Serial cheater tells his ever forgiving wife she can have an affair too


A wife who keeps forgiving her husband for cheating has been told to also go ahead and cheat.

The sad man told Maina Kageni on Wednesday October 13 that he feels so bad about cheating but he can’t help it, and the women he flirts with always agree to his advances.

His guilt is so bad that he told Maina he would encourage his wife to have an affair to ease his conscience.


“hiyo kitu I  have wronged my wife several time Maina and she just keeps forgiving me. Na maisha inaendelea lakini mimi sijawahi mpata na makosa. That thing  – cheating-  is not okay coz she is just there to sacrifice and I regret so much.”

He added

“she really takes good care of me but ni kashetani that makes me cheat. If I find out she has cheated I will forgive her with all my heart from the bottom of my heart because she si humble to me. She has found me several times and each time she forgives me and I don’t know why I am messing around sijui Maina, yani kashetani tuu, kila mara ata nikime, funny enough these women love me, so I just wonder, hawawezi kataa so hiyo maneno I will forgive her , after all she is human being who can make mistakes so I will be ready to forgive her”

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‘I want to be an Ambassador next year’ Maina hints about next move


Your favorite radio presenter Maina Kageni made a confession this morning in a discussion about next years career goals.

Maina and Kingangi were discussing how comedian Felix Odiwour is vying for the Langata seat in the 2022 forthcoming General election, and Maina dropped a bombshell on a stunned Kingangi.

Maina wished Felix the best in his political ambitions, noting that next year ‘Me I’m going to be an Ambassador’.

“I have never thought of a political seat, never ever I can’t even think about it. CS I can do me what I want is to become a Kenyan Ambassador to another country, me don’t take me to Gabon. My plan is to be an Ambassador”

Kingangi was not sure he heard right and asked him ‘unawacha kazi?’ and also begged him to take him along to the new job, but Maina told him he is dusty.

“I want to become a Kenyan Ambassador. I want to go to Switzerland or US aki please don’t take me to Gabon, my plan is to be an Ambassador and I need to be appointed before Uhuru leaves, hii maisha”

He told Kingangi he can’t tag along because ‘do you have diplomatic skills. Wewe  hujajipanga after next year?”

He didn’t answer when Kingangi asked ‘unataka kuwacha kazi?”


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That’s a psycho – Maina Kageni calls men who can’t handle rejection 


If you ever said No to a guy who can’t handle rejection, it’s criminal according to Maina Kageni who educated a stubborn Kingangi claiming that a must try by all means necessary.

People who stalk you online and in person can face jail time he revealed.

On the Friday morning conversation October 22nd, Maina and Kingangi weighed in on this topic, with Mwalimu saying men have a right to be persistent.

Kingangi said ‘there is something he has seen in you, why do you reject me before giving me a chance? A man can try you know, you just can’t be rejected na uende, you have to keep trying mpaka aiigne ka system’.

Maina told that men who respond with aggression are exhibiting immature behavior calling them psychos, stalkers who need to be reported, and it’s not a joke.

Maina said ‘do you realize that it’s criminal activity when you insult her, you can go to jail.  Bagger off and go away”.

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My selfish wife won’t let me cheat, yet sharing is caring – Man tells Maina


A married man desperately wants to increase his body count, but his wife remains a stumbling block for his goal.

He claimed that she is being selfish yet thousands of Kenyan women out there are single and need a man to warm their bed.

He told Maina Kageni this in a discussion on Thursday October 21, about men not being able to help themselves when it comes to cheating. Many men told Maina Kageni that there is a kashetani that prompts them to serial cheat.

Maina’s question was “why can’t you say no gentlemen? what do you mean you can’t help it, wewe sio mbwa. what is it about you that you cannot say no hata you don’t know her name”


The man annoyed Maina with his confession

“If you want to know just how selfish wives are, they don’t want to see us with other people out there, yani our women wanataka tuu ni yeye nimemshikilia. They are not supposed to be that selfish, yeah they are being selfish they cannot let another woman have her man, yeye akisha jishikilia hataki kuona mwingine anafaidika, na wale wengine wako na baridi, because if they were not selfish at least they would allow other people to enjoy what they enjoy mbona mwingine asipate? even for an hour. they are selfish but we are ready to share”

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You are not a dog, say NO – Maina shouts at husband serial cheaters


On the Thursday morning conversation October 21, Maina Kageni asked men why they can’t help cheating on their wives.

