Eric Omondi, Amber Ray wine and dance with Anerlisa


A huge entourage surrounded Keroche Heiress Anerlisa Muigai at  Onyx club Friday night 30th July as she hosted a gig along the Ngong road club.

From Eric Omondi to Amber Ray and Phoina the makeup artist, many came to show support for Anerlisa as they danced and drank to music.

The A listers were spotted trying major dance moves as Eric Omondi got ticked that rich kid Anerlisa was struggling to dance. He cheekily wrote ‘anerlisa and eric omomndi (1)

Anerlisa seemed to have had a fabulous time as Amber Ray gushed over her tiny waist, telling her the secret to being this tiny.

Prior to that Amber Ray had shown of bundles of notes that she keeps in her Jeep, and she told that the stacks were for her weekend hang out.anerliaand amber (1)

She captioned the videos “Are you even ready for me? Mko tayari”

Adding “Blessed weekend ahead and my weekend is sorted. Always make sure you secure the bag” Sher finished dancing along and counting the stacks of money.amber cash ekekdn (1)

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Possible reasons men don’t speak about depression and mental health

The growing burden of depression and mental health lies with men according to figures that tell 432 people died from suicide, mostly men.

The figures also say that Kenya is fourth in Africa and ninth in the world with leading cases of mental health.

On the Wednesday morning conversation July 28th, the depression statistics was the focus of attention. Maina heard from men that there are reasons they don’t open up.

One man said it is embarrassing for men to talk about it.Mental-Health-Issues-May-Be-Caused-by-Internet-Addiction-1024x681

Men also said women were the cause of their depression and so it wouldn’t make sense to talk to their spouse.

Another said he would rather die with his state than tell anyone, including his buddies for fear of being ridiculed. He said “I don’t have anybody to talk to coz I can’t talk to another man coz he has the same as me, and if I talk to a female it emerges that I am cheating, so what do I do? uanabaki na shida zako”

Another responded on Classic Twitter handle saying “men have no one to talk to, we don’t have a support system and the solution is to sit at the bar tukikunywa balozi”

A similar thought was expressed “we cannot talk to our wives about depression, they see us like failures if we talk

And lastly another said “men ego can’t allow them to tell a woman, we can’t air your trouble to another man because they will say huyo hana pesa”

Dear Classic 105 fam, how can we all play a part to end stigma and tackle mental health issues?

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‘Never be unfaithful even if you think you won’t get caught’ Tedd Josiah shares


The ability to fully trust your spouse is one of the most important parts of a relationship. Trust according to many relationship gurus, is the foundation from which a strong connection can be built by couples and without it, there may not be growth and progress emotionally.

And these are some of the questions music maestro Tedd Josiah posed to hi fans on Instagram.

His tips for building a healthy relationship are below. Do you agree Classic 105 fam?tedd joiah 1 (1)

tedd joiah 3 (1)

tedd jpiah 2 (1)

tedd jpiah 4 (1)Also read more here 

A relationship with a rich woman is always bound to fail – Ben 10’s told

Anerlisa Muigai’s quote about men needing to level up to a woman’s lifestyle was applauded by a man who called Maina Kageni saying young men should be ashamed to be exchanging body fluids for a rich woman’s money.

He noted that many young Kenyan men are living glamourous lifestyles, but all this is thanks to secretly dating older rich women who exchange money for twa twa. He called them lazy and told them to work their a**es off

“The worst thing a man can do is take money from a woman. men should spend on their women not vice-versa. Where does one get the energy to take money from a woman? As a man your work is to provide not to be provided for! Then you go show off”

Here is Anerlisa’s diss that excited Kenyans about men who live off women.

anerlida disses ben pol abotu money 1

Poor Ben Pol just gets randomly dragged for being fed

Relationship za yengs akiwa mafutani ajaaab mtu hawezi hata pumua na amani.
Every turn ni attack.

Utapata hata raia iko hapa kucharaza mizigo but dem won’t let you breath juu ameunda few thousands mbele yako

Aaah Mjamaa angepiga mziki tu aachene na watoto wa geti kali.

Hahaha hawa madem wa geti kali ni wa kupewa cable na kusonga. Usiende kuweka beacons hapo.

anerlisa draga ben pol abpout cash
Amerix hushinda amewaambia hamsikii. A relationship with a richer woman is always bound to fail. Na ikifail ile kuanikwa utaanikwa. The man should ALWAYS be wealthier.

