Last year I spent my birthday in bed – Carol Radull narrates past experience

Celebrated media personality and sports journalist Carol Radull revealed a well-hidden nugget about her life this week. Carol disclosed that she had been in bed last year on her birthday after undergoing surgery, a few days before.

Speaking today on her Instagram page, the premier sports journalist remembered that the birthday was still very special because she was surrounded by her family members.

“Last year I spent my birthday in bed. I had had surgery on my sinuses on the 12th of September and I was still in recovery. But I was surrounded by family and so much love. So it was still pretty special. Still, I promised myself I would have a huge bash this year and really let loose. But God had other plans,” read part of her post on Instagram.

She said that in 2020 she feels so blessed and healthy, adding that the biggest lesson people have learnt this year is that health is not something to take for granted.

Carol Radull narrates the pain of losing her two family members to cancer

She then thanked fans and friends for spreading the word about her special birthday gift request, which was that people contribute towards a support fund for former Kenyan Boxer Conjestina Achieng.

“Things are different this year but I feel so blessed to be alive and healthy. If we all learned something this year; it’s that our health is not something we can take for granted. So I am grateful to God that I get to see this day and that I am healthy and strong.”

“Thank you to everyone who spread the word about supporting Conjestina and to those who followed up with a contribution. It is appreciated.” She finished.

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How your skin changes in your 30’s


Your skin naturally loses some elasticity as one ages. While it’s all good in your 20s, by the time you enter dirty thirty your body produces less collagen and elastin—two substances responsible for the firmness of your skin .

So to avoidit looking saggy, heere are a few things you need to know to respond appropriately. From needing more sleep, to avoid too much alcohol and smoking and oily food (goodbye warus) your skin is in transition according to dermatologists.

This is a list of skin changes you can expect in your 30s:

1. You notice that your skin is looking a little dull
Your skin cell turnover slows down as early as your 20s. By the time you hit your 30s new cells are visible every 28-35 days, whereas they once turned over every 14 days or so when you were a child.

drinking water

2. Your skin is dry, dry, dry
The top layer of skin struggles to maintain moisture from our skin care products and this is hen people notice your face is duller.  It’s recommended you se products with hyaluronic acid.


3. Your face doesn’t look as full as it used to
Forehead wrinkles, crow’s feet, bags under the eyes, and more prominent laugh lines are all new things you might notice in your 30s. Changing hormones also contribute to many of these changes, specifically a loss of estrogen that causes us to lose volume and bone mass in our skull, cheekbones, and jawline.

4. Your skin seems to get irritated more often
From experiencing more dryness, skin at this age is also affected by climate for instance dust, cold weather. Also products such as soap may lead to outbreaks at this stage in life, which means we more than ever need better skin care to include cleansers, toners, and serum.


5. Dark spots appear from nowhere and take long to fade unlike before

You may begin to notice scars and other marks taking much more time to fade.  It’s worse for our darker skinned sistas.


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‘Prefer the curvy you’ Millicent Omango told as she showcases weight loss


Bootylicious MP Millicent Omanga has embarked on a weight loss process that she says will make men wonder if ‘watawezana’ (Translated in English it means can you handle?)

Most of her fans on her social media are begging her to stop losing weight as they like her just the way she is.

Omanga’s curvy derriere has been the subject of many mens thirsty comments and even her sister has been drawn into discussions about just how ‘wamebeba’.

Millicent bared her progress in two photos captioning the journey to weight loss


Glad am now able to do 100 continuous sit ups in a speed of 2 minutes Smiling face with smiling eyes. Utawezana?

My next challenge; 10KM run in 60 minutes Flexed biceps #MamaMIRADI


Here are some rules for weight loss that everyone should know:

Burn more calories than you eat or drink.

Eat more veggies, fruits, whole grains, fish, beans, and low-fat or fat-free dairy; and keep meat and poultry lean.

Limit empty calories, like sugars and foods with little or no nutritional value.

Her fans responded begging her to reconsider shedding weight:
Hayo matako yakipungua hata hutapendeza

videos pia tuone ama weka adidas apps ituambie umetoboa

No planned pain means more unplanned for pain. Insure your health. Practice more and play more sports. Good day.

Pace setting…hiyo 10 km in 60 minutes ntawezana, sit ups nazo zii

Heri wewe. Mimi kitambi tuko mabro

Please don’t reduce I like keeping your fotos of a smart curvy woman.remai with the shape please I love it.a woman must be huge n yummy Face with tears of joyThumbs up

Kuja Iten EMC tukimbie mhesh

60 minutes kwani unakuja EldoretFace with tears of joyFace with tears of joy

Unakimbia kwa ndoto amaFace with tears of joyFace with tears of joyFace with tears of joyFace with tears of joy Anyway all the best

Usiende Jim saana uniharibie Mali,,iko sawa hivo

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Kenyan entertainers who have thrived despite Covid-19 restrictions

Covid-19 has been a tough period for most Kenyans. While the health factor cannot be understated, the financial impact can be seen with many Kenyans losing their jobs in an economy that was already reeling from a terrible 2019.

But there are those entertainers who have not let the pandemic limit but have in fact grown them. By growth, it can either be financial or with their brand which can be leveraged when some of the restrictions the pandemic has caused are removed.

