5 reasons why you should marry in your 50’s


On the morning conversation with Mike Mondo and Mwalimu Kinga’ng’i, the topic was about why some famous Kenyans men like Charles Njonjo chose to get married later in life.

Sir Charles Njonjo married when he was 52, after lots of pressure from the late Mzee Jomo Kenyatta.

Sharing is Caring: Prominent Politicians who have two wives

At the time he revealed he couldn’t find a women he wanted to spend the rest of his life with.

Mike and Mwalimu debated the merits and disadvantages of marrying later in life, and also invited their listeners to submit views.

charles njonjo at tom mboya memeorial
Charles Njonjo

Here are five benefits of marrying in your 50’s:

You will only marry for love

Once you are in your late 40s or 50s, marriage union will only happen because of extreme love for each other. While most of us marry in pressure or for financial stability, kids or freedom early in our lives, people who marry late, do not have to succumb under any such pressure. All they need is pure companionship risen out of love. And that is the true essence of marriage which is why mostly second marriages are more successful.

‘Even when I was a chokora, Milly was there’ Terence Creative says

No insecurities

When you are younger, insecurities play out alot in your marriage. But as you age, these insecurities fade away. And once you enter in a relationship without any insecurities, it is way smoother.

No pressures in the relationship

There is no pressure to be anything other than yourself. The views and opinions of others matters little for instance the question of how soon you will get children will not arise.

No pretending
Since you are marrying later in life, there is no time for pretending about anything in life. A man or woman at this age only wants love, happiness and joy.

Trust God – DJ Mo tells Willis Raburu after wife suffered miscarriage (exclusive)

You have enjoyed your single life completely

Being single is important early in life, and doing all that can be accomplished. So when you hit your 50’s you are ready to settle down no matter what and focus on the relationship.

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Be Still My Heart: Jennifer Aniston and Brad Pitt spark reunion rumors


Hollywood actors Brad Pitt and Jenifer Aniston were photographed together for the first time and fans can’t help but feel bubbles in their stomachs.

Jennifer Aniston and her ex-husband Brad Pitt both attended the Screen Actors Guild Awards, January 19th, and were pictured having a joyful and affectionate reunion backstage. The photos have sparked rumors of a reunion for the two former love bird.

Brad Pitt won an award for the best supporting actor and while on stage accepting the award he said: “I got to add this to my Tinder profile”

In another photo that went viral, Brad can be seen watching backstage Jennifer Aniston’s acceptance speech at the #SAGAwards.

Here are pictures of the special moment behind the sceness and fans hopeful remarks.

They still look adorable together. Sigh… but Jennifer is looking fierce! Some women just keep getting better.
Are they rekindling? 😭😍

brad pitt watching jeniffer aniston SAG awards
I am so hopeful for those two.
But his betrayal of her was huge
They were such the couple
Ohhhh my heart. I’m still not over this breakup from *checks notes* 15 years ago. Love them.

brad pitt grabs jennifer anoston hand
I’m a huge Brad Pitt fan but some of you have non existent standards…he cheated on her and humiliated her publicly…why would you want her to get entangled with him again ?
Stop. Can’t reignite an old flame.

It never works.
Why does everyone want them back together? He cheated on her and flaunted it.
I don’t get why people want her to get back with someone who just so publicly disrespected her. They were cute and all but.

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Anita Nderu – I’d rather sleep with Octopizzo than Prezzo

Anita Nderu the former radio and NTV presenter and most bubbly of celebrities, had a fascinating conversation on her Instagram page recently.

Ms. Nderu spoke about whom she would sleep with between Octopizzo and Prezzo. What!? The internet does breed crazy conversations, doesn’t it?

Anita Nderu
Anita Nderu

This debate topic wasn’t Anita’s fault as one of her curious and rabble-rousing fans asked the crazy question. “Who would you rather sleep with, Octopizzo or Prezzo?” asked the fan.

‘In case you propose, this is the gown I want’ Anita Nderu hints at her bae

The entertainer was with her friend and former co-host Anne Mwaura as they were playing a Truth and Drink game as they responded to questions asked by their fans.

Anita was up to the task and responded to the question without any fear, stating her preference for Namba Nane aka Octopizzo.

