Victoria Kimani looks incredible while attending New York fashion week


Fashions biggest event is going down in New York.

And our very own Victoria Kimani is serving looks.

She updated fans with the different outfits she has worn writing “#NYFW Day 2 was LIT!”


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The Designers have premiered their collections much to the delight of enthusiasts.

Victoria also shared another look at day three of the event.


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Victoria has also announced her fourth album is on the way.” ALBUM #4 SOON !! Let’s Gooooooooo”

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Juma Jux denies writing new song for pregnant ex girlfriend Vanessa Mdee


Bongo singer Juma Jux has told fans that his new song Sina Neno is not a dedication to his former girlfriend Vanessa Mdee who recently announced she is pregnant for fiancé Rotimi.

In lyrics he says he has moved on and is happy for her.

Many fans sympathized with his situation on Wednesday September 8 when he unveiled the song.

His fans faulted him for not impregnating and taking their love seriously so much so that she bagged a hotter man.

Responding to the allegations on his Instagram stories on Friday night September 10, Jux told several fans who DM’d him that the song is meant for his fans, and not her,Vanessa-Mdee-and-Jux

One fan wrote a DM relating with such a situation seeing an ex move on

“Huu wimbo unanikumbusha miaka miwili iliopita my ssiter aliachana na mwanaume wake. Mwanaume huyo akampa mwanamke mwingine mimba my sister became very emotional bcoz marafiki na watu kaeribu yake wali mu attack sana kwa manenoi ya kejeli japowaliachan kwa amani so peopel who feel happy for the diffcult time you had are same people who can give you congratulations  when God became a gold then all things you”

Another fan told him “I may not have the maturity to wish my ex the best in life but I respect Jux for this one man!!!”

Jux responded denying he is unhappy with the Vanessa pregnancy news “I do this for my people leo napita DM kidogo”

He added after several more sympathetic comments that “and is song this song is for everyone keep enjoying good music #sinaneno”

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I miss and enjoyed how my ex used to beat me – Wema Sepetu


Tanzania Miss 2006 Wema Sepetu has tongues wagging after remarking that she misses being subjected to domestic abuse by an ex.

In 202, she admitted that Diamond Platnumz used to beat her and this latest confession comes after Diamond in a new song Naanzaje said he misses Wema.

Wema on her Instagram wrote the alarming comments “Nakumbuka zamani wakati naanza mapenzi na mwanaume flani, alishanitamkia hajawahi na hatowahi kumpiga mwanamke… Ila kwangu bwana akagonga mwamba na hicho kiapo… Kiukweli nili enjoy sana…😂😂😂
Moral of the story: Kupigwa na baby wako kuna raha yake, haswa pale kwenye kubembelezana… Ila sasa sio tupigane kama wezi… Kidogo tu sio mbaya… Alafu iwe mara moja moja sio Daily… 😉😉😉
Sio lazima wote tufanane… Kuna wasio penda kupigwa ila as for me, kushtua shtua one tym one tym is very Healthy jamani….”


In an interview with Ijumaa Wikienda in 2020, the actress disclosed that one thing she misses about dating Diamond Platnumz was how he used to “beat her up”. Wema added that she loved it because he gave her attention thereafter.

“He would beat me up thoroughly.

“Ironically, I loved it when he battered me, I just don’t know why that was the case. But, I remember he would pamper me after assaulting me, and, I think I loved it because he’d give me attention after the battering. Honestly speaking, I miss being beaten up by him, a lot.

“I remember there was a day he saw a suggestive message on my phone. Out of anger, he gave me a hard slap on the cheek. My siblings came to know that I was a victim of domestic abuse. They pleaded with me to leave him, but I told them that they should leave me alone as I was enjoying being beaten up by him.”


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Kenyans roast Millicent Omanga about supposedly jumping fence


A picture of a woman scaling a fence has been said to be MP Millicent Omanga.

KOT have dug deep on her social media and found a picture of her wearing a similar dress to prove she is the one.

The woman in the picture  above was said to have jumped Kasarani police fence under some unclear circumstances.milkicent ame dre

In a statement, Omanga has denied the allegations.

Politician aspiring to be in Gotham come next yrGrinning face with smiling eyes

huyo msee ali capture hiyo picha….hatari hatusemi sana

Online kenyan men watachachisha how we love thick but we do draw a line, milly uko far beyond it. Toooo thick to tick

Rolling on the floor laughingRolling on the floor laughingRolling on the floor laughinguko sure atafika chini pekee yake ama fence itamfuata!Flushed face

Huyo hana kitu ,Omanga akiinama ivo kutakuwa Tsunami bro

Enyewe mhesh.. ako na amazing behind. io nyuma inatrend sana

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I was told to hug my suitcase like it’s a girl – TBT of Form 1’s being bullied


Dear KOT, were you bullied in form one and what crazy things were you forced to do?

