Exclusive: Size 8 on why Boniface Murage’s story is the saddest thing ever

The story of Boniface Murage, a man arrested for smuggling his newborn daughter out of KNH using a carrier bag, is still trending.

The 22 year old first time dad said he did it to avoid paying Sh56,000 hospital bill which had been accrued at Kenyatta National Hospital.

Among those who were touched by the story is gospel artiste Size 8 who is a mother of one.

Speaking about the issue during an exclusive interview she says

“I really pity that guy its a very unfortunate situation no matter how you look at it. It’s a sad story. Imagine not being able to pay your child’s bill.

You will feel sad because you want to take your child home and the hospital also wants to make money, everyone is in a dilemma.

It’s a sad story.”

‘Our kids belong to other men but our wives think it’s a secret’ Shout men

Boniface while appearing in court

Boniface was handed a suspended sentence for three months.. This means he is free but should not commit any offense in the three months or he will serve the sentence.

Nairobi governor Mike Sonko came to his rescue and cleared the hospital bill, an action that warmed the hearts of many Kenyans.

Prominent personalities who have suffered miscarriages – List

A police officer who was identified as Inspekta Emannuel Tamooh also gave Boniface Ksh 56,000 after he found out that the hospital bill had already been cleared.

“I decided to sacrifice my few moths salary to help Boniface. I found out that the bill had been cleared so I decided to hand him the cash.

I did this because despite the bill being paid I had already made a decision to help him and I was not going back on my word” Tamooh said during an interview heard by Classic 105

Inspekta Emannuel Tamooh

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Prominent personalities who have suffered miscarriages – List


We take a look at celebs who have lost their unborn kids either through miscarriages or other unknown causes.

1. Size 8

In 2018, Size 8 suffered a miscarriage while 5 weeks pregnant leaving her and her husband DJ Mo heartbroken.

Speaking to Word Is at the time, Mo said that it is hard to understand what the problem was

“My wife was five weeks pregnant before the miscarriage,” DJ Mo told Word Is on Friday.

Miscarriage can be caused by so many things, like stress. Others may fail to adjust with the body, but we are doing well. If you love each other, that is a small thing.

All you need is to encourage each other and it passes,”

‘People just want ride on my name because I am famous ‘ Brags Akothee

Size 8 enjoying some time with her daughter Ladasha and hubby DJ Mo

Size 8 enjoying some time with her daughter Ladasha and hubby DJ Mo

2. Creme de la Creme

In September 2018, DJ Creme and his wife Denise lost their unborn child while she was six months pregnant.

The couple were expecting their third child before losing her to the cruel hand of death.

He wrote

“So The last 3 Weeks have been Hard for my Family and I . Pain & Tears perfectly tucked behind the smiles and fake laughters. I was out of the country when my pregnant Wife Denise called and told me that she’s headed to the hospital and it was an emergency. I won’t lie my heart sunk because I somewhat knew what that meant !

Creme de la creme

I remember kneeling down and Crying to God to keep Her safely wrapped in His Warm Embrace. The worst news came in that the doctor couldn’t feel the baby’s Heart beat . We’d lost the baby, at 6 Months😢 So Close…So So Close
I Won’t Lie, It tore me to pieces because I couldn’t forgive myself for being miles away and yet my wife was going through this alone.”

3. Nick Odhiambo

Nick Odhiambo and his girlfriend Janet lost their unborn son in January 2019.

Taking to instagram to share the sad news, he wrote

“The countdown to your birthday cut short…. Sometimes life just throws you a curve ball !!!..but it is what it is..lil’ J’lani R.I.P.. My son didn’t make it to see this beautiful world .”

Nick Odhiambo

4. Mitchelle Obama

In her book Becoming former America’s first black first lady Michelle Obama talks about politics, then goes digging deep into some personal issues.

From a miscarriage to using in-vitro fertilization to conceive her daughters to marriage counselling.

In a past interview with ABC News Obama said he did not know how common miscarriages were until his wife suffered the same.

“I felt lost and alone, and I felt like I failed because I didn’t know how common miscarriages were because we don’t talk about them,”

We sit in our own pain, thinking that somehow we’re broken.”


