Bridget Achieng

Bridget Achieng explains the sexism she has faced as a woman in the events industry

Bridget Achieng is one woman who will not allow negativity or trolling to take her down. Her last Naifest event opened the floodgates of criticism after a boy died at the event.

In a recent interview with me, Bridget explained how tough it was to be in the events industry as a woman and how she was being treated differently to how violent political rallies are viewed.

“That kid dying on my event was not even on me. Like it was an event, I can’t be able to take care of 15k people all by myself, even people coming to my event have to take the initiative to take care of themselves.”


“Not to drink too much for your phone to get lost, we are all grown-ups. If this was a rally with the political bigwigs and somebody died nobody would have spoken about it. It wouldn’t even have reached TV but a young woman who is trying to make ends meet, everyone is trying to pull her down, her name is so easy to mention that everybody would mention my name.”

She then went on to confirm the bias that she has faced as a trailblazing lady in the events industry,

“Something like that never gets to the limelight. No one will talk about it cause men have power over women in Africa and these people dominate the industry, I am just the one percent that is there. I have suffered a lot in this industry. Like this past week, some people lied to my new marketers that I pay peanuts and they should go and tell a tabloid about it. If you read the conversations that have been put on this tabloid and you are a smart person you will know that this is a lie.”

Bridget complained that people tended to focus more on the negative than on the positive.

“People don’t talk about the transition I took from being a socialite to being a mother to being one of the top entrepreneurs in Kenya. They don’t know that transition isn’t easy and I am a single mother. As much as me and my baby daddy are cool, we buddies, he takes care of his son, I take care of my end. Still, I am a single mother,  I am not married to that guy.”

Finishing off by saying that she perseveres because she owes alot to those people who depend on her, “There are so many things that I have to do. I am mother and dad to my son, I have to be a sister, auntie to other people and I still have to be out here and be an artist to my fan base. And still have to be an entrepreneur. It’s not easy.”

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