‘Our First Year Was Quite Challenging’, Gospel Bigwig Anto Ndiema Pours His Heart Out

KTN’s Tukuza gospel show presenter Anthony Ndiema, yesterday celebrated the Lord’s goodness in his life and for giving him a life partner as he marks 7 years in marriage with his wife Nenoh Ndiema.

Antony Ndiema is a celebrated media personality who’s known for his humility and passion for his job. Through this he has been able to scoop several accolades as a presenter of the year which I must give credit to the family behind him.
Well yesterday the power couple marked seven years since the two walked down the aisle.
Antony took it to his instagram page to celebrate his marriage with a picture of them which he captioned;


“It’s been 7 years; 7 years of God’s faithfulness and consistent growth in marriage. Our first year was quite challenging, trying to settle down but things kept getting better. Cant wait to celebrate the silver and golden jubilee with you @nenohndiema by God’s grace. Happy Anniversary


Fans were equally elated;


juddie_ontitah… Happy anniversary to you my friend and happy holidays.Blessings

chepchumbacherus …Happy Anniversary my people, May God keep and bless you. ALWAYS❤

latifah_kienja …Happy Anniversary!!

clemmo254.. Salute…happy anniversary my boss….baraka na wepesi Wa Maisha ndo nawatakia..

zkananu ..Congratulations 🎉 happy anniversary to you, may God continue to strengthen your marriage…to many more happy and blessed years 🎉

patonyking_make_up …Happy Anniversary Big Bro

deejaysanch ..Congratulations On Your Anniversary @antondiema

teddthedj ..Happy Anniversary

aliciaahawo ..All glory n honor goes back to him!!!Happy anniversary

nikita_kering 👏🏽👏🏽👏🏽congratulations

mrndilima …Happy anniversary watu wangu… More grace, favor and anointing

Check out their photos;

Read the hilarious comments shared after Kenyans noticed DJ Mo’s wardrobe malfunction

Dear celebrities, before you step out, make sure you take another look at yourself in the mirror. You are role models or rather trendsetters and when it comes to fashion, please always be on top of things or else, you’ll be left embarrassed and humiliated after stepping out in public.

Well, gospel singer Size 8 recently shared a photo posing with her husband, DJ Mo and she posed a question to her fans asking them whether her bae was tall or short.

DJ Mo and Size 8

“This my husband is tall waaaaaaa ama ni mimi mfupi 🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣 @djmokenya #mcm.”

Little did she know that DJ Mo had a wardrobe malfunction. Kenyans on social media went ahead to attack the power couple with some claiming that DJ Mo should resist wearing cheap things and upgrade his wardrobe. Others even begged Size 8 to go back to the house and ‘cool down’ the msolokombo because ‘it was misbehaving in public.’


Here are some of the nasty comments

Jose Maish: DJ Moh ndio atapiga parapanda siku ya mwisho

Grace Wambui: Sasa unapost pic ya hubby kama amefura apo kwa zip tuone nini?ama ni urefu ya nini unasema?

Ade’llah Myak: Si wako chonjo!! Itabidi umerudi ndani ukasort that your tall husband.

Wamuyu Gachigo: Can You Go back in the house and milk that Cock dry.

Purity Mumbua: Welcome to Kenya where women will complain ooh hio ni toothpick ooh nkikohoa kanachomoka….ooh cjui ilieda ikarudi sasaaa mlikua mnataka dj avae skirt ndo tusijue pia yy ni dume??? Acha nitoke mbio…

Juliana Olayo: Ambia DJ Mo akavae boxers expensive….. Hii ya muthurwa ina onyesha msolokobo. 😂😂😂😂😂😂😂

Daizzy Kolman: DJ Mo Amebeba akabebea hadi Jirani🤔🤔waaah una kazi ngumu Namba nane. Najua haukosangi Nduru😃

Irungu Christine: I remember our science teacher told us the pointer is always pointing at the eater I salute my teacher coz I see it applies everywhere

Ivan: No wonder your hubby anaitwa Mo’……. It definitely means more, go back inside and give him Mo” (more)

Harriet JC: Yes your husband d*k looks stretched and horny ndo maana iko tall I advise you to just go back in the bedroom n give it to him I mean sipoto before team slaying queens deals with it .thank me later mama Wambo

Shah Hulk Wekuh: DJ Mo just has a good d**k.. The trouser is just a little bit tight and nothing is wrong… Nawapenda.

