Check out photos of 5 Ancient buildings in Africa-

In Africa there are are very many archaeological sites that one can visit ,places that most tourists have in their bucket lists as they visit the continent.

Below are 5 ancient places that are found in Africa.

1.Great pyramid of GIza 

It is found in Egypt and is arguably one of the most famous historical sites in Africa. It was built 2560bc

It has also been declared one of the 7 ancient wonders of the world.


image-2019-04-17 (5) (1)

2.Yeha Temple

it is found in Ethiopia and is also know as “Great temple of Sun and Moon,”.

It was constructed in the sixth century into a christian church.



Mercy Masika serving us marriage goals – Photos


3. Great Zimbabwe

The Great Zimbabwe ruins in Zimbabwe are the largest collection of ruins in Africa south of the Sahara built between the 11th and 15th century.

great zimbabwe


‘My wife caught me in bed with my neighbors daughter’ Cries city man

4.King David’s palace

In archaeological terms , it’s very difficult to declare such a precise date. But the palace could be dated back to 1000Bc

image-2019-04-17 (7) (1)

See Lulu Hassan’s gushing birthday message to Hubby Rashid Abdalla

5.Vasco da Gama Pillar

Regarded as one of the oldest European monuments in Africa, the Vasco da Gama Pillar was built in 1498 and is located in Malindi. Vasco da Gama, it is one of the oldest European installations in Africa.

vasco da gama (1)

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Check out Anne Kansiime’s head-wrap classy looks! – Photos

Have you noticed Head wraps are not being used for bad hair days only? They are being used for every day look and to accentuate beauty and for every day look !

Comedian Anne Kansiime is not one to be left behind as she has embraced this modern trend looking extremely classy and elegant.

The head wraps being a trend not only reminds you of a vintage look, it also reminds you of the 60’s looks which most ladies are now embracing and mahn! are they rocking the look.

Her different ways and styles to make the head wraps look good is extremely so unique and very trendy as well.


We have listed below some of the amazing looks Anne Kansiime has had while having the head wraps!

Anne Kansiime



kansime 7


DJ Pierra Makena aging like fine wine after she turned 38 – Photos

kansime 6



kasime 5


Kenyan Film Makers and Directors to watch out in 2019!- Photos

kansime 4


kansime 2


‘Naftali bought an axe and knife and had it sharpened’ Sources reveal

kansime 1


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Honored African personalities that we lost in 2018-Photos

2018 was a low year for Africa as we lost some of the most prominent people and personalities that we felt needed to be remembered.

Here is a list of 7 honored people that we lost in 2018:

1.Jamal Nasoor

Jamal Nasoor is best know for acting in some of the local shows like Vioja mahakamani and Junior .

The 39 year old was allegedly stabbed to death by his lover in 2018.



Nasty Breakups: List of celebrities you did not know were divorced

2.Nicholas Bett

In 2015, the 28-year-old  Nicholas Bett made history by by putting Kenya on the map when he became the first Kenyan to win a gold medal in hurdles during the world competition that was held in Beijing, China

His untimely death happened on 8th August 2018 after he suffered a car crash after car he was driving swerved off the road and crashed into a ditch



3.Joseph Kamaru

The popular Kikuyu Musician who sang songs that empowered masses died  while undergoing treatment at Mp-Shah Hospital in Nairobi.

The 79 year old musician was able to put Kenyan music on the front-line as he sang songs Kikuyu and Swahili and would be aired internationally.

joseph kamaru

4.Mzee Majuto

Mzee Majuto a Tanzanian celebrated actor passed on while undergoing treatment at Muhimbili Hospital in Dar es Salaam on August 8th 2018 after his health deteriorated during the treatment.



Kenyan celebrities dads bringing up children single handedly after losing their spouses

5.Dj Nakumatt

Dj Nakumatt burst into fame after videos of  him doing remixes to various songs went viral on the internet.

It is reported that he passed away after a short illness in July 2018.




6.Mowzey Radio

The renowned Ugandan musician Moses Sekibogo commonly known as Mowzey Radio succumbed to head injuries he sustained in a bar brawl in Entebbe on 1st February 2018.




mowzey radio

5 Reasons why drinking water is important to our health

7.Kofi Annan

Former UN Secretary General Kofi Annan died on August 18th after battling a short illness.

