‘Milly Chebby dumped a pastor for me’ – Terence Creative

Terence Creative has revealed his wife Milly Chebby almost got married to a pastor but backed out at the last minute and settled for him.

Chebby and Terence have been married for 10 years.

Terence revealed this information during a segment on his wife’s YouTube channel.

‘My wife was to be married by a pastor. Everything had been done, but on the d-day, she never showed up, akarudi kwa chokora wake (Terence).”

The couple first met at Carnivore Grounds where the Churchill show was being shot.

Terence says when he first met Milly, he thought he would just hit and run only for him to end up falling in love.

‘We met in 2013 February at Carnivore where I was working as a creative at the Churchill show.

I saw Milly during a meeting for creatives. 

During the first shoot of Churchill’s show, I saw her again making a call. I couldn’t help but admire her derriere.

I was like ‘hii ukiipiga inaweza’.

At the time I was not thinking of a relationship, I was going through a hard time. 

I was confused and was about to exit from another relationship. It did not ring in my mind that I needed this lady to settle, I was on fisi mode.

Men let’s not lie most men are on fisi mode when they meet a woman, they only change to marriage mode later.”

On how she met the love of her life, Milly shared,

“J Blessing had announced that Churchill show was making a comeback after two years. I sent him a DM and told him I wanted a job as a backstage manager.

I was given the job and as I was walking to Carnivore for a meeting is when I saw Terence.”

We met again during the first shoot of the Churchill show.”

Their marriage has not been without it’s fair share of challenges.

In 2020 Terence admitted to having cheated on Milly Chebby with environmentalist Anita Soina.

Chebby says during that period, she almost gave up on her marriage.

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Sina grudge! Otile is welcome to visit our daughter, says Vera Sidika

Socialite Vera Sidika holds no grudge against her ex-lover Otile Brown.

In a recent Q and A session, Vera said Otile is free to visit baby Asia (Vera and Mauzo’s daughter.)

A fan asked;

“Has Otile ever seen or visited baby Asia?” Vera responded,

“No to both questions.”

Another fan asked if Otole can visit her baby.

“Hey Vee, if Otile asked to come and see baby Asia would you accept and are they friends with Baba Asia?”

The mother of one responded,

“I don’t hold grudges so yes he is welcome to visit if he wants to. He is not friends with Baba Asia but they have once met kitambo (work environment)”

Vera and Otile parted ways in 2018 and Vera announced about their breakup on her social media asking people not to tag her to matters relating to Otile Brown.

Otile and I are no longer in a relationship. For the first time, this (relationship) felt right. You can laugh about it but am just gonna be open and speak my mind today.

I love him wholeheartedly thinking he was in this relationship out of love, he portrayed but I guess I was wrong.

I will never involve someones heart if I need something from them.

We are adults and can always come to mutual agreements if we need help here and there.

Otile brown and I are no longer in a relationship. I know it is not important, but since social media was involved, it is good to just speak my mind about it here.

To avoid y’all tagging me on posts, sending me videos and all that stuff. I’m human. I have feelings, I have experience all emotions.

I cry. I laugh. I get happy. I get sad. Feel free to judge. Feel free to share this post with your friends and gossip about it, feel free to mock my situation.

It’s okay, I’m human and I’m gonna be true to myself.”

Mungu amponye!!Former nominated senator appeals for 3 million for his ailing son admitted in India after suffering a serious accident

Former nominated senator Harold Kipchumba has appealed to the public for an additional Sh3 million for the treatment of his son ailing son.

Hilary Kiptum who is admitted in India suffered brain injury that left him partially paralysed after a road accident more than five years ago. He is undergoing treatment in India.

Speaking to The Star Kipchumba says,

“I just left my ailing first-born son, aged 26, with his cousin Nicolas as I travelled back home so I can mobilise more resources to help settle the ballooning medical bill,”

‘Ruracio ni lini?’ Fans ask Maina Kageni after this photo of him getting cozy with mysterious woman emerges

Friends, family and well-wishers raised Sh2.6 million for Kiptum to undergo special treatment at the Spinal Injuries Centre in New Delhi on July 9.

He was seriously injured in a grisly road accident in which the car he was travelling in with his father was crashed between two lorries along the Naivasha-Nakuru highway on April 4, 2013. Four people died on the spot.

Former Senator Harold Kipchumba (front) with his ailing son Hillary Kiptum in hospital. /JOSEPH KANGOGO
Former nominated senator Harold Kipchumba with his son KIptum

Kiptum has been attending Nakuru General Hospital and other hospitals for the last five years. Kipchumba, a polio survivor, was in 2013 nominated to the Senate to represent people living with disability by the ODM party, but the court nullified the selection.

Justice Rose Ougo revoked the nomination of Kipchumba and Linet Kemunto (TNA) and ordered the electoral commission to gazette Ben Njoroge and Goldliver Omondi as the duly nominated senators to represent disabled persons.

