If I die, bury me on the same day! Akothee tells her family

Singer Esther Akoth aka Akothee is one of the media personalities that I hold in high esteem. The reason is simple; She isn’t afraid to speak and fight for her truth, even if it might ruffle feathers.

The mother of 5 has a reputation for saying what crosses her mind and it seems that the “Sweet Love” singer has been thinking about death.

Yes, you read that right. Akothee, who is also an entrepreneur, made a bold confession on death, stating that she has informed her family that when her day of resting comes, she should be buried on the same day.

Sponsors can pay for things in your life but will never make you rich – Akothee warns

She made her statement ahead of the burial of her sister-in-law (Sarah Anne Atieno Kokeyo) who passed away on August 20, 2020 while in Kampala, Uganda. The funeral arrangements and the ensuing issues have made her note that she doesn’t want to go through that herself.

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It is well min ji 🙏🙏🙏 Abondona 🙏🙏🙏

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The musician narrated that nobody had checked up on her and find out if she needs help or even comfort her, and her family during this difficult time.

“The air is thin up here. Always attending my family’s funerals alone. With my security, PA and photographers. I am panicking, I have no one to comfort me, no one is even asking if I need anything or any help. But when people have funerals, the number of phone calls I get only God Knows. I am learning to be selfish too, I wish I could, be blessed,” wrote Akothee.

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Haloooo ,who is looking for me ?

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She went on to say,  “Some people are so insensitive still calling me to send them contributions for their own funerals, no one has called to ask if they could accompany me to the burial or even when the burial is 🙏 wee. This time round I am too weak to attend & witness my brother lower his wife to rest, sijui niweke kichwa wapi ? 🙆🙆🙆💔💔💔💔💔💔💔💔💔.”

She finished off by stating that she would like to be buried the day she died. “For me, if I die today, I have asked my family to bury me the same day 😭, the trauma my mother has gone through for a month waiting for nyabondo because of the COVID situation, I can’t stand seeing her making trips to the funeral home, May The Lord comfort everyone who lost their loved ones during this hard times 🙏🙏🙏, good morning, my love 🙏.”

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If he tells you that that is his baby mama 🤣🤣, ,just know that ,he is a martied man ,married men have changed tittles , they play confused in their relationships, but deep down,they know very well,they cant choose you over their wives " (baby mama) He just want to box you , so he can get a different juice 🤣, then later he will say, oooh let me respect her for the sake of our child 🤣🤣🤣, those people are actually sleeping together and planning their future minus you 🤣🤣🤣. You are the game 🙆‍♂️🙈, As for me , you have to choose A or B You can only side chicken me if you are paying my bills. if I am wealthier than you,and you want to play hide and sick with me 🤣🤣🤣 ,MR Man , go play with your mates in the field 🏃‍♂️🏃‍♂️🏃‍♂️🏃‍♂️🏃‍♂️, you can't come to me with an empty pocket & a baggage as well 🙆‍♂️🙆‍♂️, where do I start Renovating you from 🤣🤣🤣🤣,then your wife will emerge and start embarrassing me for nothing 🙄🤣🤣 Women be carefull with this baby mama tittles ,its confusion, I don't know why men do this though? Why are men not proud of their wives anymore? Where are those men who use to introduce their wives to friends ,and were proud to put on their wedding rings and carry their children on their heads ? Where are we 🙆‍♂️🙆‍♂️

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Take heart Ruth Matete – These other celebs have also experienced grief and loss

Ruth Matete has gone through so much pain this year that I can’t even begin to contemplate how bad it has been for her.

For her, Covid-19 is most likely a footnote in 2020, the bigger story for the gospel singer is that she lost her husband BelovedJohn Apewajoy barely four months after they had gotten married.

The similarities between Ruth Matete’s new song, “Damu Yako” ]] “It is well with my soul”

That event while tragic was made much worse after the Nigerian government prevented her from burying John, only allowing her to do so, 3 months after his untimely death.

Ruth took a break from social media to try and mourn in private, only emerging last month to update her fans on her progress.

Ruth who is pregnant with the late John’s son shared a heart-rending message yesterday. Ruth explained how tough the experience had been for her saying that she believed that she might have been taking a long time in the mourning phase.

“Truth is some days are very hard. When death knocks at your door, there’s nothing you can do. Some days, voices in my head tell me am taking too long in this mourning phase.”

But Ruth has promised herself that she will not be too hard on herself vowing to be patient in her journey.

