Team Natural: Six easy and classy ways to rock natural hair – Photos

If you have natural hair you probably do not know how lucky you are! Here are ways on how you can rock your natural hair daily.

Stephanie Lahart once said

Natural Hair is an Exquisite Crown. It’s a wonder and fascination to many. But to the confident Black girl or Black woman who’s rockin’ it, they know what they’ve been born and blessed with.

A head full of unique, healthy beauty. NATURAL BEAUTY.

Here are simple but unique ways you can rock natural hair.

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1. Flat twist updo fro hair’

This look is versatile, meaning one can rock it to the office, a date or just any form of setting. Sadly it’s suitable for those with soft and curly hair. You can play around with a gel in-case yours is not as soft to achieve the same purpose.


up do fro hawk

2. Messy fro’ up do

This is one of the easiest ways to do your hair, it looks messy but sexy right?

messy fro hair3.Bantu knots

This look is appropriate for casual events such as a drink up with your girlfriends or just a visit to your grand ma huko ushago.

bantu nots

4. Wash and go fro’s

This style is self-explanatory, however kama uko na nywele steel wool this style is a no otherwise you might end up looking like a mess.

wash and go fro

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5. Natural mo hawk Curls with bangs
Wondering how to style your hair for that long awaited date with your crush? Worry no more because natural mohawk curls with a bang are here to save your day.

mo-hawk bun


6. Short natural hair

This look is easy to maintain hence the tag short and sweet.

short natual hair

Which is your favourite style and why?

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List the ugliest fashions and styles ever created

Each day a fashion designer comes up with something he believes the world will eat up when it hits the catwalks/the showrooms.

Some of those fashions become iconic not only for their wonderful style but their legendary status in culture. Others, however, are just meh and still make it onto our streets, seriously affecting our sensibilities.

Some of those ugliest fashions that men and women should stop wearing are below;


These boots originating in Australia and New Zealand are some of the most destructively terrible things made from wonderful sheepskin!


Baggy jeans 

Yes, rappers might have worn these back in the ’90s but it doesn’t mean the monstrosities were any good!

Mom jeans

The ugliest of the ugliest fashion that had a resurgence the past couple of years. In my opinion, these jeans only look good on size zero women which most women are gladly not.

Barack_Obama_wearing mom jeans
Barack_Obama_wearing mom jeans

Let them stay in the past and preferably in your mother’s closets!


Rappers again are to blame for popularising these fashion accessories and they are getting worse and worse as we progress. Why would someone want to walk with a jewelry store in their mouth?

Paul_Wall wearing grills
Paul_Wall wearing grills


Thank’s to the ’70s and ’80s for this ugly hairstyle which was a favourite for many pop stars. If I had the power, I would erase this style form the history books, root and stem!

John_Travolta with a mullet
John_Travolta with a mullet

Shutter shades

Thank you Kanye for this one. The glasses were a highlight in his popular music video, ‘Stronger’ but they look like a joke right now. Please don’t wear them. I beg!

Girl wearing Shutter_shades

Bell Bottoms

This jean has seen so many revolutions you can name them. From feminism to the Civil Rights movement to the sexual revolution, this fashion item is one of the most enduring legacies of that era. And still very ugly!

Bell Bottoms
Bell Bottoms

Platform sandals

This was like a compromise between a high heel and a slipper for many women. The fashion and allure of the high heel with the comfort of a slip-on sandal.


But…It just doesn’t work!

JNCO jeans

Another one I had to look up after doing my research! But damn! This is one horrifying looking piece of clothing. Whoever designed this should never be allowed next to a sketch pad ever again! They might just design heels for infants!

Jnco jeans
Jnco jeans

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6 struggles girls with strict parents have to go through

Forget about living your best life with folks like these.

Girls who have grown up with super strict parents will understand this.

While some of your pals could get away with wearing high heels, you my friend were forced to wear ngoma’s.

Here are 10 things girls with strict parents had to do without

1. No red nail polish

There is something about the color red that strict parents are opposed to. Kwani ni color ya shetani?

I remember my neighbor being forced to hide her nails if she defied their orders.

2. No red lipstick

Again, while your friends were going all out with red, you had to make do with vaseline on your lips.

