Listen As People Confess To Maina Kageni That They Miss Their Exes

After veteran Uasin Gishu politician Jackson Kibor signed a divorce from his second wife of 51 years after he accused her of deserting their home and mistreating him, the court finally granted him the divorce.

Today at on the morning conversation with Maina Kageni, the discussion was based on that story.

Maina talked of how the wife in an exclusive interview say he can not move on with his life without Kibor despite their divorce.

She said that she still loves his husband, but Kibor doesn’t want her any more.

Maina Kageni paused a question  today and asked why some people do not want to move on after divorcing their spouses?

Mwalimu, said that there has to be a u-turn and you can’t ignore them because you once shared a problem or another and even lived in the same room.

Most male caller who called in said that they miss their exes and given a chance, the would go back to them.

One even said that he loves his ex more than his current wife,


lListen to the whole conversation below;


Thou shall not get pregnant if you are a side chic – Maina told by Kenyan men

The conversation today touched on an unwritten rule that Maina Kageni had heard. The rule stated that a mistress should never get pregnant when dealing with a married man.

“Guys, is this true? and how does it work?” the morning host inquired. King’ang’i himself had this to say on the matter, “Women don’t just get pregnant, they do that to get money from those children.”

Kenyans as usual split their opinions along gender lines with men supporting men and women supporting women.

Some of the comments are below:

These ladies ni kututesa tu koz so wanajitambua when in danger zone?…mbona ukubali if you know you aren’t in safe DayZ?..wakwede huko,,ummh!!!

Wakule pesa yao…. Wapelekwe shopping london. But kids never. It’s fun they all want to have with this slay Queens… There is no responsible lady out there doing these slay queen things. Ni this lazy girls who want an early ticket out of poverty. Kids should not be your way out.

First of all, this is a trap. Kwani guys we can’t use condoms? Why fall in this then complain? We end up losing everything then.

All over suddenly unfaithful men have become victims. Now, what will the innocent babies be? Then when these babies grow and become something they once again become very proud fathers who were very absent.

A lady will not just get pregnant. Ovulation circles are taught in primary school, plus other preventive measures. A lady will never get pregnant unless she wants to.

Never should they even think of it? Pregnancy is a no-go.

Remove the so-called child support and boom, no woman will get pregnant out there.

Talk of selfish creatures, infidelity should be made an expensive affair. Married men stick to your wives.

Yes, they should not because we care for our family.

That’s RUBBISH!!

Kama huyo mwanaume ako uhai he should be able to take care of his kids because the children are innocent. Kuhanyahanya should be made an expensive affair.

Of the parliament removes the child support clause TRUST ME NO WOMAN WILL GET PREGNANT OUT THERE IF SHE’S NOT MARRIED. They know what they’re doing and we got them 100%.

It takes 2 to tango, ladies are more to be blamed for their actions.

Most women are opportunists. They see payslip for the man, they seduce the man and end up having a kid with then they come out claiming that the man amekataa majukumu.. wanawake Bure kabisaaa.

If she can have the kid, then let her take care of the kid, she should not let her take Panadol for her headache. Kilio cha kujitakia haina kilio.

I know a lady who got pregnant for two pilots…..huyo unataka kuniambia Hana Nia?

Hapo team Tanga Tanga ntakuwa nmewezwa I seh!!..wah

Who wrote that rule? Mababu zetu. We came and found it in existence. Thou shall not get pregnant if you are a side chic.

I support that bill because these women just want your money.

Na sponsors wanataka nini?

Maina there are rules in everything why should you get pregnant what was the agreement.this applies even to ladies real chick let’s not use kids to trap men utabaki pekeako ukilea that’s not Tedybear Ni mtoto.

Maina Kama huyo mwanaume ako uhai he should be able to take care of his kids because the children are innocent. Kuhanyahanya should be made an expensive affair.


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Man SHAMED FOR CRYING to Maina about being dumped by wife

A discussion about men being deadbeats got one Kenyan man all up in his feelings, and spilling major tea about his relationship.

Classic 105 host Maina Kageni for once was left speechless and never responded. He was hammered for taking sides with women who label men as deadbeats.