In the book Michele writes that fertility treatments allowed her to conceive daughters Malia, now 20, and Sasha, 17.

“It turns out that even two committed go-getters with a deep love and robust work ethic can’t will themselves into being pregnant,”

We had to do IVF,” she told ABC, in excerpts of an interview that will air in full on Sunday.

She revisits the thrill of her romance with Barack, which began when she was his advisor at a Chicago law firm, describing it as a “toppling blast of lust, gratitude, fulfilment, wonder.”

But she admits the couple on occasions turned to counseling, where they “learned how to talk out” problems

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Pregnant women are smoking and drinking in secret because they’re ‘IRRITATED’ by people judging them for it

Pregnant women are smoking and drinking in private because they are ‘irritated’ by people’s reactions to the habits which are known to harm unborn babies.

Judgement from midwives has led women to feel ‘alienated’ and have ‘awkward’ relationships, research has found.

Victim-blaming needs to end, researchers claimed, and a stigma is more often based on moral judgement of the mother, instead of the level of risk to an unborn child.

Smoking and drinking during pregnancy is known to raise the risk of miscarriage or premature birth and can lead to disability in children.

Interventions to reduce smoking often rely on midwives identifying women who have the habit.

But women are often reluctant to disclose their habits because they are afraid of moral judgement, the research found.

‘I think some of them (midwives) can be a bit bossy can’t they? Don’t do this, don’t do that. Oh please, just shush,’ one participant said.

Researchers came to the conclusion that smoking is a stigmatised activity, and said: ‘This stigma is not always related to the level of risk to the foetus, and instead can be seen as a moral judgement about women.

‘We urgently need to move from individualised neo-liberal discourses about the failure of individual smokers, to a more socio-ecological view which avoids victim blaming.’

Smoking tobacco when pregnant has for years been known to be seriously damaging to the baby’s health, as well as the mother’s.

It increases the risk of a miscarriage, stillbirth, premature birth, low birth weight, breathing problems, complications in labour, and sudden infant death syndrome.

Children whose parents smoke are also more likely to develop asthma when they grow up.


Kenya 7s Dennis Ombachi’s tasty pancakes for Valentines

He is known as one of Kenyan sportsmen who love to cook.

His recipes, that he shares, leave us salivating, and now for Valentines he has set his sights on delicious pancakes.

He wrote the good news on  his website wemenshouldcook saying;

How about these ‘Fluffy pancakes ‘for your loved ones this valentine’s.These pancakes are surprisingly easy and simple to make with ingredients that can be sourced at home with ease

Some of his secrets to fluffy pancakes include;



He also suggests you mix your wet ingredients into the dry ingredients and mix briefly, then fold in the flour into the milk mixture.


The butter should be melted but not hot.

Another secret he let us in on include making sure you sift your floor.

Other sportsmen who love to cook includes fellow teammate Kenya 7’s Injera, Asego among others,

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Ali Kiba and Diamond in mourning after losing their mutual friend

Tanzanian artiste Ali Kiba is in mourning after losing his friend Tanzanian rapper Golden Jacob Mbunda alias Godzilla yesterday.

According to Global Publishers, Godzilla suddenly passed away on Tuesday night at their home in Dar es Salaam.

The deceased’s  sister Joyce Mbunda said that prior to his demise, the rapper complained of stomach pains, high blood pressure and diabetes.

Khaligraph was being funded by older women while we were dating – Cashy


Born on January 5, 1988 in Morogoro, Godzilla thrilled fans with hit tracks such as “Milele” alongside Alikiba and “First Class” featuring Mwasiti.

His remains have been taken to the Lugalo Military Hospital in Dar es Salaam,Taking to Instagram Ali KIba wrote

“R.I.P ZILLA🙏🙏🙏”

Kiba also shared the video below as a way of commemorating his friend.

