SAD!!! Man Kills His Best Friend Over 300 Shillings Bet Dispute

A 27 year old man  identified as Patrick Onkoba has been sentenced to 5years in prison for killing his best friend over a Ksh300 bet dispute.

The incident occurred in Mogenda Village, Gucha South Sub-District, Kisii County. According to July 1 ,2016, Patrick got into a Ksh 300 bet with his late friend Dennis Orengo, but he lost the bet and had to surrender his phone as guarantee since he did not have cash with him.

The agreement between the two friends was that Patrick would pick the phone the following day after delivering the cash. On raising the money, Patrick went to see his friend and take back his phone only to discover that it had already been auctioned.


On realizing that his phone had been auctioned, the two got into a physical duel that ended in Orengo’s death. A postmortem carried out established the cause of the death as a severe head injury.

Appearing before a judge, Onkoba pleaded with the court to hand him a lenient sentence saying anger had pushed him to kill his friend and that he was remorseful and ready to ask for forgiveness from Orengo’s parents.

A report brought to the court indicated that they were not willing to accept Onkoba back,  “Even though the accused is a first time offender and is remorseful for his actions, the local administration and his community are not ready to accept him back in their midst. The probation officer is categorical that the victim’s family have vowed to avenge the death of their kin at any opportune time should the accused person be released from jail,” said the judge.

Eight jailed for stripping woman naked, inserting pepper and sisal into her private parts

Eight clan officials have been jailed for stripping a woman naked, beating her and inserting peppered liquid into her private parts.

They eight were convicted of leading a group of 100 clan members in kidnapping the woman and her husband from their home in Kikoko village, Makueni county before carrying out the attack.

Magistrate Patrick Wambugu heard at Kilungu law courts on Wednesday that they also put sisal and aloe vera sap into her private parts and smeared it all over her body.

It was reported that the eight then dragged the woman back to her home and demanded a sheep and food to celebrate what they termed a disciplinary exercise.

They are said to have carried out the attack on October 8, 2013 following reports that the woman was spotted entering a bar at a market in the area.

The officials told Wambugu that they have ‘punished’ others in similar ways, in line with their responsibility to uphold discipline and morality among members.

They were charged with assault, stock theft and unlawfully detaining the woman and were each sentenced to three years in jail, for each offence, without the option of a fine. The sentences will be served concurrently.

Wambugu said the trial of two accomplices who were arrested later will begin on March 3.

“I am happy justice has been served after waiting for two years,” the woman told the Star on phone. The officials were found guilty of the offence in May 2014.

She added: I had been travelling to the court only to find that the magistrate had postponed judgement without notifying me. It was very frustrating.”

Nakuru Sex Workers Fear A Serial Killer

Nakuru commercial sex workers say a serial killer is targeting and mutilating them.

Yesterday, they protested on Kenyatta Avenue against the rise in murders.

They demanded county police catch the killer.

Four sex workers were found dead under mysterious circumstances between September and October last year.

Two had their skin peeled off and the others’ eyes were gouged out, the sex workers say.

Last Saturday, another sex worker, 20-year-old Grace Wangari, was killed at Tumaini lodging.

Their spokesperson Daisy Achieng said: “We cannot hold funerals for our members every other time. We are tired of our ladies being killed.”

She said Wangari had only recently joined the trade and it is unfortunate “we have lost a lady respected by many”.

Achieng asked the county government to provide upkeep for Wangari’s two-year old.

Achieng also urged the lodging owner to provide CCTV footage.

The sex workers later attended Wangari’s burial in Molo town.


Man Arrested For Pimping His Wife To 2,742 Men

The institution of marriage is one that should remain sacred as it has always been from the beginning, but that is not the case with this couple currently embroiled in a legal battle.

A husband ‘hired out’ his wife for sex with 2,742 different clients in just four years, a court was told.

The 54-year-old man, who cannot be named for legal reasons, made the equivalent of more than £5000 close to a million shillings a month through the suburban prostitution business.

As his wife, who is 46, welcomed clients, he would sit outside their home in in the family car, along with their five-year-old child.

The couple, who have been married for 10 years, were arrested last Tuesday, but only the man was charged with pimping, and faces a decade in prison.

Prostitution is legal in France, but it is against the law to solicit for business. The man is said to have used four internet sites and text messages to organise clients for his wife. He now faces a criminal trial, and has been released on bail. 


Mugo Wairimu Denied Bail

Mugo Wairimu was on Friday finally charged with one count of rape alongside various other counts among them, running a medical facility illegally and drugging a patient.

