Dear Wives: How to cope with an unemployed husband


Classic 105 co- host Mwalimu had one major accusation against Kenyan wives on Tuesday. That they don’t hold their man when he is down.

He reasoned that is one of the reasons why when a man finally re emerges from the trenches and becomes rich once again, he will ignore the wife.

‘Men take financial risks for their family that sometimes goes wrong.  This is when you know your wifes true colors.’ he opined

Ladies, should a man go out there make some terrible financial decisions and then make you live with the consequences? Maina asked.

How long should you hold his hand? Was another question Maina Kgeni posed to listeners after Mwalimu accused women of not being supportive when a man is down and out.

Two male callers gave their opinion

The first stated that

‘Once you get married you become one, and you need to accommodate that, I don’t need to consult my wife about finances, you don’t anticipate that when I take a loan it will go down, look at it this way if I take a loan and success si she will celebrate? The same way if I get broke she should support me, it doesn’t matter,

Another said ‘She should support me until I recover, I work hard I’m a man, the head of the house, so she if she has some money she should fund my business, because most of these ladies we sort them out if they over borrow, so she should do the same thing for me if I’m’ in financial trouble’

Here are some tips for a woman on how to cope with such a situation.

  1. Lower your expectations: Easier said than done, but if you expect the same lifestyle, it will be upon you to fund it.
  2. Be his biggest cheerleader if he is trying to get back on his feet.
  3. Don’t dig into your savings too much. Remember the reason you are saving money, while paying expenses at the same time.

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Man explains why Kalenjin men don’t hug or live with wives

Tradition still plays a big role in the life of athlete Eliud Kipchoge as described by a close family friend.

A man, called in to the Classic morning show to dispel rumors why Kipchoge didn’t hug his wife with as much enthusiasm as expected by Kenyans.

It’s a small thing, you must realize this, Kipchoge was running at 21.4 km per hour, this is a human being he does not have breaks, how was he to slow down, was it through the hug? He could have knocked down the wife, and we didn’t want casualties.

Nagging and Clingy: Why Kalenjin men dump wives in ushago

What exactly does this have to do with his culture?


Kipchoge comes from the Kalenjin community, a sub tribe called Nandi, clan called Talai.Talai people do not live with their wives. They are not supposed to stay with their wives In fact if it were not for that plan given by the billionaire which came directly to Kapseret because the wife had the chance to get a free lift to Vienna the wife could not have gone to Vienna with the children. Even the mother to Kipchoge remained at home she was watching at home so in this case you are only blaming us for nothing surely about this hug, It is the custom first of all this was the first marathon the wife watched live, she is not supposed to accompany (in our tribe we say) when you are going to war there are two things we are not supposed to do: you are not supposed to accompany yourself with a wife, that one is a bad omen or when you go to war and then you find a woman in your way you are supposed to run away


The things a Kalenjin man will do for a baby boy (AUDIO)

Is this really a thing in this century asked Maina in disbelief?

Kipchoge was in line with the customs and that is why he has gone that far If Kipchoge could have been accompanying with the wife this long he would be nothing

‘Worth making a comeback for’ Jacque Maribe makes mysterious return to social media

What does he mean when he says that men from that clan don’t live with their wives?

Did you ever hear of Nandi freedom fighter Koitalel Arap Samoei? That was a very superpower clan in our community. Kipchoge by the way can even know if he is going to win or not. That is why the INEOS 159 challenge was so obvious to him. So those people when they are doing their own thing (I don’t want to disclose too much) they are not supposed to stay with their wives.

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Why Kenyan men are not open to the option of remarrying


Many Kenyan men are anti a second marriage based on confessions made on the Classic morning conversation.

The men are skeptical all because ‘we are being harassed’.

Size 8 had been warned not to marry ‘broke’ Dj Mo

Many men expressed frustration and say after giving it their all, it’s still not working so they are letting things go.

For instance this caller amused many with his personal experience

these people they are like devils given chances natoka mbio kama Usain Bolt, if given a chance I would take off, she is moto ya kuotea mbali, yani she is controlling like a remote, noma sana, I would leave her in a heartbeat

couple pics
couple pics

Another compared his relationship to being in jail.

