added Mwende.

The plus size model
Diana Mwende

Diana Mwende said she is now happy, recalling how she tried using a lot of products to lose weight including slimming tea and herbal medicines. She also confessed to quitting eating before she made a decision to embrace herself.

Watch the interview below;

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BREAKING: Eliud Kipchoge becomes first man to run sub 2 hr marathon!

Eliud Kipchoge broke the marathon record by running the distance in 1:59:40! Kenya once again has shown the way..breaking barriers.

Former world marathon record holder and NOCK president Paul Tergat wrote;
Eliud has given us another iconic mark. Personally, I am proud, excited and delighted as a Kenyan, former marathoner and sports leader.

This is what we always say..Kenya is the hub of talents and our athletes and young people just need an outlet and support to shine.

Hongera Kip. Well done. Let’s first absorb this and make reflections later. Monumental achievement

Pictures from the feat are below;

Eliud Kipchoge 5 Eliud Kipchoge 6

Eliud Kipchoge running
Eliud Kipchoge running
Eliud Kipchoge running
Eliud Kipchoge running
Eliud Kipchoge running
Eliud Kipchoge running

Girls, Here’s How You Can Deal With Stigma Arising From Infertility

This situation plays itself in so many homesteads across Kenya. Whether it’s you, a close friend, or a relative, many couples are unable to conceive. And naturally the strain takes its toll on a relationship.

When a couple is unable to conceive, the man may divorce his wife or take another wife if they live in a culture that permits polygamy.

Childless women suffer discrimination, stigma and ostracism despite the fact that according to WHO male infertility has been found to be the leading cause of a couple’s failure to conceive in about 50% of cases.

It’s also important to note that more than 30% of women aged 25–49 suffer from secondary infertility, the failure to conceive after an initial first pregnancy.

MP Joyce Lay, who also works closely with Merck More than a mother campaign, states how stigmatization can be extreme in some countries, where infertile people are viewed as a burden on the socioeconomic well-being of a community.

Taita Taveta women rep Joyce Lay. Photo/Monicah Mwangi
Taita Taveta women rep Joyce Lay. Photo/Monicah Mwangi

“Stigma extends to the wider family, including siblings, parents and in-laws, who are deeply disappointed for the loss of continuity of their family and contribution to their community. This amplifies the guilt and shame felt by the infertile individual,” she says.

Jackline Mwende, whose husband allegedly chopped her hands and left her with terrible injuries is an example of crazy and criminal things infertile women experience. She is a real life example of why you should overcome infertility stigma as she is now pregnant and her life is taking a new turn.


We need to know that it’s a shared responsibility, not just for the couple but for the society too,” added Hon. Joyce Lay, Member of Parliament and the Ambassador for ‘Merck More than a Mother’.


Mental Health: Keri Hilson reveals battle with depression


In a sit down on Thursday October 10, singer songwriter Keri Hilson revealed she fought a battle with depression for seven years.

October 10th marks World Mental Health day and the US singer joined hundreds to speak out about the condition that continues to affect millions of families.

She shared her struggle saying she went on a music hiatus in those seven years to deal with the challenge.

Former Destiny’s Child singer Michelle Williams checks into a mental health facility for depression

A year ago she disclosed on youtube that

 I was bearing the weight of some personal and professional mistakes and they just weighed so so so heavy on my spirit, and I was just not myself,


I was at the pinnacle, you know? I was severely unhappy and then add to that, this is when I decide to jump out of an eleven-year relationship. Bad decision, bad timing,” Keri added.

Keri also took to Instagram to post an emotional yet encouraging message to her fans and followers:

Today is World Mental Health Day. I opened up about my battle with severe depression in January 2018 & continue to do work with @silencetheshame, @kerihilsonfoundation, & other organizations I’m compelled to lend my story for awareness & healing. I endured a lot of trying years, but like the last slide, I’m smiling BIG now (inside too). I am proud to say that although I still have healthy stresses to manage, I AM HEALED, and I did so without medication. 💊


Taking selfies is a REAL GENUINE mental disorder. See how you score

If you’re like me, you’ve encountered your own set of circumstances or traumatic events that lead you down a dark road. I’m here to tell you—you don’t have to succumb to a life of darkness. There is a way out. I’m writing a book on overcoming depression for you, and I hope it helps you and many others. ☀️ 🦋


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Breaking: Silverstone Airways plane crashes shortly after take-off

A Silverstone Airways aircraft has crash-landed at Wilson Airport. Preliminary reports show that the 60 seater plane had challenges in an attempt to take off.

