Do you support your child putting tattoos on their bod – Mike Mondo asks

Mike Mondo, who has been filling in for Maina Kageni, had a captivating topic today on Classic 105. He and Mwalimu spoke about the recent suspension of 10 students from St. Mary’s school, Nyeri for spotting tattoos.

Mike and King’ang’i were shocked that a section of parents agreed with school administration not to admit their children. They both felt that the teachers had a point in suspending the students.

Ladies don’t want to get married, just want a sperm donor – Mike Mondo

The question that Mike had was how the parents could support their sons putting tattoos on their bodies and whether the teachers had done the right thing in suspending the students.

The comments from listeners are below;

I understand what is going on. Some of the parents of these kids have tattoos, so the government should be preparing themselves for that trend in the future – A man said.

There are no parents anymore. Even going to the barber, one was accompanied. The parents are the bad ones in this case. How can a child correct a child? A man said.

Confirmed Bachelors? Maina Kageni and Mike Mondo’s reasons for being single

How do the tattoos prevent a student from learning? As a parent, I support that. As long as the kid is learning, shule iwache ushamba! – A mother spoke.

If I was near the holy Bible, I would show you where it is written that it is forbidden -A man said.

I am with Mwalimu on this and I think we need to have universal values. When you allow your kid to go out there and have tattoos, will they be accepted? I am a mother of boys and I don’t think their future wives families will accept them with the tattoos. The reason we have uniformity in the school is those differences(tattoos, dreads) can create disruption – A woman said.

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How much power does Meghan have over Prince Harry? Maina asks

Maina and King’ang’i this morning engaged in a fascinating conversation about the power women/wives have over their men/husbands.

The crux of the topic was the recent development that Prince Harry and Meghan Markle had requested to stop being a part of the royal family and thus become private citizens.

The news has been met with shock by the general public as such an occurrence has never been witnessed in the country’s history. Maina was shocked that Harry would give up his birthright so soon after marrying Meghan and wondered aloud how powerful women were?

Prince Harry Meghan Markle
Prince Harry Meghan Markle

King’ang’i wasn’t shocked about the happening and commented that it is quite commonplace, telling Maina,

“She poisons you until you leave all that royalty. Kwani what did she tell him to go and live in Canada wapi kuna baridi. You tell the queen I am leaving. She is the one making decisions. Maina, Ngoja uoe moja uone.”

Kinga’ang’i even warned Maina that he would change if he got married. “If you get married to a woman, Maina you will change within 6 months. That excitement that you had in your life goes away.”

Maina responded by saying. “How powerful are you women and how pressured are you men? What is it that women do to you? How does a woman make you forget your mother?”

Some of the comments from listeners are below;

Women are excellent manipulators.hey will normally hide their colours – A man said.

Women can reduce a palace to a shanty – A man said.

Meghan wants to be independent. Their title is not the best. Harry has always been on the verge of becoming independent until Meghan came and complemented – A woman said.

We fear these ladies. They can make you make a decision that I was really shocked. She made me move from a house I wasn’t renting to one I pay rent for because she and my mother don’t get along – A man said.

Prince Harry and Meghan Markle’s son given Ghanaian name

Most men are sat on by their wives – A man said.

Moving out is the best decision they have ever made – A woman said.

I love the courage of Harry. Be independent and go far away – A man said.

Prince Harry wanted to move out of that institution even before marrying MM. The death of his mum Diana by this family is nothing to celebrate. He just wanted a strong woman to support him. Meghan did it. No more surviving on donations and controlled like robots. Good for him – A woman said.

Now this woman has pressured this dude to make decisions while on top of katiba. Could it be the woman’s nunu is that powerful? This guy will regret forever once they get divorced – A woman said.

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Why are men leaving wives for their mistresses? Mike Mondo asks

Today morning Mike Mondo, who stood in for Maina Kageni, spoke about a story on that referenced husbands leaving their wives for their side-pieces.

Mondo was shocked that these men were leaving their wives for the ‘other woman’ and not coming back. He wondered why a man who had a family would leave his first wife and family without ever going back?

Mike Mondo smiling
Mike Mondo smiling

The answers came in hard and first from the audience members. Some of their comments are below;

A sidepiece will cook and do everything for you-A man said.

Leaving is the best choice. I also had to leave my wife. The pressure was the major reason I left-A man told Mike.

