Davido reveals that his fiancée, Chioma has tested positive for covid-19

Nigeria music star David Adeleke, aka Davido’s fiancée Chioma Rowland, has tested positive for covid-19. The singer revealed this on his social media pages yesterday.

Maina Kageni swoons over Davidos’ son’s endorsement deal

The singer wrote on his verified Instagram account saying the mother of his child tested positive despite not showing any symptoms.

Chioma Rowland chilling
Chioma Rowland

Chioma has since been quarantined and will remain quarantined for a minimum of 14 days. Davido has also began self-isolation following his fiancee’s coronavirus status.

Davido with Chioma in a file photo
Davido with Chioma in a file photo

His full message to fans is below:

Hey everyone ! I came back recently from America after postponing my tour. My fiancé Chioma also came back from London recently with our baby. We had no symptoms and still both feel perfectly fine but because of our recent travel history we decided to take ourselves and our all close associates we’ve come in recent contact with for the COVID-19 test on the 25th of March. Unfortunately, my fiancé’s results came back positive while all 31 others tested have come back negative including our baby. We are however doing perfectly fine and she is even still yet to show any symptoms whatsoever. She is now being quarantined and I have also gone into full self isolation for the minimum 14 days. I want to use this opportunity to thank you all for your endless love and prayers in advance and to urge everyone to please stay at home as we control the spread of this virus! Together we can beat this!
Love, D ❤️

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God is punishing us! Rapper Prezzo says about what is going on in the world now

Musician Jackson Makini alias Prezzo has an interesting take on how the world is at the moment. The rapper posited humanity is being punished by God at the moment for it’s sins.

In a post seen by Classic105, the rapper claimed that God is angry with human beings for constantly sinning without repenting.

Prezzo seating
Prezzo seating

Prezzo mentioned that one of the things that seems to have angered God the most is the act of people endorsing same sex marriage, when in the beginning He created only Adam and Eve. His controversial post is below:

“God is punishing us. Mwenyezi Mungu anatupiga adhabu dunia nzima kwasababu amekasirika na sisi kwa dhambi tunazofanya. He created Adam & Eve, lakini binadam tumejiamulia ni sawa kufungisha ndoa baina ya Eve na Eve/ Adam na Adam. Amekasirika kwasababu hatufati amri kumi alizotupa. Tupigeni magoti na tukiri makosa yetu. Kufanya kosa sio kosa ila kurudia kosa ndio kosa. Binafsi mimi sio mlokole lakini nawapa ukweli wangu ninavyohisi na mnaweza kunikosoa kama nimekosea. Its never too late because our God is a living & forgiving God. Lets do right by him. Have mercy on us & forgive us through it all 🤲,” said Prezzo.

Prezzo speaking in public


His followers were almost unanimous in their support for his opinion and even chimed in with their own thoughts. Some of those comments are below:

shedadi32 Kabisa tumekuwa Kama Wanyama


mfaume28 Well speaking… 👏👏

k_a_m_k_e_y_002 Words brother🙌🙏

mkopitijr Nakubaliana nawe kk

miss_nyakundi Hata hii kitu ni man-made jamani tusibebeshe Mungu mzigo, He is so understanding thought na atatokoa kutokana na hili janga ila wahusika pia wabadili, the tower on Babylon is collapsing right before our eyes.

brian_dandy_sisty A very strong words for 2020 calendar year💪..Mungu tusamehe🙏

theslimchid you are right bro…we are in this together..

spk_worldwide Umeongea point sana Mzee. fACT!FACT!

jeremy_kadima So true bro

bobwhite_pamba Umeongea point babu👏👏✔✔

officialmussashiganga Kwenye hii post kuna Msanii kacomment kweli????🔥🔥
ilihamshomar Ni kwel kabisa bro

His post comes at a time when the world is being ravaged by covid-19. Yesterday, Kenya recorded its first covid-19 death, after a 66-year-old man died while receiving treatment at the Aga Khan University Hospital.

Kenya has so far reported 31 cases of COVID-19.

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The reason Larry Madowo has been forced to leave New York City

Larry Madowo has been forced to move away from New York City. In a post seen by Classic105, Mr Madowo stated that the rate of coronavirus infection in the American city is 5 times faster compared to other states.

Larry Madowo named among leaders under 40 to shape 2020

He went on to say that with this rate, it only made sense that he left for a different place, but didn’t mention where. “New York’s coronavirus infection rate is 5 times higher than the rest of the country. It didn’t make sense to stay so I left,” he wrote.

