The most elaborate baby shower has been planned for Diamond Platnumz’ third baby mama

Tanasha Donna is gearing up to deliver her unborn baby.

The heavily pregnant Kenyan celebrity has been planning her baby shower and spoke about how anxious she is.

The baby shower will be so lavish and will take place on Thursday, the 22nd of August.


The all white party that is to take place at a beach hotel in Tanzania is scheduled to start from 3pm to 7pm.

Diamond Platnumz and his mother say if you are not invited, don’t bother showing up. Tanasha also took to social media to say how special that day will be

So there is this boy whom she loved more than she loved anyone, even more than herself… He’s the one who stole her heart and he will call her “mom”

Diamond replied by writting;

I CAN’T WAIT…..🐒❤️❤️❤️

Tanasha Donna

This child is already a celebrity before being born. This will be Diamond’s fourth child and Tanasha’s firstborn.

But fans have raised their eyebrows on why Diamond has not taken part in the baby shower photo but the man seems to be so busy touring and making money.

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‘Enough with the captions’ fans tell Diddy’s ex to post baby bump pics


She split from P Diddy in a move that surprised fans worldwide.

The two had been in a relationship on and off for 11 years, and things came to halt when the 32-year-old singer posted a shady and truly savage message to Instagram, and let’s just say, sis ain’t with the b-s.


“F**k these hoes,” she wrote on her Instagram Story on Sunday (October 21).

News went viral of the break up, and later P Diddy, who doesn’t mind being petty, congratulated her when a photo of her new bae was posted on her IG.

She is now pregnant for her new man but hasn’t shared pics of her baby bump.

Not sharing this milestone with her fans has so many irritated.

She was  busy pouring her emotions about being anxious to be a new mom, but the internet is not here for that.

Cassie wrote

I feel so blessed to have entered this next phase of my life. No more overthinking. It’s time to live, grow, teach and above all, learn. I look at it like I get to live life again, but through her eyes. It’s an unmatchable feeling. Thank you for letting me reflect. ♥️


Her fans showed their frustration and reacted to her post with these comments
These headshots are cute and all….. buuuut were ready for this baby bump pic!🤰🏽💕🙏🏽

Girlllll can you just post this belly already 😍

We get it. You’re pregnant. Either post that belly pic or simmer down on these deeply captioned headshots mmkay?!

This must be leading up to a big BOOM.. sis we been patient

Im hollering at how people are getting sensitive & emotional over Cassie not showing her bump 😩leaver her be or just unfollow 🤷🏽‍♀️simple has!


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Fans plead with Zari to introduce new hubby to her Ugandan family


Five months after introducing her mystery man to social media, fans are asking Zari if she has taken her man to officially met her Ugandan family.

Zari jetted out of South Africa and landed in Uganda where she shared some pictures of her lavish arrival.

While Zari said she’s in Uganda for a wedding, her fans are speculating if she is in town to introduce King bae to her peeps.


“Hello UG Queen Bae is here,” she wrote

Next weekend she arrives in the 254 for a function with Akothee.

While we await official wedding pics, all we know is that she was bought a Sh20m ring that left us all envious.

Zari was in Uganda in July for the Miss Uganda grand finale where she was one of the judges. She caused drama on the stage with her nemesis-cum-show host Anita Fabiola.


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Finding Love Again: Mejja reveals his new bae



Mejja from the Kansol is one of Kenyans favorite artistes who sadly has not been so lucky with love compared to love from his fans.

A few months ago, he granted us an exclusive interview where he opened up about his former relationship and how he will no longer trust women.


Guess this new bae has literally swept him off his feet. Because he is declaring that she is his property.

Beauty And The Beast 💙 I am taking my babe to Pangani to buy Miraa. She loved me in my ghetto state and now she is my ghetto queen. People on the comment section do not come out here saying she is public property, she is my private property. Anyway, I love you wagenge and God bless.

Mejja had made a vow, never to trust women again after his wife suddenly left him.


Read the rest of the story below:

The whole breakup led him to depression and for over a year he was fighting this feeling. What hurt him most was the absence of his daughter. He couldn’t imagine her living in another man’s house.


Matters of the heart require a lot of patience and we are glad that he took his time off and now he has found a beautiful lady as a potential life partner.

Right now, the Kansol are being played in every party and club after they released their hit banger, Accelerator featuring Vivian.

