‘Doctor thought I was self aborting,’ Nairobi woman tells of contraceptives horror

University student Rachael, 22, dreads the thought of periods because of the pain and discomfort she has to endure month in month out.

So bad is it, doctors once mistook her cramps for abortion.

“On one occasion, I was in unbearable pain.

When my parents took me to hospital, the doctors insisted on running a test to see if maybe I was aborting or in labour,” the soft-spoken girl tells the Star.

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She adds

I once got a panic attack at home because of my period, and I had to be rushed to hospital.

Another time, I was in school and my period started when we were lined up for parade.

Racheal adds that at some point she got panic attacks

It got really painful and I had to be taken to class by a first aider.

When the pain got worse, I got a panic attack and had to be rushed to Nairobi Women’s Hospital, before my parents came for me.

Foods and beverages to avoid when pregnant

The University of Nairobi student says she once started throwing up and having diarrhoea as she came from class at a local college.

I was going home from Zetech and my periods started. I alighted the matatu I was in and went to a nearby hotel because I was feeling ill. 

The hotel manager took me to a chemist and called my mother and auntie to come pick me up.

She has resorted to walking around with Ponstan drugs when she knows her periods are about to start.

Contraception can sometimes delay your flow. It can cause an abnormal flow or one may start spotting over a long period of time

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Father’s heartbreak: ‘My heart is broken and I am still grieving’

The devastated father of twins who were killed by their mother has written a heart breaking poem ahead of Father’s Day, on Sunday.

Steven Ford, 35, was father to 23-month-old toddlers Chloe and Jake who were found dead on December 27 after their mother Samantha Ford, 38, killed them.

Mrs Ford drowned the children at her home in Margate, Kent, after the breakdown of her marriage.

She admitted to manslaughter on the grounds of diminished responsibility and her plea was accepted.

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The twins
The twins Jake and Chloe

Mr Ford took to Twitter on Friday to post new photos of his late children and published poem on Twitter, titled Father’s Day.

In his poem he wrote that he ‘wished he could turn back time’ to when he was their father.

His wife had been involved in a smash with a lorry on the London-bound carriageway of the A299 Thanet Way in Kent at 2.50am, on December 27.

The late
The late Jake and Chloe

In his heartbreaking poem, he wrote: 'Now it's just me, alone and still grieving My names no longer dad, now it's just Steven'

‘Time heals all wounds,’ Bridget Achieng on why she forgave deadbeat baby daddy

When rescuers arrived, she told them to check her Westwood home because her babies were there.

Police arrived at 3:35am and found the dying infants. Paramedics tried to save them, but they were pronounced dead at hospital.

Mrs Ford later admitted she had drowned the children after the breakdown of her marriage. Pathologists believe they died on Boxing Day.

Source:Daily Mail

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Daddy Bliss! 2019’s new celebrity daddy club

Today the world marks fathers day.

A day set aside to celebrate fathers who are doing an exceptional job taking care of their families.

We take a look at celebrities who are to be fathers this year.

1. Jackson Mathu

Kambua and her husband Jackson Mathu are expecting their first child after being married for more than seven years.

The news of her pregnancy have been celebrated by many and we cannot wait for her bundle of joy to arrive.

‘Here is why your wife looks older than your mother,’ Akothee reveals


2. Benachi

The Kenyan gospel artiste and his wife are expecting their first born and going by their constant posts on social media they are excited.

Benachi and his wife
Benachi and his wife

3. Bahati

Bahati and his wife Diana Marua are expecting their second child as they already have a daughter together, Heaven Bahati.

Fathers Day: How to celebrate the wonderful men out there

Diana Marua and Bahati
Diana Marua and Bahati

4. Kabi Wa Jesus

The celebrity couple Kabi and Milly are expecting their first child and we can’t help but be excited on their behalf.

Sharing photos of his pregnant wife, Kabi wrote,

In Gods perfect time, in His perfect will, in accordance to His purpose.

Kabi wa Jesus and his pregnant wife
Kabi wa Jesus with his pregnant wife

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Healthy reasons to take salads on a daily basis

Salads normally consists of fruits and vegetables. Fruits and vegetables contains essential nutrients that are necessary in the human body. The healthy benefits of taking salads on a daily basis include;


Nutrition benefits

It is healthy to take plenty and varieties of these fruits and vegetables. Its combination enables them to be loaded with vitamins and minerals which increases the level of antioxidants in the blood. Salads can also reduce the risk of getting heart diseases, digestive problems and have a positive effect upon blood sugars hence helping you to control your appetite. You can add vinegar to the salads to have a good taste.

Sleep – the secret of successful slim and healthy body

Skin tone improvement

The high levels of water found in salad veggies improves hydration in our bodies, which is necessary for youthful skin tone and various basic bodily functions.


Muscle performance 

The nutrients found in spinach not only help to build strong bones, they also help to improve the performance of the mitochondria – little structures inside our cells that help to produce energy, as well as inform and power our muscles.


Weight control

Eating a fiber-rich salad before your entree will help you to feel full faster, so you’ll consume less calories than you might when a meal is served without this appetizer. The more raw vegetable in the salad, the more positive results you will get. Avocado is also important in the body as they will help the body to absorb all protective compounds.

