Zari’s brother-in-law George Ssemwanga found dead in a hotel room in South Africa

George Ssemwanga Pinto brother to the late Ivan Ssemwanga  (ex husband to Zari Hassan) was found dead under mysterious circumstances in South Africa.

Known to many as Sir Pinto, Ivan’s brother was found dead on Tuesday,14th August in a hotel room in Pretoria, South Africa where he was staying.

The late George Ssemwanga(circled) and his late brother Ivan Ssemwanga

Ivan’s late brother was a well-known businessman in Uganda, as the proprietor of Sir Pinto Distributors Ltd, a distributor of food, beverages and related products.

UG Mirror reports that Ivan’s cousin Edwin Lutaaya is admitted in hospital in critical condition

The cause of the deceased’s death has not been immediately established. Ivan died at the age of 40 leaving behind three kids with his wife Zari Hassan known to many as the boss lady.

The late Ivan Ssemwanga ,husband to Zari Hassan

The rich gang leader passed away on 25 May 2017, while undergoing treatment at the Steve Biko Academic Hospital in South Africa.

Just like George Ivan was also a business person with vast businesses around South Africa where he and Zari were based before their breakup and sadly before his death..

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Women flying high: Check out some of East Africa’s top rated FEMALE pilots

African female pilots are flying high around the world.

And evens social media has taken note of their greatness. A picture of a South Sudanese pilot is trending and everyone is praising her.


female pilot cockpit2


Here is a list of female of East Africa’s pilots who are breaking the glass ceiling:

1. Amel Ajongo

Just recently, Amel Ajongo became South Sudan’s second female pilot at 20-years-old.

Furthermore, she was the only woman in her class even after it had started with 8 women in a class of 11.

She has also encouraged other women not to limit themselves and to work hard to achieve their set goals.

Ajongo joins the ranks of the first female pilot of South Sudan, Captain Aluel Bol, who made history in 2011.

female pilot1

2. Captain Aluel Bol

Aluel Bol Aluenge was celebrated as South Sudan’s first female pilot in 2011.

Even more, she has risen to position of Captain at major American airline company Delta Air Lines after previously working with Ethiopian Airlines and Fly Dubai.

female pilot aluel bol2

3. Irene Koki Mutungi

Irene Koki Mutungi, commonly known as Koki Mutungi,  was the first female on the African continent to become certified as a Captain of the Boeing 787 Dreamliner aircraft.

She flies for Kenya Airways.

female pilot koki

In 1995, she was hired by Kenya Airways, as their first female pilot. In  2004, she became the first African woman to qualify to captain a commercial aircraft, when she qualified to command the Boeing 737.

Likewise, she’s qualified to command the Boeing 767.

Kenya Airways then promoted her to Captain of the B787, making her the first African female Boeing 787 Captain in the world.

female pilot koki2

4. Elizabeth Marami

Elizabeth Marami made history by becoming the Kenya’s first marine pilot after she completed an intensive training at the prestigious marine training college in Alexandria, Egypt.

female pilot

She is often the only female on board for sometimes 18 months at a time;

And mutual respect and being a team player keeps her and the team in good standing as in like in most professional settings.

She started an initiative for women in the maritime industry called ‘Against The Tide’.

female pilot cockpit1

5. Esther Mbabazi

Esther Mbabazi is a professional commercial airline pilot in Rwanda.

She is the first female in Rwanda to become certified as a commercial airline pilot.

Also, she flies for RwandAir-Rwanda’s national airline.

female pilot esther mbabazi

U.A.E’s first female pilot

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Blankets and Wine: One of Nairobi’s most popular events soon marks 10 years

Can you believe it? Blankets and Wine has hit 10 years since its conception.

The event that has attracted top performers in art, music and fashion in Africa, was founded by the one and only Muthoni Ndonga, better known as ‘Muthoni Drummer Queen’.

10 ways Muthoni Drummer Queen has rocked ‘Weird’ hairstyles

As it turns out, it's someone's 10th birthday very soon… #10YearsOf

A post shared by Blankets & Wine (@blanketsandwine) on

The fusion of all those things at one venue made it the place to be every first Sunday then.