I patiently wait for the day God will heal me totally. But then again, some days I doubt if this kind of pain can totally heal. So I ask God to give me a new heart instead. Till then, I’ll smile when God gives me a chance to. I will laugh when God allows me to. But above all, I will keep serving Him.

Ruth’s journey with grief mirrors some other prominent celebs who have also undergone the loss of a loved one. Some other celebs who have gone through harrowing experiences with loss are below;

Size 8 and Dj Mo

The couple had a miscarriage in late 2018 that threatened to harm the integrity of their marriage. Dj Mo said that they made sure they didn’t blame each other over the loss although they said the pain was too much.

Grace Ekirapa

The Crossover101 host has narrated how tough it was for her to lose her mother while she was still a young girl, saying that her mom who died nearly two decades ago had left a void that she couldn’t ever fill.

Willis Raburu and Maryaprude Raburu

Raburu and his then-wife Marya lost their baby girl on January 1st, 2020. That loss would be the beginning of the unraveling of their relationship.

The two are currently no longer together and one would be hard-pressed to give a reason for the break-up other than the grief they experienced after they lost their child.

Tedd Josiah

The experienced veteran music producer lost his wife and mother to his baby girl in October 2017. Since then, Josiah has mourned and remembered his late wife Regina Katar in numerous posts, showing that every person has their own way of dealing with loss.

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Still trying to come to terms that you are no longer with us – Jeff Koinange in mourning

Boombastic and jovial media personality Jeff Koinange is in mourning. The decorated veteran Citizen TV anchor revealed the sad news that his elder brother passed away over the weekend.

In his heartbreaking Instagram post, the 54-year-old lamented that he would never be able to see his older brother ever again.

He added that his late brother David Waiganjo Mbiyu was a friend and a confidant he cherished so much. Jeff who keeps his extended family hidden narrated that David had a heart of gold that was gentle and kind.

“Still trying to come to terms with the fact that you are no longer with us, my big brother and my friend,” Jeff said. He added that the pain he felt would never go away.

Jeff comes from exemplary stock. Senior Chief Koinange wa Mbiyu of Kiambu was the patriarch of the Koinanges.

Though illiterate, Koinange championed the uptake of early education through independent schools with the establishment of Githunguri Teachers College, where future President Jomo Kenyatta was vice principal when he returned to Kenya from England in 1946.

‘Jeff Koinange has a whisky and cigar museum’ Reveals Maina Kageni

Koinange Street are named in his honour. He had six wives and 34 children are the start of the impressive lineage that is the Koinanges.

Mbiyu Koinange: Jomo Kenyatta’s brother-in-law, confidante and political go-between was the first Kenyan to attain university education after a Scottish teacher tipped his father about America having cheap, but good preparatory schools for black people.

Jeff himself is the son of Frederick Mbiyu Koinange.

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The similarities between Ruth Matete’s new song, “Damu Yako” ]] “It is well with my soul”

If I was to surmise Ruth Matete in one word, it would be, resilient. The singer has gone through a roller-coaster life that has seen her experience such crazy highs but also some of the deepest lows that would have broken some.

The dark-skinned singer has had probably the toughest year in her life, losing her husband and soon to be father of her first-born son in April.

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The number 9 symbolizes divine completeness or conveys the meaning of finality. Christ died at the 9th hour of the day. In this 9th month of the year, just as Christ died and overcame death at the 9th hour, you too shall overcome whatever battles you're facing, in the name of Jesus Christ. I know it's been hard. It's been tough! You have cried your eyes out. Experienced such excruciating pain. But that's because the gestation period is over!!! Oh my! my! The water is about to break!!! And you're about to give birth!! I promise you, that if you can only endure the pain, you'll enjoy the gain!! It's gonna be worth it!! Welcome to September. The month of completeness. The month of finality. #completeness #finality #newbirth #happynewmonth

A post shared by Ruth Matete 🇰🇪 (@pstruthmatete) on

The couple had been married from late 2019 and seemed to be the dream couple but fate wasn’t on their side as her husband, BelovedJohn Apewajoy passed away due to injuries he suffered after a tragic gas explosion in their home.

Ruth took a break from social media and who could blame her for she had gone through a terrible patch in her life. But after her long period of mourning, the always smiling singer is finally ready to move on.