Meet Mejja’s queen,

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Pierra Makena reminds fans once again why she’s the queen of curves

Pierra Makena is snatching edges with alluring pictures of her curvy figure.

She appeared to be living her best life on vacation and took to Instagram to share photos.

The reaction of fans including her celebrity pals reminds us once again why she is the queen of curves.

Dj Pierra regularly treats her fans to cute photos and this time round she posed for an array of pictures on her vacay

She is dazzling and even girl pals Michelle Katami and Massawe Japanni agree.

Call it what you want but Dj Pierra is feeling it and loving it.

The curvy girl shared a caption that read in Spanish

Como estas!

creo que estoy enamorado

Buenas noches

creo que estoy enamorado, which when translated to English means ‘I think I am in love.’


Earlier she had also shared how she felt about her vacay

I don’t wanna leave…..😲😲 This has been a good holiday.

Read comments about her

@pierramakenaofficial Heh! Mpaka I’m blushing! 😍 Fire! 🔥

Eish. Sorry basi
Looking really good. You lost some weight?

and shes back, u lost the weight beautifully mami, muy bueno bonita

Drippn’ sause❤️😍🔥🤤🤤

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Eldoret woman kills husband over love text message

Police in Eldoret have arrested a woman who stabbed her husband to death last night at Shauri Estate in Eldoret.

The deceased was a taxi driver and arrived to the house late in the night from work after which there was a quarrel over a text message he received leading to a fight with the woman.


A neighbour Pauline Kibe said they head a commotion and screams in the house but efforts to save the man failed as he died on the spot after being stabbed in the chest.

Police are at the scene investigating the incident and have removed the body to the Moi Referral Hospital mortuary.

Meanwhile, a man was on Saturday shot dead in Kisumu city.

Peter Otieno Ogallo was allegedly shot thrice in his chest by Daniel Yona Jaoko, a manager of Ray Green Hotel in Nyamasaria.

Ray Green Manager Daniel Jaoko who shot a man dead at Polyview Estate in Kisumu.

Otieno, the Modern Coast Bus Manager Kisumu Branch, was shot in the presence of his family was rushed to Avenue Hospital where he succumbed.

Jaoko had dropped his girlfriend Vivian Achieng Meresa who stays in the same compound with Otieno during the 5 am incident in Polyview Estate.

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‘The next man might be better’ Hamisa on relationship with Diamond

Hamisa Mobetto and Diamond have had an interesting relationship especially since we found out about their affair.

Now their song Daylan is showing signs of taking up the role of both his parents as artistes.

Hamisa, in an interview with Tanzania’s Dizzim said that the two-year-old has been a fan of music since he was born, especially his father’s work.

She told Dizzim that;


Diamond sired the child with Hamisa just after his relationship with her grew as they were working on Salome where she was a video vixen.


Back then he was married to Zari but he stepped out of the marriage and a blessing came upon his dynasty. Though Diamond severally denied his child but after Hamisa’s push, he finally accepted.

It might not have worked out with Baba Daylan but she holds no grudge.




Zari also talked about her situation seeing as they are almost similar to Hamisa. She also says she has forgiven Diamond for all the disrespect he showed her in the marriage.

Both Diamond’s exes have sent warnings to Tanasha who is expecting his child that she should be mentally, physically and financially ready for anything. Because based on his trends, he is not one to depend on.

But we must give it up to Diamond, he has managed to leave a legacy in all East African countries. Kenya, Tanzania and Uganda.

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Sheng songs spoil the youth says Man Kush

Controversial Pastor Paul Kuria, popularly known as Man Kush is angry. He wants all Sheng songs banned.

While the importance of music is to entertain and educate, most Sheng’ songs only spoil the youth, he says. They are either talking about s3*, encouraging the use of drugs or promoting other vices.

Speaking to the Star, Man Kush said the young generation is being taught bad manners by supporting artistes in releasing the ‘Wamlambez’ kinda songs.

So, Sailors, the group behind the hit song ‘Wamlambez’ did ‘Pekejeng’, a song that has been trending in the streets. We asked to know if Man Kush has heard the song.

He said the last time he heard that word was a few years ago, when someone was caught having sex with a dog in Mwea.

“The guy who was narrating used those words. He said, ‘Tulimpata na mbwaakipekejeng pekejeng’,” he said.”So artistes are corrupting the minds of the youth, but the problem with the society is they are embracing and adopting those words and using them.”