He told men in no uncertain terms that they are not dogs to behave like that.

“Not only did I hear some good news from the President, but I also met some gentlemen and I want to know why it is impossible. These two gentlemen  did not go home on Tuesday night, and then when curfew was lifted they extended their night. They had women that they picked up the night before and when I asked he said he cannot help  it that me when I see anything in a skirt I cannot help it”

This riled the presenter who asked ‘why cant you say no gentlemen? this woman is probably coming for you because you have some money but you cant say no? what do you mean you can’t help it, wewe sio mbwa”

He continued challenging men that “what is it about you that you cannot say no hata hujui her name and two days later you still don’t know her name and when you are asked you say you cant help it?

His morning question was ‘explain this phrase about cheating ‘I can’t help it.  Guys do you ever think of the consequences?’


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‘All you can do is pray’ Kingangi tells Maina about kids with phones

The Tuesday morning conversation October 19th, was about parents and their awareness of what children do online.

The conversation stemmed from a news article on Classic about children with eye problems resulting from too much phone use.

“It’s your child and mobile phone and access to the internet. Not only are they suffering medically, eye surgery is at an all time high. Here is the thing, as a parent you just give your child your phone, but have you any idea where your child goes on the internet?”

Kingangi told him parents are helpless

“I can tell you one thing for free, hatuna uwezo hatuna nguvu, unajua shida wamekua werevu kuliko parents”

But Maina wasn’t convinced asking listeners “do you know where your child goes to on the internet? unampatia tuu simu hapo. na akienda gallery?”

Adding “Let me tell you if you know where your children go on the internet you will fall and die” making Mwalimu respond “unajua unatuambia vitu impssoible if you start telling us like that, ati wananagalia nini, sisi tuu tuko maombi, sasa tutafanya nini na wana simu? Na unajua ni werevu sana, how am I suppoed to monitor that? na ako form two na amesema ni ya research? wewe unataka wazazi wafanye aje, what are we supposed to do?”


A woman called in and told of a five eyar old boy who has been googling how to kill ” I don’t know if it is a game, I don’t remeber the name of the game but it was telling him how to kill. Ati uenda uko utoe nguo, na ni mtoto ako 5 years na ni kaboy so you start wondering hawa watoto”

Another woman told Maina that the blame lies with parents who have no time fore their kids “parents nowadays are not interested if kids are on the phone, they are not even parenting anyway, and the easiest thing is to give them the phone”

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Nothing wrong with living separately from your spouse – Maina Kageni

On the Monday morning conversation on October 18 with Maina and Kingangi, the topic of marriage couples living separately was discussed.

Maina cited the case of Kirinyaga Governor Anne Waiguru who admitted she doesn’t live with husband Kimotho Waiganjo.

” do you understand this arrangement?” Maina asked

King’ang’i was baffled trying to imagine living like this with wife Mwongeli “mimi nafikiria hiyo ni ya watu wamesoma sana, hizo arrangement ebu teach me weh. Unajua mimi ni mtu wa local calibre, weuh kweli maisha inabadilika”

But Maina told him life is changing “I told you marriage is evolving it’s changing”. He also gave the example of Oprah Winfrey and boyfriend Steadman Graham who will never get married Adding ‘ni nini mbaya?”

Dear Classic 105 fam, have you heard of such marriage setups, is it something that you would consider?


Here are comments about such marriages:

Who said marriage is all about living together? We fall into relationship with different desires, terms and needs… If you have built an empire, are you going to that in the name of marriage? Many get conned in this thing.

@ItsMainaKageni @Classic105Kenya #MainaAndKingangi I agree marriage is evolving. But me! No. I have to wake up everyday seeing my spouse around the house. Hiyo maisha wachia maceleb!!Grinning face

That is the kind of marriage I deserve Maina ..I know it sounds Crazy But it’s very good…..this kind of marriage will taught you how to trust your spouse and give each other some space Instead of kukaa na mtu kila wakati…Nie Maa…!!!