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One day I asked God why me, and He asked me who I would wish to go through it in my stead. That's when I stopped asking why me and instead asked God to show me the reason why He allowed me to face it. Because I know nothing catches Him by surprise. And all things work together for good, to those who love Him and are called according to His purpose. It's a few months since my late husband went to be with his maker, and I can candidly tell you, that I now understand why God allowed me to go through it. Do I still cry? Yes. But it gets better with time. I have made up my mind not to waste my pain. God must and will be glorified through my pain. Kindly subscribe to my YouTube channel. Link on bio. Thank you😊 #boldandcandidwithruthmatete #PstRuthMatete #ButGod

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And she has been making strides from the month of August, rejoining social media and speaking to her fans and followers.

“God must and will be glorified through my pain!” Widowed Ruth Matete speaks

But that’s not all, Ruth has been hard in the studio making music! Yes, you read that right! The singer showed off her new song on her Instagram page which dealt with her pain, frustrations and how God came through for her at her hour of need.

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I wrote this song amidst alot of pain and confusion. I needed healing for my soul. I needed provision. I needed peace. I needed deliverance from chains and shackles that had held me bound for a long time. I knew the blood of Jesus had power to do all these for me. So I wrote this song as a confession. I knew that if I confessed it, it would work for me. I pray that this song has and continues to be a blessing to you. As you listen to it, plead the blood of Jesus Christ over your situation, and watch it melt away like wax. Link in bio Remember to subscribe to my channel, so you can be the first to get a notification when I upload my new song, that am currently working on. #Damuyako #psrruthmatete

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Ruth’s song reminds me of the song “It is well with my soul” by Horatio Spafford. The song like Ruth’s comes from a place of pain and distressing difficulties.

Horatio who was a successful attorney and real estate investor lost a fortune in the great Chicago fire of 1871. But that wasn’t all, he also lost his beloved four-year-old son who died scarlet fever.

With these misfortunes, Horatio sent his wife and four daughters on a ship to England, so they could heal and unwind. He planned to join them later on but tragedy struck as while they were crossing the Atlantic Ocean, the ship was involved in a terrible collision and sunk.

More than 200 people lost their lives, including all four of Horatio Spafford’s precious daughters. His wife, Anna, survived the tragedy.

As Horatio thought about his daughters, words of comfort and hope filled his heart and mind. He wrote them down, and they have since become a well-beloved hymn, “It is well with my soul”.

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Tears flow freely as Kevin Oliech’s body arrives back in Kenya (photos)

The body of the late Kevin Oliech (Dennis Oliech’s younger brother) arrived at the JKIA last night Thursday September 3rd,  from Germany.

It was immediately taken to Umash Funeral Home. Kevin who was a former Mathare United player who had been ailing with cancer for close to 4 years, died this past week whilst getting treatment in Germany.

The body of Kevin Oliech arriving

The body of Kevin Oliech arriving 8 The body of Kevin Oliech arriving 5

The late Kevin’s body will be laid to rest on Saturday at his parents’ home in Seme, Kisumu county. Mike Sonko, the Nairobi governor promised to foot all the funeral expenses.

‘…the body has been transferred to umash funeral home ahead of his burial on saturday in seme, kisumu county. kevin, who is a brother to former harambee stars captain, dennis oliech, passed on in germany last month. i shall continue supporting the oliech family during this difficult moment to ensure kevin gets a befitting send-off. rest my brother, one day even cancer shall die,’ Sonko posted.

The body of Kevin Oliech arriving 7

The body of Kevin Oliech arriving 6

This is the second close person Dennis has lost to cancer in the last couple of years. The former Harambee Stars captain lost his mother, Mary Auma in 2018.

Maina Kageni’s call to Dennis Oliech grieving the death of his brother

The late Mary had battled cancer for many years and been in and out of hospital and was at one time flown to France by son Oliech where she underwent prolonged treatment.

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RIP-Black Panther actor Chadwick Boseman dies of cancer aged 43

US actor Chadwick Boseman, best known for his role in Black Panther, has died of cancer, his family say. The 43-year-old died at home in Los Angeles with his wife and family by his side.

Boseman had not spoken publicly about his diagnosis.

“A true fighter, Chadwick persevered through it all, and brought you many of the films you have come to love so much,” his family said in the statement.

Chadwick Boseman
Chadwick Boseman

“From Marshall to Da 5 Bloods, August Wilson’s Ma Rainey’s Black Bottom and several more – all were filmed during and between countless surgeries and chemotherapy. It was the honor of his career to bring King T’Challa to life in Black Panther.”

Boseman first came to prominence playing real-life figures – baseball great Jackie Robinson in 2013’s 42 then as musician James Brown in 2014’s Get on Up.

