‘You ain’t sleeping in my bed’ Oprah kicks out boyfriend after travelling


Savage does not even begin to describe how Oprah is treating the threat of contracting coronavirus from close proximity.

You can also forget about that vow of through sickness and health. This doesn’t apply in Oprahs household.

Huddah threatens to manhandle Khaligraph Jones in bed

Media mogul Oprah Winfrey was on Instagram live, where she confessed o a fan that she made her lover Steadman sleep in the guesthouse after he recently traveled. She confessed that he is in self quarantine in their guesthouse to avoid possibly spreading coronavirus.

She told that

“Social distancing don’t mean you come sleep in bed with a person when you just got off American Airlines”

Oprah Winfrey
Oprah Winfrey

The 66 year old media mogul cheekily admitted that she makes sure he eats and drops off the food at the doorstep of the guesthouse.

The TV legend contracted pneumonia late last year and admits she still may have a weak immune system and so for her boyfriend to be travelling in times of the pandemic is risky to her health.

‘Stedman is at the guest house. You all know I had çç late last year and you can still hear the raspiness in my throat sometimes… ‘And I just got off antibiotics last week and so Stedman was late to the party. Stedman didn’t arrive from Chicago until Thursday and he was speaking in St. Louis on Saturday and he’s been on planes.

Screenshot from 2020-03-25 10:41:55

Otile Brown’s emotional message to Sanaipei arouses fans suspicion

In an instagram live session, Oprah said that Steadman had been travelling and she has instructed him to keep away to avoid infection.

‘I was like, ‘You ain’t coming in here and sleeping in my bed. It doesn’t work that way’.

‘Social distancing doesn’t mean you can go sleep in a bed with someone after you got off American Airlines.’ We can not play those games.’


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‘Go well, thank you for the music’ Maina Kageni mourns Aurlus Mabele

Soukous legend Aurlus Mabele has died aged 67.

The famous Congolese singer succumbed to Cancer and in a special shoutout Classics Maina Kageni paid tribute saying

Aurlus, thank you so much for the music

Ben Pol’s son with Tanzanian beauty queen turns four

arlus mabele

Maina noted what a legend he was adding that

rest in peace, the good thing you served your purpose, you did our thing and you left us good music

Hajali! Dennis Itumbi speaks up after being sacked on his birthday

He had been ill for about 15 years and died from coronavirus.

Rest in peace Aurlus.

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Hajali! Dennis Itumbi speaks up after being sacked on his birthday


Dennis Itumbi’s official government job was scrapped in a move that saw him lose his job.

The surprise move happened on his birthday, and his fans and followers responded sharply.

He hasn’t spoken until now and wrote on his social media


He shared a really dramatic photo that you can see here, lest we all get shut down.

We want to know, will he start being our Instagram pastor like other celebrities when things go wrong. We most certainly look forward to his motivational captions if any.

Ben Pol’s son with Tanzanian beauty queen turns four

Dennis Itumbi smiling
Dennis Itumbi smiling

😂😂😂 Life goes on Dennis. Good luck with your future endeavours.

Dennis, hata kama niwewe, unatusi baba nani kwa wenyewe kila siku alafu unaambiwa nyamaza, hutaki. Kila siku. …….si utafutwa? ?

Everything will be well big brother

Tricky Sana haha

Huddah explains why she sent her mum a photo of my vajayjay

Waacha ma cartoon mingi,kubali ulifutwa and it pains.Upende usipende

🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣kaliiiiiii…. All the Best!!!! We are all having a look

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Huddah: Why I Don’t Pick Khaligraph Jones’ Calls

Rapper Khaligraph Jones revealed in his hit song ‘Yes Bana’ that Huddah Monroe has not been picking his calls even though the two have a good friendship.

Part of his lyrics read,

Huddah Simu hashiki, anadhani me nataka kumpiga miti,nina wife sipendi hizo kiki

(Huddah doesn’t pick calls, she thinks I was to sleep with her, I have a wife, I don’t like that publicity stunt)

Talking to Bridget Shighadi, Monroe said that he doesn’t pick anyone’s call adding she isn’t even a fan of the OG

I never pick up calls but I think he is doing well. He won an award but I dont know any of Khaligraph’s song.

Adding that she prefers Khaligraph’s frenemy Octopizzo,

I know alot of Octopizzo’s music. Octopizzo is my favourite. He and Nyashinski are my favourite artistes in Kenya. Especially Nyashinski, I was dissapointed when he got married, I had a crush on him.