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Source of fiber

Raw vegetables and fruits are a natural source of fiber. Fiber in the body has a lot of benefit to the body. They include;

1. Reducing the bad cholesterol in the body.

2. It helps in healthy weight maintenance.

3. It helps in controlling the level of blood sugars.

4. It reduces the chances of getting the different types of cancers.

5. It aids in the prevention of bowel diseases and makes the bowel movements to be normal.

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5 Easy hacks to have breakfast for busy people

Breakfast is arguably one of the most important meals of the day, but with all the morning errands, it might be hard to make time for that nutritious breakfast.

All the morning deadlines and at times waking up late could limit you from taking your morning meal

Well worry no more.

We have highlighted some of the the ways you could make your morning bearable.

1. Pre-prepare your breakfast 

This is one of the ways you would would make it easy making your breakfast.

For instance, if you are making a sandwich for breakfast, pre-prepare your breakfast. Gather that lettuce and let us (see what I did there? No?) enjoy that breakfast.

This makes it easy to have that breakfast ready in the shortest time possible

image-2019-06-13 (2) (1)

2. Have easy breakfast menus

Having a breakfast plan is really important.

This makes it possible to really create a menu that is easy to prepare and also prepares you to get those ingredients needed before time.

Thus knowing what to make the next day is made easier, faster and effective.

Yummy Mummies! Celebrity mothers with amazing bodies

62225540_675754636200143_5994399571561547501_n (1)

3. Make portable meals

Meals that are easy to carry round are life.

Make breakfast meals that could be carried around like to the office if your work schedules are crazy.

This allows you to make a meal that could stay for a long while before you eat, in the office.


4. Have easy to carry meal bags

As you make you make that sumptuous breakfast, have an easy to carry breakfast or lunch box so as to always have something eat even while at your errands.

Having this in mid, do not only carry, breakfast only, have your lunch and if you leave later than that, make your dinner and carry it to the office.

This saves on so man things including time and also costs.

61571541_131451568051360_1013458152434392582_n (1)

Photo of the day! Anita Nderu oozes girl power on cover of True Love Magazine

5. Have ready smoothies

Smoothies don’t have to be boring.

Make them as pleasant as possible. add some strawberries and cherries you know?

On this matter, well the recommendation would be to get your smoothies ready and store them for the week.

This makes it easy to always have something that is healthy yet good enough to make your tummy full.


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Sleep – the secret of successful slim and healthy body

Trying to lose weight? Well, one of the things you must do if you want a slimmer and healthier body is to get enough sleep. For most people that means seven to eight hours a night.

If you try to get by on less, as many people do, then this will mess with your mood and your body’s ability to control your blood sugar levels, which can lead to over-eating.

To see what impact cutting back on sleep can have, a couple of years ago I took part in an experiment organised by Dr Eleanor Scott, who works at the University of Leeds.

We recruited a group of healthy volunteers and, under her supervision, fitted them with activity monitors and continuous glucose monitors, so we could see what was happening to their blood sugar levels.

Then we asked our volunteers to sleep normally for two nights (so we had a baseline to work from), have two nights where they went to bed three hours later than normal, followed by two nights where they could sleep for as long as they liked.

Naturally enough, being an avid self-experimenter, I joined in. I was unpleasantly surprised by just how much my blood sugar levels rose on the days when I was sleep deprived, and how hungry that made me.


How to get and keep your dream man in 4 easy steps

The same was true of my fellow volunteers. When we met to get our results from Dr Scott, everyone complained about having the munchies. As one volunteer put it: ‘I wanted lots of biscuits and I didn’t just have one. I’d go for ten. I wrote it down on my diary — ten custard creams.’

‘Is that unusual?’ I asked him.

‘Well, that’s certainly unusual for breakfast!’ he replied.

All of us, whether we had feasted on biscuits or managed to stick to our normal diet, saw marked increases in our blood sugar levels, to the point where some previously healthy individuals had levels you might expect to see in borderline type 2 diabetics. These problems resolved after a couple of good nights’ sleep.

So why does this happen?

Tests showed that when they were sleep-deprived the volunteers had 18 per cent lower leptin levels and 28 per cent higher ghrelin levels, reflected in the fact that they also reported feeling much, much hungrier. There was a particularly marked increase in their preference for sweet, salty and starchy foods.

The message is, if you want to get your hunger hormones working with you rather than against you, you must prioritise sleep.

That’s why establishing a proper sleep pattern is part of my new diet, The Fast 800. By tracking people who’ve done our online course (see thefast800.com) we’ve shown that you can lose up to a stone (6kg) in three weeks.

As I explained at the start of this series, in Weekend magazine on Saturday, the Fast 800 programme is based on nourishing low-carb, low-calorie, Mediterranean-style meals, centred around vegetables, pulses, dairy, nuts and seeds, and lean protein such as chicken and fish.

Ladies: This is how to dress for this cold weather and still look classy!

It starts with rapid weight loss, where you limit your intake to 800 calories a day every day. This is followed, after a few weeks, by switching to my intermittent fasting pattern, now known as the New 5:2 diet.

A major benefit of the 800-calorie approach is that you lose substantial amounts of weight, fast — which is highly motivating.

Importantly, it also helps you to reset your metabolism and appetite so, within a week or so, you should feel less hungry, more energetic and clearer headed — as well as lighter on the scales.

