My husband changed after I took a car loan to start his business




On the Friday morning conversation on Classic 105, listeners agreed that it is a risky thing to invest in your spouse as you never know the outcome. Many were of the view that if things don’t end well, just move on.

One such listener called Maina Kageni and gave her experience with her husband.

She detailed how he was broke and jobless and she decided as a loving wife to invest in him in the hopes hat he will success and help out with family bills.

“Let me tell you Maina, it is ts risky investing in men. I did that to my man. Sometime back I was the only one working after he lost his job. So he stayed home for sometime so I saw he was wasting his time, so I thought let me do something. He told me he has an idea of reselling vegetables and all he needs is a car. So I took a loan, bought him a Probox, and started selling and making money and then after sometime like three four months I don’t know what happened.

sad 2 He started behaving funny and I would ask him to give me soem money to top up but he would respond ‘kwani you are not working?’ then he would say ati his money is occupied, so nikanyamaza, and then a second time I asked him again because I saw he was making alot of money. He told ne si uchukuwe loan. Yes Maina, that is my husband the father of my children, you can imagine how risky it is investing in men, we are still together but I do not touch any of his money and remember I was the source of the money. If I didn’t buy him that car, I don’t know what he would be doing now, I will never help him ever again, he sold the probox and bought a Noah, but well it’s ok”


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He wants it back! Ciara’s husband tells her it’s time to stop breastfeeding


Ciara shared a cute clip of her husband Russel Wilson telling her it is time to give up breastfeeding their son.

In the video, a frustrated Russell can be heard saying ‘his nutrition is good’, as Ciara laughs about it.

He added “He’s old enough, let me feed”.

In the Instagram story video, we see the couple sitting on the couch as Ciara asks her man to repeat something that he mumbled about her breastfeeding.

Russell repeats that he thinks Ciara’s a little “selfish” with her time these days.

“I said it’s time,  it’s time to give it up. I mean — he’s old enough, his nutrition’s good, it’s time. You’re being selfish now at this point,” he told his wife with a smile and a laugh.

He added, “No more late nights — you and I, just you and I — let me feed.”

Ciara and Russell Wilson, who have been married since July 2016, welcomed their third child, Win Harrison Wilson on July 23, 2020.

In January 2020, Ciara and Wilson surprised the world with pregnancy news. “Number 3,” Ciara wrote alongside a photo of her in a swimsuit showing off a baby bump.

And on July 23, they welcomed their baby, Win Harrison Wilson.

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Man makes wife present business plan after asking him for a loan


Dear wives, if you had a business idea and wanted a ka loan from your hubby, would you expect him to give you without question? That’s what one woman did, but her husband stopped her in her tracks saying he needed to see formal strategy and presentation at 8am.

The wife shared on Twitter @irizzzy _.

Asked my husband for money to start a new business, he said I should write a proposal. Just sent it to his mail. Presentation is on tomorrow 8am sharp guys. Wish me luck
Relieved face
Crossed fingers

She first showed up in pajama’s – below- and he refused saying she must be professional. So she switched up her look and dressed in the gold skirt above.

So I got there few minutes to 8am, Presentation started 8am as earlier stated.

Frame 1: I was ‘inappropriately’ dressed for the presentation and was told to go back.
Face with hand over mouth

woman business pajama

Then later after dressing properly, she updated fans that

Frame 2: Presentation in progress.

People encouraged her to take heart and soldier on like a business woman with a goal in mind.

I think I impressed him!
Thank you guys for your support

Dear Classic 105 fam, would you go this far to get the ka biashara loan you need?

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Huddah denies calling Tanasha the most followed celebrity ‘with no value’


Does being the most followed celebrity mean they are successful? That was the discussion Huddah debated on Tuesday.

Huddah Monroe hit a raw nerve after sharing her thoughts on why some celebrities with the most followers still are not successful.

This came shortly after Tanasha Donna revealed she is now the most followed female celebrity with 3million fans.

So Kenyans linked Huddah’s thoughts as slamming Tanasha.