Classic 105 audience’s told Maina the horrific things they went through as Form one students in the hands of bullies.

Here are some and as you ribs crack, send woishe comments please.

  1. Mwalimu Kingangi told him how they were told to use buckets to go outside and collect darkness
  2. I was told to count my hair
  3.  I was told to buy bread ith 50 cent
  4.  I was in aKiambu school and made to carry avocado in my horts everyday until itwas ready to be eaten Huyo jamaa alikuwa anaifinya kuona kama imeiva If i didnt have it in my pocket he wouild beat me
  5.  I used to be told to washthe dirty and smelly socks of the bullies in 10 seconds. Can you imagine? alitufanyia ujinga
  6.  There was a guywho used to give us a branch of a tree so that we drag it everyday to make that noise
  7.  We were told to funga kamba on his bed and bark like a dog
  8.  I was told to take a picture and draw a mandazi and utamu yake
  9. We were told to hang ontop and imagine we are mangoes that are ready na unagukle ati sisi ni maembe imeiva anguka sasa na saa hiyo umeshikilia rail.
  10.  I was told to sit by his bedside and sing lullaby until he sleeps and if he wakes up you continue singing
  11.  I was told to lie on my suitcase and imagine that it’s a girl and hold it until my family jewel stands

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Bobi Wine’s sweet message to wife Barbie on her birthday


Ugandan Bobi Wine’s wife Barbie Kyagulanyi is celebrating her birthday and her popular politician hubby has a message for his queen.

Bobi took it to Twitter paying tribute to her in a lengthy message that showed his softer side.

“It’s like only yesterday when I set my eyes on you Barbie Kyagulanyi. Since then, my life has never been the same. For all the smiles and frowns, for all the good and bad times, I praise God we’re still the same love birds that made the solemn promise to each other”

He lovingly referred to her as his queen and first lady.

He added “This world would never be the same if you were not born, atleast not for me. The world will never know how much of an inspiration you are to me. You transformed me and gave me a new meaning of life. You have been the wind beneath my wings every time I fly.”

“My number one fan, my cheer leader and my pillar of strength. MY BESTEST FRIEND. I am so glad you were born for me. I love you so much. Happy birthday to you my love.”

Happy 39th birthday from Classic 105 Barbie.

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Never complain about hardwork! Zuchu says about buying mansion


Bongo singer Zuchu works hard, no doubt about that.

Her songs are loved and the results of it are in a mansion she now owns.

She shared picture on her Instagram stories attributing ownership of the huge home to hard work and the spirit of never giving up

She captioned the photos “God Am grateful Alhamdulilahi, One year in the industry and look at the life you’ve blessed me with. Usije kukataa tamaa mwisho wa mapambano ni kifo tu And never complain about hardwork . I repeat usikate tamaa”

zuchu grateful; (1)

Zuchu recently held her homecoming concert where President Suluhu called her mid song to congratulate her.

Shine on Zuchu. Congratulations from the Classic 105 fam.

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Move over Hudah! Juma Jux’s new cars after birthday celebrations


Bongo singer Juma Jux is still in a celebratory mood after a weekend away in Zanzibar celebrating his birthday. He said he will be marking turning a year older for a while “All week is my birthday”

Juma and friends were staying at a private villa where he wrote “MY HOME FOR THE NEXT FEW DAYS HAPPY BIRTHDAY TO ME THANKING GOD FOR EVERYTHING”


From barbeques to sipping on Hennesy, Jux made sure he went hard. He also attended Nandy festival where he praised her for her efforts.

He returned home and showed off two new additions to his car collection. He earlier this year told fans he bought a white Mercedes and named it Huddah. Now he ha a new white Range Rover and hinted at being happy for his collection of white rides.



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Tell your children the truth about their deadbeat dad – Maina Kageni

It’s a feel good Monday and the conversation was all about a controversial statement made by Gospel singer Lois Kim on Instagram.

She has urged mothers to tell the truth to their children when fathers abandon their children and abscond their responsibilities. Maina and Kingangi weighed in on it, with Maina Kageni saying he agrees 100 per cent.

