Why Diamond Platnumz and Harmonize will pay more for video vixen wigs


The Kenyan government has been kind to us girls and not added taxes for the beauty industry.

Sadly for our Tanzanian counterparts this is not the case.

They will have to dig deeper into their pockets to buy that wig or hair extension.

Both synthetic and human hair wigs can cost anywhere from $15 to over $1000.

While no Tanzanian celebrity has spoken out about this, we know several who wear wigs. From Wema Sepetu, to Hamisa Mobetto, Vanessa Mdee and Ray C, these are amongst women who will have to break the bank to slay.


The Tanzania government has proposed new taxes on wigs, drivers’ license fees, and sanitary towels in its new budget.

The Tanzanian minister for Planning and Finance Philpo Mpango read the budget in Parliament in a move highly supported by MP’s.

Wigs manufactured locally will now attract a tax of 10 percent while the imported ones will face a 25 per cent tax.

The minister also reinstated tax on sanitary pads because as he argues previous measures to exempt the items from taxes has not been passed down to consumers as businessmen continued to benefit from lower taxes.


Here are several reasons why wigs are expensive

1. The Hair Quality

The quality of hair which was made for human hair wigs determined 80% of the wig cost.

2. Use or no use of a Lace Cap

3. If it’s a frontal, full lace, density of wigs determine cost

Lace front wigs and 360 lace wigs both made by lace frontals (or 360 frontals) and hair bundles, so they are hand tied plus machine made, take less time than full lace wigs. If you want to make a full lace wig, it needs about 40 hours (working all the 40 hours), and also if you want single knot hairline and silk base, it will need more than three times as long. If you want 150% density even 180% density will need long time because the manufacturers must knot more hair on the lace cap.


4. human hair vs synthetic hair

Synthetic hair is much cheaper than human hair, it can be made very straight texture. Synthetic hair is pressed, cut and predesignated, it is very straight, not easy to change the style. But it is not human hair, it is not soft and smooth, even though it has gloss. I just learn about synthetic hair cannot make other styles which you want, it cannot make by hair curler, it is not controlled by heat.

What’s worse, human hair is natural so far than synthetic hair, and the lifespan is longer. Synthetic wigs can only last less than 3 months, but human hair wigs can last more than 1 year with proper care.

Making a human hair wig need to spend lots of money and energy, so the selling price is higher than other hair products.

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Ladies: This is how to dress for this cold weather and still look classy!

Dressing for the cold season and wanting to look classy can be uninspiring, to ensure that is possible, we have made it easy for you with these simple cold season wears!

Simple planning without much planning can keep you both warm and stylish without having to go out of your way to look stylish.

Or breaking the bank to look this good.

Here are ways you can dress for this cold season and put a little glitter to that gloom day.


1. Joy Kendi

Joy Kendi wearing a cute head-wrap and a long warm coat


7 important travel items to pack when going for that trip!

2. Tracy Wanjiru

Black can go with any blending color. TV Personality Tracy in a long brown winter coat


3. Jacky Vike (Awinja)


Jacky is the queen of fashion. The actress is in a long warm bomber jacket.


3. Vera Sidika 

To match the white , you can have some browns. Vera Sidika is in a white and an animal print blazer to pair it up.


5 things to do to prepare adequately for the cold season

4. Mercy Masika

Gospel Musician Mercy Masika in a flowered outfit warm enough for a cold season.

5.Miss Chanty


Miss Chanty in a long denim coat that could be worn during the cold season and still look classy


Times Amina Abdi’s fashion sense has left us breathless

6. Phyasco

Phy, a Kenyan musician in an African print cold outfit paired with a long colorful scarf



7. Kate Actress

image-2019-06-10 (9) (1)
Kate Actress in a classy cold weather outfit. Black in a pint of beige is a definite plus



8. Patricia Kihoro




image-2019-06-10 (12) (1)
Patricia Kihoro in thigh boots blended in a long dress top . Definitely classy


9.Grace Msalame

Grace Msalame in a sweater top , a combination with brown boots!



