Taxi driver scoops half a million after 11-team multibet

A dream come true, these are the words of one John Githaiga after winning Sh505,692 on Odibets after an 11-team multi-bet prediction that sailed through.

A jovial Githaiga mentioned that he had predicted an over 2.5 goals for all the eleven matches in his bet slip.

“At first I thought I was dreaming when I saw the congratulations message on my phone, I had placed my bets two days in advance and hoped to win though I wasn’t sure if I would,” said an elated John as he spoke to journalists.

Githaiga, who boasts of having placed his bet via SMS, stated that he was going to better the lives of his family and expand his taxi business with his winnings.

“I placed my bet of 11 matches to end at over 2.5 goals each just for the fun of it as I am an ardent football fan and it went through much to my surprise,” said Githaiga as he received his cheque from lead bookmaker Daniel Macharia.

SMS betting is quickly gaining traction among punters in the country and this has seen betting firms venture into the SMS betting bandwagon and Odibets clearly has not been left behind.

You need to be registered to place a bet via SMS. And this can as well be done online or using the SMS shortcode by provided by the company. You need to do the following;

SMS the word ODI to 29680 to register for an account. You will receive a message on your successful registration and how to activate your account.

How to place a bet via SMS:

Mainly we’re talking of placing the normal three-way bet which has the Home (1), Draw (X) and Away (2). The format for this is:


Game ID is the unique identifier of the game for instance for 40001 Man United vs Arsenal with ODDs (1 = 2.99; X = 3.52 2 = 2.99) to bet on this match for Manchester United you will place a bet as follows: –

SMS 40001#1#200 to 29680 where 200 is the total Stake and 1 for the home team.

The above are simple ways to get started on the SMS betting scene that is steadily becoming popular among punters in the country.

Birthday photos of Rayvanny’s baby mama leaves fans in awe

Fahima aka Fahyvanny is baby mama to bongo singer Rayvanny. She just turned a year older and has treated fans to absolutely gorgeous birthday photos on her social media.

Wishing her the best, Rayvanny, wrote

“More life , more blessings, HAPPY BIRTHDAY Mama Jaydan @fahyvanny Enjoy your Day 🌹🌹🌹🌹🌹”

Fahima is a fashionista and a CEO of her own fashion company. She came into the limelight thanks to her celebrity boyfriend.

‘From a salon business to ‘simu ya jamii,’ Jobs Rayvanny did before fame

Check out her awesome birthday photos;

Greatest African guitarists of all time

There is no continent in the world that has contributed so much to music and creativity than Africa. Africans have traditionally been known to have created wonderful rhythms and all modern forms of music like blues, rock, jazz, r&b, soul and disco lead back to this wonderful continent.

The American blues was known to have originated from the African slaves working on the vast plantations. For them, music was an escape mode from the tyranny of slavery. Even though African string instruments included traditional kora, the guitar came from the Western world only much later. Although there are many famous African guitar players in the West like BB King, Jimi Hendrix and Chuck Berry, not many people are aware of guitar players from the continent of Africa.

Here are a few guitarists from Africa you should be aware of. Check them out.

Ali Farka Toure

One of the most famous African guitarists of all time, Ali Farka Touré came from Mali and enthralled audiences around the world. He was known to mix traditional African music with the blues and more contemporary guitar style. He’s collaborated with big names like Taj Mahal and Ry Cooder, counts Martin Scorcese as a fan and has won a couple of Grammys.

He died in 2006 leaving behind a great legacy although in 2012 Mali was taken over by extremists who banned everything from his music to simple pleasures like online gambling. People who played something as harmless as blackjack which is not just gambling but a game of skill were put in prison. Thankfully, that ended in 2016.

Diblo Dibala


Diblo Dibala is a Congolese musician who was often called Machine Gun because he was incredibly fast on the guitar. He is a soukous musician which is a dance genre that originated in Congo. His style of music became very popular in France in the 80s where he formed a band called Loketo.

Diblo still plays his trademark music in a band called Matchatcha so don’t miss it if you ever get an opportunity.

Etran Finatawa

Etran Finatawa is a band from Niger. The members come from a nomadic tribe and their style of music is popularly known as desert blues. Their harmonies have a very traditional dance vibe to them making them a very popular band in the international festival circuit. Their skills have found listeners across the world including the USA as one can tell from this NYT article.