Me I totally agree with it other than kukaa ni mtu pamoja unafanyia Kila kitu and at end of day nakusho madharau, acha akae kwake ajue kupika, kufua and cleaning the house is also job

Ati ki? In the first place why do you marry? Being far is only in dreams but mimi tukae hapo not even an inch

Monday to Saturday Kuna mtu rwaka kwa bedsitter anakamua ng’ombe?

Waiguru alitaka tu aonekane ako married ju yeye ni kiongos but huku kwa ground kuna upuzi ingine hiezi fanyikaSmiling face with sunglasses

At no point in a Bible it’s written that there is a open marriage. It’s written a man and woman shall leave their parents and be one and no one shall separate them.

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Housewives found cheating are swayed by boyfriends with just sh2,000


Girls who piga sherehe know their value unlike women stuck at home as housewives.

That is the argument a woman told Maina Kageni about the chances of a party girl cheating compared to a housewife.

She argued that housewives are easily swayed by little money as opposed to a party girl who would never accept cheap money by a sponsor.

The woman also told Maina Kageni that cases of housewives being found in her marital home with another man is one such example.

“The party girls are the best you will ever come across. How many times have you heard that the housewife is the mot loyal, then unapata when the husband travels and comes back he finds her with another man? ladies who club know  their worth and they know tactics for mafisi so getting into their trap is hard. But those who want a submissive woman don’t realize that the housewife falls for traps because she doesn’t know anything else, she is given 2k and jumps into bed, but those other girls are exposed. It is not a crime to go clubbing.”

Dear Classic 105 fam, do you agree that girls who don’t party are not exposed and are swayed easily?

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Be open minded when I go out with my girl squad – Woman assures


A woman who is a party animal has told men that they should be open minded when their wives go out clubbing because nothing bad happens.

She told Mwalimu Kingangi that after a long week at work, she needs to recharge and so sherehe is the plan. But King’ang’i was suspicious about women in the club, accusing them of partying with other men. But she assured him no such thing happens.

In fact, she told Mwalimu that any man she meets might be a business opportunity for her husband.

Here is her argument “I would never give up myself for a man unless he also gives up the club for me. Awache ku enda out na boyz. Ati I give up going out with my girls? I need time to with my girls relaxing. I might meet other men , but you need to be open minded. It’s not always about love, you never know I  might meet someone who might be your future business dealer. iI don’t stop you from going out, let me go out, be open minded, wewe ukienda out na majamaa of cousre you are meeting girls, do I stop you? no!! allow me niende nitongozwe, I am desirable’

Classic 105 audiences responded to her comments below:

She has to give up and leave by my rules as the man. I’m the head and she should follow. #MainaAndKingangi Never marry an out party girl she will get scared outside there come home innocently like nothing happened.

I think it’s a high time I start being open minded #mainaandkingangi Face with tears of joyFace with tears of joyFace with tears of joyFace with tears of joy

Hio ni noma,ule wa kupiga sherehe acha apige sherehe na ule wa kutulia acha atulie ju hawawezi kua same wote.

Wacha tuendee pamoja na yeye kwa hio squad ndio nkue open minded

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Wives must abide by husbands rule, sio sherehe and cheating – Kingangi

On the Friday morning conversation October 15th, it was all about mandem and sherehe.

The topic excited Maina who said ‘there is a certain kind of lady we need to discus today because your men don’t know how to deal with you – madem wa sherehe’.

Mwalimu King’ang’i faulted these women’s behavior using the lyrics of a popular song ‘hata wakifunga tupige sherehe’.

Maina reminded him ‘but that is todays women. It’s not that the rules have changed it’s that they have evolved. More and more ladies are doing road trips’


King’ang’i said ‘mpaka bonfire have a package for ladies wanaitwa squad, at what point do you top sherehe , how do you detach yourself from such a squad? This lifestyle has to stop. There are rules these women should follow. The man being the head of the house is not outdated. You being humble to your husband is not outdated, you being submissively is not outdated, w e are going through a very difficult time as men, hiyo tabia’

King’angi’s warning was supported by many men who said women who like sherehe over the weekend must be submissive or else.