It was monthly picnic-concert that started in Nairobi then later spread to Kampala, Arusha and Kigali.

The Kigali edition successfully went down a year ago.


Similarly, musicians vary and the underlying principle was to support local and other East African acts.

Be it from acoustic and singer-songwriter to rock and roots, it suits everyone’s taste.

Blankets and Wine was so successful that it spread to Kampala, Arusha and Kigali, before going on an unexpected hiatus.

blankets and wine

As a result,mAfrica Nouveau partnered with an Italian NGO, CEFA-Kenya and with Action 2015.

In addition, this was to bring forth Africa Nouveau, a music and arts festival amassing creators, curators and fans from all over Africa and its diaspora.


Even more, it was designed by creators of nu African culture for the creators and curators of the culture and their fans;

‘With focus on alternative and progressive sights and sounds from Africa-with a view to expand the understanding of Africa’.

Africa Nouveau Festival is a 2 days and 2 nights festival designed to showcase innovative artistes from Africa and the African diaspora.

While it had its 2nd edition earlier this year,t he festival’s theme was ‘Afrobubblegum’.



A fun, fierce and fantastical showcase of African music, fashion, art and film.

Above all, you’ve gotta love this kind of appreciation for African art and culture for sure.

Slay Queen: Muthoni Drummer Queen Looks Stunning In Her Latest Photos

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Check out these little lion cubs spotted along Langata Road (Photo)

Tuesday morning, some adorable lion cubs seemed to have left the park and were spotted along Langata Road.

Those who witnessed this took to Twitter to give other motorists a heads up on the matter.

lion cubs

Furthermore, they were being urged to be on the look out and be careful.


Chinese tourist killed and another injured in hippo attack in Lake Naivasha

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Chinese tourist killed and another injured in hippo attack in Lake Naivasha

There was a Hippo attack that occurred over the weekend that involved a Chinese tourist.


This all went down by Lake Naivasha when Chang Ming Chuang, 65, was with a colleague taking pictures of said hippo on the shores of the lake when they got attacked.

Chang Ming Chuang, 66, was pronounced dead on arrival to Naivasha District Hospital after being attacked by a hippo.

Meanwhile, Wu Peng Te, 62, survived the troubling encounter with bruises and is recuperating .

KWS(Kenya Wildlife Service) is said to be tracking the hippo.
While,KWS identified the victim as a Chinese tourist;
Taiwan’s foreign ministry has confirmed that the two tourists involved in the attack were from the self-governed island.
Above all,Hippos are known as one of the most dangerous animals on the planet.
They can snap a canoe in half with their strong jaws, according to National Geographic.
Furthermore,the deadly animal kill can run at the same speed as humans for short distances when faced with danger, the publication adds.
hippo attack

Nicah The Queen jokes about unexpected photo with ex-Dr Ofweneke

Do you sometimes wonder ‘How do I turn notifications for Memories on or off?’

Well today, Nicah The Queen received one of those ‘We think you’d love to share a memory of you from 4yrs ago’.

To top it off, it was a memory of during the time when she and her ex, Kenyan comedian Dr Ofweneke were still an item.

Nicah The Queen, gospel singer, took to her Instagram account and posted her thoughts on all this.

Check this out:


The post was captioned:

‘Sijui nini husumbua Facebook na hizi memories zao. Just on my FB and they pop like “We think you’d love to share a memory of you from 4yrs ago.”‘

‘Wacha sasa niwashow watu wangu.Hapa mapenzi ilikuwa imeshika kushika!Tukidanganyana hatuwezi ishi bila mwingine’

She continued:

‘Ama ata kulala saa hii kila mtu analala na kumwaga mate kwa pillow hakuna mwenye anatambua mwingine.Salamu tumebaki nazo ni zile za NIAJE BRATHE???Lakini Bora Uhai.’