View this post on Instagram

#KINGKBA X #KINGZILLA #ripkingzilla

A post shared by ALI KIBA🔵 (@officialalikibaa_) on

‘I sleep with with my father- in -law and we even have a son’ Brags woman

Diamond Platnumz also took to his instagram to mourn Godzilla in the caption below



Ali Kiba’s fans joined him in mourning his friend and below are some of their condolence messages.

kidoti2489:Dunia tunapita daima tutakukumba king zilla mbele yako nyuma yetu

imakocho:Mbele yako nyuma yetu kaka R. I. P

adalbertandrea:Pumzika kwa amani kingzilla

msafiriomi:Daah, mnyamwez umeondoka mapema sana

emwambuzi:Mungu naomba umpokee kiumbe wako

mkushi002:Sote njia yetu moja r.I.p zilla👏👏😮😮😮

mwantumumkweso:Inauma aiseeh tulimpenda san zilla ila mung kampenda zaidi

mtambofrancis:Daaaaaaah so [email protected] Rip king zilla

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Terry Muikamba excited as she is finally released from the hospital

Classic 105 radio presenter Terry Muikamba is excited after being released from the hospital, where she had been admitted for the past few days.

Terry who hosts #MikeAndTerry alongside Mike Mondo took to twitter to inform her fans that she is now feeling much better, adding that she hopes to be back on radio soon.

“I am out of the hospital…getting better I will be back

Terry Muikamba

In an earlier post she had also informed fans she wasn’t well, and her fans have been flooding her wall with get well soon messages.

“Okay okay I am in hospital and feeling much better… so tune in to

Below are some of their messages

@allanokoechReplying to Get well soon miss sunshine we miss your love on air
@itskmDunn @shwartsS : Replying to God will heel you through His miracles that no man in this world can do
@CharlesChomba9Replying to Great, quick response. We miss you
@charychaplin7:Replying to   Oh dear. Pole sana. My prayers goes to you and i believe you will be well. May good Lord touch you with His mighty and healing hand. May you regain your full health in Jesus name.


Kenyans react after former MCA aspirant puts up his testicle for sale

A former aspirant for Member of County Assembly (MCA) seat has put up one of his testicles for sale for Sh500,000, much to the dismay of Kenyans.

Ian-Harriel Kowiti, who hails from Uriri Constituency in Migori County, says he’s tired of living in squalor and poverty, and has opted to raise cash by selling one of his testicles.

‘Women who wear too much make up have low self esteem’ Men shout

Harriel does not understand what is the need of having two testicles when he can still use one.

“What is the need of having two of them (testicles) dangling between my legs if I can still do the job perfectly with just one?.

Imagine that there is someone out there who can’t have a child for one reason or another, I just want to share what I have for a little profit of course.

I’m tired of being broke, yet I don’t need two testicles Kowiti posed in an interview with one of the local stations.”

Ian-Harriel Kowiti

He is also willing to part with one of his kidneys for Sh1.5 million for ‘a local client’ and three times that amount for ‘client’ based outside the country.

The move has elicited mixed reactions from Kenyans with a majority wondering when testicles became this expensive.

Check out their comments below.

Carolyn Ngowe: Now who wants 3… Am also selling my breasts they are nolonger pointed but dissapointed. 🤔🤔🤔

Sagwa Sagwa: So testicles are this expensive ??? Kumbe natembea na 1m dangling huku chini,😂😂😂😂,,biashara pap,,

Chaloh: mi naona ni ka watu washaenda heaven na wakenya hatukuskia parapanda, ile mambo wakenya wakonayo si ya kawaida

Etyang Otia Jaolet: Iam also selling mine,buy two testicles ,take p#nis for free,promotion ends tomorrow.

Edward Mwenda: Why buy humans which is so expensive when you can slaughter a goat and have not only, one but two big ones?

‘My husband must smell my cookie jar every day after work,’ woman cries

Ven Mwasambo Mwakio : Does it come empty or together with the contents? Asking for my grandpa..

Nsangi Mara Malaika : Who buys testicles, I mean is there any man who needs a third one? Asking for my neighbour

Shafie A Bulle : Hey NEVER trust a politician. May be that testical is rotten. 🤔

Carolinna Phy : With all those organs in your body did you just see testicles? We want your heart.

Mwana Wa Mzee: Na ukipata customer umuulize ka anadai ingine 350k Bei ya kuongea,pia mi sioni haja ya mbili 

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Viagara is the most bought drug in Kenya, study shows

Viagra, a drug used to treat erectile dysfunction, is among the most ordered drugs on Kenya’s online pharmacy platforms according to Patrick Holt.

