I found out my bae is spending valentines day with a sponsor,It really hurts

Valentines day is just a few days away but one Kenyan man will spend it nursing a broken heart after realizing that his bae is entertaining a sponsor.

The man who is obviously a registered member of team mafisi says the icing on the cake came about after realizing that the lady does not even consider him as her boyfriend.

“Valentine Season is here again and I just found out am not the real boyfriend to my girl, I went thru her Phone and found out she is already making plans to spend February 14th with a Married Man.

A married Man is the real boyfriend while I  am the Substitute, it’s okay I will just pretend I saw nothing.

This was the same man she told me was her Uncle.What is paining me is that this man actually acted as her uncle when she introduced me to him and told me to take care of his niece.”

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Valentine's Day

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He adds

“I  never knew the uncle has been eating all the juicy meat and leaving me left overs.

I will play along, let me keep eating my left overs remember this is the same girl I almost engaged.

Thank God I dodged this bullet… I’m pained.”

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