LOVE GONE SOUR! Top Comedian Dr Ofweneke Officially Confirms That He’s Separated From Singer Wife

Nicah the Queen is single for this interesting reason and it’s why Kenyan women are still waiting for a ring

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Celebrated pianist Aaron Rimbui wins ‘Best International Collaboration Album’ at Mzantsi Jazz Awards in South Africa

Celebrated Kenyan pianist Aaron Rimbui is making great strides after receiving an award for Best International Collaboration Album.

He won the award in the just concluded South Africa Mzantsi Jazz Awards whose main purpose is to celebrate, appreciate and venerate jazz as a musical form that not only entertain but also uplift and heal the artist and the listener alike.


Legendary Reggae artiste Maxi Priest treats Kenyans to some amazing reggae tunes at Ngong Race course, Water Front

Taking to his social media platform Rimbui expressed  his excitement at winning the award ,further stating that it was a dream come true for him.

“WOW!!! 😃 Honored and grateful that ‘KWETU’ received an award for ‘Best International Collaboration Album’ at the 2nd Mzantsi Jazz Awards.(@zajazzawards) 2018. This award was evaluated by a jury which makes it even more special. 🙏🏽 It was a dream-come-true to record with South African icons Herbie Tsoaeli & Ayanda Sikade. Congratulations to all the winners. Honored! ❤️🙏🏽🙏🏽 Thank you!!! #Blessed #Grateful #Jazz #Kenya🇰🇪 SouthAfrica🇿🇦 #Africa”

Tanzanian artiste AY is finally a dad after welcoming a baby boy in Dallas, Texas

Rimbui is known for albums such as  Keys Of Life,Alfajiri,Deeper,apart from being a pianist he was also named music director of the Safaricom Jazz Festival in  2014.

Well Rimbiu is talented and that is something that is not even debatable,he has performed on international and regional platforms  such as the Jahazi Jazz Festival in Zanzibar, the Sierra Jazz Festival and the Winter Jazz Festival in Copenhagen .

He has also performed in Los Angeles, Washington D.C, Seattle and Las Vegas among many other cities in the U.S.A..

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Ballers Already? Check out some of the rich kids of East African celebrities

Call them Boss babies or whatever you like, but these kids are living the high-life.

They are the fortunate kids of some of East Africa’s celebrities who have the privilege of having rich and famous parents.

They will eventually gain and rip the benefits of their position as their kids.

Here is just some of the rich kids of East African celebrities:

1. Wahu and Nameless’ kids

The two popular and successful Kenyan artistes have two beautiful daughters Tumiso and Nyakio.

Furthermore, Nameless and Wahu have been in the music industry for more than 10 years each.

So you can imagine the wealth they have amassed over that time.

Nameless, Wahu and daughters

2. Tiffah Dangote

She’s the 1st born of superstar Diamond Platnumz and 4th born to socialite and businesswoman, Zari Hassan.

She also has a younger brother, Prince Nillan Dangote, Diamond and Zari’s 2nd born.

Let’s just say these two bambinos are sorted.

Diamond Platnumz,Zari and kids

Zari and Diamond Platnumz’ kids rock the most expensive gear worth your college fees (Photos)

3. Akothee’s kids

Akothee has 5 kids -3 beautiful daughters and 2 adorable sons – who she works hard for.

Similarly she is not only a successful and very famous musician – she’s also a businesswoman.

Also, with her flamboyant lifestyle, you can bet her kids are getting a taste of it too.


4. Keep It Real & Am Blessed Dydda

The two are the sons of gospel artiste Eko Dydda.

In addition, they two have already started to make their mark in the gospel music industry.

They are already making hits and that of course is bringing in money for them, even at their young age.

keep it real and am blessed

rich kids2

5. Pierra Makena’s daughter

DJ Pierra Makena’s daughter is one to watch out for with her mum being one of the most recognized DJs in the country.

pierra makena and daughter

6. Ladasha Belle

Ladasha Belle is the daughter of DJ Mo and gospel songstress Size 8.

Also, she is a brand ambassador of Softcare diapers.

The little girl has over 200,000 followers on her Instagram account and counting.

