A guide to going out alone on the weekend

If you love to fly solo, and are not sure how to go about it, this article is for you.

We want you to stay safe in this city, while at he same time have fun, venue permitting.

1. Avoid sitting at the bar

There are times you want to be alone, but there are some occasions when you don’t mind company.  Sitting at the bar or in the centre signals that you are open to being approached by anyone for chit chat.

Red and white winetasting wineglasses, glass stemware on rustic wooden table in front of brown wine cellar racks and oak wine barrel. Fermented grape beverages are poured in two sparkling glasses for winery tasting. Background shelves are reflected and in soft focus. Indoors close-up of alcoholic drinks, with no people.
Red and white winetasting 

Sitting away in a corner or facing away signals you are here to be alone.

2. Avoid bars and restaurants at peak hours

Going to the club at happy hour, yet you are an introvert will be a buzz kill for you. Drink at hours when everyone is elsewhere, thank me later.


3. Bring a book or laptop

The benefit of rolling solo is you can keep occupied by reading a book or surfing the net in a corner where no one can talk to you.


3. Avoid popular clubs

People who like to roll solo should not go to popular night spots, or such establishment if you’re not sure where to hang out. The music will be loud, bodies will be grinding, lots of shouting to top it off.

There are lots of venues that are less popular but with a really good experience, for instance bars in hotel, where many keep off from.


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Who gossips the most? Men – shout KOT


Kenyan men are sharing your darkest secrets more than women.

What we believe about gossiping and who indulges in it has been debunked on Classic 105.

While many of us believe that Kenyan women are societies biggest gossipers, turns out this is false.

Maina Kageni asked listeners who is responsible for most moshene and there was consensus – it’s men.

Even Mwalimu Kingang’i shockingly agreed.

He said, ‘the rains started beating men when they began doing manicures and pedicures. ‘Ni umama’ he declared. Men used to die with their secrets but no more. Saa hii inaweza kuuwa, lazima useme, if you don’t say you will blow up like gas.


Here are the views expressed online even from some men who do not think they are:

Caller: ”There are men who gossip about women and their fellow men. They sit and discuss about affairs of other people as they pass by. Gossiping is now for the men and has made them useless!”
As a man how can you be known to be a rumour mill that’s a shame ❗️mend your leaking lips 🤣a man who is a source of grape vine is one idle creature who is not supposed to be in the male species 💯maturity is a gradual process ❗️ADAPT


Maina there things ppl shouldn’t share to anyone no matter how much you trust someone. My most sensitive secrets are only known to me and that’s what makes them a secret

I think nowadays mushene is something men can actually catch in the streets ni kama homa tu,they don’t even try to hid it.
its very sad that men are now the biggest gossipers they have even bitten women in that game,
Maina, it’s true…men are now the leading gossipers in town led by Miguna. Look for Ben Githae’s latest Kikuyu song, it’s about the current situation of wanaume na mushene!!!
Maina these men want us ladies to give them money ,sai wao Ndio number one kwa mucene tell me ain’t they becoming.. Empty debes.. This is a proof that they are becoming lazy and they know how to discuss women..

This men with mushene ndio wako na umama, wanatuangusha sanah #MainaAndKingangi


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19 hilarious things Kenyan mum’s say to their children

She is a phenomenal black mum, but sometimes her children get under her skin.

Kenyans on Twitter are sharing some hilarious but truthful responses they get from Kenyan mum’s whenever they ask something.

The responses are so quirky and creative it will have you nodding your head.

You know you have a Kenyan mum when she says this:

1. @muitunguvincent..
Me : Sitaki kuoga saa hii nacheza

Mum : mimi usiniletee aibu kwa nyumba yangu

dog terror tized by mum image
2. @Nivlake..
Ukieka vijiko mbili za shuge kwa cup… Mwaga Ata yote kwa kikombe si babako ndo manager wa Mumias sugar. 😂
3. @themalvin99..
Brings a friend with dreadlocks home

Mum: endelea tu kuonyesha wakora mkona tv. 😂😂

mummys boy
4 . @JemimahOdambe..
Eeeh kuleni yote nikama dunia inaisha usiku wa Leo na kesho mtataka kunikula

5. @OkumuKenleo..
Ever heard of “….. Kuna wakati mtanitafuta mnikose!” saa hyo umesahau tu kutoa sahani kwa meza.
6. @jaternreteeks..
Vunja vikombe vyote kwa hii nyumba,mkimaliza mnivunje roho Kama baba yenyu.😆

