#MainaAndKingangi: Kenyan men react to the last time they took medical check up

As always the morning conversation on Classic 105 was quite interesting. Maina and Kingangi received mixed reactions from Kenyan men after asking the last time they visited a doctor.

“We are covered by the blood of Jesus. Ujue hiyo kitu unaenda kutafuta utapata!” Mwalimu King’ang’i reacted to the topic

From the callers, many have spend years before seeing a doctor or going for a check.

One caller told Maina that;

The debate went through to social media and this is the reaction from our Instagram lovers;


Tutangangania joint za mitura, ama kujua why the blood is moving anticlockwise and not the other way around. Bora uhai as long am breathing ever good to go.


Usipojikausha utalishwa na nani, na unategemewa?


Checkup for what… Mi ni gari ati naenda service? 😂Kama nakula natembea na siumwi pahali… Hospitali naonea kwa news mimi


#MainaAndKingangi sisi wanaume uprefer kuishi kijeshi, hii maneno ya kwenda hospitali ni ngumu unless ufeel kabisaaa kimeumana….even the covid morality statistics zinashow high numbers of men being infected or dying of the desease


As mwalimu says…why bother to go look for something that’s not there…which is usually a big mistake and that’s why we are losing men at a high rate..Ignorance😢😢

MainaandKingangi! Who should set the amount demanded for child upkeep

Are Kenyan men being set up by women Maina Kageni asks

On the Wednesday morning conversation, Maina spoke about something  that men claim is happening alot – blackmail.

“Yesterday I met a couple of gents, two of whom have been set up by women. How do these set ups work? Blackmail of the highest order is now becoming a major source of concern. Because men are now being blackmailed left right and centre. Cases like these cannot be on the rise for no reason. And what of the blackmailed men? How much did you make ladies? And how do these operations work?”

Co host Mwalimu Kingang’i said “That lady accusing the Senator of rape has not reported the case, and the one’s who are poorer are put for mchele”



Huyo Senator alikuwa anaongea na uchungu sana… Nadhani alisetiwa for financial reasons

I was blackmailed by a lady once…all she wanted from me is to have a kind with me with regards that I’m handsome😂
Lakini nilicheza kama mimi

Even your own wife’s will blackmail you. Did you hear of a man who paid rent for ten years kumbe it belongs to his wife. Wacha tu

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At 40 you should be married and your kids should be in school – Mike Mondo told

Mike Mondo’s topic today morning was based on a rather personal anecdote. He said, “Every day I am constantly reminded by people that I am turning 40. My mum told me that this year I should bring someone home.”

Guys, is it true that life begins at 40?”

Mwalimu King’ang’i himself had this to say, “Life begins at 40 hapo ndio unarealize maisha imeenda. Unafaa kuwa umetulia.”

Kenyans had disparate points of view on the topic. Some of the comments are below:

Mike you are very lucky you didn’t get married early. Hii maisha ya ndoa unapata stress from Monday to Sunday so my brother kaa hivyo. Stay away!

Good morning, I beg to partially disagree because this is just something that people have perceived to be true. It is somewhat stereotypical.

Mike 40 na huna Bibi huna watoi ,,,, Kwani ulirogwa ama uko low battery.

Mike they say kids born in early 25 to 33yrs are clever but hawa wa 40 years be ready kuitwa shule ety mtoto wako na maths hawaingiani yani yeye na maths nikama kizungu na mwalimu.

Mike usikuwe na haraka wanaume hawazeekangi. So at 60 you can still have that family you want.

Maina marry @ 55 ndio msumbuane tu kidogo mkufe.

Pesa muhimu.

True Mike you’re lucky sana.

Life starts at 40 bro unanunua Subaru unapigia watu kelele watoto wakiwa shule do you want to reach menopause so that you can start snatching away our children girlfriends? Shienzi shienzi!!! 

Mwanaume unajisumbua ATI 40. Heri wewe, sisi we’re approaching menopause na hatujali, no kids, no partner. Na hatujali.

You make marriage feel like a war zone.

True mike you’re lucky sana.

A man when is 40 that where life starts from mambo mengine ni pressure tu

Aaaiiii, 40 you are old. You are just about to retire and relax your bones at home.

Now and then it’s good to pause in our pursuit of happiness and just be happy.

Mike hiyo ndio time mzuri sana ya kupata mtoto. At 40 ushamaliza kukula raha.

Wenye tuko 3rd floor.

Tufanye nini, Build our riches au.

Mike you should have gotten married at 19 juu wanaume siku hizi wanazeeka haraka.

This sounds so manipulative.

Sema wewe ndio unazeeka bro me niko 29 but nauliswa kama nilimaliza 4th last year.

At 40 you should be married and your kids should be in school.


Mambo ya ndoa hua haitaki mbio,take ua time and make a wise decision ov marrying the right person than marrying the wrong person and end up living with regrets!

Yes at 40 you should have already closed the chapter of Giving birth, your kids should be in school.

Don’t push someone to get married if he or her not interested.

Who said so marriage is not supposed to have an age limit or any other rules one decide the right time with the right person.

Only the lucky ones.

True, at 40 you should be called daddy.

Correct. Who said so marriage is not supposed to have age limit or any other rules one decide the right time with the right person.

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I finish a whole bottle by myself, funny thing is that my hubby doesn’t even drink! Lady says

Mike Mondo’s morning conversation was about the trending video of two drunk ladies, after the recently concluded Safari Rally.

Mike then asked a pertinent question, “Do you think ladies outdrink men nowadays?”

A majority of the comments section was filled with Kenyans disagreeing with Mike’s notion, saying that it was a free country were people are allowed to do as they please.

Some of those comments are below;

Drinking nowadays is a casual thing and no one cares about morals. And no one wants to admit addiction to alcohol. Wanasema wanakunywa kidogo tu.

Nyinyi Mnasema Nini!!!

What man can do women can do, so ladies today may take full mzinga Traditionally Known men Field Bonanza.

You are making it sound like alcohol is really bad but as long it’s taken responsibly I don’t see any problem at all! Myself I don’t drink though.

Broooo….wuuuuueeeeehh….ladies here have majority shares in the Drinkers society. The Devil hutetemeka ikifika ni combination ya Wasichana na pombe. Si Kwa ubaya, but they guzzle more than Helicopters.

