Vera Sidika turned down offers to be a baby mama for sponsors


Kenyan socialite Vera Sidika now says she has never been a woman easily attracted by money as she prefers love.

According to Vera, she has in the past been approached by moneyed men to sire kids for them but she turned down the offers.

She added she prefers siring a child out of love and not as a gateway to getting money from men.

This she revealed this during a Q and A segment with her fans where one fan asked if she would go for love or money.



Vera added



Do you agree with Vera that women should not use their kids as ATM’s to get money from their baby daddies?

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“I have never heard it before” Maina says about mkono wa bwana

Club goers can attest to the fact that gospel songs hit different when enjoying a drink.

While the gospel song rules our airwaves, Dj’s in the clubs as well ensure they get the same airplay and revelers love them.

And Classic 105 fans were recently amused to hear Maina Kageni allege that he has never heard the song ‘Mkono wa Bwana’.

“I have never heard the song before, ati it’s popular? where? I have never heard it before”

An amused Mwalimu told him that “It’s the drunkards national anthem, they are a group from Tanzania called Zabron singers”

Maina responded sounding even more confused “ati zabron singers, ok, then. What do you want me to say?

A frustrated Mwalimu then indicated he was done “utanionesha maneneo hapa”

The song currently has 35million views and was uploaded in 2016. Classic 105 fans commented how much they love the song below:

Gakuru Racheal
thanks maina for that song mkono wa bwana at this tyme my dad is admitted at the hos we are hoping all will be well

Stella Kenyanya
Vile Mkono wa bwana hushika after third bottle,let me look for this one.

bet Kipsat™
Nimeona mkono wa Bwana
My favorite song in Club
Ikifka 7 30PM wanaanza kuweka kitambo ilikua ya 3AM

Dear Classic 105 fam, what other gospels songs are popular in clubs? Tumsifu bwana yesu.

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Kenyan women are an easy target for Nigerian men

The topic of contention since this past weekend was the man that DP William Ruto’s first daughter is set to marry – a Nigerian man.

Maina tackled the topic on Monday and slammed Kenyan men for being haters who don’t want to treat Kenyan women lavishly only to blame foreigners who come and treat them like Queens.

“Kenyan men can hate about the engagement of June Ruto. Men are getting heart attacks, he is a lucky man, he is a doctor and a wealthy man. Men, what is your problem? why are men complaining? Maina asked

Mwalimu had a theory as to the hate saying “I think hawakupta opportunity”

Maina then told him that they should then do better “if you see the way these men treat women, hehe you know one day I will take you to Lagos you go and see, what don’t they do for their women? You guys don’t focus on your women, Kenyan women are going in droves to Nigerian men, then the middle class men of Tanzania and then Congolese men, I don’t think Kenyan men come close.”PDA

A man listening in to the show from Umoja called in and slammed Kenyan women for being deceived and used. He cited an example of a friend languishing in jail after being conned to transact in a bank with a fake cheque.

“There is this Kenyan woman a friend. She sued to date but what he did to her, she is rotting in jail. The guy used to use this lady unajua hiyo mapenzi alimuonyesha anamtumia. There were some shoddy deals the lady was not aware of, he told her to deposit a cheque then told her to coem home with the money. When she went to the bank, he was waiting for her, but he noticed some problem when she was at the counter and took off when it was found the check was fake. He bounced when he saw her he hepad, These Nigerians are all cons and they always admit our women are cheap and easy to use. They Nigerians are conmen, they know Kenyan women are easy targets. I see them, they live in my hood and always say that, aki maina, majority of them are con men”He ended his warning

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You told Suluhu something naughty! Leonard Mambo Mbotela tells Uhuru

During Tanzanian President Samia Suluhu’s state visit to Kenya, she noted a few things about Kenyans.

And top most on her mind was our ‘terrible’ use of Kiswahili. She was amused that we have not mastered Kiswahili and even noted that

“We were every pleased with your decision to begin to use Kiswahili language in parliament .That is what makes me listen to Kenya parliamentary proceedings. I love your swahili. Your swahili has a lot of teasers .Those alone are sufficient entertainment.”


