‘The ma3 driver has a crush on your car’ KOT make fun of motorist who hit Dj Mo’s Range Rover

Over the weekend popular Dj Mo, did not host the show Crossover. He revealed this was due to an accident he was involved in.

He instead roped in Dj Tabz to take over and co-host with Gace Ekirapa.  Apparently a matatu driver hit his Range Rover, and he also shared the photo below.

He told Mpasho in an interview that



dj mo's range rover hit
Gospel DJ Mo shares a photo of the vehicle that hit his range rover


Read hilarious comments from his fans who couldn’t resist making fun of the moment:

David Kihiko …Alafu Dere aone ni Dj Moh. Utasikia niaje buda…tunaeza piga kaselfie??

D Jay Stopsign Kenya.. ATA USITOKE KWA GARI….BRO… Juu huyu amakufwata for a distance na amedai selfie ni lazima upende usipende…..

Melisa Biggy ..Its a month of love… Wacha magari zipendane watu wameshidwa na mapenzi siku hizi

Vaughn Doublepole.. At list amepata stori ya kunyamazisha madere kwa stage before mat ijae…zile za… *wasee mi nlishkanisha na range,bahati ilikua ule DjMo- nikajua hakatanuka juu haezi taka stori mob*…

Mburu Wa Gitau… N then the driver was like…”Ngai!!!! Ni dj Mo, ma nikio giki rora macwiri!!!!!”

Samuel Watson.. Inataka mateke….. you know who to call

Mutitu Blex ..Naona kama ni salamu tuYou must have mixed that mat driver with some music in side that rangemy guess

Peter Morris ..Hypeman I think hiyo mat was attracted to ua fine machine

Boniface Mutahi …You play “eti Leo ni bumper to bumper”? So what do you expect..

Stago Kimweli ..Ngekua DERE wa hio mat Natoka ki usain bolt,maze range sporty singoji hesabu

Titus …Sunday Kama ameiweka ka scratch,enda uipake tu make-up na usare hio story.

Emmanuel Kihush …Alikuwa anataka mix zako lakini hakuwa na attention yako sasa ilibidi amekusalamia…….

Shiro Mirriam …A simple kiss on the bum bum of your car

Rozie Fabiana …The ma3 got real crush on the range,,,thats wat you do when you meet up with your crush kiss

Marylynn Gatwiri …I think ni wewe nliona thika makongeni road……pia mm ningekuwa na probox yangu ningekufuata mbio at list nione wambo….I just love your her

Christopher Irungu.. Its smelling ua booty

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Pastor Kathy Kiuna trolled by unhappy fans

Decorated city pastors Allan and Kathy Kiuna are trending on social media after a photo of them goofing around went viral.

Allan and Kathy Kiuna

Commonly referred to as ‘Dad’ and ‘Mum’ by their followers, the power couple is never afraid of teaching us the key to successful relationships and from exchanging saliva in public to penning sweet romantic messages to each other, they always leave many dying of jealousy.

The city pastors, who recently revealed that they are looking forward to opening more branches both home and abroad, are among the most talked about servants of God in Kenya.

“I need a private jet because they are speaking and declaring what I am believing God for and I am confident it shall come to pass. When God is ready to do something in your life, even your enemies announce it in advance,” said Allan Kiuna.

Well, Kathy Kiuna shared a photo goofing around with her bishop husband and critics came out guns blazing.

Kathy and Allan Kiuna

She captioned:

“May your week be filled with laughter. God is able to do what He says. Relax, take a deep breath and keep on ticking. You will make it.”

Here are some of the savage reactions:

Barazadan: Is this how pastors behave after taking peoples offerings? oh GOD HELP US

Mali.alianda: Why are you making such faces? You think its funny? No! Just nourish us with word and leave gestures to the youths.

Miss_koech_feiy: You guys are too old for that,…pick a struggle

Judy.apondy: Well from a Pastor No! No !No!