The 80-year-old, Nobel peace prize winner , died in hospital in Bern, Switzerland

He was the first black African to take up the role of the world’s top diplomat, serving two terms from 1997 to 2006



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5 amazing facts about Larry Madowo as he celebrates his Anniversary

Larry Madowo, the BBC Africa editor is celebrating his anniversary working at BBC Africa.

What does he have in store for the netizens this new year?

The former Trend host is turning a year older amidst the great news from him about being joining the Columbia journalism school, rated amongst the best in the world.

He shared a message on social media on his anniversary working at BBC Africa saying,

Check out photos of Kenya’s top male make up artists

For my first birthday here, the BBC congratulates me by locking me out of my account.

This past year has changed my life & no weapon formed against me by IT shall prosper 😂

Here are five things you probably didn’t know about Larry:

He speaks 5 languages.

‘I speak 5 languages but I’m happiest when I use my mother tongue. It’s a shame ‘born free’ Africans still think our languages are inferior, just like the colonizers taught our ancestors’, he revealed.

He is a bookworm. Larry loves reading books and frequently shares what books he is reading.

Larry uses his social media popularity for good. Whenever a good story moves him, he shares it hoping to make a positive change.

He travels alot and does fun things while at it. From Nairobi to Lagos, to London and South Africa, the journalist shares envy inducing photos of his travels abroad.

He has asked that we don’t label him a role model, just like Akothee who says it’s too much pressure.


Akothee unveils new look as she steps out for birthday party

The renowned journalist spoke about the school.


image-2019-04-11 (4) (1)

Raju Narisetti, professor of professional practice and director of the program. said,

When they graduate in 2020 with a much deeper understanding of business, economics, technology and public policy, they will join 400 other Knight Bagehot alums living up to the mission of providing better context and understanding to their audiences globally.


‘I exchanged more than 5000 babies during birth’ Confesses former nurse

A former Zambian nurse, Elizabeth Mwewa, has shocked many after she confessed to switching babies during birth just for fun.

She decided to confess of her wrong doing as she feels the ‘angle of death ‘ is around the corner.

Elizabeth Mwewa

Speaking from her hospital bed where she is battling cancer she says

“I have terminal cancer and I know I will be dying soon.

I wish to confess my sins before God and before all the affected people especially those who were giving birth at UTH during my service.

I have found God, I am now born again. I have nothing to hide.

‘I impregnated my son’s class teacher’ Brags a member of team mafisi

000000000ayesha baby

In the 12 years I worked in the maternity ward at UTH, I swapped close to 5000 babies,” Zambian Observer reports

I know I sinned against God and may he forgive me for that.

I am also asking Zambians to forgive me for the evil things I was doing to innocent children. I have caused some faithful couples to divorce after going for DNA Tests.

Its now that I have realized I was just being used by a demon to do that.

I have caused many mothers to breastfeed children who are not theirs biologically. I don’t want to go to Hell for that.

Am really sorry I have sinned a lot. Please forgive me.

‘He dumped me while pregnant after I gave him half a million’ Cries woman

In conclusion she says

If you were born in UTH between the years 1983 to 1995 chances are your parents may not be your biological parents. I had developed a habit of swapping newly born babies just for fun.

So take a good look at your siblings, if for example everyone is light and you are darkie… you are that child and I am really sorry for that .

Do you think that she should be forgiven?

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Koffi Olomide handed a 2 year suspended sentence for raping his dancer

Rhumba sensation Antoine Agbepa Mumba alias Koffi Olomide has been found guilty of the statutory rape of one of his dancers by a French court.

The court handed the artiste a two-year suspended jail sentence on March 18 for sexually assaulting the dancer when aged 15.

In 2012, Olomide was first charged with aggravated rape after four dancers accused him of s3xually assaulting them several times between 2005 and 2006.

According to the allegations, the assaults occurred both in DRC and France including a villa outside Paris. The women further claimed that they were held at the villa against their will.

