King’ang’i puts Mirema girls on the spot for harassing Wababa

Mwalimu King’ang’i has called out girls from Mirema for giving Wababa’s a hard time when all the old men want is a good time away from their wives.

Speaking during the Morning Conversation, Mwalimu says most of these girls harass these men because they know they are ‘helpless’.

“These girls harass these old men. Mzee amemeza dawa and all the lady is saying is she be given time to prepare while still in Mirema. Mzee saa hiyo ako Yaya doing press-ups.”

Mwalimu says most times some of these old men will pretend to be romantic just to make sure the lady comes as agreed.

Refusing to come might end up giving the man a heart attack due to the blue pill being swallowed.

“Umetoka?” they ask. They even pretend to be romantic. “Umesema umetoka ama nikutumie gari?”

The ladies then warn the Wababa not to assume that there will be anything intimate between them. Cases of people dying during steamy sessions are not anything new not only in Kenya but also worldwide.

In January 2022, A man died after booking a hotel room with his girlfriend in Nairobi’s Kawangware area. The man is said to have collapsed and died, according to the woman who notified the hotel management and police.

In March 2022, a 45-year-old man died at an apartment in Kilimani area, Nairobi. He is said to have been seeking ‘entertainment’ in the hands of a 25-year-old woman.

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11 things you didn’t know about Raila’s running mate, Martha Karua

On 16th May 2022, Martha Karua was officially announced as Raila Odinga’s running mate. The duo will be vying for the country’s top job come August 2022.

Karua has for ages been known as the Iron Lady thanks to her resilience. Below are things you did not know about her.

-She is aged 65, and she was born in September 1957

-She is a Libra baby, according to the personality traits of a Libra, such people are obsessed with symmetry and strive to create equilibrium in all areas of life. Libras adore high art, intellectualism, and connoisseurship.  

-She is the second child in a family of eight, four girls and four boys.

-Karua is the former MP for the Gichugu constituency. She was the MP for Gichugu for 4 consecutive terms.

-She is a lawyer having studied law at the University of Nairobi between 1977 and 1980.

-She is also the founder of Martha Karua & Co. Advocates.

-The Iron Lady is a former Minister for Justice.

-Karua worked as a magistrate in various courts including those at Makadara, Nakuru, and Kibera.

-She contested the 2013 Kenyan presidential election, under the NARC Kenya party ticket. 

-In 2017, Martha sought the Kirinyaga Gubernatorial Seat but lost to the current Governor, Anne Waiguru in a heavily contested election.

-The veteran politician was recognized by Human Rights Watch as a human rights monitor.

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King’ang’i almost leaves studio after a disagreement with Maina

There was trouble at Classic 105 offices after Mwalimu Kin’gang’i threatened to walk out on his co-host Maina Kageni during the morning conversation.

The disagreement was brought about by Maina Kageni not ‘choosing’ Mwalimu to be his running mate.
“Who is your running mate?” Mwalimu had hypothetically posed.

An innocent Maina responded that he has never thought about it.

The answer seemed to have infuriated Mwalimu.

He could not understand why Maina wouldn’t choose him yet they have been co-hosts for more than a decade
“How can you do this to me? I spend most days with you and you can’t even choose me to be your running mate?
Kwani kazi yangu ni gani?
Posed Mwalimu.

Wanting to maintain peace, Maina finally agreed to appoint Mwalimu as his running mate. Kenyans were also given a chance to reveal who they would choose as their running mates.

Most men chose their kids over their wives. They believed that once given the power the women will want to control them.
“Yesterday my girlfriend told me to post her on social media if I love her, I told her that would only happen once we are over the vetting period.”
*Njoro shared
“Choosing a running mate is not an easy thing. In life, you need someone wiser.
You might make a wrong move and end up getting a direct ticket to heaven.”

Below are some more reactions

@hasnuu6: Maina my running mate is my mum hawa wababa wachana na wao kabisa unamuweka running mate munajikuta running mate muko 10.

*Mike narrated

“Mimi karibu mwengine akuwe running mate nikaona anataka kunikalia.”

@samlavke: Most of our women fit in the opposition coz kazi yao ni kupinga serikali tu.

