Maina is impressed with NMS county leader Badi but Kenyans are still a divided bunch

Today morning Maina Kageni’s conversation was a deviation from his regular bit on relationships. The man brought up the topic of the performance of Major General Mohamed Badi.

The general has been running Nairobi Metropolitan Services (NMS) since Sonko’s deal with Uhuru in February this year and Maina has been very impressed.

“Badi is the new sheriff in town, is getting things done and he has been in office less than a year. Guys, tell me one person who comes close to Badi in terms of development?” Maina asked.

Maina Kageni
Maina Kageni

The majority of Kenyans praised the military man’s performance but some weren’t as keen on his performance and thought it was all hype.

Comments from the Kenyans are below:

I’m happy with the way this man has performed. Mungu amubariki kabisa and may God continue guiding him.

I want to tell Badi congratulations for what he is doing. These leaders need to work hard for their money

Let’s be honest he has done a lot. Nairobi ilikuwa inakaa vibaya sana. Badi is doing an amazing job.

What is all this hype about Badi? Whatever he’s doing is just PR! Iko wapi hosipitali amejenga?

If we have people like him in the barracks they should come out because he is doing a great job.

Not close yet there UHC medical professionals that have not been paid for over 4 months
What is he doing about it ..

No one,wasted resources with the benchmarking governors,who have done nothing. Thumbs up to the guy.

Unless he addresses roadside dumping in eastlando we aren’t seeing things done

Hamna kitu huyu jamaa amefanya. PR mamenos.

Kidero never performed, he was not replaced by army men, this is tribalism

What exactly has he done so far? I’m still seeing garbage everywhere, pot holes in my hood, insecurity bado iko, ni nini amefanya?

He has done absolutely nothing


This shouldn’t be a topic. NMS is an illegal entity and anything they shouldn’t be praised by any Kenyan of sound mind.

No Badi.

I like how the city is now clean& a little decongested!
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They drink Jack Daniels like a man! Maina told about bibi mang’aa

Maina and King’ang’i spoke about wives who create chaos and suffering for their very loving husbands. The host was shocked that women like this (mabibi mang’aa) existed.

The presenter wondered how this could take place in a country where the men were reported to be the heads of homes. King’ang’i explained to him that it was happening more than people actually knew and that the husbands of these women were normally some of the coolest men out there.

I know my wife is cheating with many men and I can’t leave-Man tells Maina

Comments from listeners are below;

I can’t remember the last time I got home before my wife-A man sadly said about his bibi mang’aa.

Some times you visit someone and you see the way the wife behaves, I tell myself that I would like 10 minutes with that woman so that I can deal with her and make her a good wife-A man said.

Don’t such women know that they are inflicting fear on men who want to get marrie?-A woman asked.

Those kids called kababa are doomed. You are the head of the home and should behave as such. This women start by testing you. How can a man confess that his woman is seating on him? Leave her and go to another one that you can handle. Whether you are a billionaire, all women love an authoritative man-A man said.

Jacque Maribe’s father tenderly comforts distressed-looking Jowie(photos)

They are the first generation of women after the Beijing conference. That is why they are behaving like that-A man told Maina.

My grandfather once told me that there are no good women-A man told Mr. Kageni.

A woman has become like the men she is supposed to marry, drinking and acting like men-A woman told Mr. Kageni.

Those crazy women are there. Wanawake visirani wako. They should learn how to control their emotions. You don’t want to deal with one-A woman said.

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Tell women the truth and you will end up making love to yourself – Man tells Maina

Maina Kageni brought up an interesting conversation today that concerned men who lie to women while dating. The man was incredulous at the lengths to which men will go to get women they are dating enarmoured with.

Maina asked, “Kenyan men! Why do you borrow someone’s car and lie that it’s yours, live in a house you can’t afford? Why can’t you be honest with your women?

He also asked Kenyan ladies whether they had been with men who had lied to them only for the truth to come out later?

The answers were illuminating with both genders confirming that lying was indeed a feature of modern dating.

Some of those comments are below:

They don’t like the truth. If you don’t have money don’t tell them, let them find out the truth on their own. We are living a life of deceit! So we must lie to them by the time the find out wako ndani already.

Hiyo ni utoto…. You should let the lady know you from the beginning.. Let her know umeweka mattress chini unalala hapo, let her know you survive with one meal, let her know everything about you coz when she realizes later you lied your personality she will end up leaving you.

Lie until it becomes a lie no more, they also cheat on us, waende uko,, ikijulikana God anaingilia na anakutetea.

Women are told what they want to hear.

Tell them the truth and you will end up making love to yourself entirely!!!

I don’t agree with the caller hao watu lazima wadanganywe.

