Check out Anne Kansiime’s head-wrap classy looks! – Photos

Have you noticed Head wraps are not being used for bad hair days only? They are being used for every day look and to accentuate beauty and for every day look !

Comedian Anne Kansiime is not one to be left behind as she has embraced this modern trend looking extremely classy and elegant.

The head wraps being a trend not only reminds you of a vintage look, it also reminds you of the 60’s looks which most ladies are now embracing and mahn! are they rocking the look.

Her different ways and styles to make the head wraps look good is extremely so unique and very trendy as well.


We have listed below some of the amazing looks Anne Kansiime has had while having the head wraps!

Anne Kansiime



kansime 7


DJ Pierra Makena aging like fine wine after she turned 38 – Photos

kansime 6



kasime 5


Kenyan Film Makers and Directors to watch out in 2019!- Photos

kansime 4


kansime 2


‘Naftali bought an axe and knife and had it sharpened’ Sources reveal

kansime 1


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DJ Pierra Makena aging like fine wine after she turned 38 – Photos

Aging like fine wine is an adage that Dj Pierra Makena is putting into book as she makes 38 years look so classy and flawless.

The mother of one is has previously been cyber bullied after giving birth to her baby girl Rica and she put body-shamers to a stop saying

 I will enjoy my new body. I like my new bu** and boobs. I try to eat healthy and enjoy my baby; the baby weight will shed off on its own.

The Tahidi high and changes actress and now a TV host and DJ is not only balancing all the professions she has, she is showing us that is not a limitation to not taking care of yourself, you can be any profession and still look beautiful, elegant and fashionable.

Naftali Kinuthia arraigned in court for Ivy Wangechi’s murder – Photo

DJ Pierra Makena

Dj Pierra took to her social media on her 38th birthday and da*n is she rocking her new age.

Her message read,

Helloooo 38. 😋😋😋😋 Never been happier.. . My 38 has started well… thankyou #lesleyslondonhair for spotting me and thinking im worth representing your brand. You have beautiful and quality hair and not to mention pocket friendly….. here is to a great journey! 


Here are photos of Pierra rocking her new age;

pierra 6


pierra 4


Like Mother like daughter: Tedd Josiah’s daughter is a spitting image of her late mum

pierra 3

pierra 2

Rose Muhando bounces back from rehab


pierra 2.jpg



makena 66

pierra makena


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Actresses Awinja, Wilbroda and Shix Kapienga serving friendship goals in Greece

Shix Kapienga,Wilbroda and Awinja are serving friendship goals and many of us are envious.

The three girl pals are on every Kenyan citizen’s dream vacation, and looking gorgeous while at it.

They are currently in Greece.

A wise man once wrote

Work tip: Stand up, stretch, take a walk. Go to the airport get on a plane go to Greece and never return.

Well these ladies seem to have taken this advice literally and they are living life to the fullest after all you only live once.

Their fashionable designs and outfits are definitely giving ladies a run for their money.

‘She is my kids mother and will always be’ Kanyari praises Betty Bayo

Shix kapienga
image-2019-04-15 (2) (1)
Jacky Vyke
shix 2

I am happy Kush Tracey did not commit suicide after we broke up – Timmy Tdat


Well here are some of the comments from their fans

muthoniwamukiri:  Enjoy mamiii. You looks beautiful 👌

thesmartjoker1: Bae uliamua kuniacha kibra ukaenda huko…. @shixkapienga

chriskirwa:🔥🔥🔥🔥 Kumbe wewe ni April baby 👶 😀

philippips: Imebaki siku ngapi mrudi?

teacherwanjiku:Najua huto tu sandals ni twa pale luthuli opposite sonford kwa chips😂😂😂😂😂 siamini you left me🏃‍♀️

shainaralikenyanrichestkid: If i told u ..u have a beautiful body will hold it against..😍

shufaaesala:Leo Jacky hakubeba kamisi

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6 Easy and classy ways to style your braids – photos

Have you recently had your braids done? Let’s admit it, braids are always a go to any day any time and to achieve different looks, you can style them differently.

There are 6 very classy ways to style your braids.

1.Up do Bun

This style is very convenient and for those people who do not like hair on their face, this is a very easy way to do your braids and make hem look amazing and classy.



2.Side parted braids

For one, this style is very eye catching and very easy to do.