Octopizzo in black and white
Octopizzo in black and white
Prezzo chilling
Prezzo chilling

She, however, admitted that growing up she liked Prezzo but got to a point where she wasn’t his fan anymore, as she insisted that if they were the only two men remaining, she would still choose Octopizzo.

“Wow! This is such an obvious one. It’s definitely Octopizzo. I am sorry I have nothing against Prezzo but there is no way on earth… It’s Octopizzo. We grew up with Prezzo but at some point, I wasn’t a fan anymore and if it really does come down to the two of them, Apocalypse, I’ll be like Octopizzo,” said Anita Nderu.

Anita Nderu
Anita Nderu

Anita has been through a lot over the years, with 2018 being one of her darkest with the spectre of depression haunting her for close to 5 months that year.

So it’s good to see Anita in a good place in her life, even discussing the man she would rather want to sleep with. That is progress. Good for her.


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Kenyans react to news of Gladys Shollei’s divorce


News of her ex husbands marriage to another woman broke on social media Thursday, and caught us off-guard.

Kenyans were surprised and shared their astonishment in comments below.

Gladys Shollei’s former husband Sam Shollei married a woman named Faith Rono, whom we have come to learn also worked with the couple.

Inside the nasty divorce case between Gladys Shollei and estranged husband Sam

gladys boss shollei husband remarries

Some fans expressed genuine sadness while others differed.

Sylvia Wairimu wrote her unhappiness ‘May her day break with new tidings ahead. She will be fine. Beautiful and with brains. God bring her, her happiness.’

While others said things about being in the public eye.

Asenath Gatwiri wrote ‘The strength of a woman is measured in all dimensions (CBM)..
Women should learn that when relationships are over going out parading your other partner weakness doesn’t make one a saint..
You can’t share bed , let one see your nakedness and bear children together and when things go south you stand on top of the mountain to speak about how poor he was in bed,how well he gave it out sijui nini.
No wonder we women we.are associated with whirlwind’

The two have been married since 1994, but have been separated since 2016.

According to suit papers filed by Sam, the marriage irretrievably broke down and there was no chance of salvaging it, hence the need to file for divorce.

He said that they have lived separately since 2016.

Njambi – I got pregnant the first night with my baby daddy


Here are some comments from KOT about their divorce:

Wa Ngechi ..I heard she was granted both their kitusuru and Eldoret farm homes in the divorce case. Viva💃💃

Florence Kwamboka …CK Gladys has always been a strong woman. I admire her to the core. If a man decides to move on with several MWKs give him the freedom.. and that’s what she has done ✅ to the man. Unbowed!!

Claire Njuguna Kinyanjui ..Such a beautiful gorgeous woman…..Men if you cant handle a strong woman move on, no need of smearing her with mud! Now wait and see how Gladys will shine and thrive……that man is good riddance! To the left…to the left 🙄

Joy Njenga ..Someone up there has said we glorifying sin”divorce” let me remind you that divorce is allowed even in Bible on adultery grounds , this man married immediately ,to prove that he already had that spare wheel, Gladys is a STRONG WOMAN coz finally she was able to move out and on she will move.

Angeline Mulwa ..I admire this lady.. Very intelligent and strong. May your star keep shinning Gladys Boss Shollei

Pauline Njiru ..This lady is intelligent.she arrticulates issues very well.i am proud of you.be blessed

Elsbeth Wanjala.. So so beautiful. God see her through and give her strength that only you can. It will be well

Nash Ciiku Itd ..your time now girl to shine and hit the skies. Wait and see how this man will be running around confused like a headless chicken. That girl atamkaranga amkule fry. Soon he will be singing nĩnjangĩte o kũraya

Leah Sifuma.. It doesn’t mean that every time there’s divorce, the woman is a bad one of it is not. What of if Shollei initiated it, the ex husband must have been unfaithful kiguu na njia. He immediately remarried, with the assumption that he will be much happier of which …..it’s not a guarantee. Sometimes we humans make such mistakes by taking our significant others for granted, only to regret

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Njaanuary: Maina Kageni FINALLY relates to brokeness like us


Anyone who knows Classics Maina Kageni knows he has deep pockets and the word Njaanuary is not in his dictionary.

