The watchman alerts my husband when I leave home, cries out distressed city woman (Audio)

The morning conversation on Classic 105 got rather heated when Maina Kageni suggested that a lot of married women are unhappy in their marriages for the simple fact that they have fallen out of love with their husbands.

So ladies confessed to Maina that the reason they are unhappy in their marriage is because they stopped loving their husbands.

One female caller said, ‘at times we blame ourselves. I have been married eight years and the love ended like three years ago. Its all abut pretense. For me I am not after anyones money, but at the moment I am planning myself. When I feel I am ready I will exit.’ He knows I don’t love him anymore after I told him coz I can’t pretend. He just looked at me, we struggle to some levels. I can’t move on coz my kids go to school, but I am slowly planning myself. Being in the same bed everyday is crazy’.

Another woman called in saying she has been married for four years but fell out of love after two years

She narrated, ‘I realized he wasn’t the man for me. When we are in the house we are like brother and sister. When we go to bed we sleep far away from each other and when he tries to force himself on me I really cry I feel like he is my brother and I can’t remove my clothes. I feel like he is not supposed to look at me. When he is in the house we don’t even talk, I don’t know what I am doing there. I think I fear what people will say because our wedding was big, we spent so much money. But Maina when I try to leave he can’t let me go. One time when I tried I went to work then returned home but someone must have told him because he showed up and locked me in’.

‘Most of the time where we live, I guess he told the watchman because anytime I leave he calls me to ask where I am going. What am I going to do Maina, I don’t love him. Even when I see him with other women I don’t feel bad, honestly what do I do?

Classic 105 fam, what would you advice this sad woman to do? Also listen to the audio below of the full conversation as Maina gives his own advice.

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Kenyans react to the Sh50Million KCB Thika tunnel heist

When news broke that KCB in Thika had been robbed of Sh50Millions via an underground tunnel, everyone was shocked. But details of the heist are quickly emerging with police saying three people have been arrested in connection with the incident.

Area police boss Adiel Nyange said the two men and a lady were arrested on Monday and are helping with investigations into the incident.

“One is an agent and the other two are custodians of the keys that open these exhibition shops. They will assist us in our investigations.”

3 arrested over sh50m kcb heist

He said those behind the burglary had rented three stalls in a building next to the bank from which they pretended to be selling books.

“It was from here, since June, that they dug the 30-metre long tunnel which was linked to an exhibition stall in a building next to the bank.”

Nyange said the suspects stashed soil in cartons and carted the same out of the premises in a package disguised as books.

kcb theft

“In fact, they could even put a book on top of a carton. No one would suspect they were ferrying soil,” the police boss said.

The county police commander said the investigation will also explore whether bank officials were involved in the crime.

“It is still early to say whether it was an inside job. Investigations will determine so,” Nyange said.

Kenyans of course were amused by the incident, and took to twitter to express themselves. Read hilarious comments below;


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Popular Female Rapper Xtatic Confesses About Her Urge To Commit Suicide

Suicide is the act of intentionally causing one’s own death. A Kenyan artiste has come out to talk about a time when she struggled with thoughts of suicide.

Rapper Xtatic posted her ordeal on Facebook. This was after news of celebrities committing suicide hit the headlines. Just recently, Linkin Park singer Chester Bennington has committed suicide.


Chester struggled with drugs and alcohol for years. He had said in the past he had considered committing suicide because he had been abused as a child by an older male.


“Rock music actually saved more than harmed EMO kids than you can imagine, myself as I an example. But, the one thing that I usually didn’t like about myself in a period after abandoning rock music because of some ‘Sleep paralysis’ incident (which was wrongly interpreted as I wasn’t even aware of what sleep paralysis was and … you know, being religious was a huge factor … ), was that I started using that to tell people how Rock music was bad and they shouldn’t even listen to rock at all even soft rock (which lures you in to DW). I demonized some EMO friends of mine, not realizing how much worse I made it for them than anything in this world. (I’m sorry?),” Xstatic said.