Today, we continue our exclusive Fast 800 recipe series, sharing some of the tempting and delicious suggestions for soups and shakes, created by my wife, Dr Clare Bailey.

Our soups are as tasty as they are filling. The recipes mainly serve four, so you can take one portion to work for lunch and store extra portions in the fridge for a few days or put them in the freezer. Or you could use them as part of a family meal.

Although we recommend real food first, we know that shakes can be very useful as meal replacements to help you keep on track.

They’re also very handy for anyone who works shifts, is on the go or travelling and therefore finds it hard to make sure they can get a healthy low-calorie meal.

Our nutritious shake recipes are likely to be healthier (and cheaper) than most you buy in shops or online, which tend to be high in sugars and starchy carbs.

If you don’t use dairy, we suggest adding unsweetened almond milk (which has 13 calories per 100ml), or oat milk (44 calories per 100ml)

Soups and shakes can be a very useful fast-day option when you are following the New 5:2.

All these recipes are taken from our new book, The Fast 800 Recipe Book, which is brimming with more than 130 brand new recipes, as well as health advice and tips on how to take control of your own health with the foods you eat at home.

-Daily mail

Natural ways of boosting your fertility

Infertility is really a big threat to relationship especially to married couples. A happy family is complete when there are children in it. There are various natural ways of boosting fertility which includes observing your diet. They include;


It is generally healthy for one to have a healthy nutritious diet. One is required to feed more on vegetables, fruits, nuts, grains and protein foods. This is because these foods contain antioxidants.

Antioxidants help in deactivating the free radicals that can damage both the sperm and egg cell which can cause infertility. It is also recommended to eat a bigger breakfast before starting the day as it may improve hormonal balance.

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Eating heavy meals in the evening can also lead to overweight. Foods rich in fibre is also important as it helps to keep the blood sugar balanced and also gets rid of excess hormones that can lead to infertility.

It is also important to eat foods with lower carbs as they help to reduce insulin levels and helps in menstrual regularity. This makes your fertility on a safer level.

Tokeo la picha la dieting

Healthy weight

Always observe your weight when feeding, you should not be either overweight or underweight. When you are overweight or underweight, you have high chances of having longer cycle lengths hence difficult to get pregnant.

When you are overweight it means that you got a lot of fats in your body and it influences your menstrual function. Studies state that obese women have lower chances of getting pregnant.

‘Every marriage has a price to pay’ Says Muliro’s ex husband Eric Omba

However, it is possible for one to acquire the required health weight. This is by engaging in exercising on a daily basis. When you engage in exercises it makes your body active hence reducing chances of infertility in your body.

Tokeo la picha la workout

Take time to relax

It is important to have time to relax once in a while. When you are stressed, depressed or working under high pressure you are not likely to conceive.

This is due to the hormonal changes that take place in your body when stressed. Have some time to rest once a while and have enough sleep and avoid overworking yourself.


Tokeo la picha la relaxing

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What you need to know when you want to maintain that gym life

The thing about gym life is that you have to make time. Most common response as to why many people do not go to the gym is because they can’t find the time.

The truth is, balancing work and your personal life can be difficult. This is especially true if you have a demanding job, a long commute, odd work hours or a physically exhausting job.

If you have already started working out and are consistent about it, well good for you.

If otherwise and are trying to keep balance inclusiveness of working out, all that could be said is find some time.

Well, there are things that you need to know when you want to maintain that gym life.


1. Increase your protein  intake

The amount of protein you require depends on your weight and your daily caloric intake.

This does not mean that you should take excess proteins as research has found that excess protein intake could harm your body.

If the main aim of working out is to gain muscle weight then,  it is possible that the addition of proteins to your diet could do this for you.

Healthy Food: Grilled Chicken And Mix Salad Of Chicory, Tomatoes


‘I got rejected in some churches,’ reveals gospel star Hope Kid

2. Reduce your carbohydrate intake

This does not mean that you should remove carbohydrates off your meals.

This is because it depends on a lot of different factors such as age, how much you work out, what your lifestyle is like, and what your dietary restrictions are.

Thus carbs reduction only means that since you are on muscle building or reduction, should be less on that diet.



3.  Work out! Don’t just work out

Do not go to the gym to just take photos for the gram.

Go out there and actually work out.

This not only motivates you, but it also gives you the desired body goals you have been working hard for in the long run.

image-2019-06-13 (1) (1)


Doctors reveal Ebola outbreak in Uganda

4. Be kind to yourself

Do not be too hard on yourself,

Take every step as easy as you work out. Don’t be too hard on yourself if the results don’t happen as soon as you would want them to.

are not as Be patient and above all, trust the process.



5. Be consistent and prioritize your gym schedules.

This is the part that I would want to emphasize on.

Well not to put pressure on you but to simply push you to that potential.

Anyway, it is important to make time for that gym work out. Be consistent while at it and just aim for what you desire.



Doctors reveal Ebola outbreak in Uganda

6. There are no failures, only lessons

Take every work out session as a lesson and not as a failure.

Do not overwhelm yourself trying to get results in one day.

Learn all you can while working out, all the dietary from other gym partners, all the work out techniques and try to incorporate them in yours once in a while to keep the fire burning.

Understand not all techniques and foods work for everybody, just try to find what works for you.