Who would you choose as a running mate?

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4 reason why men are controlled by the women they are dating

We have all heard the joke, ‘huyu amekaliwa chapati.’ This means a man is been dominated at home by his woman and he has no say in the relationship.

Funny as it may seem, it can be frustrating and very embarrassing to the men involved.

This is because they are made to do things that are set for women by society.

Such things include doing their laundry, cooking for the family, mopping the house, etc.

Below are some of the reasons why some men get controlled by their women.

Showing her that you love her too much

Women are very smart once you show them that they can control you they do it to perfection.
It is good to show your woman love but never let her forget that you are the man of the house.

Not taking up your financial responsibilities

ruth be told most men have left their responsibilities to women.
They do not care how rent is paid or how the kids’ school fees are paid, The same men will come and demand conjugal rights from their wives.
No woman will respect you if you can’t man up and take up your responsibilities.

Being poor in bed
In most scenarios men who are poor in bed are womanizers, most do this to prove to themselves that they can still Gerrit.
We all know that the reason most people get married is for companionship and intimacy, if a woman does not get that she snaps.
And there is nothing as dangerous as a woman scorned. She will always demean you as she knows there is nothing you can do.

If your game is good, trust me you will be the one controlling her.


We should not underestimate the use of witchcraft by women, Witchcraft, and magic has existed since the early days.
Some women visit witch doctors and get concoctions used to control their husbands.
Most of these decisions are often brought about by peer pressure from friends or family members.
Sadly in some instances, the juju backfires and ends up killing the men.
So men don’t be too soft otherwise utakaliwa chapati.


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Commenting about men’s bald head now a sexual offence

A United Kingdom court has ruled that insulting bald men at work are sexual harassment.

The ruling was made by a panel of balding judges.

Reacting to the news Bien of the boy’s band Sauti Sol says that is a move in the right direction.

Bien who prides himself in being the Chairman of bald men in Kenya shared his excitement about the ruling in the post below

“There you have it. Don’t let ignorance catch you on the wrong side of the law. The Bald Men Association Celebrates this move. 

My heart goes out to all the Bald Men who have been suffering this harassment. Keep our Bald heads out of your [email protected]$king mouth 😂”

The finding — made by three judges who lament their lack of locks in the judgment — came in the case of an electrician, Tony Finn, who sued a small Yorkshire-based family business over the term.

Things first got hairy when one of Finn’s supervisors, Jamie King, allegedly called him a “fat bald c—” and he was later fired from the West Yorkshire-based British Bung, which makes wooden cask plugs, according to the outlet.

The accusation resulted in the panel, headed by Judge Jonathan Brain, deliberating on if King’s baldness bash was simply insulting — or rose to the level of harassment.

Baldness can be caused by different reasons among them 


Baldness can be inherited from the father to the son. If your father is bald, chances are you might also end up bald.

Hormonal changes

Radiation therapy to the head

 Radiation is a cancer treatment that uses high doses of radiation to kill cancer cells and shrink tumours. Patients going through such are at risk of going bald.

Medical conditions

Medications for conditions such as cancer, arthritis, and depression among others can cause baldness.


Old age comes with different changes and some of those changes can include becoming bald.

For most men, baldness mostly occurs at the top part of the head, for some baldness start at the front of the head to the back of the head.

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I cook my own food cause I fear my wife might poison me-Man tells Maina Kageni

Kenyan men have today opened up to Maina Kageni ongoing physical, emotional, and verbal abuse from their wives. Most say they are dying inside.

The men say they are in a relationship because of the kids.

*Mike says his wife has even threatened to kill him

“I do my stuff on my own. I wash my clothes, iron my clothes, and cook my food. She told me she will kill me before the next government takes over. I cook my food because I fear she might stab or poison me.”

*Musa says despite him being a long-distance driver he is forced to cook f himself when he arrives home.

He also cooks for his wife on some days.

“I am a long-distance driver, my wife is a businesswoman. I come back later sometimes (2 am) and I am the one to wash clothes and do all the household chores. We have no one to defend us. Marriage is all about perverseness.”

Adding, “I will continue doing it because I cannot beat her up. I even told my mum about it.”

