Capatain Kale Claims That Joining Kilimani Moms Will End Your Your Marriage!

Captain Vincent Kale is a frequent caller in Classic105 FM into the Maina and Mwalimu Kingangi morning show. He is always on the controversial side mostly when it comes to matters pertaining to women.He is said to have a great dislike for women and in turn women are angry with him.

During an exclusive interview with Mpasho, he got to reveal how he would never allow his wife to be on the popular Kilimani mums stirring even more hatred from women.

Captain Kale posing
Captain Kale. Photo Credit: Courtesy

This is what he said concerning the group which is a safe-space to many women through out the country and even some neighboring countries.

I have told my wife if I get you in Kilimani you will remember the road to your mother’s place. That group is horrible I think it is full of desperate women , slay queens and people who don’t have a future. I guess you can be in that group but when you post your problems there who are you posting for. I am in that group but I just watch from afar but I am not participating in those conversations.

I remember a friend of mine who is a Ugandan who asked his wife to send her photos as she had informed him earlier that she has gone for an out then the lady asked for the photos from the Kilimani. So it is full of lies.When your wife is in Kilimani that is the end of your marriage.


Captain Kale posing
Captain Kale. Photo Credit: Courtesy


That is his opinion. Do you agree or disagree with what he has said?

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