Larry Madowo
Larry Madowo

Larry who is a Knight-Bagehot fellow at the University of Columbia in York made the remarks after it was announced that all 50 states in the US had reported cases of Coronavirus.

Larry Madowo with some of his foreign friends
Larry Madowo with some of his foreign friends

The US has so far reported 41000 COVID-19 infections with at least 541 deaths from the same.

A section of Madowo’s followers advised him to stay safe while others warned him that coming to Kenya would be a bad idea. Some of their comments are below:

willisraburu Stay safe bro

kelvinbulimo U r sick unafikiri uko jam vile ulikuwa mtatuenjoy hapo ntv shut up

yeridennimmus Please dont come back to Kenya. We are affraid you might have contacted the virus. Please just stay where you are.

pawino You left and putting folks at risk, you are supposed to stay out and limit your movement.

_ceph How a Kenyan would put it…. ‘hao wazungu ni washamba,,, wanavaa jacket kwenye huo jua…. ‘

olekaburu Hopefully you won’t be coming to Nairobi directly for you will have to self quarantine at a government designated place and at your own cost.

bernnie_thepoet Umerealize hii Corona haitaki makasiriko nani

elimwanza Mbona hii inakaa ile Royal mint kwa Money heist series

alycenene The more you move about the higher the risk. Stay put!🙏🏻

trendzworldke Just come home man for once kisumu and America are not one

kens.shee Yeah,,change is as good as rest,keep safe we love you

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‘My neighbor is running a brothel despite quarantine’ woman confesses

Kenyans defying the stay at home orders to halt Covid 19 spread, on Tuesday came under attack from Health CS Mutahi Kagwe who blasted them as  ‘indisciplined’.

Here is what he said about those who defy the stay at home order

Huddah threatens to manhandle Khaligraph Jones in bed

“Kenyans indiscipline is really costing us. We now have 9 more positive cases making the total to 25. Its unfathomable that we can’t adhere to government measures, the day this crisis bites hard, you still turn to government with cries of “serikali saidia”

This formed the Wednesday morning discussion on Classic 105.

Maina Kageni explained that the simple order to stay at home is necessary to break the chain of transmission.

Mwalimu said

“hii mambo ya kukaa nyumbani its not about those who have money, it’s for our own sake, its for a short while itaisha, it’s possible it happened in 1918, na ikapita, we can do better’

Otile Brown’s emotional message to Sanaipei arouses fans suspicion

Kenyans responded to Maina with blame games about why some are obeying and others are not likely.

One lady admitted to Maina that her neighbor is running a brothel and the traffic flow is quite heavy as she put it

Caller: “My neighbor has a guest house. People are coming in and going out. Why are they still operating surely?” #MainaAndKingangi

Another added

the level of arrogance is alarming in kenya.

Mutahi Kagwe is tired and stressed. He is a Commander putting a brave face for his soldiers. He is doing a good job but Kenyans need to help him being more disciplined stay home mee

She has been there for me thru and thru – Size 8 introduces mother-in-law

They are ready any time,
Stay at home and still they will be ready again when U starve,
Are we doing enough really? Italy started with 2 cases end of January, now they have 59,000+ confirmed cases, over 5,500 deaths. Kenyans are not changing. We are still playing with death. #LockDownKenya

lockdown meme
Maina the government showed us how to ignore the covid-19 right from the start. What do you expect?
Kenyans are just ignorant with the highest ,they still feel it’s a joke..two weeks is enough to fight this thing, if we just cooperate..even if it’s by force #MainaAndKingangi

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Afro Jazz legend Manu Dibango dies from covid 19

Cameroonian jazz legend Manu Dibango has died aged 86.

The saxophone player died from a coronavirus infection, according to a statement on his official Facebook page on Tuesday.

RIP! Kenny Roger passes on peacefully at the age of 81 years

He was being treated after testing positive for covid 19.

manu notice

Early in March, Emmanuel N’Djoké Dibango was admitted after he tested positive for Coronavirus. He was admitted at the Melun hospital in Paris where he succumbed to the disease.

The 86-year-old saxophonist was considered one of the foremost pioneers of Afro-jazz, known for his fusion of funk with traditional Cameroonian sounds.

manu duabngo 3

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‘Take it seriously’ Chamber of Commerce boss Richard Ngatia urges Kenyans


Richard Ngatia, Chairman of Kenya National Chamber of Commerce and Industry (KNCCI) today joined Maina Kageni in studio to speak more about that the private sector is doing to work with government to mitigate effects of coronavirus.