She continued, “And how I had met ‘some devil or demons or lucifer’ .. whatever, and was possessed (of which because of my perception of the whole incident, I believed I was), and even to extent of going around telling a few people to switch off music if rock came on because I felt like demons were calling me and that It was disturbing me. ?? Like, bitch, you don’t know the half of me being religious and shit … waaaah.
Of course, after dropping beliefs and all and really analyzing the situation, I saw the perceptional bs I was under and, of course, it was more of my beliefs seeing for me.
So Then, I was somewhere and rock was playing and I was sooooo happy and I felt free, then some Creed song came on and I became so emotional and glad and comforted followed by some Linkin Park songs from Minutes to Midnight.”



I remembered so many incidences where I was really on the edge and had even prepared ropes and all kinds of pills, sometimes tell myself, “this time I would cut real deep” (I was a cutter, or I would bite my skin, or even sink my nails down my skin and strike a few times till I hurt myself to mostly redirect emotional pain to physical pain, some doctors said I was A schizo… I REALLY REALLY DON’T ENCOURAGE THIS, It’s damaging I ALSO advise that you seek PROFESSIONAL HELP, please love ❤️❤️❤️. I could throw in some advice here and there … and I could also just LISTEN if that’s what you want.)
So then, in these ‘prepared to die’ times I would put rock music, imagining it would encourage me to do it, and instead I would feel better, a bit comforted and see how my decisions were going to help in any way, regardless of how much pain I felt they would ease. This was, especially, because a lot of these artists were singing about what someone may be going through that they went through it and there they were, alive and past that somehow or showing how they are jst as human living through it Regardless.
And I would end up taking up my invisible guitar and drum sticks full or adrenaline and end up feeling better than I was before, not healed but in a more sensible mind-state of “Not everyone is meant to understand you”.
The healing had everything to do with me and not anyone in this world even music … or death.

PS: Before going like, “but but not everyone … But but Me this, me that … ”
I am talking about my experience and a conclusion from my experience. It doesn’t have to be yours rather it doesn’t represent yours, It speaks only for me; the only active participant in my own life and experiences.

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Congratulations: The Reason Amina Abdi Was Selected As The Host Of NTV’s The Trend

Amina Abdi is one lady who has proved she can do right about anything. She’s the true definition of a hustler. She sees an opportunity and grabs it with both hands.

It’s been months since Larry Madowo left The Trend. After he left, the show was hosted by different people including Ciru Muriuki.

amina 1

But on Friday, they finally unveiled the new host of the popular TV show. Amina Abdi is the new host and this came as a surprise as many thought they would choose from the crew who had been doing the show after Larry left.

According to NTV’s Head of TV, Amina Abdi is exactly what the show needs.


When he was asked why they chose Amina, he said, “Amina presents a new fresh air of breath in the entertainment and she has a 360 degree understanding of the entertainment industry. She is the new face of entertainment, from TV, radio to emceeing and that is what NTV was looking for.”

He continued, “We wanted her to feel welcome and that is why we unveiled her at a concert and not at our studios, but from next week she will be hosting the show right here in the studios.”

Check out photos of Tanzanian singing duo Navy Kenzo’s baby shower

Navy Kenzo’s Aika shocked many when she posted photos of her maternity photoshoot. Many didn’t even know she was pregnant until they shared the beautiful photos on social media.

The pregnancy news was so hush hush that even the Tanzanian media and tabloids had no idea. The couple kept the news away from the prying eyes of the public because they wanted to enjoy the moment before it becomes public.

Well, they finally made the news public and their unborn baby, Gold, will be one lucky baby.

aika and nahreel
Tanzanian duo Navy Kenzo

On Sunday, Aika and Nahreel had a baby shower at their place. The theme was blue, white and gold and was attended by close friends and family and the setup was breathtaking. For those who couldn’t make it, BoomplayMusicTZ live streamed the party as they were the main sponsors.

Aika stunned in two outfits; she wore a peach dress for the photos and when the party started she wore a beautiful white dress.

Nahreel was in a white shirt and brown pants.

Check out photos from the shower;

aika 7
Check out the decor from the bash
aika 6
The mom-to-be was absolutely glowing as her man kept his hand firmly on her shoulder
aika 5
Celebrity pals among them Vanessa Mdee joined the party
aika 4
More breathtaking photos of the table set up
aika 3
Aika’s baby shower party favors
aika 2
Blue formed the color of the baby shower
aika 1
The expectant couple made sure everything was impressive

This KOT debate over former President Moi’s living room furniture will make you laugh

Yesterday Sunday 19th November, a photo of President Uhuru Kenyatta visiting former President Daniel Moi at his Kabarak home went viral.