However, it will be as the titular Black Panther in the blockbuster 2018 film he will be best remembered. The film was the first superhero film to get a nomination for best picture – and six other awards – at the Oscars.

Chadwick Boseman
Chadwick Boseman

His death comes after public speculation had been brewing about what had caused his drastic weight loss after he was spotted last year at Heinz Field to watch a Pittsburgh Steelers practice.

But instead of feeling excited to get a glimpse of the actor, some users were worried over his drastic weight loss. “Looking Rough and like he has aged 10 years and lost weight. Why he looking so rough compared to like last year,” one noticed Boseman’s physical transformation.

Ryan Shazier with Chadwick Boseman
Ryan Shazier with Chadwick Boseman

While Boseman has not responded to fans’ concern, some Twitter users tried to offer some explanation to his weight loss. They believe that he has slimmed down for a movie role. “He an actor people, he may look that way he does for a role. Just saying, yall be quick to judge fr,” one shared his opinion.

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Linus Kaikai shares sweet last words to his late brother Maurice

Linus Kaikai is one of the most popular of TV anchors in Kenya. The former NTV employee now works for Citizen TV as one of the head honchos at the station.

The exceptional and professional Linus rarely speaks about his personal life but this past week’s events have forced some private details onto the public sphere-the fact that he is bereaved losing his brother, Maurice Kaikai ole Kaikai, on Sunday, August 9.

Linus Kaikai
Linus Kaikai

Maurice was working as County Attorney for Kajiado before his untimely death while receiving treatment at Kenyatta University Training and Referral Hospital.

Look At Linus Kaikai’s Palatial Home And His Supportive Beautiful Wife (PHOTOS)

Maurice was married Winfred Imaana Kaikai with whom he bore two children; Kilian Mayiana and Aidan Meliyio.

Maurice Kaikai
Maurice Kaikai

Linus who was born in a family of 11 shared the news to netizens on the fateful day. His fateful last words read, “Sing with the Angels, Maurice. Till we meet again.”


He said that it was going to take him forever to come to terms with his untimely death. His late brother will be buried at his home in Osinoni village, Transmara Sub-county in Narok County.

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I broke down completely sobbing while testing for Corona – Willis Raburu narrates

A miscarriage is a tough thing for any couple to go through. Size 8 and Dj Mo have previously spoken about one that caused a lot of soul-searching in their marriage.

Willis Raburu is another man who has walked down that road himself but with disastrous effects on his once-soaring marriage to Maryaprude.

Marya Prude with Willis Raburu in the past
Marya Prude with Willis Raburu in the past

But it seems that the death of his daughter Adana might have been too much for the couple to bear and a few months after her death they had split up.

Since his daughter’s death, Willis has frequently spoken about the baby he lost on the first day of 2020. His pronouncements show that the pain is still fresh to the Citizen TV anchor.

Mc Jessy with Willis Raburu
Mc Jessy with Willis Raburu

And recently during an interview with MC Jessy, Willis spoke about the issue that is close to his chest telling the comedian that he still gets very emotional.

“It was a very trying time and talking about it sometimes makes me very emotional so I try not to, but you are advised to. All I can say is that so many people came out and lashed at us saying very many bad things. But for me, that’s when you get to know your friends. That happened to us. It’s something I think about every day,” said Willis Raburu.

Willis Raburu chilling
Willis Raburu chilling

He added that most people had no idea what a person goes through after the death of their child.

“It is very difficult. I don’t think people understand what that kind of loss does to you because I don’t think there’s any day yenye inapita that I don’t get affected,” he said.

She made us get suspended! Willis Raburu says about crazy ex

He also narrated that when he went for his Covid-19 test at the Nairobi hospital, the memories of losing his daughter at the hospital got him overwhelmed and he broke into tears.

“The mass testing was happening and as I was being tested all those things came back to me, where I was packed, what I was doing and then I got emotional… all those memories came rushing back and I broke down completely sobbing and everybody was like what is happening to Willis. But you know that is why it is important to continue to go for therapy,” narrated Raburu.

Willis Raburu
Willis Raburu

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Breaking! Renowned University of Nairobi lecturer Ken Ouko is dead

Renowned University of Nairobi lecturer and sociologist Ken Ouko is dead. He was 56 years old. UoN corporate communications director John Orindi confirmed Ouko died on Saturday morning.

“He had been admitted at Aga Khan hospital,” he said.