K.e.v.i.n.c.a.r.s.o.n: Making faces after receiving our tithes

Kim.lynette: Too old for this..the photo speaks volume

Also, read:

Jullianamari: Ameen.Hehe😂😂aki you guys u de kill me one day oooh.This hilarious.Love u both

The Bible says touch, not the anointed ones, but Kenyans still go ahead and judge men of God!

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Prezzo’s Mum Hangs Out With His Celebrity Friends [Photo]

The rapper’s mother has perhaps been his most consistent support system. Remember when Prezzo went live on TV while drunk and caused a scene? It was in early January 2017 with Betty Kyallo on the show Friday Briefing.

Betty’s ex-hubby Dennis Okari had taken to Twitter to console his darling, who had apparently been “assaulted” by the intoxicated artiste.

“I am really sorry babe @BettyOkari if what I am reading on the interweb is true. That kid didn’t deserve the stage,” “Ati Prezzo has done what? I’m not anywhere near a TV. Someone update me on what’s going on at Friday Briefing.”

Betty shared with her fans news that the star’s mum had reached out to her to apologize on his behalf.


To show how much he loves his mum, Prezzo recently hosted celebrity friends at his home. These pals included Timmy Dat, Shaffie Weru, Vanessa Mdee, Juma Jux, Habida and others.

Prezzo Finally Removes Yola Tattoo And Replaces It With This Beautiful Art (Photo)

Check out how it went down:

prezzo mum

“Positive energy around me always, negative energy exit through the window or the door #Prezident”

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Marya Reveals How Giving Birth Changed Her Life

It is no doubt that giving birth changes a lady’s view on life. Being a mother will make you more responsible and big on being accountable than ever before.

Well, that’s exactly what is happening with singer Marya, who gave birth to a baby boy back in January 2017.

Her partner Kevin Mutisya took to Instagram to congratulate the new mum, saying that “a baby is a blessing. A gift from Heaven above, a precious little angel to cherish & love.”

‘I Went Into Postpartum Depression’ Marya Reveals As She Celebrates Son’s First Birthday

Fast forward to 2018, Marya and her all grown baby boy are doing well. For the first time, the “Chokoza” star revealed the face of the baby. She added that it’s because of him she wakes up every day to go and grind.

marya 1

“The best felling is my son sleeping in my arms. I confess this boy has made me more focus more determine he make makes me wake up to Hustle. God you have been good to me I praise your name this far you have brought me love you so much my boy”

Her fans showered the pic with lovely compliments:

sandyshiqo Aaaw cute…his all grown i see

awah_kayla Wow…. You look lovely…

mswambui_nguatah Finally

min_benz_001 All grown you look lo Ely yourself

shadyadelgush Epic moments

this_is_atieno Kumbe si Lamar pekee @mrs_wainaina

harrison_nyota7 Wow am happy for u

fundifrank Lovely @its_maryakenya

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Meet the TV news anchor in trouble for repeatedly killing politicians and high profile leaders in several on-air blunders


An SABC news anchor has set tongues wagging after alleedly making repeated blunders on air, where he announced the death of high profile individuals.

The anchor Peter Ndoro, has been blasted by fans and haters alike, and it is now said he has been asked to take a break from work.

The question many want answered is if he is tired or just overworked, or has no idea what he is meant to do.

Society expects alot from Journalists, but they do sometimes make mistakes.

This is the case for SABC Tv presenter Peter NDoro who has been sent on indefinite leave, following several gaffe’s on air. According to a letter from his employer, Mr Ndoro has repeatedly announced the death of several people, including the current President Ramaphosa.

But social media has come to his defense saying he must be overworked and thus likely to commit errors.



Rayvanny Making Moves As He Drops Collaboration With Jason Derulo!

WCB’s Rayvanny has just made a huge wave as he jumped on to Jason Derulo’s remix to “Tip Toe” ft. French Montana.

The Tanzanian crooner took to Instagram to share the great news, amidst lots of anxiety amongst his fans.

In the song, Rayvanny sticks to his Swahili roots but employs a dance-hall feel to the song.

Beef Alert! Bongo singer Rayvanny sparks split rumors with his baby mama

The original music video features exotic scenes of beautiful women dancing to the song, or modeling in nude art. The theme of the video had some Arab influence, especially with French Montana’s part.