Let’s begin:

Willy Paul

The “Nikune” singer is not a happy man at the moment. Why? The news that a recently released audit report indicated that the Music Copyright Society of Kenya (MCSK), Performers Rights Society of Kenya (PRISK) and Kenya Association of Music Producers (KAMP) could have been misappropriating funds meant for artists.

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Good night my people.. kura tunazo!!

A post shared by W.I.L.L.Y.P.O.Z.Z.E (@willy.paul.msafi) on

While Willy might not be making the money he rightly deserves, the musician has been hard at work releasing songs at a high rate with collabos with the likes of Bien and Nadia Mukami, resulting in an increase in his clout and fame.

And the proof is in the pudding with many streaming apps showing that his songs consistently top the airwaves.

Khaligraph Jones

This is another artiste whose clout and brand have increased this year. The “Mazishi” musician is one of the few “old-school” rappers who has maintained his brand of great lyrics, great beats during the gengetone revolution that has been taking over the country.

Khaligraph like Willy Paul has been hard at work releasing hit song after hit song with the rapper topping the charts with 3 bangers this year.

Had it not been for the Covid-19 restrictions, I believe that the rapper would be in a lot of demand for live music shows.|

Sauti Sol

The band who is arguably Africa’s biggest launched their hugely successful virtual album, Midnight Train last month. The concert set Kenyan records and showed the brand affinity and sway the group has.

The Afropop group curated a virtual experience with a record-breaking worth of 2 stadia viewers tuning in, with more than 95,000 fans watching the Livestream at the comforts of their homes, all around the world.

It is estimated that the group would have sold close to Sh. 100,000,000 worth of tickets had they done a live show with an average ticket price of Sh. 1000.


Probably the person who has had the best year so far. The comedian who was fired from his job at Milele FM bounced back quickly with a job lined at for him at Kiss FM.

But that still doesn’t take the cake, his YouTube show, BonganaJalas, has been a cash-cow for him with the celeb revealing that he had made millions in revenue from it.

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Good morning from @villa_ameera

A post shared by JALANG'O (@jalangoo) on

The channel is one of the fastest-growing Kenyan channels with over 200k followers. The impressive thing is that he started it off as a joke barely 3 months ago.

Betty Kyallo

Betty also resigned from her job at K24 in May 31st. While some might have thought that she was down and out, Betty had a surprise for them.

Not only did she re-launch her salon Flair by Betty at a cost of Sh. 4 million, she also bought herself a 2019 Porsche Cayenne and an apartment at what the 88, Nairobi’s premium 44-floor apartment in Upperhill.

The apartment will be the tallest residential building in Sub-Saharan Africa once it is completed in 3 years’ time.

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3 changes to expect when partying after Covid-19 restrictions are removed

Covid-19 has wreaked havoc on the world economy. The virus has shown mankind that at times we aren’t the masters of our destiny and that a disease can completely change how people deal with each other.

The COVID-19 pandemic is considered as the most crucial global health calamity of the century and the greatest challenge that the humankind faced since the 2nd World War.

In December 2019, a new infectious respiratory disease emerged in Wuhan, Hubei province, China and was named by the World Health Organization as COVID-19 (coronavirus disease 2019).

Since then, things have changed in life and the world has been living in a sort of siege mentality. But with Covid-19 becoming a part of life, it seems that in the next few months countries will open up their borders and ease restrictions.

Kenya is already tentatively thinking about opening schools and this portends great things for an entertainment scene that has been shut down during the period.

The clubs will be opened but what you will see will most likely be different from what you remember. Some of the things you might see are;


This old phrase meaning, “You only live once” will come back in full force as people who have been shut down in their homes during this period will come out to do what they haven’t been able to do so for a while.

So expect car accidents( I really dislike predicting this) and dumb decisions from many partygoers with their go-to statement being YOLO.

2. Slay queens is clubs demanding that men pay up-front for their company

Life has been tough for most slays during this Covid-19 period. They have seen that the phrase, “He will never leave his wife for you.” And with Covid-19 have come some hard facts, there is no time for games with the men they are dealing with.

These slay queens will now be up-front separating the wheat from the chaff and demand the “cheddar” before they deal with any man.

3. Clubs that you frequented will be no more

Many entertainment hubs you frequented in the past will have closed due to the restrictions that Covid-19 placed on all clubs. So expect to start looking for new hang-out scenes.

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Weekend Meal Prep: How to cook Pilau for your family

Pilau is one of the most popular dishes in Kenyan homes.

Many people fail at making pilau the Swahili way, with many such dishes called ‘Pilau Njeri’, meaning ‘fake pilau’ because of the way it’s prepared.

It is a coastal dish served with kachumbari. It can be cooked with beef, chicken, mutton, soya etc.

In Kenya, a wedding without pilau on the menu is a no no. It’s a staple food for all, whether you looking to make it over the weekend for your children or family its an easy meal prep and it will take you very minimal time to prepare it to be consumed even the following day.