Mwalimu King’ang’i said there are limits to a woman enjoying herself over the weekends.

@Classic105Kenya Any woman in my house has to leave by my rules because I’m the man..If she can’t she should exit leave alone outside there alone. How can you be going out as the man and the woman is going out no way #MainaAndKingangi @ItsMainaKageni

We need to understand the meaning of marriage bana… And understand what comes with going to sherehe.. It will end in machos.. Single mothers sawa.. But married people 95% will end up single . that’s where ladies start comparing men

Shida ya hii gender imegrow baze ni ngumu sana ku reform…..kila weekend lazima watafute form #MainaAndKingangi

Alafu wanataka vile ulimnunulia simu mpya ukimkatia kila wakati simu mpya ikitokea umnunulie as if pesa ni za simu pekee nkt


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Close your eyes and imagine your wife in another mans arms –  Maina


Why is the idea of a woman cheating unforgivable to many Kenyan men? Maina Kageni posed to upset men.

The minute Maina Kageni began this morning conversation, men told him he doesn’t understand the dynamics of marriage. Maina told men to close their eyes and imagine their wives in the arms of another man!

On Wednesday October 13, Maina and Kingangi discussed the topic of women straying in marriage and why men can’t fathom it.

An excited Maina reminded men that they stray weekly, actually he insisted it is daily and expect forgiveness but if a woman does it, men struggle to forgive her.

“Why is it that men struggle when women stray in relationships? you do it all the time but when she strays once you struggle, why? why is it unforgivable when she strays. why cant you forgive her thew ay you expect her to forgive you and you guys do it on a weekly basis. Girls, even the thought that you have strayed it almost kills them, ni kashetani kaimingia they say”

Mwalimu King’ang’i told him it is shetani who makes men ‘teleza’.

“jembe inaeza kondeshwa lakini sio shamba. Men ere designed differently. Ati Mwongeli – his wife- amestray? Siwezi fathom hiyo’

Fellas, can you imagine your woman in the arms of another man?

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We are money minting machines for schools – Parents tell Maina Kageni

It’s back to school and a complete headache for parents who are facing fee demands from disrespectful headteachers.

This is what Maina Kageni was told about principals and teachers as students return for the second term.

The Tuesday morning conversation Maina told how he has screenshots of conversations between parents and schools who are being rude about fee payments.

“I have seen screenshots and they are so rude. what I don’t get personally is how you can talk to a parent like that?, it’s crazy they are group, you cant treat them like that”

Maina asked parents to tell their side of the story and here are three examples of horrified experiences.

One parent told “have you ever been to a police station ok now this what happens if they arrest you and see you are capable of paying any amount to get free. They will make sure they waste your time so they get the most amount of money out of you. The same with schools they make sure they will waste your time so that next time they ask for money you will not want to go there you will just churn out that money these people it has become like a cartel. All this attitude is because of money.”

Another man said they are just money machines for schools and we can’t talk or complain coz your child will be victimized, adding we don’t have any say in schools.

“let me tell you the truth maina I am a parent and do you know parents are crowding hospitals with ulcers. because of schools. Kenyan schools are supposed to be in the potlight of being investigated. I am a parent in kikuyu, do you know school fees is being hiked? it’s a public and you can’t say a thing, you can’t complain coz your kid will be treated badly, they hike fees and conult no one, parents are just money maachines, you are heckled because it is against schools, you jut allow it and go on with life”

Maina asked again “parents for how long have you been withstanding the disrespect?

A woman told of her agony “I was trying to sponsor a student to go to school form one and coz the parent couldn’t make it nikadecide kujitolea, I noticed the school has a specific place to buy uniform and you can’t negotiate the price”

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A loan from your wife is unnecessary pressure and drama – Kingangi


The morning conversation on Friday October 8th with Maina and Kingangi was one for the books, and elicited sharp reactions.

Maina asked men why they don’t repay loans borrowed from their wives.

Mwalimu said men should avoid loans from wives because of the drama that ensues.

