Should it matter how many men a woman has had before you asks Mike Mondo


Judging from online conversations and with friends, the question of lover statistics is as compelling as ever.

It is understandable to be curious what number you are but what will you do if you love this person?

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Too many men are still raised to see bedroom matters as crude competition, in which bedding a woman who has already had a lot of lovers counts less than scoring with a woman who is “hard to get.”


But I think the average guy’s worry is simpler than that. The more men his girlfriend has slept with, the greater number of lovers to which she can compare his skills. It’s easier to win a contest against two than against 20, he figures. And even easier to rank first when he’s the only one to have ever played the game. No wonder so many men are obsessed with finding a virgin.

A woman called in and told her story.

I have been in 20 relationships

I haven’t found him yet and I can go through another 20 declared a defiant woman.
that’s how I can learn them I have gone through 20 of them and I haven’t found mine.

Shoud it matter asked Mike Mondo to which Mwalimu responded sharply saying

‘My husband’s side chick just gave birth to his child’ Cries betrayed city woman

You know you can have a masterkey but if you are a padlock it’s a problem.
Sasa what is she looking for Kingangi posed to Mike Mondo shocked she has gone through 20.

Congratulations Kingangi said

It’s good for a lady to maintain her values, you now when you go with a man they go with part of you spiritually so minimize that especially when you are a lady. The reason you see most marriages back in the day succeed is because the woman didn’t have many men.

But again, why is it so important to know an exact number? What difference does it make? Knowing whether a potential girlfriend has ever been in love before is important; discovering (slowly and patiently) how her past experiences have impacted her view of men (for better or worse) is important.

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A male caller differed with men by siding with women on this issue. He said

Don’t be preoccupied with how many men she’s had. My cousin is those ladies who don’t like nonsense. She has been with more than 40 men in the past 15 years, so that should not matter whether she has had many men, just accept that she is with you. Why do we expect women not to have a past like men do?

Another female caller told off men shaming women

Stop being obsessed with my past that’s not your business, leave us alone and keep walking forward. I have 16 men actually probably more and they are all a problem. If I have to get to 100 men so be it. Kwanza Giriama men are terrible, it’s actually all Kenyan men you must sample. Hii kitu sio sabuni, haikwishi.

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‘I was earning 50k,’ Mike Mondo reveals woman rejected him over ‘little’ salary

Mike Mondo and Kingangi spoke about petty reasons people are leaving each other today. Mike felt that people are leaving each other for very flimsy reasons, saying that in the days of old marriages used to last.

He delivered an anecdote about how one lady that he knewdivulged an had left him because of his kidogo salary. He told Kingangi;

I have been left because of how much I make. It was kidogo. When I started doing radio I used to make 50 g’s a month. This lady I was seeing told me that that was too little telling me that she couldn’t be with a man that was making that little. And she refused me for that. She left. Now every once in a while she sends messages telling me that we should catch up.

Mike Mondo
Mike Mondo

Kingangi agreed with him saying that many are leaving each other over petty issues. He said that he believed issues that can be resolved should not be the reason that people leave each other. ‘Before you think of bolting first give dialog a chance.’ he said.

Most of the audience agreed with the hosts. Some of their comments are below;

I myself I am a divorcee. If I knew what I knew know I would not have left. Marriage ni kuvumiliana. Maybe your man is cheating or his in-laws are hard to deal with, those are the same issues you will deal with other men. We need to have patience with our spouses-one woman told Mike.

Girls, do you expect men to refund money after a breakup Mike Mondo asks

It is about happiness. It is about you-one woman told Mike.

We are being left for such silly lessons like, ‘we have an old T.V while our neighbours have a new one’. Even when these women leave they always end up coming back-A comment from a man.

Women think that money solves all their problems while they don’t know that at the end of the day, a woman needs a man-another woman told Mike.

I think you will explore until you die. There is no good man. If you think there is a perfect marriage, then never get married-woman

What do you think?

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Why Kenyan women want men who earn six figure salaries


Do you watch the dating show Perfect Match on Ebru TV? Some episodes are so cringeworthy, and it’s all because of what the girls say.