Holt, who is Pfizer Director of Regional Projects says the business has thrived because of Kenya’s mobile connectivity and internet speeds.

The online system commonly known as ePharmacy helps in the distribution of drugs to those who have no access to them, but need them.

They place an order online and the drugs are delivered to their doorstep through channels such as G4S and other offline partners.

Ommy Dimpoz releases a gospel song after surviving three surgeries (Video)


However, due to strict guidelines stipulated by the Pharmacy and Poisons Board over the selling of medicines and drugs regimes over the counter, not all drugs and medicines can be purchased from the portal.

According to Patrick Holt, the business has thrived because of Kenya’s mobile connectivity and internet speeds.

“Kenya leads in phone internet traffic globally, faster internet in Africa and the Middle East, excellent WiFi hotspots and fast home delivery services. Presence of too many unregulated online pharmacies means everyone should be able to tell what is fake from what is genuine,” Holt said.



‘My husband must smell my cookie jar every day after work,’ woman cries

Kenyans have however been warned to be wary of such sites.

“This is a transnational organised crime. You will think they are taking care of you and yet you are susceptible to hacking because all your data is stored in their order profiles, hence may sell your data,” he said.

The Head of Drug crime investigation and enforcement at the PPB Dennis Otieno while speaking to the Star said they have sent a request to the Communications Authority to monitor and shut down all suspicious and malicious sites.

He cautioned Kenyans to be very careful when using the epharmacy platforms.

“I have to admit the network is dynamic, when you close a site they will open with a different name thus needs a multiagency approach. You might either get an overdose, no prescription and there are no doctors to give advise,” Otieno said.

He said the right information at the right time will go a long way in saving those who would otherwise become easily vulnerable.

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Mater Hospital ordered to pay woman Sh2.4m over damaged uterus

Senior resident magistrate P Muholi has awarded a woman Sh2.4 million as compensation after she sued Mater Hospital for negligence.

In her ruling the magistrate said the injuries suffered ( uterus perforation ) by Betty Wakio were not beyond control of Mater Hospital.

Muholi said she is not convinced by the explanation that the woman had had an incomplete abortion before visiting the hospital.

Why Mwalimu Kinga’ngi’s daughter won’t inherit his property


The magistrate said prior to the hospital visit, the woman did not have a perforated uterus and ileum.

According to court papers Wakio on September 13, 2013, visited KNH to see a gynaecologist but was referred to Mater Hospital.

It emerged that she had suffered miscarriage which led to evacuation, she said.

After the evacuation was done she felt severe pain which she said forced her to go back to the hospital five days later.

A CT scan was done which showed that she had a perforated uterus.

Meet Diamond Platnumz’ soon to be mother in law

But Mater Hospital said the woman had lost many pregnancies and had to undergo evacuation at different hospitals at least twice.

The hospital denied liability, saying the woman suffered the perforation elsewhere and, therefore, the case against it is wrongfully before court.

According to Mater, the woman has been visiting the hospital since 2004 and not even once did she complain about the services she received.

The hospital also said the medical attention she was given was proper.

source:The  Star

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Ouma Oluga elected President of all health workers in the world

KMPDU secretary general Ouma Oluga has been elected president of all health workers in the world,a role he is to start undertaking beginning this week.

Ouga who is the secretary general of Kenya Medical Practitioners, Pharmacists and Dentists Union( KMPDU) will now lead the global coalition of medical workers for two years.

The Health Workers 4 All Coalition is a global coalition of health workers formed during the 71st World Health Assembly last year.

This South African socialite has bought herself a coffin worth sh1.1million

Ouma Oluga

The coalition advocates for universal access to skilled health workers everywhere in the world.

“Everyone deserves the right to access a skilled, motivated and supported health worker,” he told the Star on Wednesday.

Oluga will co-chair the global body alongside Amanda Banda from Amsterdam.

The coalition draws membership from the International Council of Nurses, World Medical Association, Public Service International, Médecins Sans Frontières, Ecumenical Pharmaceutical Network, Amref Health Africa and 30 working in human resources for health.

Mombasa man commits suicide after stabbing wife severally


He is the current secretary general of the Kenya Medical Practitioners, Pharmacists and Dentists Union.