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Yummy Mummies! Celebrity mothers with amazing bodies

Some say that pregnancy always leaves scars on a mother. And it does; from cellulite to stretch marks to sagging skin, the effects can be drastic.

The effort to get back to one’s pre-pregnancy body can be tough and daunting for many women but there are those who have been able to do it successfully.

Some of these celebs who have done it are below;

Talia Oyando

Talia is very active on social media showing her dedication to the gym. The entertainer has been married to Ezekiel Onyango, the CEO of Film Crew Africa.

They have been blessed with one son whom they named Lyric Onyango. Check out the fit mama with curves to die for!

Talia Oyando seating on a bike
Talia Oyando seating on a bike
Talia Oyando in green looking pretty
Talia Oyando in green looking pretty
Talia Oyando seating on a bike
Talia Oyando seating on a bike

Yummy Mummies! Celebrity moms with amazing bodies.

Julie Gichuru

This is another celeb who has maintained a wonderful body despite having 5 children with her husband Anthony Gichuru.

Julie Gichuru wearing a dress
Julie Gichuru wearing a dress
Julie Gichuru in a blue dress
Julie Gichuru in a blue dress
Julie Gichuru in a short dress
Julie Gichuru in a short dress

Lillian Muli

Lillian has been blessed with two wonderful sons, Josh Munene and Liam. The Citizen T.V host has shown that one can maintain a good figure after childbirth.

Lillian Muli holding her hips
Lillian Muli holding her hips
Lillian on the helipad
Lillian on the helipad
Lillian Muli looking good
Lillian Muli looking good

Lulu Hassan

The Citizen T.V anchor is married to Abdallah Hassan and the two have been blessed with 3 wonderful kids; two boys and the last-born, a girl. And despite all the kids, she still looks very good.

Lulu Hassan walking
Lulu Hassan walking
Lulu Hassan with her husband Rashid Abdallah
Lulu Hassan with her husband Rashid Abdallah
Lulu Hassan smiling
Lulu Hassan smiling

Brenda Wairimu

This 30-year-old actress has a daughter with Juliani and has been able to maintain a trim shape. One would suspect that she had never had a child if told to guess.

Brenda Wairimu
Brenda Wairimu smiling
Brenda Wairimu
Brenda Wairimu posing
Brenda Wairimu
Brenda Wairimu seating

There are many more beautiful yummy mummies with wonderful bodies but that is it for today.

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Doctors reveal Ebola outbreak in Uganda

A five-year-old has died of Ebola in Uganda in the first spread of a deadly outbreak in neighboring Democratic Republic of Congo.

Health officials said the boy passed away last night after testing positive for the killer virus in Uganda, which has been on high alert for 10 months.

The boy was from the DRC, and had reportedly travelled across the border with his mother and other family members to see his father.

More than 2,000 cases of Ebola have been recorded in the north-eastern part of the DRC since the outbreak began last August.

Official figures show the death toll in the African nation now stands at 1,396, with half of the fatalities having occurred since April.

Confirmation of cross-border contamination is a blow to local officials who have desperately tried to stop the spread of Ebola.

University lecturer left paralyzed after a mosquito bite


‘The boy who tested positive for Ebola in Kasese yesterday passed on last night in the isolation unit,’ an official told AFP on condition of anonymity.

‘The minister for health (Ruth Aceng) will be briefing the country about the death of the boy and arrangements to bury the body.’

The official said the child, who traveled to Uganda from the DRC on Monday, was likely to be buried later today.

The child and his family entered the country through Bwera border post and sought medical care at a hospital in Kagando.

Uganda’s health ministry and the WHO have sent a rapid response team to the western town of Kasese to trace likely cases.

The WHO said that aid workers will vaccinate those who may have come into contact with the boy.

The unidentified child was receiving supportive treatment at Bwera ETU, an Ebola treatment unit.

Two of his family members were being tested for Ebola after developing symptoms, with results expected later today.

Congo’s health ministry in a separate statement said the boy, from Mabalako, arrived on Monday at Congo’s Kasindi border post.

There, a dozen family members appeared to have symptoms and were transferred to an isolation center at the local hospital for observation.

Six family members then broke away while being transferred to an Ebola treatment center in Beni and crossed into Uganda.

Ugandan officials found the family members at the Kagando hospital, where the boy’s Ebola case was confirmed.

Officials from the two countries will meet today about the possibility of sending the family back to Beni in Congo for treatment, the health ministry said.

It is not clear how the family members were able to cross the border, where millions have travelers have been screened for Ebola since the outbreak began.

Ugandan health teams ‘are not panicking,’ Henry Mwebesa, a physician and the national director of health services, told The Associated Press.

He cited the country’s experience battling previous outbreaks of Ebola and other hemorrhagic fevers.

‘We have all the contingencies to contain this case,’ Mr Mwebesa said. ‘It is not going to go beyond’ the patient’s family.

The family likely did not pass through official border points, where all travelers are screened for a high temperature and isolated if they show signs of illness.

The child’s mother, who is married to a Ugandan, ‘knows where to pass. She does not have to go through the official border points,’ Mr Mwebesa said.

Dr Jeremy Farrar, director of the Wellcome Trust, said: ‘News of an Ebola case confirmed in Uganda is tragic but unfortunately not surprising.

‘Uganda is very well prepared, has established surveillance and given the Merck vaccine to health care workers, but we can expect and should plan for more cases in DRC and neighbouring countries.