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Throwback Thursday: Teacher Wanjiku’s ‘broke and ugly’ photo!

It’s not a Thursday if we do not have a throwback.

Teacher Wanjiku in all the glow up she has been giving us lately is nothing but all glam and class.

Well, people come from far (direct translation – watu hutoka mbali, jo!). Teacher Wanjiku gave us a glimpse of her past.

Well here is the photo,




Teacher Wanjiku’s transformation deserves a standing ovation

It is no doubt that Teacher Wanjiku is setting a trend lately in fashion as she always steps out looking like a snack.
Putting aside her trademark polka dress, the female comedian is setting bars too high for ladies with her taste in fashion.

Here are some of the photos of the transformation.

59797430_450798572153516_5288748244728355569_n (1)

‘I wish my parents had asked for a lot of dowry,’ cries jilted wife



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Photo of the day! Anita Nderu oozes girl power on cover of True Love Magazine

TV personality Anita Nderu couldn’t hold the excitement for gracing the cover of True love East magazine June edition.

She announced this exciting news on her social media in a post that read,

So excited to be @truelove_ea magazine’s June cover girl for the bold issue.
What a wow! It finally happened you guys 💙🥳🥳🥳🥳

Been wishing, hoping & dreaming for years for this💙
Thank you @truelove_ea 💙

5 Reasons why first impressions matter when going to see your in-laws


Fans think Diamond Platnumz’s bae Tanasha is pregnant (Video)

Anita’s striking pose in a blue gown and belt makes us adore how she is oozing girl power.  Her natural hair is tied back and enhanced with an afro curly wig.
Anita looks all sorts of amazing and paid glowing tribute to the magazine.

I am anxious to read what the final copy says😂 Your team was amazing to work with!

Thank you for the great experience.

Officially on sale🥳🥳 Grab your copy today💙

She speaks about her experience with depression and suicidal thoughts among other life experiences.

The lass has previously been named among 100 most influential and innovative women in 2017. Go girl!

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Why Savile Row is revered by Kenya’s elite like Charles Njonjo

Savile Row might not be a household name for most Kenyans but they are for many politicians and the business elite who desire to espouse class, fine living and elegance. It is so well-known that in Japan the word for a suit is ‘sebiru’, a corruption of ‘Savile Row’

The likes of Charles Njonjo, Jimmy Wanjigi, and former President Daniel Toroitich Arap Moi have been loyal adherents to suits from the iconic name.

Ababu Namwamba is Kenya’s style icon for politicians

Unlike what many believe, Savile Row is not a fashion house/brand like Gucci or Versace but a street in London where some of the world’s best suit makers are located.

London_Savile_Row_geograph-3066994-by-Ben-Brooksbank (1)
London_Savile_Row_geograph-3066994-by-Ben-Brooksbank (1)

The street is located in Mayfair, central London. It was originally named Savile Street and built between 1731 and 1735 as part of the development of the Burlington Estate.

Initially, the street was occupied mainly by military officers and their wives. Tailors started doing business in the area in the late 18th century; first in Cork Street, about 1790, then by 1803 in Savile Row itself.

A file photo of the offices of Henry Poole

The term “bespoke” as applied to fine tailoring is understood to have originated in Savile Row, and came to mean a suit cut and made by hand.

Today, greats such as Gieves & Hawkes, Anderson & Sheppard, Chittleborough & Morgan, Richard Anderson, Dege & Skinner, Richard James, Henry Poole, Huntsman, Dege & Skinner have shops and workshops on the Row.

Henry_Poole__Co, one of the iconic suit makers on the street


Characteristic of a suit from Savile Row are below;

Heavy Weight

Savile Row suits are typically heavier than Italian or American suits with the woold they use being much lighter but very sturdy.

Custom Cutting

A suit from the Row is cut to perfectly suit the client’s body.

