Mike Mondo comes up with a bride price formula that will anger slay queens

Classic 105’s Mike Mondo has an unbeatable, uncrackable and an undisputed formula for paying bride price.

Nairobi bachelors will be happy to know that they will be getting bei ya jioni, if this formula is widely accepted in society.

On the other hand, slay queens, in-laws and brides to be, whose dowry hasn’t been paid yet, will not be happy.

Mike Mondo works from the premise that, if the bride had many sexual partners her value deteriorates exponentially.

Here is the formula…

Mike mondo bride price formula
Mike mondo bride price formula

Diamond is so shameless, see what he told his ex in public

Check out som eof the reactions
Kabutiei Kulei Phil: Hahaha crazy

Robby Sez: Waa, every man should embrace this formula,and that +1 should be +3

Bwari Bee: Lol multiply the answer by the number of women he has copulated with. Mathematics have to even out. Thank you very much.

Polin Milan Njeri: Looking forward to the day women will start paying “groom” price. Some of your parents will have a bigger debt than kenya😂😂.

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Nimetoka mbali sana! Betty Bayo buys a car for the daughter

Betty Bayo loves her children very much. The gospel singer was once married to controversial pastor Kanyari.

The two co parent in raising their children together.

In a recent interview highlighted by Mpasho.co.ke, Betty said she is too beautiful to be single and thus, she is dating.

“Yes I am. And I am happy. If it works out or not, I will still be happy. I will still be Betty. I am wiser now. I do not cling to relationships. It is only that I am too beautiful to be single.”

Cross Over 101 presenter Grace Ekirapa in tears as she reveals she survived on milk and mandazi

Yummy mummy Betty Bayo

There is nothing like a mother’s love. Betty Bayo lavishes her two children with soooo much love.

She wrote, “When i look back kuria nyumite haria ndi (where I have come from and where I’m at now) all the challenges ups and down and how God has been faithful kwanza hii mwaka Wacha mungu aitwe MUNGU.”

Night runners president protests the massive killing of animals they use for their activities

Betty Bayo is experiencing and enjoying God’s favour and blessings. She recently bought her first born child, a daughter named Sky, a car.
Sky Bayo
Betty’s daughter Sky Bayo

Sky said, “Hey, this is my brother, this is my car. [My brother] likes screaming a lot.

She also fired a warning shot at her mum.

“Please don’t ever, ever, ever take pictures when we are going to church.”

Check out the sweet ride in the video below…

Uyu niamakia ati arenda istagram acc follow her on @Skybayo1

A post shared by Betty Bayo (@bayobetty) on

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‘Why I left Yamoto Band’, Mbosso reveals

Mbosso is the new member of  Wasafi Record. You probably remember him from the famous group Ya Moto Band, a boy band that broke up a while ago.

In an interview with this writer, Mbosso has revealed the reason why he left Yamoto Band.

‘Cha kwanza naeza sema ni maslahi, income ukipenda hela mnazopata mnakula na watu wengi sana, so kila mtu akaamua kufanya mziki kivyake kwa sababu hizo hela zilikua hazitoshi. Hakuna tatizo lolote lingine ata sahizi huwa bado tunawasiliana, tunapatana na kupiga stori.’


He also talked about life after being signed as a member of WCB,

‘Challenges ziko  tulikua tunaimba wanne kabla ya kila mtu kujitenga. sasa hivi lazima nimalize kwanzia intro mpaka autro. Si rahisi, after hapo niende kufuatilia maswala ya video, kisha nianze kuzunguka kwa media tour ili kujiandaa na show. Huwa ni changamoto ambayo sasa hivi nko mimi mwenyewe. Sasa labda tufanye collaboration in future but hatuwezi rudi kuwa pamoja.’

Another star? Meet WCB’s new kid on the block


How did he end up being in Wasafi Record?

‘Niliingia WCB kwa sababu ya urafiki mzuri ambapo baadhi ya wasanii wa WCB mi ni favourite wa Diamond tangu zamani, nakumbuka tangu nikiwa form 2 niliwai fanya naye wimbo baadae akaja kuniona kwenye YaMoto Band pia na mara kwa mara akiwa kwenye interview zake lazima anizungumzie “nampenda sana Mbosso na natamani sana kufanya naye kazi. Kwa hivyo mimi kuwa WCB nmekua ni sehemu ya wish ya Diamond, alitamani siku moja afanye kazi na mimi.’