I’d abort that child! Huddah says about having a broke man’s child

Check out the song;

‘Corona is real,’ says Diamond, talks manager being quarantined

Media pundits in Tanzania reported that music mogul Diamond Platnumz, his manager and dancers had been isolated after flying into Tanzania from Europe. Some even reported that the crew was infected after the singer’s manager was found positive.

Well, Diamond has rubbished all these ignorant rumours in an Instastory video saying that he and his people are well.

“That is an office issue and the internet has alot to say. Here I just want to talk to my fans and enjoy.  I hear they are saying I also have it. We are okay, The Lord has helped us.”

He went on to tell people to be vigilant.

“I want to urge people to make sure they are safe. Corona is real. We have to quarantine and to be careful even when we cough, lets try and dab.Lets pray to God that this will pass”

Diamond’s ex Lover Lulu Diva Talks About Her ‘Foursome’

Steamy Photos Of Savara’s Girlfriend Leave Fans Envious

Savara Mudigi was spotted in a cosy photo with Yvonne Endo confirming rumours that the two are dating. This is after speculations that date since 2018. In the recent photo, the Sauti Sol band member shared a photo together and wrote

‘Social Distancing’

Savara is the third Sauti Sol member to publicly show his bae. Early this month saw Bien walk down the aisle with long term girlfriend Chiki Kuruka. Polycarp also tied the knot in 2018 with Lady Mandy.

Celebrities reacted to Savara and Endo’s photo;

Bien: Heri waliompokea Bwana Yesu, Wana uzima.
Tallia Oyando: The sweetest girl ever 😍😍😍 love you guys
Polycarp: Kesi utajibu baadaye
Magix Enga: 🔥🔥 Produce watoto sasa back to back


Ladies, shoot Your Shot: Savara searching for a wife


Now meet the woman that has stolen Savara’s heart;

Pregnant for who? Vivian refutes baby bump claims

Songbird Vivian has refuted claims she is heavy with child. She refuted that she and her husband Sam West are set to welcome a child together.

This was after Vivian posted a photo on Instagram with kids on her birthday and captioned it:

“Anyone, who believes I would be a good mum to these kids, including the one being baked? Yet to come.”

She later deleted the post, although fans had started sending in congratulatory messages.

In the photo, Vivian seems to have added some weight and the bulging midsection was visible.

The couple is, however, raising a blended family as Vivian came into the union with a daughter from a previous relationship, and Sam West also started the family with a son from a former relationship.

When we reached out, Vivian said,

“That was not a baby bump, it was just a joke. There was something I was doing on my birthday with kids. No, I’m not pregnant.”

‘My ex would mercilessly beat me,’ Vivian narrates to fiance Sam West

Diamond’s ex Lover Lulu Diva Talks About Her ‘Foursome’

Diamond Platnumz’s ex-lover Lulu Diva has released an EP dubbed ‘Foursome’ a name that has gotten fans talking.

Diva stroke Kenyan fans when she was accused of cheating with Diamond while Tanasha was pregnant.

These are claims that she and the WCB CEO have never responded to.

Talking about the EP, Diva said that she named it ‘Foursome’ to create buzz around the release.

‘I wanted to attract people with the name meaning that I have collaborated with three men and myself making that four. Another person may call it foursome to mean that the EP has four songs.

Diva has featured Kenyan award-winning rapper Khaligraph Jones, Uganda’s Eddy Kenzo and Tanzania’s FidQ.

‘I think Khaligraph is thebiggest rapper in East Africa meaning working with him right now is the best thing to reach the Kenyan market.’

Adding that;

‘I love his work and I knew he would take me to higher levels

Diva was previously rumoured to be dating Mheshimiwa Jaguar, claims she later refuted saying they are just friends.

Lulu Diva denies claims that she is pregnant with Diamond’s child

‘Low self esteem’ Zari’s crytic message after Diamond and Hamisa flirt 


On Tuesday, Diamond Platnumz posted on his social media that he appreciated his baby mama Hamisa Mobetto dancing to his new song Jeje.

His post was liked by Hamisa and their close pal Mange Kimabi also commented how she thought there was more to their social media banter.

Diamonds first baby mama Zari appears to have been watching their latest move, as she has shared a note about knowing your self worth.

Is she saying Hamisa is cheap to rekindle romance with Diamond. Maybe, maybe not.

Though recently Hamisa was interviewed about Diamond and said loving him is like being in the Titanic only with a different outcome.

Being with Diamond is like watching the Titanic movie praying it doesn’t sink – Hamisa

Here is the message Zari shared that could easily be misinterpreted as jealousy.

zari self worth


Zari finally gets Maina Kageni’s advise about Diamond Platnumz

Is she being salty, or just spitting facts? Drop your comments below.