Amerix is right. Men should not marry women with a higher level of financial status, age, academic status coz madharau ndogondogo lazima itaanzia mahali.

I’ve learnt through observation a good number of them if they argue with their partners…even if the partner has valid points in the argument they end up getting emotional and always remind them that they’re the one who provide most or all of the things they have/own

She learnt the hard way. Women need a man with a bright future, men need a woman with a bright past.

This should be two way,MEN leave your women the way you found them or even better look for a partner your level. Yess that’s the energy Ok hand

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Jenifer Lopez and Ben make it Instagram official on her 52nd birthday


Bennifer is official.

Jennifer Lopez and Ben Affleck excited the internet this past weekend when they officially conformed their rekindled love on Instagram

They shared a cute picture locking lips, to tell the world rumors of them reuniting are true.

The sizzling photo follows other rumors that they are house hunting and intend to move in.

A woman @RachelLeishman even joked that
J. Lo and Ben Affleck have gotten together, broken up, had children with other people, got back together, and are now kissing and I have been single through it all

Dear Classic 105 fam, are you excited they are giving their love another shot?

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“He still thinks I’m a hot chick” Dolly Parton’s outfit for husbands 79th birthday

The legendary country singer wore her iconic Playboy Bunny suit to send her husband an unforgettable birthday present.

Her husband turns 79 and has been married to Dolly for 67 years.


Dolly Parton in a special message on Twitter told the world she is sharing the video she needed to do it when she is older.

Dolly Parton has been married to husband Carl Thomas Dean since 1966.

On Tuesday, the country music legend said she recreated the moment that she did in 1978 Playboy magazine cover as a present for her husband.

“You’re probably wondering why I’m dressed like this. Well, it’s for my husband’s birthday. Remember some time back I said I was gonna pose on Playboy magazine when I’m 75? Well, I’m 75 and they don’t have a magazine anymore, but my husband always loved the original cover of Playboy.”

“I was trying to think of something to do to make him happy, he still thinks I’m a hot chick after 57 years and I’m not gonna try to talk him out of that.”


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“He who finds a good wife” Brown Mauzo tells Vera ahead of anniversary


Brown Mauzo and Vera Sidika are proving to doubting thomases’ that their relationship will last and is real this time round.

The two are gearing up to mark their first wedding anniversary and dedicating messages to each other about it.

On Sunday July 18th after hosting her first gig in Nairobi at the Tunnel, Vera wrote she is ‘genuinely happy they hate to see it, but it’s about you not them’ assuring Brown that he is her dream come true as she added they have a’ a bond that can’t be broken’.vera bond that cant be broken (1)

and on Tuesday night, Brown gushed over Vera saying ‘He who finds a wife finds a good thing. …Love is wonderful. Love you my wonderful wife”.bron tells v (1)

Brown and Vera are likely to hold a white wedding after she delivers. But she did earlier indicate to a curios fan that ‘not now though. No ceremony is fun in this pandemic.’

They celebrate their anniversary on 12th August.

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“Never trust your tongue when your heart is bitter” Anerlisa hits back

Tanzanian singer Ben Pol on Monday July 19th disclosed in an interview that the door has closed on his relationship with Kenyan Anerlisa Muigai after multiple attempts.

He admitted that he no longer has feelings for her and that their split took a toll on him.

The two got married in March last year and Ben Pol filed for divorce early this year. He told that they were on and off again in 2020 but in 2021, they reunited for one last ditch effort that flopped.

“We separated last year for like one and half months, then in September, we got back together and in February this year, we separated again. I think I did my best from my end to keep our love, but I can’t change anything.”

Ben Pol proposing to Anerlisa
Ben Pol proposing to Anerlisa earlier this year

He also told that the divorce process was nasty that Anerlisa had her lawyers send divorce papers through email.

“Kwenye mambo ya  Divorce ina process zake, na kwa hivyo Bado zinaendelea. Na mambo nyengine kwenye upande wake number moja au mengine alikuwa amuekea misuli. Kisheria Bado tumefungua ndoa, lakini kihiisia zidhani Kuna mtu anataka kuwa na mwenzake, ” he said.

Anerlisa on Tuesday night hit back, with a cryptic message that hinted there was problems.

In three messages, Anerlisa wrote “A real woman avoids drama, she knows her time is precious and she is not wasting it on unimportant things”anerlisa a real woman avoids drama (1)

Another message said “Never trust your tongue when your heart is bitter”.

