Mwalimu King’ang’i gives fascinating reason he would never join politics

The recent entries into the political landscape by musicians and sportsmen has been met with excitement and incredulity alike.  Yesterday, Prezzo was mooted as a possible candidate for the vacant Kibra seat under the Wiper banner. It has, however, emerged that he will run in 2022.

This news prompted Maina to ask whether Mwalimu King’ang’i would ever run for political office. King’ang’i postulated that he would never run as one would be saddled with that failure all their life, were they to fail. He told Maina;

The reason I cannot vie is that when you fail they will still be referring to you as the ‘man who failed in the Kibra by-elections’. that tag will be put on you for the rest of your life even when you go onto win other awards. 

Maina Kageni in a red shirt
Maina Kageni in a red shirt

Maina agreed with that sentiment and said that Kibra politics was no joke. He added that he believed King’ang’i would be better suited to Mbooni politics where he would have a chance to succeed.

‘I would never sleep with Mwalimu King’angi’s wife even if she seduced me ‘ – Maina Kageni reacts to Asbel Kiprop’s viral video

But Maina had special words for comedian Jalang’s saying that he thought he could navigate Kibra politics. He confided hilariously to Mwalimu,Jalas can, he is a hard-core. I cannot wait to see how all this is gonna turn out.’
Mwalimu was also for the idea that Churchill Comedian Smart Joker would succeed as a politician in Kibra constituency’s by-election alongside Prezzo and McDonald Mariga.

What do you think about entertainers becoming politicians?

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Harusi tunayo! Committee members that will be in Maina Kageni’s wedding

Today’s morning conversations got Mwalimu King’ang’i and a caller planning for Maina Kageni’s wedding committee. This best breakfast show was about men having total trust on their mothers rather than their wives.

A caller said;

“You can trust her with something but not everything. Mwalimu si utafutie huyu jamaa bibi hata kama ni wa mwezi moja tu? By next year, hiyo kitu tutakua tumemaliza, commitee ndio tunaform. Tutafutane wewe, Captain Kale, Wakanai, mimi, tutafutie huyu jaama bibi.”

Another caller insisted that Maina should get married to have the first-hand experience when it comes to trust in marriages.

“We have passwords for everything, they also don’t trust us that why they have passwords for everything they have. Ukionyesha mwanamke wako your true colours, wewe sasa ndio utajua kwamba haujui. We have to have control on everything.

My mother is a woman she has that intuition. Akikuambia chunga, be careful. Sometimes, you can be asleep with your lady, you wake up in the middle of the night, the lights are off but she is just seated on the bed staring at you. Will you trust that person?

Hata hao wa Nyeri walikua na trust, wanaamka wanapata hakuna transformer. Trusting these women is like trusting Sonko with a secret.

Hata kwa hiyo committe nitaingia tukutafutoie mtu ndio ujue what we go through. “

‘If you don’t have money stay with your mother’ Maina advises broke men

Listen to the conversation;

‘If you don’t have money stay with your mother’ Maina advises broke men

If you are looking for love and don’t have money stay with your mother, was the strong message Maina Kageni had for broke men.

Why do you want to get a woman and you don’t have money? he posed. Why should you expect a woman to sacrifice her best years and then when you get money you find a young woman

This comes after a young man called him narrating how he is broke and looking for a Kenyan woman to marry.

The young man is 30 years and heartbroken no woman wants him

I’m 30 and I’m a hustler. Women are going for older men to support them financially, yet I have no such capacity to give her money and I want to get married. They tell me to tafuta pesa then you come for me, at 30 years (this will be very difficult) si hiyo inakuwa ngumu , yet these are the same ladies who will show up later with children from the old men asking us to marry them.


Maina was not moved an inch and continued his tirade against young, single and broke men

Dynamics have changed and income now plays a big role. 

Please don’t call Kenyans girls gold diggers, they just know what they wan

In this economy, you want a woman to wait ten or twenty years for him to make money?

Wait until you get money to get married Maina said

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I work for everything but I still get called a gold digger

The stereotype goes that all Kenyan women are after men for their money, and that men need to be wary of them as a result.

Women have been depicted as lazy, manipulative and frauds who are only after men for their money.