Could this be the reason Rayvanny jumped on to the track? In the past, he has admitted to loving Kenyan ladies because they are “women who are an exotic mix of what looks like Arabic blood, Rwandese blood and other ethnic groups.”

Whether or not that was the influence, I must admit that this song is really fire. Check it out.

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Hotties! Meet JCC pastor Kathy Kiuna’s handsome sons-in-law

If there’s a servant of God, who is never afraid of displaying her family in public it’s Rev Kathy Kiuna, the co-founder of Jubilee Christian Church.

Popularly referred to as “Mum” by her followers, Kathy Kiuna has earned both ardent supporters and haters for the time she’s been in this industry. Kathy Kiuna and her family are often trolled on social media but the strong woman she is, she has never let critics dictate her life.

The founder of Daughters of Zion (Doz) is not only known for her piece of advice on relationships but she’s also a great mother to three children and a grandma to her daughters children.

Recently, Kiuna introduced her two sons-in-law to the public and in a sweet message she wrote:

Prayer for families: I lift our families to you oh Lord, claiming the promises you set forth for us as a family. Unite us in love, spirit & truth. Bless us with the gift of your presence, of laughter & order, turn any chaos into calmness and our discord into delight. I rebuke every thought of hatred, malice, argument and pride towards one another and in our homes. Continue reading “Hotties! Meet JCC pastor Kathy Kiuna’s handsome sons-in-law”

Cruel fans mock Bahati’s newborn

Being a celebrity one has to develop a thick skin or else you will die due to depression. Fans will always troll you whether you do good or bad.


Gospel singer Bahati seems to be an easy target for troll and barely a week after he and his wife Diana Marua welcomed their bundle of joy, trolls are already mauling their poor daughter.


Just like any other celebrity kid, Bahati’s daughter, Heaven already has an Instagram account, which is run by her parents. The two lovebirds have been posting photos on Heaven’s account from the day she was born but it seems a section of social media users aren’t happy. Critics have camped on Heaven Bahati’s Instagram questioning how a 4-day-old baby can type and update her account.

Check out the reactions:

Alison Awiti: One-day-old ashaanza kuongea?

Kriserroh: Aki ya nani umeshajua kuType 😊 ebu jibu DM. welcome home baby.

Sheymaggie: We all know they had sex and it’s not bad to be blessed.. To my surprise, they are behaving as if Diana was impregnated by holy spirit.. Bahati no matter how innocent you look tunajua unatwanga vitu so wacha tudemand more attention kuliko yesu bro

Mercyndara: Tutakuona tu hatuna mbio…lol

Kenyansimon: saysAti hadi ashajua kutype 😂😂😂😂 aanze ku dm watu 😂😂😂 @kriserroh

Barakamwaura: Well, it’s day two now but it’s alright I’ll just retreat to my corner and mind my business

Slim_kenyan: Si this one has started writing,already knows where she is abi….Mazee kuweni realistic

Bahati and his daughter Heaven

Mbithiagnes: 1-day-old na kameanza kuongea waah 😂😂😂

Jowienjoro: Mtoto anajua kutype already hehehe

Leeoderoh: Kwani ashaanza kuongea🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣anyway congrats Bahati👏👏👏👏👏👏👏👏👏👏👏

Bree_mashipei: Woiyeeee…kanajua ady kuomba kapelekwe home kugotea mueni

Djmems: Hehee aki ulicreate hii account ukiwa kwa tumbo…. anyway welcome to the world princess.

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Trolls went ahead to attack Bahati and Diana Marua and are some of the savage comments:

Chebwai Shyllah Christabel: Wee Baha, day mlifanya mapenzi mlituambia? Then why bug us with the outcome?keep ur things private, unless you tell us about Mueni.Kelele tu za sijui Heaven ama ni Haven,,whartever give us a break men!