‘Ati I borrow from her. That is the biggest mistake you can do. Why am I borrowing from her? Why can’t she pay bills without expecting, because she is in a good position? The moment you tell her you will pay her back ahh? mambo ya madeni ya nyumba you know they keep reminding you everyday, munaanza kufurugiana kwa nyumba’

He added

‘kila saa ni pressure ya pesa, do you know how much she will pressure you? aki ya mungu she will tell everyone bout it na hiyo pesa tumetumia na yeye’

Maina blasted men that they must repay ‘why can’t men borrow from their wives and then pay back?  A man said it’s rubbish to pay back a wife since it’s the family benefitting ‘niko na pesa yake hata nimechoka ku count deni imefike wapi. Si tumetumia pamoja’arguea-about-money

A woman told of agony

” I gave him 5k na if I ask him when he will pay back, hapatikani. We parted ways. I lent him the money in 2019 na bado naikumbuka nasikianga vibaya sana. Unasahau aje you can’t foergt mtu anakuja anakuambia beb si unisaidie tuu. He was supposed to return in January 2020 akaniambia mshahara itakua imeingia vizuri, so I thought let me lend him na mpaka wa leo naikumbuka hio deni, I asked him again na saa hii ni blue tick blue tick nikamwacha, nikianza stori ya pesa anaenda silent, I can never lend a man money unless it’s my dad’

A woman told how she parted with money for a man who took off.

‘I used to date this Cameroonian guy and I paid 70,000 for this mans flight and then he vanished, tumesema round hii tutukule pesa ya wanaume. I will never give a man money again’

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He brought another woman to the house I built – wife kicks out broke hubby

A man who had the guts to bring a side chick to the house built by his wife, was swiftly shown the door.

The angry wife told Maina Kageni on Thursday October 7, that for 18 years her husband never paid the bills, leaving the burden to her.

She saw the light when neighbors whispered to her about his nefarious activities with a side chick.

The confession was made after a discussion about another husband who works, never drinks and does not pay bills.

“I had a man like that one. I threw him out of the house in 2013.  We had been together for 18 years and he was doing literally nothing for 18 years. I used to pay all the bills. I even constructed a house in Western. I used to feed him, clothe him then I just got tired. Nilingoja sana, I  got tired and you know when you are doing these things you don’t realize it, it looks normal then it occured to me that he was riding on my back. I threw him out after he made a mistake and brought a woman into my house and when I realized that here is a reason to throw him out. He was staying in a house I built in Western, na kazi yake ni kuleta msichana kwa nyumba. When the neighbor told me he used to bring women to my house, I found a reason to throw him out . I don’t know where he is and I don’t care. The children have not seen him since I kicked him out”

She added I am happy infact”

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A man isn’t allowed to be broke for more than one month – Maina

The Thursday conversation focused on a woman who on Tuesday admitted that her husband does not pay bills yet he works and never drinks. She had no clue what he does with his money, but she takes care of the family’s financial needs.

Maina was upset women are taking care of bills, that is a mans job ‘Now here is the crazy thing, her man works, he does not drink, but she has never seen his money. Where  do you take your money? Those men who work, don’t drink where do you take your money?”

‘Hata mtu hajuangi’ Kingangi tried defending the boy child adding ‘kwanza siku hizi sijui pesa zinaenda wapi”

Maina brushed it off as nonsense ‘do you know ladies if you do something for a man umemzoesha. the day you pay rent once, kwisha wewe, the day you pay school fees once, kwisha wewe. There are some things you are not supposed to do as a wife in a marriage, what are you doing there if you are not helping a woman”

Mwalimu responded that ‘there is something called guidance. Do you know when people get married they become one? he added

‘oh really?’  Maina retorted, ‘the man does not drink, he works and he is there. there are some certain duties that a man must do, the day he i not doing any of those things ladies,  you are finished, what good are you if you can’t pay rent, a man who does not provide unasaidia kwa nini God made you a provider’

Maina opened up the discussion tot he audience saying ‘ ladies I told you if you pay rent even once you are finished, if you pay school fees once hee utajuta’

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Maina and King’ang’i – Why aren’t you voting next year?