A woman has revealed she is always called a gold digger despite working hard for everything she owns.


Here is the meaning of a gold digger before we get into her story.

Gold Digger
The dreaded gold digger is the girl who makes wealthy men learn to guard the trust the bestow, and causes the women seeking these men to have to fight that much harder for a true relationship. She is readily available when the money is right and equally distant when there is none being offered.

Read her story below:

For the lat 15 years I’ve been looking for a husband but I can’t get one. I work, I’m not a gold digger, and I’m not a daddy’s girl, coz my parents passed away so I work hard to get my money.

The label continues to haunt her and anything she says or does prompts judgement

And when you go out you get a man they want to depend on you or they just want to go out with you and sleep with you, so they are dating more than three women at the same time. I have that experience coz I work in a hotel, and I see men coming in with so many girls, how can they say there are no women to marry, they are boys , they just want to impregnate us and take off.

She concludes that it’s ridiculous to always portray women as schemers out to get riches

What kind of a man is this? We are looking for responsible men, I’m on fourth floor, sitaki raha I’m looking for a man.

gold digger

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Men confess about the types of women they don’t want to marry

A story that’s made the Monday pullout on the Standard quotes men as suggesting there are no women to marry.

Apparently many Kenyan women are undomesticated, needy, lazy, thankless slay queens, madam freebbies, team clueless, and women who play hard to get and much more.

A couple of men told Maina Kageni that there are no women to marry in Kenya.

The men told me that there are no worthy women to marry, that  women have too much baggage, that there are so many eligible bachelors, just that there are no women worth calling marriage material

Maina’s co-host Mwalimu Kingangu slammed women adding

Kenyan men are getting a raw deal, yet men are in so much demand, we are an endangered species. They women are kichwa ngumu

Maina opend up debate to listeners with this question

Are Kenyan women unamarriable?

Kenyan women intimidate men: because a woman will not sit in the house and wait for you to do everything for her,

Do Kenyan women come with too much baggage?


A majority of male callers were of the opinion that women are just gold diggers. Sample their views below

charles maina…
Take the one you can afford and stop saying that women Love money
Lakini,electricity,women and hot porridge are the three things I fear in Kenya😂#MainaAndKingangi

Dickie Múrími… Gone are the days when love was love nowadays money has replaced the real love .. bitter truth 😥😥 #MainaAndKingangi
Jose Dot Mali Ya Mungu..
I’m waiting to see that day a lady banker getting married to a mkokoteni guy @itsmainakageni #MainaAndKingangi


Do you expect us to marry all these girls who get married in campus do kinds of abortion? am 28 and not in a harry, on the other side wengine wanakula pitza to they are lazy to gor for it they ask for delivery imebaki walishwe #MainaAndKingangi

Douglas Davins..
I have never seen a man leave a woman because she is broke. In fact, I’ve seen men working for years to support a woman to support a woman who never got lucky to be employed. Don’t tell me its a mans duty to provide while u use equality where it suits u.. #MainaAndKingangi


What’s your opinion of this line of thinking? Drop your comments below.

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‘Focus on your marriage let others be dumped’ Maina blasts angry man


An argument over why women are deserting their marriages early in life had one man very worried.

The man called Maina Kageni attempting to convince him to ‘cheza chini’ (leave the topic alone) but Maina would have none of it.

This comes after a women told Maina she feels emotionally drained and doesn’t care for her man anymore, she had given him permission to search for a second wife.

saa zingine maybe he needs to get another wife, a sample so we see whether he is the problem or it’s me, to see if he will improve or appreciate the first wife better.

I’m 35 and tired of my husband, he can get a second wife – city mum shouts

The man perhaps wasn’t being honest saying

why do you want to spoil for us? I’ve been married for 15 years and I’m 35. my wife isn’t tired coz she would have left, why would she leave me? Why are you spoiling for us men? Why should a woman leave a marriage, why are you encouraging them to. There is someone who could be listening to you and leave their marriage

Maina shut down this man in the most cheeky way

If a woman is tired of her marriage, she should go. What is she remaining to do? Is your woman tired of you?

wewe chunga boma yako, unaogopa nini ati bibi yako ataniskiza atoke? wachana na wengine waachwe, what are you so worried about?