Maina sought to know from the ladies this question below to counter the accusations

Ladies: Why do you keep these children away from their fathers? Or is there something they did that you just can’t stand their presence?

This touchy subject led one man to break down in tears, while confessing his emotional life story.

He started by complaining that

She’s a totally different person from the one I met


I met her when she was pregnant for someone else. I took her in because I love her.

He was so boo’d up he overlooked all the signs there for him to see it wouldn’t work out

she was four months pregnant for another man, she gave birth and then after that she got another child, and started showing signs she doesn’t love me anymore. She left me and moved to Mombasa, but I went there to fight for my family.


The ‘marriage’ he had envisioned was no more as realization she had used him set in

She got a job, and left with everything, she took everything, her mother took my children, and told me she wants the kids to go and stay with her for the holidays, I have not seen my children. I have not heard, Maina I want to talk to them, she blocked me, and told me If I go back to Lanet I will be shot.

This apparently was a big issue for him as he tearfully reached out to Maina

It is now two years since, I want to see my children, even what I am getting something small nikule na watoto, I miss my children, right now I am alone, I need my children I don’t know where they are, it hurts I want to talk to my children

What would your advice to this distraught man be? Drop your comments below Classic 105 fam.

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When was the last time you went on holiday? Kenyans hilariously respond to Maina

Today morning, Maina Kageni brought up a topic that was a great deviation from his normal relationship topics. The host asked a very important question for most Kenyans, “When was the last time one of his audience members had gone on holiday?”

Most of the replies belied the state of affairs in most Kenyans finances with many noting that money was a big factor in them not going for a holiday.

Some of those comments are below:

Betta u uko na lots of money in your account ati when I need u just withdraw. Mi holiday is just an history

Nlienda holiday nkiwa Fourth year! Ile short holiday ya April! Juu tulikuwa tumefunga shule, I went to shags!

The last time l went on holiday was 2018 on April the rest ni Ushagoo Christmas and life goes on.

Woooooi maina lipia boychild pia mbona aachwe.

Holiday is neccessary but not this year.

Weuh kwenda holiday kwangu nikwenda shags …….

Yangu ni some parts huenda vacation. Kama brain uende vacation kivyake but sisi wote kama mwili ata sikumbuki ni lini

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She fought my female cousin thinking she was a side chick – Man tells Maina of dramatic women

Maina Kageni brought up the topic of dramatic women. The radio host asked why some women would start drama in public while also embarrassing their men without any qualms.

“Why can’t women wait until their men get home and then sort their issues there? Why wash your dirty linen in public?”

Most women who commented said that at times that was the only way to get a man to listen while the men who commented gave some of their experiences with the other gender.

Some comments from Kenyans are below;

Good morning Maina, who told me freedom of expression is only done at home? 

Drama is a way of getting a man’s attention.

You cannot cage a man. You let him be after some time.

We just explode after we can’t take it anymore.

I have one. Wahh !! She starts issues mpaka nashindwa kwenda kwa nyumba. More when I am called by a lady even before she inquires who the person is anaanza madrama tu. There is a time she fought my cousin thinking ni side chic
I’m just taking notes. It’s just crazy. This gender Maina I’m telling you it’s just I don’t know.

Women are not crazy. There are times that you reach a breaking point. There is a point where the boiling point reaches. It’s like you are talking to someone young.

“Kuna wakati inafika and you are pushed to the wall. so sio kupenda kwetu”

These attention seekers (aka Drama Queen’s) are in constant need of re-assurance and affirmation that someone cares for them and wants to protect them.

We don’t bring things out of nowhere…. Mnakuwanga mmefinya pahali ndio tuamshe kashetani
maina us women huchemkaa ukiamsha wazimu shauri yako

Ladies don’t react angrily for 1 day mistakes by their spouses but it’s due to some things which have piled up till they can’t tolerate any time further. 

If any couples bring drama in public, means there are serious unresolved issues between themselves

Maina waiting will make us cool down n hakuna kitu tamu kama doing something wakati unachemka it always feels good n no regrets…I do n say what i feel n regret later.

These women who crave drama will use comments, complaints and dramatic circumstances to put men on the spot often exploiting their emotional strengths and weaknesses to breaking point.

“I used to be a drama queen then I realized hakuna haja.”

