Maina and King’ang’i weigh in on Garissa women rep Subow’s abusive language


The obscene and foul language used by female Kenyan politicians has taken centre stage.

This is after Garissa woman rep Anab Subow called Raila Odinga uncircumcised.

In a video that has gone viral on Sunday, Subow is heard referring to Raila as a devil who is not circumcised.

Part of her speech reads

“Rebuke the devil….. this mzee called Baba and I don’t know whose baba he is. He is old but he is not circumcised. He might be baba but let him go to Bondo and be circumcised first. Whom does he think he is, why is he not getting old”.

Classic hosts Maina and Kingangi debated this on Tuesday morning conversation.

Maina was left speechless only managing to say ‘aki mdomo ya wanawake’, while Kingangi insisted that ‘they are showing their true colors’.

Kenyans have labelled the women leaders using verbal abuse as shameless.

The vicious slurs have been roundly condemned when listeners responded to Maina Kageni’s question if it is it the true representation of Kenyan women these days. Here are some views.

An upset man said,’ Can you imagine telling that woman to find your socks? huyo anawezakutafutia? But we are praying to God that all will be well, these career ladies have lost respect for men, they need to change because ile respect that was back in the day that is what we want.

A woman called and said, ‘huyu mwanamke amezaa? because there is no normal woman who can go to in public and talk like that. I think she needs a psyciatrist, coz no normal woman can talk trash like that in public, they are embarrassing women in Kenya,

another said,’ I am saddened by that woman’s comments’.

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Maina and Kingangi weigh in on Kibra by election

Maina and King’ang’i today morning joined many Kenyans in sending congratulatory messages to the winner of the Kibra by election.



Jubilees Mariga lost to ODM’s Okoth, in a hotly contested by election.

Kenyans in awe after Mariga concedes Kibra race to Imran

The duo also spoke about the embarrassing scene where Boni Khalwale was photographed picking up stones while in a confrontation with voters from Kibra.

Boni Khalwale
Boni Khalwale

Maina and King’ang’i were appalled and said as much. ‘Should I get a stone for you? Tit for tat. A whole doctor! A whole senator!’ King’ang’i said.

They concluded the early morning talk by praising the mature way in which Mariga had handled his defeat to Imran. Mr. Kageni said that despite the fact that Mariga was leading at some point in the voting he was still mature enough to concede when he realised he couldn’t win.


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You’re wasting time with a man who won’t marry you  – Maina 


Ladies, why do you live with a man who has not thought about marrying you, Maina Kageni posed.

He opened up saying, ‘you will realize the kind of trouble you are in when he dies’.

This conversation was brought on after Mwalimu told him that his pal Fred Machoka has lived with his woman for 40 years and never married her. The couple marked 40 years together, but have never walked down the aisle.

Maina was livid asking why women put up with this kind of treatment.

I find that so wrong, living with a man and having children, it’s just so wrong, ladies don’t move into his house until he puts a ring on it.

Guys, why do you fear commitment? Mwalimu defended men saying pressure to marry is too much.

when you live with someone for long you realize how special they are so you wait for the right time, Manu Chandaria wed after 89 years, tena kwa Sheria House, people should know each other first, there shouldn’t be a hurry.

Maina brushed off these comments adding it’s wrong to live with someones daughter for so long without commitment.

Ladies, What does your mother think of your relationship? Don’t you see that you are wasting your time? Let me tell you ladies, the problem with these arrangement is that you realize where the problem is when he dies. Then you are finished, legally you are not married, where is her name on your documents,

Ladies are you living with a man who has not married you?

What’s your situation like? Drop your comments below.

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I was nearly in depression – Maina told by man left for 3-year-old son by ex

The morning conversation today was about a rarely discussed topic, that of a woman leaving their kids and not coming back. Maina was shocked and surprised wondering if such a thing could ever happen?

He asked listeners, ‘Have you ever left a baby at a reception? What made you do it? How do you leave the kid and never come back. I understand the men but not the women.’

Man MOANS about ‘deadbeat’ ex for not taking care of their child

King’ang’i said it was a common problem and that even in the place he worked kids were being left at the reception! ‘If you pretend that you aren’t picking the phone, they will leave the baby at the reception. Even a kid of 3 years. Many single fathers  are doing an awesome job.’