Nohell Makau: With this continuous photo updates I feel like nalea Heaven na bundles zangu

Bahati Gets Lessons On How To Clean And Clothe Baby Heaven In Seconds (VIDEO)

Sharon Shazam Hakal: Kama yesu ni our prince,the only man,the king,the only son of God na wakati alizaliwa Mary na joseph hawakusumbua watu hivi….wewe ni nini mbaya kweli hatutakaa na amani sasa??ati 3 pages ya gazeti si heri angekuwa amewekwa kwa bibilia….nkt ebu chemushia Diana supu akunywe Maziwa itoke Weee sahizi ni baba wacha kujifanya slay king….nisiskiie tena!!!!

Belle Moraa: Sura hii bado sijaijua ama pia sister ya eugine wamalwa was delivering…niokotwe yesu akirudi.

Check out the sreenshots


Bahati's fans troll his wife
Bahati’s fans troll his wife






Diamond Platnumz’s ex wife is gifted this super expensive phone by a mystery man days after dumping millionaire husband

Barely a week after dumping Diamond Platnumz like smelly trash, Zari seems to be doing well while on the other hand, the father of two of her five children is depressed.

To add salt on the wound, Zari revealed that she got an iPhone x worth sh132,000 from a man she only identified as Mr. X.

“So been arguing with ma friends that Samsung has the best pics ever and they say iPhone has the best. What’s your take? And by the way thanks Mr X for the iPhone X, received with thanks 😚. So I’ve got the best phones on the market s8+, Note8 and now IPhone X
Let’s talk mega pixels,”
she wrote accompanied by the photo below.

Zari Hassan
Her followers were quick to judge with some speculating that the mystery man was Diamond PLATNUMZ while others claim it’s her new catch.

Anyway, who are we to judge, only Zari knows, who Mr x is!

Zari Hassan
Zari Hassan

Check out reactions from her followers:

Richie_tha_boss: Congrats, all are best my friend

Sebastianmboya: Ooh thanks to Mr x

F1dho_faru: Who gave you iPhone x?

Mariegoldprincess: Does iPhone x represent Diamond Platnumz ? Then it means Daimond has been x since 2017 when this iphone was introduced..

Marjolen.nekesa: You received from your X 😂

Bsamuelmomanyi: Ati Mr.X waaa mtoto wa Tandale yu taabani, kweli Ufisi ni mbaya…

Conniekilawe: And who is Mr X? Is he bribing you to take him back, huh..

Xtineliz: You still in love with him. Forgive n let go

Sanabellojain: While Mr X bought her a phone diamond was busy gifting perfumes all along…levels

Lollsniper: Me naomba umsamehe @diamondplatnumz jamn so vzr hvy unasahau yote mlofanya tambua hata uyo unaenda kwake nae aweza kua n kama huyu so ni bora kumlekebisha huyu tu kashajifunza 😢😢😢😢😢😢😢

Classic_zari: Tag that Mr. X so that we can follow him😂

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What a strong woman! Zari put up with alot while married to Diamond Platnumz

Barely three days after Zari dumped Diamond Platnumz, their followers are yet to come to terms with the fact that the two are no longer an item. Some are still speculating that this is a publicity stunt and the once upon a time power couple will be back together.

Well, we’ve compiled a list of 7 times Diamond Platnumz embarrassed Zari when they were still together and here are the things Zari endured before their marriage hit rock bottom.

  1. Disrespect

Diamond Platnumz never respected Zari at all.

Diamond Platnumz and Hamisa Mobetto


2. Speaking broken English

Zari aka the boss lady is a classy woman who speaks fluent English, as do her children. But Zari had no option but to endure the embarrassment caused by Diamond Platnumz, who on several occasions murdered the queen’s language.

Here is Diamond Platnumz’ excuse after a video of him cozying up to Wema Sepetu was leaked

3. Travelling alone

The two parents were staying in different cities and most of the times, Diamond Platnumz would transverse the globe without Zari. Unlike many power couples who attend events and official functions together, the Tanzanian crooner would always travel alone whether on official duty or not, leaving behind his wife to take care of their children. Have you seen a Head of State travel alone without their wife?