‘Kufanya kazi na Diamond inanipa fursa na changamoto ya kuweza kufanya ngoma mzuri zaidi ambacho ni kitu kizuri.’ He concluded.


Yemi Alade rocks the stage at the Koroga Festival (Photos)


The 21st edition of the annual Koroga festival went down yesterday at the Carnivore grounds.

Nigerian musician Yemi Alade rocked the stage, and more entertainment was provided by Kenyan singer Sage, Mercy Masika among others.

Check out the fashion we spotted courtesy our photographer Douglas Okiddy.


Singer Sage
Actress Ann Karimi
Chibole Adanje a businesslady
Gospel singer Mercy Masika
Human rights activitst Nancy Wanjohi
Lawyer Lucy Shiiand and student Annette Basweti
Lawyer Lucy Shii
Student Wendy Olulo and youtuber Jean Ojiro
Student Winnie Ndinda
Trancsend Media account executive Rahab Mungai
Yemi Alade performs
Musician Kebati Oeri



Papa Shirandula Actress Awinja looks like royalty in this gown

Jacky makes sure she is always at the top of her game, commanding the red carpet in a variety of styles.

From her hair to her makeup and accessories Papa Shirandula actress Awinja also known as Jacky Vike wows.

This is how men can avoid being broke, according to Papa Shirandula’s Awinja

This outrageously cute outfit that she wore below, has been gathering dust in her wardrobe. She shared details about it, revealing.

This was was my First Gown ever! And a favourite for that Matter. I will be Posting here some of the Gowns/Dresses I have Worn on the Red Carpet and other Events.
Unfortunately I can’t Wear them again so i am thinking of what to do with them, either Sell them and give the Money to charity or Just give them away as they are but that means I will need a challenge for that🤔 ama I make them short and wear them differently 🤔😂 Btw.. Sijui aki 🙈


Awinja is nothing short of striking royalty as she has such a classy sense and is pretty hard to ignore.

The mother of one never ceases to amaze us with her unwavering beauty. No stranger to stunning style statements, the acting veteran is known to deliver vibrant, conversation-worthy looks. The intricate detailing of her gown and accessory choices show just how much of an OG she is when it comes to style.

We are in awe of you Jacky, go through and see why;

‘Respect To Men Supporting Their Partners With Newborns,’ Awinja Appreciates Her Baby Daddy (Photos)





Photo of the day: Lupita Nyongo was at the KICC but haters will say it’s photoshop

You gotta love Kenyans though. Someone saw the photo that Lupita Nyongo posted and thought, no gal,,let me help you with that.

They took this original picture and photoshopped her at the KiCC grounds. The original is where she is posing with Black Panther star Chadwick Boseman, and of course mafisilets are swooning over him.

Lupita Nyong’o Declares Her Love For Fellow Black Panther Actor After Huge Movie Success





callme_awuor…They make such a beautiful couple!

ireneomondinyagowete…Waweeee Kali sana

bakytah..I feel good when I see her with Michael B.Jordan

evelynwenbBby ..do u known it’s only u
skemunto..Hata KiCC ilisonga kidogo ndio wapige picha🙈🙈🙈🙈 thanks to Vibranium

grace_nyatch..Lupita.. Melanin so beautiful. Black panther attire

[email protected] ..I’m crying 😭😭😭😂

alibaba.kenya..Kwani huyu ana mabwana wagapi sio Michael jordan sio mzungu

vikkie_kjefferson7…Nice one.. our homegal doing big things @lupitanyongo #kenyan 🇰🇪🇰🇪🇰🇪


wagithuka*..like seriously,on another level😰

arishaanna..Am already in love 💯😘😘

naiboleboo..Na maandishi ndani…Wishing you success!.May you pass with flying colours! [In 📸 Lupita Nyong’o and Chadwick B. Wasike]

denitawilberIs …Boseman coming..uone vile nitacom haraka 😊

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Kenya’s wittiest, funniest comedians in a grand comeback thrill

Teacher Wanjiku made a major comeback in 2017 at the Churchill show during the Churchill at 40 edition.
Well, Kenya’s top female comedian is now gearing up to make major moves once again. She has since bagged major advertising deals and her fans have been hoping for something even bigger.
Fear not! Teacher Wanjiku or Wanjiku the Teacher whose real name is Carolyn Wanjiku Ber, has something big up her sleeve, and it also involves Larry Asego.
And it’s all set to go down this month.
On the 16th of March 2018, Kenya’s comedy scene is gearing up for a game changer in one of the most grand comebacks and rib-cracking affairs in what is dubbed an easy humor evening.
There is also a part of the script that features Eric Omondi appearing!

