Budesko! Meet Betty Kyallo’s alleged bae (photos)

Beauty queen Betty Kyallo new bae has been unveiled by her social media in-laws.

Betty teased her fans by posting an intimate photo of herself  with a bae whose face was hidded with a ‘yes’ emoji.

Her sister Mercy also shared the same photo and captioned;

‘Look at this ❤️❤️ am i the only one who loves people in love 😍. When you find that warm embrace, hold onto it! @bettymuteikyallo bag it girl!

Social media “detectives” searched high and low to find out, who in Betty’s circle wore a maroon jacket, white turtleneck  and blue slacks.

They concluded that Betty’s beau is none other than Teme Carlos.

He is an Ethiopian national who is also in the hair and beauty industry.

Betty at one time posted the mysterious man on her Insta stories.

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Check out his photos;

FB_IMG_1611464893129 IMG_20210124_152938

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