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I became a millionaire at 19! Bridget Achieng finally discloses

When someone thinks about Bridget Achieng right now, one cannot forget to inevitably add the name of gospel singer Ringtone.

That’s because of the storm that she raised a few weeks back after claiming that the “Pamela” singer had raped her and 6 other women.

6 more girls also suffered! Bridget Achieng ramps up allegations against Ringtone

But while that might predominate people’s thoughts when they think of her, Bridget herself is in a different mode-that of helping and guiding young ladies and girls.

In a recent Q and A, the mother of one let slip that she had become a millionaire at the age of 19, beating fellow socialite Amber Ray’s record by 7 whole years!

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The socialite who has in the past spoken about her humble upbringing in the slums of Kibera where she struggled to make ends meet as a house help, urged women to seek multiple streams of income.

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The curvy socialite used to live in a Ksh 1200 house before making it years later as an entrepreneur.

She has even started her own online school aimed at teaching women how to start their own businesses and achieve financial independence.

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After one fan asked whether she had a sugar daddy, the canny plus-size former Nairobi Diaries star said that she was the one who was the sugar daddy!

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And was she dating, one fan asked? Her response is still a mystery to me. She wrote back;

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