But asinikimbize! Harmonize ready to do a collabo with Embarambamba

Tanzanian musician, Harmonize says he would like to do music with Embarambamba.

In an interview with Willy M.Tuva he stated that he (Embarambamba) is unique and added that he would like a collabo with the Kisii gospel singer.

I wanna see him. I think I see he has a unique way of doing things. He has no time for bad energy, he is just unique and will make you laugh,” Harmonize said. 

“We have to do music together, bora asinikimbize. (As long as he doesn’t chase me around).” 

Harmonize was in Kenya to headline the Africa Moja concert where other Kenyan artists also performed.

Embarambamba shared the video of Harmonize on his social media, agreeing that it will be a great collabo, and that he is “Ready.”

He has recently released a tribute song to the late President Mwai Kibaki.

Speaking to Word Is, Embarambamba said it was his unique way of paying his tribute to the late former head of state.

He said he chose to celebrate Kenya’s third president with a song since he did not get a chance to perform for him while he was alive.

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