Ken Okoth

‘I can’t be cured,’ Proof that Ken Okoth knew he was dying

Ken Okoth is a darling to many most especially Kibra occupants who have elected him twice to represent them in matters politics.

But his journey has not been an easy one given that along the way he was ‘killed’ by social media users something he came out to refute.

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Ken-Okoth,KIbra member of parliament and a cancer warrior

Speaking after his diagnosis Ken OKoth confessed that his cancer could not be cured as it was caught at stage four.

“I will be using chemotherapy tablets that I can take every morning.

Because my disease was discovered at a very advanced stage.

it cannot be cured. It can only be managed,” he says.

Ken Okoth with his wife Monicah and Esther Passaris

‘I’m alive and kicking,’ Ken Okoth responds after he was killed online

Okoth had abdominal pain and weight loss.  For over a year, he was treated for ulcers and bacterial infection. He was also put on drugs to manage stress.

“God cannot give you a test that you can’t pass.

This I have learnt over the last two years of being sick and adjusting to a “new normal” in my personal and public life,” Okoth said on his facebook wall.

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