Now even President Uhuru who impresses most of us with his mastery of Kiswahili, has been faulted for saying something hat could very well mean a naughty thing.

Legendary media personality Leonard Mamabo Mbotela called in to the Classic 105 7am morning discussion to correct something Uhuru said about signing where he said ‘nitahakikisha wametia kidole’.

Leonard told Maina that ‘there is someone I want to correct when madam Suluhu was here. He said kutia kidole. “Nadhani ni kupiga signature juu kuweka kidole hio ni mambo ingine, kutia kidole ni mambo ingine jee huu ni ungwana ”

Maina was left in fits of giggles when he realized just what Mambo Mbotela meant.

Maina also took the moment to brag about Mambo Mbotela

“I can’t get over the fact that a legend called in. You are simply the best why lie. Weuh how many people can say that they were called by Leonard, eh? He said something very important that President Suluhu noted about our Kiswahili. That kutia kidole ni kitu tofauti kabisa, aki no wonder you are a teacher aki you have taught the President something very important aki,

” Aki Jayden, even you have learnt a lesson. We need to normalize speaking proper Kiswahili ”

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I have walked out thrice, the fourth time will be the end – wife tells Maina


The effects of the Bill and Melinda Gates divorce announcement spiraled into the Classic 105 conversation, where the topic was all about when and not if a woman walks out of a marriage.

Maina Kageni told alot of surprised men that their wives all have plans to leave, and it’s only a matter of when.

“How is it that you never see it coming? A year ago Bill Gates had tweeted to on their 25th wedding anniversary that he can’t wait to spend another 25 with her. Then last week she says she is not feeling him anymore. You men you are left dumbfounded, kwani you can’t tell with her behaviour? kwani you never notice she stopped complaining about the things you do, but that’s the crazy thing, Kenyans men never see these things coming”

Maina Kageni
Maina Kageni

His co host Mwalimu King’ang’i blamed this on women being skimmers who “can plan things for five years from now, ni kama hatuonangi”. So a wife called in confessing she has left her husband three times, and that the fourth time is the ‘when’.

” Before I leave you for good, I will do so many nice things for you, even things I have never done before. You will think I am a fool, but let met tell you Maina when he comes back in the evening you find an empty house. I  have left him three times and the forth time it will be for good. I keep coming back because of the kids but then again I see these kids are still young so I say let me pretend take his nonsense them when they are older I will leave. He has no idea I will leave, coz it gets to a point where you have taken his s*it for so long, he goes out, sleeps out and thinks I don’t know, but it’s not that I don’t have feelings it’s just that I am tired, so plan for your future while you are still in his house. i will still twa twa him, very well until I leave”

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7 types of annoying parents you will find on Instagram


From updating every single minute complaining about life to those who tell the world about your stomach issues after eating mutura,here is a list about types of parents in Kenya who are online.

1. The commenters

If your parents follow you and comment one everything you post, this is an annoying parent. They like everything and comment on every update. You risk their terrible comment  if God forbid you post a bikini picture.

2. The one who is misinformed

They also exist on whatsapp and send you every story that turns out to be click bait, or fake. These types of parents want you to believe they are protecting you, but being alarmist is annoying. Have you seen this type Classic fam?family-at-sunset

3 The meme re poster

Yes we all love re-sharing memes, but some annoying parents take things too far and sadly you cant ignore them, maybe mute them?

4. The braggist

Yes all parents want the world to know that Jontes is winning in life, but honestly some levels of bragging.

5. The one who puts your achievements down

While you are updatign your community that you have graduated, there will always be that annoying parent who will comment that ‘finally after all that money was used on you’ type of comment. They want to remind you that you are or will never be good enough and others will do better.