Women nowadays outdo men in drinking, mungu atusaidie na vile hio pombe huwa kali na ka harufu.

True there’s a kabackstreet apa odeon the ratio of ladies to men will shock wanaichapa ata ikiwa dry.

A week ago, I ask the same to a friend of mine and she told me she always do so because she like dancing on the sky when she is high.

Ladies they’re Wamunyota infact I invited one lady for a drink she take 3 times I took.

Weeeuh….ladies have a certain sherehe mood that when they get into…..its over for men. I have seen a lady angusha gin mzinga mzima on her own and still manage to get up the following morning with zero hangover.

The moral standards of our women in the society have gone down coz of overdrinking and the institution of the families is in limbo.

Ladies have surpassed men in the drinking world and there is no doubt about that. I saw one using the brand I was taking to dilute her whiskey of 47 percent alcohol.

Nowadays ladies wanakunywa kumaliza, si kunywa kulewa.

Mike don’t forget… What a man can do, a woman can do better.

To be specific a friend of mine does a Mzinga and half (Gilbeys) on daily basis.

Yeah of course, they have become notorious in drinking.

Wanawake wamekua wakunywi sana this Beijing thing ilileta shida.

Nowadays ladies drink more than their fathers.

They’re drunkenness even with words.

It was a big shame.

When you drink to forget, you drink silly. That’s what our ladies are going through nowadays. They drink because they’re broken and they need a lot of fixing. Most come from broken homes and are so much pressure in life.

Wacha wakunywe atawakitaka breweries ziwawekee taps kwa bedroom wakunywe kama wamelala wawekewe..!!! Nkt

Kwani pombe ilitengenezewa kuku?

Ladies have managed to siphon enough money from men. They’re full of pride and they drink like silly!

I’m a lady. I’m in the office and I’m already drinking. I must drink everyday. To me, it’s luxury. As long as everything else in my life is in check, I can drink.

Hata ukiwa rich aje, The only desire everybody has is being happy. Alcohol finds you that. I concur with her.

There are two ladies who visit a club I know of twice a week. On Saturdays, each take a bottle on their own and they don’t get drunk.

Hawa ni wale wakipelekwa western watakua tester wa kuonja chang’aa

Surveys 99% of this ladies are single.

I’m a lady and it all comes from peer pressure. I was introduced to it and now I smoke and I can finish a bottle by myself. The following morning I have to take a little more to kill the hangover. Funny thing, my husband doesn’t drink.

Na isikuwe wanategemea wanaume pia kupata pesa ya mzinga.

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“Why do Kenyan women trust you more than their pastors?” King’ang’i asks Maina

Maina Kageni’s contention today was that a woman’s obligation is supposed to be to her children and her mother. He then asked Kenyans whether they agreed with his claim.

Mwalimu King’ang’i was very frustrated with Maina asking the host with the sultry voice why he never supported men? “Why do you Kenyan women trust you more than their pastors? You need to support Kenyan men for once.”

Below are responses from Kenyans who commented on the topic:

I speak the truth and women should not tolerate some things.

1.If I want spiritual advice I’ll look for a pastor or sheikh
2.If I want financial advice I’ll look for economist
3.If I want legal advice I’ll look for lawyer
4.If I want marriage advice the last person to look for is a bachelor.
Ni hayo tu kwa leo.

No Maina a woman should be in a position to put together even their husbands apo ndo unapata wasee wanahama boma cause they feel neglected.

Yes, that’s the way it’s supposed to be. 👌👌👌

It has always been this way. Men only have two roles, sperm contribution and as a workhorse. No woman loves a man, they love what he can provide. It’s time men realised this.

Maina, tutakufinya…You are making life for us hard out here.

He earns good cash…and still hajaoa…n they follow his tips…quite confusing.

We men tunajua ladies wanataka wewe Maina😆😆but sisi ndio tuko. Endelea kuwaharibu vichwa hapo ndani na sisi huku nje tunawagonga vichwa tu wanarudi wakikulilia and the cycle continues😆.

I don’t get advice on how to run my family from media, Bible yatosha.

The bible is worse. You’re getting information written by your enemy.

Men have Amerix.

These women should know that you cannot marry all of them. They should know that you would never marry any of them.

Most of such women are either single or in unstable relationships.

Mwalimu ambia Maina zile shida tunapitianga kwa ndoa ni mingi. We do everything for these women but shida nikusikiza Maina.

80% of these women don’t respect their husbands. Almost shed tears after I saw some news somewhere of a man who later realised he only sired one out of his 4 children. Just imagine! If your woman respects and loves you, you’re very lucky!

Kwani mnafikiri Maina akioa atafanywa nini?

All men are born free…. Until the day they decide to marry.

Maina anatuambiaga ukweli…

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“Ladies, why will you let a man have lungula with you without protection?” Maina

Maina Kageni was concerned with the issue of why women allowed men to have lungula with them while those men were not wearing condoms.

He asked the ladies why they would let this happen?

The comments to his question came from both men and women


They can’t stand their feelings…like the other day I had finished doing it she is satisfied, ndio ananiuliza na ulivaa cd?? Now look

Hawataki Maina they don’t care kabisa.

Some of these men huwa wanatafuta yule mtoto wa bahati so akiangukia tu msichana mrembo ni kuweka mbegu akisoonga.

It’s called being a RAW abiding citizen. RAW is law. Smash it raw ..Alaaaaah…!!!

The thought of this diseases na kumeza dawa sends shivers to my spine esp ukiangukia ka new catch ata erection unalemewa. Encourage men to always use & have protection. It’s not all about Aids but even STIs.

Bhangi is not yet legalised and people are thinking and talking like this…. Now just ask yourself jeeee….! Ikawa legal how the situation will turn out to be…?

Lazima utoa karatasi ya sweet ndio ukule.

Tulitoka kwa mchanga na tutarudi kwa mchanga men aren’t cowards.

So sad, as most men in this age gap are married, then their spouses will get infected in the process, people need to think twice before engaging in some things.

Haki huyo ni wazimu, if that’s the men’s mentality, the society is heading in the wrong direction, regrets will follow.

Most men don’t care. Sex is in their mind unlike women, when he gets horny hana second thought yet we ladies suffer the most.