Diamond Platnumz
Diamond Platnumz. photo credit: Instagram/Diamond Platnumz

4. Cheating

A year after marrying, Diamond Platnumz made headlines for all the controversial reasons. He started cheating on Zari with several women including his dancers and city socialites, the likes of Tunda and Hamisa. Women would come forward and reveal that they’re in a relationship with the singer.

5. Bedding another woman in their matrimonial bed

In October 2016 after releasing his hit song Salome which features Hamisa as one of the vixens, Diamond Platnumz bedded the socialite in their matrimonial home while Zari was in South Africa. This forced the mother of five to travel to Tanzania where she found earrings left behind by Hamisa maybe to prove to her that she was indeed sharing her husband with someone else.

Diamond Platnumz’ side chick Hamisa Mobetto reminisces their lost love in passionate message

6. Dancing suggestively with female fans

Dancing is part of performance but at times, Diamond Platnumz went extremely far and during his music tours, he was pictured dancing suggestively with women on stage.

7. Getting a child out of wedlock

Diamond Platnumz sired a child with socialite Hamisa Mobeto while he was still married to Zari. His second-born Prince Nillan and Hamisa’s son are pretty close in age ( two years old).

Haiya! Diamond Platnumz is not the owner of Wasafi Records, Manager reveals

8. Lying in public

He lied on national TV that he wasn’t the father of Haimsa’s child until the socialite shared nude photos of them in bed together.


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See How Kaz Lucas Showered Us With Ample Cleavage This Week

Former Tusker Project Fame star Kaz Lucas served more than what fans expected this week. Yep, she may have been doing a lot of pole dancing lately but this one was on a whole new level.

Kaz has always been a confident person. She never shies aways from showcasing what she has, be it musically or sexiness.

In an interview with SDE two years ago, Kaz says that there’s a powerhouse inside her that powers her confidence.

“There’s the little girl inside me (young Kaz) that believes I am good and talented and confident. And though I have over the years drowned her voice out, I can somewhat see her shadow in the distance as she tries to convince me of the magical powers I once possessed. I want to do art for the love of art. So with all its mistakes, this is my attempt to curb my fear of singing,” she said.

For the Black Panther premiere, she rocked an African print dress and tribal accessories. On her head, she rocked a beret, perhaps showcasing her allegiance to the movie. Above all, there was massive cleavage for all to see.

This is what I am talking about:

karen lucaz 1

Do you love her outfit?

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City woman tells Maina Kageni, ‘These Kenyan men do not understand the meaning of love!’

Never marry a woman who you love but marry a woman who loves you, these were the exact words from a caller of Classic 105 morning conversation with Maina and King’ang’i.

Maina asked, “So you mean that if you, a lady, is happily married then her husband is tolerating her but there is no love? There is either no love at all, or there is complete love?”

King’ang’i made it clear, saying that they love them but si ile upendo ya ujinga, adding that men should not love their women completely.

The reason your men will not buy you flowers today being a Valentine, is because they do not love you, Maina concluded.

The discussion brought in mixed reactions from the listeners with some saying “I still can’t understand how that works, marry someone you don’t love and call it a happy marriage? No wonder by the end of the day the guy will cheat with the one he loves out there.”

This is the biggest lame excuse Maina Kageni has heard from absentee fathers (AUDIO)

A female caller said, “This thing is very clear Maina. These Kenyan do not understand the meaning of love, they think that by buying a woman a car, a house or anything precious that it is enough love. They also think that by women having all that, they feel loved but that is not the fact. The fact is that when women leave their parents home to get married by you men, they need love and not those cars. She also asked the men to clarify if those house they claim to have bought for their women they are also living there.

If you think that buying the car for her is a sign of love, then put the logbook under her name.

Others love their children more than their wives.

Listen to the whole conversation below;


EXCLUSIVE: ‘Education trains you to be disciplined’, Nameless emphasize the need to have papers despite being talented(AUDIO)

For two decades now, music has been part of singer David Mathenge life, famously known as Nameless, to an extent we forget that he studied Architecture. He is a dad to two beautiful daughters too and a husband to songstress Wahu Kagwi

He is among the few educated singers in Kenya, and has always made a name for himself in the music industry more than in what he studied for at the University Of Nairobi.