619-05514397 © Masterfile Royalty-Free Model Release: Yes Property Release: Yes Family watching television together
© Masterfile Royalty-Free
Model Release: Yes
Property Release: Yes
Family watching television together

6. The one who gives unsolicited advice

Kenyans hate people who give unsolicited advise, and woe unto you if you respond this way. Try venting about your life and they most surely tell you how to fix your problem,

7. The one who tell too much about you

Yani this is TMI, too much information. This is also like the oversharing one we talked about above, an will tell the world how you had a problem pooping in the morning to your visit tot he gynecologist. Too much right? Please if you are this type of parents, you are embarrassing your kids.

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Messy mealtime! Hilarious photo of baby tightly holding food with fist


Life with a toddler is messy especially feeding time.

This picture of a baby grabbing food has amused many on social media.

The picture is so relatable and comments about it will make your day. that mealtimes with baby’s are messy.

Everyone agrees that any attempt to remove the food from that cute hand is difficult.

This is the fastest thing in the world, and they don’t care if you’re looking or not. They strike at any slightest chance

To remove it from their hand is another war, that when you know that tiny hand is strong

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Co parenting at its best: Diamond visits Tiffah and Nillan in South Africa


Diamond Platnumz jetted into South Africa on Wednesday April 21 and his first stop was to see his kids with ex wife Zari.

He shared behind the scenes videos jumping off the van from the airport to hug Tiffah and Nilan as they excitedly called him daddy.

The two famous celebrities back in December 2020, told the world they are committed to successfully co parenting and this visit proves they are putting their kids first.

Diamonds latest bonding moment sees him walk into Zari;s beautiful home holding his two children as they happily wave him in.

He proceeds to sit in the living room where the kids watch cartoon, explaining to him what it is all about.

Diamonds mother and step father also shared the cute family moment on Instagram declaring that Diamond is a good dad,.

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Harmonize’s ex wife reacts to singer being caught in love triangle


Sarah Michelotti, ex wife to Harmonize, has sent the singer a cryptic message just when he is dealing with a love triangle scandal.

Michelotti took to social media to insinuate that the singer’s current scandal is just the beginning of many to come. She wrote;


Harmonize has been exposed for hitting on Paula Kajala, daughter to his ex-girlfriend Fridah Kajala. He is said to have made the move at Paula when he was still dating her mother, reason he broke up with Fridah.

Harmonize and Sarah broke up late last year, before the singer took began his relationship with Fridah. Sarah said in an interview that the singer was cheating on her with Fridah.

She later said she had filed for divorce and the two would divide their wealth equally.

Move over Otile! Willy Paul declares ‘I Do’ is the best wedding song


That emotional moment you walk down the aisle to meet your boo deserves an epic song and Willy Pozee knows this, and proud to shout that his song ‘I Do’ is what a bride needs.

Willy Paul has shared a video of wedding goers dancing to his song with Alaine ‘I Do’ and declared there is no other like his to walk down the aisle with.

This song has featured severally in online videos making us feel proud that it’s Willy Pozee to the world.

I repeat, still the best wedding song by an African artist!! #ido the only african wedding song that’s loved globally!! #ido yes I said that… NO apology!! 2021

Is he about to start beef with Otile? It will be interesting to see how this goes down. Here is the Instagram post Willy Paul shared that his fans wholeheartedly agree with.

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“Your publicity stunts are boring” Eric Omondi tells Ringtone


Comedian Eric Omondi has termed Kenyan entertainers as boring. The self proclaimed president of comedy says Tanzanians have by far surpassed the Kenyan showbiz thanks to their kiki.

Speaking to The Star, Omondi went on to slam Ringtone for being so old fashioned in his stunts

“….They (Kenyan celebrities) are predictable and doing normal things. You recently saw Ringtone pretending he has been arrested. That is old fashion. They should be creative,” he said

He went on to praise Rayvanny and Harmonize for their recent scandal;

“What Harmonize and Rayvanny are doing is showbiz. Kenyan artistes should wake up,” he said.

“These two are using a created beef to promote their new songs yet our artistes here are sleeping and boring. Yaani everyone is talking about Tanzanian artistes. They are earning billions from those kinds of beef.”