Just when you think you have heard enough *Musa calls in saying that despite him being the BOSS in the office, at home he is just an errand boy.

“My wife is very sweet when she wants something once she gets it she changes. She chased away our house help so I am the one who does all the house chores.
It’s almost 7 years since she started that. It reaches a point she becomes good when she wants something. The car she is driving she sweet-talked me to buy it.”

He says he cannot leave his house as he builds it, adding that he has no one to share what he is going through due to stigmatization.

“I cannot shift from this house because I am the one who built it. Men are suffering out here.
How can I tell my friends that I am the one who cooks? Are both working but I have to leave work early to pick up the kids, wash them and then cook. Luckily for me, I am self-employed.”

*Noor shared his experience and almost ended up breaking down narrating the torture he is going through at the hands of his wife.

“I am a truck driver married since 2013 and I am the wife. I work while she doesn’t. I drive from Mombasa to Nairobi and I am normally so tired she tells me to cook for myself, and she wakes me to take our child to school. We cannot even beat them up because the government favors women. Men are in such relationships because of the kids.”

Mwalimu King’ang’i says most ‘good’ men are the ones suffering.

A lot of men are suffering because women have always been seen as the weaker sex. Men are going through so much. The men going through such are the caring ones, the most romantic. The bad boys are not going through this abuse.”

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King’ang’i-Your boss will never pay you enough to be his neighbour

Is it true that your boss will never pay you enough? Maina and King’ang’i spoke about this during The Morning Conversation on Classic 105.

“They say your boss will never pay you enough to be his neighbor,” said King’ang’i.

He went on to insist that you need to get more ideas to get wealthy ‘Ask God to give you ideas.”

Most listeners agreed with King’angi. Check out some responses from the listeners.

Gregory: Yeah you must work smart to your own boss

Nuubedsitter: Wah ni ukweli kabisa no wonder tunafinyiliwa tusiinuke

Mosesyoung: That’s really true there is no way your boss can pay enough you to be his neighbor just look for idea to start up your business for you to make it like the boss plus someone should have positive minds always

Joe Reithi: I couldn’t agree more, Kingangi thanks for sharing the wisdom

Thady Mayieka: @ItsMainaKageni i second @MwalimChurchill’s sentiments..people have the audacity to wake up daily to work for someone for over 40years but they can’t struggle for 3yrs to build their own business empire. A salary is always an amount to sustain you for u to come to work again

Vincentchate: Tunaishi kwa neema ndungu yangu But hio nayo ni ukweli Lazma unyanyaswe

Caleb Chauro: Only your brain matters. Even if you’re paid more than your boss, and you lack wisdom, you’ll remain lamenting

CheiChege4real: Yes very true @ItsMainaKageni he need me to keep working for him forever @Classic105Kenya#MainaAndKingangi

Jacob Kioko: Your boss is not your friend…

Sir Albert: Never infact the boss will ensure you’re poor @[email protected] good morning

Samfields: That’s an absolute fact, the salary he pays you is for sustenance only. If you want to join the top league you gotta think outside the box.

Method man: I do agree, your boss can’t drive a car your driving heri ubebe key but usiende na gari kwa office compound.

Your 2022: This is all true…. And when you work hard enough to be, your boss will accuse you of theft.

Pingache Moses: Of course. And if your side hustles allow you to be his neighbour he will start being hostile for no good reason. BYOB!

Why do women stay in toxic marriages? Concerned Maina asks

Today morning, Classic 105 presenters Maina Kageni and Mwalimu King’ang’i were discussing why people stay in toxic marriages.

Maina asked ladies why they would stay after regretting marrying the man they had married?

“You’ve realized you made a mistake, what is keeping you there?” he asked.

King’ang’i was quick to say that marriage is a contract;

“Have you ever heard about something called a contract. It’s for life that’s why you say for better for worse, why do you think its called pingu za maisha? You should’ve given your lawyers the document before you sign, you are legally bound, its a very powerful document.”

So, how do you fix it?” Asked Maina saying that he has never understood why people stay for kids in the name of raising them in a complete family.