Once in a while, he shares photos of himself in construction sites inspecting how work is flowing. One of the notable structures that can be attributed to Nameless is “The Hub Karen”, a massive structure in the leafy suburbs of Karen in Nairobi.

Well, during an exclusive interview with Classic 105 presenter Maina Kageni, he emphasized that despite being talented like he is, one is required to have papers.
Maina congratulated him for setting a good example and finding it necessary to graduate despite getting money of his own through music while still in school.
“I think even when I talk to my daughter, I tell her that the things you are doing now will matter in time and will help you in terms of discipline and have a logic thinking. You can be a musician and still go through education so long as you have self discipline. This is what I was trained in campus. I even talked to my parents and they were happy because I was earning and the school fees would be paid through my earning, but they told me, so long as your studies are not interfered with, then we have no problem.”
He also talked about the opportunities he missed just to focus on his education.
“Sometimes I would be offered good money, but I would be doing my school projects so, I would opt not to do it after all, I will have all the time after school. The  principle I use in architecture is the same I use with music even now. Lucky for me is that they are both Arts and I followed my passion.
You know what Maina, entertainment is very erratic you can be big today, tomorrow you are gone. You can not predict about your brand, scandals you will have tomorrow hence the need to have your papers with you.”
Listen to the whole conversation below;

‘I was conned by slay queens’,Mike Mondo narrates how his car keys were stolen

Classic 105 overdrive show presenter Mike Mondo had a bad experience with the so called slay queens over the weekend.

He has come out to share his two cents about ladies who sit in clubs pretending to be friends with the guys around.

Well, read it carefully so next time you do not fall in the same trap.


Let me begin by saying, there are thieves I can tolerate. Like say; a woman who steals my heart, Robin hood, and Peter Pan. The rest of ya’ll thieving ass low life’s need to be rounded up, and have the entire Nairobi cane you 5 strokes per item you stole and then locked up next to the most vile sodomist in kamiti maximum.

YES, I AM PISSED!! Why, because car thieves are now using beautiful girls in clubs to steal your car. Let me explain:

Over the weekend my friends and I passed by 40/40 club in Westlands. All we wanted was a polite beer and then we head home. Kama kawaida, one beer became two and so on. At some point during the evening I went to the smoking section of the club to enjoy a nice drag of my favorite tobacco, which i must admit, hits the spot really nice after some alcohol. While there, there was a group of ladies sitting on a table, who asked for a light, which I provided (and FYI smokers, a matchbox is less then 10bob..just buy one).

Smokers, i hope that has sunk in your brains..

These ladies got all worked up about the fact that Mike Mondo was right there, one of them claiming she is a “Huge Fan”, I politely said thank you and continued to enjoy my tobacco. Little did i know, I WAS A MARK!! One of the ladies kept chatting me up, saying how she lives in Buru Buru, how i should give her a shout out on Monday and also mentioned how much she liked my jacket, which at the time was hanging on one of their chairs. I paid no mind to it, but at that time i also realized it was getting chilly so I proceeded to put it on. The lady said she was also feeling cold, and said if she could put on my jacket for a few at least until we finish talking because she was freezing (another FYI, Ladies, if you are going to freeze and shine, don’t ask men for their jackets, news flash, we also feel cold! And in matters survival, there is nothing like being a gentleman, it’s each one for themselves).

Ladies, carry your own jackets please.

Anyway, I gave in to my gentleman side and gave her the jacket to wear. My boys came over to the smoking section and we started talking, at which point i decided its too cold outside, we go back to our table. I politely asked the lady if i could have my jacket back and she initially refused. In fact, she clung to it, telling me I should let her keep it. I told her that’s impossible, I mean, that was an expensive jacket, I wasn’t going to just leave it with her. No matter how hot she looked! She complied and gave me back the jacket..and that’s when I noticed something is wrong. My pockets were lighter..