An example of a suit from Savile Row
An example of a suit from the Row


A good from the street comes with a timeless cut, but it’s also durable enough to withstand the passage of time. Traditionally, a Savile Row suit would be passed down from father to son. When the son came of age, the father would take him to the tailor with his suit and have it altered for him.

Prices for a bespoke suit start at nearly £5,000 (Ksh. 643,800 shillings) and can go up £10,000(Ksh. 1,287,600) for very exclusive materials. The ready-to-wear suits are available starting from £2,200(Ksh. 283,272).

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Tips: 4 ways to keep your baby warm this cold season

It’s hard enough for us adults to get out of bed. We would all rather be tucked in bed, and not endure this horrifying cold weather.

It must be that much worse for babies.

Here are some of the tips to keep your baby warm this season;

Tokeo la picha la baby warm clothes


Co-sleeping. When the baby is sleeping they need to be kept warm. It is necessary for you to lie down with them as they get to sleep. Snuggling against the mother will help the baby benefit some heat hence keeping the toddler warm. The baby can be dressed in a fleece sleeper. 

Tokeo la picha la co sleeping

Dressing. During this rainy season the baby needs to be warm all the time. When dressing the baby you should include warm sweaters and jackets that will provide warmth the baby. Avoid dressing the baby in light clothes as they don’t produce much warmth.

‘He was like Akuku Danger’ – Morgan Heritage on fathers multiple baby mama’s

You can tell whether the baby is feeling warm or cold by touching either the toes or belly. When the toes are cold then it means you need to add another layer. Socks and hats are also very important during this season as they make the baby feel warm. The baby wrappings also should not be very light. They should be heavy and have a cotton like material that will generate heat to the body. Especially when the baby is sleeping you have to make sure that hey re properly covered.

Tokeo la picha la baby warm clothes

Environment. Always avoid exposing the baby to a cold environment. This includes when you either want to wash the baby or change the diapers. Ensure it is a cool environment that does not allow cold air to get in.

Old fashion trends that are making a come back in 2019!

When going for a walk ensure that the baby is warmly dressed and stroller covers are necessary too as they prevent the baby from getting wet. When driving ensure the windows are not opened and a car seat liner is also necessary to keep the baby warm and prevent them from windy winter elements. Cover the baby with snuggle blankets after he or she is buckled in the car seat.

Foods and drinks. Avoid giving the baby any cold food or drink that includes water. Everything the baby takes should be warm and also not hot.

More tips:


Beyonces furious face as women leans over to talk to Jay Z goes viral


Beyonce and Jay-Z had pride of place at Wednesday evening’s NBA Finals game held at the Oracle Arena in Oakland, California.

The globally renowned celebrity power couple took front row seats to watch the Golden State Warriors play the Toronto Raptors.

Jay, 49, and Bey, 37, who share three children, looked to be in bright spirits as they watched the game in progress.

beyonce face 3

Beyonce slipped into a deep gold flowing blouse with a plunging V-neck that only barely offered a hint of her cleavage.

The Lemonade bombshell’s top matched her teeny-tiny shorts, which allowed her to put her enviably toned dancer’s legs on display.

She wrapped herself in a gold coat that was covered in navy metallic studs, complementing the blonde highlights in her hair.

beyonce faace 1

The former Destiny’s Child member and Austin Powers In Goldmember star accessorized with a lime green handbag.

Beyonce accentuated her screen siren features with makeup and balanced on a pair of open-toed high heels.

Meanwhile, her New York City-born husband was in a black sweater in a white print, matching his stylish pair of pants.

Jay rounded off the look with a pair of black sneakers, a monochrome baseball cap and a glittering watch on his left wrist.


Beyonce placed her BY FAR SS19 Ball Bag on the floor as she and her man sat down to enjoy the spectacle that unfolded in front of them that evening.

At one point, Jay could be spotted with a radiant smile on his face as he stretched both his arms forward in some sort of gesture.

Beyonce was also seen holding hands with Golden State Warriors owner Joe Lacob as the pair shared a chat on the court.