I don’t care about him! Jacque Maribe’s response about Jowie is completely justified

3. No cute miniskirt

Oh the horror of showing off some skin. If your hanging out with pals, such girls are forced to carry big bags to change into their miniskirts

4. Sleepovers

Ati sleepover? Ndio ufanye ninie. Strict mum’s will not fathom the thought of allowing their daughters to go for a sleepover. How will she keep snooping on what you are doing?

5. There is a strict bedtime to adhere to

This means no skiving to go out, maybe even soja has been instructed to snitch on anyone who disappears from home.

6. No colored braids, no nose piercing or tatoos

Hizo ni za shetani. Totally out of the question—unless you want to try to do it yourself behind their backs (which never turns out well).

Whats else have I left out? Drop your comments below

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Has the body positivity movement helped or hurt women over the years

What is the body positivity movement?

The body positivity/body acceptance movement has become a part of our lives especially with the proliferation of social media the past few years, after the leaps the internet and phone technology have made.

The idea has taken off with platforms like Tumblr and Instagram and also by companies who co-opt the message as a great way to sell you more stuff like Dove’s body positivity ad marketing.

The movement has its roots in the fat liberation movement dating back to the 1960s and while the fat acceptance movement was more focused on the rights of fat individuals, body positivity is about the acceptance of all body types.

The fat acceptance movement pushed for the changing of public opinion, beliefs, and treatment of fat individuals. Fat positivity, which is more of a reaction to fat-shaming/cyber-bullying, and body positivity, which is a more commercial self-esteem movement, came later.

In the body positivity movement, the push was for all body shapes to be seen as acceptable, a large part of this is now on the individual to “love their body and relies heavily on the body image one has about themselves-This depends on our perceptions and attitudes towards our physical appearance.

Plus-size models from the west like Tess Holiday have been key in changing the way we look at people’s bodies.

Countless women of different shapes, races, sizes and ethnicities have joined the effort to shift public perceptions and attitudes away from the traditional ideal of beauty.

Numerous women have been subject to incredible pressure over their bodies, so it’s no wonder that advocates for different attitudes have been so welcomed. The movements which started in the west have spread to third world economies like ours.

In our very own country of Kenya, plus size influencer Neomi Ng’ang’a has been a proponent of loving one’s body at any size. She has been joined by another celeb Sandra Dacha aka Silprosa who has also been encouraging her fans to love their bodies at whatever size.

Socialite Huddah came under fire in December last year for making disparaging comments about American rapper Lizzo.

She said;

“If you are fat you are fat if you are skinny you are skinny! Stop lying to yourselves. It’s criminal to call people fat but it’s okay to tell people they are skinny? Fat is unhealthy. So many skinny people are unhealthy too. I’m unfit, as skinny as I am, I call that spade a spade. Ati thick, are you porridge? Let’s promote healthy living,” wrote Huddah.

Her comments were skewered by a section of plus-size women on social media who took to social media to condemn her for ‘body shaming’ the singer.

Huddah wasn’t backing down and dared the ‘fat’ people to refrain from buying her products since she doesn’t use her cosmetic line to make money but later toned down her rhetoric when the barrage became relentless.

The back and forth witnessed between Huddah and the numerous women who called her out showed that body positivity isn’t something people in this generation are taking for granted.

Other popular celebs like Linda Nyangweso, Pierra Makena, Anerlisa Muigai and even male celeb DK Kwenye Beat have also come under immense pressure about their body size.

The movement has been seen as a necessary retaliation to traditional body-shaming but one critique that it can’t seem to shake is that it doesn’t promote one’s health- that it is normalising obesity.

But has the movement gone too far?


It’s important to understand that body positivity is not a positive body image but more of a social justice movement, thanks in large part to its roots in fat acceptance and the drive to normalise how society sees and treats all kinds of bodies.

One study done by JAMA Pediatrics found that 10-year-old girls who were called fat by people close to them, were more likely to be at an unhealthy body weight by age 19 compared to other girls who were never shamed about their weight in this way.

Another study by the Centre for Advancing Health indicated that high school students who believed themselves to be overweight were much more likely than their classmates to suffer from depression or to attempt suicide.

