Busting abortion myths

Abortion is a topic people feel very strongly about, either in favour of or against it. Therefore, it’s good to clear up some of the many myths around abortion before making up your own mind…

Myth 1: Abortion can cause breast cancer later in life
Thankfully, this isn’t true. A large study with more than 1.5 million women showed that women who had an abortion didn’t have a higher risk for breast cancer later in life.

Myth 2: Abortion causes infertility
Having an abortion (or several, for that matter), won’t affect your ability to have a healthy pregnancy later on. However, just like with every other medical procedure, there are risks. If you end up having complications, your fertility could be affected in the future. Keep in mind though that there is less than 0.05 per cent risk for complications with first trimester medical abortions.

Myth 3: All women who abort face emotional problems
Not necessarily. Women who have thought about their decisions well usually feel relieved and don’t have regrets. Other women, however, may feel sad, guilty or grieving. The later on in the pregnancy you have the abortion, the more likely you are to have feelings of grief.

Myth 4: Only young, irresponsible women have abortions
No, not at all. First of all, keep in mind that no birth control method is 100 per cent effective. If you take a look at numbers from the US, for example, you will see that one in two pregnancies is unintended. And that more than 60 per cent of the women who end up having an abortion already have a child.

Myth 5: There are easy ways to abort at home
No, no, no.Whatever you have heard, from castor oil, to boiling hot baths to superhigh doses of vitamin C – they don’t work. Worst case: they are harmful to your health, so please don’t even try any of them. The only way to have an abortion is either medically or surgically and you should be discussing all your options with a medical professional beforehand.


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