King’ang’i added that it is not easy to leave as there are so many people and factors involved.

One listener said marriage is not a bed of roses while another one tweeted ‘As long as I am not being beaten, I will stay and find my own happiness.”

Another listener said, “Choices have consequences.”

King’ang’i asked Maina why he keeps telling ladies to leave “And go where? Is there a place you have created for them?”

Another listerner narrated how she had been in a toxic marriage for ten years, ‘I was married for ten years. I enjoyed the married for only six years, the other four he would beat me and chase me away at night. My sister’s heart enlarged and she died because of love stress, I said I will not die. He remarried and after two years he started looking for me. It has been ten years and I am happy.”

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Terence and Milly Chebby on why they haven’t had a white wedding

YouTube couple Milly Chebby and her husband Terence Creative have opened up on why they haven’t had a white wedding despite being together for 10 years.

According to the couple they decided to focus on important things first such as settling their parents in good houses among other things.

Speaking on Milly Chebby’s YouTube channel Terence shared

“According to the African culture, once you do a traditional marriage, you are officially a couple.
We were planning on doing a wedding last year but one after our daughter but Corona hit.”

Milly says she wants a wedding but is OK with developing themselves first.

“We chose to focus on important things first. We decided to first get a shamba and then built our parents’ homes.
We started with my mum then Terence’s cucu and then now our home Imagine leaving my honeymoon…
I am not in a rush but I miss getting married.”

Terence added,
“If you are watching me and you have wedding grounds or you sell nice rings send me an inbox with the quotes.” The couple is celebrating 10 years since they got together.

Milly says she is happy because of the growth they have had in the marriage.
“I can’t compare my first five years with the latest five years, I thank God for my daughter.”

Speaking in a past YouTube session Milly had said when she got married to Terence jhe was very irresponsible.

Adding that he has had to learn responsibility along the way.

“What I have learned in my 10 years in marriage is that It is a myth to say you can change a man. Given a chance, I would change the first five years and start on the 6th one. When I met Terence he was a work in progress. God can use you to change someone. I am proud of the man he has become in the last 10 years we have been married,” she recalls

Milly says the environment one grows up in affects how they live life and how they interact with people.

“He never cared to bring anything in the house. I had to tell him that men do not come home empty-handed.
He grew up in a broken home hence he did not have any example to follow from.”

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My hubby regrets marrying me cause I gave birth to a disabled kid-Maina told

Kenyan women have told Maina Kageni they regret marrying their partners because of the constant madharau they are going through.

This was based on a video of a woman in Kitui ditching her wedding at the last minute.

Maina Kageni was curious to find out what would make one ditch their wedding and why some others went on with the plans when they had doubts from the word go.

A caller identified as Rose says her husband said he regrets marrying her after she bore him a disabled child.

“I did not regret my husband but he told me he regrets marrying me.
This is because I gave birth to a disabled child. He has told me of his regret not once nor twice.”

Rose says that her husband no longer supports her and their two kids

“He was very much sober when telling me those things. He doesn’t even care how the child survives.
He does not support our 2 kids.”

*Jane says she has to live with a man who openly disrespects her

“People are suffering out here. Imagine living where you are not wanted? The guys notice you have become big and they go for someone else. There is a time I wanted to give up and I told him I wanted out. To my surprise, he wanted the same thing. We had been married for 14 years.”


“I told him even if I was going he would be the one to be left with the kids. We stayed for a week and he told me to give him a week to let him think.
If you feel tired of the arguments and the behavior let him know,” she advised.

*Mwanaisha says she is happily married and wouldn’t change anything
“I do not regret marrying him, we have been married for many years. We have gone through storms but we are still together, marriage works. He also does not regret it. We agreed to grow old together even though our marriage is not perfect.

Sad woman

*Rose says that she is only in the marriage because of the kids, given a chance she would leave and never look back.

“I do regret marrying my husband. Some things you never know, if you knew
If time could be turned back I would never get married to this person. He doesn’t know, you just walk around knowing you made a mistake. I am basically in jail because of the kids. They don’t understand what I am going through.

Do you regret marrying your partner?