Tell us the truth we will love just they you are…. I believe when woman loves she loves for real good day

Fake It till you make that’s what they say

Women love lies.Tell the truth and never get married

Maina wanajua hudanganywa,that’s why as their daughters grow up they tell them usidanganywe haraka na mwanaume

The same way women fake themselves. maina av you met a woman who has faked her look with makeup??u sleep with Agnes u wake up next to steve. And being a man ain’t easy,Can u imagine someone daughter needing your money urgently??? Women av commodified themselves.

I was dating a guy who didn’t have money and I had my money so I was the one doing everything and when he gets money it was his. He was selfish and stingy. He wanted me to buy him a car and build him a house.”

I’m married and I lied to be with my wife by the time she realized the truth it was too late. Fake It till you make that’s what they say

Women love lies. Tell the truth and never get married

My boyfriend once told me that too. And am still in for it like a fool😂😂😂😂🙆‍♀️

Doesn’t make sense, to live borrowed life in the name pleasing another human being,

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You think you are players, your women are the coaches! Maina Kageni warns Kenyan men

On Thursday morning, Maina Kageni spoke about a topic that would inevitably get many men apoplectic. Mr. Kageni brought up the issue of women having other men who they deal with other than their men that aren’t strictly platonic.

Every Kenyan woman has an office husband. There is a man for money, for feeling good, for validation and that man isn’t you. You ain’t all that. You think you are the players, your women are the coaches. I have a very good friend and I know the wife’s other man. But I don’t interfere in others’ affairs. 

The sensitive nature of the conversation was troubling even for Mwalimu King’ang’i who was unhappy with the topic Maina had chosen, even telling him, “I already have a head-ache. You are starting World War 3.”

The responses were to be unexpected with some men going ape-sh!t with some others confirming what Maina had said. Most women on the other hand agreed with Maina’s assertion but said that he shouldn’t let some ignorant men in on that truth.

Check out some of the comments from Kenyans below:

What nonsense is this I am hearing on Classic 105… Eti Nairobi women have another man they confide in and tell all their problems yet they have husbands Man gesturing ok.

These women have that one man they go to when things are not okay in the relationship anaenda kuambiwa. They have men that make them happy.

“I could never share anything with my ex but I had someone who used to listen to me and I could talk to him anytime.

Maina its true! I have one guy I call when my husband stresses me out. He has always been there for me.

Whatever you are saying Maina is the truth. A lot of women open up to me and she will tell you all her problems.

This is the look in the men when they hear their women talk about the other guy’s apart from them 

It’s true coz these men have become so busy to an extent that they feel when they provide for you and give you money then you are not supposed to be complaining. They forget the emotional bit which is very important. They don’t have time for family talk.

Good morning my brother. Today’s discussion, but what about a man being his wife’s best friend then husband? Why do they need some other shoulders out there? Don’t we have shoulders? This gender!!

Aki this gender but it is what it is. Whether they sugar coat it or not. Life has to go on. It’s a two-way traffic. #MainaAndKingangi did you watch the video that trended of a man bring killed for infidelity?!

Good morning Maina, I’m just taking notes. Maina are those *men* benefiting from our ladies?

Maina we cant avoid nature but accept matokeo. It’s true that woman have spare tires out there so as the car does. Why don’t men look for theirs too….This a free world hakuna makasiriko. Utakufa tu bure na depression. Good day

What else can best describe that if not unfaithfulness Maina?

Maina what are these women saying here..?Flushed faceFlushed faceFlushed wako na wanaume wengine huko nje wa kuwatuliza..?.OOOLISKIA WAPII..?.#MainaAndKingangi #MainaAndKingangi #MainaAndKingangi #MainaAndKingangi #MainaAndKingangi #MainaAndKingangi

This thing’s are there and it’s happening. I just decided not to marry. Cause Maina the things that I’ve heard. Hizi vitu na deep state are same whatsapp group.

It’s true. I have an office lady who discloses to me everything about her life and her husband…..

We don’t care, she can call whomever.

Wazidi kua nao tu,

Men are the ones who start these things. What you are saying Maina is true. There are men who help you without even you asking. Let them stay in the dark, these men don’t need to know.

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Niliambia mzee nampenda akaniuliza, kwani mimi ni mamako? Man tells Mike Mondo

Mike Mondo who was seating in for Maina Kageni today morning introduced a fascinating topic today. The sultry-voiced presenter brought up the issue of why kids (men in particular) didn’t tell their fathers that they loved them.

“Why can’t you tell your brother I love you. Is that not a case of toxic masculinity. If you could tell your dad today that you loved him, would you?”

The most common responses from men were in agreement with Mike that they indeed couldn’t tell their fathers that they loved them. One of the most hilarious responses is below:

Mike kuna siku niliambia mzee nampenda akaniuliza kwani mimi ni mamako?

Check out more comments from Kenyans below:

The women who responded meanwhile said that they would/did tell their fathers about their love for them.

I wish he was alive, I would tell him every day. I wish he was alive I would tell him every day.

That is business for women.

That is tricky sana. You know old man is someone we aren’t close together with.