At first I was hurt at how fast my baby daddy moved on’ Pierra Makena

Koffi Olomide
Koffi Olomide

‘ My brother is better in bed than my husband’ Brags Nairobi woman

Initially, prosecutors were seeking a seven-year sentence but the charges were reduced after the court dismissed the assault and kidnapping charges.

The ruling was made in absentia as the controversial singer failed to attend the court session.

The 62-year-old was ordered to pay the former dancer 5,000 Euros or Sh570,000 in damages.

According to BBC, Olomide was also ordered to pay fine of the same amount for assisting three women enter France illegally. The ruling means the Congolese star only faces arrest if he commits further offenses.

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Greater Heights! Sauti soul to share a stage with Pharell Williams

Renowned Kenyan boy band Sauti sol are going international. They have been invited to perform in one of the biggest concerts in the world.

Sauti sol have been invited to perform at the Essence festival. They will be performing along side other international stars like, Pharell Williams, Missy Elliott, Mary J. Blige, Teyana Taylor and many others.

The Essence Festival also known as,’ Party with a purpose’ happens annually since 1995. It aims to celebrate all genres of music and this time Kenyan music has been included and we can’t seem to have enough of it.

Sauti Sol

The very talented band are making major moves in their career and even in their lives, from opening a record label to marriage. Recently, fancy fingers got married while Bien popped the question and the lucky lady said Yes.

Now, I don’t know about you but I can’t wait to see these boys flying the Kenyan flag high. This also comes a few days after the boy band was nominated for the Nickelodeon Kids choice awards that also happens annually.

sauti Sol

They posted the announcement on their page and requested their fans to vote for the and wrote;

“We’re pleased to announce that we’ve been nominated for the NICKELODEON KIDS CHOICE AWARDS 2019 as the FAVOURITE AFRICAN STARS @nickelodeon_africa.

To vote, use the hashtag #KCA + #VoteSautiSol. Voting ends on Mar 22nd.”

Let us support our own as they continue to represent the country. We all know that the group has been putting alot of hard work in their music and their journey.


Prominent personalities who have suffered miscarriages – List


We take a look at celebs who have lost their unborn kids either through miscarriages or other unknown causes.

1. Size 8

In 2018, Size 8 suffered a miscarriage while 5 weeks pregnant leaving her and her husband DJ Mo heartbroken.

Speaking to Word Is at the time, Mo said that it is hard to understand what the problem was

“My wife was five weeks pregnant before the miscarriage,” DJ Mo told Word Is on Friday.

Miscarriage can be caused by so many things, like stress. Others may fail to adjust with the body, but we are doing well. If you love each other, that is a small thing.

All you need is to encourage each other and it passes,”

‘People just want ride on my name because I am famous ‘ Brags Akothee

Size 8 enjoying some time with her daughter Ladasha and hubby DJ Mo

Size 8 enjoying some time with her daughter Ladasha and hubby DJ Mo

2. Creme de la Creme

In September 2018, DJ Creme and his wife Denise lost their unborn child while she was six months pregnant.

The couple were expecting their third child before losing her to the cruel hand of death.

He wrote

“So The last 3 Weeks have been Hard for my Family and I . Pain & Tears perfectly tucked behind the smiles and fake laughters. I was out of the country when my pregnant Wife Denise called and told me that she’s headed to the hospital and it was an emergency. I won’t lie my heart sunk because I somewhat knew what that meant !

Creme de la creme

I remember kneeling down and Crying to God to keep Her safely wrapped in His Warm Embrace. The worst news came in that the doctor couldn’t feel the baby’s Heart beat . We’d lost the baby, at 6 Months😢 So Close…So So Close
I Won’t Lie, It tore me to pieces because I couldn’t forgive myself for being miles away and yet my wife was going through this alone.”

3. Nick Odhiambo

Nick Odhiambo and his girlfriend Janet lost their unborn son in January 2019.

Taking to instagram to share the sad news, he wrote

“The countdown to your birthday cut short…. Sometimes life just throws you a curve ball !!!..but it is what it is..lil’ J’lani R.I.P.. My son didn’t make it to see this beautiful world .”