Ouko had Covid-19. Former Nasa CEO and advocate Norman Magaya was among those who mourned Ouko’s death.
Taking to Twitter on Saturday, he said:

Ouko’s areas of specialisation were medical sociology, gerontology, deviance and family.

Ken Ouko dead
Ken Ouko dead

Until his death, Ouko was a senior lecturer at the Department of Sociology at the University of Nairobi. Before his death, Dr Ouko appeared on various TV stations to discuss issues related to sociology and relationships.
His last TV appearance was on KTN News 2 days ago.

Kenyans took to social media to celebrate the don after news of his death emerged on Saturday.

“Dr Ken Ouko! An incredible university don! Made psychology and sociology sound so simple and practical! So sad COVID has cut your life short! Watched you just a few days ago on KTN! journey well,” tweeted lawyer Norman Magaya.

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Check out rarely seen photos of the late Papa Shirandula’s wedding

The more time goes by, the more we realise the influence and impact that Charles Bukeko famously known for his role as Papa Shirandula had on Kenyans.

The man was the rare actor of old who was full of aplomb and humility but without the surrounding controversy that surrounds many thespians.

Papa Shirandula
Papa Shirandula

Since his death two weeks ago, people have been interested in the late actor’s life and one area that interests them a lot was his private life – his wife and kids in particular.

Hakuna tofauti! Jasper Murume says about Churchill and the late Papa Shirandula(exclusive)

His wife was called Beatrice and was recently interviewed by comedy great Churchill Ndambuki where she explained that they met back in 2004 when the late actor visited some friends near her home area. And there was no turning back from there,

“I met him in 2004 when he was just visiting some friends and pastors around the area we used to live. We started meeting and talking and one time he came through the pastor asking for my consent; and the relationship took off from there. He took me to Busia and I met his family. I knew he was serious because all his siblings were married, so he said it’s time he also settled down.”

Beatrice at the funeral
Beatrice at the funeral

Beatrice went on to narrate the wonderful life they shared together for 16 years but it wasn’t a bed of roses as the two suffered a string of miscarriages.

“It took some time before we settled. By the time we got our firstborn in 2006 we had lost four babies. In 2007 we had our second born and in 2009 is when we had our last born. She was born a month or two before our wedding. in December 2009 we formalized our marriage.”

Check out beautiful photos from their wedding below:

Papa Shirandula wedding Papa Shirandula wedding 1 Papa Shirandula wedding 2 Papa Shirandula wedding 3 Papa Shirandula wedding 4 Papa Shirandula wedding 5

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Video emerges of the late Papa Shirandula saying how he had already been killed 7 times!

Charles Bukeko was a larger than life character who will be lovingly remembered for his epic perfomance on Citizen TV’s Papa Shirandula. His acting on the show earned many plaudits from critics and fans alike.

The show also made him a corporate darling who was used in multiple ad spots promoting all manner of products. But now the big-boned actor is now gone, passing away two weeks ago to the shock and consternation of Kenyans.

Kenyans unearthed a video of the thespian discussing the number of times online trolls had falsely announced his death.

Papa Shirandula
Papa Shirandula

During the 2019 interview on one radio station, Bukeko is heard saying he felt betrayed whenever he saw people claiming he had passed on, saying that he had already been declared dead 7 times!

He said that while been killed online didn’t bother him, he worried for his parents, children and wife. “I have been killed by social media users seven times and honestly I never get angry. However, I always worry about my family whenever such news breaks. I do not know why people do such evil things,” he said.

‘Today, I pay tribute to my on-screen partner,’ read Wilbroda’s emotional message to Papa Shirandula

The late Charles felt that the action was unfair to celebrities and wondered whether the trolls were trying to destroy people’s jobs by killing them before their time had come.

Papa Shirandula
Papa Shirandula

Papa Shirandula died on July 18, 2020, a week after being diagnosed with COVID-19.  He developed breathing complications and had to be rushed to hospital by his wife.

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Diamond and Jokate Mwegelo lead tributes for late Tanzanian President Benjamin Mkapa

Many Tanzanians woke up to the news that their former President Benjamin Mkapa had passed away at the age of 81. The late head of state’s death was announced by President John Pombe Magufuli, declaring 7 days of state mourning.

Magufuli explained that the former Tanzanian President died at a hospital in Dar es Salaam where he was undergoing treatment.


The news was met by collective sadness with most Tanzanian celebs chiming in to send their condolences. Celebs like Diamond Platnumz, DC Jokate Mwegelo and Mbosso led celebrities in mourning the sudden demise of their third.