Franco Luambo Makiadi

One of the forerunners in the African guitar scene, Franco Luambo Makiadi was an influential musician of his time. He started playing guitar from the age of seven on his homemade guitar and it is said that he used to play at his mother’s bread stall to attract customers. He was known for mixing Cuban and Congolese styles of music through his band OK Jazz. He died in 1989 leaving behind a wonderful catalogue of soukous and rumba music.

The world of African music is vast and deep and it will serve you well to start digging in to discover some real treasures. The above mentioned names will be a great way to begin.

‘From a salon business to ‘simu ya jamii,’ Jobs Rayvanny did before fame

Before fame and money, most celebrities have struggled to make it to the top. It’s no different with Tanzanian singer Rayvanny who recently revealed his property was stolen while trying to make ends meet

I loved to do business even before I started singing. I worked in the phone kiosks and they stole what was mine,

Adding that;

I ventured into a salon business and started other businesses. So when you see me in the music industry also know that I have other things that I do on the side but music is in my blood.

Rayvanny is currently one of the most sought after singers in East Africa with a BET award.

Willy Paul ends beef with Rayvanny

EXCLUSIVE: WCB’s Mbosso presents ‘Haijakaa Sawa’

WCB signed artiste Mbosso has a new song out dubbed ‘Haijakaa Sawa’. The singer says he wrote the emotional love song intentionally for this season to encourage people.

In an exclusive interview with reporter Kalondu Musyimi he said

‘The song is about a typical African family. Not all African families but most of them where you have to go to work and sometimes come back angry but then you might fight with your partner and later on patch things. It’s a life that involves getting or not getting, it’s a situation that comes and one must hope that it will pass, that’s the meaning of this song.’

The ‘Tamu’ hitmaker says he has counted losses after his show in France was cancelled due to the pandemc

‘I had a couple of shows in France and they were all cancelled. I was supposed to get a lot of money. The corona pandemic has affected everyone.Things are now at a standstill’

Mbosso who is well known for his numerous hits says he is set to gift his fans with a surprise

‘Please expect something good from me. I have good news. Anytime from now, I’ll be announcing something to my fans cause I have a gift for them. I feel like I have just started my year afresh’

‘Why I left Yamoto Band’, Mbosso reveals

He reminisces a time when he was supposed to perform in Malindi, which unfortunately never happened

‘Last year, I had a show in Malindi but the organizers failed to met their end of the deal. At the airport, they told my manager that they would pay the rest of the amount at the hotel. When we go there, they said they’d pay after the soundcheck. After that, they said they don’t have the money. When we informed the management in Dar Es Salaam but they refused. I was ready for the show but the management refused and the organizers weren’t anywhere to be seen. To say the truth, I was hurt that I disappointed my fans in some way. I apologized and I thank God that they understood me.’

He and Kenyan boy-band Sauti Sol were supposed to do a collabo ‘ Yes, We were supposed to do something together but both our schedules were tight and I still want to do a collabo with Sauti Sol cause I know they are my brothers and I know they’ll agree so fans should not think that there are differences between us, maybe the time is not yet’

He went on to thank Kenyans for their undying support for him

‘I thank Kenyans for supporting me and even when I come for shows, you welcome me with love. I’m happy and I pray that you continue to support me. I love Kenyan people’

Mbosso joined WCB in 2018 after exiting the boy band ‘Ya Moto Band’

List of Celebs who have slapped their names on headphones

Ever since Dr. Dre released his Beats in 2008, it’s been the fashion for celebrities to slap their names on a pair of headphones.

  • Beats By Dre

  • Tim McGraw On-Ear Head-Phones

  • Skullcandy Roc Nation Aviator [Jay-Z]

  • Sony X [Simon Cowell]

Image result for simon cowell headphones

  • Sol Republic Deadmau5 Headphones

Why Huddah Monroe may stop giving us major travel goals for a GOOD REASON

  • House of Marley Liberate [Rohan Marley]

  • Sync By 50 [50 Cent]

  • Pace [Timmy Tdat]

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List of East African male celebs who have dyed their hair [PHOTOS]

Dying of hair was considered feminine back in the methuselah ages but today men have redefined that and made it a trend among themselves.

Celebrities colour their hair as a form of identification and to also standout among the crowd.

Most of the celebrities have made it a signature trend among themselves.

Below are some of the men who have changed the norm:

Eric Omondi

WIGS OUT! Victoria Kimani rocks her natural hair [VIDEO]

Willy Paul

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‘The game has never been the same,’ Zari pays tribute to ex-husband three years on

Zari Hassan’s ex-husband Ivan Semwanga aka The Don died on the 25th May 2017.