The plane was headed for Lamu. The cause of the crash is suspected to be engine failure after take-off. The plane is a Fokker registration 5Y IZO serial number 20244which has two engines. So far, none confirmed injuries. It was manufactured in 1992 by Fokker Aviation of the Netherlands.

‘Most crash victims will NEVER be recovered’ Ethiopian Airlines CEO

First entered service with Icelandair Domestic and was commissioned by Silverstone from Air Iceland Air in 2017. Carries 56 pax, Max. Several passengers sustained minor injuries. Emergency response teams on site.

A passenger who was inside the plane said, “The plane crashed shortly after takeoff. There are some who are injured, ‘The response by fire engines was quick but these aircraft have no easy access outside. fuel spilt but god is great it didn’t burn.’

Check out the pictures below;

The plane that crashed
The plane that crashed
The plane that crashed
The plane that crashed

The plane that crashed

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Kumbe!? Tanasha gives secret for her flat tummy after giving birth

Tanasha Donna surprised many when she showed off her flat tummy earlier this week. This was barely a week after she had given birth.

The result was collective shock and amazement that the beauty had been able to accomplish a feat that many post-natal women struggle with. There were some who could not believe that her body was back in such great form after such a short time.

Tanasha Donna taking a selfie in the mirror
Tanasha Donna taking a selfie in the mirror revealing her post-pregnancy body

Now she has decided to share her secrets with her followers on Instagram and allay all the naysayers’ stories. The radio personality explained that to achieve her flat tummy, she used a stretch mark removing lotion on a daily basis.

Tanasha’s cute first words to son as Eric Omondi asks Diamond to be godfather

But she had a caveat(so don’t go rushing to buy the stretch mark remover just yet!). She also said that it depended on one’s body type because people have different genes and their diet.

Tanasha at her baby shower in a file photo
Tanasha at her baby shower in a file photo

“Honestly speaking it all depends on each body type. Everyone is different and people have different genes. PALMERS stretch mark lotion helped prevent stretch marks, I used it on a daily basis,” she said.

Tanasha Donna in a pool
Miss Donna in a pool

“I will advise my ladies or moms to be, to love their bodies regardless because it takes a lot to grow that little human being inside of you. Also, I personally believe that it really all depends on your diet, genes, whether or not you hydrate. I wouldn’t really pinpoint any specific secret,” added Tanasha.

Screenshot from Tanasha's stories
Screenshot from Tanasha’s stories
Screenshot from Tanasha's stories
Screenshot from Tanasha’s stories

According to the health website, Livestrong, the fastest way to a flat stomach after pregnancy is through healthy nutrition, getting adequate sleep, breastfeeding, exercise, and decreasing stress. Giving your body a little time along with understanding more about how these health habits can play a role in getting that flat belly back.

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Natural ways of boosting your fertility

Infertility is really a big threat to relationship especially to married couples. A happy family is complete when there are children in it. There are various natural ways of boosting fertility which includes observing your diet. They include;


It is generally healthy for one to have a healthy nutritious diet. One is required to feed more on vegetables, fruits, nuts, grains and protein foods. This is because these foods contain antioxidants.

Antioxidants help in deactivating the free radicals that can damage both the sperm and egg cell which can cause infertility. It is also recommended to eat a bigger breakfast before starting the day as it may improve hormonal balance.

 ‘I made the decision too late’ Eunice Njeri on walking out of her marriage

Eating heavy meals in the evening can also lead to overweight. Foods rich in fibre is also important as it helps to keep the blood sugar balanced and also gets rid of excess hormones that can lead to infertility.

