Brown Mauzo’s Giriama accent makes Vera’s heart melt


Vera Sidika has revealed that her husband Brown Mauzo is of mixed ethnicities – Kamba and Giriama.

According to Vera, Mauzo’s mother is Kamba while his dad is from the Giriama tribe in the Coast. She told that “Bae’s dad is Giriama BTW. His mom is kamba. So technically, he’s a proper Mijikenda. And for some reason, i love the Giriama side of him”

Sher gushed about his accent saying she can’t get over it and always listens to him talking to his folks in that language. “When hubby speaks his mother tongue Girima I get so turned on. Gosh!!!I could stare at him all day while he’s on phone speaking Giriama”mauzo accent (1)

The lovebirds celebrated their one wedding anniversary on August 12th, and went on a staycation for the big day. They also had a big gender reveal ceremony before that to tell fans they are expecting a baby girl in November.

Vera also told her fans that she and Mauzo will be living between Nairobi and Mombasa based on the weather. She told that if Nairobi has favorable weather then the two relocate and switch back if it reverses.

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