Three years down the line, Zari reminisces on how Ivan had been doing his things.

The mother of five says nothing has been the same since Don’s death.

‘You still the G.O.A.T even after 3 years of your passing. The game has never been the same since you left, December’s are nolonger the same, obubalaza here in SA aint the same, pop bottle games not the same, your giving heart was never matched. You were the ‘UN office for all’. Everyone else is just clowning or chasing clout. Your shoes are too big to fit/fill,’ she wrote

Adding that;

‘Continue resting in peace champ, 3 years already but it seems like yesterday. We love you and miss you always #TheDon’

Ivan Semwanga’s son with Zari mourns, ‘May the angels sing in the most joyous way’

Ivan and Zari had been married for about 12 years and the two parted ways years before his death.

Semwanga was a well known millionaire with businesses across Uganda and South Africa.

He left behind three sons, Pinto, Raphael and Quincy.

He died at the Steve Biko Academic Hospital, Pretoria, South Africa where he died undergoing treatment after a stroke.

He was airlifted to his home Uganda where he was buried.

Issa lie! Juliana Kanyomozi’s son not fathered by President Museveni’s son

Juliana Kanyomozi recently welcomed a baby boy, Baby Taj.

Well, many Ugandans have been speculating that the baby if fathered by Uganda’s first son Gen Muhoozi.

Muhoozi is a Ugandan military officer and  the son of President Yoweri Museveni. Muhoozi has served as Senior Presidential Adviser for Special Operations since 2017.

But singer Juliana Kanyomozi through her social media asked fans to treat every rumour as a lie. She took a screenshot of a blog and wrote,

‘THIS IS A HOAX!!!! Treat it with the contempt it deserves!!!! Thank you’

After welcoming the baby, Kanyomozi wrote

IT’S A BOY!!!! Say hello to Taj 12-05-2020. We are thrilled!!. To God be the glory.

Juliana successfully kept her pregnancy on the down low. This is her second baby as she lost her first born in 2014.

‘Say hello to Taj’ Juliana Kanyomozi welcomes baby boy

‘If its money, she better not get saved,’ What DJ Mo told Size 8 before salvation

DJ Mo and Size 8 have debut their family show ‘Dine With The Murayas’ on TV and on Monday, the ‘Afadhali Yesu’ hitmaker shared her story of coming from the secular world to gospel music.

The singer says she had everything she wished for but was not content because she wanted to serve God.

‘Immediately I got what I wanted I started slipping into depression. I can never explain it. All that I was a secular artiste I never took alcohol. Naenda kwa bar sina tabu hapo mbele nakunywa pekee yangu, my relationships are not working.I was glowing everywhere but I am not myself. I’m so under pressure to perform better than what I used to do or previous performance’

Adding that,

‘I didn’t have real friends. I started becoming a person I didn’t really like and I remembered that happy girl who was in state house girls so bubby and I missed that girl born again girl – linet munyali. I just miss being loved for linet and not for size 8’

After she decided to start doing gospel music, Size 8 was then faced with more criticism after she announced her salvation with the song ‘Mateke’.

‘I knew I was ready for the economic downfall. But I got so much hate on social media and I was really hearttbroken. I didn’t know that that was the beginning of all the negativity I have seen on social media. There’s is a time I trended and memes were everywhere. The name propelled and became more famous than I was in the secular world’.

Her husband DJ Mo cautioned her before getting into the gospel industry that she should not do it for money

‘I told her, if she wanted to get into this side because of money, she better not get saved but when she said she was serious, I knew t wasn’t about money.’

Does she still own it? Size 8 speaks about posh beauty parlour DJ Mo gifted her in 2019

‘Woman, take courage,’ Ali Kiba’s wife Amina Khalef advices

Lately, Ali Kiba’s Kenyan wife Amina Khalef has been showering fans with encouragement on her social media pages.

She stepped out in a black elegant dress as she asked women to take courage.

‘The best protection any woman can have is courage😊,’ she posted

During Eid, she shared a photo of herself and son Keyaan Ali as she wished patience and kindness to everyone who was celebrating

‘May you be blessed with kindness, patience and love. Eid Mubarak to all❤️’

Before that Amina had been posting cryptic messages. This is after a Tanzanian radio presenter Diva The Bause revealed that she had been dating Ali Kiba even when he was married to his Kenyan wife.

She posted pall-bearers carrying a coffin once Ali Kiba and a Tanzanian presenter started trending over their affair.