‘Thank you all for voting for my daughter’Akothee thanks her fans after her daughter wins BEST MODEL 2018 DEAR AWARDS

Kipchumba won the UN in Kenya Person of the Year 2015 Award as goodwill ambassador for immunisation. He has become the face of polio immunisation campaigns.

“The accident occurred four months after I lost my nomination. My son was driving. I thank God I only had a simple eye injury,”I pray to God to give me back my son. He is my first born and I would love to be with him,” Kiptum’s mother, Dorothy, said.

The family, from Chambai village in Baringo North subcounty, has spent about Sh18 million on treatment since the accident.

Kipchumba says his son is responding well to medication. “His speech has improved after undergoing stem cell transplant, brain treatment and physiotherapy that cost almost Sh4 million,” the former senator said.

At least four specialists work on Kiptum daily for Sh76, 000. “Neurosurgeons have recommended that he remains in intensive physiotherapy for the next two and half months, so he can feed himself and even go to the toilet,” he said.

Contributions can be sent to Kiptum Medical Fund: M-Pesa PayBill: 683358 Account Number: 472082001.

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Maina’s Easy Sunday

Every Sunday from 8am to 10am, Classic 105 presenter Maina Kageni takes us down memory lane with the greatest artistes of our time.

Today we have a look at Toni Braxton. The award-winning female star, according to an article published on Grammy.com


  • Toni Braxton made a sizable splash with her 1993 self-titled debut studio album, which reached No. 1 on the Billboard 200. The album has since been certified multiplatinum, selling more than 8 million copies. She had her first Billboard Hot 100 hit with her classic “Un-Break My Heart.”
  • Braxton won her first career GRAMMYs for 1993 for Best New Artist and Best Female R&B Vocal Performance honors for “Another Sad Love Song.” She made her GRAMMY stage debut that year, performing “Breathe Again” and “Forever In Love” with Kenny G at the 36th GRAMMY Awards in 1994.
  • Did you know? Braxton appeared on Broadway in the role of Belle in Beauty and the Beast, the first and only time a black woman has been cast in that role on Broadway.
  • The R&B singer/songwriter was one of the headlining acts for the inaugural 2016 GRAMMY Park music festival in Brooklyn, New York.
  • Braxton has served as a global ambassador for the charity Autism Speaks.

You can also read about these interesting 45 facts about Toni Braxton courtesy Boomsbeat.

Her voice has been described as sultry, husky, sexy and elegant. Watch a video of a radio interview courtesy SwaysUniverse, about her rise to fame, divorce among other topics.


Maina’s Easy Sunday

Are you tuned in? Every Sunday from 8AM to 10AM, join Maina Kageni as he takes us way back down memory lane, speaking to some of the world’s greatest.

Today, Classic 105 presenter Maina Kageni focuses on the late American singer Aalliyah.

Aaliyah Dana Houghton was a singer, actress, and model who died in August 25th, 2001, in a tragic plane crash in the Bahamas.

The then 22-year-old singer is credited with having revolutionalized RnB back in the day. Here’s how the world still feels her impact according to an article published in the Rolling Stones magazine:

1. She often presented herself as an enigmatic figure, and even when she began abandoning those shades in publicity photos and videos, she styled her hair so that hung over one of her eyes like a mask.

2. Aaliyah brought the teen girl’s voice back to R&B
When Aaliyah dropped her first hit, “Back & Forth,” New Jill Swing ensembles like En Vogue, Xscape and SWV dominated the R&B charts. With her baggy jeans, oversized sports jerseys and lyrics about partying on Friday night and chilling with the homies, the high school-aged Aaliyah was a part of this era as much as any other.

3. Her absence between albums only deepened her appeal
Aaliyah only recorded three albums during her life. She released music sparingly, but when she did, she spoke with impact. When she broke with R. Kelly after his scandalous and predatory marriage became public, she found new collaborators in production team Timbaland and Missy Elliott, resulting in One in a Million, which was arguably more dynamic and groundbreaking than her debut.

4. She made Timbaland and Missy Elliott official
Every R&B fan alive and kicking in 1996 remembers when they first heard Ginuwine’s “Pony.” But when Timbaland and Missy Elliott brought the same kitchen-sink aesthetic to Aaliyah’s “If Your Girl Only Knew,” which appeared just weeks after “Pony,” we realized that their revolution was here to stay.

5. Her voice is unlike anyone else’s
Many R&B singers have tried to duplicate Aaliyah’s pillowy falsetto and sharp mid-range, from Ciara and Amerie to Teyana Taylor. She could do deep gospel runs, too – check her deep-hued inflections on the Age Ain’t Nothin’ But a Number track “Street Thing.” But she’s rightly remembered as one of the most influential singers of the modern R&B era.

6. She’s provided pushback from the “2Pac Treatment”
Aaliyah is the most significant R&B artist of her era to pass away while in the prime of her career. In hip-hop, such an event would have resulted in an avalanche of repackaged and remixed demos. Aaliyah’s estate has flirted with this strategy.

7. R&B’s golden era forever has an icon
In a perfect world, Aaliyah would be in her late thirties.