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We have been married for more than 12 years, don’t have kids and are very happy-Maina told

The morning conversation today was about couples that get married and don’t get kids. One particular caller fascinated Maina Kageni and surprised Kenyans with her own experience been married for many years and not having kids.

She said, “I have been married for more than 12 years and before we got married we made a decision not to have kids. We don’t have children and we have been very happy. He is the love of my life.”

Many Kenyans responded to the anecdotal story. Some of the comments are below;

It’s a foolish decision, Why get married first of all? What legacy will you leave to this world if you die now? Young guys choose your mentors wisely. Without your kids means you’re just in this world as a stranger waiting just to die.

Kids mean everything in marriage. So you can marry and plan you are not going to have kids??????

There’s nothing like conscious decision here!!!!!!!!!! Where would we be if our parents tried this?

True, I’m sure one of them wishes they had a child but doesn’t have the courage to tell the other.

No matter how this may look cool, it’s not supported in our African community. You will age and grow old and want your lineage to continue. Not just companionship and rearing dogs in the house.

Companionship marriage it is.

Then he’ll go siring kid’s in every county thinking he has no kid’s lol.

It’s a decision but with dire consequences you will need someone to call your own not to take care of you or provide for you in your old age but just to see them. Uyo caller mpe miaka kidogo tuu ataanza kutukimbisha apa n by the n atakua ameshoka #childisamusthave #tuambianeukweli.

I am trying to imagine a world without my kids and I can’t get it. My life would never be complete without them. They mean so much to me. Life would so boring if I had to live with ma wife just we too alone. They are the true meaning of life and grind. 

Wow! I love that caller.

I respect their decision but better have even one kid jameni.

Someone is lying here! I doubt they are happy…

A marriage will either age just like wine or sour milk. It will grow better with time or it will grow sour. Your efforts and attitude will be the difference-maker.

Acha nisimame dunia ishuke, alaaaah!!!

Aiish can’t imagine this is happening hapa Kenya.

If also their parents had made the same decision as them they won’t be existing.

Chicken will come home to roost. The man has kids, that one I am so sure of.

The most stupid decision of the decade

Upuzi, what else they do with the organs God gave. Just fun???

Two thugs in a union they are calling marriage.

It’s okay, I respect their decision

Confused poor man.

The dude anaweza kuwa akona watoi huko inje.

This an insult to my ancestors.

It’s a matter of decision with your partner.

Mimi hiyo siwezikubali.

Your choice your future.

Hapa kuna mtu akona watoto mahali


Alaa ama ni magay/malesbian!

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They look good together! King’ang’i says after debate on Guardian Angel’s proposal to older woman

Maina Kageni’s morning conversation today concerned his two close friends, gospel singer Guardian Angel and his fiancee’ Esther Musila on their recent engagement.

“The couple went public with their relationship back in September 2020, and ever since, the two have been subjected to harsh criticism mainly because of their age difference. What’s wrong with what Guardian Angel did? What’s the problem with Kenyan men? What is the issue?” Maina asked.

Mwalimu King’ang’i for his part said that the couple looked good together.

Numerous Kenyans commented on the topic with many divided on the age difference. Check out some of the comments below;

I don’t see anything wrong, if a 70 yr old man marries a girl of 20 yr nobody says anything, why this becomes an issue?

70 man is still active sexually, what does a 50+ woman have to offer. Hata joto hana.

Before Guardian Angel hits 50 how old will be Esther? And if she already has kids from her previous marriage will they have their own kids now. Hii yote ni kuset couple goals but deep down Guardian will sooner than later come to his senses.

Because to you love and relationships is about children and how old each of them will be? Stay positive. So what if he comes to his senses. He will still be young for a second chance. He’s happy, that’s all that matters.

Hehe, ni sawa tu. Hata mimi pia I was left with the younger man I had been with for 8 years, we were blessed with a girl turning 8 this year; he left for an older woman with 3 teen boys. Huh! Coincidence is that wote ni waluhya. Nilikubali yaishe.

Imagine dating a girl who wants nothing from you but you.

Astronomical cuckoldry that is. A man should not compromise his frame to make a woman happy. Be the man, be the prize.

Maina me I dissociate myself from those Kenyan men… Am happy for the two! Love is a game that two can play and both win…

1. This is pretty okay if the lady will remain this beautiful and flexible. 2. If her boys will keep a safe distance. 3. If her hormones won’t affect her lady-ness.

The idea of a woman dating a man much younger than her becomes fully accepted. It’s time that men start realizing the benefits of dating older women. A lot of the time, we complain that women don’t know what they want and that they’re high maintenance.

Poa kwanza ndio ujue kuwa mwanaume ni nini, otherwise you have no right to tell other men what’s right and wrong. Shinda hapo ukivunja ndoa za watu. Shenzi sana.

The Tuambiane Ukweri Chairman

The problem with kenyans is that they take up any matter, analyse it,and grant verdict, if you are a true kenyan, you should by now have developed a thick skin to counter that. This is kenya , welcome to kenya.

I’m trying to fit in the shoes of Mama Guardian. When the wife of your son is may be older or your agemate. Tuwache tudanganyana ati “love wins” just because si mtoto wako. Ancestors are not happy.

I have nothing to say with people’s relationships so long as it works and the couple are happy. Age is just a number Maina, keep the pot boiling.

Don’t just look at Kenyan men, I’m sure this event has broken many young ladies hearts.

No problem at all BUT time will tell…when she will be 60 the guy will be 30something ,at 70 he will be 40something …isorite!!!

The difference is 20yrs not 30..but that’s fine. you live once let them be

I prefer grown up ladies who get to understand me and they don’t mount pressure on me….hawa wengine ni sumbua. Aty mara beb ni nunulie hii ama ile mara nipeleke photo shoot….mara siba rent au fare…unaeza Dhani yeye ni orphan….choke!!!

The issue is, when a man bows down to a woman, he has surrendered everything to that woman. Utakaliwa kama kiti.

Mwanaume wa kukaliwa ni wa kukaliwa, don’t blame it on anything. If a woman has more muscle then up your game ama ukalike.

I think there’s nothing wrong since kipendacho moyo ni dawa.

As a man, I settle where there is peace, where there is peace there is happiness.

