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‘Budgeting you in my salary is a No’ Maina tells off lazy ‘friends’

Family is everything and helping them out when in a fix is our responsibility but Maina Kageni can’t stomach the thought of needy friends.

With the African setting there is a tendency of siblings and extended family members expecting too much when asking for help with some even expecting a monthly allowance for nothing.

Maina Kageni

According to Maina Kageni it should not be the responsibility of an individual to carry the cross of the family year in year out just because one can afford it. The first caller had this to say;

“My dad has 9 siblings who are all married and have kids yet he gives them a monthly allowance. He also supports my siblings and my mother by giving them an allowance either weekly or monthly yet they are all working.”

She adds, “People take advantage of his giving heart. He just doesn’t know how to say no.”

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The next caller opened up on going through the same predicament of having to support his family

“Most people from Central have no such problems but Luos, Luhyas, Kambas and other communities in general have a problem with expecting too much. Helping the poor is a very difficult thing because they sit and assume its their right. They can even quarrel you when you don’t help out.”

He adds

“I cant support them anymore now I am working to support myself . Nowdays I have had to cut out rubbish by relatives. If it is my relative they have to pass through me, if they are my relatives they pas through my wife before we allow my kids or I to help.”

Another caller argued that if one is able to help just ‘tenda wema nenda zako’ while another told of how his brother told him that he was paying back on the resources he had used when the brother was still young.

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One argued that help but keep in mind that it becomes tricky when u say no.

“Its natural for you to be there for your family members when they need you the most. But there are times it does make sense to politely say NO even to those close to you. If you are considered a family bank its a problem.”

Going by this comments the question is how far would you go to support your family?

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