Huddah has now doubled down on her thoughts saying she wasn’t referring to Tanasha but many African celebrities in general.

She said that “lol I wasn’t even talking about anyone in particular, you people just love to hate and twist things”

“Funny part is people equate followers to success LMFAO! LOL! I cannot cannot afford to hate on people coz of followers surely it’s not MONEY, CAR or HOUSE!

My two million followers don’t mean its 2M$And what is a celebrity with no money? Just a most followed person. 0 per cent of African followers don’t support what you put out! just giving likes and numbers. That’s not SUCCESS And that’s why I cant hate I state facts!

huda on tanahsa 1(1)

huda denies(1)
Hudah slams Tanasha

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Mood! Grandma excites Kenyans after singing popular nursery ryhme


Forget #firirida, this is it right here.

Tiktok is obsessed with this 64 year old cucu who is singing a nursery ryhme many of us have forgotten.

The song is one we all sang many centuries ago- “If your happy and you know clap your hands”

The video has gone viral and people are sharing it on other social media platforms.

The cucu was singing during a political rally and a day later met DP William Ruto at his Karen office on Wednesday February 24th.

The cucu was so encouraged as people clapped along, she increased her volume and repeated the phrase again, much to the amusement of the crowd.

Ruto’s Twitter handled shared that

Interacted with former quarry worker turned small-scale farmer Margaret Njambi after her video went viral during a Kiharu development meeting where she expressed her interest to meet the Deputy President “_macho kwa macho (in person).”

It’s the handy for me😂😂Much love to the mommy👏👏…she just made my day😍😍😍😍 😍 she’s so full of life.

😂😂Such a vibe

Guys you should be krapping your handdies

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Housewife told to write formal letter after demanding allowance increase


A woman who has been drawing a monthly allowance from her husband, wanted it increased and had to go the route professionals do with their bosses.

Her husband told her to write an email requesting for the upkeep to be increased with reasons why she wants more money.

The email is below and I am blown away.

She defended her points with facts, used complex sentences and communicated with clarity. Kudos to her.

The husband cheekily shared that

“My wife requested an increase for her monthly upkeep. So I asked her to send a formal letter.  See attached her letter and my response”

salary increment letter
Wife begs husband for allowance

He responded to her email. The Nigerian couple live in Canada and the man shared the emails on his Twitter account @ife_Akintunde.

His bio says he is a PR professional and International education consultant. He shared the private email after seeing another woman say she was made to write an email and make a presentation to her husband detailing why she needs a business loan.

guy responds to wife email
Husband responds to wife email


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Girls, here’s 4 reasons we are not going through our men’s phone in 2021

Girls, kujeni hapa. It’s time to have a chat about your deep desire to look through your mans phone. What are you hoping to achieve?

Is it ever okay to snoop through your partners phone? That was the discussion by Kenyans on Twitter recently and many gave their examples of the horrifying things one goes through after snooping.

People often go through their partner’s phone because they’re worried about what secrets or illicit activity he or she might be hiding.

One woman said that it is so mentally draining that she would go through PTSD. Twitter user @City_girllll
PTSD won’t let me go thru a niggas phone
If you leave it unlocked next to me I will kindly just lock it for you

You’re not about to have my chest vibrating at 6am

Another @Odero_nicole replied to her comment saying
my toxic self could neverblack-woman-looking-at-cell-phone-310x184

While @DefneyOwuor added her thoughts that
aaah I’m always saying this life I can’t kill myself. Then I choose death

One thing is if you are looking for trouble, you will find it. So what next? Here’s what happens to you
1. It makes you into someone you don’t want to be

Nobody likes the person that they become when they are consumed with wanting to snoop. You hang around hoping he will go to the balcony or the bathroom, to give you time to snoop. And if he takes time before leaving his phone alone, it drives you nuts. Do you like the person you’ve become? Huh? Sis, your self esteem is not worth this.

