Bridget Achieng bleached her skin to land dream job 

Bridget Achieng’s complexion sparked a wave of astonishment from baffled fans when a picture from way back surfaced.

Nairobi D actress has now opened up about skin bleaching saying peer pressure and missing out on jobs led to her decision to bleach her skin.

Bridget, who is never shy about the fact that she bleached says she has no regrets.


‘Honestly I did not have an issue with my colour, The media and people in general love favoring light skin girls.

I had won an interview but they turned me down because I was dark.

Right now is when people are being told to love their colour.’

Bridget Achieng
Before she lightened her skin

She added

‘Before then people always favoured light skins.

the circle I was in made me feel like being black was bad thing.

I know a lot of dark skinned girls who are dark and hot, there are things God makes you go through and I cannot say I regret .’

Bridget Achieng
A pregnant Bridget Achieng glowing

On whether it is true she spent 10 million to bleach she says

‘Yes I did, but it’s not an amount you spend at once, I chose to lighten step by step because if you do it once it can shock the body,

It’s the same way someone can use Arimis or vaseline for years, do you count the amount you have used or how many tubs you have used?

I apply the cream on my body everyday like you would apply vaseline and I have done it for the last six years.’


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