Nick Odhiambo

4. Mitchelle Obama

In her book Becoming former America’s first black first lady Michelle Obama talks about politics, then goes digging deep into some personal issues.

From a miscarriage to using in-vitro fertilization to conceive her daughters to marriage counselling.

In a past interview with ABC News Obama said he did not know how common miscarriages were until his wife suffered the same.

“I felt lost and alone, and I felt like I failed because I didn’t know how common miscarriages were because we don’t talk about them,”

We sit in our own pain, thinking that somehow we’re broken.”


In the book Michele writes that fertility treatments allowed her to conceive daughters Malia, now 20, and Sasha, 17.

“It turns out that even two committed go-getters with a deep love and robust work ethic can’t will themselves into being pregnant,”

We had to do IVF,” she told ABC, in excerpts of an interview that will air in full on Sunday.

She revisits the thrill of her romance with Barack, which began when she was his advisor at a Chicago law firm, describing it as a “toppling blast of lust, gratitude, fulfilment, wonder.”

But she admits the couple on occasions turned to counseling, where they “learned how to talk out” problems

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He is my favorite: Lilian Muli reveals why she loves Diamond Platnumz

Lilian Muli has opened up on why she loves Tanzanian music in an interview with Malkia Africa Production adding that  Tanzanians are romantic.

In the candid talk dubbed ‘The Other Side of Me’ Lilian admits that listening to Tanzanian music gives her goosebumps.

“I love bongo because I love LOVE so I love their love stories and my favorite artiste is Diamond but basically all Wasafi artistes they give me goose bumps because they sing from the heart.

There is something about Tanzanians they are very romantic and this is evident in their music.”

Similarities between Dennis Okari’s wedding and that of Nixon Korir

Lilian Muli

‘Kenyan men are just weak, wanapenda easy things’ Men admit

Speaking on what she is passionate about Lilian Muli says

“The first thing is my career Its what I know how to do and I thank God I found myself in something I am passionate about.

The second thing is family both immediate and extended my mother is my rock my mentor my go to person especially when I want to make decisions.

Family is a very special place for me.”

Lilian-Muli with her son


Lilian’s admission of her undying love for Tanzanian music comes at at time when Kenyan musicians have been campaigning for media house to promote their music through #PlayKenyanMusic.

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Acting ban placed on Diamond’s ex Wema Sepetu lifted

Tanzanian actress Wema Sepetu has every reason to smile after a six moth ban that had been placed on her by BASATA got lifted.

Wema’s troubles began after a video was leaked online raising eyebrows.

Joyce Fiso, a representative from the film board, at the time said Wema was not  to participate in any film until the board is satisfied that she has changed.

“The film board, as mandated by law, has decided to take the following action against Wema Sepetu: to lock her out of the acting and arts industry for an unknown period of time until the day the film board will be satisfied that she has corrected her behavior. The film board will closely monitor her,” she said


‘My parents threw me out after finding out I was pregnant’ Celina recalls

Taking to social media to show her excitement, Wema says that the last six months have not been easy.

“The six months I have been away from acting have been the longest six months of my life after my ban by BASATA.
I am acknowledging The Almighty first because were it not for him I would not be where I am today. I would also want to thank the Tanzanian government for giving me another chance.

I have learnt a lot in the last six months and I am happy to be doing what I am passionate about thanks to @tanzania_film_board .”

Wema Sepetu

‘I will never restrict my son from meeting his biological dad’ Admits Celina

She adds

“They say that we should not focus with the past but rather we should focus on the future so I will not keep thinking about what transpired because it hurts me deeply.

I will focus on planning things afresh and be strong for now I have nothing much to say because I am so happy I cannot even express it.

To my fans I love you and especially  for those who prayed for me to overcome this trying period .I have gone through so many challenges in the last 6 months ,Cant wait to Get back in Action.

Ladies & Gentlemen, Let the Voting Begin,don’t get tired of my upcoming posts because initially I had been banned from anything related to acting.”

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Exclusive: I don’t want to rush my marriage to Vanessa Mdee – Juma Jux

Tanzanian artiste Juma Jux has released a brand new jam ‘In case You Don’t know’ in collaboration with Kenya’s finest, Nyashinski and it’s already trending.

