Lanes! Vera Sidika reveals she is a landlady in Nyali (Evidence)

Ever wondered how Vera Sidika manages to finance her posh lifestyle and keep her business running yet she is not employed like most of us?

She takes vacations, buys wigs worth your whole months rent and while most of us are busy borrowing loans on Tala, Fuliza and Mshwari, Vera is busy spending her cash.

‘I’ve been married for 18 years and my mother-in-law does not know where we live’ Brags city woman



Well we at Classic 105 have finally unearthed that Vera is a Landlady in Nyali. The conversation was leaked after one of her fans, who is also a tenant, told her that she saw her title deed.

Here is how the conversation goes

Fan: Vera I know you have a house in Nyali but you never show us lol. I’m a landlady so I got an agent and one time I was at the office I had hio title deed ya Vera sidika Nyali… I was like damn Vera you go girl anyway I never even told anyone but kudos if it was you
Vera Sidika: Hmmmm …but who told you
Fan: I was at an office
Vera: I only post such for motivational purposes. I make silent moves. Land, apartments, houses, businesses are my kinda thing. I got tired of cars.


Young Soul: Here’s why women go nuts over business tycoon Kibor (list)

Here are screenshots of the entire conversation

WhatsApp Image 2019-01-21 at 21.21.46

WhatsApp Image 2019-01-21 at 21.21.47

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Style on fleek: Politicians kids whose fashion sense is top notch (photos)

Fashion trends are changing daily and it’s impressive to note the politicians kids are among the trend setters.

How one dresses says a lot about their personalities. Here are a few politicians kids who dress to impress

1. Lupita Nyongo

She has been name by top fashion magazines among the best dressed. The Kisumu Governor’s daughter is making waves it in the acting world as well as the fashion industry, as a brand ambassador.

Lupita Nyong'o

She is always seen wearing exquisite dresses from different designers and is in fact a fashion icon.

‘I want some action not empty words’ MC Jessy tells bae

2. Alvin Kabogo

Alvin, former Kiambu Governor Kabogo’s son, always dresses to impress. He is usually seen wearing expensive clothe brands wherever he goes to whether in Kenya or out.

Alvin Kabogo


3. Muhoho Kenyatta

Son to the current President of Kenya, Muhoho also loves being fashionable. He likes playing it simple but stylish at the same time.

To add on to that he is a fashion designer, which is evident that he has an eye for good clothing trends.

Muhoho Kenyatta on a run away
Muhoho Kenyatta on a run away

‘If you don’t like getting old, Botox yourself ‘ Pinky Ghelani hits back at troll

4. Sean Andrew

Grandson to former President Mwai Kibaki also has a good fashion sense. He  usually comes up with different looks that compliment him.

One thing we are certain of is that his modelling career does a great deal with his fashion sense and so far so good.


5. Salma Mbuvi

Daughter to Nairobi Governor, Salma doesn’t shy away from showing off her beautiful looks. It seems she took it from the mother because even her she always dresses to impress.


‘I did not do it’ Octopizzo denies involvement in murder of 19 year old

6. Sandra Mbuvi

Also daughter to Nairobi Governor, Sandra is also a fashionista. She doesn’t just love being fashionable, but loves leaving a statement to how she dresses.



7. Makenna Ngugi

Daughter to Nairobi woman representative Esther Passaris. Besides being a musician, her fashion sense tends to be unique as she isn’t shy showing off her beautiful skin in different outfits.

They say the apple does not fall far from the tree and going by the look of things it is true.


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Gilgil man kills wife over ‘bob cut’ hairstyle


Residents of Gilgil town woke up to a rude shock after a man killed his wife as his children watched in horror, following a domestic quarrel.

The man is said to have stabbed the wife on the neck and stomach using a kitchen knife following a row over her hairstyle which he didn’t like.

The suspect later turned the knife on himself during the bizarre incident in Site estate, but he was rescued by police and rushed to hospital.

Emotions ran high as police moved in to collect the body of Esther Wambui before rescuing one of the couples children who was covered in blood.

Trouble started after the man questioned the decision by the wife to wear the new hairstyle referred to as ‘Bob-cut’ which he didn’t like.

According to a neighbor Sakina Mohammed, a heated argument ensued between the couple with the man saying that a married woman should not have such a hairstyle.

Sakina, who also doubles as a child activist, said that the man ordered the wife to go back to the salon, a move the deceased refused.

“What followed was a fight as the man attacked the woman trying to shave her but this was met with resistance as neighbors tried to break the door,” she said.