Hiyo ni kazi ya wanawake hama wasichana. Mimi siwezi kuambia babangu eti nampenda…. labda nimfanyie kitu ya kumunyesha nampenda.

Every time I talk to my dad I tell him I love him and thank him for raising me.

We do passionately love our fathers, we don’t necessarily have to pronounce it on them.

I don’t have one. I wish I had I tell him a thousand times until he hates me.

I tell my dad frequently I Love him, it comes naturally and I don’t see it’s a problem. He is special to me.

“I lost my dad when I was very young but I know they say hakuna mtoto nachukia hapa that’s their way of saying I love you.”

That I love you thing will depend, how u were brought up, and your generation, sisi wale wa nahapo b4 hiwezi. At first men don’t boost bond between them and boyshaud,and this is the reason we got no guts to tell dad ‘I Love You’ is absolutely tricky.

Mike if u grew up as a man and witnessed only your mom would tell you I love and your father never used that name all of your life ,wea will u start telling him u love him ? That’s why it’s hard for them ,to used the word

Mwalimu the world love is said to an opposite sex…that is way it’s very easy to say that to our mums

“We love our parents but siwezi ambia baba yangu napenda ni ngumu kidogo.”

No it isnt. Depend on how you were raised, if there was open communication or was taught to supress you emotions, -“not to sound feminine”. Most children to appease & please, tend to ‘live’ their parents’ ‘truths’ without questioning its validity.

Tunaogopa ngumi. 

I don’t say so coz he doesn’t. But I show him through actions, like we always do.

The word means something else, loving a man is said in actions

Fathers deserve respect not love

He knows,,, si lazzma

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Parents tell Mike Mondo their biggest concerns about schools re-opening

The topic of conversation today during the morning conversation touched on the government’s decision to re-open schools after the long closure due to Covid-19.

Mike Mondo who was standing in for Maina Kageni asked parents the questions on what was their biggest concern as their kids went back to school? “Do you have any concerns that the kids are going back to school? What is your biggest concern?”

Most parents were in agreement that it was hard for them to send the kids to school as they were worried about the lingering effects of Covid-19.

Some of the comments are below:

Things on the ground are very different. You can’t tell kids to wear the mask. I work in Mwingi where there is no water. The masks the kids came with on Monday were already dirty. It’s really hard to control the kids. I wish they had given them until December.

I am still observing. I will see what I will do next week but it’s not looking good.

Adults are showing a very bad example. Even if Covid-19 was to spread, many aren’t following the examples. Grown-ups should start showing a better example. If the adults were serious, our curve would flatten.

First thing I have no job. Secondly, the teachers didn’t have the facilities to support the kids. If I can’t help my kids at home, how will kids be controlled at school?

The problem isn’t with the govt but with us. We aren’t maintaining the discipline. We should maintain it so the kids can do so.

This Covid-19 is a scam. The govt can’t risk the children going to school. The infections are very low. 

My child is a candidate. Things are not safe at the moment even at home. Let the kids stay at school cause they are safer there. 

I am a teacher and mother. I teach at a posh school in Kilimani. I don’t want the kids to go back to school. I won’t take my daughter back to school until I feel comfortable.

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Morning conversation: “Would you wash your man’s boxers?”

Whether or not, you would wash your man’s boxers was the conversation this morning on Maina and King’ang’i. Well, Classic105 listeners came out to give their personal experience and opinion on the matter.

One lister said it is the man’s personal responsibility to cater to his personal hygiene and that she would never do it.

Another one said it is every woman’s responsibility to make sure that her man’s boxers are clean and well kept.

“I do not tolerate any kind of laziness and uncleanness,” tweeted a listener

Another listener said he is free to wash his woman’s under-garments without fear of being judged.

Morning Conversation: Kenyans have this habit of giving unsolicited advice

Captain Kale, a die-hard fan of Maina and Kingangi in the morning said,

“How can a man wash his woman’s underwear? There are some things a man should never do. The moment you start doing these things, you are done.”


“A woman who is a wife material will never be told to do this and this, that’s why I paid for you to come to my house, I paid the dowry.”

“If you give the housegirl that job, she will become your co-wife. I wash her underwear as who? Those are not men, they are boys.”

“She should be able to even buy and bring the boxers to her”

I own more than 200 pairs of underwear – Maina Kageni declares

Maina Kageni and Mwalimu King’ang’i engaged in a hilarious conversation today about inner-wear or underwear whichever you prefer to call it.

Maina introduced the topic when he quoted a recent study that showed that a fifth of men didn’t change their innerwear every day.

“A recent study shows that 22% of men don’t change their innerwear every day. Doctors have warned that that is a health risk. I have 200 myself. I think they are even more.”

King’ang’i himself felt that it was OK for men not to have too many underwears in their closets. “There is a reason it is called innerwear. You aren’t Superman.”