The song which was released 2 days ago is already at number 4 on You Tube with its views standing at 365,790.

Speaking exclusively on Classic 105, Juma Jux says that he chose Nyashinski because he is talented.

“Nyashinski is very talented and I have always wanted to do a song with him that is why I decided that if I was to ever do a collabo here it would be with him. 


I am currently working on ‘Love Album’ I have more than 42 songs but I have to select only 20 songs for that particular album.

‘Worry not I am dying’ Willy Paul recalls last words of his dancer Valerie


I am having trouble choosing what songs should go into that album. I always find myself replacing the ones already in there.

I want it to have love songs in all the different versions.”

Side hustles earning your favorite celebrities millions (List)


On why he always sings about love, Jux says

“Most of the songs come from my heart because I am in a relationship. If you buy my album everything about love is in it whether you were dumped, whether you in love my album has you covered.”

Juma Jux with his girlfriend Vanessa Mdee
Juma Jux with his girlfriend Vanessa Mdee

On whether she is planning to wed Vanessa Mdee

“We are doing good as a couple, on when we are getting married I can’t give a definite answer for now because we are still planning.

Marriage is a very big decision. I want to be a good husband so I do not want to rush the whole thing.”


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Ali Kiba and Diamond in mourning after losing their mutual friend

Tanzanian artiste Ali Kiba is in mourning after losing his friend Tanzanian rapper Golden Jacob Mbunda alias Godzilla yesterday.

According to Global Publishers, Godzilla suddenly passed away on Tuesday night at their home in Dar es Salaam.

The deceased’s  sister Joyce Mbunda said that prior to his demise, the rapper complained of stomach pains, high blood pressure and diabetes.

Khaligraph was being funded by older women while we were dating – Cashy


Born on January 5, 1988 in Morogoro, Godzilla thrilled fans with hit tracks such as “Milele” alongside Alikiba and “First Class” featuring Mwasiti.

His remains have been taken to the Lugalo Military Hospital in Dar es Salaam,Taking to Instagram Ali KIba wrote

“R.I.P ZILLA🙏🙏🙏”

Kiba also shared the video below as a way of commemorating his friend.

View this post on Instagram

#KINGKBA X #KINGZILLA #ripkingzilla

A post shared by ALI KIBA🔵 (@officialalikibaa_) on

‘I sleep with with my father- in -law and we even have a son’ Brags woman

Diamond Platnumz also took to his instagram to mourn Godzilla in the caption below



Ali Kiba’s fans joined him in mourning his friend and below are some of their condolence messages.

kidoti2489:Dunia tunapita daima tutakukumba king zilla mbele yako nyuma yetu

imakocho:Mbele yako nyuma yetu kaka R. I. P

adalbertandrea:Pumzika kwa amani kingzilla

msafiriomi:Daah, mnyamwez umeondoka mapema sana

emwambuzi:Mungu naomba umpokee kiumbe wako

mkushi002:Sote njia yetu moja r.I.p zilla👏👏😮😮😮

mwantumumkweso:Inauma aiseeh tulimpenda san zilla ila mung kampenda zaidi

mtambofrancis:Daaaaaaah so [email protected] Rip king zilla

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Classy and unique gifts to buy your man/woman on Valentines day (List)

Valentine’s Day is almost here.

Whether you are married or not there is no harm in showing love to those special people in your life in a very unique way.

After all it’s the thought that counts but that doesn’t mean you get a cheap gift because as they say ‘Cheap is expensive’.

Imagine buying some cheap liquor only to end up in hospital fighting to keep your sight.

‘My husband must smell my cookie jar every day after work,’ woman cries


Here is a list of simple things that you can buy this Valentine.

Customised card: You can buy a card, but it would be much better for you to get a personalized card, eg. one with a photo of the two of you and then include your own words.

Tips 101: Know the meaning of different roses by color this valentines


Why Mwalimu Kinga’ngi’s daughter won’t inherit his property

Message board: You can place a board in the house if you live together and write small notes about how you feel daily or on a regular basis. Express yourself.

Vacation – If you have the money you can take a trip over the weekend and enjoy spending quality time together. Most hotels usually have offers during this time and the rates will be cheaper.


