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Broke man tells of humiliating experience being dumped by wife


Men who don’t have money go through difficult moments in relationships, as one Kenyan husband confessed his experience being broke as a church mouse.

His sad confession that there is no romance without finance hit home for him as he advised his peers not to console themselves that they will find a woman who will love them in their broke state.

He told Maina Kageni during a topic about broke men that

“I’m David from Njoro and let me tell you Maina, pesa ndio mambo yote. I  was dumped over brokeness. She told me she can’t live with a broke man, and she left. I was left there, lakini saa hii hata sitaki kumwona, kila mtu akae maisha yake”


So painful was the experience that he worked hard and made some good money. And guess what, the wife came back crawling, begging him to give their love another chance.

“I now have money and she wants me back. She is desperate and I have told her I don’t want her. I was sacked from my job in Naivasha and she left with two kid. I was left alone, na kabla nifutwekazi  I was with her for over seven good years. Let men not be cheated, it’s the truth I tell you, this life let me live my life, mwanaume ni pesa, yani I was told naenda hivi nacome: women leave broke men”

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