This is one of the easy ways to do braids without much struggle and mahn! is it lovely!


3.Half bun

This is also a very easy do for your hair. Here for ladies who like tying their hair up but also down, this is a combination of both as it is very elegant and can be done even when going for dinner.

half bun1

Eunice Njeri admits she’s SINGLE years after nasty divorce

4. Side parted braids

This is a very easy way to style our hair. The thing is that you will only move your hair to either side of your face giving it that unique look that will make heads turn.

side braids

‘It will happen when it should’ Chipukeezy on marriage plan to bae Kibanja

5. Box braids

This is a also a very convenient look as the braids are short and to your preferred length. you can decide to accessorize the braids giving it that unique look.

box braids


6. Head wrap style

This is a very easy go to, as different wraps give different looks and that is a very easy step. For bad hair days, one can do wraps to give a different that different but unique look.


head wrap

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7 important things that are a must have for ladies – Photos

Every lady wants to stand out in one way or another: from how they walk to how they talk.  As a young woman, there are things that all women have in common.

These are things that all ladies should or own at least once. That is why we have listed 7 things that are a must have for ladies.

1. A pair of heels

Even if you wear them once a year, wearing high heels makes women more attractive, allowing them to be more choosy as it gives them power in addition to elegance. therefore heels are must have in your closet to wear for that dinner with your partner.

cover page and heels

2. A planner/ calender

Everyone should be able to be organized and know when they’re supposed to be at that lunch meeting, or dentist appointment. It’s good to be organized!


planner (1)3. A cute phone case cover

Even phone manufacturers are fighting their way to have phone phone cases made for their latest phones in the market. A cute phone case is really nice as it brings out the feminism in a lady.

A cute case cover is very classy and can bring a glow to someones personality and attitude.

image-2019-04-11 (6) (1)

4. A signature perfume

Ladies should know that how they smell has a lot to do with how people react to us, and it can also play a role in determining whether or not potential mates are attracted to us.

Smell, is directly connected to to ones emotions, memories and personality. Thus, it is important for a lady to have a signature perfume, one that touches the soul and mind.



Celebrities who show us how to rock maxi dresses effortlessly – Photos

5. A small purse or a big handbag

Purses of all sizes play an important role in women’s lives. it is one of the necessities that a woman must have as it brings out the elegant side of lady especially when you pair it with that favorite dinner dress that is in the closet.



6. A dinner dress

A dinner dress is not only important because its elegant, the fit is also very essential as they tend to give grand entrance and not being comfortable shouldn’t be part of glamour.

Gowns also tend to leave an impression depending on how you wear it and how you pair it up with the accessories.



Expensive footwear worn by your favorite pastor

7. A nice lip gloss

Tired of chipped and cracked lips! If you want to give your lips a shiny and wonderful color you must have a lip gloss with you at all times. It gives your lips room to breath from all the layers of lipsticks one may have.

lip gloss22


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Expensive footwear worn by your favorite pastor

An Instagram account revealing the outrageous cost of several international pastors shoes has upset many.

We all know our pastors live lavish lives, but do you know most of their outfits cost a whole lot?

The instagram account found under the account name @PreacherNSneakers has caused a frenzy.

For instance this particular American preacher wears shoes worth half a million shillings. Check the shoe below:


While many may not be concerned, others are asking hard questions and you can read the comments below;

Considering he lives in a 1.8m house, and bought his wife a Lamborghini, the shoes are the least of his indiscretions.

well lookey here. pastor took one members entire year of tithes money and put it into a pair of all red sneakers. 🕺🏼impressive.
4d254 likesReply
thebereanmillennial’s ..
Gotta be frugal when he just asked his congregation last week for 250,000 for church repairs

moistweave’s ..
Those better be dyed with the blood of Christ for that price tag

Another outrageous post has been reposted from Pastor Mike Todd rocking the ultra exclusive, European release Off White Jordan 1.

Here is a screenshot of the Sh300,000 shoes


Is society being too harsh on these pastors for living the lives they show us on social media?


Celebrities who show us how to rock maxi dresses effortlessly – Photos



Maxi dresses don’t show up to the party. They arrive. This is a statement from fashionistas that proves we should all wear this style.

Maxi dresses are so popular with many Kenyan women. From print to solid colors or shimmery, everyone notices a lady dressed in a maxi.