The personalities led others in paying tribute to the late Mkapa who led the nation from 1995-2005. Some of those messages are below:

Diamond Platnumz “May His soul Rest in Paradise 🙏🏼”

Jokete Mwegelo “Nimepokea taarifa za kifo cha Mzee wetu Rais wa Awamu ya Tatu Ndg. Benjamin William Mkapa kwa masikitiko makubwa sana. Salamu zangu za pole ziende kwa Watanzania wote. Mzee Mkapa alikuwa ni Baba, Mwalimu, Mlezi na wengi tulimtazama kama kioo. Binafsi nimejifunza mengi kupitia uongozi wake na maisha yake kwa ujumla. Tunashukuru kwa kutuacha na kitabu cha maisha yako kitakachobaki kama kumbukumbu na sehemu ya sisi kujifunza na vizazi vijavyo. Pumzika kwa amani Mzee wetu. 🇹🇿”

MAMA Dangote  “Mbele yake nyuma yetu”

Mbosso “Innalillah Wainna ilaih Raajuun”





Soudy Brown “Rest in Peace Mr President (Benjamin William Mkapa 3rd President Of Tanzania 1995-2005)”







Rapper AY “💔💔💔💔💔💔 May Your Soul Rest In Eternal Peace Mzee Wetu 🙏🏿🙏🏿”

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Ruth Matete reveals her unborn baby’s gender on day of husbands burial

2020 has been a very tough year for most people with Covid-19 throwing a spanner in everyone’s plans. But one person I empathise with more than others is Ruth Matete.

Why? The gospel singer lost her loving husband just a few months after getting married in late 2019. Beloved John passed away on April 11th after succumbing to burn injuries he suffered in a freak gas accident.

Ruth Matete's husband's funeral

What was even worse was that she was treated as a suspect from the word go with the Nigerian government even stopping her from burying John after the autopsy had been concluded.

But thankfully they finally relented and yesterday the gospel singer was able to finally give the man she had loved a worthy send-off.

Ruth Matete can now bury late husband after 3 months stay in the morgue

During the eulogy, Ruth Matete had some heartfelt words for her late spouse but what got people talking was the hope she revealed in it.

Ruth Matete's husband's funeral
Ruth Matete’s husband’s funeral

Hope in the fact that the two had already conceived a child together, a child whose gender she revealed. Ruth narrated that the late John had already picked out a name for their son before he died.

“It is a boy so he is Joshua. I’ll tell Toluwa of how kind you were pastor Beloved and what a true man of God you were. 2 Corinthians 5:8. Continue being with the lord my darling husband.” The name Joshua means “Yahweh is deliverance” or “salvation.

Ruth Matete's husband's funeral

She added by saying;

“Sometimes I feel you when your time had come because of how you had put things in order like naming the baby. We agreed to call him Joshua Toluwa Apewajoye if it’s a boy and Joanna Toluwa Apewajoye if it’s a girl.”

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Ezekiel Mutua-Papa Shirandula deserves state funeral

Charles Bukeko aka Papa Shirandula passed away this past weekend. The news was met with shock as he was one of the most accomplished of actors on-screen with numerous accolades under his belt and had done a lot for the budding industry.

The star had done so much for the industry that there are some who believe he deserves a state funeral. In an interesting Twitter post, the Kenya Films and Classification Board boss Ezekiel Mutua said Papa epitomised the best of the entertainment industry.

Ezekiel Mutua
Ezekiel Mutua

He opined that Bukeko who died at the age of 58 deserved to be sent off like a true king, a true hero as the whole country watch.  He wrote;

“Papa Shirandula deserves a state burial. He epitomizes the best of the entertainment industry. He brought so much joy and laughter to our homes without being vulgar,” the KFCB boss said.

Ezekiel who is normally a controversial figure on his standpoints in the industry received a lot of support with most agreeing with his sentiment. Some of those comments are below:

peter thiongo Could be fine with your thoughts, we’ve seen state funerals with demethew,kamaru,they played a part for uhuru to rule,who decides who should have a state burial?????

Charles Bukeko
Charles Bukeko

sir kush kuria a state burial huh?Yet when he was alive githeriman was recognized kumshinda.pretense

Gitau De metthew kamaru were not State burials just because they were attended the cream of the ruling elite. President Moi’s with the military, flag drapped coffin, flags at half mast, 19 gun salute, now that’s what we call a state burial

9 things you didn’t know about Papa Shirandula

Mkenya Halisi Dr.Mutua you have money to afford him a state burial and Papa shirandulA falls in your docket…Why dont you take the responsibility? Let my childhood hero Papa shirandula RIP. He should be accorded a decent burial.