In another post, she shared a book about turning trials into triumphs.

‘It’s their right…’ Diamond responds to Hamisa Mobetto and Ali Kiba’s chemistry

Things people born after 2000 will never enjoy nor have to deal with


Children born in the 1980’s and early 90’s had  fond memories of the things they used to do, but are long forgotten. Here are some things children born in the new millennium will never experience

1. A Compact disk player

Back then this was used to play music by inserting a disk. It had features such as forward, pause and rewind and it was only for the chosen few who could afford it.

2. Old School TV

Back then there were no smart TV’S with a  wide selection of channels. The old style TV was the only thing one would watch and at specific timings since it only had one channel.




3. Old School phone

Thank God for whoever invented smart phones. Back then there were no smart phones,  so Facebook, Instagram and Twitter were unheard of. For you to use this phone you had to have a directory to be able to dial

4. Old school camera

Unlike now when phones are affordable, back then only a few people had cameras and were used by the village photographers  who used them to run their business. Selfies were unheard of and such cameras used film to store photos unlike now where cameras have inbuilt storage space and memory card slots.

5. Cassette

This was used to record music and programs one would like to listen to later. There was no You Tube or Live Blogs and this was the only way of survival.


Depression is REAL! Kambua opens up on personal journey fighting depression

6. Radio

Unlike now when radio’s are more improved with smart technology, back then they were controlled manually and they used batteries to keep them  on during broadcasting. They also had an antennae to help with the network and frequency issues.


Anthony Bourdain and other international celebrities who committed suicide


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African games developers to watch out for

With the obvious barriers to internet access and even an occasional blackout holding African game developers back, a new generation of entrepreneurs emerges, founding their own game development companies, and making it their mission to meet the demand to see African-centric titles and characters appear on the worldwide gaming scene.

Here are some of the best African firms out there, working on everything from augmented reality (AR) projects to mobile button bashers.

Playstation Controller
Playstation Controller

Augmented Reality Gaming Comes to Africa

Until now AR and VR games were a staple of huge tech and gaming giants from the US, Europe, and Asia, who have long been developing the games and headsets needed to make them happen, with everything from VR casinos to Pokémon Go coming from their intricate developmental pipelines.

However, when it comes to augmented reality gaming in Africa it is the Kenyan based gaming firm Internet of Elephants that leads the way, recently garnering worldwide media interest from their new game Wildeverse, which takes players into the habitats of wild animals regardless if they’re walking in their backyards or just playing at home. The game was fine-tuned by the team in the jungles of Borneo and Congo, where the developers learned all they could about the animals and habitats they wished to portray in the game.

Mobile Gaming Makes Sense for Africa

With very few of the continent’s inhabitants having access to computer terminals or steady internet connections, it makes sense that the future of gaming in Africa is likely to take place on mobile devices. It is therefore not a surprise that some of the most innovative African gaming companies are focusing their attention on the mobile sector.

Leti Arts is one of these companies, which originated in Ghana but ultimately settled in Kenya. Their flagship titles include Africa’s Legends and Reawakening, both of which draw heavily from various blends of African folklore and legend to create unique gaming experiences. This makes a welcome change from bungled appropriation leaning attempts by foreign gaming companies who tend to resort to boring stereotypes when creating Africa-themed games and characters.

For Francophone gamers, there’s a company doing similar things in Cameroon. Kiro’o Games’ main title is Aurion: The Legacy of the Kori-Odan, which looks to African cultural heritage for inspiration.

Meanwhile, many African mobile gaming companies are finding new ways to monetize their often free-to-install gaming apps. One example of this is a Nigerian company Gamsole who has partnered with Diamond Bank, that wishes to educate and engage potential new clients, knowing full well that games are a perfect vehicle for customer satisfaction. This is a trend that will no doubt grow this decade, with developers likely wishing to diversify their offerings to markets where there’s a lot of money to spend. Who knows, the next time you go to top up your phone credit or even use your Oddschecker mobile casino bonus you may find yourself coming face to face with an African-made mobile game.

Games Keyboard
Games Keyboard

African Games Demanding Space on Major Platforms

Another promising advance for budding African developers is that some have already begun to make inroads into the world’s biggest gaming platforms. This has been evidenced by South African company Nyamakop featuring their wonderful game Semblance on non-other than the Nintendo Switch, allowing gamers all over the globe to play a game whose roots are firmly planted in African soil.