Image result for something to know about pilau

Simple steps of making pilau:


I kg Rice
1 kg meat
1/2 kg onions
1/2 kg tomatoes sliced or blended
1/2 Kg potatoes peeled and quartered
1 bulb Garlic
1 piece fresh Ginger
2 teaspoons cummin seeds
6-8 peppercorns
6 cloves
2-4 cinnamon sticks
4 cardamom pods
125 ml cooking oil

Read Also: Comfort food: How to make homemade chicken fried rice

 Steps of cooking,

Pound the garlic and ginger together. Wash rice and keep it ready.

 Fry onions in the oil until soft add the garlic and ginger and go on frying until you get a smooth mixture.  Make sure the garlic and ginger are cooked and their flavours absorbed  by the onions.

Now add meat which is cut into big pieces and mix together.

Then add the tomato puree  stirring all the time. Let it cook a moderate  heat for a few minutes, then add the spice.

Put in the washed rice with water. Do not add too much water until you see the rice absorbing it. Remember for every 2 cups of rice, you add twice the cup of water.

Add potatoes towards the end of the cooking.

Simmer the rice until it’s ready. Cover and reduce the heat let it cook for 10 -15 minutes to separate the grains.

Serve pilau with kachumbari and fried red chilly and a banana.

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Sharon Mundia’s journey reveals how bad sugar is for weight loss

Sharon Mundia is one of the beautiful women in Kenya. The mother of one who at one time stunned Kenyans after her viral engagement went public has been more on below the radar since her marriage broke down.

But that doesn’t mean she hasn’t been doing a lot during that time. Sharon who is known for her lifestyle and travel blogging is one woman who loves preaching (and doing) self-improvement.

She might travel to wonderful and exotic locales the world over but that doesn’t mean she isn’t trying to improve as a person each and every day.

Two of those areas are in inculcating a reading culture and also creating better eating habits for herself. The former she had done with dedication and precision but with the latter, she has had her ups and downs.

She recently revealed how hard it had been for her trying to change her diet, especially cutting sugar from it.

If you follow me on YouTube then you probably remember me sharing the “Before” – right at the start of @coachroseanne Hey Sugar programme. Now I’m not gonna lie and say I was an A student throughout the whole programme (Art Cafe’s records would expose me quick fast 👀) but I definitely did put in effort to changing my relationship with food. Physically I see a change but more importantly, I feel a change.

She added,

I still have a long way to go when it comes to understanding and changing my relationship with food but this is a start. 💪🏾

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Happy Friday! If you follow me on YouTube then you probably remember me sharing the “Before” – right at the start of @coachroseanne Hey Sugar programme. Now I’m not gonna lie and say I was an A student throughout the whole programme (Art Cafe’s records would expose me quick fast 👀) but I definitely did put in effort to changing my relationship with food. Physically I see a change but more importantly, I feel a change. If you swipe you’ll see some side-by-side comparisons from when I first started the programme and at the end of it. The change may not be drastic but my mind has had a complete shift when it comes to how I go about nourishing my body. I’ve also shared photos of some of the homemade foods I ate and really enjoyed. 😋 I still have a long way to go when it comes to understanding and changing my relationship with food but this is a start. 💪🏾

A post shared by Sharon Mundia (@sharon_mundia) on

Her post brings up the issue of the impact sugar plays on a person’s desire to lose weight. What does the science say? A study published by noted that reducing one’s sugar intake was seen to help in weight loss. An excerpt read;

In two out of three studies, this was reflected in lower body weight in subjects consuming the complex carbohydrate diet. In conclusion, a limited number of relatively short-term studies suggest that replacing (added) sugar by low-energy sweeteners or by complex carbohydrates in an ad libitum diet might result in lower energy intake and reduced body weight. In the long term, this might be beneficial for weight maintenance. 

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Could a IUD cause swollen feet like Diana Marua revealed her doctor suggested?

Diana Marua had a shocking revelation this past week. The mother of two revealed on her YouTube page that she had been forced to get rid of her family planning coil popularly known as the Non-hormonal IUD (Intrauterine device) Coil after her feet started swelling.

“I want to remove an IUD that I put…when you are a woman you will understand why we need such contraceptives. Family planning guys… I have a history of swelling my left foot since high school, imekuwa on and off. I have been to hospitals severally, done so many tests but hakuna kitu ilikuwa inashow. Late on iliwacha tu kufura yenyewe, and that was it. But the last 5 days hii mguu ilianza tu kufura with a lot of pain. So the Doctor suggested we get rid of any foreign material in my body” Said Diana Marua.

Diana herself was reluctant to ditch the coil although Bahati countered that he was the king of withdrawal and so it shouldn’t be an issue.

Family dynamics aside, Diana’s revelation is very interesting as far as the side-effects to intra-uterine devices go. Is it possible and can it happen as it did with Diana?

Let’s take a look

First off, there are two types of IUDs available. Nonhormonal: Copper-containing IUD (ParaGard and others)
Hormonal: Progestogen-releasing IUD (Mirena and others)

The first type secretes hormones while the other contains copper. Hormone-secreting IUDs release the synthetic hormone progestin while the copper option prevents sperm from fertilizing the egg.

In addition to preventing pregnancy, hormonal IUDs may help to reduce the incidence of painful or heavy periods. Even with the benefits that IUD have, they also have many side-effects like:

-Irregular bleeding for several months
-Lighter or shorter periods or no periods at all
-Symptoms of premenstrual syndrome (PMS), which include headaches, nausea, breast tenderness, and skin blemishes.

