Ako na bunduki! Vera Sidika flaunts a gun on social media (photo)

Socialite Vera Sidika has left many surprised after she recently flaunted a firearm on social media and warned those with bad energy to stay far away from her.

In a snapchat post, Sidika wrote;

“Bad energy stay far away.”

Birthday loading! Kambua celebrates her son as he turns 11 months

She went ahead and tagged her current location, Mombasa.

To own a firearm, one needs to have a license.

Several Kenyan celebrities have in the past flaunted their guns among them Babu Owino, Jowie, Saumu Mbuvi, Nyota Ndogo, Andrew Kabogo, Boss-MOG, Nameless, Prezzo.

check out the photo;


Man upsets Beyonce fans after claiming she is not Black but Italian

The interwebs is a bizarre place if one were to believe all the conspiracy theories out there.

For instance, a few days ago an American who is running for a political post sensationally claimed that Beyonce has been lying about being a black woman.

He further added that she is originally named Anne Marie Latrassi and is of Italian descent.

Crazy right? Yup, and the internet has alot to say about this. Many have slammed the man with these claims saying he is trying to wipe out her celebrity status and her blackness.

He wrote on Twitter that

Beyoncé is not even African American. She is faking this for exposure. Her real name is Ann Marie Lastrassi. She is Italian. This is all part of the Soros Deep State agenda for the Black Lives Matter movement. BEYONCÉ YOU ARE ON NOTICE!#GreatAwakening#QAnon #WWG1GWA #Trump2020

— KW Miller For Congress (FL-18) (@KwCongressional) July 4, 2020

Miller also went on to say that Beyoncé’s song “Formation” actually was a “secret coded message to the globalists,” and that she “she worshiped (sic) in the Satanist churches located in Alabama and Louisiana,” because the song was also clearly “demonic.”

Her ans reacted harshly to the suggestion, asking him to keep away from Queen Bey.

It’s joke, some crazy guy who’s running for Congress or sumn spread a conspiracy theory that Beyoncé is not black but Italian and has been lying.

i’m not understanding? she’s not from Houston?

See she was honest with us the whole time Rolling on the floor laughing

But her father is a black Mathew Knowles Thinking face like I don’t understand , please make me get this …our Queen is black right?? Pls say yes b4 I freak out

It’s a joke calm down. Beyonce is African American

If it wasn’t for the internet & social media, people would actually have believed this joke

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Birthday photos of Rayvanny’s baby mama leaves fans in awe

Fahima aka Fahyvanny is baby mama to bongo singer Rayvanny. She just turned a year older and has treated fans to absolutely gorgeous birthday photos on her social media.

Wishing her the best, Rayvanny, wrote

“More life , more blessings, HAPPY BIRTHDAY Mama Jaydan @fahyvanny Enjoy your Day 🌹🌹🌹🌹🌹”

Fahima is a fashionista and a CEO of her own fashion company. She came into the limelight thanks to her celebrity boyfriend.

‘From a salon business to ‘simu ya jamii,’ Jobs Rayvanny did before fame

Check out her awesome birthday photos;

‘Your pathetic malicious gain,’ Lillian Muli blasts car ‘thief’

Lillian Muli is angry at a person who shared a photo of her car and tried to use it for his gain. Muli, took to social media to slam the person and wrote;

‘There is no rest for the wicked.

I am passing this message to you who took a photo of my car and tried to use it for your pathetic malicious gain. You failed miserably.

Again i am repeating. There is no rest for the wicked! You will know no peace as long as you go around doing evil. You have been warned’

Like many celebrities, Muli has been sharing very few photos of her car on social media hiding the number plate. In the past, the TV presenter has also been seen slamming haters and anyone that crosses her path.

Muli is also very vocal about relationships yet very private about her own relationship.

I was attracting the same abusive character in my relationships – Lillian Muli admits

‘I’ve been nervous to share the news,’ Corazon Kwamboka confirms Frankie is her baby daddy

Corazon Kwamboka and Frankie Just Gym it are expecting a baby. This will be Frankie’s third child but Kwamboka’s first born. Frankie was in a relationship with Maureen Waititu and months after their break up, he is expecting another child.

Kwamboka wrote on Instagram that she was very nervous to announce the news

“Thank you guys for all the positive messages, I’ve been nervous to share this news with the world since I learnt I was pregnant but I’m glad I did.

I realize many women have gone through the same struggles as I did and I want to help as many people as I can by sharing the steps I took. From how I discovered I had stage 4 endometriosis on both my ovaries till NOW.