She also shared a meme that appeared to suggest she had learned a lesson. ” Street lesson ukienda place hau provide anything please usikae sana, no school will teach you this”

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Diamond makes special visit to South Africa to see kids for second time

The WCB boss jetted off to South Africa to see his angels in a sweet message about his arrival to meet Tiffah and Nillan

Diamond Platnumz penned that he couldn’t wait to see his angels.

The singer jetted off on Tuesday night July 20th, showing fans his private jet ride with brother Rommy Jons and bodyguard.

He captioned the moment excitedly

And we Off again…. South Africa see you in a second..

He was last in South Africa in April, where he spent time with his children, at the same time working on his anticipated album.

View this post on Instagram


A post shared by SIMBA..!🦁 (@diamondplatnumz)

In April, Zari prepared a feast fit for a king for Diamond and his team when they arrived in South Africa. He spent many loving parent moments with the two kids and made sure to show the world he loves them.

In November 2020, Zari also took Princess Tiffah and Prince Nillan to Tanzania to meet their father after two years apart. She said it was Diamonds idea to have the kids in Tanzania as he couldn’t travel to South Africa due to his busy schedule.

In an interview with Wasafi FM, Platnumz said that he feels privileged to have kids with Zari, gushing over her as a very mature mother.

“Miongoni mwa wazazi wenzangu ambao nawasifia kwa kujua kuishi kama Wazazi ni Zari. Na namheshimu sana. Na pengine sijawahi kumwambia hivyo lakini yuko professional sana, na mwenyewe nafarijika na kumshukuru mweyezi Mungu kwa kuweza Kuzaa naye… Ni mwanamke ambaye hata mimi mwenyewe namshukuru mungu kuzaa naye na nafarijika kuona watoto wangu wana mama kama yule” said Diamond Platnumz.

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Elizabeth Michael shows off luxury maternity ward where she gave birth


Tanzanian actress Elizabeth Michael has given fans an inside look at the deluxe maternity ward where she gave birth.

Elizabeth gave birth to a baby boy on Friday July 18th in a surprise announcement gushing that she and husband Majizzo are now ‘baba and mama G’.

From welcome perks like flowers and daddy resting area to a complete living room for family and friends, the actress showed that she was treated like a queen welcoming her bundle of joy into the world.

The A list maternity suite seems to have given her all the privacy a celebrity needs. The amenities included soft lighting, a separate bedroom for the father to be to ensure her emotional support during and after, plus a sitting room.

elizabth michael hosi 3 (1)

The birthing centre shows it’s fit for a queen and here is another picture from her Instagram stories.

elizabth michael hosi 4 (1)

Elizabeth thanked those congratulating adding that “mimi na familia yangu tunashukur kwa pongezi nadua zeny njema Mungu awabariki”

Dear GOD,

Thank you for adding a little bit of heaven to our family.eklizabeth michael meage after birth (1)

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Kanye West teases upcoming album and briefly meets Kim and children



A new Kanye album is on the way titled Donda.

This rumor follows an exclusive listening event n Las Vegas.

Online personality Justin Laboy wrote on Instagram that  the rapper played the album for both him and professional basketball player Kevin Durant over the weekend.

But before this listening party, Kanye met with Kim kardashian and the kids as they co parent amid the divorce. Kanye is currently dating.

Kanye West and Kim Kardashian
Kanye West and Kim Kardashian

Kim is said to have flown from New York to San Francisco to meet up with the singer according to Page Six.

The exes and their four kids North, 8, Saint, 5, Chicago, 3, and Psalm, 2, shared a family moment eating breakfast before they left for the Asian Art Museum before visiting hours.

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Zari mocks Fayhma for being dumped by husband for a teenager 


Zari has been slammed for making degrading comments to Rayvannys ex wife Fayhma after her husband celebrated his new girlfriend online.

Rayvanny and Paul are now dating and showing off their cute couple moments online.

Paula celebrated her birthday on Friday July 16th and during the party he serenaded her and cut cake with her. ayvannya nd new cathc (1)

Rayvanny and Paula during the celebrations dubbed themselves the Bonnie and Clyde much to the amusement of  fans.

Zari now appears to have been following their scandal and in a new post on Instagram mocked Fayhma for being dumped for a teenager.