Keeping up with Diamond’s shenanigans is quite energy consuming, but trust us to be head to head with him.

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Jacque Maribe’s mega cute and random birthday wish for Itumbi


Jacque Maribe and Dennis Itumbi are besties no doubt.

Itumbi has been there for Jacque ever since she was jailed and appearing in court over the murder of businesswoman Monica.

He often penned messages to her to encourage her in trying times, and Kenyans trolled him for being a softie. He wrote so much that we all murmured they could be lovers.

You are a FIRE – Dennis Itumbi tells Maribe in hearfelt birthday poem

Anyho it’s Dennis Itumbis birthday and Jacque is returning the love poem favor.

She wrote to him that

Dear @dennisitumbi,

No poetry today,

No review of the year that’s been,
No promises for the future that is,
Just appreciation, heartfelt, for a friendship that stands pure and true.

Happy birthday my bestie @dennisitumbi here’s to many, many more.

Jacque Maribe and Dennis Itumbi together
Jacque Maribe and Dennis Itumbi together

‘Well done sweetie!’ Jacque Maribe praises Dennis Itumbi, here is why

After this ‘poem’ Jacque was forced to defend her actions when one person asked about the number of lovers she has had.

She slammed the fan asking if it is bad for one to experience love. Lakini nini husumbua watu?

Anyway bora uhai as we love to say. Happy birthday Itumbi, and thank God for friends like Jacque.

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Meet the woman who has stolen Sauti Sol’s Savara’s heart


Sauti Sol members are disappointing mafislets one man at a time.

In 2018, the first to bite the dust was Fancy Fingers who walked down the aisle with his long-term girlfriend, Lady Mandy and the boys looked good in those suits I must say. The a few weeks ago, Bien did that thing and silently married his long term fiancée Chiki Kuruka.

Sauti Sol wedding

Savara had been rumored to be dating Yvonne Endo and from our investigation, the two are actually in a serious relationship. The two had been spotted looking a bit too cozy in various locations which confirmed they were dating.

Ironically, in an interview with Tanzania’s interview master, Lil Ommy, Savara declared he is looking for a babe from the 255 (Tanzania).

“I am saying this right now that I am in a big fix and I am looking for a Tanzanian wife. If I get, I will be so happy, but if I don’t, ni sawa pia.” Savara said

Sauti Sol wedding

Just when we thought he would be next one to go on one knee and propose to Yvonne Endo.

Savara posted a very cute picture of him and Yvonne, proof that they are still dating and the above quote has been rubbed off. They probably worked through that fix Savara had mentioned.

The picture was a declaration that yes, this lady right here is his, all his. He went ahead to caption the picture saying,

Social distancing

It caused a lot of alarm and woke the social media in-laws who took to the comment section saying:

Bien: Heri waliompokea Bwana Yesu, Wana uzima

Chris Kirwa: Aha #SisiKamaInlaws Twa ! I mean Twawapenda wakati huu wa wa kukaa nyumbani

Ephy Saint: Those babies shall be cute

Fancy Fingers: Kesi utajibu baadaye

Koikai: We Savara shindeni kwa kitanda ya 4 by 6… Kidogo kidogo ndio hiyo corona 6inch deep kwa vein😂😂

Some guy went ahead to break the hearts of the women who fantasize about Savara saying,

I keep telling y’all to stop fantasizing na mabwana za wenyewe hamsikii..sasa ona mmevunjwa roho tena. Si mtutake tu sisi wenye tunawataka. Just reply to the goddamn DM’s 😂😂


Now the pressure to marry her by social media in-laws starts now. Ask Bien and Chiki what they went through.

Here are the gorgeous pictures:

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John Legends wife wears towel to his Instagram live concert

John Legend proposed to do a live concert on Instagram for his fans staying home owing to the coronavirus, but his wife upstaged him.

Prior to the concert, his wife Chrissy had asked fans what she should wear to the IG live concert.

Most proposed she wear a towels and drink some wine as he sings along.

So she obliged and now that has gone viral and not the RnB singer.

She thanked her fans for tuning in

118,000 people watched our concert! We are only happy when we make other people happy. Thank you guys for watching.


Willis Raburu encourages Willy Paul’s wife to finish him

Literally all her fans are tickled she wore the towels and looks really bored as he sings along. Don’t people know Chrissy can act as well?

Anyway here is the video of the IG live concert, see what the fans are talking about:


Phyllis Davis..
Is she wearing a bath towel? She’s still beautiful, but why a bath towel?