Some comments from Kenyans are below:

Real men have 3-4 underwear. Any more than that and you are a slay queen.

Me, I have 2 and I change them monthly.

The fourth one is a show-off. 

2 things men struggle with changing underwear, washing a sufuria for ugali.

I don’t want to say the number. We men don’t go above 2 underwear. I can wear innerwear for one month. Even two months.

I don’t wear underwear. I only do so when visiting ladies. 

Yes, you heard right. One month one underwear. 

Me, I only have two and they have holes in them. Until they change colour. 200 underwear? Kwani wewe ni mama?

Mwanaume ni underwear 3 zaidi. I have two at the moment. And one is Sunday best and the other to survive.

I have had two for the past 5 years. And it’s not that I don’t have money. That’s the way it should be.

Soldiers don’t change their underwear when in battle. We are not like women with their sanitary needs. Will you think of getting new boxers or getting money. I have 5 and I see that they are too many.

We are not like women. Two will suffice. A woman needs to have many she can change.

This is why you see them walking about and they are always scratching.

Atakama ni gangster points, hiyo imezidi. I have more than 60 boxers. I don’t like washing every day, so I have many.

Our caretaker has one boxer. It looks like a fishing net. And he has been told to go and buy new boxers.

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If a side-chick calls my wife, she will laugh and tell her he has many more – Man tells Maina

Maina Kageni brought up an interesting topic today about side-chicks. The popular radio presenter gave an interesting anecdote of how some side-chicks will call the wives of the men they have been seeing.

He wondered why they would do such a thing and what wives who had been done for that thought?

“If you are the other woman, why would you call the wife? Is there a sense of satisfaction that comes with that. Have you ever called the wife as the other woman or have you been called as the wife?”

King’ang’i opined that those women were spoilers looking to end a man’s marriage. “That is spoiling a relationship. That is the final straw. She should at least go to the police station. She wants to set fires for someone’s home.”

Most of the comments from both men and women agreed that side chicks should stick to their lane. One woman gave a hilarious story of how she would deal with a potential side chick. It is below:

She is just a side-chick. She is a rental and when someone gets tired they move on to another one. When you call me now, why didn’t you call me when stuff was good? When you are called by a woman like that you tell her that you are glad that God has removed a weed from my farm and pray for her to get her own. If you are a side chick, play your role.

Some other comments are below;

Personally, if I know your side chick I will give her credit she calls your wife. That’s being selfish for a country with a ratio of 1:1.

Stick to your lane. You are the other woman. Play your role.

Someone has already burnt the house the moment they stray. I got a kid with a married woman. He refused to take care of the kid. I had to threaten that I would call his wife for him to behave.

What is a wife to me? When you were with me you didn’t tell me you had a wife. I also have feelings, I will call at anytime I want to tell her.

Look for a song called Sidechick by Ikaya. It will tell you everything.

The moment you date a married man, you should keep your end of the bargain.

Be ready to be used when you date a married man.

Maina, what are you championing for? It’s like calling the Nation Media CEO to help with issues at Radio Africa.

When you are dating a married man, don’t you know he is married? They should know that they are rental cars. 

What nonsense is this? If you call my wife I will get another. The ratio of men to women is 1 to 7. If you call my wife, she will laugh at you and tell you that he has many more. It is me who started it and it is me to end it.

Cheating is a choice but a very expensive one.

There is no option for the second woman.


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Maina, we have tolerated you for too long! Upset Kenyan man tells morning host

Maina Kageni had the bit in his teeth today when he spoke about a topic that has him perplexed. The issue at hand, was why many men had a problem with women who smoke.

The radio presenter issued an impassioned appeal to men speaking about his female cousin who not only smokes but is successful and has been married for 30 years.

Women smoking will dissuade men from having relationships with women. My cousin is married and she smokes and drinks. My cousin has never smoked or drank and he has been with his wife for more than 30 years. She is a good mother. She is a doctor, she is doing business. How does smoking make someone a bad partner? Would that one thing alone not make you get married to a woman?

King’ang’i himself was almost apoplectic about the notion Maina was advocating and said that most men didn’t want women who smoked.

The reason Maina Kageni’s revelation about SK Macharia being his “father” makes sense

In an interesting turn of events, most callers(male and female respondents) seemed to agree with King’ang’i which rarely ever happens.  Some even said that women who smoked were akin to prostitutes.

Check out some of the comments from the morning conversation below:

Some are smoking bhangi with his wife. Many people don’t like it.

I appreciate that the government has put a rule about smoking. I have 3 women right now and none of them is smoking. It is about managing deals, that’s how we deal.

Weed ni muhimu.

A woman who smokes belongs to the streets.

When I started dating my GF seriously we both stopped smoking.

There was a news anchor who was beautiful that I admired until I saw her smoking bhang and cigarettes. That was the day my crush for her ended.

Smoking makes a woman’s body sag. They age 5 times as worse as men who smoke.