View this post on Instagram

A post shared by Eric Omondi (@ericomondi)

He urged Kenyan celebrities to be diverse in promoting their content

“Stop being boring, entertainment is not all about singing. We know Rayvanny and Harmonize can sing but they are now being diverse. They are adding flavour to their songs. That is where Kenyan entertainment is failing.”

Omondi has been known to be one of the celebrities who loves using publicity stunts that barely anyone believes anything he does is true.

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How a man picks your calls is a sign he is done with you


The Friday morning conversation on April 16 was quite an eye opener for Maina Kageni ho said he had no idea that how a husband talks to his wife on the phone is a major clue he is done with his wife.

Maina prompted responses from men, when he described how horrified he was after eavesdropping on his friends conversation with his wife.

Maina said the man sounded so cold, and when asked about his behaviour, the pals told Maian that ‘he is done’

Callers gave Maina examples of how they respond rudely to their wives on phone that should tell a woman her man no longer feels her.

1. Sema: Maina wondered what kind of a husband greets his wife this way when he picks her call. Seriously, don’t we only talk to bothersome people this way?

2. Nitakucall back: Many male callers argued that a man who loves his wife never tells her this when she calls him. They insisted this kind of response is a clue he is done.

3. Kiasi: Another response that is so rude according to Maina who wondered why a man even bothers with a phone call.

4. Kuna shiuda? A husband who picks up a call and asks this instead of saying something like hi sweetie is a major clue.

5. Tutaangalia hiyo maneneo: Girls if your conversation goes a little something like this, that mans feeling for you are off.

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Actress Miss Morgan tells why Tahidi High co stars are falling on tough times

Famous actress Angel Waruinge who is known for playing the role of Miss Morgan has spoken out about the success of the show and how it led to the harsh decline in the careers of the major actors.

Speaking to Massawe Japanni, Angel was asked, what is it about Tahidi High actors that is leading them to alcoholism?

She said,

“I don’t know why they are targeting Tahidi High actors. And please tuwachane. Tahidi High is easily targeted because three generations relate to it. It was the most visible show to many. It was the top show. On mainstream, it was the only show that was hot.”

morgan 2(1)
Miss Morgan in the Classic offices Waiyaki Way/Courtesy Moses Mwangi

Asked how most of the actors ended up addicted to alcohol. Angel explained,

“Alcohol came into play because you are young, you are getting all this attention, a lot of high-end people are giving you attention. and you are at the hilt of your career, you are famous and you have the money.”

Angel pointed out that her role as Miss Morgan was bigger than life.

“Miss Morgan doesn’t exist – at the moment – but I respect her because people want to associate with her. I have been a brand ambassador for many companies because of the character.”


“Being an actor many clients will take you up, you do work for them then they don’t pay, the people who owe me money are many, the total amount is in 7 figures.

She confirmed that there are contacts signed but still she was not paid for her services.

“The contracts are there but where is the time and resources to follow up on payments in court? This is Kenya.”

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Kenyan man trends after hilarious explanation about the Queens husband

The British Monarchy and its rules is not easy to grasp. Even Maina Kageni had a hard time on Tuesday morning April 13 explaining some of the things Queen Elizabeth does that are strange. For instance if she wipes her mouth after eating, it signals that everyone must stop eating and dinner is a wrap. Huh?

This screenshot of a Kenyan man attempting to explain to a clueless person why Queen Elizabeth has her title yet her late husband isn’t referred to as a King has made us all laugh.

You will laugh so hard at the screenshot, you will go online to look for the original tweet and see the comments about it.

The man is popular on Twitter and  please follow him if you don’t already. See below and have a good day.



wife owns
Dominic your sense of humor is out of this world. This took the icing from the cake

So why was Philip staying in the Palace,  Does it mean ni yeye aliolewa?

A screenshot brought me here. You are trending.

jameni Dominic !  This response is A+

vile umetambaa pale status wacha tu

And if its your house she become a land lady sa iyo 50/50 wanayo taka hapa iko wapi???