Fredrick Owino Dove of peace Papa Shirandula has departed this life, but his legacy lives on in our minds and in our hearts. History will record his great contribution and his great sacrifices. And, for these, we shall forever be grateful.

Papa died on Saturday, July 18, moments after arriving at Karen Hospital. The actor collapsed at the hospital’s parking lot next to his wife after developing breathing complications.

Papa Shirandula
Papa Shirandula

His family members said the thespian tested positive for coronavirus after traveling back to Nairobi from Kakamega County.

The father of three had isolated himself at home a week before his condition dwindled.

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I have been sued for Sh21million over Ayeiya’s death – Comedian Paul Wakimani Ogutu

The late comedian Ayeiya passed on in 2017 in a grisly road accident. The comic was becoming a star in the industry and great things were expected of him before his untimely death.

Since then many have mourned the late Ayeiya missing the loss of such a generational talent. But years later new revelations are emerging about the aftermath of his death.

The late Ayeiya on Churchill show
The late Ayeiya on Churchill show

Fellow comedian Paul ‘Wakimani’ Ogutu who was at the wheel when the car crashed, has divulged that he had been sued by Ayeiya’s family. Others who were in the same car were actor Maina Olwenya and Ayeiya’s wife.

They accused him of causing the death of their loved one, and are demanding Sh21million in compensation. The comic who was speaking to OG Lorenzo said,

“After Kuzika Ayeiya we came back to Nairobi, and when we came back to Nairobi I thought that everyone understood that it was an accident kama Kawaida. So after a week or two, the wife (Ayeiya’s Wife) called me akaniambia ako na Barua yangu, so nikasema niko na shughuli kidogo nikimaliza I will come. That day sikuweza kukutana na yeye, then I met her on the second day. On that second day she was serving me a court order.

Paul ‘Wakimani’ Ogutu
Paul ‘Wakimani’ Ogutu

The court order was demanding that I pay her sh21million.

“A court order that I am supposed to pay for killing her husband. It’s not a lie what Zeddy said, ati nadaiwa Sh21 million and it’s not a lie what the bloggers said ati nadaiwa pesa by the family. The family has been constant, mimi nimejaribu sana vitu ziwork between me and the family,” said Paul Wakimani Ogutu in part.”

Exclusive: I lost my friend Ayeiya on the day of my ruracio – Terrence

He went on to state that the case is still before the court of law and its hearing was stopped due to the ongoing Coronavirus pandemic.

Paul ‘Wakimani’ Ogutu speaking during the interview with Lorenzo
Paul ‘Wakimani’ Ogutu speaking during the interview with Lorenzo

He then explained to Lorenzo how the sh21 million figure had been reached saying that the lawyers had calculated the late Ayeiya’s salary against what his potential earnings would have been until retirement before his death.

“Which I will say here right now the cases in Court I cannot talk about the case but I can share what I have received. So I am in court that is also what made me to go into depression. Case iko court ni Corona tu imesimamisha.”

He then explained that it was Ayeiya who had called him to come and pick him up adding that he would not sacrifice a friend. He then adduced that the incident had caused his career to falter.

The late Ayeiya before his death
The late Ayeiya before his death

Ogutu made it clear that after the accident, things went south and he went into alcoholism, where he could drink himself silly, only to wake up by the roadside the next morning. The interview is below:

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I had suffered the greatest tragedy of my life – Julie Gichuru emotionally recounts

Uchungu wa mwana aujue ni mama. This Kiswahili saying literally means, The labour of childbirth is known only by the mother or another definition can be, Only a mother knows the sorrow of her own child.

Julie Gichuru is one woman who can say she has lived the above phrase in her own life. The celebrated TV journalist lost a child over a decade ago, an event that she has never forgotten (something that would affect most women, I am sure).

Julie Gichuru in pink
Julie Gichuru in pink

The pain has been ever-present for the mother of 5 who seems to have a picture-perfect life with her well-to-do husband Anthony Gichuru.

Julie revealed her sentimental thoughts on her Instagram page recently. In her post, she intimated that she had to soldier on with her new NTV job just after losing her third born son David.

The veteran journalist explained how the period had been a struggle for her with only God taking them through the situation, encouraging her fans to trust in Him.