For this reason I have revived my YouTube channel to talk about this and many more challenges I’ve faced in life and how I’ve overcome them. The name of my channel is ‘the corazon show’ go subscribe, and let’s get through our challenges as women together.”

Quarantine with bae! Corazon Kwamboka hangs out with Maureen Waititu’s ex, Frankie

Over the weekend, Maureen Waititu, told Kalondu Musyimi that she didn’t want to speak about Frankie and Kwamboka.

Mama Naseeb Junior! Tanasha Donna turns 25

Model cum singer Tanasha Donna has turned 25 years old. The mother of one shared a photo of herself holding ballons and wrote

“25 & blessed. Alhamdulillah for another year… 🙏🏽 🎂🎉🎁🎊 Manager @jamalgaddafiofficial had to pass by & wish his sis a HBD too!”

From the look of things, Tanasha threw a low key birthday party attended by loved ones and TV presenter Jamal Gaddafi who is now her manager.

Jamal wrote;

“Heri ya kuadhimisha siku yako ya Kuzaliwa. Nakuombea kwa Mungu ili akuzidishie maisha marefu, yenye baraka, upendo na matumaini daima….masha Allah Mungu aongeze kiasi cha tabasamu ulilo nalo akuepushe na husuda za wanadamu akupe hitaji la moyo wako 🙏🏽🙏🏽@tanashadonna Happy Birthday to my 🎈🎉😘🎁🎂 #TD @tanashadonna”

Tanasha finally explains why she walked out on Diamond so suddenly

Singer Nandy also wrote;


From us is happy birthday to Donna.

Betty Kyalo’s sister Mercy addresses supposed feud with Tv personality



I know you have been asking yourself, ‘what happened between Mercy and Betty Kyallo? Are they beefing?’We have had the same question after seeing Mercy miss eventful occasions in her sister’s life. From the launch of the new Flair to Ivanna’s sixth birthday party.

In-laws want to know what really is going on between the two and Mercy in an exclusive interview with Kiss100 was open and honest. Siblings go through highs and lows and this is the sisters low.

“I was at the Flair launch is spirit. There is so much help and support that you can give in so many ways especially in the family dynamic. There is a lot of support you can give that might not be in the public. But when the time is right I will definitely give my two cents.But I do support her. We have walked together from the beginning of the journey so yeah.” Mercy said

Kenya will not be turned into Sodom and Gomorrah!! Lisa Gaitho lectures Anita Nderu

Betty Kyallo with Mercy Kyallo in the past
Betty Kyallo with Mercy Kyallo in the past

So is she in good terms with her sister Betty Kyallo?

I am wife number 5! Esma Platnumz says as she reveals she dated husband for 2 months

“She is my sister so obviously we are in good terms but at the same time I will always say we are sisters and sisters go through highs and lows just like friends. It happens you just need to learn how to maneuver around life together as a family.Yes Mercy and Betty are just like other siblings. We fight, we love each other we get back into fighting. Wakosanao ndio wapendanao.I know our life is very public and that is why so many people want to know but then there is so much that goes on under the public eye that people do not know.” She added

Mercy Kyallo seating with Betty Kyallo
Mercy and Betty together

Things may be shaking between the two but she is forever grateful for the marketing and modeling support Betty has given her when it comes to Yalo Leather.

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Vanessa Mdee defends boyfriend Rotimi against physical abuse claims



With all the rumors surrounding Vanessa Mdee’s love life with Rotimi, she has been forced to come clean and set the record straight.

In a video she posted, she explained that she was tired of what people were writing on the comment section under a couple of her posts because a lot are not true.

“I will not be bullied on social media; I will not be that person Wanahabari wataandika kitu juu yangu alafu nitabaki kimya. Team yangu ya social media, imenijuza kuhusu comments kutokana na watu kusema kuwa Rotimi ananipiga, ati ni mtu ambaye anapiga wanawake.Number one, that is so far from the truth, sio ukweli na ni kitu ambacho kinaweza kuharibu sifa heshima ya Mwanaume au Mwanamke, especially when it’s not true.” Vanessa ranted

Exclusive – Tedd Josiah speaks after rumours that he has a 4th kid in Nigeria surface

Vanessa Mdee pregnant

Adding that when Rotimi’s ex spoke on being in an abusive relationship she was not referring to him but another ex. So nataka ku-clarify kitu kabla sijaendelea, imetokana na post ambayo ameandika ex-wake Rotimi. Ex wake Rotimi alikuwa anamzungumzia Ex-wake mwingine sio Rotimi na ameweka Wazi kuwa sio Rotimi anayemzungumzia. So yeye aliandika blog post zamani akimzungumzia Ex-wake sio Rotimi akisema yakwamba alikuwa na mipango na yeye na vitu vingi. Alikuwa anajaribu Kuguza jamii na wanawake ambao wamepitia vitu vingi kama hivyo.