The host in a red shirt
Maina Kageni in a red shirt

One man regaled Maina with his tale of how his baby mama had left his 3-year-old son sleeping in his bed never to be seen from again. He told the Classic105 host,

‘I am one of the single fathers. This being left for a child is not a joke. I was left with him (my son) in my bed when he was 3 and a half. For 3 months I was nearly in depression. Now I am used to it. He is 4 and a half. I looked for her and I decided to leave her alone. She just called once, I told her to leave me alone. That is life. Vumilia. Kuna difference between kuzaa na kulea.’

Some other comments are below;

I cannot leave my kids, even if the government intervenes-A woman said.

I am one of those women who has left their kids with the father. I left them with their father because he and I weren’t together anymore. I took two of them to his school, he refused them. When he did that I sent them to his office. He is a very good father and he takes care of them-A woman confessed.

Maina Kageni responds to those curious about his dad (exclusive)

My kids are my life, so never will I leave them-A woman said.

We were left by my mother. Then our father left us so I had to raise my siblings. I was only 15 years-A woman said.

My father left first then my mother left, even though we were 7 kids. When I asked my parents, they blame each other. We were separated into different families. Some of my siblings even died. I don’t know how my mom’s food tastes like. My father refuses to apologise-A woman said.

My wife left me with a one-year-old child. I have been with the child for 8 years. From that day I have never seen her. The baby doesn’t know the mother. Men are strong but these women are taking advantage-man.

At the end of the show, Mr. Kageni revealed that he was shocked that the issue was a bigger problem than he ever thought

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Maina Kageni’s kind words for new Safaricom CEO after harsh criticism by some

Maina Kageni and King’ang’i had an interesting conversation today with many topics covered by the two. One of them was about the way many Kenyans are broke at this time of the month, especially after the many holidays’s that the country has had this month.

Maina Kageni responds to those curious about his dad (exclusive)

King’ang’i even wondered, ‘You get so broke until you wonder whether you are supposed to be a lesson to others about brokeness. Unasota mpaka mende zinakuuliza whats up. Unasota mpaka unakula mandazi kwa gazeti.’


The topic that touched Maina’s heart concerned the new Safaricom CEO, Peter Ndegwa. He was disturbed that some Kenyans had criticised the hiring of Ndegwa.


One caller explained that Kenyans may be worried that the new CEO might bring in nepotism and cronysim into the company because of his ethnicity. ‘Typical Kenyans. What Kenyans don’t understand is that the CEO cannot make decisions without consulting the management. Kenyans thought that he will connect his people because he was the CEO. That isn’t true.’

Peter Ndegwa
Peter Ndegwa

But Maina was firmly in his corner and had a few choice words for Ndegwa’s critics while also delivering a heartfelt speech for the new hire. ‘How we all became experts in his management style was not great. Why isn’t he in government? I wish him well. Do great things as you start your tenure.’ the affable host said.

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How do you get wet for a man with dry pockets-Woman tells Maina

The discussion we had today on the morning show was fire. Maina brought up a conversation about women helping their men with money referring to a female caller who had said that, ‘A man without a job is a disgrace to his woman. You have a useless man in the house.’

Mr. Kageni agreed with the statement and gave his thoughts saying, ‘A man should get any job he can. When she bails you out or helps you, it is a favour or a duty. Your primary responsibility is to provide and protect. It is a biblical responsibility.Don’t give a man money, give him food, yes, give him a warm bed he can enjoy himself in, I agree. Clothe him, money no.’

‘She is beautiful’ Maina Kageni addresses Lucy Natasha dating rumors

King’ang’i, as usual, disagreed with him and told Maina to stop spreading the hate speech, telling the host, ‘We are one. We are an item. Stop telling these women that it is a favour. We are not mistreating them when sh!t hits the fan, she can also help.’

The comments from listeners are below;

So only jobless men should be hanged. Nonsense-A man wrote.

It is so true. Men up your game if you don’t want to be considered useless-A woman said.

I don’t know what you ate or smoked Maina but you are saying bad words. If she wants to give me money, let her. Those women going to talk about their men to other women, messing up their relationships. This is a temporary situation. No situation is permanent-A man told Mr. Kageni.

Isn’t Sonko mad! He is an African Trump – Maina tells King’ang’i!

My woman gave me 140k for an investment. You stay there saying that-A man bragged to Mr Kageni.

Men are givers by default while women are takers. You give him money he gives to another woman who showers him with praise-A woman commented.

Prophet of doom. The same women who say that Eliud is handsome. Their minds are only on money. You want a man to steal so that he can make a woman happy. Then when you get in trouble they leave you for another man-Wakanai said.