While these studies prove that thinking patterns/attitudes can affect one’s body, it doesn’t detract from the biggest criticism the movement faces-How to promote positive body images while encouraging healthy bodies at the same time.

Many fear that body positivity promotes obesity and excuses behaviours that stop people from becoming or staying healthy which is counter-productive for a society that is sinking huge amounts of time and money into fighting non-communicable/lifestyle diseases.


Although most studies show that the movement has had a beneficial impact on how women view their bodies, the only drawback for the movement is that it seems to encourage unhealthy body sizes that medical science has warned us about.

According to the World Health Organisation, the Worldwide obesity rate has nearly tripled since 1975(a period that has coincided with the body positivity push), most of the world’s population live in countries where being overweight and obesity kills more people than being underweight.

These stats paint a gloomy picture and show that while being happy about one’s body is commendable, the science above backs underweight body type for healthier living than overweight body types.

Leaving one to ask whether the body positivity movement is mutually exclusive from a push for healthier living/eating. Can the two agendas co-exist in the same movement? I will leave that to you the reader…You be the judge.

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Beyonce shows off crop top and mini skirt worth Sh400,000


Beyonce blessed her fans with her outfit on the day on Sunday September 20th and it’s expensive AF.

The crop top and miniskirt costs an estimated Sh400,000 and calculating the cost of the handbag and diamond earrings is almost ten years worth of our rent.

The outfit is from designer Alessandra Rich and was her choice of outfit of the day.

Here are four photos she posted on Instagram in a black diamond studded skirt, top, and paired it with pink heels. In the photo, she’s wearing a sparkling diamond necklace, diamond-studded sunglasses, and bright pink shoes.


View this post on Instagram

A post shared by Beyoncé (@beyonce) on

We share a screenshot of how much her look cost from the experts at Vogue magazine


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Weight gain? No problem! Teacher Wanjiku proves as she flaunts curvy figure

Carolyne Wanjiku Tharau alias Teacher Wanjiku is proof that comedians can not only be funny but can also be very attractive to look at.

The comic who made her name on Churchill Show recently left her many fans in awe after she debuted a new rounder and fuller look.

She herself acknowledged this fact with her caption reading, “Who else has gained since COVID came? I have filled the photo as well. Ati who do I look like? The sexy is back!”.

One could see that her weight gain had in fact enhanced and accentuated all her curves and in the right places as her figure-hugging dress showed.

One could be even forgiven for forgetting that Teacher Wanjiku is a mother of two, prooving that some women do age like fine wine.

She is that old!? Teacher Wanjiku finally reveals adorable daughters age

Many other celebs filled the comments section with some like comedian Mammito, actresses Sandra Dacha alias Silprosa and Jacky Vike alias Awinja chiming in with support.

And her photo has inspired me to look back into her profile to remind Kenyans of just how beautiful the charismatic thespian is. Enjoy;

View this post on Instagram

Good morning ! Happy new week! @velosphotography

A post shared by Teacher Wanjiku (@teacherwanjiku) on

View this post on Instagram

Mimi? Mimi nikasema Mimi?…….. Goodmorning!

A post shared by Teacher Wanjiku (@teacherwanjiku) on


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Wahu speaks about her beauty secrets and her political aspirations (exclusive)

Wahu Kagwi is one of the most beautiful women in Kenya at any age. And what is more impressive is that she has maintained her looks even after been blessed with two daughters with her husband David Mathenge aka Nameless.

How has she been able to keep herself looking so youthful throughout the years? What has been her secret? The “Sweet Love” singer humbly said that even though people might feel that her skin is goals for them that she still doesn’t feel that her skin is that great.

“I don’t think I have great skin. As we speak, I am getting my make-up done.”

Adding, “I put on a bit of foundation. I honestly don’t have even skin. I would be lying if I told you that I do. It’s not the break-out type of skin but it’s not as perfect as I would like it to be.”

And what does she do to keep her skin looking camera-ready? “I use pregnancy masks and I also hydrate and I do a lot of veggies and exercise. I do put on a bit of foundation,” reiterated Wahu.

