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Captain Kale reveals ‘naming your wife in your will is a GRAVE mistake!’

Captain Kale has advised men against making their wives beneficiaries in their wills when death comes knocking.

He explains that it is not worth it and most of those women don’t deserve it.

According to Kale most women spend the money they inherit on other men and it is better to leave everything to your mother than to your wife.

As a man you should never will anthing to your woman. She is just a partner in bed and she will continue my lineage by giving me kids. In most cases she will use the money with Ben 10’s. As a wife just give her 10 % of your assets and let her sort herself out.

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In conclusion, he adds,

If I am to write her name in my will she should also write my name in hers. The only thing I can write her in is my next of kin, will hapana.

On men being supported by women, Kale advises,

If a man is giving you a good orgasm you should provide for him, this work is very hard.

If he is a one minute man achana na yeye.

Men do you agree with Captain Kale that a man should not name his wife as a beneficiary in his will?

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