“What do you tell your children when their fool of a father is not taking care of them? There are alot of women raising their children with fathers not knowing what goes on”

Mwalimu Kingangi disagreed protesting “wanambiangw vitu mbaya, usianze hizo vita Lois Kim. Usichomee baba kama mtoto ni mdogo, you shoudl nottell them anything wewe ngoja baba atarudi he will come he will be back. wacha kuweka mtoto hizo vitu mapema”

But Maina blasted Kingangi saying there is no sympathy for absentee dads.happy-black-couple-2

“Why are you lying to the child? Mwambie mtoto the truth. Tell your children the truth that your father doesn’t even know where you sleep, he doesn’t even know which school you go to, be truthful to your children otherwise they grow up thinking their father is a superhero working in London because the first thing when that child meets the father is disappoint the child, because he has such high expectations about the father that he will be letdown. tell that child that he doesn’t even know your shoe size, he doesn’t even know if you sleep on a bed”

But Kingangi insisted that such fathers have intentions of coming back to their child’s life later, it’s just that there is a delay in doing so

“You know fathers always come back. Atarudi, do you know we never know why he left in the first place, we have no idea, women are very good at mobilizing their children against their father” mwalimu added.

Do you agree with Lois Kim?

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Maina Kageni to fly to Tanzania for Juma Jux’s party

Classic 105 presenter Maina Kageni is flying to Tanzania this weekend to attend singer Juma Jux’s birthday party. Asked about his weekend plans, Kageni told Classic 105 website that;

‘My weekend plan is Zanzibar, I’m going for Juma Jux’s birthday party”

Jux and Kageni have been friends for a long time and have been celebrating each other.

Maina also added that his friend Shiru is landing this weekend and are set to hang out.

‘I’m no one’s role model,’ Singer Barnaba reveals why he’s wearing skirts and dresses

‘Mum remembers everything,’ Conjestina Achieng’s son speaks

Legendary Kenyan boxer Conjestina Achieng’s fall from grace to grass can best be told by her son, Charltone Otieno, 25.

Conjestina had a promising career in boxing, winning medals and flying the Kenyan flag high.

That was before she became mentally ill and settled down at her Siaya home.

Speaking to The Star, Charltone shared memories of the day his mother started showing signs of mental illness.

“We would go to the gym and train. But one day, we went there and she just sat, doing nothing, and told me she is busy,” he said.

Charltone, 16 at the time, lived with his mother in Nairobi, and he witnessed her condition worsening day by day.

“She locked me in the house, saying there are people after me. I was locked in the house from morning to evening, then she came back with a gift, a bicycle. The next day, she lit a fire in the house, burning her important documents, photos.”

After observing the queer behaviour of his mother, he called his grandfather, who came and took her to hospital.

Since then, Conjestina has been in and out of the hospital but still remains mentally unstable.

Recently, reports emerged that the boxer had burnt down her house in Siaya.

“If she was to burn her house, she would have done it long ago. It was an accident and it was put out but her personal things and clothes burnt down,” Charltone said.

Conjoestina Achieng and her son Charltone Otieno
Conjoestina Achieng and her son Charltone Otieno

Even though she is mentally ill and confined to a village hut, memories of her glory days are fresh in her head.

“Mum remembers everything. It is only that when she talks to you, she says some irrelevant things. She feels neglected, sometimes she can go to a corner and talk to herself the whole day. On such days she doesn’t eat or even sleep. The next day she is hyper.”

Seeing her change really worked on my emotions-Conjestina’s son Charltone narrates

Charltone was raised by a single mother, and he hopes to know his father one day.

“I asked her when I was six years old. She said she will answer me when I’m old enough,” he said.

“I’m now old enough but I can’t ask it, she is not in the right state of mind. I would like to know him, whether dead or alive.”


By Fridah Naliaka

King Kaka tackles police brutality in ‘Tena’

King Kaka is back with another society conscious song yet again. His new song titled Tena features the talented band Jadi. As new-age activism and revolutionary music slowly takes shape, King Kaka has been in the forefront.

With the rampant cases of police brutality in Kenya especially during curfew hours, Kaka has shown his poetic muscle once again in this emotional and powerful piece.

Jadi, who also produced the track, added the perfect vocals that bring out the sombre mood of the circumstances surrounding the song.

In the video, directed by Steve Mugo, King Kaka brings back the memories of the two fallen Kianjokoma brothers, Benson Njiru, 22, and Emmanuel Mutura, 19 who succumbed to injuries suspected to be due to police brutality.