The demands by the young girls to the fellas makes many upset. From wanting a man who drives a Range Rover, to wanting a tall, light skinned man.

Young women are not shying away from declaring that they won’t date a man without a car, or one who doesn’t earn six figure salary.

They have no time for a man who can’t provide for their needs.

Mike Mondo and Mwalimu Kinga’ngi discussed this on the morning conversation.

Mike described why he wanted to open up discussion about slay queen dating demands.

I want to share with you Kingangi, yesterday I went to my child’s school today and I meet these young ladies who were having this conversation that was so interesting it got heated.

They were saying they want a man to have a job, to make six figures, I want him to be driving, to be paying a mortgage.

I was listening and I asked them what about you. So you want all these from the men, what are you bring on the table. We got into this conversation. Isn’t it time men start making lists about women?

Yes you are pretty but aside from your physical attributes what are you bringing?

Those expectation that you put on men, what is it that you are putting on the table?

He opened up discussion to listeners and most who commented were women.

A woman said:

ehh tunaleta watoto so we are like the shamba you cultivate it uweke manure ukiweza fertilizer we carry your babies so that its the main thing in a marriage, we brign children. the key thing in a marriage children are very important, so he has to have everything a woman wants and she brings children, that’s why we are looking for men with six figures, and those who drive big cars na waende shule poa in fact I should go in that house with a leso only.

Another said:

‘I you see its been made for women to get tot that im talking froma point of experiecne you come in you support your husband you help him in everythign you build an empire you have property at the same tike you are a woman you are carryign children and then along the way ehen the an feels comfortable because you hae been supporting thim he goes for another women than he goes for a younger woman. what have men given back aothe than mpango wa kando 


Dear Classic 105 fam, what do you think. Drop your comments below.

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‘Let me tell you Maina Kageni…’ side-chic spills the beans

Today morning Maina spoke about women who target men who are already married. He wondered why this ‘other women’ will go for an already married man?

Maina based his question on a comment that had been made by a certain listener who complained about lazy women trying to steal men from hard-working women.

Maina then asked listeners why women would go for the ready-made man if they weren’t gold diggers? The responses he got are below;

Stop using shortcuts and get your own man-Read a message from a man.

Not every woman was made smart. So they have to get those men who can provide for them-Read a message from a man.

They are not lazy. They are women who are just looking for provider-Read a message from a woman.

A man can love many women. A woman can’t. Ask the men why this is?-Read a message from a woman.

I would rather crush her face than allow a second woman. They are very foolish-woman

Those women are the ones who are seducing us. It is not us who go to them. If food brings itself to you, you eat it-man

As a man, you have to be principled-Read a message from a woman.

Behind every successful man, there is a woman. So more women makes a man more successful-Read a message from a man.

My wife does not give me my conjugal rights when I need. That is why I go for other women-A male caller said.

Even a career woman goes back home to her husband. So those men are just making excuses that their women are too busy-Read a message from a woman

Lustful men will call and give you all the excuses. You can’t tame such a man-Read a message from a woman

These men are greedy. We have cooked for you, you are full and you still go out there-A female caller said.

The last caller had a very deep and emotive personal story that shocked and surprised Maina. She told the concerned host;

A lady has messed my marriage. She moves around with men. She chased my man. My husband had an affair with another woman. This is after 15 years of marriage. I know her very well since she was my neighbour since she was young. I can’t leave my home. I am not going to lose my house worth 20 million. This lady gave birth with her own sister’s husband. That second wife thing is not easy.

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‘Are women happy with polygamy?’ Maina and Kingangi discuss

Maina and Kingangi today spoke about women being O.K with their husbands being polygamous. Maina was thunderstruck that some wives are happy sharing their husbands with other women.

Kingangi meanwhile saw no problem with the scenario of a Kenyan man having many wives as long as he could take care of them. He said that some women are selfish for not wanting to share their men with other women.

The comments from listeners were fascinating. Some are below;

It is the new reality Maina. Men are polygamous by nature. It is better to know who you are sharing him with than with a thousand dollar whore out there-read a message from a female listener.

If a man has the flexible financial muscle to take care of his wives, then let him do it, provided everyone is well-taken care off-road a message from a female listener.