Mdee and Rotimi courtesy Instagram

Ms. Mdee aka Vee Money ended her rant from warning the media against purporting she is not safe on the relationship with Rotimi.

Top music producer Tim Rimbui reveals that he and wife of many years have separated

“So please Negative media, I’m not the one and I’m not going to be bullied by you anymore. So kama unaona kuna kitu ambacho unataka kuzungumza and you don’t have hard facts, please am ready to sue anyone and I’m going to sue anyone or media ambayo inaandika uongo kunihusu mimi ama Familia yangu au mpenzi wangu, tumechoka haipendezi. It’s not Okay. Am not going to be bullied by media. So I think that’s clear, Rotimi is not that person ambaye Ex-wake anamzungumzia ni Ex mwingine na ni wazi alizungimza hicho kitu hata kabla hajawa na Rotimi. So please let’s not do that, don’t spoil someone’s hard earned beautiful reputation.” She added

Her decision to quit music raised eyebrows especially when it comes to her relationship. But from the horses mouth, she is doing just fine.

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Rich kid Joan begs Kenyans to delete videos after showing off massive home in Runda

If you are rich and reading this, feel free to drop us a video of your ‘keja’.

A rich kid in Runda has landed in all sorts of mayhem online after sharing a video of the luxurious home her parents own.

The jaw dropping wealth was received with mixed reaction and Kenyans on Twitter trended the topic, talking about how poor she made them feel.

The video caused a stir and KOT decided to share newspaper clips telling us just who Joan’s parents are. Apparently according to a story published in the Daily Nation, her parents have been adversely mention in several scandals.

My friend refused to house me! SInger Alvan Gatitu locked out of his home over rent arrears

Joan is now begging Kenyans to take down the videos, but will KOT listen to her?

She began pleading by saying

‘So hi guys. there are so many people who have contacted me and i need your help s that take down the videos coz I posted it just a mere house not for people to take and start posting them, that’s not right and that’s invasion of privacy and me posting it didn’t mean that people should screenshot it and record and post it again, talking about how my dad made his money or hpw he is into illegal business that’s how he got all that money that he has. That wasn’t the point for the video that wasn’t the point for the house tour. I was just posting just like any other post’.


I have lost my dad & job in two weeks! Fired NTV reporter narrates

It’s not good to record something someone has posted coz that’s like invasion of privacy its not right so please help me help report all those videos and I’ll be grateful. She concluded her plea.


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Harmonize speaks about the scary price fame can have on one’s career

Harmonize became one of East Africa’s biggest musicians after he joined Diamond’s WCB records a few years ago. With the might of Chibu and the backing producer Dj Ayolizer, the man released a series of hits establishing himself as a genuine star in the region.

Since his much-publicised split from his mentor, the singer has not done too badly for himself with the hits UNO and My Boo showing that the man could prosper on his own.

Harmonize with Nicole Berry
Harmonize with Nicole Berry

But even with the hits, I feel that he still hasn’t reached the heights he did when he and Diamond were regularly doing collabos together.

This was confirmed this past weekend when the singer confided in his fans that fame could kill one’s talent. “Fem can Serious…!!!! Kill your talent…!!! Please remember that,” Harmonize wrote on his Instagram page.

Harmonize screenshot

He also added that the lack of music awards in the Tanzanian music industry had crippled it, saying that talent was now judged on YouTube views, with many musicians being forced to promote their songs on the video-sharing platform.

The singer lamented the case that if an artists song didn’t hit the treasured 1 million mark within the span of two days, then the song is considered a failure despite the fact that artistes have put in a lot of energy and efforts in creating the music.

Harmonize on set
Harmonize on set

The artiste proposed that the entertainment industry’s governing agency BASATA should start an awards show that will most likely propel the artistes to make great music.

Harmonize added that without awards, it was also difficult for artistes to know how much reception their works have received out there.

Diamond’s manager declines to greet Harmonize at Babu Tale’s wife’s burial

While I see his point and this makes a lot of sense for the logical mind, I still feel that this request might be a dig at his old comrade Diamond Platnumz.