A smoking woman kills the s3xual desire.

Maina, we have tolerated you for too long. How should a wife smoke when her husband isn’t?

In Kikuyu land a woman who smokes is a prostitute. Imagine you go with a woman to shags and she starts smoking. She will be seen as a prostitute

Why should someone smoke especially a woman? If a lady smokes that’s the end of any relationship with that woman.

 A lady who smokes is a turn-off and let-off.

Me and my husband used to smoke bhang until I got pregnant but we stopped.

Why is it OK for men to smoke and not for women.

There is no place that smoking and prostitution go hand in hand.

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The govt. should pay for parents to take kids back to school – Wakanai tells Maina

The government this week announced that schools would be re-opening on October 12, an announcement that Maina Kageni saw fit to speak about this week.

The silky-voiced radio presenter brought up the topic stating that it had trended online and was causing a fracas among many Kenyans. He asked whether Kenyans were ready for the opening?

Parents agreed almost unanimously that they weren’t ready for the re-opening with many faulting the government for the hasty announcement.

The reason Maina Kageni’s revelation about SK Macharia being his “father” makes sense

Constant caller Wakanai also commented on the topic and made a point which Mwalimu King’ang’i agreed with. He said;

Can anything emanating from Covid be met by the government in terms of expenses? Can the parents be exempted from paying for anything that is related to paying for Covid-19 related expenses? The government must provide money for parents to take their kids to school. 

Other comments from Kenyans are below:

People celebrate when bars open. It’s also good when schools open.

There was talk of doing this in January. How are you supposed to pay for a new school, uniform, books? Then you are supposed to do it in 5 days.

Those scheduled for exams. When did they learn? Are the kids in form one also ready?

We confused our parents with different schedules. Magoha had told people to wait until 2021, now he makes this announcement.

I have 2 students. All the Covid-19 requirements will be placed on parents. We aren’t ready for this. They are arm-twisting and pushing us. Trying to get a mask even for us parents is hard.

Even students aren’t ready, the same way parents aren’t.

I was chased from my home because of rent. My son is in class 8 and has grown bigger. I don’t have school fees, transport or even uniform money. I don’t have a job at the moment.

This is a great shock as a teacher. Even teachers aren’t ready for this re-opening. This is an ambush and is unexpected.

What does this government to do for our kids? Even transport we don’t have.

Most parents weren’t prepared for this. Many were anticipating a January start.

What happens to candidates when they do exams? And even kids who joined form 1 this year.

This is a problem. Every person working for govt is being paid while people in the informal sector don’t even have money.

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They are more submissive to their bosses than to their husbands! Man tells Maina

Today’s morning conversation dealt with what Kenyan men want from their wives. Maina Kageni was concerned that msot Kenyan men have a plethora of demands from their women that even an angel wouldn’t be able to meet, saying,

When she makes money amekua kichwa ngumu. When she stays at home she is lazy. They dress to go out, it’s a problem. What do men want from their ladies to do so that they can be approved? The only person who is like that is an angel. What type of woman do you want to take to your mother?

King’ang’i summarised that Kenyan men wanted wives who could take care of their kids, telling Maina,

A man is looking for the mother of his kids. Can you imagine seeing your mom drinking? That is a problem. Someone has to stay at home at some point. Their is a need for home manager. Who will take care of the children? A lot of men want to get married but their is a problem with the women in the market. Men will know the right woman to marry very quickly.

As usual, the audience’s opinions were divided along racial lines. Some of those comments are below:

There is a big difference between an incorrigible woman and a stubborn.

Imagine I have never smoked, then boom I meet a woman who smokes even weed!

Good women are in ushago. The ones in the city are spoilt.

I don’t drink, I don’t smoke, I don’t do all those things but he still left me for a schoolgirl.

If I don’t drink, how can she drink? Even if she has money, she doesn’t need to become a drinker. When you marry a woman she is supposed to be a helper. My meals are supposed to made by wife. If the maid keeps on doing it, then she will become my wife. My wife has to take my instructions.

The most irritating thing is that you take a woman to clubs when dating but want her to change when she is married.

I would rather stay single forever than deal with these crazy rules.

Men today want a slave and not a wife.

I cannot entertain a smoking woman.

Forget smoking, these new generation of women are for Lyft.

We don’t have women who aren’t submissive to their husbands but to their bosses. There are things that they will do for their bosses but not their husbands.

How can you have a wife who comes home drunk? Who takes care of the kids.

20-30’s he wants to sleep around with all the women, then when he is 32 he wants to marry a virgin. Men need to stop having double standards.

You can’t eat your cake and have it.

Why are men trying to find the right women but aren’t trying to be the right men themselves?

Men don’t want drunkard women and ladies know this. The women we take to the clubs are for fun alone.

So should we become maids!? When I left my father’s home why didn’t he tell me I was going to become a maid. We should be partners.

