Brides ‘scary’ article about her fiancé’s high school ex goes viral

The young bride who was deemed ‘scary and jealous’ by the internet after her college newspaper article about her fiance’s exes went viral has spoken out to insist she was misunderstood.

Victoria Higgins, 22, spoke to on Saturday about the article she wrote for her college newspaper last month.

The piece was titled ‘You May Have Worn The Prom Dress With Him, But I Get To Wear The Wedding Dress,’ – a headline Higgins insists she did not choose – and went viral after being published by Missouri State University’s newspaper The Odyssey.

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In it, Higgins, who is studying entertainment management, gloated about her future with her 19-year-old fiance Brandon, sticking it to his high school exes.

‘You had your time, and now I get the wedding. You got to dress up in high school, but I get to dress up for my wedding with him,’ she wrote

It spread like wildfire and she was deemed psychotic by trolls who have since inundated her social media inboxes telling her to kill herself and warning Brandon to ‘run for your life’.

‘He has been getting a lot of messages saying he needs to leave me and that I should be alone forever.

‘I’ve been getting messages telling me this if I’m so jealous and psycho that I should kill myself, or that I will have a sad miserable life and I need to check into a psych ward.

It has been scary honestly,’ she said, adding that she was afraid to walk around campus in fear that she might be attacked.

Higgins insists that she was misunderstood and that contrary to what it may have sounded like, she had no one girl in mind when she put pen to paper.

‘I had zero specific people in mind,’ she said, explaining that the whole idea began with a conversation she had with friends about how they wished they had been a part of their significant others’ high school experiences.

Higgins writes for the newspaper every week and was struggling to come up with a piece for the March 28 issue at the time so she compiled her girlfriends’ comments and feelings and wrote them as her own, she said

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That’s where the article came from. It was written in about 20 minutes for the deadline,’ she said.

One thing she did not anticipate was the headline the newspaper chose which she blames for setting off the cascading internet abuse which followed.

‘A lot of people didn’t even read past the title… and I feel as though [it] really set the tone for that message.

‘I just thought the prom dress and wedding dress concept was good because it’s prom season and both events include dresses. Just catchy and relatable.

‘However my idea for a title was not to be in your face,’ she said.

She and Brandon did not attend the same high school – though they grew up in the same state, they lived ‘hours apart’ and she is three years older than him.

They met when he transferred schools to Missouri State University and started dating 18 months ago, she said.

Despite the focus of the article, she told that neither of them is hung up on high school or the past.

‘Neither of us miss it or want to go back, but it was an idea that people my age had mentioned feeling to me,’ she said.

He proposed a year into the relationship in the Japanese garden of the university campus and the pair plan to get married next month in Higgins’ hometown, despite the controversy.

Higgins says he was shocked by the largely negative response to her piece.

‘He’s been very confused and upset at what people say. He knew my intentions and he knows my take on writing, so he was as taken aback as I was,’ she said.

She is a senior and he is a sophomore studying graphic design.

The bulk of the criticism called Higgins immature or unprepared for marriage.

Others deemed her ‘scary’ and said that instead of a wedding dress, she would next be wearing her fiancé’s ‘skin’.

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