Harmonize and Diamond
Harmonize and Diamond together in the past

We all know that Chibu is the big Kahuna in Tanzania and anything he touches becomes gold-something he has earned with his hard work and witchcraft (if you believe Tanasha).

How do you beat the unbeatable? You try and make them play by rules you believe you can hack.

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Did Kasee have a premonition of his death? One of his last interviews suggests as much

The Kenyan comedy industry has been in a fit with itself since the sudden death of comedian Kasee. The fraternity is at a crossroads considering this death continues a trend where a few other comedians have died in strange circumstances.

But aside from that, a video has emerged showing that the late comedian who was a father of two might have had a premonition of his impending fate.


The video is of an interview he did months before his death which occurred on Sunday, June 28, after he was found dead by the roadside.

During the interview, the late funnyman is heard saying an innocuous goodbye that nobody at the time thought much about.

Churchill mourns as popular ‘Churchill Raw’ comedian found dead

While bidding the film crew goodbye, the Kasee told his fans if they failed to find him, then they should know he’s in heaven or in Kinoo. “If you don’t find me, just know that I am in heaven or in Kinoo,” Kasee said while facing the camera.

The interviewer then inquired whether Kasee would be o.k if Jesus summoned him to heaven? The comedian said that the call wouldn’t bother him and even joked about the manner he would accept it with, “C’mon if its Jesus, I’ll just perform a somersault (accept his call),” he said amidst laughter.

View this post on Instagram

One of Kasee's last interviews.. 😭

A post shared by Urban News (@urbannews254) on

The interview has made some speculate about whether the young man might have suspected that his end was nigh. Kasee was found in his hometown of Kinoo after a drinking spree with friends.

The cause of death is still yet unknown although an autopsy was conducted on the body before Kasee’s burial. His last words remind a bit of late American rapper Tupac Shakur who also revealed many times in his music that he knew his time on earth was coming to an end.

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Netizens rattled after Pastor asks for Sh100million to travel to hell to fight coronavirus

Paseka Motsoeneng more popularly known as Prophet Mboro, is a South African televangelist of Incredible Happenings Ministries. He is always trending for the wrong reasons.

Back in 2018, he charged his followers to view photos he took in heaven.

At the time a South African news site quoted a church spokesperson on 30 March during a church service, alleging that the controversial pastor visited heaven and took pictures.

Those eager to see photographic proof were asked to pay up to Sh30,000. And yes the gullible ones paid the money as a ‘donation’.

How dare you!? Kenyans up in arms as Anita Nderu hosts gay men on her cooking show

pastor mboro

He was also alleged to have asked people to not wear underwear. He made his congregants takeoff their underwear and wave them in the air during a church service.

Long story short, there is now an incredible and unbelievable claim that he wants to be paid $100,000 to travel to hell to get ‘rid of’ coronavirus.

I would marry Redsan! Victoria Kimani says about famous Kenyan musician

Netizens have responded to the news, slamming him for his beliefs. 2020 needs to wrap up.

Pastor Mboro…anyway…now that we know the fare to hell …how much is the fare to heaven?

South Africa Flag of South Africa we don’t have a pastor called Mboro

Also give Pastor Mboro what he wants please Sneezing faceWoozy face

“I am ready to save mankind, ” Pastor Mboro said, “I have seen a vision of how the Coronavirus demon looks like and I will defeat it,”. He has offered to embark on the dangerous journey and save mankind only for a sum of $100,000. Who is willing to pay for this trip?


there’s hustling and then there’s pastor mboro

Pastor Mboro is wildingFace with tears of joy

“Give me $100,000 (N38,000,000) to travel to hell to fight covid-19 demon”, South African pastor, Mboro begs followers. Rolling on the floor laughing

Children, please stop smoking weed. It’s not good for your brain.

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Meet Mathenge Mukundi, the first Rastafarian to be admitted to the bar as an advocate

Mathenge Mukundi was trending online Friday after the social media accounts of the Judiciary shared a picture of him graduating.

The first rastafrian by religion to be admitted as an advocate of the High court create excitement online, with many expressing that ‘finally’ weed could be legalized.

Trust Kenyans to think like this.




KOT celebrated him in the comments below:


Only Rasta can liberate the people, over hills and valleys too Multiple musical notesMultiple musical notes

Kenya will not be turned into Sodom and Gomorrah!! Lisa Gaitho lectures Anita Nderu

Wagwan 👊🏿👊🏿 the Rasta Community we r glad of our own.

For the King of Israel reigns; whatever dem say, a mussi mad dem mad!!