Chills for who? A fan was thoroughly amused and shared his comments below:



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Even Sabina was closed! Kinga’ng’i bemoans bar closures (kasheshe)

Maina and King’ang’i had a rib-cracking conversation today about how the government ordered bar closures over the weekend. King’ang’i was shocked the counting exercise would be going on until the 31st!

He wondered why the government had been so aggressive with their closure order considering that there was still time to conduct the exercise.

So pressure ilikuwa ya nini? Wangesema tu taratibu! They even closed Sabina! For 38 years they haven’t closed until this weekend! Apparently, the customers were just wondering around. They only found an old watchman who told them that there was no work that day.

King’ang’i also explained that he had waited for the enumerators with bated breath and even prepared the house to receive them, but they were a no-show!

‘Stop investigating your men,’ Mwalimu King’ang’i advises women

King’ang’i noted that the Wajir governor, Mohammed Abdi had said that it took 1.5 hours for the census officials to complete counting his whole housesold!

According to the governor, the recent census will show that the ethnic Somali population will have increased in a big way, something that King’ang’i agreed with because Somali men are allowed to marry up to 4 wives.

He concluded by saying that he was eagerly awaiting the census results as he had big hunches about how the results might come back. Listen to the hilarious clip below;

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Wife wants mother-in-law to sell her shamba!-Maina told by caller

Maina engaged his audience today on a conversation he had had yesterday with some of his male friends. He said that they had told him to ask why women scream to everyone anytime they help a man, even if it happens on small occasions.

Maina opened the conversation up to the gallery and was shocked at one man’s story. The man spoke about his late friend’s wife, telling him that she had taken her mother-in-law to court in order to get back money that she had used taking care of her departed husband!

A lady I know took her mother-in-law to court because she wanted money from the mother-in-law for the son who had passed on. She wants the money she spent on him when he was sick to be returned back to her. The amount is supposed to be Ksh. 300,000 and she wants her mother-in-law to sell the land she was supposed to give her departed son so that she can recoup her money.

Some of the other comments from the story are below;

Every time that they spend, money on us they go crazy-A man said.

I was one of his 7 wives! Bitter woman tells Maina after shocking discovery

Ladies should give us a break. How much have we spent on them without them shaming us-A man said.

Please tell our women that they should give us a break-A man said.

Even in our marriages, all is well until you become broke. Even a cockroach will know there are problems!-A man said.

Ladies scream so much for equality and yet they don’t know what it is-A man said.

The minute he starts forgetting what I do, then you have to remind him-A lady told Maina.

These women are stuck in a time when men provided everything-A man said.

A man should not depend on their woman-A man said.

Kumbe I was the 3rd wife! Woman married for 30 years tells Maina

Kusaidiana si vibaya. Must every Tom, Dick and Harry know that you helped him once?-A man said.

These men are not men anymore. These women are training their women to be men, so they should not complain when the women become that-A lady told Maina.

I am ready to help a man as long as he is committed to working hard too-A man said.

Men are treating their girlfriends out there better than us and then come and treat us poorly. Do your duties as a man and I will also do mine. If you don’t as the man, then too bad. Let us be fair-A lady told Maina.

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I was one of his 7 wives! Bitter woman tells Maina after shocking discovery

Maina Kageni had one of the most fascinating conversations on his show today. The topic concerned the issue of men who have multiple wives and keep them a secret, with none of the women knowing that they are dating a polygamous man.

The host referenced one woman who called yesterday who divulged that the man she had lived with for 30 years, had 2 other wives. Not only that, she was the 3rd wife!

Maina was befuddled at how the women in those situations could be that ignorant and puzzled at how the men who did this were able to manage those mean feats?

But more shock was to come when a certain lady called in saying that it wasn’t a unique story. She herself had dealt with a man who had had 7 different women, including herself! Her story is below;

I was married for 8 years and this man was everything every lady would want. He used to provide everything. I never suspected anything, he had a car. He would even buy things from the market for me. Shock on me when I go for maternity leave with our 3rd child. I get a call from a lady.