How can you get wet for a man whose pockets are dry? Get out of the house and do something. Let them go outside and get something. We don’t need so much. We will appreciate that effort. I can never give a man money.

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I miss President Moi so much!-Mwalimu King’ang’i tells Maina Kageni

Maina and King’ang’i were on fire today talking about Moi Day that is set to take place tomorrow. The two reminisced about the man the day is named after, second president Daniel Toroitich Arap Moi.

King’ang’i said that he missed the old man and the period under which he ruled. ‘Tulikuwa tunaokota pesa. We literally used to pick up money. The logistics of executing maziwa ya nyayo is hard. Following Kenyatta was hard.’

Maina interjected by agreeing adding, ‘When was the last time when you picked up money on the street?’

King’ang’i went on by adding that things were very cheap during that period, ‘You used to shop with 100 shillings and you were o.k. We used to hear Moi every day on the T.V and radio. Nowadays you don’t have to hear about him every day. Happy Moi Day to all Kenyans.’


The two also spoke about a prominent feature of that era, the KBC weatherman, Nguata Francis who KBC’s weatherman. Maina and King’ang’i congratulated him for his service as it transpired that he had just retired as the CEO of the meteorological department.

One of the callers on the show agreed with their nostalgia over the era and noted that the leadership we had today was poor. ‘We didn’t have the nonsensical leadership we have today. People couldn’t talk about a seating president like that. I miss Moi. Today you can see people talking Uhuru anyhow,’ he said.

He is a mzungu! Maina and King’ang’i say about Larry Asego

The duo finished up the show by speaking about Eliud Kipchoge’s upcoming feat of running a marathon distance in under 2hrs. King’ang’i enthused that the singers run had been so carefully calibrated that the meteorological department in Vienna was monitoring the weather for the best conditions for him to run to.

‘Kipchoge opted to live because of the meteorological department. They needed to tell him when to run. Everyone needs to watch it on Saturday at 8,’ King’ang’i urged Kenyans.

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Why Kenyan men are not open to the option of remarrying


Many Kenyan men are anti a second marriage based on confessions made on the Classic morning conversation.

The men are skeptical all because ‘we are being harassed’.

Size 8 had been warned not to marry ‘broke’ Dj Mo

Many men expressed frustration and say after giving it their all, it’s still not working so they are letting things go.

For instance this caller amused many with his personal experience

these people they are like devils given chances natoka mbio kama Usain Bolt, if given a chance I would take off, she is moto ya kuotea mbali, yani she is controlling like a remote, noma sana, I would leave her in a heartbeat

couple pics
couple pics

Another compared his relationship to being in jail.

You know I was in such a union, I was oppressed, she used t spend my money with her mother, now she left me to go to Canada with our kids, to look for money, I am happy with it because she was a thorn in my flesh, I used to earn, she would eat all my cash

Hell No!! Kenyan men reveal why they would never marry a socialite

Here are more comments from men who have been there, done that and will never remarry.

why must there be a question hata ukirudi from your normal duty. If you buy a new perfume. They must still ask uliskia ikinukia kwa nani?
hata ukiwa mgonjwa utaulizwa kwanini uko mgonjwa.

Young man dating an old woman
Maina if you think there is something good in marriage you are in for a rude shock, hao watu wanavumilia sana. Rules zao are worse kuliko ya matiangi

Caller: “These women are crazy Maina! I’m married but If am given a chance to walk away I would run.” #MainaAndKingangi

‘Marry someone you trust’ Kenyan man brags about leaving estate to wife

There’s a Place in Proverbs that says “..It is Better for a Man to Sleep on the Roof of His House that to share a Bed with a Quarrelsome Woman..”
This is the Source of all Problems, KELELE
Maina we are in tears tunateseka am being forced to call everyday at 10pm #MainaAndKingangi


@ItsMainaKageni @Classic105Kenya maina marring was the biggest mistake i made vitu kwa ground ni tofauti sana we seem happy in our marriage lakini ingia hapo ndio utanjua hunjui.


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Kingangi teases Maina Kageni mercilessly about Man Utd


United’s miserable form continued with a defeat away to Newcastle and among its fan is Classic 105’s Maina Kageni.

Man Utd have high hopes with their next game coming up against heated rivals Liverpool.

On Monday Kageni was trolled mercilessly by co host Mwalimu Kingangi about the teams disappointing results this past weekend.

After losing 1-0 at second-bottom Newcastle United, thereby failing to win an 11th straight away game and extending the club’s worst start to a season in 30 years, Kingangi had a good laugh.

