“Can’t flex on me” Tanasha’s cryptic message as Zari visits Diamond

Diamonds third baby mama and Kenyan songstress Tanasha Donna is deep in music making mode, teasing fans to expect something exciting.

However there seems to be a distraction that got her writing a cryptic message to someone who seems to be showing off.

Zari her nemesis and Diamonds first baby mama, jetted into Tanzania for a CSR activity and it got all our attention. Videos and photos of Zari sharing a meal with Diamonds mother and the singer were shared by his entire family.damdn and kds(1)

So it appears that Tanasha could be silently keeping up with the Dangotes and commented on Intagram stories to someone that “You can’t flex on me, because I’ll just be happy for you. We are not the same”.

The word flex means to show off, to boast, to gloat, or to fake it. One thing we know for sure about Zari is that she loves to show off and hurt others to prove that she s better than them, more so hen it come to her rivals.

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