Huddah Monroe in Dubai

I will never break up with a man for cheating – Huddah Monroe declares

Huddah Monroe and controversial statements go hand in hand. The socialite knows how to stoke and thrive in it. And this week isn’t any different as the light-skinned pretty woman has once again shared her interesting thoughts about relationships.

Alhudah revealed that she would never ever break up with a man she is dating simply because he cheated (such a smart woman!).

Huddah Monroe
Huddah Monroe

She added that the only men she wouldn’t deal with were stingy men. “I will never break up with a man for cheating! LOL! Stingy, yes, I’m done. Day 1! Bye! Bye was nice to meet you” stated Huddah Monroe.

She went further to explore her thoughts on cheating in another post where she challenged the notion that men cheat on good women with girls that are way below their league.

“Men cheat on good women with a girl who got a necklace from the Hair store that say ‘Bossy’. LOL! She is Human too! High time women wake up, men have No Fu**in Type. To a man every woman is beautiful, in her own way! Rich, poor, young, old calm your ti**ies!”

Huddah Monroe

She finished her statement telling her over 2 million Instagram followers to live their lives as they please and not care what people think about them.

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This isn’t the first time that Huddah has done her “No romance without finance” talk. Earlier this year, the socialite explained that she would never keep a broke man’s child, no matter the circumstances.

“Deez ni**az can only afford weed and d*** and y’all having babies for dem? Id abort that child with my pinkie! No cap! F*** ya opinion! I’m not about to bring an idiot into this world knowingly! God Forbid! I don’t mind people being broke. I’ve been there and I don’t mind having broke friends. I hate when broke people act rich. Ni**a act your wage”
said Huddah.

Huddah Monroe in Dubai
Huddah Monroe in Dubai

While many men might get upset with what she is saying, science backs up her thought process. Briffault’s law maintains that “the female, not the male, determines all the conditions of the animal family. Where the female can derive no benefit from association with the male, no such association takes place.”

Today we would say “relationship” rather than “association.”

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