She added that the man went for a kitchen knife and stabbed the wife on the neck and stomach as she pleaded for mercy.

“The woman died holding her one year old daughter who we later rescued covered in blood and we have taken her to a childrens home,” she added.

She noted that after realizing his mistake the suspect used the same knife to stab himself on the lower stomach as members of the public watched in horror.

Gilgil OCPD Emmanuel Opuru confirmed the incident adding that the suspect had been treated and was being held at the police station.

He said that the suspect had a wound on his stomach but doctors had attended to it and he was in stable condition waiting to be charged in court.

“There was an incident on Monday evening where a disagreement between a man and the wife ended tragically and we have opened an inquiry file over the same,” he said.

Opuru said that the body of the woman had been taken to Gilgil sub-county hospital mortuary adding that the suspect would be charged in court with murder.

courtesy Anthony Gitonga

Flawless! Here are a few skincare tips you can use from boss lady Zari

Every woman wants flawless skin and Zari Hassan has proved to be one of those ladies we want to look like.

Depute her age and the many children, she has still managed to still look fresh and young. You can borrow these skincare lifestyle tips from Zari.

When it comes to getting a luminous complexion, women the world over have long looked at Korean beauty kin inspiration.

And while they are often known for their elaborate 10-step skincare regimes, Korean beauties are also just as renowned for their simple but effective complexion tips.

The latest piece of advice being adopted by skincare devotees around the globe is to wash your face with sparkling mineral water rather than regular tap.

Originally from Japan, but popularised in Korea, this claims to be a skin miracle worker because it purifies the skin after cleansing and firms the overall appearance of your complexion.



She continued: ‘The idea is that instead of using just plain mineral water, they use carbonated water as well, creating a treatment that is even more nourishing and beneficial.’

The benefits of switching your evening facial wash to sparkling are myriad.

Not only does the mineral water ‘help keep the cells between collagen fibres strong’, but it also aids the ‘overall firmness and plumpness of the skin’, said Alicia.

Sparkling water also helps to wash out the pores without too much harshness, and it helps the efficacy of your other skincare products.

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For those wanting to get started, simply switch out still tap water for sparkling – and either dab it on a cotton pad on your face or wash your face with it.

You can alternatively look for Korean beauty products that contain the ingredient, including Peach & Lily’s Gel to Foam Cleanser.

Experts warn you shouldn’t go too hard with sparkling water at first, as due to the fizzy nature of the water it can be quite harsh if you overuse the water.

However, it is ideal for most skin types, so you shouldn’t be afraid if you have a sensitive complexion.

Daily Mail.

Stunning: President Uhuru’s sister Ann Nyokabi spotted in public

She keeps away from the public, but what we do know is that President Uhuru’s sister Ann is simply stunning.

Ann was spotted in South Africa this past weekend, where she attended the Global Citizen festival.

She was spotted speaking to the First Lady of South Africa Dr Tshepo Motsepe at the FNB Stadium in Soweto, Johannesburg.

Ann was wearing a short sleeve black off the shoulder cut out dress that she accessorized with simple earrings and hand jewelry.

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10 things girls who date skinny men understand

Whwnever a skinny guy posts phoots on social media asking for compliments, you are likely to read comments such as the ones below.

Kamau Mwangi Gichia …ukienda home pitia VCT ni free

Tamia Sparsha Lawrence …Mbavu sita za njaa u mean my friend

Waziri Ahmedi …Kijana iyo ni githeri ya shule imekukausha ivo 🤗🤔
Nitakukumbuka kwa maombi

The remarks are BRUTAL right? Well here are 10 things girls who date skinny guys understand:

1. “God, he’s skinny. Are you feeding him enough?” is something you’ve heard so many times you can’t even count.

2. You’ve tried on his jeans … and they didn’t fit. 

3. Am I gigantic or he is just tiny?!

4. When you want him to carry you but you know he can hardly lift paper. 

5. Eating the exact same meal for dinner, except that he’s stuffed and you’re starving. 

6. You sadly wonder if he thinks you’re fat.

7. He makes jokes about not being ripped, and you want to wrap him in a blanket and hold him forever. 

8. He eats an entire pizza and doesn’t gain a pound.

9. You wind up carrying all the heavy stuff when you’re removing shopping bags together. 

10. When you’re on top during s3x and you’re worried his lungs will collapse.

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5 reasons why it’s INSANE to carry a woman’s handbag according to KOT

The debate on whether a man should carry a woman’s handbag has been re-ignited once again on Facebook.

