Bridget Achieng

Bridget Achieng speaks for the first time on her relationship with her baby daddy (exclusive)

Bridget Achieng has lived a life that would make great memoir material if she ever decides to write one in the future. The mother of one has seen a lot and one of those areas is in her relationships.

In a recent interview I had with her, the voluptuous lady spoke about how she views relationships at the moment, saying;

When I was last in a relationship my heart was torn into pieces.  I don’t want to be in an entanglement. I have accepted the way the world works. I have accepted if I get it then fine. That if there is that one guy that maybe God has for me, maybe but I don’t want to kill myself for that.

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She also explained that dating today is very different from how it was in the past;

This era isn’t the same as one of our parents. People don’t sacrifice together anymore. People are getting tired of each other so quickly. The relationships aren’t like the one my mom and dad had in the past. Relationships are scam. Love is overrated.


You want a relationship like the one your parents had but your partner might not want that. I decided that God has blessed me, I have a few things here and there, I get a good guy, I like him, we get a kid and I move on. 

Bridget also explained how her relationship with her baby daddy was going on at the moment;

Even if Sekani’s dad was trying to come back it just didn’t work out, I still felt the trauma. I just felt that he could leave the same way he did the first time. Yes, he is trying but we aren’t there yet. When someone is trying you have to give them credit. He wants to be in his son’s life. I don’t want any drama.

She finished off by explaining what it would take to date her, telling me; ‘I am a strong woman, the man has to be twice. Getting that isn’t easy. The other day my friend told me, “This guy likes you but he is scared.” Like why is he scared. Because he can’t handle me. I am at a peaceful place.’

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