Jah live. Jah supremacy. Holy herb for humanity.

kunakuaga na Temple ya WaRasta? Please come and confirm this


Wangwan, Rasta Mathenge
Finian Mwamba..
Good..He should dedicate his service to enhance the Rastafarian culture and maybe get some of it into law

on that note what do we need to be do to get rid of those wigs? imo they are archaic and emblems of institutionalized mental slavery
Curl Gilberts – (Himuselefu….)..
Wangwan Rasta.. I and I love trueth, justice and fairness.. Rastaman will deliver.

Long a live Bobo Shanti.

Now let him work on legalizing the drug. There is light at the end of the tunnel.

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Man agrees to open relationship after girlfriend cheats multiple times

The explosive revelation by RnB singer August Alsina that he was ‘given permission’ by Will Smith to bed his wife Jada, has seen all sorts of reactions online and in Whatsapp discussion.

He said: “I actually sat down with Will (Smith) and had a conversation due to the transformation from their marriage to life partnership … he gave me his blessing.”

Jada Pinkett through her representative has denied the story.

Read the story below

Will Smith ‘gave his blessing’ for wife Jada to have affair with singer August Alsina

august alsin and jada
Jada Pinkett and August Alsina

The topic has been trending and in one reaction, a man confessed how he understands Will and Jada’s relationship because he too has been forced into it.

The man going by the Twitter user @Mizile10, admitted how his girlfriends cheating ways forced him to agree to an open relationship because he didn’t want to lose her.

He wrote

I remember finding out about my ex-girl cheating, then I forgave her and she did it again. So I ended up deciding we should make it an open relationship because I didn’t want to leave her, & that way she won’t have to be dishonest with me. Maybe Will did the same

So to save his relationship rather than call it quits, the man suggested they enter into an open relationship as a win win situation.


How much is too much to take? Here are sharp reactions to his confession.

Has this man set the bar to low going by most responses?

How would your parents feel If they knew they raised a simp for a son?

You and the girl are mad

A lot of men do this… privately thou

That’s kind of pathetic though

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Will Smith ‘gave his blessing’ for wife Jada to have affair with singer August Alsina


For the longest time, there has been speculation surrounding the nature of Will Smith and Jada Pinketts’ marriage.

Rumor has been that they are in an open relationship, which neither has addressed.

An now in an interview, we are learning there may be some truth to it. RnB singer August Alsina has confessed that Will Smith gave permission for him to bed wife Jada.

Alsina has opened up on the alleged affair in an interview with The Breakfast Club’s Angela Yee.

He said: “I actually sat down with Will (Smith) and had a conversation due to the transformation from their marriage to life partnership … he gave me his blessing.”

Alsina, 27, was introduced to Pinkett Smith, 48, in 2015 by her son Jaden. He said the two became very close, even holidaying with the Smith family in Hawaii in 2016 and attending the 2017 BET Awards together.

He claims he fell in love with Pinkett Smith.

“I totally gave myself to that relationship for years of my life, and I truly and really, really deeply love and have a ton of love for her. I devoted myself to it, I gave my full self to it – so much so to the point that I can die right now and be OK with knowing that I truly gave myself to somebody,” he said.

“And I really loved a person, I experienced that and I know what that feels like – and some people never get that in this lifetime. I know that I am completely blessed and this conversation is difficult because it is so much, that it would be hard for people to understand but, once it starts to affect me and my livelihood, I have to speak up about my truth.”

Alsina even went on to describe Pinkett Smith as “God’s divinity” on her 47th birthday. It is not clear when their alleged affair ended.

The interview is for Alsina’s new YouTube documentary StateofEMERGEncy: The Rise of August Alsina to promote his new album The Product III:stateofEMERGEncy.

During the interview, Yee questioned, “Is it disappointing that she (Pinkett Smith) never addressed it to you, because like you said, you lost out on opportunities?”

“I really can’t even get into the thought of that because I am only responsible for myself, right,” Alsina replied. “And I am only responsible for, you know, what I do. When I am repressing and suppressing things and it starts to affect me, I have to address it. I just always stay solid because I never want to be the person to start confusion.”


Here are some reactions from Kenyans on the hotly debated topic:

Hio idea ya open relationship inakuanga labda tu one sided. Inabidi umekubali juu hutaki kuachwa. Lmao
Mostly its a woman who wants an open relationship
Especially kama one partner ni rich anga influential haha
mwenye hataki kuachwa hukuwa desperate alafu na esteem iko below sea level.
Open rlshp huanza kua itchy when one partner gets more lays than the other..anga unahanya sana kuniliko

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Husband swap? Fans ask if Diana Marua and Milly wa Jesus are swingers


Rules of engagement here people! You can thirst on anyone as long as your spouse (or the person being lusted over) is cool with it.