A picture of a man in town holding his woman’s bag elicited mixed reaction, with some fellas saying they are okay helping carry it, with others saying hawatakaliwa chapati.

Here are five reasons why

  1. He is less of a man

According to the musings on social media, a Kenyan man who carries his woman bga is a softies, amekaliwa chapati.

Kamau Tonny.. Kwani Hana mikono ajibebee.

SirJames Maina…. Issa No. Issa Lie Issa Scam. A Man Is The Head And Provider Of The Family And Home. That’s What He Should Concentrate On Not Stupid Things Kama Kubebea Wife Handbag, Cooking And Doing Dishes. For Me That’s A No

Another said

Wa Tiffany …Acha cha ovyo wewe be romantic ukishidwa, allow others to be

Steve Onjiko ..ufala sijsawai fanya na sitafanya ata ka ni vera..

Erick Kinoti Mbogo …True some things are demeaning.

Mimi Mkenya Daima.. To All weak men who carry their women handbags… “habari yenu wamama”?

2. To be or not to be a gentleman

Several KOT felt they were being good husbands by helping to carry handbags

Penta Manasseh… Kama anakubebea mimba miezi tisa handbag ya siku moja unateta? Bibi yangu lazma nimusadie.

Ařąp Møkøbeeý …Men! Men! Men! Ask yourself whats in that purse first, you might be escorting her to go en see the other dude, stupid guys do tat
Justine Motari …umama at its peak.Carry it only if she is sick or heavy with your baby

3. Handbags are designed for women, and wallets for men

Beb Cop…… Mwanaume kubeba handbag ni umama .. Mwanaume ni kubeba wallet…
JM Wainaina ..Its only done to side chicks, or waliooana karibuni. Bt not to those who stayed in marriage for long. So if u come across something like that agin you have answer now

Davie Vancy Gitonga ..Unakataa kubeba handbag ya bibi wako lakini,suruali za slayqueens unazitoa na mdomo? Sawa sawa

Dali Edna …Hehe na sisi ambao hatunaga handbags?zetu ni diaper bags tu. Hiyo nayo lazima anisaidie kubeba.


4. You might be mistaken for a gay man

Warren Mash.. A lady who allows this act by itself is criminal.its the highest shame n disrespect,demeaning to your man..we liv in a society where certain things as such are not acceptable

Another KOT said

Lawrence Karoki Mmmhh. If the lady is unwell I can . But I will not carry her habdbag while she walks freely . It’s not bad but it’s not meant for men

Isabel Shi… Unaona wale wanaume wana payuka apa atu hawawezi beba hawa wakiwa kwao ata ua hawa breath but kwa social media they must prove to us they are men enough

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The Faith Muturi approved way to slay your pregnancy style


We recently found out she is heavy with her second child.

Media personality Faith Muturi has since been giving us so much style inspo and what to do with your won baby bump look.

She is slaying with those hug those curves outfits and we love it.

Scroll through our photo gallery and also read a message she has penned down to her yet to be born child.

It’s unbelievable how much love I have for this baby.💞💘😍 Baby, know that your Daddy and I will always love you. You are loved, you are wanted, you are a miracle, you have purpose. We can’t wait to see it all unfold. Your brother Lemuel can’t wait to meet you!!💞

Faith Muturi
Faith Muturi
Faith Muturi second pregnancy

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7 things every girl must carry in her handbag

Walking around town, one will spot ladies with big handbags while others have tiny bags that leaves us wondering what she is capable of carrying in there.

Well, there are essential items every girl must have.

Here is a list of things every woman carries in their purses.


1.       Make up kit

You will never miss this kit in any women’s bag be it powder, spray or eye shadow.  They use this to keep their make up on point and fresh as they left the house in the morning. However, ladies make sure you invest in some good quality make up.


2.       Tissue/wet wipes

Most ladies carry wet wipes or dry tissue. These are in fact very important to have, they come in handy especially when wiping excess shine, oil or sweat on brows, upper lips and cheeks.  They also help in wiping off dirt accumulating during the day’s activities, food stains, wiping gadget screens e.g. phones and laptops, for toilet use, make up remover and so on.


3.       Hand creams and sanitizers

Most of the creams women carry in their handbags are hand nourishing. As a ladies it really feels uncomfortable having dry hands, that is why you need this. For sanitizers, ladies carry them for their several uses. Some of them remove blemishes, deodorants and some are used to clean glass surfaces e.g. phone screen.