Am sure Guardian Angel has found a vintage car. Hakuna kupeleka mbio Kama probox za Miraa na hutu tusichana tu ndongo. Men go where they find happiness n peace. He has found it just let him be.

Age is nothing but a limitation of whatever u want to do but i say fuk age do watever pleases you

What’s the proposal for when they have lived together for all these years? Who Bought the ring? plus whose money organized the birthday? Looks like someone was about to be kicked out of the house, hence the decision to comply. Time will tell!

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My hubby’s side-chick was crying because she saw him with another woman-Maina told

The morning conversation today was one of the most hilarious and fiery that Maina Kageni has moderated on in a long time.

And what was the topic concerning? Wives and side-chicks. “Let’s talk about the wife calling the other woman and vice versa,” Maina said.

Adding, “Ladies, when you call the other woman what is the objective? And if you are the other woman have you ever called the wife?”

For the men, the charismatic host asked, “As a man, what do you do when you wife calls the other woman?”

Two callers shocked the audience with their own anecdotes about the topic Maina had brought up. One said, “Maina my husband’s side chick was crying because she saw him with another woman 😂😂😂.”

The other lady had her own story of speaking to the side-chick while her hubby was in rehab. “My hubby went to rehab and when you are going to rehab, you don’t go with your phone. So I remembered the pin. Kumbe he has a side chick. So I used to chat with her as my hubby telling her I miss you. This happened for a month.”

The comments came in hard and fast. Frankly, they were too many to compile but some of the best are below;

Side chics are more jealous and over protective than the real wives…

May be she was crying knowing whatever she was getting from this man itaenda kwa msichana mwingine.siati anapenfa jamaa.

You don’t need to be a genius to know that this is fiction. Hakuna kitu kama hiyo. Huwezi chat na mtu mpenzi mwezi nzima bila kucall angalau ata once day time. That’s a good fiction. Hongera mwanadada. Please write a book.

That lady amenimaliza tu.

They have been fcking and you can’t undone it

No wonder ako rehab.

What if she was asked ” Your crying like who now ” …machozi tu.

Rule no. 1, never ever call the goat wife.

The rule no. 1. Don’t give a f*ck if she is exist or not exist, never ask of her existence, do you and leave.

Then rule 2 if you get to know if she is there never call her.

Hii uhaba ya wanaume wanataka kuoa imezidi sasa.

This is just on another level of craziness.

Jeiso , why was she crying , we learn to share.

Aki hii gender itatuonyesha maneno how now, machozi ilitoka wapi.

Hawa watu bana! Now she knows how the real wife felt when she doing the innovation.

All men are team mafisi never trust a man.

Revelation 21:8 is waiting.

Ata akimpigia ni sawa provided hawatapigana ama waongee waniroge nikufe wachukue Mali.

Kumbe unajua how the story will end…

She once called asking whether I am my husband’s best friend since childhood hivo ndio alikuwa ameambiwa, mimi kama mimi nikaamua kuplay along and said yes,,she (the side chic) told me “take care of him for me,si you’d tell me if ever he cheated on me?”

I really feel for that lady who wants to call these other ladies..it’s just a waste of time she will hurt herself more for nothing. She recollect herself and move on..

She’s in denial phase, I bet she trusted the man so much. Once she gets to acceptance phase, she wilL learn to prioritise herself first.

Forget about phone call Maina,me my side chick called the wife and met in a hotel now i was the one who was called to go and address my 2wives and introduce them to each other,maina it wasnt easy in a five star hotel i couldn’t even shout nor slap the table as a man,can’t forget.

I’ve never called any daughter of Eve…mimi husonga kama injili.I have no time for drama.

She called and asked if I was the sister I told her yes, kumbe hivyo ndivyo aliambiwa. I fear men uwongo iko level yake.

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“Handbags zao huwezi shika, zimejaa pesa lakini mnakula sukuma!” King’ang’i says

The morning conversation today was a continuation of yesterday’s topic where a man complained that his wife had only ever bought 5kg meat during their 8-year marriage.

Maina asked, “Apparently a Kenyan woman can watch you suffer and struggle but they cannot help you. Ladies, why are you like that?”

“I have been married for 8 years my wife has only ever bought 5kg of meat!” Maina told

Mwalimu King’ang’i posited, “Kwanza handbags zao huwezi shika. Zimejaa pesa lakini mnakula sukuma!”

More comments from Kenyans soon followed. Some are below:

As much as one will invest in their children’s education, it’s wise to save for oneself. Children will get successful and the only person they will look after is their mother. SAVE FOR YOUR OWN PERSONAL USE!!!

Hiyo aliona ilikua pesa ya chama. Yeye ni treasurer.

Let them calling maina and tells all the seen about us. Today men at work women in the house. But we re listening ,i know mind you’re their pastor, just listen to then and help them out. But tell them ,they will remain ours. Kaaaaariiiikiiii?

Lol Maina. Women like that learnt from the very best. Their own men!

That’s a wise woman. Every married woman should have a plan B. Have your own money it will give you options when shit hits the fan. The fact that she kept it as a secret goes to show to her he ain’t worth it.

No wonder they don’t save. Mtu anafikiria nyama tu, na wengine wanafikiria development!

Where is the lie, ladies give money to men they want. Lazima ukue deep state.

Si eti hatutaki kuwasaidia lakini the moment utasaidia a man arudi kwa hali nzuri ile utaonyeshwa .

Na akibuy nyama lazima u refund the cash.

Maina when she was jobless I was there for her doing everything then she got a job now am single niliachwa.

These ladies are so self centered mtu anakuita date and she has the audacity ya kukwambia ulipe bill na ni yeye amekuita wakwende huko ndio maana watu wameswitch tu.

Maina we are not bad people but hawa wanaume wakipata pesa they go spend it huko nje, if you ask them for money wanasema ni nini umekosa?

Maina that’s true ni nini wamekosa if they have everything then they should be silent.

Good morning main ….am a victim these sons of pharaoh ukiwaonyesha unajua kustruggle na kusave wanarelax pesa yangu niyakusaidia mtoto wangu ata nyumba ufungwa zikiwa kwa simu…….Kenyan men have made us who we are wakikaa vizuri tutasaidiana.

Nobody wants to see anyone suffer but often at times you’ve got to suffer the consequences of your wrong choices, when it’s your turn only God can help you.