You know I was in such a union, I was oppressed, she used t spend my money with her mother, now she left me to go to Canada with our kids, to look for money, I am happy with it because she was a thorn in my flesh, I used to earn, she would eat all my cash

Hell No!! Kenyan men reveal why they would never marry a socialite

Here are more comments from men who have been there, done that and will never remarry.

why must there be a question hata ukirudi from your normal duty. If you buy a new perfume. They must still ask uliskia ikinukia kwa nani?
hata ukiwa mgonjwa utaulizwa kwanini uko mgonjwa.

Young man dating an old woman
Maina if you think there is something good in marriage you are in for a rude shock, hao watu wanavumilia sana. Rules zao are worse kuliko ya matiangi

Caller: “These women are crazy Maina! I’m married but If am given a chance to walk away I would run.” #MainaAndKingangi

‘Marry someone you trust’ Kenyan man brags about leaving estate to wife

There’s a Place in Proverbs that says “..It is Better for a Man to Sleep on the Roof of His House that to share a Bed with a Quarrelsome Woman..”
This is the Source of all Problems, KELELE
Maina we are in tears tunateseka am being forced to call everyday at 10pm #MainaAndKingangi


@ItsMainaKageni @Classic105Kenya maina marring was the biggest mistake i made vitu kwa ground ni tofauti sana we seem happy in our marriage lakini ingia hapo ndio utanjua hunjui.


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Kingangi teases Maina Kageni mercilessly about Man Utd


United’s miserable form continued with a defeat away to Newcastle and among its fan is Classic 105’s Maina Kageni.

Man Utd have high hopes with their next game coming up against heated rivals Liverpool.

On Monday Kageni was trolled mercilessly by co host Mwalimu Kingangi about the teams disappointing results this past weekend.

After losing 1-0 at second-bottom Newcastle United, thereby failing to win an 11th straight away game and extending the club’s worst start to a season in 30 years, Kingangi had a good laugh.

Kingangi declared ‘Manchester United needs prayers, hakuna mtu watafunga. Mtafungwa hapa hata mufungwe na Shabana FC. I was hoping to catch Ferguson watchign whle chewing his gum, he wasn’t there zilipendwa hahaha those days of Rud Van Nistelroy, those days of theatre of dreams. Next wait you will see’.

Maina added ‘aki that team, do you know who we are playing next? 

man u fans trolled

Maina sounded tickled by the funny comments and was very optimistic despite the defeat.

Mwalimu trolled him further adding

‘Mtafungwa saba’

Here are more reactions from fans online using the hashtag
The way Man Utd are going down, they will soon discover oil 😂😂😂😂


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3 things women do after men splash money on them


A woman advised women on classic 105 that they must do everything possible to get a man to shamelessly spend money on them.

the number one mistake women make with these men especially when you land yourself a stingy man is showing them you can be independent, especially financially.

You show a man you can take care of all your financial needs, rub it in his face? The day you come to him and ask for a coin, trust me aki sha zoea, whatever he will give you will be little or nothing knowing that you have money, when he gets used to being shown that you are financially independent?

Men use money to get the woman they want. While women, subtly and skillfully, use their femininity to reel in the man of their dreams.

Men know their job is to win a woman’s affection, love and commitment and they will court you with their compliments and gentlemanly manners—and whether they will admit it or not, they are fully aware that gifts are part of a woman’s love language.

Depending on a man’s level of interest in you, his finances and generosity, he will spend money to get you to go on a date with him and he will surprise you with trinkets and sparkle to woo and wow you.

He will send you flowers, wine and dine you, take you shopping for clothes and treat you to all-expense-paid trips, because in his mind, he is investing in you and his future.

Once a man is done ‘investing’ in you a woman tends to do these three things:

– felt obligated to go out with him again
– Expect to sleep with him
– Feel like a gold-digger

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‘I force my wife to go to the kinyozi not the salon’ mean husband brags


Would you let a man dictate your clothes, shade of lipstick, type of perfume and height of your heels? Probably not. But what about the length of your hair?

All the jokes and memes made on National Boyfriends Day

A rather opinionated man made many upset after complaining that he doesn’t like being asked for money by his wife for her beauty needs.

”Every end month I pay rent, school fees and shopping for the house. Any other thing outside that bracket, is her own responsibility. Her money is hers to take care of herself. To add on to that, I don’t walk around with my wife for outings!

He admits that he goes to extremes to ensure that no money goes towards the salon.


I don’t walk around a supermarket with her, what for? I leave 300 bob everyday for her to buy food, if she wants to do other things that’s her bill to pay, not my money.

He is happy with her low maintenance look and has made a pact to continue with this lifestyle.