Maxi dresses can be worn in all sorts of occasions from weddings, to dinner, to vacations, and events such as Koroga.

Here are some of our celebs who show us how to wear maxi’s.

1. Neomi Ng’ang’a

The designer is wearing a floral maxi dresses which not only makes her look gorgeous, it adds class to her personality. This is a dress one should consider in your closet.



2. Sheila Mwanyiga

The renowned media personalty-cum-MC is not only beautiful she is also slaying this amazing look. This look is totally beautiful.


sheila mwanyigha

‘Ivy Wangechi was killed for ignoring Kinuthia’s calls’ – Police

3. Grace Msalame

The beautiful mother of twins is rocking an elegant maxi dress that could be worn to a dinner date with your partner. The dress is elegant and very trendy and all ladies should have one of these.

Grace Msalame


‘My husband’s cousin is in love with me yet he is married’ Cries city woman

4. Janet Mbugua

The renowned journalist and a mother of two is simply stunning in this floral sunny dress. She is definitely one to look out for as her fashion sense is definitely top notch.


image-2019-04-11 (1)


5. Anita Nderu

The talented Tv personality has amazing taste when it comes to fashion and this maxi dress is not an exception. The different shades of blue in this maxi dress is simply divine.



6. Catherine Kamau

The gorgeous actress is definitely giving ladies a run for their money with her fashion statement. This maxi dress is the IT factor as it displays curves giving it a classy touch to the blue glittered dress.

cate actress

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Akothee unveils new look as she steps out for birthday party


Everyone is blown away by how stunning Akothee looks as she celebrated turning 36.

akothee and nely oaks pour champagne
Akothee and Nelly Oaks

Akothee celebrated her birthday on 10th April in a surprise birthday party held at the Concord Suites Hotel.

She showed up in a limo, wearing a new weave, and makeup that made most people ask who she is, before realizing it was madam boss.

akothee blows bithdya candles
Akothee blows out candles

She commented about her new look saying

For those who ever commented that I am ugly , repent now , before I take your man home 🤣😂🤣😂😂😂 if this is what beauty is for you 

Akothee proudly showed off her new look in a series of photos with family members.

akothee cover for birthday
Akothee birthday celebrations

She complimented her new look with a figure hugging gold dress and strappy sandals.

The new look comes days after revealing she is saved and intends to relocate to another country.

akothee sipping champagne


Corazon Kwamboka is creating her own sportswear line

Socialite Corazon Kwamboka has promised her new sportsline will make you want to hit the gym real quick.

City lawyer Corazon Kwamboka is stepping aside from law to focus on her clothing line, Genio Wear. ‘Genio’ is Italian for Genius.

In an interview with Word Is, she said, “At this point, this will be my main focus career-wise.”

As for practising law, she said the most legal she’ll get is “giving free legal advice to my followers and maybe a few pro bono cases”.

corazon gym line 2
Corazon Kwamboka gym clothes

Corazon, who is a gym rat, said,

“Being a lover of sport and gym and a curvy size 16/18 girl, my main struggle was finding sportswear that fits me. The international brands don’t cater for us, and the available local brands were either very low quality, see-through or low-waist, which poses a challenge when you have to be active jumping or running at the gym.

“For this reason, I decided to source the best tailors and the best fabric and design and came up with my brand of sportswear, Genio. It caters for women of all sizes. They are all high-waisted, anti-cellulite and non-transparent, and at the same time super stretch.”

The lawyer urged women struggling with weight loss not to stress.

“Do not struggle. Take it one day at a time, and even if you don’t see any changes, just keep on, focus on being healthy and the rest will follow,” she said.

Kwamboka got admitted to the bar a few years back.

“It was just as easy and as hard as for any law student really. The hardest part I think was the bar exams,” she said.

Though she hasn’t been publicly seen at the courts with her followers or on the screen, she said she has defended quite a number of cases.

corazon kwamboka gym line 1
Corazon sportswear

“I started my law practice, even registered a firm and went to court a number of times, but now I can confidently say at the moment it’s not for me, maybe in future. I’ll stick to giving free legal advice on my Instagram page.”


“I have defended and won a number of times, but of course I won’t go into the details.”

When asked if her name has affected her brand as a lawyer, she said,

“Being Corazon has always worked to my advantage. My track record from high school up until now gives my clients confidence.”