Another example of this is Tunisia’s DigitalMania, one of the continent’s most experienced game design houses, who have racked up a whole backlist of games that are consistently played by millions of users on platforms as huge as Facebook, Google Play and the Apple Store.

By the time gaming producers in Europe, Asia, and the US wake up to the potential of gaming in Africa they may find they’re too late because the homegrown talent in this field is only set to grow. We’ll still have to wait for a couple of years to see if these seeds will bring fruit, but the potential is hard to ignore.

8 Things millennial’s will never experience like the rest of us

If you were born in the 90’s era you know how fun and rough childhood life was.

Here re some life experiences millenials are missing out on simply because times have changed.

How to survive life as a bachelor in Kenya (5 Tips)

1. There was only one TV in the whole neighborhood and wrestling was the only program the owner of the TV allowed people to watch. The TV set was black and white and had an extended back, powered with a wet battery.


Once it ran out of charge you had to take it to the nearest center and wait for a whole three days to have it recharged again. That power was enough to run the TV for about two weeks.

2. Uchokozi – those days kids were rough. They were used to the daily beatings. Your neighbor had the right to give you a beating if they found you in the wrong and still report you to your mum which warranted an extra thrashing.

Get a job sis! Diamond Platnumz’ Kenyan baby mama told after ditching her

3. Kids ate soil and none of them ever got sick. How they survived only God can tell.

4. Whenever it rained, and better still with the hailstones, it was the best playing hour. One of the common games to play with the hailstones was to put it under the armpits and see for how long you’d hold it. Hailstones were to be eaten. Crushing those freezing stones and still not hurting our teeth.


5. Kids back then swam in the ever flowing rivers. They swam naked without caring who saw them. Kids nowadays can’t even pee in the presence of their parents. It’s modern privacy. Those rivers are now gone thanks to increased deforestation.

‘I’ll block you’ Maina Kageni threatens people abusing his generosity

6. Some of the games kids played then include; dodge ball (nowadays called katty) marble game and playing house (cha mama) Technology has now killed this games. Kids are obsessed with video games and playing with their parents’ phones.


7. One of most enjoyable memories was spending Saturday and Sunday afternoon in a video show listening to movies told in local languages.  The best narrator, DJ Afro, had every kid in thrills with those screeches that accompanied the action packed movies. Some of the kids however were not allowed as it was one of the places drugs and adult content was easily available.

8. Every village boy owned at least five dogs. The boys would converge at their favorite spot, each accompanied with his pack of dogs and they would head to the forest to hunt. These dogs had the highest level of intelligence. No dog feasted on what it had caught. It would take it back to the owner. The dogs would hunt and kill hares or antelopes.


Most of us will live to tell of the 90’s childhood.

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Broke slay queens to fake lifestyles: Things Coronavirus will expose

Coronavirus is here and it’s exposing a lot that we have not been paying attention to.

Here are a few of the things:

1. Broke slay queens

We all have to accept it, slay queens are merely broke girls trying to live a life way above them. With the recent limited movement and the 7pm-5am curfew, slay queens are feeling the pinch.

The luxury lifestyle they enjoyed has been put to a halt.

They are languishing with over kept weaves, rent arrears and all they have to do is wallow in frustrations. If they die, peace be with them.

2. Fake lifestyles

People out here are faking everything. From purchasing things beyond their means and spending unnecessarily.

Trying to please friends who don’t care anything. People will go back to their dungeons which they have been avoiding all along.

Depression will be real than ever before. People were busy partying and have to put up with their empty houses.

7 Agonizing things about dating a man shorter than you

3. Lazy wives

So guys married women because they were good in lungula. They depended on eat outs and order in. Right now men are having to put up with mashakura.

Women who can’t peel potatoes nor boil milk. They can only shape their nails and post on Insta stories. You got married to Insta wives and the quarantine is bringing the hell out of you.

4. Broken homes

Money is good but it’s becoming a necessary evil. People were busy looking for it at the expense of their families.

In these times of the pandemic, it’s becoming evident how homes are dead places. The love is out of the window and people live together as a bunch of zombies.

Children spend most of their time in the bedrooms chatting, surfing the internet and catching up with the latest movies.

‘I texted Zari after she dissed me’ Diamond Platnumz

Zari Hassan dissed Diamond Platnumz over the weekend after he revealed that he was going to help 500 people to pay rent during this pandemic. Zari’s concern was that the singer didn’t contribute to the basic needs of his kids before helping out the public.

 “….but you don’t know what your kids eat, or how they sleep, if fees and medical insurance is paid. You will never please the world when your own are not happy and taken care of. You’re selling a lie. Some people have become clowns to some of us.”