Kingangi declared ‘Manchester United needs prayers, hakuna mtu watafunga. Mtafungwa hapa hata mufungwe na Shabana FC. I was hoping to catch Ferguson watchign whle chewing his gum, he wasn’t there zilipendwa hahaha those days of Rud Van Nistelroy, those days of theatre of dreams. Next wait you will see’.

Maina added ‘aki that team, do you know who we are playing next? 

man u fans trolled

Maina sounded tickled by the funny comments and was very optimistic despite the defeat.

Mwalimu trolled him further adding

‘Mtafungwa saba’

Here are more reactions from fans online using the hashtag
The way Man Utd are going down, they will soon discover oil 😂😂😂😂


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Maina Kageni defends Huddah and Vera Sidika from trolls


Huddah Monroe and Vera Sidika are undoubtedly living the glam life online, and are the envy of many.

Girls want to be like them, and the guys, well…they just want to hit it.

They are also subject to online trolls slam them for a life that seems to be funded by ‘sponsors’ (their words not mine).

Huddah posing in white
Huddah posing in white

The extent of the online trolling they receive has been noticed by Maina Kageni.

Maina Kageni reveals who he would marry between Huddah and Vera Sidika (Audio)

Maina is taking on trolls saying

do you even know what they do for a living? why do people call them names,verasidikainreddress


Vera and Huddah have earned a huge following posting photos wearing designer items, and somehow some of the fans provoke them into responding to all sorts of online abuse.

The two are shamed for their lifestyle which Maina says is no excuse for bullying

Must you assume that there is someone paying for their lifestyle?

Trolls and haters are an unfortunate fact of life on the Internet.

Other celebrities who are constantly forced to defend themselves are Anerlisa Muigai, Akothee, Dj Pierra Makena among others.

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‘If you are broke humble yourself’ woman tells men


Are you a woman with standards to keep and insists that a man must level up?

A conversation of women not settling for any broke man seemed to have touched a  raw nerve with men.

It all went down on Wednesday during the Maina and Kingangi morning show, after the musings of one women.

She told the co hosts that

Kenyan men are jealous, insecure, and stingy 

She was of the opinion that alot of men want women to settle for any man that is presented to them.

That’s the main problem, they are so insecure they are stingy so they want you to stay plain and I wish they would change their attitude, your woman should look good,

She is urging queens to stop settling narrating her experience

I has a man who always criticized me, oh ati my lipstick is too much, and when i look ashy he is very happy for me. He only used to give me money for food, and even that was tightly budget for lest I get extra money for makeup. He didn’t give me money to look good, it was all my effort.

She concluded saying ‘your king is worth the wait’.

Ladies should you compromise your standards just to be with any man? Drop your comments below.

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I don’t expect a man below my standards to approach me


Kenyan women don’t expect men with lower standards to approach them.

Call them gold diggers or what you want but Kenyan women know what they want and will not lower their standards for anyone.

Mwalimu Kingangi was shocked when a woman called to contribute to the Maina and Kingangi show, confessing that she looks like a million bucks and expects a man to level up to her standard.


She said she feels insulted when a poor man who wants to date her approaches her

‘you attract what you are. I look expensive so I attract expensive, if you look 300 bob you attract 300 bob, but if you look 60 thousand you attract 100 thousand.’

The mathematics is very simple to her, and asks broke men not to cheat themselves that they can get with classy girls.

She added

 I feel disrespected when man below my standard approaches me, men need to be sure what standards are here, standards have to be met, we are not out here to play games with men down there, they should travel the world,  that’s why Nigerian men are dating Kenyan women coz they know the class.

One adent fan responded with her opinion

#MainaAndKingangi That’s why every man should match his standards,don’t go for a woman you can’t afford to maintain. You want a good looking lady but you dont want to provide in order for her to look nice?If you cant appreciate her just keep to your lane!!

Another said

You know men ask for a date, then want you to appear so good, nice hair, smelling nice, wearing expensive shoes, they want you to look good but don’t want you to know where you get money to look so good, what is wrong with Kenyan men?

Dear Classic fam, should Kenyan men learnt o stay in their lane? Drop your comments below.


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I was called ni**a! Maina speaks about the dreadful racism he faced in the U.K

Maina Kageni has lived a life that would make for a great autobiographical movie. The man who is Kenya’s top radio personality recently spoke with Mwalimu King’ang’i concerning the issue of racism and revealed aspects of his life while in the U.K.