A woman who is earning Sh. 2 million is uncontrollable. A woman who is drinking is even worse as the little money she makes goes to EABL. I would rather have the housewife rather than the former two.

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I drink alcohol because I replaced my man with a bottle – Woman shocks Maina

Last weekend was the first time Kenyans could freely drink in bars since Covid-19 madness started in early March and to say that we are drinking nation would be an understatement.

Today’s morning conversation focused on that fact with Maina Kageni speaking about how Kenyan women are drinking in particular.

This led the charismatic host to ask whether our women were drinking too much? King’ang’i was of the opinion that Kenyan women had gone off the bend with their alcohol imbibing, saying,

In the past men used to go for reggae concerts 20 men to 1 woman. Today is different. The modern man can’t even marry the modern woman. They are too empowered. She enters Quiver’s and demands 5 kilos of nyama. You are playing with someone who drinks a whole bottle of Gordon’s.

While Maina defended women’s right to drink. “Times have changed. Today’s women have evolved.”

All Kenyans agreed that women were drinking much more than before but disagreed on the prescription. Most ladies said that if it is their money they are drinking, that they should be left alone while most men bemoaned the fact that many marriages would struggle with these types of women.

Red and white winetasting wineglasses, glass stemware on rustic wooden table in front of brown wine cellar racks and oak wine barrel. Fermented grape beverages are poured in two sparkling glasses for winery tasting. Background shelves are reflected and in soft focus. Indoors close-up of alcoholic drinks, with no people.
Red and white winetasting wineglasses, glass stemware on rustic wooden table in front of brown wine cellar racks and oak wine barrel. Fermented grape beverages are poured in two sparkling glasses for winery tasting. Background shelves are reflected and in soft focus. Indoors close-up of alcoholic drinks, with no people.

Some of the comments from Kenyans are below;

Which days didn’t women used to drink? Koi Koinange asked.

Nairobi women are drinking like fish. The next pandemic looming ni ya pombe.

If you have a non-alcoholic woman umeshinda.

Of what concern is it that women have a drink?

I drink because I replaced my man with a bottle.

Unaingia kwa club unaona 80% wana mizinga, hata wewe huwezi kumaliza. Mpaka unashindwa kama wanajilipia?

My wife started like that. Drinking part of my alcohol until she started going to the bar on her own.

If she is my woman she does as I please. If she can’t behave, she should go away.

We are dating alcohol because it doesn’t break our hearts.

Ladies have made the clubs very expensive for us men.

I don’t know why these men have an issue with us drinking?

Most clubs are filled with ladies.

These women of nowadays will drink and smoke anything.

Drinking is a problem-One mother said.

Tell King’ang’i this is our money and we will drink as we want. I have a fridge in my bedroom with my beers in the house.

Ukiona mwanamke ameitisha Whitecap, we kaa mbali naye. It’s getting serious as the number of women in the club is going up. I don’t think that marriages will survive.

Alcohol. photo credit:

I can cook and drink at the same time.

Let them drink as much as they can. They can even stand on the crates. As long as you aren’t my wife.

Kenya has turned out to be a drinking nation. They are drinking like their fathers. You buy for a girl a quarter and when it is ending, they upturn the drink and try to get every last drop even sticking in their tongues in it.

Pesa ni yetu, pombe ni yetu. What is wrong with you? Our only concern is that we get horny and piss ourselves.

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Dear husband if it wasn’t for your kids, I would still be beautiful-Woman reads poem for Maina

Maina Kageni engaged Mwalimu King’ang’i in a conversation today that the comedian wasn’t too happy about. Why? Mr. Kageni wanted to know from Kenyan men whether they would marry their significant others again if they had a chance to redo the past.

Mwalimu who is married to Mwongeli warned Maina that he was starting unnecessary fires. Even the likes of Captain Kale and Wakanai who always have an opinion said that they would skip the debate and just listen.

But there were men and women who were brave enough to speak on the topic with one astute man noting that the reason most men wouldn’t marry their wives again was that those marriages had started because of an accidental pregnancy. Which King’ang’i heartily agreed to say that 70% of marriages start like that.

I have never felt as useless as I do right now – Lady tells Maina after giving birth comments

Some of the comments from Kenyans are below:

Hawa watu ni kuvilimia kuwa nao. If I could change the past, I wouldn’t marry her again. I have told her I don’t love her. I have even told her that I could exchange her-A man said.

Hiyo ni ndoto. I would not choose her again-Another man added.

Even for women, they will never marry their men again. Mostly you find that if people marry for the wrong reasons, that’s why they wouldn’t marry them again-A woman chimed in.

I would again-A man succinctly said.

Me, I can’t. I left him two months ago. The most important thing I ever did was leave that man. 8 years he wasted my life-A bitter woman noted.

Most men don’t marry their dream wives. That’s the main problem-A man added.

What are these men still doing there if they don’t want us? A woman asked Maina.