Must see photos of Shiphira from Real Housewives of Kawangware

Shiphira is the new kid on the block.

For those who don’t watch Real Housewives of Kawangware, she’s the witty actress, who can’t stop salivating over her boss Crotus.

Shiphira wants to be his main chic. By hook or by crook.


Her real name is Wambui wa Wanjiku, she always leaves us in stitches ur ribs cracking whenever she graces the screen.
She’s super talented just like her counterparts Awiti and Truphena.


Shiphira is a definition of beauty and brains and whenever she’s not on set where he character demands she dresses like a shagzmodo house help who gossips and spreads rumours all day.


Away from that, she is a goddess who will slay you with her top-notch fashion sense.

She has also won the hearts of many after recently joining the show. Fans of Real Househelps of Kawangware, which airs on NTV every Wednesday 7:30 pm have always begged Crotus to marry Shiphira but do you think he will do so?

Reactions from his fans include;

drofweneke Man to man!! Don’t think twice give her that Huduma Number!!


antoneosoul PendaneniSSSSSS

evelynnplus1 Kubali kupendwa 😅

fame_ke Patia Shiphira chances 😂😂😂

achiengdolphine A bleach kwanza ndio utamkubali coz unapenda yellow yellow

mercie.lelei Ameomba Sana mpee 😂😂😂

edahmasudi Mr.Crotus, Shiphira anakutaka bwana


bryangatuma Mr Crotus ingia box bana 😂😂😂

maryam_ali Yes give her chance

ianso3 Wacha kizungu mingi bwaaana soma katiba.😂😂😂

gichana_joseph She has been begging you for so long, give her now😂😂😂😂

The gorgeous actress is giving her counterparts a run for their money and she’s commonly referred to as kiboko or ‘dawa ya Awiti.’

Check out photos of the actress

Truly Freaky: KOT amazed by how similar Pastor Burales ‘twin’ looks

Pastor Robert Burale has found his doppleganger who happens to be celebrating his birthday.

The fella is literally that a- a twin. Don’t believe me see below.

Male Geek Fashion as he calls himself on social media is a male fashion guru who currently resides in the US.

Robert Burale wrote

Help me wish my twin brother @malefashiongeek a happy birthday. Bro May God continue blessing you big time.

‘It was not easy,’ Guardian Angels speaks after reconciliation with father


male fashion geek
image-2019-06-06 (5) (1)
Robert Burale

Women are technically the heads in our homes – YY Comedian’s emotional message

 From their physical appearance to their style in fashion, the two doppelgangers could be pass to be twins

In as much as KOT noticed the similarities, some are sure that they are indeed twins.

Some of his fans went ahead to say,

estherwambogowambogo: Happy birthday Burale’s look alike.Enyewe hapa uchunguzi yaitajika.Like seriously.Some old man somewhere knows the truth imagine.

evalynkaranja: Is he married😄

chuchu_gati: Thought it was you.. HBD to him

jahsteeen: Happy birthday to both of you. Normally twins share a birth date

annitahraey: Lord thought its you 😍😍😍 Happy birthday to him

martinsanthonio: Ghai I thought it is you 🤷‍♀️anyway happy birthday to him 😘

His twin was not left back in the comment section,

malefashiongeek : Thank you so much My Twin Bro!! Blessings bro!! Love and appreciate you always man!!🙏🏿🙏🏿🙏🏿👊🏿👊🏿✌🏿


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It is necessary to wear high heels to work – Japan minister

The Japanese Minister of Labour has caused sharp reaction after saying high heels are ‘necessary’ to wear to work.

Health Minister Takumi Nemoto responded on Wednesday to an online campaign gaining attention in Japan under the hashtag #KuToo, a play on the Japanese words for shoe, “kutsu”, and pain,”kutsuu”.

The petition, which has collected 21,000 online signatures and is still growing, was submitted on Monday to the health ministry by Yumi Ishikawa, a 32-year-old funeral parlour worker.


