Robert Burale

Burale warns people who pray for spouses while sleeping around with married people

Robert Burale has been dropping truth bombs on both men and women recently. Just earlier this month, the motivational speaker told women not to marry men whose only skill is to break beds during lungula.

The trendy Nairobi pastor has now warned men and women who love sleeping around with other people’s spouses to watch their backs.

Robert Burale
Robert Burale

According to a brief Instagram post the preacher shared, it is wrong for an individual who is single to roll in the sheets with people’s spouses then head to church to pray for a partner. The man of God said its extremely pretentious to be preaching water and drinking wine.

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He wrote;

You cannot be sleeping with somebody else’s spouse day in day out and then attending Kesha to pray for a husband/wife ….its akin to breaking into your neighbours house to steal and rushing to the police station to seek protection.

Burale in shades

Some of the comments from fans who saw his post are below;

simply_finnah_ That’s very true brother….hmmm every time you pray for husband and Angles come to take your prayers to God it find you in bed with someones husband. Then goes back to report she/he is doing things for married people 🤦
m.kizimi Wise words brother
queen_esther.5623 Word
preciousjblack Facts 🙌🙌🙌🙌
sammymudome 🙌🙌true
joyjumah Preach louder
bennykim_bk Preach!!!!

Robert Burale
Robert Burale looking great

The trendy preacher has also warned the youth against worshiping se3 and encouraged them to practice celibacy before marriage.

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