4.       Sunglasses

With the abrupt in change of weather, this has become an important item to always carry with you in your purse or handbag. It helps in the abrupt change of weather from cloudy to sunny. Just like how the sunrays affect the human skin, the same rays affect you sight. Make sure you have a pair of sunglasses in your purse all day.

5.       Pads/tampons

Hello there, you better be prepared when the red-robs come knocking. Different women have different body hormonal structure thus making it difficult to control the menses. In some women, these menses are emotionally triggered; some are just irregular and those that are affected by the change of Environment. It’s best to keep on check before leaving the house to avoid the red map embarrassment.

6.       Breathe freshener

Have you ever wondered why most ladies carry minty gums in their purses? It’s not like they are having some chewing or candy addiction, they just are cautious on their breath. Minty sweets and gums help curb bad breath which can be a source of embarrassment to a lady.

7.       Lip balm/ Vaseline

Lip balms are wax like stick balms. They are applied on the lips or mouth mostly to moisturize and relieve chapped or dry lips. You might have this or Vaseline instead they all serve the same purpose anyway. These balms also prevent like cracking during the unfavourable weather conditions like dry air, cold temperature and wind. This also cuts across all genders. At least we all know know the important of getting yourself a lip balm.


Fashion: Blankets and Wine celebrates ten years

November 4th 2018, Blankets & Wine turned 10 years.

The event took place at Ngong Racecourse.

Fans were thrilled with lots of good music, food and art as well as performances from Kenyan’s best musicians among them Elani, Blinky Bill, Nyashinski, Muthoni Drummer Queen, Atemi, Sauti Sol and Chris Adwar among others.

Our photographer Douglas Okiddy captured the moments:

Wanza Wanjiru andFenanEstifanos students
Student Debbie Karimi and makeup artist Meloder Muthoni

Who is their tailor? Gor Mahia don their most dapper suits


Who knew these gentlemen could look so stunning?

The team got sized up with their new suits, and have jetted off to the UK

Stars of the squad dressed to impress at the airport, minutes to boarding their flight ahead of the forthcoming friendly against Everton.

Who is behind their tailor made suits?

Gor mahia looking dapper ahead of everton friendly

Gor take on Everton in a friendly match at Goodison Park, Liverpool on Tuesday.

The fixture set for kickoff at 7pm for the Sportpesa trophy.

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8 HORRIFYING moments every Kenyan girl goes through during menstruation

Fellas, please take note and if you see your girl with these behaviours priss, kaa kando and let her be.

1. Skin breakout

This time of the month means we get acne, and it’s not nice if you comments about my skin, not unless of course you are looking for trouble.

2. The voice of people she hates

The popular Kenyan statement get behind me satan applies at this time of the month.

The levels of irritation of your girl during her menses is highly magnified.

3. The smell of things

She loves your cologne, but menstruation has a way of affecting our nostrils. If she doesn’t like how you smell during the time of the month fellas, kindly understand. Don’t argue with her, let her be.

4. Being super conscious of staining your clothes

Oops! It would be so embarrassing if she stood up from her desk in class or at work and she has red spots on her dress.

So to avoid this, girls constantly check or ask their friends to check if her dress has a stain.

5. Multiple trips to the bathroom throughout the day

The fact that girl has to keep going to the bathroom many times a day, means her irritation levels are high. Don’t cross her red line fella’s.

6. Feeling hot

We prefer to freeze and shine, because there’s something about being on your period that makes you feel super hot all the time.

7. Feeling nauseous

This doesn’t apply to all girls. Some experience feelings of wanting to throw up, and having to explain your condition can be upsetting to some.

8. Developing rashes

TMI? I don’t think so. Some of us are prone to a breakout of pimples on the face and in the nether regions because there are bodily fluids and not changing your pad could mean a situation that could lead to a gynae visit. Yuck!!


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6 struggles girls with strict parents have to go through

Forget about living your best life with folks like these.

Girls who have grown up with super strict parents will understand this.

While some of your pals could get away with wearing high heels, you my friend were forced to wear ngoma’s.

Here are 10 things girls with strict parents had to do without

1. No red nail polish

There is something about the color red that strict parents are opposed to. Kwani ni color ya shetani?

I remember my neighbor being forced to hide her nails if she defied their orders.

2. No red lipstick

Again, while your friends were going all out with red, you had to make do with vaseline on your lips.

3. No cute miniskirt

Oh the horror of showing off some skin. If your hanging out with pals, such girls are forced to carry big bags to change into their miniskirts later.