2. You will always be giving him side eye when he’s looking through his phone
Is it worth always sitting next to him and glancing side ways hoping to see what he is looking at? It speaks insecurity to me, so girls no more snooping. Please drop this nasty habit.Phone-addiction
3. It sabotages your closeness

We have seen many celebrities say they have forgiven their spouse after snooping, however doubts will always linger. Your spouse will lose trust in you wondering why you violated their privacy. Many relationships never bounce back after one partner confesses to spying on anothers phone or social media accounts.

4. You become fixated on them and put yourself in a weaker position

When you live your life worrying about what your spouse is upto, you have shifted the power dynamics and are in a weaker position in that relationship. You live your everyday life obsessed with what they are up to, and sis this is draining emotionally, physically and spiritually. Don’t do this to yourself.

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Naomi Campbell tells critics about ambassadorial job “humbled to do it”


50 year old supermodel Naomi Campbell caused a fracas in Kenya after she was named the Magical Kenya International Brand Ambassador by the Tourism Ministry.

Naomi Campbell with Najib Balala
Naomi Campbell with Najib Balala

The Star reported that Campbell was in Kenya in January for her month-holiday in Malindi, one of the longest since she began visiting the resort town more than 20 years ago.

She stayed at the exclusive Lion in the Sun resort, owned by her ex-boyfriend, Italian billionaire Flavio Briatore.

Her long stay earned her an ambassadorial job for Magical Kenya after a meeting with Tourism CS Najib Balala at the Vipingo Ridge in Kilifi.

The decision by Balala sparked mixed reactions on social media, with some users, including politicians, criticizing the choice of appointing the British supermodel instead of Kenya’s own international movie star Lupita Nyong’o or other popular celebrities in the country.

Nyong’o, daughter of Kisumu Governor Anyang’ Nyong’o, also laughed off the statement by Balala, who claimed the ministry had looked for her for five years in vain through her managers.





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A post shared by Naomi Campbell (@naomi)

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Izareeh and Celestine show off their impressive Firirinda dance move


Firirda is trending and if you don’t know, it is a Kikuyu song that has taken over the interwebs and especially on Tiktok.

The song by a musician called Dick Munyonyi and Kenyans hope that this mans fortunes change for the better now that his song has captured national attention.

In an interview the singer says he used to sing the song alot in Gatundu whenever there was a public holiday. He has now lost his voice but hopes that peopel still enjoy his music.

The song has even captured the attention o f Classic Maina Kageni who wrote his excitement that

“Aaaakiyao… years later!!!! 🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣 Best believe, God’s timing is perfect. This song from 1986 is now a hit in 2021! Firirriiiiiidaa”

We hit the internet to find out which of your favorite celebrities are jamming to this song and trying out the dance move.

Njugush shared a video of his wife Celestine and their pal Izareeh dancing and it’s pretty good.

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A post shared by NJUGUSH (@blessednjugush)

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Oolisikia wapi!? Lady tells Maina after asking why women don’t want to build with their men

The morning conversation today was one that many young men will thank Maina for having. It was a follow-up from yesterday’s conversation where most men where in general agreement that most women go for established married men.

Mwalimu King’ang’i himself asked, “Why can’t women of today start from scratch with their own man? Who are these young men going to marry?”

Maina himself asked the ladies the question, “Is there time to start from scratch?”

This is arguably one of the most commented topics that Maina and King’ang’i have brought up. Some of those responses are below:

The generation of ladies who have found their fathers making it big they forget that their mothers did help that man to be successful. They forget to ask their back history Kama wewe hujajinunulia hata simu ya mkono unaexpect aje kupata mtu ame make it in life.

Yes, I agree that money is important.. But as a parent would you encourage your 20-year-old daughter to be involved with someone over 40 or 50, we need to think about it that way.

The ladies starting from scratch with men were recently called “Bob the builders” that after building a future together from scratch the non-bob the builders will snatch them from Bob the builders cause they believe successful men like women who don’t know their struggles.

The lack of time to start from scratch for our young generation both boys and girls is the reason we have so many singles, it’s the monster eating our society from all angles. We need to talk to our youth to stick together for better for worse.