“Back in the day… as part of the new team at NMG – we had just conceptualised and launched NTV, “she started off.

Julie Gichuru at NTV
Julie Gichuru at NTV

At a personal level, I had suffered the greatest tragedy of my life, the loss of our thirdborn. We named him David, and like King David in the Bible, we had to find the courage to live on in faith. We pleaded with God to hold us tight through the agony. That faith was everything. He has never let us go.

When He holds you tight, even with a broken heart you can smile.

In these difficult times, hold on to faith, courage and grace, for it is through these that He holds us close.

Stay safe and well 🙏❤


Julie Gichuru with her husband Anthony
Julie Gichuru with her husband Anthony

Julie’s son, David passed on in 2005 after he choked while being fed by her house-help. He was rushed to the hospital immediately but didn’t make it.

“My house help was feeding the child, he got choked, rushed to the hospital, the doctors managed to resuscitate him, but later could not stand the amount of adrenaline injected in his body, the boy left us,” Julie once narrated.

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Kasee drunk from a poisoned chalice – Ken Waudo says police investigating matter

Last week, Kenyans were hit with the news that Churchill Show comedian Joseph Musyoka Kivindu aka Kasee had suddenly passed away.

The news has already caused a reverberating moment on the industry sort of the way that the Metoo movement changed the political movement in Hollywood.

Since his death, many have been wondering what caused his early demise. We finally have an answer. In a statement released by the chairman of the Comedians in Kenya Society, Ken Waudo, the postmortem results said that the comedian drank from a poisoned cup, leading to his death.


Waudo explained that the issue was now a police matter and wouldn’t comment further.

“The final results of postmortem conducted on the late comedian indicate that he had drank from a poisoned chalice. It’s a matter under police investigations so we will not comment further on it,” said the statement.

Kasee was found dead on the road leading to his home and was laid to rest at Itumunduni Village, Masinga Location, Matuu in Machakos County.

Churchill mourns as popular ‘Churchill Raw’ comedian found dead


Kasee’s death continues the sad tale of Kenyan comedians in the industry passing on under mysterious circumstances. Late last year, another comedian Njenga Msawhili was found dead along the railway tracks in Dagoretti.

The deaths have unleashed a torrent of blame game in the industry with some top comedians pointing the finger at Victor Ber, who works for a prominent comedy company.

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Ruth Matete can now bury late husband after 3 months stay in the morgue

I don’t think there is any celeb in Kenya who’s had a tougher 2020 than Ruth Matete. Scratch that…Maybe Willis Raburu’s wife Maryaprude might have. But that’s another story.

Ruth lost her husband a few months ago after he died from the injuries he sustained in a gas explosion. If the former Tusker Project Fame winner thought that was bad, the resulting investigation and treatment by the Nigerian government added more salt to her injury.

Ruth Matete and her husband John
Ruth Matete and her late husband John

The investigations focused on whether her story about her husband Beloved John Apewajoye’s death added up. Detectives from the Directorate of Criminal Investigation questioned the singer twice over Apewajoye’s death.

The Nigerian government on the other hand stopped her from burying their National without their approval-something they have been doing for the past 3 months.

Ms. Matete was barred from burying her husband by the Nigerian embassy, on grounds that they wanted to ascertain the actual cause of his death before he was laid to rest.

Ruth Matete's ex-husband
Ruth Matete’s late husband

The stand-off between the embassy and Matete’s family is what made the body of Pastor Apewajoye stay at KNH Mortuary for almost three months now.

And the worst part about this was that she was pregnant with her late husband’s baby after getting married in late 2019. But there is some light at the end of the tunnel for Rachel. She has been allowed to finally send off her late husband.

Very insensitive! Some Nigerians mock Ruth Matete after husband’s death

This information was revealed by Radio Citizen Presenter Jerida Andayi, who appealed to the public to help Matete give the late Pastor Beloved John a good sendoff.

“Finally! My lookalike and little siz Ruth Matete can now bury her husband . God is good . Kindly support her to give Pastor Beloved John a good sendoff through paybill 891300 Account number 39659 . Thank you for your thoughts and prayers. It’s been tough. God has shown Himself” reads Jeridah Andayi’s post.

Jeridah Andayi with Rachel Matete
Jeridah Andayi with Ruth Matete

The Chief government Pathologist Johansen Oduor ad already revealed that Matete’s husband Pastor Beloved John died due to multiple organ failure after suffering 60 percent burns.

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