Teacher Wanjiku slays at Diamond Platnumz’ album launch event (Photos)

This show will be presented on Thursday 29th of March (Good Friday Eve) at the refurbished auditorium of Kenya National Theatre from 6:00 p.m.

10 Kenyan celebrities who have given their children unique names

They are not all about the fame and being in the spotlight. Kenyan celebrities also have a life outside fame.

Most of them are married to their life partners and even have families of their own.

Most of us always congratulate and support their success but have never really taken the time to look at how interesting their children’s names are.

Kenyan celebrities are always known to be extra and it is evident they are extra in everything including naming their children.

Here is a list of Kenyan celebrities who have given their children beautiful unique names.

  1. Gospel artist Bahati Kenya named his baby girl Heaven Bahati


2. Gospel artists Size 8 and DJ Mo named their baby girl Ladasha Belle


3. Media personality Janet Mbugua named her son Ethan Huru


4. Kenyan musicians Nameless and Wahu named their first born daughter Tumiso


5. DJ Creme de la Creme named his handsome first born son Jamari

creme de

6. Rapper Octopizzo named his beautiful daughter Zara


7. TV presenter Jacque Maribe named her lovely daughter Zahari


8. News anchor Betty Kyalo’s named her beautiful daughter Ivanna


9. Rapper King Kaka named his beautiful daughters Gweth and Ayanna Ombima


10. Kenyan comedian Obinna named his son handsome Luironne and his daughter Laleiti

obinna 1

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‘We celebrate you forever E-sir’, Celebrities join fans in paying tribute 15 years on

Today marks 15 years since Kenya’s fastest rising artist Issah Mmmari aka E-Sir, lost his life in a tragic road accident on March 16, 2003.

Nameless has recounted his journey with the late E-sir, upto the time death took him away at a very young age.

He was on his way back to Nairobi from a concert at Afraha Stadium, Nakuru town, to help promote his debut album whose songs remain club bangers to-date. E-sir was an inspiration and a mentor to many and for that matter, the image of an evolving youth urban music culture.


‘I broke down when I learnt that E-sir was dead’ – Nameless recounts

Well, Nameless and other fans have taken it to their instagram page to pay tribute to the Legend E-sir .

kagwemungai …Long Live The Culture 🖤🙏✌️#Esir

dj_storm_the_great..Today marks 15 years since one of Kenya’s greatest rappers #ESir passed away. We honour his memory with best of his tacks back to time……..Join me at @mercurylounge_abc With @djburnradiokillah …..its gonna be lit……salute! @mwanaumenieffort

namelesskenya …It’s been 15 years Bro!!! We MISS you, we LOVE you we CELEBRATE you! #Esirforever #TheLEGEND #Brother #Genius #16March2003

boneye…#ESIR 20th May 1981-16th March 2003! #foreverinourhearts 🇰🇪

rigbyrodgers…My lyrical tongue twister. He was dope

Listen to the audio below;



After WCB, Diamond Platnumz Reveals Why He Is Planning To Launch Wasafi TV

In a recent interview with breakfast presenter, Maina Kageni, Tanzanian superstar, Diamond Platnumz, announced that he is getting into media ownership business.

He says his vision is to encourage hundreds of many struggling upcoming artists.

Diamond has fast grown into an internationally acknowledged artist thanks to his club bangers; ‘Salome wangu’, ‘nana’, ‘number one’, where he featured Davido, and many other songs, the list is endless.

In his interview, Maina reveals that soon,Diamond will be establishing Wasafi FM and Wasafi TV. Diamond responded by claiming that his sole purpose is to to create a platform for new artists.

He added that he would love to create Job opportunities for the new artists, presenters, deejays, reporters and hosts since most artists are nurtured by media personalities.

Diamond’s vision is that Wasafi Fm and Wasafi TV, in partnership with other media companies, will help uplift a lot of new artists and allow more opportunities for radio presenters and TV hosts and other media personnels.

The Tanzanian artist launched his latest album ‘A Boy From Tandale’ earlier this week at the Kenya National Theatre where alongside American superstar, Omarion they brought the house down in an invite only event.

Unfortunately, hits like ‘i miss you’,wont be part of the album since the album has 20 songs, songs that he said are close to his heart and have significance in his life, like his first major collabo with the P square ‘kidogo’.

He also said that his album has ten new songs and even has a collabo with omarion that apparently will shake the music industry.

Listen to the entire interview below.