We can’t help admiring your patient  wisdom

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‘I will still respect you’ Harmonize addresses nasty breakup with actress Kajala


Konde Gang CEO Harmonize has confirmed his breakup with Actress Frida Kajala.

Frida and Harmonize were alleged to have broken up after the actress deleted all their photos together.

Harmonize also responded to Rayvanny who called him out for allegedly wanting to date Kajala and her daughter Paula.

In a long post yesterday, Rayvanny leaked a screenshot of a  private conversation which included nude photos from Harmonize to Paula.Eywxu4PWEAEVjRt

Rayvanny wanted the ‘Atarudi’ hitmaker to apologize.

Well, Harmonize has responded saying he respects all women including those he has ever dated.

He mentioned that Jackline Wolper, Sarah and Kajala are the reason he is Harmonize today.

He appreciated them for being in his life.

Harmonize also called out all those who wanted his relationship with Kajala to end saying he will continue respecting her despite their breakup.

Check out his post;

‘This one from the bottom of my heart…..!!!! sikuzote naheshimu na nitaendelea kumuheshimu kila mwanamke aliewahi kuwa katika mahusiano na mimi niukweli usiofichika nilianza na (jack ) then (saraah) kisha (kajala) kila 1 kwa wakati wake ….!!! na kwa hakika hawa ndio wanawake walionifanya leo hii nikawa (harmonize ) kwa pamoja tumepitia mazuri mengi na mabaya pia ….!!! mara nyingi siziangalii tofauti peke…!! naangalia zaidi nyakati za furaha tulizo pitia ndiomana sijawahi kumdharau au kumuongelea vibaya yeyote kati yao itoshe kusema nawaheshimu na kuwathamini na naamini ni zaidi ya marafiki na ndugu niowahi kuwa nao tofauti hutokea muda wote bila kujali ni za aina gani au zinatokea wapi ila moyoni naamini haziwezi vunja upendo tulio utengeneza kwa muda mwingi myoyoni …..!!!!! siku zote nitaendelea kuwapa kipaumbele kama wanawake wenye nafasi kubwa sanaaa ukiacha mama yangu mzazi ningependa kuwaona wenye furaha ili hata kesho na kesho kutwa tuje kuzikana maaana hakuna aijuae kesho yake ….!!!!! naaamini kuachana ni mwisho tu wa maridhiano kutokana na sababu husika lakini sio vita wala uhasama …!!!! au chanzo cha kudhalilishana na ningependa kuongea zaidi kuhusu (k) ….!!!!!! ambae naweza sema ndio mtu wa mwisho kumiliki moyo wangu …!!!

He added;

leo tupo wazima lakini hakuna anaeijua kesho haina sababu ya kuonyeshana nani ni zaidi nani, kaumia , au nani kakosea zaidi, kuliko mwingine kwani haina maana yeyote lakini pia ni kuwapa ushindi watu waliokuwa wakipambana kuona haya mahusiano hayapo tene…..!!!!!! kama ilivyo ada nitaendelea kukuheshimu na kukuombea mafanikio mema umekuwa mtu mzuri kwangu hususani kwa kipindi tulichokuwa pamoja ..!!! kwakuwa mimi sio mtu wa kueleza eleza sana ilikuwaje ikawaje nafunika kombe mwana haramu apite lakini pia niwashukuru engineers wote mliofanikiwa kulikamirisha hili ….!!! dat was good plan na imefanikiwa ….!!!!! ila niombe tu iwe kwa amaniii …!!! isiwe #vibaya ….!!!! link on my bio

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Rayvanny posts screenshots of Harmonize hitting on the daughter of his former GF Kajala

Rayvanny has escalated the beef between himself and Harmonize to another level with some outstanding claims about his behaviour.

Just days after Kajala unfollowed Harmonize and deleted pictures with him, it seems that he has decided to hit on her daughter Paula, something that Rayvanny is not taking lightly.

Harmonize and Frida Kajala
Harmonize and Frida Kajala

It’s important to note that Harmonize also lectured Rayvanny months ago, on trying to date Paula and he was well and happy to return the favour.