And that’s precisely where these young ladies miss the point. Whatever that sponsor has been amassed over a long period of time and his wife contributed incredibly. He’ll date you, buy you that palatial house and that sleek car but when things go south he’ll confiscate…

Maina, ladies want a shortcut in life, they are marrying those financially stable men for a reason and if one day those men will go broke they’ll run away from them cos hawana haja nao tena, they were after their money not love.

As if men are not marrying financially stable women this day?

…everything and throw you out of that house. And probably he has impregnated and infected you with HIV. But exactly the opposite we’ll happen when it doesn’t work with their wives. They’ll get divorced and share those assets equally. So who’s using who here.

Wacha nimpate na kimansion huko Runda na ki V8 tulie huko kuliko nimpate Githurai tucheke huko.

These men are unpredictable mutaanza na ye chini akiomoka utalilia choo.

Men should shine aways from earlier marriage and look for money…..koz after this ladies wamefika 28+ they will be looking for you not you looking for them.

Good morning,,,They want the good life without any struggle.

Maina ati start from scratch,how?yani niteseke Kwa nyumba ya wazazi wangu alafu niende kuteseka Kwa mwanamume,uliskia wapi?

Maina hii gender haina huruma, imagine savings ya 1yr anakam anakula in 1day.

We will marry the rejected ones.

From experience, nope there is no time to start from scratch.

Maina for me ni kutafuta pesa kwanza halafu kuoa baadaye. Sina haraka.

Women of nowdeiz can’t start frm scratch coz wanachochwa na mabeste zao wenye wana live fake life pale social media.

Oooliskia wapi? Wanataka kuchoka?

Maina I met a guy who was so broke and had rent arrears for months I paid for it. I am the first woman who took this man for dinner, I taught him how to drive but when he got the money I was thrown out to stay with the dogs.

Madem huwa wanataka wasee wako na kakitu boss.

Kama hauna pesa kaa na mama yako. Maina I am single na nataka mtu akona pesa. Maneno ya kustart from scratch iliisha.

Hawa wanaume wakipata pesa huwa wanachange. I was dating this guy for 7 years tulikuwa tunakula ugali na chumvi akapata pesa kidogo akaendea msichana wa form two. I left Maina.

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He’s 71, She’s 30! Lionel Richie fans react to his age gap with his girlfriend


A photo of Lionel Richie and his girlfriend Lisa went viral on social media.

The 40 year age gap has fans stunned and saying all is not lost for those yet to fall in love.

The singer and his lifestyle blogger girlfriend have reportedly been dating since 2014, The All Night Long hitmaker is 71, while the Ace Showbiz reports that Parigi was born in 1989 – that’s 40 years after her Grammy-winning boyfriend.lionel and girlfriend

It also makes her younger than Richie’s adopted daughter Nicole, who is 39, and just a few years older than daughter Sofia, 22, and son Miles, 26.

News of the couple’s 40-year age gap ignited heated debate online.

Richie and his girl are not the first couple with a large age difference.

Madonna was recently in Kenya and it was revealed that she was in the company of her young bae. She is 61 and he is 25.

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Poll results – Kenyans vote on effect Edgar Obare’s ‘Tea’ is having on society

Edgar Obare burst forth onto the Kenyan spotlight in 2020. And was it because of his artistic talents?! Noooooo…It was all because of his penchant for having the most exclusive and scandalous tea on the internet.

Tea for those of you not in the know is the colloquial term used by many to describe gossip. The man has been the bane of many a Kenyan celebrity while being a boon to a hungry Kenyan public who can’t get enough of his expose’s.

View this post on Instagram

A post shared by Edgar Obare (@edgarobare)

Celebrities like Dj Mo, Natalie Tewa, Terrence Creative and Yummy Mummy all have a bone to pick with him as the scandals that he puts on his Instagram page are highly damaging to the stars exposed.

It even forced the likes of Natalie Tewa to take a break from social media after he exposed her passport online. And even this incident didn’t deter nor his claim that he was tortured by the police after he exposed a certain radio personality.

Edgar Obare smiling
Edgar Obare smiling

This has me asking the Classic105 audience, “Is Edgar Obare’s ‘Tea’ having a positive or negative effect on the Kenyan society?”