Oluga said the development grants Kenya Medical Practitioners, Pharmacists and Dentists Union the opportunity to advocate for the employment of more skilled health workers in Kenya to support the Universal Health Coverage.

He graduated from Moi University’s School of Medicine in 2010.

Oluga was jailed in February 2017 for leading a 100-day nationwide strike over a labour dispute between doctors and the government.

In the days prior to incarceration, he rallied doctors and the public to champion for more employment of health workers.

He later signed the first-ever public health sector agreements between KMPDU and the 47 devolved governments and the National Government.

Currently, Oluga attends to patients at the Kenyatta National Hospital as a frontline health worker,He will graduate with a Masters of Medicine in Internal Medicine from the University of Nairobi this year.

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Cancer warriors: Prominent Kenyans diagnosed with cancer (List)

Cancer cases have been on the increase in Kenya,the sad fact being that it affects people of all social standings and all ages leaving families in anguish.

Below are prominent Kenyans whom you might not know are battling cancer

1 .Chris Kirubi

City tycoon Chris Kirubi recently joined millions in encouraging those battling with different types of cancer and he tweeted:

“I look forward to a day when this world will be cancer free, Lets beat cancer together”

Kirubi has been battling acute cancer of the colon. He is still under medication even as he fights to regain back his good health.


Mombasa man commits suicide after stabbing wife severally

2. Bob Collymore

Speaking during a television interview with Jeff Koinange, Collymore divulged that by the time it was diagnosed, doctors told him he had it for 6 months.

“I went to London and they told me I had acute myeloid leukaemia- a rare kind of blood cancer that is curable.”


Bob Collymore

‘Acoustic neuroma, a non cancerous tumor paralyzed my face ‘- Raila Junior

3. Kenneth Okoth

Kibra MP Kenneth recently opened up about his battle with stage four cancer,The admission came as a shock to many even as millions took their time to wish him good health.

God cannot give you a test that you can’t pass. This I have learnt over the last two years of being sick and adjusting to a “new normal” in my personal and public life,” Okoth said on his facebook wall.

Ken Okoth

4.Nderitu Gachagua

Former Nyeri governor the late Nderitu Gachagua was battling Pancreatic cancer before losing his life while receiving treatment at Royal Marsden Hospital in London.

5. Big Kev

Kevin Ombajo the CEO of Trublaq and former Capital FM employee had been battling brain cancer which left him in and out of hospitals.

Sadly he lost the battle  almost 2 years ago but before his untimely death he had under gone more than 10 surgeries with the last on e leaving him blind .

He was diagnosed with optic atrophy a condition that leaves its sufferers blind after the optic nerves dry up.

Big Kev

6. Anyang Nyongo

In an article dubbed ‘My journey with Prostrate Cancer’, Nyongo narrated how the diagnosis came about adding that receiving the news was not easy.

“In June, last year (2010), although I was not due for my annual medical examination until July 29 that year, I decided to have the check-up a month in advance, as I was not comfortable with the constant rise of the PSA.

The result of the medical exam revealed that the PSA was still rising; hence possibilities of cancer could no longer be ruled out. The doctor ordered a biopsy, which revealed prostate cancer that was rather aggressive in its progression.”

Lupita and Anyang Nyongo

He adds

“The news was, no doubt, not very easy to take. My urologist decided to put me immediately on hormone therapy. This is an injection that drastically reduces the production of testosterone, a male hormone, which acts as a fertilizer for the prostate cancer cells.

When testosterone is removed or drastically reduced, the cancer cells go into shock, and some of them actually die. Hormone therapy is therefore a good emergency measure to stop the growth of the cancer while a more lasting solution is being sought.”

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Mombasa man commits suicide after stabbing wife severally

A Mombasa man hang himself, after stabbing his wife multiple times all over her body.

Police in Changamwe area in Mombasa are investigating the incident that took place last night.

Confirming the incident, Changamwe Police boss Peter Omanwa said it was due to a domestic dispute but are investigating further on the incident.

The woman is nursing injuries at the Coast General Hospital as the body of the man was taken to the mortuary.