I have been with my wife for 30 years through thick and thin. Even through the toughest of times, I love her. She is still in bed right now sleeping but I still love her.

Governor Mike Sonko advises men to love their wives more than mistresses [VIDEO]

For a man to leave his wife like that she must have done something really bad-A man told Mike.

When a man leaves it is a woman’s fault-A man categorically stated.

A man having one woman is poison. Two are still not great. 3 is the optimum because you can go from one to the other-A man suggested.

Marriage is an institution, it means when we come together we have different expectations hence needs alot of patience and tolerance. When you expect 100% transition, it’s a nightmare you can’t get it. Don’t push us away-Douglas Kiplagat.

Mike Mondo smiling
Mike Mondo smiling

Men do walk out and I will never judge any gender that walks out of pressure that depresses them and can lead to death because you won’t even be alive to tell the story. One of the most painful things in life is being hurt by the person you love-Sheila Bahati

It’s ironical that the same men who leave blaming their wives come back later after the world lands on them so hard! They come back crawling yet they left on their two feet!-Monique Kimmss

Women are more likely to initiate divorce because the married women reported lower levels of relationship quality than married men. In contrast, women and men in non-marital relationships reported equal levels of relationship quality-Chris Ray🗽

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‘Sisi Wote Wajinga’ Maina and Kingangi react to King Kaka song

Kenyan rapper King Kaka has caused a storm with his poetic song ‘Wajinga Nyinyi’ in which accuses politicians of hoodwinking Kenyans and at the same time calls out Kenyans for being gullible.

This discussion trended on social media, and on Monday morning Classic hosts Maina Kageni and Mwalimu weighed in saying ‘sisi wote ni wajinga and we have learnt nothing from it’.

Maina wanted to know what has changed since and what we are going to do going forward about graft and being gullible voters in 2022.

Fine he has done the song, but what are we going to do about it as Kenyans. What are you going to change in terms of your behaviour, we all agree we are sick to the neck as Kenyans, but in 2022 we shall be there queuing with mtu wetu mentality, wajinga sisi,

To which Mwalimu Kingangi shared his simple thoughts

Tumemaliza kuongea

Maina added

It’s dejavu, we’ve been here before someone says something revolutionary and we did nothing, so wajinga nyinyi and then, coz we all need to make that change individually that can snowball into something national.

A woman called in saying

It’s like hell on earth, nothing changes, it’s just gone from worse to worse. For me I don’t vote because of mtu wetu, I try to check your profile and what I have heard about you, but sometimes you find you are on your own. We are not supposed to be tribalists. I don’t know why we recycle these people

Dear Classic 105 fam, what change are you going to make as an individual that will transform how we politik going forward? Drop your comments below.

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Majority of Kenyan women getting abortions are married-Maina Kageni

Maina Kageni had a fascinating conversation today that touched on a report that was featured in The Standard this week. The report stated that most abortions are procured by married women in Kenya!

This stat shocked both Mr. Kageni and Mwalimu Kingangi, with the two wondering how such a thing could happen?

Many listeners said it was par for the course as many wives were cheating on their men and as such couldn’t keep the ‘fruits’ of their affairs.

I borrow money to show off I’m rich like Maina Kageni

But one doctor had an interesting take proffering that the kids being aborted where actually not from cheating women but were for their husbands.

He told a shocked Maina;

‘I am a doctor is Eldoret. Just yesterday, a married woman with her husband visited me. She is in her 40’s and she has 6 kids and pregnant 5 months. I told them to go and talk first because after 5 months is no joke. 10-15 Kenyan women come for abortions per month. Of that 10 are married and they come with their husbands. Tusilaumu wanawake pekee, the husbands are the ones leading them.’

We don’t marry the woman or man of our dreams, Kenyans confess to Maina

Other comments from other listeners are below;

Married women are unfaithful and do their stuff raw. That’s why they have to keep on aborting-Man said.

Some do it because some wives are cheating more than their husbands-Woman said.

How many men know if their women have aborted. Boy-child is under siege. We need to know-Man said.

My friend was pregnant and the husband didn’t want the baby. The husband gave her money to go and abort. Others are cheating and you don’t know who is the father, so they have to have the abortions-A woman said.

That article is true because most women who reach out for favours are married-A side dude said.

If a married woman is having an affair with a China man, how can she lie to her husband when the baby comes? You are having twa twa without protection, do you think you will get a smart TV? A man asked.