From the first time you saw me, you confessed how I was your world and stars. Dear husband kami si wewe na watoto wako I would still be beautiful. The reason I wouldn’t marry you again is that I would refuse you-A poetic woman enthusiastically recited.

I am a soldier. The last time I saw my kids was 6 months ago. My wife is the one who keeps my family and my affairs. Respect her today the way you have always respected her.

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I have never felt as useless as I do right now – Lady tells Maina after giving birth comments

Maina Kageni and Mwalimu King’ang’i engaged in an interesting conversation today. The topic was about some Kenyan men saying that they wouldn’t be in a relationship with their wives were it not for the common bond of kids that they shared.

Maina was shocked and asked how that could be possible? “Kenyan men are terming women like baby-making machines. If it wasn’t for the kids that woman wouldn’t be in this house!” Maina remarked.

King’ang’i added that most marriages were surviving because of the kids in them. “Those kids have shock absorbers in the marriage. There are times in life when those kids are the ones who are sent to talk to lubricate tough conversations,” the funnyman said.

Listeners then took part in the topic with the opinions largely split along gender lines with all women shocked and appalled at some of those men’s viewpoints while most men agreed with the sentiment.

Some of those comments are below:

The wive’s part is to take care of kids. The rest of the work like love and s3x we can get from other women.

The major defining factor of a marriage is the kids.

The love for your wife dies over time.

How can you think a woman brings anything to a marriage apart from kids? What more can she bring? A woman in marriage is only about the continuity of life. You can always go but my kids will remain my kids-Wakanai told Maina.

What makes men think that kids are doing as a favour?

These daughters of Eve should know that our kids are our relatives. They should just shut up.

Those men shamelessly demeaning women. Don’t they know that their mothers are in that category?

I am thinking that most people stay with their spouses because of the kids.

These women are in these marriages because of the kids, otherwise, we would have separated a long time ago.

We, men, are disadvantaged. If you take 90% of married men and ask them to dissolve their marriages and if you are asked to marry the same wife, I am sure that most men wouldn’t.

I have been married for 9 months and it feels like a prison! Woman tells Maina

Whenever she is done with making babies she should go back to her home. Because we exchanged women for cows, those are their closest relatives.

Marriage is about kids and love ends the moment when you get kids.

I have never felt as useless as a woman right now. I have always wanted to be married but after this conversation…

These men are uncouth and uncivilised. They should get surrogate mothers and they should bring up those ids without any women to help them.

If this is how they are talking about women, will their kids get married themselves? If you love your woman, you will love her for the rest of life.

Men are called fisi, dogs. Women should blame themselves for all this.

Kama mwanamke kazi yake ni kuzaa, then this is so sad. Personally, I am not married but I am really scared.

Give a woman something and she will multiply it. Give her love and she will multiply it.

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Even if I don’t go home for a week, she shouldn’t call and ask where I am! Captain Kale

Maina Kageni brought up an interesting topic today. The enigmatic host was at a loss for words as to how men respond to their wives when they are asked uncomfortable questions.

The host said, “I learnt a lot yesterday. When a woman asks for something and you say no or nothing in response, why do you get upset when she asks for an explanation? She’s just asking a question. Doesn’t she deserve an explanation? Kwani she’s a baby?”

King’ang’i was of the school of thought that when men says no it should be enough. “When a man says no, its enough.”

Adding, “That is an investigation. DPP imeingia hao. Huyo ni Kinoti. It will end in premium tears. Wewe si mtoto. They are bullies. By the time she asks you a question, she has already done an investigation.

Listeners promptly chimed in with varying responses to the debate with most of the answers split along gender lines-The men insisting siding with King’ang’i’s thinking while the women sided with Maina’s thinking.

Those responses are below:

Whether its wrong or right, a polite response will not cost anyone anything-A lady said.

Whenever she asks you for anything, she knows she is on the wrong-A man said.

If you come to my house, you are under my care. I am not answerable to you. By saying no, I am trying to take care of her-A man said.

We know what’s good and bad for our women. Their fathers handed them over to us. We know what is good for them-Captain Kale said.

In my home I am senior Moi and Senior Kenyatta. My word is law-Wakanai said.

Once you give your wife freedom she will act well. Kwani ni mtoto? A man asked.

An explanation makes a difference-A lady said.

Women ask the question so they can start drama. The more you explain the more drama you will get-A man said.

You cannot argue with your wife and win. Even if you’re an advocate, you will lose-A man said.

What men don’t understand, is that when we ask them something we want the full explanation-A woman said.

The issue at hand has no compromise. A 2-year-old kid deserves an explanation over a man’s wife. The kid hasn’t experienced much so can be taught but a woman has more experience and a such shouldn’t deserve an explanation. A no should be enough-A man said.

I can never use the word sorry with my wife. When I tell her no, its enough and she should know why-A man said.