I go with my wife to the barber shop to shave her hair, because I don’t see why I should give her money for the salon. She shaves her hair and keeps it short, her nails are also short and keep them natural because I won’t pay her salon bill.

I don’t expect a man below my standards to approach me


Do you think men freely spend on their fellow men but not as much to their woman?

This question was posed to Classic 105 listeners by Maina Kageni who wondered out loud why men are quick to drop big bucks on men but not their wives.

Why do you guys do it?

He added

ladies if you went out with your men tonight, you will cry tears, coz first Kenyan men don’t buy a normal round, they buy mzingas claiming ati it has special offer, girls you should see how your men drink at night, and don’t bring money home

Girls, on a level of one to ten, how angry are  you reading this?


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I struggle with all the bills, yet I am married to a wealthy man

Money is threatening to ruin the marriage of one city mum who ranted to Maina Kageni how stingy, yet generous her husband is.

She began her story saying

My husband does not even give me a single coin

I don’t expect a man below my standards to approach me

The husband routinely spends big bucks on his friends in the club, but not a coin to foot bills at home.

and even at home when we have problems he doesn’t give me a coin, even when I’m broke, but he has all the time to chew miraa and buy people drinks, and has never told me take this money and go buy our kids food, etc


He out earns her yet she carries the financial burden at home

‘he can’t even give me one bob yet he is earning four times my salary, for instance in the supermarket he will make me return things from the trolley,


My husband eloped with a cucu slay queen because I don’t wear makeup

Dear Classic 105 fam, how d you split expenses with your man? Share some tips, you could save someones marriage from crumbling.

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Maina Kageni defends Huddah and Vera Sidika from trolls


Huddah Monroe and Vera Sidika are undoubtedly living the glam life online, and are the envy of many.

Girls want to be like them, and the guys, well…they just want to hit it.

They are also subject to online trolls slam them for a life that seems to be funded by ‘sponsors’ (their words not mine).

Huddah posing in white
Huddah posing in white

The extent of the online trolling they receive has been noticed by Maina Kageni.

Maina Kageni reveals who he would marry between Huddah and Vera Sidika (Audio)

Maina is taking on trolls saying

do you even know what they do for a living? why do people call them names,verasidikainreddress


Vera and Huddah have earned a huge following posting photos wearing designer items, and somehow some of the fans provoke them into responding to all sorts of online abuse.

The two are shamed for their lifestyle which Maina says is no excuse for bullying

Must you assume that there is someone paying for their lifestyle?

Trolls and haters are an unfortunate fact of life on the Internet.

Other celebrities who are constantly forced to defend themselves are Anerlisa Muigai, Akothee, Dj Pierra Makena among others.

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‘If you are broke humble yourself’ woman tells men


Are you a woman with standards to keep and insists that a man must level up?

A conversation of women not settling for any broke man seemed to have touched a  raw nerve with men.

It all went down on Wednesday during the Maina and Kingangi morning show, after the musings of one women.

She told the co hosts that

Kenyan men are jealous, insecure, and stingy 

She was of the opinion that alot of men want women to settle for any man that is presented to them.

That’s the main problem, they are so insecure they are stingy so they want you to stay plain and I wish they would change their attitude, your woman should look good,

She is urging queens to stop settling narrating her experience

I has a man who always criticized me, oh ati my lipstick is too much, and when i look ashy he is very happy for me. He only used to give me money for food, and even that was tightly budget for lest I get extra money for makeup. He didn’t give me money to look good, it was all my effort.

She concluded saying ‘your king is worth the wait’.

Ladies should you compromise your standards just to be with any man? Drop your comments below.

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I don’t expect a man below my standards to approach me


Kenyan women don’t expect men with lower standards to approach them.

Call them gold diggers or what you want but Kenyan women know what they want and will not lower their standards for anyone.

Mwalimu Kingangi was shocked when a woman called to contribute to the Maina and Kingangi show, confessing that she looks like a million bucks and expects a man to level up to her standard.


She said she feels insulted when a poor man who wants to date her approaches her

‘you attract what you are. I look expensive so I attract expensive, if you look 300 bob you attract 300 bob, but if you look 60 thousand you attract 100 thousand.’

The mathematics is very simple to her, and asks broke men not to cheat themselves that they can get with classy girls.

She added

 I feel disrespected when man below my standard approaches me, men need to be sure what standards are here, standards have to be met, we are not out here to play games with men down there, they should travel the world,  that’s why Nigerian men are dating Kenyan women coz they know the class.