The close poll results show that Kenyans are extremely divided on the question with the negative side of the column getting 50.4% of the vote.

Edgar Obare screenshot
Edgar Obare screenshot

Read some of the comments from Kenyans who voted below:

Depends on whom he targets.

I’m sure it’s ladies who voted Positive cz Edgar Obare ako na umama sana!

Wacha atupee udaku Ya KEMSA & Corruption not abt private lives.

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Dj Pierra Makena bombarded with per person sharing romantic proposals



A year ago while speaking on the topic of Double edged fame on Citizen TV in the segment Day break with Waihiga Mwaura, Pierra said that being in the limelight and fame has had a huge impact on her love life.

She told Waihiga that “It has been difficult for me to date because people want to make it their business“.

Fast forward to a year later and in a QnA with fans, Pierra was once again confronted with the question of dating eventually leading to marriage.

Racy proposals to date her were thrown in her direction and to put it simply she was amused.


pierra 1(1)

She told one she is super careful with dating referring to Nairobi as ‘ile ile’.

peirra 6(1)

piera 4(1)

But is she struggling to find her perfect match and is she worried?

piera 5(1)

pierra 2(1)

A fan decided to test her limits on being open to a new relationship and she responded

pierra 3(1)

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King Kaka responds to backlash over casting plus size video vixens


The visual aesthetics in King Kaka’s collabo with Kristoff has got the internet felling all sorts of things.

The song Utanipata was released on February 18, and has the two rappers admiring an entourage of plus size women.

Fans are split over rapper King Kaka’s decision to cast plus size women in his music video.

The curvy figured women were handpicked by the popular singer to star in the video and largely appear in crop tops, bikers and swimwear.

And this has fans responding with mixed reaction.

The reactions have got the attention of King Kaka who has commented that he is only trying to promote body positivity for Kenyan women.

He wrote on Twitter that


King Kaka is working hard to challenge the conventional beauty standards and the inspiring response made one fan praise him.

@its_ochamie wrote..As long as hawajaanguka kwa milango zenyu mkachota mafuta weight zao zisiwasumbue
What happened to sticking to your lanes?

Here is the song

Dear Classic 105 fam, do you agree with King Kaka that tuwache ujinga and let all our sistas thrive?

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How the rich live! Check out this Aerial View Of Bishop Kiuna’s Palatial Mansion In Runda (VIDEO)

A video of the multi-million palatial home of Reverend Kathy Kiuna and Bishop Allan Kiuna has leaked online.

One Richard Kamau has posted an aerial video of their spiritual couple’s home online on his YouTube account.


Normally, when you search online you get to see a one dimension photo of the palatial houses of the who-is-who.

Here are some photos of the Kiuna mansion. However, in this video you get a complete view of the home.

Here is the aerial video of the house where the power couple reside, in Runda.

Some relatives may never like you…’, Emmy Kosgei speaks about toxic in-laws

Gospel singer Emmy Kosgei Madubuko has sent a heart-warming message to couples who are going through tough issues in their unions.

In a long post on her Instagram, Emmy prayed that such couples would feel encouraged and receive protection from external attacks.

Among the things she touched on in her post is about people who wish that some people separate.

She also talked about any shameless man or woman hitting on someone’s who is married.

Emmy also talked about in-laws from hell who may never like you. She advised couples never to change or succumb to their pressure and frustration.

Nick Mutuma praises lover Bridget Shighadi as he speaks about their future wedding

Emmy Kosgei with herhubby

Check out her post;

Dear couples, my prayers are for you this afternoon! May God strengthen your unions, receive protection from internal and external attacks, (spiritual and physical)
may God give you the wisdom and grace to sustain it. 

Receive grace to pull through stormy seasons infact may you come out stronger… We render powerless every stray word from naysayers, envious people, home breakers in JESUS NAME!.. receive discernment on any wicked agents around you, snakes and wolves in goat skin 🤣 some in the name of friends/counselors/besties … wasemi wa mtaachana tu🤣 wataaibika ! may you discern before they manifest! 🙏 any man or woman waiting for you to fail or break up will wait in vain! Sowers of discord will sow in vain ! Their wishes will come to naught in JESUS NAME! Any shameless man or woman hitting on someone’s marriage receive a permanent ☄🌩 ehh sorry visitation. 