Mugo who denied the charges is alleged to have committed the offenses between November 2014 and June 2015.

He was remanded in Custody until Monday next week after the DPP objected to his bail application saying he is a flight risk.

His actions were discovered after a hidden camera was placed in one of his clinics and then later through an expose’ on Citizen TV that led to his arrest.

‘Rapist Doctor’ Mugo Wa Wairimu Arraigned In Court

A Nairobi court has remanded’rapist doctor’ Mugo Wa Wairimu for 14 more days as investigations into the allegations leveled against him continue.

James Mugo Ndichu alias Mugo wa Wairimu appeared at Milimani law courts on Friday morning where the prosecution team applied to the courts to hold him longer as they conduct more tests on him and his victims.

Senior Principal magistrate Charity Oluoch said that Mugo will appear in court after police have gathered enough evidence and he will be detained at an undisclosed location for security reasons.

He is linked to a video that aired on Citizen TV Sunday night showing a gynecologist raping a sedated patient at the Prestige Health Care clinic in Githurai 44.

Mugo was arrested Thursday in Limuru town while having breakfast after a tip-off from members of the public. By Thursday, four women had recorded statements on allegations of rape against Wairimu.

His case will be heard on September 25.

Girl Raped And Silenced In Kuresoi

A family in Bonde village, Kuresoi North, has asked the state to open an inquest into the defilement of their daughter.

The family yesterday said that on January 20, the class six pupil was dragged into a bush, raped and made pregnant by two brothers, known to the family.

The girl’s family says that they reported the matter to the police, the men were arrested but released later.

“They threatened to kill me if I told anyone,” the girl said.

The girl said that six months later, the two men went to her family’s house and tried to rape her again, but she resisted.

They then beat her up until she fainted and later had a miscarriage, the brothers then took the foetus and buried it in their farm.

“Whenever we go to the chief they tell us to resolve the issue ourselves,” the girl said.

Her mother wants the government to ensure the brothers are arrested and prosecuted for the defilement, as the authorities in her area are taking the issue lightly.

The Star

Steenkamps adamant Pistorius deliberately killed their daughter

Reeva Steenkamp’s devastated parents remain adamant Oscar Pistorius deliberately killed their daughter, telling Australian television their life has been ruined and they are not ready to talk to the Paralympian.

The 28-year-old athlete was due to be released last week after serving only 10 months in prison for killing his girlfriend, but in a surprise decision Justice Minister Michael Masutha suspended the move.

Pistorius was convicted in October last year of culpable homicide — a charge equivalent to manslaughter — over the killing of Steenkamp on Valentine’s Day in 2013.

Prosecutors have appealed, seeking a murder conviction instead.

“How can 10 months be enough? He killed her. He admits he killed her. She’s dead. Why didn’t he just let her walk away? Why?” her mother June Steenkamp said in an interview with Australia’s Channel Seven, broadcast Sunday evening.

“Only Oscar will know for the rest of his life what really happened and would you like to live with it? Would I? Never, ever.”

Masutha said a parole board decision taken in June to free Pistorius and allow him to serve out the rest of his five-year sentence under house arrest was “premature” and suspended it pending review.

“We will leave it to the justice system,” Reeva’s father Barry Steenkamp told the broadcaster. “It’s not finished, not finished by a long way.

“If the outcome is there’s going to be a longer sentence, are we going to feel better? I don’t know.”

The athlete admitted during a nine-week trial watched around the world that he killed Steenkamp by shooting her through a locked bathroom door, but claimed he mistook her for an intruder.

Her father is convinced they had a fight and Pistorius killed her in a fit of rage.

“He got angry, she went off to the toilet, locked herself inside, and then … him pulling out the gun and shooting,” he said.

“When he realised that had happened, then he couldn’t stop and he had to carry on until it was finished.”

The athlete — known as the “Blade Runner” for the prosthetic legs he wears on the track — won international fame after racing against able-bodied competitors in the 2012 London Olympics, making him a poster boy for sport.

He has expressed remorse for Steenkamp’s death and her parents said he had tried to make contact with them since his conviction, but they were not ready.

“I would say, ‘All I want you to realise is that you have ruined our lives. You have taken her life, her possible marriage or having a baby. Our grandchild. And you have ruined our lives.’ I just want to say that,” June Steenkamp said.

Photo Credits : AFP

Sudan’s Bashir says ready for 2-month ceasefire for talks

Sudanese President Omar al-Bashir said Thursday he was ready for a two-month ceasefire with rebels to allow national dialogue talks to take place to address the country’s myriad problems, offering insurgents an amnesty.