He mentioned another song you all know, ‘Lamba Lolo’, which means giving a blow job but has become a way of telling someone off. “What are you telling young people when they grow up?” Kush said.

Recently, controversial gospel artiste Willy Paul was trending again after releasing ‘Lamba Nyonyo’, which means lick a boob. The lyrics include, “Hey Ras, I am at home and I have lasses. Come over because it’s been a while since you licked boobs.”

Man Kush says the country is lacking morals. A song could be banned in Tanzania but be played in Kenya. ‘Nyegezi’ by Diamond Platnumz is a good example. Try attending a bash when schools are closed and you will see all the dirty songs being played there.

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Sponsors: Why taxi drivers love clubs along Kiambu and Langata road

Dating applications, mushrooming clubs, taxi services among other factors have made sponsors very accessible to women.

The access has been investigated by Star reporter Njeri Mbugua who says

The practice, once used by young girls from poor backgrounds to earn a little extra money, has for many become an accepted lifestyle choice.


A 2018 study on the culture among university students in Nairobi found that one in every five girls had a sponsor. The study was conducted by Busara Centre for Behavioural Economics.

Further, over 70 per cent of the respondents said a sponsor should pay for trips, rent, hair and beauty, outings, restaurant meals, food and shopping, dates and gifts.

Young man dating an old woman

The Star also learns that digital taxi applications are widely used to facilitate transactional sex.

A driver speaking on condition of anonymity says when men or even women do not want their spouses to know their whereabouts, they opt to take digital taxis.

“To avoid being tracked by their partners or being recognised using their vehicles, a lot of these old men will use us to take them to hotels or lodgings with these girls,” he said. 

The driver also reveals that the increase in entertainment joints, especially out of town, also plays a supporting role in such relationships.

“During the weekends, we have very specific clubs along Kiambu Road or Langata Road where you will find most drivers parked because they know business will be good,” he said. 


“A lot of young girls will flock these clubs because they know there are rich men waiting.”

Another driver, also speaking on condition of anonymity, says they have found a side hustle.

“Sometimes when we get requests to pick up girls from hotels, we start talking to them about their sponsors. If they are not happy with the amount of money or benefits they receive, we offer to hook them up with richer men in exchange for a small fee,” he said. 

While it has become easier to get into the relationships, they are short term in nature, with controlling power belonging to the sponsor.

According to the study by Busara, sponsors know they can end the relationship any time they want.

Pregnancy, infections such as HIV or STIs, violation of secrecy and demands for exclusivity are some of the most common reasons a sponsor may leave.

Additional reporting by Kelvin Alex

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Otile Brown’s cryptic message after girlfriends black rose remarks

Otile Brown may have just added some major fuel to the fire that fans will use to speculate about a possible breakup with his Ethiopian bae.

The breakup rumours first emerged on Tuesday when Nabayet shared a photo of a bouquet of black rose flowers on Instagram. In the caption of the photo, she indicated that ‘they cannot take away the energy’.

She, however, did not comment directly on whether the flowers signified her breakup with Otile Brown or not.

Nabayet black rose

The two began dating early this year shortly after Otile Brown had a nasty break up with Kenyan socialite-cum-business lady Vera Sidika. None of the two has directly addressed the breakup allegations.

Otile recently shared an Instagram post that has fuelled rumours of a breakup with his Ethiopian girlfriend Nabayet.

The singer has remained silent on the state of their relationship following the rumours about the breakup.

He wrote;

“change your ways for them and they still nag & complain. What you do 🤷‍♂️? 🏃 #justinlovemusic#wegotnothingbutlove,” Otile Brown wrote on Instagram.

otile and nabayet

It is not yet clear as to who exactly Otile Brown was referring to. However, a section of Kenyans has argued that the singer was referring to his girlfriend Nabayet.