Jeff Cy: My role model has always been Nameless and Wahu,you will never find them regularly posting their private stuff in social media. Hii yenu hata kama ni uceleb,matokea mnayaona sasa

Spaky Spakz: Wololoh, macho yangu inaona your husband is tall everywhere

Ann Grace Chege: Vindu vitall ,vindu vikubwa….but you always brag with your hubby,you are not the first to get married… Nameless na wahu wako tu na hawasumbui kama wewe..so calm your tirries sister

Teibut Kipz: Dj mo have a d**k more than 8cm givng to size 8 more than 8 times a day,calculate then number of times size 8 recves a dig per week? (8 mrks)
Babake AJ I totally understand the struggle to conceal an erection in public. Don’t judge them, struggle is real for us.

Geoggys: Infact he has a “long future” ahead…

Shazray: DJ Mo atleast it is pointing in the right direction😂😂😂

Nyamai: jamaa ana erect mchana akikushika kwani ukumpea usiku

Geoffreyokwemba: Hubby mtree iko chonjo kabsa

Veey: Burungo iko chonjo

Mueny Eunik: After all these comments am sure you will learn to keep your life private, because everything is tall from all the comments

Hii Kufanana Sio Ya Kawaida! This Beauty Looks Exactly Like Anne Waiguru (Photos)

Everyone has a doppelganger somewhere on this earth.

This phenomenal cannot be explained, however everyone always seeks to find their look-a-like in their lifetime.

Well, we spotted a Nairobian who looks just like Governor of Kirinyaga County Anne Waiguru.

She was attending the Laugh Festival event hosted at the KICC on Monday.

So, do they look alike or nah?

waiguru look alike

Anne Waiguru
waiguru look alike

Photos by Ezekiel Aminga

EXCLUSIVE: Comedian Njugush talks about life after TV Stardom

Timothy Kimani who is popularly known to many as Njugush in the comedy industry, has become everyone’s favorite due to his signature rib cracking jokes.

The one thing we all agree on is that he’s got jokes. Funny jokes.

Njugush is married to Calestine Ndinda who is heavily pregnant and expecting their first child any time soon.

He gained popularity after starring in the TV hit series Real Housewives Of Kawangware, before moving on to other hustles.

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Speaking to Classic FM website via phone, he explained to us how he is trying to remain relevant to his fans despite the fact that they do not see him on TV.

Njugush said his disappearance from TV did not cripple his art form. he still made short videos and posted them on various social media to remain relevant.

“It is a matter of being out there and being relevant to people especially your fans and with that the clients will always look for you to advertise for them. Currently, I’m the ambassador for a washing powder. What I am currently working on is I am writing for a TV show called Hullabaloo Estate as well as I am working for my upcoming  show which I am also writing for”.  Njugush added.

Asked whether fans compare his comedy to DJ Shitty’s, who has also gained fans thanks to his antics on The real Housewives Of Kawangware, Njugush said:

“Yes. You know I left and he came right after, so people will always say such, especially because when I left watu walijam ati nimemea pembe but unajua siku ya kitu ikifika imefika. We are very good friends with him.”

Asked why he always makes fun of Nyashinski’s music releases in his comedy skethes online.

Njugush said, “Nyashinski is a very good friend of mine and we talk and that is why mi hupenda kumchokoza chokoza.”

He also addressed some of the challenges they face in their entertainment industry.

“The major problem with us as the entertainers, is getting the license to do our production anywhere in this country. If I was the CS for Sports, Culture and Art, I would try to reduce that [bottleneck]. Ukiangalia watu ka kina Diamond huenda kushoot Nigeria coz huko vitu zimeangaliwa vizuri”.

Listen to the whole interview below:

‘Why Did We Grow Up? ‘ Comedian Njugush Laments On How Tough Life Is

When we were young, we always wished we would grow up fast thinking that being a grown up is fun and you get to do whatever you want without having to seek permission from our parents.

Well, you never know what’s at the end of the tunnel until you get there. Comedian Njugush is always goofing around and making jokes on right about anything and we love every bit of it.


He has come out to shed light on how tough life is and how he wishes he was young again. In the note he jots down, he remembers all the memories of being a youngster, who did not have to pay bills, and also about taking up some of the jobs we do.

Taking to social media, he shared a photo of him back in the day when he was in high school, but the caption is what takes the crown.