When I met the lady and she asked me if I was the wife. She had gotten the number on my husband’s phone. Apart from me and her, there were 5 other ladies with his kids and all thought that they were his wife.

When I confronted him, he said all the rest were lying. He would even bring me food when I was sick from the other women telling me that he had bought it from a restaurant! He had even taken two of those women for ruracio’s!

I later left but that guy still begs me to go back. I will never go back. That was 4 years ago. There are no men who are alone in Kenya. Let women understand. You will not be alone.

We used to  go for road trips, taking me abroad and he treated me like a queen. And all of us didn’t suspect. He used to bring me food from one of his other women. When the lady called she called me by the ladies name. There is no man who has only one woman.

Some of the other comments from listeners are below;

There is no way someone can live with someone for that long and not know. I refuse to believe that-A man commented.

Surely some women will have the intuition to notice that things have changed-A woman commented.

These men are ninjas. I dated mine for 1 year and after I got pregnant is when I realised he was married-A woman told Maina.

That man with 7 women is a legend-A man enthused.

Take time to know your partner before taking another step-A lady commented.

I got like 3 and none know the others. No one will ever notice. When she wants to have an issue, you just give her everything she wants. You can’t get everything from one woman. No one is loyal. If someone is taking care of you then be happy.

Our boyfriends cheat on us and we get to know. How is it that you can live with a man and you can’t know?-A woman asked.

What do you think?

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Kumbe I was the 3rd wife! Woman married for 30 years tells Maina

Maina had a conversation today about Rashid and Aisha’s relationship dynamic. Yesterday, Aisha had related to Maina how she was okay paying everything for her man, even her own bride price!

This was the topic of discussion with Maina asking his female listeners whether they had ever been that desperate? He was shocked that some women could be financing their men and not the other way around.

One particular lady called Maina complaining about the terrible history she had had with men, calling them evil. She told Maina her story, saying, ‘I was living with a man for 30 years then you come to realise that you are the 3rd wife! Just think about yourself and your children. Men are evil. They are a 3 letter word.’

Other listeners chimed in. Their viewpoints are below;

If men are a 3 letter word. What about women? Even they can’t have their own names-A male listener said.

I cannot put up with a lazy man-A female listener said

Afterall she is my woman. So everything she has is my property-Captian Kale said.

To snag a man, let him do the chasing – Classic fan Captain Kale advises

How can you pay bride price? Let him pay. It is his responsibility-A female listener said.

That is madness. It is like raising a baby. Why should I pay my own bride price? Women should stop paying bride price! Everyone has to work. I even tell African women the same thing-A female listener said.

Nowadays hakuna cha kupanda ngazi. Everyone must pay their own way-A female listener said.

When a woman helps a man it becomes international news for 6 months-A male listener said.

Aisha did it out of love. She didn’t do it out of desperation. Men spend a lot of money on women. A man might be sponsoring that woman who is, in turn, sponsoring the man she loves. Man eat man society-A male listener said.

What is wrong with Rashid? Maybe he is a house husband?-A male caller speculated

If you love a man, you should bring out the best in him. There is no love there from Rashid. Rashid should run for his life-woman.

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‘Hata mahari yangu nilijilipia mwenyewe!’ Love-struck woman tells Maina

Maina and King’ang’i had an interesting conversation today about women dating men who earn less than them.

Maina was of the opinion that it was wrong for a man to be dating a woman who had more money than he had.

Meanwhile King’ang’i was of the opinion that love should be the prevailing and decisive factor for dating.

The discussion was opened up to the listeners and one really shocked and disturbed Maina. The lady is called Aisha and she described her relationship to Rashid, her husband.

She told Maina that she took care of him and that they had four kids. Her revelation is below;

You want to break our marriages. When you start putting money into the equation then you are spoiling our marriages. My Rashid ako jobless. Hata mahari yangu nilijilipia mwenyewe. When I look back, I am glad that I have Rashid. I take care of everything in the home. Women should care about love more than money. Him not having a job does not disturb me. Our first son is in form two and we have four kids.

Why we fake it on social media – KOT tell Maina their secrets

Other comments from listeners are below;

Love respects no economic class-A male listener said.