Maina began the interview by noting one thing

couple of day on TV when CS Mutahi Kagwe was giving daily updates, there was a man standing next to him Mr Richard Ngatia, who now joins us in studio. Karibu sana.

Kenya has so far confirmed 16 coronavirus cases.

Mr Ngatia delved right into what is going on behind the scenes.

its getting out of hand, but I believe as a private sector we must join hands with the government

He also spoke about the CT Scan centre that was opened at Kenyatta Hospital

this equip that was launched has come in handy and I have seen what Wuhan, the epicentre of the disease, has been doing. I have been in conversation with the Chinese embassy and Chinese private sector in China, and all these people have managed to curb the disease.

 I spoke to them and said we would like to know what you have done and they said we have developed an app that helps identify if lungs are not infected you are not a worrying case, and this innovation is being taken to Africa, and I approached the govt and said look there is this app, we must negotiate, and knh is first to have it in the world and first in Africa and I think this is an achievement

Health Cabinet Secretary Mutahi Kagwe unveiled the new advanced computed tomography (CT) scan centre at the Kenyatta National Hospital where local medics consulted with their peers in Wuhan, China, in the management of a live case of the disease.

Kagwe said the unit, which has a video conference unit, will be essential in the fight against coronavirus. China provided the software called Golden Eye, which it has used at home to detect and monitor progress of Covid-19 patients.

The government  police have declared a raft of measures so we have to follow this for each other.

One obvious and widely publicised step is to take simple practical measures to reduce the spread of the virus, to protect ourselves and our family – washing hands, reducing social contact, self-isolating if symptoms develop.
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‘Stupid’ Maina Kageni blasts Magufuli for ‘corona is the devil’ remarks

Kenyans are sharing stories how one church goer is linked to hundreds of infections of other worshipers, to castigate those who turned up in church yesterday.

Pictures of churches full of worshipers horrified many, with Kenyans wondering why we are defying orders to keep away from gatherings.

This formed the basis of the morning conversation where Classic Maina Kageni was visibly upset with Tanzanian President John Magufuli for telling worshipers to keep congregating.

In a video Magifuli attended church and said

we are not closing places of worship. That’s where there is true healing. Corona is the devil and it cannot survive in the body of Jesus.

President Magufuli claimed that Jesus heals covid-19, saying that true healing is in churches and mosques. Hence Tanzanians can worship as usual.

This statement upset Maina who blasted the President saying

Magufuli is a stupid president, a stupid man

The host in a red shirt
Maina Kageni in a red shirt

Idris Elba’s wife tests positive for Coronavirus days after actor’s positive diagnosis

Mwalimu Kingangi asked him if he was worried he will be banned from the country to which Maina responded

Nonsense, that is a whole President, even the Italian president said I give up, why don’t we take it seriously as Africans? Why were churches full on Sunday and why were bars full on Saturday, why do we have leaders who go manga mangain?

‘I wanna have a baby…’ Tedd Josiah leaks conversation with late wife, Reginah

He continued

churches had the opportunity to lead. God is not in a building he is omnipresent, oh churches you blew a big chance to lead, Maina sadly added

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How to keep fit while in self isolation

In a bid to stop Coronavirus from spreading companies have asked employees to work from home, while schools have been shut.

For the gym enthusiasts, brace yourself for tough times ahead as gyms are also closed.

Here are ways you can still keep fit within the house:

1. Homebased workouts
YouTube is here with us. With a few clicks, you can stream simple indoor workouts which range from 3-10 minutes. Wake up early in the morning and do a few exercises before beginning your days’ work. They don’t have to be vigorous workouts. Always stay fit.

2. Reduce food intake
People have the luxury to eat from home and this requires utmost discipline. People are buying in a panic mode and it’s no wonder fridges are full to the maximum. Limit yourself to eating badly. You don’t want to end up obese by the time this Coronavirus is gone. Avoid sugary foods and too much wheat.

3. Avoid working in bed
With the kids being at home, working in your bedroom may be the best option to avoid kids’ drama. This may be a health risk factor to your back. Buy yourself a working table and make use of it. It allows for a better sitting position for those who work for long hours. You might end up booking that orthopaedic appointment soon.