But does the swelling of the feet occur? Yes, it can. But it is seen in cases where a woman has had a hormonal IUD. According to medical professional John P. Cunha, (DO, FACOEP), popular hormonal IUD called Mirena has been shown to cause puffiness in the face, hands, ankles, or feet.

So what Diana said can happen. although in rare cases.

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The similarities between Ruth Matete’s new song, “Damu Yako” ]] “It is well with my soul”

If I was to surmise Ruth Matete in one word, it would be, resilient. The singer has gone through a roller-coaster life that has seen her experience such crazy highs but also some of the deepest lows that would have broken some.

The dark-skinned singer has had probably the toughest year in her life, losing her husband and soon to be father of her first-born son in April.

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The number 9 symbolizes divine completeness or conveys the meaning of finality. Christ died at the 9th hour of the day. In this 9th month of the year, just as Christ died and overcame death at the 9th hour, you too shall overcome whatever battles you're facing, in the name of Jesus Christ. I know it's been hard. It's been tough! You have cried your eyes out. Experienced such excruciating pain. But that's because the gestation period is over!!! Oh my! my! The water is about to break!!! And you're about to give birth!! I promise you, that if you can only endure the pain, you'll enjoy the gain!! It's gonna be worth it!! Welcome to September. The month of completeness. The month of finality. #completeness #finality #newbirth #happynewmonth

A post shared by Ruth Matete 🇰🇪 (@pstruthmatete) on

The couple had been married from late 2019 and seemed to be the dream couple but fate wasn’t on their side as her husband, BelovedJohn Apewajoy passed away due to injuries he suffered after a tragic gas explosion in their home.

Ruth took a break from social media and who could blame her for she had gone through a terrible patch in her life. But after her long period of mourning, the always smiling singer is finally ready to move on.

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One day I asked God why me, and He asked me who I would wish to go through it in my stead. That's when I stopped asking why me and instead asked God to show me the reason why He allowed me to face it. Because I know nothing catches Him by surprise. And all things work together for good, to those who love Him and are called according to His purpose. It's a few months since my late husband went to be with his maker, and I can candidly tell you, that I now understand why God allowed me to go through it. Do I still cry? Yes. But it gets better with time. I have made up my mind not to waste my pain. God must and will be glorified through my pain. Kindly subscribe to my YouTube channel. Link on bio. Thank you😊 #boldandcandidwithruthmatete #PstRuthMatete #ButGod

A post shared by Ruth Matete 🇰🇪 (@pstruthmatete) on

And she has been making strides from the month of August, rejoining social media and speaking to her fans and followers.

“God must and will be glorified through my pain!” Widowed Ruth Matete speaks

But that’s not all, Ruth has been hard in the studio making music! Yes, you read that right! The singer showed off her new song on her Instagram page which dealt with her pain, frustrations and how God came through for her at her hour of need.

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I wrote this song amidst alot of pain and confusion. I needed healing for my soul. I needed provision. I needed peace. I needed deliverance from chains and shackles that had held me bound for a long time. I knew the blood of Jesus had power to do all these for me. So I wrote this song as a confession. I knew that if I confessed it, it would work for me. I pray that this song has and continues to be a blessing to you. As you listen to it, plead the blood of Jesus Christ over your situation, and watch it melt away like wax. Link in bio Remember to subscribe to my channel, so you can be the first to get a notification when I upload my new song, that am currently working on. #Damuyako #psrruthmatete

A post shared by Ruth Matete 🇰🇪 (@pstruthmatete) on

Ruth’s song reminds me of the song “It is well with my soul” by Horatio Spafford. The song like Ruth’s comes from a place of pain and distressing difficulties.

Horatio who was a successful attorney and real estate investor lost a fortune in the great Chicago fire of 1871. But that wasn’t all, he also lost his beloved four-year-old son who died scarlet fever.

With these misfortunes, Horatio sent his wife and four daughters on a ship to England, so they could heal and unwind. He planned to join them later on but tragedy struck as while they were crossing the Atlantic Ocean, the ship was involved in a terrible collision and sunk.

More than 200 people lost their lives, including all four of Horatio Spafford’s precious daughters. His wife, Anna, survived the tragedy.

As Horatio thought about his daughters, words of comfort and hope filled his heart and mind. He wrote them down, and they have since become a well-beloved hymn, “It is well with my soul”.

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What is “anaphylactic shock” that could have killed Edgar Obare in 15 minutes?

Edgar Obare had a weekend from hell ( if one can describe it as such). The blogger, who has become a thorn in the flesh of many misbehaving celebs, nearly lost his life!

Edgar was quick to share the news on his social media page where he recalled the crazy and torturous experience he had gone through.