7. @ayshaj00..
Unajigonga kwa meza unalia

Mum: Kati ya wewe na meza ni nani ako na macho?
8. @mcjoker6..
*starts crying after a beating*

Mum: acha tulete mitungi ujaze machozi ata hakuna maji
9. @KuleiJuan..
Mum:umekula sukari sindio eeeh
Me:hapana mum
Mum: aaah hebu fungua mdomo ng’ombe hii

two mums
10. @harrisonthuo..
Me: (breaking cups)

Mum: Vunja tu hizo vikombe, nazihesabu, nitazikujia tu ukianza kufanya kazi!
11. @Ami92689210..
Me: naumwa tumbo mum
Mum: nashindanga nikikwambia utoke kwa hio simu ona sasa
12. @MikeyMzito..
Me: Mum mimi siendi na hizi nguo,hazikai poa

Mum: kwani unaenda kuolewa,utavaa hizo 😅

Single Mother Getting Kids Ready in the Morning.
Single Mother Getting Kids Ready in the Morning.

13. @ShyzloMike..
mum: sends me to look for something in the house
Me: shouting in the house ( mum sijaiona)
mum : wewe unaweza pata kitu kweli ukitumwa😓😓🤐🤐 na saa hiyo ndio anakishow place ameiweka😥😥😂
14. @justine_osiemo..
A spoon falls kwa floor

Mum:chukueni ata zile ziko kabati pasua yote si mama yenu anachuna pesa Kama matawi.
15. @KaiwaNzomo..
me: drops a spoon

mum:acha nikutolee vyombo zote kwa kabati uzimalize juu hivo utakua umenimaliza pia😂😂😂

16. @RSpartaz..
Ukiangusha glass accidentally:
Mum: chukua nyundo umalizie zenye umebakisha
17. @Its_WambuiG..
When you leave the door open.
Mum: unawacha mlango hivo kwani uko na mkia utafinya ukifunga?
18. @Rosal_awake9..
Ukiangusha vikombe na zivunjike anaanza
Mom:Vunjeni kabisa alafu mkuje mnivunje roho kama baba yenu😂
19. @WangetheP..
Me: tupike nini leo
Mum: kuna sufuria nimebeba ama? Mnaeza nikatakata mnikule 🙄


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My husband eats in a hotel to avoid buying food at home


While many husbands look forward to a family dinner, that is not the case with one Kenyan man who avoids his wife and children at all costs, after work.

His wife says this is a dilemma she is facing, and is contemplating deserting her marriage.

Dear Wives: How to cope with an unemployed husband

Her husband according to her account, has a very selfish reason for not joining his family for dinner.

Young couple eating food and smiling — Image by © Kevin RL Hanson/DK Stock/Corbis

The sad wife shared her secret family shame saying

my hubby doesn’t buy food, he doesn’t pay fees then the other day he told he was was robbed business money that I should loan him cash, how can i give him money? He eats in a hotel so he doesn’t have to buy food at home, then he expects me to support his business expenses, these men are something else. I’m  just 25 years and I’ve given up on men

Man explains why Kalenjin men don’t hug or live with wives


She added

I have been with him for four years we started dating in college, then I got pregnant, ikabidi we get married. I’m still with him, I’m planning my exit, we live at his parents plot and the worst thing  is he is educated and I am planning to leave him.



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My wife called my mum to pick her broke son after I lost my job


Fellas, does your woman celebrate and honor you when you are down?

One city dad answered a straight no to this question.

His experience at the hands of his wife reveals some dark moments he never wishes on anyone going through tough times.


He confessed that

I dated a woman whose life was very good until I lost my job

Nothing unusual there, as many experience the same something. His case though is different as he continues his harrowing life after joblessness.

She became very evil women she would send messages to my mother saying ‘come pick your broke son I don’t need him in my house’.

And this is one thing

couple pics
couple pics

I need to tell you. I pulled out of this relationship in less than three months and to date she cries about it and she now lives a miserable life

He added



I know we humans should not celebrate when a human is going through a hard life, but I celebrate the fact that she is now suffering coz of what she decided to do to me when I need her the most. There was a day she needed help the most, she was going through a difficult time and I had a party with my friends to celebrate that fact, that’s how much I hate her, so for all the men who want to sit in their houses and watch what women are doing what men should be doing tell them to wake up, go get a kibarua, show her you can do it, there is nothing wrong as a man going back to ushago, but don’t let her support you coz one day you will cry.