However in a turn of events, njaanuary is not good to him.

Maina admitted that it’s a tough month for him, and co host Mwalimu was full of glee. Really? Maina is hurting like the rest of us?

During the Kasheshe segment on Thursday with Mwalimu Kingangi, Maina expressed frustration that the month is dragging and he can’t wait for February.


Mwalimu noted how fast January is moving ‘we are halfway through the month already’

To which Maina responded ‘really?’

Mwalimu added that ‘siku zinakimbia mbio mbio’ –  a Kenyan saying that days are flying/moving fast.

Maina is really feeling the effects of this super long month.

‘I’m feeling like it’s dragging along. or is it brokeness? he queried.

Guys if Maina is broke, what about the rest of us? Won’t we say we are in the pits of poverty?

Aii I’m feeling like imenivurutaaa said Maina.

It’s possible he spent way too much over the festive season, and forgot to budget for January?

‘Aki by the way maybe nilijibamba sana, maybe 

Dear Classic 105 fam, what are some of the things you are doing to survive Njaanuary? One of the things we were told is that the December Salary was meant for this tough month, but many of us don’t pay attention and it’s parte after parte.

Share your tips and help others out.

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Otile Brown claims Vera Sidika made the first flirty move Vera to seduce him



Singer Otile Brown seems not to be over Vera Sidika after the nasty breakup. Yesterday in an interview with Wasafi TV, Otile revealed that it was the bootylicious socialite who seduced him and not the other way round.


During the interview, the Baby hit singer said,

Vera ni frenemy wangu, Sina tatizo nae, Nilikuwa nafanya vizuri kabla ya Vera, Watu hawajuhi sijawahi kumtongoza, alinitafuta mwenyewe, Alikuwa ananipigia sana simu na wala nilikuwa sizipokei. [She’s my frenemy. I don’t have a problem with her. I was doing well before her and what many don’t know is that I never seduced her. She was the one who hit on me first. She used to call and I never used to pick.

He added,

“Sikuwahi kumtamani Vera kimapenzi wala sikuwahi kumtafuta yeye ndio alinitafuta, sina sababu ya kudanganya, Nilikaa kimya kwa muda mrefu sana [I never had feelings for her. She is the one who looked for me and seduced me. I’ve never spoken about it anywhere else…”

The two dated for six months and broke up, airing each other’s dirty linen in public. The Chaguo la Moyo hitmaker accused Vera of aborting his child.


He even released a song talking about his relationship with the well-endowed socialite and even revealed that she aborted his baby.

Otile said in lyrics of the song:


He went ahead to tell it all in his hit that has attracted a lot of views on YouTube


In another verse, Otile Brown reveals that Vera aborted their child


Both Vera and Otile Brown have moved on and are currently dating non-Kenyans.

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Because Why Not? Man lands chopper to take a quick swim

We all know that feeling, it’s hot and you make a decision to go swimming to cool off.

But what if your job involves flying a helicopter? No problem, just make a quick emergency landing and swim.

A photo of a man enjoying swimming next to his chopper has elicited comments about being goals.

The photo according to many was taken somewhere in Laikipia.

This however remains unconfirmed, the awesomeness of the aerial picture is distracting us.

One man responding to the awesomeness of the picture noted that ‘the photography is on another level’.

Here are more comments:
Hellen Adhiambo… The life you choose

Good Joe… Photography is on another level.

Goddy Elisha… What do people really want in life?

Elah Santosh Irene Wanjiru …hii ndio mnaitanga adventure. Let’s go to my shags its more adventurous

Jolly Joice …Anakaa amedrown

Ken Kahuthu …Wow rich life enjoyable

Juliet Nyawira…. Nani alimpiga picha

Ben Musesi …This Kenya akona right ya kujienjoy

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My boyfriend added his side chick to our Whatsapp group

The person who came up with the phrase ‘love is blind’ knew exactly what they were talking about, Because WOW!!!

A woman, who is an events planner, had a rather rude shock from her man. She describes in a somewhat hilarious manner how he formed a group for them


He cheated when I found out he decided to introduced me to the girl and surprisingly I didn’t have a problem with it, then he went on and created a whatsapp group added me and the new Bae, we used to talk on that group we were even planning a vacation.