Emmy Kosgei

She added;
Some in-laws from hell 🤣🏃‍♀️ ati amekonda🤣 umechukua nyota🤣ati hakuji tena home 🤣 listen some people even relatives may never like you but don’t change or succumb to their pressure and frustrations .. receive grace and wisdom to handle such and build your home
#Niguse #inlaws ama niwache tu 😀😅 🤣🏃‍♀️✍ tuwaombee eti eh 🙏😇😜May your marriage receive fresh dew,freshness,bliss, may your love and joy be full ! Marriage is from #God..  no marriage is perfect but #ability to sacrifice,understand,love, build,humble, forgive,overlook, protect, enjoy is intentional. . Prayer is key! Receive divine assistance.

Don’t waste money on DNA’s, go eat nyama choma at Kamakis – man advises


The popular nyama choma eating joint Kamakis was just minding its business.

Dear men, you would rather gather together your friends and treat them to nyama choma and drinks at Kamakis instead of wasting money on DNA’s to establish if that child you are raising is biologically yours.

This is the advise a man told on Classic 105, during a discussion about men raising other men’s kids.

The man hoped men would listen to his advise to avoid the trauma and psychological distress that follows discovering the kids he is raising are not his.

“My name is Chege, Maina let me tell you what I advise men about taking the kids for DNA. I beseech you don’t, because you will find out of the four kids, three are not his. What do you think such a man will do? I am sure about mine, I have one kid, with one woman. I am sure because when I married her I was her first love , si you know what I mean? I trust her 100 percent. Mimi ndio nilikuwa mwakilishi wake, lakini wengine huko nje, enda tu kamakis uweke nyama mkule, there’s no point in DNA”black-family-620x480-610x400

He told men to bravely soldier on raising that child that calls him ‘daddy’. He told that those with lingering doubts of the paternity should be ignored .

Dear Classic 105 fam, do you agree with this man or does one bite the bullet?

Important to know facts about DNA:

DNA testing is currently the most advanced and accurate technology to determine parentage. In a DNA paternity test, the result (called the ‘probability of parentage) is 0% when the alleged parent is not biologically related to the child, and the probability of parentage is typically 99.99% when the alleged parent is biologically related to the child.

It is possible to determine who the biological father of the fetus is while the woman is still pregnant through procedures called chorionic villus sampling or amniocentesis.

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My WCW! Actress Gabrielle Union praises Kenyan queen Achieng Agutu

Achieng Agutu has been making waves on the world stage as a confident queen since popular Daytime Tv host Ellen Degeneres interviewed her.

Miss Agutu became a household name after she was reunited with her family whom she claimed she had not seen in two years and was given KSh 5 million by a touched Ellen.

Her emotional story of working multiple jobs to make ends meet, her parents selling land and taking loans to take her to school touched the audience in the Ellen show but Kenyans back home were skeptical.

Meet Achieng Agutu, a Kenyan girl who holds 6 jobs in the US

But despite what some Kenyans might think Achieng’s positivity and sparkle has endeared her to none other than Being Mary Jane actress Gabrielle Union.

The beautiful mother of one who is married to former NBA star, Dwayne Wade dedicated a substantial text to the ever hyped up dark skin queen and it could bring tears to the driest of eyes.

“Today’s #WCW is known as the “Confidence Queen,” and yall I am here for it: @Noordinarynoire. Her Instagram is rich with content that empowers, heals and boosts your mood. She is the internet’s personal HYPE woman, and we could also use a cheerleader right now. On top of her words of encouragement, she serves LOOKS; rocking patterns and colors that just exude joy. Do yourself a favor today, and see what she has got going on. Let us lift her up in the light of goodness and hold her there.”

As of now, Achieng doesn’t seem to be aware of the shout-out but I am sure that when she does, hevean and hell will hear about it!

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