She said on Twitter in January she was required to wear 5-7 centimetre heels at work, causing her feet to hurt.

“It is socially accepted as something that falls with the realm of being occupationally necessary and appropriate,” Nemoto told a legislative committee on Wednesday.

The petition was submitted to the labour ministry on Tuesday.

The movement was launched by actress and freelance writer Yumi Ishikawa and quickly won support from thousands of people online.

Campaigners say wearing high heels is seen as near-obligatory when job hunting or working at many Japanese companies.

Some campaigners describe high heels as akin to modern foot-binding while others have urged a broader loosening of dress codes in the Japanese workplace, where business suits for men are ubiquitous.


How post partum depression put musician Laika Kenya on a music hiatus

Singer Laika Kenya says she quit music due to depression during and after her pregnancy.

“I got depressed after giving birth and I felt like I was under a lot of pressure. I most definitely needed a break,” Laika told Word Is on Monday.

Laika says she was going through emotional turmoil and that she had lost hope, thinking all is gone during pregnancy and after giving birth. She quit singing, sold her stuff at a throwaway price and moved to Mombasa, where she started life afresh.

A message on wedding planning from Bien of Sauti Sol

laika kenya

“It gave me time to make new friends. I even met the man of my dreams there and the rest, as they say, is history,” she said.

Laika is back with a new hit titled ‘Hello Baby’. “It is a love song I like singing about since it’s the best way to express yourself with few words in three minutes.”

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Actress Brenda Wairimu launches clothing line with Ephy Saint

Model and actress Brenda Wairimu has joined forces with Ephy Saint (ex tahidi high actor) to launch her new clothing line, called ‘Brendish’.

Ephy was recently embroiled in a war of words with vlogger Chantelle Petit.

Brenda is pushing the female fashion line, while Ephy Saint pushes the male designs. “I started making my own clothes! Stuff that fits my style and I would wear, sweaters, hoodies, dresses. I even made stuff for my guy friends, too!” Brenda said.

Meet governor Mutua’s stunning sister-in-law Angie (Photos)

Actress Brenda Wairimu

“And when I wore them, I got some really good reviews, I had two crop sweaters literally bought off my back.”


View this post on Instagram

A post shared by BrandBrendish✂️ (@brandbrendish) on

The clothing line targets young and playful fashion buffs. Its design boasts of crop tops, ripped long-sleeved tops and bomber jackets.

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Tips: 3 Ways to maintain your natural hair

Hair is the pride of every woman. To have a beautiful and healthy natural hair. The following guidelines can help you achieve that;

Washing and conditioning

Wash your hair with shampoo at least once a week because natural hair tends to get dry with minimal oil. Avoid washing tangled hair as it will worsen the knots making it hard to comb.

It is advisable to use conditioners when washing the hair as it helps to moisten the hair.

3 times Kambua’s hairstyles have inspired naturalista’s

Apply it to the washed hair and live it for some time before washing especially the ends which are brittle.

Leave-in conditional is also important to the hair especially if it contains shea butter and coconut oil as it makes the hair moist.

Conditional moisturizer is necessary to your hair on a daily basis before styling paying more attention on the tips of hair.

Avoid products containing greasy ingredients. Deep conditioning is important to your hair on a monthly basis as it makes the hair less brittle.

Tokeo la picha la conditioners for natural hair

De-tangling and styling

Before combing your hair you need to untangle the knots. Apply some hair moisturizer products to make it easier for the same. After cleaning straighten your hair using a blow dry with moderate heat.

Make sure you spray the hair with heat protecting products to avoid hair breakage during the straightening. When plaiting your hair make sure you chose hair protective styles that won’t cut the hair.

#TBT Hairstyles From Back In The Day Making A Comeback

In cases of weaves avoid glued weaves as they rip natural hair once removed. Sewn-in weaves are normally more preferred as they maintain your hair as long as one can want to. Weaves should not be worn frequently as they strain the skin.

Always leave your hair for some time without plating to enable it to get fresh hair.