Detectives arrest man and step-wife over murder of his 6 year old daughter

Homicide detectives have made a major breakthrough in unraveling the murder mystery of 6-year-old Beverly Mumo Musyoki.

After conducting fresh investigations into the murder, which had earlier been dismissed as the work of powers of darkness, the homicide experts opened a fresh can of worms linking her father Robinson Musyoki and stepmother. to the murder most foul.

The sleuths arrested them yesterday at Emali, in Makueni countyat Emali, in Makueni county.

According to Beverly’s biological mother Naomi Kiamba, she learnt of the death of her daughter through a phone call from her ex-husband, who called her on October, 24, 2020.

He informed her that he was headed to Montezuma funeral home, since their daughter had fallen sick & died.

Naomi rushed to the funeral home only to be confronted by the lifeless body of her daughter bearing bruises all over the body.

A report issued then by the chief government pathologist Dr. Johansen Oduor, indicated that the cause of death was a blunt force trauma, giving inference that the child died due to injuries consistent with a case of child abuse.

Investigations by the homicide detectives indicate that following the bitter separation of Beverly’s parents, a children’s court had directed that Robinson stays with the children for one month from October 29, 2019 to December 5, 2020 before returning them to their mother.

That was the last time Naomi saw her daughter alive, since her ex-husband an engineer at the Kenya Pipeline, never returned the children & stopped picking up her calls.

Unknown to her, Robinson had married another woman and moved in with her in an unknown location. Naomi went back to court on December, 16, 2019, and obtained a warrant of arrest against Robinson which was served to the OCS Industrial Area police station.

Robinson was nowhere to be found until almost a year later, when he called Naomi with the devastating news of their daughter’s demise.

Prior to their separation, the couple lived happily and were devout Christians. Naomi’s husband played the guitar at the African Brotherhood Church in Starehe.

The detectives have also established that the deceased’s 11-year-old brother who is a key witness in this case had received threats to his life, if he revealed what had transpired prior to his sister’s death. The fresh investigations into this case follows the elevation of the

Source: Twitter DCI

King’ang’i advocates for another public holiday, ‘ya kulamba pilipili’

As Kenyans report back to work after a 5-days holiday, Classic 105’s Mwalimu King’ang’i still wants another public holiday to be announced.

On the Maina and King’ang’i show this morning, the duo discussed how Kenyans enjoyed the long holiday that was brought about by Kibaki’s funeral, labour day and Eid.

The presenter said that Wakorino should be given a holiday to dry up their drums.

“We should now be given another holiday for the Wakorinos, a day they will be drying up their drums,” Mwalimu said.

He added that Rastafarians should also have their way to fight for a holiday for evacuating seeds. He suggests that all the holidays should be combined to fall in one weekend to give Kenyans another extended weekend.

“Rastafarians, you should look for your holiday too, probably a day for removing seeds,” suggested Mwalimu.

Mwalimu King'ang'i
Mwalimu King’ang’i

In addition, King’ang’i is suggesting another holiday for Indians and Hindus, to lick cayenne pepper. Holiday requests for King’ang’i continue and said, The Meru people should also be given a holiday for releasing a hit song.

Netizens in support of King’ang’i’s holiday request, shared their interest in another public holiday being announced. It got to a point where netizens were suggesting a holiday to mourn the three female lions that were found dead.

“Sasa tupewe holiday ingine ya ku mourn King Lion, (we should be given another holiday to mourn King Lion.)”

The lion’s bodies were found slumped against an electric fence of a safari lodge in Uganda, bordering Queen Elizabeth National park.

The holiday extension story started on Thursday last week when Tuesday, May 3rd this year was announced as a public holiday for the Muslims “Eid-al-Fitr”

Fred Matiangi also declared Friday, April 29th a holiday, then Monday 2nd of May being a Labour day, Kenyans celebrated the prolonged weekend and wished to have another holiday Wednesday 5th of May, and if possible have the whole week as a holiday, Hence coming fourth with holidays suggestions.


Huddah Monroe blasts women asking money from her male friends

Socialite Huddah Monroe says women have a habit of thirsting on men she follows.

She said they even DM them to ask for money.

Huddah said this happens mostly when she accepts to follow back a male fan on her Instagram page.