I mean, she’s already making money and she’s not even hit 10 years of age.

rich kids5

Like The Rich Kids of Kenya: Where US singer Keri Hilson and Fally Ipupa partied

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Legendary Reggae artiste Maxi Priest treats Kenyans to some amazing reggae tunes at Ngong Race course, Water Front

Maxi priest is in Kenya and over the weekend he treated his fans to a music performance at the Ngong Race Course Water front.

Born Max Alfred Elliot in June 1961 Maxi Priest is an English reggae vocalists of Jamaican descent  known for his song Wild World,Easy To Love, Close To You, My Girl Dis among many others.

This past weekend he brought the roof down with his energetic performances which is something Kenyans were looking forward to.


Here are photos of how the event went down courtesy Douglas Okiddy






Click on the link below for a glimpse of the performance
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Salt is not as harmful as previously thought, study claims

For most, the amount of salt they eat is not harmful, a controversial new study found.

Health guidelines in the US and the UK both say any more than 0.75 teaspoons a day increases your risk of a heart attack.

A new study by McMaster University in Ontario found that anything under five grams (two-and-a-half teaspoons) is safe.


For those who do eat too much, can balance out the health risk if they eat plenty of fruit, vegetables and other potassium-rich foods.


Authors are calling for public health campaigns, urging people to cut their sodium intake according to an article published in the Daily Mail.
This could be good news to people who eat high amounts of salt as any health risk of sodium intake is virtually eliminated if they improve their diet quality by adding fruits, vegetables, dairy foods, potatoes, and other potassium rich foods.

Tanzeela Qambrani becomes Pakistan’s first lawmaker of African descent

Tanzeela Qambrani, whose ancestors come from Tanzania, was nominated by Pakistan People’s Party(PPP) to a women’s reserved seat in the regional parliament of southern Sindh province, reports BBC Africa.


This makes her the first person of African descent to hold a seat in Pakistan’s parliament.

She comes from the Sidi community which is a small ethnic group of African descent concentrated in the mountainous regions of Pakistan.


The group has been immensely overlooked in social, political and economic life in Pakistan.

They are thought to be the descendants of slaves who were brought to the region by the Portuguese.


Qambrani recently told BBC;

‘As a tiny minority lost in the midst of local populations, we have struggled to preserve our African roots and cultural expression, but I look forward to the day when the name Sidi will evoke respect, not contempt.’

She added:

‘I can already feel the weight,’

‘I’m a Sidi, and all these middle class, lower-middle class and working class Sidis know that I’m one of them.’

Qambrani is a computer science postgraduate with three children.


Most noteworthy, she is bringing hope to a community that has dealt with widespread marginalization in Pakistan for centuries.

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Internet sensation Amani G releases yet another song titled ‘In Love’ with Vivian

Amani Gracious also known as Amani G has released yet another hit song with fellow songbird Vivian titled ‘In Love‘.

In the past two days, ‘In Love‘ has garnered upto 70,000 views and still counting

amani g

amani g

This new song comes just weeks after her successful debut hit ‘Sitasahau‘.

amani g

Amani Gracious drops her first single ‘Sitasahau’ produced by Teddy B

Vivian took to her Instagram account to share what inspired the song and working with the budding Githurai singer.

I came up with ‘in love’ just after I met Amani.
I saw so much gifting in her and I wanted to write her a song that she would forever remember.
Just like Amani, I grew up in Eastlands and I have always been a very free, happy and expressive spirit. When I visited her home a few months ago I saw in her home the same life I lived at her age. Yet I was never downed by my environment just like @amanigracious .
My dear @amanigracious I wish you love and light all your life!
May nothing ever dampen your happy soul. God is on your side.


amani g

The 13 year old singing sensation from Githurai who wowed everyone with her rendition of Alicia Keys’ ‘Girl On Fire’,is currently signed to Peter Nduati’s Pine Creek Record.

In addition, the two-year record deal with Pine Creek Records,includes a minimum pay of 2.5 million.

The label will also take care of Amani’s general upkeep that includes; school fees, healthcare, housing, food, clothing, and security.

Her songs are proof that Amani G is destined for greatness. View the song below.

‘Look at this beautiful soul’ shouts Alicia Keys after watching video of Githurai girl

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Here’s 5 times Sage Chemutai showcased her chic sense of style (Photos)

Sage Chemutai apart from  being a singer-songwriter, composer, mother and instrumentalist is also known to be quite a stylish lady.

sage chemutai

Sage has one of the most amazing vocals in the Kenya music industry.

The Kenyan songstress’ music is considered to be Neo soul, who gives the most electrifying live performances.

She recently performed at The Terminal Music Weekend alongside Keri Hilson, Bobby Valentino and Habida among others.

sage chemutai


Here’s the times Sage has looked amazing in her unique ensembles:

sage chemutai

sage chemutai

Yummy Mummy! Chemutai Sage shows you how to wear your hair in 2018

 sage chemutai



King Kaka’s baby mama Sage gushes over daughter as she turns 4

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New Music: Elani makes amazing comeback with new hit single ‘Heartbeat’

Elani fans were surely thrilled and excited by the new hit single ‘Heartbeat’ that dropped on Wednesday.

‘Heartbeat’ is the first release off Elani’s new album ‘Colours Of Love’.

Elani Heartbeat


The band of three consisting of Maureen Kunga,Wambui Ngugi and Bryan Chweya released the single on the 8th of August.


It’s so evident that Elani and their music were truly missed;

The fans’ response and feedback to the new music was and still is positive and can’t wait for more.

The Kenyan popular group are also known for their other awesome melodies namely;Barua Ya Dunia, Hapo Zamani, Milele and more.



New Music Alert: Elani set to release first single off new Elani album ‘Colours Of Love’

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#ISurvived98Bomblast: TV presenter Tallia Oyando’s first hand experience

On August 7th ,Kenyans marked 20 years since the devastating US embassy bombings in Nairobi.

A memorial service was held by friends, family and others at the August 7th Memorial Park.


Also among those who survived the 1998 US embassy was TV presenter Tallia Oyando who shared her experience on her Instagram account.

She recounted it with a photo and message.


She captioned:

‘August 7th 1998 where were you? I was in school at Makini during a closing day function. At around 10:35am the ground shook and from far we could see smoke. No one knew what was going on social media wasn’t as active then.’

‘I was with my two brothers Frank and Leon my other brother Randy was home with dad. A little chaos started people running around. Me not sure what was happening i didn’t know what to do but look for my brothers. Out of the chaos someone grabbed my hand i turned and it was my dad he had come from home we didn’t live far he held my hand tight and told me we needed to find my brothers and go home.’

She contiued:

‘We did .. At home the pictures on TV were the scariest i’ve ever seen. Blood, tears, saddness, death.. My dad grabbed his pager left us at home and went to the bomb blast sight to help what he saw i cant explain … on TV and even in the estate i remember people screaming i remember darkness but i also remember how the darkness brought us together as a nation. Pamoja we stand.. Did you lose someone? Scream their name out loud because we will never forget them. #ISurvived98’.

August 7th 1998 where were you? I was in school at Makini during a closing day function. At around 10:35am the ground shook and from far we could see smoke. No one knew what was going on social media wasnt as active then. I was with my two brothers Frank and Leon my other brother Randy was home with dad. A little chaos started people running around. Me not sure what was happening i didnt know what to do but look for my brothers. Out of the chaos someone grabbed my hand i turned and it was my dad he had come from home we didnt live far he held my hand tight and told me we needed to find my brothers and go home. We did .. At home the pictures on tv were the scariest ive ever seen. Blood, tears, saddness, death.. My dad grabbed his pager left us at home and went to the bomb blast sight to help what he saw i cant explain … on tv and even in the estate i remember people screaming i remember darkness but i also remember how the darkness brought us together as a nation. Pamoja we stand.. Did you lose someone? Scream their name out loud because we will never forget them. #ISurvived98 🇰🇪🇰🇪🇰🇪

A post shared by Tallia Oyando 🇰🇪 (@talliaoyando) on

Tallia Oyando’s body will make you hit the gym ASAP (Photos)

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‘You changed my whole life’ Zari pens to her son Pinto as he turns 15

Zari the Boss Lady has lately been under pressure after her Instagram account which has 4.2 million followers was hacked by an unknown person.

