Bridget Achieng and her son

‘Time heals all wounds,’ Bridget Achieng on why she forgave deadbeat baby daddy

Former Nairobi D actress Bridget Achieng has revealed that she and her baby daddy are no longer at war given that time has healed all her wounds.

Bridget who is a new mother had in the past called out her absentee baby daddy but all that is in the past.

With fathers day a few hours away, Bridget says,

Dear mothers, wives, ladies, children, its just a reminder that Fathers day is on Sunday 16th JUNE, tafadhali msijisahaulishe…#hamkujizalisha.
Lets appreciate the father of our babies…happy fathers day in advance to all daddies including my late DAD my HERO, continue resting with the ANGELS 🙏🙏
On here with @sekani_rich_ my son my pride
@officialpatraokelo thanks for standing with me and sekani wholeheartedly, we love you


A fan asked,

I thought baba Sekani abandoned you both.

To which Bridget responded,

Time heals all wounds 😍

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Months ago, the mother of one had penned an emotional open letter calling out her baby daddy for pushing her to terminate the pregnancy.

The detailed letter was however deleted by the damsel for reasons well known to her.

Bridget wrote,

I don’t know what made you go away. I don’t know what made you run I don’t know if it’s people… till today I don’t really understand what runs in your mind wherever you are.

I’ve heard news that you are in South Africa you had to leave Kenya, you know, after you told me to remove my pregnancy at 3 months.

I was all alone, disturbed, I was depressed but today I’m seated here to write my story yet again.

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An open letter from Bridget Achieng to her baby daddy

She went on to add,

I don’t know what made you go away. I don’t know what made you run away. I kept looking at myself in the mirror and asking if I am ugly.

Bridget has deleted the video off her YouTube platform. Probably because she did not want her son to grow up to see the pain his father caused her.

Or probably the message got to the required recipient and so its use on social media was redundant.

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