BUNGOMA: Watchman helps expectant mum deliver as doctors strike bites

A guard at Bungoma County Referral Hospital on Monday shocked residents  when he helped an expectant mother deliver a bouncing baby boy as the health workers strike started across the country.
Benson Wanyonyi, was manning a gate at the main entrance to Bungoma referral hospital when the expectant lady started developing labour pains and calling for assistance.
Rosebela Marani, 32, came to the hospital to seek maternity services oblivious of the fact that the strike had started.
Marani then became stranded as there was no one to help her deliver her baby at it was then that the guard came in to assist.
“I came here seeking medical attention as I was experiencing labour pains. I was then informed that medical workers were on strike and was I could no longer move further. I am glad the guard helped me out,” she said.
Wanyonyi said he was at his post at the main entrance and when he saw the lady at the waiting area was in pain and rushed to help.
He said he had no prior medical experience and was only seeking to find out what was ailing the lady and realized she was in labour.
Wanyonyi said he was glad that he managed to deliver a boy despite not having any medical experience and equipment. The baby is said to be in stable condition.
“I was at the main entrance when the lady was brought in on a motorcycle. She then learnt that the workers were on strike and was contemplating rushing to a nearby private facility but she was overwhelmed. I ran to the outpatient department and got some gloves and assisted her,” he said.
The incident shocked on lookers as other patients were being discharged from the hospital as the health workers strike starts.
Part of the male surgical ward was deserted as relatives struggled to discharge their patients and transfer them to other facilities.
Most of the hospital across the county remained closed with patients at Webuye sub county hospital flocking to private hospitals in Webuye town to seek for medication.
Courtesy Brian Ojama/RadiojamboKenya

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