Every morning he would Greet us in the group like “Good morning my two beautiful wives” and we would each reply “morning love

She is so chilled out about the relationship and reveals why she isn’t stressed

Right there and then I realized that I have no problem with polygamy marriage at all.
Guys I’m not making this up, this is the girl we still talk.
 man clapping hands
Her confession has triggered a flood of question with many asking how they were able to cooperate, whether they did 3Sums, and to date how things are going. Really guys?
Read how people are praising the man and calling him a legend:
Legendary stuff, can he be invited as a guest speaker to the men’s conference next year!!! 😂 😂 😂 😂, I still can’t believe what I have just read 😭😭😭@mandla20..
This guy should be given the podium for an hour in next year’s mens conference.

He’s our Secretary General for next year’s men’s conference

In respect…i salute ur ex…he was living on another planet…a true legend…tell him …i said i owe him money ye six pack..4 doing the most 😂😂

This guy is a legend. Whatever he did tou you girls should be studied in school.

This is actually very possible when you’re in love. I have been in a very similar situation and I wonder why I didn’t mind.

This is what happens when you’re in a relationship for your partner and not for yourself

Reminds me of this girl who created a WhatsApp group and added all the guys in the squad she had smashed

Must Be Nice: Photo of students flying private jet to posh Kenyan school


When it comes to education, only the best will do for the offspring of the super-rich.

While some schools are located in leafy suburbs, others are found in far flung locations, where students fly on a private plane to school.

Kenyans have come across a photo of students exiting a private plane that dropped them off at the Pembroke School.

The Facebook post went viral. The caption following the photo also rubbed it in the faces of Kenyans that some people are living and others are existing.

The Pembroke House School, Kenya charter flight arrival yesterday with some of our returning students!

Pembroke is among posh foreign schools in Kenya with a world-class curriculum, exclusivity and an extremely high price tag.

With the hefty fee structure, the school is out of the reach of ordinary but for the wealthy in Kenya. The high cost can be explained by the exclusivity of these schools and the value of the education on offer.

By sending your child to one of these fancy schools, chances are high they will make friends with children from the who’s who in Kenya such as political figures or others with connections.

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Fashion Police: Kenyans speak on strict dress code experiences in Tanzania

Back in 2018, Tanzanian songstress Vanessa Mdee let it be known that she was barred from entering a government office all because of a skimpy skirt.

She wrote of the humiliating experience on Twitter

” Only in Tanzania is my skirt which is at my knees too short to enter a public corporate building. This is incredible”

 Vanessa further revealed she was asked to tie a kanga to access the building to which she added
             “Wameniuliza eti ‘una khanga’ FOH”
Several Kenyans have taken to Twitter to also narrate their most humiliating experience in Tanzania that has left a bitter taste in their mouths.
The discussion was prompted by a confession by the Twitter user below, who warned Kenyans girls to dress accordingly
short clothes tnzania
Many say though it is not all parts of Tanzania where a woman will be ridiculed for her choice of outfit, skimpy outfits are frowned upon.
Yeah…I mean when we went we were shouted at an some people even refused to sell to us. Just above the knee dresses and skirts 😄@SonnieRox..
Was kicked out of a govt office for a dress that was just above my knees

🤣 This is true, if I wasn’t with my parents I would’ve been jailed hata…

The only bad thing about Tz is this

You can actually be arrested 😭- As a short clothes wearer I felt it 😭

I was in Dar for a wedding when i was asked to go back change from from my short dress, or either cover myself with a leso before they could let me into the church. I chose to go and change.

Mine wasn’t that short even, And they were like, “tazameni huyu dad’s kavaa nini” so loud, they all turned to stare at me😥

So…men even have the guts to follow and touch you while threatening to strip you naked!!

Women will shout at the back like “motto wa kike jiheshimu”
“Hamna mwanaume atakayekuoa!”

It’s so scary being free in Tanzania.

Can’t relate. Lol. Seriously though, inategemea na kule uko. Sokoni I cover up. The mall, I don’t. I get stares, but that’s all. Whites get away with anything though.