He wrote, “This is me Every monday morning trying to figure if i really need this job aki😩😩😩😩why did we grow up saa hii ningekua bado napigania rubber ya red na kuangalia watch nijue how far breaktime is, or ningekua nafanya excersice 2 ya English aid but i just rem sijaenda gym for excercise aki ya nani growing up was a trap!!!”

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‘I Am Not Bahati Without My Fans’ One Of Bahati’s Fans Diagnosed With Cancer, Seeks Help

Bahati has for the longest time been making headlines for all the wrong reasons. He is among the most controversial gospel artistes in the country.

He has been accused by one man, Thuranira, for failing to pay back a loan of 200k owed from several months back. This raised questions if at all Bahati makes money through music, and how he spends his mulla.


Aside from that, he has constantly stated that his fans have been loyal to him and supported him throughout his music career and he considers them as family.

Well, one of his fans is ill and in urgent need of medical attention. Bahati took to social media to announce that one of his die hard fans was diagnosed with cancer and urged his fans to pray for him and contribute money to offset his medical bills.

bahati fan

I am not #BAHATI without my Fans. And your Pain is My Pain 😢. In this Picture is #X_PEY One of my Most Die hard Fans; A face that I see in most of My Performances/ Concerts. Just Received Saddening news that he’s been Examined with #TumorCancer and Tomorrow Lunch time (12:30PM) I will be Visiting #KENYATTAHOSPITAL where’s he’s admitted and I would like to ask more Family & Fans to Join me as we go to pray & Contribute for him🙏.”

Read some of the comments from his fans;

dixonlubanga: May he receive healing in Jesus’ name

freddykenya: Qr to Him

annengina26: Healing is ur portion in the mighty name of Jesus

sethndirangu: I pray that he gets well

liviancelavi1091: Wishing him quick recovary

gloriah_gich: May Jesus take the wheel

steprince5373: Together in prayers X-pay ,, you’ll be well soon coz Christ is our healer ,,I thank God that you make it our of theatre and still you’ll make it in life in Jesus Name Amen

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Exclusive: ‘She Will Be Successful’ Skin Therapy Producer Showers Serah Teshna With Praise, Unveils New Host

Serah Teshna is among the most sought after media personalities in the country. She came to the spotlight and shocked many with her brilliance and her work ethic.

Many remember her as the host of the show Skin Therapy, but apart from that, she’s also an actress and has been featured in the local TV series, ‘Sue Na Johnnie‘.

Well, Serah, real name Sarah Ndanu, is no longer working with the host of Skin Therapy after she landed a job at K24 as a presenter of a morning show, ‘Alfajiri’.

serah teshna

Alfajiri was previously hosted by Amina Abdi, who got another job as the host of The Trend, after Larry Madowo stepped down. She will be hosting the show alongside Kiss FM’s Jeff Mote and Ciru Muriuki.

Speaking exclusively to Classic 105 FM, Skin Therapy’s producer, Evans Wang’unda, shed some light on how it was working with Serah, wishing her the best as she takes up a different role.

I selected her because she was so passionate to be part of the show and willing to work. We’ve been together over three years now. It has been a difficult moments this two and half years the show has been on air but she decided to stand with me because she believed in me and the show and that is why we have walked this far together and the time she mentioned that she is leaving, I felt so sad because I never imagined that one day she will leave the Skin Therapy Show but I’m happy for her, for a new challenge in her life wherever she goes,” he explained.

evans wang'unda

He went ahead to state her work ethic and the many things he’s learned from her.

“I have learnt a lot working with her those past years. She is hardworking and intelligent in her job. I know she will be successful in her new position at K24 and I wish her the best.”

Evans also unveiled to us who the new host of the show will be. She is not a new face as she has been a presenter before.


The person who is going to take her position, will do the same and more and I believe in Resian Lebai who has worked with KTN and K24 as a news anchor. I know she will do her best and take the show to the next level. I know this because she had worked with the Skin Therapy Show within a period of one year and she left for her personal reasons and she is going to work along with Sharon Chepkoech, who is going to be Resian’s co-host,” he concluded.

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King Kaka Finally Unveils His New Recording Studio

King Kaka has been in the music industry for years now. He came to the limelight as Rabbit, then changed his name to Kaka Sungush and finally settled on King Kaka.