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So yesterday on my day off I was catching up and having lunch with an old friend at @artcaffekenya Capital Centre, service was very slow there was like only one waiter servicing the upstairs tables. I ordered the prawns tagliatelle. The food came and first bite it was quite delicious, so we are laughing and exchanging stories over the next hour. I finish my meal and suddenly I feel like I have a scratchy throat, then I am tearing up. Now I am struggling to breathe as my nose is blocked and throat is closing up, I have hives all over my neck and it’s itchy. I stand up to go downstairs to the counter to get some water, like I said service was horrible, no waiters in sight. The bar guy asked if I am okay, I said NO and I asked for a bottle of water then went outside on the balcony for some fresh air for like 2 min. It didn’t help, I go to the bathroom and see my face in the mirror is all swollen and my eyes are bloodshot red. I immediately knew I need a hospital, I call my friend we go to the counter and I ask for my bill and pay. All this time the staff is just staring at me, we rush out the door trying to figure out the nearest hospital, we went to Aga khan at Capital Centre and found it was already closed at 4pm, why do hospitals honestly close. It was 4.30pm so we rushed into Naivas to a chemist. From our googling it seems I was having an extreme allergy reaction, they gave me two antihistamine tablets I put under my tongue and advised I should go to a hospital immediately. They googled for us and found Nairobi hospital was close by in the same mall actually and still open. I got injections of chlorpheniramine, hydrocortisone and cotipred and spent the next two hours in a hospital bed. Doctor said I was having an anaphylactic shock and I came very close. Thank you to that Naivas chemist and Nairobi Hospital for saving me. Contd in comments….

A post shared by Edgar Obare (@edgarobare) on

Edgar revealed that he had gone to a particular restaurant on Mombasa Road with a friend for lunch where he had had an adverse health response to some seafood he had eaten.

Luckily, he found a Nairobi Hospital branch located in the same mall where doctors identified he was having an anaphylactic shock and got treatment, which he says saved his life.

What the hell is anaphylactic shock, some Kenyans must be asking? For some people with severe allergies, when they’re exposed to something they’re allergic to, they may experience a potentially life-threatening reaction called anaphylaxis. As a result, their immune system releases chemicals that flood the body. This can lead to anaphylactic shock.

When your body goes into anaphylactic shock, your blood pressure suddenly drops and your airways narrow, possibly blocking normal breathing.

‘They ruin peoples marriages’ Huddah on arrest of notorious blogger

This condition is dangerous. If it isn’t treated immediately, it can result in serious complications and even be fatal.

Symptoms of anaphylaxis include:

-Skin reactions such as hives, flushed skin, or paleness
-Suddenly feeling too warm
-Feeling like you have a lump in your throat or difficulty swallowing
-Nausea, vomiting, or diarrhea
-Abdominal pain
-A weak and rapid pulse
-Runny nose and sneezing
-Swollen tongue or lips
-Wheezing or difficulty breathing
-A sense that something is wrong with your body
-Tingling hands, feet, mouth, or scalp

Anaphylactic shock can kill and shouldn’t be played with, especially when someone realises that they might have an allergy.

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The unseen effects Covid-19 has had on many Kenyans lives’

Covid-19 will forever be etched in people’s minds as far as the year 2020 is concerned. The reason is the simple-The virus has taken such a toll on the world like no pandemic or crisis before it.

It is a never before seen event that can be explained by the number of deaths it has caused. Worldwide the disease has infected over 25 million people, with 17 million recoveries and nearly 900,000 deaths.

In Kenya, the disease has infected over 35,000 people, with over 20,000 recoveries and over 500 deaths so far. And medical experts predict that we might have not seen the end of the deadly flu-like virus like SARS and Bird-Flu before it.

Meaning, it might become part and parcel of our lives for the foreseeable future. While the death toll can be put into neat little numbers, what many might not see is the toll that the flu has had on many people’s lives.

As is happening worldwide, COVID’s impact in Kenya has spread beyond the sphere of healthcare and the virus’ spread, affecting economic development outcomes both globally and locally.

Kenyans(unless you are one of the new Covid-19 millionaires) have been affected from top to bottom in different ways. Kenya’s economic growth in Kenya is predicted to contract significantly with the Central Bank of Kenya revising its estimates for 2020 from an initial 6.2% to 3.4%.

The stock market was an early indicator of the changing winds that the virus would inflict on the country with the bourse suffering a 5% drop the first day a COVID-19 case was reported in the country.

And the bottom was the place it would continue going as the bourse had shed more than 25% on a year to date (YTD) basis as of 09 June 2020.

The result has been that most investors have taken a net selling position due to uncertainty in the market. One investor I spoke to named Robert revealed that he would not be investing in the bourse as it was already performing poorly before the virus. So how could he invest now after the virus had wrecked havoc on most bourses?

Another area of the economy where Kenyans have been most affected is the aviation industry which was already struggling before the pandemic hit. The sector has also seen massive layoffs in both small charter and behemoth airlines like KQ.

Since the Kenyan government temporarily suspended all international flights starting 25 March 2020, Kenya Airways (KQ) which was already suffering before has had to apply for a state bailout to avoid collapsing.

This has resulted in the airline laying off most of its workers while the management team has taken a 75% pay cut and the CEO getting an 80% pay cut.

To wit; one job in the airline transport industry supports approximately another 24 jobs in the economy.

The manunfacturing sector has also seen mixed results with sectors like food and health products being more stable than others as they are a virtue in the economy.

The production of food will be constant because of the persisant demand for food products. The health sector meanwhile has seen a boon as seen with the expansion in the manufacturing of essential medical and protective equipment to deal with the unfolding pandemic.