That (notion) is sick. I am very jealous and troublesome-read a message from a female listener.

That woman is happier than the one who was cheated on. I would rather be her. Better the devil you know then the angel you don’t-A message from a female caller.

I think that guy is a real man. I better know that I have other co-wives than find out he has many wives when my man dies-read a message from a female caller.

I am not comfortable with a polygamous man. There are joker women out there-read a message from a female listener

A woman who cares for her man is jealous. If she is O.K sharing her man then it means that she doesn’t care that much for her man-read a message from a male listener.

Better you know that your man is polygamous so that you can plan yourself than find out later on- read a message from a female caller.

Today’s modern women cannot handle the machismo of some of the men we have a message by Wakanai.

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Maina and Kingangi speak about men who are serial cheaters

Maina Kageni and Mwalimu Kingangi spoke about a woman who had called in recently. The lady had recounted how the man she lived with and had a child with had hidden the fact that he had a wife for 3 years!

It was only when she was supposed to meet the man’s family that she found out that he was already married! The lady told Maina that after that incident she had to break the relationship up.

Maina was dumbfounded that there were men like these in Kenya, while Kingangi supported the man and said that such men should be celebrated for being able to keep his marriage a secret for so long.

After that viewers commented on the story with some interesting remarks. Some are below;

Those are the men we are looking for. Ako chini ya maji. For 3 years amenyamaza-A male caller said.

Don’t expect a man to be faithful to you if your husband lives in a different town. I am comfortable with my man having a second wife as it reduces the stress of cheating-A female caller said.

That woman has failed us. We are the best FBI. She should have known that her man was cheating on her-A message from a female listener.

Guys like him should be honoured by the state and given 10 million shillings. The man should be hired by the state as an undercover corruption agent-Message from a male listener.

My man has 3 women including me and we are happy. We have been married for 10 years. He can manage to take care of all the women. My man wants 10 kids. We have 9 already. Men have a lot of energy that I can’t keep up with-A female caller.

Kenyan women are selfish. If a man can take care of 10 families, let him-Message from a male listener.

My husband was a big cheat. He even lied that one of his women was his cousin. He has women everywhere he goes, close to 10! I don’t want a man now. I am tired of them-An exasperated female caller.

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Maina and Kingangi debate whether marriage is necessary anymore?

Maina and Kingangi debated the merits of coupling up in this day and age. Maina felt that it wasn’t necessary for people to get married while Kingangi disagreed with him saying that marriage was important.

Kingangi even told Maina that he shouldn’t be that selfish in his thinking, saying that there is a person for everyone. He even enthused that because a past lover had disappointed you, one should not give up on love.

After that, Maina opened up the conversation to listeners. Some of the comments are below;

You can easily get a good woman to marry but you can’t get a good reason to marry-A written message from a man.

Don’t get married for no reason-Captain Kale’ written message.

I am never getting married. I don’t want to be dictated to. I am too independent. I will do whatever I want to do-A woman told Mr. Kageni.

Everyone has to make their own decision about marriage-A written message from a man.

Even dating is tough for me, how about marriage-A written message from a woman.

It takes an empowered person to make a proper decision to get married-A written message from a man.

Let us not kid ourselves, every woman needs a man-A written message from a woman.

Maina you were born because your mom and dad got together-A man telling Maina the host.

Marriage was always an exchange but it isn’t so at the moment-A written message from a woman.

It is great that we have the choice of whether we should get married or not-A woman told Maina.

Some of y’all were born to destroy marriages-A written message from a man.

Everyone is wired for marriage. It is just that everyone who does not want to get married has made themselves not marriage material. If you don’t have a wife, a man comes to naught-A written message from a man

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Maina and Kingangi perplexed by Ringtone’s attention seeking

Today’s morning conversation was really interesting with Maina and Kingangi debating the merits of people coupling up. While speaking, Maina had some choice words for gospel musician Ringtone.

Maina was unhappy with the antics that Ringtone has been pulling recently, especially his latest stunt yesterday. The singer had gone to Pastor Allan Kiuna’s JCC church that is located on Forest Road.

While there, the ‘Pamela’ singer decided to go on with his wife search and held a placard inside the church premises advertising his need for a wife.