Wife cuts off cheating husbands cassava, beats him with frying pan



Body of missing Nation employee found at city mortuary

Omanwa said that

“We were called by residents and on reaching the scene we found a woman who had stab wounds all over her body due to a domestic quarrel.

The man who committed the crime was only  identified as Dan.

She was taken to Coast General hospital later we received reports about a man who had committed suicide.


On reaching the scene we found out that the same man who had assaulted the wife was the one who had died.

We took the body to the mortuary but we are still trying to investigate why Dan  stabbed his wife and why he took his own life in such a cruel manner.

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Single men are smellier than those in relationships – Study

Single men tend to have stronger body odor than their coupled counterparts, according to a new study.

And, it may actually work in their favor.

Building off of prior research that found single men have higher testosterone levels, researchers recruited men to work up a sweat, and had women then sniff the armpit of their T-shirts to see if there were detectable differences in smell.

Not only did single men have a stronger body odor, but the study found women also rated their faces as more masculine than the men who were in relationships.

In the new study published to the journal Frontiers in Psychology, researchers from Macquarie University set out to determine if single and partnered men smell different based on their differing testosterone levels.

To do this, they had 82 heterosexual women rate the body odor and faces of men between the ages of 18 and 35.

Men were first tasked to work up a sweat.

Then the armpit section of their T-shirt was cut out and given to the women to smell and rate.

The study found women often rated the smell of partnered men around a 3 out of 6 on the smelliness scale.

Single men, on the other hand, came in at an average 3.5.

Similarly, the women rated single men’s faces as appearing more masculine than the men who were in relationships.

‘Consistent with the hypothesis, single men’s BO smelled stronger than partnered men’s BO and single men’s faces were rated as more masculine than partnered men’s faces,’ the researchers write in the paper.

In addition to testosterone levels, the researchers say non-hormonal lifestyle differences likely come into play as well.


MP Ken Okoth opens up about battle with Cancer

Kibra MP Ken Okoth has revealed that he is suffering from Colorectal stage 4 cancer, adding that he can only manage it given that it was discovered too late.

Okoth had abdominal pain and weight loss.  For over a year, he was treated for ulcers and bacterial infection. He was also put on drugs to manage stress.

“God cannot give you a test that you can’t pass. This I have learnt over the last two years of being sick and adjusting to a “new normal” in my personal and public life,” Okoth said on his facebook wall.

Body of missing Nation employee found at city mortuary

Ken Okoth

He was responding to those who wished him well.

Mwaniki Ng’ang’a asked Kenyans to spare him eulogies.

“Okoth said he had stage 4 cancer. He is still alive though. So, spare him the eulogies and urge him on to live. The man needs encouragement not pity,” he said.

John Ogutu: Good morning Lord Thank you for this new day. Help Ken Okoth to remember that nothing is going to happen to him today and forever, there is nothing that you and him together cannot handle!

Simon Wachira: Ken Okoth has been the standard-bearer of causes. He stands for real issues. He stands for Wanjiku. He’s highly respected and a sober performer. Now, we read, he’s been silently battling an incurable disease. It is crippling sad. So sad, at his age. I. feel. for. him. God, this is truly our voice. He’s truly ours. Heal him Jehovah.

While Kyrgitt Kalya said, this is so sad. Can’t wrap my mind around how cancer has ravaged this nation. Ken Okoth is one great leader.

Kibra MP Ken Okoth

Legendary musician Ayub Ogada passes on aged 63

Juliet Mkenya: My favorite MP. Sad to hear this. May the almighty God bless you with good health.

Jerry Jared Okeno: Last time I checked, almost 65 MPs were treating cancer in India, they add allowances to themselves every day instead of advocating for cancer centers in Kenya and its management…Ken Okoth is very strong and he will surely overcome this…

Prince Khedira: Cancer is cruel; it targets the most productive individuals in the society. Insha Allah he will overcome this.

Micheal Okang’a: Sorry to learn about your condition! Doctors treat but God heals. Have faith in Him…we still need you around to set the best examples to other MPs.

Moziah Markos: I now understand why he has been pushing for legalisation of marijuana. Advanced economies have been using it for cancer treatment. He is one of the best MPs whose development record is unmatched.