The comments my friend and I got in kariokor because of our “short skirts” was irritating damn but in masaki where we were staying no one seemed to mind, also thank you for your inspiration, I did a solo trip to Zanzibar and it was all sorts of amazeballs!

The Brothers in Dar es Salaam also thought my Beach shorts were too short for comfort 😂😂😂.
Someone straight up asked why I was walking around in boxers. 😣😣

Lol. Ikr! Had an experience where a whole street just stood and stared at me in amusement of my short dress.

People were staring at me for wearing a sleeveless top. Do wazungu have the same experience?

So that’s why I got weird looks from immigration and traffic cops with my shorts on a road trip to Dar via Namanga & Moshi – I was dressed for comfort & didn’t think much about it. Wife also got a few stares in Dar with her sleevless dress (and it was so hot & humid)!

I was there in 2012 and got really rude stares for wearing shorts in the market until one guy suggested I get a Kitenge (zambia/cloth to cover around my waist). I will never forget how angry those men looked


A list of TV personalities who have been charged with murder

We take a look at prominent TV journalists and TV hosts whose careers went down the drain after they were charged with murder, directly or indirectly.

While some were charged, some jailed, others are still awaiting the ending of their cases.

1. Esther Arunga

Esther Arunga has been in the news the past few days after she admitted to having lied to protect her husband for the death of her 3 year old son.

Esther’s son Sinclair Timberlake died as a result of blunt force trauma to his abdomen in June 2014.
Sinclair suffered fatal injuries at his family home at Kallangur, north of Brisbane.
Esther Arunga
His father and former Kenyan presidential candidate Quincy Timberlake was charged with his murder.
Esther Timberlake on Monday pleaded guilty to being an accessory after the fact to manslaughter.
The 38-year-old admitted misleading police in order to help her husband escape punishment.
Crown prosecutor Danny Boyle told the court Esther called triple zero just before 2am on June 18.
When paramedics and police arrived, she told them her son had fallen down the stairs.
But an autopsy revealed Sinclair died
“As a result of a severe blunt force such as punching or stamping or similar” and his injuries were inconsistent with a fall.

2. Louis Otieno

Former NTV reporter Louis Otieno came into the limelight over his alleged connection in the murder of Careen Chepchumba.

Careen was found dead in her apartment seven years ago and Otieno was one of the suspects. The police cleared him of any wrongdoing.

Louis Otieno
Louis Otieno

After that his career never picked up again.Not much is known about his life.

3. Moses Dola

Former journalist Moses Dola was this year sentenced to 10 years for allegedly killing his wife Wambui Kabiru at their matrimonial home in Umoja Estate on May 1, 2011.

According to Dola the argument arose from the high gospel music which he was playing and which the late Wambui felt would wake up the baby.

Partly giving his testimony Dola says

“Just as I was picking our son, she shot up and charged at me.

She asked where I wanted to take her baby. In her charging she was holding the scissors. It was a split second event.

Unfortunately, it pricked (sic) my hand but I managed to squeeze her hand and she released it,”

Wambui queried

‘Wewe ukiamka kwa hii nyumba kwani kila mtu lazima aamke (If you wake up in this house, must everyone else wake up?).

The judge was told that Wambui reached for the scissors but Dola tackled her, and they both fell on the bed.He testified:

She hit her head on the bed, but because we fell on the mattress I did not realise that she was injured.” According to Dola, his wife’s last words were “ona umeniumiza” (see you have hurt me).

According to Dola, he went to his brother in law’s house in a bid to seek a truce with his wife. After that both Wambui’s brother and Dola went to drink.

Former journalist Dola and his late wife Wambui Kabiru

He testified that he was to take his bother in law to a baby shower later in the evening and thus they parted ways and he headed back to the house to freshen up.

When he got to the house, the court heard, Wambui was still lying in bed and did not respond when he called her name.

4. Jacque Maribe

Former Citizen reporter Jacque Maribe is the latest TV personality to be charged  with aiding murder.

Maribe whose case is still ongoing was arrested alongside her fiancee Joseph Irungu alias Jowie over the murder of business woman Monicah Kimani.

Their case is still ongoing.