Ringtone at JCC
Ringtone at JCC

He was thrown out of the church premises and Maina wondered why Ringtone had to even look for a wife in the first place?

Kingangi agreed and asked how it was possible someone who had money, who lived in Karen and who owned a V8 and a Range Rover could not get a wife?

He finished off by advising the singer that he should find another way to get attention.

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‘Why do men lie to their women?’ Maina and Kingangi ask

Maina and Kingangi had a fascinating conversation about why men lie to their wives/significant others. Kingangi defended men saying that men don’t lie and that women should leave their men’s phones alone.

Maina was flummoxed at the behaviour of many men and asked women the most egregious lies that the men in their lives had told them? Many listeners tuned in and gave their views about the topic.

Most of the men said that lying was a necessity for a relationship while many women admitted that men change their behaviours once they have gotten married.

Some of the comments are below;

Why can’t men tell the truth? Change the marriage vows- A female said.

Which woman wants to be told the truth?- A written message from a man.

Ladies fake it till they make it. What is wrong if we do the same?-A written message from a man.

He will treat you like a queen when you date but differently when he marries you. A woman reflects how you treat her-A written message from a man.

I found out my boyfriend had a wife the day we were supposed to go to my parents-A written message from a woman.

Why did the dating stuff stop after we got married? It was campaigning just like our politicians do- A man explained via phone call.

If a man lies, he lies with a reason. He does it so he doesn’t spoil the home-A written message from a man.

We lie for convenience not like women who lie to hurt you-A written message from a man.

Women should stop putting on makeup and Brazilian hair if they want men to also stop lying-A man explained via phone call.

Men lie. A man I knew already another family elsewhere. We had to break up although we had a kid. We had gone out for six years. We dated for 3 years and lived in the same house for 3 years- A woman narrated to a shocked Maina.

Men lie, women lie better. A man lies to get himself out of a problem. Women are devils. They don’t even blink when they lie. Even maybe giving birth is not that painful. They just lie-Wakanai said.

Even for one to get a job, you must lie-A written message from a man.

If you want a second wife how do you get one without lying-A written message from a man.

Even we ladies lie. I have had two kids and they are not for my husband. Men are also dumb-A female caller told Maina.

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Maina and Kingangi debate why husbands are calling their wives beasts!

Maina and Kingangi spoke about an interesting topic today on the relations between the genders. Maina was concerned after a male caller had previously said that Kenyan women (wives) are animals in general. He even added that the women are beasts.

Maina asked how it was possible for men to sleep in the same bed with their wives and still call them animals? How was it possible for the men to have such cognitive dissonance?

Kingangi said that Kenyan women putting mchele in a man’s drink was a sign of how bad things were. Maina opened the floor up to comments from the gallery. Some of the responses are below;

Word of advice for newly married men. Eat from the same plate as your wife-Written message from a man.

Men should know that there is no woman as dangerous as one who has been messed with-Written message from a man.

Let not these men be too judgemental. It is pathetic-Message from a female caller.

They are beasts, they are so evil. Even devils fear them. Only fear one woman, your mother.-Wakanai said.

The worst thing that a man can do is trusting in his wife-Written message from a man.

A woman will put poison in your food and still look you in the eye while you eat it-Written message from a man.

We deal with devils. How can you grind a steel wire in someone’s food and give it to them to eat-Written message from a man.

Hatukatai tuna demons but these animals come because of the men. And it is because they lie. Men are the ones who lie. They frustrate us-Message from a female caller.

Satan and women are friends-Written message from a man.

Why marry someone you don’t trust-A woman asked via text message.

I sleep with my eyes open-Written message from a man.

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Woman laughs off giving up child to be raised by in-laws


Kenyan men often land the wrath of society for being dead beat dad’s who want nothing to do with their offspring.

But the tables seemed to have turned on Classic 105 after a mother called in confessing she gave up her daughter to her in laws and is happy with that decision.

Maina spoke about it saying

I need to talk of these mothers, because when this lady called in, it threw my head into a spin.

The woman talked about why she gave up her daughter to her in-laws and also how she has not seen the child since.