One adent fan responded with her opinion

#MainaAndKingangi That’s why every man should match his standards,don’t go for a woman you can’t afford to maintain. You want a good looking lady but you dont want to provide in order for her to look nice?If you cant appreciate her just keep to your lane!!

Another said

You know men ask for a date, then want you to appear so good, nice hair, smelling nice, wearing expensive shoes, they want you to look good but don’t want you to know where you get money to look so good, what is wrong with Kenyan men?

Dear Classic fam, should Kenyan men learnt o stay in their lane? Drop your comments below.


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Kenyan women confess the financial sins they commit with loans


The overwhelming majority of Kenyans who owe money and are defaulting on mobile loan apps are women.

The details published in the Daily Nation, have created shock waves.

Ladies how deep in debt are you and where is the money going to? Maina Kageni asked women, as he recounted reading an article published in the Daily Nation that suggested women are the biggest loan defaulters on mobile apps.

‘My husband took a 1.5 million loan to go on vacation’ Cries woman

Its not a ladies wish to take a loan but when jobs lack and prices of food stuffs go up and business is low and u ve mouths to feed what r women supposed to do……women try their best to live without loans #MainaAndKingangi

Have a loan of ATLAS MARA LOAN 40K now they have added the interest up to 51k up to now.
I have another of mshwari of 16k.
I have KCB LOAN of 7k.
I had loan for branch 18k but I paid.
Am trying to clear everything before yr ends

Kenyan women using home electronics for quick loans with shylocks


I got a loan of 10000 which i used to pay for my delivery bill since then am not able to pay because I developed bleeding complications till now it has been 7months down the line
I borrowed to buy household items. When I was about to pay,someone told me,” mliandikiana wapi?,if I were you, siezi lipa” little did i know there is something called CRB. I am blacklisted now. I wanna pay mdogo mdogo though.


borrowing is like betting. Your husband doesn’t provide, you are jobless and have a kid to breastfeed. What do you do? Just borrow ukipata Kapesa unalipa tena unaomba loan #MainaAndKingangi

Financial confession: My wife’s Sh1million loan is ruining our lives

Woman caller: I’m in that trap. I’m a single parent I have loans all over, I don’t know how to come out of that. I owe if added together maybe 100k loan, I don’t know how to come out of it it’s so tricky it’s like a devil trap. I hate these apps, you have to survive like that imagine, and I have a small baby so for you to maintain that when you in such a situation you need money, so there is no way you can say you won’t borrow again. How can you stop borrowing, they call you and frustrate you, oh my god, help me out Maina give me a loan, give me half of it I wont borrow again,

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‘I’m the chairlady of CRB’ woman shouts about addiction to loans

The easy access to mobile app loans has created an addiction for many Kenyan women, as told on Classic 105.

An addiction that has seen them borrow from one app to repay another, creating a vicious cycle of debt. Sound familiar?

This women is living at the mercy of these mobile lending apps, and recounted her experience.

I don’t know sijui ni kama ni shetani or what, I don’t know what I’m going to  do about it, when I get kidogo I off set the other.


The woman under major debts and stress pleaded with Maina Kageni to help offset her mobile app loans that are threatening to overwhelm her.

sis wote tuna shida zote same. There is no Kenyan women who doesn’t have a mobile loan, I was introduced by one women and I then introduced another two, nimekopa kila mahali,

She is so stressed out with calls from people demanding payments

These apps have such high interest, we don’t care about interest, there is the fun part of taking loans. I owe 35k in total, if you can pay for me I will still borrow you now there is addiction, to be honest I will borrow again,


She is hooked to Mshwari as the answer to her money woes.

I install the app then uninstall, there is an addiction of till death do us part. I don’t know what to do, its a serious thing 

It’s threatening to push her to the breaking point.

Dear Classic 105 fam, what advice would you give to Kenyan women perpetually in debt over a lifestyle they want?


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Should a wife be allowed to go out separately with friends every once in awhile? Maina asks


Has your mans jaw dropped upon seeing this question? I bet his first question is to know your intentions for going out and if they are noble, right?

On the Friday morning conversation, Maina said he got a very interesting SMS from someone who is so prominent in society, who is so up there in government it was incredible.

He posed this question to women ‘This morning ladies I want you to tell me how you go about it’.

The question from his friend sought to find out ‘how often should my wife go out alone or with her girlfriends?’