Zari ridiculed Fayhma in an Advert for tissue paper saying “Mchongo uko ivi..sikuizi hartuende kurpga tena wanaume zetu, ni mwendo wa kuwafulia nguo kwa #kleesoft.. Usichekwe huko mitani kama shogaangu aliyeibiwa mume ni mwendo a #kleesoft tuu, yeney harufu nzuri povu kama lote kwa buku moja tu”

However, Zari has been slammed and reminded that she too lost her man to a younger girl Hamisa.

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Photo of the day! Should we tell the cop or keep it moving

My country pipo are we ok?

We could use a good laugh considering the things happening in our country and around the world.

Dear KOT could you ever grab a cops jacket and wear it like this bold man?

See hilarious comments below about it.


The Audacity

Hii ni crimino

Kenyans are officially ungovernable

my country pple never disappoints

omg…this is awesome. I kinda love anarchy.

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Rayvanny’s cryptic message to baby mama after ‘still love him’ comments

Rayvanny is leaving no doubt where his heart lies, in what many are saying is a message to his hopeful baby mama to finally move on.

Fahyma, on July 10th was interviewed and admitted that she still has feeling for Rayvanny and hoped they would still get married. This was days after her birthday on July 6th.

Rayvanny and Fayhma split after she accused him of cheating  with a video vixen in 2020 during the shoot of his popular song, I Love You.

But Rayvanny doesn’t seem to have such intentions when a few days after the interview posted his girlfriends Paula Kajala’s picture, making it clear where his heart lies. Is this a message to Fahyma to move on?

Rayvanny has been sharing lots of pictures of Paula to perhaps show that their love is now real and they no longer have to do things on the down low and don’t have anything to fear.

View this post on Instagram

A post shared by CHUI… 🐯 (@rayvanny)

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“My daughter June was dating a Kenyan named Ochieng” William Ruto


Months after the wedding of his daughter June, DP William Ruto has opened about his first born June.

In an interview with Radio Jambo on Tuesday July 13th, said he was initially aware his daughter June was dating a Kenyan man and was happy.

He told Gidi that he would have preferred a Kenyan husband for her, but her happiness was more important.


“I told her the most important thing is her happiness, akubali ako chini ya mume ake hapo ndipo family itajengwa na ningerfurahi sana kama msichana w angu angepata mkenya lakini unajua saa ni mpango ya mungu na uamuzi wake pia,  kulikuwa wakati nilikuwa nimesikia fununu hapo kulikuwa na mtu alikuwa anaitwa ochieng nilikuwa namwona lakini – clapping hi hand to show finished- akapotea sijui lakini sijui kulienda aje so nikamuuliza nanai kulienda aje akaniambia apana weh ngojea, ok nikazama hapo kidogo, so lakini sasa ndivyo mambo ilivyo”

June Ruto got married to her Nigerian man in May with Kenyans delighted at her big day.june ruto

Ruto in the interview also told Gidi that he is happy all the same for June and that marriage is an important institution, crediting his wife Rachel for keeping the family together.

“Lakini otherwise mimi eh nuimefurahi sana kwamba vile umeuliza what is the secret to a successful marriage “I think the success of my family is actually my wife huyo sasa ndio amefanya hii family yangu ikawe successful kwasababu nilipata mke mkarimu na malaika hapo ndio mambo yangu ilienda vizuri na ni bahati tuu ya mungu aa zingine una bahatika. Unajua kuna wanaume wana hangaika sana saa zingine lakini ukipata mke ambaye anakusaidia anakuelewa anakuombea anakusaidia katika kazi hapo ndio unaota bahati ya kupiga hatua ya kuenda mbele ”

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Umekuja kupick! How askaris treat regular vs luxury car drivers


The disrespect askaris have for small car owners has elicited similar responses from Nairobians.

If you drive a luxury car, do people treat y9ou differently? Twitter seems to think so in a heated discussion about how small car owners are subjected to different rules from big car drivers in Nairobi. The

Askaris have been put on the spotlight as among those who behave this way. The debate bnegan when Twitter ueser @misswaitiki told of her experience below:
@MissWaitiki....Went to the same building with a Mercedes and second time a Demio. The askaris at the gate really do treat you according to the car you’re driving. Demio hadi niliambiwa kuna time limit ya ku-park

Here are responses:

my car broke down last week. I arrived at work by nduthi na let me tell you…gari=heshima

Weeeeeuuh went to the same gate na Prado,second time an old probox weeeuuuh, I thought I had wronged them unknowingly

No lies detected!ssWaitiki
For the latter, “…are you dropping or picking?…”

Wait till you show up in an old pickup. Utapark nje

Same as bikes. Kuna those seen as Bodas that can’t enter malls unless deliveries and those that look like super bikes.