Check out photos of Kenya’s top male make up artists

Male make up artistes are causing a hurricane in the beauty industry.

Many have overtaken the industry which has long been dominated by women.

We take a look at the top male make up artistes in Kenya.

1. Dennis Karuri  

The young talented man is One to watch out for! His make up skills are impressive and as if that’s not enough, his skills can create art on your face giving you a different look.

dennis karuri

Kenya’s youngest You tube Vloggers and bloggers to watch out for

2. Steve Koby 

 The husband to a renowned female make up artist Njanja Kimani is also one of the top male Kenyan  to watch out for. He executes his make up skills with class giving you that amazing final finish.

For Koby his drive has always been to make women feel confident and good about themselves and this he clearly does in all his makeup sessions.


5 female celebrities with a lipstick brand to their name

3. Isbam Abgon 

Isbam abgon, a make up artiste-cum-model, is giving women a run for their money with his make up skills. His flawless looks not only look good, they are professionally good.

I’m sure most ladies have never made such perfect brows!


4. Vic Munga

The make up artist and also a photo retoucher is one to look out for as his skills are exemplary and one that will leave your jaw agape wanting more !

vic munga

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6 classy shoes every lady should have in their closet – Photos

The truth is everyone buys shoes for a certain reasons including myself. Some are conventional reasons, some are down to functionality and others still down to our sense of fashion and taste. That is why we have listed a must haves shoes for ladies and why.


Want to show of that nice pedicure? A pair of flat sandals never disappoints. They are very comfortable and their small size makes them very portable.



2. Doll shoes

Doll shoes are adorable flats that go almost every outfit thus being a must in your wardrobe

flat shoes


Every lady’s wardrobe must have a pair heels. There is something about slipping on a pair of high heels that leads to more confidence, expressing a certain type of assertiveness and also showing a personal style.

heels cover page and heels

‘The foetus’ head had been separated from its body’ Maralal residents cry

4. Boots

Cold weather always screams for boots. However, Boots have become season-less as they can be worn during the any season. One can wear the short boots with a sexy skirt during the sunny days or long boots with fancy jeans during cold days.

boots boots

5. Wedges

Wedges act as alternatives to heels as they are very comfortable. They are a casual and can be used to go out to just have normal drinks with your girlfriends.


6. Sneakers

Every season is appropriate for sneakers and as if that is not enough, these shoes are comfortable and can be worn with any type of outfit one may wish to wear.

Related image


Team Natural: Six easy and classy ways to rock natural hair – Photos

If you have natural hair you probably do not know how lucky you are! Here are ways on how you can rock your natural hair daily.

Stephanie Lahart once said

Natural Hair is an Exquisite Crown. It’s a wonder and fascination to many. But to the confident Black girl or Black woman who’s rockin’ it, they know what they’ve been born and blessed with.

A head full of unique, healthy beauty. NATURAL BEAUTY.

Here are simple but unique ways you can rock natural hair.

Kenya’s youngest You tube Vloggers and bloggers to watch out for

1. Flat twist updo fro hair’

This look is versatile, meaning one can rock it to the office, a date or just any form of setting. Sadly it’s suitable for those with soft and curly hair. You can play around with a gel in-case yours is not as soft to achieve the same purpose.


up do fro hawk

2. Messy fro’ up do

This is one of the easiest ways to do your hair, it looks messy but sexy right?

messy fro hair3.Bantu knots

This look is appropriate for casual events such as a drink up with your girlfriends or just a visit to your grand ma huko ushago.

bantu nots

4. Wash and go fro’s

This style is self-explanatory, however kama uko na nywele steel wool this style is a no otherwise you might end up looking like a mess.

wash and go fro

Check out these drop dead gorgeous wives of your favorite celebrities

5. Natural mo hawk Curls with bangs
Wondering how to style your hair for that long awaited date with your crush? Worry no more because natural mohawk curls with a bang are here to save your day.

mo-hawk bun


6. Short natural hair

This look is easy to maintain hence the tag short and sweet.

short natual hair

Which is your favourite style and why?

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Lupita Nyongo wore this Sh550,000 outfit to promote her movie


This can pay how many years rent? Wait, how about buying a vitz?

The dress worn by Lupita Nyongo is 5,500 dollars.

It is a drapped dress by  Schiaparelli.