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Morning conversation: “Would you wash your man’s boxers?”

Whether or not, you would wash your man’s boxers was the conversation this morning on Maina and King’ang’i. Well, Classic105 listeners came out to give their personal experience and opinion on the matter.

One lister said it is the man’s personal responsibility to cater to his personal hygiene and that she would never do it.

Another one said it is every woman’s responsibility to make sure that her man’s boxers are clean and well kept.

“I do not tolerate any kind of laziness and uncleanness,” tweeted a listener

Another listener said he is free to wash his woman’s under-garments without fear of being judged.

Morning Conversation: Kenyans have this habit of giving unsolicited advice

Captain Kale, a die-hard fan of Maina and Kingangi in the morning said,

“How can a man wash his woman’s underwear? There are some things a man should never do. The moment you start doing these things, you are done.”


“A woman who is a wife material will never be told to do this and this, that’s why I paid for you to come to my house, I paid the dowry.”

“If you give the housegirl that job, she will become your co-wife. I wash her underwear as who? Those are not men, they are boys.”

“She should be able to even buy and bring the boxers to her”

‘The irony!’ Kenyans tell off politicians about breaking MOH guidelines

On the Monday morning conversation with Maina and King’ang’i, the topic of discussion was about how politicians are actively campaigning breaking all Government Covid rules.

Are people still following the COVID-19 guidelines? like wearing a mask, washing your hands etc

: Do you think its time to move on? #MainaAndKingangi

Can we be real, Maina said about it ‘I’ve got my own personal view and Iv’e talked to the president and told him whats going on on the ground, but he has to follow the experts’ while Mwalimu was of the opinion that this sends the wrong message to Kenyans who will also break rules ‘hakuna mtu anavaa mask, hai, did you see that rally? Yani its only in Nairobi, maisha inaendelea, mungu saidia’


Fiona called Maina and weighed in saying ‘mahali nimefika i am so disappointed with this Government, they are campaigning and yet thy are telling us to stay home, we are jobless, broke hungry. It is s painful to see what they are doing. You can’t be campaigning and telling us to stay home.’

Joseph from Kisumu said ‘I think what is happening makes me think the government is flattening the curve to serve their interest. Recently i saw my folks in Bomet, social distancing was a myth, nobody was summoned for breaking rules, and jana I saw the chief hustler, I think there is something at play.

‘The people who should wake up is us as Kenyans, why should we allow politicians to do whatever, and we are just there, when are we as Kenyans ever gonna learn? ‘At the end of the day, we should demand answers from them, Kenyans we should wake up, actions speak louder than words, let the politicians come to our areas, but we shouldn’t turn up, let us teach them a lesson’.
Bella Ndichu said..’How many of them do you see following rules… ni Supermarket pekee na church ndo hufuata.. Waache nye! nye! nye!…. Am tired of washing hands, I just wash the tips of my fingers if I have to.’

mary kibe(Mama County) said…Is this the social distance?? Did u watch Jeff koinange showing Rwanda town yesterday?? Tumechoka kufunga pumper kwa midomo. Let the president return everything to normal. Makhufuli knew

Purity Ng’ethe added angrily that ‘#MainaAndKingangi yesterday i went to shags matatu ni wanne wanne i was shocked and i asked conductor and he told me wee corona iliisha kalia twende Face with tears of joyFace with tears of joyno masks at all @Classic105Kenya @ItsMainaKageni’

KIPLETING MANUELA LE MAGICIAN also insisted the economy be opened ..’It is very unfortunate that our own leaders are law breakers. We have seen in recent huge political rallies,No Masks,No social distance and this makes me doubt If Corona really exist..So sad’

Patrick ManjeruFlag of Kenya..‘They should reopen the economy. Small businesses are the ones which are hurting.. Again if you want to wear a mask, sanitize or keep distance it’s your body, your health…’

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I met my 50-year-old girlfriend through Maina Kageni – Guardian Angel reveals

Guardian Angel has revealed that he met his current girlfriend Esther Musila through a mutual friend, radio presenter Maina Kageni in March this year.

View this post on Instagram

Happy new month. ❣wins #kuoshwa link in bio.