Check out their harsh comments and opinion over the reported breakup

Wewe usituambie mmeachana na nabbi tena.You know I follow you bcs of her

What did you do to Nabbi!?🙄 She is too much of sweetheart to be doing you wrong… fix it before you regret. Quote me on this few years down the line

Bring shemeji back or we will turn against you… team Nabbi here 🙋‍♀️

Shida kubwa ya wasanii wetu wa kenya na kupenda kurudia manguo igeni kidogo wabongo haswa Otile na Willy Pozee

So with ya caption,you n nabbi ni past tense ama?u got be kidding,why😥?amber alikuja kuharibu mapenzi aki

@otilebrown ..advice from a fellow brother..your relationship issues you always don’t have to publicize all the time …try solving them as a real man by understanding where she is coming from and heading .Maybe you are the problem not them bro…

Why did vera dump you? Nabbi now, io vedio yako na amber nilijua tu😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂

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Alicia Keys’ cute heels got a fan upset for a silly reason


As Kenyans love saying ‘nini husumbua watu?’.

American singer Alicia Keys was out here rocking polka dot stiletto heels, minding her business and sipping water.

But a fan won’t let her be great. The fan on Instagram questioned why Alicia in these streets wearing heels that she claims aren’t practical.

Alicia’s caption about the heels is so cute, one wonders what the beef is.

Stand tall 
Hands on hips 
Feel it all 
Chest out 
Shoulders back 
I am me 💜💜💜
Statin’ facts 
I am me 
There’s only one 
Hot girl vibes
Head to the sun ☀️☀️☀️

Alicia Keys shows off polka dot heels

The follower @naraya_naserian responded in a harsh way

Friendly note: Be honest. Nobody can walk on those heels, let alone run or kick if need be! We can stand tall and be hot girls without’em.  

Here is why Alicia Keys could have been rocking polka dot shoes

Polka dot printed shoes always bring out your joyful side, which we know Alicia to have. Channel a voluptuous pin-up look or a light hearted vibe in one of these cheerful styles.

Alicia Keys has had to defend herself from accusations about her life several times. in a recent Bazaar magazine interview she told the interviewer that

I think women are held to higher standards because we are that much more important to the human race. Women are always going to have to navigate a more difficult space because we occupy so many different levels within it, and that’s how powerful we are.”

Alicia and husband Swizz Beatz

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The sweet reason Joyce Omondi and Waihiga Mwaura keep things private

Fans always scramble to get as much information about media power couple Waihiga Mwaura and his wife Joyce Omondi. This is more so because the two keep their private life very close to their chests.

Little is known about their lovey dovey side.

That is why, despite being in the limelight, they managed to keep their relationship under wraps until a few days to their wedding.

The lovebirds started dating while they were both working for Citizen TV; Waihiga as a sports news anchor and Joyce Omondi as host of gospel show Rauka.

In a recent and rare interview with Salon Magazine, the couple revealed why they kept their relationship secret.

“We keep to ourselves and rarely post about each other apart from special occasions. Anything precious is best kept hidden and that has been our policy,” said the couple.

Waihiga and Omondi further revealed that some of their colleagues didn’t know they were dating until they tied the knot.

“We decided to be very private about our relationship from the beginning. Many people [including our colleagues] did not know that we were dating until we got married,” said the couple, adding, “That is why this is the first and only interview we shall do in a very long time.”


They told the magazine that they met in 2012 on a Sunday morning when Joyce was leaving the set of her show. Waihiga pursued the gospel musician for a while but she was hesitant to get into a relationship with him. She eventually gave in and they started dating secretly, leading to their wedding on December 18th, 2015 at Sawela Lodge in Naivasha.

In a different interview with Chat Spot, Joyce stated that she had been missing from TV for six years and her new show will give her an opportunity to interact with young people.

“It’s been 6 years since I got back on air and the show I’m doing really is a dream. Because I’ve been looking at how I can have a platform to talk with young people. To do all these other light fun things but still infuse my faith and this show I am doing, is it.”

During the period she was away, she pursued her Masters Degree and many opportunities came along but she believes that not every opportunity is the right one.

“There have been opportunities that have come along but I personally believe that it’s very important to understand that not every opportunity is the right one. And it’s wisdom, it is discipline and it’s self-love and value to know which opportunities you should take and which ones you should leave behind.”

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The last message rugby player Frank Wanyama wrote

Rugby star Frank Wanyama has started his 15 years journey in prison. Wanyama, together with his counterpart Alex Malaba Olaba were found guilty of gang-raping upcoming artiste Wendy Kemunto.

Rugby Players


Kemunto was raped on her birthday at Seefar Apartments in Highrise, Nairobi, on February 10 2018.