When are married women just supposed to get away from it all and breathe?

A suspicious Mwalimu Kingangi pondered the reason behind her desire to go clubbing.

Where am I when she is going out, anenda wapi? Alone? No no no. Where is this she is going alone?

There are many reasons why women go dancing. The most popular reason is that they want to let loose – to dance their problems away and feel the tension eke out of their muscles.

@ItsMainaKageni I’m allowed to go have fun with my friends(his sisters&cousins too) once in a while,the problem is when I come back sitaongeleshwa one week

Alcohol. photo credit:

That’s why it’s very important for ladies to work and be independent #MainaAndKingangi that way hakuna mtu atawahi kukalia chapati

Red and white winetasting wineglasses, glass stemware on rustic wooden table in front of brown wine cellar racks and oak wine barrel. Fermented grape beverages are poured in two sparkling glasses for winery tasting. Background shelves are reflected and in soft focus. Indoors close-up of alcoholic drinks, with no people.

marriage is like a jail ukitaka kuenda out lazima uombe ruhusa yaani ata unaboeka na hiyo out sababu unapimiwa masaa ya kurudi like an 18yr old child but to hell with that lazima OUT WATU WAENDE KAREE KIIIIIII #mainaandkingangi

Girls, is your husband ok with you going out clubbing either alone or with girl pals?

Drop us your comments below this post.

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‘My husband washes me, plus my soiled knickers’ wife reveals

When you walk down the aisle, you take a vow to stick together through thick and thin.

It’s something we say but don’t really ponder for long because our wedding day is supposed to be happy, right?  So, what does it really look like to live out this vow?

That is exactly what one Kenyan man is doing, to the outrage of many.

He told Maina Kageni on Monday that he even washes her inner wear, especially when she wakes up late in a rush to scrub her panties. He says when he finds them when he get home before her, he will wash them for her, and put them outside to air. because she forgot to wash her panties, he helps her washing it. She cleans my boxers so why not?


In another scenario, a female caller shocked listeners on Wednesday with her tale of what her husband does for her that is so romantic.

She narrated

I have a man. He washes my panties, I don’t tell him to do it, he just wakes up washes his and mine, and when I’m cleaning the house he also helps. I hate ironing clothes, so he does so and even for our daughters, he doesn’t complain.

Cleaning floor using rag
Cleaning floor using rag

Even when I’m sitting down at home, he cleans, this is a man I really appreciate I don’t have to tell him to do stuff. He also washes my panties, you know at times ladies soil their panties but he washes them. It’s not a matter of being controlled, there are men out there who are good, even when I’m sick he washes me, he takes a basin puts hot water, scrubs me and will serve me any food in bed.

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‘I’ve selected the music and pictures for my funeral’ man reveals

The late Dutch billionaire Tob Cohens will, will be opened after much controversy over its contents.

His widow Sarah Wairimu has indicated through her lawyer that she won’t attend the planned will reading because the confidentiality of the document had been impugned after the Star, citing a Dutch newspaper, published its contents on September 16.

The Star had reported that Cohen, at the time estranged from his wife, had given his sister his Sh400 million Kitisuru villa.

Algemeen Dagblad (AD), the Dutch newspaper on whose reporting the Star relied on, quoted Cohen’s sister Gabrielle as saying they have planned to take possession of the villa of their murdered brother in a matter of weeks.

The idea of a will being written while the person is still alive has elicited mixed reaction.

A Classic 105 man shocked audiences after revealing the extreme lengths he has gone to, to prepare for his eventual death.

From selecting the pictures to be used, to the wording of the obituary, and the music for the day, the man had no qualms admitting that he is defying African myths about planning for a funeral when still alive.

In my laptop is a folder called finally: it has music to be played, the pictures to be used, and the words for the obituary. I have even written the eulogy it just needs to be edited

He added

Let me do the things the way I want them to be done, because it is me, nobody can write my life history better

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Why do we take it personally? Maina Kageni asks about bad Kikuyu women jokes

Kikuyu women are currently bearing the brunt of nasty jokes online, more so after Billionaire Tob Cohens body was discovered in a septic tank, 50 days after a search for his body was launched.

Cohens 52-year-old wife Sarah Wairimu is detained at Langata Prison awaiting trial over the murder.

At the centre of this case is a Sh400million villa in Kitisuru and inheritance.