I checked! My charger was there, the money I had In my inside pocket was there..but I could not find my car keys. So I asked her politely if she had seen them, she says she doesn’t know anything about car keys. I asked her friends to look under the table or around where they are sitting if the keys were there, and suddenly their demeanor changed. They got all defensive, telling me to stop accusing them of stealing my car keys. I found that odd, because I did not accuse anyone, I simply asked if they had seen car keys anywhere around their table. They got so agitated that the decided to leave the club (please note, they had not finished their drinks yet). I got more suspicious of them so I tried to call the clubs manager on his phone. Unfortunately he did not answer. I also informed the bouncer about it, but he was tied up sorting out another mess.

It was then I told my boys we should leave, which we did. And we followed these ladies to the elevator. Please note, 40/40 is on the 9th floor. When these ladies saw we were there waiting for the elevator with them, they opted to take the stairs. Four ladies, half drunk, in skimpy clothes and high heels walking down 9 floors? Now that fueled my suspicion further. They were bailing! I had no proof of what i was suspecting so I could not confront them. And after all, my car was safely parked in Riverside at my boys house and not at the club. So I kept quiet. We left, and the ladies disappeared.

The next morning I woke up and went to 40/40 to ask the cleaning staff if they had found any keys, they said they hadn’t. And trust me they didn’t because we ransacked the whole club, but found no keys (thank you 40/40 staff for being helpful). I went to the security staff for the building and asked if there were any keys that had been left with them by the night staff, they said there was none. So walked out upset, knowing now more than ever, those ladies must have taken my car keys.

As I stood outside the building, I lit a cigarette, started smoking. A cab guy nearby came and asked for one too. He asked me “you look stressed out, nini mbaya”. So i explained what had happened, to which he responded by laughing. He told me, “Shukuru gari haijaenda”. So I asked him, what do you mean? That’s when he explained how I was a MARK. They ladies are sent by car thieves who wait outside the club milling about aimlessly or waiting in another car. The ladies must have assumed that because I am a media personality, I must have an expensive car. So they steal the keys from me, and give it to the car thieves, who go around pressing the alarm key until they identify my car. Which they get in and proceed to go like they own it. I stood there for a short while, and the cab guy advised me to get a new ignition for my car.

This is my warning – leave your car at home and use an uber/taxify/mondoride/littlecab .. Thieves are now getting smarter and have upgraded from stealing phones to stealing cars. To these thieves though, if it were up to me, lets just say mob justice would be a walk in the park. I would honestly ensure your are damaged goods physically, psychologically and spiritually. You would not be able to pee without assistance. I would take away your will to live, I would ensure the thought of stealing gives you nightmares. Why? You do not steal or attempt to steal a man’s car…that’s like taking away or attempting to take away his left NUT.”

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Note to golddiggers! Mowzey Radio’s other kids will be subjected to a DNA test

Things are thick. When Mowzey Radio died, many women came forward and claimed that they had kid(s) with the star.

So far, the family only recognises three of his widows, Singer Lilian Mbabazi and two caucasian women identified as Kellen and Jenipher Robinson.

During a family meeting  held at Nakawuka where Mowzey Radio was buried last week, that was attended by Weasel, the late Radio’s three widows his mom, among others, the agenda was to discuss the way forward.

‘I’ve been in a nightmare and can’t seem to wake up…’ Radio’s baby mama finally pens touching letter to late singer

Ugandan media reports that at the meeting, it was resolved that the official children that the late singer had were 6 in total and all those who are claiming to have Mowzey Radio’s children will be subjected to DNA tests.

There was more drama at the family meeting as a man claiming to be the real biological father of Radio came all the way from Fort Portal and was pleading for forgiveness from Jane Kasubo (Radio’s mom)  with claims that he was sorry for having not been there for him while he was alive, but they should allow him to take Radio’s body for burial in Fort Portal.

Weasel to perform as solo artiste for the first time after Radio’s death

 He was chased away.

WeaselMeanwhile, a woman was arrested half naked on the grave with herbs while singing Mowzey Radio’s Bread and Butter song, she also claims the singer was he hubby, she has since been taken for a psychiatric check to ascertain whether she is of sound mind.