I want to have a voice in my home and that cannot happen if I have a woman who is financially better-A male listener said.

Safisha mwanamme at your own risk-A female listener said.

Is Mwalimu serious? These men will leave you when the get success-A male listener said.

That man you are calling broke is someone’s son or brother. Love is about the heart-A male listener said.

Title of the man of the home is reserved for someone who is providing-A male listener said.

Where do you get a ready-made man in this Kenya? That is why women are nyemelearing older men. How do you compare love and money? Even you have refused to marry. How are women supposed to find husbands?-Wakanai told Maina.

I have been married for 2 years to a man who isn’t financially stable. He beats me even though I am pregnant. I am financially stable and I drive a better car than him. I did not know that he wasn’t financially successful when I met him. I can’t say if there is anything that he has done for me. I didn’t think I will be with a man who is abusive at my age.

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All because of the lungula! Lady complains after housing man for 3 years

Maina and King’angi had an engaging conversation today about men who go to women’s houses when they are dating. Maina couldn’t fathom the fact that many Kenyan men were shameless in that they could go to a woman’s home and not the opposite happening.

King’ang’i defended the men saying that it was the women who begged for men to go to their homes and that in many cases the women had better homes than the men they were seeing. He said,

When you are invited and you have good intentions so you can see how she is organised. You have been invited for a tour, It is a benchmarking tour. This is before they can come to your home. Should she come to Huruma? Should a woman from Lavington or Kileleshwa. You are helping each other. Lavington si mwisho. Aim for Karen and Kitisuru. There is no love in your sentence. They are been begged to go there.

He’s starting his own label – Maina reveals Harmonize is leaving Wasafi

When listeners called and texted in, one ladies comment caught Maina’s attention. She explained how she had been foolish for 3 years, even housing and feeding a man who did not carry his weight. She said,

I used to be that stupid, bringing a guy home and he eats at my home, sleeps in my bed. All because of the lungula. Now I am saved and I am done with that. I used to pay for his flights from Kisumu. He is a broke ass, drives my car, he became my errand guy. One day I just blocked him. It was bullsh!t!

Some of the other comments from listeners are below,

Women don’t listen to Maina. Anawapotosha-Captain Kale said.

Where is the problem with a man eating the cook?-A man inquired?

Her house is a big no! Considering the fact that they have multiple partners, that can cause disaster for you-A man said.

Women entice us to their homes-A man said.

I loved a guy. I used to give him money instead of him giving me money-A woman complained.

Is there a recipe for cooking condoms because that is the only thing that they bring. Men should man up. Condom hazichemushwi-Wakanai.

Once I was that stupid girl who used to do all that. Pampering him and giving him everything. Am I crazy? I threw him outside very quickly-A woman complained.

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He’s starting his own label – Maina reveals Harmonize is leaving Wasafi

Maina and Kingangi spoke about a few interesting topics on Kasheshe this morning. The two had interesting banter about various issues.

One of the things that Maina spoke about was the disputed issue about whether harmonize is leaving/has left Wasafi record label that was founded by his mentor Diamond.

Diamond-Platnumz-with-Harmonize in a file photo

Maina confirmed that Harmonize was in the process of leaving Wasafio, saying,

He is starting his own Conde Gang label. he has found a young brilliant producer.

He finished off by saying that the ‘Matatizo’ singer will do well by himself.

Harmonize donning the hairstyle
Harmonize wearing the Kenyan flag

They also spoke about controversial pastor James Ng’ang’a’s recent viral clip where the clergyman struggled to say the word, ‘mathematics’. In the clip, Bishop is heard saying,

‘Hakuna mtu wa mazimatic! Hakuna mtu wa mazimatic!’

Pastor Nganga body shames women in church with a big tush

The awesome twosome laughed as they enjoyed the ‘man of God’ who they said that they loved on numerous occasions. Maina said, ‘We love Pastor Ng’ang’ a.’

Pastor James Ng'ang'a
Pastor James Ng’ang’a

The two also spoke about the recent controversy with the way the MCSK has been paying Kenyan artistes. They were both flummoxed at the way the organisation was paying hardworking artistes. King’ang’i said,

While the president was away MSCK paid artistes. Money that was not even able to pay for groundnuts and soda. How are you supposed to pay for rent? Gidi Gidi has been in the industry for 20 years and he received 2 g’s alone!