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Only preacher Moi endorsed – Maina and King’ang’i talk about Mr. Bonnke

In the early morning conversation today, Maina and King’ang’i remembered the popular German-American Pentecostal evangelist, Reinhard Bonnke.

King’ang’i regaled listeners with tales of how the man had been received in the early 90’s, with such huge crowds attending his events.

Mwalimu King'ang'i
Mwalimu King’ang’i

‘He was a phenomenon. I have never seen so many people. When he came to Machakos there were so many wheelchairs at the crusade. JB Masinde was the translator for Reinhard Bonke.’ King’ang’i said before Maina interjected with a question.

‘JB was the translator. I didn’t know that,’ Mr. Kageni said before King’ang’i went on about Mr. Bonnke’s visit to Kenya.

‘Demons came from the mountains. That is the only preacher that Moi actually endorsed. He even attended the event himself. He died at 79. He made 79 million give their lives to Christ. In one crusade in Nigeria, a reported 1.5 million people attended.’


Maina finished the segment by praising JB Masinde and wishing the late Mr. Bonnke peaceful rest. ‘JB Masinde you inspire me so much. There are times that I have listened to you and you helped me. RIP Reinhard Bonke. You have run your race.’

‘He loves drama’ Maina and Kingangi weigh in on Sonko’s arrest

Mr. Kageni also spoke about the current issues facing Nairobi governor, Mike Sonko. Mr. Kageni asked whether the court cases facing the governor were his last hurrah?

Sonko arrest
Sonko arrest

Most listeners believed that we were witnessing the final act in Mr. Sonko’s political career. Some of those comments are below;

I think it is the end of an era-One listener said.

His election to be Governor of Nairobi was a problem-Another listener said.

Which type of city is it where veggies are being sold in the CBD. We don’t have a governor or a deputy governor. He was the worst mistake Nairobi ever made-Another added.

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We don’t marry the woman or man of our dreams, Kenyans confess to Maina

With their spouses out of their earshot many Kenyans confessed to Maina Kageni that they are not married to their ideal spouse.

They spoke openly and comfortably that they settle for whoever is out there because there is no such things as a woman or man of your dreams.

Maina had to listen to lots of people fret and complain about general, run-of-the-mill marital woes, and he thought to himself that he is lucky not to be married.

He said ‘I can’t believe what I’m hearing’.

Co host Mwalimu said it is human nature to want a perfect marriage but the reality is that ‘there is no Mrs right’.

The same view was held by countless callers who said the perfect husband or wife is a myth, and we all need to snap out of our dream.

busia couple swap
One man said ‘I don’t believe there is a perfect person in this world, we give ourselves one reason to live with that lady, we have a thousand reasons why we can’t live with her, you make her to be your dreams.

A woman described the madness of the fantasy of a perfect man saying ‘You will never met him. You take what you have that mad man and live together. My husband is not the man of my dreams, but we try to live with each other, so hakuna msee perfect, you can wait for the rest of your life.’

couple pics
couple pics

Another male caller described his frustration with the thought of a perfect spouse noting that, ‘ Ati you are waiting for a perfect mate? You will wait forever. It’s only found in a dictionary, you just grab one and take each other slowly and that is how life goes, I am married to a woman who is not of my dreams. Because of the pressure from family to marry you just grab one and maintain it, ni kubaya, hakuna mrs perfect.

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Why are women telling their pastors their bedroom affairs!? Maina asks

Maina Kageni and Mwalimu King’ang’i had a remarkable conversation today about why congregants (female ones) go to their pastors with very personal details?

‘Why do Kenyans take everything to their pastors? Ladies are guilty of taking their bedroom issues to their pastors. Where did this confession thing start from? I am a firm believer in dealing with one’s own bedroom issues. Aren’t there any secrets you keep to yourself?’ Maina asked.

This is one of those rare discussions where both Mr. Kageni and Mwalimu King’ang’i was in agreement about the need for secrets away from their pastors.

If it doesn’t make sense, it’s rubbish – Maina on pastors’ miracles

When they opened the conversation up to the gallery most of the audience agreed that people should keep their bedroom affairs away from their pastors. Some of their comments are below;

Women treat these pastors like they are descended from heaven-A man said.

Ladies are so naive and they trust their pastors like they do no wrong-A man said.

I can’t share my secrets with my pastor. They are human too-A woman said.