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Man discovers steamy affair between his boss and fiancée hours to their wedding

Cheating in relationships seems to be a common thing nowadays. Married men and women will cheat on their spouses without thinking about the consequences. Would you take your spouse back if you caught them cheating?

Well, a heartbroken man is out here seeking advice after his wife admitted to cheating on him. According to this gentleman, his wife has been cheating on him and on the eve of their wedding, she slept with his boss.

“My wife confessed she cheated on my yesterday. She cheated with my boss before we got married and slept with him a night to our wedding. I asked her why she was confusing to me now, and she said her conscience is killing her because she sent my boss her nude pictures and she felt so bad,” he wrote in part.

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He says his wife’s confession was a slap in the face

“I have not responded to her, I just dragged my pillow and slept. But come to think of it, I think her confessing to me was a big slap in my face and an insult. If she truly loved and respected me, why tell me this kind of rubbish, without fear looking at me straight in my eyes. I just felt like killing my boss today during our meeting/

How can I make her pay? I will not divorce her. I want her to divorce herself .
I am so bitter but just wearing the gentleman attitude. I would rather give her up than give up my job.”

Here are some of the reactions from social media users

Babyju: Forgive your wife and you will be the happiest man on earth I promise you because she will love and respect you till death. Jesus saved d adulterous woman.

Mzlekwe: Forgive 70 times 7 times😂😂😂😂😂😂, may God give us all a forgiving heart. This is hard but forgive because it is written.

Nknkjoyjoy: How many women can do that?. She really tried by confessing . She truly loves you. Chill . It won’t be easy but you just have to flush the whole thing off your mind.

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Solatope: This is the highest form if disrespect any wife can do to the husband. Well ..it will take the grace of God for you to be able to forgive and forget this. Right now..you need to ask her why she did it? Was she enticed? Was it the sex? You need an explanation and then you can decide whats best for you both. Divorce is never a good thing but it is better than living a bitter life. It is well with.

icephresh_mane: She doesn’t look sorry to me, She probably confessed cause your boss threatened her. You should send her to her family house for a while. Cheating on her or hating her won’t help you or her.

This is the ideal woman for Kenya’s atheists chairman Harrison Mumia

Samantha, the s3x doll is driving men across the world crazy.

Samantha sex doll
Samantha sex doll. photo credit: Silicone Doll Heaven

Just recently, the decorated Samantha was introduced in the market to help men quench their thirst especially those who cannot afford to treat a woman. (kidding..).

Well, Kenyan men are  happy with the infamous s3x doll Samantha and Harrison Mumia, the chairman/president of Kenyan Atheists community is among the many who have showered Samantha with praises. He referred to Samantha as an ideal wife.

“Samantha could be the perfect solution to my bachelor situation. She’s pretty, flat tummy, big boobs, and she will forever remain pretty! She doesn’t nag and doesn’t need make up. Oh, she doesn’t age, doesn’t grow fat, and can’t get pregnant … And most important, she doesn’t believe in God! Wait, no mood swings associated with periods! Samantha is everything I want in a wife! #Samantha,” read a post on his Facebook page.

Check out the reactions

Idan Miskellah: She doesn’t drink Moët and above all she doesn’t need Uber

Abisai Amatalo: This business will destroy our men. The infections that will arise from a build up of bacteria and other microbes when the doll is not properly cleaned are just doing press ups. Let them buy these toys but i will sell to them expensive cleaners and odour remover

Ruth Catherine: And where do you expect us real life women to go?

Ruth John: Let me know when she will give you babies****

Purity Mulk: Hehe!! Mumia so uv finally married Samantha without the help God Ur very funny but I don’t thnk if u know wat Ur talking abt bt glory be to God coz know our Almighty God exists and he reigns forevr,,,,,,,,.,. #utakwama ndani ya Samanth

Wycliffe Miinda: I hear she’s a virgin and doesn’t give head

Evelyn Obara: Wait till she malfunctions, ndio utajua hujui!

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