Robert Burale speaks about deceased businessman Ginimbi (exclusive)

Robert Burale spoke to me last week and touched on several areas in life. One of them was the recent death of popular Zimbabwean businessman, Genius Kadungure.

The motivational speaker said that while he didn’t know the man personally he could still speak on the terrifying issue of death.

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He told me, “I had never known about that man until two days ago.  When you are alive, always remember that every day you are one day closer to your last day, so make it count.”

And how does one make it count? “Let everything that you do have impact on the lives of other people. If the only people that you impact are yourself and family then you have wasted your life. He died young. he died younger than me. Make it count. I tell my daughter every day to make her life count.”

Finishing with, “There is somebody on the face of this earth who doesn’t realise that they are one hour closer to the grave than they know.”

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Genius whose business footprint extended into South Africa and Botswana, died on November 8 at the accident scene along Harare’s Legacy Way (formerly Borrowdale Road) in the early hours of the morning.

His imposing Rolls-Royce Wraith crashed into an oncoming Honda Fit before it veered off the road, smashed into a tree and went up in flames.

Three other three people who were with Kadungure in the Wraith were burnt beyond recognition, but the socialite’s body was reportedly flung out of the vehicle during the collision.

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The three are Zimbabwean popular influencer and physical trainer Michelle Amuli, 26, better known as Moana, and Limumba Karim, a Malawian national wanted in his home country for grand fraud, and a woman from Mozambique named only as “Elisha”.

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