CA to repossess all analogue frequencies by midnight

Television viewers in Nairobi and major urban centres have been given up to midnight to acquire set top boxes or be switched off. Communications Authority of Kenya said on Friday that phase one and phase two recipients will be switched off at midnight.

Phase one of the switch off was in Nairobi and environs which took place on December 31,2014, while phase two that covers Mombasa and its environs was to be switched off on February 2,2015. CA asked all media houses to migrate to the digital platform since they were set to repossess all analogue frequencies.

The Authority warned media houses that will not comply with the directive that they will be switched off forcefully. The CA officials were addressing the media on Friday in Nairobi.

The Supreme Court ordered that Citizen TV, NTV and KTN’s digital broadcasting licenses be restored. The court issued a directive for analogue and digital TV platforms to run concurrently.


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