These days ladies trust pastors more than each other-A man noted.

I am a pastor. We are shepherds. These ladies come to us and we have to help them. We give them even lungula advice according to the Bible. Lungula is the bottom of any marriage-A man of God said.

You can be able to lie to a woman anyhow. The people contributing a lot of money to these pastors are women. I know a lot of pastors who are hyenas. These pastors behave like they will go to the Lavington of Kenya and us to the Kibera of Kenya. These people have made these women be their slaves-Wakanai said.

‘It’s stage managed’ Maina Kageni slams pastors casting out demons

So sad. Ladies don’t know the difference between a marriage counselor and a pastor-A man said.

Telling the pastor my bedroom issues is foolish-A woman told Mr. Kageni.

I have not seen a part in the Bible where pastors are supposed to teach people about the bedroom-A man said.

Those pastors are conmen. Who said that they know the Bible? I really hate this pastors-A man said.

The moment you tell your fellow man your problems, things get messed up for you. Our women feel good in those churches. The pastors even tell our women to remove their clothes to be prayed for and they don’t even see the problem-A man concluded.

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They drink Jack Daniels like a man! Maina told about bibi mang’aa

Maina and King’ang’i spoke about wives who create chaos and suffering for their very loving husbands. The host was shocked that women like this(mabibi mang’aa) existed.

The presenter wondered how this could take place in a country where the men were reported to be the heads of homes. King’ang’i explained to him that it was happening more than people actually knew and that the husbands of these women were normally some of the coolest men out there.

I know my wife is cheating with many men and I can’t leave-Man tells Maina

Comments from listeners are below;

I can’t remember the last time I got home before my wife-A man sadly said about his bibi mang’aa.

Some times you visit someone and you see the way the wife behaves, I tell myself that I would like 10 minutes with that woman so that I can deal with her and make her a good wife-A man said.

Don’t such women know that they are inflicting fear on men who want to get marrie?-A woman asked.

Those kids called kababa are doomed. You are the head of the home and should behave as such. This women start by testing you. How can a man confess that his woman is seating on him? Leave her and go to another one that you can handle. Whether you are a billionaire, all women love an authoritative man-A man said.

Jacque Maribe’s father tenderly comforts distressed-looking Jowie(photos)

They are the first generation of women after the Beijing conference. That is why they are behaving like that-A man told Maina.

My grandfather once told me that there are no good women-A man told Mr. Kageni.

A woman has become like the men she is supposed to marry, drinking and acting like men-A woman told Mr. Kageni.

Those crazy women are there. Wanawake visirani wako. They should learn how to control their emotions. You don’t want to deal with one-A woman said.

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I got a back-up after my hubby cheated on me for 10 years-Maina told

Today, the morning conversation touched on relationships between men and women. Maina asked whether a recent report that claimed 50% of ladies have a back-up partner in mind just in case they break up or have issues with their relationships.

King’ang’i contributed by hilariously quipping that those men who were back-ups were the super subs, saying, ‘A guy is doing warm-ups on the touchline waiting for the right time.’

A list of sneaky ways girls save their clande’s phone number

One woman regaled Maina with a story about her own life, telling the presenter that she had had to get her own back-up after her husband relentlessly cheated on her during their 10-year marriage. She said,

‘These people(men) are bad. For all the years I have been together, I always catch him(my husband) red-handed. Recently I nearly contemplated suicide. But I got a back-up and I feel good. He is plan B and he knows I am Plan B. I almost want to call my husband’s clandes to call my man more so that I can get time with my back-up.’

The presenter opened the floor to the gallery. Some of the comments are below;

I am told if she(wife) doesn’t comment on your post on social media, then her back-up man is a mutual friend-A man told Maina.

Stima ikipotea, lazima uwe na generator-A woman told Maina.

I have like 3 back-ups for about 7 years. I need them when things in the house are not working. We don’t do anything physical-woman.

In everything you do in this life, you must have a back-up just like you have a side-hustle in case you lose your job. My husband doesn’t even know-A woman said.

‘I’ve Had Three ABORTIONS With A MARRIED Man I’ve Dated For 3 Years And I Still Love Him’ Confesses a Kenyan Clande (AUDIO)

Without a backup in life as a woman, you are done-A woman told Mr. Kageni.

The bottom line is that these days no one is faithful-A man said.