‘This epidemic is in a truly frightening phase and shows no sign of stopping anytime soon. There are now more deaths than any other Ebola outbreak in history, bar the West Africa Epidemic of 2013-16, and there can be no doubt that the situation could escalate towards those terrible levels.’

In April, an expert committee of the WHO decided that DR Congo’s outbreak, while of ‘deep concern’, was not yet a global health emergency.

International spread of a disease is one of the major criteria WHO considers before declaring a situation to be a global health emergency.

Uganda has had multiple outbreaks of Ebola – considered one of the most lethal pathogens in existence – since 2000.

The outbreak in the DRC only appears to be getting worse – week-by-week infection rates are far higher than at any time before March.

Attacks from armed rebels – some believed to be linked to Islamic State – are slowing down the response and risking the lives of locals and aid workers.

Armed militiamen reportedly believe Ebola is a conspiracy against them and have repeatedly attacked health workers battling the epidemic.

There have been more than 120 attacks this year against aid workers, with eighty-five being wounded or killed, according to the World Health Organization (WHO).

Ebola killed 11,000 people and ravaged West Africa during an epidemic between 2014-15. One case was detected in Spain, Italy and the UK, respectively.

The DRC declared its tenth ever outbreak of Ebola last August in northeastern North Kivu province.

The killer virus, which causes fevers, uncontrollable bleeding and organ failure, quickly spread into the neighboring Ituri region.

-Daily mail

Assisted suicide is now legal in Maine, USA

Maine legalized medically assisted suicide on Wednesday, becoming the eighth state to allow terminally ill people to end their lives with prescribed medication.

Democratic Governor Janet Mills, who had previously said she was unsure about the bill, signed it in her office.

Oregon was the first state to legalize such assistance, in 1997, and it took over a decade for the next state, Washington, to follow suit.

While still controversial, assisted suicide legislation is winning increasing acceptance in the United States, and this year at least 18 states considered such measures.

Maine’s bill would allow doctors to prescribe terminally ill people a fatal dose of medication.

The bill declares that obtaining or administering life-ending medication is not suicide under state law, thereby legalizing the practice often called medically assisted suicide.
The proposal had failed once in a statewide vote and at least seven previous times in the Legislature. The current bill passed by just one vote in the House, and a slim margin in the Senate.

The signing Wednesday was a relief to Mainers such as Staci Fowler, 47, who’s taken on the fight for such laws in honor of her late friend Rebecca VanWormer.

VanWormer, whose breast cancer spread to her bones, had pushed for such a bill in 2015 – two years before she died in 2017.

‘This is what she wanted,’ said Fowler, an educational consultant in Gardiner. ‘And now everybody has the option that she didn’t have.’

Maine joins seven other states and Washington, DC, that have similar laws, according to the Death With Dignity National Center and the Death With Dignity Political Fund.

The other states with ‘death with dignity’ laws are: California, Colorado, Hawaii, Oregon, Vermont, Washington, and New Jersey, whose governor signed the legislation earlier this year.

Montana doesn’t have a specific law on the books, but the state Supreme Court ruled in 2009 that doctors could use a patient’s request for life-ending medication as a defense against criminal charges.

Maine’s population has the oldest median age, and, as in other states, the proposal has exposed divisions that defied party lines.

Supporters, including Democrats and a small group of Republicans, say the terminally ill should have the right to choose a peaceful end.

Opponents, meanwhile, have said the legislation puts the terminally ill in ‘grave danger.’

‘Assisted suicide is a dangerous public policy that puts the most vulnerable people in society at risk for abuse, coercion and mistakes,’ said Matt Valliere, Executive Director of Patients Rights Action Fund, an advocacy group.

‘It also provides profit-driven insurance companies perverse incentives to offer a quick death, rather than costly continuing quality care.’

The bill’s Democratic sponsor said the latest language addresses criticism of past efforts that have failed in Maine.

The legislation defines ‘terminal disease’ as one that is incurable and will likely end in death within six months.

The bill requires a second opinion by a consulting physician, along with one written and two verbal requests. Physicians would screen patients for conditions that could impair judgment, such as depression.

The law criminalizes coercing someone into requesting life-ending medication, as well as forging a request for life-ending medication.

Daily Mail

People on antidepressants in middle or old age more likely to suffer dementia

People taking antidepressants in middle or old age could have triple the risk of developing dementia, a study has found.

Antidepressants may damage or kill crucial nerve cells in the brain, researchers claimed in a study of more than 71,000 people.

Rates of dementia were found to be 3.4 times higher among people who took the depression drugs after the age of 60.

The findings should encourage people and doctors to weigh up the risks and benefits of antidepressant treatment, the researchers said.

But one expert warned scientists are increasingly turning to believe depression may actually be an early symptom of dementia and a consequence of years of changes in the brain.

Others said there is no evidence the pills cause the brain disease – only that there is a link between the conditions – and depression treatment should not be avoided.Researchers from Israel, Sweden and New York studied a group of 71,515 real patients in Israel between 2013 and 2017.

All people in the study were over the age of 60 by 2012 and had not yet been diagnosed with dementia.

They were split into groups of those who had taken antidepressants during the decade (3,688 people) and those who hadn’t (67,827).In the antidepressant-taking group, 11 per cent of people developed dementia before the end of the study – a total of 407 people.