4. Sleepovers

Ati sleepover? Ndio ufanye ninie. Strict mum’s will not fathom the thought of allowing their daughters to go for a sleepover. How will she keep snooping on what you are doing?

5. There is a strict bedtime to adhere to

This means no skiving to go out, maybe even soja has been instructed to snitch on anyone who disappears from home.

6. No colored braids, no nose piercing or tatoos

Hizo ni za shetani. Totally out of the question—unless you want to try to do it yourself behind their backs (which never turns out well).

Whats else have I left out? Drop your comments below



Want to know what color suits you?


Colours make things appear more beautiful, bright and less boring. Colours are also a form of non verbal communication. You can easily tell a person’s mood by what colour they are in.

Question is do Kenyans really pay attention to what color flatters their skin tone?

You can also spell the amount of energy a person has thorough what they are dressed in. However, different genders prefer different shades of colours. For example, most men prefer black, grey, blue and sky blue or green. A lot of females love brighter colours i.e. red, pink, purple, orange, yellow and turquoise.

Using these diverse shades of colours, you can tell whether a person is an introvert or an extrovert through the study of dressing pattern overtime.

Here are some few colour tips to consider when restocking your closet:

  1. RED

Colour red has been an all time favourite to many of the ladies.  However this trend is slowly changing. Men are slowly embracing this too.  It is the brightest colour. RED presents passion, energy, action, ambition and determination. This is an ideal colour to wear on Monday. It kills the oldest myth about Monday blues. It brightens your mood, your confidence and generally makes you feel good.


This is considered a social colour. It earns a great command in social places. Due to its shouting nature this colour makes one stand out in a large crowd.  It measures someone’s confidence and courage even under major attention. It is a colour that brings out the outgoing, optimism, courage and leadership qualities.

  1. Yellow

Most people have a stereotyped mind set concerning this colour. They associate with a particular community, but hey least you know, this colour contributes a lot in terms of mood swings. This colour enhances your look and makes you appear brighter than usual. This yellow colour also boosts your EGO and SELF WORTH. It is also believe that it’s a colour that offers hope, happiness, uplifts, cheerfulness and a fun colour. A person who comfortably dresses in yellow is also considered a go- getter, that of a cheeky personality, always happy, confident and optimistic.

  1. BLUE

The colour blue is majorly associated with the male gender but it also goes well with confident women.  Blue represents trust, responsibility, honesty and loyalty people who prefer putting on blue are generally quiet and reserved. You can call them introverts in other words. This colour also exhibits inner security and confidence. People with the blue personality do not like too much fuss, noise, quarrels or anything that draws unnecessary attention.

The colour pink is considered a feminine colour and only the courageous men dare to rock it and still feel confident. This is a wear for some personal events like dates, lunches and coffee. Pink is more of a romantic colour and it represents compassion, love, understanding and nurturing. Most people who prefer pink are generally soft, tender, open and kind.  It is indeed a non threatening colour. The deeper the pink, the more energy it exhibits.

  1. GREEN

Here is the most interesting colour. Most elderly men dress up in green suits. Psychologically this colour shows a balance of heart and emotions or rather the head and heart. It also shows growth, renewal and rebirth.  This shade of green also relaxes, that’s why people feel relaxed after taking a nature walk at the park after a stressful event. However, in business green can be a  little misleading. It has a sense of command, it shows possessiveness and materialistic, with a need to own people and things.


Melanin: Ugandan President Yoweri Museveni’s hot daughter meets Kanye West and Kim Kardashian

Her picture emerged after meeting US singer Kanye West and his socialite wife Kim Kardashian.

President Museveni met Kanye and his wife at State House Entebbe, where the head of state’s discussion with the American entertainment stars focused on supporting Uganda’s tourism and the arts.

Kanye arrived in Uganda last week along with his wife Kim Kadarshian and rapper Big Sean.

These are camping at the Chobe Safari Lodge in Western Uganda, where they are shooting videos for the singer’s latest studio album.

Museveni’s daughter Diana Kamuntu was elated to meet the two and shared photos.

Diana is Museveni’s last born daughter and she is the apple of her fathers eye.

Here is a must see photo of the first daughter.


kanye meets museveni's cute daughter
US Rapper Kanye West, Ugandan first daughter Diana and Kim Kardashian

A List Of Kenyan Artistes Who Have Amazingly Maintained Dreadlocks (PHOTOS)

The first step especially for ladies when it comes to dreadlocks means going natural; cutting your hair so it starts as a tough journey.