She told Maina

he was told by the parents… go take the kid we will take care of her… I said ok, come and take her. I have not seen her. I don’t need to be responsible for anything now, sitaki mastress

So how often does she see her daughter?

I don’t. It’s been a year since nilimwona

And why isn’t she bothered at all by this

because I don’t want anything to do with them

As a mother who has had a child taken from her, doesn’t she miss her daughter? Maina proded her

siwezi endea huko you know what? itakuwa balaa and she is four years and a half. Now I am ok. I just told God to give me that piece of mind.

This formed the basis of the morning conversation where Mwalimu Kingangi slammed women.

Maina said’ I can understand men not having an instinct but ladies…

Mwalimu dag in criticizing society’s perception of men

‘You know men love their children even those outside, more than women kufa kupona ni kukatazwa. how do you leave your daughter?

Is there something we don’t understand about this lady? What do you make of what you’ve heard from her? What do you make of her behaviour.

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Should absentee fathers be celebrated on Father’s Day? Maina and Kingangi ask

Maina and Kingangi had a fascinating conversation about how people marked Father’s Day on Sunday June 16th.

Maina noted that an overwhelming number of the posts on the day were women wishing single mothers a Happy Father’s day.

Maina asked if it was o.k that many fathers were being ignored on the day.

Maina’s personal opinion was that if a father isn’t present in his child’s life then he does not deserve to be celebrated on the day adding that a child cannot ‘miss something that they’ve never had’.

Kingangi disagreed with him and said that even if a man wasn’t present in their child’s life that they should still be celebrated and recognised on the day.

Many guests called in and wrote messages. The consensus was split between the men and the women with men agreeing that they should be celebrated and the women saying that a deadbeat father shouldn’t be recognised.

Some of the reactions are below;

Even if the child’s parent is not providing you should let the child know their father. They(single mothers) are crying at night. They should look for their men and ask for forgiveness – Written message Captain Kale.

Definition of a father is one who provides and protects for his family. There is only Mother’s Day for the kids as there isn’t a father – Female caller.

Being a father is not just being a sperm donor but providing – Female caller.

Why should you be celebrated yet you are an absent dad? – Message from a female respondent.

I am walking to work because I don’t my children’s father does not support us. He is a baby daddy to 4 different women. He doesn’t take care of his children – Message from a female respondent.

Just because single mothers plays a hard-working role does not make them fathers. A father will always be a male figure – Message from a male respondent.

How can I wish you a Father’s Day and you aren’t even one? Why should I wish you more happiness and you aren’t even one – Female caller.

Women are only vessels. We help them. Men don’t run away to help other women. They(single mothers) should provide a conducive environment so that men can stay with you – Male caller.

What do you think?

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Maina and Kingangi: The power of the tongue of a woman

Maina and Kingangi talked about the power of the woman’s tongue and they were asking about what a woman has ever told you that you will never forget.

Most of the responses were from them men saying how evil a woman can be.

One man called saying; my brother killed himself because of his wife. She used to deny him food and did not respect him at all in his own house. 

The men also commented saying that women should be handled with great care because they can be evil when messed up with. Some were of opinion that mothers were to be blamed for not bringing up their daughters in the right way.

A lady responded to this saying that, its fathers who spoil us not mothers. My father tells me about men and how they behave.

Maina and Kingangi: Why would a wealthy normal man kill his wife?

Another man was of opinion that women are like balloons when blown they swell and will eventually burst if more pressure is added to them and so one should be careful when dealing with them.
One man said that men should also know how to handle their women because one cannot attack you with no reason there has to be something leading to that.

Ladies also commented on this.

One said, my husband once told me that the worst mistake i ever did was to marry you. I forgave him but i have never forgotten and that was 15 years ago and i consider myself single since then. 

I broke up with my husband because he used to say that he would prefer my mother than me because she had a nice figure that he ever wanted in his life and was a more established woman than me. I got i another boyfriend but i have never got intimate with him since we started dating. He knows about my story and  he knows am not confident enough and is ready to wait for me. Maina finds this to me the most incredible story ever heard.

Read more comments:

Maina and Kingangi debate the power of a Mother-in-law over her son

Maina and Kingangi had a vigorous conversation today about the power a mother-in-law has over her son’s decisions in life. Maina referenced an article he had read in one of the dailies where the conversation was about mothers-in-law.