Backup is very necessary. I have had a backup since 2013. These men started it. You get a man to lean on or cry on. If your man cheats on you, I don’t feel it anymore. I don’t feel bad about it-A woman admitted.

A woman cheats emotionally while a man cheats for the physical-A man added.

What do you think?

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She has been paralysed for 2 years and still emerged tops-Maina told about KCPE

Maina and King’ang’i spoke about the recent KCPE exam results. They celebrated the candidates who had performed well and also raised an important issue that faces Kenyans, especially when one considers the importance attached to them.

Maina asked how his listeners had performed in their respective national exams and how it had impacted their lives. One lady gave an inspiring story of a paralysed girl that she knew who had performed beyond expectations, emerging tops in her school.

He paid for my university but I still dumped him-Woman proudly tells Maina

She told Mr Kageni, ‘I knew a girl who did very well. She has been paralysed for the last two years. Even her mother wanted her to repeat but her teachers insisted that she should proceed to class 8. She was the top in her school with 418 marks.’

Mr Kageni and Mwalimu were impressed with the story that the lady had give and even celebrated her. Some other comments from listeners are below;

When I did my KCPE I got 266. But I never gave up -Sharon told the host.

Before the results were released I was promised heaven but after I got my D-, my parents moved house -A man said.

I failed. My mom even said that I have fallen forwards. They even told me to go and get myself a school -A woman said.

I did average but I encouraged myself afterwards and have been pushing -A woman said.

We are in a hopeless mess! Kenyans tell Maina about Moses Kuria’s speech

I feel for parents who take their kids to public schools which are producing failures unlike our times -A man said.

I was the brightest in our home and I failed by getting 314 out of 700. I redeemed myself in KCSE and now I am doing well -A man said.

I passed getting 533 out of 700. No one knew me. I went to a very remote school. At that time Index number 1 was treated like royalty -A man said.

I got 345 out of 500. Life has nyoroshad me -A man said.

This KCPE doesn’t reflect the way life will go. I did well in KCPE and my sister did well in KCSE. She is doing well, I am pambanaing with my hali -man

Maina and King’ang’i finished the show by encouraging listeners that life doesn’t end after KCPE or KCSE.

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He paid for my university but I still dumped him-Woman proudly tells Maina

Maina Kageni had a question for men today? He wanted to know why many men took offence to a man paying for their women to go to university or get their Masters?

The man asked? ‘Why do men have a problem paying for a woman’s education and then they leave? It is just university. When men pay your fees. You are intimidated by a learned woman. Who told you she would leave?’

You’re wasting time with a man who won’t marry you  – Maina 

But King’ang’i was having none of it and went ahead to resolutely defend the Kenyan men’s honour. He said,

‘A man pays for a woman then she leaves. That is the most ungrateful thing I have ever heard. He pays for her university and even dowry. It is very bad. That is using someone. Ladies’ fees should be paid by her parents. She leaves you with matharau. We should see statements from accounts departments for who is paying the Masters program for them.’

One caller responded to the conversation saying that she had gained a lot from the man she was seeing, saying,

‘Why are you so angry. A car and a home you can repossess but a degree you can’t take back. He bought 2 cars for me. I told him to pay for my degree, which he did. He paid for my tuition and afterward I left after 6 years. Stop complaining and he also got something from me. That man is a stepping stone.’

Some of the responses from other listeners are below;

What do you mean they don’t owe you anything. They do-A male listener retorted.

I don’t pay even for my wife. What she has is enough-A man said.

I take care of a cow, then after all those years, someone else comes to take the milk. Are you the government of today. You educate someone and then they tell you that you are not of my class-Wakanai told Maina.

You are the true doctor of love! Maina tells Fred Obachi Machoka about wife

I will only pay for my children-A man told Mr. Kageni.

The worst mistake you will make is investing in a woman’s education-A smart man told Mr. Kageni.

I want to challenge these men. It doesn’t mean that because you educated me, I owe you. There is no way you can upgrade a woman without you upgrading yourself-man.

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Maina and King’ang’i weigh in on Garissa women rep Subow’s abusive language


The obscene and foul language used by female Kenyan politicians has taken centre stage.

This is after Garissa woman rep Anab Subow called Raila Odinga uncircumcised.

In a video that has gone viral on Sunday, Subow is heard referring to Raila as a devil who is not circumcised.

