Ben Kuria and his late dad Joseph Waithaka

British man recalls last moment with Kenyan dad who died in the Ethiopian plane crash

A British man has spoken about the final hours he spent with his dad, British and Kenyan dual citizen Joseph Waithaka, 55, who was also killed.

Mr Waithaka moved to the UK in 2004 and back to Kenya in 2015.

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Ben Kuria during an interview with BBC after learning about his fathers death after Ethiopia’s plane crashed yesterday.

Photos of Kenyans who died in the ill-fated ET 302 Ethiopian plane crash

He had been visiting relatives in London on Saturday, before flying back to Addis Ababa, his son Ben Kuria told  BBC that he is still in shock.

“I am still in shock after finding about what happened not only to my dad but also to those who were on flight ET 302.

He came by our flat on the day he was flying out.

Joseph Waithaka (In the phone photo).He died in the ET 302 Ethiopian plane crash.
Joseph Waithaka (In the phone photo). He died in the ET 302 Ethiopian plane crash.

We chatted had a meal and even walked to the shops together, he assured me that he would call me the next day at around 11.00 am once he gets to Nairobi.

He just wanted me to know that he had arrived safely.”

He adds

“One of the things I loved about my dad is how generous he was. All he ever wanted was to support someone so that they could be the best they wanna be.”

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