One of my neighbours told me that 2020 had been the best year for his family’s business. The man who didn’t want to be named said that he and his wife, who supply medical supplies had made money hand over foot. In fact, he said that he hoped the pandemic would go on for a long time.

The construction and real estate sector has also been affected with shorter working hours, a decline in construction materials due to supply disruptions, and lower demand for housing.

The sector which was already undergoing tough times in the high-end demo has been reeeling with many projects stalling as some Kenyans have had to scale back during the Covid-19 period. Other smart money has had to pull back entirely from investing in the sector.

This has seen such high-end areas like Kileleshwa and Kilimani see tenants re-locate to much more affordable locales like Ruaka and Thindigua. Many of my peers have told me that the it was best to scale back on the rent they were paying as many of them had suffered wage cuts or were playing it safe.

The banking and financial sector has also seen a significant drop in revenues with SMEs being particularly vulnerable to the crisis and unable to service loans or conduct meaningful transactions.

There has already been a significant increase in non-performing loans and moratoria issued with auticoneers even compalining that they are struggling to sell re-possessed properties at reduced prices.

The tourism and hospitality sector looks like a shell of itself at the moment with the heavy restrictions placed on people’s movement.

Intercontinental Hotel, one of the biggest hotel chains is set to close its doors after a 51-year operation in the country, while another prestige hotel, the Norfolk closed its doors a few months ago, firing all its employees indefinitely.

The agricultural sector has seen a local uptake from many Kenyans who have lost their jobs in many white-collar jobs. It isn’t uncommon to see many youth selling veggies from the boots of their expensive cars along busy roads like the Northern Bypass or along Kiambu Road.

The vegetables and fruits markets for exporters has minimal activity at the moment as they are shipping at only 25% to 30% of their normal capacity.

Our flower exports have more than halved with indications that production is currently at less than 10% and facing the risk of total collapse.

The industry has seen large farms laying off workers and struggling to service their loans despite a general off-season for farms running at 30-40% of capacity.

This is because of the way Covid-19 restrictions have limited flights and also weak demand in major markets like Europe and Asia.

The same can be been seen in the coffee and tea sectors which used to be bulwarks in the economy, which have also seen weak demand and low commodity prices in target markets.

But the biggest disruption has happened in the informal sector, which is estimated to employ 80% of Kenya’s working demographic. These workers live on a day-to-day basis and provide primarily low-end services.

I spoke to one lady who used to wash clothes for different people who said that the Covid-19 pandemic had lost her many employers.

She said that the employers said that they had to scale back on their commitments as many of them had either had salary cut-backs or some of them had even been declared redundant.

Many of the men and women I spoke with were unhappy with the way that the president had closed the economy. One lady Rhoda, who sold tomatoes and onions was of the opinion that president Uhuru Kenyatta had handled the Covid-19 crisis poorly.

“Look at Tanzania, they are allowed to freely move and work without restrictions, while we here have all these measures but we look like we are worse of than they are. Uhuru should open up the country. We are suffering because of a virus.”

Her sentiment is one I had mirrored by most of the Kenyans I spoke to. They felt that the handling of the pandemic had been worse than the flu itself.

In fact, many of them weren’t wearing the masks because they believed it would stop the spread of the virus but because it was a government mandate.

All in all, most Kenyans are struggling with the pandemic and many asked for Uhuru to open the economy saying that the cure shouldn’t be worse than the disease.

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Dwayne ‘The Rock’ Johnson: Actor reveals he and his family had Covid-19

Dwayne “The Rock” Johnson says he and his family had all contracted Covid-19. The former wrestler, who is now the world’s highest-paid actor, said he, his wife and two daughters caught the virus despite being “disciplined” about health protection.

He said the positive tests were “a kick in the gut”.

Now, he added: “We’re on the other end of it and no longer contagious. Thank God, we’re healthy.”

Johnson, 48, said he. his wife Lauren, 35, and their daughters Jasmine and Tiana, aged four and two, contracted the virus about two-and-a-half weeks ago.

There was nothing grand about The Rock’s secret wedding to longtime girlfriend

They caught it from “very close family friends” who, in turn, had no idea how they had been infected.

“I can tell you that this has been one of the most challenging and difficult things we have ever had to endure as a family,” Johnson said in a video posted on his Instagram account.

“Testing positive for Covid-19 is much different than overcoming nasty injuries, or being evicted or even being broke, which I have been more than a few times,” he added.

“My number one priority is to always protect my family.”
“We are counting our blessings right now because we’re well aware that it isn’t always the case that you get on the other end of Covid-19 stronger and healthier,” said Johnson.

“It baffles me that some people out there, including some politicians, will take this idea of wearing masks and make it part of a political agenda.

“It has nothing to do with politics. Wear your mask. It is a fact. And it is the right thing to do.”

Dwayne Johnson followed his father Rocky to become a professional wrestler and a World Wrestling Entertainment (WWE) star.

He became a huge success in the sport before turning to acting, starring in blockbuster movies such as The Scorpion King, Fast & Furious 6 and the Jumanji franchise.