A CD collection:  Why not create a playlist of the songs that you know your partner loves and get them on CD? Better yet you can but him a compilation album of his favourite artist and add a personal message to it.

Love songs

Charity: You could send gifts to an orphanage or to shelters for victims of domestic violence or visit an elderly home. This is a nice way of giving a little bit of love to those who might be lonely on Valentine’s Day.

Jewellery – If your partner loves jewellery you can buy for them something depending on their taste. A watch, bracelet, necklace, earrings, cuff-links etc.

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Miss Curvy Uganda organisers trolled for ‘stealing’ Grace Msalame’s photo

Curvaceous women as a product are the latest attraction the Tourism ministry in Uganda is looking at to attract more tourists and increase revenue earnings.

Ms Ann Mungoma, the lead organiser for the beauty pageant, is optimistic that when these ladies flaunt their endowments, it will enhance the visibility and appreciation of Ugandan people.

Ms Mungoma also added that only those above 18 and below 35 will be considered.

“Miss Curvy is an event that will bring out the endowment of the real African woman. It is an exceptional event that will see young ladies showcase their beautiful curves and intellect.

Only those aged 18 and below 35 are eligible to participate.”

Mater Hospital ordered to pay woman Sh2.4m over damaged uterus

Grace Msalame

However things have taken a turn for the worst after they used the photo of Kenyan media personality Grace Msalame.

Below are some of the comments some from Ugandans who have expressed their disappointment

@NasasiraArnold Now Uganda   model, is Kenyan, sincerely speaking how can someone foreign promote some thing Ugandan, may be it’s another scum to embezzling funds.
@ddungujoseph7 :This peagant notifies the rest of the entire world how much of a joke we are to the level of degrading ladies to mere tourist attractions. Ladies are dignified persons and the result of this peagant will be thirsty thigh mongers on the hunt for Ugandan ladies.
@albertmuc :I think the most embarrassing news about the campaign is that the model, , is Kenyan.
@WaisAdam  and Uganda be how now that the campaign is for Ugandans or Kenyans cz is a Kenyan why is that our PR and strategists are failing to analyse the game
@TEAMNASA_KE :Ugandans Though, a whole state minister launched Campaigns to promote tourism, what tourism? And went ahead to use a Kenya Curvy lady in their official campaign posters. So Embarrassing, In Uganda there are Many ways of promoting Tourism.

Diamond Platnumz ex Zari finds a new bae, she can’t keep calm

Zari Hasan seems to have found a new man almost an year after she broke up with Diamond Platnumz the father of her two kids.

She recently flaunted gifts from her mysterious man and they were all purchased from the Louis Vuitton store. In one of her posts, she thanked her man for being the best and she wrote;







The businesswoman, who is among the most successful women in East African region dumped Diamond (the father of her two children) on Valentine’s Day in 2018, citing infidelity as the main reason for their break up.

Her touching message read;

“Understand that this is very difficult for me to do. 
There have been multiple rumors some with evidence floating around in ALL SORTS of media in regards to Diamond’s constant cheating and sadly I have decided to end my relationship with Diamond, as my RESPECT, INTEGRITY, DIGNITY & WELL BEING cannot be compromised. 
We are separating as partners but not as parents. 

This doesn’t reduce me as a self-made individual, and as a caring mother, and the boss lady you have all come to know. 
I will continue to build as a mogul, i will inspire the world of women to become boss ladies too. 
I will teach my four sons to always respect women, and teach my daughter what self-respect means. 
Unlike many, I’ve been in the entertainment industry for 12 years, and through all my challenges I came out a victor because I am a winner, and so are all of you Zari supporters. 

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Kenyan celebrity parents who have lost their kids in recent years

It is hard losing a child. No parent is ever prepared for this and when death knocks most parents mourn for years while some never over come the loss.

Dr Burton Grebin once said 

“The death of a child is the most single most traumatic event in medicine.To lose a child is to lose a piece of yourself “.

Some Kenyan celebrities have experienced this loss first hand and some don’t publicly express it, it doesn’t mean they aren’t hurting. So the next time you meet them on the street be kind because kindness does not hurt.

