Mike Mondo-I cheated on my ex with 3 of her friends after she cheated on me

Classic 105 host Mike Mondo has said he doesn’t regret cheating on his ex-girlfriend with 3 of her friends a few years back.

Speaking to Kalondu Musyimi, Mike says he chose to character develop the lady after she cheated with his friend.

“I character developed someone by sleeping with 3 of her friends. She was hollaing at one of my friends and the brother of this guy told me about it. I approached the guy and told him not to let her know I had found out she was cheating on me.”

Mike says although cheating is not something to be proud of, he gave the lady a dose of her own medicine.
“I always say that when you pretend you know too much I react to how you treat me. If you want to cheat, I will show you a different of how big boys play it. And when we do you will end up getting hurt.”

Mike says the lady never found out about him cheating on her.
Asked if he regrets doing it? “I have no regrets but I can’t do that now, sahi nimezeeka.”

There are different reasons why people cheat, these may be;

To seek revenge
Some people cheat to get back at their partners who might have strayed as well.
To soothe their ego
Some people, both men, and women cheat to soothe their ego and cover their insecurities.
Low esteem
Some cheat to seek validation from other people.
This mainly happens when the person they love doesn’t validate them.
Some have issues arising from a lack of good performance and small tools.
Getting someone who accepts them, and that person is not their partner might make one cheat.
Some people cheat because they are lustful and want to fulfill their sexual fetishes.

Mike had in the past revealed that some men like messy divorces or separations, saying,

I have seen couples go through messy separations. You find a man chasing out his wife and yet he is the one who is supposed to move out. Or you find a man taking away his wife’s car but with white people things are very different.”

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Mungu amponye!!Former nominated senator appeals for 3 million for his ailing son admitted in India after suffering a serious accident

Former nominated senator Harold Kipchumba has appealed to the public for an additional Sh3 million for the treatment of his son ailing son.

Hilary Kiptum who is admitted in India suffered brain injury that left him partially paralysed after a road accident more than five years ago. He is undergoing treatment in India.

Speaking to The Star Kipchumba says,

“I just left my ailing first-born son, aged 26, with his cousin Nicolas as I travelled back home so I can mobilise more resources to help settle the ballooning medical bill,”

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Friends, family and well-wishers raised Sh2.6 million for Kiptum to undergo special treatment at the Spinal Injuries Centre in New Delhi on July 9.

He was seriously injured in a grisly road accident in which the car he was travelling in with his father was crashed between two lorries along the Naivasha-Nakuru highway on April 4, 2013. Four people died on the spot.

Former Senator Harold Kipchumba (front) with his ailing son Hillary Kiptum in hospital. /JOSEPH KANGOGO
Former nominated senator Harold Kipchumba with his son KIptum

Kiptum has been attending Nakuru General Hospital and other hospitals for the last five years. Kipchumba, a polio survivor, was in 2013 nominated to the Senate to represent people living with disability by the ODM party, but the court nullified the selection.

Justice Rose Ougo revoked the nomination of Kipchumba and Linet Kemunto (TNA) and ordered the electoral commission to gazette Ben Njoroge and Goldliver Omondi as the duly nominated senators to represent disabled persons.

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Kipchumba won the UN in Kenya Person of the Year 2015 Award as goodwill ambassador for immunisation. He has become the face of polio immunisation campaigns.

“The accident occurred four months after I lost my nomination. My son was driving. I thank God I only had a simple eye injury,”I pray to God to give me back my son. He is my first born and I would love to be with him,” Kiptum’s mother, Dorothy, said.

The family, from Chambai village in Baringo North subcounty, has spent about Sh18 million on treatment since the accident.

Kipchumba says his son is responding well to medication. “His speech has improved after undergoing stem cell transplant, brain treatment and physiotherapy that cost almost Sh4 million,” the former senator said.

At least four specialists work on Kiptum daily for Sh76, 000. “Neurosurgeons have recommended that he remains in intensive physiotherapy for the next two and half months, so he can feed himself and even go to the toilet,” he said.

Contributions can be sent to Kiptum Medical Fund: M-Pesa PayBill: 683358 Account Number: 472082001.

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