”Dunia ina maajabu yake lakini sijawahi ona mtu wa ajabu kama wewe my bro @harmonize_tz. Ni binadamu wa aina gani wewe ambae unataka kua na mama na mtoto pia tena kwa nguvu zote na unatuma hadi utupu wako bila hata kuogopa nafasi ulionayo kwenye jamii kujidhalilisha kua kama ulivyozaliwa na angali wewe ni kioo cha jamii. Ni roho ya ajabu sana ulionayo yani KILA NIKIKUWAZA SIPATI JIBU NDUGU YANGU. Ulikua unawapigia simu viongozi mbalimbali juu ya swala langu mimi sasa nawaza leo hii utawaangaliaje ?? Wewe ni balozi wa kampuni na zimekupa heshima kama balozi sasa nawaza unapata wapi ujasiri wa kutuma utupu wako. Ni kampuni gani inakubali fedheha hii na je wanakuonaje kwa kitendo hiki ulichokifanya kinachodhalilisha wanawake hasa mama?

View this post on Instagram

A post shared by CHUI… 🐯 (@rayvanny)

Hivi hukumfikiria mama ambae aliekupa heshima wewe na kukuweka karibu na kukutambulisha familia yake? Yani unataka ukatembee na mwanae wa damu yani mwanae wakumzaa? LEO HII MWANAO WAKIKE AKIKUA AKASIKIA UCHAFU HUU ANAKUONA NI BABA WA NAMNA GANI WEWE UNAEMTAKA MAMA NA MTOTO ?


Rayvanny has also exposed WhatsApp chats of Harmonize hitting on Paula. Check the out below;

Rayvanny exposing Harmonize Rayvanny exposing Harmonize 1 Rayvanny exposing Harmonize 2 Rayvanny exposing Harmonize 3


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“Amber Ray and Brown Mauzo were not dating, it was business” Vera discloses

Vera Sidika has been on a roll this year on Instagram stories opening up about her life.

Vera is releasing tid bits of info, and the latest has to do with her husband Brown Mauzo and his exe Amber Ray.

Amber and Brown dated from 2019 upto late 2020, when they parted ways.

We knew they were dating because they declared so. Mauzo got a tattoo of Amber and went on holiday numerous occasions where they shared intimate videos.

They paraded this with Amber Ray saying that she had found both friendship and love in Brown Mauzo.amber and mauzo

“Imagine finding both love and friendship in one person.” wrote Amber Ray

This relationship ended months after. Amber is now married to a Somali businessman, while Brown is married to Vera Sidika who feels she needs to clear the air about Brown and Amber Rays once being an item.

Sh insisted on Instagram stories on April 9th, that the two were not dating just doing business.

vera on amber and mauzo April 9
Vera Sidika on Amber Ray and Mauzo dating/courtesy Instagram

Someone wanted to know if she dated Brown Mauzo while he was with Amber Ray. Vera denied stealing Brown from Amber and insisted that the two were in it for business ‘u know showbiz’.

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1st wife to Queen Darleens husband gives birth after long wait


Wasafi artiste Mwanajuma Abdul Juma aka Queen Darleen may be forced to eat humble pie.

The co wife she regularly talked negatively about has now given birth.

Diamond Platnumz’ sister is married as the second wife of Mtoro Isihaka, a Tanzanian business tycoon whose first wife is Sabra.

Darleen and the first wife Sabra have not been getting along all of 2020, and Diamond sister let it known that her co-wife had completely blocked her from all social media networks.

The WCB singer also denied claims that she at the time did not allow her husband any opportunity to spend time with Sabra.

Sabra faced insults about not giving her husband any children throughout their marriage.

Sabra has now shared her new born news saying it is all in Gods time.

The first wife shared a video in tears thanking God “Yaah its a girl na mungu ni wakati sahihi sanaa katika maisha na yeye pekee akisema kuwa inakuwa natumaian wote walokua katka uhitaji mw mungu awape subra ili mueze kuona nguvu na ukuu wake yupo na anajibu tena kwa wakati”sabta 1(1)

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