The former wrestler reportedly earned $87.5m (£67m) in the year to June, including $23.5m for the Netflix thriller Red Notice.


Fans celebrate Njugush’ ‘pot belly’ in witty weight gain comments


Just like Eric Omondi, people have noticed that Njgush has added weight and is becoming a budesko.

Comedian Njugush and family were recently in Tsavo for a much needed vacation and as is common with celebrities, he posted pictures of the grand affair.

And rather than notice how beautiful the elephants were,Kenyans took note of Njugush’ ‘potty’ and his weigth gain was a moment for all sorts of jokes.

Njugush bountiful safari in Tsavo August 30th

Seriously though, no one ever thought that the witty man would ever gain weight. He has always been thin. So to see him with a protruding belly was a moment his fans had to celebrate.

Watch video of Jowie Irungu animatedly singing his new song to his wife Ella

He appaears to have read the comments because he commented hintign that he may just hit the gym. Really?
He wrote

Sasa hii inapigiwa tizi!!!! December mtatii!!!!!

Here’s some quick congratulatory remarks

The arrow points to the eater
😂😂😂😂🔥piga chini kitambi, nyama uzembe na kupunguza uzito, karibu kwenye group langu la mazoez upate training tips na diet plan

Bountiful safari takes Njgush and Celestine on holiday to Tsavo August 31st


Kitambi chini ya six pack🤣
Njugushii unakula nn maana umeanza kunenepa aseee karibu tz

“Life would have been chaos without him” Corazon says about baby daddy

Nani hajai ona tumbo ya konyagi??
🤣🤣Kitambi joo👀👀
Kumbe njigush anakuanga amenona na ndani😍

njugush umeanza kuwa na kitambi😅😅😅👏👏👏
Haiya kumbe timo ako mpaka na utambi
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“I was told I’ll die after 10 days!” Rose Muhando narrates

Rose Muhando was once the epitome of what a gospel singer should be with a beautiful and awe-inspiring voice that captured the minds and hearts of many East Africans, reigning at the top of the charts.

But the last few years, her life has been like a drama series with the singer being hospitalised and some speculating that she might have a psychological issue.

Rose Muhando with Reverend Lucy Natasha
Rose Muhando with Reverend Lucy Natasha

It got so bad that she was captured last year in a viral clip at Pastor Ng’ang’a’s church where the controversial cleric seemed to rebuking a foreign spirit from her.

But at least she seems to be on the mend since that clip emerged and has since spoken about that dark time saying that she had been told that she was going to die after 10 days.

Rose Muhando savagely addreses rumors of hospitalization

Speaking to Wasafi media, Muhando said, “Before I went through what I went through, there is a man of God that said, I was going to go through four hard things and the fourth one will be the hardest.”

“I went through all that and when the fourth time came, I was in Nairobi. 10 days before that, I was told that they will make sure that you are no longer exist under the sun.”

Rose Muhando
Rose Muhando

The ‘Nibebe’ hitmaker also revealed how her experience was here in Kenya.

“Bishop Ng’ang’a saw the vision and prayed for me and when I got my consciousness, I found myself at the hospital. I was not in a good state and they thought I was just sick but I thought it was my time. That’s when I met God and he filled me with strength and courage and I have known God because He has a reason why people go through what they go through.”

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Frankie Kiarie responds to Corazon Kwamboka’s insecure message about her body

Frankie Kiarie was blessed with his 3rd born son with his 2nd baby mama this past month. The muscular tattooed fitness instructor had a baby boy named Tayari with curvy socialite Corazon Kwamboka.

Corazon who has always been voluptuous has been feeling a bit insecure about her current size especially with the baby fat she has.

Corazon Kwamboka in denim (1)
Corazon Kwamboka in denim (1)

This was revealed by Miss Kwamboka herself on her Instagram page where she posted a message showing a TBT of one of previous images wondering whether she would get back to her former size.

“Will I ever get this body back? 3 weeks till I hit the gym again @frankie justgymit you must train me till I get her. you owe me.”

Corazon Kwamboka in the gym

And what do you think her baby daddy’s reaction was after this? Was he going to be the man who comforted the woman who had just gotten his child?

‘This new journey is the best trip ever’ Corazon Kwamboka celebrates birthday

Yes, he did and did a wonderful job at reassuring her with a heartwarming message, with the Frankie eagerly-looking forward to seeing his newfound love lose the baby fat sooner or later. Responding to Corazon’s post, he wrote;

Corazon Kwamboka in the gym
Corazon Kwamboka in the gym


Considering that Frankie’s first baby mama Maureen Waititu has gotten back to a wonderful size despite getting two kids, I think Frankie might be up to the task with his new baby mama.

Maureen Waititu on the beach with her two sons
Maureen Waititu on the beach with her two sons


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Anaka poa! Silver fox Chris Kirubi releases new image amazing Kenyans

When all is said and done, Kenyan businessman Chris Kirubi will have lived one of the most interesting lives ever by a Kenyan.

The man came from lack has prospered into becoming one of the richest men in the country with part of his legacy evidenced in the handsome real estate deals he has carved with an example being the famous Two Rivers Mall.

But while his wealth and power are topics of interest for many, the man still has other facets about him that make him a very compelling study.