While in the group which didn’t take the pills, that rate was just 2.6 per cent (1,769 people).

When the results were adjusted to make them fair, the dementia risk of people in the antidepressant group was 3.4 times higher.

The overall rate of dementia is around five to six per cent, meaning people have a one in 20 chance of getting it – but some groups are at higher risk than others.

‘Our study results indicate that antidepressant exposure in old age may increase the risk of dementia,’ said the researchers, led by Dr Stephen Levine of the University of Haifa in Israel.They reported they could not draw more specific results about types of drugs, though only included people who were treated with a single type of medicine.

In the paper they added: ‘Clinicians, caregivers and patients may wish to consider this potential negative consequence of antidepressant exposure with the objective of balancing the adverse events and symptomatic benefits of… antidepressant medication in old age’.

The research suggested the drugs may cause nerve damage, stop the growth of nerve cells, or be toxic to normal cells in the brain.

However, one expert said the finding should not be used to stop people from taking antidepressants, and the link may actually go the other way.

Professor Rob Howard, an expert in old age psychiatry at University College London, told MailOnline: ‘It used to be thought that depression was a risk factor for dementia but when you look at the longer term, over 20 years before someone develops dementia, that isn’t the case.

‘It seems to be only proximal to diagnosis of dementia and people with depression have probably had progressive [brain damage] for a number of years.

‘We’re increasingly seeing depression as a [sign] of Alzheimer’s-type pathology in the brain.’

Professor Howard added research must be presented carefully to avoid ‘terrifying’ people who are most in need of antidepressant treatment.

Professor Wendy Burn, President of the Royal College of Psychiatrists, added: ‘There is no evidence that antidepressants cause dementia.

‘There is an association as people with dementia are more likely to be depressed and therefore more likely to be on antidepressants.’

Dr James Pickett, head of research at the Alzheimer’s Society, said: ‘This study didn’t examine the dose, the effects of different types of antidepressants, and how long people were taking them for, which are important questions to guide treatment.

‘It is challenging to distinguish between depression and dementia in its early stages, and it’s possible people with dementia were misdiagnosed and prescribed an antidepressant.

‘However, although this study is not conclusive, it does support research we’ve funded, which showed some types of antidepressants may have a small increased risk of dementia associated with them.’

And Dr Laura Phipps from Alzheimer’s Research UK added: ‘Some previous studies have linked certain types of antidepressant to a higher dementia risk due to their impact on levels of chemical messengers in the brain.

‘However, depression can also be an early symptom of dementia, so using antidepressants may reflect these early brain changes.

‘Many treatments that bring benefits also carry side effects. While doctors must weigh up benefit and harm when prescribing any medication, further research into the impact of medication on dementia risk will help better inform those making such decisions.’

The Israel researchers published their study in the American Journal of Geriatric Psychiatry.

Daily Mail

Kabi Wa Jesus and wife pregnant with their first child

Kabi Wa Jesus and his wife Millie have been a picture of marital bliss for many couples out there. The creative director and his wife revealed today that they are now pregnant.

Kabi Wa Jesus with his wife Millie
The couple together smiling

The caption that accompanied their image of the pregnant couple is below;

In Gods perfect time, in His perfect will, in accordance to His purpose. #NiJesus  #marriageworks 🥰🥰@millywajesus

The congratulatory messages rolled in hard and fast. Some of them are below;

blessednjugush; 💪💪💪💪💪Ni Jesus!!!!!!!!!! Congratulations!!!!!!!
sowairina; Awww CONGRATULATIONS❤️
teacherwanjiku; Naona kazi imefanywa 😂😂😂congratulations!
celestinendinda; Congratulations to the wa jesus😍😍😍
juliet_swit; Congrats I always pray for you to be honest nmefeel kama ni sister yangu aki I even cried so happy for you guys may God protect the baby …love you guys
just_ivy_; Guuuuyyssssss nooooo 😭😭😭😭 I’M SO HAPPY!! CONGRATULATIONS!!
auntie_jemimah; Oh wow! Congratulations WaJesus family! 😍😍😍
cecesagini; Awe God’s timing ….super super congratulations @millywajesus @kabiwajesus ❤️❤️❤️ you will make beautiful parents 🙏😊
kymo.music; Indeed God is gracious
patience_mueni; I knew you was pregnant from Bangkok time….lemmmi rush we had a bet with someone😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂

Kabi Wa Jesus and his wife met while they were both studying at Kenyatta University. They dated from 2014 before getting married in 2017. They jointly run Bantu Films, a media production company, which Peter started after college.

The couple receiving a Groove Award
The couple receiving a Groove Award


The couple’s main areas of business include filming weddings and events, musical videos, documentaries, and personal photography, all which demand teamwork. Their role models are Bonfire Adventures founders Simon and Sarah Kabu.

Simon and Sarah Kabu
Simon presenting his wife Sarah Kabu with a Range Rover on her birthday in 2017

Millie joins gospel musician Kambua as one of the celebs who are pregnant at the moment. Kambua’s tale is inspiring and motivational for women who haven’t had a child despite being married for a long time.

Kambua pregnant
Kambua pregnant

Kambua and her pastor husband had been married for 6 years before she finally got pregnant this year.