Through her social Instagram account, Kemunto said,


The players’ careers have been dimmed and Frank Wanyama, was set to join a rugby team in Helsinki soon.

Wanyama was currently dating a Finnish woman identified as Sonja Sirvio. The two were so much in love. They were inseparable. Their social media accounts are filled with photos of each other.

Frank Wanyama
Frank with his girlfriend

On July 17 this year, Wanyama wished his heartbeat a happy birthday and his special message read,

A happy born day to my person @sonjasirvio 🐈.You’ve brought so much light and joy to my life and as you celebrate this special day may it bring the same kind of happiness and love. Yours 🍪🦁.

Last year, he also wished his mzungu bae a happy birthday and his message read;

A happy birthday to this blondie Nanjala Wanyonyi that I call mine. Through the storm and the CIRCUS you’ve always been a pillar of strength and a blessing that I will forever be grateful for. Comme vous devenez un an plus vieux et moins sage continuer à briller au reste du monde.

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Huddah Monroe makes it to the September issue of Harpers Bazaar

Huddah Monroe aka the boss chick appears  to exist in perpetual motion.

She is doing it all and she isn’t slowing done just yet.

She is still young, with a bubbly attitude towards life.

Recently she was in the United States of America, for almost five months. Something that looked like the boss lady was on holiday but nope, she was securing the bag.

Being an international businesswoman, Huddah never stops oozing out with bright and sensible ideas to create a business empire.

View this post on Instagram

I'm a big believer that change is good.To me LA is like the world's greatest party,known for its Mediterranean climate, ethnic diversity, Hollywood, the entertainment industry, and it is the “misunderstood city”. . If you're lucky enough to travel anywhere , this is a place you have to go & make the most of it. Have fun, take advantage of the opportunities and meet as many people as you can. . Thank you Harpers Bazaar US Magazine for helping me share this experience on the SEPTEMBER ISSUE . I never in one day imagined I’d be in one of the Worlds biggest fashion magazine ….. CLICK LINK ON BIO to Check out Full story! 🍾🍾 . Magazine: @harpersbazaarus Writer: @kevinkwan Photographer: @dennisleupold Fashion Editor: @menamorado  Hair: @peter.savic Makeup: @valgherman Editor: @alisonssscohn . #AfricanSauce

A post shared by STAR GAL💥 🇰🇪 (@huddahthebosschick) on

In a recent Instagram post, she posted claiming how she is a big believer that change is good.

She wrote, “To me, LA is like the world’s greatest party, known for its Mediterranean climate, ethnic diversity, Hollywood, the entertainment industry, and it is the “misunderstood city”.

She continues to add, “If you’re lucky enough to travel anywhere, this is a place you have to go & make the most of it. Have fun, take advantage of the opportunities and meet as many people as you can.”


Check out Huddah Monroe cashing out in America

Clearly, she is never shy when any opportunity knocks at her door. She takes every opportunity by the horns and milks everything out of it.

The beautiful African sauce can’t hide her excitement any longer as she is on the September issue of Harpers Bazaar Us Magazine.

She continues by saying, “I never in one day imagined I’d be in one of the Worlds biggest fashion magazine ..”

As she appreciates the magazine for sharing her story just as she would have wanted them to do.

In the magazine issue, the personality claims that she is planning on opening a Huddah Cosmetic U.S flagship stocking her popular liquid lipsticks and eye-shadow palette for the independent dark skin tone girls as LA is like her second home.

It doesn’t hurt how the lass is photogenic, but what’s remarkable is her rise to fame, a girl from the slums of Nairobi. She continues by saying how she loves dressing up and looking good.

You may mistake her for going to an “award show.”

Her beauty is unmatched.

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I am ready to be the 5th member of Sauti Sol – Khaligraph jokes

Papa Jones who recently has been trolling one of the Sauti Sol members, Bien has come to settle their differences when realizing that they are all paid the same amount of royalties after being in the music industry for over 10 years.

The two seem to enjoy it as they have always fought each other even when there was no reason to fight.

The OG, who is currently in Lagos Nigeria, but not clear why he is there, is seen in an Instagram post looking dapper in a cheetah-like blazer but in red spots and a flower print trouser.

Accrediting the style to the Sauti Sol members.

On the post, he captioned how he was dressed in Sauti Sol type of attire. Khaligraph spotted what is known as their ‘swag’, to a point he jokingly said he was ready to join the boy band as a 5th member.

