‘But Why Are Men Always Threatening Me’? Former TV Anchor Talks Of Being Threatened By Boyfriends

Elizabeth Irungu is not new to controversies. The former TV siren came out just the other day and said how she was almost left penniless. Weeks later, she talks of threats by her ex lovers.


Sweety, as she commonly refereed to, is known for speaking her mind and her life is an an open book. She once came out and publicly ashamed her boyfriend who assaulted her physically.

She took to social media to vent her disappointment and even shared photos of the unfortunate incident.

 Former TV Presenter Reveals How She Was Conned

She is current in Europe and just like what many celebrities do, she is taking photos and captioning the special moments. It looks like her boyfriend is not happy following a photo she took dancing the mountains in Europe.




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My boyfriend has just said to me on WhatsApp ati nikirudi home atanichapa anirushe kwa pit latrine na ajengee cement floor hapo juu aiiiii He just watched the video of me dancing in the mountains of Europe!

But why are men always threatening me? 

I mean mimi sijawahii sema nitachapa mtu yoyote kwa maisha yangu! My ex-lover Abdie for instance just 2 wks back said to me ati atani kanyagia chini! Aiiii Unaeza aje kanyaga mtu surely?! Unakanyaga mtu na viatu?!!!

My other ex Feii said last Friday ati atanirusha kutoka kwa balcony yake nianguke from 3rd floor! Aiiiii urushe mtu kutoka 3rd floor??? 

Eish why are some people always thinking of such extreme things to do to someone else?YA’AL NEED SOME JESUS IN YOUR LIVES!!! I particularly i’m always getting threatened by boyfriends!

*Pic was taken in Dubai right before I left for Abu Dhabi that night.”




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