4. Limit social media usage
Social media usage has a lot to do with mental health. Much of your time might be consumed doing private surfing and social media handles are the most viewed sites. Reduce the temptations to always be in WhatsApp, Instagram, Facebook, Snapchat, Twitter and much more. You need to remain sane in these hard moments. In place of surfing, you can play indoors games with your kids and beloved wife.

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‘Stay Indoors’ Celebrities plead amid coronavirus



Kenyans ignoring the social distancing plea are the target of celebrities who are pleading that people stop congregating.

Kenyans are none compliant and many on Classic 105 told that people are still playing football in fields, others are in bars and entertainment spots.

Kenyans celebrities calling for people to stay indoors include Rashid Abdalla, Maina Kageni, Citizen journalist Steve Letoo to help contain the spread of the disease.



A worldwide campaign has been started encouraging everyone to post on social media who they are self-isolating for and to invite six friends to do the same.

Stars are doing their part to encourage social distancing.

Dear Classic 105 fam, are you social distancing or is this pandemic just a flu to you?

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‘Go well, thank you for the music’ Maina Kageni mourns Aurlus Mabele

Soukous legend Aurlus Mabele has died aged 67.

The famous Congolese singer succumbed to Cancer and in a special shoutout Classics Maina Kageni paid tribute saying

Aurlus, thank you so much for the music

Ben Pol’s son with Tanzanian beauty queen turns four

arlus mabele

Maina noted what a legend he was adding that

rest in peace, the good thing you served your purpose, you did our thing and you left us good music

Hajali! Dennis Itumbi speaks up after being sacked on his birthday

He had been ill for about 15 years and died from coronavirus.

Rest in peace Aurlus.

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Diamond Platnumz in self quarantine after manager tests positive

Diamond Platnumz’ manager Sallam SK Mendez tested positive for coronavirus, according to an emotional message he shared.

Making the announcement via his Instagram page on March 19, the Wasafi Classic Baby (WCB) manager wrote stated that he is in isolation after being diagnosed.

Speaking about this unfortunate turn of events, Classic 105’s Maina Kageni told that Diamond Platnumz has gone into self isolation following this devastating news.

He said

‘Diamond is fine, he is in self isolation just in case’

Maina revealed he spoke to the singer and is ‘missing him so much’. The two buddies are in contact with one another during the time and we will give you more information as the days go by.

On Friday, March 13, Sallam issued a cancellation notice, announcing Platnumz’s Europe Tour was off due to the outbreak of coronavirus.

Tanzanian rapper MWanaFa has also tested positive for coronavirus.


“Diamond Platnumz’s Europe tour postponed… New dates will be announced soon #coronavirus,” shared Sallam.

Dear Classic 105 fam, what part are you playing to stop the spread of this disease? Drop your comments below.

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DJ Evolve’s hospital bill skyrockets to Ksh 13 million

DJ Evolve, real name Felix Orinda, is recovering well after his third surgery. DJ Shock, who has been keeping in touch with the family, said Evolve is doing well.

Shock said,

“He is still recovering but only his mother is allowed to be close to him, other visitors wave from the outside of the glass,This was after his third surgery so the wound can heal as quickly as possible”

His mother has to wear a mask and apron when she enters his ward.

“It’s not to do with Covid-19. This was the protocol even before it was in the country,” Shock said.

“Yes, the nurses clean the wound every five days, as he now has movement in his arms. Eventually his legs will respond as well. I believe, too, he will make a full recovery.”

However, despite this good news, the family is wary of the growing hospital bill.

Early this month, a High Court judge Luka Kimaru ruled the order to pay the bill could only be issued by a civil court and not a criminal court.

“The accused person should continue paying the hospital bill as a moral duty to him, not as a court order. If he fails to pay, it is up to him and his God,” Kimaru ruled.

The family has reservations if Embakasi MP Babu Owino will help them settle the hospital bill that keeps skyrocketing. Already, it is almost hitting the Sh13 million mark.

I chose to forgive myself-Babu Owino says about DJ Evolve incident

Babu Owino is accused of shooting DJ Evolve in the neck on January 16 at B Club on Galana Road, Kilimani. The case is ongoing.

‘Finish breastfeeding’ Njugush’s wife advises new mums


Comedian Njugush’s wife Celestine has lost 17 kilos after giving birth and is inspiring other new mums to give it time, just like she did.

People think I don’t cook for Njugush and that’s why he’s skinny – Celestine cries

She wrote about her excitement at losing the baby fat and told others to be patient and focus on breastfeeding their new bundles of joy before considering weight loss.