A post shared by THE MUSIC DOCTOR (@guardianangelglobal) on

Esther celebrated her 50th birthday at a Children’s home together with Guardian Angel. Speaking at the event, he said,

I met Esther two months ago through a friend of ours who is a fan of my music, Maina Kageni. Esther got my song through him and we got to meet and interact and talk about my music. We became very good friends and we thank god that two months down the line she has been able to come through for my ministry. Birthday girl, I want you to know that I love you.

Maina Kageni slams critics of Guardian Angels’ love life

The mother of three who recently released a song featuring Guardian is smitten with his love and they’ve been posting photos of each other on their social media accounts.

Maina Kageni confirmed the two were dating and while commenting on one of his pics, he wrote,
@guardianangelglobal my superstar and his lady!!!!!!! #lovealwayswins…

In a previous post, he wrote,

Two things you will never have to chase: true friends & true love.” “true friends are those who came into your life, saw the most negative part of you, but are not ready to leave you, no matter how contagious you are to them. #lovewins.

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‘You are auditioning for marriage’ men tell women in long term relationships

Alot of us ladies are actually unfit to be called a wife, yet we are investing our time and energy in long term relationship that will never lead to marriage.

You have been dating him for so long assuming he will marry you eventually right?

Nope, according to confessions from men on Classic 105.

Countless men told Maina Kageni that they won’t necessarily marry their long term girlfriends because she is still in the ‘auditioning for marriage’ stage.

This is the reason why your bae will meet another women and get married to her in a months time, then dump you without feeling any guilt about your feelings.

It was rock-bottom – Ben Kitili’s wife Amina says about separation post

For instance one man called and said living with him and giving him ‘kanyama’ does not mean he will marry you, that infact he doesn’t respect you and will go for a church girl who is more respectable.

Sleeping with me as a long term girlfriend does not mean I am committed to you. If I go to church and meet a nce lady, I will kick you out and marry her in a weeks time. And then these ladies saying we don’t marry them they are the same ladies we go to the club with so when we are drunk we tell them things’

Another called and insisted that empty promises are just that – empty. Before you go spending time on a man thinking you are building something for the long run, you are actually unfit for the position of a wife.


He said

I had one girlfriend, then I met a sweet girl and fortunately or unfortunately I married the second one, not the woman who was with me from the beginning. It just happened, ali delay kidogo and huyu mwingine akapita na mimi.’

Surely men, why was a babes time like this? Here’s another confession of dumping a long term for a new girl.

‘These ladies they just assume because we have been in a  relationship for years I will marry you. They give ultimatums, I know when I will propose so wait, you are still auditioning, you are still under observation so if the right one can comes along and in a week I am married to someone else, so don’t think because I’ve stayed with you for years we will get married!’

‘I’m happily single, but who knows’ Lady Jaydee declares

What do men want? I give up. Please share your thoughts below.

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‘It sucks’ Maina complains in emotional message to Diamond Platnumz


Many Kenyans are experiencing a rollercoaster of emotions missing their life before coronavirus.

Classic 105′ Maina Kageni is one and shred his frustration about not seeing his pals Diamond Platnumz and Juma Jux.

Maina revealed that he has been struggling mentally not seeing his famous pals.

Main is the kind of person who inspires and motivates, but he is having it tough and more so after President Uhuru extended the lockdown for a further 30 days.

MehMeh! President Uhuru tells Kenyans he has seen all your silly jokes about him

‘Man I’ve missed talking to you and seeing you. Argh, Talking on the phone is not enough’. He added



Maina will be celebrating his birthday on the 29th, and has plans to travel. He insisted he will jet out even if the lockdown isn’t lifted. How does he plan to do this? It will be interesting to find out.

Maina also hinted what he will do once the lockdown is lifted after these 30 days.

‘Lockdown ikiisha hivi, niko Dar, I need to know how I can get Diamond and Jux out’.

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‘Your kids watched you being flogged like dogs’ Mike Mondo blasts partygoers

Kenyans arrested partying past curfew hours this past Easter weekend, have been the subject of discussion on social media.

From a Magistrate to an Mp being arrested drinking outside curfew hours, Kenyans are defying a dusk to dawn curfew put in place to curb the spread of coronavirus.