Part of her speech reads

“Rebuke the devil….. this mzee called Baba and I don’t know whose baba he is. He is old but he is not circumcised. He might be baba but let him go to Bondo and be circumcised first. Whom does he think he is, why is he not getting old”.

Classic hosts Maina and Kingangi debated this on Tuesday morning conversation.

Maina was left speechless only managing to say ‘aki mdomo ya wanawake’, while Kingangi insisted that ‘they are showing their true colors’.

Kenyans have labelled the women leaders using verbal abuse as shameless.

The vicious slurs have been roundly condemned when listeners responded to Maina Kageni’s question if it is it the true representation of Kenyan women these days. Here are some views.

An upset man said,’ Can you imagine telling that woman to find your socks? huyo anawezakutafutia? But we are praying to God that all will be well, these career ladies have lost respect for men, they need to change because ile respect that was back in the day that is what we want.

A woman called and said, ‘huyu mwanamke amezaa? because there is no normal woman who can go to in public and talk like that. I think she needs a psyciatrist, coz no normal woman can talk trash like that in public, they are embarrassing women in Kenya,

another said,’ I am saddened by that woman’s comments’.

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Maina and Kingangi weigh in on Kibra by election

Maina and King’ang’i today morning joined many Kenyans in sending congratulatory messages to the winner of the Kibra by election.



Jubilees Mariga lost to ODM’s Okoth, in a hotly contested by election.

Kenyans in awe after Mariga concedes Kibra race to Imran

The duo also spoke about the embarrassing scene where Boni Khalwale was photographed picking up stones while in a confrontation with voters from Kibra.

Boni Khalwale
Boni Khalwale

Maina and King’ang’i were appalled and said as much. ‘Should I get a stone for you? Tit for tat. A whole doctor! A whole senator!’ King’ang’i said.

They concluded the early morning talk by praising the mature way in which Mariga had handled his defeat to Imran. Mr. Kageni said that despite the fact that Mariga was leading at some point in the voting he was still mature enough to concede when he realised he couldn’t win.


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You’re wasting time with a man who won’t marry you  – Maina 


Ladies, why do you live with a man who has not thought about marrying you, Maina Kageni posed.

He opened up saying, ‘you will realize the kind of trouble you are in when he dies’.

This conversation was brought on after Mwalimu told him that his pal Fred Machoka has lived with his woman for 40 years and never married her. The couple marked 40 years together, but have never walked down the aisle.

Maina was livid asking why women put up with this kind of treatment.

I find that so wrong, living with a man and having children, it’s just so wrong, ladies don’t move into his house until he puts a ring on it.

Guys, why do you fear commitment? Mwalimu defended men saying pressure to marry is too much.

when you live with someone for long you realize how special they are so you wait for the right time, Manu Chandaria wed after 89 years, tena kwa Sheria House, people should know each other first, there shouldn’t be a hurry.

Maina brushed off these comments adding it’s wrong to live with someones daughter for so long without commitment.

Ladies, What does your mother think of your relationship? Don’t you see that you are wasting your time? Let me tell you ladies, the problem with these arrangement is that you realize where the problem is when he dies. Then you are finished, legally you are not married, where is her name on your documents,

Ladies are you living with a man who has not married you?

What’s your situation like? Drop your comments below.

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I was nearly in depression – Maina told by man left for 3-year-old son by ex

The morning conversation today was about a rarely discussed topic, that of a woman leaving their kids and not coming back. Maina was shocked and surprised wondering if such a thing could ever happen?

He asked listeners, ‘Have you ever left a baby at a reception? What made you do it? How do you leave the kid and never come back. I understand the men but not the women.’

Man MOANS about ‘deadbeat’ ex for not taking care of their child

King’ang’i said it was a common problem and that even in the place he worked kids were being left at the reception! ‘If you pretend that you aren’t picking the phone, they will leave the baby at the reception. Even a kid of 3 years. Many single fathers  are doing an awesome job.’

The host in a red shirt
Maina Kageni in a red shirt

One man regaled Maina with his tale of how his baby mama had left his 3-year-old son sleeping in his bed never to be seen from again. He told the Classic105 host,

‘I am one of the single fathers. This being left for a child is not a joke. I was left with him (my son) in my bed when he was 3 and a half. For 3 months I was nearly in depression. Now I am used to it. He is 4 and a half. I looked for her and I decided to leave her alone. She just called once, I told her to leave me alone. That is life. Vumilia. Kuna difference between kuzaa na kulea.’