Wahu reveals the books that have inspired her successful 15-year marriage (exclusive)

The singer has been in the music industry for many years and has ascended the rungs of success along the way. Does the singer have other aspirations, political maybe? I put the question to the singer who was cagey at first telling me that she didn’t want to comment.

But after some cajoling, she went on to say that the thought had crossed her mind.

“I don’t think I would run in 2022. The thought has crossed my mind once or twice but not in the near future.”

And why didn’t she want to run in 2022?

She replied, “I am not saying that there is anything holding me back. It’s just that I have not decided. It’s just something that I look at and say, I am passionate about ABCD…Considering it doesn’t mean I am going for it.”


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Lupita Nyongo’s sister in law shares details of super private wedding with Vogue magazine

Wanja Wohoro, the newest member of the Nyongo family has opened up about the perfect and private wedding.

The article titled Wanja Wohoro and Junior Nyong’o’s Intimate Garden Ceremony in Their Hometown of Nairobi’ has garnered lots of interest from her fans and followers.

@WanjaWohoro..So um.. @voguemagazine @vogueweddings did a profile on our smol lil DIY wedding…….. Exploding head. So much thanks to
@overthemoon for thiS!

So beautiful! Junior Nyong’o marries singer Wanja Wohoro (photos)

She met Junior Nyongo back in 2015 when she had come home for a vacation from Australia. The cute moment happened at a New Years Eve party, where hearts fluttered.

Wanja is a musician and Junior is an actor cum DJ, so their love for music was a uniting factor.Junior Married

She told Vogue magazine that “He made me a drink, and we got to talking about music and that was that, really: Love,” Wanja says. “From that day, things just progressed and grew despite us both going back to study in Florida and Sydney, respectively.”

From that magical moment they dated until 2019 when Junior proposed and speaking of their four year dating.

He also planned the proposal to have her family surprise her the moment she said yes in Tigoni. He inscribed her favorite poem in the ring. Cute!

Their wedding was to happen in May, but they postponed it owing to covid 19. It took place in July.

Junior Nyong'o with his new wife 1
Junior Nyong’o with his new wife 1

Mr. Wanja! Anyang Nyong’o’s son Junior might be taking wife’s first name as his last

The cute couple had to make hard decisions and in a back and forth communication with family and friends they settled on a date and scrambled to plan the big day. They now plan to relocate to another country in 2021.

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 Kenyans spot amazing detail about Uhuru’s look-alike’s shoes


Michael Njogo Gitonga captured national attention for his close resemblance to President Uhuru.

Gitonga lives in Umoja estate and denied having any blood relations with Uhuru but KOT insist alot of the details about his life leaves us with more questions than answers. For instance his mother worked in Gatundu, and he doesn’t know who his father is. Michael is also left handed just like the Head of State.

A most recent picture of Michael excited Kenyans (Above). His shoe size blew many away and the hilarious comments are below:


‘Stop telling lies’ Uhuru lookalike denies getting rewarded with car

Gracian Ethan Waweru..
Iyo kiatu ata unaeza lelea vifaranga wa kuku tano na zieke social distance Face with tears of joyFace with tears of joy

huyu si anatembea akislash nyasiFace with tears of joy

Umesema za huyu msee ni shoe-baru i think ni mit-shoe-bishi

Hii inaweza overthrow museveni huko bana

@guru_voke..Huu jamaa anaweza kudunga na maneno hadi utii

‘People ask me for handouts’ President Uhuru’s ‘look-alike’ speaks after going viral

Ingekuwa shoe game hizo zinachezea long distance running

Hizi ziko na space ya AC ndani.

huyo si akitembea kiatu inaenda ikipoga makofi

@twambari..I guess they didn’t know the number of his shoe size, so they decided to play it safe

Huu jamaa sasa imebaki aite press conference afungue bars na restraunts officially alafu apotee

Huyu anaweza tembea on water

I think we should call him peter

Mguu ka doshi

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A List of Male Celebrities Who Show Us The Coolest Way To Rock The Bandana

In the entertainment industry you have to stand out to get noticed, this means you have to have a good sense of fashion from head to toe. You can always add a little touch such as accessories to complement your look.

People started rocking the bandana back in  the day and our local celebrities note-ably the likes of Willy Paul, Bahati, Naiboi and Diamond Platnumz seem to be bringing back the trend.You can either wear it as a headband, hang it around your pocket or wrap it around your arm.