Lol true story. Fancy cars can get parking anywhere, ata statehouse.

Investment. I’ve always gotten admission hata the house on the bill. Mtu ni gari my fren. Hii Kanairo

Very true. Nilirukishwa Curfew juzi Gitanga road na Rangerover with my Brother-in-Law…The cop said “Madam naomba tujuane”

Happens to me a lot Smiling face with open mouth and cold sweat, when I interchange my cars. askaris give me premium parking when I’m with a Benz otherwise nawekwa huko nyuma

full truth. Even fellow drivers on the road. Drove a kadudu then drove a 4*4….the amount of disrespect when you in a kadudu eish!

Juzi huko Naivasha WRC Rally nlinyimwa kuingia place ingine juu nlikuwa na Toyota NZE but watu wa magari kubwa walikuwa wanapita bila kuulizwa chochote bana

I have been asked by the askaris at my apt ‘……umekuja kupick?’

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Here’s a timeline of Zari’s short relationship with Dark Stallion


Perhaps this years unexpected breakup news is that of Zari and her bae, Dark Stallion.

The Ugandan businesswoman signaled the end of that brief romance on Sunday July 4th, writing that

“I miss him, but I had to let him go. If it doesn’t build me I won’t Keep it,” read Zari’s message

Trouble in paradise?! Zari deletes all photos with new man Dark Stallion

The split comes after a few months of dating. Here is a timeline of how they met and fell in love.

  1. In January 2021, Zari hinted she was in love with several happy and thriving message. She showed hands of a man, but cynical fans said it was because of Tanasha’s visit to Diamond that supposedly made her jealous.

    Zari's screenshot
    Zari’s screenshot

2. On Valentines 2021, Zari in a Valentine’s Day post on social media revealed him writing

“Happy Valentines day 💘,”

“Most miserable people will want to see you in their WhatsApp group. Don’t count me in that category a beg. I refuse to be one of you. Happiness lives here. If it ends in tears let it, what will you as a person lose? Don’t break my little hand eer I mean my (love) Mr man. Call him the Dark Stallion,”


3. In March she let him move in according to multiple blogs.


It was said she let him raise Nillan and Tiffah, Diamonds kids.

4. In May,

Zari’s new love is confirmed to be in Real estate in Eastern and Southern African. Online detectives said he was a  mineral broker and a youth development consultant. His real name? Jerry Ebyherithei Jerry.


5. On July 4th

The socialite posted on her socials confirming their break up saying that she was not benefiting from the relationship so she had to let go of him.

“I miss him but I had to let him go, if it doesn’t build me I won’t keep it..” she captioned a short video clip of herself.

In the video clip, Zari doesn’t look happy as she normally does infact her eyes look swollen as though she had spent a full night crying.

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Kevin Hart tells Will Smith how cheating scandals affected his children



Kevin Hart opened up about how his philandering ways affected his relationship with his children telling Will that his 16 year old daughter was tough on him after infidelity.

In the Red Table talk with Will Smith, for a special Father’s Day installment Kevin Hart told that

“I stepped in some s–t, yeah,” Hart, 41, said when Smith, 52, asked how he addressed that scandal with his children.

“You’re never prepared for that side of it. Having a little girl in my life, it’s tough. You don’t realize the impact that your mistakes can truly have. When the kids get involved, it’s a different feeling, it’s a different emotion. Through my public, uh, debacles … it’s very hard to bother me,” Hart continued. “But when your child shows disappointment, shows emotion, shows ‘I don’t understand why’ and you gotta have those conversations, the head drops for the first time.”

“Now you realize there’s a different emotional cord that can be pulled on you that nobody else has the privilege of ever touching. My daughter touched on that cord, man.”

“When me and my wife went through what we went through and the whole cheating display, my talk with [daughter] Heaven, goddamn,” Hart continued. “That was one like no other. Getting my daughter back, getting my daughter to understand that I’m sorry, that I made a mistake, that was real. To understand, I’m still dad.”

Hart has four children: Heaven, 16, and Hendrix, 13, with ex-wife Torrei and Kenzo, 3, and Kaori, 8 months, with wife Eniko Parrish.

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