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Murang’a family donates dialysis machine after daughters death


A family that lost an 18-year-old girl to kidney failure last year, has donated a dialysis machine to Murang’a level 5 hospital.

The machine will make it possible for more renal patients to access dialysis at the facility.

The renal unit was started in 2015 by the county government with four machines and the national government then added 5 others in 2016.

‘Nothing lasts forever’ Last words of slain city woman Mary Kamangara

George and Lucy Kihara donated one dialysis machine in partnership with Consolata Shrine fraternity to the renal unit that has now been named after their daughter Christine Wambui.

Governor Mwangi Wa Iria while receiving the machine said he was prompted to start the renal unit after he met Wambui while she was seeking medical care during the 2013 elections.

The unit, he said, has so far conducted about 16,224 free dialysis sessions and saved patients over Sh160 million.

Governor Mwangi wa Iria with a renal patient at the unit at Murang'a general hospital on Thursday.
Governor Mwangi wa Iria with a renal patient at the unit at Murang’a general hospital on Thursday.

He said a dialysis session costs Sh9,500 at Kenyatta National Hospital where patients previously had to endure the long queues, many succumbing as they waited.

He however noted that the facility has been put under a lot of strain due to the high number of patients steaming into the hospital every day.

The governor noted that about 42 patients are on chronic dialysis and attend two sessions every week while 42 others are in the waiting list.

“I am happy that with the new machines, we will be able to conduct 6 more sessions everyday,” he said.

Renal machine

‘I slept with my boss’ hubby and my husbands best friend’ Brags woman

Wa Iria also directed his health department to procure 9 more dialysis machines to expand the unit.

He further noted that the county government sponsored three nurses for a training course at Kenyatta National Hospital at a cost of Sh. 1 million per year per nurse when the unit was started and that 3 more will be trained handle the increased machines and patients.

“We want the unit to become a centre of excellence in renal services countrywide as we offer the services to Murang’a people and the neighboring counties,” he said.

He hailed the family for the donation and called out on more Kenyans to take up similar initiatives to help boost medical services in the country.

“If more of us supported the health sector in a similar manner, then we can deal a blow to the challenges facing the sector,” he added.

Father Francis Wambua, vice chairman of the Consolata Shrine said the donation will help keep alive Wambui’s dream to become a doctor.

“She spent so much time in dialysis machines it prompted her to aspire to become a nephrologist,” he said.

Wambua said the church supports the donation as it will serve as a reminder of her kindness and desire to help people.

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Sore throat that won’t go away could be sign of cancer

Do YOU have a persistent sore throat? Researchers warn the symptom could be a sign of CANCER in your larynx.

Patients who visit their GPs with a persistent sore throat should be considered for larynx cancer, a study suggests.

A sore throat combined with shortness of breath, problems swallowing or earache is a greater warning sign of laryngeal cancer than hoarseness alone, new research concludes.

A study of more than 800 patients diagnosed with cancer of the larynx found more than a five per cent risk of cancer when these symptoms showed, compared to 2.7 per cent for hoarseness alone.

National Institute for Health and Care Excellence (Nice) guidelines currently recommend investigation for persistent hoarseness or an unexplained neck lump.

But the findings from the University of Exeter gives greater insight into the combinations of symptoms GPs should be alert to when deciding who should be investigated for cancer.

What is throat cancer?
Laryngeal cancer is a type of cancer that affects the larynx (voice box).

The condition is more common in people over the age of 60, and around four times more common in men than women.

The main symptoms include: a change in your voice, such as sounding hoarse, pain or difficulty when swallowing, a lump or swelling in the neck, a long-lasting cough, a persistent sore throat or earache and in severe cases, difficulty breathing.

Some people may also experience bad breath, breathlessness, a high-pitched wheezing noise when breathing, unexplained weight loss, or fatigue.

It is not clear exactly what causes laryngeal cancer, but the risk is increased by smoking tobacco, regularly drinking large amounts of alcohol, a family history of head and neck cancer, an unhealthy diet or exposure to certain chemicals and substances, such as asbestos and coal dust.

Source: NHS

Professor Willie Hamilton, who co-wrote the study, said: ‘This research matters – when Nice guidance for cancer investigation was published there was no evidence from GP practices to guide this, nor to inform GPs.