The big issue after this is maintaining them which is expensive and this means you will constantly have to seek hairdresser advice more than usual. For men sitting down for hours and with some discomfort is now a struggle they can relate with.

Some artistes like  DNG, music producer R Kay, Boss of MOG, DJ Moz, Angela Angwenyi and singer Eric Wainaina could not keep up with the struggle so they cut them.

These are some amazingly well-kept dreadlocks by Kenyan Artistes:

  1. Ndegz


3. DJ Sadic

5. Kris Darling


Kriss Darlin

6. Anto Neosoul



7. Ciru Muriuki




A List Of 8 Gospel Couples Who Will Make You Want To Fall In Love

The gospel industry has been associated with controversies especially from artists who seem to be  drinking water and preaching wine, but despite all some have chosen to stick to the word and set a good example.

The bible says”He who finds love finds a beautiful thing”. There is no doubt love is a special thing and it gets even better when you have someone to share it with. Gospel celebrities are setting the pace and are a living proof true love exists. Here are celebrity couples that will make you run to the aisle pretty soon.


After winning the Male Artist Of Year in the 2017 Groove Awards Ekodydda introduced her charming beautiful wife to the world. They sure look good together.


Bahati and Diana Marua  sure are the hottest couple in town.They are still going strong and their undying love is evident not even a storm can separate them.

size 8 hair

If you thought the divorce rumors will keep them apart then you must think again. Dj Mo and Size 8 are one couple in the entertainment industry who give relationship goals to those aspiring to get married. The two tied the knot in 2013 and their love keeps on growing stronger.


A year after his elder brothers wedding, Daddy Owen got married to the love of his life Farida Wambui in 2016 in a colorful invites only wedding.


Back in 2015 Roy Smith Mwaita popularly known as Rufftone tied the knot with his long time girlfriend Susan Njoki and the couple are blessed with 2 kids.


He introduces himself as a grateful husband to a lovely wife. This ‘Lingala Ya Yesu’ hit maker is a proud man. Pitson is married to the beautiful Carol Mwai.


They have been married close to a decade. Mercy Masika and David Muguro meet in 2007. Mercy takes pride in her marriage and family as the parents to two gorgeous kids. David also doubles up as Mercy’s manager. It is evident that after so many years of marriage they are still deeply in love.


The mellow gospel singer Joyce and sports anchor hubby Waihiga kept their relationship on the down low and shocked many when they walked down the aisle in 2015. Their Naivasha wedding was a sight to behold attended by only close family and friends.







This Insanely BEAUTIFUL Akorino bae is giving Kenyan men sleepless nights

There is a new beauty in town and she is causing mayhem on the twitter streets.

Pesh is the new fashion model on social media representing a rather conservative group of people, the Akorino.

The Akorino started appearing in the middle of the 1920s. Kenya’s founding father Jomo Kenyatta provides the earliest study of Akorino in his book ‘Facing Mount Kenya’ which was published in 1938.

In a chapter entitled ‘The New Religion in East Africa’, Kenyatta noted that the group was in its infancy and was functioning in various parts of Gikuyu country, but had little influence with the general population, its appeal being to such individuals as had been pronounced ‘sinners’ by missionaries, and to others who had been cured of diseases (Kenyatta 1938:279).

They are known for their religious vestments and symbolic attires like the long pleated dressed, white turbans and mondo – a white bag hang over the shoulders of Akorino elders during service, and especially during Church ceremonies.

Inside the white bag is the Akorino’s religious literature. The sanctity of the contents of the bag warrants its handling with honour and reverence.

Therein are documents of the doctrine and practice of the Akorino as a community of faith and worship.

Anyhow, a young akorino girl has decided to showcase what the religious group has to offer by modeling the various attires to show off it’s versatility

Here are her photos that are making KOT go crazy.

‏Here are reactions from KOT to the photos.

@rubbzah: She just proved you can be attractive and dignified at the same time.

@newsonkamau: Looking awesome as always…need a ride on that bike 😁‏

@walteramanya: @PeshKenya mi niko na swali mbona sionangi wakorino wanawake na mimba naonanga tu watoto?‏

@Rose_cww: Girl you got swag!‏

@luvafrican: (You remind me of Kerry Washington). You’re beautiful.

@ZMulicheti: Karibu kwangu.

@ngorisana: Hakuna haja ya helmet religion gave her one 😂😂.

@kingz254: Cute mukurino. Congrats.

@Boilash: Damn!! 😋😋☺️.‏

@Gk_Peters: So beautiful👌👌👌