Bashir, who is wanted for alleged war crimes in Darfur, announced the talks in January 2014 to resolve conflicts in Sudan’s border regions and has been trying to persuade rebels to attend the talks in Khartoum.

“We announce our readiness for a comprehensive ceasefire for a period of two months until this dialogue has been completed in a healthy atmosphere,” Bashir said.

“We renew the full amnesty for those bearing weapons who wish to take part in the dialogue,” he said, but added that “anyone who bore arms and killed will not be released”.

The 71-year-old was addressing the general assembly for the national dialogue, announcing the talks would start on October 10.

“We call for a stop to the war and this position is not the result of weakness, and we are advocates of peace and the biggest obstacles to this is the rejection of other parties in the war to engage in free dialogue,” Bashir told members of the assembly.

Insurgents from Darfur and the rebel Sudan People’s Liberation Army-North (SPLA-N) from the Blue Nile and South were due to meet the African Union chief mediator Thabo Mbeki in Addis Ababa on Friday to discuss the dialogue.

The rebels did not immediately comment but they, along with Sudan’s mainstream opposition, have previously said they will not take part in the dialogue as the atmosphere is not conducive for the talks.

Darfur erupted into conflict in 2003 when mostly black, African rebels mounted a campaign against the Arab-dominated Khartoum government, saying they had been marginalised economically and politically.

The SPLA-N rebelled Bashir in the Blue Nile and South Kordofan states in 2011 for similar reasons.

Some 300,000 people have been killed in Darfur alone and nearly 2.5 million forced to flee their homes, the United Nations says.

The International Criminal Court has indicted Bashir for alleged war crimes, crimes against humanity and on genocide charges connected to the Darfur conflict.

Thousands more people have also been displaced in South Kordofan and Blue Nile states.

Photo Credits : AFP

Morgan Freeman mourns granddaughter who was stabbed to death in New York

Morgan Freeman’s 33-year-old step-granddaughter, E’Dena Hines was fatally stabbed to death early Sunday morning in New York City as exclusively revealed by People.

Her live in boyfriend Lamar Davenport has been arrested in connection with the murder after he attacked her near her home in Washington Heights. It is alleged that he killed her in an exorcism quest after he stood over her lifeless body screaming ‘Get out devils!’ as quoted by Dailymail.

Morgan Freeman took to Facebook to mourn the death of Hines expressing his gratitude for all the support he had received from his fans.

I want to acknowledge the tremendous outpouring of love and support my family has received regarding the tragic and senseless passing of my granddaughter Edena Hines. Thank you from the bottom of my heart. -M

Posted by Morgan Freeman on Sunday, August 16, 2015


“The world will never know her artistry and talent, and how much she had to offer. Her friends and family were fortunate enough to have known what she meant as a person. Her star will continue to shine bright in our hearts, thoughts and prayers. May she rest in peace,” Morgan Freeman wrote in his statement to People.

At least 47 dead in market bomb blast in NE Nigeria

At least 47 people were killed and dozens wounded in a bomb blast Tuesday in a part of northeast Nigeria frequently targeted by Boko Haram Islamists, a medical source and witnesses said.

The explosion ripped through the weekly market in the village of Sabon Gari, around 135 kilometres (85 miles) south of Borno state capital Maiduguri, during peak trading around 1:15 pm (1230 GMT), the sources said.

“We have received at least 47 dead bodies and at least 50 with injuries from the Sabon Gari market, where there was a blast this afternoon,” a nurse at Biu General Hospital, around 50 kilometres (30 miles) away, told AFP.

He said the injuries from the blast are mostly “severe” and that the death toll was expected to rise.

“The explosion happened inside the market at the mobile phone section, near the livestock section of the market,” said Yuram Bura, a member of a local vigilante group fighting Boko Haram alongside the army.

“It was concealed in a napsack used for spraying herbicides. It was smuggled into the market and apparently abandoned… This is no doubt the handiwork of Boko Haram.”

Photo Credits : AFP

Mali seeks answers after deadly hotel siege

Malian authorities Sunday sought to identify the perpetrators of a hotel siege in the central town of Sevare that ended with the deaths of at least 12 people including five UN workers.

No one has yet claimed responsibility for the assault, which began early Friday when gunmen burst into the Hotel Byblos, which is frequented by expatriates.

The Malian army stormed the hotel and brought the siege to an end early Saturday after a drama lasting nearly 24 hours.

The UN mission in Mali (MINUSMA) said two Ukrainians, a Nepalese and a South African were killed during the siege and subsequent military operation, as well as a Malian driver working for a company contracted by the mission.