Bandana is no doubt one of those accessories that complements the look especially in the entertainment industry. The piece of cloth comes in a wide range of colors to choose from.








Umoinner sacco manager goes viral again matching his suits to face masks


James Mwangi became famous in 2019 after a BBC interview about his style. He revealed he owns over 160 suits, more than 200 shoes and 300 hats.

The man wears matching suits and shoes and everyone loved it.

The man who is also an Ummoinner matatu sacco manager, has once again captured the interwebs attention with his fashion sense.

He matches his suit to his shoe colors, and now has added face masks proving how versatile he is.

There are now 22 new pictures of his suits and literally everyone approves of it. See reactions below and the pictures:

The pens are killing me! What he about to write down.

nairobi man suit 3
I just know his cologne strong as hell.

the glasses, the hat, the watch, the mask, the phone case…

nairobi suit man 12

The way he stays matching the mask not just to the clothes but the phone case and pen, someone get this man in Harper’s Bazaar

The watches too. Every tiny detail. That’s dedication.

nairobi suit man 11
It’s the phone cases for me

Can he make enough for a calendar?
“Drip or Drown 2021”

nairobi suit man 10
I am loving how dapper he is! And the accessories too?!

Damn. Nothing else to say because this level of personal style is so literally stunning.

nairobi suit man 8

nairobi suit man 7

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Khloe Kardashian sells borrowed dress from designer as mtumba 

A well known designer Christian Cowan is calling out Khloé Kardashian for selling a dress he *loaned* her.

Christian took to Instagram to accuse Khloe saying he loaned her the dress and she should have returned it. He claims he was shocked to see her reselling it as a second hand item on her website.

The designer claims Khloe was selling borrowed runway samples on her Kardashian Kloset website but supposedly she was never told to return the items.

‘She is clingy and nagging,’ DJ Mo accuses Size 8 of making marriage boring

The Kardashians are known to sell items on their family’s second-hand online clothing store, Kardashian Kloset.

This is the dress. Cute ain’t it?

khloe loaned dress

On Sunday, Cowan posted on his Instagram story tagging her directly, saying he has made attempts to contact her but has failed to get a response.

Social media users responded to his post saying it’s a habit the Kardashians are used to, stealing people designs and passing them off as their own. Read the savage comments.

khloe kardashian has been consistently stealing designs from BLACK WOMEN designers. STOP supporting the kardashians!

Jayse Rednour..
just asking, would this not be her stylist’s fault? wouldn’t they be in charge of returning borrowed items as well as selling her pieces i’m ? doesnt excuse it though, your work is your work, just curious if a stylist would be the one who needs to take responsibility.

‘We’ve buried him but can’t accept,’ Njoro of Papa Shirandula struggles

This happens ALL the time. She’s been sued over & over but they make far more ripping people off then they do in settling.
Just so you, they have lost before on similar cases or settled out of court for a fraction of what they made. Make sure they pay your attorney fees & what your idea was worth. Good luck!
destiney bleu

I have a really good legal team, you should google me x KK for the backstory.

If this is happening to Christian Cowan, a celeb-loved designer with a relatively high profile, imagine the number of smaller, indie brands that have to deal with this kind of mess on a regular basis.

khloe kardashian 2
But the designer loaned the pieces to her, didn’t gift them, which means by selling them she is literally making profit off of someone else’s property. This is obviously not done with the designers consent; if the pieces are taking up too much space give them back.

Husband shares photo of pregnant wife carrying side chicks baby to explain infidelity

Read about a number of designers being defrauded by these people. Rarely surprised by newer claims. They’ve cultivated their fortune by doing what they do best: appropriating.

You know these people have been stealing from other creatives for years. They give them no credit and no apology when caught, so why do y’all keep sending them samples of the things you’ve worked so hard to create? And you are surprised that this happened to you?

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Full-bodied Silprosa leaves little to the imagination as she poses in sultry photos

The body positivity movement is one that has become more mainstream over the years and seems it will get more wind under it as a side-effect of the Black Lives Matter movement.