So on my previous post, guys couldn’t believe that was me😁. Sikuwa na shingo 🙈 babyfat was real! But gues what, less than one year later 17kgs down👏🏼👏🏼. @freddy_kaloki narudi tena gym sasa, hizi picha zimenichocha aki… enyewe nothing is impossible. And to all those struggling with baby fat imagne itaisha. Kwanza we maliza breastfeeding toto then hit the gym or diet which ever works.


See how dramatic her weight loss is?

Congratulations and good luck to other mums on their weight loss journey. Do tag Classic 105, so we can share your story.

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‘You’ll infect people in ushago’ Kenyans tell citizens fleeing Nairobi


You could unknowingly be taking the virus to people upcountry.

The reason why Italy is the hardest hit is because citizens disregarded instructions from the Government, and traveled countryside leading to a nationwide spread of Coronavirus.

Zari finally gets Maina Kageni’s advise about Diamond Platnumz

Now the same situation could very well end up the same way, according to Classic 105 fans who called in to persuade travelers to rethink their decisions.

The conversation with Maina Kageno on Wednesday was all about Kenyans fleeing the city, to go ushago because they think it’s safer there.

If we travel to mashamani where there is no exposure, we risk taking the disease there, but its difficult to convince Kenyans not to travel, Maina said.

How can Kenyans be convinced not to travel to ushago over coronavirus? asked Maina to which listeners responded with their thoughts below:

Bien Aime had a ‘good’ budget for his wedding to Chiki

A female caller said ‘I think there is something people need to understand those of us in Nairobi will risk if we go ushago, there is less risk in ushago and if we go we take the problem there,’

A man called in and said ‘tunaenda nyumbani ni lazima isemekane hakuna kutoka nje alafu utafanya nini? Watu waende nyumbani, ni kuzuri maisha ni mazuri huko, twende ushago hii maneneo ya corona ikisha turudi’.

Sharon ShanienTwo hearts/…Am staying here,I cant go home,lemme just be mindful.Who knows I might hav the virus or contract it on the way,coz we literally don know who’s +ve despite the 4 known cases. My fam back in shags am not comin! I need them safe

Willis Raburu encourages Willy Paul’s wife to finish him

Kelvin Mwangi..Kenyans got this believe Covid 19 is just around the city only.

Felix Agola(Mr President)..maina now the corona cases have been reported in Nairobi,those who have panicked have sought to travel to shagz where they might be a litte bit safe

Steven Ngugi..Maina if its true there are departures from Nairobi, the gava need to lockdown Nairobi, we can easily contain corona within Nairobi lakini wakiipeleka ushago it shall heat us bad once our foodbasket is affected

@AmozKipchirchir..Good morning Maina, mine is to just caution those pple traveling home from Nairobi & advice them to go self quarantine themselves for 14days. For those we’ll be running the city please let’s always take the outlined precautions.


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How to stay fit during quarantine at home

There is a video online of a fitness instructor in Spain, ontop of a building showing simple exercise people quarantined at home can do.

People on the balconies of their homes follow his moves and it’s so inspiring.

In a video shared to Instagram by the fitness group Sano Sevilla Los Bermejales, the trainer can be seen leading people on their balconies in a workout class, with the clip panning to show numerous people doing jumping jacks alongside their neighbours.



Options could include exercise DVDs, dancing, floor exercises, yoga, walking around the compound or using home exercise equipment. Exercise is a proven treatment for stress and depression.

The CDC and the WHO recommend several basic measures to help prevent the spread of Covid-19:

  • Wash your hands often for at least 20 seconds.
  • Cover your cough or sneeze with a tissue, then throw the tissue in the trash.
  • Clean and disinfect frequently touched objects.
  • Stay home when you are sick.
  • Contact a health worker if you have symptoms; fever and a dry cough are most common.
  • DON’T touch your face.
  • DON’T travel if you have a fever and cough.
  • DON’T wear a face mask if you are well.

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‘Sanitize you’re phones too’ Doctor advises about coronavirus

A flood of questions met Dr Oluga who visited the Classic 105 studios to talk more about the coronavirus pandemic.

Dr Oluga is the Secretary General & CEO – Kenya Medical Practitioners Pharmacists & Dentists’ Union (KMPDU) and spoke with Maina to allay fears Kenyans have.
COVID-19 is a respiratory illness caused by a new virus. Symptoms include fever, coughing, sore throat and shortness of breath. The virus can spread from person to person, but good hygiene can prevent infection.