Maina if husband and wife have same goals in marriage money matters never arise. They share bills and responsibilities as well as savings. When both are open on their earning when things are thick for one party the other chips in effortlessly.

African customs in Kenya have taught us that a woman has no place in society. Inheritance from birth home a no no, even if it’s in the constitution. At your new home eti inheritance goes to the children since these have blood relations. Sisi tulikuja.

Women don’t deny you money. WIVES deny you money because wives secretly bill you for sex. Women in the office who you don’t sleep with bail you out fast!

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Maina and King’ang’i: Do you date for love or survival?

The Classic 105’s morning conversation was about women who just can’t be with a man who has no money.  But what does love have to do with it?

A listener tweeted;

“There are those men we date for love and those we date for money and all of them know their place.”

Alice who has been in marriage for years called to give her experinece

“I got married for love some eight years ago and the ninth year it didn’t work out. If I’m going to get married agin, I’ll go for money because their shenanigans are the same. I’ve learnt a great lesson. Lets deal with their BS when someone is taking care of me properly.”


“It is the same way gentlemen want to look for some nice chest and nice behind, lets look for someone with money”

I have a man at home, in the office and that ex you can never forget – Woman tells Maina

Betty, a caller, said “Without money, there’s no future, there’s no love. I’d rather date an old guy with money than a young one with nothing and I’ll make my future bright.”

A gentleman called to give his experience of how his lovelife changed when he started getting money

“There’s this lady I was dating and we sired a child, at the time I was a watchman. She didn’t even want me to see the child, when I got a better job, I was taken to the children’s court.

We solved out of the court, she got remorseful and apologized, We are now together and I got a second child with her.”

Another gentleman said

“Even marriage is a transactions that’s why you are given a license.  We know women are with us because of money but we turn a blind eye. It is a simple transaction. She is there cause of your money.”

Better to hold on to the devil you know…Maina told about leaving toxic relationships

Maina Kageni’s morning conversation today was a deep dive into a quote from Baba-A term Kenyans affectionately ascribe to politician Raila Odinga.

The former PM had spoken about terrible relationships where he said, “It is unfortunate that after winning their partner’s heart, instead of going on to cherish and love them, some suddenly turn physical. If you cannot reconcile, then, leave.”

This prompted Maina to follow up and ask, “If you are in a toxic relationship why are you still there? Guys, why is it so hard to leave?”

Mwalimu King’ang’i for his part had this to say, “It’s not that easy to leave. Unatoka unaenda wapi? Na mtaambia wazazi nini?”

Many Kenyans chimed in with their own anecdotes. Some said they couldn’t leave because of the kids while others said the fear of criticism from family and society was also a consideration.

Others said that they stayed hoping that their partners would change while other Kenyans said that their peace of mind was more important than keeping a marriage alive.

Some of the comments are below;

Sometimes people stay in toxic relationships because of; 1. The children lose a lot when parents separate. 2. Pressure from the parents, society, and at times the status quo.

Maina your life matters… your happiness matter….hawa wasee wa kuimpress family….what is my family my foot…endelea kuambiwa utauliwa…and you stay…will come and sing safiri salama… Your happiness matters matters…Period…walk away.

Marriage is different from dating unless you understand the two……..is when you can either stay or walkout.

Some people stay in toxic relationships because they feel that something will change. Their partner will finally listen to them, or their dynamic will eventually shift, or they will finally convince their partner to transform a toxic part of them.

They are afraid to stand out and say they made a wrong move hoping things shall change only to end up in the grave or time wasted.

Maina you should first show us your date or wife before you break someones…

True. You should just leave.

Don’t force love….. don’t force yourself in a marriage just pack & go.

Mine I left everything I had and started afresh.

I suggest they do away with the “for worse” part and “for better” remain. 🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣Otherwise the worse is more you can wait “for better” to come and die before you taste it. 🤣🤣🤣🤣

Maina toxic is toxic. There’s no better way to sugar coat it. The problem with some of us is that we count material things instead of walking away. Until something bad happens is when you think of stepping out.

Don’t just walk away from marriages….rem you have a place u call your home but your children have nowhere to go….plz u r hurting us children.

Getting out of a relationship is not easy as you think, neither healing a broken heart too is not easy, so you can not basically believe that walking out is the best option.

There will never be a perfect human ata ukitoka hutapata anyone better than the one you leaving, hold on to the devil you know…

It’s so hard to leave when you’ve been together for a long time, achieved a lot together and children looking up to you, there’s a force that tries to convince you that he/she will change.

Only the faint-hearted ones find it hard to let go like their world revolves around their errant infidel spouses.

A lot of people stay because of the kids forgetting that once those kids grow and leave your house then WHAT?

Leaving is not the best solution, two parties should come together, sit down and decide the way forward.

People are crazy out there. Mimi naleft ata nikiwa na 10 children. Investments and society are not enough reason to sacrifice my peace. I ain’t Jesus y’all. People should normalize lefting toxic relationships in every sect.

People are afraid to be called single ….okay continue staying, we will be here to type RIP.

Toxic relationships don’t just weigh in your mind they show physically. That’s why so many men and women are walking around with stress bellies which are linked to diseases. Matambis don’t lie. Walk away from whacked-up relationships that weigh you down.

I’m not trying to make a divorce a ‘happy’ occasion, but I do believe that if you are in a toxic marriage, a divorce can be a happy occasion.

Utamu wa Ndoa ni kusumbuana Maina anapack anapenda wapi …..No marriage is 100% perfect…..

Why raise a kid in a toxic environment? If things aren’t working out…find a way to co-parent. Peace is essential in every person’s life.

Kids cement the bond.

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Tell my ex-bf who listens to Classic to return the boxers I bought him! Lady tells Maina

Maina Kageni’s morning conversation today was about the suffering many silent men go through-That of women who shout at their men!

He asked men what they would do if their woman shouts at them? But the conversation took an unforeseen turn after Mwalimu King’ang’i’s contribution saying, “Ladies, when you do something for your man must you remind him?”

Many men had a lot to complain about with one woman shocking Kenyans when she said that she wanted her ex to return the boxers she had bought him when they were dating.

Check out some more of the comments below;

Wengine apa wanakubuyia socks pair mbili alafu wanaenda wakitangazia watu vile walikuinua kimaisha. Kenyan ladies apana

Not really, anything I give you is yours for the taking, if you leave, leave with everything I don’t wanna see anything of you, that will remind me of you.