He said that he was shocked after reading a particular story where a Kenyan man got a divorce on the advice of his mother! That appalled him while Kingangi was of the opinion that mothers have a sixth sense and that it should be respected.

Listeners texted and called with their responses. Some are below:


There are women suffering in silence because of their mothers-in-law – A text from a male listener.

Our mothers are the first priority, wives come in the category of other. When I get broke my mother will help me, my wife meanwhile will be at the club – Captain Kale.

A man broke up with me because I was from a different tribe, we had been together for 2 years. It happened last year. His mother insisted. There are men who are really weak – A female caller.

I had a lot of fight with my dad and mom about my future wife. They said my wife was like a version of a slay queen. I have been married for 4 years We didn’t talk with my parents for 6 months – Response from a male caller.

My mom told me not to see a certain boy because there were rumours that he had impregnated another woman. Sad to say we broke up 3 years later – Response from female caller.

The sword cuts both ways with good ones and bad ones – A text from a female listener

Hawa wanaume ni ngamia. They are weak – Response from female caller.

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Maina and Kingangi ask whether men refund loans borrowed from their women

This week Maina and Kingangi have been discussing issues that deal with finances in relationships between man and woman.

Maina brought up the issue of men asking for money from their significant others and whether they ever returned the money.

Maina wondered whether men knew how important money was to women?

Kingangi meanwhile was of the opinion that most men return the money promptly. The reason he gave was that most women would nag the man incessantly until they got back the money, adding, ‘hiyo nyumba hailkaliki!’

Some of the responses to the conversation are below;

One man disappeared with my 2.8 million. He is now building a house with his first wife, even though he left a son behind – Response from a female caller.

They(women) are like thieves. They are suspect from day one. Die with your own mother. Pesa ya mwanake imelaaniwa – Wakanai.

I did her favour marrying her a favour and giving her children. She should thank me – Captain Kale.

When you are in love you have already helped him with more than 100k. I have given out 200k collectively to a man. Then he disappeared. It happened again. I gave the second man 10k. I have never repeated it again – Response from a female caller.

Head of the home should not sumbua his juniors – Response from a female caller.

The man should not borrow but ask. This means he isn’t seeking a loan – Response from a female caller.

Marriage is a couple taking each other’s assets and liabilities. Also if you can’t pay your father and mother, then how can you pay the person who is supposed to be one with you? – Response from a male caller.

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Maina and Kingangi ask whether wives should help their husbands financially

Maina and Kingangi had a fascinating conversation this morning regarding men asking their wives for money. Maina felt like this was a grave offense and that men should be self-sufficient, saying, ‘a man’s money is for the family, while her money is hers.’

He was scandalised that modern men had no shame asking their women for money, claiming that if the women did so, they would be the defacto heads of the homes. Kingangi meanwhile saw the sense in men asking their wives for money.

He said that these men also help their wives when they (wives) are in need. Why shouldn’t they get the same treatment. When comments were opened opinion was nearly split down the middle among the genders; with the ladies agreeing with what Maina was saying while the men largely agreed with Kingangi.

Some of the responses are below;

Huwezi sema mtu hana pesa aende akufe. Ulisalimia Mungu ndio upate pesa, Ananipatia pocket money – an enraged male caller telling Maina that it is o.k for his wife to help him.

What’s wrong with a that – Male response via text.

I will not give you any pocket money so you can drink with your male friends -Female response via text.

How do you give a man money to treat other chipos? – Female response via text.

I always give my wife money, when I don’t have, she should give me – Male response via text.

Till death do us part – Response from male caller.

Who said we need her money – Response from an enraged male caller.

My pride and ego do not allow me to deal with such men. My face will put a stop on them – Response from a proud female caller.

I once gave my man the man, thank God he didn’t take it cause I was dying inside -Response from a female caller.

I will give you business ideas and not pamper you money – Response from a female caller.

The Constitution or the Bible does not say that a man cannot be given money by his wife – Response from an enraged male caller

If you are broke forget about marriage. There is no way that I can give you a child and pocket money – Female response via text.