Tokeo la picha la sew in weaves

Diets and lifestyle

Eating in a healthy way can also help one’s hair to be strong.

Check Out The Latest Hair Styles You Should Be Rocking In 2017

Eat foods rich in proteins, fatty acids, and vitamins.

Avoid circumstance that your hair will undergo friction like when sleeping.

Always tie your hair with a piece of cloth before going to bed.

How a lady should appear for interviews to score that job

When going for an interview you must look presentable, that goes without saying.

The panel judges you by how you look, so it will be of benefit to you to step out in your finest.

The following are ways to enhance your look;

You should wear suits with a skirt or pants. Suits portray seriousness so when you appear in one you make a good impression of being ready to work. They should be simple and dark in color, neat and well pressed.

Sexiness On Another Level! Grace Msalame Proves That Plus Size Women Can Look Hot In Black Outfits

Avoid wearing tight, bright or short clothes. Knee length skirts are recommended,  and the waistbands should not be cutting you half. Wear a blouse that matches the suit and avoid bright color or anything that is not official. Dress in a professional way that matches the position you are seeking for. It will make people to take you more seriously and treat you with respect.


Tokeo la picha la professional interview female outfits

Try as much as possible to be natural. Avoid wearing too much make up. In case of nail polish it should be understated and not with long nails. Wear minimal jewelry and hair accessories that are not flashy, distracting or shiny.

The shoes worn should be fairly low-heeled and not noisy when walking. Avoid wearing shoes with open toes or back. They should not be of bright colors and should match the full outfit. You can carry a pair if need be.

5 outfits of heiress Anerlisa Muigai that prove money is a good thing

Take a shower in the morning and avoid wearing very strong perfumes. In this case deodorants are advisable to avoid allergic reactions. Make sure you have fresh breathe and avoid smoking or eating before interviews. This is to avoid cases of bad breath during the session.

Your hair should be thoroughly cleaned and professionally styled. Plaited hair should be well tied to avoid instances of hair covering your face. Short hairs should be neatly cut and combed. Avoid dying hair with bright dyes.

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The Raw Vegan Diet: Grammy winner Mya shows off results

Grammy award winner Mya in 2018 opened up about how a bad relationship inspired her to be better.

Mya bust onto the scene when she was just 18, and hasn’t stopped since.


She has been impressing fans on social media for her healthy lifestyle.

May is completely vegan and shares her recipes on her website.


She explained in an interview in 2018 why she chose to go vegan

“I was vegetarian before. I got into a relationship that didn’t work out for several reasons, and I went back to my vegetarian ways after the relationship to shed the weight that I had gained, as that can often happen,” she explained.


The singer shared that she still keeps in touch with Sisqo and the members of Dru Hill as well as her “Lady Marmalade” collaborators.


Her fans have noticed a change in her body and commented so

irene_ntale..She hasn’t aged at all 🥰

marcuspaulk…👀 I’m going vegan

aaronjustinn…Mya and Ashanti are most unproblematic women in the industry. They stay on vacation collect a check and mind their business.

industryminaj…wow just wow 😍 sis from back in the day & she look better than girls today!!

joiiesade…Man she’s so bomb. Didn’t age at all 😩🔥

maqlyfe…Loveeee her! She hasn’t aged not one bit!

What women wear that men dislike and don’t tell

When you want to please your man, your appearance matters a lot. There are some pieces of clothing that women wear that men dislike but they never tell. They include;

Hair extension and weaves. Most of these men prefer seeing their ladies in natural hair. How mortifying would it be if for instance your busy with your man then the wig falls off exposing matutua’s? Embarassing! What’s worse is if your weave or wig isn’t customized and there’s nothing as bad as an ill fitting tress.

When with your man try as much as possible to wear natural hair styles that suit your appearance.

UGG boots. These are the type of boots that ladies like especially in cold seasons. They are made from skin sheep with fleece attached to it which men say is animal cruelty. They prefer other decent boots to this.