While some may have their opinions about its merits and demerits, there are some like Auntie Boss star Sandra Dacha aka Silprosa who has embraced the movement fully.

Sandra Dacha aka Silprosa

The full-figured actress decided to flaunt her figure unapologetically to her over 130k Instagram followers.  Silprosa gave ger fans a lesson on how to love their bodies while using scintillating photos she took on her 30th birthday.

Former Auntie boss actress Nyce Wanjeri speaks out on marriage

The month of June has been one of fearless expression for Siprosa as she showcased different outfits with the one major tie-in being her big curvy body and thunder thighs, that she showed off proudly.

Sandra Dacha aka Silprosa

Showing that being body-shamed can only happen when the victims accepts the attacks instead of ignoring them as Silprosa impressively did with her critics.

However, most of her fans were quick to congratulate her with many expressing their delight at the chutzpah she was expressing with the numerous photo-shoots.

Sandra Dacha aka Silprosa

Silprosa reminds me of American rapper Lizzo who has become the focal point of the current body positivity movement happening in America.

Lizzo posing

Lizzo posing
Lizzo posing

Lizzo just like Silprosa has made society confront their definitions of what beauty is supposed to be, advancing a conversation that has been taking place since obesity became one of the biggest killers worldwide.

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Snatch my wig mami: Times Size 8 has proved she’s the most stylish gospel singer

Size 8 has been inspiring many Kenyans with the latest videos shared on her family’s youutbe channel.

Size 8 has become so fashionable, we decided to feature her as Kenya’s leading gospel fashionista. Check out pictures that prove so below.

Here’s her shining moments that’s too hard to ignore.

1 White looks good on her and makes her skin pop










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 Meet Benny the online hair influencer with the longest afro


A black man named Benny Harlem has been touted as one of the most successful hair influencers on Instagram owing to his amazing hairstyles, the lenght of his hair and what he does to maintain it.

The hair has also earned him a Guiness World Book record holder title.

Benny lives in California and caught worldwide attention back in 2016, after his pictures of his stunning afro captured the internets attention.


His daughter also inherited his amazing hair and often is seen in his instagram feed.

Benny has very inspiring messages for his fans about loving and acceptign themselves, and how to be a better person.

In 2018, Benny Harlem was acknowledged by the Guinness Book of Records for having the world’s tallest high-top fade hairdo, which at the time measured a whopping 20.5 inches. This only added to his online fame, pushing the number of Instagram followers over 500,000.

Sadly he was caught up in scandal in 2018, after fans accused him or reselling products at a higher cost and even re labelling bottles to make them seem as if he made the items.

Since then he has been MIA on social media, but let us relive his beautiful afro once again.

See pictures of his huge hair:


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Check out the best of the best of the Vogue Challenge by Kenyan celebrities

The world loves a social media challenge, and with Covid-19 those challenges have become more. Recently, the Vogue Challenge has been the talk of the town, and what is that you might ask?

It was started by Salma Noor, a fashion student based in Norway who revealed that she was inclined to start the challenge after she realized not many black people have been featured on the magazine.

“My inspiration for this challenge was the lack of representation of black people that looked like me on the front cover of magazines. In light of recent events in America with the topic of race, I felt like it was the right moment to post an edit of me on the cover of Vogue,” said the aspiring model.

Check out Kalekye Mumo’s fashion and style on and off screen (Photos)

Salma indicated that the challenge that the fashion industry to embrace more diversity.

“To bring so many people together for something like that is truly amazing… I had no idea it would reach so many people including Vogue. I think the fashion industry isn’t diverse enough yet. We need people with different opinions, backgrounds, religious beliefs, heritage, and life experience to be highlighted,” she said in an email to CNN.

Kalekye Mumo
Kalekye Mumo

The challenge was taken full-on by Kenyan celebrities with many female celebs taking it on and doing it flawlessly. Kalekye Mumo one of the celebrities who participated in the challenge wrote to CNN saying that one of her aims for it was to show positive expressions of the black race.