While most people were caught up in the political angle of the story, others were more interested in his living room, particularly his furniture.

The style of his curtains, his old ‘skool’ phone and couches were the focus of attention of slay kings and slay queens.

Just go through the debate below and read hilarious responses about Moi’s living room.

Trackmann ….For a dollar billionaire Moi has horrible taste. What’s that furniture? Curtains dash

agny Taggart‏..King..This is old money, those aren’t curtains,they’re drapes,that cost a fortune, this is an antique Victorian drawing room. These drapes will still be the same 50 years from now
kiambu mafia..He’s a classic man something you’ll never understand

Mr.Njoroge‏..Can we talk about his phone , Sets the mood of the room, antique

Kalasinga..An old simple man. I’ve even recently seen him in a y61 Nissan Patrol. Lol.

Miss Nduta..Just look at the phone…. That should tell you everything.

Secure Shell …His phone…. Spells out his simple choice of life.

Odd‏..Look at the phone LOL

Della Mbaya‏…Literally the last thing that keeps him awake at night is our opinion on his curtains. But okay lol.

peter Mwita ‏..He’s an oldman for God’s sake, hizo standard zenu za Twitter mnapelekea moi??.

 I-Said-What-I-Said‏…The couch behind him looks dirty

kiambu mafia ..All that furniture was made @ kamiti max I bet that chair is my workmanship effort

Shiko‏…And the table cloth pls

Skinoo‏…Ma bachelor huwa na taste mbaya ya curtains na vitu brathe.

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Will Juacali get married after baby number three?

Over the weekend, the King of Genge Jua Cali attended a baby shower thrown for his wife, Lilly Asigo.

Jua Cali and Lilly are expecting their third child and by the look of things, it could be a baby boy. Their other two children are Evans and Doreen Nunda.

When Lilly found out she was heavy with her third child she told her fans on social media,

“Each time we start planning for a wedding this happens :joy::joy: anyway let me enjoy the kisses,” she wrote.

Lilly’s baby shower held on Saturday, the colour theme was green and a few celebrities were in attendance while the rest were family and friends.

Among them was a local beauty whom Lilly credited for introducing her to Jua Cali.

Lilly did not mention her name but rather just posted her photo and wrote:

“Its because of this beauty that I met my husband to be 😊 #babyshower #mininunda.”

Jua Cali Baby Shower

In a past interview with Parents Lilly revealed that she had to quit her job because of the pressure of dating a mega star.


Another interesting feature of Lilly’s baby shower was a banana peeling exercise that will raise your eyebrows.

Check it out below.

Here are photos from the baby shower.

Jua Cali Baby Shower

Jua Cali Baby Shower

Jua Cali Baby Shower

Jua Cali Baby Shower

Jua Cali Baby Shower

Jua Cali Baby Shower

Jua Cali Baby Shower

Jua Cali Baby Shower

Jua Cali Baby Shower

Jua Cali Baby Shower

Jua Cali Baby Shower

Jua Cali Baby Shower

Jua Cali Baby Shower

Jua Cali Baby Shower

Jua Cali Baby Shower

Jua Cali Baby Shower

Jua Cali Baby Shower

Jua Cali Baby Shower

Jua Cali Baby Shower

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Have a look at the 3 bedroom mansion that Khaligraph Jones wants to build

Khaligraph Jones is not one to spend his money in a haphazard manner.

The rapper who is currently ruling the airwaves has shown that he has a good head on his shoulder when it comes to making sound financial decisions.

Khaligraph Jones has built a studio where he has already recorded a number of big names and is looking to sign fresh hot talent too.

Meanwhile, the Mazishi hitmaker has grand plans to drop a few millions in a house project. It is not clear if the construction of the actual mansion will be in the city or his shags.

But what is clear is that he wants to build a three bedroom house.

Khaligraph jonesHe got in touch with HPD Consultants and enquired how much a three bedroomed house would look like. The builders have priced a three bedroom mansion at Sh 3.1m.

“Kindly, any pictures of finished houses, 3 bedrooms to be specific?” Khaligraph Jones asked.