Dear Classic 105 fam, what’s the worst thing you have experienced in such situations? Drop your comments below.

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‘She is beautiful’ Maina Kageni addresses Lucy Natasha dating rumors

A photo of Maina Kageni and Reverend Lucy Natasha prompted a man to challenge the Classic 105 presenter to confirm or deny rumors they are dating.

First of all, when did this happen? Has anyone seen the photo? Please tag classic 105 when you do.

Exclusive: Rev Lucy Natasha reveals the kind of a husband she is looking for

Maina laughing
Maina laughing

The man alleges there is a picture of the two and their fans have questions that need to be answered.

He said, ‘Ulishare picture na Lucy Natasha,

Maina shut down the rumors laughing it off

I don’t know Lucy Natasha.  I don’t know what he is talking about. I’ve never even met Lucy, she is beautiful I agree but I’ve never met her, there is nothing on my twitter handle with Lucy Natasha.

‘You pray and slay’ Things you didn’t know about Rev. Lucy Natasha

lucy natasha
lucy natasha

He cleared things up saying it is fabricated on social media

I can tell you for free there is absolutely no truth in it?

Where did this story come from?

A couple months back, the beautiful reverend made it known that she is single and searching.

Kenya’s hottest female pastor Lucy Natasha is searching for a bae

So did all these stories prompt someone to crop pictures of Maina and Lucy?

Tell us the single Kenyan men who would make husband material for Lucy by dropping your comments below.

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US singer Pharell stirs controversy with ‘duvet’ dress 

‘If you’re happy‘ singer Pharell covers this months GQ magazine and the photo is what everyone can’t stop talking about.

Is he coming out or not, are part of the discussions weighing heavily on peoples minds on social media.

Junior Nyong’o amazes Kenyans with his stylish long dress

Pharrell posed for the masculinity issue of GQ in a look by moncler.

Pharell Is Redefining Traditional Masculinity On The Latest Issue Of #GQ, according to the interview.

Here is the full look


The go through the crazy comments:
That’s not real wtf he got on 👏👏👏
His style Been extra for years! Since The neptunes dropped a project. Before he was PHARELL.

This is hilarious 🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣

Lmfaoooooo 😂🤣😂🤣😂🤣 goodBYE!!! 🤣😂🤣🤣🤣😩😩😩
Y do our brothers like that… man I done seen it all…

Other celebrities who have received backlash for their ‘weird’ sense of dressing includes Sauti Sol’s Chimano, and Will Smith’s son, and not forgetting Lupita Nyongo’s brother.

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Video of woman’s eyelashes on a windy boat ride goes viral


Girls, would you wear those super long eyelashes when going on a boat ride? No?

Well a Nigerian woman has gone viral on social media after she shared a video of her eyelashes fighting the wind.

She was on a a boat ride with other passengers and appeared to be struggling to enjoy the boat ride.


Her super long lashes were playing havoc on her eye, but sis kept it cool.

On a quick note, what glue was she using to keep the lashes intact?

Watch the clip below and have a lash free day won’t you?



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Why don’t men like showing off their wives asks Maina Kageni

Was it a good hug or wasn’t it? That’s the discussion on social media about Eliud Kipchoge’s hug with his wife moments after crossing the finishing line in the INEOS challenge 159 in Vienna this past weekend.

Classic’s Maina and Kingangi debated this topic, with Mwalimu defending Kipchoges ‘terrible hug’.

He said, ‘It was a very good hug, what did you want him to do? (mlikuwa mnataka afanye nini)’



Maina brushed his comment insisting that a man must claim his wife in public and show just how proud he is of her.

it was like she was in his way. If that is your definition of a hug as a Kenyan man, you are in trouble. It just brought home the way Kenyan men don’t like bragging about their wives, this was the biggest moment of his career, he should have hugged her, lifted her up, and kissed her’

Maina posed the question to listeners to respond: Why don’t Kenyan men show off their wives?

To which most caller (men) responded defending their actions.
The wives are ugly.
Being proud of my wife isn’t public show off & stunts but by doing everything for her as a man. The most important thing is love. Everything is vanity without love. How are yu sure that those who come to public are happy? #MainaAndKingangi

The marathoner hugging his wife
The marathoner hugging his wife

Because they are not trophies! They are our wives… As they say vitu kwa ground ni different ! Show off lets leave the to soaps and telenovas
sic105Kenya…This problem is not with Kenyan men only. If you take your wife to company parties, you’ll make her less productive. If you have a beautiful woman and you show her off to your friends, they will steal her!”