‘Crucially, hoarseness serious enough to be reported to GPs does warrant investigation.

‘Furthermore, our research has shown the potential severity of some symptom combinations previously thought to be low-risk.’

The research, published in the British Journal of General Practice, was carried out using patient records from more than 600 GP practices as part of the UK’s Clinical Practice Research Datalink.


‘Our Johny Bravo figure is our identity’ woman from Central brags (Audio)

According to a recent study, 50% of women from Central Kenya are overweight, while 30-40% of women from Nyanza are also over weight, hence many lifestyle diseases.

There are various reasons why people add weight and some of them include genetics, unhealthy lifestyle choices  etc.



Things you did not know about the slain Briton in the Dusit attack, whose girlfriend is a Kenyatta University student

During the morning show on Classic 105, Maina Kageni gave his listeners a chance to contribute on the issue and here is what some had to say.

“I work for an international school (name withheld) within Nairobi and all they feed the kids is junk whether for breakfast or lunch, pizza, sausages, cheese you name it.

When I joined the school I was weighing 54 but it was not long before I added to 62, right now I am very mindful of what I eat, it’s not a wonder to find a grade 2 student already obese in this place.”

Another says

“Maina just leave women from Central alone, that Johnny Bravo figure is our identity and we are ok with it. Personally I cannot even go to a tailor to have a dress measured because I am  not proportional.

My waist is 40 and my hips 25, the tailor refused to make a dress for me saying that the dress would look bad and I would spoil business for her.

Even my mattress imeisha upande wa juu pekee yake.”


Exposed: Father to Dusit D2 attacker is a KDF Sergent

She adds

“I do not know about potatoes, cabbage and rice, to other people this are considered carbohydrates but to us this is a balanced meal. Tumejikubali.”

Another caller adds

“This family planning methods make one add weight everywhere,  the hands,stomach, EVERYWHERE.”

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Victoria Beckham spends Sh157,000 on moisturizer made from her OWN blood


Victoria Beckham has spent £1,200 on a new moisturiser made from her own blood.

The fashion designer, 44, took to her Instagram Stories to reveal she is now using the anti-ageing property by Dr Barbara Sturm, who is well loved by celebrities for her ‘vampire facials’.

Victoria Beckham in her clothing line

Deciding to try out the range while her daughter Harper, 7, got a facial at Barbara’s clinic in Germany last week, the Spice Girls singer revealed that her blood had been used to ‘create healing factors made by her own cells.’

Victoria first uploaded a snap of a slew of bottle from the range and revealed: ‘This week I’ll be using these products by Dr. Barbara Sturm.’

Victoria Beckham rocking red pants

She then offered a closer look to a tub of moisturiser and informed her followers of the process: ‘@drbarbarasturm took my blood and created healing factors made by my own cells which is highly anti inflammatory and regenerative.’

While she already has glowing skin, which was seen in her selfie, Victoria continued: ‘After sleeping in the mask, (which soaks in so doesn’t look funny or feel sticky) my skin feels amazing!

‘Super hydrated and clear! And very soft!’ she enthused.

The treatment is offered from Dr. Babara Sturm, who is well known from endogamous blood therapy, commonly known as ‘vampire facials.’

During a patient’s initial consultation, some of their blood is removed and is fed through a syringe containing metal beads – which tricks the blood into thinking they are wounds.

Victoria Beckham for Vogue magazine

This step is required to to produce the healing proteins IL-1 and TGF-beta.

If used regularly, the moisturiser can lead to reduced inflammation, strengthened tissue and collagen growth.

This comes after Victoria treated her daughter Harper to a baby facial last week and shared a glimmer into her mother-daughter day with her 23.9m followers via her Instagram stories.

Harper was the picture of relaxation as she could be seen enjoying the very indulgent pampering session at the spa.

Last year in January, the fashion entrepreneur spilled the secrets on her daily £1,246 skincare, make-up, body and hair routine.

The mother-of-four admitted to spending £648 worth of products for her everyday skincare routine and she treated herself to £366 worth of make-up.

Victoria splashed out £124 on body products and £66 on her daily hair routine.