“I followed a guy friend of mine, and next thing, he gets DM’S YOU all thirsty. Happens all the time when I follow a guy. They even ask for money..”

Huddah added that she loves being a women but getting money as a woman is not an easy job unlike men.

“The next life, let me be a man . making money is the easiest job. Whether its scamming or working in a bank. Men don’t get all this sh*t. During pregnancy, its worse, men have only one job. However I love being a woman without the extra shit that comes with it.”

Recently, Huddah said she would quickly dump a man who is not honest, she said.

“We are adults keep it 100! Especially black men lie for no reason at all,” she said.

She advised women with sons to raise them to be honest men.

“I’ve dated too many nationalities and dating a black man is like going in a mase,” she said.

“It’s too much hard work, you can easily go Mental.”

Explainer: What it means to lie-in-State

The body of former President Mwai Kibaki is lying in state at the Kenyan Parliament.

The activity that started on Monday, April 25 is set to take place up to Wednesday, April 27.

What does it mean to lie-in-state?

  1. The body of the dead official is placed in a State building.
  2. The body is put either outside or inside a coffin.
  3. Only Presidents or former Presidents can lie in State.
  4. A person designated by the President can lie in state.
  5. The body is guarded by soldiers and government officials.
  6. Mourners are allowed to view the body.
  7. The coffin is draped in the Kenyan flag.
  8. Coat of arms is affixed on the carriage.

The late President Mwai Kibaki is set to be laid to rest at his home in Othaya, Nyeri County on Saturday, April 30. 

On Monday morning, the first state event was held where President Kibaki’s body was taken to Parliament Buildings. There, the deceased will lie in state and the public will be welcome to view and pay their last respects. 

A short requiem mass presided by the Catholic Church was then held to pray for the departed Head of State.  The clergy then blessed Kibaki’s body and anointed his forehead with oil. 

The retired President was dressed in a black suit with white stripes, black shoes, a white shirt, and a polka dot necktie.

President Uhuru Kenyatta, who was accompanied by his wife Margaret led the viewing of the body. He then took a photo with the family members beside President Kibaki’s body. 

High-ranking generals from the Army then viewed Kibaki’s body, followed by Deputy President William Ruto, Senate, and Parliament speakers, Chief Justice Martha Koome and her deputy Philomena Mwilu, Cabinet Secretaries, legislators, and members of the public.

Outside Parliament Buildings, many Kenyans were lined up, waiting keenly for an opportunity to view the body of the late president. 

On April 28, the body will lie at Lee Funeral Home before it is taken to State House on April 29th, and thereafter, a State funeral will be held at Nyayo National Stadium. 

Most kids fail because their mums are busy in chamas and baby showers

Kenyan parents have come out to defend themselves over the failure of their kids in the just concluded KCSE results.

According to Maina Kageni, most kids develop mental issues because they are not used to having ‘no’ for an answer.

Giving their opinions one parent shared;

“These kids have failed because the parents are busy in chamas, wedding baby showers.

My daughter and I have gone through the worst but I still kept an eye on her.

Parents should stop creating excuses and accept they have failed.”

Steve said he failed but life went on.

“When I failed my dad told me he had sold a cow to take another cow to school. If someone failed they did, there is no need for sugar-coating stuff.”

Rose shared;

“Failing in the exam does not mean one is a failure, we have other areas they can focus on.”

Njoro says the kids who failed should consider taking up tertiary courses.

The last lot of disciplined kids is in the 80s.

How can you fail the exam yet you are busy cramming the lyrics of every song that comes out.

During our time we were warned, why to sugarcoat it.

They need tertiary education now.

The parents were not there for their kids, so they should stop sugar coating things, if you failed there is nothing to be done.

82 percent of candidates failed their KCSE exams.

A lot of parents said we should not be so hard on our children. Tuwapeleke pole pole.

Joyce added

“That’s the problem we teachers are facing..ukiambia kababa ukweli kesho anakuja na mzazi kukuharass.”

Tupatane kwa debe! Singer Loise Kim going independent after losing nominations

Gospel singer Loise Kim says she will be on the ballot box despite losing The Kiambu Women Rep nominations to Ann Wa Muratha.