They spoke about Romelu Lukaku who has been the subject of racial abuse in Italy.A commentator called Luciano Passirani, 80, was slammed for his ill-judged comments on TopCalcio24 where he said the only way to stop the Belgian strike, ‘Was to throw 10 bananas at him’.

Romelu Lukaku
Romelu Lukaku

Station director Fabio Ravezzani quickly apologised live on air, and Passirani was shown the door soon after. He has since attempted to clear his name and set the record straight, revealing that he has struggled to sleep and eat following the incident and stressed that his multi-cultural background means he can not be deemed a racist.

Outrage over Lord Sugar’s ‘racist’ image tweet of Senegal’s World Cup squad

Maina then expressed what he would do were he to be in such a position. He told King’ang’i;

I would have killed someone if I was there. I don’t understand how black footballers play in Italy. You know that they believe that all black people are monkeys.

Romelu Lukaku
Romelu Lukaku

Maina then recalled his experiences while in the U.K, saying, ”When you are in their place(country), I have been called ni**a many times and there is nothing you can do.’


King’ang’i waa shocked at Maina’s confession with Maina reiterating the experience he had working as a truck driver in the U.K. He added;

I have been called ni**a by my mzungu bosses and you need the job you are going nowhere. You can do nothing, you need the job.

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I have not seen my son for close to one year-Estranged father tells Maina sadly

Maina and King’ang’i had a vigourous conversation today regarding men who complained that their kids are kept away from them by the kid’s mothers.

Maina was shocked that such a thing could happen and couldn’t wrap his head around it.

He wondered if it could be possible?

King’ang’i meanwhile felt that those men who were complaining were speaking truthfully and that it was an issue that was afflicting many men.

Is there a problem with parenting today asks Maina Kageni

One man chimed in with a very sad story, speaking about how the mother of his child had run away with his 5-month-old son. He said that he had not seen the kid for close to one year, not for want of trying. He said that the child’s mother had a father who was a licensed firearm holder and that he couldn’t go to see the kid. The story is below;

We (men) are really suffering. I got married to a woman who had two kids from another man. I took her in, paid everything for them. God’s luck I got a son with her. Since we got that child, I stayed with that child for 5 months, on the 6th month she left and went to her parents again. I have not seen my son for close to one year. I am still providing for the kid but the mother refuses me to see the kid. The mother tells me to go on and look for another woman. They are using the children to punish men. To find a woman who wants a better family in this day and age is hard! There are one in a million.

Some other comments from listeners are below;

I have tried to see my child. It is impossible-Message from a man.

Maina you will never understand women-Message from a man.

I have been trying for months to see my kid with no success, yet I am willing to co-parent-Message from a man.

I tell the father of my child that he will never see his kid until he contributes. I just tell my lawyer that if he wants to see his kid then he has to go to court. He has never contributed to raise the boy. We have even gone to court but he doesn’t want to contribute to the upbringing-A woman told Maina.

How do you punish your children, asks Maina Kageni after boys online rant

Why can’t a man just move on when we break-up?-A woman told Maina.

Until the day he starts to cater for the kids, then that’s when he will see the kids-A woman told Maina.

Why do these things only happen to those people who have money? More money, more problems-Message from a man.

Some of us men are really struggling. We have differences. I will support the baby in the school, she will support shelter and food. I saw the baby in March at school. In April on school holidays, she started making excuses that I should get the kid. She took the kid upcountry and she is staying with her mother. I am told to pay the school fees and don’t see your kid. I miss my son- A sad man told Maina.

There is no woman who would block a responsible man from their kids. Deadbeat dads should stop giving excuses-A man told Maina.

I haven’t barred my ex from seeing his kids. He refused to see his kids-A woman told Maina.


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Mwalimu King’ang’i gives fascinating reason he would never join politics

The recent entries into the political landscape by musicians and sportsmen has been met with excitement and incredulity alike.  Yesterday, Prezzo was mooted as a possible candidate for the vacant Kibra seat under the Wiper banner. It has, however, emerged that he will run in 2022.

This news prompted Maina to ask whether Mwalimu King’ang’i would ever run for political office. King’ang’i postulated that he would never run as one would be saddled with that failure all their life, were they to fail. He told Maina;

The reason I cannot vie is that when you fail they will still be referring to you as the ‘man who failed in the Kibra by-elections’. that tag will be put on you for the rest of your life even when you go onto win other awards. 