Chimano, one of the band members welcomed him to the fold.



While Bien, on the other hand, commented but told him that the look wasn’t complete. The only thing that was remaining, as he quoted was a pair of heels to increase his height and then he would become a member of the group.


Hahahahahahahahahaha sasa bado wakuvalishe heels uongeze height kidogo. Umetesa OG. The OG will be respected.

Khaligraph jokingly reveals dark thoughts about ‘Juju’

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Things you should know about displaying a firearm in public


According to numerous people, having a gun is the new status symbol in Kenya.

Countless celebrities/personalities have been spotted in public with these weapons, and some of them arrested after a public outcry. From Paul Kobia to Prezzo to Steve Mbogo, the list is endless.

senator paul njroge
Senator Paul Njoroge in gun drama

Article 88 of the penal code prohibits brandishing of weapons in public, warning that “any person who goes armed in public without lawful occasion in such a manner as to cause terror to any person is guilty of a misdemeanour, and his arms may be forfeited”.

space lounge dj firearm

If you legally own a firearm and want to show off in public, it is important you read these laws about brandishing a firearm.

The improper exhibition of a firearm could land you a jail term.

Whats is brandishing?

It is pointing, holding a firearm or an object similar in appearance. It’s unlawful for any person to point, hold or brandish any firearm whether capable of being fired or not, in such a manner as to reasonably induce fear in the mind of another of being shot or injured.

j Moh Spice arrested after showing off gun

Githurai thug

If you lose your ish real quick, then owning a firearm could be a problem, and you may need to re-think carrying a gun

The officer then tables the application before the district security committee (DSC) with his recommendations.

The documents are then forwarded to the provincial police officer (PPO), who places them before the provincial security committee, which deliberates on the application and makes its recommendations.

The PPO submits the PSC’s recommendations to the Inspector General of Police for final approval.

The Inspector General then forwards the application to the Chief Licensing Officer, who in turn informs the applicant in writing on the decision that has been taken.

controversial businessman Paul Kobia/Facebook

If the application is successful, the applicant receives a firearm certificate allowing him or her to purchase the weapon he or she applied for.

Section 33 of the Firearms Act states that “any person who is drunk, or who behaves in a disorderly manner, while carrying a firearm shall be guilty of an offence and liable to imprisonment for up to one year or up to Sh10,000 fine, or both.”


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Dj Moh Spice arrested after showing off gun

Dj Kim Nick Dee celebrated his birthday over the weekend at apopular lounge in Nairobi and amidst the festivities, KOT noticed Spice Entertainment Dj Moh spice had a gun tucked in his jeans.

Spice is DJ Nick Dee’s brother.and is popular for his reggae mixes.

People took offence saying it is dangerous for someone to carry a firearm in a public event, owing to unseen dangers.

DCI Kenya have now arrested him


Here is the picture that caused a social media storm:

dj mo space lounge gun

Other popular personalities who have been arrested for brandishing or showing off guns in public include Steve Mbogo, Naivasha Senator Paul Njoroge, businessman Paul Kobia.

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To snag a man, let him do the chasing – Classic fan Captain Kale advises


FACT! Most men love a good chase.

It turns out that men today say our ancestors were right- that ladies shouldn’t make the first move.

Can you imagine having to tell your children that you chased your husband and perhaps proposed to him?

Of course not.

Some women don’t want to admit it, but we all want a guy to approach us, fall madly in love, and not be able to wait to call us.

So how do you make that happen?

Classic 105 fan Captain Kale says it’s not that complicated. He was responding to a conversation on the morning show which sought to find out why women are labelled as cheap.

He said:

“These women have no reason to say we are cheap. How do you expect a guy who lives with his mother akuletee nyama? When a man leaves you don’t go saying that Kenyan men are bad or cheap.”

Kale insists it’s not nearly as difficult as girls make it to be.

Or is his truth about girls who make the first move very hard hitting?

Kale added about the importance of not ruining a good thing, and why he needs to call you, and when it’s okay to give it away.

‘These women don’t even have reasons. They don’t have any proof, these women are old and go looking for boys in campus, these women should go back to how it was back in the day and they wait for us to katia them. Us Kenyan men are very few and we are special’

Their answers show that the odds are against those trying to muster up the guts to do the asking first.

Do you agree Classic 105 fam? Drop your comments below

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