Lupita Nyongo’s hot pink look has grabbed the attention of netizens, dazzling in hot pink while promoting her new film in Florida. The “Us” star rocked this bright dress by designer Schaparelli, and Nine West heels.

lupita schiaparelli

The designer Elsa Schiaparelli is one of the most renowned personalities in fashion history. She is known for her pink clothes.

Pink is the color of happiness. From a physiological standpoint, the color is said to encourage action, inspire confidence, stimulate energy, and increase pulse rate.


Heartbroken baby screams in agony after father shaves off dreadlocks

A baby broke down in tears after seeing his dad for the first time without dreadlocks.

A video shared on Twitter by @aristew, has gone viral.

The 16-second clip sees the adorable baby sitting in a high-chair when his father walks in to show him his new haircut.

As the father says ‘hi’, the baby looks up at his dad and sees him without dreadlocks for the first time ever.

When he realizes his father’s long hair is gone, the baby erupts into tears.

He can be seen cradling his own head while sobbing uncontrollably.

baby scream 1

It is understood that the father of the child previously had his hair styled in dreadlocks, and was unveiling his new trim haircut to his son for the first time when the funny incident occurred.

Taken by a woman, most likely the mother or a relative of the child, the clip then pans over to the side of the room.

As the father of the child enters, the baby can be seen turning his head to look at him.

The man can be heard saying ‘hi’ as the adorable little boy stares up at him.

And although the baby might have initially been looking forward to seeing his father, things quickly changed.

baby scream

Locking eyes on his dad, the adorable little boy realizes that his dad no longer has dreadlocks.

Instead, he is sporting a short, tight haircut.

And when the child realizes that his father has a new look, he isn’t happy about it.

The tiny baby turns his head back toward the camera and lets out a sigh before he holds his head and begins crying.

He then begins sobbing uncontrollably, before turning around to take another look at his dad’s new hairdo.


Couple goals: Lovely photos of Former Mother In Law actress Kate and hubby Phil

Diamonds are nothing when am rocking with you
Diamonds are nothing when am shining with you

This is a quote Phil used to describe former mother in law actress Kate when sharing a cute photo of them.

He has also said this about her:

She illuminates the greatness in me and everyday, am the luckiest man alive coz I wake up next to her @kate_actress#WCW

Kate and Phil have a love we all long for and we feature them today as our cutest celebrity couple of the day.

Check out their loved up pics:


kate and phil 17
Kate and Phil
All loved up Kate and Phil
Rocking Kitenge: Kate and Phil
Glowing: Kate and Phil
Dinner: Kate and Phil
A man treating his Queen
All white : Kate and Phil
Cuteness overload: Kate and Phil



This TBT picture of Harriet Kinga is definitely worth seeing

Classic 105’s Harriet Kinga has been serving lewks for quite some time.

A fan of Harriet tagged her on social media with a throwback photo.

The picture (above) was taken ten years ago and she is still rocking it.

Meanwhile enjoy these cute photos of Harriet with a new look.

Harriet in the Classic 105 studio




9 things you need to do after he proposes


Sauti Sol Biens girlfriend Chiki certainly had an eventful night after the singer got down on one knee and proposed to her.

So girls, now that he has popped the question, and you whole heartedly accepted Hooray!

Here’s what you need to do next:

!. Call your mum first, then call all your relatives. They can finally stop asking you ‘utaoa lini’?

2. DaydreamALOT. Think lovingly about the proposal and all the other stuff you want to do for your big day.

3. Celebrate the moment. You and bae can go on a night out, and just sip to the marriage proposal, just the two of you. Make sure your plans for the romantic night include telling him sweet nothings.

4. Agree on a budget for your nuptials. This also includes asking your respective parents how much should be allocated for the wedding.

5. Get your rings sized. If you are going for some expensive rings, don’t forget to insure them. These Nairobi streets are cruel.

6. Set a date, even if you have to move things around. That way you will be closer to your dream wedding.

7. Get a wedding planner or if you are not a fan of this, immediately plan who will be in your wedding committee.

8. Sit down and agree on how many guests you want. Although sometimes this is difficult as some guests are notorious and turn up with five other uninvited people.

9. If you have been dreaming of a marriage proposal now is the time to set aside some coin for the day. You also need to chip in, don’t wait for your dude and parents to do everything for you.

So girls, you are now set with these nine things. Congratulations on the proposal.