Can’t Pay, Won’t Pay! Kenyans shout after Kikuyu dowry list goes viral

Kenyans on Twitter have taken note of what they say is a pattern in deaths involving billionaires. That these men are married to Kikuyu women, who always face accusations of having murdered their men over inheritance disputes. Their words not mine.

This formed the topic of discussion on Classic 105 with Maina Kageni giving his opinion about the terrible jokes.

I laughed this weekend it was real entertainment for me

I have always taken it with a pinch of salt

Why aren’t we laughing at ourselves? Why did you take it so seriously to be honest? It started with Bob Collymore and it has been there since time immemorial, why didn’t we see the funny side?

Mipango yangu yote ya kando ni wakikuyu, Sonko confesses

Me I believe in laughing at ourselves there is a difference between being able to laugh at yourself and negative stereotyping, and this weekend we saw a lot of that seriously why? It’s social media, the day you believe what goes on in social media, you will die, ask Peter Kenneth, he had millions of followers wacha elections came

This Kikuyu rendition of ‘Kwangwaru’ will make you go down on one knee(VIDEO)

It’s social media, the boldness in people comes out while others are there to chocha, why don’t you take a chill pill?

Stereotyping is something we will all have to live with, and especially with the age of social media. There is nothing you can do about that

What are your thoughts on this topic? Are people apportioning wrong blame on Kikuyu women? Drop your comments below.

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The ultimatums Kenyan women have given ‘lazy’ spouses


Women have revealed their thoughts on unemployed spouses and it’s pretty harsh.

Mwalimu Kingangi on Friday started a very interesting conversation about role responsiblibites in terms of money, noting that ‘a woman will rememeber the first time she gave you 50 bob.’


He was upset that many wives have been bragging about paying bills and outing men who are unemployed. He figured that women are not understanding that unemployment is a temporary situation, and this men should be respected.

Mwalimu said

You will never hear a man say how he paid bills but when a woman does pay bills for a man, she will announce it to the world, t will be front page news, you are telling the entire world how you are helping your husband, why do women have to announce. Do you know you would rather take money from a shylock than ask a wife for money. 

So Maina sought to know from ladies: why are you like that? Is it that you feel unappreciated, is it that you feel that you do so much for this man and it’s not appreciated?

Let’s have this chat ladies, and be honest. Women opened up with all sorts of accusation you need to read below:


Woman caller: God did not say women should provide and that is why we complain, we are not bragging, she is saying you are just another bugger, if you are useless man one day you shall be called bugger


Another woman concurred noting that

we are living with Kenyan men that are bums, we are paying all bills and they they have nothing to say because they are doing nothing, why should I be paying his bills? I have a man I supported for ten years. I left the bugger,  I  took him to school I paid his fees, I paid the mortgage and all he does is wear a nice suit, buy nyama choma, and entertainment friends, what will he say he did for his family? Nothing!!!

Dear Classic fam, are these women being petty or are their grievances justified? Drop us your comments.


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Kingang’i interrupted as woman loudly explains how they cheat


A woman won the praise of Maina Kageni after explaining to a confused Mwalimu Kingang’i what happens when wives are dumped in the village.

In a clip heard on air, the woman confronts Mwalimu after he said that the village is the best place for a married woman to live as the man hustles in Nairobi.

Before he could continue, the woman blurted out

If there are no jobs in Nairobi, why have you decided I go to the village and leave you behind in Nairobi? To do what if you also don’t have a job?

Are you counting cars? Huna kazi sina kazi umebaki ukufanya nini kuhesabu gari?

Mwalimu tried to offer an explanation for his statement, and said

Mimi nimebaki niangalie hewa ya pesa, you know things are thick, you know one of us has to stay and most likely it’s not you..

but the woman interrupted, explaining that

You stay in Nairobi at your own risk and if you think you are torturing your wife by telling her to stay int he village, wee kaa hapo, who do you think is ploughing me (unafikiri nalimwa na nani Wakunaji ni wengi…..)

You want me to slay with cows in the village? We met in Nairobi and started our life in the city, why do you want to kick me to the village?

You are sick there is no way you are remaining in the city, doing what? And furthermore let me tell you a secret, who do you think is sorting me out? You know those workers you hire? The one who has a six pack and milks the cow and digs the shamba, that is whom is sorting me out ehe, eheh ehe!!! (you figure it out )

Maina Kageni dug in with a similar view to the woman offering this advise to men for free

you stay in Nairobi at your own risk if you have a wife in ushago and think you are stressing her, heeh you stay there…

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