Jacque Maribe and Jowie in court


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A list of prominent Kenyans who DON’T drink alcohol (Photos)

People tend to have fun in many ways and I bet the way you enjoy your free time is not same as I do.

Some tend to visit parks, go hiking, attend church seminars while others choose to enjoy the bottle.

From spending times in clubs and indulging in binge drinking during weekends and holidays, their love for the brown bottle is outta this world.

Related image

But did you know there are prominent people who don’t drink alcohol despite being rich? 

Also, read:

Well, from Deputy president William Ruto to businessman Jimmy Wanjigi, meet the prominent Kenyans who don’t drink alcohol. 

1. William  Ruto

William RutoT
The deputy president is not a 
tippler. He’s a reserved man and has never tasted alcohol. 

2. Jimmy Wanjigi 

Jimi Wanjigi and his wife Irene Nzisa
Despite the fame and money, he doesn’t drink. According to sources, he only takes tea even when in social gatherings. Dear young men and women, take notes if you want to be successful.

3. Charles Njonjo
The 98-year-old veteran politician and tycoon doesn’t drink alcohol nor eat red meat.  Hello millennials, that’s the only secret to long life.

4. Daniel arap Moi

He’s no exception. The former president survives on traditional foods cooked using traditional methods 

5. Victor Wanyama

The Kenyan international footballer doesn’t drink alcohol, unlike many sportsmen who swim in alcohol, thanks to their fat cheques.

6. DJ Joe Mfalme

Kenya’s finest DJ is not a fan of the brown bottle nor the hard drinks. DJ Joe Mfalme survives on water and Redbull during night events.

Other world leaders and celebrities who don’t drink alcohol include: Kim Kardashian, 50 Cent, 
Shania Twain, Eminem, Chris Martin, Jennifer Lopez,  Bruce Willis, Tyra Banks just to mention but a few.

Willis Raburu opens up on heartbreak of losing unborn baby


Willis Raburu and his wife Mary Prude have lost their unborn child. The Citizen TV presenter revealed that his wife had developed complications leading to a stillbirth.

Stillbirth is the delivery, after the 20th week of pregnancy, of a baby who has died.


Raburu shared a tear-jerking story of his WhatsApp, explaining what happened, while thanking those who supported him and his wife through the journey including her fitness trainer, Alvin.

Alvin, my brother, There is no easier way to say this. God called our little baby angel home. We got into labor but there were some complications and a clot so we pushed out a stillbirth.

My heart is completely broken, she is such a beautiful angel. I want to thank you for all the support during this time for the comfort and the love, for getting Mary fit and ready she did so well at labor. We are trying to be strong but we are absolutely devasted. I know it will be hard even for Nessy when she hears the sad news but tell her to take heart as well,’ he wrote in part.

He went ahead to share an emotional message about his unborn daughter.

We were all waiting for the baby, but God called her home. My angel Adana is on the other side now looking over us and we will do her proud. One day at a time. We will be quiet and away for a while but we will be back. Once again thanks.

Here is the screenshot

Willis Raburu Mpasho.co.ke



He Was A Cute Baby: This Is How Jose Chameleone Looked Like When He Was Young (Photo)

Jose Chameleone is among the most celebrated male artistes East Africa. He has made a name for himself in the music industry, not only regionally but internationally too.

His music has been embraced by all age groups and his concerts are never a let down. With such a successful career, one is bound to ask themselves how he does it. But only he can answer that question.

Apart from being a musician, Chameleone is a husband and a dad. He never shies away from sharing photos of his family on social media, and I must say he has a beautiful family.


Many celebrities tend to hide their past once they become famous. They rarely share photos of themselves when they were young. But the ‘Valu Valu’ hitmaker is not about that life.

Happy Day! Jose Chameleone Finally Treats His Biggest Fan, Maina Kageni, To a Night Out (Video)

He shared a photo of a young  Joseph on social and he was quite a cutie pie.

He captioned the photo as, “Joseph at 4 months!! Thank you Mama 🌹 #Legend <<<<>>>>You gave birth to a great one!!!! ⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️ May god bless the sons of my generation >> Lugogo | May | Cricket Oval | Hitaftahit.