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Sleeping with the light on or TV on could lead to weight gain

Falling asleep with the light or TV on could lead to obesity because it confuses the body clock, scientists have warned.

Those who are exposed to artificial light of any kind in the evenings are 17 per cent more likely to gain weight, a study found.

Women were followed for five years and those who reported leaving the lights on gained up to 11lbs (5kg).

The researchers believe this is because sleep was disrupted – which has an effect on hormone balance and makes people seek out calorific food.

Experts said the findings made ‘perfect sense’ and add to mounting evidence against artificial lighting in the lead up to sleeping.
The study, by the National Institute of Environmental Health Sciences, North Carolina, included nearly 44,000 women enrolled in the Sister Study group.

The women had no history of cancer or cardiovascular disease and weren’t shift workers, daytime sleepers or pregnant at the study’s start.

The women, aged between 35 and 74 years of age, self-reported the amount of artificial light they were exposed to at night.The findings, published in Jama International Medicine, found light – especially sleeping with a light or television on in the room – increased the risk of weight gain and obesity.

Compared to those not exposed to artificial light, women who slept with the light or TV on were 22 per cent more likely to become newly overweight and 33 per cent more likely to become newly obese.

The authors said this could be because a lack of sleep changes the hormones that regulate appetite.

As well as this, a shorter sleep simply means more time awake, and therefore more time to eat food. The researchers, led by Dr Yong-Moon Mark Park, were quick to point out that exposure to artificial light at night can be reflective of unhealthy behaviours, such as an unhealthy diet, sedentary lifestyle or stress, and socioeconomic disadvantage.

Casual inferences cannot be drawn from these results and more studies are needed to examine this association.

But reducing exposure to artificial light at night while sleeping could be considered in obesity prevention interventions, the authors said.


Professor Malcolm von Schantz, from the University of Surrey, said the findings ‘make perfect biological sense’.

He added: ‘We know that light in the late evening will delay our body clocks. We know from experimental studies in people that light at night affects our metabolism in ways that are consistent with increased risk of metabolic syndrome.

‘What is novel with this paper is that it is a longitudinal study comparing the weight of the same individuals at baseline and more than five years later.

‘These new findings won’t change the advice to maintain good sleep hygiene, and avoid light and electronic distractions in the bedroom, but they add further strength to the case for this advice.’

Dr Michelle Miller, associate professor of biochemical medicine, University of Warwick, said: ‘It shows that even after adjustment for potential confounders that light exposure whilst sleeping is associated with obesity.

‘The authors have adjusted for many potential confounders including sleep duration, which in this and previous studies has been prospectively associated with increased obesity, particularly in children.’

The experts said the study could have been stronger if participants had been wearing instruments that tracked their activity and exposure to light, rather than relying on self-reports

‘The findings are however consistent with current advice that sleeping environments should be as dark as possible,’ Dr Miller said.

Daily Mail

Chipukeezy, Janet Mbugua, Terryanne, Amina team up to pay girls school fees

Chipukeezy, Janet Mbugua, Terryanne Chebet, and Amina Abdia teamed up with Chipukeezy this week to aid a female high school student who was filmed while drunk a few months ago.

Chipukeezy who is a NACADA board member on Monday visited the 15-year-old at her home in Karatina together with NTV’s The Trend host Amina.

Chipukeezy helping the girl
Chipukeezy helping the girl

The comedian posted the good news on his Instagram page revealing that the girl had thought of killing herself when the video went viral. His caption read;

A few months ago a video showing a 15-year-old girl clearly drunk went viral. When she was on the verge of running away from home because of the video, contemplating suicide etc I took it upon myself as a Nacada Director to reach out and offer help where I could. I promised to offer mentorship, ensure she completes her high school education, receive the much-needed guidance and counseling and today, I’m so happy to say she’s doing so much better.

He also explained that he had reached out to several media personalities who offered to pay for the girl’s school fees for a year each. He added;

I reached out to my sister @aminaabdirabar who not only joined me and came all the way to Karatina BUT she even offered to pay 1 year of her high school. It inspired me to do the same, I then called @officialjanetmbugua & @terryannechebet who both agreed to help and each paid fees for a year as well. Kindly note that the reason I reached out was not to reward her for drinking, but give her the mentorship she requires & to highlight the much-needed discussion on alcohol affecting our youth across the country.

Many fans and followers of his were pleased with the wonderful information and rightfully said so. This great news reminds me of the richest black man in America, Robert F Smith.

Last month, the billionaire pledged to pay the college student loans for 396 graduates from Morehouse College in Atlanta, Georgia, that amounted to at least 4 billion shillings!

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It is NEVER safe to drink alcohol while pregnant – study shows

Babies whose mothers drank alcohol during their pregnancies – even as early as at conception – are at greater risk of being born with low birth weights, a new study suggests.

The new research, from scientists in at the University of Oxford and the University of Queensland found that alcohol blocks the development of all-important blood vessels in the placenta in rats.

And these effects become apparent from the very earliest stages of pregnancy.

They also discovered that the female animals were much more dramatically affected by alcohol exposure, which was linked to 17 percent lower birth weights and 32 percent less blood vessel development in the placenta.
A developing fetus is sensitive to every change in the mother’s body, and vital statistics like birth weight can have lifelong consequences.

Babies are considered to have a low birth weight if they are under eight lbs and five ounces.