Classic 105’s Mike Mondo on the Tuesday morning conversation, asked Kenyans to say why they love breaking directives in these trying times.

‘I wonder what happens in the mind of Kenyan men to break curfew to go to a bar and drink. If you watched clips of news, majority of those arrested are men. I’m wondering where are your families, why can’t you stay home you bond with family?’

Alcohol. photo credit:

So I’m asking why don’t Kenyans men like staying at home?

Ni kama tumerogwa, a man admitted after calling in to the show. It’s such a bad thing that even kids are seeing their fathers being whipped by police on Tv for violating curfew. It’s so bad.

Mike Mondo added that

I am not trying to sound holier than thou, we all enjoy a good drink, but when you are not maintaining social distancing, wewe unajipeleka kwa bar, tunakuona kwa Tv ukitandikwa viboko kwa bar, and bundled in police vehicles, must you drink?
‘If you watched the video being played the majority of those being arrested were men, you know I sat back and thought what is it with us Kenyan men and the weekend where the need to stay at home just disappears. There is a curfew in place and you break the social distancing, is it a must we go out on public holidays, ngai si these men have families’

Group of young people making toast at party
Group of young people making toast at party

Fellas, why can’t you stay home? These are special times that call for you to be responsible.

Another man defended his action saying ‘aiii it’s boring being at home, my wife is nagging me, so we end up going out to the bar’.

Another man blasted Mike Mondo asking him ‘Have you ever drunk alcohol at home? Because sometime drinking at home with children is weird, we don’t have a no go zone for kids at home, it’s not possible. It’s a lifestyle we are used to.’

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‘Sanitize you’re phones too’ Doctor advises about coronavirus

A flood of questions met Dr Oluga who visited the Classic 105 studios to talk more about the coronavirus pandemic.

Dr Oluga is the Secretary General & CEO – Kenya Medical Practitioners Pharmacists & Dentists’ Union (KMPDU) and spoke with Maina to allay fears Kenyans have.

COVID-19 is a respiratory illness caused by a new virus. Symptoms include fever, coughing, sore throat and shortness of breath.

The virus can spread from person to person, but good hygiene can prevent infection.


Here are key pointers from Dr oluga:

One common fact that stood out is wash your hands with soap and water

Sanitizers are an alternative what’s important is washing your hands with soap and water

Coronavirus will help us build our healthcare system. So we will use this pandemic for our good. So that in the future we are able to handle such issues better #MainaAndKingangi


As much as children love to play make sure they avoid playing in crowded place #MainaAndKingangi

I will insist on the fact that people should wash their hands #MainaAndKingangi

Diseases spread more if people panic

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Hilarious confessions by Kenyans parents in tears over homeschooling 


It’s safe to say that homeschooling is not going well in Kenyan based on the confession of parents who called in to Classic 105 on Friday morning.

“She is Jamaican and I have already paid her dowry” Willy Paul says about light-skin woman

Parents are facing a whole new world with children being home from school.

And because of the homeschooling process, many of them have realized just how grateful they are for teachers.

Mwalimu said ‘Frankly speaking we need to respect and check on them once in a while, wametutoa mbali’

To which Maina said ‘Amen’

Here are hilarious confessions of how things are going:

Carol Radull narrates the pain of losing her two family members to cancer

Aky nakutolea kofia ,I wish uko karibu hii ya grade 2 nikuletee ,maina kanashinda kakinechekelea ,aty kwan mom mlisoma nn shule Face with tears of joyFace with tears of joyFace with tears of joy aky ziezani why lie #mainaandkingangi

school timetable
One I was to download & print problems related 2 teeth, I did but in black & white wee she asked me how will I explain it needs coloured to differentiate bleeding gums from akia ang’owa wee it ain’t a joke #MainaAndKingangi they will always challenge u

‘He was a prince of two Nigerian states’ Wavinya Ndeti says of late husband

angry mum cellotapes kids
Caller: “My child is in class seven and the other one in class eight. She asked me a math question and I told her to go ask the one in class eight. Maina corona imetufungua macho itabidi turudi shule.” #MainaAndKingangi
I never knew a chicken has a specific way of drawing itUnamused face we argued for two days and I gif up…