All these names represent him and he has not let his fans down in regards to the music he releases.

king kaka2

Well, a few years ago, he launched his first management company, Kaka Empire which has a number of artistes signed to it. He once signed Tanzanian superstar, Rich Mavoko, who later on left and is now signed to Wasafi Records (WCB) owned by Diamond Platnumz. He recently signed one of the most amazing singers, Pascal Tokodi, whom they have worked together before.

king kaka1

One thing about King Kaka is that he’s always full of surprises and his moves are quite sleek. The ‘Besha Shigana’ hitmaker has finally unveiled his new recording studio. This was bound to happen considering he’s been in the music industry for a while now and has signed the likes of Avril.

He took to social media to announce the news with a photo of th studios logo and asked his fans to make their bookings.

This move will clearly give his counterparts a run for their money.

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Giving Back: Wahu And Daughters Tumiso And Nyakio Spend Their Day With Kids With Down Syndrome (Photos)

Wahu Kagwi, one of Kenya’s most celebrated female artistes, shocked many when she revealed that she is now saved. This came as a shock, considering how successful her music has been over the years.

Her family went through a rough patch after Nameless fell ill and was rushed to the hospital, but he’s recovering pretty well.


She released her first gospel song, Sifa, which has been well received by her fans. In an interview she had with Kiss FM, she revealed the real inspiration behind the song, saying that a few things did influence her creation. She said that her hubby’s sickness among other things inspired her to write the song.

Well that and other things that you look at and say, ‘In all honesty, some things are not in your control. There’s so only so much you can do as a human being,’ and I consider myself a kinda clever human being. I can solve many problems but then some things are really beyond your ability…they take you down to your knees and you say…God, let’s now talk about it,she revealed.


Well, Wahu is an amazing woman and she has taken her time to give back to the community. She and her daughter Tumiso, took their time to spend a day with parents and kids with Down Syndrome, a genetic disorder caused by the presence of all or part of a third copy of chromosome 21. It is typically associated with physical growth delays, characteristic facial features and mild to moderate intellectual disability.

She took to social media to share with her fans how the day went.

She wrote, “#earliertoday , at a tree planting ceremony organized by Down Syndrome Society of Kenya….was amazing spending time with the parents and kids of DSSK, doing something good for the environment. 🌲🌲💚💚 #gogreen #itseveryonesresponsibility #greener254 ☘️☘️.”

Check out photos from the ceremony;






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Tanzanian singer Lady JayDee reveals how she feels about having children

Tanzanian singer Lady Jay Dee is no stranger to controversy.

The no-nonsense singer is known to hit out at fans who poke their noses in her personal life. She responds so swiftly, many are left amused and wondering who hurt her.

Well, recently a fan asked her why she has not had a child, since marrying her second husband. I guess perhaps society always has expectations of us once we walk down the aisle.

But Judith Wambura, her real name, was not having any jokes.


She responded telling the fan to stop poking her nose in her business, at the same time indicating that she may not have a child anytime soon.

The singer who divorced her manager hubby, and quickly found love again doesn’t seem to be in a hurry to fill the earth, as her fans expect of newly-weds.

She wrote;


‘maswala yanahusikaje hapo kwa mfano. Mgneniacha nikapumua mtoto amekuwa mtoto kwani nisipopata itakuwaje kwa mfano? natakiwe nife au? na hii post inahusikaje na mtoto? jifunzeni kuwaachia watu maisha yao binafsi aisee mnnichosha. zaeni nyie mjaze dunia inatosha’.


The bongo singer revealed that she is now being managed by Kenya’s Taurus Muzik, after ditching Ali Kiba’s manager for the Kenyan team.

Her new move was welcomed by Kenyan fans who are eager to see what she has in store for them in 2018.

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‘I Had Lost All Hope In Our Kenyan Awards’ Willy Paul Reveals After Winning This Award

Controversial gospel star, Willy Paul, has been quiet for quite sometime now, considering he’s always making headlines for all the wrong reasons.

Many have stated that his music is not gospel compared to the kind of music he released when he was an upcoming artiste. But time changes and maybe he feels that the music he puts out, is what the youth want to hear.

willy paul2

Well, even if people have questioned his music, the ‘JigiJigi’ hitmaker is making major moves and his hardwork is paying off.

At the moment he’s more than happy after he won an award for Best Male Artiste in Kenya at the Pulse Awards.

He took to social media to express himself and even revealed that he had given up on Kenyan awards.

willy paul1

He wrote, “To be honest I had lost all hope in our Kenyan awards.. and like I sang in my song #digiri you dont really need an award to go to heaven. With or without an award all things are still possible. Awards are earthly and are made to appreciate our good work. Back to business.. yesterday night the biggest video award ceremony went down #PULSEAWARDS.. I had two nominations for the song #jigijigi and it was a big win for me and my team. We took home all the two awards respectively.. JIGIJIGI MOST VIEWED VIDEO ON YOUTUBE AND JIGIJIGI BEST MALE VIDEO….. Thank you all for your support. I promise to continue being humble and making good music…for the Lord.”