Most ladies we do something expecting something in return be it adoration, monogamy, tu uzuri hapa na pale so if it doesn’t work makumbushano inaanza immediately.

These ladies are also forgetting what we men do to them. What if we also decided to expose them as they are exposing us. Maina waambie tumenyamazia mengi.

It’s women nature,….it’s in their DNA,….when everything is rosy and merry she will buy everything for you, wacha mkosane, that’s when ata majirani watajua ulikua unanuliwa boxer.

Ebu ask them Mwalimu. Tenda wema nenda zako!!!

Nashangaa pia… Ata akibuy hatukujua mbona atangaze wakipart ways????

Akikupea mwambie utalipa ndio atasahau.

Yes..men are very forgetful.

These are the generations of Lot’s wife..there so salty

Maina mimi ex wangu nilimnunulia boxers, nguo na watch. I know he listens to Classic 105 so tell him nataka anirudishie hizo vitu zote nilinunua.

Maina mmy kuna siku nilikataa gift then tukakosana kwenye aliland after break up akampee unfortunately walikosana tukapata now the lady alikuwa anaitisha ile gift.

I am a giver, I don’t expect you to return anything, you’ll take me for lunch or breakfast n I’ll be delighted to pay the bill, this is me.

Na wanaume wana nunua magari na wana nyamaza ,sasa saa na chupi ndio unatupigia hii kelele yote?? Wacha kujiaibisha.

Maina I hope now umeelewa these daughters of jezebel, you been having their backs but they really don’t deserve it.

I have a friend of mine, wakikosana na bibi yake. Bibi huchukuwa boxers zote juu ni yy hununulia bwana. Ladies what’s wrong with you? Fortunately, I don’t wear boxers so when I get married, and she happens to take all of them, it won’t affect me.

Someone bring me some JD, I need to fantasize this one well.

Akinunua anyamaze. Time ulimnunulia hatukujua, Sahi mmekosana unataka arudishe. Za nini?

Maina how comes they remember everything they have done on us while us when we part we even talk of that na wametukula pesa since day one ya kudate.

These things they buy for them are done out of goodwill as a husband and wife relationship, then why complain when things go her way.

This tells you why men no longer want to marry.

Women are just noisemakers.

If a woman shouts at you, she has reached her limit and out of frustrations.

Am lucky my woman doesn’t shout at me… Respect them, they will respect you.

They use what they bought for their Men to bully them, intimidate, settle scores and express their outrageous frustrations after realizing that these men cannot live to their expectations and provide to them what they had desired to have in her marriage life.

Personally, I don’t know how to shout but I wish I had the guts of such women. You shout to him once it becomes a warning ⚠️

I know several who shout to their significant other. Sema drama. 😱😱😱It’s a talent to live with a woman like that🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣

It is not our wish to shout at them but the pain we feel.

I mean raise your voice at me… And it’s that.

Never saw my mum shout at my dad, I can’t tolerate the same

Men should first create a peaceful environment if they want peace of mind!!You take your woman through hell then expect her to be calm? Shame on you!!!

You give her shit, that’s exactly what you gonna get in return

Ukimwambia ni loan hawezi kumbuka. Atangoja ulipe.

It’s pain that she has been exposed to by the guy Maina. Being there for him in his thicks and thins alafu on getting the job anamistreat publicly. #Women won’t die in silence.

Women will never assist you and shut mouth, men don’t allow themselves to be assisted by ladies,

Women are wicked and they will die like that.

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If we break up, then the next man you date should take care of our child – Mwalimu King’ang’i

The conversation Maina Kageni started today concerned the issue of men taking care of their kids after they have split from the mother of the child.

He asked, “Guys, how do you expect another guy to take care of your child?” Mwalimu King’ang’i for his part said, “Tukiachana ni hivyo pia huyo mwingine asaidie.”

This prompted Maina to ask Kenyan men, “What makes you think that your responsibilities end when you separate as a couple?”

The comments to this topic were largely split along gender lines, with many men supporting King’ang’i’s viewpoint. Check out the comments below;

It’s a good investment the man will take a mature kid after 18 good years. Investment will have reached maturity.

What if the mother to the child never wanted to let me have the child to take care of…..akaamue kwenda Na yeye?…. Mwingine asaidie pia.

They should learn to stick to one woman not just roaming around with different women then instead of being responsible wanasema eti ni biashara…How now?

Their mothers go with them. Out of sight out of mind.

Am married, with 2 girls but the man of house doesn’t care what we eat, clothes hata school fees I pay for them n he literally has no time for his kids yet they all look alike.

It’s unfortunate but 90% of men worldwide think like King’ang’i. The loser is the child who, often times is never part of the transfer deal.

A true man is measured by his responsibilities. If your union ends with the woman, it does not end with your children. a good man takes care of his kids regardless of their relationship with the woman.

It’s just simple.. I’ll assist my kid if he/she is in my house… How am I even sure if I send the support kitty my son/daughter enjoys it to the fullest without the other man’s kid depending on the same kitty??

Kabisa Mwalimu!! Mkiachana Ni hivyo don’t go bothering someone, Kwanza wakiona umeanza zero Tena with someone else and you happy ndo wanaanza kurudi wakitumia watoi. Songa kusonga na usiangalie nyuma otherwise you’ll end up like Lot’s wife!!!

The best thing to do is the woman should just send the bank slips and other bills for the kid to the father. It appears desperate but for the man to be satisfied let him pay the bills himself so he knows it’s his role. But most women want to pay it all without involving the man.

It’s the responsibility of a man to take care of his child or children until they are adults

How do you impregnate ladies once you leave them they are married somewhere and you refuse to take care of your kid?? That’s your blood and that can’t stop you to support the kid. Guys take your responsibilities coz you started it.

Maina if you impregnate a girl then take responsibility for that child please na ikiwezekana oa yeye that’s all.

Watoto ni wa mama it’s her who knows the true father. Umeskia wanatumia kibiriti. So any letter telling me to pay child support should come with +ve paternity test.

They forget that the kid will recognize the other person as their father, even when they are all grown up. They will never recognize you coz you weren’t there.