Diamond in an interview with Wasafi FM revealed that after the post, he texted Zari for the first time after their break up

“I saw what she said. Normally we speak through our lawyers but yesterday, I had to text her. I told her that she is the mother of my kids and very special because she gave birth to my first children. I told her that her respect to me is very important and that she should avoid online fights because it doesn’t paint a good picture.”

Diamond said that the two spoke in a civil manner and have patched things in terms of co-parenting. Previously, they had been speaking through lawyers

“We had never spoken, so yesterday we really spoke for the first time. She told me that she wasn’t punishing me through kids but there might have been miscommunication between our lawyers. I thank that after corona we might straighten things when it comes to raising our kids.”

Zari and Diamond Platnumz have two kids, Princess Tiffah and Prince Nillan.

You don’t know what your kids eat, how they sleep! Zari calls out baby daddy Diamond

‘I wanted to marry Tanasha 100%’ Diamond finally speaks on break up

Diamond Platnumz has given his side of the story on why he broke up with Kenyan singer Tanasha Donna. Platnumz says that there was a lot of misunderstanding between himself and Tanasha in planning for their future.

He told Wasafi FM that;

“To be honest Tanasha and I are not together. There were things that were out of our ability so we decided to give each other space. We agreed as civilized people and it is not about me being caught cheating. That has never happened.”

He added that in the relationship with Tanasha, he was very settled and had set his mind on her

“That was one of the relationships that I was very calm. When I met Tanasha and started a relationship with her, I left behind a lot of immaturity. We sat down as a family and spoke about the future and we didn’t agree cause everyone wanted what they wanted, so there was a misunderstanding. If God has planned, we can go back together”

He went on to say that he wanted to marry Tanasha and was not a joke neither was it a stunt

“I wanted to marry Tanasha a hundred percent, one million percent. But maybe God has a plan, there are things why we didn’t get to the same page.”

The singer also confirmed that Tanasha had changed her religion to Islam

“We were in Kigoma when she became a Muslim and I told Ricardo Momo (a manger at WCB) that if he pushes her to do it, I’ll pay him. He didn’t force her but he taught her. When she came to me to tell me that she wanted to change I told her to go and think about it and come tell me so she told me that she was sure.”

Her new name is Aisha! Tanasha Donna confirms conversion to Islam

Speaking to True Love a few weeks ago, Tanasha said that he left Diamond because there was infidelity and his family was always having a say in their relationships.

The two had announced that they would get married on February 14th 2019, the exact date that Zari dumped Diamond Platnumz but in 2018. They later postponed it to late last year but didn’t happen.

Early this year, Tanasha a called it quits with the singer.

Mugithi singer Samidoh hunted for job while naked

Samuel Muchoki aka Samidoh has urged Kenyans to follow the regulations laid down by the government as the only way we shall overcome this pandemic.

Samidoh, also an AP officer since 2013, said in an exclusive interview that he is currently enjoying his duties.

“Police work entails so much, but I like it since where I work, I don’t deal with people directly, so that has saved me,” he said.

“I can never leave my military work because I looked for that job while naked.”

 Samidoh joined the service in 2013 and went through 15 months of training, graduating in 2014.

His first operation was in Eastleigh, Nairobi, after which he was posted to Mpeketoni in Lamu county.

It was during his posting to Daadab in Northern Kenya that his vocals reawakened his talent and he gave music a try.

 “I was off duty in October 2016 when I composed the first song that brought me to the limelight. I never knew it would become an instant hit until I heard it being requested and played on the mainstream media repeatedly,” he said. 

The song was titled ‘Ndiri mutwe mwega’, which translates to ‘I don’t have a straight mind.’ Samidoh says it was inspired by the anger he had and decided to express it on paper, only for it to sound musical.

 “Ninety per cent of the song is a true story, while the rest is art,” he adds. 

Kikuyu Benga artist Kamande Wa Kioi speaks out after road crash

He said the greatest challenge in music is how to deal with people.

“Sometimes I feel like people expect so much from celebrities.”

Regarding how corona pandemic has affected his music, Samidoh said he had to postpone many events that were ahead of him.

 “I would simply term this pandemic as a total grounding because there are zero events. Artistes earn from social gatherings, which are no more,” he said.

“I had a calendar booked up to September, but all these events will be suspended and my Europe tour postponed.”

Samidoh will have a live performance on his social media platforms on May 2.