She was running under the UDA party.

Loise in a statement said the nominations were not fair and so she will take a step forward to run as an independent candidate.

Through her Facebook, Loise thanked her fans and family who supported her and ensured that their ambassadorial roles magnified the entire big family through prayers and finances.

“You believed in the spirit of unity. Many are the times that we burnt the midnight oil to ensure that the needs of the electorates are well addressed.

You are such an amazing team. To the entire Kiambu electorates, the over 200,000 delegates from either of the political divide who turned out to vote, I thank you.

We may not have clinched the UDA ticket, but your effort to ensure that we all win was clearly demonstrated. You waited eagerly to have me announced as the winner, the calls, texts, the emails and inboxes within all social platforms. I don’t take it for granted.

We may not have won the seat as per the party’s elections board, but we surely won over the hearts of many people, the young and old. That was just but the beginning, we must redeem Kiambu from the tyrants and enemies of progress.”

Loise further added;

“You stood with me through thick and thin. Wapendwa, I want to assure you that all is not lost. The journey has just begun. I’ve listened to you. Let’s meet at the ballot on the 9th of August 2022.”

In another post, she said her votes were rigged.

Never tell your wife about secret children – Kingangi

Some things are better left unsaid Kingangi told Maina about having secret children and not telling your wife about it.

On the Thursday April 7 conversation, Maina told Kingangi that they have a common friend who has secret children and his wife found out about it.

Maina asked men why they don’t just tell the wife before she finds out, Mwalimu told him ‘never tell her’ . He added ‘wacha hio maneno’

Maina added ‘she found out that her daughters best friend in school is her husbands child. The husband has never said anything about it he is still trying to digest the fact that his wife found out, .The thing is guys, do you intend to tell your wife about the other children? How do you plan to introduce them to your wife?’

‘Never’ Kingangi responded.

‘wewe unataka kuasha moto’

Maina told men that having secret children is ‘betrayal like Judas. Here you are as a woman planning for your family, then you find out this baga ha children out there, nie ma aki the things you see, how did you find out about the children your man has out there ladies?

Kingangi again told ‘it’s not easy Maina, because there is a period of preparation, there is a period you need to break the news’

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When you don’t look good, he strays – Maina Kageni

A good physique completely matters to your man.

If he tells you he likes the way you look, that is a lie Maina Kageni advised wives. They don’t love you the way you are he added in a heavy discussion about how wives look after marriage.

He advised women to workout, keep in shape because ‘if you don’t do that you are finished.

On the Friday morning conversation April 1, Maina told about the ban on feedign bottles and a woman called sayign she has changed her mind abotu having a bay, over sagging b00bs. Maina wanted to know

‘Why are Kenyan women obsessed with perfect bodies? The men are saying they love you no matter how you look’

Mwalimu agrred, but then maina had a change of mind encouraging women to hit the gym. ‘ebu go for that perfect body do not be cheated the day you sag huh utaona wewe’

Maina added ‘your men will tell you they love you the way you are, but I promise you when they go out there and see a light skin chick with nice tittie* and a nice bu*t they will go after her, so do not be cheated’

Maina even provided the example of how men are oggle at Akothe

‘ladies workout, the day you slacken up or you sag ama you grow that pot you are finished, I promise you, look at Esther Musila how good does he look? Never jiachilia even he tells you. But do it for yourself,’

‘go to the gym ladies, work on your body because the day you slacken up you are finished’

Kingangi disagreed ‘no maina yeye ni mama watoto she is fine the way she is’

Maina added ‘if you know your mans side chick what does she look like? Tuambiane ukweli because they are here telling you I love you the way you are but the day he see’s a lightskin , you are finished, ladies go to the gym,’

The conversation was opened up tot he public ‘does how you look matter, doesnt Akothe look amazing? Coz your men are cheating you, coz Ii promise you ladies if you don’t work on yourself he will go outside and cheat

Kingangi nodded saying women make it worse when they go to bed ‘wanavaa nguo sita unashindwa kwani hiyo upande ya kitanda ina baridi aje? unasema haidhuru what are you supposed to do?’

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