‘My brother caught me seducing his wife in a club’ Cries city man

A Kenyan man has shocked many after confessing live on radio about how he has been sleeping with his brothers wife for the last one year.

According to *Jacob* his sister-in-law was too beautiful to be resisted.

My younger brother and I are no longer in good terms because he caught me trying to seduce his wife.

His wife and I went to a club for a few beers and my brother learnt about it so he came to the club and slapped her.I was so ashamed so I pretended that I was only doing it because she is my In-Law.

After the two of them went home the wife ran away after gossip went round the village.

‘My husband’s cousin is in love with me yet he is married’ Cries city woman

He adds

I have been sleeping with her for the last one year because he is always travelling.He had known about the affair so he planned a fake trip to Mombasa on the day I met his wife.

She is so beautiful and I could not resist her.I heard that he is looking for me to revenge because I broke his marriage.

On being contacted ,the brother whose wife ran away says that he was disgusted by the fact that his brother Joshua and his wife left the kids unattended.

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