Nghaiiiii it’s hectic. Am lucky my daughter Mashirima is at home. She has saved me alot especially on Maths.Face with tears of joy

I was in such a bad state the psychiatrist wanted to admit me – Maureen Waititu

Maina this teacher they try now… nowadays I have downloaded a dictionary…when my daughter speaks English vocabularys zingine sielewi and am left wondering what’s that?!!!na ndio asijue sijui I use my dictionary…
Wale wazazi uambia watoto wa Mimi nilikuanga namba 1 mpaka class 8 sahii maths ya grade 3 inawapelekaje @Classic105Kenya @ItsMainaKageni #MainaAndKingangi


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‘Stupid’ Maina Kageni blasts Magufuli for ‘corona is the devil’ remarks

Kenyans are sharing stories how one church goer is linked to hundreds of infections of other worshipers, to castigate those who turned up in church yesterday.

Pictures of churches full of worshipers horrified many, with Kenyans wondering why we are defying orders to keep away from gatherings.

This formed the basis of the morning conversation where Classic Maina Kageni was visibly upset with Tanzanian President John Magufuli for telling worshipers to keep congregating.

In a video Magifuli attended church and said

we are not closing places of worship. That’s where there is true healing. Corona is the devil and it cannot survive in the body of Jesus.

President Magufuli claimed that Jesus heals covid-19, saying that true healing is in churches and mosques. Hence Tanzanians can worship as usual.

This statement upset Maina who blasted the President saying

Magufuli is a stupid president, a stupid man

The host in a red shirt
Maina Kageni in a red shirt

Idris Elba’s wife tests positive for Coronavirus days after actor’s positive diagnosis

Mwalimu Kingangi asked him if he was worried he will be banned from the country to which Maina responded

Nonsense, that is a whole President, even the Italian president said I give up, why don’t we take it seriously as Africans? Why were churches full on Sunday and why were bars full on Saturday, why do we have leaders who go manga mangain?

‘I wanna have a baby…’ Tedd Josiah leaks conversation with late wife, Reginah

He continued

churches had the opportunity to lead. God is not in a building he is omnipresent, oh churches you blew a big chance to lead, Maina sadly added

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I was not born to be a housewife! Tanasha defiantly tells critics

Tanasha Donna is has been on a roller-coaster the past two years since Diamond decided to lift her out of relative obscurity and into fame and notoriety that often come in equal measure.

With the increased scrutiny that her life has been subjected to, so has the criticism about her choices and decisions as a mother and a girlfriend.

Diamond Platnumz together with Tanasha
Diamond Platnumz together with Tanasha

The singer recently spoke on the Wilkings Podcast and re-iterated the type of woman that she was telling the host that she wouldn’t change who she was.

I have every reason to get married to her! Diamond says about Tanasha

She explained that people expected her to be a housewife, to dress, walk and talk in a certain way, something she wouldn’t conform to since she cannot change her life to please people.

“There are so many expectations. People will expect me to be a housewife. I was not born to be a housewife. He does not even want that either. He appreciates a woman who works hard and gets her own. They have this expectation that my whole life should be out there in the public I will put my creative life in the public. I’m not gonna put my personal life in the public. That’s always gonna be me. They also expect me to walk, talk and dress a certain way. But imma dress however the hell I feel like dressing. And talk the way I feel like talking and express myself because I’m not going to change who I am to please other people. If you cannot accept me for who I am, that’s a you problem that is not a me problem,” the former radio presenter said.

Tanasha Donna in black and white
Tanasha Donna in black and white

The mother of one disclosed that she had a thick skin because anyone in the music needed to have one. She added that it was important because people always have a lot of negative things to say about artistes.

“Any person who wants to make it in the music industry needs to have a thick skin there is no one person who has made it successfully in the music industry and has soft skin. You have to have thick skin, I’m sure Khaligraph has a thick skin, I’m sure Akothee has thick skin, I’m sure Diamond has a whole lot of thick skin.”

Tanasha with Diamond dancing
Tanasha with Diamond dancing

She finished off the interview by assuring her fans that they should expect a great year from her.

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The one thing Kenyan men do that annoys women 

Every woman says a good Kenyan man is hard to find.