Bath towel and full face of make up Face with tears of joyFace with tears of joySee-no-evil monkeySee-no-evil monkey

BlackShadow ™..
Lol she actually did a poll on what outfit to wear and the towel was the most picked Face with tears of joy

DNG’s timely advise to Nyashinski about marriage

What’s up with the girl in a towel? Looks tacky to me. Just play and sing…that would be better.

Tryna figure out why shes sitting there in a towel ?

Mama Ash Sunflower..
She looks so uninterested.. I’d love to hear my man sing like this everyday lol. I know she may love him but just my thoughts on how she presented herself.

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‘We fought alot because of my pride’ Harmonizes ex shares


Harmonize has just dropped his album, Afro East and Jacqueline Wolper confessed that she is proud of the step he has taken because he is finally living his dream.

The two broke up in such a dramatic way and so they parted ways in bad blood but Wolper took this opportunity to try and mend fences.


“I take this opportunity to wish you all the best as you launch your new album. I remember it was your dream and you are finally living it. We have come from so far and we have gone through a lot. We have fought a lot all because of my pride but in all honesty, I am still really happy for you and the growth of your career. there is no relationship between you and I but I know we are suffering in different ways now that we do not talk.” Wolper posted

Wolper added that she reached out to Harmonize with no aim of trying to get Harmonize back or destroy his marriage with Sarah.

“I dare confess that I am in pain and I can not hide it anymore no matter how much I have tried to hide it. Only you Rajab and I know. On Instagram, they are out here trolling me on what I have posted. When I go behind closed doors, I am the one hurting and there is no one to help me😭🙏. In this message, I have no intention to interfere with your marriage with Sarah nor mine. I am just using my right of speech to address the issue that I wanted to address with you but I couldn’t because I was traveling.” She added

Over the weekend, Konde Boy launched his first Album dubbed #AFROEAST in an event that was graced by former Tanzania President Jakaya Mrisho Kikwete as the guest of honor.

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Diamonds mum flaunts the posh car she repossessed from Tanasha


It seems Mama Diamond is sending Tanasha Donna a strong message with this photo.

Sarah Dangote was last week said to have repossessed a vehicle Diamond gave Tanasha for her birthday in 2019.

The Prado was shown to the world during the Great Gasby birthday celebration held in Tanzania in august 2019.


Diamond also gifted his mother the same type of car.

Mam Dangote has so far shared two pictures posing with the same vehicle. She seems to be taunting Tanasha.

In one photo she blocks the number plate of the Prado with an emoji, and her fans are upset.


This reminds me of the time our very own Betty Kyallo was stooped mid traffic on Mombasa Road by security guards of Governor 001. They asked her to hand over the keys to the Porsche Cayenne he had bought her following the end of their relationship.
Weuh girls have it rough out here.

tanashaBut as Kenyans have been saying since January, hii maisha haitaki makasiriko. Pick up the pieces and move on.

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Bien Aime had a ‘good’ budget for his wedding to Chiki

Sauti Sol’s lead vocalist Bien Aime Baraza wedded the love of his life, Chiki Onwukwe, in an invite-only wedding at Pallet Cafe, Lavington, last Friday.

Bien said he could not invite all his friends because it was for family and close friends. “Only those who know me as Alusa, not Bien,” he said.

A few of his friends were offended for not making it to the guest list. But Bien told Word Is on Friday that it was his wedding.

“My message to those who are mad at me because they were not invited is, they should hold their weddings and don’t invite me,” he said.

Bien kissing Chiki
Bien kissing Chiki on their engagement day

“I am no longer interested in attending weddings because I have attended so many of them. It was my way of celebrating my commitment to my wife.”

Bien’s parents got an opportunity to interact with Chiki’s parents. “We had a good time with both families. My dad got the opportunity to interact with Chiki’s dad. They now know each other,” he said.

His advice to couples planning weddings is to cut your coat according to your cloth.

Please don’t do a wedding to please your parents. Do it depending on the size of your pockets, how much you can afford,” Bien said.


“A wedding is the beginning of your life. So don’t spend all your money on a wedding. Do something small and affordable. You better spend much on your honeymoon than at the wedding.”

He spent less than Sh300,000 on his wedding.

“Stop borrowing loans and money from your friends so you can hold a big wedding and go into debt. The budget was less than Sh300,000. A good budget for artistes like me,” Bien said.

The couple has not gone on a honeymoon because of the coronavirus pandemic. “If I will go, I will choose an African country,” Bien said.

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Covid-19: All the blinged up masks celebrities are wearing


People worldwide are wearing masks to protect against Coronavirus, and below is not what they are wearing.

masks in vnezuela
Venezuelans home made masks

The above is not what celebrities are wearing.