Khaligraph Jones
Khaligraph bitterly complained about the payment he received from the MCSK

‘They are saying that 70% is going to international bodies.’ Maina interjected. The host also added that MSCk should become serious saying that his heart goes out to Kenyan artistes.

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I was just a sperm donor to her! Aggrieved caller tells Maina

Maina Kageni had an engaging conversation today that concerned absentee fathers coming back into their children’s lives when they (their children) hit it big.

He used the phrase, ‘When he comes up for the glory, and he wasn’t part of the story.’ His question referenced Jeff Koinange’s JKL show yesterday night where his 3 female interview guests all said that they were been raised by their mothers alone without their fathers being involved.

When he opened up the conversation one particular man had a very troubling story. He told Maina about how he had had an affair and that the relationship had produced a kid that he still hadn’t seen 4 years later. He said;

Sometimes you piss me off. This woman kicked me out of her life after she had gotten my kid. She blacklisted me online even though I wanted to take care of my own child. My daughter is 4 years old. I have never met her. When my daughter starts looking for her father, what will I tell her? She wants your kid but when the child comes she runs away. Stop always complaining about men.

It’s rude to remarry before your wife is cold in the grave – Maina

Another female caller had a concerning story detailing how the man who had fathered her 3 kids had never spent a dime on them She told Maina;

I am a single mother of 3 kids. I tell them to go to their father. He has never helped my children. There is even a day that I made sure that they went to him with slippers so that they could be bought for shoes. But in fact, they came back with torn slippers!

But other listeners had differing takes, with some complaining about deadbeat dads and others explaining why absentee fathers shouldn’t always be blamed.

Some of their comments are below;

I am sorry for that man who was a sperm donor but his story does not fit -Female listener.

I will never recognise a father who comes back into my life later on -Female listener.

I don’t like what the absentee fathers did but I don’t like that the mothers have poisoned their kids -Male listener.

There are men taking care of step-children. Some of these women cause the drama and use the kids as bait -Male listener.

Shame on you. How do you even sleep at night? There are many women that are keeping biological children from their fathers -Wakanai.

If a woman says that you won’t see your child, you won’t see that child! -Male listener.

‘He did the right thing’ Maina Kageni on Sonko revealing Ken Okoths ‘secret’

I can’t get along with the mother of my kid. But I do everything he needs. I can’t see my son unless he is in school and it has to be on weekdays. There is always a way to help your kid even if you don’t get along with the mother -Concluded a male listener.

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‘We will see our children when we feel like it’ men tell side chicks


If you are a mpango wa kando stay in your lane ladies.

This was the message men asked Maina Kageni to pass on to Kenyan side chicks who feel they should be paid attention, just like wives.

Their message was

Please tell our ladies with whom we have children out there that we shall come into the lives of those children when the time is appropriate, don’t force the agenda,

That could be when they start schooling, that could even later in their life, don’t rush us.

Maina Kageni turned this into the morning conversation asking ladies if they were comfortable with the message.

Do you agree with them that men you have a child with and he is married with a family of his own, that his time is not your own, atakupimia masaa,

Do you understand where they are coming from ladies?

Several women called in responding with their own life stories with married men

One female caller shocked Maina when she said

It’s true, they will jipanga their time. Like for me nilipata ball and I never knew he was married, he came to see my child when he was two years and from then he comes when he feels like, he sees the child counted times, like four times in five years

And does he support his child financially?

No, maybe when he comes he says maybe nitalipa school fees, unamuwacha tuu, the first time when he say our child was when he was two years, you can’t force him, he will come when he feels like and say where is my daughter?

Another woman also concurred with her story

I have my man and he isn’t bothered being ther emotionally and financially, he has never seen our child. MMy baby is two years now, he has never seen her, he says when the time is appropriate, and when I was pregnant we were together, na kuzaa alikuwa, ehe,

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Maina Kageni commends Ken Okoth for putting his son in his will

Maina Kageni and Kingangi had an interesting conversation today about men taking care of their kids without dealing with the mothers.

