‘It brought me misery’ Anne Ngugi’s daughter speaks on health struggles

BBC journalist Anne Ngugi’s daughter has released a song describing the stigma she has faced beacuse of her health condition. It’s called The Story of my Life.

Angel was born with a birth defect called congenital hydrocephalus (build-up of fluid in the brain at birth) 15 years ago.

“I look different, and that difference has brought so much misery in my life, because every day I must be strong enough to stop the stigma and that I will do till my last breathe in this beautiful universe,” she sings

Anne Ngugi  with her daughter and Lulu Hassan
Anne Ngugi with her daughter and Lulu Hassan

“Stop this stigma. I‘m talking to the world to stop the stigma against my type because disability isn’t inability. Stop my tears from flowing any more.”

Speaking to Word Is, Anne said her daughter has faced a lot of stigma in school and in public, which she has put in writing.

“…bullying and even being called names. Some even laugh at her, from young kids who seem to see her in a different light,” the journalist said.

As a mother, Anne says, she feels terrible.

“I can’t become Angel so I have to pray and talk to her a lot about being [resilient] and accepting her situation. Even adults get fake friends who go behind their back,” she said.

“I have taught her how to fight for her space and how to defend herself out of such a situation because not everybody will love her neither qualify her.”

Angel has been selected to attend MTM Awards 2019 in London, where she will have an opportunity to celebrate with diverse people, key players in the community and organisations, including mayors, lord mayors, civic and government VIPs as well as business elite.

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