Maina Kageni in a red shirt
Maina Kageni in a red shirt

Maina agreed with that sentiment and said that Kibra politics was no joke. He added that he believed King’ang’i would be better suited to Mbooni politics where he would have a chance to succeed.

‘I would never sleep with Mwalimu King’angi’s wife even if she seduced me ‘ – Maina Kageni reacts to Asbel Kiprop’s viral video

But Maina had special words for comedian Jalang’s saying that he thought he could navigate Kibra politics. He confided hilariously to Mwalimu,Jalas can, he is a hard-core. I cannot wait to see how all this is gonna turn out.’
Mwalimu was also for the idea that Churchill Comedian Smart Joker would succeed as a politician in Kibra constituency’s by-election alongside Prezzo and McDonald Mariga.

What do you think about entertainers becoming politicians?

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Harusi tunayo! Committee members that will be in Maina Kageni’s wedding

Today’s morning conversations got Mwalimu King’ang’i and a caller planning for Maina Kageni’s wedding committee. This best breakfast show was about men having total trust on their mothers rather than their wives.

A caller said;

“You can trust her with something but not everything. Mwalimu si utafutie huyu jamaa bibi hata kama ni wa mwezi moja tu? By next year, hiyo kitu tutakua tumemaliza, commitee ndio tunaform. Tutafutane wewe, Captain Kale, Wakanai, mimi, tutafutie huyu jaama bibi.”

Another caller insisted that Maina should get married to have the first-hand experience when it comes to trust in marriages.

“We have passwords for everything, they also don’t trust us that why they have passwords for everything they have. Ukionyesha mwanamke wako your true colours, wewe sasa ndio utajua kwamba haujui. We have to have control on everything.

My mother is a woman she has that intuition. Akikuambia chunga, be careful. Sometimes, you can be asleep with your lady, you wake up in the middle of the night, the lights are off but she is just seated on the bed staring at you. Will you trust that person?

Hata hao wa Nyeri walikua na trust, wanaamka wanapata hakuna transformer. Trusting these women is like trusting Sonko with a secret.

Hata kwa hiyo committe nitaingia tukutafutoie mtu ndio ujue what we go through. “

‘If you don’t have money stay with your mother’ Maina advises broke men

Listen to the conversation;

‘If you don’t have money stay with your mother’ Maina advises broke men

If you are looking for love and don’t have money stay with your mother, was the strong message Maina Kageni had for broke men.

Why do you want to get a woman and you don’t have money? he posed. Why should you expect a woman to sacrifice her best years and then when you get money you find a young woman

This comes after a young man called him narrating how he is broke and looking for a Kenyan woman to marry.

The young man is 30 years and heartbroken no woman wants him

I’m 30 and I’m a hustler. Women are going for older men to support them financially, yet I have no such capacity to give her money and I want to get married. They tell me to tafuta pesa then you come for me, at 30 years (this will be very difficult) si hiyo inakuwa ngumu , yet these are the same ladies who will show up later with children from the old men asking us to marry them.


Maina was not moved an inch and continued his tirade against young, single and broke men

Dynamics have changed and income now plays a big role. 

Please don’t call Kenyans girls gold diggers, they just know what they wan

In this economy, you want a woman to wait ten or twenty years for him to make money?

Wait until you get money to get married Maina said

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I work for everything but I still get called a gold digger

The stereotype goes that all Kenyan women are after men for their money, and that men need to be wary of them as a result.

Women have been depicted as lazy, manipulative and frauds who are only after men for their money.

A woman has revealed she is always called a gold digger despite working hard for everything she owns.


Here is the meaning of a gold digger before we get into her story.

Gold Digger
The dreaded gold digger is the girl who makes wealthy men learn to guard the trust the bestow, and causes the women seeking these men to have to fight that much harder for a true relationship. She is readily available when the money is right and equally distant when there is none being offered.

Read her story below:

For the lat 15 years I’ve been looking for a husband but I can’t get one. I work, I’m not a gold digger, and I’m not a daddy’s girl, coz my parents passed away so I work hard to get my money.

The label continues to haunt her and anything she says or does prompts judgement

And when you go out you get a man they want to depend on you or they just want to go out with you and sleep with you, so they are dating more than three women at the same time. I have that experience coz I work in a hotel, and I see men coming in with so many girls, how can they say there are no women to marry, they are boys , they just want to impregnate us and take off.

She concludes that it’s ridiculous to always portray women as schemers out to get riches

What kind of a man is this? We are looking for responsible men, I’m on fourth floor, sitaki raha I’m looking for a man.

gold digger

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