The marathoner smiling as he crosses the line
The marathoner smiling as he crosses the line

do you go around showing off the source of your stress? Men celebrate and take advantage of every moment or excuse they can to be away from their wives

Maina imagine running the fast speed for 42km then hug your wife and carry her up and yet she is heavier than you. Please consider us slim ones

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Diamond Platnumz’ photographer earns Sh1million monthly


Being with Diamond Platnumz has it’s perks, and that is something his photographer Lukamba is enjoying.

Lukamba hit the headlines last week, disclosing that Diamonds baby mama Zari was the most demanding of his women, who made life difficult for his crew.

Zari’s the most difficult! Diamond’s photographer says about women singer has dated

Allegedly, of all the women Diamond Platnumz has dated, she was the most difficult to deal with. In an interview he revealed that the Ugandan born beauty would wake up early in the morning and demand for spontaneous photo sessions.

Lukamba is only 22 years old and has warmed his way into Diamonds heart.


Diamond pays the young man Sh1million monthly among other perks.

Lukamba earns more than Kenyan Cabinet Secretaries, the Leader of Majoryt and Minority, plus your favorite MP.

Last year for his birthday, Diamond gifted him a brand new car.

Lukamba wrote about his delight working with Diamond

Kama kunakitu namshukuru M/Mungu ni Kupata nafasi ya kuwa karibu na wewe kumenifanya Leo hii kuwa mtu katika watu Nimejifunza vingi Sana kupitia wewe . kikubwa tunacho kuombea wadogo zako Mungu akupe umri na afya njema ili Uendelee kusaidia Vizazi na Vizazi 

Kumbe! Reason Diamond Platnumz needs so many bodyguards


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RIP Kiswahili: KOT tickled by US Ambassadors message to Kipchoge



Yes, nothing gets past Kenyans on Twitter and more so broken English or Kiswahili.

The good US Ambassador to Kenya Kyle McCarter was among excited netizens who were cheering on athlete Eliud Kipchoge as he took on the INEOS challenge 159 in Vienna on Saturday.

McCarter wrote on Twitter that Kipchoge ‘anawesa’ and this Luopean style got the attention of Kenyans who mocked him mercilessly.


Here are the reactions:
nipe hio kazi ya kuhakisha kuwa. Maoni yako katika Lugha ya Kiswahili yanatiririka kwa njia iliyo mufti kabisa.
😂 😂 😂 Amewesa kuwesa sasa ni parte after parte 🎶
Pia wazungu hushema😂😂😂,Atawesa tena
It’s anaweza😅 oooh! Only People from Nyanza are allowed to say anawesa😂😂
sii unilipe nikufunze kiswahili ama ata lugha yetu ya mtaa mazeh
Kalenjin accent imewesa btw. Karibu resop
Si mtu atafutie hii jamaa social media manager! For heaven’s sake

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Maina Kageni swoons over Davidos’ son’s endorsement deal


Celebrity parents are focusing their money-making efforts on social media channels, the most popular being Instagram.

Children of celebrities are now considered the most valuable influencer’s for brands, and this is true for Nigerian sensation Davido.

Davido took to his Instagram page to make the announcement and also disclosed the child’s se3, saying his “son” is coming into the world “Super Rich”.

While praising Davido, Classic 105’s Maina Kageni paid homage to the unborn boy saying

That’s being super rich and famous. He is yet to be born and already has endorsements, mehhhn.

Davido a while back shared photographs and a video from his proposal to his pregnant fiancée, Chioma Avril.


The proposal came shortly after their family introduction on September, 2.

Other celebrity children who have endorsements include Size 8’s daughter Ladasha and Diamond Platnumz daughter Tiffaah.

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Churchill comedian Othuol Othuol opens up about close shave with TB

Back in Feb/March this year, Churchill show comedian Othuol Othuol was taken ill.

He been diagnosed with TB and Vitamin D deficiency, and asked for Kenyan to pray for him.

Months later, Othuol Othuol, has thanked Kenya’s godfather of comedy Churchill for helping him in his hour of need.

In an interview with Word Is on Monday, he narrated how he was bailed out.