Tokeo la picha la ugg boots

Excessive makeup. Beauty lies in the eyes of the beholder they say. Most men prefer natural appearances. Some ladies apply too much makeup yet less is more.

Nailed It Or Nah? See How Sheila Kwamboka Looks In Makeup And Girly Outfits [Photo]

 The 80 s outfits. This includes baggy long dresses and faded baggy jeans, that are making a comeback currently. This to men hides ones curves yet dudes want to adore.

Fake contacts. Many women are now spotting cosmetic contact lenses. While not bad, men find it weird to hang out with someone with blue, grey or yellow eyes.

They expect to see the real beauty of ones eyes.

Couple Goals: Snood Dogg And Wife Definitely Wore The Best Matching Outfits Of The Festive Season

Leggings. Unless you are slim, this outfit is not good for you according to men. If it is necessary for this, then one should wear long tops or shirts to avoid looking like a person going for some workout.

Painted eyebrows. Ladies tend to shave natural eyebrows completely then draw on, leaving them with surprised expressions.

The painted on eyebrows leave a funny look which men describe as a cartoon look. Some are even not balanced because you find one is higher than the other.

Here Are 8 Times Femi One Has Made Heads Turn With Her Outfits (Photos)


Fake eye lashes. It will be really embarrassing that you are talking with someone whose lashes are about to fall. Oops.

Excess perfumes. It is nice to have a nice scent but don’t over do it. What happens when the man is asthmatic? You don’t want to be blamed for his health complication.


Fashion Looks: The hidden gems in Anerlisa Muigai’s wardrobe


Arnelisa Muigai is one stylish celebrity icon and her fashion sense can’t go unnoticed. From prom gowns to casual wears, she looks good in anything!

The CEO of the the Executive water company is not only making moves in business, she is also giving ladies a run for their money with her fashion sense.

Coco Chanel once said

A girl should be two things: classy and fabulous

Arnelisa Muigai , daughter to Keroche Breweries CEO Tabitha Karanja is sure putting this quote into heart as she is both classy and fabulous and we see it more in how she dresses.

Check out this celebrity fashion icon

38490715_243305462974964_6243674819544481792_n (1)
Arnelisa Muigai in a shade of nude gown.

Everyday is a fashion show  this gorge lass and we are her runway.

Her outfits are not only jaw dropping, they are also giving ladies shopping fever to get as classy and trendy as she is.

Arnelisa Muigai in an off shoulder fish finishing nude dress

Forbes – Jay Z is OFFICIALLY a billionaire and how he created his fortune

47693673_2277548752516748_839281986472531054_n (1)
Arnelisa Muigai in a shade of green gown
Arnelisa Muigai in a long gown
Arnelisa Muigai in a casual wear



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‘We face pressure from friends wearing Sh80,000 wigs’, confesses woman

Unbeweavable right?

Fact is Kenyan women have a complicated relationships with their hair, and other beauty regimens.

Let’s have a chat about wigs and the lengths women are going to, to own this item.

Wigs and weaves have become the most coveted item for Kenyan women.

Kalenjin singer Olesos Melodies narrates being stabbed by dancer

Be it Indian, Peruvian, Brazilian, and even Malaysian hair the wig business is booming.

And now literally every Kenya woman is willing to do anything to wear these exotic tresses.

wig partline

A woman on Classic 105 confessed that seeing a friend with a wig is enough pressure to make women take money risks to also wear a wig.

Let me tell you something about us women. We are copy cats. competition is real Like I see somebody is wearing a wig worth 80k I want to run there and borrow and we will lose our money and kill friendships and we don’t really care. 

I look good, so what. Personally I have ran into a debt. 

The pressure to look stunning isn’t helped when we log onto social media and see our favorite beauty personalities rocking these expensive wigs.

The beauty endorsements apparently pile pressure on women to take financial risks that they hope their husbands won’t find out about.

Forbes – Jay Z is OFFICIALLY a billionaire and how he created his fortune

So fella’s do you suspect your women could be borrowing to buy that wig?

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