An army officer said “five terrorists” were killed in the operation at a time when the region has seen continuing unrest a spike in jihadist attacks.

Both the army and MINUSMA said the death toll could rise.

Residents said the army mounted patrols overnight in the wake of the siege.

Soldiers could be seen in Sevare as well as along the road to the nearby regional capital Mopti, a popular tourist destination and the gateway to Dogon Country, a UNESCO World Heritage Site.

A Sevare resident told AFP by telephone in Bamako that the night was calm. “People are starting to go about their business. Everything is returning to normal here in Sevare,” he said.

Located some 12 kilometres (seven miles) from Mopti and 620 kilometres northeast of the capital Bamako, Sevare is a key staging post on the road to Mali’s desert north which fell to Islamic extremists in 2012.

A French-led offensive routed Islamist groups from their northern strongholds the following year.

UN chief Ban Ki-moon, France and the United States denounced the hotel attack, which came as Mali is seeking to implement a June peace deal.

Photo Credits : AFP

11 soldiers killed in attack on Mali camp: government

Eleven soldiers were killed Monday in a “terrorist” attack on their camp in northern Mali’s Timbuktu region, a government statement said, an assault claimed by Al-Qaeda’s front group in the region.

Jihadist attacks have long been concentrated in Mali’s north, but began spreading at the beginning of the year to the centre of the country, and in June to the south near the borders with Ivory Coast and Burkina Faso.

“Unidentified gunmen attacked a security post of the Mali National Guard” early Monday morning in Gourma-Rharous, an area around 140 kilometres (90 miles) east of Timbuktu, the statement said.

“The toll is 11 guards killed, one wounded,” it added, condemning it as a “cowardly and barbaric terrorist act perpetuated by lawless individuals”.

A local resident told AFP that they were “holed up inside” on Monday morning during the attack.

“We began leaving our homes at 7:00 am. We were afraid.”

According to Mauritanian news agency Al-Akhbar, jihadist group Al-Qaeda in the Islamic Maghreb (AQIM) claimed responsibility for the attack.

“Our… fighters attacked at dawn the Malian army base in this village and we succeeded in killing nine soldiers,” AQIM spokesman Abou Darda Al-Chinguitty said by telephone, according to the agency.

They also “destroyed four vehicles and took significant loot”, the spokesman added.

The Al-Akhbar agency regularly carries jihadist statements, but by Monday evening the claim had not been reported through other channels often used by militants to announce operations.

Two Malian military sources confirmed the attack but gave a toll of 10 dead. One of the sources, however, said the attackers were believed to be “jihadist elements” linked to Islamist group Ansar Dine.

– ‘Cowardly terrorist attacks’ –

The attack comes days after two Malian soldiers were killed and four others wounded in an ambush in the centre of the west African country.

In a statement, the UN peacekeeping mission in Mali MINUSMA condemned what it said were “cowardly terrorist attacks”, referring to both incidents.

The URD, one of Mali’s main opposition parties, also issued a statement condemning the violence.

Mali’s north came under the control of Ansar Dine — which is Arabic for Defenders of Faith — and two other jihadist groups, AQIM and the Movement for Oneness and Jihad in West Africa, in April 2012. Ansar Dine has been accused of close links with Al-Qaeda.

A move south towards the capital by the extremists, who imposed a brutal version of sharia law on inhabitants, prompted Mali’s former colonial master France to intervene in January 2013, pounding their positions in the north.

While their organisational structure has been smashed, small pockets of armed Islamists have managed to remain active, and continue to carry out occasional deadly attacks in the desert.

Monday’s attack is Mali’s second deadliest in a month, after six UN peacekeepers from Burkina Faso were killed last month in an assault claimed by AQIM.

The latest violence illustrated the difficulty in maintaining stability in the country despite a peace accord being signed in June by the country’s main blocs, including Mali’s Tuareg-led rebel alliance, as well as government and loyalist militias.

Photo Credits : AFP

Naivasha Pastor Arrested For Allegedly Sexually Assaulting A Minor

A popular pastor in Naivasha has been arrested by police on allegations of sexually abusing his 14 year old daughter.

This came as details emerged that this was not the first time that the cleric from Gituamba village had been involved in illicit affair with his elder daughter some years back.

Following the incident, the teenager has been rescued and is currently residing at the Naivasha safe house undergoing counseling.

A witness said that this is not the first time that the 45-year-old suspect had been involved in such kind of incidents.

“The cleric was involved in another similar scandal with another daughter but the girl escaped from home and was married before police could come in,” said the witness.

