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Why do you give relationship advise and you aren’t married? Burale answers (exclusive)

Robert Burale is one man whose ministry deals a lot with relationships. In a recent interview I had with the single father of one, he delved deeper into this area of his life that has made him a voice in relationship circles.

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One of biggest critiques that he gets from some is why he feels comfortable dishing out relationship advise yet his first marriage didn’t work out? He said, “People come hard on me because I am not married. But Paul gave out relationship advise and he was still single. The vest coaches like Mourinho and Ferguson were poor players.”

The silver-haired man of God said, Adding, “I advise people based on some of the mistakes I made when I was married. There is also the place of divine mandate. The wisdom of God that he puts upon me to be able to reveal these things. It’s not because I am not the most educated person.”

It’s not easy! Burale says about not engaging in intimacy before marriage (exclusive)

Burale explained that his position in the public spotlight demanded that he have a thick skin considering the attacks some who disagree with him have levelled at him.

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And speaking of relationships, what had Robert noted about this Covid-19 year?


Covid has made relationships deeper and also revealed how dilute some others are. When you spend time with someone you realise how much you like them and whether you can stand them or not. Was there subtance in the relationship that would have caused it to stand firm during the pandemic?

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