Something that doesn’t happen very often is married women jointly thirsting for one anothers husbands.

It’s very easy to find one celebrity or person thirsting for another. But to see two thirsty equally? That’s a potential relationship or hookup on our hands, folks. And with two people as stunning as Dian Marua and Milly wa Jesus, what’s not to love?

Over the last couple of days, Diana and Milly have outdone each other sharing pictures of the others husbands, and we gossipers are here for it.


Moshene is our business and we will give it to you.

Diana shared Kabi’s pictures on Instagram saying ‘How I crush on this man everyday 💕💕💕 @kabiwajesus, and he liked it commenting ‘haiya’, and then Milly uploaded a very cute selfie of Bahati and then said a few salacious words ‘You are a whole shhnnnaaack baaaabbbyyyy 😋MINE 😍 @BahatiKenya’.

It’s the usual strategic Instagram moves that the Bahati’s are famous for. What project do they have in store?


Their famous pals jumped in liking and commenting on the pictures. WHAT IS HAPPENING!?

Keep it going please.

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Dr Dre’s wife files for divorce after 24 years in marriage


Dr Dre’s wife Nicole has filed for divorce.

According to legal documents seen by multiple sources, Nicole wants to end the couple’s marriage citing ‘irreconcilable differences’ with the hip hop tycoon.

Dr Dre whose real name is Andre Young, is the founder and CEO of Aftermath Entertainment anf Beats electronics.

Several sources told TMZ that there is no prenuptial agreement and that she is also seeking spousal support.

The couple married in May 1996, the same year Dre left Death Row Records to start his own label, Aftermath Entertainment. They share two children, a son named Truice, 23, and a daughter named Truly, 19.

I didn’t love her – Tedd Josiah confesses about first marriage

According to Forbes, Dre’s worth is $800M  and the two married in May 1996.

A few weeks ago, Dr Dre was speaking about his 26 year marriage with his wife on Lil Wayne’s podcast. This has attracted the attention of fans who reacted to the divorce news below:

dr dre nad wife nicole
Dre’s money bout to skip a beat

She waited till his bag was correct for the prenup

Ben Kitili’s wife announces split from celebrity husband as she reveals ‘tough time’

Damn she finna steal that man’s bag

She probably tired of him being in the basement making beats all day, all year.

Beats didn’t have good enough noise cancellation. She got sick of that voice during lockdown Face with tears of joy

She got tired of being battered…plus more than likely cheated on too!?!…only so much you can take…

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‘Humbled to be older’ Maina Kageni says on his birthday


Classic 105’s Maina Kageni celebrates turning a year older today June 29th.

Kenya’s highest paid Radio host has taken time off from work to mark his special day, and left little hints of what he could be upto.

A flood of messages have been shared online for the Classic 105 host showing support for him.

Maina wished himself a happy birthday with a video blowing kisses to his fans, noting that

Grateful to God for another year. Humbled to be older. Humbled to have friends, family and each and everyone of you, my supporters. #ItsMyBirthday #HappyBirthday #HappyBirthdayToMe #Humbled #Grateful

Among those wishing him well included Gospel singer Guardian Angel, a favourite of the radio host. One cannot miss hearing a song every morning.

Ben Kitili’s wife announces split from celebrity husband as she reveals ‘tough time’

Guardian Angel wrote his special message, revealing how Maina has inspired him to work harder than ever.

Blessings on your birthday Mudos. It is going to 1 year since I met you in person and my perspective on music business and life has really changed. Things have gradually taken shape thanks to you. The furthest my mind used to go was atleast a million but from the meetings we’ve had and the smallest amount you’ve mentioned 70million, sijui what,,, aaai that has shifted my mind set kabisaa sai a million sounds like 10k bwana 😇😝. Happy birthday @mainawakageni you are a huge blessing.


Here’s a look at more wishes

, may you live many more joyful years. You’ve always been our best.
Happy birthday Maina,,,keep aging like fine wineClinking glasses

‘I was only showing up in bed, Akothee reminisces on how she was poor in bed

Happy birthday bro, more live ahead and leave long to blow more and more candles of joy and happiness.
Once again Hbd
Happy birthday Maina…Age Gracefully lyk fine wine n many happy returns!!!!

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