“I finished my medication late September and I’m still recovering. I thank Churchill for paying my hospital bill,” he said.


“Jalang’o and Luolikali group also helped me pay my rent for the months I hadn’t paid.”

Othuol Othuol said many friends deserted him after he became sick. “I lost many friends. Very few came through for me,” he said.

“Comedian Karis took me to hospital when I had no one to help me. He used to take me to hospital every day for treatment. Japheth Oduk was also there for me.”

Talking about working with Churchill and advice to fellow comedians, he said,

“He’s a good person. If you see the soup is too hot, don’t drink because you’re the one who will suffer.”

The comedian, who also acts in local production ‘Auntie Boss’ as a security guard at Taifa Estate, attributes his success to comedians Kajairo, Pengle and Jalang’o.

“Jalang’o has been supportive of my comedy journey and he paid for my first temporary passport to Uganda back in 2010,” he said.

Othuol Othuol performed at a show hosted by Gaetano Kagwa, and he performed alongside UK comedian Kevin J.


The actor was very close to the late Ayeiya. “I really miss Ayeiya. He was a great friend,” said an emotional Othuol.

He admitted he was once an alcoholic but is now a recovered addict. “Being alcoholic affects one in so many ways. I lost friends, respect and jobs,” he said.


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Dr Love: Dating a shy girl

Fellas, how do you deal with a shy girl?
Anthony is dating a girl he loves so much and intends to marry pretty soon if she accepts his proposal.
He spoke to Dr Love to call her and confess on his behalf, his love for Mary.
Mary in the conversation turned out to be a shy girl, who takes long to open up.
The most important thing to remember when dating a shy person, is that it takes time for a shy person to open up and feel comfortable.
Dr Love seemed to understand this when calling Mary to deliver the love message.
Mary said about his intention to marry her
Very poa, I love him so much, only that.
Dr Love replied
You are a woman of few words and it’s ok. I was hoping you would say something deep, but it’s ok



Tips on Making a Shy Girl Comfortable Around You:

One of the easiest and most effective ways to get a shy girl to be comfortable around you is to make her laugh and be goofy around her. …

Avoid Pointing out that She’s Shy or Doesn’t Talk Much. …

Understand that Shy People Need Time to be Alone.



The information on this website and the advice given by Dr Love is for general reference only and should not be misconstrued as counseling advice, or diagnosis, or as a replacement for psychotherapy, or to be used to treat mental illness. Dr Love’s advice is intended as a guide only. It is not intended to replace professional counseling nor is it intended to cover all areas and/or issues that might arise in human relationships. No person or body should act on the basis of the information on this website and Dr Love’s advice without taking appropriate advice from a counselor, psychologist or psychiatrist. Do not disregard any professional advice because of Dr Love’s advice or the information on this website.

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Should a couple be financially stable before getting married?

There is a huge difference between men and women being comfortable getting married when established/or not in their career.

Timothy is in a stable relationship and wants to get married on one condition – that she waits until he is financially stable.

He explained his situation to Dr Love

I have known her for three years, I think my target was first to finish my schooling then after four years, I can marry her.

Dr Love has advise for him as he still figures out his situation.

When your waiting until you settle down, it will never happen because you will always be in limbo, you will always be looking for something more than what you have so you will never really settle down. It’s better for you to make the move when you still feel good about the lady and you feel good about yourself.

The information on this website and the advice given by Dr Love is for general reference only and should not be misconstrued as counseling advice, or diagnosis, or as a replacement for psychotherapy, or to be used to treat mental illness. Dr Love’s advice is intended as a guide only. It is not intended to replace professional counseling nor is it intended to cover all areas and/or issues that might arise in human relationships. No person or body should act on the basis of the information on this website and Dr Love’s advice without taking appropriate advice from a counselor, psychologist or psychiatrist. Do not disregard any professional advice because of Dr Love’s advice or the information on this website.

Let’s be clear about one thing – women are phenomenal multi tasking. We can plan a wedding and figure out our careers at the same time.

Not men—they want to do one thing at a time. Namely, they want to plant their roots, financially, and then get married.

Here’s why men want to be financially stable before marriage.

1. Pride
2. They want to buy a house
3.They want to be able to pay for school fees

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Follow Your Heart: Disabled bride sparks outpouring of love after wedding


While many physically challenged people may give up any hope of finding love,  a disabled woman on Twitter has won hearts following her real love story.