Khaligraph Jones

The builders have not responded to him yet. Maybe they don’t know that brother Omollo is the bigwig that goes by the street moniker Khaligraph Jones.

Ni Mazishi.

They are losing business tuu hivyo, wakiangalia.

Here is the photo of the replica three bedroom house Khaligraph Jones desires to build.

Khaligraph jones House

Zari is stunning as she brushes off cruel comments that Diamond Platnumz reunited with side chick Hamisa Mobetto in Dubai

Days after it was alleged that Bongo singer Diamond Platnumz reunited with his side chick Hamisa Mobetto in Dubai, his wife Zari Hassan appears un-bothered by such rumors.

She stepped out this weekend in a stunning outfit for the Channel O 20th celebrations in South Africa.

The Ugandan beauty hang out with her pals, in a star studded event.

It is also alleged that socialite Hamisa has already left Dubai, as she had the screening of a movie she acted in, in Tanzania, on Friday, but that has not stopped social media from asking many questions.

This is after it emerged that Hamisa would be in Dubai at the same time Diamond Platnumz would be in that country for a performance.

Some Tanzanian sources claim that the two on-off lovers spent the night together Thursday last week, and even suggest that Diamond is not posting pictures of the concert because he was held up by Hamisa’s attention. Really?

Well, it will be interesting to see how Diamond makes it up to Zari once again, after the rumors this weekend.

In the meantime here are photos of Zari hanging out at the Channel O 20th bash in South Africa.









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Auntie Boss actress Eve D’Souza mourns the loss of her father three years on


Producer and actress of the popular Tv series Auntie Boss, Eve Dsouza has captured national attention for her role in the comedy hit series.

The show Auntie Boss is a favorite of many Kenyans as they watch the characters of an Indian model who drives everyone crazy.

auntie boss actress evedsouza

Auntie Boss! is a Kenyan comedy-drama television series. It delves into the lives of domestic house helps in a fictional Taifa Estate and their everyday drama as it revolves around the families they work for and activities within the neighborhood.

But aside from her TV role, Eve Dsouza is a radio personality, who has been a famous voice for many years.

auntie boss on NTV

Eve is mourning the death of her father. She took to social media to pen down a heartfelt message paying tribute to him.

She wrote;

It was 3 years yesterday since my dad passed. I don’t talk about his death much. I hadn’t visited his grave since we buried him. It was time this week to redo the grave. I dreaded it, because seeing where he lay would make it real.
Everyone copes with death differently, but the emotions are similar I think. It often begins with shock and feeling numb, especially if the death was sudden. Everything seems unreal. With time the pain sets in. Sadness, loneliness, helplessness, and guilt may come over you in waves. Eventually comes a slowly growing acceptance of what has happened, but it’s not necessarily a happy acceptance.

Eve continued her eulogy, noting;

I often wonder why does it hurt so much? Death is inevitable but every time I hear of someone passing it shocks me to my core.
I guess we hurt so much because we love so greatly. My heart goes out to you if you’re struggling with a difficult loss too. It’s important for our healing to remember
the love we were blessed to experience was a rare and wonderful thing. While i mourn, i stay grateful for what i had ❤ Rest in peace Dad, always loved
Dedicated to all the beautiful souls we’ve lost

She shared a photo of his grave, that left many of her fans expressing sadness.



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Veteran singer Juacali throws a lavish baby shower for expectant wife

Veteran singer Juacali and his expectant wife Lily Asigo held their glitzy baby shower yesterday at a city hotel.

The two marked the occasion joined by family and friends who showered them with nothing but praise.

The bay shower was a seagreen/blue and gold/orange affair, and invited guests observed the theme. Even singer Sanaipei and Dj Slahver were among the lovely looking guests.

Juacali’s wife paid tribute to one of her friends whom she thanked for hooking her up with the singer.

Enjoy photos of the baby shower. Plus also read more here:

Juacali and his expectant wife at their babyshower
The cake baked for the mom to be
An emotional Lily at her babyshower
The glowing mom to be as she arrived for her surprise party

Congratulations to the two, and we can’t wait to meet the little one.