It is also important to eat foods with lower carbs as they help to reduce insulin levels and helps in menstrual regularity. This makes your fertility on a safer level.

Tokeo la picha la dieting

Healthy weight

Always observe your weight when feeding, you should not be either overweight or underweight. When you are overweight or underweight, you have high chances of having longer cycle lengths hence difficult to get pregnant.

When you are overweight it means that you got a lot of fats in your body and it influences your menstrual function. Studies state that obese women have lower chances of getting pregnant.

‘Every marriage has a price to pay’ Says Muliro’s ex husband Eric Omba

However, it is possible for one to acquire the required health weight. This is by engaging in exercising on a daily basis. When you engage in exercises it makes your body active hence reducing chances of infertility in your body.

Tokeo la picha la workout

Take time to relax

It is important to have time to relax once in a while. When you are stressed, depressed or working under high pressure you are not likely to conceive.

This is due to the hormonal changes that take place in your body when stressed. Have some time to rest once a while and have enough sleep and avoid overworking yourself.


Tokeo la picha la relaxing

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Pictures from the burial service of Mary Mburu (wife to Machachari director)

Machachari director Mburu Kimani’s wife Mary Mukiri Mburu lost her battle with liver cancer on Tuesday night last week. Her burial service was today.

She died while undergoing treatment at Texas Cancer Centre on Mbagathi Road.

Speaking to Word Is on the phone last week, Mburu said,

“She was diagnosed with lung cancer six months ago. She died while going through chemotherapy. We don’t understand why lung cancer, yet she was a non-smoker.”

The burial ceremony
The burial ceremony

Adding, “It hurts to see someone who was healthy and okay die just like that.” Mary’s 10-year-old child was an actor in the kids’ show ‘Machachari’.

Mburu also said that dealing with a cancer patient wasn’t easy. ”

You have to be stronger for them. Cancer leaves one malnourished and drains your pocket,” he said. Mary died aged 40. The pictures from her funeral service are below;

The burial ceremony for Mary Mburu 17
The burial ceremony
The burial ceremony
The burial ceremony
The burial ceremony
The burial ceremony
The burial ceremony
The burial ceremony
The burial ceremony
The burial ceremony
The burial ceremony
The burial ceremony
The burial ceremony
The burial ceremony
The burial ceremony
The burial ceremony
The burial ceremony
The burial ceremony
The burial ceremony
The burial ceremony
The burial ceremony
The burial ceremony

The burial ceremony

The burial ceremony
The burial ceremony
The burial ceremony
The burial ceremony

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Pregnant!? Beyonce dispels rumours with body hugging yellow dress (photos)

Beyonce is one of the most admired women the world over. Her career achievements, her wonderful marriage, and her constant improvements are something that get her a lot of praise and rightly so.

The past few months there has been a rumour that she might be pregnant again. This was started after some over-imaginative minds saw a photo of her taken in the wrong angle and the first comment was that she was with child.

Beyonce looking great
The superstar looking great in yellow

Not so, if you check her recent Instagram post, the media mogul showed off her svelte figure in a beautiful mustard dress. The US star Beyonce among other entertainment giants who showed up to actor and director Tyler Perry’s high-end gala.

Beyonce with Jay Z
The superstar looking great in yellow

As the star celebrated Tyler’s new studio, people with spidey senses could not help but notice her tummy was bulging through her captivating bejeweled mustard dress.

‘My dress is from Kenya’ Beyonce’s daughter Blue Ivy shows off custom made outfit

Her tiny wasp-like waist was intact, tummy trimmed, hips bulging and her bosoms were where they are supposed to be instantly pouring cold water on the rumours!

Beyonce looking great
The superstar looking great in yellow

Let’s not forget that Beyonce and Jay Z her husband have been blessed with 3 kids; Blue Ivey, Rumi and Sir. Before she got her first child, the songstress has also suffered a miscarriage in 2011, something she described as the saddest thing in her life.

Not too long ago, the young mum and her sister Solange had to undergo a DNA test after their dad was diagnosed with breast cancer. The star’s father, Mathew Knowles, said he was recuperating after he underwent emergency surgery.

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