This thing is very simple. Women should let go of the kids once they part with their baby daddies. After all, mtoto ni wa baba.

From the moment anakuacha ni kama ata anakuambia huyo mtoto sio wako,hivo mbona nishughulike? Let the new guy shughulkia that kid from there

Tukiachana tumeachana unafa kwanzisha maisha ingine kwenye umeenda mm nisahau

I can’t speak for the rest of the deadbeat but a real man takes care of his children no matter the relationship is with the mother of his child/children.

I think it’s better if both the couple contribute half each of them than men alone, for child’s upkeep.

Maina kama mtu anaonyesha your child’s another man wamkol daddy then wasaindiwe na huyo

These laws confuse me more than Embarambamba

Alaaar!…si mtunyonge bas!

Maina When Take Over The Company You Inherit Both The assets and liabilities,,,,

I was married to three women. The first ex doesn’t want me to see my child so how am I supposed to take care of my kid?

If she refuses you to see your child’s then eikarie atige waaaana.

Don’t take care for smbd you are not allowed to see. That’s how I also stopped taking care of my other kid. Don’t.

Women are being favoured, everyday new tools new law

This is the problem of boys being fathers. If the relationship between the two of you is not working why compromise the relationship between you and your child?

Don’t confuse the child with two different dads. Kama you got married again and you staying with the man let the kid get used to him, they might end up disrespecting your husband coz anajua uyo si babake when the kid is older explain everything let them decide.

Mimi Kenya sihami that’s why I love this country with all my heart

Kenyan men need to know you are not related to your wife but your child is your blood. Take care of that child because one day you will regret why you were not in your child’s life.

They have to take responsibility. But what if the child’s mother hid the child totally out of your sight?? How would you as a father take the responsibility??

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Listen As People Confess To Maina Kageni That They Miss Their Exes

After veteran Uasin Gishu politician Jackson Kibor signed a divorce from his second wife of 51 years after he accused her of deserting their home and mistreating him, the court finally granted him the divorce.

Today at on the morning conversation with Maina Kageni, the discussion was based on that story.

Maina talked of how the wife in an exclusive interview say he can not move on with his life without Kibor despite their divorce.

She said that she still loves his husband, but Kibor doesn’t want her any more.

Maina Kageni paused a question  today and asked why some people do not want to move on after divorcing their spouses?

Mwalimu, said that there has to be a u-turn and you can’t ignore them because you once shared a problem or another and even lived in the same room.

Most male caller who called in said that they miss their exes and given a chance, the would go back to them.

One even said that he loves his ex more than his current wife,


lListen to the whole conversation below;


I took the Covid-19 vaccine and my wife isn’t speaking to me now-Man complains to Maina

A majority of Kenyans are still skeptical about being vaccinated, something that Classic105 host Maina Kageni has picked up on.

Mr. Kageni was curious to know why and what it would take for Kenyans to get vaccinated? Kenyans were quick to respond, with some still able to joke during a time when the country is going through a lot.

Some of the comments are below:

I will be vaccinated by I need a doctor from Russia and a professional photographer.

How can I get the vaccine and yet am at risk of getting the virus?

Mimi na hiyo vaccine ni kama water and paraffin.

Maina wacha hii vaccine iwekwe kwa pombe Kenyans watapona wote.

The only vaccine I need is any vaccine against poverty.

My question is, are we required to pay?? Or it’s free???

My fear is I might be that 0.0001% that gets that clot. Am not against it but am not for it until further research.

Mwingine nmeskia akisema haiwezi dungwa strungi.

I will not take it never.

Confused nation. At least 622 public and private hospitals across the country have been approved as Covid-19 vaccination centres in efforts by the state to have many take the jab as soon as possible.

Avoiding vaccination is like ignoring traffic warning road signs. You know what will happen to you ahead of you. It’s only I’m far in the queue hahaha. I’ll be the first to take when it’s available to the public.

l will never ever get vaccinated Maina, wacha nikae hivo, l only trust God pekee.

Ata Magufuli was there, kwa kutrust God pekee.

Watu wareceive jab. Personally ain’t ready for it.

Me, am not ready for the vaccine,,,

Exactly..and this ignorance is what is killing pple…there is no guarantee whatsoever that following the measures even 100% will keep you safe…and fyi the statement prevention is better than cure that one doesn’t seem to understand it..getting the vaccine is preventing!!!

Vaccination is prevention. Prevention is better than cure you’re right… don’t hesitate to get vaccinated if you get the chance.

True that…. but people need to look at the bigger picture about the vaccine….

Maina ebu wish my son happy blessed birthday!!.he is turning 19 yrs today. I am so proud of him and I wish him nothing but the very best in life. Hugs to him.

Where are under 58 yrs of age getting vaccinated?

Kwani What’s the work of vaccine? It’s prevention not cure.

Vaccination is also an act of prevention.

Kwani vaccination sio prevention? Ujinga itakuua.

This one is mixed up.

But vaccine is for preventing.

Maina whats making people fear taking the vaccine. Like how fast was is developed… It takes about 5 years and above to develop a good vaccine. And this was so fast. Even if its authorised people still have fears…. and they dont trust the healthcare system 

Hata mimi siwezi heri nivae mask, sanitize and avoid crowded places.

Soo much true…ata ya polio was tried around 1938 but was later approved in 1950 apo…

Maina I have been vaccinated but my wife did not want me to get the jab. As we speak she is not talking to me.

Maina I am a healthcare provider for MOH…I have already been vaccinated.. Na saa hii nko job doing gud.

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My dad refuses to take care of us, yet he takes care of another man’s kids – Maina told

Today morning, Maina Kageni touched on a subject that invariably affects many homes in Kenya-Deadbeat dads.
The host was unhappy with men who don’t take care of their kids!

Mwalimu King’ang’i himself was unbothered and countered by saying, “Women have a lot of money so what’s wrong with them raising their own children without support from the baby daddy?”

The responses to the topic by Kenyans were split along gender lines. Some of the best comments are below:

Are we saying that men are there for reproduction purposes only? I don’t think so cause when the kid is born ita like need money for this or that etc.

Maina a responsible man must not be there for financial support but their presence is so important and that’s all that matters a lot.