Being small at birth puts a child at greater risk of breathing disorders, brain bleeds, heart defects, eye diseases, infection and an under-developed liver early in life.

As they grow into adolescence and adulthood, these children are more likely to develop life-threatening conditions like diabetes, heart disease and high blood pressure.

They are also at higher risk of obesity and intellectual disabilities.

Among the most common causes of low birth weight – aside from premature birth – is fetal growth restriction (FGR).

FGR simply means that a developing fetus doesn’t gain enough weight in the womb.Genetic factors – like parental size – can keep the baby from gaining this weight, but so can lifestyle factors, like drinking, smoking and using drugs.

The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention urges that there is no safe amount of alcohol to drink at any time during pregnancy – including before a woman knows she is pregnant.

While the American College of Obstetricians and Gynecologists (ACOG) echoes this advice, it also reassures women that ‘serious harm from this kind of [alcohol] use is unlikely.

‘The important thing is not to drink any alcohol for the rest of the pregnancy.’

But the new study, published in the journal Development, suggests that there may be risks to even the earliest sips of wine, beer or booze.

Scientists at the University of Queensland and the University of Oxford studied female rats beginning four days before their eggs were fertilized.

They continued to monitor the animals and the development of their embryos until after the babies were born, and considered ‘early pregnancy’ to span to four days after fertilization.

Even alcohol exposure in these earliest days of the animals’ pregnancies had clear and damaging effects on their fetuses.

In the earliest days of pregnancy, the placenta is developing around the fetus.

Proper development of the organ and its vasculature is critical to the fetus because this system of blood vessels will deliver nutrients and oxygen from mother to baby.

But in the rats, the scientists saw that even alcohol exposure in the earliest days of pregnancy cut the growth of blood vessels in the placenta.

For unclear reasons, the effects of this shortcoming were felt much more by female fetuses, whose placentas showed a 32 percent reduction in blood vessel growth, and whose birth weights were an average of 17 percent lower.

‘This has implications for human health by helping to explain, in part, why babies exposed to alcohol in the womb are often born small,’ said study co-author Dr Jacinta Kalisch-Smith, a placental researcher at the University of Oxford.

‘The next part of this project is to see whether nutrient supplementation can reduce or even prevent the adverse effects of alcohol exposure.’

Daily Mail

Shock in Nakuru as teenager commits suicide in church altar

Residents of Kiambogo area in Nakuru County are in shock after one of their own decided to commit suicide. What was even more stupefying is that 18-year-old Dennis Ngugi took his own life in the precincts of his own church!

The teen was found hanging at the altar of PCEA Muthaiti church by faithful as they trooped in for the Sunday service. The initial reports according to a report on KTN news is that Ngugi, who was a form two student, had killed himself after having a disagreement with a classmate.

According to the report, Ngugi left home on Saturday, going to his church where he was attending Baptism classes. He, however, did not return home that day with his relatives thinking that he had slept at his friend’s place.

His grandmother, Jacinta Wanjiku who was his guardian after his mother abandoned him at 9 months, was called by a congregant from PCEA Muthaiti church on Sunday morning. The congregant told her that they had found someone’s lifeless body in the church.

At that instance, Jacinta knew that it was her grandson, Dennis!

Ngugi left a will detailing that his potato farm, three chicken and mobile phone were to go to his uncles. Church members were left wondering what would have caused the teenager to commit suicide inside the church?

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Tips: 4 ways to keep your baby warm this cold season

It’s hard enough for us adults to get out of bed. We would all rather be tucked in bed, and not endure this horrifying cold weather.

It must be that much worse for babies.

Here are some of the tips to keep your baby warm this season;

Tokeo la picha la baby warm clothes


Co-sleeping. When the baby is sleeping they need to be kept warm. It is necessary for you to lie down with them as they get to sleep. Snuggling against the mother will help the baby benefit some heat hence keeping the toddler warm. The baby can be dressed in a fleece sleeper. 

Tokeo la picha la co sleeping

Dressing. During this rainy season the baby needs to be warm all the time. When dressing the baby you should include warm sweaters and jackets that will provide warmth the baby. Avoid dressing the baby in light clothes as they don’t produce much warmth.

‘He was like Akuku Danger’ – Morgan Heritage on fathers multiple baby mama’s

You can tell whether the baby is feeling warm or cold by touching either the toes or belly. When the toes are cold then it means you need to add another layer. Socks and hats are also very important during this season as they make the baby feel warm. The baby wrappings also should not be very light. They should be heavy and have a cotton like material that will generate heat to the body. Especially when the baby is sleeping you have to make sure that hey re properly covered.

Tokeo la picha la baby warm clothes

Environment. Always avoid exposing the baby to a cold environment. This includes when you either want to wash the baby or change the diapers. Ensure it is a cool environment that does not allow cold air to get in.

Old fashion trends that are making a come back in 2019!

When going for a walk ensure that the baby is warmly dressed and stroller covers are necessary too as they prevent the baby from getting wet. When driving ensure the windows are not opened and a car seat liner is also necessary to keep the baby warm and prevent them from windy winter elements. Cover the baby with snuggle blankets after he or she is buckled in the car seat.

Foods and drinks. Avoid giving the baby any cold food or drink that includes water. Everything the baby takes should be warm and also not hot.

More tips: