Serah Teshna finally reveals why she kept pregnancy with Wanyama a secret

Kenyan actress Serah Teshna and her partner Victor Wanyama welcomed their child last year.

In an interview with Kalondu Musyimi, the actress said she and the footballer had agreed on having a private relationship.

Most fans also came to learn about her pregnancy when she posted on social media.

“It was just an intimate moment between my man and me and we just wanted to share the journey by ourselves.”

She also said that she didn’t want the noise from outside on what to do as a new mother.

“There are so many things I didn’t know as a mum-to-be. There are also expectations from people telling you, ‘Do this, do that,'” she said.

Teshna also revealed that they welcomed a son and dedicated her new Showmaz thriller series ‘Igiza’ to him

“I was excited about both roles and coming to realize I needed to put more extra work kept me going,” she said, adding that having amazing directors and casts on the set helped her execute the roles so well.”

“The dual roles made me watch different shows from different countries since I needed to be natural while playing the two roles.”

Actress Serah Teshna

The thriller is set against the backdrop of Nairobi’s fashion industry and the money laundering business, ‘Igiza’ is a story of revenge between twin sisters Linda and Nicole.

Twelve years into serving time, Nicole breaks out of prison and takes the place of her identical twin sister Linda, who framed her.

She is now managing to balance work and motherhood.

“Motherhood comes with so much pressure.”

“I was taken through the script and my roles but I was not sure I was going to do it since my attachment with my son is on another level.”

‘Igiza’ is set to premiere on Showmax next week on Monday.

Why Meghan Fox is not able to remove MGK’s engagement ring from finger

Machine Gun Kelly says the ring he engaged Meghan Fox with has thorns, which will make Fox feel pain if she removes it.

In an interview with Vogue, MGK said;

Of the ring itself is a thoroughbred Colombian emerald, with no treatment. It was just carved into the teardrop, straight out of the mine. And the diamond was directly from Stephen. The concept is that the ring can come apart to make two rings.”

“When it’s together, it’s held in place by a magnet. So you see how it snaps together? And then it forms an obscure heart. And you see this right here? The bands are actually thorns. So if she tries to take it off, it hurts…”

“Love is pain!” He said

MGK said he released the footage of the engagement to control the narrative.

As opposed to someone just catching a weird cell phone picture of a ring on our hand and being like, whoa! But yeah, I didn’t expect it. I just recorded it on my cell phone. And it wasn’t like we had photographers or anything. It was just like me setting my phone against a cup.”

In his engagement post, Kelly described the meaning of the place he made the engagement to the meaning of the ring leaving out information about the thorn.

…In this life and every life’ beneath the same branches we fell in love under, i brought her back to ask her to marry me. i know tradition is one ring, but i designed it with Stephen Webster to be two: the emerald (her birth stone) and the diamond (my birth stone) set on two magnetic bands of thorns that draw together as two halves of the same soul forming the obscure heart that is our love.”

Diamond set to marry? Reveals step-father

Diamond Platnumz recently set the record straight saying that he is dating. He showcased a pair of shoes that his lover had bought him from abroad.

He has been rumoured to be dating fellow singer Zuchu. The two are yet to confirm nor deny the claims but in a recent comment on social media, Zuchu referred to Diamond as a brother and not a lover.

When asked whether she saw Diamond’s post where he wrote ‘I Miss You’ Zuchu responded,

“Niliona kakangu alipost kibao chetu kipya mimi na msanii mwenzangu @rayvanny kiitwacho “i miss you.” (I saw the post where my brother posted our new song with Rayvvanny dubbed ‘I miss you’)

Diamond’s brother Romy Jones has now shared a video of the singer saying that he is lonely. He also asked whether they are still together.

“MDOGO WANGU KIPENZI AKIWA ZAKE MPWEKE NCHINI NAIJERIA. SIJUI ATALETEWA LINI TENA MABUTI NA MPENZI WAKE AU SIJUI WAMESHAFARAKANA” (My younger brother is lonely in Nigeria. I don’t know when he’s going to be given another pair of shoes. I don’t even know whether they are together or have already split.)

Diamond Platnumz
Diamond Platnumz

Diamond’s step father repsonded to Rommy Jons saying that he and the new lover are okay and are set to get married.

“BADO WAPO VIZURI INSHAALLAH HADI NDOA/” (They are still together, Inshallah, till marriage.”

Diamond has in the past promised to get married when he was dating Zari Hassan. He made the same promise while dating Tanasha Donna.

Sukari by Zuchu, ‘How to find love’ tops google searches

The annual year’s top trending Google searches is out. The list is what Kenyans have searched for, for over a sustained period in 2021.

The lists range from overall global stories to local top 10 lists of trending topics across sports, music, lifestyle, personalities, news, and more, on “how-to” and “What is?” queries’.

In the“how to” trending category, “How to find true love” topped the trending search queries while “how to check KCPE and KCSE results came second and third respectively. Kenyans also searched how to register for NHIF via MPESA. Other queries were “how to apply for Kazi Mtaani”, “how to write an application letter”, “how to write a CV”, how to buy tokens and “how to style” braids.

The top trending lyrics reveal Kenyans’ appetite for Tanzanian and Nigerian songs where search for Tanzanian songstress Zuchu’s hitsong ‘Sukari’ lyrics came first followed by lyrics from Nigeria’s Joseph Akinwale Akinfenwa-Donus aka’ Joeboy’s hitsong ‘Alcohol’ and another Tanzanian Bongo artist Diamond Platinumz whose ‘Naanzaje’ hit attracted the third highest number of searches. Other hitsongs whose lyrics were sought were Ndovu ni Kuu by Kenya’s Boutross Munene and Khaligraph Jones.At position five was Baikoko by Diamond Platinumz with the hitsong ‘Hapo Tu’ by Nyashinski featuring Chris Kaiga, Amazing Grace. Jireh, Love and Nwantiti follow in that order.

In the local trending personalities, Mukhisa Kituyi was the top trending search personality. The former secretary general for the United Nations Conference on Trade and Development (UNCTAD) declared his intention to vie for the presidency. He was also accused of assault and reported to the police in Mombasa. In second position was retired President Mwai Kibaki who celebrated his 90th birthday last November with Martha Koome in the third position after she was appointed Kenya’s first female Chief Justice. Eliud Kipchoge’s name search came fourth as he won a gold medal in the Tokyo Olympics marathon.

Other local personalities who emerged in the list in numerical order are Deputy President William Ruto, Machakos Governor Alfred Mutua, former Attorney General Charles Njonjo, Dagoretti South MP Simba Arati, Africa’s fastest man in men’s 100m race Ferdinand Omanyala, and Gatundu South MP Moses Kuria.

In the trending Global Personalities category, Bobi Wine, Uganda’s opposition leader was the top trending personality, followed by Joe Biden, who was elected as the 46th US President. Sports journalist Fabrizio Romano, who specialises in football transfers was the third trending personality. Other global personalities included Uganda’s President Yoweri Museveni, Alibaba Founder Jack Ma, US Vice President Kamala Harris, British model Naomi Campbell, Tanzania’s President Samia Suluhu, former President of South Africa Jacob Zuma, and American poet Amanda Gorman.

Below are the full lists of Top 10 Trending Searches by Kenyans in 2021:

Trending – General

  1. EPL

  2. Uganda Elections

  3. Kiambaa By-Election Results

  4. IEBC

  5. Kazi Mtaani Application

  6. BBI Ruling

  7. KDF Recruitment 2021

  8. SGR Booking

  9. Pandora Papers

  10. Afghanistan

Trending Local Personalities

  1. Mukhisa Kituyi

  2. Mwai Kibaki

  3. Martha Koome

  4. Eliud Kipchoge

  5. Deputy President William Ruto

  6. Alfred Mutua

  7. Charles Njonjo

  8. Simba Arati

  9. Omanyala

  10. Moses Kuria

Trending Health

  1. COVID-19 Registry

  2. AstraZeneca Vaccine

  3. Chanjo Kenya

  4. Moderna Vaccine

  5. KMTC

  6. Colonoscopy

  7. Signs of COVID-19

  8. Bipolar Disorder

  9. Glaucoma

  10. Autism

Trending Global Personalities

  1. Bobi Wine

  2. Joe Biden

  3. Fabrizio Romano

  4. Museveni

  5. Jack Ma

  6. Kamala Harris

  7. Naomi Campbell

  8. Samia Suluhu

  9. Jacob Zuma

  10. Amanda Gorman

Tanzanians would’ve said he’s fake rich! Diamond tells haters on P Diddy house

Trending Loss

  1. Magufuli

  2. Chris Kirubi

  3. DMX

  4. TB Joshua

  5. Jakoyo Midiwo

  6. Prince Philip

  7. Simeon Nyachae

  8. Kalembe Ndile

  9. Yusuf Haji

  10. Bunny Wailer

Trending Sports

  1. EPL

  2. Euro 2020

  3. La Liga Table

  4. Serie A Table

  5. Champions League

  6. Paralympics

  7. Olympic Games Tokyo 2020

  8. Europa League

  9. Pakakumi

  10. Bundesliga Table

Trending Movies & TV Shows

  1. Squid Game

  2. Zora

  3. Red Notice

  4. Black Widow

  5. Killing Eve

  6. Coming to America

  7. Snake Eyes

  8. Lupin

  9. Army of the Dead

  10. Mortal Kombat

Trending How to (General)

  1. How to find true love?

  2. How to check KCPE results online

  3. How to check KCSE results

  4. How to pay NHIF via Mpesa

  5. How to reverse Mpesa

  6. How to apply Kazi Mtaani

  7. How to write an application letter

  8. How to write a CV

  9. How to buy tokens

  10. How to style braids

Trending How To (Tech)

  1. How to open pdf file

  2. How to open null file

  3. How to open apk file

  4. How to open docx file

  5. How to open bin file

  6. How to check NHIF status

  7. How to hack a WiFi password

  8. How to open zip file

  9. How to open mp3 file

  10. How to download videos from YouTube

Trending Lyrics

  1. Sukari’ Lyrics

  2. Alcohol’ Lyrics

  3. Naanzaje’ Lyrics

  4. Ndovu Ni Kuu’ Lyrics

  5. Baikoko’ Lyrics

  6. Hapo Tu’ Lyrics

  7. Amazing Grace’ Lyrics

  8. Jireh’ Lyrics

  9. Love Nwantiti’ Lyrics

  10. Zuchu Sukari’ Lyrics

Maina Kageni’s plan to run a club in Miami

Maina Kagem and Mwalimu King’ang’i have been discussing about their retirement plans. For Maina, he plans to open a club in Miami as he things of what to do next.
Speaking on Classic 105 morning show, the presenter said;
“Come next year I am done.I am retiring from this job, I plan on running a club in Miami.”

Maina already has a house he bought in the US, where he will settle.

“I will be living in my condor. I bought it kitambo.

“I thought we talked about this and both of us after retiring?”

King’ang’i on the other hand says he doesn’t know what he will do after retirement as he hasn’t planned himself.

“I know we talked about it but mimi sikuifikiria sana. I wish I just decided to venture into vying for an MCA seat maybe I would have.”

Maina asked King’ang’i to give him a visit once he goes to the US.

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Like Father Like Son: Willis Raburu shares a generation photo

Media personality Willis Raburu has shared a photo of three generations, his father Peter Raburu, his son and himself. Raburu welcomed his son this year with Ivy Namu.

The 10 Over 10 host shared the photo and wrote;

“The people in this picture all respond to: Mr. Raburu.”


The media personality’s father, Peter Raburu was a Provincial Commissioner. In a past interview, Raburu remembered growing up with a tough father.

“We were suspended (from school) for two weeks. In my head, I couldn’t imagine going home to my father. A teacher told my father, he sent a Land Rover 110 with two police officers.” He told MC Jessy

“I sat like an inmate, in between two officers as I went home. I was scared and I was also the Organizing Secretary of the Christian Union,”

He went on to give credit to his dad;

“What my dad has helped me with is two things; work ethic and spirituality. My dad used to wake up, actually still wakes up, every day from 3.30 am-4.00 am. You hear him praying, and he prays loudly so you can hear what he’s praying for,”

Willis Raburu’s ex-wife Maryaprude responds to trolls attacking her lifestyle choices

‘I had internal struggles,’ says Kambua on birthday

Gospel singer Kambua says she has been having internal struggles that led to her not being sure of whether to celebrate her birthday or not.

Kambua who turned a year old this months wrote;

“09/11/2021. I had internal struggles about celebrating this birthday. I’m not sure I can explain and properly articulate why. But God has placed love all around me, and I was reminded that life is for the living. And life is a gift…’donde hay vida hay esperanza’ -where there’s life there’s hope.”

“I had a great day. A great one. Thank you all for the love- in big and small ways. I see it, and I receive it with open arms. Cheers to the remainder of 2021, and to the year ahead #itshallendinpraise.”

Kambua posing

Early this year, Kambua and her husband lost their second child. Kambua announced the sad news to her fans on Instagram and later took a social media break.

She recently got a ring to remind her of her late son I chose a morganite as the center stone because it is a rare gemstone, that signifies healing” She wrote in a past post


“I’m a little emotional as I write this out. I will cherish this forever. Malachi was here and he remains so deeply loved. Thank you Jesus for giving me the great honor of being an angel mom.”

Kambua’s message on healing after a dark time in your life

Harmonize unfollows Diamond Platnmuz on social media

Tanzanian singer Harmonize has finally unfollowed Diamond Platnumz. The singer took this step after being in a feud for over two years. But Diamond on the other hand still follows Harmonize on Instagram.

A screengrab from Diamond's IG showing that he still follows Harmonize
A screengrab from Diamond’s IG showing that he still follows Harmonize

Harmonize and Diamond’s relationship scattered after the ‘Ushamba’ singer left Diamond owned label WCB to form his own, Konde Music.

Since then, the two have never seen eye to eye and at one point, Harmonize said he had to sell some of his property to pay WCB as compensation as he left the label before the contract had ended.

2015 was the year that Diamond took Harmonize under his wings as his mentee and signee and was introduced to the World.

Jose Chameleone supports Eric Omondi in music industry debate

Jose Chameleone has shown his support to Eric Omondi after the comedian stirred a music industry debate asking Kenyan creatives to wake up.
The comedian sent a message on Instagram describing how the ‘Tubonge’ hitmaker refused to perform at a Ugandan event where Nigerian star Wizkid was headlining;
“In 2017 Jose Chameleon refused to perform in a Heavily Advertised Concert in Kampala after a Billboard in Kampala City had a HUGE Wizkid Image and a Tiny Image of Chameleon beside Wizkid. It’s called Subliminal Messaging!!!” wrote Omondi

“Such attitude is very demeaning and disrespectful towards the players who keep the industry flourishing to be placed as underdogs before their own.

I can guarantee to you such a manner happens only in this region where the host artists are only used as bait to submit their fans.

If you are drawn as small on an advertisement that to me means you are better off staying home or in-studio to do your work than being misused.

Well, I hope your message reaches out to the concerned. It’s such a pity that greedy fellas are rooted in our darling industry without passion. Bless you, bro.”

jose chameleone army

This debate came after comedian Eric Omondi termed the Kenyan entertainment industry as dead. His sentiments have received reactions from artists among them Femi One, Jua Cali, Bien, Savara among others.

Jose Chameleone speaks after recovering from critical illness

African artistes whom you didn’t know were prominent politicians

Politics is becoming more and more enticing for artistes with scores joining the field during elections.

Some have been in office for two terms.

The trend is picking up not only in Kenya but in Africa as a whole.

Below is a list of artistes and actors who successfully ventured into politics.

  1. Desmond Elliot
Elliot, who is known for his acting prowess on Nigerian Movies, declared his intentions in September 2014 to run for Lagos State House of Assembly under the All Progressives Congress.

He contested and won the Surulere Constituency in the 11 April 2015 Nigerian General Elections.

Elliot was recently re-elected as the winner of the Surulere 1 state Constituency election in Lagos State.

Co-wives? Lessons every man should borrow from John De Mathew -List

Desmond Elliot-classic 105

2. Professor Jay

The celebrated Tanzanian artiste is the Member of Parliament for MIKUMI constituency.

He is well known for songs such as ‘Yatapita’ ‘Hapo Vipi’ among others.

He is still involved in music having released a song three weeks ago.

professor jay
professor jay

Below is the link


3. Bobi Wine

Ugandan artiste Bobi Wine is among artistes who ventured successfully into politics.

Jaguar ditched the music and joined politics for the first time, emerging the winner of the Member of Parliament seat for Starehe Constituency in 2017.

He revealed that come 2021 he will vie for Presidency.

bobi wine after arrest


Marriage magic! From Uhuru to Raila, politicians married for over 25 years

4. Charles Njagua Kanyi

Jaguar ditched the music and joined politics for the first time, emerging the winner of the Member of Parliament seat for Starehe Constituency in 2017.

He is no longer active in music, unlike his counterparts.

Mheshimiwa Jaguar
Mheshimiwa Jaguar in a file photo

Jaguar’s best song was ‘Kigeugeu’ which he sang before he became an MP

5. Banky W

Popular musician and actor, Olubankole Wellington popularly known as Banky W hold the position of House of Representatives.

He won during the 2019 general election.

He was declared the flag bearer of the Modern Democratic Party (MDP) for Eti-Osa Federal House Of Representatives.

He is well celebrated with his songs being listened to by millions.

Banky W

Below is one of his most listened to song.

6. Jose Chameleone

Popular Ugandan afrobeat artist, Jose Chameleon confirmed his interest in politics as he eyes one of the top seats in Uganda’s next general elections.

Speaking to journalist at DNA Lounge in Kampala, the singer announced he would be vying for the Kampala Lord Mayor Seat come 2021.

Jose Chameleone and his wife-Classic 105

Below is a video of Chameleone doing what he loves best.

7. John Kiarie alias KJ

KJ was best known for his stint on Redykulas years ago, he, however, decided to venture into politics and he is currently the Member of Parliament for Dagoretti South.


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Eric Omondi exposed as deadbeat, he responds

Eric Omondi says he has impregnated former Saldido signee Miss P. But fans aren’t having it as many believe that this might just be another stunt.

Omondi shared a photo that showed him holding Miss P’s “Baby Bump” and wrote’

“I met this Beautiful Woman 5 months ago in an event I was hosting. Whatever happened and I promised her I would take every Responsibility.

Children are a blessing from God,”

Media personality Jacque Maribe who sired a son with Omondi took a jab at the comedian;

“Responsibility? @catewamaribe come I can’t speak.  7 years of responsibility?”

Jacque’s sister Cate went ahead to reveal that he (Eric) tried to call Maribe, while live on air.

“Eric Omondi, now you have been exposed you are calling my sister while live on air thinking she will play along,” she wrote in part.

She added;

“Umemuanika kama nguo baridi kwa fence ya sengenge (you’ve aired him on a clothesline to dry)…good job, mama. Do not use our baby to chase clout.

Baba ni ule analea si sperm donor (fathers are responsible ones, not just sperm donors). PS bado nangojea umalize kupark gari unitumie fees ya mtoto wako (I’m still waiting for you to park your car and send your son’s school fees), oh sorry, was that last year?”

Sauti Sol’s Polycarp drops wisdom about fatherhood

Music producer and composer Polycarp Otieno, aka Fancy Fingers, has released his debut solo single, ‘How I Met Your Mama’, which is off his album ‘Father Studies’

In a statement, the Sauti Sol member said, “The song is a fusion of Kenyan and Burundian sounds and optics to show my son his roots. Because that is part of his identity.”

Adding, “We need to tell African stories to our young ones. I chose to start from how I met my son’s mother, my wife. Conversations with my friends also proved that most of us don’t know the full story of how our parents met.”

Fancy Fingers press pic 1

The music video features cameos by his wife Lady Mandy, their son Sulwe and the celebrated Burundian drums, Ingoma.

This marks the start of his individual journey as a solo entertainer and singer. Written, sung and produced by Fancy Fingers, the new single is a heartfelt dedication to his son and a real life story, relaying how his Papa (Fancy Fingers) met his Mama.

The poetic single is an enticing entrée into Fancy Fingers’ 10-track upcoming body of work. He reveals that;

“Father Studies’ is a concept came to me after the birth of my son, while I was on paternity leave. I realized just how being  fully present was impactful to my small family, it gave me the chance to develop a special bond with my son,” adding, “ It’s sad that the Kenyan law only gives two weeks leave to the father, leaving the chunk of the parenting to the mother, which should not be the case.”

Fancy Finger press pic 2

The album is more than a reflection of the life and times of an African father from different viewpoints. It’s Fancy Fingers’ way of breaking stereotypes and an intersection of his strong belief in pan Africanism, intentional fatherhood/ parenting and wellness. He says,

“My hope is to inspire young African Fathers to understand that dad is destiny. Your presence physically, but more so emotionally is what your child needs to be the best they can be in life.”

Alone Together! Sauti Sol announce launch of unique projects

Halloween tops Google search in October

The Halloween trend is becoming a popular feature in the African calendar. Google Search Trends for the period between 21 October and 27 October reveal that Kenyans, Nigerians, and South Africans are interested in knowing what Halloween is and when it will be.

The search trends further show that people went online to search for costumes, movies, decorations, and Halloween party venues within their respective countries. Searches for Squid Game costumes was the top trend in all 3 countries, revealing the impact of the show released by online streaming platform Netflix. Last year, another Netflix release ‘Stranger Things’ also influenced the choice of costumes for Halloween. People in the 3 countries also searched for movies, what Halloween is and when it is observed.

A Kenyan celebrating Halloween/Image by Charlene Malwa
A Kenyan celebrating Halloween/Image by Charlene Malwa

The search trends results showed Kenyans sought for Lola and Bugs Bunny, Captain America, Black Widow, Fairy Wings, Mermaid Tail, James Bond, Money Heist, Werewolf and Penny Wise costumes.

Searches for ‘Squid Game’ costumes was the top trend in all three countries, revealing the impact of the show released by online streaming platform Netflix.

Last year, another Netflix release, ‘Stranger Things’, also influenced the choice of costumes for Halloween. People in the three countries also searched for movies, what Halloween is and when it is observed.

The search trends results showed Kenyans sought for Lola and Bugs Bunny, Captain America, Black Widow, Fairy Wings, Mermaid Tail, James Bond, Money Heist, Werewolf and Penny Wise costumes.

US VP-elect Kamala Harris googled her husband before their first date

In South Africa, the search trends showed the Superhero, Catwoman, Harley Quinn, Masquerade, Wednesday Addams, Joker, Money Heist, Maleficent and Tinkerbell costumes were sought after while in Nigeria people searched for Cinderella, Father Christmas, Squid Game Soldier, Incredible Hulk,Surgeon Doctor, Masquerade, Anna and Elsa, Spiderman, Rick and Morty Halloween costumes.

Rose Muhando asks fans to ignore fake account over Pastor Mr T’s comments

Gospel singer Rose Muhando has slammed a social media user using a fake account to slam other social media users.

The ‘Yesu Nakupenda’ hitmaker warned fans against the fake user, ‘Rosee Muhando’, on TikTok, clarifying that her social media handles are ‘Malkia Rose Muhando’.

“Hii ndio akaunti yangu ya TikTok. Puuzieni hizo akaunti zingine zinazosambaza taarifa za ovyo nakudai kwamba ni mimi. Nawaomba sana mpuuzie taarifa yoyote itakayotolewa na akaunt ingine tofauti na hii yangu. Ahsanteni sana na mbarikiwe sana.”

Rose Muhando
Rose Muhando

This comes after the fake account shared a video of Pastor T, who was talking about how Muhando lost her star.

The account wrote Huyu Pastor na alaaniwe, ameninenea vibaya sana,” Rose Muhando wrote.

In the viral video, Mr T was giving a sermon on Rose Muhando’s failure after signing a deal with a record label.

“They signed contracts but they did not know they signed life. There is a gospel artiste from TZ who was signed by Sony. She was big, now she is trying to come back, it is difficult.”

Adding, “She has been through all kinds of deliverance but nothing. She had started a music revival in Tanzania, she signed a deal with Sony Records and she went silent. She is trying to come back, but we do not recognise her.”

“She thought it was a deal of fame but it was her destiny being held. And at the time she was at the top of the charts,” Mr T said.

The preacher, who was known by his music stage name Mr T, now identifies himself as Pastor T Mwangi.

He has been giving hard-hitting and controversial sermons in his church.

I was a staunch Muslim before I converted – Rose Muhando

Top Kenyan Slot Games Today

Kenya is home to numerous breathtaking natural wonders such as the Rift Valley, Maasai Mara, Lake Nakuru National Park, and Hells Gate National Park. The nation of over 53.7 million people, as estimated in 2020,has many avid online casino players and this does not come as a surprise considering Kenya is also home to one of the most lucrative online gambling industries in Africa after Nigeria and South Africa. Kenyan online casino players mostly enjoy online slots, and thanks to the country’s welcoming gambling laws and regulations, they get to play online slots at numerous renowned, reputable online casinos.

The Most Popular Online Slots Among Kenyan Players

Kenya was one of the very first African countries to legalize casino games and various forms of betting. More specifically, gambling activities were legalized with the introduction of the Betting, Lotteries, and Gaming Act in 1966. While gambling activities were legalized fifty-five years ago, the gambling industry in Kenya has taken off not so long ago after international online gambling sites emerged on the scene. The online slots industry has been on the rise as well, and the best options available in Kenya are:

  • Immortal Romance
  • Book of Dead
  • Starburst
  • Jungle Jim
  • Gonzo’s Quest
  • Break Da Bank Again

Immortal Romance

Immortal Romance is one of the most iconic Microgaming slot games. It takes inspiration from vampire movies and television shows which at the time of the game’s release were very popular. Immortal Romance definitely takes inspiration from the Twilight Saga. It boasts a standard gaming grid with 5 reels and 243 paylines. Kenyan players can access the game via all gaming devices as soon as they invest at least 0.30 credits per spin.

As expected from a Microgaming slot game, Immortal Romance, as iconic and popular as it is, offers quite spectacular gaming sessions thanks to its in-game bonuses. Triggering the Chamber of Spin bonus round grants access to four different Free Spins rounds, and these introduce not only super rewarding winning multipliers but also wild transformations.

Book of Dead

When discussing the most popular, the most played online slot games in Kenya, we have to mention the iconic Book of Dead title powered by Play’n GO. Book of Dead is a highly adventurous, visually appealing Play’n GO release and one of the company’s flagship titles featuring Rich Wilde. With the very first spin on the Book of Dead game, players join Rich Wilde on his ancient Egyptian odyssey, and to get here, players need to invest between 0.10 and 100 credits per spin.

Book of Dead has 5 reels and 10 paylines, and winning combos are formed by landing there or more matching symbols on the same payline. This high volatility Play’n GO release has a favorable RTP of 96.21% and a super rewarding Free Spins round that grants unlimited bonus spins. Players also benefit from an expanding symbol that upon hitting the gaming grid takes over respective reels and helps them with scoring top winnings of 5,000x their stake.


Over the years, NetEnt has produced numerous amazing video slots and Starburst is one of them. Starburst has an unusual space theme. The game’s design is rather simple yet very sophisticated and visually appealing. Across 5 reels and 10 paylines the game features, players can across beautifully rendered colorful jewels. Kenyan players also appreciate the game’s wide betting range that goes from 0.10 to 100 credits per spin.

Starburst gaming sessions are all about special replacing wild symbols. These wild symbols make their appearance on the three middle reels and upon appearing on the grid, they can fully expand. Once they expand, respective reels turn into wild symbols and players benefit from re-spins during which players can scoop maximum winnings up to 500x their stake.

Jungle Jim

Jungle Jim is yet another beloved Microgaming video slot that has its loyal fans among Kenyan players. Jungle Jim El Dorado is playable on all devices including mobile devices from 0.25 to 25 credits per spin. As suggested by its name, Jungle Jim is an excellent option for fans of adventurous games as the main character in the game invites everyone to join him on his treasure hunting quest.

Players who join Jungle Jim benefit from a couple of super rewarding in-game bonuses, and one of these is the Jungle Jim El Dorado Rolling Reels mode that can bring loads of continuous winnings. Winning multipliers are also available, as well as a great Free Spins round. During the Free Spins bonus, winning multipliers rise up to 15x to bring top winnings of 3,680x players’ stake.

Gonzo’s Quest

Kenyan players are also huge fans of the NetEnt-powered Gonzo’s Quest video slot that, just like Immortal Romance and Book of Dead, is one of the flagship slot games. This Mayan-theme NetEnt game houses 5 reels and 20 paylines, and it can be played on standard and mobile gaming devices with only 0.20 credits invested per spin.

Gonzo’s Quest boasts an unusual Avalanche Reels mode, thanks to which successive winning combos grant awesome winning multipliers that rise up to 5x. Joining Gonzo on this journey also grants access to a Free Falls round and during this bonus round, winning multipliers are even more rewarding as they go up to 15x. With top winning of 37,500x of players’ stake featured, there is no wonder why Gonzo’s Quest remains one of the most beloved games of this kind among Kenyan players.

Break da Bank Again

Last but certainly not least on this list is Microgaming’s Break Da Bank Again slot. This is an upgraded version of the Break Da Bank slot. Its gaming grid boasts 5 reels and 9 pay lines. As suggested by its title, players hop on an exciting reel adventure and the main goal is to break into a well-secured bank vault, without all the risks that a real-world heist would carry. To start their gaming journey, players need to invest between 1 and 10 credits per spin.

Break Da Bank Again benefits from a rewarding Free Spins mode that triggers as soon as three or more scattered bonus symbols land on the reels on the same spin. The bonus grants up to 25 free spins. In addition, rewarding winning multipliers are introduced, and players can scoop top winnings up to 37,575x their stake with the help of replacing wild symbols

Maina Kageni’s Shiru is in town

Classic 105 presenter Maina Kageni revealed on #MainaAndKingangi that his friend Shiru is in town.

“By the way, Shiru is here, she is home. She landed, she spent time with her family. And she’s back in Nairobi.” He told listeners.

King’ang’i insisted that he needed to see Shiru tell her that ‘this thing’ (The Wedding) has taken long

“I need to be there to tell her that, we don’t have time to waste. This thing is long overdue. Shiru, welcome, we have been waiting for you.”

maina and shiru

Maina Kageni hints at possible wedding to cute Shiru from Miami

Shiru made headlines when Maina posted her while on a trip to the US, the two were roommates.

Lupita Nyong’o wins an Emmy Award for kid’s book ‘Sulwe’

Lupita Nyong’o is the winner of an Emmy Award for the ‘Outstanding Limited Performance In a Children’s Programme’ for her role as on Netflix’s Bookmark’s ‘Celebrating Black Voices’.

Taking to social media, the actress celebrated this big milestone;

“Here she is! The Emmy for #Sulwe on #BookmarksNetflix arrived! 📫🎉🏆♥️📚 A huge thank you to the @NetflixFamily team, and the brilliant @IAmMarleyDias for making this show possible. #BrightnessIsJustWhoYouAre #DaytimeEmmys”

The actress was made fun of for her colour while growing up, something that later inspired her to motivate children in her book ‘Sulwe’

“That is why I wrote ‘Sulwe’ to help children learn that they are beautiful before the world tells them anything else. Before the world tells you what you are worth, your parents and yourself, you have an opportunity to build yourself up.”

Trouble in paradise as 2Face Idibia’s wife exposes his unfaithfulness

Drama! Kanye West hints on cheating on Kim Kardashian

Rapper Kanye West has dropped his most anticipated album ‘Donda.’ The song ‘Hurricane’ off the album has attracted people’s attention as it has been translated to be a confession of the rapper’s alleged infidelity to wife Kim Kardashian.

West hints that he cheated on the reality TV star after their second child.

“Here I go actin’ too rich / Here I go with a new chick / And I know what the truth is / Still playin’ after two kids / It’s a lot to digest when your life always movin.” He raps.

The song goes on to say that the 44-year-old didn’t go to their multi-million dollar mansion.

“Architectural Digest, but I needed home improvement / Sixty-million-dollar home, never went home to it, Genius gone clueless, it’s a whole lot to risk / Alcohol anonymous, who’s the busiest loser?”

In the song, the rapper talks about struggling with alcohol as well.

Kanye West teases upcoming album and briefly meets Kim and children