Chris Kirubi
Chris Kirubi in a file photo

One of those is how he has changed his opinion of life after he was diagnosed with cancer a few years ago. Mr. Kirubi revealed in a previous interview that his fight with cancer had made him re-evaluate his relationship with God.

‘He has inspired me’ King’ang’i’s touching words about Chris Kirubi

During an interview with Business Daily, the philanthropist said his friends’ prayers kept him going when he was fighting for his life abroad and in Kenya.

Chris Kirubi
Chris Kirubi with Uhuru Kenyatta

Chris admitted he got the strength to get off his sickbed from God. “I am closer to God now because I have believed that without God’s will I would not be who I am today. It took me many months lying in bed while sick to believe that God is the most powerful,” he said.

The businessman scared many Kenyans a few years ago when images leaked of him looking frail. But it seems that he is now back to his old self with a vigour for life that just oozes out.

Raila Odinga during a visit to see an ailing Chris KIrubi at his Loresho home
Raila Odinga during a visit to see an ailing Chris KIrubi at his Loresho home

One of his latest images shows that his long battle with cancer was well-won and the smiling Kirubi proves as much. The tycoon could afford a smile after fighting against the big C for years and seemingly winning the battle.

Chris posted an image of himself on Twitter looking blessed to be alive donning a cap and his white hair had grown significantly which made him look quite trendy.

He posed as he sat on a chair surrounded by nature and flashed a smile that notified his followers everything was okay on his end.

Many of his social media followers were very impressed with the rejuvenated Kirubi and said as much in the comments.

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The WaJesus family hint that they might conceive second-born in Dubai

The WaJesus family has been enjoying quality time in Dubai this past week. The couple with one of the most popular YouTube pages have been holidaying at the Emirati and seem to be having the time of their lives despite the nonsense of Covid-19.

But while the visit might have been a highlight the couple wanted to share with their fans, another rumour might have started during this trip-that they might be having a second child.

Kabi WaJesus with Milly WaJesus

Their first-born child Taji was born on October 9, 2019, and it seems that 11 months down the line the couple might be ready for baby number 2.

Taji WaJesus
Taji WaJesus

The couple who had already spent time in Dubai as it was a honeymoon destination revealed that his son was unhappy to be left back in Kenya while the couple was away.

I want another baby! Milly WaJesus declares as she gushes over son Reign

Kabi explained that this was a message to the couple for them to get him a sibling, preferably a sister. The couple promised to spare time for baby number 2 while in Dubai.

Kabi WaJesus with Milly WaJesus
Kabi WaJesus with Milly WaJesus

They added hilariously that the daughter should be conceived abroad so that she would be an international sister.

Naskia @tajiwajesus ameanza kutuulizia mwambieni tunamtafutia kasiz 🤣😂🤣 akiuliza aje mwambie tunakanunua Dubai ndio kakue International 🤣😂🤣

Kabi has gone all out this past few weeks as he has celebrated his wife’s birthday with no costs being spared. Apart from hosting her to a pretty and cute picnic, the always smiling videographer also gave her a title deed for a property!

The WaJesus family holding their son
The WaJesus family holding their son

Talk about going all out!

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We had to go for counselling! Mulamwah narrates after losing baby

Mulamwah became a household name the past few years and with that has come the pros and cons associated with being a celebrity.

The comedian whose real names are David Oyando has for the first time opened up about how the loss of his unborn baby affected him.

The man was interviewed on Carolina Hot Edition, where he explained how hard it was for him moving on from the death, saying that he had to go for counseling.


The loss he said affected every area of his life;

“iliniaffect vibaya because nilikuwa nimeprepare hata nikiona msee amebeba mtoi tao nasema that’s us in a few, mnaanza kuangalia bei ya vitu za watoi zinafika wapi, but when that happened ilini-affect sana because at that time I was doing a lot of shows. So unapata Caro (my girlfriend) nimsick ako hospitali na unaenda show nca watu hawataki kujua una go through nini wanataka wacheke. You just put on a happy face, you make them happy but as soon as unatoka kwa stage,you go back kwa ile situation inakuhit. Unakaa Hospitali mpaka kesho asubuhi. So iliniaffect in all aspects, financially, emotionally and even my thought process was blocked I could not think of any other thing.”

People would laugh at my brothers telling them I was funny-looking – Mulamwah narrates

He added;

“Tulikuwa counselled na Daktari, akatuambuia things happen and everything inakuja na reason ya God so we just started coping, we are recovering and now we are good, coz life has to go on,” explained Mulamwah.



Asked on whether KFCB kept their promise of helping him when he announced that he was quitting Comedy over cyber-bullying, the funny man said;

“Hiyo Time alikam through. First time alituma watu wake, kuna msee anaitwa Sammy Ondimu anawork na yeye close so akanicall tukaongea, then yeye (Ezekiel Mutua) pia akanipigia and we had a lengthy discussion hata akatutumia kakitu hiyo time. Ilikuwa tu doo mzuri iko tu na zero mingi. Then akaniambia take heart Corona ikiisha wewe kuja tumeet so hatuja meet na hiyo time nilikuwa Eldoret na kulikuwa na curfew so singetravel. So akasema kukitulia we can organize a meeting.”



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