  1. Michael Okinyi

The TV presenter lost his son after he succumbed to complications related to Sickle cell anemia. In 2015, Okinyi announced the demise of his son to the public in the tweet below.

Before his untimely death  Twani was to turn 5 years

Image result for photo of MIchael OKinyi
MIchael OKinyi’s wife with their son

‘All I have is pure hate for her’ City man narrates how his ex texted his mother asking her to take back her broke son after he lost his job

2. Shiru wa GP

The venacular artiste famously known for hits such as ‘Agiginya’ was a mother to twins (boy and girl) before losing one of them after he developed a chest infection that saw him admitted to Nairobi Women’s Hospital, where he sadly lost the battle.

In an earlier interview with Jeff on Inooro Fm, Shiru wa GP opened up about losing her son and she said:

“It was a bad experience because I didn’t expect it. It’s one of those situations when you have tried so hard then you finally have something good and then the devil snatches it from your hands. I had tried conceiving for 9 years, heading to 10 when God blessed me with twins. I was very excited even though they did not make it to term as they were born 2 months premature. At that point, I didn’t even ask people to pray with me as I knew God had already blessed me in a big way. It (the loss of my baby and my admission) was not only challenging emotionally but also financially as the bill had accumulated up to Shs4.5 million so I had to reach out for financial aid which wasn’t easy.”

Shiru wa GP
Shiru with her husband and daughter

God has been gracious to her as she still has her daughter.

3. Dbanj

Nigeria artiste Dbanj is among other celebrities who have lost their kids. Early this year his son drowned in a swimming pool at the residence leaving the young parents heartbroken.

Dbanj termed the period of losing his son as a hard one but he remained  thankful to God for seeing him through.

‘The past few weeks have been incredibly trying and difficult, but God’s love has kept me and my family going. I can’t thank my team enough and the incredible love from you all. May God keep us all. #StrongerTogether’…🙏🙏🙏”

Dbanj with his son Daniel
Dbanj with his son Daniel

Nominated Senator Isaac Mwaura’s wife speaks out on losing a child: ‘This emptiness is how we feel all the time’

4. Isaac Mwaura

Nominated senator Isaac Mwaura and his wife Mukami Mwaura lost two of their kids after they developed complications after being born prematurely.

Mukami had delivered triplets namely – Njiru Maigua Mwaura, Mwaura Maigua and Njeri Maigua – who were all born at 28 weeks, sadly Njeri and Mwaura passed on after 3 months at the Neonatal Intensive Care Unit.

Speaking about her loss Mukami said

The emptiness you are left with after you lose a child … “We may look as if we carry on with our lives as before. We may even have times of joy and happiness. Everything may seem normal. But this, EMPTINESS is how we all feel, all the time” ~ John Maddox, for Bereaved Parents Month

Isaac Mwaura and Mukami

Mukami is a happy mother though after his remaining son recently celebrated his 1st birthday.

5. Juliana Kanyomozi

Juliana, who is among the top female artistes in Uganda, lost her son after he succumbed to severe asthmatic attack at theAgha Khan hospital.

Juliana celebrated his fourth memorial with an emotional post reminiscing on how perfect he was as a son.


‘You were so perfect’ Juliana Kanyamozi pens as he mourns her late son Keron

6. Julie Gichuru
The laid back Julie opened up on losing her 3rd born son after a choking incident at home.



Image result for photo of julie gichuru


7.Size 8

Size 8 recently lost her unborn child after suffering a miscarriage,speaking about it she says

“Rumours were in many blogs that I was pregnant but I never did really confirm it because it was a battle all the way, so I just wanted to go with the fight privately. But God decided the best lane for me and I lost the pregnancy juzi. To be honest I’ve cried and asked God so many questions. I have given my husband stress. He is trying to make me be okay,” Size 8 said.

Size 8


Chantelle and J Blessing lost their son Kyle  at the Aga Khan hospital  3 years ago,After Kyle’s death J Blessing posted lines to the hymn “It is well” on his Facebook page.

“Then sings my soul, my Savior God, to Thee. How great Thou art, how great Thou art.”