Here are some of the comments from his fans;


ga_mic: God bless you WILLY Paul… You have a great future ahead… Looking forward to an electrifying performance in Glorious Chapel Church… 24th Dec… Can’t wait!!!

jaydenmuse: May God shower you with blessings my brother in Christ..

teddypaul: On track bro. Watu Husema you are irrelevant but I can’t see anything wrong with your music. Some people are just jealous of where you are. CONGRATULATIONS TO YOU

dominic.kim.14: Congratulations…but continue making “good songs for us to enjoy” but not for the Lord

diana_diane_dee: Smart,though unapenda sana kuignore mafans wako Willy

ruosuzan: All you do is win win win

ndelandela: Okay we need New song bro we cnt wait let t go we craving 😬

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Former Crossover 101 host Faith Muturi celebrates her sons first birthday with sweet message

Ex-Crossover 101 host Faith Muturi Ngugi is married to the love of her life George Ngugi.

The curvaceous woman welcomed a bouncing baby boy with her husband on December 11, 2016 named Lemuel Imani Gakio Ngugi.

Well, the couple is thriving and their marriage seems to be working out very well. They have been sharing their sons photos on their social media at the same time lavishing praise on him.

Today as their son turns a year, the parents have taken it to their social media to celebrate him.

Faith Muturi wrote on her social media platform;

“This day a year ago, I finally got to hold you in my arms. Oh what joy!!😍💥🤗💖💙💚 I am honoured to be your mum. Your Dad and I are so delighted, so grateful and so blessed to have you in our lives.🙏🙏 Happy Happy Happy Birthday Lemuel Imani Gakio Ngugi. May you grow in wisdom and stature with God and man. May our love give you roots to help you find your winds. We love you so so so much!! 😚😚💝💕💞
#happybirthdayson #babyboy #ohmygoodness
#lovelikenoother #ohhappyday #miraclebaby
#firstbirthday #somuchloveforyou
#lemuelturnsone #happyparents “


The dad also celebrated his cute son’s birthday with an awesome message;

“at about 10am on the 11th December 2016 a bouncing(actually screaming😄) baby boy was born!
💓❤💕💞 Lemuel Imani Gakio Ngugi came into our life and from that day our lives have not been the same.
Happy Birthday Son! We thank God for you and pray that the words of Luke 2:52 become your reality everyday as they did for our Lord Jesus Christ”


Fans were equally elated;

kileyeunice …Happy birthday Lemuel …….time really does fly just the other day

gladies_wangary… Happy birthday Lemuel

fionajohn_miss… Happy birthday Lemuel

itsneyozbey ..Happy Birthday to your litu handsome😄😇

wambuisila ..Happy birthday son

christine_isaac ..Hbd

ericokoye…Happy Birthday Lemuel. Oh how wonderful

loicechai…Happy birthday lemuel your mummy loves you very much

Mpweety Cortez… Happy happiest bday Prince. May u grow as a God fearing boy. God bless

Check out photos.





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Mbegu Safi! Meet This Kenyan Beauty Queen’s Mother

Roshanara Ebrahim is a sight for sour eyes.

The beauty queen who was dethroned by the Miss World Kenya franchise officials has not missed a beat when it comes to following her dreams .

After Roshanara lost the Miss World Kenya crown, she has bagged several product endorsements and gotten herself signed to one of the top modeling agencies in the country.

The sassy diva introduced her mum to her fans in a recent post.

She wrote:

Cheers to you Mum, because you’re my pride and joy…

Words will never satisfy the bountiful emotions that I have in my heart for you…
I wish I was with you today more than ever, to celebrate you.
You’ve taught me when you love someone, fight the world for them and never downplay true love .. Today is yours. Today is ours.
To your first sober birthday and many more.
My angel, my Rock, my sister, my mother and my best friend. I love you. Happy Birthday mama, may God always bless us and our family, may we always stay united and as one. All we have is each other. 🤩😘🤩😘 Yours, Rosh.

Roshanara also posted photos to accompany her beautifully penned birthday message. We can all see where the beauty comes from. It clearly runs in the family.