Mum suffocates daughter for ‘talking back’


Talking back or being rude was something that many of us never dared do to our parents. Attempting to get your thoughts across would see a backhand slap land on y our cheek or worse.

A US mother allegedly suffocated her four-year-old daughter for talking back at her. The woman committed the act four days ago and has since been arrested.

The mother is said to have suffocated her daughter with a pillow, then hid the body in the dumpster after the girl talked back.

The body of the four-year-old was discovered behind their apartment complex by a neighbor who was throwing out his garbage.

According to the report filed at the police station in Miami, the woman became angry with the girl and lured the child into her room, where she used a pillow to suffocate the girl.

Investigators said they were able to see bruises on her arms, legs and torso, despite the child’s body beginning to decompose.

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K24 Tv presenter Mwanaisha Chidzuga gets nostalgic as she turns a year older

The popular news anchor Mwanaisha Chidzuga marked her birthday on November 18th, where she shared the sweetest birthday wish for herself as she turns a year older

In honor of the occasion, the swahili news anchor shared a very personal memory that summarized her life journey on social media.

She got nostalgic as she recalled her journey in life, sharing these sweet words;

She wrote;

Yaap one year older today .Thank you Allah for every challenge every blessing, every opportunity, you’ve put in my path and best of all thank you Lord for the gift of true love, family friendship and good health .I know Lord You still have greater plans for me and I know you will bless me with strength wisdom and passion to make it happen. Iam just a girl/wife/mother/sister from Tuliani Kwale.

Mwanaisha, a proud mother of three, seems to have a positive outlook over the years to come and even her celebrity pals agree with her.


Also see below all the birthday wishes:

akinyi_everline…_Happy birthday madam boss

lilmuli..Happy Birthday Isha

libisonga…Happy birthday beautiful

hanifaabdulkarim..Happy birthday mwanaisha, may Allah keep u

carole_kinoti..Happy birthday gal..wishing yu mob blessings birthday

zulllyyyyyy…Happy birthday 🎂🎊

mildred_ongachi…Happy birthday

antybebybintrashidMabrook.. sanahilwa habibty

mashirima_kapombe…Happy birthday!!!!!!!


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Vogue Magazine shares exclusive pictures of Serena Williams gown for their fairy tale wedding

Tennis star Serena Williams walked down the aisle ot say ‘I Do’ to the love of her life Alexis Ohanian in a beauty and the beast themed wedding.

And now Serena Williams is giving fans a first hand look at her gown, courtesy of Vogue magazine.

Serena Williams‘ stunning wedding dress has finally been revealed in a series of photos taken during and after her Thursday-night ceremony with Reddit founder Alexis Ohanian.

Photos of the event taken exclusively by Vogue magazine show Williams looking radiant in the flowing, lacy white Alexander McQueen dress, which was crafted by head designer Sarah Burton.

Williams then swapped that for a shorter, though no less beautiful, Versace number for the first dance, which saw the newlywed couple dancing to ‘Tale As Old As Time’ – a tune in line with the wedding’s theme, Disney’s Beauty and the Beast.

And on Friday, the tennis star showcased the stamina that’s made her a 23-time Grand Slam Champ, partying for a second day straight.

Read more: dailymail.
A proud moment as Vogue releases the exclusive on the fairytale wedding of Serena Williams with her love-filled bridal party
A beaming Serena Williams minutes after saying ‘I do’
Alexis Olympia Ohanian also ‘walked’ down at her parents wedding with her grandmother
Congratulations to Serena and Alexis
The Bride Looking So Alluring In an AlexanderMcQueen gown
Serena William shared this cute photo on her social media before the ceremony
Serena and Alexis performing their choreographed first dance to “Tale As Old As Time”
Serena Williams in her third dress for the night
Congratulations to the happy couple
The breathtaking gown Serena Williams wore to her beauty and the beast themed nuptials

‘Nitarudisha hizo ng’ombe na mpesa’ man shouts at abusive son-in-law (Audio)

Girls, when you hear your father shout that he will return the goats he paid as dowry because you were chased away by your husband, how does that make you feel?

Listen to the audio below, and hear the angry tone that a certain man uses to tell off any man who would be abusive to his daughter.

What’s going through your mind? I bet your saying people need to take a chill pill right?