The poignant video shows a mother trying to call her two boys who could no longer answer their phones. The young lads are played by popular actors Bryan Kabugi and Sammy King.


Once the news of the death of the brothers broke out, Kenyans were up in arms protesting the meaningless killings. The cry, #JusticeForKianjokomaBrothers, gained traction with Kenyans from all walks of life speaking up to condemn the killings and calling for accountability for their deaths.

The protests attracted celebrities and politicians to the cause.

King Kaka has been vocal in highlighting societal ills. In 2019, the rapper took the country by storm with his song ‘Wajinga Nyinyi’ calling out Kenyans for their hypocrisy.

Through a hard knuckle approach, he laid bare the corruption that has mauled all sectors of the economy, provoking political leaders who responded fiercely through social media platforms.

‘Why I never settle for a Mbaba,’ Vera Sidika

In Tena, King Kaka reminds us to keep fighting and not forget the ones we have lost even as time passes by.

Check it out;

Lupita Nyong’o wins an Emmy Award for kid’s book ‘Sulwe’

Lupita Nyong’o is the winner of an Emmy Award for the ‘Outstanding Limited Performance In a Children’s Programme’ for her role as on Netflix’s Bookmark’s ‘Celebrating Black Voices’.

Taking to social media, the actress celebrated this big milestone;

“Here she is! The Emmy for #Sulwe on #BookmarksNetflix arrived! 📫🎉🏆♥️📚 A huge thank you to the @NetflixFamily team, and the brilliant @IAmMarleyDias for making this show possible. #BrightnessIsJustWhoYouAre #DaytimeEmmys”

The actress was made fun of for her colour while growing up, something that later inspired her to motivate children in her book ‘Sulwe’

“That is why I wrote ‘Sulwe’ to help children learn that they are beautiful before the world tells them anything else. Before the world tells you what you are worth, your parents and yourself, you have an opportunity to build yourself up.”

Trouble in paradise as 2Face Idibia’s wife exposes his unfaithfulness

Trouble in paradise as 2Face Idibia’s wife exposes his unfaithfulness

Nigerian legendary musician 2Face Idibia or 2Baba has been exposed by his wife Annie Idibia for engaging a little bit too much with his baby mama Pero Adeniyi.

Annie dragged her family’s issues to Instagram stories to slam the ‘My African Queen’ hitmaker.

“I am a patient woman. I am not a fool innocent. Your family never loved me from the beginning. No matter how hard I tried. I was never worthy to them,”

“I have made so many sacrifices for you and all your children. God knows I have I tried. Your baby mamas constantly use your children as an excuse for all sort of rubbish.”

She went on to say that the singer and his family have been conspiring to bring him and his baby mama together.

“I try to stay gracious. You are not the first man on the planet to have kids with different women. You can do better. Everything I do is to show the good human that you are.”

“But today, this move is done by you, Efe, Frankie and your family is unacceptable.”

She then blasted him with the baby mama for spending the night together.

“What kind of man takes his kids to Disney and spend nights in the same apartment with his kids and their mother? How many times have you gone to see your kids with Pero? and she stays with you and the kids under the same roof?”

The Nigerian singer has seven kids. Three with this particular baby mama, two with another baby mama and two with his wife.

The couple got married in 2013.

Anita Okoye, wife to Nigerian artiste Rudeboy ends their seven-year marriage

‘I’m no one’s role model,’ Singer Barnaba reveals why he’s wearing skirts and dresses

Tanzanian singer Barnaba has been hitting the headlines after he stepped out wearing a skirt and dress. The singer who has been in the music industry for over a decade said he felt like being creative by changing his style.

“Everyone has the freedom to do what they want to do. I was born with arts and I’m a creative.” He told Wasfi Media

“I am shocked that people have received this with negativity. I cannot hinder anyone from thinking the way they want to think about me. People are free to think whatever they want to think”

He added that he is a respectful person that needs not to be anyone’s mentor.

“This is my decision. I am a CEO, I have the money, I am a father and I know myself. You should be careful before you comment there. Everything I do in my music has a reason”

“My music is not about noise. I have not forced anyone to be my mentee. I am no one’s role model. before you comment anything about me, make sure you have eaten.”

He spilt the beans “A big endorsement is coming”.

Check him out;



Ali Kiba’s portrait sells for 400k at special auction

Why Nyota Ndogo lied about a new lover

Singer Nyota Ndogo has been telling fans on her social media that she is in love with a new man, singer Hurricane. But it seems the legendary singer has also been chasing clout and has released a song with the coastal-based singer.