Naivasha sub-county children officer John Chege confirmed the arrest adding that investigations were still going on.

Speaking on Thursday, Chege said that the minor was deeply traumatized adding she was in safe hands after the harrowing ordeal that lasted for over two years.

“The minor claims that she abused for over two years by the father and we have handed over the suspect to the police for action,” he said.

A senior police officer confirmed that the suspect was in their custody adding that he would be arraigned in court facing various charges.

“The cleric is in our custody and he shall definitely be charged in court with various offences including incest and indecent assault,” said the officer

Deadly blast in Somalia at Jazeera hotel in Mogadishu

At least 10 people have been killed in a huge explosion at a hotel in the Somali capital Mogadishu. A BBC reporter in the city says a lorry was used to attack the Jazeera hotel near the city’s airport.

International diplomats often stay at the hotel, which has been targeted in the past.

“It is one of the worst scenes of destruction he’s ever seen in Mogadishu, and ambulances have begun collecting bodies,” the BBC reporter adds.

Somali Islamist group al-Shabaab has claimed responsibility for the attack on the hotel. It said it was responding to assaults on the group by an African Union force and the Somali government.

International diplomats often stay at the hotel, which has been targeted in the past. “A suicide car bomb exploded at the gate of Jazeera Hotel,” Major Nur Osoble, a police officer, told Reuters news agency.

A government security officer was quoted by the AFP news agency as saying that hotel security guards were among the dead.

Trending: Black Woman Dies In Police Custody After “Resisting” Arrest

The rise in Black related deaths under the police in the U.S have  risen over the years and three days ago another case emerged.

A 28 year old lady named Sandra Bland was reportedly arrested for passing a red light.

A footage shows how the police man used force which as not necessary  when he arrested her, as she refused and begged him to let her go.

The footage which has done rounds on social media under the hashtag #Sandrabland, shows a scuffle between the two and she can even be heard asking him to stop mishandling her because she knows her rights.

The police then calls for back up and soon she is arrested, however three days later she is found dead in her cell.

Many people are disagreeing with the report that claims she committed suicide and say that she was murdered.

Watch video:

Explosives found at church in Jos, central Nigeria: police

Explosives were found at a church in the central Nigerian city of Jos on Sunday, police and the Red Cross told AFP, adding that the device went off but there were no casualties.

“It was averted because the bomb was detected by the church’s security personnel. There were no casualties,” said Emmanuel Abuh, spokesman for the state police in Plateau, of which Jos is the capital.

The Nigerian Red Cross said the explosion happened at the Evangelical Church Winning All (ECWA) premises in the Tudun Wada area of the city, near the building’s toilet.

“There was no one there and so no injured and no dead,” spokesman Nwakpa Okorie Nwakpa said in a text message.

The incident in the north of the city came a week after a suicide bomber blew himself up at a church in the northeastern city of Potiskum, killing the pastor and four other worshippers.

Jos was also targeted last Sunday by Boko Haram militants who fired on a mosque, including with a rocket-propelled grenade. They also hit a restaurant popular with travellers from the restive northeast.

The twin attack left 51 dead and 47 injured.

Boko Haram will likely come under suspicion for the latest incident, as it has repeatedly hit both churches and mosques in the past.

The Islamists claimed a failed suicide attack in the northeastern city of Maiduguri that killed two people on Saturday and a suicide bombing in Chad’s capital, N’Djamena that left 15 dead.

Photo Credits : AFP

Boko Haram claims Chad, Nigeria attacks: SITE

Boko Haram claimed responsibility for attacks in Chad’s capital N’Djamena and the Nigerian city of Maiduguri, the SITE Intelligence Group said.

The US-based monitoring group said the claim of responsibility, made on Twitter, was signed “Islamic State, West Africa Province”, as Boko Haram has styled itself since pledging allegiance to the Islamic State group in March.

“West Africa Province (formerly Boko Haram) of #ISIS claimed the suicide bombings today in Chad and Nigeria,” SITE said on Twitter.

A statement citing Boko Haram’s Twitter message identified the attackers and said they had “pounded strongholds of disbelief in West Africa.”

At least 15 people were killed in a suicide bomb attack at a crowded market in N’Djamena on Saturday. Boko Haram had previously claimed responsibility for a June 15 attack in the city that left 38 dead.

In Maiduguri, two people were killed when two suicide bombers tried to target a busy bus station. Heavy security prevented the attackers from getting into the terminal.

Reports indicated the two victims were pedestrians.

Photo Credits : AFP