Some other comments are below;

I cannot leave my kids, even if the government intervenes-A woman said.

I am one of those women who has left their kids with the father. I left them with their father because he and I weren’t together anymore. I took two of them to his school, he refused them. When he did that I sent them to his office. He is a very good father and he takes care of them-A woman confessed.

Maina Kageni responds to those curious about his dad (exclusive)

My kids are my life, so never will I leave them-A woman said.

We were left by my mother. Then our father left us so I had to raise my siblings. I was only 15 years-A woman said.

My father left first then my mother left, even though we were 7 kids. When I asked my parents, they blame each other. We were separated into different families. Some of my siblings even died. I don’t know how my mom’s food tastes like. My father refuses to apologise-A woman said.

My wife left me with a one-year-old child. I have been with the child for 8 years. From that day I have never seen her. The baby doesn’t know the mother. Men are strong but these women are taking advantage-man.

At the end of the show, Mr. Kageni revealed that he was shocked that the issue was a bigger problem than he ever thought

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Maina Kageni’s kind words for new Safaricom CEO after harsh criticism by some

Maina Kageni and King’ang’i had an interesting conversation today with many topics covered by the two. One of them was about the way many Kenyans are broke at this time of the month, especially after the many holidays’s that the country has had this month.

Maina Kageni responds to those curious about his dad (exclusive)

King’ang’i even wondered, ‘You get so broke until you wonder whether you are supposed to be a lesson to others about brokeness. Unasota mpaka mende zinakuuliza whats up. Unasota mpaka unakula mandazi kwa gazeti.’


The topic that touched Maina’s heart concerned the new Safaricom CEO, Peter Ndegwa. He was disturbed that some Kenyans had criticised the hiring of Ndegwa.


One caller explained that Kenyans may be worried that the new CEO might bring in nepotism and cronysim into the company because of his ethnicity. ‘Typical Kenyans. What Kenyans don’t understand is that the CEO cannot make decisions without consulting the management. Kenyans thought that he will connect his people because he was the CEO. That isn’t true.’

Peter Ndegwa
Peter Ndegwa

But Maina was firmly in his corner and had a few choice words for Ndegwa’s critics while also delivering a heartfelt speech for the new hire. ‘How we all became experts in his management style was not great. Why isn’t he in government? I wish him well. Do great things as you start your tenure.’ the affable host said.

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How do you get wet for a man with dry pockets-Woman tells Maina

The discussion we had today on the morning show was fire. Maina brought up a conversation about women helping their men with money referring to a female caller who had said that, ‘A man without a job is a disgrace to his woman. You have a useless man in the house.’

Mr. Kageni agreed with the statement and gave his thoughts saying, ‘A man should get any job he can. When she bails you out or helps you, it is a favour or a duty. Your primary responsibility is to provide and protect. It is a biblical responsibility.Don’t give a man money, give him food, yes, give him a warm bed he can enjoy himself in, I agree. Clothe him, money no.’

‘She is beautiful’ Maina Kageni addresses Lucy Natasha dating rumors

King’ang’i, as usual, disagreed with him and told Maina to stop spreading the hate speech, telling the host, ‘We are one. We are an item. Stop telling these women that it is a favour. We are not mistreating them when sh!t hits the fan, she can also help.’

The comments from listeners are below;

So only jobless men should be hanged. Nonsense-A man wrote.

It is so true. Men up your game if you don’t want to be considered useless-A woman said.

I don’t know what you ate or smoked Maina but you are saying bad words. If she wants to give me money, let her. Those women going to talk about their men to other women, messing up their relationships. This is a temporary situation. No situation is permanent-A man told Mr. Kageni.

Isn’t Sonko mad! He is an African Trump – Maina tells King’ang’i!

My woman gave me 140k for an investment. You stay there saying that-A man bragged to Mr Kageni.

Men are givers by default while women are takers. You give him money he gives to another woman who showers him with praise-A woman commented.

Prophet of doom. The same women who say that Eliud is handsome. Their minds are only on money. You want a man to steal so that he can make a woman happy. Then when you get in trouble they leave you for another man-Wakanai said.

How can you get wet for a man whose pockets are dry? Get out of the house and do something. Let them go outside and get something. We don’t need so much. We will appreciate that effort. I can never give a man money.

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