For instance RnB singer Toni Braxton is showing off how she is staying safe and her mask is dope.


With a global pandemic declared, other stars are ramping up their efforts to protect themselves from Covid-19, with some going into self-isolation.

Other fashionable face masks we have spotted online include celebrities like
Nicole Scherzinger
Pussycat Dolls singer Nicole Scherzinger arrived in Los Angeles airport from Australia wearing a black face mask.

She was seen wearing the mask as she passed through, keeping it on as she got into her car to go home.


Gwyneth Paltrow
Paltrow was one of the first celebrities to take on coronavirus protection measures, as she shared a selfie of herself in February wearing a £76 high tech mask for her flight to Paris.

Dropping a reference to her film Contagion, she said, “En route to Paris. Paranoid? Prudent? Panicked? Placid? Pandemic? Propaganda? Paltrow’s just going to go ahead and sleep with this thing on the plane.”


“I’ve already been in this movie. Stay safe. Don’t shake hands. Wash hands frequently,” she continued.

Steve Harvey

The Family Feud host and his wife Marjorie took a selfie on a flight together, where they were both seen wearing custom bedazzled facemasks.

Harvey also held up a miniature bottle of hand sanitiser to the camera.

The CDC recommends surgical masks only for people who already show symptoms of coronavirus and must go outside, since wearing a mask can help prevent spreading the virus by protecting others nearby when you cough or sneeze. The agency also recommends these masks for caregivers of people infected with the virus.



Additionally, the World Health Organisation advises the only people who need to be wearing masks are those coughing and sneezing or healthy people who are taking care of a person with suspected COVID-19 infection.

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I haven’t sued Diamond for wasting my time – Tanasha 


In more news Keeping Up With The Dangotes, rumors has been spreading that Tanasha has sued Diamond after he wasted her time.

I have never been single, I can’t live without cassava – Huddah screams

Tanasha is clarifying that she isn’t after any kind of settlement from Diamond.

News abound was that after their breakup, Miss Donna sued Diamond claiming he had wasted two years of her time.

I mean is it wrong to sue a man for wasting your life? Mariah Carey did it and got a sh50million settlement from her fiance.

Tanasha Donna

Since the split, she has been showering her social media timeline with motivational posts that she has been ridiculed by trolls telling her to move on.

And now it seems news of her suing Diamond has reached her ears.

Call your ex and tell him he is a lizard! Bahati dares Diana Marua

She took to social media once again to dispel rumors saying

“Too much FAKE NEWS
out here! Let me make it
clear that there is NO
court case or whatever it
is thats being said out
Can a giri live her Iife in
peace? Can we just focus
on the right & positive
things? Tha fuuuuu🤦‍♀️”

Tanasha Donna posing

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Jose Chameleone to retire from music with Nairobi concert


Ugandan singer Jose Chameleone will be paying tribute to Kenyans with a special concert.

The singer, who lived in Nairobi for the longest time, when his music career was starting, will hold a final concert to bid goodbye to his music career.

Jose Chameleoen wearing Kenyan jersey/Courtesy instagram

Chameleone will retire to focus on politicos, and if all goes according to plan a concert will be held in the 254.

Chameleone’s career began at a young age in 1996 as a DJ at the Missouri night club in Kampala. He was later signed to the Kenyan record label Ogopa DJs,, where he broke through with his first single, “Bageya” that featured Kenyan artist Redsan.

He writes often about his love for Kenya and once wrote

Sitted on a stool in the bus Corridor #Vumilia Every sweat counts – I glorify God. I know Nairobi than many who think they know. Big up My people in Imara Daima, Kayole,South B, South C, Dandora, Lavie, Karen ow! Kawangware 💥Jambo! Kenya yetu……… hakuna.………❤️❤️❤️❤️

Jose Chameleone Valentines toast

Chameleons first album, Bageya, was released in 2000. He has released more than 12 albums, including Mama Mia in 2001, Njo Karibu and The Golden Voice in 2003, Mambo Bado in 2004, Kipepeo in 2005, Shida za Dunia in 2006, Sivyo Ndivyo and Katupakase in 2007, Bayuda in 2009, Vumilia in 2010, Valu Valu in 2012, Badilisha in 2013, Tubonge in 2014, Wale wale in 2015, Sili Mujjawo in 2016, Sweet Banana in 2017, Champion in 2018.

He has a music label called Leone Island of which he is CEO. Artistes formerly under this label include; the late Moses Radio, Weasel, the late AK 47, King Saha, Papa Cidy, and Pallaso, Melody, Yung Mulo and Big Eye.

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