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Businessman Ben Kang’ang’i Launches Brand New Bentley

Ben Kang’ang’i is a businessman known to throw some of the most epic parties at his residence that’s located right across the road from Village Market. But few know about his rise from abject poverty until Ben Kang’ang’i  once opened up about his journey.

The multi millionaire Kanga’ngi has previously shared the details saying:

My name is Ben Kangangi, I feel compelled to share with you about my past for the sole purpose to inspire hope.

I was born in Kerugoya,Kirinyaga county a little over thirty years ago by a gracious single mother who worked so tirelessly hard to raise me with very little.
The first time I set foot in Nairobi,I was the age of 12 In a time different than today’s,a time in which the odds of me being here would not have fallen in my favour,back then no route had been established for where I was hoping to go,no pathway left in evidence for me to trace,no custom for me to follow.
The building you see me standing next to was home for over ten years;a tiny shack with just enough space for a stove and a mattress which I shared with my mother without proper sanitation,poor lighting ,human waste flowing right at the front door and untold noise-This was my everyday life!

Businessman Ben Kangangi imports Sh64million car

Anyway, Ben Kang’ang’i has launched a new car that you can check out below:

Ben Kang’ang’i’s Bentley coupe

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