Check out the photo below;


Churchill show comedian Jemutai shows off her cute baby 

Jemutai the comedian has for the first time introduced her cute bundle of joy to the world.

She has jealously shielded her private life from the public eye, only choosing to share her jokes on social issues. But this time it seems she could not hold it back.

The proud mummy shared a photo of her son, proclaiming her love for him.

Meet her adorable baby below.


Back in March this year, Churchill show’s Jemutai was forced to come out and deny that her peer Prof Hamo is her baby daddy.

comedian Jemutai
In a statement seen by Classic 105, Jemutai said:


Last week, one such celebrity surprised us when she shared photos of her babies and their rumored father.

Citizen TV’s Anne Kiguta has never addressed rumors that the father of her twins was President Uhuru’s nephew until last week when she praised him and he responded.

Others who have never told the world about their baby daddy include Papa Shirandula’s Awinja.

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Eric Omondi’s cosy photo with ex Miss Chanty and Jacque Maribe


This should be awkward… Why, just WHY isn’t it?

Eric Omondi, Jackie Maribe and Miss Chanty were amicably hanging out in a chance reunion.

Amicable splits are possible and real. These three give a masterclass on avoiding awkward encounters with the ex.

Through thick and thin, these three know how to support each other and respect the union they once shared.


It’s been only a couple months since Eric Omondi and Miss Chanty broke up, but the exes are on the best of terms. They shared a picture when she jetted back in, and now in a second moment with Erics baby mama Jackie, they posed together for a photo and jokingly stood together with Jackie hand on Erics shoulder.

Jacques comment has raised huge cheers from her social media fans who said it’s proof you’re better off as friends than lovers.

Mourinho style this Sunday, Chelsea meets Tottenham at 6.30, hii kitu haitaki makasiriko 😁😁😁 @ericomondi @miss.chanty wrote Jacque ina teasing manner.

To which a fan responded ‘Thanks for teaching us that bad blood in past relationships issues is a thing of 19Kotego’, while another wrote ‘kweli haitaki makasiriko’.

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R Kelly denies getting Aliyah a fake ID


Singer R. Kelly on Wednesday pleaded not guilty to charges he bribed to pay for a fake ID for an unnamed female a day before he married R&B singer Aaliyah, then 15 years old, in a secret ceremony in 1994.

Kelly entered the not guilty plea via video from Chicaago where he is in jail on several criminal charges..

The not guilty plea comes after a new charge filed earlier this month in which R Kelly is accused of conspiring with others by paying a bribe in exchange for a “fraudulent identification document” for someone identified only as “Jane Doe” on Aug. 30, 1994.

A day later, Kelly, then 27, married Aaliyah in a secret ceremony he arranged at a hotel in Chicago. The marriage was annulled months later because of her age. Aaliyah died in a plane crash in 2001 at age 22.

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Man humiliated 10 times after ‘kutuma fare’ remains hopeful 



‘You are gullible and shauri yako’ were the words Classic Maina Kageni uttered to a man who confessed to being conned for fare ten times.

Yes, you read that right. The man has been asked for fare ten times by the same chick,  and he still has hopes she will show up.

Gullible much? Here’s his sob story

I’ve been sending fare to this chick and she keeps telling me she is coming. There was even a time my phone fell and cracked the screen, I borrowed my boys phone to continue the conversation with her. Do you know even after all that she did not show up?

I felt like bewitching her, and she was so convincing, I sent fare ten times, and you see these people are very convincing about why she didn’t turn up the last time, and promised to show up. then I find myself sending more money, I don’t know how I will learn.

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date 2

He is not alone in being gullible. Another male caller who identified himself as a doctor said

I am a doctor and out of experience wamezidi, I have sent many times, esp to a virgin and I was so happy knowing leo ni leo, I sent a thousand shillings fare, but she kulad fare. I asked myself kwani even virgins kula fare like the others? She looked so innocent. I still communicate with her and send her money and she tells me ati she will tell me when she’s coming

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There is another one I sent for three time, her excuse was I haven’t done my hair, or she spent it somewhere else, there was another one who told me she fulizad, weuh, these women

When will men learn? Anyway tume fare bro.

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