Despite the hacking Zari, who is a mother of five has every reason to celebrate  after her first born son Pinto with the late Ivan Semwanga turned 15.

She took to her Instagram to celebrate him opening up on how he’s changed her life.38210430_223134071680869_3906513321125216256_n

Ufisis Nayo!!MCA tricky caught thirsting over Akothee’s daughter Rue

She wrote

“Happy birthday baby, got my account temporarily back. Lets continue like i never left. You changed my whole life, i never knew what real & unconditional love felt like till i held you in my arms. Love you @pinto_bitw”

Here are a few photos of Zari and her kids spending sometime together.




‘Mpaka nimekonda sasa’ Classic 105 fan Wakanai confesses as he talks of physical abuse

Zari’s loyal fans also took the chance to celebrate Pinto on his  birthday:
scholarterry:Happy birthday handsome boywe love you @pinto_bitw

gulf_b:Happy birthday handsome @pinto_bitw

wanimal_the_roaster_HAPPY BIRTHDAY to sir pinto the SON

anikija_masambaji:Happy birthday son

rahmamarijani:Happy biethday brother may God grant you many years of sucess @pinto_bitw

oficialshaymar:@moting_official happy birthday to u deedylan hahahaha hahahahahaha acha nicheke kimakonde mxieeew

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Diamond Platnumz celebrates his son with Hamisa as he turns a year old

Dylan, Hamisa Mobetto’s son with Tanzanian artiste Diamond Platnumz officially turned one year older and his parents cannot contain their excitement.

Hamisa is a mother of two with  Dylan being her youngest, she is understandably excited.

She took to her social media platform to celebrate her son with this message

“Happy birthday my Lion Cub @deedaylan I Love You Son ❤️🎂🦁”


Diamond also took the chance to celebrate his son with Mobetto with the beautiful message below

“A Very Happy Birthday to the Next Platnumz…My Kitinda Mimba, Mswahili Mwenzangu, Maskini Mwenzangu…Mnyonge Mwenzangu…Mengi Uloyapitia Ukiwa mdogo, usiyejua hili wala lile yamenifanya nikupende sana na kuhakikisha nakulinda na kukutunza kwa hali yoyote ntayojaaliwa…Insha Allah Mwenyez Mungu akukuze vyema, akupe Akilu, Afya, Furaha na akubariki, Ukikua uwe Mwanamziki Kama mie baba ako, Uzidi kupendwa na ukifanikiwa uwainue Maskini wenzetu zaidi Mtaani….Happy Birthday My Handsome/ Young King / Young Lion / Young Simba / Young Dangote

Diamond Platnumz' son Prince Nillan
Diamond Platnumz’ son Prince Nillan

‘Thank You for helping me bring up my kids’ Hamisa Mobetto tells her mum


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Study finds women with heart problems should see a female doctor compared to a male one

Women who have heart attacks are less likely to die if they see a female doctor, study finds.

In addition, women have harder-to-interpret heart attack symptoms compared to men.


Hence, more women died under male doctors than under female.

A study found that 13.3% died after being treated by a man, against 12% of those treated by a woman.


Meanwhile, male doctors are more likely to miss danger signs in women who are admitted.

For example, when men are having a heart attack, their chest pain tends to make it obvious.

But, a heart attack in women often starts with harder-to-interpret flu-like symptoms along with an aching jaw and spine.

Controversy as Dennis Oliech’s kin publish two contradicting obituaries with different burial dates for his late mum


The US study was carried out by the University of Minnesota, of nearly 582,000 heart attack victims.

The researchers reviewed heart attack cases in Florida from 1991 to 2010, according to Daily Mail.


A female patient is also more likely to survive if a male doctor has recently treated more female patients, who may have had similar symptoms.

The study concluded doctors needed more training in different male and female symptoms.

Daily Mail