Here are key pointers from Dr oluga:

One common fact that stood out is wash your hands with soap and water

Sanitizers are an alternative what’s important is washing your hands with soap and water

Coronavirus will help us build our healthcare system. So we will use this pandemic for our good. So that in the future we are able to handle such issues better #MainaAndKingangi


As much as children love to play make sure they avoid playing in crowded place #MainaAndKingangi

I will insist on the fact that people should wash their hands #MainaAndKingangi

Diseases spread more if people panic

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Kenya’s prettiest pastor Natasha forced to cancel gig after facing backlash

A poster by Pastor Lucy Natasha notifying followers of a prayer meeting amid a global coronavirus outbreak, seemed to have caught the attention of KOT.

This is because many accused her of defying the Presidents orders for large gatherings to be cancelled until further notice.

The pressure on her to stop the prayer meeting was significant enough.

‘She is beautiful’ Maina Kageni addresses Lucy Natasha dating rumors

After coming under fire, Natasha updated that the meeting was cancelled and would advise her followers accordingly.

natasha prayer cancelled

Whew, KOT are no joke, but really we all need to take precautions at this time, and large gathering s are a no-no.

Here are comments from upset Kenyans:

Dear Dr. Rev Natasha

Cancel this event please. In South Korea patient 31 went to Shincheonji Church of Jesus. He is the reason why over 5000 South Koreans got infected. God is working through scientists.

Its me King Solomon’s brother. Nice to see you.

Lucy Natasha in traditional Kikuyu wear
Lucy Natasha in traditional Kikuyu wear

There’s no Godliness where there’s no wisdom. Wisdom of making rational decisions based on events and circumstances. Any Pastor or cleric who hasn’t adviced his/her faithfuls otherwise, it’s just purely a business entity. Followers are customers

How is she going to get paid… It’s about the money bag

the pastor needs some money to fuel her guzzlers na..

Haha Doktari,, unafikiri atatoa wapy unga

Swali nzuri. Hii ndo high season. People are desperate for prayers.

rev lucy natasha 1


Adhere to government precautionary measures for the next 3o days.
We love you and God bless your altruistic service in the ministry of God.


Sadaka lazima hata kama ni ya mwisho. Hallelujah!

Rev..Dr Natasha please review HE Statement on 15.3.2020 on the Coronavirus Briefings…..(..Avoid congregations,weddings,funerals.) we are leading nations to follow precautionary measures…

Let her drain the sheeps finances.

Kenya someone is about to disobey the presidents directive Smiling face with open mouth and tightly-closed eyes

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Idris Elba tests positive for coronavirus


Idris Elba has tested positive for COVID-19, he announced Monday.

In a video shared to Twitter, Elba said he learned on Friday that he’d been exposed to someone who’d tested positive for the virus.

Bien Aime had a ‘good’ budget for his wedding to Chiki

Although he has not exhibited symptoms, he immediately self-quarantined after learning of the exposure, he added.

This morning I tested positive for Covid 19. I feel ok, I have no symptoms so far but have been isolated since I found out about my possible exposure to the virus. Stay home people and be pragmatic. I will keep you updated on how I’m doing

 No panic
Idris Elba
The actor’s wife, Sabrina Dhowre, appeared alongside him in the video, and Elba said that she has not yet been tested and is doing “OK.”

“This is serious. Now’s the time to really think about social distancing, washing your hands. Beyond that, there are people out there who aren’t showing symptoms and that can easily spread it,” he said. “We’ve told our families. They’re very supportive. We’ve told our colleagues. And transparency’s probably the best thing for this right now. If you’re feeling ill, or you feel like you should be tested or you’ve been exposed , then do something about it. It’s really important.”

Ellen DeGeneres..
Sending you so much love, Idris.❤

Don’t Wear Pajamas: Tips for working at home during coronavirus pandemic

Viola Davis..
You got this Idris!! Sending prayers but already answered! Love to you❤
Halle Berry..
Ugh. Stay safe and strong, we’re with you!! Heart suit
He’ll be fine, that’s the only energy I’m putting into the universe. Growing heart🙌🏿Growing heart
Frederick Joseph..
Thanks for being a leader and sharing this, Idris. More people need to be taking COVID19 seriously.

Any of us can be impacted. Get well soon.

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