Roshanara Ebrahim's Mum

Roshanara Ebrahim's Mum

Roshanara Ebrahim's Mum

Roshanara Ebrahim's Mum

Roshanara Ebrahim's Mum

Sheila Mwanyigha Talks Love And Marriage! And Especially Why Relationships Are A No, No, Right Now

Sheila Mwanyigha has redefined ambition and the go-getter attitude for many young girls who want to chase a career in media.

The silver screen beauty is currently owning the digital space with her inspirational vlog on Youtube called Sheila Lives Out Loud

In a recent interview with Parents Magazine, Sheila opened up about her private life.

The magazine reports that “Sheila is a romantic and hopes to get married someday. She is quick to add that marriage should not be the only measure of success for a woman.”

“My mum always tells me that marriage is God’s plan and He brings someone when one is ready and that being married is not synonymous with happiness,” she offers, adding that she would also love to have children, “I have a niece and she is the love of my life. I would love to have my own someday, maybe twin boys.”

sheila-mwanygha-latestSheila says that she does not feel any pressure that her age may limit her possibility of having children, tactfully evading the question that has remained a mystery for years; just how old is she?

“Several years back, a regional publication assumed my age incorrectly after an interview and published it. Thereafter, I decided to gauge myself according to the work, experience and my purpose in life as opposed to the chronological accumulation of numbers,” she says adamantly.

She is currently single but not for lack of prospects,

“Relationships are rough. I decided to take a break last year after a relationship I had such high hopes for didn’t work out.”

Source – Parents Magazine

‘The marriage was never good to begin with…’ model sobs about her philandering TV host hubby

Matt Lauer’s wife, Annette Roque, feared the disgraced newsman would cheat on her even before they were wed nearly 20 years ago.

‘He was a player when she met him and she knew that,’ a source who worked with Lauer told People Magazine on Thursday. ‘Even many years ago, he was a flirt, a philanderer. He did his thing.’

Despite her reservations, the former Dutch model married Lauer in 1998 after they met on a blind date.

But the union apparently suffered as Roque struggled to reconcile with Lauer’s growing ‘ladies man’ reputation around 30 Rockefeller Plaza.

Lauer was fired from NBC juggernaut The Today Show less than two weeks ago after network executives received a ‘detailed complaint from a colleague about inappropriate sexual behavior.’

‘By Matt’s own admission there were struggles and challenges with his wife,’ the source said. ‘Like many couples, they struggled with a modern marriage.’

A second source claimed that their marriage was ‘never good’ to begin with and nearly hit a breaking point more than a decade ago.

In 2006, Roque filed for divorce claiming that Lauer exhibited ‘cruel and inhumane’ acts against her, according to court documents.

Roque, 51, also accused Laure of demonstrating ‘extreme anger and hostility’ that endangered her mental and physical wellbeing.

The couple, however, apparently reconciled their difference, with Roque withdrawing the legal action three weeks later.

But the relationship never regained its original luster, with the source saying the two ‘lived totally separate lives.’

Lauer was ‘essentially living as a single guy’ in Manhattan, said the source, while Roque stayed in the Hamptons along with their three children.

Despite the distance and strain ties between the couple, Lauer was ‘solid father’ who adored his children.

Lauer, 59, has also been accused by a number of anonymous NBC staffers of sexual misconduct and assault in reports published by Variety and The New York Times.

A day after his firing, Lauer broke his silence and had a statement read live on-air through his former Today Show co-hosts on November 30.

‘There are no words to express my sorrow and regret for the pain I have caused others by words and actions,’ he said.

‘To the people I have hurt, I am truly sorry. As I am writing this, I realize the depth of the damage and disappointment I have left behind at home and at NBC.’

‘Some of what is being said about me is untrue or mischaracterized, but there is enough truth in these stories to make me feel embarrassed and ashamed. I regret that my shame is now shared by the people I cherish dearly,’ he continued.

‘Repairing the damage will take a lot of time and soul searching, and I’m committed to beginning that effort. It is now my full time job. The last two days have forced me to take a very hard look at my own troubling flaws. It’s been humbling. I am blessed to be surrounded by people I love. I thank them for their patience and grace.’

The source told People that Lauer is struggling to cope with the fallout from the scandal, describing him as ‘weak and broken and ashamed by his own admission.’

‘He is my friend. He is human, and he is flawed. But is he going to use his power to be a predator on women? Until I see solid evidence of that, I just can’t believe it. We don’t know the details,’ the source added.