Few days ago, she posted him with a love emoji and introduced him as her new lover.


(The heartbreak is over, I am finally home. I’ll be here forever. When you are left, please leave”

In another post, she shared a video with the singer and wrote;

Kwani mtu anachukua mda gani kupenda tena? Kupenda ni moyo jamani niacheni mtoto toli kanimaliza sijui nimtag mumjue.”
(How long does one take to fall in love? You love by heart, so leave me alone, I’ll tag him so that you get to know him)
Nyota Ndogo

The Watu Na Viatu’ hitmaker later revealed that the singer had introduced him to his parents and were planning to take the relationship to the next level.

“So wiki Tatu zimepita toka aliponipeleka home kwa wazazi. Nilimwambia kama umeambia wazazi na kijiji unatka kumuoa nyota ndogo lazima niende bila makeup wanikubali nilivyo. @officialpday_hurrikane hakusita siamenikubali nilivyo japo wazazi walikustuka wakisema no huyu huyu WA watu na viatu akasema yes. Nikaimbishwa tulichinjiwa mbuzi hapo supu kwa wingi. Yenyewe umri unakwenda tunasubiri nini? @officialpday_hurrikane ahsante kwa kunipenda kama nilivyo. Haya nimemtag mchukueni pia yeye”

But the two have released a song dubbed ‘Ni Wewe’ proof that the relationship might not be real.

Ndogo made headlines when she revealed that her Dutch husband had ghosted her when she pranked him that she was pregnant. The two had agreed not to get kids.

Nyota Ndogo responds to bold fan who wants to become her co-wife

‘Why I never settle for a Mbaba,’ Vera Sidika

Vera Sidika is happy with her beau Brown Mauzo. The two have been together for sometime now and are about to welcome a child. Sidika says most of her fans had adviced her to settle with a wealthy old man.

”Most of you all were busy advising me to get married and settle with a Mbabs, for money. Wealthy men bla bla… You didn’t want me to experience this happiness, fulfilled and so complete.Would that mbaba ever give me even 1 per cent love, affection and attention…”

vera and mauzo

”Be there through the pregnancy journey love me right and just make me happy. nooo. That is why I never listen to your talks. I follow my heart and what I want and today, I am honestly and genuinely happy. Married to a man who loves me unconditionally. He has been there always in the pregnancy journey.

“Always been there. Your mbaba could never be there for me.You wanted me to be in hell kind of a marriage spending time with drivers, bodyguards, nanny looking after me during a pregnancy instead of the mbaba coz he ain’t even have time for that.”

‘Vera Sidika is shipping in her little princess’ crib and clothing

In the past, Sidika said she had been dating wealthy men but ended up in premium tears.

Actor Ainea Ojiambo reveals why he fired gunshot at Nairobi CBD

In April this year, actor Ainea Ojiambo hit the headlines after firing shots at Nairobi CBD. The actor has now come out to say that it was for self defence.

Speaking about it to Buzz, the actor said;

“It was just thugs who thought I was a soft guy and they were attacking me. Naturally, I had to protect myself,” he said.

“If I wouldn’t protect myself, they would have taken my gun away, shot me and we would be having one bad gun in the hands of bad people. What most people don’t know is that they also had a gun and they shot back.”

“The matter is being looked into for now.”

The thugs wanted to steal the actor’s Sh400,000 gold chain

“I love gold because when I was young, that’s when I came across gold. I used to put in some ivory and the first gold chain I bought, I was conned,” he said.

“I bought from the streets for Sh20,000 and when I took a shower, it became silver. And from that time, I decided when I want gold, I go to the goldsmith, and that’s where I go to buy all my gold,” he said.

Ainea Ojiambo

He went ahead to disclose that he wears jewellery worth more than Sh1 million.

“That chain they wanted to rob me of is worth Sh400,000. When I walk out, what I have on me is more than Sh1 million: the chains, bracelets, rings.”

Ainea explained how much his jewellery is worth.

“The two rings, one is Sh150,000 and the other Sh170,000. My bracelet is Sh80,000,” he said.

“People invest in gold, why? I can put the money in land but now look the way property has gone down, and in case there is a problem, you cannot run with your land. When you go out, gold has only two languages: how many grams and the karats.”

‘I lost 33kgs,’ King Kaka misdiagnosed, asks for your prayers

Ainea is best known for the roles in the films ‘The Constant Gardener’, ‘Bullion’ and ‘Jack Zollo: My Life in Crime’.