The couple later broke up due to irreconcilable differences.

J Blessing


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Nelson Mandela voted as the most influential leader of the 20th century

The late Nelson Mandela has beaten Margaret Thatcher to clinch the most inspirational leader in the 20th century according to a BBC show ‘Icons’

The  public has whittled down a list of the ‘greatest’ people of the 20th century to seven finalists – all of whom are men.

The BBC show Icons initially picked seven categories with four inspirational characters included in each field.

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The categories were leaders, explorers, scientists, entertainers, activists, sports stars, and artists/writers.

The public has been voting for which individual in each field most deserved to reach the programme finale next Tuesday.

But despite 12 women being included on the longlist of 28 ‘greats’ of the last century, selected by a ‘panel of experts’, none won in their category.

The BBC offered the public a choice of four 20th Century ‘Icons’ in each of seven categories. In the ‘Leader’ category, above, Mrs Thatcher, FDR, and Sir winston Churchill all lost out to Nelson Mandela

Pablo Picasso beat Alfred Hitchcock, Andy Warhol and Virginia Woolf to be named the best artist in the X-factor style history show, completing the line-up of finalists.

Margaret Thatcher had lost out to Nelson Mandela in the leader category, while physicist Marie Curie and pharmaceutical chemist Tu Youyou – who developed medicine to treat malaria – were beaten by Alan Turing for the best scientist.

The late David Bowie pipped Billie Holiday and Marilyn Monroe to be named the greatest entertainer. They will be pitted against Ernest Shackleton, Dr Martin Luther King Jr. and Muhammad Ali in the live hour-long final.

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The late Nelson Mandela

The programme, hosted by Claudia Winkleman and Nick Robinson, will see seven celebrity advocates give a speech to convince viewers to vote for the icon in their category.

The late David Bowie pipped Billie Holiday and Marilyn Monroe to be named the greatest entertainer

Model Lily Cole, during her episode on artists and writers, said: ‘Pablo Picasso was a pioneer of modern art. He wasn’t afraid to use his status to shout loudly about the horror of war, and his iconic work is as relevant today as it was then.’

In his episode, naturalist Chris Packham praised Turing – who is thought to have had Asperger’s – for being an example of why it is ‘worth putting up with’ people who have Autism.

Packham, who was diagnosed with Asperger’s in 2005, said: ‘We know that as a child he was ostracised by his peers, again this is something which I experienced, we find it difficult to integrate and to understand the social norms of that group of people.’

The other advocates set to go head-to-head in the final include actress Kathleen Turner (for entertainers), comedian Sanjeev Bhaskar (for activists), Clare Balding (for sports stars), Sir Trevor McDonald (for leaders) and Dermot O’Leary (for explorers).

The Corporation has billed the show as ‘the most ambitious BBC history series in a decade’ which ‘has told the definitive story of the 20th century through the people who had the most impact on it.’

The Icons final airs on Tuesday at 9pm on BBC Two.

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‘Kenya is home’ Morgan Heritage explain why they want to live in Kenya

Celebrated reggae group Morgan Heritage already bought land in Naivasha, but not many people know the reason behind that decision.

Speaking exclusively about the issue, they say that Kenya is where their heart is when it comes to African countries:

“This is where we are and we have our homes in Jamaica and America now we want a home in Africa and that’s why we settled for Kenya.

When Morgan Heritage is in Africa our home base is in Kenya , Kenya is home for us. People are talking about us having land in Kenya and all I can say is that we are getting settled .”

Murang’a Senator explains why he named son after Morgan Heritage

Morgan Heritage

Morgan Heritage are among Jamaican artistes who have a soft spot for Kenya. The list of other Jamaican artistes who have visited Kenya either for business or leisure is long.

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Some of them include Alaine Singa, Ce ‘Cile, Romain Virgo, Maxi Priest , Luciano, Chronixx, Jah Cure.

Recently, Morgan Heritage went to the magnificent Masai Mara to shot the video of their upcoming video along side Patoranking.

According to them, the experience was AWESOME.

It was an awesome experience. It felt like we were back at home in Jamaica, just sitting by the riverside. It was AWESOME.”

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