‘I respected Diamond but I have always loved Zari’, Ringtone explains

Ringtone has a history of making big claims. When news broke on social media that Zari had broken up with her husband Diamond, he made it public on his social media that he is planning to marry Zari.

A few days later he posted a picture of him with a herd of cattle and said that he’s planning to deliver them as payment for Zari’s dowry.

Well, during an interview with this writer, Ringtone sought to explain his intentions saying,.

“We are going to Uganda,with my friends, you know there is no problem with trying out something that your heart wants, many times i have been following what people want but this time I am going to follow what my heart want. So my heart want to go to Uganda. I want to go to Uganda to visit Zari’s home. I am going with some of my close friends and one or two elders who are going to seek to know if we can be allowed to pay dowry for Zari.”

‘God Has Bigger Plans For You’ Ringtone Tells Zari

Asked whether he knows Zari, he quickly responded with a ‘yes’ adding that,



“I would say this Zari is wounded, and she does not want to indulge with other things but that doesn’t meant that if you feel that you love Zari you can not be able to love her, if you have not seen me with her, that  does not mean that I don’t love her.

I have loved her but I have restrained my self knowing that she is somebody’s wife.

I respected Diamond as her husband but now the whole world knows that they are not together, so instead of waiting anymore, and she is beautiful, the whole world wants her, I said why don’t I be the first to register. Adding that  “I am taking care of over a a hundred orphans so, taking care of her children it is not adopting. She only have five children and she is not a beggar, she is not looking for someone to feed her children. After all even if it was someone to feed the children, children are blessing, you do not know what they will become in future.

Bride Price Manenos: Gospel singer Ringtone gears up to handover  dowry for Zari’s hand in marriage


Asked what she thinks about her having children he said,

“Zari has not lost anything to have children, she is even more attractive to men who understand what it means to succeed in life.When you look at me, my music she will definitely have to love me, do I look like someone who can be hated by women? I am not bringing her problems, not in a bad way but God has blessed me am successful

I am going for her because she is also successful. She has been going to church and there is nobody who is devils child.

She has been criticized for taking her children to church, I know she will be a minister.

Please read as gospel singer Ringtone is dragged online for showing off his lunch

I can feed Zari, its only that I am a Christian and I do not want to be polygamous, otherwise I can marry over a hundred wives and still feed them.

I am tall and handsome and I am blessed.

I would want to tell Zari that she is a great woman, a great mother and just because she has five children, she is the most beautiful woman that i have seen in the world.she should not think that she is not attractive. She is more attractive to men who knows what they want in Life.

I am humbly asking her to consider my proposal that she needs a man of God. She has been in two marriages which had issues. She didnt experience what God wanted her to experience but in her third marriage, she is going to experience that. Naona akiwa mama mzuri sana wa kanisa. She will help me achieve her dreams and i will also her her.”

Ataweza? Leave your comments below.



A look inside Diamond Platnumz’ album launch event (Photos)

The much-anticipated Diamond Platnumz’ album launch went down at the Kenya National Theatre last night.

Diamond Platnumz and Omarion
Diamond Platnumz and Omarion on stage

The invites only party was attended by local artistes, media personalities, Wasafi crew, Diamond Platnumz’ mother, sister Esma and American rapper Omarion.

In case you were not invited, here are the photos of those who attended, go through and vote for the best dressed


Diamond Platnumz' album launch
Diamond Platnumz’ mother during his album launch


Diamond Platnumz' album launch
Harmonize at Diamond Platnumz’ album launch


Maina Kageni on stage during Diamond Platnumz’ album launch


Diamond Platnumz' album launch
Starehe MP Jaguar


Diamond Platnumz' album launch
Classic 105’s Mike Mondo with a friend at Diamond Platnumz’ album launch


Diamond Platnumz' album launch
Local artistes


Diamond Platnumz' album launch
Diamond Platnumz on stage during his album launch


Diamond Platnumz' album launch
L-R: Kriss Darlin, Timmy Tdat and hair stylist Eric


Diamond Platnumz' album launch


Diamond Platnumz' album launch
Elani Kenya


Diamond Platnumz' album launch
DJ Sadiq


Diamond Platnumz' album launch


Diamond Platnumz' album launch


Diamond Platnumz' album launch
Wasafi crew with Diamond Platnumz’ family


Diamond Platnumz' album launch


Diamond Platnumz' album launch


Diamond Platnumz' album launch
Diamond Platnumz and his mother


Diamond Platnumz' album launch
Bahati with Eric