Women can’t survive minus men that’s y they even can’t sire children alone.. so they must be supported at all costs

Just the same way they are making us mother let them raise their kids Maina…

Kama huwezi Lea mtoi msahau. Mwanaume Ni effort no matter how little it is

Kinga’ang’i is now talking ,👊👊

Kama huwezilea mtoto, fungia hizo sperms..

We try our best Sisi kama wanaume but according to you women our best is not the best

What is the best that you try to give? You want us to take care of the babies we sired together including you while you sit there and do nothing ama or while you drink and party your money but expect us to vumilia.

If he is leaving, he should leave and never come back, because I’m not raising the child for him and he thinks he will be back in his life, never!!!

Yeah. If he decides to leave let it be for good hata mimi if I walk out of that marriage am never looking back its once and for all. But am not going to tolerate irresponsible man just cz he is the father of my kids. Oooliskia wapi?

Men and their drama, I can’t believe in the 21st century men complain of raising their children, Men, if you can’t raise your own flesh and blood what can you do??????

Every woman needs a man and we can’t argue on that! Whether they need a man to get financial support or emotional support. It’s not about the money but a MAN!

I want to tell my baby daddy to forget about his kid wacha alishwe na wanaume engine.

Kulishwa na wanaume wengine c issue ata……when the kid will start to question for his/her dad….wat will u have to answer….it will come a point u will need the dad u’re “dumping”and that’s when u will know why kuku haiendi haja ndogo.

Correct…. she is a pastoralist.Let her go for green pastures elsewhere but how long before hair turns gray.

One day he will look for his dad. If not, you will be raising a sissy

Women should accept, adjust and move on. If we have separated and I have a family where do you expect me to get money from? If it’s over it’s over!

Tell this one he should carry his baby na aende nayo me I say if you’re not ready for kids keep horniness with you
Yaani some humans are just deadbeat

My dad left a long time ago only for him to come a few yrs back vile aliskia bado Niko campus nataka fees akapotea tena. Yet he married again na analea watoto WA wanaume wengine

And they should learn that in an easy way the earlier the better.

So the kids seize to eat when you get another family?

In my opinion, Men are not fully baked in matters family and Marriage

Maina, I once slept with a lady and after the chemistry, I gave her money to buy p2 na akaniambia alitumia. Ghasia after 2 months ananiambia ako na ball and maina you still want me to take care of the kid i had not decide to have, wee wacha buaana

Maina, do you know why the devil first approached a woman, then the man listened to a woman. The time a man gives in to a woman is the start of the downfall of a man. Men should stay firm.

I thought we live in a century where men and women are equal??Both parents have equal responsibility when it comes to taking care of the kids!!

These sons of Jezebel nowadays are useless.

And women who don’t care for their kids?

Women use children as bait.

Nani alikuambia umtie mimba?

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Do Kenyan men plan when getting kids like women do? Concerned Maina Kageni asks

Today morning, Maina Kageni brought up an interesting topic. The hots asked whether Kenyan men ever factored the cost of child-raising when dating/sleeping with a woman?

He contrasted the question by pointing out that women often get a child after having done a financial evaluation on whether they can take care of it.

Kenyans were divided on the topic with some saying that even if the kid is unplanned to that they would always have a plate full of food. Others countered this sentiment saying that the hunger we witness on our TV screens can be attributed to such cavalier comments.

Read the comments below:


Maina we live by grace I have 4 kids my account is zero, ukipata Leo shukuru mungu, ya kesho ajuae ni mungu.and we have peace. Imani inaondoa Milima.mungu analea.wengi huku hawajui hesabu.

Wanasema mtoto anakuja na sahani yake na hata nguo hakuji nazo. You have to plan and budget or else utakula shida. This is not 1990.

Mimi nilisema ata nikue billionaire only two kids heri ni invest na hawa wawili na savings wasikule shida mimi nilikula nikihustle.

Maina, I guess people should learn to plan.

Mungu akileta mtoto huleta na Sahanai yake.

Ooliskia waapi? Saa hii Maina mtoto nimuexpensive kuliko gari yako. Na wewe unataka watoto wanne ukona kichwa mzuri? These men need to look for money because children are very expensive.

I budget even for zile mboga nakula ugali nazo every week, so u can imagine bigger things lk watoto. Life isn’t just abt siring kids, there are other things to accomplish na ukizaa bila mpango u’ll drag yourself into absolute poverty

Every coin count, Maina sikupenda kwetu so mtoto akikuja tunalea tu. I have two kids one is 13 the other one is 6 years old na ile pesa iko kwa account in thao moja tu.

People should know giving birth is a 20-year project.

Street family wanalea watoto bila kakitu kwani lazima uwe tajiri.

Every normal human being should sire kid’s that they can be able to give the best life! The problem with some men is the mentality “many kid’s make him a hero” yet he can’t provide, shame!

I have three kids na wakizaliwa sikuwa nimesave pesa. I was only working. Watu husema ati mtoto hukuja na sahani yake I don’t believe a word of this.

They do come na sahani only that the plate is empty you have to feel it every day and it get’s tough.

The moment you found out you are pregnant forget about the man and everyone else and ask your self, “Am I able to raise this kid on my own?” If not well start finding an alternative.

Sio sahani,but Ni bahati tu mtu huwa nayo..just like Jungle birds..hazilimi,hazipandi but sir God na maajabu yake meen.
From now saving muhimu…. Hiyo kidogo to ita okolea.

A kid comes with responsibilities. So it’s either you be more serious with life or you’ll regret having it.

Indeed kulea ni plan, na kuwa creative.

The guy is very smart …so we say kulea mtoto ni plan tu.

Imagine having kids there without proper planning,,Githeri chemsha daily, Most Men after pregnancy normally leave responsibility to their wives, sad reality.

That’s where men go wrong leaving everything to the women.

Very few men do help. Wengi huhepa responsibility zao. 

Watu wa budget please! Hiyo maneno ya mtoto anakuja na sahani yake utashtuka sana. Nowadays kids are picked up by school bus sikama sisi tulikuwa tunatembea mguu.

Nasikianga watu wakisema mtoto huja nasahani yake. Pata bila mpango ndio utajua sahani ni mzazi hutafuta. If anything ata kama anakujanga nayo, inakujanga ikiwa empty. Plus kama io story ni ya ukweli, wenye tunaona kwa t.v wakifa njaa, kwani yao ilienda wapi?

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