The IEBC on Monday October 3rd began a mass voter registration exercise targeting millions of new Kenyans.

IEBC Chairman Wafula Chebukati said the commission is targeting to enlist at least 6 million new voters as the country prepares for the August 2022 General Election.

This however is proving an uphill task as lowturnout for the exercise has been recorded.

On the Wednesday morning topic, Maina wanted to know why this is so.

8 things you need to know as IEBC begins voter registration today

“this is disturbing. I asked you if you intend to vote and yesterday I heard that people have no intention to vote. you don’t want to vote net year why?

Kingangi said the apathy is understandable but people must vote “kukasirika inakubalika but you have to do the right thing. pick up that voter card uende upige kura, ama inaleta katikati ya pressure, unajua watu wako na pressure” Mwalimu Kingangi added

Maina urged the IEBC top pay attention “There is a 37 year old gentleman who said he has no intention to vote. Mr Chebukati tandika mkeke, are you listening?”

Many responded about their decision


The punishment for not voting is being led by the people you didn’t want.

I’ll not vote bcz of pple telling us mtu wetu tribal lines

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Ladies, what have you done for your man lately – Maina and Kingangi


On the Tuesday morning chat, Maina gushed over how his aunty gave his uncle a new Range Rover for his 79th birthday.

‘yesterday something happened. SK Machari turned 79 year old, and his wife presented him with a new range rover for his birthday. There is a question Mwalimu wants to ask ladies.

“what have you done for me lately” mwalimu asked “adding ‘honestly apart from complaining?”

“Ladies when is a the last time you did something for your man” Maina asked ‘like you can decide this morning send him 20,0000.can you say sweetheart this weekend don’t plan anything I am flying you to Diani? so what have you done for your man lately ladies?”

“aah ladies wanapenda tuu kupewa” Kingangi complained, “You know I like how you are talking today Maina, I want to hear what they will say’ King’angi added.

Here are responses:

A wife told “I always do things for my man. My husband turned 40, and I spent 400k, for his birthday. We went to France. I organized for a getaway in France”

A man put his wife on the line to tell Maina why she doesn’t spoil him “bana sijawahi ona kile kitu ananifanyia ni kunichemshia maji asubuhi nioge, I don’t need a Range Rover, hata akinipeleka aninunulia mutura I would appreciate”

An angry wife told Maina she couldn’t be bothered because she takes care of all the family’s financial needs “I’m the one providing for everything, why would I spoil him? I buy my kids clothes, I pay rent, I buy him clothes and you want to tell me  on his birthday I buy him what? Give me a break!”

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When is the last time your man gave you money for your personal upkeep?

A Kenyan Court ruled that being a housewife should be considered a full time job and should be factored into consideration when adjudicating over distribution of assets during a divorce.

On the Wednesday morning conversation, this is what Maina discussed. He was elated as Mwalimu Kingangi grumbled about it.

Mwalimu said ‘so it’s fully funded by the government’ he tried to argue,  but Maina corrected him ‘it’s not the government, it’s funded by you’.

‘Every woman in a relationship needs to be given money’ Kageni added ‘do you know you need to give her money every month for her upkeep, how do you expect her to look good for you if you are not giving her money?’

Gents, why don’t you give your woman money? not for vegetables but money for her hair, and money in her purse?

Kageni added ‘my mum told me never to walk without money, why don’t you give your women money, not for upkeep of the house money for herself, her hair is your work she is doing it for you’

Mwalimu brushed off his comments grumbling that ‘there is something about when they see money, na hiyo ndio hatuna, did they consult any man when they made that decision in court?’

Maina added salt to injury telling Kingangi about his friend who pays his wife cash ‘I have a friend who gives his wife 500k a month, a month and that is just for her, hiyo si shopping ya nyumba, it is for herself. I’m not saying give your woman half a million, even ten thousand is good’

He posed this question to the audience to contribute to the conversation

‘When is the last time your man gave you money ladies? at the end of every month, your man must give you something, he cannot keep enjoying you every day and at the end there is nothing. When is the last time your man gave you money for your personal upkeep?

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