I have no problem helping men, equality – Female response via text.

I will never give my man anything – Response from a female caller.

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The one thing that makes Kenyan women shout at their men in public

Ladies why do you feel the need to shout at your man in public?

An article in a local daily dubbed ‘The angry woman syndrome’ formed the basis of the morning conversation on Classic 105.

On the morning conversation on Tubonge Tuesday, Maina Kageni sought to know why Kenyan wives are always angry and why they don’t care about shouting at their husbands in public.

I wasted away in alcoholism – Chief Justice Maraga confesses

A female caller narrated to Maina why she vents on the streets.

‘I was that good girl until marriage changed me’. revealed Purity.

Another said ‘inatokana na lack of conjugal rights. Nitakwambia kwanini. Mimi nilikuwa fresh form four nikapata kazi ya nymba ambayo nimefanya kwa seven years. Huyu husband na wife wanakosana juu ya bedroom. Mwanamke anaambia mume ni bure, shida si pesa, ni hawa watu wawili kutoka kwa bedroom. Fuatilia Maina shida si pesa. shida ya hawa wanawake si pesa, mimi natimiza zangu na sioni hiyo shida.

Maina responded saying ‘I didn’t even imagine that would even be an issue. Wow. ladies you are not saying that are you? So it’s all there. is that it?

Fashion: Dj Bash’s son adorably steals the show 

Sharon also called in and weighed in on the matter.

‘ukikuta umeshoutiwa know that you have failed as a man, know that you are not man enough for her. you are just a disgrace unajua it is the work of a man to shape the character of his wife, so if he can’t control his woman calm her down, she will get frustrated and shout every corner.’
We ain’t bitter, they just can’t hear us.. How do yu make a man who goes on Friday and shows up on Sunday hear you! How…. They are big babies they only listen that way! @Itsmainakageni @classic105kenya #MainaAndKingangi

Another lambasted men saying
@ItsMainaKageni @Classic105Kenya This is not a ladies wish to ve such a bad temper its the way tormentation has invested in us especially when ur the first born and ur seen like a nobody and being mistreated too…..#MainaAndKingangi

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Felix differs warning
Maina most of this drama queens are usually ladies who struggle in academics or were academic dwarfs. I did that research. I had a girl friend like that it pained me more to be shout at by an empty debee.

what is your opinion about angry wives shouting on the streets?

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Maina and Kingangi debate whether wives make their husbands successful

Maina and Kingangi this morning had an interesting conversation concerning the importance a woman plays in building up a man.

Maina referenced a conversation he had with a woman last Friday who admitted that she was the reason her husband had become successful in life, saying,

I met him when he was in a rental that cost 12k a month. Now I am in our own house. Our children are in the best schools. They(husbands without direction) send 20k a week to mpango wa kando and bars. He says that I am the best and thanks God every day he married me. He is ahead of his siblings, just because he married me.

Maina agreed with her that women build up men but Kingangi was not buying that notion and said that women did push me alright, but it wasn’t helpful, rather it was more like nagging. He said that is why many Kenyan men were going to Uganda and Rwanda to thrive.

Kingangi also asked if he was pushing him away or pushing him forward, a question that Maina decided to ignore. Kingangi caused laughter by asking Maina why he wasn’t married if women could help a man so much?

Maina then opened up the conversation to the audience. It was a near even split among the genders with most men refuting Maina’s argument while the women agreed that they had a big part to play in the success of men.

One of the male callers said that the conception that that lady had brought up was nonsense. Captain Kale agreed with that man saying that women push you then when you make it they either kill you or divorce you.

Another asked on text how it was that retired President Moi had succeeded without a woman in his life. There is a difference between pushing a man and suffocating, another man wrote on text.

There was the rare man who agreed with Maina saying that a good woman can indeed help you. One female opined that anytime you try to help men, they say umewakalia.

Another male caller defended women and said that he sees the benefit his wife plays in his life. The caller added he got his wife when they lived in a house where he paid rent of sh3000. Now he had everything and he insisted that Mpango wa kando hawasaidii.

A female caller agreed saying that if you don’t push men, that they will be at a round-about for the rest of their lives.

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