I am avoiding a lot of questions when I say no. You don’t need to question a man on a lot of things. When she asks a lot of questions she is trying to pima you-A man said.

A question from her will lead to another one and you will end up being rude-A man said.

Do we look like we are your fathers? Even if I don’t come home for a week, don’t call and ask where I am!-Captain Kale.

It hurts when men think that we need them more than they need us. It hurts. They should style up and give explanations.

In Islam you can’t do anything without your husband. Ni haram-A lady said.

Tell them we need an explanation for what we do. I need an explanation cause I have a mind of my own-A woman said.

Saying sorry will not stop you from being a man. My grandfather used to say that you shouldn’t say sorry if you’re right. Women are also human beings. Explanations are needed-A man said.

Mimi siwezi ishi na dictator like his words are final!-A woman proclaimed.

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I will take my kid back to school if they allow him to wear slippers – Parent tells Maina

Maina Kageni and Mwalimu King’ang’i had an interesting discussion today about a report that the government is mulling whether to open schools in October.

The rumours are that Education CS George Magoha is considering opening schools on October 3rd. The news has shocked many who were thinking about a prospective January opening.

Maina asked parents what they would do if Magoha indeed issued the order? “What if Magoha says that schools open on October 3rd. What will parents do?”

King’ang’i himself was aghast at the idea and said as much. “Do you know if they say that schools should be closed, there are some serious requirements needed for the kids. They come up with a list. You will see kids being asked to come with masks, sanitisers…Also means new uniforms.

No one has the school fees. Parents have no idea what to do. Taking a child to school is a lot of money. Those that will stay at home will be many. Have you ever prepared a child to go to school? It is tough financially, psychologically. It drains you. ”

All the parents who called in were unanimous in their agreements that the decision to call back students in October wasn’t wise. Many insisted that a January start was the smart move.

One parent in particular cracked up Maina telling him, “I am ready to take my kids to school provided they allow him to wear slippers, home clothes, give him food, pay his school fees and give him a sanitiser.”

Some of those comments are below;

Parents were told schools are re-opening in January. If the government can pay for all costs then parents can re-consider that option. But let them open the bars first so that we can discuss that option while having a beer.

Why schools first before everything else? Parents aren’t even prepared financially. Education isn’t going anywhere.

Most parents made plans for next year. Most kids will not make it for this October date.

Let the ministers start with their own kids to test this pandemic.

If some parents can’t afford a meal, where will they get money to pay for fees?

Surely they can’t wake up and decide to open schools. They are confusing us.

This message goes to all the politicians who have been mentioned eating public resources. Those people should take that money to the Ministry of Education and pay school fees for Kenyans-Wakanai.

I have a friend who has a group of school. That man is very stressed. My child asked me if we are going to school on October 3rd? I asked him “oolisikia wapi? Atarudi January.

They should first open the economy before they open schools.

For the first time in history, parents don’t want children to go to school.

I am a teacher. These people shouldn’t open anytime soon until January.

The government has gotten it’s priorities wrong. Are schools ready for re-opening?

What are they going to school to do? Will they do exams? Which part of the syllabus will they follow?

There is nothing the kids are going to school to do. They will be wasting time and school fees.

Does King’ang’i remember that some teachers are suffering? If parents can’t pay the fees, they should take them to day school and public schools.

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Woman gives Mike Mondo perfect solution to make men more romantic

Mike Mondo stood in for Maina Kageni on the morning show today morning. The charismatic Mike had an interesting topic to discuss this morning.

Mike brought up the topic of why men stop being romantic once they have gotten married/gotten into a long-term relationship.

“We (men) stop being romantic after we met or get married. There is a lack of consistency that happens. No more been taken to other places.

Mike even referred to a personal anecdote that he had heard himself, talking about a female friend who hadn’t received a birthday gift from her husband for more than 5 years.

“Where did the love go? No more flowers. She has been married for 10 years and hasn’t received a birthday gift the past 5 years.”

Ladies don’t want to get married, just want a sperm donor – Mike Mondo

He then asked men and women to chime in on the topic. The general consensus was again split into gender lines with the men insisting that they were being pragmatic while the women bemoaned that men would go slow on the romance after marriage.

One particular lady had a funny method of how she was able to get her man to spend his money on her, saying;

Things have really changed. Guys don’t like spending money. The first time he will take you to a fancy date. The next date is in his house. When you get married they don’t feel the need to keep on treating you. I am the one who takes him out now and that has made him feel ashamed. That has made him make plans and vacations now that I take him out.

Other comments from Kenyans are below;

Mambo ya date inasahauliwa after mumepata watoto-A man said.

There is no time for outings. Tulia kwa hao-A man said.

How you live in the house will depend on how you dated in the first place. That’s how it’s supposed to be-A man said.

Men are hunters. After you have caught the prey, do you still keep chasing? Once you have gotten her, there is a responsibility to make the house. You get new priorities-A man said.

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