People were left  in a flood of tears (insert emoji) as she shared details of her wedding to the online community in a twitter thread.

She shared the tear jerking moment with her able bodied new husband writing


I got married to the Love Of My Life. I’d like to write an epistle but words aren’t enough. Alhamdulillah ❤️

Bilad is a disability advocate who refers to herself as the wheelchair queen.


She added about being besotted with her man and hoping to inspire others to believe in real love
I love my wedding pictures. My husband was smiling from ear to ear through it all. May Allah keep us this happy. ❤️

Read reactions below that prove real love exists and everyone wants their own happy ending.
Congratulations… Am really happy for you….
Your Man is a rare kind…
What I know is he’s done her no favor. Love found them and they are both happy.

man with disabled girlfriend 2
I’m happy for u babe,happy married life sis,may urs b among d best,Allah ya kawo kazantar daki😜😜
Hml I always say this “love is love no 2 ways about it….honestly I feel dis couple
You are so pretty. He wasn’t passing you up! And a beautiful heart looks like. Congrats!
Thanks for giving her a life to live 🙏

disability couple 3
wish you all the best happy marriage life with your love 💕

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Ali Kiba’s wife leaks screenshot of string of insults since messy separation from hubby



The pressure of a public divorce can get to anyone.

Ali Kiba’s wife Amina has been sharing alot about coping, since news broke that he had brought her back to Kenya, following domestic squabbles.

Amina has been haring quotes much to the annoyance of some of her fans.

Ali Kiba speaks out on rocky marriage to Kenyan wife

One referred to her as a ‘kiherehere’ a term used in Kenya alot to refer to a busy body.

Ali Kiba with his wife
Ali Kiba with his wife

Amina shared a screenshot of the accusation, slamming the troll.

Kwanini wanadamu tunakuwa hivi??


Screenshot from 2019-10-07 13:00:39

Fans are sympathizing, urging her to ignore haters who don’t see she is hurting owing to her troubled marriage.

Ali Kiba has opened up about their marriage saying

“It is true that my wife and I have issues, which is normal to any couple. I returned her to her parent’s home myself. I wanted her to also go back to work, I then travelled to Europe,” he said.

No everybody can love you!you need haters to stay strong and focus…….so stay strong and focus my [email protected]

I have not divorced her-Ali Kiba clarifies on issues with his Kenyan wife

Amina ongeza sauti wakeweza roho inaumma

Ali Kiba with his wife and son
Ali Kiba with his wife and son

Another fan left simple advise for the troll
Achana nae
Achana nao hao wajinga wasikuumize kichwa.post unachotaka wajina

Other major divorces or breakups we have seen include Amazon CEO Jeff Bezos, British singer Adelle, Khloe Kardashian among others.

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‘Never beg or plead in your marriage’ City mum advises 


If for some reason your marriage ended today, would you marry again?

This discussion was provoked by an article published in the local dailies asking Kenyan men to reveal if they would remarry, should their current marriage fail.

Not a single man said he would.

Co-wives? Lessons every man should borrow from John De Mathew -List

The constant nagging, monitoring every coin spent, accusing and control are some of the reasons why men find it hell being married.


Classic co-host Mwalimu Kingangi shared his thoughts saying

There are women who are headaches. Have you ever seen a trap you can’t get out of, there are men suffering, and would never remarry, it’s like going to form one again, never.

Mwalimu pleaded his case that many male listeners agreed with

there are men here who are finished, if they told their mother what they are going through, they would be taken back by mum, it’s just that they can’t report it to the cops

Woman burned alive by her husband dies of respiratory complications

The true colors of one woman came out when she let the truth be known to men.


She was ready with some hard hitting facts for men saying

”Kenyan marriage life is a 50/50 gamble. If you want to marry a woman, you shouldn’t expect to be treated better while you treat her badly. Women too wouldn’t remarry after leaving our marriages!” #MainaAndKingangi

We don’t pretend, if you see something amiss, tell him. Ati oh if  you ask a man where he has been, that he will now cheat on  you? We won’t pretend that everything is ok when in the real sense it is not? My point is a man will cheat regardless, so lets not cheat each other in a marriage and if you feel you are not ready to get married, kaa na mama yako, na hakuna kubembelezana kwa marriage. Why should I beg you, it should not be one sided, not always women begging a man.

‘I dated him as a mkokoteni guy only to be dumped when he got rich’ -Mary


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