And it all boils down to the one thing they don’t do.

When a fella visits a woman’s house he must go with something.

Unfortunately, many Kenyan men turn up at a woman’s house empty handed, then place demands for food and a place to sleep after the nights activities.


Like seriously, why would a man go to a woman’s house, where he doesn’t pay rent, knock on the door empty handed and expect a good time with her? It’s no wonder, women are playing the field.

On the morning conversation, Maina opened up the phone lines to men about allegations from women, that men are the ones who are cheap.

Mwalimu argues men are not cheap they just pretend. ‘Kenyan men have a lot of dignity, if you think they are cheap they are just pretending, and end up gaining’

Ladies have you ever encountered a cheap Kenyan man and it astounded you? Maina asked women.


This after on Wednesday a caller accused women of being the cheapest, that all they need to buy a Kenyan girl is a mzinga, and she falls for it.

Here are a sample of views from women about this annoying habit

Jennifer Kanyiri..
Why would a man go to a lady’s house, men need to style up and be the gentlemen they claim to be #MainaAndKingangi

Some men are just lazy and want everything the cheap way. He’ll come eat, sleep alafu asnore till morning lol


“Kenyan men are cheap! Nowadays you will meet a guy, he will come to our house, hajakuja ata na nyama ama maziwa alafu anauliza tutakula nini? Who does that?” #MainaAndKingangi

Thaimoni wa gasmonkey..
chali kulala kwa hao ya dame iyo nayo haileti shangwe,,,nyumba hulipi wachana nayo
@ItsMainaKageni Men of today are annoying!! Begging money from ladies. Sisi sio fuliza, tala, branch, okash … Cheap=Men period @Classic105Kenya




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‘Sisi Wote Wajinga’ Maina and Kingangi react to King Kaka song

Kenyan rapper King Kaka has caused a storm with his poetic song ‘Wajinga Nyinyi’ in which accuses politicians of hoodwinking Kenyans and at the same time calls out Kenyans for being gullible.

This discussion trended on social media, and on Monday morning Classic hosts Maina Kageni and Mwalimu weighed in saying ‘sisi wote ni wajinga and we have learnt nothing from it’.

Maina wanted to know what has changed since and what we are going to do going forward about graft and being gullible voters in 2022.

Fine he has done the song, but what are we going to do about it as Kenyans. What are you going to change in terms of your behaviour, we all agree we are sick to the neck as Kenyans, but in 2022 we shall be there queuing with mtu wetu mentality, wajinga sisi,

To which Mwalimu Kingangi shared his simple thoughts

Tumemaliza kuongea

Maina added

It’s dejavu, we’ve been here before someone says something revolutionary and we did nothing, so wajinga nyinyi and then, coz we all need to make that change individually that can snowball into something national.

A woman called in saying

It’s like hell on earth, nothing changes, it’s just gone from worse to worse. For me I don’t vote because of mtu wetu, I try to check your profile and what I have heard about you, but sometimes you find you are on your own. We are not supposed to be tribalists. I don’t know why we recycle these people

Dear Classic 105 fam, what change are you going to make as an individual that will transform how we politik going forward? Drop your comments below.

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‘He loves drama’ Maina and Kingangi weigh in on Sonko’s arrest

It is not a secret that Nairobi Governor Mike Sonko loves doing the most. He is so extra, that he publicizes what he does frequently on his social media.

The latest has been snaps of his gold dining table, that was a few days later followed by the most dramatic arrest of a public official Kenya has ever seen.

Classic’s Maina and Kingangi discussed this on Monday morning asking listeners to give their take on the arrest.

Maina prompted this with his own verdict saying.

What you saw on Friday was the tip of the iceberg. Expect alot more drama without a doubt

Mwalimu appeared to be amused adding that

his support on the ground is huge, adding that he was the third most voted Kenyan in the last general election showing how popular he is on the ground.

sonko arrest

He can been seen refusing to get into the chopper in Voi, and made it an issue. Many Kenyans on Twitter wondered why he was resisting yet other Governors have been subjected to such treatment.

Starehe MP Jaguar wrote
Nothing is permanent…..All will be well Gov.

Meanwhile the Governor is urging followers to remain calm and not politicize the matter.

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