He said:

‘My daughter remains my daughter forever until I’m dead, when you disagree with my daughter she is welcome home, she cannot be chased like a dog because I have given her to you and then you have mistreated her and you expect me to mistreat her also because of ngombe tatu. Go to hell.’

What prompted all this?

There was a guy who called in yesterday on the debate about husbands giving wives permission to see her parents or being consulted before she does anything. One father responded to this in an angry way.

The angry man came to the defense of women saying any man who mistreats his daughter should go to hell and marry the devil. He was mad at the male caller who said he will control where his wife goes and chase his wife away like a dog.

He says any father should stand up for his daughters especially when he sees her husband has beaten or mistreated her. He says fathers should welcome their daughters back with open arms.

The angry man say his house is open to his daughter to come back home and continue her life if she disagrees with her husband. He was upset that the male caller suggested that he would chase away the wife and replace her.

I want guys to know that this is where your beef with your father in law begins.

Mwalimu Kingangi says the angry caller has the wrong attitude.

Ladies, if you were to choose between your man or father when there is conflict, who will you choose?
Classic 105 fans also responded on social media.

Sheillah Bahati‏… @ItsMainaKageni @Classic105Kenya…My dad won’t take anything from a man who mistreats me, I know he would take me back even with a dozen kids #MainaAndKingangi

Douglas Kiplagat.. @ItsMainaKageni Maina that guys daughter is more expensive than my life,, I can’t marry someone like her @Classic105Kenya #MainaAndKingangi

KIPLETING MANUUELA‏ …#MainaAndKingangi @ItsMainaKageni The dowry cannot reciprocate the value of someone Bride is a sign of appreciation, don’t take her for granted.

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Kenyan singer Vivian shares details of the ordinary job she did before the fame (Audio)

Classic 105’s Maina Kageni today hosted Kenyan singer Vivian in studio, where she opened up about her past, her musical journey and future plans.

Vivian was in studio with Maina Kageni who said way before he met her he was impressed by how hardworking she was.

‘She is a go getter’, were the words Maina used to describe Vivian as he heaped praises on her.

‘I started singing four years ago at Maian Switch studios with singer Jaguar. Before that I was a kawaida Nairobi chick, a hustlerress. I used to own a gaming shop in Eastlands where I grew up.’ She narrated her humble beginnings to an impressed Maina.

‘I was a hustler, who used to sell stuff. I was always pursuing things because when I was in college I was doing stuff. Eventually I got my first big break.

What is she working on now? ‘I just started a new movement called the moran, a movement that symbolises the bold and the fearless. Its also an inspiration because of the journey as a musician, for the harassment we suffer along the way. I want to motivate girls who want to start’.


Maina also wanted to know how Vivian ended up doing a collabo with Ugandan singer Jose Chameleone for their hit song.

‘We met at a hotel in Uganda, and our managers who knew each other because of a similar meeting back in Kenya, talked. I gave him (Jose Chameleone) a few songs to listen to, and as it turns out he liked charm and things went well from there.

Maina: Chameleone sent me the song via whatspapp and I absolutely fell in love with it.

What lies ahead for Vivian? We have to get heard in Africa and globally. Try to push the envelope. I’m planning for a stadium event next. If we don’t do it we will always end up being curtain raisers for international celebs. I want to get rid of the stereoptype for Kenyans. We’ve lined up several summits in universities and high school, most likely in January so we can get thousands to the stadium for the concert. I did a double release recently and we are doing well, we are still pushing the limits’.

Listen to the whole clip below;

US woman leaves husband for Kenyan pastor on live TV

“I love you, baby” an American woman told her Kenyan boyfriend on a live TV show in front of her parents and husband.

Sarah, 44, wants to end her 18-year marriage after falling in love with Kevin, a 26-year-old pastor from Kisii, on the internet.

The mother of four said she does not love and find her husband, Keith, attractive anymore.

During an interview on Dr Phil, a popular television show in the US, Sarah’s family begged her not to go Kenya but instead stay and try to save the little that is left of her marriage.

“Sarah does not have a clue of what she is getting herself into if she moves to Kenya,” her mother said.

“She wants this to be real but she is not living in reality right now. I could never imagine my sister sexting especially being a Christian and a mother,” Sarah’s sister said.