Maina was shocked that many men claimed that they prefer keeping the kids they sire without their mother being involved.

Maina Kageni
Maina Kageni

Maina was however impressed that late Kibra MP, Ken Okoth had put his son in his will, unlike many fathers who have children outside their accepted marriages.

Okoth’s is a rare case in the political circles as many of our leaders most times do not include kids they got on the side in their wills.

Ken OKoth and his wife Monicah enjoy a photo moment
Ken OKoth and his wife Monicah enjoy a photo moment

This isn’t the first time that a politician’s death has occasioned stories about kids they might have had with other women.

George Kariuki Njoroge gained national attention when he went to court to block the burial of former minister William ole Ntimama. He sought to extract DNA from the body for a paternity test but the courts refused his request.

The late Ken Okoths ‘other secret’ wife emerges

Another alleged illegitimate son was for late billionaire Njenga Karume. His alleged son Edwin Thuo claimed that the former minister paid him and his mother Sh5 million  “to silence them”.

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‘I can’t be kept in the shadows for 11 years’ Side chick speaks up


Should the ‘other woman’ ever tell the wife that her husband is cheating and possibly has children out there?

“Side chicks” have been investigated, discussed and explained in many formats.

A woman weighed on on the topic and making that unexpected call to his wife.

All women who have been in relationships have either felt, explored, or entertained and seek revenge in one way: and that’s the “phone call” to the wife or girlfriend of the man.

This side chick called in to the Classic 105 show and narrated her experience of being with a married man and how she handled being introduced forcibly to his family.

Here is the scenario she painted to Maina and Mwalimu:

I’ve been with a man for ten years and we’ve been hiding and we have a baby. So this weekend I’ve been telling him to go and say to his people, but he is not doing it and it has happened for long so I decided to tell the wife and his father.

She explains her thought process when making the dreaded call:

I called them, I spoke to the dad and I find it so selfish to commit with someone for all those years and hide them. At least they know I can’t continue being hidden you can’t gamble with life so that if he wants me I continue, the wife has always known I am in the picture so it’s just formal.

The father said he cannot accept me because of religion, so when he found out I had called his father he is quiet, but at least now I am known and also I want to whether I will continue being with him, and I love him. God will lead us, as for now if he doesn’t want us I will leave his life, I want people to know I have been in his life for the last 11 years.

Dear Classic 105 fam, we want to know from you: Is she right for having called the family?

Are this woman’s motivations pure as she relayed more details about the affair?

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What does a Kenya woman have to do to keep her man faithful Maina asks

The Classic 105 morning conversation was something that many Kenyans discuss either silently or in groups. And not one solution to the problem has been found.

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What am I talking about? Maina Kageni was asked by a lady to ask Kenyan men on air this question below:

What do we have to do for them to remain faithful to us? What do they want? We are ready to listen

What is it that Kenyan men want their ladies to do to remain loyal? Can you please give them a point breakdown.

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It’s very simple according to the thoughts of Mwalimu Kingangi who says women should do ‘nothing’.

wakae hivo wachane na sisi. They don’t need to do anything, there are things you can’t change.

You know when a man saw you on day one, that is the image they have, do you get it ? So this metamorphosis yako they are not part of it, they still have that mental picture of when they first met you.

A male caller totally agreed with Kingangi saying

‘There is nothing they can do, hakuna even if you whine your waist, there is nothing, men want diversity and we were made that way by the way.’

A woman also supported this point of view leaving Maina skeptical.

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‘I am not a man but I can tell you there is nothing that woman can do. I am a living experience.

I have given everything to the one I have, you can give a man everything but he will still go out, it’s only the man who wants, no matter what you do, it’s his vision not yourself.’

A similar view was held by two others in the thoughts below:

‘Listen good, a man was created with a default setting of being a polygamous man you cannot reset it, even the way you bought your phone you cannot reset it, you either work with it or nothing’

How sad is that posed Maina Kageni saying,

Are you telling me that you will just accept and go to bed knowing he is doing things challenged Maina as he asked for more reactions from listeners.

What’s been your experience girls?

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