She added that she was mesmerized by the level of positivity the challenge brought. Here are photos of other celebrities who nailed the challenge:

Kalekye Mumo doing the Vogue Challenge Kalekye Mumo doing the Vogue Challenge Sarah Hassan doing the Vogue Challenge Kate Actress doing the Vogue Challenge Kate Actress doing the Vogue Challenge Amina Abdi doing the Vogue Challenge Amina Abdi doing the Vogue Challenge Amina Abdi doing the Vogue Challenge Julie Gichuru doing the Vogue Challenge

Njambi Koikai doing the Vogue Challenge
Njambi Koikai doing the Vogue Challenge

Diana Marua doing the Vogue Challenge Grace Msalame doing the Vogue Challenge

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Competing with his wife? Billionaire Kanye West files trademark for Yeezy Beauty

Kanye West is the embodiment of the renaissance man, a modern-day polymath who can do all that he sets his mind on. The celebrity is now giving weight to the often-quoted phrase, “a man of many talents”

Kanye for those who might not know has had different “careers” that speak volumes as to the type of man that he is. The musician started out as a producer for Jay Z before venturing out into doing rapping to his own beats, something that is still a legendary feat to do. (Just ask Magix Enga to do so!?)


From there the singer branched out into the fashion world showcasing his eccentricities(something that is highly appreciated among fashionistas) and was an instant success.

Billionaire Kanye West joins protests after quietly donating Sh200million

But his masterstroke was his Yeezy shoe company that he started in partnership with Adidas that made him a dollar billionaire.

Kanye West with Kim Kardashian
Kanye West with Kim Kardashian

And it seems that his appetite for growth and expansion isn’t stopping there yet as the star has taken out another trademark. TMZ just reported that the designer and music mogul filed a trademark for Yeezy beauty.

Among the list of trademarked items are: “Cosmetics, facial makeup, concealers, blushers, facial powders, foundation makeup, eye makeup, eye pencils, eyebrow pencils, mascara, false eyelashes, face and body glitter, cosmetic pencils, lipstick, lip gloss, lip pencils, eye creams, facial cleansers, toners, facial exfoliants and scrubs, facial creams, facial moisturizers, and facial lotions.”

This isn’t West’s first beauty and cosmetics trademark. Back in 2017, he filed a similar trademark for Donda cosmetics, named after his mother who tragically passed away in 2007.

Kanye West with Kim Kardashian
Kanye West with Kim Kardashian

If West’s Yeezy beauty line does launch, it will join his wife’s KKW Beauty and KKW Fragrance brands, as well as Kylie Jenner’s Kylie Cosmetics and Kylie Skin, as part of the family’s growing beauty business.

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Celebrities who’ve ventured into the fashion world and are nailing it!

The fashion industry could be a challenging venture especially if you do not have a plan on how to survive in the industry.

These ladies have taken things to the next level and beating the odds.


Here is a list of entrepreneurs who have ventured into the fashion industry and are nailing it.

1. Fashionable step mum

Blogger Catherine Kariuki, known as “Fashionable step mum” is a teacher and a mother of six.

She markets her items online, and fans want to dress just like her.


Mothers day 2019: Julie Gichuru’s message is so relatable you will love it

2. Nancy Mwai

Fashion and blogger Nancie Mwai is definitely making boss moves with her fashion line.

The line dubbed Shop New Level, is definitely a place you need to visit.

As if that’s not enough, can we take a moment and acknowledge how classy Nancie Mwai is in this outfit.


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3. Neomi Ng’ang’a

Former radio presenter and actress Neomi Ng’ang’a is one of the most beautiful plus size models that Kenya has ever seen.

Style By Neomi is her fashion line,f for every shape and size but mostly focusing on the plus size class is definitely turning heads.


4. Julie Gichuru

TV Personality and fashion icon Julie Gichuru has always been known for her fashion trends.

TV siren first started it as an online business until it expanded to having an outlet where one could go and shop directly at the place.

Mimi Store has trendy and sophisticated pieces of fashion that will leave you wanting to get more. It is definitely a place you would want to try


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5. Wambui Mukenyi 

Asides being the CEO of Wambui Mukenyi Fashion House, Wambui is also the face of Bridal fashion in Kenya.

She started her journey as an accountant in a fashion house until she discovered that that was her passion . She later opened her own fashion house.

Wambui has a sense of flair for creating beautiful designs that flatter every body type.

wambui mukenyi


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