“Between sex-trafficking and the diseases that are out there she is not prone to getting immunization of any kind why should she go to a country where there are so many diseases?” the father asked.

Keith said he is not letting his wife go without a fight, adding that she if she boards a flight to Kenya, she might never come back.

“When Sarah goes to Africa she might disappear and get eaten by lions,” Keith said.

Kevin, who has put Kenya once again at the spotlight, hails from Ogimbo village in Kisii county.

In an interview with Dr. Phil’s crew, Kevin said he loves Sarah and wants to fly to the US to marry her and help her take care of her children.

Sarah said Kevin lives in an orphanage where he is taking care of more than 30 children.

“Sarah is faithful, kind honest and beautiful. I love her because she speaks sweet words to me. We face-time more than five times a day and we even sext,” Kevin said

When Kevin met Sarah’s husband via Skype on November 15, he said he is not afraid to state that he loves her and will take care of their children.

“I love Sarah so much and I have never found a woman like her,” Kevin said

Her husband responded; “I do not know what Bible you are reading and if you are a pastor at all but you do not desire your neighbor’s wife.

“I will not give up this woman willingly. She is a gift from God to me and I will fight till the end to save her.”

Kieth said Sarah started loosing interest in her when she sort medical help from a Nigerian doctor.

He said after that she lost weight and started buying sexy lingerie.

In January, Sarah said she was in a relationship with a Ghanaian but things did not work out between them.

Even as Dr Phil and the family try to talk Sarah out of coming to Kenya, all of them are waiting to see what will happen in February next year if she will indeed travel to Kenya, and then come back to the US with Kevin to start a new life.

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‘I’m Not Pregnant,’ Shouts Singer Vivian. Fans React Hilariously

Singer Vivian has come out to call out trolls who are claiming she is heavy with child. The beauty is currently engaged to Sam West and they are set to say “I do” soooooon.

The Chingi Changa star has set the record straight.

She wrote on her social media, “Btw I am not pregnant. Smh.”

The post was accompanied with a photos showing Vivian’s flat midsection.

Fan of the singer gave their hilarious take on the announcement.

Joseph Khadudu: Wait. Usiniambie ati umemkausha hizo siku zote😂😂. Loosen up a little bit. Even a quickie.

Serem Abraham: DON’T KEEP SAM WAITING, mna ngoja nn mwisho uta dump kijana wetu, l don’t believe you celebs 😂😂😹👍

Kevin Kipyego: Nlidani ulikafunga kitambo..venye mafisi wako hapo nyuma yako..acha tukuje

Kimutai Hilary: Heri wewe celibacy… Some of us have lost Hope till we trust sologamy only

Davidson Kipsigei Tole: Sam West alipata mega jackpot aky,you’re beautiful

Michael Snave: Paza Mmh so you are a virgin now that you have never been married

Christopher Ouma: At least you’re the very reason that makes me feel proud to be a Kenyan, wish others could emulate your unique way of doing things

Peninah Gitau: I can see a baby coming soon!!y u telling us u no pregnant natujauliza??nwei kakuje tu.

Clinton Araka: Hehe vivianne utanitoa roho.. Yur killing it am mad over you

Taib Ndeyi: I’m in celibacy too,that’s mean we got something in common vivi

Alex Ritu: My father once bought an old bicycle. He ordered us not to ride it until the village pastor dedicated it 😪😪After the “prayers” we learnt it was faulty but since it had blessing we had to only turn it to a worship tool😖😖since then in our family we dont get second hand things without testing🤒🤒🤒speaking for Sam West

Peter Ngunjiri Jnr: 😂😂😂nikama vile mathe alikua ananunua kdf arafu anasema ucguze nza mtoto,,😂unakula tu kwa macho

Paul Kiprotich Yegon: Umeniroga na sijui how….. Jz wanna meet this fine perfect lovely beautiful creature

Patrick Kipkurui: Hiyo story eti ngoja mpaka marriage nakataa. Test drive lazima. Kama hakuna test drive hiyo gari ingojee mwingine show room.

Bonifas Dos Santos: Usiue kijana wa wenyewe na dryspell.Ata kama ni drops ni sawa akingoja ocean kwa marriage

Fredrick Murithi: I love your camel toe as much as I love your music.

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