Bridget Achieng reveals photo of her baby daddy who wanted her to abort

Bridget Achieng has finally shown the face of her baby daddy whom she has kept a secret for many months.

The Nairobi Diaries reality star shared a photo grid containing a photo of her son and baby daddy and captioned it:

“Father and son.”


In a past post a few hours before delivery, she shot a video and talked about the father of her child who had abandoned her at 3 months pregnant.

” It has taken a lot of courage to do this,…. ”So basically since I got pregnant I’ve not been taking interviews because I don’t want my story to be twisted.

I don’t want my story to be written by someone else in their own way because I do interviews and basically they twist everything.

I have talked about this before, I got abandoned after pregnancy at 3 months old and from the time the baby daddy left I’ve never set my eyes on him, he has never communicated or anything, but today I’m at peace .

Bridget Achieng

I’ve always wanted to have a baby. I have a foundation and I take care of kids so basically I’ve always wanted to have a baby to mention by my name, you know, a baby that would be mine from my womb.”

Talking about her baby daddy’s disappearance, she revealed,

“I don’t know made you go away. I don’t know what made you run I don’t know if it’s people till today I don’t really understand what runs in your mind wherever you are.

I’ve heard news that you are in South Africa you had to leave Kenya, you know, after you told me to remove my pregnancy at 3 months.

I was all alone, disturbed, I was depressed but today I’m seated here to write my story yet again.”

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